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Charlie Baker vetoes pay increases. 1/27/17

Jan 27, 2017|

Can we stop the pay increases? Where is our raise?

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Thousand dollar pay increase. So easy Stan Rosenberg. This senate president is gonna give him say guys gonna get eight give himself a 45000. Dollar pay increase. Many of the people in the leading positions in that house and senate. Committees are gaining 35 or 30000 dollar pay increases. The governor is gonna get an over 30000 dollar pay increase. Stayed judges every single one of them are gonna getting men a mom of a 25000. Dollar pay increase. That's the bribe. Got to make short at the state judges won't shoot down the pay increase because it's it's illegal. It violates the ballot referendum that was passed an amendment to the state constitution. Passed in 1998. That says a lawmakers cannot vote themselves. Any major or big pay increase. Now not only are their positions part time. But just understand how what seemed mrs. They just got a raise a month ago an automatic raised based on the state median in come every two years it kicks in. Of 2500. Dollars. So they already got a race but didn't want 2000. They want 40000. In the country. The top ten speakers of state houses. Make on average. ET 4000. Dollars. Not a 142000. Like L Porky Pig Bob DiLeo. 84000. In that. Leaders of the state senate top ten the average most paid the highest paid. He averages 86000. Dollars. Not a 142500. Oh like the sleazy Stan Rosenberg. Who's going to be the senate president. On top of all of this because it just gets worse and worse. They're voting themselves in 80000 dollars increase is in stipends. So they're gonna put 80000 dollars in their pocket. Dave also van for delete all Rosenberg and the top leadership in the house and the senate. They have also index the pension increases. To their pay increases. 80% so for example don't we know. Is gonna get a 30000 dollar pension increase every year. On top of this current pension that's 3000 dollars a month. This espouses Stan Rosenberg has spouse. Whenever we're not much younger march younger than sleazy stand. This spousal benefits. That's gonna continue for decades even after Stan Rosenberg passes away. Going to be he's approaching seven now. So we're gonna be paying for these people's retirement. For decades the com and then spousal benefits for decades the com. Oh million mom. It's going to be costing taxpayers in this state and extra eighteen million dollars. A year. That's the minimum. And it just hit eighteen million then another eighteen million then another eight Doug Doug did just it's der bleeding us money on this one. It is the most grotesque. Pop scene money grab. May be in the country in terms of state legislators. Dole back hacker grandma is alive and well so under tremendous pressure from you corner country because we led the charge. Much of the media is now following us. The chicken Charlie who said nothing about this. Did Dave before the house voted themselves that draconian pay increase when he delivered his state of the state address. Well now chicken Charlie Wi trying to put a little. A little backbone a little spying in his back. So chicken Charlie under tremendous public pressure because the backlash is immense. This morning vetoed the pay increase package. Here's what he said roll it Allen. I'm a veto this tomorrow don't complicated. Don't think it's a good did something historic time we have a very strong and positive working relationship with our colleagues in the legislature. A lot of issues and have done a lot of good work done but. As I said yesterday. You know we're still restore what I would describe his. Tight times financially. And Beacon Hill and. So it's that we easily he's gonna veto witty has stool but it's tight times forgot all nightmare bowel and I got a great working relationship. Why didn't he denounce them. Whiny column out why demean humiliate them why didn't you embarrass some. Why we do and give this is a Brinks robbery job. This is legalized theft. Or stealing from us. What do you think pays their salaries. Their pensions their benefits we do. The taxpayers. There's nothing to get along here. So rather than just issuing a mealy mouth to veto. He should come out and said. This is highway robbery this is fever read this is abuse of power and I will not work we if you want any other issue. Until you until you rescind the law that you just pastor Barea who don't vote on. Because what's happening now is the way they've rigged the system. They have a veto proof majority. So now they can override check in Charlie's Hedo. And there's nothing he can do about it or