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State Rep. Geoff Diehl says he’s considering running against Warren in 2018. 1/24/17

Jan 24, 2017|

Elizabeth Warren will not disavow Madonna for saying she’s thought about blowing up the White House. Kuhner thinks it’s time to vote Warren out. Do you think Rep. Geoff Diehl can beat Sen. Elizabeth Warren?

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The constitution. It is under attack. We don't know curtail yeah founding principles. Are being destroyed but in Boston. This either the American revolution a new movement began. Boston's bolt those. Cleaning up the liberal bull and taking our country. Back they seize on America's voice of the resistance. Come wrote polar. Let them play. Bad. Talk for a generation now and now. President. And the where. Congress. Aren't ready to ram we'll Wallace that old films it even harder. They achieved in vague trouble of course that was a cheap spreading bowl. AKA senator Elizabeth Warren also known as chief Crazy Horse or a liar walked out. Okay my friends. Huge poll just came out from WB you are. They achieve its facing serious obstacles. In her reelection bid next year. I was you know she's going to be up for reelection. She is desperately trying to turn herself in two way liberal hero a liberal icon. And because of this trying to basically be now the liberal lion or in her case. The liberal chief. In dissent it. She has no enemies to the left. And she has now become so polarizing. So obnoxious. Shoulder rating so annoying frankly so extreme. Listen Davis. Now there is a huge opening for a strong center right candidate to defeat her in 2018. According to the latest WBUR. Poll. The chief is bleeding. And bleeding so bad that somebody out there may be able to scalp the chief of the chief isn't careful. So according to WBUR. In an extensive poll just conducted several days ago here is what they found. Even in the people's republic of marks that you sits there are starting to get sick and tired of Lizzy Warren of wire waffled. 51%. Only 51%. Barely a majority barely. Have a favorable view or favorable approval rating for the chief. However. What now has many Democrats in absolute panic. Is that now that very same poll. Also shows that only 44%. Of the residents of Massachusetts. Believe she should be reelected. Fort peak 4%. She's underwater. And not only is she underwater. But many people in Massachusetts are now saying in fact 46%. Are saying it's time to give someone else a chance. Not only now does she have less than a majority won a supporter and vote fer. But yeah there's actually more people in Massachusetts that say you know. We'd rather have somebody else then that obvious phony and fraud. Who. Is like nails on a chalkboard. Everytime she opens term golf. And has her poll numbers continued to hemorrhage. As Democrats are now in complete panic she now is embroiled in another scandal and I think this one. If a challenger emerges. To really exploit. Some of the lunatic things that she said. Especially some of the latest comments this could be the one that sinks the chief. So as you know we discussed this on yesterday's show. At the women's march on Washington. Mad I'm not. Besides saying the F forward constantly during her speech a profanity or so lead the league in speech she openly called. For saying she desires the White House to be blown up. Calling essentially for an act of terrorism or sings she's fantasizing about an act of terrorism. The Secret Service are now investigating Madonna. Possible charges could be waiting for what it's a federal offense would Madonna did was clearly a crime. Yes I'm angry. Kids I am outraged. Yeah and it's I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. She that's a federal offense. That's a crime. I mean there's no we've gone or on tape there's no if ands or buts about it. She should go to prison you don't say that you can't say that it's illegal to save out. Now Jeff Jeff Jeff if you may be asking what does this have to do with the chief. Bright part muse and I wanna give my big hat tip. Two days after Madonna shared her wish to blow up the White House reached out to the most radical leftist in the senate. Elizabeth Warren. And they asked the chief will sheik condemned the outrageous desire. That Madonna expressed in the women's march Saturday on Washington's National Mall. In other words will you condemn her call for blowing up the White House. And as you know all Elizabeth Warren. Who were all true partisan. Hard left wing extremist. It's positioning herself to run in 20/20. And her strategy is there will be no enemies to the left. No one will out left wing the chief. So she's trying to present herself now as the leading and peach romper the most radical extreme and peach romper in the country. And she refuses. To condemn Obama. When asked repeatedly again and again via email via phone calls I mean how hard is it to put out a press statement. You can do it in in in two minutes yeah assault. She refuses to condemn what Madonna said which means per silence. Is tacit approval. Per silence. And this is now growing just at every minute every hour this thing goes on. She's now being called by other members of the press coursing wool wool