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01/24/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio - all things paranormal including Brown Mountain Lights, Winchester Mystery House, Bermuda Triangle, and more!

Jan 25, 2017|

01/24/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Joshua P. Warren discusses a myriad of paranormal topics including the Wishing Machine, Bermuda Triangle, Winchester Mystery House, paranormal television, Brown Mountain Lights, and much more.

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Our. Welcome everyone it's Tuesday night or Wednesday morning depending on where you Lawrence beyond reality radio would Jason Hawes and GB Johnson and as always. Yes we earn a big shell told listeners out there were others tuning in on any of the great stations we have around which will be many more coming up soon. It or listening online. These if you haven't Amaechi had over to FaceBook and like our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. But we will get a great show tonight we've got a friend of ours Josh Warren who's an investigator for me geez won't I think he wrote his first book when he was like thirteen years old him. Yeah he got a really early start. And I'm I'm anxious to hear about how a thirteen year old goes about writing a book men and believe that book was so ultimately published in an office published at that point but he did start early. He's got his hands and a whole bunch of different things related to the paranormal big food everything from ghost hunting too. On the ground mountain lights to the mute Bermuda Triangle ends in a lot more mean you really really covers the gamut. He's been involved in the field as long as I can remember and have listened to when Thomas times also on coast to coast and on many other radio shows out there. So just just a great guy he's a good friend and I'm looking forward to talking on tonight. The ME two I'm particularly interest and talk about the Bermuda Triangle we have been. John a lot on this show about the Bermuda Triangle and it's something. You know as we always talk about those in search of episodes that. Leonard DeMaurice two narrate back in the seventies and they've they've played you know in syndication for years and years and years. One of my favorite episodes was the Bermuda Triangle episode of that and I was always you know curious and fascinated. By other stories revolving door on the Bermuda Triangle we just haven't had much of a chance to talk about and on the shell. Now and and speaking of a Bermuda Triangle where it happening we got so lucky last night for instance we resilience that's pretty easy hit by amid massive storm error an eye on that was about 4050 mile an hour winds and literally started yesterday and it went all night long. And at 20 at 2 AM and two seconds literally two seconds after the show ended. My power when. Will you deny everything shut down you and I were biting our fingernails as the we are getting ready to go live last night and you know just praying the wind didn't knock something down and we didn't go off the air you know it happens it's happened before. Let it happen to night no seconds after the show aired and that was the most amazing thing ever even at the calling in the formula what lap you're just appear and I know to say it 2 AM and two seconds I lost power. Somebody was looking so. But he was definitely looking out for us over that was thank you very much by the way if if you haven't found our chat room yet and you listen to the show on the radio station near you. I just go to the website beyond reality radio dot com. And click on the listen life like you can still listen on your local radio station but the chat room more open up TO and there's a lot going on in there. There's birthdays as a whole bunch of stuff being celebrated in the chat room right now it's a great community. Some great conversation we encourage you to join us. Part of our ever growing beyond reality radio family and I would greatly appreciate that are so important. We do we look forward to our conversations were constantly and they're talking to everybody. Yeah I'm before we get too far into the showed tonight we should mention that tomorrow and we've got Karen Dohmann coming up on Karen is an author of licensed therapist a business owner. And she's an expert we jolly gist. Which is a word and I've never seen before but that somebody who works with the studies the ouija board while yeah I wonder if she's friends with the about march 2 different president. I would think any anybody involved with the with ouija boards we know Bob is he's a great guy clay. There are dark tunnel the the more the week G movies and and all that stuff too and nasal Luigi collector he's got. While these crazy boards just what a great guy and then Thursday we've got mark Merritt Belo and he's. Author and professor of history at Shawnee State University. And visiting professor and intranet of history as well. But in he's been on so many different things talking about everything from secret societies terrorism and crime. A Nazi Germany myths and legends and so it's definitely going to be interest in TARP. Yeah will be talking about death and afterlife. Concepts with him on when Joseph a lot of the Nazis had a lot to do with that too they were working on that stuff. They're working on trying to re enemy corpses some and so forth some crazy stuff. I'm Nazis did so many crazy things for us just in general finally do you ever say the word Nazi without some crazy being somewhere in this sentence I think that's probably true paid. Did you hear about these these are very strange. Booms these very loud booming sounds that were heard around San Diego today. Unaudited. This several people reported hearing two large. Very loud bangs they felt the earth shake around 3 o'clock. Then in the afternoon a San Diego time in their. Many people a post on social media they thought it was an earthquake but the US. I geological so service says no there was no earthquake in the area and folks are baffled people heard. This sounds their listings were shaking and some people even reported seeing a large glowing ball in the western sky. This is real news fake news correct I'm hoping. And Paul can agree 'cause my external auditor would result well. All I know is that the military hasn't hasn't responded to requests to offer an explanation and most official on government agencies don't have one so unless the military toppled something it's gonna remain in the unsolved mysterious column. Yeah well and when I sang a second ago about realism fake news. Scientists claim that they've developed a psychological. Vaccine against a news Jim. So you can be is dumb as you want believe everything your being told. But this whole this'll help resolve all. When you say you you don't mean me right now I don't use his image hit computer with a similar thing you now on I don't know I think now scientists say they've done they've developed a psychological vaccine for fake news. Which can be used to calculate the public against misinformation. Misinformation of course can be sticky and spreading them and they referred to is replicating what the virus on. Nemesis one of the lead researchers Sander van deer Lyndon. From the University of Cambridge. The east they said they wanted to see if they could find vaccine by preemptively exposing people to small amounts of the type of misinformation. They might experience a warning that helps preserve the facts. The team amassed more than 2000. US residents from various ages genders political leanings and education levels. And they begin. And by examining their thoughts on climate change which of course a politically charged issues that Newton really has a lot of misinformation. That. That's not based on solid grounding FactSet research. It's it's just the latest product. The researchers then percent of the group wouldn't a number of scientifically sound climate change facts in the form of statements such as. 97% a climate scientists have concluded that humans caused a goal or warming to happen. They also percent of the group with miss misinformation taken from the Oregon petition. It is known to be fraudulent which states that 31000. American scientists state that there's no evidence that humans released. See you CO2 causes climate change. So after hearing statements the participants were asked to estimate what they thought the current level of scientific agreement was on climate change to see how old. How the hearing and their hearing. Different. How each one was taking it the information. And how might sway their personal opinions but the team found that those who were shown the accurate information in this form of a pie chart. Describe the scientific consensus consensus. Be very high and those shown only the misinformation reported at very low which makes sense because. These are the only faxes and they are going myself. But they they believe that they've been able to create this vaccine and they're going to be able to put an altar to. I justice like a lot. I don't understand fitness anytime I hear something like that I think of you know brainwashing and mind control and thought control com. And it doesn't. It's in this scenario like that he really does when you when you start thinking about it it can stand terrifying because. I mean if if there is able to well they've been men and manipulating us forever as it is so. I don't and we just about a week are we I think. I think a lot of what we need to be doing is we need to take every we need we can't