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Trump team takes on media on Inauguration. 1/23/17

Jan 23, 2017|

What do you make of the media saying the crowd size of Trump’s inauguration was smaller than Obama’s? Does it really matter?

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137 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends before I get. To this ridiculous. Media fake news story about trumped the inaugural how many people showed up. And obviously trumps team fighting back and fighting back hard. He wanna get it wasn't just Brittany and I. You wanna get another taste of what trump people who attended the inauguration what they were subjected to. So not only were. People who worthy make America great again hats spat on. My a lot of these female protesters. The women's march on Washington. They were sworn they were spat on. A lot of people complaining about this. But one person. Who flew from Baltimore Washington international airport back to Seattle. He was there to attend the trump inauguration and he was a trump supporter. And his name is Scott are caught pesky. So he's boarding his flight from Baltimore to Seattle. And he bombs sent to somebody a couple in fact to work going to be seated right next storm. And then ease. They look at him in the a lot of the trump supporters either at a T shirt or forty era baseball cap signifying that they don't they were there to support trump they aborted for trump. Well listen to him. Say he abuse that he took. How this move back woman. Were raided him. Until she was finally forced off the plane and when they kicked our off the plane. All of the passengers. Unanimously. Began to cheer roll it Jaret act. She is talking into my car and just everything. Thank you can celebrate. The idea. I'm like yeah yeah maybe. Well we don't. Advance. Just tell me yeah. Grab me. You know crappy. Right. Okay. The so basically he's filming the race. Definitely cheering. Everybody shared they had so there she is Islip how did you out of your verdict as the audio is not a 100%. Mean look at do you amoled Disney and you're saying is cut his finger on the nuclear button he doesn't believing claiming change. Your own believing Graham mini is gravity does this year read. And of course the whole time is responses look miss I believe in democracy. I had my vote you had your vote I'm just here to fly on a plane to go back home about sit. I'm my ear to re litigate the election with few. In normal dream climate change newborn in Maryland that finger on the nuclear button the woman won't let it go. And then what's stunning is she's telling the airline attendants the flight attendants had of him move his seat but we won't another seat. Why should he move this shapes. You're the one causing all the problems. Yeah movie Arafat acts. Doing your husband you you guys move marketing move. So finally they did the right thing and they said but get off the plane. They're causing trouble get off the point you don't know how to behave in a civilized manner get off the plane you know for the last eight years. Do you have any idea how many times I confront it Allbaugh I've seen Obama's supporters on planes. You know what they're dumb hoping change a T shirt sent. You know Obama baseball caps and their little pins and didn't nearly even parent. I don't I don't walk optimistic get off the plane or get out of the chair how dare you voted for this man. That's a free country. You wanna you wanna support him you support him I don't support him that's called democracy. So again I'm telling you you've seen in the reaction on the plane you sought in Washington DC. The country is a record linked in horror and disgust. Instead of helping their cause it's now worsening their costs. Because they look at these people my wife never seen so many people that are more. The more intolerant fanatical zealots. Then these liberal moon bats in the name of tolerance to the most intolerant people on the planet let me hear yesterday. Hell yeah. So now giant childish and petty. And so petty now shall listen now to this this is now the big media scandal of today okay started over the weekend. So as you know on Friday brittney and nine were there we broadcast of life. A couple of things needed to be pointed out. This security for this inauguration. Was in seen. It was insane. We knew there was the possibility of violent protests. You could see them building the night before and the morning of the actual inauguration. So many people were nervous they did not wanna go to the inauguration and they want to maybe wait for the balls are the parties. We Britney when we get dropped off at 830. 820. 82820. We were dropped off by the taxi that took us there. Sorry who were little bare and over my thought it was an upper right near the steps of Capitol Hill. Where media rural wise I kid you not was half a mile away your facts right on the National Mall. Take a guess how long it took us to get to media wrong to kick ass. One hour and Jeff come on two hours and Jeff three hours. And we have elect QE beta before the show. Three hours and thirty minutes it was barely knew and by Italian we've gone 1145. I haven't formal hello we strolled into media around. Three and a half hours. We had to go laughed then we have to go right and they go no pig these street will mold beat street's blocked off and pick I street my street bought up so go this way goals that way we'll go through the Rayburn building when he tangled through the Rayburn building. We walked thirteen. Free can mine Holtz. We did a half marathon. My feet and I fall off till we got to media world. Now would Britney