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Feb 5, 2017|

Just Don't Lose the Money is devoted entirely to the financial needs and challenges of retirees and those nearing retirement.

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The information on this program is not intended to provide legal accounting tax or investment advice Richard Rubino is Sam Langer principles of repeal and lying LLC and LLC with a mass broker's license 1783398. Neither Sam rich nor repeat or Lang are registered as investment advisors and do not give investment advice this shows a service of Rubino a line. This is good just don't lose the money radio show with your host attorney Richard Rubino and Sam lag. For over twenty years rich and Sam have been broadcasting to the Boston area. Explaining how you can protect your life safe. Richard sands highly regarded and sought after guidance has been. Featured on Fox Business news and fortune and money magazines now. Your post I just don't lose the money guys from Richard Rubino and sailed flag. Hello everyone welcome to just don't lose the money radio on Sam find out Richard Rubino wonderful Sunday again I guess a little different Super Bowl Sunday well well it's really different to him because today's my wife's birthday well. Thank you for correct itself up you know I have to do whatever she wants me to get you know now. So but for the boys are back it's it's Sunday and we're here to show you how to follow. Always two rules rule number one. Just don't lose the mine will number two and open your real number one of those same machine or you point nine time flies and so does because. We just sort of plea to my January's gone really amazing and it it's going now a few months away from the spring which I can't wager. But you know February's fall full load for bush for love Valentine's day's coming you know and all month long open at least a record to my wife her. So this month for the benefit your monthly mobile home. Of moral right so this month we're gonna talk about. Women and well and there are some startling statistics. On really how to prepare here for retirements is especially. As it relates to women so stay right here we have a lot of good things to talk about. I'll phone number of your question forest is 877630. 8787. Always on the web that just don't lose the money. Dot com you know riches as were prepared for a giveaway which is going to be called women and wealth action guide you talk more about that. We came across a lot of startling statistics that. I think a lot of people sort of sort of just reel up well you probably know it no backing ahead but you really don't know it but the reality is I think. People know that women have long delay experience is supposedly that supposed to live longer. But the reality is that. Most people don't know really sort of high ankle bone right you're listening right now or Europe you are on or are you are one of those folks and say you know. My husband's great I've always mean on his own show would take care of me but one would be great to sort of just make sure that you take care of yourself. Do some statistics show that. Less than 40%. Of women have retirement plants there which is kind of scary there you know. So what we'll talk a lot about that we'll talk a lot about how important is to make sure that you take care of yourself. And up to what the show we'll talk a little bit more about how we can protect we help you person. Well you know our business is structured in a different way than other businesses we have two forms one arm as the legal arm which is which is my arm. Bed sort of rose one half of the rowboat it's like. How do you protect assets legally how do you make sure you leave a legacy heavy protect your house of god forbid you go to nursing hope. All of that legal stuff we do and Sam's. Rowan the other or we saw no retirement baby oil making sure many sent it's all about the pennies nickles the dollars and on the Benjamin's. And we wanna make sure that. Yeah you just don't fall into that category which is. The number one worry for Americans today is running out of money out so we'll show you how to position yourself. To make shore that you know listen you just have enough money so. Live happily ever after harnessing our first question Rhonda writes in the original Sam my husband passed away last year and our stone shocked. Everyone told me to wait a year before I do anything well the year is up. Known rated do something. Where do I start well this chocolates for a long time you know I have I have two friends to. People that we know my wife and have known for a list 45. Years. And both their spouses in the last year or two passed away fresh. My friend Ronnie who's it was in March to be a part of group. This wife passed away he unsettling to have both a sudden. And he. Like mr. but he couldn't wait to get into another relationship he was just thank you so lonely years if now and another. Friend had her husband passed away suddenly and you know hole hallway you know you're always sort of and she says you know I'm. Please why he's like want to another woman right away just hype I want my husband so everybody's everybody everybody's does and you know as a some people. Say hey I can give bio my own some people say I need somebody to help me. Wrote the balls so here here's the problem when you know that there are some obstacles that wouldn't facing retirement today one of them said they just have long lifespan extra second is that. No they spend more time in retirement because there along the way experience. On day of also spend more time probably out of the workforce may be they've been raising that you