take everything we see particularly on the kind. As gospel we need to do our own research we need to be educated and we need to pay attention what's going on from many different sources. And I think will be better off I don't think we need. Two have a some Kennesaw police monitoring more and which is what they're talking about at the federal government at one point and an alternate still doing that or not but our fans. They do you know that three weeks ago what lesson three weeks ago. Well Justin during the day that we hadn't asteroid the size of a building. Slip past the earth here it is just due to our half way from a Austin yeah I I heard isn't as a few of those things going on out there in the in the sky that we you know might not be aware of well another one just happened tonight at 11:54 PM eastern time so it literally just happened. The new near earth object. It's dubbed asteroid 22017. And BX and it was only discovered a few days ago on Friday January 20. So it's one bias tonight at 1154. At a distance about a 162000. Miles. Roughly two thirds of the way to the moon if you think about it. But what's really scary about that is he just found out about it I mean. It really opens a door to how much of a boring spot we have. Went with these things coming in. And that's one thing NASA was talking about as well these things aren't being detected until they're right here third just about passed so. I don't what's the what's the reasoning behind the news and not being detected because we don't have the technology to detect them they're coming too fast or we just not looking in the right places. Well NASA is trying to actually fund a new space telescope couldn Neil cam to help find 90% of these nearer earth objects. Because they're claiming that just hard to detect with the with technology that we have today and just with how close is coming I mean we're talking. Literally they just found out about it a couple days ago. And if you had won three weeks ago that was the size of a building now it wouldn't take one much lauded the what is it a mile or two miles. In diameter hitting the earth would. Would. Beaten almost mirror this famously hundred nuclear bombs or whatever are fresh forgot the exact math on that but. But this terrifying if you think about it I mean we're not seeing these until it's already too late. I'll let Timmy and they often talk about that being one of the you know catastrophic doomsday scenarios as. There's a an object hitting the earth from space of magnitude and then then then destroying life on the planet as it did by series here. Into the dinosaurs and what concerns me about. One that went by tonight and patent the best way to describe it the one that went by tonight. Imagine a rock the size of a truck flying overhead at four point six. Miles per second. Well. I am Mac card just imagine her and me imagine that the hitting it it's just. It be devastating even something that size hitting me hitting your they would be you'd be deficit. If you're just joining us so welcome to the show it's beyond reality radio and how many people do you think. Dying have as far as I industrialists say it shows us a three yen or 400 people how many people do you think pounds have a fear of dying. Well I mean I think a lot of people have a hidden fear of dying I think that that's what why a lot of people who get involved in the kernel because. They're hoping that there is there something after this life and today and that's a big reason that the that the involved so I think. While most people most people have that fear them when they close their eyes that's that's going to be the last time and western university. You know welders. A new technique that's trying to read people of the fear of dying and us scientists are using headsets to simulate. The feeling of passing away and the feeling of your soul leaving your body. Talk called death simulators. And they use of her true virtual reality headset you know the the opulence and sure you've heard of that layer on to create an out of body experience and it's being used to cure people's fear of dying. They use the technology and make people feel as though they are having an out of body experience and but they're finding is after they've done this people actually. See you're dying less non not sure how he simulated out of body experience has that affect who we know from people who we've had on the show agenda. So people who actually had an out of body experience or near death experience often come back with no fear of death. Yeah well the end because there and they've already experienced that whole thing you've seen that there is something on the other side in the and a lot of moves have here in the populist in his. That's what I had you trial that time when we're with flair down and Las Vegas that was innocuous sort of then three out of its own virtual reality so. Yeah well this seems you working. They found that people who have gone through this therapy actually come around and to have a far. Lower fear of death and they went in with and done and seemed to appreciate life more at the same time zone maybe there's something to that concert. Therapy. And the virtual reality world I think is opening up so many more doors more winner in Vegas we settled I even China they've been working on assume. It's a whole and then to next Tuesday and the GR headsets so when you're playing shooting games and stuff the suit has little. Little things and where you're able to feel when you when you get this question are feeling exactly where you would feel if you if you Julia it. You're able to feel the impact and it's also picking up all your movements. So. It's neat that way but I mean this I think it's opening up so many doors. And things like excess and well just endless other possibilities I love the idea of men having games and actually keep people mobile said the sitting down all time. Mullen and that was Saddam one of the first it's has successfully that was obviously Nintendo with the Wii and the answer they actually had to PlayStation came out with a yeah and and people were pretty excited about the fact they can you know play tennis or baseball actually swing something and then every get tired of doing that. Is too much exactly fifty billion thrown out shelter and put. I have been it's just like I said I mean I think it opens up such a world I just I don't know the whole. Fear of death thing and experiencing it through VR. And then losing fear and it seems kind of far fetched because you know you're not dying. No matter what even though you're a virtual reality. You know you're not really dying so I'm I'm not sure how that now I had in the same month same questions about those therapies just seems like. Onion you can show somebody that all day long but it's not the same as actually experiencing yourself so not sure they journalist's final moments it is it's it's a total different totally different experience or her with things so. I don't mountain creepy. You have one more thing I wanted to bring up here another a group of scientists have been using brain scans. They looked at brain scans for from over 500 people who were aged between the U the ages of 22 and 36. And they look at the differences in the cortex which is the wrinkle the outer layer of the brain so also known as the gray matter comment commonly. And they found that time they can actually predict personality traits of people based on. Their. What their cortex looked like in the thickness and and it's cheap and and as some other characteristics. They say they're five basic personalities. On that people fall into a category of and things like. And eroticism extra version open mindedness agreeable in this. And as conscientious ness and they could determine based on it though the scans of these cortex is which. Of those categories or how Honeycutt scoring each of those categories from preach individual a test subjects so. They're starting to realize that by a examining the cortex of a brain they might even be able to determine. In advance. Whether or not someone was going to be a serial killer or they're going to be you know some other kind of I'm mental illness in their future or a whole bunch of other things if they can actually figure out how to read these court Texas. But when does that come to a point thorough lawyer. They lock you away because you don't potential to be be a serial killer even though you never would become I think a lot of that. Is there there is a mental breakdown in that. But com. Put also I think a lot of it comes down to your home life your upbringing. I mean if if you are taught to go Loudon and torture cats and dogs for your entire life you're going to be a different individuals and if you. We're in a Stanley growing up he'll look I'm loving parents and loving caring individuals so. Yeah it's just it seems the opens the door where they can charge you or just knock you away and something. You've never done just because you have the potential to do which to be honest with the everybody as a potential abuse violence. We don't we all have that potential it and that's that was in our nature that's how we we survived it specially boom boom living in caves hunting killings. And things of that nature so. I'm now it seems a little more dangerous of an area. Yeah anytime you you are using the markers like that to. Pre determine whether someone's going to commit a crime and we we kindly that when does that go to files to and when when does somebody locked and will file an engine than any time eagle for employment to sing shows