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01/31/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio - alternate dimensions and the beings that may reside there.

Jan 31, 2017|

01/31/2017- Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Josh Peck offers a glimpse into the search for the path to alternate dimensions and what we may find once we get there. Josh also explains quantum physics and its implications in the paranormal world. Plus listener calls.

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. I. Who who are going to be unreal Iranian religious NGV sorry to got a short Jimmy. Audio did you laws just getting into that I got to play kind of plea that all night long and I had I had to throw that out there because. Italy and landed up just losing that he can jump Latin and singer and the basis for each I mean he. You know age is one of those groups and I think there were kinda considered a Super Tuesday you know they had a lot of experience in other bands and stuff in the came together and and put Asia together and it we had a couple of albums. But that first album heat of the moment get outta the moment only time will tell and now on almost the other wonders on one other song off that first album that was a hit but anyway they're so the sound was so iconic it's just one of those bands. That really defined. You know there was early eighties I guess it wasn't just really defined the error that they hit. On and you hear that you can help be taken but be taken back to that time frame and it's just really iconic stuff and again they didn't have a lot of they didn't do a lot of music but what they did was pretty cool. Yeah they they were phenomenal on the honest and their songs are just they're timeless crystal I still normal time and and don't borrowers listen to eighties and conduct. On a serious fun just he was afraid he was phenomenal racism is phenomenal singer and just. Definitely going to be enemy miss that he he was supposed to go on tour with the band. I guess the band had planned a terror and announcing it on tour in January and he said he was gonna be unable to join his band mates to chemotherapy treatment. The snow said he would be able to resumes tour later in the year. We know it's you know it's these tough about something like that is that you know a lot of Dan meant. Bands lose members and they can replace them but when you've got a voice is iconic is that in us you know it's so important to the sound of Asia you don't think he can you can go on tour without. That member of the man you get a replacement is named Hussein and Alex are courageously journey and it's just sort Steve the guy that replaced injured easy at a very you're you got a clue IAC closure Isaac Sowells XT Perry but it's Nazi Paris it's amazing how they found him on YouTube video and everything but debt anyway welcome to beyond recently your radio Jason dye and our own little world here. Talking about Asia and eighties music but we welcome you it's Jason Hawes JB Johnson and it's a letter royalties and night for us serve backs it Wednesday morning Tuesday morning. We gotta for something we got a great show. Klansmen were and we talked to a Josh had keys and after researcher fringe topics beyond refer for sky watch TV creator of the sharpening report and host of into the multi verse let alone he's an author firm numerous books so it's going to be. Intersect or vetoing a quantum physics and in every time we get into that that kind of good discussion Tom we had a talk real slow so I understand it because it gets really complicated and I'm it seemed to becoming more and more the focus of a lot of the research being done in paranormal topics yet no absolutely and day and he gets into explaining why well he's he talks about how. The the fourth dimension may explain some kernel on paranormal phenomenon since so. I think it's it's going to be adjusting as it were an analog talk with Obama won was. The first time then it's you know we really heard serious discussion about like big foot being an inter dimensional. Creature as opposed to a no flesh and blood. My guess is flexible and either way but he's hiding in the woods instead it's seen hopping through dimensions which is why we can't find and that's that's a relatively new discussion. Yes and no I did hear people talking about that beckons him back in the the late eighties. But then I sort of died offer for quite awhile it sort of a sort Rica I came back. At about maybe 689 years in overly started showing up again and a lot of people are talking men such as one or two people now it's a lot of people abusing the editor discussing that as a possibility for not just the bigfoot sightings but other paranormal so even even ghosts of Mika was thinking there might be an inner dimensional component to that. Well I'm firmly. Dramatic but I think this is there's just so many different types of politics. And AK can deftly fall under that name and certain certain categories Prada and did there's all different types by. If you haven't yet get over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio make Sheila FaceBook page it's quickly climbing. We appreciate all support normal followers over there and we'd like to share information. Which I guess hell yeah yesterday made a statement I think a miniature or whoever but it's been showing up all over a line of army filming. Oh ya ya. Yes so yeah I'm I'm I'm gonna be filming in Ireland I love your cover farm in the field. As I said filming purposes in your weight now he meant filming porpoises sort of try to run into the putts that element be settlements of some softened. So I catch you with a cat out of the bag too much it's X. Writing stuff nonetheless and I know that people listening who are fans ghost owners are going to be. Happy if something comes of this switch to real bold awfully Google's talk about and the relatively near future and silly and also we will be if we're not. Airing an SEC couldn't you can head of two be on reality radio dot com fine stations in your area if we're not currently airing on stations in your area. And probably next last three and a half four weeks I guess that can receive the data Muniz I wouldn't say that it gets and it has its. Missed a turn if it's coming up that's coming up there's they were going to be starting to air on a lot. More stations so most likely we will be covering we will be airing somewhere in your area. And with them like the next month jump and if you have a station in your area that this hasn't. Found the show and hasn't looked to pick it up yet because you know sometimes is just an outside with a picket signs it's right protest pros test in front of their doors don't run Vista and other crap going on over riding with. Some great shows coming up during the rest of the week can trusting your will be our. Guests for tomorrow night she's been an artist most of her life appeared on a lot of five different shows with her work. And her were shorter book cults sleeping with spirit and it's a culmination of a lifetime of connection would spirit in spiritual waking and weakening in her thirties. That put her on a mission to prove her then physician husband that there was more to reality than he believed as a doctor so it'll be -- interesting conversation with them. In the Thursday were to be taught you and Michael Sala he about some books he's threatening and exposing US government's policies and extraterrestrial life and not. Well galactic diplomacy. Good a diplomacy decent stroke he never second sorry. I am desperate to get kickoff out but so he's written a bunch of things are on UFOs and extra pressure assorted media covering that topic on Thursday. Yeah I mean he's written things like exposing US government policy and a structural life like you said Jane you know him when he research talking about ET's UFO's and government you know there's a conspiracy in the making some XT hear what. Type of evidence and insight he can offer. Or did you start talking of governments and it's really only have to say it's one in there there's conspiracy and making it has been a so so play it takes for sure. But and thanks to all the people who informed me yesterday that money in my Twitter had an act that was sincerely appreciate witches even stranger that. When it was packed it was posting all. Articles on the strange. Which is doubly weird did you hacking yourself are now. This but I didn't but I had talked to some media over there and I guess and a lot of times when it when your architect of throw out tweets similar to wait your stuff charted it. It's going to make sure yet what to try to make sure gets going and then sir spamming you with everything from porn down. Yeah it's some Ive had an account hacked before and it's in my FaceBook account was hacked at one point and they just it was a constant barrage of this. You know infomercial stuff that just would not stop and and usually. FaceBook doesn't doesn't really help you reclaim mad but fortunately had a friend who worked at FaceBook knows able to get to packets they can be rolled nightmare. It's stifling excellent for a lot. Yeah what are what are we went whenever anybody asks Hugh. Many or any investigations and cemeteries what's one of the reasons that you give that. Well there's there's multiple reasons the main one is OK if we if I go to a cemetery and I find something Tom I have to worry about it. An army honest and the younger generation heading out there. Go stunning singing it's cool and they had mixing and don't do agree stones are getting to the door and knocked over and and also if most people have been dead for d.s before their body ends up in the cemetery so. It's just very unlikely that anything's there's garrison sanitary I think is. It what freaks everybody out is knowing that there's bodies sedate you know six feet down on under your feet. Right what