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Chelsea Handler slams Melania Trump for her accent. 1/24/17

Jan 24, 2017|

Kuhner says liberals are hypocrites. What do you think?

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106 here on the great WRK. Poll okay my friends. You can text us as always 68680. This is from 617. Jeff. Folk go haunt this AKA senator Elizabeth Warren has no business being in any level of government. She maybe has a future and advertising. I see here on a can of Campbell's soup meeting socks and a rocking chair. A that's a well you know what if these latest poll numbers hold up. And we get a strong candidate limits really Jeff deal to run against their she may be needing socks in a rocking chair okay my friends. The media's assault on trump is unprecedented. It is vitriolic it is vicious it is mass speak. But we've come to expect it. What we're now seeing is also something to mean not just unprecedented. But clearly beyond the pale. And that is now the way the media. Popular culture Hollywood are going after both mole on your trump the First Lady. And the Trump's son Barron. So listen now to Chelsea. Handler. She's got her own show on Netflix. Apparently she's quite popular she's a popular comedienne with their own show. Britney in fact even read her book. Britney wasn't in the book again you mentioned it to me and our meeting before the show something horizontal ruler per having sex with vodka doesn't. I horizontal life and then she had another. Buck I didn't read it though but it was called. How ticket hello it. Flock there it's me Chelsea hello vodka it's me Chelsea yeah and you're saying in those books she talks about how our nightstand shall she frequently has won knights ran one night stand he gets drunk she loves the vodka bottle yes. So there she is with the vodka bottle there she is. Promiscuous says sleeping around the NAFTA like one or two stories about her having sex at the managed he has no ideas first or last name I just have to put the book down. Was out of. So Jiabao was already saw her her schtick is that she sleeps with dementia doesn't know their names. That gets lost they get drunk. This year has sex and then that's one mega man she moves on. Okay say yes yes very much okay yeah okay so this is Chelsea handler does and she became famous. And she's not the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. And just as an aside I swear to you. Apparently had a problem showing some of the films for like half a day or whatever. Her claiming it was Russian had. It's where it got on the Russians are buying even bat but let that go so she's that the Sundance Film Festival in Park City you caught. She's being interviewed by somebody at the Sundance Film Festival. And she's asked point blank. Well would you ever interview First Lady maligning your trump. And her answer well he got to hear it so believe it roll it. Jarrett would you ever how Donald Trump on your Hsiung. What if you asked him you know what about Maloney what your permanent Maloney and what to talk about what she can barely speak English. What do you think about her as the First Lady in exactly what I think about him is the first man. Nothing I don't respect either one of those people. If he were here right now what would you say too often. Off. And grow I was he is the grossest. Physically emotionally mentally. Those statues they made of him more accurate I bet you that is what he looks like naked with a little gray in between his legs. Hanging have very articulate. You can see that very sophisticated. You see that look at the grossest. Oh. The dinner break off that's right some old boy you're got a lot of intellectual firepower there Chelsea won us go have another. Going to build another one built somebody giver Smirnoff Bobble she actually was drinking. During this and to what it sounds I mean as she sounds like if I said give her another Smirnoff. So I don't what Shuster again looked like vodka cranberry to me. Happy that I ever put illustrating why in the Mike this is professional apps apps apps apps apps act so they're basically sit sheets to the wind. Now he's deadly the part about malign you trumpet endless minutes look at these hypocritical liberals what does what does. Now suddenly malign his English is not good enough per. Roll it Jarrett. What about Maloney what you're permanent Maloney and let's talk about what she can barely speak English who. Who who. Lou we're being a little discriminatory. Now Chelsea right it was all. Who so let me get this straight. These are the same liberals listen to this. Series you illegals are Americans. And not only are illegals Americans they should be given amnesty and jobs and welfare and government benefits. But the fact that they can't speak a word of English no problem all how many goals. That. Game you know rose got. Another have a not listen have another okay here have another. So if you're any legal but you don't speak English no problem glam mom made has the love is back baby. No well at all