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Feb 5, 2017|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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And today folks get wet day. Do you have any idea. Sunday. No it to be today. It is funded it speaks a morning shortest it's also the patriots. Had about it is. That's 637. Act gets them their plans you have very little England when I get some bad news for the OK okay and or at your local bookie method that for a tired this morning from Atlanta. Mac. And he said oh pros and move. Brokered. He's looking inside scoop walk this morning at the wire in sides do it and with today. Play. Effective easy going to be that he's an all pro and he's again quoted in the data for a lot of money from Cleveland short he's been. Maybe viewed as a lot even though Obama pain that we should be changed as we have left we. Oh he is that you please I was gonna they got it. Knew I had no it was at the yes you wanna game by the way is you run with VP he has W. Against these he still felt that he still is a falcons fan matter of fact on Friday did we are stopped from falcon uniform. At least at least it sure I did not not full uniform I got Julio you know. Yeah. And I get up out of hand it's a great conversations starting you know an ID yesterday in. It's they have an appeal with him or if good conversation starts with hey you expletive deleted because other. I says you know always it was or not they just go over John activities in the falcon at. By Michael tell everybody how they can it debt to less today. Well of course I you can go to FaceBook dot com slash we can bites TV we're going to be streaming the show as we do every Sunday live straight to our FaceBook. It's FaceBook dot com slash wicked bites TV you can also join in the conversation. Right there on FaceBook. Scott toes and to grow to going not just have a month on an on air prize here but it we have a FaceBook give away. We're gonna give away a lot of prices today the first prize we're gonna give way now this is to look caller that calls in the vote for the favorite pizza show Newton. They call and they say hate XYZ is my favorite pizza and his wife. Then there are also gonna predict on air on they are only so don't call me up during the show and give me the score I don't care Lester on there. They're gonna say I think this is going to be the score and they predict the score. They gained today. The exact school tax gore who's got away at what the score is and going to be affairs at worst ones of our people call at the same score among I think the first one. They're gonna win it 100 dollar dinner guess they get to Teresa's crime. Is it the old Thompson country but it radeon nine dollars might get in his manifesto CNN I I am the keeper of the goal today but done. We're not done well wait a minute there's something out there is only there's an important win. If you go onto our FaceBook wicket by its TV on FaceBook watch the live stream which were on right now I'm watching right now I'd use some color in my face beauty color nefarious group that we'll see what we read on it. World war on it would have to make a chicken. It if you predict the correct score yet. On our FaceBook live in the first once he can't do it after the game I'm watching right now and you winning fifty dollar. Dinner guess that they get. The Bancroft restaurant though that one right here. Oh yeah and that's and Burlington and that there one day you guys are appraised at you know as that ultimately it fantastic so we got so many ways for you to win today but if you go on right now. FaceBook. FaceBook our FaceBook channel watched the live feed input your score into the comment section just not message just do not posted on our wall. It has to be in the FaceBook alive. Section you'll meet a message you. And put it up. You know now on the island. Mike was just coming your message the radio show earlier so that I I appreciate Ewing the radio show know about the crews though that was a great message in it but it was a private messages to me and Mike recruits but it. We've got to take on a way that seriously here and you have to guess though. I also FaceBook live wicket bites TV on FaceBook you gotta go in their right the comic niceties and comets coming down. Patriots 20/20. 2724. And a curia think that's as Clark it's pretty far away from me I see another score. You can probably becoming better and I can it's it's a little too far gonna grab my phone's agreed this lord's. But they're they're voting right now on Facebook's and go on the FaceBook boss tells about your favorite pizza shop. On FaceBook right now FaceBook which it bites TV on FaceBook predict the score and if you're the first one to get it correct when the game is over. And more importantly what's your favorite Pete which yes I know that you now I'd give us store but I I just just scored three or what job of feverish it's. Places I idea. Yes. I definitely need some caller this. I've got an action color pats don't look at yourself and just to the shuttle are here to look at 118 sale how this started on it started. 2530 years ago. We did repeat today and the reason we did a piece today. Is because a lot of people repeat as we go on Super Bowl Sunday whether the patriots here and not okay. They're there based Super Bowl parties now what would like from you today. Is your favorite. Pizza place and then you can do this goers know that step but right now. We need your favorite pizza place in let me Ted. That your favorite pizza. Are you right away and say hey I recommended by different fees. It's free and it for the pizza place. You buy my we can't guarantee it. It's worked for me in the past at. You know. All the pizza shops probably be really really busy yeah today so hopefully a lot of Collins this tell us about their favorite shops. And they go today but they go during the week and trying to start one more time and yup it's going to be a just and yes bunch of Pete to play yeah I had Damien put together some. The top reviewed pizza shops in all different segments in masters of from the cape North Shore South Shore. And embossed in particular and we'll be talking about that but to vote right now. I want to favorite pizza place and predict today's patriots score. Just by going to our FaceBook alive and posted in the lie comment he's OK with it bites TV on FaceBook. A fifty dollar did it gets to be it will be giving away to the person the first person. That predicts the correct score on FaceBook. And call and on our hundred dollar and gets to get to Teresa's crime. I here's a telephone number and their lines are open to grab them while you can. Would like to know it would securities in New England Medicare donut Giffords and doing it can be any place anywhere your favorite pizza place. And of course and and now always this with your favorite topic yeah I one triple eight. Might that and my people. One way to do now US all the hard question the look at a let's hear this is that at this investigative journalism as a road they'll have me up today we're asking your favorite it's there may. You know that's Goran. I hate to yet gotten on the coverage goes through might be just pepper exactly I'm gonna run in there and answer the phone calls got open lines now so throughout the number inaugural start wrap. By the telephone numbers you call folks. One triple 84346464. That's one. Triple eight. 4346464. This program today is brought to you by Regina pizzeria Boston's brick oven pizza world famous since 1926. They just an explanation here about Regina pizza they have one. This. Promotion. So many times we put them in our hall of fame we retired them but that does that stop you. From a voting for them if you think we're you know Pete says this beats in doing that in Tripoli feature behind that so those in my recommendation now. My friends what are yours. One triple 8434. Or 6464. You've got that well good. One triple A Ford dining if he can't remember then. I've found in let haven't had a special place just few if you're forced him probably we really welcome you and you can't win these incentive it's endless you vote. Your favorite pizza place one triple 84346464. Right now. Sky denying. Care I don't know I. Will be going to fully Thorsten on today. Tomorrow February 6 the reason for that they're visiting chefs from a bootsy. They'll compare classic of routine issues. We're also celebrating political for a ruling birthday. At the Brooke the Foley blow. Leap over literally two Indy three causeway street north in in Boston it's 100 dollars a person this is for routier's earthquake relief fund by the way. I 283 causeway street Boston's North End. The telephone number of reservations is 61774241. 42 and the next day well actually broadcast this on FaceBook but Wednesday. A classic dishes ever rotate. Or boot so. Cooking class at 5 PM followed by class dinner with the wine pairings it matier rest that I NT thirteen Mount Vernon street Winchester and I guess cause it just lines going one triple 84346464. That is my telephone number and we are just about ready to get into the phone right now and even going into FaceBook as I see. Now one of the things it now unit understand. As it as alive as a cause lining up they're dialing in now. You can send a lot of business to these pizza places just to simply calling the show because as you know they show. Is. If toward a mile. Where is your best pizza. Dallas. And if he even if you don't like this ambiance two. One triple 8434. 6464. That is the telephone number season lines here are there but I don't see. Where go. Guys see that's because it would go to. Or is their problem. I hope none. I'm sure what that is their problem with a phone not at all. Oh I think they'll announce that you're looking at yourself again trying to color back and it doesn't work that way. Like they should be admitted to the incident is to the. And look into the at a balance. And that there light. It's the latest heavier the -- emirate that that a white I'd let's go to and he's gone from Allentown New Hampshire hey Kat Ed. Yeah I mean I I you Dylan. I want a grand for a pizza market and Alice under energy agency that speed that gigantic. Allentown Lindsay wears Allentown. As we implement such thank god you're okay. The what's your favorite. What is your favorite topic for that. Actually believe it or not that type Iran that it is is really guys. Have been used pizzas. They'll ride did you learn that quality a kid he didn't gigantic. Value while they are good about Claudia and yet the EU and am as on the Russa noticed Cameron knows you. Content. I might make it to quell the radio it's true they are on that's Ari. He'll be the first it to close Syrian screw things that was it was never pleased that. It is called at it's called pizza market and he's Israeli and now New Hampshire pizza oil market in Allentown. New Hampshire ended Ed give out his score for the game tonight. Now that's what Cisco for the game tonight. Happening through. One good. Probably and negative effect. I like that score a good thing can right thank you very writes there to a two pages that three point favorites anyway. One Tripoli for 346464. Has been the Su in its which case do how do you do. OK very good cat. Don't worry about being too white can I am until they know talent great speech. Com well I have that great. Restaurant in Ipswich for people the river view. Well yeah they get a lot of vote out every year. And are they serve as people and it's on twenty FD street in Ipswich. And the best thing they have is a combination pizza. It's one of the only places I note that can put Kemp popped up on pizza. And it's really green and pulled it about side Pete says the only one guy. But if you really hungry you can 81 itself but. Now it's unbelievable isn't always beats. Well is called the combination. In orchestrate that need it salami pepperoni they are about. Along where the cheese and tomatoes. And greens kept. And Russia. RA now. What's the score for the game tonight. 