was the first reason that I was looking for because of security camera. Has caught on several. Knights of vandalism going on in a cemetery in and Ohio. Yeah and it's a cemetery that has a particularly. Interesting. Collection of folks including five of the governors of Ohio five medal of honor recipients including civil war veteran veteran all the Smith. And down you know this this cemeteries from 1848 and there are people. That are there that are that are very notables so it's a very important. Cemetery and yet I'm five nights and around now and over a million dollars with a damaged people when going in the cemetery knocking over tombstones bent on breaking into the mausoleums. And it's causing also to have more part of Ohio. It's called green lawn cemetery. That's a shame I don't understand why anybody would would. Just the disrespect. Immunity that your final resting place you know why somebody would go and analyze it damaged anything there its first off it's disgusting and it speaks worlds about. The type of person you are. Yeah it's it's near Columbus. Gets near Columbus, Ohio and I just wanted to point out a couple things one of the reason I brought this story up is because they started to go find me campaign to restore the headstone that have been damaged in two no mausoleums. I entry can find it I'm go funding dot com and then there's also. They tip line it's that the police have set up minutes on 614461. Tips T I PS. And that if you know anything and we have a lot of listeners and Ohio so few we know anything about this he can shed any light on who. Mike going to the green lawn cemetery in cause all this damage night after night. I'm they even have some video images but they're you know it's not really clear so there's an able to make it identifications from the but. On mean of this entire thing we need to stop. Yeah absolutely set and they so they haven't been able to find anybody there economy but none as of yet no. Yes so please if you have any information oriented take a look at the pictures they've done if any of those people look familiar to you. I just reported that's just that's the most disrespectful things some. Somebody can do it's somebody that's people's its final resting place I mean come on just sent the wrong club is just senseless aren't just make sure America to strike among beat him. I guess and I and I knew that that was one of the major reasons that particular and goes under you don't show those kind of a thing investigations because we don't want people in cemeteries. Even if they're not intending to damage things is just not a reason to separate the celery and. I am so and I've I've gone by a cemetery to visit a friend's grave. And run into people investigating. The cemetery and there's been in a fresh graves cinnamon buried. Just recently in the air and and people are walking around investigating now. They teach their own and now you wanna you wanna go investigate I'm I'll never tell you cannot sue but the fact of the matter is it's just sometimes sometimes it's tough for me incidence of their people there who who just. Just lost a loved one. And and it's tough to run into investigators at that point that's why a lot of investigations we've turned down doing had been asked to invest here earlier asked to investigate. The 9/11. Buildings good twin tower area I refuse to come been asked to investigate. And tie. Schools after. You know young children have passed away and I tragically and two and just we refused to I mean that's such a tough scenario and that point. I don't know I just I couldn't. It is in the you know there are some lines and limits to you know what you can do just to better respect for other folks so. To get Asia had folks for and if you're going to be out investigating colonel leisure had to be respectful until we consent. They have first off and did you see that that article on no one of our oldest ancestors that a man discovered now what I saw was a picture of this creature with a gigantic mouse while that would that's and I immediately a lot of people think I'm really thought I immediately thought of me jagr I don't know. But if I can definitely yes or the harassment. I mean. For us the entire area student found the or Carly Simon I'll three apparently they are related to the lives of pain and that's the best song you could put the three of them and lineup I think you can make it probably switch week in the Carly Simon and Mick Jagger at the same person I'd they look identical. And the funny thing is the song you're so vain Mick Jagger quote unquote. Sings backup. Locals in that song. And then just runs and sings the lead locals on them thinking he switches you know personalities. Of faith. Manuel of one of our holds ancestors has been discovered and it had a big mouth and no blunt. You know now a really solid Mick Jagger Barrett's. Another snapshot firmer ancestry family album. With discovery one of the oldest fossils they can be linked to two I've written to humans from the researchers analyzed 45 fossils roughly the size and shape of a grain of rice. Found in Iraq from China's Shanghai province and determined that they belong to. And as of yet on described species of animal that is just distinctly related to humans. Now the owners I deaths article Genesis and one of the article is posted in my two to pick yourself up past couple. So there was some that it that the boy yes. But this thing it's just it's it's creepy and it's the weirdest looking thing. Yes terrified and I saw the picture and it just looks looks like them into the science fiction movies frankly. He has some of the military posts is somehow on the Dioner you know I register once I just wonder though can he get no satisfaction are. Annan I can't get some action so maybe it can geez you know there we talked about it today Danson to. Knowledge we talk a lot about advances in medical technology will scientists have worked out a computer that they can connect to. Someone who's. Can in race condition called locked in. Condition which is basically. There are completely. Vegetative state however there conscious but they can't move any think sometimes they can move there they can move in blinked the rise that's all they can detect so it's a complete paralysis although they are. Where. Their brain is functioning there's got to be terrified where it's got to be it's can you imagine and just. Because my him my grandmother passed away from Lou Gehrig's disease. And it became a situation like that where. She ended up starving and pretty much starving to death beat him but she couldn't move anything you think she could do it in wood who was going to arise for yes and now beaten. And sorry yeah Sam Caster can imagine. So there is there Earl in a significant number of people who through accidents or other you know misfortune have developed this condition and they can't move any parts of the body and some and some can't even move their eyelids so. Without the ability moves are right that's good that's what. Is usually used as a last resort for communication blink once for yes went two for no kind of sank. But he came dryly to Kenny we do that won't scientists have have found a way to connect to computer to the brain of such patients. And it allows them to communicate. Through the computer. OK so it actually opens up a world of possibilities not only allowing someone who is in that condition to communicate but also. It allows them to the did the physicians in the medical staff to communicate with that patient in the hopes of somehow rehabilitating them. You know easy do you need a back and forth to be able to to Kenny get to the cause and figure out you know if you can make any progress with the rehabilitation. So in other words they can sing kick and think certain things and in the computer ruled generate that response and we'll decode it. And actually right thing ago. Yeah and you know they would what happened here is that they had four people who were incapable of leaving moving their eyes they couldn't respond. In any way at all they had no muscle control. Well over anything including the rise in so out of 77 out of ten occasions these particular patients. Actually said they were happy despite these debilitating conditions. Which means they require. You know that the condition itself means there require round the clock care. But now that they can communicate it was a it's a night and day situation for them it completely changes the world. Oh absolutely EU all the sudden niche it just opens up and endless possibilities free you can finally talk to until loved ones or anybody. At that point I mean you're not really it's just not stopping your gearbox anymore yeah. And although it's still a horrible the situation to be in it does. You know does provide a whole new universe to those who are suffering from that. That's incredible now obviously that's the basket or a best of crisis I think I've ever. Yeah and it's you know some of these things we talk about we get scared by and then some of them we talk about in their series very encouraging and this is one of the encouraging once capsule that's amazing. We got about a minute here before we go to break and I didn't wanna you know will we talk a lot about it and policy mean we on the show but you hear a lot more about the problem we're having with peace. Around the world oh and I'm dying off they're dying off and disappearing in their owners of real struggle to figure out why and and if they can if they can be reversed because. You know to be population is the most important factor in sustaining our agriculture. And if we lose the peace we are going to starve is really what it boils down to well. There's another challenge. These are facing there is a virus. That is called the deformed the wing virus and it is decimating. Bee populations in Europe and North America. It's it's creating a situation