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This Bud is NOT for you! 2/1/17

Feb 1, 2017|

What do you make of Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial slamming President Trump on his immigration policies?

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106 here on the great WRK. All though voice of Boston. Okay later this hour you don't want to miss it. This vibe is not very you'll. Budweiser. Will be cutting a major commercial and factors spots already been made. Aimed at going after trumps immigration positions. We're gonna have that story. Starbucks. Also now goes after trump. On his temporary refuge G bands what the hell is going on with corporate America and in the next hour. The latest on the increase is up on Beacon Hill work coming down to the wire. We're gonna have the absolute latest for you first my friends. As you know. Trump's executive orders where there beyond building the wall cracking down on Sanctuary Cities. Is the latest imposing a temporary. Banding travel ban essentially. On people coming in from seven. Of the biggest terror exporting countries in the world. How has created a furious backlash. Really hysteria. Among black. I have a call mop. On wrko.com. Slash corner KUHNER. It's called cougars corner on a weekly column you can read every week on wrko.com. Which exposes. All of the liberal lies. About Trump's temporary travel ban. So if you wanna read it please share it to your friends family members. We have to get the truth out there and stop the leftist propaganda. Go to court I go to wrko.com. Wrko.com. Slash corner KUH any are the pieces called liberal lies. About Trump's travel ban now. Because of the hysteria being driven by the mainstream media. The Clinton news network also known as the Communist news network. Or rolled out apparel on us yesterday last night. Nancy the per romp all OC House Minority Leader she's a beginner seventies now but she's not gonna relinquish control of the Democratic Party. At least think congress. And sold they were rolled her out to do a quote unquote town hall. We're obviously most of the questions are already pre selected. Most of the people are already chosen. And basically it's one softball after another. How trumpet is evil how the immigration ban AZ hole how the border is the border wall as he hole. Sanctuary Cities cracking down on them is evil. Everything is everything is evil. And this is part of CNN's network to continue. To galvanize opposition. To the trump administration. Because that's Steve Bannon rightly told the New York Times in an interview he's dead right. The media. Ease the opposition party. More even than the Democrats as the Democrats take their marching orders from them government media complex from the mainstream media. They are the opposition. They will lie about them. They're there to smear him. Tests at the libel him to demonize him. To destroy his presidency. And hopefully break his back ultimately their goal is impeachment. So whatever they can twist distort. Manipulate. Outright lie they will do it. And so part of that effort. To try to. Brainwash Americans indoctrinate Americans into thinking it's a fascist on top all the like Claude it's a dictatorship. There was Jake Tapper. Mr. fake and you it's. Along with the other the entire fake news network. There they are with the Paronto. Below sea. But there was a shock. And you got to hear this to believe it. Laura will percent. Somebody who actually campaigned with trump she was with them on the campaign trail throughout much of the election. Is a mother like Matthew. And untold. Numbers of other mothers and parents across the entire country. Pushed child in this case her son. Was murdered by any legal immigrant. And social standing in front over. Was Nancy Pelosi. Who advocates open borders. Amnesty for eleven to twenty million illegals. Full sanctuary. Status. Sanctuary Cities. Who in fact welcomes. And encourages. Incentivizes. Illegals. To not only come into our country but stayed in our country. And Laura will percent asked her point blank. My son was beaten. Tortured. And burned a life. Burned a life. By an illegal alien. And when you see the picture of her boy. Must've been what 15141516. What is beautiful innocent price. His wholesome face. Gone. She will never see her son again. And she goes on to tell Pelosi. We're not just Americans. My son my boy was not just the US citizen or a family that's for generations. Has fought in wars for our country. Why don't you side with us. And you talk about your daughters and grandchildren that's all Pelosi kept talks about the future it's about the kids about it's about the chair and older and we have to stop trump from the children. She asked her point blank. It's one of the most powerful. Moving statements I've ever heard anybody say. You talk about your children and your grandchildren. Will you go home tonight. And choose from them. Who deserves to die. So when he illegal alien can come in first so called better life. Who would you pick. Because that's that you did with me and my son and my family. Listen to Laura will percent. Pesci chokes back pierce. Utterly. Utterly. Expose. It morality. And depravity. Of liberals. Like Nancy the Iran on Biloxi. Roll it. Jared thank you for me because she is butler's night. Her over 300 CDs it's country there's things guys that means life sentences. And and you know not only choosing to just about law. But you're