34. Patriots twice fourth. All right I got it thank you very much. Battle analyses have that degree wall for we continue its it through the Greek rule waited I get that from. The great wall. 308. Be great road route four in Bedford. My eyes at Bernie Alice is the owner here she's been she's one that reduced choice award for about it I don't know a gazillion times. And it you know. I was thinking you know a lot of new Chinese developed. And so were both Sunday. We already did we did that show list. Christmas it in the years he was we usually do but they about wanna think about the Greenwald pick up and go. Aren't they great wall special duck by the way whose ship special sauces are really something if the hole in this 22 that if they have a dinner roughly two. All right that's the great wall. 308. To be great road that root for and that is in Bedford Massachusetts. I'll sort of industry chicken with string beans and don't forget to say has due to Alice then. One triple 8434. Yuri one triple 84346464. And again remember that. When Tripoli for dining okay. We got a pizza place. It take awhile we'll talk to Jim and we talked to Bob is an OK Bob and Arlington Bob your next tape Bob Knight on. What are good thanks. Eric get a program thank you thank you. So like to get my. Head I'd say that they took place is split servers pretty flat. And I'd venture out though. Adding to match. Sensitive pieces and Abington mass okay. Yes I'm at my I don't have all of those that's okay telephone artistry number. That's that's okay. What's your favorite topping on. Well I'd get so well that wouldn't change that board debate over and she can then aren't that Christ. It's in the row in between just write it up right and Europe last assignment. But disgorge tonight. I've got to say to implement a trifle about time people that saw eight to twenty haven't. It's funny politics that table that would make here. All right thank you very much do we have any falcon fans at that. And in none of this region want to put on your 084346464. Is a telephone never. Let me see Jim thought he's on the line right pass CP ten page Emma you go and. Jim. Yeah sisters Jeremiah don't get how you do line you're on the air right now. Is today we're not a big day is today going to be a busy day for you guys. Yet today is probably one of our busiest days. Of the especially when a feature rich and general sort of conviction or special slow. So. Got here early today. Get ready all right rob or Clark as well it's stops I know we're at the BO when did you start calling in the yours or do they do a man there's we got some during the week and now everybody is calling up. Oh well reporter out ordering another look at bird periods autos and you know what there's there's special. Specialty pizzas. You know we could we have a why are very much the salute we call it our party picked the twenty or so. Which help them get those and real quick so. Yet because the of its use those so many at a time right yeah I got you can only what one of those Celtic. Now that's a bigger there's a speech like China dolls so it's a victory so. And older ones that have it in this area so you know a lot of you can share the toppings a mis read different toppings on over the place. Audio this company of a big speech or Waco but a lot of offerings audit so you know at. Pizza guys like you are so I barbecued guise of our Q have there own special sauce no way of doing it. And I have a feeling that day in order be a little bit different there's something different about your sons and your pizza what is it. Are well which started oh from my grandmother no what we're personal development in 1971. She's the one that. Used to come Obama Olson make speeches sparse and everything like that so. And now we're just got that recipe go and so it's a it's a different feature of the book was where's Israel since its sweet beat so. Which you know kind of distinguishes us from everybody else so. But. You know a lot of people love it. It's such that you go son. We've you can kill several birds one stone is the famous cliche goes because you're not only a pizza place. You get in that they've been very creative prizes you've been mentioned plus. I kept pasta you get subs party platters and all of that can go out today perfect for slow vote Sunday. It was so a ton of counsel at this on the state to show. On we have what a big variety of held loans but they come into sizes and and we couldn't make and so are you want so. Just which would have we have a read here with a negative toward coastal so. There's a million different varieties or council that Rick and bill collapsed the epic sort of rushed to a. I know what life is their landmark meal I've got the address of the of that just a segment is there a landmark mile inland. Probably we're constantly go. Union hospital. Are right on with the street what you wanted I'm ready and wipe Wear red white square with the netbook or a fighter so. And of you know a lot of people know we're we are right to dispirited because this at the time but that it's been so. But the closest land Marcus there's we're the hospital was stolen Austro. I in now it's and then again you open today he opened up at 9:9 AM. And get close at 10:30 PM that'll be about that time we will in the the patriot two in the fifth Super Bowl. Sure. I get up sure. Right now here's a phone or make sure I got this right. 7815. Of nine at 513. Ten. Correct all right that's 78159513. In now like the idea of because owns and all. But I really love the idea that gigantic pizza. But you don't sell to many of them streak let's see go on doing what and it's. Well we have Laura Owens so we have more of an obviously well ordered and so. We recently who pretty good which promotes. What would you suggest to you what went epic about what time would be that the game starts at six. 605 or something like that roughly. Correct you know I tell people cut shot coming and around moral floor because once by this six columns. You know we have experience autism than Macgregor Greg what customers that I got a comment so waters up like that plus we delivered so slow. It gets very very you know the waiting list. Moves up so I mean are they watcher row where time was sometimes at that time Greta ordered by and it's lol. Wow. So earlier the better he the earlier the better wow I'd that's great now you heard it here first. I already got a 45 minute wait that your fourth that's on you you can't take care of that right now about going to 781. 59513. Ten that's seven a line 59513. Ten might tell them how they didn't face. Both can do the same thing. Portion grew up FaceBook dot com slash wicket by its TV and I'll watch us as we do this Sunday show. Every Sunday and we want to join in the conversation so we want to hear your fair pizza spots and the score of the game. With the possibility on FaceBook of getting a Bancroft gift certificate. I'd settle for a nickel pizza from Jim. I don't write well big ol' party pizzas that. And a I'll usually always you're here or there wouldn't want a big party pizzas for it. We weren't the busiest. Are these days I'll get up I'll be up there on the Sunday and I'll forget while those body reaches out left. Might get this man's name and Social Security number absolutely I'm a soldier that chip yeah. Robert with the idea that will wouldn't look forward to a gateway drive. All right thank you remarks quo and go right to edit man. Well he gave him before tonight. Iowa gonna save my kids are mad at me it would go grandchildren and enemy. And now they're by men and America have a lot of friends that no sympathy going your way down now but at least you can. And Atlanta's Michael absolutely camp if nothing else that go to Karo is coming at Framingham match US take care welcome to the program. Got a lot like you know I'm doing absolutely fantastic. Great golf pat Greg. Cooper at. Have a great play Framingham don't have any any candidate Q well it's golf or they get ticket cocktail. And I'll in this area they serve cause then that's big feedback. Anyone but many in that area Opel lead lap on them but they don't all under wraps Iraq. And it needs it definitely has that are that shell out here it delicious bit they could be. Yeah you'll find a bit deep there around that area. Mental abilities describe that. Mittal might. Make him mouth water you party and down today have a with the are. Either net and on my way out I give the it gig give me the name one more time please in the address. Yet that Scott urban kids and they cocktail. And there are begins street in Framingham I believe the number of body that it began to drink. Who sent Lewis and people over there right now. What's in store. Wedeman that aren't. But despite. That. Low. Like the song out. I think Lieberman's. He's gone from Peabody did you know that mine that's what I heard any impunity pay opinion Peabody aria. I warned that there aren't we a key detail would do great. Heard about them. I'm calling on the big people and moment and I pray that he burn. Cameron is down so please forgive me for the cause of it it's in Wilmington west what's the name again. The quake hit. I still didn't understand us our sweet heart we but it hit part of it I got it now. We've got the idea where is it Wilmington. Know. How it right or is it that part of that opened up. And know exactly where a bit on that they'll hide what is this what's your fixes to a game. I'm sorry it's cutting off my partner and what is that the score of the game going to be. This morning and present him probably burning apartment and broke out. Thank you very much for the golf. One Tripoli for 346464. Would get EL there really an in depth look at pizza places. But we need your votes and you can go to FaceBook right now and see your votes come up on the screen on FaceBook and actually watch the show. I need to make them one triple 84 victory for 6464. Is telephone Amro we want you. Where is your favorite pizza. Displacing the weekend up you'll listen. They don't wicked fights radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRKO. The boys of Boston. You've got to send wicket nights. Six ABA MW RKO Lloyd