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Jan 29, 2017|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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You're listening to only get by its radio the only place that lets you be the food critic Sunday's tended. WRKO. The voice of Boston. And welcome and everybody's got windy today and will be taking your phone calls to twelve noon on a beautiful Sunday morning and yet. This the show that we need your help because its listeners just like you. Help us out tells about interesting places places that. That we should try and check out on the show. Securities. So we're gonna open up the lines just a few minutes and just seek out to restaurants that. I think we will help there because typically. January. Is one of the slowest restaurant months of the year. Yeah and death I think a lot of restaurants out there you know they may have some people in there. Yeah but they're not all that this. And that's the key thing about we got to help these restaurants outside lets you give a shout out some of your favorite restaurants today on the restaurant program. Again until 12 o'clock or that you are Gayle every Sunday ten to twelve noon. Again that's where we. Be the food critic and Goodwin is a dinner for two on so I'm gonna start that just a few minutes also Damien from the LP will be here a little later on. And he has the topic. That's of interest in what would restaurants. To have fireplace us. That's the topic today he has a whole bunch of reviewers who yelled that we able to help them out put together that segment that we coming up a little bit later on. On today's program now. Not ready to basically go about the. Really something of tremendous interest in this for me. Restaurant Dayton Chia. Is celebrated their fortieth anniversary speech there forty years restaurant they Ritchie and gonna do it in style. And you can't attend now that they have events going on up. At their two restaurants. Lead or restaurant they in Boston. And also at the cheer restaurant day in Winchester and I hope you make some reservations and you go. There raising money at the same time help earthquake relief in central Italy. So this is the fortieth. Anniversary. And in Boston. This they're doing a cooking classes with they're going to be doing and bringing in some great shifts in a tell you more about who's going to be there and what you can learn a little later on but the very first one is coming up Monday. February. 6. That's one week from tomorrow. At restaurant they believe bow right the gateway of Boston's north and they haven't a ritzy dinner and wine pairings starting at 7 PM. It's a hundred dollars per person you have to call to make reservations that's really important. It's really important that you do it again. All the proceeds. Will go to the central Italy earthquake relief. To make your reservations I hope you go and hope you help them out. Again celebrate their fortieth anniversary in style. Restaurant they fully spoke Monday February 6 7 PM. They're number two make reservations 617. 7424142. That's 617. 74241. Of 42 again restaurant day. Believe though in Boston that's coming up on February 6 okay now mark that NT count I wanna make sure war. That you attend that event because that is a very special that I I plan on attending at least one of these if not the two events okay. And I hope to see you there restaurant they've. But any Bowe again Monday February 66177424142. Art. Now now today's topic Mike I need the listeners so Oka as I mentioned earlier. This is one of the slowest times of the year and restaurants yeah. What's the postpone a slump if you. And and particularly I went out last night to the restaurant that I want to. And I got their little early loop in one place. So I asked is this than usual run but as you said your alliance with grew really really busy. And this was quick they were not. And you can't really let on and for the restaurants they've been really lucky short phrase there has been and snow right so that always hurts business anyways urban has a fear of what two years ago two years and and you you'll see some restaurants and look these busy but financially. They're not because. Now because he hears his little secret it's a lot of gift cards in December right rhetoric. I would say 90%. Of them get used. Within the first withdrew it's. Your ambulance so known knowing note the restaurant towards their own bit of all that cash in December. Paid all their bills and you probably get caught up below it right now. They have people coming into the dinners that have already been paid for so you know constantly remind you couldn't go shore that's to a secret. Uga Uga. You get a public. Now blanking sort of adamant early morning early as that they've they've kind of planned for Micah. Yeah and it's a coffee with the second article yeah I anemic second Monaco I make those those watching us and FaceBook live right now. That's Mike's cup of coffee. And that is full. That is a full pot of coffee this. One of 111. Of the wanna see my without coughing that it's not it's not let's just hearing has been enough that the so I owe it to today's help out some restaurants and let people call it. And just give a shout outs and the favorite spots places that you think deserve a mention people that may need a little bit of help. I mean we was sort of an hour lull period between. In the patriots going on to the Super Bowl in the Super Bowl. So you got a lot of sports bars I wonder if they were busy last probably not because as well there are busy the week before the game. Obviously an aunt and now the they'll be busy. Next Sunday as a ready breeder of rice they sit back and get ready and get ready so but. We've seen people are going towards the Pro Bowl. No but what Billy Joel's to Purdue and that is tonight it was last night. I don't know into it. Until the skills competition lessen our that they that the ball is in Orlando this year but usually it's in Hawaii Boca. And they did that because players weren't going in the NFL. You know it in years past sure why. That about a five year effect and boom. You know players a little little closer we've that we've had enough of why so not gonna go to Orlando and they bring their kids that. In at the Disney world in all theme parks out there so maybe that's it. Great way I mean it's it's. It's a pro wolf football. I Timmy the only the only corpse by touch football well the only all star game I think. Is real. Is based. Because it actually has some kind of meaning into the season it does now for the home a home event drive home field advantage in the World Series the the league that weakens. But even prior to that. I mean you had some great games I mean I remember Pedro coming in striking out four and going on that injuries are about two months of the game. Totally worth it yeah. But you know they're out there. A pitcher computes to a a batter they don't agree. You know they they wanna look good short for so that they're gonna be but that's the only thing I mean what's the MBA all star game who is like no defense. You know it's like this shooting on me let the cup game yet you're gonna mile outside by an argument that side it go to the right I'll just move move move it closer. Make you go to my rights that that's all they the NHL all the game is okay but does not much. A candidate to do their very much their corporate. Yeah I just wanna hear the guys out there haven't right and again it in particular that sport and inject somebody into the boards American opera stereotype me right you don't wanna ruin somebody's career. No purpose. Not on purpose not not during an all star note I don't know story of split so I believe that game tonight. Yeah another lucky when it's I believe the Pro Bowl is it's it was some point this week high here and now they do it used to be after the football season now players really like. You know it's been a long time. Even now I mean you're not getting that that's a funny thing about the football one is especially. Between Super Bowl missed between the conference and a Super Bowl. You're not getting. All stars know and you have a lot of players that have not played them right. And the only gadget via you know its failure goes to Tom Brady puts more. What's you know now well that's that's a good thing Tom Brady is not play. And you can save himself in old story you expect to be in the year but now he's. I took today it's really up to you right now and listeners out there this is where I need your help I wanna find restaurants that you feel. Need to shout you know and help them out during these long winter months and in January like I said as one of the toughest months of the year. And it starts picking up I would say. It picks up a little bit in. In it in half they were right around Valentine's Day but Valentine's Day for a lot of restaurants and they say they appear to be full. But I bet you didn't realize this much there restaurants you know really are not that full it's just a lot of parties of two. That makes sense that take up all the tables grows but at its star if it's a Monday or Tuesday. You know that that that's great for rest because it's like a Saturday night yeah I think through what does this week this month. Year. Tuesday right my listen to Tuesday this year. My wife will tell me does panacea and trying to work out of mind it's me and my reservations gases you remind me. So and then then after that you know with like another week or two in Cairo and then the restaurant route season really picks up I think from march right through June. And that's that the disease restaurant time of the year. Except I would say for the holiday period of December sure sure and but right now I mean there is some of these restaurants are just that they're struggling and and needing some help. And I think our callers out there are ready and anxious to do it helped them out restaurants that need to shout out today we have two hours of open minds. And we need your help I hear is the number to call 888. 4346464. Who do you think. You need need to shout out whether it's a great restaurant foods phenomenal you go there all the time maybe got a great bartender at the place or just great wait staff. Who needs their help. And let us know 888. 4346464. That's 8884346464. And again ego always comment on our FaceBook alive be that goes on. Every Sunday during the show from ten to twelve noon and night to help us out as to step up and be first this morning 888. 4346464. And again if you've never called. And the Schobel for those of the listeners in the calls that were really looking for I mean I'm looking for your little favorite places out there and it doesn't. Have to be just a restaurant a could be a pizza shop or sub shop anything in the restaurant business that you'd think needs some help right now. Tie 888. 4346464. Come on step up was gonna be first on the restaurant showed today it was Scott quickly come on 888. 