wool everybody's distancing themselves from Madonna's comments. Except the chief. Except Elizabeth Warren everybody said wool or a saying that you desire to blow off the White House that's not only a crime. Not here inciting violence what old dot beyond the pale. This is not Venezuela yet rule cool let's take it easy now with killing presidents and blowing up White House's. She's the only one that's still refuses to condemn what Madonna said in the senate. The only one. Now I want you to think about this and objectively to stand back. Elizabeth Warren has now been in office for four and a half years almost five years. Next year will be her reelection. Objectively. Not a left right conservative liberal Republican Democrat. What press chief spreading bull Don. For the people of Massachusetts. What has she concretely done. How she put her name to a major piece of legislation. Yet. How she'd done anything to bridge the partisan divide yet. How she I don't know brought back a huge projects to the people's republic of toxic juice it's yet. So what is she done. And not only has she done absolutely nothing literally nothing except Scholl bold and grandstand. And throw one cheap insult after another she's a wannabe comedian and she's a horrible one at bat okay. Bellini chief chief if you're auditioning for a late night comedy show you're not gonna get it believe me. So besides acting like a spoiled seventeen or eighteen year old college freshman student. She promised us. The night that she defeated Scott Brown. There she said she was gonna work across the aisle and reach out to Scott Brown's supporters. And try to be a voice for borrow for both parties. For independence. For a spirit of bipartisanship. Does what she said on election night. She hasn't done one thing to reach out to anybody. All she's done is take up every hard left wing cause imaginable think about this black lives matter. There's Elizabeth Warren. Code pink there is Elizabeth Warren. Moveon.org. There's Elizabeth Warren. Occupy Wall Street chain. YouTube has instilled in that was okay dominant as president. I would we will not play didn't. That's all she booms but we also believe. That immigration and Marat. Yeah climate change is real and. There you go that's all you get from her. That's all you'll get from her. So there she is in bed with Occupy Wall Street she's written in many ways the intellectual godmother of Occupy Wall Street. A terrorist organization. That calls for violence and destruction of property. Dare she is backing black lives matter another domestic terrorist group. That incites riots and violence and hatred against whites and police. Dare she is embedded with code pink. Which same thing calls for violence in fact many of them call for the violent overthrow the United States government. In other words she's not just a liberal senator. We're all due respect. She's not even an ultra liberal senator OK I don't Dianne Feinstein. Does an example in California. Where you go candidate. Not Chara abortion and climate change gun control illegal immigration. All talks raising taxes you know how she's gonna vote. She is in bed. With the most militant. Radical. And some of them terrorist groups in the country. You don't get more extreme than her. She's aiding and abetting terrorist domestic terrorist hate groups and domestic terrorist groups in the United States. She's the most radical. Extreme leftist that we have in the United States senate. She sold radical and so extreme listen to this I never thought I would see the day. She's to move far left wing now for a majority of people in Massachusetts. She could potentially be one termer. And so let me say this to all of you corner country okay from the bottom of my heart. I said this to you. When we went. And I went when when the election campaign was on and I threw my full support behind Donald Trump. Against Hillary Rodham Clinton. And I said I am gonna Barack trump and I wanna do everything in my power to defeat and bring down Hillary and our corrupt gangster regime. Got a whole corrupt gang. Will now chief spreading bull I'm speaking to you directly. You can stand there and Boston Common and make all the ridiculous outlandish extremist claims you want. You can stand there and mock us deplorable it's. You can stand there and ally yourself with every left wing extremist Democrat. A domestic terrorist group in America. But I speak for middle Massachusetts. I don't just speak for middle America. And I am telling you. That the workers of this state that taxpayers of this state. The hard working people of this state. That veterans of this state we have had it with few. And I'm gonna do everything in my power. To see that you never get reelected again chief. You didn't build that PP. And. Come next year I'm gonna make sure we burn it to the ground. And so my question to you is this corner country. Now with the latest polls showing that she is bleeding support in Massachusetts. With her refusal to condemn Madonna's wish to blow up the White House. House chief spreading bowl now crossed the line. Can they achieve be defeated in 2018. If they good candidate emerges. If you believe the answer is yes like I do text or letter or a 68680. If you believe giraffe did you