nothing we can do about it unless. We threaten them with their drops. With a loss of their drops. And so to prevent. Veto proof majority. You need they need to loose ten set pence at ten represented and have to lose them votes in this state house. Or five senators in the state senate. So if we melt around the phone line it's. And if we tell them they're writing their political death warrants. That they are committing political suicide. You vote for this pay increase you're gonna lose your reelection and you we won't elect you for dog catcher. By the time everything is said and done. Corner country unless we do it they're gonna pull this highway robbery off. So we're gonna have to oppose them shame mom and humiliate him. And when we just say this. Deal where if they do override Baker's veto. We cannot forget it and we must use it to drive every single one who voted for this out of office. Because this to mean is absolutely. Unacceptable. There's an eastern European saying. Dawn to. Rain on my back. Sorry don't key on my back and call it rained. Don't key on my back and call it rained. Don't tell me that somehow is they're trying to peddle now. That this is good for the taxpayers of Massachusetts. Because we need qualified people. And if you're not going to be paying people 130. On 140 you know 150. And I 160000. Dollars a year and if you're not gonna give them 80000 dollar stipends. And 45 third given themselves 4050000. Dollar travel and housing allowances. Wanna be driven around in Luke's. Wanna be staying a five star hotels on our doing. So in other words unless we're stealing from the people you're just because I get good qualified people really. How come you Hampshire does it for a hundred bucks a year. Aren't you are supposed to be it's part time job. You are supposed to be sick December legislate ports. Up full time paid tax. There are members of congress are full time US senators. Recession burly six months of the year. Most of you have second jobs. Frankly most of them are lawyers a prestigious law firms. Many of them are already making six figures. They've already got. Pensions because there city officials or whatever they have with their private employer they're double triple quadruple dipping. And so what were the Smart gonna get qualified people lived through they've bought the wheel Islamic and 142500. And sleazy stand Rosenberg Islamic and his 145. Eighths who's gonna be senate president. Well Tony. Crocker among the top ten other states that pay the most for state house speakers they can get away what 84000. Or as state president. Some areas senate president or leader of the senate that's 86000. How come everybody else can get by with so much less the new. But here to me as the kicker. We did the nurse story yesterday weren't talked about nurses aides for children with severe disabilities how they cannot get nursing and home care. Because there's no money. Do you remember when a police officer was shot recently Ron Tarantino wrong Tarantino. And when police officers were asking. To provide all police officers with bulletproof vests. The total amount needed was 300000. Ball works 300000. What did dad Bob de Leo once sleazy stand say. There's no money. What do the state legislators say durst mall Monday. So for 300000. Dollars to protect our first responders and law enforcement are cops and police officers. Not only money for you there's more money. 300000. But for eighteen million dollars for you guys the line your pockets and all problem. The checkbook that's why it opened his blank. Just got yourself a check. Now. Let me ask you this question. Lasted a Brittany. And I might fights it's it's a way to trick question she didn't get it I'm sure most of you won't get it. These are official Census Bureau reports assertion official statistics. From the US Census Bureau I want you think about its. Were relatively small stake in terms of population. How many of our citizens do you think are officially below the poverty line thicket yes. I he said a 100000. And then I said 300000. And asked me and you said you set higher and. She said a 100000. 200000. 300000. Half a million. 500000. Citizens of Massachusetts. Are our officially. According to do US Census Bureau look at out these are officials have dismal bullet. Are officially. Under the poverty line. They are getting rich. They are getting fatter and fatter and fatter. They're fiddling. While Massachusetts. Burns. Without changes to compensation. Massachusetts ran their risk of becoming as stage. We're only be independently. Wealthy. Could run for office. This has not been adjusted for. Victories. Cost of living increases on there. Full compensation package every year. That last voice was sleazy stand that's a senate president's. Stan Stan Lee. C Rosenberg. I he's getting a 45000. Dollar pay increase when an 80000 dollars stipend. Who along with they pension boost that 80% on top of his current pension linked to his race. I can you play him again Allen he says it's a cost of living adjustment. 