4346464. That is the number to call okay. Our help us out I police simply wants place brings to this portion of wicket by its radio. They are located stoke on route 27. At 103 Sharon straight. And and that's reunify and what. You find the Chinatown ribs there be. Stress all of the Chinatown routes there's nothing like them. These groups take about four hours to prepare them for our. It's and what makes them so special. Is the kind of smoke and had this unit is this the smoker in the kitchen. And that that smoke flavor to it and then after four hours that toss them. With that that that they were their favorite. Sauce in that the Chinese sauce. They are so mean he's so flavorful and so tender all there's nothing like that when you have them you you can never go to another Chinese restaurant it's theirs. They're that good. And at and perhaps one of the most unique things that that could hit you when you walked in the door. He is the first thing you see is the open kitchen. At the Chinatown restaurants don't. Complete open kitchen wide open kitchen you could see everything inside you see out how many people working there how clean it is you watch him prepare your food. And that's what they highlight when you walk into the restaurant. I'd recommend several this is their loved a fisherman's delight. It's breast Jumbo shrimp deep sea scallops. Fresh lobster meat at the squid sought Tate into this a sordid kind of fresh vegetable mix. In answer with this clear sauce on top and with the sauces this kind of you know clear sauces that's a little bit of flavor of the seafood delight. You also go in there and enjoy their general GAO's chicken and in that China. Town a restaurant route 27 103 Sharon streak and stowed please say hi to Lisa and William. Long when you go with it now if Europe. Import great place that has. Great atmosphere. And great food which you don't wanna like. You don't wanna spent ruby my number two you know you're happy. You get a great value for which are for the money spent. There is a restaurant. In mauled. That features Boston atmosphere with neighborhood prices in the food. You know John Carly you know. And his staff just do an incredible job in exchange street beast throw a ball than they really really do they have a menu that changes seasonally you're open for lunch and dinner. And I'm Nico women enjoy a fourteen ounce revive. Or a grilled salmon or pork chicken with a brick chicken while it's cherry tomatoes were a bit of asparagus almonds and happy shoots with. Corn as over its record over the rule and they kinda have a little reviews sauce with chicken. And they kind of cook it you know underneath the Bork and it's which you see it's very very good. Get over for lunch dinner and got to Sunday brunch. That also goes on that's going on right now the exchange street beast rose 67 exchange street in Malden is plenty of parking to they have. You know it is meter park parking spots right out front I think this couple minutes more parking lots steps away so it's easy to get to. So you can enjoy that you know that Boston atmosphere. You know high quality food in the panel that money. You know it's like 50000 dollars of our work to them on the wall when you walk into this restaurant. The exchange street Easter a 67 exchange street in Malvern iCloud gets up Elijah who could Putin who do you think. Need to shout out right now who would you say is is a restaurant that's just doing a great job. And maybe a little mention here today and might fill them up this week 888. 4346464. That's 8884346464. Let's us start things off. Let's go to Jane of Kingston good morning Jane your first on the restaurant program of Scott Wittman. We are very good Jane. And wow. Are you. And you are not thinking and how are. Mickey. Act. Sorry Ed Overton and eat. Opened a beautiful it'll all play. And it has really high. Orders. And they also give cracking cop. And they pretty. Occurred in Cobb. So they are even eating you watch. And Kirk didn't eat but so do not believe me. But that's and they are very unique place that. Is that they designed it where this kind of like stadium seating the launch on that. Yeah act it lowered its. Really gorgeous and it's great and what. It's called. Independents are right in the mall or. Great feedback. That we're at a plastic. And it's really at all. And there's something. Unique. In that's. Yet that that sounds that's an incredibly unique news totally different you know it's called is it bar rustic is that the name of it. Wow well what what's their food like in general. Against new America in a little bit Mediterranean and what no I didn't. Eat and then. It is. And this is so that they inbounded Emmett and I think it's it's apple. It's not. Anyone. That's now. Yeah I mean it that sounds like a tremendous place. And it's right in the independence mall. Grandma right and he is he didn't you like that fire I had its. It you gotta go eat the food. On that that's on something. Really unique and really different and in them it will bring our cameras in there and an Iowa are the C. I'd bar rustic and and that is that in Kingston. Thinking in the Iran and. Out at you the media and dependent on carpet scene in election. I'll say it will it fit in law that at all. Everybody will know by that. I change I'll tell you what are your great Carney kicked things off we're gonna give you'd give students and we put you on hold again get your name and address similar to send got dinner on us okay. I I held my Mike's gonna take your phone call you know that's the show works I mean that's classic a great place right I'm speaking seeing tomorrow. For restaurant I think that's it that's six spectacular thing it really is it's. I 8884346464. Is our number to call again this is Scott with the till twelve noon. And we're looking for restaurants that you think deserve a shout out during the slow period of time. In the restaurant business 8884346460. Forward on let me tell you about a place I knows the B hop the next week. They made a lot of. La pizza. In a lot to account for the game. Regina pizzeria world famous since 1926. At home labor covered pizza and I think right now you may be you may be one thing about plays in new orders soon. I mean I don't know they have like call ahead take out there I gotta believe they're just going to be jammed to the deals. Exxon. I mean their their pizzas so quick and he it's made with them. All that goodness well love I got to see it that way because. The way to put it together. And it's the deal which the cheese sauce in all of the week comes together there's nothing like in the so consistent all their locations. Syndicate you could head out to a location near you you don't have to go to north and Boston. On magistrate that's where it all started back in 1926 is a bakery. Yeah as a bakery. They're all over the place to find a location near you and get ready right their phone number announced that it on the efforts to get on anything you can. So you're ready to order pizzas the next week. Regina pizzeria go to the whips that Regina pizza dot com and find a location near you just have cows zones opinions. Thing his location. In the Fenway area of Boston and on this one it talks would resort and casino. La mall locations. Regina pizzeria world famous again since 1926. Home made brick oven pizza. I again this has got it today sitting in prepared to be back next week and that's the Arctic pizza she. Owned. And Africa. I I am challenging votes and bring in some pizza sports of course has its season. And does money have. There was was normal pizza yeah I mean it it's almost a prerequisite on Super Bowl Sunday we get pizza brunt of the office art equipment. When you in our old location that you know that's that's were we were broadcasting's show. We elect. Twenty pizzas one time yeah. It there. We basically we found the line of where you have too much pizza. Yeah I didn't think it existed but we actually owned and here we did and so that's up into pieces between two people. That's what we'll be working on next week we'll need the listeners callers tomato descent have a pool. If people guessed the score of the game maybe the first when he guesses a certain score wrong. Give Monica. -- hundred dollars is an ego like some we'll do that makes it apparent sure I get back to the phone calls go to Nancy a pep broken morning actually. Hi good morning good morning I can. I have been at it here. Rest actually I don't know how many it keep its offer means it's oh that. Mean and it's not eerie at attracted. Little EC. And I mean our whole town of which brings the ballot and they like and has taught French at looks like. Again at the end didn't storefront it's no ain't that as hodac. And a hat buying. But it is down main street. It's where it's apple on rotten little I'd like or there. Loan is this is this world. I know it's national management Blackberry app have for their pro nationalist so. I have been found that we went and it's like old fashioned Gerri at her ear and it. App to dress up as. I mean and the like preparing right side acting or see it on the back side. Well delicious bird error. She. French Fries and I have. And it hit so I don't really I. Make sure I guy I have this straight as those very cool yeah and Mike's Mike's my ears denies this all perked up. Is there is there signed when you walk in. So the most rank and you have to now hold certain book. Expect that and been told up front like that speaking like Hillary secret. And my husband had I'm finding it on the Internet finally I don't know how I'm probably not wet. And that we took friend it was a I'm. That and what's it. What's it like inside when he get in there. Well eco and you are shipped to pull out of book which rings the bell and they open and it's sort. I think we think we lost the call by accident you know what that might let's take a quick break we'll lost Nancy for a second. We're gonna we'll get back to more tuned to to her call with a more calls coming up in just a second so let's take a break we'll come back he'll listen to wicket. Rights radio gonna find out more about this big key. Gillis and quick bites radio Sunday mornings and it's WRKO. Of boys of Boston. And don't forget about our TV show every Saturday morning 930. On as in the Red Sox Bruins TV station tomorrow's encore presentations at 2 PM. And where restaurants huge yeah in Waltham. We take it to a couple other places like. Well President Bush is and Hudson with a big ears on that. Where else to go Mike it's been awhile and Mike doesn't remember. Which has so many shows so many times we kind of forget we're going sometimes and when the show's. I silicon bites radio would take a break him back. We'll phone call is 88843. Fours sixty or sixty. Ketchup all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any SM the home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This is we get bites radio and WRKO the voice of Boston. All right when we lives we let Nancy. Nancy and their best beat these Nashua Nancy this sounds so incredible so. Gate into the restaurant you gotta people booked on the wings of bill that are. Yes it's really cool they don't limit or Pratt and they opened that door is an old. Troll and playing. And make new picnic on the windows and it really cool I think people on the book in the hole that hole all book. Would you do it you know. You know I don't know we get out without things about half of the aren't route threat. That area. And it's so hacking code preparing late. And did really well. If it. What about the size of the places that large in size used is little small. Not that every art restaurant is not a lot of cables. Is buried in on medium size act. All the lack square are at oh. You know act aid and it it's you know. And even make. Green play against. I'll brag about what. And they shake up the nineteen op Ed Fleming dropped. And the food