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Jan 28, 2017|

Sound off features 3 generations of our Military Combat Veterans and each are prominent in the local Veteran / Military community.

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Welcome to sound. To show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. That's sports and politics. With less than point 5% of US population actively serving in the military itself. Veteran perspective. In Massachusetts. Once my cohost on the field reminds me a little action packed hour. Lot of news this week you know of course because the patriots going back my Super Bowl. The the seventh in the ocean through the arsenal was here very excitable that we got a new president wants a little vulnerable to inauguration and some of the protests though we also saw saw a lot of ball. Democracy last week and inaction so we wanna get to that. All the first on an inch juice my co host and our special ghost for the next hour John Gilroy and you don't today well. Great car so what you saw those great week. What if for example and patriots of that great victory users via FC champs have moved slow global war. Some them we've been Clark a couple more for royal fall asleep usually we don't view mark resolution that was so important. For an historic event close well or moon. Whom we had veto woman's much slope was so pretty. She impact week one of them democracy in action. And you know I am happy to say that we you have the real pros and what goes through president Marty Meehan of human sell outs absolutely am looking forward to getting his take till after seeing the inauguration and you know spent a lot of time and and Washington as a congressman from for the federal district payroll all of the dreaded words you Muslim none ground forces commit when style so he's still one for veterans filled with less to bring some Intel's. Conversation. To what we do here not. I wanted efforts it's yeah Mike how you doing this last week evidently back salon. See any opening thoughts here for us. And democracy and you know you. Democracy is it Steve minded now long time ago code comedy isn't pretty sometimes democracy as important as democracy is ugly news. We speeches I believe is supposed to be. And I'm not thrown a peaceful protests I think that goes open dialogue between two sides of or more substance. The flagrant Tennessee on to a bunch of people went on both of these he wanted to to the Boston once oh so. Storage things always funny look through the sciences pretty clever organs when Sanderson and I'm very happy about it. It's though it's almost time until it the DES PN college game day whenever there college it before and it. Tell us well and sat out because you did during didn't make it thinks. The problem and it. Before you are aware of the night before you Margaret should he would assume trump was smoke in reference to well. Kraft and Tom reported no equivalence if you open your own simple ball. He sells food I have enough Bon Jovi you know you have a good time yeah I know you want you Roger Goodell when he when it patriots and says he's got to hope the our readers moved to a their biggest such activities as in exactly but I think he. With that when my understanding is it he's not come announcements on the paper today but when it's an azalea hers that you mentioned Tom Brady that Bob Kraft was at the inaugural. Dinner is accused. You know Bob Kraft was probably clapping and thinking that it and so it begins bunch of Basil and you and I this is an awful lot of people. There's a little movement you know. What's a movement five people on Twitter right but people get all set about and supporting Donald Trump and Donald Trump is racist misogynist and they. DC people don't say anything about the Pittsburgh Steelers a rapists a quarterback. I mean allegedly too soon to Italy and you don't get a settlement on. Yeah you know I mean to me it's us let's is that there's days. It's not so much of even going to be consistently and a lot of are outraged and I think on this show blitzes has some quarterback but domestic violence and what is does what he's done. All you've got held on Kansas City who who when he was in college he choked on his pregnant girlfriend. And an NFL is looking away because it happened while losing college. Hopefully as they play play update yeah yup yup well that's the main part is that he's a good player. It's it's a Little League and I had a run in with the law in place and was trying to get in the NFL yeah a keep easily shot himself when it who has I think an unregistered weapon and is who they thought yeah they thought nothing else the ball. A big Indian accuse you guys accused of rate between quarterback and noses are where they talk about his toughest guy in the world race and the world. But we. The fact that someone engages in politics and even if revenues and about Donald Trump is true that doesn't mean that's true about Bill Belichick and just foolish I think it's it's it's Reese I disagree to a point where. You can be too many night too many mean there's a lot of music that you can't boycott everything easily from. She's the granddaughter of LOB decide that you can give money to Donald Trump another whole world's against her it's. It's it's the limits compete LO has been. Why again people are both people people of the raids on Twitter but you know what they really like to return policy ago means to go to and that's that's kind of phony as the advocate that as you know it's. There's the thing this weekend we saw and I think it's it's great people mobilize. Keep it if you want it that's a change you want effect in America I hope it's more than a one off deal. Can I can throw something in the acute because I do think. You know on our campuses only UMass campuses you know we've had people. Protesting your reaction to the trump election and we've