433 years most people get cost of living increases on there the whole compensation package every year. It's and you got 2500. Dollars last month stand that was our cola that was our cost of living adjustments and I hear is that a text from. 781 Jeff. In this state of Nevada. Legislators who make 30000 dollars a year you know. How come they're able to attract good talent. For the state legislator for the state legislature in Nevada on thirty K a year. But according here two this is sleazy Stan Rosenberg and Bob Dole Leo's French woman but he sent out there and make it 14150. What a big pension increase and 80000 dollars stipend to line your pockets nobody wants to serve. They're playing the first clip again Alan gotta attract talent you gotta pay you want tough people got a pub Boller. Changes to compensation. Massachusetts ran their risk of becoming as stage. We're only be independently. Wealthy. Could run for office. Yeah yeah. How come the rest of the country seems able to do with the fear I'm just a romp just thinking out loud here 61 of these corrects. And their money when she ain't. There's no shame. You don't tell me. If it's a Brinks robbery job if I'm gonna you know what I whatever. Stick up pull a stick up on a Brinks truck Kirk rob a bank. You know I would cover my face amoled. I'd be ashamed that they do it right to your face. Dorian Gloucester or go ahead Torre. Jeff good afternoon welcome op from the North Shore welcome Torre welcome my friend. I am I have to think that I just wanna point out you've mine. Are so long in his hand Margaret a lanky. And she has never met attracts. Or a pay raise which you didn't like. She's fallen in step with the leader ships. She in fact devoted herself to me is speaker of als. It across the boy these trucks not notice they're there thick as thieves are do they all stay together rock. Or. You know they don't. Unfortunately nobody runs against her. Com and so are Buddhist followers are senator state senator I'm sure he voted against the sabres. On the second thing I want to add yet is that I've been out of work or two years lost taking care of my mother. And if somebody offered me a job. At a 140000. Dollars. Or whatever but going raiders jumped and in a minute. I. Well Torrey Smith could be expired for your run for Beacon Hill. We'll solve your problem right there OK my friends so here's what's happening okay. Baker is now vetoed. So it's gonna go back to the state legislature. They're gonna have to override his veto currently they have the votes if we can flip and a mouse or five in the senate. Then they cannot override baker his veto. There Morse who likely gonna vote on this package again this time Ramey through override Baker's veto the gonna try. Next Wednesday. So we have to date the weekend. Monday and choose date. To put so much pressure on him so much heat melt down their phone lines saying look you're gonna cut your political throat. Your career is over. If you go for this then number to call Mets key or why lighting up those phone line it's 617. 72 to 2000 that's the main line for Beacon Hill. Look up where your state rep is your state senator is. And tell them vote Null or your political career is over it's not simple. 236. Here on the great WRKO. OK in my friends. Then number to call it the state legislature up on Beacon Hill. Tell your state rap or state senator either you vote no for you goal. On both proud most pay raises its that simple vote no or you goal. Make your bet 6177222000. They're gonna do probably back in session by the middle of next week about Wednesday. So we've got four or five days to mobilize. The growing vast opposition and backlash. To these have seen draconian pay hikes. Again 617722. 