have. This is marks a chose sets. Eva and the female version of Lenin like her can win in this state she can't be beaten. Next the letter B a 68680. You can vote online at wrko.com. Elizabeth Warren. Refuses to disavow Madonna. And now her poll numbers are dropping like a spawned. Should she be held responsible. And can she be beaten 6172666868. All of your calls next. Yeah. It immigration. Makes us a stronger. Country. OK okay. Yeah. Okay. You know you would think. In all since she supposedly a Cherokee Indian according to her in all your finger at the chief. Would be the one day to be more supporting the wall. I mean wasn't an all those immigrants that took away the land of the Cherokee chief. Wasn't it all visa immigrants coming in that the so called battle white people. That took away the native Americans indians' land but c'mon chief. You should be the first one backing the wall. You know you don't sure reminds me of and I'm telling your. Think this explains in many ways. Why the leaders WB your poll Hauser in big trouble. Only 44%. This is Massachusetts. Only 44%. Say they will support her reelection. 46%. Say they want somebody else. Her approval rating is barely above 5051%. They it's because a man picks like this. Notice. No substance. What is she doing on behalf of the people Massachusetts. Nothing. Issue rolling up her sleeves. Issue helping to pass major legislation. Nothing. Each one protest. One speech. One slogan. One smear campaign. Once name calling after name calling after a name calling. When she's really she's 68 or whatever she's a 6768. She's going in early sixties she's 68 going on six. Mean. She sounds like a high school teenager with her ridiculous lines and are stupid insults. She reminds mean you know that woman that got kicked off the jetBlue. I talked about this yesterday who was pestering. Our trump supporter after the inauguration they were in Boston sorry Baltimore Washington international airport flying back to Seattle. And he's trying to get in his seat and she won't let him get in his seat. But she just keeps nagging them and mag numb and mag numb and insulting him and insulting arm and it's open jump. Till finally to say get off the flight attendants are just get off the plane you're annoying the hell out of everybody and the whole plane starts cheering. That's the chief. And this state is becoming the plane. And now people on the plane are finally saying yeah. And did a despite with fuel pitches. Jerry do we have that okay. Here this may have been achieved spreading bulls' long lost sister are sort twin or whatever it is because I'm telling you. She reminds me so much of the chief. Role with German ten. It's. That's just me. Grab me. You know crappy. Right. Yeah. Means equal. And that's true in the workplace needs to end marriage yeah it's for every place tomorrow never stop fighting to insure our. Equality. For all. Never that I believe I have to do it when he seventy. We will leave. It equal pay a market. The chief. And you house flipper you. Chief. Tell me when you're are scamming old ladies. To get them to sell their homes low and then you sold them back you would you'd buy low and then you would sell high. Tellme chief where you portion social justice then chief. And how well you have. All I thought our. Owner fire chief. Where is your battle ax chief. A the do. Oh hole in cool. Young. Okay my friends can Elizabeth Warren be defeated. The ball poll say yes. I said yes what do you say. And who'll rise up to challenger. Next. 1236. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Achieve spreading bowl is in trouble she may need her hallmark. According now to the latest WBUR. Hole. Only 44%. Of the people of mark should choose sits even further moon bats in this state they think she's too extreme. Only 44%. Say they will support her reelection. 46%. Say it's time to give somebody else a chance. And on top of that she refuses to disavow. Madonna's call to blow up the White House. How as the chief gone too far. Can she be defeated in 2018. Brittany what are the poll results. Thus far. There were just crunching the numbers you can still vote by the way so. I if you believe like I mean that she's vulnerable and can be beaten text the letter aid the 68680. If you think chaff. This is a one party democratic state there's no way anybody can beat the chief. But it does deserve the moon bats run this state. Next the latter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Brittany what are the results thus far 90% say yes she can be B 10% to out arguing yes or no yes absolutely. I think you have the right candidate to go to answer you absolutely can be act. We need a strong center right candidate. And somebody who's joining us right now speaking of a potential center right candidate. State representative. Jeff Diehl is joining us representative deal thank you so much for coming on the corner report. I've got to ask you. Your name is being floated out there by a lot of people in Republican circles saying you're exactly the man who can take on Elizabeth Warren. You look at the latest polls you look at her now not even wanting to disavow. Madonna's wish to blow up the White House. The Jeff. Can she be beaten and are you the man to do it. And yet I