so gas summit that's not the Obama is my home. But suddenly if you come from Eastern Europe in this case Lavinia coaches literally bordering Croatia. And you speak like my mother did with a bit of an eastern European accent all of a sudden. Whom she can barely speak English and I wouldn't interview her. First of all her English is fine. I can understand every word that comes out of her mouth. But look at him. Now your mocking her accent and it us. They don't lay down and love me again. I mean exit. This this this is all that they have this was no phony you fried you. So now they're picking on her accent. Notice if you pick on Marxist new channels accent. More. Who wore the race hairs raise says. But if you go after somebody who happens to be a Slough of weapons the beer received from Eastern Europe who came here I'll legally. Who worked hard became a successful model world class model. Now don't get me wrong if you want to criticize the First Lady you have everyone I criticized Marxist who channel. Which she has to do something. It's too much couple days they've been in in the White House she hasn't done anything. Literally nothing. Except frankly looks stylish and almost. Carry yourself like Jackie Onassis channel Jackie Onassis that's all she's done. She's very private she minds are on business. She doesn't tell you what they eat how to stuff your face on not the stuff you're faced. When you can move your rear rant when you and move your career around how many times you can exercise which are kids should be having for lunch that was all mark just patrol. So all she does is look stylish look great mind your own business. Pay taxes. Work come to this country legally rise up as a professional one of the greatest models and the world learned the language. She learned English. And I drunk. Off. She's putting her down. I yet. But it gets even worse. It gets even worse. So Saturday night long leaf. Now one of their top writers at Saturday Night Live. Listen to this. Came out and started spoofing. The maligning and president trumps the youngest son Barron. And now they're claiming listen to this they've rolled out some doctored video. Of Barron. Where apparently they're grammys giving a high five to malign your whatever. And they're making fun of the fact in claiming that somehow his head is jerking in a funny moment in a funny way. They're claiming that Barron trump is autistic. They're claiming that he special needs. And they're mocking baron for it would no evidence. That he's autistic he special needs. That they're using the and not only that. There are now claiming that because he's being home schooled. And because he's got late they claim special needs and optimism all of this smearing him but no evidence. He's gonna grow up as another animal Lanza. And now they're claiming according to Saturn it alive he's gonna be the first home schooled mash shorter. In American history. So. They're being vial towards the First Lady. They're being vial towards the sun there are smearing both of whom the drug which also that's not racism. What you just heard against against Bologna trump is out and out racism. To stuff my mother was here. She was growing up she be speaking English is dual speak English. A much as I am they make fun or accent. Does it wasn't the queen's English. And now you're going after the sun. What did the boy do. You know anyone to get technical it's like the Obama cares Alec with a bong at a party. He's minding his own business taking private classes and being home schooled what's the problem. Who looked. At the blatant double standards. They are willing to go as low as possible. They're willing to scrape the bottom of the barrel. They'll go after the in laws they'll go after the suns' go go after the daughters don't go after the wife. They'll go after the youngest son. They'll call a mock the state ball column are the and so my question to you is this. Is go left discrediting itself with these ridiculous attacks. And I've got to ask you this. When you run for office. In our. With the moon bats now commanding the institutions of culture. Is it to be expected. Does it now come with the territory. When you run for office does it mean now they can make fun of your wife and make fun of your children. 6172666868. Or is it time to reimpose. Some basic decency. And civility. JoAnne Drake at Europe's first coed joke. Major fight Doris I'm good how are you do what's worse is what do bearing. Its ought Chester. Ought to isn't that the very serious thing and our country and now they're actually making fun of somebody who actually does the ability. I mean that's ridiculous itself I mean her. Church social polled supported because that is awkward mannerisms. That he somehow mentally disabled. What are tie itself for a lot has some steps even more spacious. Well I mean enjoyed and I ask you this screen is you know my son plays with the special needs boy on marsh trees a beautiful boy. Are part of Ole. We don't want somebody out archer a bit of trouble and what's wrong