called colony collapse disorder in which entire populations of bees disappear or die out almost overnight. Ortiz completely. Above and beyond what's already been going on what these bees will is there and do they have any. Any wary of rectifying essar they are just now. Determining the cause of why this is happening it's being spread by microscopic mites. Day. Is that have deposit this virus in the microbe disrupts the bees foraging in print curtail their lives. And makes them die out before they're mature they're completely mature so they can't reproduce in the can't you know do what they need to do to survive and Colin. So you know we I I don't know what's happening to the bees it seems like somewhere along the way somebody got stone and put a curse on the beach or something that actually stuck because. It's kind of scary what's happening. Well it is and it's it's just killing them off as such an incredible rate com. I don't know I feel that any time a NASA's arms are around. And I now I'm number you know and unfortunately have to do it. On my used to have a bee colonies and I'm my property. And he sleeps in there and they were very active in the nine would mobile wan one day and they came after me I don't know why did for years and one day they decided they didn't like it. They came after me and I didn't I just had a bee keeper coming take them and impotence morals so. Anyway to take a break when we come back we'll get our guest artist Josh packets beyond reality radio would Jason Hawes and JB. Johnson don't go away a lot coming out. A game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary times dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com and. All else six it was to answer I don't know if you hurt your appointment the camera you heard. We go and run your Cheerios really Dallas has pointing to you know there's photos it was a singing Q you were singing it to me. Yeah it makes you feel special all over and we just tell you that start to borrowers who welcome back to be on reality radio it's Jason BJV. And we're gonna write to our guests want to bring our guest tonight it's Josh Peck Josh is an average researcher of fringe topics are also an author. Creator of the sharpening report Josh welcome to beyond reality radio it's so great to have you on the show. They guidance very severe they were on like Mia. Now I just thanks for coming on I look forward to the so so just get a little bit of your background. What word did you get started looking into all this stuff this crazy stuff. Yeah well. It. Well actually I don't give a quick shot to read real quick that problem I would Ike. And OK now look at the way. Let out a little. You know strange paranormal experiences and saying. Continued got into it into adulthood. The end unprovoked not familiar with near my background I I research quantum physics and then. Site at the type thing like that at all it'll release on the problem. Paranormal. And actually attitude can go ended generally well. Matt out at earliest thing it's actually part of I might like but I ended up Miree when we were dating yet they're normal they the current well and that kind of audit together bitchy. Should it occur you know at an interest in. Quantum physics and science guy at the time I was a break even. Look into the subject. You know I thought that you have to beat them and he knew it even be able to understand any of that. It actually. Ninety is behind a lot of it is not. It completely acceptable in most public I I believe so basically what I do now that right. I write books that deal with quantum physics but from. Sort of a spiritual and Burnett rule you know. Bring to view and and I try to explain things in a wave that. Average people can understand example like. It. Offered Tom or called at about sending. And it netbook I've already it was just released and people are interest that they can go to got much TV sport are common and pick it up there but. I've already had feedback from people and young is it seen oracle is that the beat by telling me that. They read the book and now they understand how large up front collider at earth works that. And it'd really just trying to put these big ideas in the terms that people understand that the bind the cell. In in my opinion that's not the confusing party the language behind you know a lot of the lead early complicated language that. We don't use stated date you know lately like you and I don't we don't use. Like that database so it's really kind of more to the translation of what they view into how we speak and they. That little brief background. Well and just quickly just to fill and everybody went where you just said cern concerns the European Organization for Nuclear Research correct. Okay and I know that there and been working with everything trying to recreate. The the Big Bang theory but are smaller scale on a bunch of other. Stated stereotypes awful beyond tested it oh yeah you hope nothing goes stronger because it could be the end of the world. Yep basically and it certainly is actually in the governing body of large at current collider the elites the LE XP is actually the big. Machine that they actually and it important that big big machine upper exactly the reason that you brought up is that they. Are actually able to recreate the condition of the big pain in the things so it's pretty powerful. I'm in a way it should soul if with. When it comes down discern. And the things they work on I mean you know especially as somebody who. Who's involved in in this field. It's got its gotta be terrifying disease. You think of anything that could go wrong and just the possibilities of what it could open today with the things are messing around for love of god they can create a black hole for all we know. Yeah yep Hurt Locker somebody like me it's there are definitely things to. To keep our eye on I I definitely believe that their ultimate deciding things so kind of a weird dichotomy because sometimes they knew discover things that are prequel. Like in 2012 they discovered something called expose. Kind of botched the explanation of that. They basically that the boat that is just the particle you know I mean it's it's on its own but it's it's evidence that there are a thing called a beetle which. The field is what gets things they're mask not the particle. Oh what's interesting about that is that fueled it it permeates all periods of space shall everywhere universe we interact with the everyday it's not a man let. All our particles together you know and her body without it spiel. You're basically blow our. So it it if you think that there are. Some exciting things but there are all so really you're like. Sergio Bertolucci the director Kerr. Research and fight to the computing it erred in actually quoted as saying. The direct Coke quote we plan to open a portal into an extra dimension out of that door might come something on now. So that an active thing that they are trying to do apps and it even under sir on the certain web slightly it's not. This isn't some conspiracy theory or something it's actually it's actually our own web site relate Biggio how legal article and go about doing that but. They wanted to explore other dimension that when I met her owner dimensions and it's something. Exists there they wanna. Communicate with it in some way there are there have been documentary is even a gold is a decade or so that talk about talk about that up. You know to the world that we live and most people are in. Pay attention to you know certain wanna visit because again. We have the assistance site does not all of them like this. A good amount of like that. We get into the that are telling the public well you're too stupid to understand that but don't bother that they will will take care of that view. Egypt they don't -- book in people you know you watch TV. That but for media you know I. What I article in that it I was just as surprised that anybody would be that the bite out actually a lot of these concepts are part typical progressed. And if more people. Can get all of this information and that put. Scientists and physicists in place of accountability because right now they don't have. Any accountability of the public isn't involved in any of that decision making. You know is that a good idea to explore another dimension you know. So. What are the guys already don't it does open a can of worms you never know what you might encounter when you're exploring other dimensions or wanton and what sort of scenario. Lee and all of the world too but now I know you come into from a quantum physics. Background and I know that there's many different. And likes explanation for quantum physics moderates. The serious nature whether it's dimensional shifts. Who they can you explain for the listeners out there exactly what quantum physics is. Yeah absolutely what basically and that of another term any even just that term that. Quantum physics and initially it's kind of scary because it was the meet again I think that yet to be a genius but. Really what it is it's the work quantum is just the complicated word war. The smallest of the small. What are what what's called. Foundation Coal. Particles are so yeah it it's just the absolute smallest of the small pieces of reality so that's a look wanna means and then it fixes just. Howell. That small piece of reality. Operate how it out move LB eight the quantum physics it's really took the study of reality on the smallest. Scale. Operable. Well it. Looking at things and that's smaller scale seen what reality is actually made out of that's huge implications so that's why in quantum physics you can. You can happening like particle physics that just deals with articles. But he can also happening which street Syrian brain theory that deals with things possibly even larger than that billion number you know the multi burst. Actually I I called special