cutting sanctuary to people didn't there just enough belong. No end in 2010. And one of the illegals slaughtered next time. He tortured him and he beat him. He tied in the beginning animal. Any settlement iron. And I am not the ones are not there this happens. Yeah. There are no clause that was bush the border. We have to start giving Americans handling his first this does not. That's not an American stars know we have and it's not dot this country. How do you reconcile in your head about plowing it but it just about the law. In the second part of my. Just operate there stop right there. What I saw this last night. It went viral when everywhere I didn't see it live by our sought later on the on the Internet. You know I have to say this. It's one thing to lose your child. To lose it. To any legal quit no business even being in this country. Defend for a mother. Have to confront a lawmaker. Who's openly allowing and encouraging. Illegals to continue to come in and who stayed in this country. And leaving that's utterly defenseless. Who's opposing the one measure the wall that would prevent them from coming in. To seal my year. With tears in her rice. Having to beg for justice. How big debate in our own country in our own country and almost I hate the look I love her please don't take is the criticism. But Romo she's defensive. Like it's not wrong for us to want is to put Americans first you have nothing to apologize for. Does not wrong it's a 1000% correct. It's right as rain. If that isn't just then nothing on this planet is just. Your mother or father. Your son or daughter is gone and dangerous killer. They beat him or her and they tortured him or her and they burn them all life or horror. And on top of that you then have the current confront your shall called elected representative. And say please please I'm begging you please understand where I'm coming from. Please please do something please please. But then. She lowers the boom I mean she really lowers the boom. Roll it Jarrett. How do you reconcile in your head about plowing it but it just about the law. In the second part of my question is us if we need to go home and on the line that your babies as he's saying you're grand babies. Which one of them could you look and there are times today. He became expendable. Another foreign persons have a nice I look at which point would you like to say. You can't stop our expendable. As someone else to come out here not probable and haven't watched them. Well I actually operative operating. That's the question. This sport grieving mother has asked the ultimate question this is the question. In fact a player right now she has framed it better than I ever out. Then with all due respect my could colleagues and friends Michael Savage mark club then. Those of us and talk radio. Sean Hannity frank even better to the president to be honestly she's I I've never seen somebody phrase it. This powerfully. Tech cut to the moral. Core of an issue. Which one is expendable. Which one. My son was expendable. Matthew din niece was expendable. Kate's finally was expendable. Because you refused. You refuse to enforce the laws of this land to put us first to protect us which is frankly it's your job. It's your forty. So let me ask you. You go home look at your children look at your grandchildren which one would you sacrifice. Because that's which are asking us to do on a daily basis. If she had any shred of conscience in shred of dignity. She should have right there are said you're right and I am wrong. And you know what that wall is getting built. My apologies. Instead. Or is this woman cold. All she's a moron and that's why you know why they don't caller there are on offer nothing. She is cold she's got ice water in her veins man is this woman coal. Listened. To her phony fraudulent. Answer roll it jar it. Well again I. Commend you for sharing your story I can't even imagine the pain and I can't even imagine there's. There's nothing I'm sure that can compare. Two degree that you have minds are praying for you know feeling again. We all pray that none of us has to experience human experience of my thank you for channeling your energy. To help prevent something like that from happening and that I do want to say you. That in our Sanctuary Cities are people are not disobeying the law. These are a lot law abiding citizens it enables them. To be there without being reported. To ice in case of another crime that they might bear witness to. She's telling her illegals are not illegal. You don't want somebody got to correct view okay you know the illegal that slaughtered your sign yet he's not really goal. She frozen Sanctuary Cities home. All all these seats we just don't want him to be reported so they get deported. All who. Don't their. There are not violating the law normal mole what what are the Terry Nichols. That's why they're called illegal. It gets even worse. Jerry you have the rest of the matter is that all you have all you have that's okay. Right after her boom baby on Q. They put up a dreamer. And always 20/20 one whatever. Who came illegally enter this country you I think one or two years of age don't quote beyond that and his parents came here illegally. But he says the only country I've small and is the United States of America and they they deport me back them a call. This province he means some kind of province OK whatever. I don't even know it. I don't recognize it I'm an