seen all over the world really put all over the country these protests. IC teaching moment here though. I just didn't see dad kind of enthusiasm. For that kind of motivation. To try to elect Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump and we live in a democracy with a country's pretty split. And you know I watched. George W. Bush beat. Al Gore. Because he he won in New Hampshire and people in Massachusetts are all we can affect election world for gore well if everyone up to near option. What would like to president's state so this country's evenly divided I hope that people take this. Can get down get actively involved sometimes your candidate doesn't win a primary for example but a lot of people that walked away when win. You know Bernie Sanders it wasn't a nominee. People have to being gays and ovals I hope it's a teaching moment I want to comment on that on a coach Belichick and Tom Brady. That was not a political statement for my pin where at all. These guys have personal relationship with trump trump has been around the team around the Kraft family for years so they know him personally and they haven't. It's a different kind of relate to it so I don't think it reflects coach Belichick's political views. Recoveries political views it's just a matter they have a personal that chip that goes back years and if I had to guess I would guess. That most of Trump's fiscal golf courses around the world are operating in coach Belichick have been on the I'm trying to Tom Brady is quite the golf player he plays a little Michael Jordan so we can only imagine. How competitive those three key things get occasional full of them pretty notorious. Community Indians from CBS tells story. He's very close to president. Bush Herbert walker bush and he was scheduled to play golf with with Bill Clinton and President Bush for President Bush. And he called in the interest that you wanna join us and can you get an athlete and so he called Tom Brady law and the what have played golf up and up in me. The end you know and it tells the story of like all the people gathering around. It around President Bush and President Clinton which is interest and by the way they've been very close personal relationship today. And and so Brady and in the end truly enjoyed watching the troop presence in direct but they love golf and nobody's more competitive than Tom. Then all go up comply we album. For share. But the only it is the top what they don't. The teachable moment president Meehan and you don't be called liberal I'm confused over you know congressman because he's you have so many titles for at this point put out. What we did see you at Hampshire College when they took the flag down we were pretty upset on the shelf. Do you see any use of future a moment there urged anything like that on. On the UMass campuses across the state from my vantage point because we're seeing this reaction. To Trump's election. I just think if if you had even smaller percentage of that kind of activism enthusiasm. Before the election. Then. You know the election results would be different if you look at the turnout. In compare with Barack Obama's turn out really. Elections in the United States all the presidential structure and who actually comes up to vote so there was a lack of enthusiasm. For Hillary Clinton that that many Democrats thought that trump would. Would motivate and activate the base of the Democratic Party across the country. But it's practical matter it didn't and I just I just think Dick young people. Who have a propensity sometimes to think that. The vote doesn't matter one vote doesn't matter I can't think of an election word it we're should be clear to everyone that every vote matters but I think that's the real. Teachable moment in this election. Dobbs getting people engage and involve him in in getting and get out to vote organized in in travel to other states in organized you know there are people in the sixties it would. You know whether it's teamwork throughout the year Bobby Kennedy skipper Pete would go to different states that were really important it was a great experience for young people. With this state right at New Hampshire did try to cross the border people in Massachusetts who wanted to engage presidential election is about a place to do it right right across support. Woman who wouldn't know into the Pennsylvania could have been around for up for grabs in a funny enough for override I think that there's an awful lot that went on I think people. We're assuming men and maybe you can blame the media for that I mean people made it very clear when you watch it didn't seem like Donald Trump had a chance. Most people said he would do better than expect I was biggest waves that would go out on. But I think that maybe a lot of Democrats took for granted that it was gonna that the election was going to be in the bag but I do think that that lack of enthusiasm talk about awkward. You have. These people kind of assume someone else is gonna do it and having worked in campaigns myself it if you look at just around here in we six district. Congressman John Cheney when he became a when he won him and he couldn't focus back in the ninety's it was a I think 300 and votes in an entire district yeah absolutely and we you know and so that's when you realize that's maybe one vote per precinct. Yep and in that and that sort of so people that's the effort I think people can happen and what ever side of the political spectrum Iran you can really impact things and I think people kind of dvds these people think political activism is Twitter. And I think there's something where I think immediately put more elbow grease is necessary and I think I heard someone little fresh you know fresh is AG's. And that what you were saying but maybe a little more fresh about this Cleveland support network supports the graphic. Good thing they did that