know take care of the kids respect family. Thus means they have probably. Low Social Security benefits get them worked as long maybe they won the war enemy therefore earnings and you put all that into place. And really you can't all right you know you you have the perfect storm so let me tell you what the differences between preparing. And not prepared not preparing is somebody like this person Rhonda writes in Norman shock of waited. I don't really know what to do and what do our goal from here. Vs somebody that's. Prepared and and when I talk about that we just recently had a situation. Where. You say you know want everything to us actually kind of worked out. We knew one of would you wanna work out this way but because we planned it worked out here Klein empowers maybe 56 years ago retired. And so look. I'm financially responsible enough to realize that the pension that I have which are very lucky to have is in my name only. And because I took the pension and I take a survivor benefit from my wife I have to make sure that we take care my wife. So I'm worried about death for more about the nursing homes so one of the things that we created wasn't rebel global trust. We took some of the assets. That we're not retirement accounts. Put into the rebel global trust. Knowing that after five years it would be protected from the nursing home but before the five years actually came up. My client died. And the money goes in the rebel global trust was designed because we use fixed annuities to create the pension. That the wife would not be would be missing. So now. Mussina and forward here as he prepared there PP unfortunately passed away but he had a plan in place mission at the white student here. Well listen to him I mean had that plan mean I was. Take in the role as a listener was sort of hard to follow the dots more on the low get the most important part. Is that. Have a plan to have a clean out and and us guys who we are like sprinters. In down. The women are like marathon runners still let me did you wife run a race Judah didn't really put his birth this year in the Boston almost America that would do the boss amendment which you brought it to block Skinner didn't it didn't give up. But you're a sprint I was like make us so women are designed to or what whatever they have the fortitude to live longer you know I I don't know where I read this. But it was kind of a funny or might have been like a bumper sticker has set a man is not. Quote unquote knocked it retirement plans can't really depend on your husband my return for. So don't depend on others really for your financial security if you are listening right now in seeing what a widowed. Maybe I'm single. Maybe I'm married but I just only have a good handle on things are more be more educated wherever Kuwait give away. To share with you today it's entitled women and wealth. It's actually a forty page booklet that we assembled. To share with you so you're listening you like your own sort of road map. For retirement by the way we call the women and wealth butt off of course it works memento all right you've won an issue you have a retirement. Guide as how to prepare for retirement call this number now. 877. 630. 87. 87. And get your free copy of women and wealth action guide again it's 877. 63087. 87. You know talk a little bit about that rich at the workshops at the retirement survival workshops or we're going to be having. It's only a few weeks away when you know the the workshops are really soon cleared for. Making sure wealth stays in Palin making sure that you're okay making sure your spouse okay. Making sure that if you have children. You leave a legacy to those children so we go for both legal and financial strategies. To follow those rules absolutely rule number one just don't lose the mind rule number 20 forget rule number one so called on our website just don't lose the money dot com. Click under the tab workshops. And you would be directed to all future workshops we have some coming up in February and the February for every 22 and 23. We have some scheduled for march would love to have viewers are guessing and just don't lose the money. Dot com. Click under the workshop tab next we're gonna talk about legal steps that some take it you lose a spokes. Hi I'm Bobbie office manager for Richard Rubino and Sam lane. To schedule an appointment restrictions him call me now 8776308787. That's 8776308787. Welcome back to just don't lose the money with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out for the last two decades salmon rich have been helping people just like you to protect their life's work. By following two simple rules. Now country music superstar Martina McBride with the rule number one. Don't use the money. And rule number two don't forget number one. Just don't lose the money on Sam while I'm Richard Rubino thanks so much for being here wonderful Sunday we love having you was our guests. And now rich and I've talked a little bit earlier both sort of this whole theme of February being downturns in. Taken care of this post. And we have a wonderful giveaway entitled women wealth action guide. That would love to share with you so again in case you missed it a phone number for that is 877. 630. 87. 