irk I watched TV called into the ball I ever Wear. My wife and I talk about all these topics before interest and YouTube dot com slash into the multi person check that out. And also subscribe but. Total repeal all these streets topics but the interesting thing that I found is. Time and time again the paranormal keep coming into the and that was surprising to meet you because that's something that you don't hear. Most businesses are scientist or anything like that you know there's no quantum theory of goats there or the men were angels or anything like that. But especially in terms of extra dimension the more I looked into it and the more that I kinda start to realize. What it is I I think debt. That can actually explain or at least provide another option of explanation for a lot of strange. Phenomenon that that people witnessed Mike myself included. But again Michael Specter that strange. Quote from Sergio Bertolucci they want to open a doorway and and communicate with with. Extra dimensional beings. So it's strange because you know we don't know what their motives are what they are who they are but it's just that it it's a weird weird world and we are times we're living it. We're talking with Josh Peck. Josh you've got a couple web sites just throw out here quickly sky watch TV get com sharpening report dot com give another one in human and another when their. I have another YouTube channel on YouTube dot com slash Josh Peck disclosure and people are just that and that that might mean YouTube. All right we're gonna take a break in in about thirty seconds here and and asked this question minimum asking a week to answer because. If you do if you're talking about cern. And other groups and other people looking and trying to open portals or some type of pathway to other dimensions there must be some kind. Evidence that exists. That those that supports the fact those dimensions are actually there and when we get back from the break. Will explore that and we'll talk about it when Joshua by the way our phone number is 8446877669. We'd love to have you calling weighing in on the topic. It's beyond reality room to listen to. And back to facilities. Beyond reality radio Jason wants to be Johnson grew so happy to have you along don't forget to visit the chat room for listening on. It radio station when your local stations carrying the show thanks for doing that but check out the challenge units were all happens yes dismay she a moving vehicle that had overheated and beyond reality radio you are driving yeah exactly it over to be on reality radio dot com. Of course ago seasons we are on right now listed there will be a ton more being added note about four weeks and LC you can just click the listen live. He can join an interactive chat as a great big family of friends and a everybody else in their so while. Damage she had on over and check it out. Yeah and if we can cousin who's gonna quickly we try to keep an eye on what's going on there and Jason are both in there and we try and answer questions if we see them might have to ask him a couple times. For us to catch it but our guest tonight is Josh Peck Josh is an avid researcher fringe topics creator of the sharpening report. Also an author books include quantum creation does the supernatural work in the fourth dimension. And more Josh before we went to break I'd ask the question. If we're looking and we got groups like cern and other this scientific organizations. People like you writing about and researching other dimensions there must be some kind of evidence. That supports their existence what can you tell us. Yeah absolutely. They're they're a couple different things. One of the net and that I don't understand. All too well below I'll make this one brief is it showed up in the map I've not met petitions so I don't I don't completely airplane at around bat. But apparently it it really need to show. Like I like real easy now. To show. That extra dimensions and we and they exist in mathematics. So that that's now that's just they hand in other than in the view are so after that they have particle collision. In which sometimes. It appears. When Nikolay article basically what happens is pieces of the article you know they like while over the plate to these these new particle these. Other migration and what's called quantum fuel but basically new new articles. A lot of that energy. So. Sometimes what they've observed in in. In the data is. Particles just disappears from time that. And they did their theory on that right now is those particles might be great appetite program at times haven't banned. Actually observed. As are we don't yet gravity waves. But the actual particle. Hasn't as our as far as we know yet but it's the disappearing particles those might be grip on because. What this strange. Phenomenon around. Graphic sciences it's extra dimension exists. They couldn't escape into extra dimensions and that gets into a complicated so with string theory and things like that but it just not. It is it would just BA ya natural consequence of the existence. Rampant. So. Let me see disappearing article they believe that they might be it in the into locker dementia in the third thing is. Dark matter and for people who might not be familiar their term basically. There's. This strange substance that nobody knows what it is. All over in the universe and actually takes more. Of our universe than what we concede. But it's affecting the gravity of a large celestial bodies like it galaxies. And things like that. So they measure the mass. You know the galaxy. And that they can measure of the gravitational effects and the numbers don't add basically they're more maps they are open or should be based on how much man. Like an effort galaxy take. It doesn't provide enough gravity to hold it together so you would expect that the gravity there. Galaxy would wipe our. But that's not happening so something is affecting gravity keeping galaxies together but it but we can't see it we have no way of measuring it right now. Now if its grip on that gravity can be Tikrit can speed and other dimensions. That would mean no other dimensions would have to have some type of matter. In order to affect the gravity you know. One theory to explain what dark matter might be. Is it might be extra dimensional matter. Out there in the universe and actually really interestingly there might even be some of that on earth. They're able to. Measure. Where they gravitational pull on satellite. That go around Europe and what they discover is there a light. Stronger poll that smokers should be based on the map men of the year. Which is really strange that they actually had altered the way that they put satellites in orbit because. All that and isn't that why they they actually have them sling shot there and and more of an old hole. Type should be okay yeah. Yeah yeah tiger and that that's all because of just how gravity works in everything but yet they've actually had put the Natalie a little bit further out because of this. Stronger gravitational pull. And when you do what you do all the maps and everything and it is a little bit map that I actually I have done my belt but we eat all the met deep amount to figure about. They're there is about. Thirteen million square models. Unaccounted or matter now that matter that's in another dimension we will see it. But we would be able to attack the gravity so that might be why the gravity stronger. So they're they're things like that that it's not definitive proof because you know there could be other things going on. But it's at least and not evidence that. That assists are interested in it. And they have a particle collider at their disposal you know they have they have a league the Pittsburgh. So I think in their minds they're thinking well why not try and discover measures these thing. Because certainly I mean any business that that would be able to actually grew the distance of an extra dimension or even offer any kind of measurement of it. I mean. They would be sure to win the noble prize they at least the mean it would be one of the biggest discoveries ever made so that that all really enticing. Boredom but. It is strange that without direct proof yet they're already talking about extra dimensional entities you know what being conscious. Beams that might exist in the other dimension and also wanting to communicate with. Yeah Josh are we have only a minute before we have to go to our topic during our breaks why don't wanna get into that too deeply because that's going to be back to the discussion but I guess my final question before we go to the break is. Do you think that. It governments or some some entities might have more evidence than we're being told about. Yes absolutely there's good reason for the adult oh yeah. More on that after the break but. That that's been shown before they actually knew about the explode on mom or they released into the public that's just that common practice with facility like or. Okay great yeah ours so we'll take a break point comeback pool will really delve into this. Question of not just other dimensions but actually physical beings or living in those other dimensions. That's going to be quite a conversation. So should be an. Interest topic yeah and now Michael cell is a pioneer in the development of excel politics he's written now pieces like axle politics political implications of the extraterrestrial presence. And exposing US government policies on extraterrestrial life. Also written about Kennedy's last stand Eisenhower UFO's MJ twelve and JFK's assassination. A lot of really cool stuff including a secret space programs and extra trash troll beings it's all coming up on beyond reality radio it's Jason JD. Don't go away got. Yeah. Jason JP are so happy you joined us or telephone numbers 8446877669. Page yeah check out the FaceBook page may she'll get