the deal where within the day before the election I think they'd come out like that that it got election really. You think that I didn't and I asked her to vote you'll have that famous saying well look politics is local here's what is good practice for this election board 1 fall morning torque tools neighbor and she did not full form and should implement a sworn she sued him of harassment exactly know that angels took it for granted but she would. They haven't within the Democratic Party is different. On the Democrats and on the democratic city committee for years that lets me be that may amuse my card and RKO. We. What are now is that people in the look of the labor movement many of them feel like the Democratic Party has sort of taken their support program. I was gonna say it to the Democratic Party have to look at itself to the frustration that working. Fearless across America feel. Particularly in those places like Pennsylvania your Michigan Ohio and Michigan. Working class fairways are traditionally have been with. Democrats. In roles. Walked away so I think. I think the Democratic Party has to look at trumps election. And in analyze it and determine how we going to make adjustments. About what we stand for so that it resonates. With working families. Across the country with with veterans across the country I mean it's really important I think the Democrats. Look at what happened. I mean really I've never seen any candidate. Saying the things that Donald trumps that during the campaign and then win it's extraordinary view the public viewed more as a red reality show both more than. Presidential candidate other candidates if they said or did the things that you would never ever get away with a but there's something going on in the United States and unity in in working class neighborhoods all across the country and it. That Democrats better get in touch with. We have what we heroic you know I don't think you're Massachusetts. And sometimes we opened a peaceful way to do. My park viewpoint on things but I thank them selection. More Republican congressman some of those world toward that which. Who was a virtual store on don't want them else. A lot of Republicans that world of which goes to the point that. And Democrats need to start real value weighted and it's coming up with different strategies and. That's hurt and I told you guys a day before the election just happened to be talking guys the union president. And when the gee we'll tool one. I was local to a one. He told me I said a bicycle or whatnot we were joking about it when it kind of laughed and actually has the Republican nominee is gone to the left of us on trade. What what. How do you expect that not to have an impact on the election and I think that's where there's a difference in the party maybe I'll see if myself and I think visitors from. Cultural liberals. And economical but I don't think that they've I think a lot of people who are that you know they leave. And I believe so on MSNBC for years it did call people who are now they've called the white working class and MSNBC the actual term was downscale voters that was the word they use. You know how how how more can you show that you're looking down your nose and someone. Absolutely that you look at the polls during their campaign in every poll you read you'd you'd see how it trump was doing really well and they use that term. And uneducated voters have voted for other college degree although it does he can people work out and say you know. Hackers use to say. You know what I think are called me because I don't have a college degree yet you know neither one of my parents have college degrees and they were pretty camps mark. Now by the word that they have almost a it was hectic and you even you don't it's like in your people work for a living and you all of a couple more background. And see it it's just because someone doesn't think if you maybe instead of calling people stupid. The party should these wondered why the messages and connect and it isn't because we're not seeing it loud enough. We have what for me it went like what I grew up with one grandparent who where our Irish what would follow sellers from Scotland soared from Margaret from our own. Sold credential what 2.2 one before reports from in the event. Every night quarter Sullivan what program parents whom you own city rules were with cardinal Cushing went one issue some ratio would come one Wilson who sort. For an Iowa Clark will stories in this was sort of the basis because we were all Democrats and the whole. The people who hold probable slip that was you know. And you know what they'll weigh in was chills you gotta bring you some new words that would quit you would like that you know. In that held for years now on the goats and it was just a political going it was a cultural. And I think what's. Which you urge your right it is a cultural thing in the other things interesting about what trump. Did is he read it radiates Republican establishment to you know I mean you. I was collateral presents for our presence there. But I noticed I watched the interaction between George W. Bush and trump and it's not very warm and I'll tell you. And that it is no there's no no no. I think if you guys heard summons is that I can't take credit for the line that some uncertainty when wing for a third party candidate to win in America is to hijack an image to parties. That's honesty what you saw all of it from Bernie Sanders and don't get your right but that particularly with trump I mean if you look at the huge field and he ran against tonight. I have to admit I watch more of Republican debates during his presidential election. In the beginning just for the sheer entertainment of it but. It just won by war and trump is knocking out people that you know well establishment job John Kasich. I was I'm friendly with him I served in the