87 ask your free copy. Of the women and well action died hey this is an idea Sam if you I don't wanna buy chocolates and don't wanna buy roses. You could print out a call for your action guide and give your way of the action guide its war. I don't know what I you're I try to pull that off for Buick well they I'm roses and within an hour let's do it again you know you have to help with filling out to you don't 8776308787. Coffee your. Free copy of women and wealth action guy all right let's move onto our next question dear rich and seeing him. My wife on my husband and I have been married for over forty years. He has attention now will go away when he passes. We own our own home and have all money in banks. Now we used five different banks so we can wanna make sure the money is covered by FDIC insurance. He was just diagnosed with cancer. And we were told he doesn't have much time left is it too late to do something. You UAE based. Well no I mean is I'm on the legal side you know well first of all sorry about that you know it's and vegetable and help is really unpredictably can't plan is no plan that you could put in place to say. I want a plan to stay healthy ME ST could drink water you could exercise but. You know you've got the wrong Jeanne it just gonna come back. You know money in the bank seems they have. Five different bank accounts and they have money in the bank means one pick. Conservative yes or no one's running the risk and took it public have a lot of money in the bank because this spreading it out that paying attention. To those FDIC rules right there wouldn't care they only have fifty grand more spread about the chances are they have more than that a lot more than a month. Because the FDIC limits to a 50000 or so let's guess that these people have let's call it a million dollars tonight right so you bet and they also very. Seemed like they used to living on a pension and pensioners. You know a certain amount that comes in every single month without fail. You know talk about health as unpredictable and analysts and you know as we get older. It's kind of crazy. How many people you know. In retirement they get robbed of their retirement and and you know they don't live a long time we just love my wife just lost her uncle. He was John I mean young by my standards and as soon as mid seventies and that's so was my farm laws brother. And the two of them passed away within a year and a half of each of us unfortunate both died of cancer so unity I hate that word cancer everybody hates that word and you know just it happened so quickly and in in Rich's case we're seeing happen in two months. Yeah it was unclear what lynch being there and argue ritual in your mind my uncle ritual in there so. It's some. You gotta prepare for it happening to monthly diagnosed and I don't know he had it but then went to Florida thought it was better than just there was back into it just happened so so fast. But the good news is that obviously there were financial responsibility have a plan in place. And on that no you know people listening today in the situation room. I don't have a plan in place if you like to make sure that you do the right thing hey it's it's. It it takes effort on your part we can't just say. Tell everybody picked up a phone call us so take some effort in a parked. But if you're ready we're here for you how phone numbers 877630. 8787. That number again is 8776308787. So oh yeah and I got also this purse this woman are they used to. Living on a budget probably in living on the steady income stream from the pension each month. So and you know could change his spots on the leopard to wanna try to replicate the same thing yeah you don't question. It says that he has a pension which will go away when he passes tonight he's diagnosed with cancer says he doesn't have a longtime live. I would say the first order. Is spoke first and second order one to make sure that the legal documents are in place to say what he's saying make sure this health care proxy. Mission is a power returning that the that the wife has on my husband's behalf. But also to make sure that we're able to take some of that bank money. Put it into a place. Which really designed. To replicate that pension that this gentleman's gonna lose one pass play when you say so first identify what the pension was let's say it's 40000 dollars. And he wanted to continue to 40000 dollars so let you said there lets it have a million dollars in the bank how much of that meant he would do we do need well we don't really know how old they are but let's just say maybe it's two thirds of the money into it it's true in there early seventies early seventies so maybe 6700000. Dollars. Put it into place out of sight. Out of mind you can actually put down into a trust use an income only trust to have been come Kamal. For the spouse like a pension but inside that trust normally what we would do is we would exactly. Replicate. What the pension was in to begin with which is essentially fixed and there were so what does she would if she passes away money and trust money comes out 40050000. Years whatever it is. And she passed away after the first check what happens arrest them or over the balances that's in the trust me nobody goes there are named beneficiaries. But the beauty that is also. If you do it right they have a little bit of time behind you the money that's in that trusts assuming man children. Their husbands not passed away. Let's say a few years from on the wife goes into the nursing home now that money would also be protected right nursing home. And they're from the nursing home for the children to inherit so he can't kill two birds with one stone but I think the first. Order event that this woman should think about. Is to make sure war that she's gonna be okay your PP you got to be prepared for the the figure you don't want to do in the women's welterweight in the women and wealth action guide there are checklists. They can go through. That. Checklist for arm. You know of losing the spouse the checklist for single individual. The checklist for getting divorced a checklist. We'll leases more chairs listening you can imagine there is Jeff third at every. Different scenario right is 32 pages that we put together it's entitled the women. And wealth action guide the ten obstacles. That women face today in retirement we've assembled a field. In this us in this booklet in this assembly of great information talks about the obstacles obviously that you face. It also talks about what you can do to be prepared in the event that happens we would love to once again share that. Women and wealth action guide with you so take a moment to chart this number down it's 877630. 