and it really committed to mount menu. But everything on the menu it's. Well I mean this sounds the sounds incessant call Kodak. Codecs. Code Kodak's I don't know it's POD. He would be he expected they aren't average. CO DEX. Is now. Ego and north on main street. I actually. Take a lap at one at alike and people are straight it's right on the water. I can all. And ended up and I am sorry don't have that name at all. I had it at one elm street in Nashua, New Hampshire and they do not take reservations I think they're open Tuesday. Through Sunday. I'm I'm I'm trying to confirm that. Again they're located Nash were code X is the name and they books and takes. Parties speak easy restaurant and craft cocktails. Yet and it worked. Where the tribe because it's so different. Within it three times already we love it OC. I'm in debt. I think this sounds like a great place and you know life it will be to them when they are looking at the pictures of their food on the website at the food looks really up. A short ripped this looks great. With its a break right. Now. I had the bird yet it was the best burger and I had it was so. Actions. By this. This sounds this sounds really really unique and and one of the photographs I love this and I'm gonna tell Mike not on their the photo gallery on the web site. In there is a basically on a brick walkway. Sidewalk. This is CX with a little arrow pointing. There is very clever now you are really banking award from alto and as a cool cool idea I can't wait to actually. Check that please. It's really it's at it's I'm little a little but it. Re enact our. All right this this this sounds phenomenal Nancy what what we will definitely check it out and thank you very much for your phone call hoopla there's this B keys is going on that thing. And they will open. But but we have found places like that today with we've had some a couple of great call at the very cool idea. Yes some great calls today so that we we need your help not for any temper restaurants that you think need. A little bit of a little bit of how help a little bit of a shout out today. On the program 888. 4346464. This could be your small local independent place. That as just done a great job all year long. And you think deserve. You know I you know a little bit of a mansion on the show. And who knows the meaning its people coming from today's show the tribe place. In helping you all be because of you. The list and around there and in these restaurants and all these restaurants I mean this thousands upon thousands of restaurants. You know within the sound of marbles. And what's so. Unique and different about him is is it is this particular restaurant business a lot of turnover. You know ownership management. Shifts. It and it and you know and once I'm making them make them even when you lose that restaurants Austin go back in my. Five months later and give another try and it's completely changed. To those of the places I like to find on today's program 8884346464. That's told free of course and again will be awarding in August and Missouri gave away is to get to our first caller today. Jane of Kingston who recommended the rustic barn Kingston. And depth. You may who have now that's something to me that was a great golf we ever Tressel was who we can do there. But who knows you may win dinner for 21 roster calling in to maybe you may be are 888. 4346464. That is our number we need your help the today okay. It's about a phone calls go to Jacqui of Medford good morning Jacqui. Hi good morning good morning. I am calling about a restaurant. I discovered it online for some great reviews. It is Hulk. Please. And it's a Caribbean restaurant it's on Broadway in some herbal. Hair and funny story about the gentleman who owns it she does not have a culinary background. And I think it's all of his grandmother it's recipes. And what I tell you is fantastic. I had everything on the menu. I've had be skinny chick and Eric chicken curry jerk chicken pox ill. And what you appreciate it. I get a very small business has about maybe ten to twelve. I didn't on the rest the end menu daily. And it's cook fresh everything is made to order. Fresh throughout the day. And you know it's good you know when you order a restaurant and your item on the menu. This week you know B and ten to twelve items on the wreck the menu. Everything's fantastic. And I though it occurred at. Part I I love I love for him through because it's always like I'm a little bit of sunshine. When Jiri and yeah it's always have fields and and have a tropical drink to go along with the. Yes and it's it's so funny is. KL. I UC. Pick please international kicks in and they are that. Q8 88. Rot away in Somerville. And if you like and I'm not as they make. Chicken and beef and put out is again everything is from scratch. They're played pain they're greens. And it just hit capped. It's my new. Indulgent. Yeah I got department Caribbean in the cold weather they would enjoy that. That's right in the Ann Aiken look for to warm sunshine around the corner might take a couple of months here but. Around a long corner the long slow bent. I Jacqui they very much for your phone call great calming calls have been great to I mean I'm finding I'm discovering these new places new restaurants. I have not heard of that tried dump sausage company ten Riverside park mall and that's me you know find the body challenge family and it dom will be there himself. I mean they are. And talk about. Great food. Four games. You know if you want to elect. Have a big party to house and Exxon earned and you wanna really compressor yes. I say go pick up their estate tips. And Arianna dues that you there already marinated. And opened the packet you could just put in the frying pan grandma. And then do you know and a little class to the to the occasion stick a couple like. Toothpicks and so we go walk around in your guest could have estate tip by 2000. And I'm talent at one new trying. You will be hooked they are apt sue me but now. Phenomenal. I remember and my cool verify the story we had a cameraman when the first to show for started out. And dom sausage came to the studio. Edit and dump sausage company is you know is it is a wholesale belly it's especially supermarket and do marinated steak tips and they put him to pack in the national. And cook one to grow whatever some of the best. Well our cameraman air couldn't. Didn't have a grow. No cell I think and I said to in his prime Japan wrote in he came in the next interest. I think I discomfort. The best way to make marinated steak tips reverend a history of mental not Opel is making him in a pan. There it is that they're just it's just the steak tips or reading you didn't you know didn't reinvent the wheel or they reinvent the statement that. They have this equipment and our idea tour you can find it upon you to Michigan they actually give us the give me tore. Of how they need to move and it's an amazing process the way they. Unity of the marinate the stakes in the tent I mean it's a 100000 dollars worth of equipment right to produce with they have. And just to get unit delicious state in its. Beyond words it really Don sausage company and ten Riverside park in Malden its owner operated by the about it Shelley emling. And there are open every day. Every day. Way before I get my. It's booked wait before Mike is where actually probably as Mike is going to slow it pretty much if they're open like at 7 in the morning. You know and why it's kind of unique about them and talk that this couple times. Is especially super market its animals. Yet you can go there. It and I have breakfast. Or much a delicious exit which is when you. And you have their steak tips though the Kokomo on the ground also and on Mondays. I believe it's months when. Yeah they have the best. The best seat who casserole I've ever had in my life for them that's it and Adam. We were walking out the door when they say hey you gotta try so you have they chosen to follow that act as if we had no enough food today you have to try this as well. And we did drive and it was top notch Don sausage company bought the way they marinated steak that you find them. And a lot of specialty supermarkets they do travel you know there are a lot of locations in New England. And if you have a like a little specialties supermarket in your area go swim to come they should get them right if they don't we totally shut them off and once once you have it. No change your outlook on steak tips you can't go any world business and can't go anywhere else and you want to in my. You know as Coleman they're that the freezer my son was home. Now mom's not here when we enemy. And calm in the freezer Luke and I found a package. Foot binding goals now. Boy that he was never so happy we have this dog. Yeah I'd bet that that we give the dog one that we could in the dog would leave the rest of the day notice that bonuses this is good at that I'd done sausage company get him well and it really does the village restaurants that get an Essex of by the Ricky fairly there they haven't had double pride plant some of the that's right plans. In the known universe. That quote actually comes from mark Pittman of Sam wore magazine. Moon and I second did and third and fourth and they're fried clams or or sensational and over the summer and what their negative feature on them because I had to show everybody how good the fried clams. And Kevin Ricky was was town in east is no when he tees but this particular season I'm hoping it's still say that this time a year. The clams. But the best he's ever tasted in his entire career in the restaurants spans. Since 1956. It's been around for awhile. And they were sensational you at the steamers and steamers are great bill Dresser and Essex the open every day for lunch and dinner except on Mondays. About 45 minutes from downtown Boston just take route 128. Schools street you know falls schools used the and and and then just gonna take up a left. And rent the judge is a rule 133 and 22 you'll find. You'll find those restaurant and Essex at 55 main street and I do highly highly recommend he go up and you try. Cell tours restaurants at several locations including Andover Lawrence met for South Boston and in Boston's theatre district. In any large portions of the open for lunch and dinner I suggest you go there and just take a look at their. There are just playground section. All their locations have us Jeffs playground section on their menu and it's different in every single location. And the ship decides what he or she would like to make. Maybe their favorite dish might have to do nothing with Italian dish but it's on their menu. Salvatore is again endo Laurence back for South Boston and in Boston's David. And peddlers don't her restaurant offers a pentagon Irish dining with that problem. We have them every just you know with all those who got famous and then I left for Collins. I'm friendly service and you don't need to look at the Irish and you just need to know there's there's donor restaurant and hey bro I'm Nashua. I was belonged to call Jeff Jarrett of Janeiro is eatery in Quincy seeing people smile knowing that I did that there is no better feeling. Traditional north and recipes family fortunes at family prices come hungry leave happy Jannero teetering twelve Blanchard Ro Quincy. You know a lot of the restaurants in the north and try to recreate what used to be. But it can't really do it there's one place that does. Fully boat rest that I take. In Boston's north then righted the gateway to the north that now they've got great cuisines you know about that. But what they do have that nobody else says is a is an area for you to have a party. Get together winning you name it they've that function rooms yes to serve you. And they are the only ones in the north then like this. Fully post second floor function rooms have been renovated. And they boast the floor to ceiling windows that overlook Boston Harbor the bustling city scene and even. The USS constitution. And border they have some menus that those Syria whatever your needs are. That's fully pull wrist that I and take 283 causeway street Boston's North End. Here's the telephone number about the way they open seven days a week in their Bagley across from the TD bank garden believe Boris tonight these telephone number 617. 