are. I don't have an answer for you but I don't what he frequently can go postal according to this test we did. Frequently we we talk about these advances in technology and they all seem to have a similar scene and some of it's interesting and could be helpful book there's always a dark side of it as well. Yeah I think I think that is a little. That's just that's a tough one because again I mean you're being you can be labeled something that you have the potential you have a gene that you. You at some point could could take a life for being a serial killer like you're saying. I'm without their ever being do you ever being. Given the chance to live a normal Italian I tell you on him time Miami serial killer there's never been a box of Fruity Pebbles that survived the night. Yeah guys if you might get an article suppression of the data FaceBook somebody didn't have the same adult serial. And tenacious in the porn conservatives don't know of course I ground it was very. M well I I just gave my ringing endorsement for Fruity Pebbles it is my guilty pleasure I will admit Carolina local level so gunman who then we won't be fully known cereals and process. And we're going to be joined by our guest Josh shall be worn in a little bit Joshua is an author he's a paranormal researcher he's president of a company called. Shadow box enterprises he's written he's investing DC's explored Morgan have. A great conversation with him. A we've got so much coming up and beyond reality radio AJ and we want people stop by the FaceBook page website don't if you haven't yet had. Over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio many Sheila to FaceBook page or costly posting information there and but also in the near future will be posting what's going to be happening ghost hunters are but he'll listen to Jason TV we're gonna take. With great. A game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary time dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary con dot com that spirit contact. Come pay JE hungry I just heated up a couple potatoes here let me grab my out of the microwave no JC don't. My mom myself. 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The crap golf umbrella should not be considered it some protection device and it's illegal in some states that most states that Allstate's. I won't go back to beyond reality ring and we Jason James Dean hello everybody thanks for joining us with the U listening to us on a local radio station or online or if you happen meal listening. As a download. Later died trying to slide for its role the and the actions going on you can call and then you can join the chat room moments stuff you have your chance they should check out that umbrella. Eco exit again. Awesome you know the people they crap code just keep coming up with the best. Ideas in music genius factory over there they just keep pumping these great ideas out. They also sent us another will play a little later yeah I know that they've they've got a couple new products that they've sweeper insults is a bunch of good stuff coming up. And let speaking good stuff our guest tonight is Joshua Warren Joshua as an author. Normal researcher in much much more filmmaker. Joshua welcome to be on reality radio again great to have you back on the show. You know Jake and and JP I absolutely loved this show and it is just an honor to be back with you again tonight so thank you. While that was pretty epic and that's. It's always good to have you on and I unity pneumonia I've known for years and it's. It's always nice to talk with you and I truly I've always thought that you're one of the top investigators felt there even even. No prior to me doing shall go senators everything else so it's always good to talk with. Well I appreciate that because as you know from there are a lot of people in this. Quote on quote field today. Who have a lot of unusual. Angles and opinions and I think ultimately over time you sort of see what a person's real agenda is inserted how rational for lack. A better word a person's conclusions may be and I always tell folks that you know look I keep an open mind because my favorite quote by Albert Einstein is if we knew what we were doing we wouldn't call it research. You know the very. Idea here is to export things that based on crazy he that'd be your go buy yen and unable to keep my eye on guys like you I mean it it makes you so good that. There are found people who are actually going to make some real progress. And it's happening year by year little by little happening and I think amazing things Lola will finally be revealed and our lifetimes. So I'm Joshua you know we have talked with you before in fact I think we spent a great deal of time talking about your work. With the brown mound lights are we're gonna poke around. Come and talk about a bunch of different topics tonight if you're OK with that. And the first thing I wanted to do address is I happen to notice in reading more down she addicted to use mute your fuel your first book. At age thirteen is at right. Yeah that's right I was born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina the heart of the oldest mountains in North America. Back my family on both sides it is from that area going all the way back to the late seventeen hundreds so. I grew up hearing albeit old you know melt until holes and did some legends. And and I started writing at a very early age and I was thirteen I wrote my first published book which was a book a fictional scary short stories and poems. And that got me a job eventually working are the biggest newspaper in the area of the Asheville citizen times when I was just fifteen. I could even ride so you know my mom and dad you know grounded out it's going to all these creepy house and places where. Weird things occured trying to you to get to the bottom of it and I just kept writing books and and now I think I'm a much somewhere irked when he looks at this point and it's been an epic journey that that started with fiction but now it's mainly. Nonfiction. And I've now written about you know goes you have to vote. Then all of this stuff does actually connect. Because we are after all living in May you know diverse and so. And it's interesting to see how these things do seem kind of disjointed. Or actually sort of ball. Become part of the same and as Gloria if you. Well and didn't you know I've talked numerous times in the past say you view being from natural my life having family from the national area I spent a lot of time out that weighed. It with the Cherokee Nation. Which is it is only a short right from where you are on the on the reservations out there. And it it seems like it's. It's a very spiritual. And very high energy place and that that goes right down to the prom month among lights seen on the mountain and a lot of other things let alone. The whole the whole thing that went on with Cherokee Indians felt that way so this the area seems to have some sort of a supernatural. Type presence or just an energy that seems silly it's always there. When you know I'm joining you Philips tonight from beat Bermuda Triangle. Research base which is right here in Puerto Rico. Out in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. And and will talk about that tonight cause I consider this whole area could be kind of a war if you will it's a special place on planet or what sort of the laws of physics don't always. They appear to work the way they're supposed to. And I think the first time are really found the place. But help me understand that was when I began investigating brown Malcolm. Because brown mountain and western North Carolina is kind of like a miniature Bermuda Triangle. What I mean by that is if it is spot. Where people go and don't just experience. One type apparently normal phenomenon. Experience all of them. But of course the most. Spectacular. Is the phenomenon of lights which is why the brown Malcolm lights are one of the most amazing. Out. Activities you can send in investigators European air normal. I mean the brown not lights are these multi colored ball illumination that have been seen loading on or around. This low lying ridge. In the middle of the international forest for certainly. Over 100 years just according to journalistic reports. Perhaps hundreds of years if you dig into native Americans stories and legends and a pioneer folklore. But might seem a nice to have a good dom. 1516. Years getting permits from the bar service and going up there camping out bringing. Scientists with the so we brought up. On a rocket scientist with dust from a university Ohio. We brought a to assist with dust from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. We kept up they're. All kinds of our Rangers and historians and and we used a variety of equipment to see what we can find and using these message we pay we got the best. But cleared really good. Visual documentation of the brown not like in the year 2000. And and by the way if anybody listening can go and see those I have book. It's immoral book that I wrote about the brown not liked and download for re. Right now on my website Josh PEN dot com aegis rolled down. The home page and the booklet right there you can click on download it you can see images you can see all about our search there and and it we won this search we were finding that when the lights would appear we get these crews are sort of energy fields like electromagnetic interference and knees strong electrostatic charges that occurring in the environments. And by publishing about this and doing experiments