telephone number. Is one triple 843464641. Tripoli. Dining right now let's turn to FaceBook because a lot of people and liking us on FaceBook. Go to what advice on TV with device to be on FaceBook and enter the score. For the patriots game he could predict the score anywhere between I'm only taking votes between 10 AM. And 12 PM eastern standard time today if you predict the score correctly on FaceBook are alive post or life he'd only. We'll give you fifty dollars and it gets to get the first one predicts that scores of two people predict the same score on the go back to the the first one. There also and also tell us about your favorite pizza place this lessons that patriots 34017. And she recommends plot threads I'm not sure which location of Pratt library has a lot of and I got eight. AJS. Kitchen. Ages may be scratched kick and scratch probably yeah but I I'm assuming. Is that in Salem into it and see where it is there is a stretch to consume that we've been through Paula Paula recommends Rizzo isn't Wilmington. Patriots 34 falcons tennis from FaceBook Allen. Our buddy Allen to call he says Lynnwood cafe area in Randolph the power windows and Randolph who he loves all the jails to. Malaysia yeah and there's a whole bunch more coming in I seek you go on to FaceBook predict the score on FaceBook. And if you get the score right. And you're the first one to do it after the game you get a fitter at fifty dollar dinner August and get to the Bancroft. See it might holding up right now I zip Bancroft restaurant stake outs in Borough and it is spectacular we giving away a 100 August and get. The callers today to call them with their score. They got to be on air and they got a tells about their favorite pizza shop. But again go to FaceBook right now that. That's just to get my told that you could win by predicting the score holding it up again there know what I'm at the pride out of his hands with the. Not exactly my cold dead and gas coal and actually I I get a hundred no Teresa's here for the phone calls as well. I won Tripoli for 346464. Get to implement tribute to Reese's hundred dollar gift card. Yeah so again FaceBook. Which it bites TV on FaceBook maturity comment in the life and don't send us a personal message to policy tool wall news out of the he got a posted an ally. And you have to twelve noon to predict the score and how's your favorite pizza place that you've got a cast that just walked it's on it ought gravel and sweet pizzas and woman to the sweet. Eat pizza and obviously they were just recommend that industry lasagna. So on the go walk out program yet you think it Jerry. It in there is has beaten noted I. Because the restaurant. It's not it on its because it's how many homes of that you want that's a the pizza game reinforced you're a suspension there which is like 25 pounds of pizza yeah. But he competes is up like 24 inches in that that the whole group capsule I would imagine you got to get the orders in quicken does subs. I'm like four feet long it is but everything political oh yeah I saw us on their face of the big ol' party subsidy there and give you my seat on our guest doctor. A apparently it. Aureus. Steve how are you Dylan I am excellent. That's good images to this event in Arizona okay there are twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy it's on the South Shore. Often the need immediate case on this our show. And the telephone number there is 61777315100. You get then. He's got a secret fund analyst secretive and you're there. Janeiro is eatery 20 Blanchard wrote in Quincy this program today all of it has brought Cuba Regina pizzeria world famous since 1926. And if you get an opportunity down that street today dropping it. Now by yet and I think you you know you can vote by going on FaceBook which a lot of people are and this program. Is. And they broadcast like a TV show now on FaceBook though no matter where you are and the world. You can watch is now. And you gotta do is go to FaceBook. You know like he is the due to FaceBook dot com slow wicket by its TV businesses and eagle I know I'm now giving them days the only that knows his studious and. You know it but it's a love from a phone causing on the FaceBook right now can't go to FaceBook right now of him a friend. The pizza place is called sweet pizza sweet pieces in Wilmington Wilmington mouse on to a six bellowed bill street. What is the name and they knew what is. And you had their first so we've been their boat a year and a half ago I knew what we do an excellent. Why. We're different. Look there's a sort of forum for different we're we're different than everybody else. What kind of a hybrid beats. A lot of people call them each pizza. So we do square where not around sweeter sauce. Cook is a little love suites out by the way thank you. As long as it is going is the crisis into. Crust is not that. So it is the crosses kind of in between the vote Greek style in the time style pizza. So that witnesses rate just about the middle nice crunchy crust. You're making me hungry. I should run and want you execution of my cliche that he should have brought us one. What can we take when later I agree do you use it with a and and in the coming year and say you should bring it we will definitely bring you so businesses if you everything bring one in bring 1 for morning you have to think it just bring Glenn we're over over in London I can't. The unit near response he obviously you're hoping to build and you have been building over the past year yet we've we've been building with a few we have plans to open a second location within the next year in low and lol. On I expanding our expanding our idea everybody thinks it via pizza make you know that. Yeah everybody's has but even as I and everybody is that cats. There's a lot of critics felt that puts a lot of work. Been in this for thirty years I'll plus. Well that's the key. You know it's not a fly by night thing no that can't just throw some go to go throw some sauce on it and things in the peace. Yeah do that they could do that and people who leave. The activities that it wanted to oval one of these things really grilled pizza. I've heard. I've heard about people growing though. And I actually tried once that was a bad. Was it by guys that'll pizza place. But it was bad what Nellie great but it is you know pretty pizza is going to be an iceberg of what's your biggest. Personal. Seller as stories that happens. It depends of the specialty and so we have the buffalo chicken. Which people loved the contrast between the hot. In the suite is is just perfect. People loved buffalo chicken and we have a meat lovers that we throw. We threw you know some meat on there and and people of that also. The number one. Topic of course it the wrong yeah. Michael what was your what was the the least it was. The least favorite topic the least favorite talk manual is usually in jones' dose of knowing Jones. And over in over in Japan that's aboard. Yeah Japan's big guy officiating country yet this sushi and everything else yeah. Now if is when should people call you today in order to place their orders and pick it up on time and get back for the game. So people should should call an early we we suggest you know calling in and in policing pre order. We do full sheets of pizza we do trees so that tree you know we couldn't it's when he could feed six are you so everyone that's still in that Super Bowl party. You know needs a big sheet you know let's just calling in half while 45 minutes and now we can get it to you we can delivered to via come and pick it up. You know whatever whatever is easy for. Yours or today is what for the they can. So score today is going to be 3421. Payouts. I think they're gonna hold offensive Atlanta down and think Brady's gonna prove a point today. Well I think I mentioned earlier. Match. The senate foreign all forward now he's playing with a broken leg today quote. And so that's. Now I. I'm a patriot fan. In the united in their conference but on the phone and buy a book. So this is written it's my family is there's only me so you I'm torn to that now I know they're almost you know the pages that have enough. And I so with the falcons get in there what one point seven billion dollar stadium next year. It would be great to go and knows the simple tune into. But did not that no I'm not sticking with the falcons today it every other day courses it's to pass. But now with the Mac they keep it's your store go to so what to a score for today. Probably about 3327. Okay two. If they're not like that Carolina would list here that you felt part they were heavily favored. You know the sooner defense defense wins championships right and they load file a lot of great players. Persons that you ways but Dan Quinn has. Yep Americans say here coach. You inseparable. You know he's been a great defensive coordinator the last couple years ago I do agree Joseph with Seattle and you know you could give the patriots on the two years ago now. So that they want. If you. Ordering your feet. Yes. What goes. Tutor but we're running out we're running a couple different specials running a FaceBook special then. Geologist who share a page. And picked us for the game. In we've if you're right. We will do you view if repeats or viewer choice one month for the rest of the year. My queue up for that one of the deal I TO. It'll probably know him in the nobody hits it we will put the closest wellstone we'll salute you. Well very nature on the closes to you. That's the last. Qaeda and say here's here's Charlie got sweet pizza. It is it 206. Battered veil street. In Wilmington okay. The hours today he opened at 10:30 AM. Annual closed at 8 PM that she'd be about third quarter fourth quarter Times of India. Telephone number they are all important telephone number is 978. 4471929. That's 978. 44719. Torn in and the FaceBook deal is on right now FaceBook deals on right now and they they actually can order online to it sweet pizza dot com. That's easier you know this is thank you so much to go to there show here that beats and you've got a thank you I appreciate it I appreciate. Out of a job right down sausage company if you don't mind. Don sausage company is a place that's been in business for eighty years. Yeah. Eighty years many open up as as it used to Delhi. Eighty years ago now they are retail and wholesale you do it they go to all over New England themselves company. At ten Riverside park in malls and that's the address. If you're looking for ground beef fillet mignon bonus revive porterhouse steak roast pork senator lamb and veal. Damme has it all and of course don't imagine that today they open your wraps and sadness for those of you that would like to call ahead and though that. They do a lot of catering orders either of our product catering towards Super Bowl Sunday and have a. They each have a great deal that you do a lot of catering especially which is great for football games but they have a a special deal going on this weekend for the game. It's pay to drive for five blowout sale it bombs. Patriots tips that they're special patriots marinade recipe. 