742. 414. Theory. Welcome to all of our. If entering war. Whether there are swallowing. And that drives I shop at target improvements to know what putting off our flag was our lives this moment for answers from. Bring us through fallen and can't. The counselors along orange. It's been very warm sale. Gentle bright note smiled back contagion. And they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time dental right offers the most effective and safest to flight in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session with lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Start smiling again we're into done X Perry have done export the diamonds and complete cosmetic in general dentistry seek dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the left dental bright group dot com. Looking for the best deal and now. And lazy dog playing at lunch specials Monday through Friday Saturday Jeffrey. By the last hole made false Donald marinara sauce three he. Our quality more flexible in its pocket lazy dog and 1000 lazy dog in the way. Catch it all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 on any S and the home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. They see as we get by its radio and WRKO the voice of Boston. And it's. Welcome back against god with the today taking him home most of twelve and another quick reminder. This reminder is about restaurants people leap over Boston and tears and she is celebrating its fortieth anniversary. Forty years forty. Years that estimate. So long time in the restaurant. And they're doing it and stylish home a little bit. Yet he's having two different types of nights and some cooking classes in sept basically dealers car you know and he's gonna bring in. You some great chefs that are command and prepare classic piracy issues sudden boom and he's doing the first one. A Monday night February 6 votes a week from tomorrow. We'll go and it's hundred dollars per person. And he's gonna take all of the proceeds. From this event. And he's gonna donate them to the central Italy earthquake relief fund and then another earthquake here as everybody knows sure. And he's gonna donate all the money so this is. You know a big thing for Philippe though it repose in Boston by the way that Monday February 6 with two extra special for the post birth there. An ego so so it's going to be you know it's going to be a party it's going to be a big party 200 dollars per ticket reservations are a must. 6177424142. That 617. 7424142. I would miss this. That I really would not I think it's known political. Oh it's going to be a big deal him stars that yes it's going to be fun and your director to the entrance of Boston store more that are. There's a parking garage like it. Steps away. Yes in a very easy why it's very easy to even if the weather is bad you you probably only have about a 24 walk into the rest. You know which is which is an op. You know and I do suggest that you go through it starts at 7 o'clock. It's a grand a ritzy dinner and wine pairing 7 PM Monday February 6. All the celebrate Lucci is fortieth anniversary of business at a restaurant they fully below. Two or three concert street in Boston's north then. Tickets 617742. 4142. And I promise you who will be a grand of that now. Course if you want a taste of Lucci we pose other restaurant just watch our show tomorrow at 2 PM one NASA and that's where we are at Winchester and Moochie Norris the wrong today. Having I I have for my quickie that was that. Sixteen ounce bowl in stuffed veal chop to remember the name of it. If that's exactly it was the sixteen ounce stopped revealed shot. But there was and there there is actually a name for old and bill was telling me the name is is actually like go. And it's not go over it you know it easy. I told him. I told to head record I don't know what it's called a disloyal delicious it is it's on this special menu yes it is it's on the specials so definitely if you go to Lucci is you have to ask your waiter about. And then you know what you you feel bad when you almost finished. I'd argue that at all our Campbell relate to hook up with. It's really. Are and how to deal with the stuff of which she's in for judo and the some broccoli broccoli something in there. Some good stuff. And how long one there. I mean it and it's and it's a show Winnick it when he succumbed to the rational absolutely. At my metric the last time I was there what there are two of the cheers and Winchester and three months ago some of our our friends Carlin or come on a lot of our cruises short term. And there we went there for dinner and that's what I was gonna get again I mean I get every single time. And it's somebody on a table. Next to us and ordered the deal parmesan. He quickly change in my whole hawks didn't I mean. You know ECU parmesan go by. And knowing OK though it's okay for him do something about the look of it that the sauce was had this beautiful red glow to it. You know endless Oscars phenomenal anything you tell you I quickly switch to a I actually approved. Oh Colin I added that plan on top of mr. customization over here it was as if it was. Phenomenal but I still wish they had you know Karl at the. Yeah the deal to appeared that you topped. It's we it's good it's great I mean is very. You really can't go wrong it's one of the really good restaurants and across the board you know from from appetizers to main main entrees. Desserts the Melissa had a term sue them yes yes that at football makes his own term assume when he serves it in day. And it last year haven't problems would you watch it on FaceBook live coming on a rough day at the office granola sun has just. Killing me right now. Which is what you should be used to when they have you in the app police line with a bright lights out on an hour of the morning issued its like three and what you guys this is one of the joys if you're watching us on FaceBook live which of course is FaceBook dot com such wicket by TV. Not only can you see me and my giant cup of coffee but you can see me struggling to see. Because the sun is directly lake. Rape in my eyeballs. Out just a few comments on our FaceBook lie and I haven't I've neglected look at them Bob Levine says. Good morning jets FaceBook stream is look at real. Thank you very much. My Michael checked in lives in net plus though a Pelham, New Hampshire. The upper great barbecue ribs sykora Michael's appropriate barbecue ribs it's if we can help him now. Where is from. He he does not and does not say so Michael can go in there and you know we're gonna take a break you for the news in Michigan or writes and comments back in there and it always comment. And tell us about places now somebody's Susan knows about poppies she writes about poppies barbecue impede the effort several people recommend its brand new. Barbecue restaurant PP we have been there yet. You know our with the talent are different Chris lake Novo of course the lazy dog it'll in has suggested their wings. That really yeah he he said he's a week's. He's defended their phenomenal rumblings that we have to go and tried finite I will definitely I'll. I love great barbecue. Our records and New Hampshire they bring you this portion wicket by its radio they also bring you the TV show his good friend of mine worn mills he's been in business selling rare coins of buying a rare coins for over 35 years now going strong. He travels the country by the way looking. For rare points and he pays the highest price is too so if you've been sitting on a rare coin collection. And I think now is the time to sell. I want to call Warren mills where points of New Hampshire. 802257264. That's 800. 2257264. Mass effect if you think about buying gold. Were buying silver is I'd buy silver. Can't afford to restore African import cool brother and I am quite well when I first started by and silver from Warren. I was buying I don't know what's in a pac 1213 twice I don't which which which in. The stack problem forces take the Phyllis screwed with the pool where that's all I'm concerned I was on the 360 dollars for like this much gold. See that I can or silver. Right at about a hundred pounds. And then the last time I went in the it was like who were 400 dollars so. Short period time my investments good investment right there and you could trust him because he has equipment. That actually he got from NASA the space agency. And then he knows what's real what's not real because he can look inside the point a lot of banks come the war now. Suit you need that advice you need somebody could trust Warren mills rare points in New Hampshire 800. Q2 57264. Idealists in the wicket bites radio it's a quick break we'll come back with more your phone calls and we'll see you could put to help out some of our friends on FaceBook blog. Wicked place radio and TV capturing the best of new England's food sports and fun. You are listening don't get by its radio. The only place that lets you be the blueprint exactly extended. And on WRKO. The voice of Boston. And welcome back against privately today in for pat will be back next Sunday taking your phone calls. And course becomes and for the wings he comes into the pizza but that the days that we need phone calls and and and a little but I hope he takes off course. Of course there's no food of course with the have made it left my little break from chicken wings right all the way. Trail just blow it open in here every Sunday Leo Leo debris from triple a but next week on what happens on. Ordinarily hold of pizza. We're gonna atomic pizza. Let people call in how to predict scores wherever predicts the school of first you know with a camel that OK so if somebody says when he content. It's a real says 22 and the first ones that that was short for where's comfort server and will love cinema like underdogs in Houston it's how about that of the next next week on the show you the big pizza show. And on is 21 so who was asking about. Rips. Face Michael Michael arsenal. In Pelham, New Hampshire McConaughey was that he says you know he's looking for. Ribs and wings or ribs I believe try to find the FaceBook post this is again on our FaceBook lies that will dreaming right now. And folks are able to write in. It questions and comments to us and suggest places these that he said he's looking for great Rea smoker and I assume in the Pelham, New Hampshire area. The first we came to mind when when they're ribs in New Hampshire would be Casey's rip should. That was I was actually our first segment we ever