a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and also check out check up beyond reality radio dot com site. You can download any of the past shows right right from the site sour or just subscribe on iTunes and if you do subscribe Misha you you rate to show. And read it nicely please bunt that it's usually better for Russia. Our guest tonight is Josh Peck we've been talking about on other dimensions and did before winter break. We can't hours we touched on the idea that there might be actual. Do beings and these other dimensions and you know we know that people are trying to bridge the gap ever find a way through to the these other dimensions but Josh. I got to ask you what kind of beings do you think we might find if we actually get through these veils that separates dimensions. Yeah I think there's probably a pretty wide variety of them I mean imagine now. I imagine that the that the comment. Illustration or product or site used in physics that's called lab candidates basically oh wait to try to understand certain aspects of higher. Higher dimensions base so we're not talking about timing your news is that the Mets in the state. But imagine that there is 82 dimensional. Universe and it doesn't even have to be very big could be besides your table at all or a like that. I imagine that there were two dimensional beings existing in in this that you remember. Now they would have access to look forward backwards side to side but they they would have no concept of opera now. So we can call the universe like Atlanta for that reason Amanda in evidence would be called let anger. Now bed and I were to pick my finger in the way. The islanders they wouldn't see my finger in the way that it actually is what they would see is just the two dimensional like that so they're looking straight like being with only a two dimensional perspective. Are they were just see that line in front of them and they you know upon examination might be able to discern that it like the shape of the circle. So I put two fingers and play Atlanta moved them around to let hander. Those two circles would appear to be independent you know they look like two different entities. And as I pulled out it would look like that they just disappear. What we can think of in terms of Powell is extra dimensional beings do exist how how they appear. And it basically the same thing but in value at want to mention. So example of something called hyper beer which is beer four dimension the statements that only three. If network breach our state. Well what that looked like well it would start out as a point in space filler could be right front and Greg or Robert Gates's. And I think it would grow inside. Just like if you drop football group Blair and to let winter it was. Appears the dot that it would grow into a circle as the ball was dropping through and and it would shrink it does appear global drops out. Well a hyper spear it looked the same just three dimensions so it would there be appoint space that would grow to be here. Into art so it would look like it's stationary even though it's moving through this for the mention but that it it would shrink it disappear. What's really interesting is there's actually quite a bit you're all reports that describe that that exact thing. We eat eat at what they actually with beer sometime and more complex shapes up their. There are they're the type of UFO and I think that there are a lot of different types of a lot of different explanations for all you apple I don't think there's any one. Explanation for the opening. But there. One type that people report where they'll see what looks like a solid or out. And it shrinks in size and expand in size from time to disappear completely or appear out of nowhere or split up and it. You know two different things and and come back together. It they'll all these weird things that shouldn't be. Technically physically possible especially for something solid like yet if you had one dimension and it starts making center even more dimensional map. I think that that's one example of well what. What an extra dimensional entity might be. I also think that. And visit this is that is got a weird but aren't. I think that's double the report. Goes on scene and things like that and again maybe not all of them because I don't think there's anyone. Blanket statement her her you know being naked they can apply to every single thing but at least some of them. Might be explained by this because of the mansion again to a lately under Mike did that being hurt let him think. They might think that is ago you know I mean it's something that appears out of nowhere yeah it even seems solid perfected the that it disappears completely. They might be edited ghost or demon her Angel lower open like that so that that might explain now what that's true. We usually because of goats as kind of wispy things that are really made it out of anything. We we because of proposal believe in them angels and demons we believe we. We think of them kind of the same way that you other kind of ethereal and not release meat of any kind of substance but if they are. An actual beings from. Other dimensions. They would actually be more solid and have more to curtail any of them that we do. And the only reason that they appear on the year or what they're not made of anything is because our perception that when it. So if that's the case. They're up the ghost ER you know we're the ones that are lacking for the quality compared the that's so weird to think about that that's all they might actually be. Completely opposite of what we think. And as I mean anything goes back into like ancient ancient history like old. Old religious act even like that the beta is there. I mean even old Greek text they they talked about. The god as physical being. Even in the Hebrew Bible talk about angels and physical solid being not. You know ethereal with speed things that are made of many things so it's seen even even back then they immigrants aren't so it's weird to think about so. But I think that there are a variety of things in other dimensions just like. Here utter there's a variety of different things we have to for plants or animals. Things like that. A man kidnapped by even one extra dimension how much more the variety would be there. Let alone the eleven that physics. That might exist eleven that match well. Yes the big question but I think there's I think there's a lot more. Where sooner here so loses does a bigger question now. Do we have anything to fear. You know I don't know I mean I believe that I only way that he really. Think about that is. You know we we definitely have things that your your honor you know. And I would imagine that a theirs if there are entities over there I I think that it would be similar or there could be good entities that bad entity the other two being open demon that that we want that now. Were. So. For me it would depend on. Who exactly. You know the that there are people out there who they're trying to communicate. What kinda or they're trying to open who are trying to bring rule. So yeah I do think that their cause order concern because. I mean even with just people you know even just normal three dimensional human beings there are things to worry about duplicate the governments of the world. I would have to imagine it would be the same with or it's not work with extra dimensional he's still. Well and that no wall and that show stranger things have only a few familiar with the names on. That that's sort of touched on it and and sort of an inter dimensional they know what are you coming crossed. Toll being correct. Yup yup. Yep definitely. Yes and and that that was actually pretty cool so too because that dealt with like one parallel reality would be like which is a little different and higher dimension. Parallel reality is like if you think of the it's one sheet of paper it's flat land he could think of a Ream of paper has. You know every sheet of paper is its own parallel universe but then all green is an extra dimensional construct you know. So they they try to look at it as you know what a parallel dimension exit that being was still three dimensional it didn't happen extra dimension to it. But did. It's still was able to kind of crossed over an hour dimension let the other thing that he could be parallel. Realities that are even. Compose an extra dimensional beings by that. Major. Three dimensional beings that are quite. You know different and not for maybe even early similar. And now that also opens up all of their core. Or in community. And law and that's sort of late you know folding a piece of paper over on itself and yet who you're able to have two spaces sort of occupying the same space the same time. It. Okay and is that what your book your book one a creation does the supernatural at work in the fourth dimension of those things you're talking about in the book. Yeah yeah that's what that whole book is about those my first major relief I had written books. Or that that that was occur on where I really wanted. Try to explain quantum physics in and in a way that anybody can understand but also. From a supernatural perspective and explain supernatural from auto that the perspectives so that look like urged meter thing that I deal with all that then and it. People who want to get that book they'll calm. Thinking you're either got what she meets or over sharpening report on that but they'll come away with that was I think heavier richer understanding not only of science but but of the supernatural realm what that might be late. And outlook on a visit at the offer. In in that type of discussion and then that the pocketed after that was sure been chariot that focused more on view oh aspect of extra dimensions and and things like that so. But this newest one Abbott condescending that that's the one that's more well sir I wrote that with my good friend