said to me what was it tough for an hour before yeah if we didn't have a shortage due Jeff I go home. Seriously really it's not worth it I go home Canada and Alaska seventy a that's going. To break we've had to walked around for so long so first it was insane. So one of the reasons why the numbers were not anywhere near as big as people have hoped or predicted it was a nightmare just to get there right. And number one number two as Britney kept pointing out Washington DC is a Democrat stronghold it's a liberal city. So everybody that's there is from all around the country. Now the media keeps going on but the numbers just weren't as big as frigid dear leader in 2000 MA yes you know wine. Because strong supporters have jobs. You see we work. We don't have time to just grab a plane and say let's have a nice long weekend in Washington DC and let's hit the balls and the parties. And at and party it up. And rock and roll in Washington DC DC were too busy I'll work keen. Are raising families. Paying the bills. Not Democrats. Or not government workers not welfare deadbeats. Are not illegal immigrants. We actually work for free can living. Now even all of this taken together. Then media still lied about the number of people that were there. Because what they did was they took a shot at what 9 o'clock. Probably and they also didn't open McKee they keep WR and getting an 1130 they open ninety with the TSA. So when we he'll Wear walking and keep our story and tang. Down to get to the capital. They didn't opened some gates until 11 thirds 11 o'clock O at no time you know when Mike Pence and Don jumper being sworn in to take the picture. There was a sea of people yeah there was LIC a and they were so many people it was huge look I covered inaugurations before. I covered bush in 2000 bush in 2004 Obama in 2008. Now it was compare Abel tool bush in 2002004. No point in front was bigger than bush in 2000 or bush in 2004. Obama in 2008 yes there was nearly two million that was bigger than trumpet 2016. But mocked when he twelfth. Why any twelve was not bigger as the media is claiming that trump and 2016 it's not true. So what they did was they took a picture was taken just sit around mine o'clock. When people were just beginning to trickle in with all of the security all of the barricades by the way the protesters by then were out in full force. There were already chanting forgive me aft trump aft trop after trump. You could smell the drugs you can smell the marijuana there were already menacing people. So they take a picture at 9 o'clock and then they circulated everywhere sigma. Park you pretty sure hope nobody's sure a look at what's does this is a jolt. And then they take an aerial shot. Of the women's march on Washington. At the height of the protest. To make it seem how big it is Canseco. This was trumps inaugural at nine Martin who at nine. And look at the women's march on Washington it's like the popular vote nobody wants this guy. So Sean Spicer. Then goes up into the media. Our won his first biggest Press Secretary. And says this is fake news. You guys are deliberately under reporting the number of people that showed up. And for the whole free can weekend. The entire media. Went on and on and on now apparently got Sean Spicer is a liar. Obama is alive year. They were exaggerating. The numbers. And how can you trust Sean Spicer on anything or trump on anything if they're willing to lie about the numbers the number of people at. Listen to Sean Spicer. Take the media to task. For spreading the fake news that essentially hardly anybody attended the inauguration. Role it Jarrett. This is also the first time that fencing a magnetometer. Went as far back on the wall preventing hundreds of thousands of people from popping being able to access the mall. As quickly as they had in inaugurations past. Inaccurate numbers involving crowd size were also tweeted. No one had numbers because the National Park Service which controls the National Mall does not put any out. By the way to supply any attempts to try to count the number of protesters today in the same fashion. We do know a few things so let's go through the facts. We know that from the platform where the president was sworn into fort street holds about 250000. People. From fourth straight to the media tent is about another 220000. And from the media tent to the Washington monument another another 250000. People. All of this space was full the president took the oath of office. We know that 420000. People use the DC metro public transit yesterday. Which actually compares to 3171000. They used it for president Obama's last inaugural. This was the largest audience to ever witnessed an inauguration. Puree it. Both in person and around the globe even the New York Times printed up for time at a photograph showing gave that. 88 misrepresentation the crowd in the original tweet. In their paper which show the full extent of the support death in crowd an intense even existed. I think goes on to say these attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong. And he's completely right now look. Let me be candid with you okay like I'm in the confessional. Tim mean this is a little bit peddy. You know it's a bit childish. It's and it's coming from the media. All well art president -- more people show up on his inaugural during your president all world Q Mayo one what did your leader had more people for his inaugurals. Who fierce. Who cares swear as more people at the inauguration. If you think is stupid think it's like my Ashton. Imam at a sixty year old would would argue likeness. But what they're trying to do is spread another fake news story. Claiming that people weren't there when they weren't there I was there I saw with my wanna. Ice there was a bulb nearly roughly a million people that showed up for Trump's inauguration. Dot matches easily what Obama had in his second inauguration. So this idea that somehow well maybe a 100000 shone out. The for the media claiming may be at 200000. Cops on the women's march on Washington Manhattan Manny more people. That's a lie. That's a lie. And so then Kellyanne Conway. Goes on NBC's meet the mass switch chuck T Chuck Todd. Old boy. Did their sparks fly we've got that so much more. Don't touch that dial these attempts to lessen any enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong. 157. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends here's a we're gonna do. I'm gonna. At the top of the next hour we come back down when a play the exchange. Between Kellyanne Conway and Chuck Todd it's extremely important. Because she is calling out the mainstream media for lying about Obama sorry for lying about trump. In a way that they always lied about the defense of Obama. And what trumps been in office for what eight years sorry eight hours Obama was in office for eight years. So Kellyanne Conway charged rips chalky Chuck Todd apart but what the media is trying to do. Deliberately depress the numbers. Lying spread another fake news story. Alter present trump again as unpopular. And you legitimate. Mary Allen in new Marie go ahead Mary Ellen. High gas content. Cry well I think I'm going to take my kid inauguration. I'm glad I talked about. He he really nervous about aren't even game. That a lot of people it away for that eat endless you know we've seen that happening but Reilly. The violence that's happening there. Even think that are not you think that that was that we might maybe some people did stay away yes that was the reality that eighty more people even working. Oh yes yes. I'm Mary Ellen he would I had about a million and a half to two million kind of not been for the threats of violence and let me tell you how I know my own wife didn't want me to go. And she's a huge trump supporter she was pivotal in helping him win in Pennsylvania and in North Carolina. And it's not that she's a coward or anything you want the bravest most courageous people I know. But what she taught how to go for my job but if it wasn't for my work Chua told we don't go. Why why risk. Getting burned burned the life. Getting to. Your head split open getting potentially killed god knows what could happen. By the way they were big threats of assassination. I mean I mentioned it on the show but everybody there was word that trump could be assassinated. So the fear of violence was there it was palpable everybody felt that everybody sensed that. And that was another reason why the numbers were not as historic. Eyes so let's say when Obama was inaugurated in 2008. But so one kept. Okay it was a million and not to a million who cares. The mall was full I was very known it was packed. The media is lying. And Kellyanne Conway. Challenges chalky talk talk Shockey Chuck Todd. You got to hear it to believe it. Okay later this hour my friends trump is on a roll the president starts issuing a blitz. Of the executive orders. Very ambitious agenda he's already on top of it. We're going to be talking about his first hundred days what he wants to do later in this hour but first. The media out Porsche is more fake muse and that trump team fights back so over the weekend. One of the first stories pushed by V fake news big media. Was that trump allegedly. How are taken away the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. taken it out of the Oval Office. And replace their or broad dot the bust of Winston Churchill. Well on the first day he did bring back of the bust of Winston Churchill that Obama sent back to the British embassy. But he never removed the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. Dick completely made that up. And so any time magazine reporter was the one who first pushed that story. And then there's something called the press pool you'd understand that because it's going to be in the exchange. Between Kellyanne Conway and shocked audience called the press pool with the press pool is you always have certain reporters. Who'll do basic reporting. Following a president. And then that's always pick up on by all the other reporters in the country. North tape cool urban EST shared duty. And you throw when information and everybody uses it well that time magazine reporter. Port that in the press pool. So when he said that trump false lead they made it up had removed the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. Just again to present trump as a racist has a big get. To inflame African Americans. To pushed the narrative that he wants to oppress minorities. This of course was picked up by reporters all across the country now we it was obviously false. And so a couple hours later. The top once the damage is done you get it out there are people are reporting on it then the time magazine reporter row lips. My bad I'm sorry. Our there was a guy illiterates we said there was a person standing in front of the bus. In the Oval Office. And I didn't see that the bus was behind that person. And so I just thought he had removed it. How about a phone call. I don't call anybody say hey. I'm looking at these pictures. Maybe there's somebody blocking your I don't know but is the bus bears have been removed. Instead of getting any confirmation. Blue eyed I don't see the bus if I don't see the buzz the must've been removed. And souls not went all over