house will them. He's a very credible guy. He could do anything against from Jeb Bush chip what's pretty pretty thoughtful guy and they're just amazing to see what he did and he did it in the unconventional way. You know he went to. You know he he went to South Carolina and criticize. Bush in the Iraq War mean you know for years don't know it would do that to Republican primary how. Times you watch him do something that something came up in the primary we joke about that every every it seemed like every week we'd be inherited. Pete Pete how can he went with that there's no way he's no what you thought he would get six things people at the Q was well against them he noble wants school at the majority. Move valuables slowed debates you know what. Thirty points and whatever kept you commit an old team a book. And so the doubles took fall apart in the deep blues yeah is only money due to sustaining them you know perhaps is likely to the Tea Party come and says it needs to witness that working class vote they talk about what. If you look at the and the unemployment rate Alex's four point. 8% for four point 7%. Very proud of my my my degree from UMass Boston and what I learn that aren't in the nineties is that they considered in my in my economics minor. Iverson was full employment that's who they consider to be at the time. This doesn't feel like a full employment economy Cardoso. Who it. The you'll hear on Fox News all the time from Republicans which is true I just you know like it's a stick people in each other with the say 5% unemployment levels everyone's council's security. There's some truth at all. And I think we haven't forgotten a lot of we forgot I think a lot of people who retired. Or who were close to retirement age and and knowing they may be OK but they're not. Back to where they work I think with the human than anxiety I think that it would be on employment and sometimes they don't count people who you are no longer I can assure ourselves exactly. Bin they're important but there are columns to credentials look at me when I tell. Just from my job as of urgency in in my I've seen when a lot of people had a commitment to what this time in. They've put in Brussels security indeed some income moderately lower realized yet know all you have to back when you when they when. When we're building industry collapsed. People were doing two jobs and leave the guy who he's beyond he's been a labor on the on site didn't have a job anymore. You know that they need the electrician they had him doing two jobs I think it if you wanna grip that's no that's right so you had that kind of category of a guy like this and you know. Go to work every day on yet it was his back all of a sudden now he's stuck with no income no health care he's got to put them and for some sort of disability. Income just to have it may think that's a big category of people that is that forgotten man and the idea by the way that the Republican Party is a Democrat is now talking about the forgotten man shall we little we know what history and one but the fact it. There is a forgotten man and I think that if he gets me upset that the Democratic Party is. Allow that to happen. It wasn't until we're complete switch into when assortment real slow and just want to go back a remarkable book pro closely for one minute and submitted. It looks a lot different are gonna old whose legs similarly to the Marine Corps. 1979. Days later it was a view of some you know groups there and ruled the B at all. So that was in January of 97 and few months laid out. School cools down and we can statement too bold new vision. Schools all across the human it's great cold stones and a formal probe trust. In cultural spirit than I thought it was a lot to from poems about what it was brutal war organized blood. And an auto focus of the a goal and an end that they want which chief. And I think right now what would've seen as a reaction. To won't be unaware of whose price them but on the record short of open. Voice and do frustration. With what you go pro tour schools go we don't have a moral leader Sloan. And it does seem to have an end game. I don't know the other thing about the trump phenomenon that's really interesting is the way he during the course of the campaign and even now. Takes on the media he's taking advantage of the meteor has pretty high negative ratings and he's been able to do that is candidate. It very effectively. I'm not sure you can do that as president though I don't think day in day out human flight with the media because at some point this economy. Wages. Unemployment he's an all it. And then when he's at war the media constantly I just don't see how what sustains itself during your presidency but I can get tired you've never seen anyone like him gets the media the way down prompted and it was very uninteresting as. What you're doing I think one of the pros and what we expect slump in some form so golden from pros them and what you're going to be representing the United States will look countries who want them to beat presidential Montrose. Page. Why are these you know when you know flow from all of these guys don't know I think he's sold. But he chooses enemies well. Mean he and they did even during the campaign can go and we found out that in that and the bush family George was the fighter. Patent Najaf and he beat up on job he just made him look weak. I just again and the fact he doesn't apologize. And one of the debates and obscene it was that line when mark talks about Rosie O'Donnell and presidential nod misogynist and god he didn't apologize. And I think it was new when people think that the these sand apology. Oprah interview cycle that we go into it yet. With where we're at WRKO. And I can remember. Listening on the radio where are Rica says he met with from. In the top advice from told is never apologize no matter what never politics