2000 is the number up on Beacon Hill let's continue to melt their phone lines. OK just a quick update tomorrow Saturday. Doctor grace moto American heartland will be on taking your calls live. From eight don't mind I'm sure she'll have a lot about this story and others. And bill Kelly. Now on our is always tomorrow on WRK go from nine until noon so start tuning in tomorrow. At 8 AM here on the grip. I'm a great WRKO. Human apply again your show as well Brittany. That would be nice shall visage carry it out supply all right so Brittany is the executive producer Brian Dalton show. Which is Sunday at 7 o'clock correct. Current OK so together what 5:35 o'clock in the morning to do that show yeah. Or your real trooper Rainier got a tire that's a lot of fun where you have a good show on Sunday for area on. So when you also take calls as well get ready did yesterday okay. So mom so you we got some good weekend shows for you here on WRKO. You can and you can text us as always 68680. So look I I look I swear I love this audience best audience in the business. So I hear is from. We see 781 Jeff. Not only is the average salary for the state legislators in Nevada 31000. Dollars a year. It has term limits as well. And at Boise Nevada gets body on 31000. A year act at at Wynn's term limits how do you guys though it. 617. Jet. Property taxes on my new house 2800. Dollars a year out at minus 101000. Almost 9800. I this guy is still want more money yeah yeah I I yeah yeah I. This is from 978 Jeff. I work for a major supermarket chain I have not received a raise for three years and no bonus last year. So I actually made less and they think they deserve a 40000 dollar raise. Yes. You see crooks and thieves and shy stirs. They have no shame. Lucille and Somerville go ahead Lucille. Didn't that it can't go I don't know if it is. I don't please get this thing about it I'd expect that that said he felt. Spending bill and it looked at Albany get spots in that I kept attacking Delta's. And then you don't know I respect you open yet started I told Steve Jack captain. Lucy let's just carry the phone connection is bad but you know I agree with few 1000%. Everything you said. Dill I have not hi I'm is that correct. Only then let gonna give them felt that way. The state and some hiring. I'm sorry Jill can you repeat that. Probably aren't your product in my husband in the big and yeah it's cool did you say how we. But you're right all of my I'm Lisa how we know the general and he get checked me aren't you and I can't you get a great job and among all fired up. And I have let just a question I thank you do go ahead. I'm wondering how can government Dick Cheney and share on the ballot bow out so that back. I. I already wrote it can be publicly. And I know governor awoken hadn't had a band on how green it could backfire and aren't buying and giving you try to get him back in early intricate Bryant current crude unit which spending wouldn't. The government trying to do they happen. And. Look Gail I gotta tell you and I'm just honestly now I'm just echoing and thank you for that call. IMac Cornwell a lot of this is a very shrewd audience very savvy audience. What a lot of the techsters are now texting us 686821. Attacks by the way. Look baker wins it's and it's a win win for him. Because she goes and vetoes this. But he knows there's tremendous support fork in the legislature. So he knows they're gonna override his veto. That's why you're being honest with you that if you wanna play you look let's play his threat for a veto again looked. How passive. How mealy mouth. How soft. His word czar as he's saying he's gonna be over there than the pay increase. He's not offending anybody. He's not calling out anybody. He's not humiliating or embarrassing anybody he's not using the bully pulpit. To really go laughter and shame you know Porky Pig don't we all work sleazy Stan Rosenberg. Like Adam. It's like we don't have the money right now when you have got no choice I got a legal wit us gotta great working relationship with them. Roll it again Alan. But we said in 2014. We didn't think. Peres made sense at that point in time in announcing a lot that's changed with respect to that. There you go. So he wins both waist. He says I vetoed it caught Osama fiscal conservative I've been noted I didn't fight him. It hinge casinos it's gonna get over right now with the way the votes are if we don't put maximum pressure they're gonna over they have a veto proof majority. They're gonna override his veto. So heads I win tails you lose. That's why he thinks how much can forget this. If this was Jeff corner as governor dot thing would have never reached my desk. I would have been pounding these guys nonstop the moment this thing was floated I would mobilize so much public opposition. I would say you guys are gone and not only are you guys gone I'm not working with you want anything. I'm gonna shut the government down. Until you rescind your own pay increases. Instead Jack we don't got a hold it against me OK guys okay so you're ram it through now override come on come on let's go let's go. Hey I vetoed it when a storm in ado let's go business as usual up on top up on Beacon Hill. It's come bull he fielder that's what it is it's it's a dog and pony show it's smoke and mirrors. Maria and Boston go ahead Marie. Good afternoon chance I'd like to thank you for the leadership cute