think Britney and an acre country that they gently on well its big question and let. What is sectors so I think I'm really glad you're covering this topic because. But not this for a few years that Sheen first and that will the porn doesn't get any interest in what's good for Massachusetts I mean she voted. Against removing the medical device actually voted against the 21 century cures act which would help where we're. Yeah we are research hospital center for America and the things that helped our economy helped people with diseases she's voting interest achieved. Only then a partisan. Politicians and she's been processed and it's it's good to see that the people Massachusetts these amstel are waking up to the fact that she has no interest represented them to surely trying to stop. He Republican now now president trump in any way she can't. So you know if you you're asking if it's time considering of course and considering it have been talking to not only my family in and waiting lists because that's critical to me but not so I was just in DC for the inauguration. Been talking to folks. And they are in some important people here in Massachusetts. It's something I'm considering but you know it's skim it. It's going to be take a large commitment quit actually you know Jeff this is the kind of thing that you know even even if it were to run. It's gonna take the help of all the people in Massachusetts. To make a run like this so you know I wanna make sure that. You know we weigh everything before we make a final decision. We're talking with state representative Jeff deal saw obviously now this is made some news here. Saying he seriously considering running against Elizabeth Warren. I know a lot of people in the trump administration. A Republican circles here would love to see you take Iran. They think you've got the background you've got the experience you've got the pedigree there are no skeletons in your closet. You're conservative pitcher a moderate conservative. Your principled man of the center right. Then you're tough you're willing to take a take you know take the fight to work. I've got to ask you this though I'm on my want to put words in your mouth but this story seems to be getting in a bigger now almost by the hour. She has been NASA now for over 48 almost 72 hours. To disavow Madonna's wish to blow up the White House that is a crime. That is a federal offense. To call for the White House or the president to be killed or the White House to be blown up. Secret Service is now investigating. Why will Elizabeth Warren not disavow Madonna. And is this show is part of a larger pattern. Of her ties to extremist left wing groups. Like black lives matter like moveon.org. Like all of these other I grew Occupy Wall Street. That many of them frankly are almost borderline domestic terrorists. Do you get let me just say I was in position I was in Washington for the weekend for the inauguration I was there Saturday at southern marching I saw the sign Herbert divorcing. He was. It was late in Ari I slowed daughters there young women I have two daughters he never would have brought into something like that based on what I saw and what I heard it was like an. To be honest you. The fact that Elizabeth Warren refuses to disavow. What is clearly a threat and he would you can't cease fire in a crowded movie oust. How can get away listening to the White House should be blown up think about the Secret Service all the people in that building that you know and it's just. Ridiculous to put that idea into people's heads to begin at the fact is that is exactly what she does she demagogues. For political purposes than she let it will be the chair of you know ready for the chair of the democratic. Party right now I mean that's how. Police she is with just not being willing to work across the aisle she's completely. Try to say anything that ridiculous to block all of the nominees for a for the secretary positions for trump. I mean you know. General Mattis would probably recognize that both parties is the most qualified guy to run by secretary of service secretary of defense. You waiver and she voted against a waiver to allow him to be nominated. She does not care about the interest of the people or in Massachusetts she purely cares about making sure that acute that I think. One to be at left is she can of everybody and and and you know Hollywood friends like Madonna that's more important to protect her and protect the interest of the people. Here in Massachusetts in the country. No we are talking with state representative Jeff deal conservative. Republican. Well respected here in the states seriously now considering challenging Elizabeth Warren. I represented him deal we're kind of being pushed a little bit on time and I've got to ask you this. How she'd done anything. Positive or good for this state. Well I didn't it say at this thing before she hadn't had anything past and the policy doesn't shut down good legislation. Like. Like to 20% security act which would be looking at responding to try to stop these horrible diseases. He a rare diseases things like that public senator brown passed more legislation in his short period of time machine ever gotten done he he got the stock act passed which