Al or. That was more about surge and in what might becoming what what. What types of things they might discover in these dimensions and even goes back in the ancient history you know the old gods and everything in. Are are these. They're trying to contractor who you know have those things existed that that type stuff. Now I know you said earlier that your wife is involved in the paranormal and and so one question though throughout the throughout the years investigating. It. Have been investigating for 25 plus years and even throw in the Eden the multiple seasons of my show that I did well Italy I saw over the last I'd have to say ten to fifteen years or hold different type of haunting. Sort of kicked up where. You get your residual type on which you know of course what you and I have to we. Have repressed what it's like a tape player in whining complaints over and over again always seems to be the same type of activity then you get your intelligent guy upon which. Slate you and I trying to communicate have to pass on. But I can say over the last 1015 years I've seen a different type of haunting as well. Where you have your residual you have your intelligent and now this other one and the best example and I've said it numerous times in the past is we investigated the Mount Washington hotel in New Hampshire we did a shelter. Now when we're filming we caught who we are and we are in the room it's the princess room on. We caught. Her talking her responding to us. But as if she was still in her own time talking about how she was gonna go get security she's gonna do the issues so it became haunting where. That time teams seem to him she simply she was still living in in her present day computer and we are in our day. So somewhere along the line time had overlooked Matt. And it seemed like for whatever reason the veil was it was than enough for her to be able to hear us at that point. Now where would that fall I guess one when you're looking at quantum physics and multi vs and so forth that if it would have to fall within in that sort of riled wartime is always. It's new and it's it's always presidents always connected. Yeah yeah definitely had an actually even quantity as a term aren't called arrow of time. And does that weird thing about that is there Knoll that local law that. The air load time at the point. From the past and present the future it is it just happened the point you know it. The interesting thing is even through things like gravitational. Extra there's there's there's physical things that all Kirk. Time around. Even and the visit is that is really weird to think about. The more that you traveler the pastor that you travel you're actually operating it I'm a little dipper. So if you're if you're the path you traveled actual vote. Pastor tribe is going or use when you stop your little bit more at a time then that everybody else now it is the don't you're just driving are. I mean it's so miniscule you can barely even manager. But I mean there have been test. Done with. Like atomic clocks in jets then you know all the things that that actually shall be true that movement. And then speed and velocity and all these things. Manipulation and they seem to be able to back time differently. So if that's the case we have things all throughout the universe that are traveling a lot faster then you know we can I mean even just Europe around on the driven taught. But that's certainly can but. We would have to expect that there's going to be some type of kind X and there are a lot of story that like liquid you just mentioned there are other stories of people. Who. They're trampling on the road and then there are up like a long try and cross country trip but in the end up. At their destination a day earlier than they were supposed to they don't know helicopter there I actually did an interview with a guy named Bruce Gardiner who. With the union the pilot. And you'd like over the Bermuda Triangle Auld in the this portal thing opened in front of them people who related and he got to the destination. Up faster than eat that should have been physically possible and it would even documented that the gaps and has get ink. Who was way more than what was expected like there's there's no. Reasonable. Explanation that there's no way he could speak to it basically so I didn't every interview with MI out into the mall ever. But. So these these that things India is physically possible volatile. But it's strangely that in the past fifteen years or so that'd be happening more recently and I I also noticed that. The more time goes on the more that people are contacting me with stories like that it's been the happening more and more and I don't know why that is but but it is strange. That something's definitely happened because I can say that. I am and of asking for an. She's 2720. Eight years now and it's just spend for the last ten to fifteen that this whole new type of haunting has opened up but it also opens up the Rome for so many different questions because if you think about it at that type of scenario if she's still in her time and were in our time witches. Forty years in the future. She's able to hear us now is that the definition of what is a true sense of overture psychic. Because she's able to make contact with somebody is that nobody else concede nobody else there she's hearing us where we're communicating back and forth. So it opens up that whole idea is sensitivity or being psychic really. Being cited or sent or sensitive him or is it just the ability to to be able to more manipulate wartime overlaps. Yeah and that's that's that's a question and it depends on if it's the person's ability or it's something that's just happening naturally. That somebody around or joke at all would be interesting. That it is a question I thought about to hit. Went something like that happens. So they'd say that that this woman from. Forty years ago people city you're human communicate and eat you know even at the limited at least a little bit. What do you call her out how she was gonna died she was able to prevent it. You know than what. You're treating the courier or use now and another you heard he's that battle the whole idea of apparel universe now so yeah yeah. Yes. There's a couple different now ways of interpreting. Possible time travel one problem is that well meter basically two ways when we break it down one album he can't change anything in the other if you can change things. He can't change anything and there's only one universe then and there can be still higher dimension all that stuff but they're not parallel universe is that. When you go back in time then you're just doing what already happened anyway I'd like to people a partial loss. That would interpretation makes. And any other wanna keep and change thing. Well when you change something you're actually creating and all it. Universe kind of like back in the future to that so that that was the person that they explored in Napa. Yet that's up and I've thought about a lot we brought it up a lot of time but into the mold labor and it's uninteresting question and it is opens up a lot of interest in such. Josh would some one we talked about cern and in this quest or effort to try to bridge these dimensions or contact or communicate across them. On do you have a timeline it in mind do you do you have a sense of when they might be able to accomplish something like that. In a loosely. I'm an actually they they hero when that announcement was made that they discovered gravity waves that capital lease sooner than I ought. Because I thought you usually what happens they'll make a discovery in the not for few months or year or even longer. And the reason that they give it because a lot of what they used based on statistics. So they kept. They have to show that they're. You know more more evident that this is you know not it it's like nothing is definite but we have an up evidence stacked up then that they can announce the discovery. And I ask that all all that written in the new book about sending people urges the map but. But that that discovery. The detection of gravity waves epic way sooner that I I thought we are probably another decade away from. Then saying anything about. So that took me by surprise. Her unique. Now the next step. For them would be to create. What they actually. They actually call. A gravity communication system and that was something that was talked about for at least a decade maybe longer the birth I heard about it was an area. Documentary that was released to the public. Popular is bright green areas. And it was really interesting but Modi a string theory all the cool things and Al gravity can skate dimensions but undercut what really are part and it. And it's where they edit the that the they were saying now. Since gravity and grab the time and it gave dimensions. What we could do rule is set up a line of grant at times and altered the spin of certain ones the created type of binary code you know like computer ruling which. Greeted by a binary code and sent it into another dimension which is what they do naturally anyway. So it you don't need any extra technology to do that set up the detector and then the hit their response to the binary but that was just well. And that in any. Right after that they have done this little cartoon of of a great alien actually calling. Brian Greene and you know only animated joke about it but. For one thing it's weird that they that they were talking about aliens are we talking about Carol reality is usually. We usually win in those officials lately parallel reality aliens have nothing to do. Mean look I don't I get a currents are just gonna cut you off we got to take a break we'll be right back with more Jason GP. I'm back to beyond reality radio Jason JP were in the middle of the fantastic. And fascinating discussion about alternate dimensions with that