did on the TV show where I sat down in front of a six pounds and shovel. And attempted to you know lose feeling analysts out of my body. By eating six pounds of barbecue and thirty minutes he had but I went to the ribs hurt so I don't like go for well boom boom the challenge itself didn't go so well. Think about four pounds in my four went moment and I kind of just gave up on life. But the first thing I had was the rhythms and the ribs and cases project and the name was were absolutely phenomenal. That the pulled pork was very good so I would definitely suggest that for Michael. If he wants to travel a little bit and another great barbecue spot in Winthrop is actually black extra barbecue. Another place that's on our our YouTube channel if you wanna go there to see the segment. Chris the shift there is is great he does this. Read what he do that besides the ribs and and stay in a barbecue. Hog talker yes. It's like it's a smoked sausage but he raps in bacon. Deep Fries it does a couple other seasonings and stuff like that as he so we'll show it's not locale. At all it's Obama the healthy side of things but it's the the delicious things. Those great wings there's well. And they sell their own Tsotsi do so you can actually make your own wins at home. And and and do it had in them and put their saucer on your attempt to recreate way of different types of of the molasses swan and you know I never use them. Move because I like the ball like he some of the vaults. You know it it felt like decoration in a normal sleep a trophy case of all the sauce is we've collected and we have gone through quite a few yeah. You know. But those are some places that we would that you would recommend definitely and I would second Casey's rejecting the only the only thing. No problem I would say with Casey's or reject right now who've. Keys. It's really cool in the summertime. Oak is a boutique outside interests this Tiki bar. And it is just a neat experience to dine outside. There's as little loses little bar. And as where you can just sit there and in dying or just arbitrary Chara talked to the bartender and they have a sections outside its home decorated. And when we went there. One night. They had guys solo you know are on an acoustic. And it was just a nice evening it was a beautiful. Late evening early night. In just enjoying great food and we saw several of those. Which you failed on the big rip the shovel shovel go out to a whole bunch of guys and they would order for the table. Well that's the thing is if they do it as a challenge it's it's expelled the barbecue served in a shovel that you're supposed to eat in thirty minutes and but like I said if you're not that you are doing like a challenge that night. It's great for like four guys for five guys get a couple pitchers of beer and you know seat at six pounds a barbecue on two ribs but pulled pork brisket sausage. Warm bread beans coleslaw. The coleslaw what was good and I kind of tapped out on them on the meat after awhile and went straight coleslaw aren't a part of but yeah that's different. I just responded. To mark on him to places that you just recommended Summers house about poppies barbecue. A home in in Peabody crisp like those above their wings so I think we wish we need to find out more about them I think we do so we will do that. Either you know which is gonna have to go out and I think that's what's cool as a researchers sense that it's a resurgence resurgent Simon needs to be done over hobbies the half we were at this. I Wii yet we gotta talk about my who we want filming with at that Alpine butcher. Help I'm butcher shop animal. And they do their own base and destitute and we will they were doing their own and as we were there who walked in the torturous smells of us the the smoker rule. It just me that it. Adjustments on apartments and it was as soon as we were walking and they were pulling out the bacon. It was yet it's the smell lingers the entire shoot and so all the time ruling now. Can you cut the break employees and then they gave us. Each. Some revised expert Doug and a reminder strip going to put them both and I got to realize and I'm talent incest. It was. All I didn't salt and pepper you know that I put on one of those electric Cuisinart real slow cooked to for like six minutes away and then a perfect medium rare. No you. He's norm now it was so it was one of the best except that. Week that's the thing that's one look at the ridiculous they can give us one of their it's kind of open what so the so whether it's me. I think it was still agent who knows a thing we were in the middle they have aged their meat for a piece of a minimum of forty days. And I was looking at some dates and we were in the middle of the 48 marks so that some women just gone. Sides go to see those guys have been to a great it's great butcher shop in the actually the butcher shop I think he's been around for like a hundred years under in four years or fourth generation butchers and two young guys right now. Yeah yeah yeah. A grandfather. Mountain and I've got passed down and they are the fourth generation of that pin with a Doyle family. Serving up great quality meat in lol. Yeah and I and I mean top top of the mindful also need to eat it's not like to go there I can name a couple of let. Places near me who. And and I've gone and it 'cause I love replied sure sure and realizes that she put it next to that it's the color difference is that everything is totally. That's the difference when when you get a really really give me a little bit more yeah you do but you taste it and that's what everybody says when you get a really good cut of meat. First of all. It doesn't need anything you don't need sauces you don't need special spices like you said salt pepper fire that's it I remember about an hour after happy. The revised turn over from a lot of money at stake so. I know it's it's it's one of those what those meals that you latest that you taste the quality. You know there's very few. Meals that I can think of outside of state that you can actually taste quality. You know the difference between like like you said if you get a lower quality steak vs a top quality state. You can absolutely takes a different especially like myself I don't I don't do. Ladies of salt pepper fire totally needlessly you don't. Gussy it up with sauces and and what right position after a stake should standalone. Stake should stand volatile. And it does. Pot number 2 coffee this morning yeah you can manage it you should like open up your own like. Coffee plantation the way you go. It will save you some money at it seriously I all right so it's unlikely that I need to get a sponsor. Us us us. Alpine butcher. Which as of right offer Ruth Marie very conveniently I mean it's like if your on four and five and you get on to route three it's like Missouri that's right they're. Yet it's like 31 right off route through right off at right off the X you'll see them. And and I'm Tonya go in there. Revived revived revived move. And then if you have a little extra money loop and they were giving it to us but. I'll try it is the east these states. Yes I've got to try outraged stakes ahead there and actually see them they were counter move and you could see the various age the various times of the age right from. And how to prepare your actual or what we'll do an upcoming TV so you actually see a little bit of how they prepared to writes yeah we were both there are a lot of alcohol to do. Of it was heartbreaking to watch import a lot of expensive alcohol was again top quality stuff that they were pouring on that staple we did a we did a burba and dry aged. Something some so kinda feel what kind of state was well. We were words aging the meat in the segment and of course don't. But even skip on the other saint what is there all fantastically. The Reuben is phenomenal rate a measure election I was too busy route one all I was commissioner either. Now because I want you to multiple takes of the bite I had when their not that long ago yeah there's good and Matt Becker Brock brought them back to the office and brought you one I was Jenner I share point it. I he's huge hero himself. It's not I brought on bacteria and I'm like I'm like you know and I and I discussed this that the bush jump right there and good against him. Good because they they do everything they make their own whatever pastrami and right here or there right there and it all pays off top quality stuff Alpine butchers I definitely recommend them. We've we've we've who. Get Aruba and it replied in a recent legislator while my condolences expensive steak restaurants when I can do the same thing with moving to salt and pepper. Into the blue fire at that point so in bonus that's right I got to the program were kind of looking on the stretch your outlook for some help. You know we're looking because this this is as you know the slowest time of the restaurant business. Not a lot of people are going to restaurants that you know they're they're steady but not relief full it's one of their. You know I would say this. Perhaps August were inland restaurants they're not very busy. And we're looking for some help for restaurants that you think deserve a shout out on today's program that art is to do an exceptional job large or small. Doesn't really matter it could be because you think it's who's now. Whether wait staff is excellent or they have some unique atmosphere. Those are the places that we're looking for on today show and we are looking for your help. And your car phone caller it's on right away I promise you that. End and first time callers are really well I mean. I'm a little more act of an expert than you are I mean we go out to a lot of restaurants that's our job but I like what I like Mike likes what he likes and that's you know that's we can't say if you're right or wrong in Europe European because of his personal opinion you go to that restaurant for whatever reason that you feel. You go there for. So I wanna know. Who do you think. Deserves a shout out. 888. 4346464. That's 8884346464. We have open minds right now to a waiting for you would call and and help us out with this quest. All right. Help us out we hit some great calls earlier. On we all waited jewelry this week simple as that act that's where you going. So we can help all these places and I'm sure listeners are gonna hear about these places and they go on trial. 