would. Stop inside your dreams down or down in Washington DC on Capitol Hill. Look I haven't seen anything other than her rail against you know to Republicans demagogue your. Ted Kennedy in the liberal lion of Massachusetts never would have engaged in what she does and he got walked past. Because he worked with Republican presidents and Republican governors I mean that health care what the Romney care here in Massachusetts passed because he worked with a Republican governor and Republican Kuerten at the time. Do you see her getting anything Democrat I don't and I think that's exactly why she is. Being perceived now by the people of Massachusetts are not important typical politicians are looking to further her own interest rather than those of the people she was elected to serve. Representative deal the you're known you're you're trump supporter. You're known as a populist. You say you wanna fight for workers of this state for. Working people and working families. Do you support trump on the wall you support him on immigration and you support among trade. You support him on tax relief for families you support among the keystone XL pipeline. In other words if you ran against Elizabeth Warren would you run as a populist is this the way to beater. Trump it's. That trumped up is exactly why he has supported him would think she works for the common person and that's what I've been doing. Since I've been in office I mean I worked on media ballot question you know ice and that's filed legislation in the house to block. We get text going up every year without a vote it got shut down so I took it to the people I went out there who targets for about a year and have to make sure that we can repealed. The tactics of up to the hurt middle to low income camera is the most meanwhile the state was you know. Lately anyway more money that it needed for road construction so it was attacked it should never happen I worked on that. If you can't get it done in the house and senate chambers and you've got to take it to the people of. They did at the Olympics he tried to take ten billion dollars ten billion dollars. That there are gonna put to the taxpayers to fund the Olympics and I worked out of the chamber bipartisan relive it. Another governor Turkey a candidate for governor at the time as in such a collision independent candidates. We worked together to block. The Olympics and they ultimately left out received two billion dollars for the taxpayers on the gas tax we think about can. Billion dollars on the Olympics from camp so look at the corner workers they children have a record of working. For the average folks who just wanna get by. He looks forward to good retirement be able to look forward to send kids to college. You know be able to just have to buy in Massachusetts institute continues to raise taxes with health care cost increases hall itself. Yes I will be happy because Donald Trump is it's is. Working to receive taxpayer money health care and everything and and and make sure our borders are secure so we don't. He'll continue to pay taxes until it was people who are here illegally. That is the kind of work I think the people of Massachusetts care about. That's the kind of work Elena continue on and looked let her run for the United States senator knotts I'm going to be doing that status anyway. Look I it's gonna take a lot of people to make you know. Make this this one happened so people urged that they want to know more they should go to my web site which is Jeff gill dot com. Sign up under the link to sign up for information I'll put more information out as it is that the decision to animals along. Now Jeff deal Jaffe is GE O aircraft correct. That's right Sheila fast and the dealers DI ED HL. Dot com that's the web sites and military information to sign up and increase the page look I wanna know where you people think sign up that gastronomic FaceBook page which is FaceBook. Last gasp deal. Like my page and then you know put quote sleeping I'd like to hear what you people think what this is important. I've been working for the people might districts for three terms now I'm in my fourth term I listen to the people and that's why I've been lucky not to continue to serve. I look it's already here and we think about this. Representative deal I've got one more minute that I got to go to war break and I'll be taken some calls. I'm getting a lot of people texting us texting the show by the way you can text that's at 68680. Has always. Asking me to ask you about the pay raises for the state wraps. What's your comment on the proposed pay hikes for all of these state representatives. This discussion just I mean I had the housing ice. About two years ago that let 2014. I was the end of the last session you that's when I guess like about this thing passed. I actually sat in the chamber. Week after week blocking him during informal session any effort to do 88. Pay increase two informal and not know when the legislators aren't there to try to sneak in Israel. I blocked that. During that final a final month of informal sessions because I saw how ridiculous it was our economy is so bad right now people have not seen a racist and here these legislators are trying to reward themselves for switching over to you