Josh Packard guest tonight Josh. Is an average researcher of fringe topics creator of the sharpening report. Books include quantum creation does the supernatural lurk in the fourth dimension and several others and Josh. Are gonna quickly go to our phones so we have a caller. Who has a question for Rea this is your answer from Missouri and spoken to be on reality radio. Hey guys you don't art we're doing great things brewing grace. Well on ourselves what NASA also houses aren't about her she's she's gonna help. How carriage. Just great thank you were undermined that. Get out and mathematician. I get a sense draws are so wrong want to note that jump ball on the Iraq. And start Lola question. Yeah. Well we don't want their noses up our there were left. So I know Assad. Not sell this thing. Yeah but it's obvious emotion. He the senate candidate Joseph you idea and solve it. Tomorrow on our ideals these Arab Arab these meteors and stuff you know there're there are government towards our lawyer really close. Proximity. And as a mathematician you know you do that period knowledge of like that are. You know. And massive stars that don't worry about as a result far away or were up point toward the moon will explode the moon what Bob Bob. Is that it. What's going all of that. Well I that I don't mind I mean if NASA disappears and says they will see guessing you know tomorrow or something. And we don't we are currently there are cool that you its language. And that's exactly so. I'm out there are not I mean I'm not a mathematician so I I I wouldn't be able to do the math about it myself but. You know ever it it does seem like every few months a story like that comes out. And at least so far. You know we still are where we you know we're still here though a little or my gut that that our support domestic goes do you agree with the years so. Let me just a result said out loud like mushrooms. Rooms. You know that step and actually breezy and another dimension. So little hallucinogenic. Well Eliot for me personally my elicited dedicate our. Or over. It's clear that long ago mark toward thirty years ago. Except for the flashbacks. To set it's yes. But well if I you know I agree I would recommend anybody I don't know. Mind to different bank endeavor dimensions you know endeavor realities that last question. Well that definitely changes your reality your sense of reality will launch a judge. Yeah I I do believe those things can access you know it a couple equality it's possible that could give a you know legally to act set. Higher dimensions and things but we got to keep in mind when we're doing it we could we should do that we're going into it and an altered state. And also we are still three dimensional beings but we're still gonna have a three dimensional perspective meeting even it were able couldn't eat the stuff. It's not going to be the all picture in week it. Possibly depending you know what at the Kennedys and all that we could be opening ourselves up to a lot of trouble so personally I wouldn't recommend that the. There especially just not being in the right right mindset I mean and what if you're if you're opening you're if you're dealing with different types against east. All right hey Vince thanks for the call we appreciate you Chiming in in two giving us one of your. Infamous jokes which we didn't get it's. Always gonna do I mean a man who we caught on eventually so. Josh what things he you've talked about in the past that we haven't really touch and a bit of shifting gears here but you've talked about the net Salim a little bit avenue. Oh yeah yeah they'll actually. Well my first book to closer touchdown and that that was actually from either though whole idea of that apple. That was like the gateway for me into all this this type of research because government that was hit. I was interest in what aliens work but I would also raised. Out both Hillary is that the Christian. And so typically in and in traditional christianity. There's only a surgical really good at Cooper aliens you know. And Natalie bothered me and it is still not bothered in its buildup about that. You know I still do consider myself a Christian I'm not preachy about it Ernie. That Michelin pro are probably shortly. But yeah it took me it does it is. It is upsetting that. Mainstream christianity hasn't taken the time to try to answer the local question or at least put. Some kind of definition not a besides although it's just the moniker older line you know I IKEA packets in mentality. But lately so even advocate I had a question about aliens 00 is that. It into the Bible and that'd spirituality and all that. I don't ever given a good answer I was basically told not to worry about it and you know I'm I'm inquisitive let that bother me. So. Held out of that for years we ethnic question and and I came cross worker who's now a really good friend of mine named Kelly art who leave that. You know a lot of these additional but the Sunday. Yeah oh great yeah and and he was making a connection between. Aliens alien implant and strangely enough the book editor of the Bible. It's specifically that there were talks about how some of god came down and mated with human women indeed they had these giant. Types of you know children and at that I remember. Reading and edit the hit but I never really thought much about it and so we brought it up eight that I'll think about that in terms you know the alien and now is that. Similar at least that's what we're seeing some becoming promote in in in certain. You go into outer error alien abduction scenario and not all of that but some of them. People are taken out of their homes that are sometimes they can abort crap. And genetic material they. Men and summit even reported. Seeing I like hyper guy between human and an alien. So it's strange they. This kind of seen that echo that are while early in the development work to date been echo. Oh well what to strike back that's people terminology a little bit but it's still similar you know an area so that really intrigued me. And is finally here was. At least some answer. You know problem from the Bible even. And even into science and things like that so. That kind of launched me into it and and for those are the terms in the giant. That team from. You know the angels in the humans in the giants there in the key early they're called apple. It's a race that I heard basically. So then the question comes up is that street is does that explain what's going on today in May be I have written a lot about and written articles and I wrote a book called disclosure that that deals with some of that and I still find relief. Really interest. Because all they can extraterrestrials. Just a word for something that doesn't originate from this planet. I mean this so in angelic soared demonic or whatever harm in being from heaven or hell or wherever you wanna refer dome god dom. They would be considered extraterrestrial listen if they ever came now. Sounds him immunity in people and people just a lot of people while they're just think when they hear the extraterrestrial they instantly think of just an alien spaceship. Yes yet most people only hear that term limit your alien they BP agree aliens and and you know I mean I I use the alien and I'm sometimes like did I mean different things that I can you know what I would like you to just because they have a show that that. A Christian and also. Secular audience the way it kind of everybody I try to be a try to be descriptive so. Ali Al well sometimes use terms like extra dimensional entity in the picture terrestrial and the reason for that several about it Mike butcher game period that there are subtle there. There are subtle differences but I mean I don't like to split air and when somebody I'm talking to somebody in the state you know extra terrestrial or not. He engaged by eight. You know that context were talking about I don't I don't really get too up on and terms like the. By the same things happen to UFO most people immediately think you know flying saucer spaceship alien craft but it it just means unidentified we don't know what it is so it's least these words of kind of crept into our vernacular and than the meaning seem to be a little bit to. Which she shifting you know and and being used inappropriately timed we try to you know just thirds clarified because some them we've used the words community thinks. Josh tell us about the sharpening report I think you just kind of touched on at their little bit but what can people find if they if they check that they actually YouTube channel op. Yeah absolutely what sharpening report and then again of people are interested that that you I have to you to jail that on YouTube dot com slash Josh Peck disclosure. That would the show that I started after it learned about glimmers Julian at all you'll research and I want it interview. Com. Other researchers of that field so that's exactly what I did I get a broader route one episode. And then. I came here worker to work with I watched TV in developing initial cult. In animal river which Hewlett venom that's been around for Ali almost a year now. But. So I eat IE I don't quote sharp report anymore now to other posts quote or make. Take out ENJ who had both been skeptical but they they continue the same it's basically the same show you know as the post but the same type that gets that. It's its strange. These kind. You know current normal. That it's that type show some valid for the bulk paper that one is actually a little more. Resilient interpreting reported that one gets even more into the air normal and were into things like quantum physics and but I when it comes the audience especially you know into the ball ever but try to keep it light. So that nobody. I don't want people to be turned off by too much. You know like scientific terminology you're anything like that they'll. A lot of