that's that's trump mantra that's that's what he does he's got ditched dec. If he just will never apologized for it for anything. And I hope we're not in this situation society we hear that works because you know all of us make mistakes and if we make mistakes. We showed it should do our own up to an admitted in I think apologizing. Can be good thing you know when people make mistakes and. Well on annoyed and apologize that I take a couple commercials is so we'll be right back after this goes from the sound off in the yard hail him. It was supposed to. What about the sound of Pimco total loans that Michael was jumped over him explaining what come to you from our studio in Boston and were happy to be joined. By the president of the University of Massachusetts mighty unions former congressman in the we're also have you on the show and no we wanna switch topics little bit of a vote on veterans and veterans go back to college and specifically. Few mass and I don't know. Palestinian. Newark and won't get a lot of work out to get better and so. Backpack and to me basically I know for me when I came back with its woes helped me get back for society. And you know I'm really hopeful about and satellite phone for one tough little. No well and look right I think as a society. We we have an obligation. Everyone's side. To take care of the men and women who. Served this country and you look at the next generation of veterans having served multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the challenges I've is. Is it mention by John I was on the armed services committee for fourteen and half years. And and Afghanistan for five times in Iraq for five times. That's really tough duty. And and when folks come back after making that kind of commitment to the country we have an obligation. In a University of Massachusetts we are attempting to meet their obligation when I was at lol. It's it's kind of interest in week. Created set out to create an environment with students. We're veterans would feel comfortable. And that vaults giving veterans space getting veterans to network with each other that's really important college campus many veterans are older than in the most of the people that it's this. They need then equally space if you provide the pro they need spears specific. Programs specific. Analysis of what the benefits are helping veterans figure out their benefits. Yeah and lol now has more veterans and any other university yeah. In in in new England and that's in part because of the commitment that we made we built a brand new student union building in eighty million dollar building called university crossing. And they and they were talking about what was going to win ours to the first and we're doing reporting. The veterans of us up as a vote veterans appears in that brand new building overlooking government over its beautiful space. It's designed by experts who know what veterans need so I I think that. UMass it's great to hear you know do you Massey hammers or you when you get out of the marine nine days play you're enrolling in. That you may answer the cameras you know now rated by the way the 27 highest rated. Public university in America. So I think that's part of our obligation. I had a sense having interacted with with veterans and military folks over a period of fourteen and have he has. Of the challenges that folks faced in and we set it we said is a priority to attract veterans to create an environment. For for veterans win win governor baker Randy talked about three year degrees and I said to them. You know governor we will implement those in veterans of one group. Veterans wanna get three degrees in Maine I not be right for everyone but it is for veterans on line and assimilating online programming for. For veterans making sure that we we we work with reference applying for drops. Putting your best. The face forward when pricey veterans unemployed it drives me crazy. Because we have an obligation in these veteran succumbed org your best students still motivated if focused. You know the data with the doing so I'm a big believer that we we have veterans programs on all of our campuses but. But I was particularly proud lol that that we grew our. We grew wary that we are 500 veterans students in in 2011 and 2016. We year you know we have 12100. Veterans so there's been enormous growth could veterans. Talk to other veterans who lifted his place while ago and I think all the UMass campuses are proud of they're programming for veterans. We ordered or wanna jump him so a couple of things number one. You'll start to laugh whose records were from slow. You will achievements will you slow. And the pros some of you mess I don't think anyone survived on the no military we would call you in a must and someone who will assume most of me and then became a console but we have opposite you're would be. Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Neitzel got some and so you build that program. But patrolled. When I want to do it's it would slow them up in Myanmar is 197. Country who was over re the voice of what the lives of period of time and be on the campus. They didn't have programs. That true real we assist welcome veterans because. A lot of books do you see them wore green and professions were not real happy to see with your veteran. And today I think what happens. Typically get you real soul. You go and do normal we've welcomed as a veteran. But you have programs that help you a ban on some weight I think it's just tremendous what you've done. Chronicle blue TV show. To a great program Oakland November 10 that focused on human soul and showed what they. Tremendously and I give you a lot of credit for going. Well it's a team effort I I will say one one that we turn Colombo protest one of the things that. That I find. Heartwarming is the fact that in in in the sixties. You're right on a college