militarism. What is wrong what they would try all of these special needs Barbara somebody like that. Sure. Don't think it's it's bad it's dark works. All your completely right looked to me I gotta tell you there's nothing more. Then going after children with special needs. Now there's no evidence even that baron has autism or whatever special needs but let's just say for this just for the sake of argument okay it may be done it's. By the way he goes to a private school what fiercely private lessons at home. So we might even technically home schooled but anyway they're going on about him being home schooled and he's going to be a home school sure he's gonna be another item Lanza. I'm sorry you gonna make fun now what children who have autism. And special needs. As a way to humiliate him to humiliate his mother today try to humiliate his father. Like does he scare you about march. Why they're just objectively what has he done. The keystone XL pipeline. It's gonna create at least 101000 drops. Maybe even more they can just signed executive order today many of them by the way union jobs could change ups. PPP gone. Q how many jobs you see by rescinding the trans Pacific partnership. A freezing hiring and bureaucracy I mean I'm just think about it. Okay who may disagree. To go after the wife to go after the children. They're vicious. And it shows you how utterly in hauler rent. The so called Paul aren't left is. And every day that goes by. They're losing more credibility. And moral legitimacy. Agree disagree. 61720666868. Now they're going after malign yeah and baron. Is still wife and the children fair game. I wanna know from you is it part of what it is to be in public life today. Or how we now crossed the line 6172666868. All of your calls next. What about Maloney what your permanent Maloney and what to talk about what she could barely speak English. What do you think about her I was the First Lady and exactly what I think about him is the first man. Nothing I don't respect either one of those people. You can text that sets 68680. Tremendous backlash growing now against Chelsea handler. Were making fun of first ladies maligned yet trump. Saying she'd never interviewed because she could barely speak English in other words mocking her eastern European accent. As well as Saturday Night Live. Some of their sketch writers mocking Marion claiming that he's autistic special needs. Making fun of them falsely claiming that he's being home schooled he's not he goes to a private school he gets some lessons at home buddies corn or private school. And saying he will turn out to be the first what they say home schooled mass shorter. Like atom Lanza. 6172666868. Is the number. And OK this is from. This is from 339 Jeff mole on your speaks five languages. Chelsea handler can't even speak one sober. Up. And yes. 508 Jeff my daughter was home schooled is now on the dean's list these lives are just disgusting. Barry and his ten piece called pre pubescent kids are awkward. We see no big deal I agree with you I mean I was quite call when I was ten I felt very awkward. Not only I was 510 but you know is very tall and I'm I was I'm 63 now. 774. Jeff is chuck Q Todd going to condemned as despicable comment no. This is from. Jeff I thought they went high it's 31 please picking on children is beyond the pale and it's demonstrably. Cowardly. A lot of you are making the point. That's. What the media made a big big fuss about with trumpet lot of these texts. Is that he supposedly made fun of a disabled reporter the special mes reporter. Well look at the hypocrisy. Now they're making fun. I respect him if we Renault is special meets but another making fun of assigned for allegedly being special meets. I mean just talked about the hypocrisy and the double standards it's unbelievable. John your first go ahead John. Hello John. Go ahead the floor is yours. So uninteresting. Rebels. Are always making it you know. Jill multi cultural. Diversity. Interpret to people of the country and also. Ordered this table now let's just say it for a moment. Donald trumps sound darts out. You know some issue you know. Why would make fun of him in the mix are it's. White or I don't be a racial multi cultural and don't pay him or. Reaching out to those with. One out. There are liars. Or that's the point. Their obvious they're such frauds and liars and phonies. Look again. I go back to one theme look at the hate. Just look how they eat. And it shows you you don't believe me what they say any. So you're right these are the same ones all you have to embrace the stranger and a foreigner people speak English don't you ask him to speak English. Give them amnesty no problem. Then here she comes succeeds in America on her own right is a world class model comes here legally. And very classy First Lady and by the way she minds your own business. Could not telling out of leisure life how to raise your kids should not lecturing you she's just a devoted mother are devoted wife. And you're making fun of her accent. And honestly