American. I was born here. And my sister got naturalized U and she came illegally and we're trying to get my parents naturalize them legalized even though they came here illegally. But DC I'd go to college and says this and I paid for my college as a paying for his college at hallmark caught. Asus is that at some incredible sacrifice or achievement. And then he says and I'm afraid that I'm gonna be be be deported if they revoke doctor. You know the Obama's executive amnesty when it was executive amnesties and the moment he finished that. Father son and holy ghost if I'm wind. God strike me dead. I couldn't believe me I've I just to meet I'm telling you I've never seen anything like this in my life. This CNN handpicked audience. Inco. Morning Jake Tapper. Start clapping. They're clapping. They're clapping for the illegal immigrants. But when the mother who's begging for justice and the American former dead signed god beaten tortured and burned alive. Until. My friends. You wanna know what's wrong with liberalism. This. Is what's wrong with liberalism. If Danica is removed which is a provision under. Probably oh lose an education campaign for myself. I'll lose my occupation. Descendants interpreter. Any part because my parents are dead and ultimately be sent back to him what it's Makiko. The please I don't even know it. And I'll be separated my entire thing. What can you do effort dreamers as myself and can you sort of struck a new idea in separate. Trade pact that they were Shearer. Press you on dreamers are Christians are dreamers are incredible people dreamers inspire her. Laura will percent who signed was beaten tortured and burned alive. My deal. That doesn't inspire her non hormone all. But the illegal all the big dreamer. Bats Tupelo c.'s -- concerned about. It was a stunning. Stunning. CNN town hall last night. I mean you wanna see how wrong liberalism is immoral frankly be braved. It was on full display. Here's a text from a police officer mentioned a police officer's name. But he wanted to he said Jeff you've got to read this to your audience okay. When you apply for a government job you go through a rigorous background check and pre employment that and if the government requires this for employment. Why don't the same rules apply for coming in to this country brilliant point he continues to. If they feel this way about illegals. Then just hire any old person for government jobs in other words. How do you illegals become politicians. What oh. You'll never see that happen. And further record member he's an undercover police officer and further record. I bought. Hundreds. Of illegal firearms from illegal immigrants. In the Boston area for several years when I worked undercover. So on Nancy the per Ron is a liar. Illegals commit crimes not all but a bunch do its. That truth. All of it in caps. But they can't handle the truth. And it's not just CNN now. Corporate America. Is now ganging up on trump. And his his goal of securing our border and protecting our citizens from illegals. Budweiser. Now is going to be pushing a commercial at the Super Bowl that is aimed directly at trump. Starbucks all so I've got all of these stories. Is it time to boycott bud. This Bud's not for you. 137. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Might have a column out coroner's report might weekly column that you can now read. I wrko.com. Slash corner KUH NER. Wrko.com. Slash corner it's called liberal lies about Trump's temporary travel band. Eighty Visser rates. All of the liberal arguments. Against trumps efforts to secure our borders and keep us safe. Please I urge all of you if you can read it. And then email list or on social media or wherever pass it on to your friends and family members okay. Budweiser. Is now joining the war and the campaign against trump. Before I get to that I just wanna give you a quick update. On some other events or some other developments forgive me. Going on both here in Boston. And around the country. Boston's top call. So Boston's police commissioner William Evans listen to this is standing shoulder to shoulder with march oh Marty. Saying that trump can talk all he wants about cracking down on sanctuary. Cities listen to this police commissioner William Evans in an interview on WGBH radio yesterday. Said that police officers in Boston. Will not be arresting. He says warmup go after him we're not gonna help federal authorities go after armed. Unless they are accused. Of committing violent crimes. And so he vows. That Boston's police officers will continue the department's longstanding policy. Of not notifying federal authorities about certain immigrants that they've encountered other words the re legal. He said an immigration crackdown would make it harder for police to solve crimes. Because witnesses would be more reluctant to step forward. If they knew their citizenship would be questioned. Seeing this is the last argument they now have left you can almost see by the way that Iran up. Was trying to use that against Laura will percent as well the the mother whose son was tortured beaten and burned alive by illegal alien. That somehow. You illegals. Ehrlich neighborhood watch now. Now it's coming it's incredible. Now all of a sudden she they're not welfare deadbeats. They're not people who move trough the system or steal jobs from Americans or Iran section eight Dirk or whatever it is free education free health. Guillermo my own home. Now all