inspired by this and might laboratory at national. We actually made the cover of a science journal in 2000 or called electric spacecraft. But the funny thing news. For the past ten years or more. Whenever the subject has been covered by the media. It's it's been traditional people would come to me to be a big program not lights guy and then they go to this. Astronomer. Map elections state university and doctor Dan K and they say now you give us books. Spectacle as they should get skeptical side at best and it he would come on and any would be very dismissive. And he led say look we don't have any. Real you know bona fide evidence that even exist and and we would do these big seminar that he would stand there are going to be. Are people would stand up and talk about her experience as you kind of blow it off he really lives and I don't off. Or on the radio but I I'm very competent comfortable saying that I was very condescending to work people. And that step. Last summer. Doctor can't Kate. Finally. Had his. Documentation he teamed up with another side despaired university. They went up to brown mountain. Base station two cameras there overlooking the ridge. And they were capturing footage. All my and they did that for a number of years. And finally came out all right. We dot footage of light that we can't explain. We got plenty of but it airplanes. And stars and reflections traffic no at all that is but he said. We don't know why this is and he actually said I admit I've been very dismissed the best. But now I've changed my tune and now we're gonna really do against Hewitt so this is a good example. Of why it's important. Are people like Parcells. Paranormal investigators to go out clear. And to keep on pushing or good solid research to be done. Documenting whether we can on our. On and and hoping that eventually. What the results aren't just arrived on the that they will finally be able to document we've been documenting all this time and collectively we work together to push. Deep down. Well and but does it isn't that something that's always driven you crazy just it's bothered me. A yes skeptic is just somebody who's never had an experience prior and the fact of the matter is. An elite scientists there a lot of them wanted to dismiss the stocks and just shoot it down until they're able to have their own experience. No we just gently you know I just I wish we must admit you got to say we just have about a minute before we have to go to break decimated much of its two deep they're just about died. Well you know I think reduces the eternal curse of the paranormal investigator. The fact that we are by definition. They're to investigate things which are questionable and so we are cells are always going to be sorted. Viewed at a question oblique but. The paranormal lol at some point become normal and at that point. We are sort of understandably brushed aside as the more mainstream folks command and that you just have to accept that that's how it works and if you're going to be a paranormal investigator you're always going to be no matter what happens a little outside what people. Oh really will accept at any moment history. There were talking when Joshua. And were to continue our conversation we come back it's. Beyond reality radio to listen to him. Bring everybody along with the hotel. Phone numbers 8446877669. Happy to have you call in and chat with us and our guest Joshua. Again we think Joshua for joining us tonight Joshua great to have you on the show. Based thank you I always enjoy. I guess I just before I went to the break we started I started bringing something up and of course where it moment in time but. The thing is the one thing that has always driven me crazy in region with touched on this was the fact that a lot of these in these scientists and so for the skeptics. No matter what. It's it's. Fake or it can be deep long Tor or whatever else until they have an experienced. And so this is and I think that's one of the hardest things is they're never willing to work with you meet you in the middle they're always willing to shoot down. Any evidence you come up with until they're able to have their own experience. And the city do you see that as well. Oh sure and you know these guys who have. And then ladies you have this credibility sort of because. I didn't scientists. Oh yeah and they they are afraid of using what they've worked their entire lives I mean I know any of them. Personally do just have the most wonderful. Fascinating conversations with meet privately but publicly there is no way they would ever come out and expressed even an interest and some of these topics that we we are so often digging into bomb end so use when you get into this area called paranormal search or metaphysical investigation. Ultimately. You make a decision in your life that you really don't care about possibly being ridiculed. And edit in if you look back throughout the history. Discovery and invention and achievement and exploration and you'll see that. The greatest progress was made by people do. Often have that attitude. You know somebody technology that ideal witnesses very exotic and beard and controversial. Like radeon X which I think to get into your little bit tonight but. I always tell people look. Gravity was around. Before Isaac Newton was born. I mean it's that he may have been the first person who came along and and helped us understand some kind of a cause and effect. Model. For how that may work. But it's always been there and and there are other things all around us right now which are just as active and and answer Wheldon with arcade experience. That that we just don't understand we don't quite grasp yet. So it's really silly rested dismiss things out of hand especially when you have. The most brilliant caught Ramallah just an astrophysicist. Out they're telling us that hey we've got these great budgets we have these huge telescopes we have. All this fantastic information technology and looking as far as wide as we can all into the infant blackness out there and what we can tell you what is that over 95%. Of what we EC. It is either dark matter or dark energy which is defined by the very fact that we don't have any clue to. What it is. And so if you're gonna come either you don't know what 95%. Of something years. And able to say look we have no idea what it's going. That we're living in really so I should we be so Eric get this to think that that we can make any judgments about it. Net and I and I agree with young men to change the subject to something we might know a little bit about here to you wrote a book. How called how to hunt ghosts. And I'm curious as to what approach you took when you instruct people. On how to paranormal investigating in search for ghost or spirit served but whatever. What type of my technique do you offer in you instruct people to use. Let it begins with simply understanding the basics of the scientific method and it's important realized that the scientific method. Is not capable. Of helping you understand. Everything out there necessarily. I mean scientifically. Speaking. I cannot. Keep you but I mean last night it was something that was very vivid to me and I can tell you all about it. Experience that I had but I am not capable of grouping view. Lot of what it was I can't excuse scientifically and I love someone or. That I dislike something I kept review what I experience. I takes chocolate in and they're all these things that are are subjective but they're still real I mean. If you look at history itself I mean majority it will cost history is it was documented according to work out I mean we don't really have direct evidence that. Things all the way they supposedly dead and in many cases but that set. Still you know understanding the scientific method not very complicated. But united sparkle observation. And had been looking for patterns and core relations. And in testing out possible cause and effect in the laboratory animal control way if you can figure are due at. And then may be if your lucky week. Develop office's new test that out in the in the hot as a hypotheses keep working out and make you have experience. Beyond that it is just saying that really drives me nuts is when I see all these people go out to do karma investigations. And they don't start. By getting baseline. As as as a control to look at what is normal in the background. Round because you can't. Determine what paranormal unless you know what's normal. And so time after time I see people are very enthusiastic and they're very well meaning. And they go to a place name immediately start looking for your stuff up without first getting to note that environments. And it's most you know regular and normal state and so once you go at the approach. That from her we get into these steps which include of course the depending on your goal. Learning the background of the plate sometimes you don't and a bad information a while ago and blindly and you know tainted. You know and then in other cases you know you wanna go and you're like okay have only got an hour here outlook these Gupta right at your. U haul is something. That might enhance the activity. And and I'm probably come upon a break here and get to argue that I love. These things you can use to actually enhanced activity not bake it not curry. But enhance. But it'll research take a long. And that at a you know especially Jason I mean. People watch these TV shows and they get frustrated because they don't realize that we don't have the time off. We could do the TV show into despair and that