what do don't do. Really what the kid duo. Fisher scored a school. You phony you frauds you 6172666868. But all the time. Trump has now made White House dog guy of the White House's website. English only. Guess why. The liberals are saying no no don't call it must also be I'm. I spend your whole god story your calls next. 136. Here on the great WRK. RO OK in my France. So among many of the changes now being instituted by president trump. One that is already creating tremendous controversy. Among the media Hollywood popular culture the elites in general. Is his decision. To revamp the White House web site whitehouse dot gov. And under Obama there was a huge Spanish speaking section and a spaniel. Well as trump said repeatedly during the campaign trail. We are a nation that speaks English. English is the de facto official language of the United States. And Soto encourage immigrants who come to our country to speak any other language then English. Hurts them in their ability to assimilate. And of course you were ideally want immigrants to assimilate. And so the best way to assimilate. Mike malign your trump with their eastern European accent and all is does speak English. Well guess locked. Maligning us speaks English dame mock her accent. But the illegals that come here and refuse to learn the language. Known on long home they must speak only I'm Espanol. And so trump has now announced that there will be an English only at least for awhile. The White House website will be English only. Listen now to the media. Grill Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Yesterday. For simply making the White House web site. Represented the language. Of the United States of America. Rolex. Jarrett Jennifer Rodriguez. Through congress. Again a special something we gonna wait isn't that your recipients and death when do we expect that to happen also when we think that White House. I'm excited to be back up and. Okay to question let me start with they the latter first as you know. We we got the ground we hit the ground running on day one there was a lot to do and we've done a lot of work on the website to make sure. That we are prepared to get as much information office as fast as possible. We are continuing to build out the web cycles in the area issue areas and that mattered but but we've got IT folks working overtime right now. To continue to get all of that up to speed and and trust me it's just gonna take a little bit more time working piece by piece to get that done. Doesn't really answer her question. You see I gotta say this about Press Secretary Sean Spicer. He's got to toughen up. You're in the lion's den. Now she was a Spanish or probably from a Spanish channel or Spanish media outlet. Look I would tell her exactly what the president said it's English only and it's gonna stay English only. And the reason why it's gonna stay English only is because or in English speaking country. Now look what all due respect you can speak Spanish in the home or any other language you wanna sent in to Saturday school whatever. But on our official government web sites. The language of the United States is English. And the White House it's the prayer house the people's house it's language will be English. Now we can provide you with English lessons. You know we can provide you with the help to learn English obviously that's how you assimilate and a culture rate yourself into the United States. But if we continue to allow different languages to flourish we're gonna become balkanized. You're gonna see big ghetto position of America. And I've got to say something else and and I'm not trying to single out people or of let penal dissent or speaks Spanish sure I really I'm not. There are official leaked 323. Languages spoken in the United States let me repeat dot. 323. Languages are spoken in the United States. Why should Spanish be favored against all the others. Why are these liberals in favor of discriminating against I don't know Arabic. Mandarin Chinese. Our internal Persian. Army I can just go on a rush end I could go on polish Italian. I mean why spent I know because you think might makes right. You think you let a man they flood the country they come any legally and suddenly we gonna kowtow to the invaders nor normal home. If I go to Mexico and I wanna live in Mexico I learn Spanish. If I want to go to China and live in China and work in China I learned Chinese Mandarin to be specific. If I go to Italy. Now I'm gonna learn Italian. I'm sorry it's the basic respect that you do when you go to someone else's country. He's wrong it is moral frankly it's insulting. To have different languages. On government web sites and certainly on the White House's official web site. We are in English speaking country we always have been and god willing we always will be. 61720666868. Let me ask you this. Should the official website of the White House White House dot gov should it remain English only. It is a big change the trump is instituted from the Obama years. Or should we allow time as