the wires. Until of course they do the our retraction hours later once the damage has been done. And so there was is that lie. That's falsehood. On top of the ridiculous claim. Because they were pushing pictures at 8:39 o'clock in the morning not crying alone which showed just the trickle of people at the inauguration. So they were saying all. The numbers who shored up by Trump's inaugural. Maybe the lowest in modern history. Although hardly may be 200000. People showed up maybe if you're lucky. Well eight. We all work trump supporters are workers were not take curse. So that's one reason why you're not gonna get as big a crowd as you did for the dear leader you look at the security. You look at the threat of violence. But even then there was about close to a million people on the mall I was there I sought. And so they went from a 1200000. And so as I played the clip in the last hour Sean Spicer said whoa whoa whoa whoa you guys are making this up. Well now listen to chuck. Where he goes right after Kellyanne Conway saying you're lying about the numbers. And if you're lying about the number of people who came in the president's allies eager to Press Secretary Sean Spicer is a liar everybody in the administration is full of life here is we can't trust you want anything. Roll it Jarrett. Why put him out there that for the very first time in front of that podium. To utter a provable falsehood it's a small thing but the first time he confronts the public. It's a false foot. Check mean for you keep referring to our Press Secretary in this tight turns I think that we're gonna have to rethink our relationship here. I would have a great open relationship with our press but look what happened the day before talking about falsehoods we cam out. The press right to come to press to come into the Oval Office and witnessed president trump signing executive orders. And then of course he did this and it just confirms general Mattis in general Kelley. Today are too close to leave lab and pressing and what happens almost immediately a falsehood is told. About removing the Boston smartly picking junior kind of office back now. Ashok flat out false. And it was right wrecked it. He quietly chocolate Y. That Johnny white. Set in the first place because I got email so presumptively line Natalie is that it okay now the easy out of Canada that reporter was right and two on behalf of the press pool. That that I'd also like that spread three out. In tie things that it does Norton was stranded excuse and it hit the iron excuse and you did not answer the question. Yeah I don't know why you did not answer the question of why the president asked the white house Press Secretary. To come out in front of the podium. But the first time. And utter a false but why did he do that it undermines the credibility of the entire. White house press. Top talent they don't then don't be so overly dramatic about it chuckle what it you're saying it's a false lead and they're giving Sean Spicer Press Secretary. Gave. I'll turn it back to that at that point we had an alternative that they're acts alternative backs or the fight back the other day and my. Think we'll look for the fight actually uttered we're just not true look alternative acts are not facts. They're falsehoods. My own home upper right there are no. Alternative fox mean I'm giving you facts that you guys are not putting out there. Through the alternative to your stupid stories to your myths to your lights. Now but never mind that's amount poor alternative truck pulled up to fall short who really really okay. Seek this is more right kind of disagree with the trump team are you gonna seek Kellyanne Conway hits back very hard don't get me wrong but you see. Their tunics. They're tough they're tough and they're very Smart but even then I still think they're too nice because let me tell you what I would of told chuck could Chuck Todd. Excuse me falsehoods. Now you're lecturing us on falsehoods. After do you guys drool over Obama for eight years. There's a shortage of buckets in Washington DC begins you guys took up all the drool buckets. We're going begin. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan not only did he lie. He said it knowingly that it was false and he said it over two dozen times and you reported it as fact. Over 200 that over two dozen times. Brand gas tank was abandoned does any. First two weeks he kept saying it was because of an anti Muslim video and he knew from the beginning that was alive and you reported Dole's falsehoods. Ice sis says the JV team Eli he'd al-Qaeda is on the run all other lie. Everything that came out of this guy's mouth was alive for the last eight years. And now all of a sudden you want to quibble over the number of people who attend an inauguration. Well Sean Spicer says man. And it's more like 900000. Bulwark claiming inch 200000 'cause we got the bogus photos from Miami am not a known. Sean Spicer his facts are dead wrong there's nothing wrong what is faxed. A problem is you. So furry fierce. He said lie after lie after lie and you did nothing and now you're getting all morally righteous. Over what how many people attended the inauguration. Because why you want Obama to have the highest numbers that would it is normal we end up buying his number. If you phony you fraud you. It's time for them to rethink their relationship with the media. When you have such a corrupt. Crooked dis honest media. It is the job of the administration to correct the record. It's the job of the administration to give the quote alternative fox meaning reality. We see you guys have your spin. You guys have your