shown to this whole crew stayed. I I can't believe. I I really which in news when I found out that. Donald Trump was elected because I believe there was some get buying intervention in the Q. Because we finally have a president. Who is a constitutional. Ernst who is that. Proud American. And I think if we could do the same debate can hill and the city. Keep the ball rolling let's have this second American revolution completely but let's clean outs. I'm with few Marie and we phew thank you for that call look honestly two words. Sean out O'Connell. The European Sean O'Connell. She's a great state rep she's a real reformer. She's a true or woman of the people. She is a fiscal conservative shall protect our money she's against corruption. She's tough she's hard nosed she's no nonsense. She's the real thing she's very principled. Let's run her. And primary Charlie Baker. And then you'll see a very different game. In this city and in this state but that's just my opinion 6172666868. Is the number. The number again 6177222000. The number up on Beacon Hill look it's going to be up to us. It you know it like everything else we got to get trump elected not to be on our shoulders. If we're gonna beat back the ruling costs the corrupt ruling class in this state it's gonna be up to us. 6177222000. Melt the phone lines now on. Find out who your state rep does your state senator call and say no all or you goal. No to the pay raise or you're gone. We're gonna vote your rear ran out of office that's simple. Reggie Europe next go ahead reg. Our promoter operator won't comment from a quart they're liable on a one dollar and your global war in the North Attleboro area. I think we need to wrap up corporate state senate seat. We of them washed from rock slide project now. Full page outlook on candidates from all across Massachusetts. That's the only way it will point to go. Want to log sheet I'm. Reggie thank you very much I mean I appreciate the support but. I know I couldn't keep my job here at WRKO. Are you that's the pro might have to give up my job and I just I don't wanna do that it's just it's such an immense platform I couldn't. I couldn't do that although I gotta tell you gonna be very honest with all of you. I've been coming under tremendous. Pressure from a lot of almost it's getting to the point machine and say this but when you sit and went. I go to my dry cleaners I go to my supermarket. You did they all know me up but there are patriots placing on your Joseph let's stay with the bambino was I bring my kids up there it doesn't matter where right goal. Everybody's telling me to either run for governor I swear to you or run against Elizabeth Warren. I hear that again and again and again and I'm like oh I love my job. I mean I just I you know I just I love my job I love talking to UN. Being in front of the microphone but look honestly. Sean O'Connell. Is a bullet a silver bullet. And I like Jeff deal and to some other candidates but I like state representative Jeff deal to run against Elizabeth Warren but first things first. We got to beat back this pay race. Joseph oh Europe next go ahead Joseph. I wanna be caller brought to the top police Evelyn this is an election make that judges and one for the position. If we we elect judges to the bench instead wants and what would happen. On with few I don't like appointing judges I don't like appointing hacks and I've got to say. See this is how they really forgive me but I got to know speak plainly this is helping screwed us on this billion efforts. Because this state constitution. Says. You cannot repeal. The pain of a charge. You can't repeal the salary or that. That the pay of a state judge. So that's why it's not just a bright bomb so they won't shoot it down there won't know or rule it unconstitutional. This way once they get the judges involved. It prevents a ballot initiative 128 team. Because the logical way to beat them is that's fine. We'll put it up on the ballot in 2008 team all that dole was like 95 tough life. Are and how much hitting filled gets slow water. I if you wrote in the judges. He can't repeal it in a ballot referendum. Gay thought this thing to rule all they have been planning and plotting this for so long. So they got paid the doctor 2500. So greedy they are. They got they waited till after the Election. Day doctor 2500. Dollars. And then when the patriots won bay beat the Steelers are going to Super Bowl. Everybody's talking tots trump has been a moderator restarted but the probe doesn't trump and immigration and and they figure head. But they forgot one thing my friends. You. They forgot about us. Corner country. Let's make our stand and let's make it now. Yeah. Yes yes I will be