time and we talked about we that we talked about not black eyed kid that Koppel eager than you of you both come all time. I just we I mean I like it did an episode about. The got the that the emails and ET eyes the whole disclosure movement. So we we talk about a lot of those things and that the people or to the net that YouTube dot com slash into the ball reversed and I should point out too that. You know in just two weeks. We're going to be celebrating our first year. Or in small piper and we have almost tempo and the and now and subscriber on YouTube I would love to get to ten yeah outlook and we get that thousand buyer your your show SOA. Josh Josh we have we only have about twenty seconds left they're working people find your books. I watch TV store dot com as. As. Pretty much everything that I've done at least the meter title if people are interested in in other works that done and although they can go to sharpening report dot com. It's got to watch TV or out on the appeal to bind up my new book with or Abbott setting in the big. Huge promotion anybody that note Tom or nobody does these big promotion that like 400 dollars or. Material only like 3995. But that then offers available at I watched TV or act or 11 more thing note sure. Right or six general make sure each hour stall that it's beyond reality ready Jason taking. Yes Josh Peck who had kind of a quick practicing your game running overtime but we we certainly appreciate him joining us and. Animals try to get slick to a post the website new information Cason and mystic as we had disputed out there quickly. Emma definitely I'm gonna go and grab his books because. I my brain feels like a spurt just talking. I know I wonder if he does cells Aspen on the side doesn't tell him to have a conversation people must be like oh my god inserts a belt is definitely a great guy and we it was yes some great shows coming up this week tomorrow we get Kim track from her. Coming on she's an artist appeared and HGTV's. Craft here's coast to coast with Gerard. Or tiara photography as well for the last twelve years. And sustainable sleeping with spirits. And we're going to be discussing her book and her experiences. And it's going to be a great conversation. And then Thursday night Michael salas who. Will be talking extra trust throwing you a folk topics with him on he's. Got some information and has done some things exposing. Governmental involvement in those particular categories and as you know we always ahead of great big question mark as to what the government knows what they don't know. Yeah and each in my story came across I'm Myron are actually was sent to me just because there's so many people listen to show. All over the world and we've got a huge audience and also tunes in and in the UK as well and you know they show primetime chat room but. In some send this article just because the craziness that's going on in and just how people really need to look elf with a split. Children suffering second degree burns in salt and ice challenge. Have you heard about this law I have. Heard about that specifically but these challenges then don't go through social media and MV scan there was a one for awhile were kids were taken spoonful of cinnamon I think there was best restaurant for the so this must be something similar. Well I assume children in the United Kingdom are unintentionally giving themselves second degree burns rubbing salt into place on their skin. The dangerous all nice challenge is the latest Internet craze that has many parents concerned as some children who participated are being admitted to the past let's how bad he's going to. Before they challenged kids are competing to see who can withstand. The pain the longest. Now if you're not familiar. In salt can drop the temperature of artist down to as low as one point four degrees Fahrenheit. Which is similar to frostbite. And as evidence of their participation kids are posting images of their blistered skin on line. Commitment she says there are and its people just seem to be taking these challenges further and further it's gonna keep on going practice until somebody gets killed. And this is just and I'm looking at some of these pictures are sent to me and I gotta be honest it's just. While your parents are really really neat to at least talk to the kids and these kids they need to just toughest. This out you know hug my grandfather would say would say you get a job. If you do and things like that he had to list I'm on your hands and I mean just yet from a lot of guys who listened to the show our Sarah. You know us using your kid might be trying this or whatever please. Just don't mean it's just it's downright stupid those students there can be permanent it's permanent marks. Him and it makes no sense and you know going to be Geddes a little bit of fun common sense when it comes as some of the stuff and and parents need to be involved can keep track what's going on. You know earlier we talked about. The brain. The device that was being hooked up to folks who had locked in syndrome couldn't move and you know well apparently yeah of course we've talked about Elon Musk. Before. He's created some incredible things are out of new solar panels for the roof when he's working on a plan to install computers directly into everyone's brains. Well that's not that's not something I admit I think is a positive spin that historically dominant at you know target about solar panels and roof shingles are misguided it's incredible in this whole. Battery system that house begins this just settles on its own open big this is this is an effort he tweeted and confirmed that his firm was working on this potentially world changing technology. And promised to reveal details of the research next month. Experts think the the idea works by boosting an individual's brain power helping them better control compulsive behavior. Impulsive behavior I don't know I don't know what that our network spent and he just how far. That's does its thing and the people are gonna start doing this. And and you know lot of people are terrible start adding computers into their bodies or whatever. In thinking that their above everybody else until one flaw happens that tennis and virus goes through it wipes out an entire population who knows it's like six and I and I think that you know a lot of this and we talked about the story to lose last amid the ninety forward to seems like this behavior control is becoming X you know nobody should. Trying to make everybody the same and and have all the same qualities and on the same traits and on the way we control it not have anybody get our lines and anybody you know. Fight the system and things of that nature it's it's scary really as we've got about a minute here and let's go to the phone lines bring her friend JNJ of course from Florida we haven't heard from Jay in awhile how you do and welcome to the show jet. Hey guys that got sick don't forget my avoid that right now. But what they have wanted to clear up. With you guys are talking about the exit threat chills. So less steel beams. Our real heavenly of the highest Teva and has deep we've we have three Evans the eyes the result has been. These residents celestial beings. And extraterrestrial. Is board inner dimensional is referring to the fallen angels volatile winds and any of their offspring including. Demons that are dimensional beings and all of that. Diane and I understand that but I mean extraterrestrial can refer to anything that's not of this planet. So and and I yeah I get what you're saying with celestial robot arm and sneak its extraterrestrial covers at all at city it's a huge. You know it's a word that covers everything I guess. I guess that does but I think what we will wait some everything together than that kind of I don't know I think that on tape area to go into I think it's good to to keep it separated or divided. There have been no big lead people astray if there's enough deception out there. Play makers for a point for point. I've wanted to. To let everyone know that Lilith has officially been unleashed and that's like part of that but I did it get on. I I heard that yes it's I think that's. Definitely the breaking news that I have a hard there are other certain locations. By the way but the main big one is there in the Geneva. Switzerland border I was hoping it was gonna go into how they actually they were responsible for literally. Now we openly advocates of health but they've been opening these portals. At least got the last year and letting and these sound. Entities. What are dimensional stuff yeah. Well hey it's it's Gary really has with so with what their work into neurons probably got a lot of great benefits but it also has a lot of major. Concerns as well. And the other thing there's nothing go to the fourth and fifth dimension okay are these other dimensions other than the highest heaven is polluted very hard to panic deception. We are here on the third dimension we will where we are meant to be. Not not none of this new age stuff where they're deceiving you of the port and that dimension minutes better and other content that's an all of that. It is all deception we are here where we are supposed to be. For a reason and they are messing with the Furman had their first shield letting these things van. You know it's a good point. Marriage you have a good night meant to hear from. So again a big shout out to Josh Peck for coming on and hanging out with us and make sure you'll tune in tomorrow if you haven't yet like the FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. They should tune and is Jason in GP morrow had. And ingredients produced by sleeping yeah. Conrad now don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality read you all one word if you've got information you want us to follow what punt or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.