of a sudden they're neighborhood crime watch. Now all of a sudden all I guess I am all I guess he's boss that in mold is only duke. No he's committing a crime not his committing a crime not a living 911911. I'm disguise to have breaking and entering all right now could sure come on down please. Most of their own wannabe copes. Now all of a sudden the police. You know if the illegals aren't helping us we can't gorge up really. How come all the cops are on the world can do their jobs. But for the illegals came you're able to do your jobs. How come in cities that say aren't Sanctuary Cities you know how come they can do their job. I don't but cops in Dallas they don't seem to have a problem. Guys are as an example. I don't know. Cops in Manchester cops in New Hampshire I did don't seem to have a problem. Think it seems just you know you don't have to be a Sanctuary City for somehow you know. You know we have a neighborhood watch crime our program. In our neighborhood. We don't need illegals. We can help police the streets ourselves or help call the police I don't need any legal to call 911. More importantly listen to this because this is the key this is the key. They will not arrest immigrants. Living in the US illegally sold through living here illegally by the way to not even immigrants pocket the re illegals but look at. They will not arrest aliens. Living in the unit to be accurate living in the United States illegally. Unless they are accused of committing violent crimes in other words seek. Only after they beat and torture and burn your son how life. Then main. Deceit they only wait until the damage is done. Or if you're Matthew. And then they drag you for half a mile then. M may be. May be able see maybe. He's the police commissioner. PC aiding and abetting criminal behavior. He's giving and abetting under lawlessness. And this is the guy who was the top cop in Boston. I swear do you fight could I make a citizen's arrest and arrest him. I think your stuff on out here now a commission and manner you little one. That's committing a federal offense by aiding and abetting illegal aliens you'll lets you legal what you just did slap on the cubs throw this guy in the tan. Now Starbucks. This and then as I get the butter and a second listen now to Starbucks. So as you know they're one of the most liberal corporations in America. Well now there's a huge call on social media and I'm with this 1000%. I'm not a big coffee guy and I never like Starbucks folk you know full disclosure my wife for like Starbucks fanatic. She is like an addiction that every day she's got Laver Starbucks coffee well OK let that go. Starbucks. Is now a lot of people are saying they should be boycotted. Because their CEO Howard Schultz. Said that in response to Trump's temporary refuge eBay and Renault four months. Now four months let's vet these people before they come and by ninety days for those in particular from those seven. Predominantly. Islamist countries that export terrorism all over the world. Starbucks is CEO has now said they will hire your. 101000. Refugees. Over the next five years. In reaction to trump. In reaction to trump. Shall let me get this straight. Veterans. Blank you. Unemployed American workers blanket oh. Legal immigrants who come here direct blank kill. Americans blank EO. But refugees'. No problem all you know lying. You know why so many in corporate America the big multinationals big business Wall Street. Goldman Sachs Starbucks you can now Budweiser. They want the cheap labor. You can take refugees and came up peanuts you can pay in pennies on the dollar and you can work on white dog X. And they're doing this supposedly in the name of. Paul. Currents and compassion. And respect for they were city. Now we get the Budweiser. So I'm telling you right now I'm boycotting Starbucks. This is are you guys wanna play it not only are you pro amnesty and pro open borders. And pro illegal immigration and you're doing everything to undermine trump but now you're actually calling. To hire 101000 refugees over the next five years. While we got homeless people 95 million out of the labor force. Struggling Americans nevermind those port vets who can land the job. So are you gonna put strangers above your wrong especially those that fought for this country. Blank you. Starbucks I'm done with you I can't control my wife attempt. All merger not to go to Starbucks but that's up there but as far as I'm concerned when it comes to meet my little lashed them in my little Labonte. I'm not buying your muffins. I'm not buying your sandwiches. Which I don't think pays very good anyway but let that go. A bottle nothing you're never gonna see the corner man in my two kids again blank off. Okay now. Budweiser I'm not a drinker you know about a non alcoholic. This bug is not free you'll. It's not for you trust me so. We can't play you the audio because we would be sue you have to wait till they actually aired the commercial injuring the Super Bowl but as you know. Our beloved New England Patriots. They again. Are in this Super Bowl and see what trump all we do is win win win. We're playing the Atlanta Falcons it's gonna be this Sunday I'm looking forward to it I think will destroy him but let that go. Budweiser. 