location that is necessary to do it evidence is going to have a scientific group. Well and I think the big and big important part you were making out there you said initially was going in and looking forward. Getting initial readings I think decimal that's one of the most important when you walked in you wanna I wanna give bass lines of Ian master Althea. The entire location what what's normal what's not also marked down those areas so you can check mile later do with power on do with the power off. And and a bunch of things like that now we do need to take a break but yeah we come back and I definitely wanna I wanna get into that a little more because. Then that's something a lot of people don't see and there's a hole like we're at a location for numerous numerous days more aware we're investigating. And that TV makes it look like we're only their first few hours because that's the magic of editing. But where union right now we're talk we're Joshua Warren night he's our guests an enemy unreality radio you're listening Jason NG. Non reality radio Jason and TV or phone numbers are 8446877669. We get some great programs coming up. We're going to be talking with a Norwegian allergist and we sure that's how you say that word but. Who ouija board expert we Joan just Karen Dohmann. There are animal and yeah well. Greatly and we Jones could protect. I guess I would assume that's correct what is and what looks like a principal where we don't with a ouija board as he would with care and she's an author a licensed therapist and consultant and an expert. On the ouija board sort of interesting and Thursday were gonna have doctor mark Merritt bellow on author and professor of history Chinese state university in the US and a we just got a great agree on two shows set up this weekend next week as well. Yeah lot of great stuff coming up on beyond re owned radio tonight two great shows well. Our guest tonight is Joshua Warren author paranormal researcher. Has done so much has covered so much Joshua again thanks for joining us on the show tonight. Tom I know they tell Jason Hanson's questions are gonna pick it up right where we left off them against some listener questions for you to get. And Josh what we're saying I'm Pryor and and you made a good point you are talking especially a lot of the shows and and also investigators with. There are just heading in and not really thinking and now they're just going in with excitement they're not doing baseline greetings and a lot of shows have come and gone and there's there's still some shows out there's a mother wanted just popped out. That that's more what it's about it's about just going in for a couple hours. And just to make a TV show where quite pleased to show goes on as we go when. We spend a multiple days there the whole idea is you'd never know how many days were there because mine are all shirts with the same color. And but we'd be their multiple days we do we it's set up we tried to senate cameras let it roll. While the family was there when nobody else was around to get sort of a baseline and reading of how the Stanley interacts with one another. And we also go in with our family there and no he no he meat contamination whatsoever and just tried to our investigation so we're able to cover it. In all these all these different time areas. A do you think that. Eternal television has helped the fields or hurt the field when it comes down to it because there are a lot of the shows Slater says they don't went. The spent 22 and a half hours they're did it just isn't just enough to make an episode. And then head out. Well you know that's a great question Jason because it seems to need that if just one month. Brilliant person. Is inspired. To do this kind of search but watching one of these television shows and they're all worked. But of course what you end up where are all so. So many shows out there that may be. Mueller. Entertainment oriented than research oriented. And ultimately what happens is it provided a lot of confusion. And a lot of fodder for ridicule. That makes. So many people not take the whole deal seriously but you know I think that your Euro is going to end up but that happening it is. It is a show like yours. Become so popular. You know everybody wants to jump on the bandwagon and when you end up with there are people just see it as a appear opportunity for entertainment. And in resurgence tell. It's pretty boring I mean. You know I I'd dude I live an exciting life I get to travel a lot I could. A lot of fun and talked interest in people and do cool. Cool stuff but but the research part of what I do is is very boring and that's why wouldn't use. You talked to scientist or. Only to reduce weight when you see some big scientific development. That makes its way into the news. You look at it and you read that well they just discovered gifts like here a year ago. And this whole time the information has been passed around in peer reviewed and scrutinized and and we are just now finally hearing about it. So it to really really slow a process especially when you're dealing with things that are so. Extraordinary. And fantastic. But you know you set something else interesting about the approach guerrilla sorry to me. Unarmed goat no do you go ahead finish in the sense. You know I like what you were saying about the idea that when you go into place. You have got to look at it under different circumstances. You want to see what it's like when the people repair because that's a veritable you want to see it like when there. Are no people here and you can remove everybody and all you have are. Are the camera. You want to look at it and there is a certain you know trigger object there. I over the years. Haven't done god knows how many experiment bringing in electrostatic generators and and charging at idolizing the year. Or bringing in. Tesla coils that mean there have been some very well done documentaries out there showing me in my team in my laboratory act ago. Trying to create. Hopeless. Which if someone's listening and it's never hurt at all but I'm talking about here it is all. Early that's what we think it as where a group of people get together and they tried to create. A ghost or some other type of a pair of normal thing and they can do this over time. Using concentration. Or. Very quickly I found out its use certain types of broadcasting equipment to a human. So that's a pretty crazy you know. Mad scientist type of stuff. And but you know it just depends on what you're trying to achieve in terms of the approach you take are always admire the fact that you have been so diverse and understanding the nuances of those different approaches. Well they Q and when you're referring to told when you're you're referring to pretty much manifesting. The ability to try to man that you whether it's as single individual or multiple individuals. Sort of manifesting something through spiritual or mental discipline cracked. You're absolutely right and in fact I'd like to tell you come an interesting story about that you'll indulge me for the next few minutes. Who does a story that wouldn't tell on a lot of radio shows because I think just beat. A little too weird you know. But I think you'd your listeners appreciate. So in my in my laboratory we have. All pipes. Of equipment and I am always look at him together and experimenting. And I'm a sucker for some kind of weird gadget if you tell me somebody's got some are gadget out there no matter how ironic it is. All quiet and out trying to an enemy similar Ike. I guess words super geeks but but it that's that's one of the fun things. And so fifteen years ago. I heard about this field cult radeon X and these things cult wishing machines. And this is a topic that I think last time I talked to you that we we. Touched on we didn't get. To dig into it and I thought boy this sounds interesting what is this. And it is this box. That has an input and out and it's got these knobs on it got this mysterious circuit side. And supposedly you can use this thing too which floor Miami better relationships. You know you name it all that stuff I've bobbled it sounds like scam of the century I got a happy one of them. Coast I've bought one of these boxes from this guy in California for 300 dollars. And I got fitting end and I thought I was gonna be clever here in the first thing I was gonna wish my 300 or. So. Oh I've put the issue and for 300 dollars and about three days later I got a call. A local hotel I guess I group market to prop into the park and and and actually altered it. And and they took it we have a group of business that come into town. And they. Needs somebody to talk for an hour. And give them a to some stories about national and they're paying 300 dollars. And I'll cycle that's interesting that it was the exact amount that I couldn't. So I continued. Experimenting with this for years and getting hit after hit after hit. Now let's go to several years ago. I'm sitting in my house and western Carolina and in the winter. Inches of snow on the ground power has gone out I mean I was just thinking you know I don't wanna be here at. I'd look over exceed its machines sitting there. I got on the Internet I went to Google and I swear to you all I did was I typed in the tropical beach to enter. Look at all the images picked an image I like say it printed it out put it on the machine and the machine. West then I'd say about 89 days I get an email from this guy. Named. Michael Rivera and he said idol is and Porto Rico. And my house is haunted by this horrible demonic thing and so I've