8787. When you call just tell the operator you want your free copy of the women and wealth action guide. We'll make sure you get that pronto again on numbers 877. 630. 8787. So rich getting back to a question about these folks. Com and creating a pension RBC's very important any money to live on for the rest of your life. But talked very briefly about what if you've you know some reasonably happy dying shortly when you need to what you have date on these. You have to get a list of everything you have been sort of checked or checked off all of the beneficiary designations first like if you have an IRA can have a bank account. The joint bank account. They have a beneficiary designation because if you pass away you want the beneficiary to get that not your husband's gonna pass away you needed different beneficiary. The beneficiaries we typically use a single individuals if you get to be single our trust. Because they would equalize. Any kind of fit parent that's not just leaving it to you spouse or leaving it to you key into your friends. Or charity whatever you wanna network trusses kind of broad sort of wrote a term us loosely thrown around all the time and people don't release. Have a clear and Gooden and concise understanding. Of what trusts are that's why so you go to the seminar they should go not only go to the workshop but the but also. Coming up and then next segment we're gonna specifically Russian are gonna break at all down. As to what trust in the state planes in and why you really need that. Rich mentioned about the workshops we every retirement survival workshop coming up. February 22. In February 23. We would love to have viewers are guessing at that time machine I was speaking. Specifically. About how to follow ala tools were number one just don't lose the money and remember to don't forget we're number one just don't lose the money dot com is where you can get on the information. Hear us talk about trust's common right up. You're taking the first step to a sound financial retirement this is just don't as the money radio. Feel free to visit us at Justin was the money dot. Hi I'm Susan ward if you're listening to two of the cutest guys in finance radio and I knew huge. But prince Richard revealing Sam lane of Rubino and blame the firm that specializes. In protecting your money both legally and financially. Stay tuned for more informative radio just don't lose the money dot com. Just don't lose the money on Sam line I'm Richard Levine yeah welcome back you know it's February it's cold. It's actually kind of miserable. It was fun vote who while not that you're not fun Richmond solutions and so as a warning cakes you know she's listens to you don't Reagan and shares more it has been a welcome both of us put together and it's it's always nice to have her. On the show part of the team. And no she's taught us a few things which is sort of the theme allow giveaways this month which is women and wealth and how important it is. For at least in her case she told us how important is for her sort of pay attention know what's going on. Well you know Susan's really a very busy in which he does and she does not a charity work as you know up prize this work with us causes seminars. And her pension. Allows cars a luxury. Of not having to worry about without us out she could just. Do the stuff that she likes to do and how we met her was actually she came to a south dish should retire she has a beautiful homes on the caper knew she bury that she was within a childhood friend governor names Debian. No they weren't quite sure somehow own initiative on MP trust should be owning the means and how he structured. After one passes away how's it gonna go to the other the person's ears. And although that's why she sort of and so that's less educated and we had a conversation Susan and I you know and saying. Outing in order trusted us you know what it would do for me and thanks guys in here. Prices as you really have to know wouldn't trust it you just have to know what you want to happen. Well when I pass away I've cares I want to every to get the prop yet. Fine so let's make that should make sure that happens we do a workshop the other just the other day cock couple weeks ago. This woman came to me have to issues as you know what my situation easily unique I've been married for you know 25 years my husband. Just sort of suddenly died left me with all this stuff from them or short sort of human way to be gain. Because he took care products. And we have we have family we have great kids but one of my kids is is special needs and we wanna make sure that. We provide as best we can for for him. So what do I too will I even start well I mean you know that's unfortunate but many are now she's in the rowboat loans and you know I use that say in all this time. But basically she has to just come to terms of what you want to happen just like Susan. By have a disabled child would have five pass way tomorrow. How does that child did care and doesn't happen automatically well not only get care but get care. Was out there and