8884346464. C'mon stepped up was gonna be next on the restaurant program against Scott with Mike sitting in here Mike went. And again pat will be back here. Next week taking Europe phone calls and we will have more pizzas in here than anything else. Battle command for the leafs it's going to be your repeats again to 8884346464. That is the number to call c'mon I need your help step up be next in the restaurant program. I don't forget about the China blossom in north bend over. Is the critics' choice for the best Chinese losing north of Boston. About a they opened up it was back in 1960 make it one of the oldest and most famous restaurants the entire Merrimack Valley area. Yeah ha Richard he has remodeled restaurant several times since 1960 and every time he's kept up with the times they kind of reflect. The Asian and American culture. And that Turkey is that. He is a photographer Richard because it is hard. And a lot of his artwork as it is featured in the restaurant owners is it is photos and kind of does a lot of outdoor scenes. And is he any good. Yeah on tiny he's good so good that he was actually in Beijing. In that over the last summer. And a book of his work was actually. Brought to this museum. Of art. In Beijing and they displayed his artwork is photographs. That's that's up expects. The chart a blossoming Andrew one point five in north bend over that Richard and Connie es place to seed David there I'm sure jennies gonna be there sometime this afternoon should reject the door. There that all cutie Chinese buffet. And they didn't face starts at around 3 o'clock on Sundays and they feature that prime real button so Erica Anbar. So you could just eat into these silly. Not I have a method of power right about it do. I start off my. With the with little decision. You know we'll play it over us. Well that is the primary. We'll keep it that's completely bad that I go to the you know the tables with the Chinese more Chinese food sure sure. And no load up on a couple things Oca has some of that. My time. Enjoy in my in my tie Lou is they have great my tests I was wondering what those benefits that the that the them back and maybe get a little bit more. At the Chinese section short MacDougal gets in picking out little rap about the little. Roll Boca or I'll go and have an ice cream dessert. Fairways and the ego out of the way it's been an evening at a loss of what was it a bit north and over another great place to spend an evening evening is the horseshoe pub in huts in New Hampshire to Castro pub fare is what they really produced there. And they are special. And I mean special they're food is really kicked up. At pop owed to me his comfort food and that's what the bush who pub does. But they'll do things like you will not go for instance if you love seafood. Wait until you see I mean see because seeing first. Is is believed. There Atlantic Lou cod the way it stands up in the play. You if it looks as good as he hates. I think I have one of the plays that made woman when I was there last time shifting it does a great job. All all it really does and they'll do things from Dublin pastrami they have Turkey burgers they have hopefully menu home barber. There. But daylight today about the abortion Jumbo why would efficient chips. And it would get through with the with the food menu. And and im not gonna be sorry when good for the food you'll myopic than he could start off and enjoy and one of their eighty years. That they'll be tolerated yours yeah Edgar flight exactly the flight of a flight of. For good when your plays and eighty plus Beers on tap you don't want just grab one. You want more you do if we wanna experience as many of those you cancel flights. Works that way. Yes and it is it is key that you go there and enjoy. A nice here. Or like I said a flight or for. Equipment is gone to the bartender. It's a tasting it's classy to go there and say. I don't like your comic style like so like that right he would needle even if you don't be intense. He's like a beer clemency here yes like the other day I went I had a double. A double IPA oh yeah I do with a double IPA wants to ideas it want. I mean that was facing wood to the alcohol that's who I think that in the water is really good. But luckily but there. They'll tell you like. Would you like particulates of the strong like something soft four. Do you like and they'll say you like this type of the beer which lets you know national big names we sure sure sure we have something that. You don't have that they can do you know we have something. Come out of this place in Vermont right but you should try. Move and make it a little bit of a flight but you know what we find it and you like it and I found two that I like that before that really really light. I forgot the names with proportionate. You know so then I'm supposed to do I start all over again as well you take pictures that's what instead grams for. I too remember you're drinking I hear that there is a a new app or maybe hasn't come out yet we're we're when you do that you find what you like. You can take a picture of the Tappan logs or. I'm sure others so. Just think youngsters some kid has already made a billion dollars I horseshoe public Tim Hudson mass that's we gonna find nick you find Al ship Davey. You'll find him that he's in the kitchen. But you'll you'll see him he's there. But you experiences you'll experience is who gets kicked up pub there it's Castro pop fare. 29 south street in Hudson mass and I emphasize 29 south street because it's right off. The main road. Just just off the main road. And but I sometimes you go there. You will be so happy that you did the horseshoe pop again in Hudson mass. All right let's get back to the phone calls that said go this August our next call and Geovany good morning Geovany how are ya. I'm from go to William Perry got. I want to play about a place Banco all the time. They thought Cain doughnuts and not targets there around very good torrents. Yeah. Yeah and their future I think he tried there they huge that I mean. I'm letting us they used it's it's beyond believe they have a cough heroes like three pounds. Yeah yeah android sorry I am I would think you guys know that I'm on my O clock radio I was. Walking around sought if an idea I stopped there and I. You know there's you know I I yeah I just felt more doughnuts and I got the so good. And you don't want my favorite doughnuts there and I got to try to make one. When I was there when they have a cram group relate. Don't with a I don't know little blowtorch and they kind of like I've burned off the sugar to it and it stopped here. Any time we complete with fighter we do to. It doesn't matter what we're making its cool we have a blowtorch let's put out. I mean that's that's who we do can start again at the cadence obviously have a couple of other locations you might thank you very much for your phone call. You know we were we were actually. And what could go wrong as though says. We were at the speak easy pop. Now isn't the public and hang over and over and over pub in Worcester and they have these fake. Wish that they would bring out an appetizer and we take a little blow torch and they were blowtorch and Cucamonga right next alcohol and I could go wrong exactly but let's go back to the phone calls that Gary appeared to good morning. On. Morning I you don't want to enjoy your show thank you. Restaurant over in Denver's side absolutely amazing food called iPod. I don't know if you heard a bit high I Mediterranean restaurant. I was there not too long ago for the first time ever for dinner. With good friends of ours who happen to be aware right now there on a cruise to the ninth Panama Canal the cocaine family who used to own Henry's marketplace. And easyJet and many got to experience this restaurant. And we went there a couple months back it was a cold day is. And I'm talent is very good small restaurant. Small restaurant very good. Yup very intimate might spark there. But you know he makes solid on popped it over errors on cheeses. The name change is probably every week or two. Depending on what's fresh it's just an amazing I'm there every week. When there is a nice little luck a little lounge area really nice and then if you look just to the right you'll actually see him cooking. And the amount of food he prepares and how little tiny spaces if it is amazing it's all top top. Not yep yep yep Chinese name is that their guy their guy. Yeah unplug it throw that out there do you ever think this. Whoa. Probably the he doesn't think fish. An appetite but not for the Balkans all our rafter are you so and and roasted. Which is amazing and you don't. I know chicken sound dull but what you don't to a Chechen. This summit stricter dress is just amazing and and propagate that once a month whereas up all I have veritable result in shots. And it's not a spaghetti and meatball type of Italian place by. Guaranteed anybody that goes they'll find something that they'll. Op I when I was there I had the air as on the specimens that these that the veal chop. That they may well that was that was the like when we have seen a pattern here's something about UN deal to however I posit. That. IPod again it's Amber's correct is that where it's located. Yeah that's written maple street fifty maple street I second that nomination as a great little place that to go and visit I posit thank you very much via phone call. Again this stop it today taking your phone. Most of twelve noon about a half hour left on today's program don't forget you can always join us on FaceBook lie. And watched the radio show we have multiple cameras. Next week I'm sure it's gonna be really confident that has been Avalon he's a year multiple pizzas you can kind of see that I can put last week we had. Hundred wings that we routed everyone that was here. This that is stacked boxes wing single goal of winning this is during the commercial copy basically thrown a copy over the the boxes and actually putting tools available to wings'. I FaceBook five wicket bites TV on FaceBook easy to search them find this used to make sure you like us make sure you follow us. I mean I would just like. Like 1010. Lights away from 121000. That's that's going to be needs of that part too well but an excuse to get pizza in the office and ten people right now to go on like this on pace to. Ten more and we get to 121000 they go watch just common. On FaceBook live okay we really need your help I you listen with invites radio and again the TV show the encore presentation airs tomorrow at 2 PM. Will be restaurant do Chia. In Winchester from nominal episode all stitched with the policy of the bush. Nancy you'll see that and then next Saturday morning that's our normal time. It's at 930 on NASA do not miss take a break we're back with more phone calls right after this. Spicy weekend out. You're listening to awakened by its radio the only place that lets you be the food critic Sunday's tentative on WRKO. The voice of Boston. Guys just watching our FaceBook I feel like and the and a the breaking not seen me you're actually watching and I was a lot of a moment of great Mexican restaurant in Quincy. And that's a victory. To or even Margarita dome windows loads of them Condo. Yeah. That's almost as big as your part coffee victory total Margarito of whom were. I believe this is the size yes there actually is kind of similar to my coffee public notice them at the ball. Something to hold the bomb at them. Hello the kings. We encourage people to go online want to states replies because not only do you hear the shell to get to see the show right. But just it's great features like that move that will run throughout the race throughout Shelton. Coming up earlier so we give them a lot to do that we did. That was two loss because of wings and had shuns peanut butter and jelly hotly certain it was worth mighty tasty. We have been good huh. When the end he had that lobster roll he has that dessert it's corny cake yet and what it is it's. With what what's that the corn case former corporate move. He's as big slice former I mean as he does and then puts ice cream whipped cream on and they topped that with this is there urban grace. As a committee enable mobile whiskey it's a cabin fever maple witness. I believe they actually make it right around the same area of his restaurant. None in the Hempstead New Hampshire area he mentioned it on the feature the tough side