split down the Puerto Rico. I am right now while its year end of that meeting at 888 realtor showed me this beautiful Condo rattled beach anyway. I was able to work it out so that I can get there's this conduct so I flew back to North Carolina tackle my wife's large like eight cracked up stuff work on Puerto Rico and as a pack in my step up I looked over all she. And I thought man that thing really works and I picked up that picture of that tropical beach. And I went over to my computer and I brought that image I searched the image and I swear to you I swear on a stack of bibles. That image. As an image of deep poke around the beach which is the one right next to this conduct. Now that could've been any beach in the entire world. And I had no idea what tropical beach and it gives me the shuttle's. When I could think about that. And I tell you this because. Once I realized. That this is something so significant about that mind. Body environment relationship. I thought maybe. We can use this to enhance paranormal activity as well. So after using all the different techniques and they all have their pros and cons. I cleaned up with a guy who makes wishing machines we call him doctor Molder that nickname. And we started this project called wishing machine project. It to my website Josh Pete and dot com you can go you can watch videos you all about it. And when I started going to be haunted locations. I would contact you know Alexei look to bring you an honest and you map of this place. And let's soon. Or something paranormal manifest at a certain location. Well to make it very long story short since then. We have used this in Pennsylvania and Romania. We have used this in the Bermuda Triangle to create UFO's. We have created hole goes it has been one of the most simple. And that's just things that we've ever used to manifest these weird phenomenon which valued business something more like a walk on Horry holographic universe. Principle that we're dealing with here and it goes beyond traditional Italian physics. Well a funny thing is I would never expect to hear you talking about something like this so this is like so far out of the norm but for her for something they specially for for you so. That's why it's it's so intriguing to me Harry hearing this because it just doesn't seem like something you'd be you'd be talking about. Well that's this thing you know me I'm one of these guys who's always been very nuts and bolts but I lives at a certain point that. Dueling here it's only able to make so much headway because. We can. Take these great machines and bring them into the field and take these measurements but at the end of the day you have to face the fact that machine was conceived by a human. Built by humans. Calibrated by human. Used by human interpreted by a human you cannot remove. The human experience. From what's happening here. And I do believe that the only way we are going to advance our understanding. Of the parent normal is to start appreciating. How debt this. Human interface with the environment. Played eight he. Role in how all of this stuff materializes. And why it's so different to quantify and the catch in a bottle. And and why that we have all of these are subjective issues that brings some role to the table here like some people experience the current normal. All the time and some people never experience that and I'd have started using. This mindset more. When I go to do an investigation. And what I'm finding. Is that this old fashioned notion. That you go to a place. Something dramatic happened somebody died terrorism murder and so the spirits are trapped there so to speak. That does not work anymore it does work when it comes to the idea of earning an imprint into the environment or some kind of residual. But what we're finding more and more is that it seems like when a person actually die. That. His or her consciousness. Joining us this great to rid of information. Which is very similar to the Internet. On the Internet is sort of a a primitive orbit this greater creative information that. That ties everything together and often that you that he excel out. And and so it's almost like when you're communicating with this spirit. Are trying to do that I can give you some specific examples of my experience if you like but it's not like the mis. These spirits are capable all the time of just sort of popping up there like Jacob Marley is coast and telling you what's going on. No it's almost like that Wendy's spirit skidding to its other work. Often they will try to communicate with you by influencing. The environments. And subtle ways in synchronicity ways by passing messages along and if you're aware of that. You start to get the impression that this is a much more complex and you launched an interesting way of dealing what it humanized it ought consciousness it is and what afterlife. And that we have to start incorporating. The mind body relationship back a little bit more it's actually going to progress in this deal. AJ egregious marked down and you know and Jason birthday gift wishing me. Staff is duly noted fifty just revenue of we will guts bunch of callers here wanna try to get to some of them here let's bring. Jacob from New York in Jacob's John beyond reality radio Joshua worn. I have a lot of questions. That so little time passed and I need as many answers there's like it. Soon do there. One question is have you guys and water and heat demonic activities has. Eckerd instead Perry county because they're remembers hearing wants time that you guys were coming in. In my home state coastal New York which is in our. Perry counties where there is all that and much on it. And so is still holds on for. On the outskirts near creek. Which is also on it with us apart the civil war. And sentence. Mike Meehan my fiance. Lives nearby a graveyard and. The few days before. I made this on FaceBook page on my FaceBook. Mean my name CU we started feel on demonic presence and its. We didn't think not not and it was stolen from an area of the graveyard. And it's the few days action I went outside by myself. And now mind you I am taken and I strongly believe in the terminology. Those entities everything like and yes people may seek an insane but. The truth in all reality is that my entities in ghosts you exists. By what I'm Karen Garrett is. Ever since I have been posting on this stage mine eyes and feeling more stronger demonic entities in demons approaching. And spirit took a lot of precautions. From movies sides seem to books I've read and. Things that come on the Internet. As usual it's not all. There has been any known activities other demonic entities or demons and the town. Nearby coastal orally and in that Kerry county area. Well I can tell you and solid job on Josh answer a question. And a second but. Are you been up in that area have been called visceral pretty much Ole USA for a new numerous religious organizations. And I have been up in that area investigating claims of a demonic activity I investigated. The so called possession which really didn't turn out to be a possession about two years ago of the matter is well. So on or by you Josh. Yeah well you know I Jacob. Thank you for the call and I assume that that question mainly directed to you Jason Kazaa I have not been in that particular area doing an extensive research that in the first. Issue to address here as well what does that demon. And that is a term that is used quite loosely. And it obviously has a lot of religious baggage. And so I have always thought that. If we want to try to look at this from a more objective perspective. We humans. We gain energy primarily by putting things are now than chewing them up and swallowing them. And it's really kind of really crude way. Of gaining energy. But. It's possible that there are other forms of life out there. Which don't have to do that they're able to use for lack on this thing and the word energy directly in order to beat themselves. At a very parasitic way. And I think that may be a demon is one of these spiritual entities. That is able to latch onto a person for one reason or another. And absorb that person's energy and gradually. Where that person down physically and mentally. And until that person while that person becomes you know very stressed. And usually sick and then agitated and then you know eventually it's something done and that may be that person can die. Sort of parasitic during the looking at here. I have dealt with cases. Where people have told me look something you latched on to me it's sucking me dry and then a short time later that person is there. And these are you know these are real world. Examples that I can give real people really died and and some of them are going to be Reese. So that's what I think of when I think of of the demonic. Now calm I else I also think that if you wanna protect yourself from that kind of com. The LT I mean. No different in that you're trying to political I mean if you if you try to do what the the docs to you know eat healthy exercise. And don't failure mine was stuffed it brings you down. Your mind and body yours so interconnect. Josh I have been rock discern who got a good old hard break here so we'll come back and finish cynical is Jacob has to the chat room because it right on the beyond reality radio dot com's sorry there's a tap there's actual groups and they're in your area they're looking to investigate and they can do that for. So are you listening Jason JPG on around. Don't constantly doing you don't throw the ball to them. Those little things like to run