and with and still qualifying for the state or federal programs that they might be at so you would need a special needs stressed then. With a special needs stressed that that's just a piece of paper to write bunch of pieces of paper that is the funding aspect of it do you funded list. Here inheritance you fund it with insurance yep time to funded these things with which are a lot of different options but I guess one of things that I wanna sort of stress. Is that there's there's lots of great radio shows similar to ours in radio I think one of the things why reassure my unique is. But over 25 years ago when built this company. We didn't build this company to cater to everybody. So I say this over and order on all things all people. When I hit it help you you don't get rich overnight W money. Quickly we have we're here to help you protect all of those things that you works so hard for. And part of it is money but part of it is also lifestyle and maybe it's a vacation home and so how we how we do the things is that under one roof. We're able to help people with Europe you have your background as an attorney. Sort of two obviously planning stuff that he only wants a team talk about you know send those rules that we always use you know what what once rule number one just don't lose the money we'll love to offer your world number one. Those are rules that. Really deal with both legal and financial stuff. And the giveaway that would given away this week is still woman and wealth qaeda's not just women it's sort of guide as to what. Thank Susan would say to people guy gets people people should really be doing to get their affairs in order. And it's a great guide to follow it's not just a single page it is by ten pages and also says hey look this is what you have to do and but also this is what you need to avoid the threat you know I'm sure many I know I've done. Before and you go on these rights race and you want to lose a couple pounds this is what you should he. But sometimes more important to figure out what you shouldn't be so it's okay. So this guide women and wealth action guys what we call that the just like what rich said was who's so we should actually called it the people and wealth action guide. It's a great tool for you to Figaro when you need to do we need to not do. As it relates to keeping your money safe keeping your State's safe in doing the right things. At the time you know safe as the key words and like if you wanna I wanna leave a legacy and you wanna take care that disabled child. The first thing you have to do is to protect what you have right you're gonna machinists say got to make sure it's safe ride otherwise is 03 your free copy of the woman a wealth action guide his then number 877. 6308787. Operators standing by to sick saying you a free copy of the women and while action guide. Again it's 877630. 87. 87. You can also go on our website that just don't lose the money. Dot com we can download your free copy of the women and while action guide on. So you know it's not we don't deceit. Widow whose sole way worse not seek couples receive single people that we see real people who have the same issues that are friendly gas. You know wanna protect what I have and only the to my kids and grandkids. Etc. what are saying trash you know so on that note. When people come in CES one on things they can expect is for us to get to know your situation. You wouldn't go to a doctor and say OK fine I get like thirty seconds tell me what. What he'll nation's attention to the red polish I took a blue pill and then I'll call you back and we see you worked or not. No you'd expect a doctor to take some time askew where hurts maybe you can give your physical before they prescribe the medication that's really what our. Meetings are all about if we have that opportunity. We sit and funny you we're not gonna say you should do this solution albatross. We're gonna get to know your situation. If you have a special needs child what you need one thing. Maybe you have a maybe have a family that unfortunately. The family harmony disappeared years ago when not everybody gets along. While you need maybe something else may be your state is 200000 dollars. Or maybe your status five million dollars and those people need different things on on that no one of the things on offer now. It's an opportunity for you to come and see me see rich. Where will give you an all right time free of charge entirely free of charge where we will listen to what you have to say what you worried about. At the end that meeting one or two things happen and typically what happens as you say you don't want. It was a good meeting. All of the all the information all the questions and and concerns I had yeah actually address and I elected. Figure out of some things that you guys still I can benefit from so and that sense while the second meeting but once in awhile to shoot as a fat that's okay too but. I encourage people. Take an hour of your time makes an effort to make sure that you get to also follow our two rules rule number one. Just don't lose the money and Lumet to don't forget real mobile one operators are standing by now not only to give you the women and well action guy but also feel like. You can request a free. One now or retirement planning consultation with me you come in you'll get me. That number you need to call now is 877. 6308787. And number against 877. 