1099 a pound it's Arafat almost five dollars off the right now soundness attendant and a pound of almost five dollars out of five for five exactly. The big threes which is their garlic harm their ties and sweet chili chicken wings 399 pound. The whole bunch of stuff revised states are long strips. But yeah I mean if you're gonna go into dom you gotta get back in those tips. Got to get one of those tea bags they are. Very varied missions and us and keeping them on sale there really aren't yet they were and yeah it's really amazing place that's why they are retaliate you know you're gonna love these markets right new England and Daniels say you'll see dogs the F stay active and done downsized it could have easily and if you don't see him television. Yeah acknowledge she's always complains about that Jesus. If they're famous is detectives wanted to college bound son she's bombs unofficial marketing team she goes through its supermarkets just complains. Hi quick right. Down FaceBook live with people who are voting when they hear the score today and who knows the winner could win a fifty yards and gives to get it is the first to correctly picked today's score. I GM. He writes in he says. Print speed since August best crossed ever patriots 31 falcons 21. I John's saying 1610. Patriots so up tight defensive game there and then I see Steve has a lot of his family members. That's that he says they. Represented in the car so your last guest has a lot of family members that have commented inside knows the UConn is the attention yes there are a lot. There are a lot of people that are coming on FaceBook product only to read a fuel. It's a go on right now comment freight FaceBook live there all on our feet you can see other scores of people are predicting. And they are favorite pizza shops we get bites TV on FaceBook live. And you could win that fifty dollar dinner just to be the Bancroft steak house of go up there right now. Between 10 and 12 eastern time. And to be entered into the contest. You got no idea fancy and how good bankrupt isn't for you go to perhaps I recommend the stake Al Watan where yup and couple program couldn't agree more. Well the red wine reductions off so heavily on a Tug of and you relate to this government to do it let them you know he has and his fish tank now. Fish fiction and Sitka a proper. However there's a real puck we're all gonna go in the trying to scare us with 21 so it looks at the top you that they do use it that would make you don't care equipment if you eat one and issues had a bad day you cooked. And only no it done while the keys for a while Brian restaurant. No but it's and one in one of those fish that pitcher IE became opposed to watching give it thinks that cover picture fairly intelligent. People have a home. They actually can follow you through more intelligently average finish. To literally had to work with a good following you but I'm what is now the reader and there are. And very itself isn't right. You suspect number 472. And that's my backroom battle morneau went out in my bathroom reader now I know that he go all right I wanna say one other thing too about them says I didn't give them. And the telephone number is 78132413. Ten. At 78132413. To. They you know that's it we get bites TV on FaceBook alone there right now and vote for your score your favorite pizza shop need to do that right now. Recently or call and get yourself on let's go back again from any car. We don't care one triple 84346464. Game when he gives typically she'd tell me your favorite pizza place and battle you do. It bang of job for a year peaceably your favorite reads please visit a lot of business is. One triple A 4346464. Don't V show. Nobody that likes pizza if Shaq we'll be back. Best. I'm lazy dog. Lunch specials Monday through Friday Saturday Jeffrey. By former schoolmate also Donald marinara sauce debt free Maggie by. Our quality forum for small ones like him lazy dog and mark downs and lazy dog anyway. Chinatown is still voted top five Chinese restaurant in all of a New England. Famous for their one of a kind Chinatown ripped. Chinatown yeah cubs corner still. Again we'll get back to more we can by trading with pat Whitley in just a second a couple of quick words. If you're looking for a spectacular restaurant restaurant that I highly highly recommend election goes he might. Buddy Jeff he's gonna reach at the door at red bird in Waltham right there are moody street they're only open for dinner. But I love this restaurant they have an appetizer. That I think is one of the most addicting appetizers I'd ever had in my life. And living on its vegetable based. It's a buffalo. Collie flower. With a little bit us or rocks on top and they grow that I'm telling me it is wonderful this is spectacular restaurant the atmosphere. He's just really nice place but you can feel comfortable when you walk in it's a beautiful place. If Tom moody street which is the restaurant row in Waltham. And it is spectacular. I keep saying that word over and over again but I do want you go in there. And tries they're menuing is any from stakes to burgers to chicken breast. Deduct they have at all. And you will not be disappointed. Open kitchen to. Great drinks at the bar matter fact they have a mix colleges right there and they have all these trendy drinks and Beers. So you wanna impress somebody we just go on have a great time pink red bird in wall them on moody street and please say Heidi Jeff. When you go in our right. My body worn males are rare coins in New Hampshire brings you this portion awakened by its radio. Now if you are sitting on a rare coin collection. That you know it's worth anything in your free to take you through local guy can you think you know maybe he'll say that's worth a couple of a couple of blocks can be few bucks port. When you find that is worth hundreds maybe even thousands. We need a guy that you can trust a guy that travels the country look at a rare coins. His name is Warren males of rare coins in New Hampshire is its own number call them. Getting me travel right to you 800. 2257264. That's 800. 2257264. Warren mills where coins out of New Hampshire 800. 2257264. The 36 years as a firefighter and I achieve our national grateful to want to open up my plays I one of the best. Huge portions like I was on the come out. Most people don't know they should eat it climate. And a deal calling Angelique named after me as a flavor explosion. So we're grateful with huge portions come visit me Jackson moment. Can't peddlers daughter restaurant opposite pentagon Irish dining what the problem. We have them every dispute though it would although food that's famous and then at leopard Collins. I'd friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know there's a pet owners don't know restaurants and hey broke and Nashua. Ketchup all new TV episode of wake advice this Saturday morning at 930 on any SM the home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. They see as we get by its radio and WRKO the voice of Boston. And yeah hello everybody. Welcome back. With the advice that's on the radios have been on television. And I would love you this. Place okay hardy isn't Rockland. Why are you won't show. Of my favorite play is the leaderboard is where I am golf. And doesn't bowl me over sixty years. In have a act and I've never been and they show when Lin wood which is not a huge blaze. Is not in the top five. I mean that same stuff and over all these years. We always get enough Lynnwood. Two to come into the top 5110. Is a bar peaks of their number one. What's your favorite topic there. What my favorite top hair wait wait and gave Kevin his name of by the time and we're it is. It came Randolph. Massachusetts. I don't know the name of the street or big coordinator a year. That and oh my could get a fourth who will tell everybody just the second RD what's the score at today's game. 31 at patriot. Twenty it'll. And RD one more time in the pizza shop. Lynnwood. Lynn what yet cut that Internet it wouldn't random. Hey mandate could do for saying it would take a break and be right back. This segment of wicked bites on success the AN WRKO. And don't forget though like us on FaceBook right and actually see the show alive. Go to FaceBook and go to. Oh with invites TV no name or Estrada is that fifteen fish pier Boston's. When the seaport area of Boston. If you're driving around looking for something to do today. Go to the no name Morristown because you park free in the seaport area. Via. Free in this seaport area make you eat each year you tickets stamp because it down Acosta is Cuba yeah. Or recommend. One gigantic thing ME ST mobsters though that that is a good I'll recommend this seafood chowder. A bowl as Ford and if I have a cup history 75. There is I have never seen so much seafood. In my life. As I have. Guys and Ted known emerging as a weekly for the news here know when no well we'll let you know more about my clock is wrong. Welcome the one triple a Ford badly broken clock is reckless. Because you get a minute okay. Why jubilee for 346464. Is telephone number of viewers tap into known Amer restaurant. Here's the address. Fifteen fish pier. Now I can't give any fresher because they're right they're all on the docks OK they opened for both lunch and dinner we don't forget now. This seafood what every news seafood chatter Neff tonight is in have a friend Jimmy I would appreciate it. This program are also barred Q I'd village restaurant up in Cape May and open up in 1956. That's appreciate now okay acted emergency food. Especially at their. Combo platter. Like fresh. Had a shrimp scout some sort of shellfish. Steam though light seafood broth with them as an urge to booty bays and seeks to. And sad that every member of the Ricky famine that Kevin little and as the village restaurant jets have won 33 and 22 in Essex and 55 main street. We've given away did for his steak dinners and dad. That would your vote wearing your favorite pizza place after the. Tell us sort of go oh come on you've always wanted to. We'll give Blake's TV on FaceBook Google. You're listening awakened by its radio. The only place that lets you beat the food critic Sunday's tainted food on WRKO. The voice of Boston. Hey guys welcome and happy Super Bowl Sunday. Where where's he knew that tell us about your favorite pizza place you do a couple of things one. You go up and tell us if Finland gift certificates. And that happens to be steak houses this time around brand Bancroft is just a phenomenal place. In Burlington and connect lord we're right across the street down the street Lou bit. From the a verdict mall. This now wanna find out about pizzeria Regina because they've got a special super whole deal here. But before I'd do that in mind and that's a big news for use you to do appreciate our newest media I was watching you on TV if they had maybe. Sharon and Harmon yet to run Harmon and Patrick Chung that was when Scott and I were hosting via the taste of was at the world of taste. Rule of taste creating competition under the patriot place of