campus it was his sleuth. Int marbles in Thai military's only served. And we don't see them treated you don't see it among. You can go to a group of Liberal Democrats he goes confirmed Republicans. And people you know embrace. Our veterans today and at 11 positive thing I would say you don't hear. You hear people and in bracing veterans more so than before it even the UMass gamers can campers today. There over 500 students who who were veterans. Who are taking advantage mallet military benefits humanist yeah race recently ranked. A number sixteen in the nation on line bachelor's programs for veterans by youths who in news and world report. You Mets cameras is to military. Friendly school by GI jobs as as the Boston. And low campuses so. I think is that a change in the feeling about. Veterans in giving back and in fact. What I like here's I like he has the political parties are about what are we gonna do with these veterans when they come back. We literally sent a generation of veterans in two. Really really tough terrain in Afghanistan and Iraq. And we have. Medical system back in the states frankly isn't equipped to deal those two coming. I think you're Afghanistan and Iraq and you you you could go windward community going to a city one day. And it worked for months with the community and then come back. Six months later and those who is static pressure for the enemy it's really tough. It's tough it's wide did that that you get. You know stress disorders and and and it's it's really tough and we need to have a country. That takes your when they go home and kind of on our thing is that you master we're gonna make sure they get education in May make sure the appropriate into the workforce. What open at one point note who's I think you two would agree to a foot the university. System as a whole as much as the veterans but for all students in the fingers. Veterans don't awkwardness solution this veterans but do stool Neitzel went neutral song and follow the storm Padraig. You don't want something for veterans all sold. And it's coming it's like a rising tide of reasons all bolts and and that's what you don't want. In recent where you're from optimal. That's the problem system transportation. Weirdness if you're a student or you're an important do you liberals that you took a vote should move. Why go on you know public transportation. That's an important thing in the form of opt outs when things are one of. No question about it when I was at all I taught a course on the congress and I did it for two reasons one is the factly really liked it with a chair Lewis in the classroom teaching a class secondly kept in touch with the real. You know the most of what happens at university which is basically interact with faculty and students. But I would get classes we hear we hear had a veteran to in this class in the prospective. The veteran who is. Has all kinds of experience all kinds of steel. All kinds of training to interact with the other students is really important. To a university so so and it's great when it really helps our students. Who. Maybe our veterans who don't understand the challenges who don't really know what it's like. To travel to other countries to do to be engaged. In the war and what the real mission was. In Afghanistan. How they work with the with Afghan women and all of those things. So I thought that'd in empower our students who are there some of whom may have been younger and less experience where veterans in the in the classroom. Would would speak their mind and talk about the experience of being a veteran. Educating those who hadn't had opportunities here. Yes great point or I was going back to school I mean there are people fit just don't understand. You know that the conditions of federal country. You know I was talking about how we burned trash and you know that the VA was something appropriate registry. And they someone asked me of a very intelligent person I respect asked me what outcome that the trust confidence and pick up the the trash and touch. This is not that America folks so I think aidid is a very very Iger. I Graham being in a helicopter there's multiple times in Afghanistan. And you see the difficult terrain. And you see the mountains in literally it looks like you're in biblical times just literally had somebody walking along with a donkey on on a mountain. With no one around. Ten miles one way at ten miles the other way. It it in in fact. You look at the terrain there in his salute you if it's not that surprising that the Russians were defeated the acute in the trial in the more athletes do the trick. Tell people ask him how come you know the economy isn't better than. It's just talk a little landlocked country but doesn't really produce any thing. So I can't trade. It isn't it thirty years of war Tom rider McCann got and they'll have an education system they don't have a bit on any sort still don't quite frankly. Do it or once a booklet asphalt road and a country. Phones are going in you know LT when he turned about the stature in the classroom bring in those perspectives wearing when people talk about Afghanistan or Iraq. I don't know kind of talk about when I when. We both deployed to Afghanistan went. When you tell him you're going to so few people serve today. They tend to think they look at you the tilt their head you get to Q and did you elderly dad's pity. And they feel like it was seriously just to pay a Fella can just totally got diagnosed with something that solves those are you know is one of those and I think that that. Anything in anything that brings people together where we talk about diversity all the time and it is an objectively good thing they have different points of view different people grown up around different. Keep it for someone who's grown up and a well off neighborhoods and to meet people who never. Who who have wanted for something