6308787. You can also request a free consultation right on the website at. Just don't lose the money dot com. On so the trust that normally. I'm not normally but I trust that a lot of people would and would think about using his every foreclosure kissel hated people just. Our growth with the revoke global trust which means that trust is is you who you could change it you can take money out it's your Social Security number. Is no and they separate tax filings and it's designed to avoid probate and set up rules of distribution when you pit you when we harmony. What of family harmony you need more than a trust and actually at that distribute them and then once an welfare or concern about the nursing home I know we Taiwan like irrevocable trusts and that's the basic rule with protecting assets from nursing home is that. If you don't own it. They can't get any order they can't so basically need an irrevocable trust to do that to learn more please again one more time checked out just don't lose the money dot com. Richard I'm very proud of the company that we've built 25 years ago we hear ready able and willing to help assist you. To help you follow how to rules rule number one just don't Bustamante will Leavitt. Dude don't forget rule number one we will be right back. Hi somebody's office manager Eric you know Elaine I know regions and schedule better than I know my own. And their calendars getting phone. If you'd like to meet with riches and call me now a graduate the head of the line but promised not to tell. 8776308787. You call I'll answer it 776308787. Welcome back to just don't lose the money with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out special guests on the show Frank Luntz thanks Sam who. I love the name of your show just don't lose the money. If you are as it all right but that's how people feel that they're nervous that's because of the economic conditions that exist today they actually could. Lose their retirement nest egg and that's where people if you are so important. Now back did just don't lose the money which Sam Wang an attorney Richard Rubino. Just don't lose the money on Sam line I'm Richard Rubino welcome back to our show it's a wonderful Sunday. But a special it's walked to special two reasons is special. Ballantine is coming up. That does come around and it's Super Bowl Sunday. And and three and it's my classes IE when I see ours that's a U richer elegant and had I not gonna tell her another tell everybody I know she has but happy birthday honey happy 39 birthday and her anyhow against the where backward back catcher the show you how to follow all too rules were number one just don't lose the money and we're number two don't forget we'll number one we were talking about sort of the whole FEMA February. This most loving new part earned or in Europe all the stuff that we think about around Valentine's Day but. Some folks are in the position where you are human rowboat a long time so we've designed this. Guide entitled women and wealth action guy now you don't to be a widow a single woman to get this are receive is in the air things in the air. That's really important to just about everybody. And in that women while action guide. There there are certain checklists. That I think a very important is checklists for. Widows and check us to a single women in this checklists a single moms post divorce and turn to a divorce all the postings that you really need to sort of put into place so. There's no surprises and we love to share that one once again she Olga. Monthly giveaway which you entitled women and while action guide. Please call this number 8776308787. For your free card data ID number again 877. 63087. Weeks you know it's like the woman was just like getting a pre. A pre printed shopping list. On the stuff that you really have to do you know since Shaun Ellis I'd probably get every Sunday morning I just I just look for the what I used last week in my coat pocket a public by the same stuff Beverly they're right. I so we have time for one last question let me go and read this last question Greta rights and their rich and seeing him. My husband and I are thinking about long term care insurance we've looked into it and it's very costly. Most of our money is in IRAs. So we would have to take the money you know. Then we come we need two more money more money out than we currently do. In order to pay for the insurance. Can we buy long term care insurance and still keep it inside an irate you know that that's a great question also great observation there's an IRA. Is like it's not all your money you know thirty or 40% goes to the government so if you have to take out a dollar. Its value and you know it's really seventy cents and sixty cents by the time be taken out on the north of the 401K there was a great article. I was in the journal was actually brought picked up locally in the Boston Globe but a month ago. And it was. An interview actually the father of the 401K forgive the gentleman's name but he he core important into the 401K. And he basically said the headline Condit sort of caught our attention just before own K what a big mess in was talking about how. The whole idea was to put. Before when Kate in place so it took oh complemented these pensions that you can have a choice I get the money. Well fast for tomorrow and day most companies don't pensions nobody has a pension anymore and to boot. What you now have is you've created attacks on the psyche said rich enough you know you put in ten grand twenty years ago. That 101000 dollars now is worth 50000 dollars so sort of paying taxes on 101000. Not pay tax on fifty pounds so you goalie to retirees and you know what I've done such a great job just like you said. You might get sixty cents on the dollar save him a million bucks in the form K it's not worth a million bucks. That's right so taking money out to do it to them so the question is to see and can you. By long term