know affordable care tactic process and billion dollars overnight with a failed let's say for registration. Look at these people want increases for. What I see as not necessarily work in for the people of Massachusetts do they need. And so here they're not gonna pass this the first and got to do is try to pass this we hadn't formed committee yet. And they wanna give themselves a raise for the work that they think they've done is something that I can't vote where I will be working against. Credible aren't they incredible up there on Beacon Hill. What we get within a marijuana law that's now being you know need to be implemented. Untroubled and hope you're crisis like we've got a workout first. On that on health care costs. No do we await more important considered in the first thing that they do is try to pass a pain increased and these increases are outrageous I mean forty sometimes 50% increase this. Furthest statewide officials you know and also for the speaker of the house. This the senate president the minority leaders in the house and senate and they are asking for. An exorbitant amount of money. To be added under the salary at a time when our economy is so bad that the governor had to implement ninety cuts across the board. And which are urged people of Massachusetts. This is the worst time ever to try to pass in its increase in paid for merit when they certainly don't merit whatsoever. We have been talking with state representative. Jeff deal one of the good guys. On Beacon Hill while at the call bacon mail. Are you seriously considering Iran against Elizabeth Warren for the US senate. Jeff for what it's worth. I'm with you 100%. I think you can win and I think he'll be here. So you're always welcome on the corner report for god bless you and and keep up the good fight. Well you've you've got a great audience of people who care about this country about the states. So it's a pleasure with the money Kent thanks so much. A caretaker that was state representative Jeff deal. Honestly I think if he runs he's gonna give the chief are Ron firm money. 6172666868. Your reaction to your calls next. That is kind of we're trading to people of matches it's care about. That's the kind of work I wanna continue on and looked whether Iran for the United States senator not. I have been doing that status anyway. But look I it's gonna take a lot of people to make you know. Make this is what happened so people urged it may want to know more they should go to my website which is Jeff Steele dot com. Sign up that are linked to sign up for information at all. Well 56 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends newsmaker interview. We just concluded with state representative Jeff deal. The polls are out poke on this AKA senator Elizabeth Warren wire Waugh is on the ropes. Only 44%. Of the are citizens of Massachusetts want to reelect there. She's now hemorrhaging support. State representative Jeff deal is now seriously considering challenging her. Can she be beaten should she be beaten. All he. Wall sand Europe's first going Headley. Thank you protect my call I just wanna say there's a gags. This and there's election with the Canadian were socialist election and they got defeat. And value that the other cap which is a Marxist group. But are now fighting with so you're seeing right here that insurance insurance will choose democratic people going at each other which is always reluctant going to be good. Did you deal. But if you can see how they're coming out of the lord hear out of the woodwork. George sort of all the others are coming out in making peace demonstrations. And saying that they that this. You know he completed his eight Ali. Within the Democratic Party. He beat the Indians are actually outlook and we can get them in the next election we get it at the ballot box you don't have to do this. And then we waited too long we've waited this. We waited a week we have this collection and the bad. Look what happened on present any terms at all and I heard people talk about that too bad out around that a progressive. And you got to remember true that the Communist Party split into the crowd Chicago and the ESA democratic socialists of America back in ninety or. All we look at Chicago we can see why Scott Marshall at that there. You're going to be a huge category Communist are eager eager crowd it was say in who kind of a college party and of course you've got Barack Obama who's gonna be up there. You're looking at. So confusing. That I actually and I think that it's going to be a real spite of the Democrats right now. No I agree if you Lee look I think the party's nominee be a civil war. And Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders. Keith Ellison. They represent the far hard left wing. And she can be beaten. And corner country I'm telling you if we beat Elizabeth Warren here. If the moon bats lose in Massachusetts. Their days are numbered. Are you with me 6172666868. Is the number OK we're gonna continue to take. Your calls and I kid you not now the media turns their guns not just on president trump. But on First Lady mall Lonnie at trump. And their son Barron. You're not gonna believe what they're now saying about malign your trumpet. That's story your calls next.