spaniel all. 61720666868. Let's go to Hong Kong Europe first coed com. All right Jeff so playing. Why I totally agree that that's because when I went to Panama I caught it from those. Offer it lost its Spanish they don't give it charges be either Mandarin. English. So when you come to any country they're the respect their country's language. You'd like it or not that is their countries. Side we want trumpets. Secondly. There election is though. Part of that. I had a better. He beta it was above my coworker. But first they had some are supporting child they tell me I'm baker. When trouble got it out there you want to send back to China. And I say why they say that. It got from his greatness but I say. Always talk about your legal not illegal immigrant my home is in this country unite this state. And I guess they don't talk anymore. So Kong if you don't mind me asking your friends. Where the Asian or were they white. Are the ones that called you a big eight we. All we only were they block where they Hispanic. Opera in America and they're African Americans so African Americans are calling you a big hit because you voted for trump. Because I disagree what base they have their candidate. Incredible. Dog does have some of them are called is this country's. So if they try wanna send it back and Roberto America. Come god bless you my friend this is your home 61726. And were lucky to have you. 6172666868. Mike Europe next go ahead Mike. Get. I'm a first phone call up a little nervous but it go ahead you're you're among friends like welcome. I'm an Spock like way to pick up my grandkids as secret Alex and perhaps. It when you're talking about. You're going out to Trump's wife and child. And Sydney are worth living there that infuriated. And that's and I know what they're born they're trying to get on the trumps Ginn. In trying to get them off their game and the best thing he can go. It's just keep them away with these executive orders over it and figure wavering obamacare. Into this country got Contra I am so sick and tired of the whining liberals. It's doubtful that. Anybody could also especially like Elizabeth Warren folk aren't. But Mike thinks about just the hypocrisy. They call for millions of illegal immigrants who don't speak any English. Not only to come to the United States to take jobs from Americans. Take welfare take health care free education. They even want everything bilingual. OK everything and has kind of spaniel everything in Spanish. And yet they mock mole on your trump who came here legally. Did doors at taxpayer her whole life did everything the right way because she has an accent. I mean just think I just think of the utter first of all the nastiness summit but also the sheer hypocrisy. All I wanna be considered a racist as you right foot so upset about this is a long time ago when I went to an ATM machine. And that's what language rusty you know deal. In consideration English everything should be. I was in Germany of three years in the service. In. General the Germans only any kind of well long after we get an element of service guy didn't speak German but. I entered a little salt Padilla another person country and not speak their language and are called in live here learn their language learner culture assimilate. Amen amen thank you for that call Mike are very good call look. Yeah let me tell you for me my first shock. Years ago when I came to United States years ago I'm ordering cable cable. I call I'll never forget it I call for the cable. Plans man known. Or all. For English Bristol. What blocked. I'm calling to order cable and each. Then that that the that the recording is in Spanish. And dial one it's like a press one for English press two for Spanish. It's no formal and Aspen hill press one for Spanish and press two for English. And I am I'm saying excuse me I'm sure there might Guatemala. I will get that that I just hit Nicaragua here all of a sudden what what what just happened. In Mexico. They want you speak Spanish I don't blame him in Brazil they want you speak Portuguese I don't blame home. Now why can't we say in America we speak English. I'm sick and tired I go to Stop & Shop how many times I the only one to pay whatever with a debit card or credit card and they ask you an English trying to Espanol. No one English. Equivalent and that's Siena and that's another thing I'm sorry but what are slobs don't count. But Italians don't count Portuguese don't count Chinese don't count. In other words why Spanish and not other languages if you're gonna be fair to gonna be a liberal. Men put 101520. Languages no it's about votes. That's what it is it's about catering to people who came to this country and refuse to assimilate one sorry. America love it or leave it. They say in May call love may go or leave may call so what's good month for May call is good enough for me take your pick. 6172666868. Our third Chestnut Hill thanks for holding go ahead Arthur. My pleasure it's always great to threaten Jeff. Three quick points first evoke. We aid it's