care insurance. Inside and are a wealth traditional long term care insurance you cannot do your answer is no but there's certain things that you can probably do. To actually make that work so we share one good idea which you come. The whole idea of having my uniform KST century create. Somewhere. Someplace. A feign a product. I think any any. What everyone to call it a place to get a guaranteed income share Betsy said that's essentially why people should do that. You do save more uniform Keita staff lots of money when you retire you save one uniformed had to say they want and stock warrants are working. I want to replace my paycheck and I wanted to let the rest of my life are so there are certain parts mostly in the insurance world the newly world they've actually. Created some really good products these days. That I able to kill two birds with one stone where you can create a pension so let's say that you created 50000 dollar a year pension. And in some cases give me insurance company. If you cannot perform to the six activities. Of daily living which is what they call eight DL sank long term care and disability insurance you have to give you can't take care of yourself camped itself. Fiji's self may be unique to hire home health nurse or come come home health aide to come help you. Or maybe it's so bad that you're rushing to going to a nursing home some of these pensions actually now. I'd doubled for you to you know says oh you're getting fifty grand yeah I can now get a hundred. How long on some cases. For five years some cases for life so he could do this within an IRA. And if you take out the first 50000 a 100000. And you pass away well whatever balances this out is in the IRA goes to your beneficiary than Fisher the beauty of this is number one you know how to take gay. Physical for everybody gets approved up to a certain age of I wanna say about eighty years old. The second thing is that you don't archer withdraw the mud right that's huge to pay the premium. For the long term care insurance they can all be done right inside your IRA or your 401K so. It's a very. On distinct difference and it's it's worth noting and on back on that note. One of the things that we want our sort of help our listeners would put into action for the new year is that if you haven't. Sort of done anything even happens and you haven't said he's aware and my Gunner. Well Mike I've sort of put in to plan. That I've taken care of the risks that I will run out of money or the risks that. I get sick and night I am I go broke if you haven't done any of them were offering all hoped to you. Part of it is that just listening to the show's great can you get educated. But the next step the next logical step would be obviously to see if we can meet in some things that we can we talked about makes sense my opportunities very simple. If you call this number 877. 630. 8787. You tell the operator hey you know what I want every one hour. Free no obligation retirement planning consultation with Sam when the guy that's on the radio. You were shall be greatness is that simple. So we'll make sure that we set aside an hour to talk about your particular situation. In the shoe fits great they bought a second meeting. Maybe the shoe doesn't fit and pave the shoe doesn't that it doesn't fit 8776308787. If you really want to know what to do with money you were planning. Call for Europe women and wealth action guide. It has like five different scenarios. Of taking action a checklist. With a gala sentence or two about what you should be doing and I think it's really important to see if you have some of that stuff and Bruce don't have it. To make sure you get it yes so place to start to get your woman wealth action guide 877. 6308787. On the web that just don't lose the money dot com again that's just don't lose the money. Dot com we'll be right back. Just go with the money radio will be right back. If you have questions I would like to schedule and no obligation meeting with attorney Richard thirteen hour Sam Wang please give our officer Paul at 617. 6308787. Or visit just don't lose the money dot com. Ever wonder how religions and get all their work done they start by calling me I'm Bobby office manager at revealing. You can secure your financial future of the same way by calling me you call I'll answer 8776308787. 8776308787. Just don't lose money on sand like how much of the Bruno thanks so much for joining us is wonderful day as always rich and I have a little fun poking each have a little bit. Good news is reached in an attempt to sing today so let's go show's not over yet they're not happy birthday when that show's not over how happy birthday Winnie. Happy birthday to you and your unit and renew your predecessor the man anyhow. I'll theme for the entire month of February is women and wealth rich and I've put together a action guide that's 32 pages if Europe gal that Melissa Hague this is for you we've made just for you call this number for your free copy. But the woman Walt action guide it's 877. 630877. That number against 8776. Q zero. 878. Seven now until next Sunday please remember our tool the number one. Just don't lose them and move them to don't forget rule number one ice again for joining us as Daytona hopefully having most mean every weekend. A great week. Until next Sunday and had a fantastic. The information on this program is not intended to provide legal accounting tax and investment advice Richard being a sampling this. We'll so you know an LLC and aren't no insurance. That's both places at once every 339 innings and understand and read your utility land it's your best investment advisors doctor. This shows services.