and will obviously be voting part how difficult is if you do vote be raised for yourself. Well again you know it's I don't necessarily see is a pay raise because it's it's not people look. 253. Here on the great WRKO. Case is from seven to seven again you can text us 68680. Jeff here in Florida was this corner country. Joseph appear in Florida. Judges are voted on no whole milk all you mean they're not all up a point that attacks almighty god but he does survive down there. Stayed salaries for legislators. Are approximately sixty days. How does Florida. You know Miami. Tampa or land goal. Fort Lauderdale. I mean you know what was the population of Florida it's a hell of a lot bigger than Massachusetts okay. I highly state legislators do their jobs on sixty K a year do you how do you do it down there. Because you're gonna make it 1420. Where does my getting the best talent. 6172666868. Race where one racquet what are racquet okay the number again to. Call up on Beacon Hill please keep calling do not stop. 61772. To 2000. Column you vote no or you goal it's that simple. Bob in Marblehead you've been holding a long time Bob thank you and welcome. Yes thanks you're absolutely right so or elections there rep chair open model had not sure. So take center in email and I said forget about the race. You guys don't even deserve. You're straight salary for what you do what you don't do this. But they label under the clean winners are. That I do it I submit whatever I sent ticker. I'm gonna put in the Bobble a reporter at the Salem news to live in item. So she's gonna get to lenders. One parity since in the other way and before Wednesday. So she gets she gets the word and everybody yeah I'm not sure he took some pretty. Those two read newspapers are pretty low Greta. Good excellent Bob thank you thank you very much says let's keep it up corner country. 6172666868. This is from 617 Jeff. It's not a pay raise its staff. So no wonder he doesn't see it as arrays are. All good 1617. Alan can you played I gotta go through photo parents. Lot of parents. Where it is played coming in. Well he's right but it's stepped up big mojo we stand corrected it's not raise its thievery. You do vote a pay raise for yourself. Well again you know if I don't necessarily see it is the IRA says that it's that people do well we said it. It's a flow well actually it's it's it's highway robbery actually it is picked up. You're taking our money. Taught in New Hampshire go ahead Claude. Yeah I mean I I think you need. But just that you were there any of the reports that group. A beekeeper about Iraq where you opposite that pulpit just as the equipment and betray the whole alternate to don't want. Would that be beautiful. I've taught honestly would that be beautiful well you're right really it is racketeering. It's legalized theft. See that's the thing my father or my grandfather Tommy does he signal a most politicians are arsenal in what granddad. He said there legalized criminals. Eagle son think about it why are people spending so much obscene amounts of money to say cinema city City Council job that. Pays 1520000. Dollars a year. It's their back to get a job for 1520000. Dollars a year unless they're stealing. Jerry Europe next go ahead Jerry. Coleman how what you'll my friend. I admit it for you it. Throughout the my dad is always good day Indy right. Should I get home at. It's like in this deal. It's legal authorities said you know what it is it's it's under the Rico statutes. In off of the pot and it just this. Should this issue one or it's somebody walks in all these other mayors across the country. So violate the 1996. Immigration reform act -- at the end Sanctuary Cities in the hobbling immediately intact. Jerry you're completely right. Let. I got one more minute okay Larry I got one minute go ahead Larry. I Larry Def. Question not a computer right here out might get grip yesterday that he earlier there's no ordered constitutional law moderates. Actually the water to all the hoopla. What was what the earlier. Well Larry technically not all the legislators are gonna get a raise. But DiLeo is getting a big raise this senate president during a big raised. If you see or any of the house and Senate Committees you get a raise if you're in leadership positions you get a raise. So basically most of them are gonna be getting our rates. We know about C young that's that's how they they they scam the system here. Plus they threw in the judges plus they threw in Charlie Baker and look. They're taking the 1% the ruling class they're taking care of themselves. The rest of us blank you. Well you know what my friends they're gonna find out next week. It's not like me it's going to be blank you.