got to be Curt Schilling it's generally give it Elizabeth Warren because of those red sucks backward. He can beat her I've left procedure. Orasure ever run for governor. As far as that woman pose Chelsea let you know what all these all these women who were so ultimate she's just like the people a barge spoke. Apologies are very all the bookmarks. But the ones who spoke. They evolved a bit Adobe and whether that young man is it is has found similar but not the fact that she put it back. Visit in sub at every port cupid that that has. As. Forget what you might might my knees as our circle. There are autism autism specially. Like these guys has Down syndrome and we love it down okay we blew up when we went what would love that that's bad and you know something. And it's rather nervous I was proud about my father who what what what he came out of a concentration camp and and my parents. You know we went from country to country and a pivotal in the leg which we did he'd that's why when he came to America. He could speak six languages. And and the last thing. You know as a businessman you know. It's nice to see why because for the first time we see you guys who most other bill you are not every company the pipeline is I just. Oil and also as a bought steel because he says you can only buy American steel every company okay the kids built. They also turnaround at Brigham and they bring prosperity and jobs that are out there that the debt everything this guy is storms to bring back to America. To where it and it's only done that a few weeks and not one bit of credit in the press. Amen Arthur. Look at that keystone XL pipeline are trump signed an executive order today. Minimum on on low balling Minnesota is more like point 15000 drops but minimum 101000 jobs good paying many of them union jobs. Or you'll natural gas it's good drive down the price of pomp. All here repaying the lower gas prices he's only gonna use US steel for the actual pipeline. Look at the jobs are gonna be created. The drilling. The transporting. This deal. Lower gas a goal lower gas prices at the pump. I mean you could go on he has done more I swear to you in what their fried it's at a fourth ace. He has done more in fort dates for the American economy and for the United States ended dear leader is gone any freaking years. 6170666868. To all the lives out there. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. 156 here on the great WRKO. OK trusting my friends I've got a lot more next hour you don't wanna touch that dial. But we're starting a new feature here on the corner report for the first hundred days off trumps presidency run just call a hundred days with corner. On the knowledge you know exactly what's going on each day of Trump's presidency the first hundred days. So yesterday. Was very pivotal. He moved very quickly on three fronts. Number one. He. You prostate. An executive order instituting. A massive hiring freeze. Across the entire federal bureaucracy. Federal government workforce. So why is that important. Already now the government is gonna stop growing. He's got plans for big cuts but at a minimum he's gonna hold the line now on the federal government. Number two. He stopped funding abortions overseas. He restored the so called Mexico City policy so the policy now under Obama. Where taxpayer money would go to Planned Parenthood. To perform abortions overseas which by the way many foreign countries deeply hated and resented that policy is now. Over. But most importantly. That crown jewel of Obama's economic agenda was the trans Pacific partnership. That was the global list and gain. To create essentially a Pacific economic union. With twelve nations in Asia as well as Canada. Chill day and other countries. And the goal was to destroy American sovereignty ultimately permanently. And it would cost us four or five maybe six million jobs it would finish manufacturing. In this country forever. Trump with the stroke of one hand. I'm dated a major pillar of Obama's economic agenda as well as that of Paul Ryan. And the Republican Ryan notes. So we signed an executive order yesterday. Killing the PPP. Thereby restoring our sovereignty. Saving may be 56 million jobs. And preventing us from being essentially tied to Asia in every way possible. So what he did was restore our independence. Restore economic security and restore our sovereignty. And put a major nail in the global list coffin. Just not all alone no matter what he dies from this point forward. Trump's presidency in some ways is already going to be a major success. We won and the global lists lost. OK my friends I promise I wanna continue to take more of your calls. Also. The Democratic National Committee. Now their candidates are running to be their head of the DNC. I kid you not. They are now saying that white people. Need to be silenced and shot up. They wanted blacks to ride the back of the bus and shot up. Now they're saying it's time for whites deride the back of the bus and shot up. I kid you not that's story your calls next.