vigilant and yeah like you haven't had is Demi embedded journalists doing surveys tequila. Always exciting to. It was just making immaculate one players it's about the other suspect drew they heard that now. Scott is playing the it's something stir. But there there are defense today oh yes there are let let me down let's say about the dreary game just disabled list goes go to the phones went second. We have. We have Mandy and Easton man the year going to be next done with it bites and TV and radio. How Mandy. Hi pretty. You got me let's start on you are there practical adjustment act. Yes I can't get it right above my feet. But again. Some might say is Akron. In it's. Slevin pizza that was but are probably beat Butler isn't that the where is it. It separate water. And are not Massachusetts. But your favorite tapping. Well liked it or topping I create my own people and I go out there I see is they'll restart with I app than good reason. Yeah and pineapple little bit and languages and implement. That's very Korea yeah yeah yeah oh and I eleven thought obviously. And and it's that I've gotten sour soup. And yeah. You can't put discipline it paid dividends as close as you can get this gore really what this galore at. There are certain editorial page aren't Baghdad thank you very much. That's goat to. Michael in Beverly Michael are you there. I'm here okay Mike what you got for me. Well you gotta go to the plate spinning pizza company there and Middleton and they just opened in Beverly. I mean the at pizza company where they in Middleton. They are right on 114 yeah. Red crescent a fighter pilot in the downtown area. Really I just gonna vote for them online. Yeah and and Archos says the place is awesome I love their website address. Love the. Lots of talk promise talk them into all that plays they delivered to my house. I didn't even know that was the name they also makes him would he does then as stake themselves to. Update Q yeah I think. The guys step in there well meant. You know every day areas like that but gonna keep them figure out the window and treat a metric QB that they've even delivered to me. Mohammed flush the middle literacy and deliberate yet CEO nowhere I'll live so you gotta say some nice have about enough. I give a give me the need to right downtown Middleton you can't miss it if he tried on 114. Which tell him heavily I would have Beverly so they're like close them out at the drive anymore. I think he lived upstairs that's. I wish. A case so which is gore. I'd get a read Torre put it three that's. Gonna fourth street pay ads alone great am off let's I don't know and the telephone number four the story you're orders today for pizza. Well let's get a B 978. 998 horrific there. What you get. I let me give your cup Koppel from FaceBook lives people that are calling in voting for the scores and tell us about their favorite pizza place we just had that mark or just told you. That did. Put it a vote. Four openings it's a company. Debbie. She says Joe's pizza and Beverly is phenomenal and patriots 21 stop in seventeen. Bills is taking 4128. Patriots. This is a theme on today's show. I'm Diana 2417. Felt and so the patriots are gonna win that court and her and she says. Mullen Ares pizza in Adams village in Dorchester is spectacular for pizza again go to our FaceBook lie feed right now. And vote for a place in what you think the scores going to be for the big game and you coup when you sell a fifty dollar dinner guest and get. We can bites TV on FaceBook alive. Don't comment. On anything on a wall you've got to go to the life he'd right now and we're taking scores between 10 and 12 eastern standard time. Someone who win some great prizes and can read other reviews up there too. Right now I do probably here momentarily spirit Gaudio than you'd go with the up about pizza go there next for right here on six AV WRK about my. I got some good news for you and there's somebody that owes you his fortune. It was an all that line at the all that long ago Dan Aykroyd was with the yes it was there. Remember the name of his vodka crystal had as the that the skull miles yeah by Dan backwards cap memory in this. The cinema chain has sold 1101000. Bottles. Bottles via move his crystals had blue must've been fun movies to watch. Think that that that's a I yeah I think we did talk what is last week and you mentioned that they started as a promotion with they don't last ghostbusters movie which I still reiterate that you you've got to be drunk to watch that movie. The is that what the what when you talk to my game get the impression that he was going to be in the movie again I give a little cameos. Yeah that wasn't enough we went to the moves well and delicacy. I thank you very much everybody. That's all right as I said. I've that day yup coming up so Scott Rolen for a second I wanna say something nice about April European restaurant then aren't. At any age of both places that route three year old says 38. 75 Princeton street in North Chelmsford and how could I forget. Exchange street Easter. It's 67 exchange street most and and malls and you know when it yet and that was a mixture of Boston moment what that would every purposely yes okay. No I'm trying to help. A little sad for his teams to lose today and these great this is a great Boston restaurant but it's in malls. And you know had to pay the price no worry about park here can. Growth salmon. Where they can Los. Now. You I feel healthy Eric tomatoes artichoke hearts cucumber fed a pale. Fourteen out to revive the spirit Nanette Mac and a meal. Grow tomato smoke mushroom sauce. Pulled pork sandwich. Burst of murders these are things you can get the lines to zip brisket burger yeah I mean let's grounds that they should be stroked over Easter. Oh OK okay than than Howard you know that is to the other from a quickly. It's definitely press department packeting heroic beer battered relationship. It can't that was cited by its eleventh Ellsbury. And I. Exchange street the stroh's 67 exchange remarks they had are for an edge on this program routes over divisive change street century low street view that it. If you want Chinese to go call suit change 9785313366. Okay spoke why patriots 24 falcons seventeen from Terry Mullen Harry's pizza got another vote from Kathleen. And best even. He says that patriots 28 falcons 24 and sweet pizza. He's a wonderful place and woman to and so those are FaceBook why go on post which are favorite pizza shop is in the score right now you can eat pizza. You know you're gonna wanna go watch a game today Annie about pro street station 53 symmetry moment rep. It's at that's enough for a she's damaged for cheese appease the ever like pizzas. And the shrimp each day that. In case they had Allen Robert Foreman would you please answer really appreciated. No place to go watch you have Chinese China blast threw what 25 in North Andover. I it's got what you got for me. All right pat as I told you Damian from Yelp will be joining me today talking about pizza and I know you got some great help. Some of the offers out there that put together great list of pizza places around Massachusetts. He got a couple we're gonna do is rated take a look at some of the highest rated. Where to start in the North Shore. So if you're heading to ignore short one of the places they're wanna check out is bam believe that restaurant. In Salem Massachusetts. That we'd have a 122. Reviews on Yelp or perhaps start that they are specialty is. Wood fired pizza it would be remiss not to order the truck pulled a and cauliflower piece of truth to cauliflower. Approval of a triple actors as they day. But department of stop OJ. They do sort of up guilty because. But still totally hardy and others by. Yeah I've never heard of them sets a new one for me all right. Now that's the North Shore we say we had to South Shore next. Thou sword you guys how sure I mean if you taught properly and not sure you're talking about RT these are those little. You'll see him froze him in a cursory still currently can take and make it home. You don't know throw people but it spoke from the South Shore actually crazy about them. And one of the highest rated spot is located in Randolph Massachusetts. That fit Lynnwood cafe. And I had with Kelly and beat them all the cool or what that they get a lot of calls in the restaurants I just had a feeling it would be the Lynnwood cafe. You gotta and Guilford victory 223. Your views a college course stars for Lynnwood cafe and not bad replaces a Trier clay district up by the being apart is their part PG. They do a lot of flavors and specials. Know people get a run you over kind Barack. But what of the won the overstock about a lot of them being special which has yet possibly being in the salami and onion. But you want a cheap delicious parties doubt sure. RP draft. And Everett Lynnwood Kepler. I that's the Lynnwood cafe and I know that gets a a lot of phone calls throughout the years here on the restaurant program I would say we had gone to the cape now. I'll get a word it increases in the KP you're gonna wanna stop in how you are there. And check out pizza bar brawl. At a for the sake of people Bible. It's our opponent gonna have a really who admitted that you big east specialize in their pizzas couple ballot. Few appetizers. And everything's coming up that would try and haven't. And what you're going to want to order at pizza part grown is probably especially the pistachio. Pesto. Mozzarella baby arugula Levin parmesan and and other. Well a pistachio pesto and if you are in the area in Hyannis and you want to a great meal that's under. Well exactly ten dollars Monday through Friday eleven at three Peter Bart on had a great lunch special at its -- the side salad. But for restrictions around there are coming from their traditional. Offerings and it definitely needs a box not the people around him I. Not a bad deal little Yelp for their part about it 226 refuse or perhaps star averaged that's outrageous loan. That that is that incredible okay the next one. Let's not to metro west I crews out in the metro west area. And we're gonna find spot that it has outlets in Amherst Massachusetts and Worcester Massachusetts. And people love to create these flavors. And the pizza by the slice Antonio. And Tony is this sort of a regional name. Folks in metro west so they're gonna have not only a bunch of gourmet vegetarian keep. After a peak as chicken feed through to shatter but the motor media group of them really crazy flavor combinations including a barbecued steak burrito pipa. Basically is exactly what itself for the entire. Burrito contents burnout ever it's. And for this is a favorite metro west. Antonio's in Amherst has 365. Or use our elk up or perhaps start average. That that burrito pizza sounds phenomenal got to try to. Take that you ripped through it just sort of rational the other that's right can't go wrong all right Damien Woody say we head into the city of Boston now. You know this is not going to be a surprise to anybody there are few heady contenders. When you think about impeach. Yep