around my house all the time at home if so why not see your hard woods. And let those energetic teams using your workload make those kinds of yours earned their keep. It depends sweeper and now from Kraft Kraft got pets we yeah. Our special patent technology smoltz in the bottom of those four legged freaks throw them the ball in the holes and all these slide around trying to stop. Our technology grabs dirt from all over the salt. Make your parents do your work the pets Weaver are correct. It happened just like animals that they have side effects could still pitch today. No way beyond whale and radio I'm Jason Hawes TV Johnson our telephone number is 8446877669. Were talking with Josh rule Warren tonight and I just. Wanted to make a comment on Jacobs call on you know what if this questions I was related to the geography. And asking if there had been reported demonic. Episodes or or possessions or any temper reports. In the cobblestone New York Gary which happens you pretty close to grind here in Cooperstown but. I don't think there's any real geographic. Patterns to that type of activity I think it's. It's not really related to geography I don't know if you do you guys have experienced anything different tonight. Well and I agree we is see the thing is it. I I believe that there are and the monetary event tees but there's a big difference I I try to label things Mori is human type punting and inhuman type on things and human just being things have never walked the earth in human form. So it is an angelic is considered an inhuman type ponting and elemental is considered an inhuman type ponting. So is there there's a lot of differences when it comes out of that. I mean anywhere where you're getting also people involved in the Colston and doing their thing. You might get more negative type he stairs is Jim and that was booms that area if you remember. You're some years ago were called up there on. That area and specific was where a lot of people had were were missing pets do treasure you know there relieving and and come to find out that there is there's been a cold up there that were catching people's cats and and using them instant sacrificial means so. Yeah you're you're gonna get that but. Like it like a saint Jakob and forwarded to rush off would there are some some people in chat room who aren't skaters in that area so feel free to had to be on reality radio dot com click the listen line that connection went to chat room. And this category there or. Tap Stanley Chris who runs taps family network is in there as well chick is such over the tough Stanley group and then there yet and Joshua you were offering some suggestions for Jake up on how we might be able to better protect himself. Yet and by the way and actually this kind of ties in nicely I just interject here are some really cool news for you guys. Doctor Mulder guy Newt is the engineer for the wishing machines also Lowe's your program he's listening tonight and we are going to use him to both could use free wishing machines as gifts. So you can do your own experiments. And draw your own conclusions and so I look forward to hearing about your experiences so. That Boris Yeltsin and let me let me first series and Q yeah secondly there's a maxim party in about a month so confused here that inlet Alaska to not just. So. Are cowards of us as an egg to. You know we're talking about I have you know I'll just go check out the information at all three on my website Josh what Pete and dot com. There is no period after the Peter. Jocks Opie and our common you can understand what we're talking about and and held views and and opinion on teaching some some classes in February. Online classes I've never done in this war. And one of the things and I'm addressing this idea of the demonic. As well as angels and other spiritual beings. Because. You know. I eat when I first got involved and all this stuff I had serious doubts about. The existence of of demons in particular and you must realize now having grown up. Can't actually North Carolina. That is literally where Billy Graham. Etiquette that is the only ramble lamb and you know we have Billy Graham parkway there and Billy Graham highway attitude and their art churches on every other quarter and a lot of diversity actually when it comes to people's religions but. And as I was trying not to be I visit a lot of different churches and and got their points of view. But I myself have. In this sense that may be this was all just. I'm kind of a fictional representation of some concept. But I've I've now after doing years of the surge come to the of the opinion that there. There's no reason to presume that life must exist exclusively. At this particular frequency. That we call the physical route. Com the smartest caught on just mathematician doctor Telus that are at least 101112 dimensions that we can prove mathematically. We can't even comprehend exactly what that means but it Europe part of this reality and that means we must also exists to some extent and those dimensions as well. And so in those dimensions there may be these other beings that are able. Suit has been viewed and into that. Now if we're talking about something that. Going to affect your energy well. In my laboratory. Year we have done this search with bio energy feedback. And you hook a person not. To a bunch of different centers and you give them mental stimulus. Stimuli and you see how there bio field reacts. You look somebody up and you say I love you spanky. You give him ice cream. They're still get nice and dig in and powerful. Pretend you've showed him pictures of war and violence say I hate you. It's shrink. And they become weak. I mean you concede this it's miserable it's demonstrable. And they were I think that come if you feel like that you're in a weakened state. And you have something to this tapping into your energy field the first thing you have to do to strengthen that field. And it's cheat uses towns you got to surround yourself with positive. Are going back to wish machines people use those all the time for this perk. But you couldn't just you know stay away from things that make you feel bad our book. Call use the works. And yet I guy the law of attraction which came out last year I started writing netbook. Even knew there was going to be Indies Star Wars geeks out ought palace just ride on their Cotto even though I've been a huge star spent my whole life. And what are the biggest thing this doll don't. Involve yourself with things are substances that make you feel bad could that. We can even make you vulnerable to quote on quote demonic activity. And yeah I don't know if simple and you know it's like it's funny how we did this to ourselves we abuse ourselves we put ourselves these positions that make us so we can depressed people may come up excuses to do it. Well I have to go hang out with my relative because it's relative we cannot feel like you know I felt terrible. No you don't. You don't have to do anything you're working a job that make you feel bad. Well I guarantee if you just quit that job you may be scared to death. But if you start focusing on something better for yourself. You'll attract something for yourself in this that this thing you have to deal within gelatin the demonic beat her so symbols. Are you manage your own bio energy. Social part of positive for certain sort of pushes you forward. I sure you know because if we're talking about creatures that are non physical. The next due diligence. You have to deal with them on the non physical play. And the non physical playing instrumental play so you're not gonna be up to go in there and after them with a proton pack like we see and ghost busters. Again it makes for a nice visual but we have to start thinking on a more sophisticated level about these if they're expecting us on a mental and energy level that we have to. Fight and deflect them on mental energy level and so. You know it's a whole fire with fire kind of thing and so ultimately. We got to change. The way we view the entire model of our own personal relationships. Assists multi layered universe they were living in that all of all kinds of potential life forms that are not always here in the physical well. I understand that. Just we've got a couple minutes here before we have to go to break again and I wanted to ask you about your work with ghost adventures you. Worked with them on the Winchester house experiment tell us about that. Yeah well you know I'm I'm proud to say that. Win ghost adventures have their hundredth episode all the fans voted on their favorite episode that they have an experiment and and they they chose that. I've worked with that Megan's on a number projects over the years and eaten basically wanted to go to the Winchester mansion which is of course a big confusing how's that supposed to. To keep Spierkel way end. Because they're confused. And do some kind of an experiment to open up or. And so I brought. Paper ID equipment here to see if we can open a portal and this is actually really interesting subject you lobby to get into it now or wait after the break. Bomb we've got to be about two minutes now until teal growing and we don't keep your about two minutes after the break too so you can use your. Let me just put it displays and lead of the physical world. It is a matter. The frequency of one thing lining up. Where another thing. So in other words if my body has certain frequency. And that wall I'm next to edit frequency that's been a similar range that we're going to resist each other instantly become physical to each