to have a veteran who doesn't and maybe his grandfather was in the military is that from anyone. Absolutely a positive outcome and it's good for the veteran I believe. Ten to understand accident instead of yelling passed each other which are what Twitter all the time they really I think in the classroom setting where it is safe environments. If you use that workers have respectful environment or better put. If people can continue to. And in the go on and a lot of people I find C veterans is robots and all the same. And I think once again in the classroom talk about what you realize veterans are very diverse group themselves because when we talk with unemployment. I think that's things gears or doing talk to Vietnam veterans. The they were there was joke about the the crazed gunman and any TV show in the seventies was it was in the early eighties was Vietnam veteran. And that's what I think a lot of veterans are afraid of it the wounded war being the broken warrior. Again I think seeing. Not just students. Get educated but excels. I think that you do when it's there and really think it in without eggs are you doing God's work with that is really. Impressive stuff because it lets not only does it help that individual faction chose another veteran that he can do it and it shows non veterans that again not just stereotype. I've done. You know its interest I always part of me. He views if if we had a draft in February served. I think some of the decisions we made it would be a little different when it comes to military deployments and things like that so. So I go back and forth on that but the other side of it to get viewpoint if what goes on the classroom. Are Arabs. Our veterans today added that the training and commitment and they mean it can't help but commode and a class from the skills. That that these men and women. Acquired through their multiple. Towards an end in and education and skill set that they develop so I think that that's what happens is what I've seen happen classrooms. Is when they start relating stories or the training that they went through or the skills that they acquired. That really has an impact I think which gets away from a lot of the traditional. Stereotypes. I think that the post traumatic stress. Syndrome issue though is one that. We need to do more we we have a center at UMass Boston to study and rebirth but I think that that's an area where we as a country. Need to. We we need to redouble our efforts by the way it takes funding to it takes a commitment. In hand so. You know politicians at all you know there are all when you go to serve or when to come back they'll wave the flag and hug you and all that but. But what about the commitment. To a health care system for veterans that that is actually equipped to meet the challenges. Of the veterans today that's really the key question ethic. That's a good point on we do you take another quick break you listen to sound off the guardrail and sixties was possible. Alone welcome back and since the world according to chew on the sudden we discuss the fruits and students whose food drug consuming content slow. Today would and very fortunate to it's hard to a strong person fun. You may announce my immune so award laden only appropriate to discuss them who should I do for veterans some. We have some program could go on principle on the federal so late in the states you can. Climb well. I'm concerned trust that if you wore interest from the tending call will chew on a couple things you can go. When you can go to your local world call torture human Bruce W we will do should be viewed veterans were present to you know I'll. Q through the source and who says some great ones. Yeah war. You can go to your local sued undertone hello and contact two veterans salute to slow whistle will be copied to help you access. And holds them for some sort of so's. On human Massachusetts. Oh we do win over which from way before that from some. In addition to blood sugar and salt. That's the world according to joy on part two next week. What about the sound. Co host on the field Graham Mike Sweeney you can sound off us you. Some of the art you know which you know I've called on FaceBook Twitter it's not often that you are KL. And in studio today were honored to have a special guest Marty Meehan is a former congressman and he's now president of the United States. State university in Massachusetts. You know out of sight both inauguration as any time of the present United States Syria and other than the president the University of Massachusetts so. Neo Taobao armed veteran students to a bad political all veterans that may be deploying oil and our current conflicts. What what does you must do for them. Well part of what we need to do is make sure that this scheduling of courses are flexible so that the student gets deployed. Then we needed a make sure that they can with for our. From there of course be make arrangements for when they come back so that they don't you know that they've lost sometimes we wanna make sure that we keep them. On a schedule so that they can graduate in the end. That's part of having a veterans affairs office and the university's really really important because folks are working that our office have expertise. They know. Our community veterans they know who's being deployed who is that they keep track of it and they make sure that the Deans in the faculty aware of this so that we can. Make that assimilation in and out of university is. And efficient as possible and because there were times when if you didn't have that kind of situation. Folks wouldn't be getting them getting their degrees so it's really important we do that so we keep our graduation rates high. I'm tournament. Think it's a lot of people think about the war zone so I think what the people that. That are local that are going in and all on me personally I was in