'cause now created. And 62. Commercial. Which they have openly said. These leaned against trump. So let me describe before you could we can play it. It's say a 62 spot. That explains the origin story of the beer companies that immigrant co-founder. Adults this bush who came from Germany. It was originally a German immigrant in the nineteenth century. Many Germans came Irish Italians and Jews poles they came it was a great migration. And so he's dressed you know obviously dressed in nineteenth century comic with a big. A bowl tie in a souped. And he's seen coming into the country. And they claim. That as he enters America I guess it's New York or Boston or every comes in from from the port. That American natives are yelling at them we don't want chilly here. And then the commercial depicts social and go back home go back home but he's not deterred she liked the illegals he's my the third. And so eventually in the commercial you're gonna see a golf is bush land on the shores of Saint Louis. Crosses the Mississippi he lands on the shores of Saint Louis. Where he eventually built his mega brewery in fact he goes to a club Bob Barr. Fannie actually points out with the German accent you know from now on from now on you'd think these B. And the words appear. When nothing will stop your dream this is the beer you'll drink. And it ends with the Budweiser logo and tagline this Bud's for you. And according now to the company here's what they said. The commercial this is the story of the original self made man. One of the founders of the American dream making it the hard way in his path that all came after him followed blah blah blah blah blah blah. How is this aimed at trump. You can just look at and say hey for American success story nominal. We got to go oh my yes. Who is the vice president and executive for the Budweiser brand in the United States says quote they released a statement. That company's pro immigration Super Bowl lab is quote relevant today. In light of president Donald Trump's executive orders. Temporarily suspending the US refugee admissions program and tighter security along the US Mexico border. And so according to them they are saying is CN dolphins bush he was like any legal immigrant. He had the ambition. He had the passion. He had the drive. His story is the story of the illegal immigrants. There's only one difference. American government officials. Went to Ireland. And Germany and Italy and Eastern Europe. And told them we want shooter come we need you to come. You see. Adult fizz bush and all the Germans that came with them as well as the Irish the Italians the jewel in the polls later the Chinese the issue of a mobile blah. They came here. Oh legally. The illegal immigrants. Are coming here. Illegally. What is it so hard for Budweiser to understand. That people that are coming here now. Are either here to live off welfare. Or blow shop. That's the difference. Between those immigrants. And many of the illegals and they jihadist who were trying to get him. My friends. If they're gonna spit in our face. If they're gonna deliberately alienate half of the American people. Remember they physical sells America derby it was in Budweiser was America. No no this body is not for you because when I see this commercial you know what I wanna drink. Course. Miller or better yet Sam Adams. Is it time to boycott Budweiser. I say yes. I agree disagree. Your calls next. Okay. I'm in DC didn't go. The first 100 days. My friends. Ten days in the corner man's progress report on Trump's first hundred days. They're brought do you sponsored by mr. pot hole man pavement repairs and maintenance commercial and residential make pavement grade again. Visit mr. pot hole man dot com okay. So as I always do white updated hundred days as first 100 days. Look the big news yesterday obviously. Was his pick of judge Neil boer cinch. Who sits on the tenth Circuit Court he is clearly the air of Scalia. He is an original list a conservative a principled constitutional list. He's only 49 years of age they say he's got a brilliant legal mind that is almost the unanimous opinion. He's a graduate of Columbia. Harvard law 'cause a Ph.D. in legal philosophy from Oxford. The last time he was appointed as an appeals court judge listened to this. He was supported and voted in unanimously. Nine B 720. Democrats and Republicans. Everybody back them if he's not mainstream. Nobody is it's our magnificent pick. And trump fulfills. Another. Campaign promise. Okay my friends 6172666868. Is the number. John and dead around Europe next go ahead John. They've built a lawyer I'm good how are you. Worries. I knew there was a catch to why these illegals here and it was silly old Paul Fuller asked looking for these people higher in the you know. Panel focusing on and I heard of a company is swamped. That nailed. Like under 65000. Also penalties for hiring illegals. Solera. Our John I'm with you. And I'll tell you why. The IRS is an aren't establishments in on it the Democrats are in on a the right now Republicans big business. The chamber of commerce why. Because the Republicans want the cheap labor the businesses want cheap labor. And the Democrats want cheap votes. Doubts the scam. That's why they want Sanctuary Cities that's why they don't want the wall that's why they don't want the band they don't want anything. Just keep on coming and if you lose your job. Or there's no welfare or the social assistance for you because you're down on your locked to a bad. It's the law of globalism. And that's why it's time for it to go down in the Budweiser. Is now the enemy I agree disagree. Will you boycott.