propaganda. You guys have your life's. And we have the facts. Which obviously don't coral late in your mind with reality. And so what I would say that did at the trump administration is this you lied about angle more normal why you do about the possible. He shouldn't of sent a story out. You don't know all you don't write the story. Call confirm its reporting 101 I know I did it. You ran with the story Chucky CNN ran with the story Chucky. Did the mainstream media around with the story Chucky. Everywhere all weekend no Donald Trump removes Martin Luther King junior's bused from the Oval Office ray says. Wink wink. Your garbage. Which you are look. When I talk to you I'm talking to the Democratic National Committee you were nothing more than a democratic operative quote under the byline of a journalist. Quote unquote gay air quotes on mapped. So odd question should rethink my relationship with few. You know if I want to talk to somebody who shells for Chucky Chuck Schumer. Or somebody who she kills four Nancy the Toronto Pelosi I'd rather talk to them. At least like dentistry from the horse's mouth fuel its third hand. And so what I think trump and his team needs to do they're gonna correct the record but they got a kid back and hit back hard. CNN you're out of the press briefing room. I tell them right there wolf they. Don't even go on about falsehoods after eight years of Obama shut your mouth. Sean gave the number 800000. You guys did a number 200000. Shaw his numbers are right your numbers are wrong. Pass me another question or I'm getting out here. Because I don't have time to hear your petty pure oil lectures. That's exactly what I would tell Chucky Chuck Todd. And I'd be pointing my finger random as I'm doing. Now listen to Kellyanne Conway she doesn't do it the corner away. You know basically a televised. Intellectual be heading but believe me she cuts them up good. Roll it. Jarrett kept you get the facts are not that millions of people lost their their plans or health insurance and their doctors under president Bob you it's a fact that everything we heard from these women yesterday. Happened on the watch ship rock a bomb he was president for eight years sometimes been here for about eight hours do you think it's a fact that millions of women sixteen point one million winning. As a stand here before you today. I am poverty along with their kids to think it's a fact it really didn't help get you think it's a fact that we spent billions of dollars. On education in the last eight years only to have millions of kids still stuck in schools that failed in every single day. These facts that I want to press court a copper I need to that this is why I'm here at the white. I understand it changed but I do all the hybrids like that that is not what yesterday was about. So you know. Answered the Clinton did not answer the question is presently he's going to be at now you sent the Press Secretary out there to utter us faults but on the smallest heaviest thing. I think and I just kinda does I actually how you inject it. Maybe this is bad is it Ulster shocking you know data well. I don't think you can prove those numbers when ray the other there's no way to really quantify crowds don't know that you can acting like you want but. I don't very flat thing I let's just not let bottle well that you aren't I think it's actually symbolic of the way we're treated by the press the way that you just laughed at me is actually symbolic of the way. Very rare and that we retreat by the rest I just ignore it I'm bigger than that on the kind degree. Expert NBC news fans thanks Richard. Basically she's being very classy aren't as I said blank off. I'm being honest with you yup you're laughing in my face a shock for me you blank off you invited me on your show amassed to be on your show. Mean this is this is me if I'm a spokesman for trump. So you're nothing but a gang of liars you light for rate years you deliberately misled the American people bunch appropriate dentists here chock. Hero washed up political hack. Now I'd rather talk to Debbie Wasserman Schultz I know she's gone now but it'll basically somebody speaks for the Democratic Party. Because at least then I'm speaking to them with you which is third hand. So if you're gonna laugh at me because I've just shown you for the fraud that you war machine album. Millions of women lost their health insurance under Obama. Poverty went up under Obama these are facts. Education took a beating under Obama these are facts. I mean these are all facts. And instead limb and liquid ammonia is due Nieminen those chimes claims she minute but the numbers would put the numbers or you see chuck I live in the real world. And you see chart to me I count the crowd when the president sporting his hand on the Bible. I don't count the crowd of mine in the morning. Okay Chucky. So at moon when he put his hand on the Bible. If you look at how many people filled the yellow section of the blue section of the green section they're all by color coded for so you know the orange section. You add up all the numbers checked eat lower close to a million chock. But chuck or close to a million not 200000. Lying again. 