other however if there is something that has a frequency that is significantly higher or lower than mine that you do not interact and they passed right read each other it's so different than radio waves passing right through a building or a person. And so. When you have two things that seemed to be physical. And you have other things around those two things which are within the range of the physical. You can slightly Alter the relationship between those moving pieces. By the bursting. These. Very bizarre combinations. Of electrostatic field and the environment and you know again tests royals and we have church generators working combo are really a nice way of doing this. Elegy did you start jiggling the frequency around. And you tickle the frequency of what physical and digital to frequency of what's not physical and at a certain point where sometimes you get a harmonic just right. And they overlap. And guess what you get to experience each other and this is how you can artificially opened up eight or work or something like that and that's what we did. Pat or attempted viewed at Winchester house. Okay great wolf picked it up when we come back from break it's beyond reality pretty decent GP. Welcome back to beyond reality radio Jason James Dean. Who is running out of. Time here we wanted to keep by Joshua worn over to so we could finish some mob final thoughts and and pressure if he had anything else who wanted to add to deal Winchester house story Joshua. You know what you know it and that particular night ended up being pretty sad because. We not only start to capture a lot of year you know eat key and and all the light neck courage thing everybody just suddenly and realty. Our amended and golfing kind of an Appleton. Very uncomfortable and we found out the next day. That sacks grandmother died right we are shooting. And and yeah it that while I mean so. Is that connected. I don't know but you know I've done a lot of different work. Where with tapping into these these type articles and doubt will talk I'm sure about that in the future that likes. Wanna remind everybody. First time and only time ever I am going to be teaching online classes starting in. Just like we can ask. And we're gonna dig into ghosts spirits angels demons US boat. Those scripted psyche. Phenomenon magic all that kind of dropped. I guess that's one probably anybody who goes to my website and download a free copy of my realm out lights book. Tonight. And also I've done. Some really interesting information about project I'm hoping to get you guys involved have this year and we are working you'd actually capture the the first time the absolute best most scientifically. Ballot images of coast in UFO's that have ever been captured older plant whole new approach hold budget it's all set its own it's gonna happen and anybody who wants to get the very first glimpses of all that should sign up Mike Reid. Clicker round look at the gallery of the stranger and have a good time but that's said. Jason JV you got the best. Also you know which machines. And thank you so much for having to get as a guest. On your wonderful show beyond reality. In just it's always a pleasure to have you on the look forward to talking Yi and field athlete talk off fair about that upcoming social work itself. But I great talking you have a great night. And in of the chat rooms still talking about it a lot of great stuff cover we didn't get to the Bermuda Triangle so if we touched on it carries the beginning breakdown there I know we just down in the very beginning of the conversation but D'Amato we just ran at a time that's the problem when you've got. So moment Joshua and as a guest is just so much to talk about united to get to at all. Well and Josh and Josh is just a phenomenal individual and disagree all around great guy have to be honest I had known for years and I've always respected him for what what he does. Mom and when he was talking about the Winchester mystery mansion. I spent time there when I was there for a 45 days late and I will tell you that rule which is walking in. In the place is amazing it really is that they've got stairs that go nowhere and endorsed and I don't know where and and the house the house is a big maze but when you're there you really feel icky just stepped into the mind of a schizophrenic. I mean it's the only way to really explain. The feelings you get when your parent and you're seeing all the screw this craziness that was built. It's so bizarre and it's there's some new stories associated with it if I remember correctly when you guys when you do do the episode there investigated their. I mean other than let a lot of creepy feeling the probably I don't remember there being a lot of fun stuff that you were able to capture now they've but it was also little chaotic experience we had Tony Potts for. Amara I'm entertainments 98 shell on the and we had all these these big news companies show because it's tough to try to keep it isolated when you're there and just the fact we are third season and the show is just taking off for Iraq get. Tom so what and just a fact that we are bear I mean all the news agencies stride shall love so. It became really chaotic in and tough to China Tenet is keep contamination now. And I think that might have been a big reason why we didn't really catch much there but the police is amazing it really was. You know it's a great place to look out for sure and certainly is a mystery councilman is no question about that. And do it to you lever and wishing machines I think I cannot wait to have my wishing machine. Right here on this desk and I'm gonna wished things that don't see things happen to you as they wish them. That's that's probably America that that's an appearance I have no annual -- they're trusting you shouldn't know it's his beard are very pregnant instantly realized and not wearing a shirt he's the color outside Mecca wish for the military now that I do which for any here requires your clothing to mark but I promise. We got some great shows coming up the next couple nights tomorrow night we're going to be talking with Karen Dohmann. Who is a so a weak dollar gist. Ouija board expert. Since 1973 she's been. Researching and losing the ouija board you know silica but you see that's a real thing no one only it's. It is if it is and she's making it once. Gonna talk about that. And you know we always have a real really interesting discussion when it comes done ouija boards because there's so many people. A rightfully so who just. Warn and and and and then don't go near them themselves and more people to stay away from them and as you said all along. Just really it's just a tool it's not the board that has its Taurus read the fact that your allowing something to channel through you and use your psyche. To make contact or allow something to enter U2 to make contact. That's the dangerous situation in the drawing ouija boards are on the ground on the walls it didn't matter carving and out of out of anything and everything. And we when I was doing in anti vsphere way back tees and on for eighteen years ago whatever. It one of the big things who has we're at saint Agnes hospital Connecticut and they brought in this hand carved ouija board table to speak roundtable and there are an advocate using it. And I I walked off set I got no argument with him to San I didn't I didn't recommend that for and I explained he's like on the board it's annually the Singapore it's gonna open a portal knowledge that the fact the boards to open up a portal. It's the fact that you're allowing eight kids in a place that was for the criminally insane. To sit around a table and allow something to channel through them to make contact this place for the criminally insane mainly violent offenders. Such is such a dangerous situation Nabil. You and I am anxious to you hear what Karen has to say about it and unabomber is another guy as we mentioned earlier in the show. I mean his whole life for revolves around ouija boards and uses a storm it historian and collector. I don't I'm I'm assuming he's a practitioner of usually Orson and he's he has very failing idea aware of the board doesn't have any power and he actually recommends people use them so and so Bob and I always disagreed on that. But in a respectful manner and in Bob's just phenomenal individual and I love government choke you could talk for hours is it me and then a quick reminder mark Mirabella will be joining us on threes and you'll be talking about a whole bunch of topics including. You know his work and and researching fascist Europe in Nazi Germany. As some of the things they work done and as relates to the calls. So but again a big shout out goes out to Josh. Some of the things he's working on increasing sees it coming up we definitely had a talk tomorrow senator Jim about this stuff desolate but and thanks to everybody altar for tuning in and if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page. You also chalice live every night. There were on through time during the and the weekdays at Skoda beyond reality radio dot com during the show click on the listen line. And that connects urine into our interactive chat rooms so everybody have a great night's Jason NGV Dion reel to reel catch you tomorrow. An unrelenting media is produced by slick Eddie Edwards and could produce an Alexandria Johnson for Entercom radio. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow what font or you'd like to be Gaston beyond reality radio. Email too slick Eddie that's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.