yet. Early on but those rough day at the office those some of the things that we've been playing throughout the show. On our life FaceBook and such as well just on FaceBook you can actually go home time. Sure you're listening today go back home and listen and watch it all right they're go go go moment and watch me get blinded by the sun by the sun but now the sun has kind of moved its cooperating the sour Thomas with acceptance with. Well I'll seats in next week's all care on the table at a great restaurant might. Have you been to police isn't in stone. Okay this is a question to go to look at route 28 stone. And that you find Freddie their son Paul with a ready to finish third fit Helio it's the officers casual. But it's filled with photographs of celebrities that up folks that dined at the original location in the north and Boston not install they've been there for 1015 years now. And their special menu. To Tata come in and once you. I mean there that just won the Spanish skip practice school skip right to the special. You know and whatever they are. Hugo. That's him as examples enticed me. I went in there one day. And I don't know I'm not a big seafood lover amino let's go some. You know not fixing to. So they have their main one particular issues. Striped bass who and you know so. Saddam that I'm in the striped bass. So I got the special strike that and I thought it was going to be you little small scar right. You have all bass it was a bit this bit. It's whom they put the top exit place on top of the smashed. It with sauce on top. And it was two inches and because but because Freddie. In at a past life you know he's done it. What you would expect again and trade official he believes the eye itself that was his job and that and want to who's a known as the butcher shop. That knows the restaurant businesses that quality inside and out. The man has done everything. This restaurant and lucky for you to fished in operated at 3 o'clock it afternoon or restaurants this. To get there get there try and by the way nobody sells more lemon chill. Then solutions claimed framers I police is that located. At 423. Main street route 28 and so on please how to Freddie when you go with Anderson and his son Paul met its. And they are right I miss them like five minutes we've been ample. Once not long ago. We're filming with it lightning and issues and problems if he lunged at the just after as well so glut missile were filming yeah it would obviously with the animals do and I went over Jackson moment right after that. Bush did. More and more more. I'd go and police is again they're located stone and somehow we got a few minutes that we got in from Yelp here in just a few minutes to -- to talk about restaurants. With your places. Yeah that is. Tis the season with the theme of playing with fire I've but right now I need your help we're looking for a couple of restaurants from callers. That you would recommend. Just as a great rest your favorite restaurant the last restaurant that you dying that's all. 8884346464. That's 88843. Or 6464. Your car phone. And in car phone callers today. Because of the car get you on right whales that. Art. 8884346464. Can't remember that 8884. And the word dine. Are easy to remember and do. We need your help now you artists who critic months stepped up who's going to be next all the rest program against out with Lee and Mike wet today. And I know pat I know Pat's back. Next week as pizzas. Lucky him McCain is convenient that you can't just think that. Off a little more pizzas and a party as they always do for Super Bowl this is just going to be a big party right exactly goes because it's criminal penalties I'd. 8884346464. That is our number to call we're gonna take your name address off there because every hour we award to anarchist and gets. So Cuba. Everybody will be time to screen calls a tea Regina pizzeria there is a place repeats they can bring home for the game or maybe just go there now. Paul made brick oven pizza at its finest award winning pizza since 1926 they've won more awards par than any other pizza restaurant place. Is it in the world have a great deal happening on Super Bowl Sunday looking for right now. If you go to one of their bars. The Medford Alston locations. And you have half price appetizers. Dollar cheese places to go pepperoni slices you gonna go to the bar and watch of course the patriots. In Super Bowl does also location Alston yep Alston got a large part yep they got solid as Wilbur Alston and Medford locations go watch the big game. At the bar and get half up half priced appetizers dollar slices of fruit cheese and two dollar pepperoni slices at a Regina or pool parties near you. Now the bar that the bar and now this could be a great football game and patent and that the real what he's gonna do it he's from Alabama the oh that's right so here's hometown team of course this Pampers them 122. The tide comes the University of Alabama will. What his his NFL teams the falcons. If he wants to take any of that pizza home we're gonna have to switch allegiances that's bowler Stuart and we'll let affect BB. They have no UW RKO mourning a source is a big falcons that. So and I don't think he's torn you're inundated with these falcons it. You know all of the falcons but you know what that's the patriots that's we're gonna go for next week's game right Brady needs to just give that one final win this season for us. All right let's get to the phone calls and then now we're gonna visit with Damian from yup and just second again 8884346464. And he always comment on our FaceBook alive. As we're streaming right now and some some will read some were able to. To answer back to Cuba makes you go on like us on FaceBook to its import we're like just short of 121000. Likes. You have the push for twelve bottles is for 121000 is on right now FaceBook live you watched show again I 888. Portly port 6460 where that is our number restaurants that you'd as they deserve a shower up we're doing a great job. Go to Matt Somerville the morning that how aria. They're either doing great first time listener second time caller. And the place so that the the place so what are recommended helped hot true they've got different locations. What do lol there's another one and Mulder and the for line and then there's one in union square summerall have been little and lol. 23456789. Times. Multiple weapons who won and that's for as well maybe it Mexican food. The drinks are great the atmosphere is amazing especially to go there after work they've got mariachi bands sometimes from like my seven. Wonderful place. As I as Mike refers to that breaking news. Absolutely. And margaritas down a lot here that echo that they do but there's Malta it's called Al pol chi is that correct. Well help pot throw. Are pocked road they'll plot cultural group to check it out so that was what we joined the band two and intimate drinks enough now on that that that's the from most and get kicked out. You know that that's a problem with my gripe at several locations earlier recommended location in bowl. Bowl and Malden Medford line yeah. God I. I thank you very much for your phone call to check that out the village restaurant and Essex is located right here at the Johnson threw 120. Looking at it. It's route 133 point two and as its mass. 45 minutes from downtown Boston and mentioned them earlier for their incredible fried clams go in there and try it play well. I mean there's nothing that. There is nothing that I can read your reviews. From national. Magazines. Even international magazines that have visited this that this restaurant. And all it is rave about the fried clams but when you get the little more adventurous you wanna move on where try something different. You got to try to black and looser one. It's boneless sirloin. A little bit of a spice rub season inched char grilled. And talked with what else bacon blue cheese butter. But it's also good round but no all the village restaurant and Essex say hi to any member of the Ricky family. For us W about the coliseum restaurant any relate to desk has placed. They're located at Breckenridge shopping center in Salem New Hampshire that's in a fine enabling. And they won so many awards another award winning restaurant matter what are your awards now is talk about. I think it's like the golden plate I'm trying to find it really quick here and it's a platinum award would left whatever awarded to see it right as you walked it move. And this award might. Is really is that the the greater shift in the universe or no it's beyond the he galaxies he went to Rome Italy Oca that he was in this competition. And he won. And he brought the war home welcome back to sell New Hampshire as do the only time this award is ever left Italy. Oh there's with a specialty content that's right. So I mean is it is special they think so absolutely and I assume changed the rules that make certainly that we. The coliseum to the owners of the net at the coliseum restaurant route twenty a brokerage shopping center in Salem New Hampshire let's go to. Oh Belmont good morning bill. Oh very good. Now I don't thought a couple of months I been in morning. Because toll gate went out of business well I know my point out of court let red. So are. Whisper in my can't say that yeah you know replace it. It's called Mario's. Its unmatched set up and electing in Tampa and. Time and it makes him so special bill. Well so many UK like I'm back at au AGMR. Glowed red sought. We will armored car and anything you want. I had chicken I'm at a ravioli. How much weight. And I look goody I could not initiate and that would know luncheon or. In Newton. All right it's called marvelous. DIY don't Bolivia. I mean I don't blame units it it sounds like just what you wanna do you wanna find a place that you just have that great sauce. You gotta go in there you know love the food and you're saying Mario's. In Lexington is that thank. God I felt thank you very much via phone call. I would take quick break here Jenny from the standing by we're gonna look at restaurants with fireplaces. I think whose signs start saying it. Football right when that little. Right we don't know for all stars Sunday yeah which is an easy excuse to eat for no good reason for the go or drink for no good result arrest them because all restaurants. That was just to watch instantly and sit by a fire let's we'll tell you some places that Yelp. We viewers and regularly. Right after this shows that look at bites radio. Here at red bird in Waltham. We serve opening twist. On modern classics but creative dishes using only the freshest ingredients. Wait to experience our original crafts content. What you're looking for a fun night out or romantic dinner they. The red bird moody street and wall that. You guys over the years have heard me pat would lead talk about one of my favorite restaurants when my favorite people whose name is illegal for literally. He had known he and his wife were. I don't know better part of thirty almost forty years. They are the north in at Philippe votes now. They are in Winchester actually been their for sometime but political is taken the restaurant over. There five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester Lucci is of course in the North End as though he's. Tough parking their but not here are you impart right in front of the restaurant never hosted bill Leadbetter he probably see fully