pizzeria Regina obviously got in Turkey has Quito a couple islets the original Boston. But one of helpers favorite. Gallery Humberto. Are great in the north and just phenomenal by the flight Sicilian style places dirt cheap by stopping their buck fifty and I haven't changed or price like 187 years I mean that number out. But they have 465. Reviews on Yelp or perhaps stars get there early cash only when they sell out they closed shop. But some of the best. 6000 planes how you'd feel pride. All right these are some great recommendations of great suggestions from a lot of new viewers already yell. That helped put together this list at the top but I with the top pizza reviews by location correct. Yeah that that the way to put it from a the all stars in different regions throughout greater profit beat up cover I have to I have to give them what to approach you were so close but didn't make the Lipton. Peco in the south and not only have phenomenal Pete says that they their house made ice cream a sort of a perfect compliment that you money doles it out ice cream impeachment Peco. Florian had just opened up a Beacon Hill. Places that size of one head according to yell for win K and I took a look at about a quarter repeat to have further up by the place. Both Kraft pizza started out in the cape that are opening up like a few you know capitalizing on the fast casual approach. And I I still think there's there's a proprietary way that they prepare their crafts but I think it's a traditional Sicilian pizza freedom style but you've every minute boat Kraft pizza. Get my god you know you'd think. And ideally your people from a truck you gotta go with stoked would Pryor picked up it's amazing short of a meatball when my personal favorite. I can't be BP it's their right especially on a day like today because the big game coming up. I have feeling all of these places are going to be really busy deception. Absolutely want out of respect I Danny thank you very much we'll talk to next week no problem taker got it to respond. Send you guys OK at that Yale. And the year yup report every single week with the bank's top. Free by Yale who aren't now Michaels yes and you were telling me on the intercom here that Regina pieces that. Super Bowl stuff why I did I did tell you that a Regina pizza of course not only the the king of pizzas and the were to impede today. But they are doing some very special for Super Bowl Sunday two days if you join them at their bar he gonna go to the bar. And it's an Alston. It's in Medford state I believe what I see you announced America's three years ago earned are yes actually as my spot that is my go to spot you get half price appetizers. Dollar cheese slices to dollar pepperoni slices at the bar Alston and Medford over Gina pizza. Dollar slice of that piece of good stuff. Picture this and releases of Boston's north and that's my friend. There for 23 main street route 28 and stone them. It is owned by its apartments and that Brady and his son that Paul if you get an opportunity drop then today would be a great day. Enjoy the girl and cut boneless pork taps Alice Dunning. Of the sixty announce New York's or line. And by the way you know allowed a sports enthusiast at their bar clintonites. Today iron now Ryan. It it they can be allowed place this this evening in here. From the ages of bosses are a fan for 23 main street in stone and take a couple calls here we're gonna communities you to know friend Joseph Crowley. But about the way sweet pizza in Wilmington and even the telephone number again. It's 9784. Before the seventh 1929978447. Nineteen a 29 Doreen of Foxborough. Would be close to the action if the game were in New England it's down to Houston how far you away from judge in that stadium Doreen. About it being Internet talk about the old vineyard you live on the outskirts of much room. I am a light right so what's your favorite pizza place. Molinari. Isn't it I immediately and it SS yeah. Iranians. Open partly it was Hume and here and I read what was I. They. QE currency riveted Aaron it. Really they're up early is now. Is an ages as you this one quick and final question. What is your favorite top. My favorite. I can and are they have a lot of different and the combinations. Have. I'd been handed NATO in chicken is delicious. Yeah act they. Base which is good with them you know in Aruba. My favorite just once not saying I was kept in the heat. I got all of that now again tell everybody the name and the address of where it is. Well I mean Italian eatery. 789 Adams city where the Ares I missed that. Right now. What's your prediction for the score. When he does when he or 2724. Pats. Rat okay thank you course that's a month. The art I've Drake it is next. Hey I don't bet on goal while Al messed up its location borders to a Wimbledon before. One on noncombatants. Alba. On Israel what you Adam Evelyn from Broadway. It. Which file which you earlier you won't get that kind browser options fantastic. Yet we are saying correct. In general are awesome yeah hamburger. Nonchalant and I mean. Popping fantastic. Locked so that is the vegetarian and cash that a lot of great flourish nationals they also have and acts that or not. OK they are you know which fall crop perfect. You know told style side we see Cha and cooking and Bert ritual also formed our fit there any else. Ninety usually earlier target foreigners chicken won't worry watchful waiting not little baby willing. And orally or that reform as. And they walk on treat it like they're truly all night will be all one down on Broadway you can pay tribute. They'll give inflation below bar and you know what guns or fortunately for them are well. I'd that element isn't your. Tell me your school or. OK that's it that bad fats basics that. Yeah yeah. Well I think it could be enough to do you feel goat vocal make such. You know fourteen. One billion idea would be enough in the go go Phil go play because they're offenses off I can try and you know. Yeah as I call. You know it's going to be a good mother I think one of the better and I must forge is one of the better shoot the ball games well a lot more time. As your house or pick up and Brady India and go to control of dying agave won't all come up toward fighting me by Jack Ariel forestry. Falcon was then. OK art thank you your Mexico appreciate it OK I still say that all of the reviews comedian faced. Does that helped Thelma very quickly Michael did that. I go to FaceBook dot com slash Wiki bites TV it's FaceBook dot com. Slash Wiki bites TV you have to look the live video which should be the top post radar FaceBook page will be streaming as we do every Sunday lives. Tend enumerate here FaceBook dot com slash Wiki by its TV. And we need your comment leave your favorite pizza place and the score of the game and you could win yourself where's your. I'm a little pot of gold. I get gives them to get to the Bancroft in Burlington one of them fantastic steak houses here in the Boston area. Neither myself watching myself and watching you watch the eight screens deliberately eighty diesel really go and ten. Breezy right now. Obama and OK let's I. And says hi pat watching you from vero beach Florida she's an old friend again. And then go and she says you look great you don't need to worry about your makeup so please don't talk and sit at a at a. Thank you accede guys did approve the color so there it says that so but I'm by an knew they blame on me to stop talking about it. Now now want to. Hey duke rallies here. Thank you. Joseph I've not seen you know a couple of years that gets about two years and since we've been out here. That's their members speak to Pete's piece of pizza yeah you. Had something that I do. And that was make your own pizza with the kids you still have that we still haven't we been doing make your Monday for a while fourteen years now. But well that's great men though it's it's going to go back there in you oversee it but they can make guarantees years every Monday on the kids can move the parents whenever the auto we take them back putting aprons on them. If they sling the dough sauce cheese top pins. Now we can we'll tour around there it's it's nice for in the atmosphere down. Yeah and they do and and the pay you maybe you may be grooming some competition and a of that I think that that's the best way to recruit out future pizza making. Now. Yes a big news is it you'd like to share with you and maybe a lot of people don't know about you actually have another place that. We do part a year ago on. 24 years old next week and now we opened in 93 and upon a year and a half ago. My wife and I decided that we now we gonna purchase a not a pizzeria. But more of an entertainment Mac erupt in the interest the old village green it's now break away. And not in the tap and if break away which he he is so big building. Multiple function facilities it has a nightclub which which the music call now. But the tap and is open lunch and dinner we brought the brick ovens up there and product Pete's erupt the Aron. Along with bird is and steak tips about the Q when Austin. So we have a tab and it's open every game we have a function facility. In down giving lab is that we have one room that holds a 190 in one room that holds a hundred and we have a music call that holds up to 400. And she got a lot of things going on there. Lot of things that sound we we call the Chucky cheese of the nonchalant. About it if the adults are probably Alison is a media not the kid the LT it's now. We have found. Live entertainment. Up there four nights a week and now has a lot of music being played this patio that we open in the nice weather girl back in. It's it's been quite a year busy year. Now I I would show there's I hear that's go up there would still we can film right from the and a play room academy now. I they have asked about it place. A hundred times though thousands. Over the years I've never been. And you know I've been up on the nonchalant now we we live up close to the area now I never step foot in there and you know that that's what we thought it was a historic building years ago buddy rich. Linda Ronstadt is a list of musicians and of of played up the Aron. It was appears to be excised. To excise as it was at the plight in. We've we've worked very had in the last year in we've been filled to capacity on most weekends. And down the music capitalize it the team in it's it's been phenomenal food. Brand new kitchen and you'll be impressed I know you your food in. We built the brand new kitchen up there and very impressive of what we've been able to do when he hero there. That's great good luck on that and you've the pizza place goes to concern ourselves with it for a few minutes. Today's busy day the only thing Super Bowl Sunday it's one of my round busiest days. Now what should people do when should they called to take the orders and get home ways to know more about an hour ago. And it was Heidi you know what's eventually every he. In the have never Mike wait nevermind never happened. Good inside you it does he pizzas not me from like wait we. We've always use I actually have my original brick governments from 93. And then the ones we've data there in the late ninety's than we've added some in the early two thousands but are just happens six. Corporate governance and our oldest one's deal with that tonight right. I'm gonna give everybody the information peace if Pete sat. Family friendly pizzeria with TVs it big venue a specialty prize and make your own meeting every Monday. Here's the address is one. 33 pearl street in Malden won 33 grocery mauled and open until a till 11 PM tonight here's thrown up. 781. 