school and I deployed in there and gave physically took my file has put that aside. And it's like come back whenever but I I don't think there was a huge policy in play knows what it. He did in ninety independent good people write whatever it's better to have a a system in place socially speaking to graduates I know we've we've talked about before that. Secretary Francisco your and he Massachusetts veterans apartment which services secretary cabinet secretary to the governor he's also you mast over. Yes he was been governor of baker announced that appointment is so there's a UMass slow ground it's great to see your UMass grads. It. I positions so he's he's a great guy real asset I think to the they could administration. And you've done what we've been going to one amendment view towards 20 humans must Smith or very immunity right. Joseph bounces from court joked that he directly from the tunnel on me not that's much so much. Pick up at our cohost over I don't. I think that you mess that the next step and are pro approaches to empower veterans. To help. Each of them get through. In the governor ways to get them that help each of into work on things like veterans policy. Making applying for benefits easier. Jobs programs. Making sure. People prepared to enter the workforce so I think the other thing about it is I never ever at UMass lol war with UMass campuses. Ever say we do veterans service is great we can be complacent. It's constantly changing we need to constantly be improving. You never it's it's sort of and so like Belichick after win they'll check will say do a lot of things that we can do better. And in so I think that's really important in the mindset for UMass investment services we never ever can feel. No matter how many awards we get a recognition we never can field. That that we are doing. The best we can do we can always do better. And yeah and then you know the challenges of veterans the face constantly evolving and changing in individual circumstances are. I think that's really important in power veterans so that they can continue to fight. They continue to make sure we have policies on every level not just at the university state policies federal policies that are supportive of the trial. Orton who missed the pros to agree with you want all of but again one or plug which you don't want that to me it's for all wheels to speak those who give. Veterans who runs from torts and just because of the programs for the veterans but because who have equality. Education appeared to be and then. It's an S ranked nationally around slowly you know oh I. All of a sudden one billion submit a social school would have great science technology programs and well the rule book you have such a good hockey program and are now in lower rate should I ask I also wanna put it DC and visual became exhibit our heads who know they did. I wanna put a pitch in for the year UMass medical school the medical school UMass posed a VH specialty clinic on its campuses provides. High demand services. Four for for veterans researches a UMass medical school have worked with the VA to launch a first ever VA study. Of women's. Maternal health care which is. Increasingly important is nearly one in five. Military veterans and now women so. There are a lot of interesting things happening on all of our campus and I'm proud of the medical school and their commitment that they're making in terms of research and turn to clinics to veteran bloom court. You mentioned numerous medical they just go home worked with. We know. It's good some of them. Legislature should say there was a commission I mean you don't. Study before room housing and no one term to mean so well veterans and elbow William disabled veterans and UMass medical Osama. To the study York and that includes it's a tool them. And it was cheated by Leo it's good some of them might crush his. Solely to right. It's my good guy too good guy whom America unfortunately New York office of inaudible when that happened on him a couple of good guys and he's appointed secretary of veterans. Minorities are doing nude at all and they're good at all. But get a medical schools are great jump in and be honest with you look at UMass is system. We do over 630 million dollars worth of research here for years that that basically puts obstacles through a department MIT's we are re search engine. It's an important asset. To the Commonwealth of Massachusetts run and in the. Something like it and we need to. Two of the programs for veterans but it's something for them Google's school fall. Google's programs this slow and even some record but McDougal. For itself complacent that are awarded themselves just a terrorist I'm John bush total four out of will you join us on resume splice them study you'll blow warm and social consequences. It might want to work we do you open veterans like campus but it helps veterans and the community. No I'm only human sanctions for its books ruled the country in the world particularly great the great Roger that it amounts to slow UMass for Austin's a great show. Some would you that are up official Marty Meehan the policy thanking you for coming to rush on the picture ID and you've that you guys that don't want an always thoughtful. Opinions that you had a much more adults in the world leaders usually travel around 12100 yeah BI joined giants and their personal right beyond talk about a week you know implicitly or you get the experiences like you know the billionaires don't you talk Murray would have more or whoever would go up close look at him what the months old so Obama but I don't. It is all right but but John and Mike thanks so much for you guys though. And to all those who are listening tour veterans as well as your family members thank you for your service to our great country. Until total it was themselves. The fewer pills and succeed was supposed. Us plus. It.