below there. Don't forget the kind of money. It's lightly and crispy service spicy tomato sauce just the way it was meant to be where the polo Francesco. As chicken breast is topless for shoot tournament today Allah spicy marinara sauce fresh mushrooms and black colors. None oh I think that won the signature dishes new Chia. Just remember that escort. Give me that new Chia. Lucci is wrist that I take or the rest that I did it Chia. Five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester to get a bill Leadbetter when you go. It's a mile and for a place in the waterfront to be about a place of a lot of history. How about the known name restaurants Obama friend Jimmy it's been in the same family since 1917. That's back at Specter wool war one on the ward end all wars now. They get great food and what's so super about them. Well let me read you this quote from Boston magazine in the low price seafood couldn't be fresher. And the kitchen knows what to do with it displaying considerable finance and batted fried clams. Seared scallops and buttery chatter. You'll love it you really low and by the way free parking underlined that. Free parking in the seaport area the node name restaurant fifteen fish piercing had a Jimmy forming okay. Quality about who's the best of the best two reasons I'm in north stores finest dining experience we will not compromise any. Issues. Finest selection of French prime beef. And the freshest seafood will shortz who delight I don't hear what it cost me. To make you happy that's what we'll though there isn't a knife and goes. Then I don't touch everything for two reasons crime. Route 62 North Reading my name is nick you have welcome the trees as bride part of the Teresa's family of restaurants. We're not just for gourmets. Wicked slice radio from pizza did gore man this is we get by its radio on WRKO. The boys of Boston. Ed Jordan right now is Damian from Yelp and I understand we got a topic that. You know what eight its its users of Yelp. I guess they're there they're hooked on Yelp right and they can come up with these unique ideas and unique places and your topic this week. I think is very unique on the show. Restaurants with fireplaces. Yeah you know when Gilbert go and check out a new business for not just talk about the truth they're gonna talk about the experience as well so anything from the lightning took pictures art on the while they're gonna make comments about where they read. So we're gonna point out a couple of those restaurants that have been as fiery spot. What you'll go to a restaurant most of the time they go there for a particular reason and a lot of times and I know on a restaurant was don't like here it's not about food. It's about something that gets them there whether were he eats its normally its atmosphere maybe to personality that's there. It's the food that gets them back but you gotta list of great places with fireplaces. So. There are all we're gonna Wear it capability of we needed today and we re just getting that chill out of the bones. Yet just because I mean I don't know about you got but well aware of raptors notes oh but it is still bone chillingly called I think he's fiery play of our art or check out. I wanna draw your attention Q right right Harvard Square there's a great spot called heart restaurant bar. It came so be it and to actually situated right in the parking garage in Harvard Square solidified the plans that. They have a wonderful back room lined with bookshelves. It did that covers of you know leather bound books in rich mahogany. Quota favorite anchorman. But essentially what you're good all of linebackers are really great or fireplace so in addition of some wonderful cocktail they also turned out. Eight cheese and crackers starter played that I came out on you know killing very warm and cozy up to great start. On that that that's one place right there on the next. That actual go over to the back pay and there is a gigantic diving hermit post 390. Rookie Q cause of the classically elegant fine dining experience in Boston I she loved to contemporary seller at atmosphere. And a romantic fireplace settings cause the great pretty occasion especially for early eighties she talks com or you. Suppose 390 elegant again be that step up Alec equity. I'm new American fare but it's also look at how lots agreed to replace trees and actually. Yeah we hear a lot of great things about their food to post 390. Actually if you pop over to Charles town that's one of probably get. Bring some memories to that your listeners as well but Warren tavern to my knowledge the longest continuously. Operated. Cavern in the United States but I think that they can cast a ballot and would order plural behind Nat. But Warren tavern has great food how the really popular bar scene but they also have a dining room that actually feels like a dining room house. And of course it would what died urban house to your plea without actual trust chief fireplace. Just sit by the heart grabbed some great. Pub grub and are the back of China warned aberrant. Charles town. And could you imagine all the famous people over the really centuries that have sapped by that fireplace and enjoy it agreed to rank. We got to look at our various sit there drink it with. Embattled delighted they've achieved timeframe by another book featured a beard Deborah but yeah. Cannot deny you that you could you could go their thing about Paul Revere and help the symptoms. There. We get to Paul Revere clear that effort not a good point yeah I cut. Anyway it it while we're part of about. And thank you Damian from Yelp of course. He was talking about restaurants with fireplaces. And the console would come off yeah and I sort of like a little clip. The thing it is it's it's a big cliff hanger and wait wait and see what's gonna happen next week exciting episode of which advice and it's in Iran from once. Nexus I was actually record. I'll tell you what we'll put that up on our FaceBook will tomorrow other tomorrow. Legal you can listen to a tomorrow night for a couple of years ago and over shows and yes a lot in us Ron Watson might drink that whole pot of coffee. Listen to someone in my as what some. Yeah the pot is because my head I was running around during the breaks and calls what a great show on the way to watch on FaceBook on FaceBook becomes left with a by. He has it's lies it's unexpected it's right on rehearsed Reitman for her to it better. Well I was a little bush 40 my bed heads looking at about it fantastic. And we use this book. Yeah I see following got a lot of nominations fourteen to be exact for Emmys actually deserves yeah I think it tied. The most ever and I forgot who they ties with the most ever nominations most ever known instances tie. I should probably know about it. Yeah I I would say hands down best picture. Also another picture that was recommended in there and other movie I went to buy the state. And enjoy it was a little high water and it's one of those movie 00 really good movie it's different I mean I when I was reading the little description in the movie thing. Our first look at what Jeff Bridges or Jeff Bridges and that it's going to be hard tell who years please do eased to resolute and accent draw perfect character. But when you read the description when I was in the mus it's western. Analysts in the western movies set in Texas you know I'm I'm I mean what do I think a western I'm particularly go gunsmoke the gold stocks are little different. Now it was great story of a local. Looks good it's good recommend. I recommend though I don't I have not seen the Denzel Washington and I love demands are that I'm a huge fan of him I've got the name of the movie. We'll see that I llamas because I mean I think Denzel attends on the doesn't take this blockbuster it's. He just takes what you. Once the techies yeah good to appoint a life where he can pick and choose the black Ruben term passion projects yes doesn't he doesn't need the and he'll take the so take the big ones who do the the should look action movies once in awhile but I think he's gotten more especially. Over the years she's got more into directing. So I think it's one of those trade off type a things like you know I'll I'll I'll do you know. A remake keep blockbuster type of thing. But I also wanna do this right. And and remain upbeat. You know the best movie in it of the year but it could be but to tell us all those old. And again I I can't recommend that he's sentenced most consistent them. Actor. The I've I've seen a couple of his moves that I don't think I've done very well. And but he's he's phenomenal. Just phenomenal I like to see had a great directors will. Ben Affleck movie life after about it live by night. I was reading that's kind of a Boston there was sort of made like 75 million in the box only seven per minute and that's that's a loss and money that unfortunately that's that's a good shot at Lawrence. Hill big portion of the law almost noon to noon right across from here I mean within about a mile from were brought to our studios are located. And I saw it was a good movie. Not a great. But it was good when he directed and also he directed it and it's one of those Hollywood she'd lose. But a throwback fifties gangsters as well yeah actually it's about it's the Hollywood with their all their guns and stuff than the breach that we shouldn't have gone yet they recently returned seconds in the morning. There we had a but actually just tolerate you. Or rent is my soapbox when we step up on it speaking of low land. Actually this past week I know last week was last week the week before we had the shift from Koppel. Until two weeks ago Tony Souza was two weeks ago so this week they actually just opened up they had they had all the space in the basement. And they opened it as a while nickel of course Kabul on. And they're gonna open it on I believe Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday nights. Live music it's very much a throwback to like it reminded me very much of that and seen a while Edwards is the live jazz band. Referring have a good time throwback put the Sinatra aero where it's like. It's cool it's laid back it's kind of speak easiest but not really. Just very very very cool atmosphere and a very very cool place I mean Koppel itself as it should Italian restaurant. And great food but it's like wells was brilliant great meal then you go on standards and choice and cocktails and live music. Very very well. I Koppel insult boss by now don't forget the TV show on corporate agent 2 PM tomorrow on NASA that's a Red Sox and Bruins station and will be at restaurant it was Chia. You know Winchester and I talked about their their they're celebrating the fortieth anniversary this just came over to me and they're selling exist as celebrating it next week. Or actually the sixth of February that's a week from Monday. With a big bootsy style grand dinner and wine pairing that restaurant the police boat in Boston. And tickets are 100 dollars per person is a great event it's also click post birthday that day. And all the proceeds are gonna go to benefit the central Italy earthquake relief. You like tickets and more information 6177424142. Do not miss this event is going to be awesome. Monday February 6 that restaurant thankfully though in Boston's historic north that. But we'll see you next Sunday morning 10 o'clock right here on what could buy three or higher but it.