3977777. Allies that seven anyone. 3977777. Due valley thank you so much for eminent. I appreciate thanks for having us back in a minute. Spicy weekend up. You're listening to a wicked fights radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRKO. The voice of Boston. You guys. And what they've visited. Iowa director of program known these days. As we get back to America's first. And longest running restaurant program did you know then. Yes everything else. Here copy. But they still won't let his name we do that's what gives the show its integrity he didn't like something you'd have the right to say it right. Let's look today and. And everybody watching on FaceBook live just saw all the cameras doubles faults but at the you know. Is it about I am delegated down to talk about pizzas but of course. You know seven we should've included their crafted an of the show on this particularly. We did you're going what just three weeks ago the lazy dog came in with a hundred trickling if you want more yeah I want more you a more chicken yesterday animal with a with a good. And it ain't you know you know one of my favorite places to evangelicals and that and Angeles and influence on his fourth. They release it. Now dead or in that. Really hot hot hot oven there. Via it's like it's done a beautiful beautiful thing. The great law is it 308 B gray where they had about it it'll it'll take to take duke. The great all 308. The agree road route four in Bedford man. It's okay. I just wanna say one thing wrapped in CL a stellar pair Woodley said hi in order to go. Aren't you wanna have low order waiting for you here's the number to call 781275. 7007. Dodi about the village restaurant earlier and also that April's. Mickey have a everytime I go on their website I guess nests and put up next we head Captain America there. And only Nikki have a good result you know. If you know you you go into or paraphrase our Larry Page OK on nests and chore okay. And where he became Captain America used to be there's now Nikki Evan. Oh you mean the the the cable. Yeah yeah that that's not mess and that's just the cable companies pick a random images the weirdest thing. Did late like you said it was Chris Evans for awhile and then you announced that Cuba. Everything's cute those like us at the compliment. Next enhancement. Naked covered live news as it looked into it right now. Should start doing that show which we're doing a hundred delegates today are we all right haven't right here right now dollars for people to call an 884346464. And let us know your favorite pizza and the score of the game if you get the score correct annual the first one to get a correct UN. All right he's he's right yeah I certainly think so well we're giving people instructions of what to do please set your DVRs for Saturday mornings 9:30 AM. On NASA and see who watched the television show wicked bites every single week you'll miss a single episode that you don't have to wait to send it may know as one on not a moral uplift. Yet to vote tomorrow 2 o'clock tomorrow there we go and this week. Scott and myself and Melissa went to put Joseph go in Boston and started our day with sake bombs as you do. He ended the day when little was so I'll be ruled Latin Scott. Scott fired the slips there with the most obvious. Seven barbecue. All that it was southern can cook house here is that mustard based on an assembly road get some some good good southern. Southern cook him. We're gonna go by the way if you wanna get in on this what you gotta do is tell us your favorite pizza place that they do what we're trying to help but pizza places that has to do we love pizza. Give them a lot Mitt maybe sometimes some of move. Brings a short little love yeah. But that ward you have to go well arm broke truck. Which is vaccine is Scott's car it was I was there and the pro. Study you know about those who know I guess I missed that we get a truck that went to your 084346464. Bonanza for helicopter for years will we're gonna crazier runs in just a second OK but hold on for that. It was probably pizza yes sir tab about them by goes on my screen here it did North Shore after social offshore how I mean my goodness. You had a 5050 chance to get it right and did not yet can I say I'm probably gonna said metro as you could of anyway I am a puppet pizza who serving the south shorts is right here nor are numbered wired bird to a two locations that is what it's those phone number for the normal location 508285. 8814 Bridgewater downtown. Is 5086976674. And Purdue runner on route 104 or five away. 69788. And I see crazy rod is going to be joining us via the bestseller and Zack I'm quite familiar with the parties on the south shares. I don't they obviously don't get there that often but it did. Can you please grab your attention don't find. That more about it he's online tool to find out whenever you're ready let me get your FaceBook live votes of people are coming in. Pepperoni pizza from market basket that I've seen that before a lot of people recommended it be to have never tried it. Patriots 4831 that comes from day like that score. I'm also seen people voting give us the score on FaceBook lied because that it would have to darken as it is to get the get it right patriots thirty falcons 27. That comes from land Stephen Weber. 56. Patriots falcons twelfth and and Don burnish is my twelve. Agency that's Hart singled out. Doug burns on FaceBook live comments as hype that love watching the FaceBook a lot of Mitt big long time fan of yours so FaceBook blog go on right now. Vote for your favorite pizza shop and tell to score and who knows you win dinner for two actually fifty dollar is to get to the Bancroft steak house. It was a hundred delegates so this group so if economy at 200. If you Colin yes. That's Reese's victories from the great state house. A lot of meat on the show though grown nineteen deaths there we go there to grow 1919. Featuring Lisa will. And their great drinks and again. Hundred TV six here everywhere we just the ER if you get that it has done is say you got your HDTV problem. You don't let go there at a pet I have led buddy nick you have but good good victories is prime for the great steaks and off. Visit Nikki visits every single table pay Teresa's prime when he elm street inaugurating. Pro street station Baghdad have read out. This was this place is built back in 1891 as a BN Amro world station now. What's interesting about you there's a slate roof in that cathedral ceiling they're the original fireplaces. Fireplace wood just to. It's stories high. They have eighteen partly big screen TV but that's no that's wrong because they have added more than that. Okay pro street station 53 simmers street in Moline. They do plea today 278132264. We don't know. Mr. at a crazy awhile and right now crazy ride ever speak to three locations on the south show our. Crazy right now are you my friend. I don't very could that be better. And that Ringo have not been the crazy ride that passed today in the past tell me about it so will go it. Are gay but unlike in Syria when he and that it that a place yet I try to make are not yet but we're all about there. Yeah you know get away apple could make you have to. Yeah it's it's kind of like they have. I guess maybe pizza with humor. When you're represent. I give me and it gave me an idea what has some of the things that you do the men may have. Game on Wednesday night from may thirtieth at 1030. We give away athletes as we're 89 cents the whole armor. Yeah on Sunday. Don't go whoa you're way out features the 89 cents. A little slice is Ron her whole pizza not not oh paper. Why aren't there. A little crazy stupid idea crazy. Or paper. Yet have you had been there for Montana say you're going to be out of business and actually keep it. Again outwardly and at 32 year allow. It's absolutely amazing. I add right so it and you do and and even here on Subaru Sunday. Yeah yeah we're there at record at an air its carriage. What what do you suggest people do is stories ordering of the opinion that to go. Well Italy obviously. Now. And you're getting busy editor at the economy at certain peak hour there so we wanna be ready are you. But we also found frozen so that makes it a little easier. Are I am a POM by the way. I thought that was a terrible idea the first MIA yeah frozen pizza my wife of one hour trip of the go for a police issue and I bought some frozen pizza. She's that is but it bestowed is that the o's fans it was just like it was fresh unbelievable. And believable. Yeah yeah happy with and I you got a telephone MB goes through good. Yet or a migraine aren't aren't yet. 508697881. Side. Data thank you very much of a telephone call I'd do appreciated that gave her racquet 89 cents do you believe that. A whole pizza for 89 cents. It's crazy town this guy's certifiable. Crazy it's 32 years they've been in business though. Many you know semis and maybe he does maybe we do favorite era that. And beat all American tavern food escape king size. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib beat all American tavern Salisbury. Parent you know American tavern. Did it. Leave Hungary. I'll wrap things up or just second with a whip and this year's annual big pizza show. Might have a tourist restaurant here located and over mart's efforts up Boston and in Boston's theatre district open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. And I've always day. What's on the menu that I love most is the chefs playground section of their menu and it's where that chip from that location decides what he or she wants to make. And it's on their menu Salvador's again Andover Lawrence Medford South Boston and in Boston's theatre district. The Venetian restaurant the psalms place through 110 in cable right there in the two online just off route 495 in April and Al mystery. They are bring you this portion of wicket by its radio and they also feature that three pound. Big stuffed lobster but they're famous Venetian walnut stuffing it's so popular that there are times. That it is Renato lobsters. And that's stopping we can find another this is just not on the lobster dish they have like extra shrimp you you'll find it. That the nation restaurant only open for dinner and it you're in the mood for primary of where do you see your king cut Barbara no way. No way one person that finish that the nation restaurant dinner only Tuesday through Sunday. Route 11012. All the street in April same height of the psalm when you go in and they relate to desk at the coliseum restaurant. I'm an on media. Is probably always looking for spaces restaurant put up his latest awards that he has won so many awards throughout the years including one award. And that it's the only time that this award is actually left Italy in the the only one at home went to Rome Italy to compete. And he won this award. And you'll see it right at the restaurant. The coliseum restaurants route 28 brokerage shopping center in Salem New Hampshire that's gonna find any way to desk and you find all those awards hang on the wall. You'll also find Pat's favorite dish. Stake ala pat Whitley it's a little bit spicy but it's the best take that money combined its New York prime. Sirloin stake in it center cut its server rock wiwa the coliseum restaurant route 28 wreck where job in center in Salem New Hampshire. Welcome to all of our. Ed Henry for us. Whether there are falling and then drives I've stuff apartheid movements and know what putting off. Our flood was our lives this moment playing answers from. Bring us food money and can't. We'll come for the longhorns. The rewards Salem. We're not. Just for gourmets. Wicked slice radio from pizza did gore man this is weakened by its radio on WRKO. Though boys of Boston. Tonight. Hey thanks so much for participating. And you festivities on FaceBook. We saw was they do what it bites. TV. On FaceBook shore and you get this is just like on TV except when we go where some of the news that would go into the features you had that you're doing. I think Obama I think we'll let stadium you know with some of the things got my we're doing with cook off with the wrong Harman Dan Patrick show. It was mostly drinking some crooked that the that the that the art let's go to Roger is gonna draw David Iran I'm sorry we've gone from Salem New Hampshire. Hi Ryan. Good Roger. Garage I was wrong there you go about my strong accidents the eight time kinda. Yeah. Might mighty picked repeats of place is none of the above don't wake the patriots don't go against agreeing yeah. Go Chinese restaurant no crowds. Then maybe Smart app. This duck. Yeah but he's gonna take out your move usually it would protect people if he would. Is that would take gathered on Tuesday oh yeah absolutely. Yeah that's what we in my choices just done cute for me that's a place called cheap walked. Yeah yeah. You know walk twenty or not quite a way yep. 8986. To 200. Carrion Gary want audio and its people they remodeled. Go to all the time sure it was a great. Because they're going to be stopping today. Yeah that's it you're you're absolutely right you know there's at a restaurant down in Dallas that's open 24 hours today. You know if they don't of this Chinese Christian. Walk around the clock. Or what. They're what you what your critics for the game today. Problems. Thirty or 31 that's quite streak is that because they want it one bites for. Larry that's right they have and thank you very much I appreciate the gulf. That one more call here and there are gonna a Dottie aside this is next and so on and got me. I go and good. Very good in your favor when Italian my favorite pizza places friends see there are no one inside yeah. And you can deduct their frozen pizza it farmer Brown's in Middleton. What's that you can pick up print speeds of frozen and it farmer Brown's in Middleton. All okay. But we love hate you it's always been consistent and I love that strips MVP they're very good. Encrypted to them that forever corporate the headlines at yeah there pastor burn. Used to be affiliated with prince says spaghetti. Well a long time ago prince pasta manufacturing them. All OK okay and I I predict should not for the game tonight is. 38. It's funny I asked. Aren't tagged added that he thank you for now though. Who's calling from Peabody hey Renaldo. Thank you for taking my call today now pleasure. Yeah my favorite places and shells and Winfield street in Peabody. We would generous. Porsche and and generous when that happens. And it's very patiently. Teach and so potentially. Recommend people get it right. In Lynn film look where is in Clinton again. I don't fitness routine these are live feels straight. You know around maybe I did wrong I do suffer from dyslexia. I think that's okay I thought. But the scar. Point four toward more parent. Are right thank you very much for the guard Daryn letters here Ari here verio pat thanks for having me you know I am a senior and company if it has spent here. Has been and you've been out on a piece you've been have beaten this stuff for pizza stores today I have mayhem and you have some really good pizza place yelling have I eaten and all of them sweet pizza MS there. Foss sees it. Yeah piece of pizza. These pizza and Joe's new place up the breakaway. On what you want which is the old village village green correct. Okay and went to go from there and now we have mr. g.s which is also in Peabody is on Wall Street. It is the pizza place of choice for almost all of PB. Anybody that went to Peabody high school knows about it because it's at the bottom. Of the hill down there on Wall Street and cat market and the essence 1978 actually her dad's data to back in 1978. They are so good to the community they donate to all the charities. I've always said. The best mark of a great pizza is one that does not need the condiments to make it. A great pizza man so the criteria or is great crust. Rates us. Great cheese it has all three at their rest their fair or if it's a chewy crust and it's a chewy crust but it's it's always fresh you know. That when you go in there you its guaranteed. To be great PC know how some pizza places it's going to be. Good sometimes. Great sometimes and not so good yeah the inconsistencies it's very consistent. I find that very true in franchises yeah there really isn't their phone number is 978535. 5355. There are open today and right now yeah right now they're ready to go place your order call them up. W waiting for and I don't I don't think they have delivered and then I know they have delivery on that all day long youngsters who went on live from New York City with a you know that that might be a little bit of restraint my dad tell me that want to bet he's in that. It's according to the size of the order right path and got that go anywhere with vigor and act now they they asked if I may. A little different as far as promotions so they wanted to do one voice to do it and so they'll do the most prevalent verse voice I should say in the entire world. PH the huge. They the best pizza there huge. Luke Donald Trump. As it. Our fellow patriotic again with the president now. He you do what you still do voices I still don't know well off they had little problems with the U below but you know of the wanted to hear from him I'm still taken mustered up so. Who would you like to you from pat only in my favorite musical that the vote and idols giant most times of course fried Hamlet patently. It out and fennel and that'll take. Yeah. The you know get as give that right down one more time either of them of pizza place so everybody gets this information Ciara places that we yen. Talked about yeah okay so we have strategies Peabody and they look yellow streak you have fought sees women square. There are. Inland course he has repeats or Wilmington then to have a valid bail. You Ed piece of pizza which is ideal pearl street restaurant in Malden yet and you got Emerson and crazy round was on just a little while ago. All these places are great they really Aaron is going to be exciting to see who has the best piece ran Massachusetts I bet you're one of the five wins. Abbott today due to. And oh and as far as the at the score and it is who the people are about the same right. 3327. Patriots you know it that sort of like the that's like and I. If you play eighteen or roulette wheel sort of make the things around in one and is surrounded. So. African. The job prediction is going to use at Atlanta. Yeah a minute I'm gonna go in Atlanta till. And not because I think Atlanta is better than that page is I think the Heisman too much up on the page is this whole thing. No one showed up at the press conference of the rallies down there in Houston for Atlanta it's like everybody's Kana. Like forgetting all about them I'm SA a higher score 45. 37. I think Brady's gonna have a great game I think Matt Ryan's gonna have a great game I think is going to be one of the Venice of bulls. In the past ten years of course the Seattle finish was a great one for the pages but I that he is is going to be the interesting thing. Is that they have turned the ball over both teams only eleven times. It's great team. And that quarterback rating is like thirty. Three point one for Ryan and thirty point two if so for Brady. While pages yet the best quarterback in the league you know to me as one note the patriots the best quarterback ever right. And you get the best coach and you have the best slot receiver you had the best tied and then I'm still steeler fan. I'll always be as deals him but. You just gotta give kudos to the patriots do I think Atlanta. Is clearly the best team in the NFC there's going to be a great game I'll tell so. Men many members of my family disowned me that's OK you know more of with a us that was it I was in Atlanta and at the airport recently. And Nevada Julio Jones. Jersey excellent like sixty dollars at some point there and I can't find it. Well I've ever and it. I think my son actually has once you can win is around if you like aren't you mister cheese pizza what you got Michael tell me about day canyon. Talk about what I mean mister cheese pizza I'm sure Gary into the mysteries pizza always just I'm sorry I'm looking up on the screen I don't know. Lowe's you know sometimes it helps you if you have. Placed near man they sure can relate to me for a 74 ovals street perfect and it's not a law mart shopping center it's the bottom of the Peabody high school hill. And if you don't likeness to geez then you don't like pizza entitlements and she's very well growing up North Shore I just wondered if you know. Yes it is there you go not now you do and the more you know active. Actually know Iran well. And it's only that with good pieces of paper your pizza pizza places do you think. Thousands thousands easily and at one time and I think I did mention the Steve before pat. Bill Parcells was writer editor for the sale knows he wrote an article on me call me the pizza king because in my head. I had fifty phone numbers now not voices in my head in my. But fifty phone numbers to pizza places all the knowing what I didn't have to write them down here that it thank you so much doing here now right by. Right now I guess Mike you and Scott load private what are with the score is we will put this story and little now to go live to announce that the games over yet I. Could go delisting tonight at midnight yeah. Now great thank you so much discipline children that you'd like to gays and FaceBook fluid they put the gauntlet with a by its TVs in DVRs. The Sunday mornings at 930 on Nelson's seat at the debates UB three. Selig had bad my bad I.