61720666868. Is the number let me ask you this. What do you make of this latest fake news story. And does it really matter how many people showed up trumps inauguration. And is Kellyanne Conway correct. Is it time for that trump team to rethink their relationship with the so called mainstream media. If all they're gonna do is lie. And smear. And libel. And peddle fake news. Well if you're pedaling fake news. Shouldn't treat treat them the way he'd say The National Enquirer. That's what I would do 6172666868. All of your calls next look. Side and is very first appearance in the in the briefing room Sean Spicer when he uttered at least three things that were demonstrably false and in. In I think the biggest problem he left without taking any single question I've never seen a white house Press Secretary do that. That said I think that we need to be careful as reporters as journalists not to take the date. 226. Here on the great WRKO. That of course was Jonathan Karl. Another I card carrying member of the corrupt the mainstream media. Now they're going on about how many people attended the inauguration and and it's. The numbers have to be lol when you have to concede the numbers are low and god forbid Sean Spicer should try to correct the record. Let me ask you this. It's another fake news story. Like the one where they claimed at the Martin Luther King Jr. bust was taken out of the Oval Office it wasn't. Churchill's bust was restored. Under trumpet on his first day. So both Churchill and Martin Luther King Jr. those two busts are in the White House. Does this matter and why is the media being so heady. To go after trump by clearly lying we could see all on television. That there were a big crowd at that inauguration. 6172666868. Is the number 617 Jeff they are not reporters. They are Democratic Party operatives bingo 617. You can Texas is always 68680. 978 Jeff was trump giving away trump phones. At his inauguration. I can see why less attendance. 617 Jeff funny. All those about those numbers what about all the fake jobs numbers for eight years. Bingo all. 978 Jeff of course there wasn't more people in attendance for Trump's inauguration. And a dear leader because 99%. Of Trump's supporters more Monday through Friday. And DeDe dry Europe's first go ahead do you draw. Big day he'd get by you and I'm good you. I think I think the question Korea and I'm jumping back Canada to the march of this feels. You know pat is thinking but he's been flooded with all that's. Pro one in the united that culture thing. I noticed in any pro life woman was excluded from that we weren't invited to go out so what I'm hearing is. Does that make you lack of a woman and I'm actually going down in March in do you see on Friday at 10 PM march for light and curious to know. In the media is gonna cover that delay covered. This movement or you can get can be a whole other. This could be very different Deidre I've been to that march for life many years hundreds of thousands show up. It's a huge crowd the media never covers or the given very. I mean almost insignificant coverage. No look Dijjer let me tell you we have somebody on this floor she's a rabid radical feminist she's young she's a millennial. Who was at that march. And so when asked well why what was the purpose of the march forgive mean I have to be so crude but this is what she told me. It was to reclaim. The. The marched to her and commanding. And that's why we confronted one of those supporters are the airport which she was yelling and Brittany and I she kept yelling the keyword apps. And nobody's gonna grab RP. And nobody's ever gonna touch Sharpe. And so what they tried to do with the march is what rap singers try to do with piano work. So old they are somehow obsessed. With that part between their legs. As if this is everything that defines a woman. To me it's dean meaning. It's frankly it's dehumanizing it's degrading. But think about this because objectively I mean this is so easy to even rebuts. Muslim countries all over the world. The very Saudi Arabia Turkey. Connor. Kuwait I could go on and on and on okay Pakistan Afghanistan. The very regimes that funded the Clinton foundation. That Hillary was drowning in their money. Who Matt Abbott dean whose families the Muslim Brotherhood okay. They don't allow women the right to vote. To hold a drawn. To Wear makeup. Date even practice forgive me female genital mutilation. They so hate to use their term the peak. They wanna destroy it they want to fight they wanna did they wanna mutilate it. How come they don't march against the Muslims. Talk a little march on the Saudi embassy. How come they don't march on. I against the Clinton foundation for being in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood and these kinds of radical islamists who mold and hate women. And gays and lesbians and transgender people. Nothing not a but Donald Trump who hires women promotes women look how many women in his cabinet there you're Kellyanne Conway. One of response spokespeople. Brilliant intelligent. A woman who stands are wrong ground very fashionable very articulate. They're liars they're phonies and they're frauds. And once you understand that you understand everything. 237. Here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Let's go to Ron apparently he went to Washington DC. Wrong thanks for holding and welcome. Yeah are you know I'm good how are you wrong. And all the other day in paradise and let me tell you Thursday afternoon. Around known. The people build and drive down to DC with me from New Hampshire. Backed out. So they have the work they they couldn't get the time off. So being retired. At 1 o'clock in the afternoon I could you know I'm driving down I can't miss this. I broke down. Got up Friday morning. And again I didn't know items. I didn't know you needed to pick it and and I ended up taking the metro went over to the White House and they'll all these people standing outside these gates. And the guy that you know you have a aren't stick I said the ticket but why would order the ticket. And the lady reached all sit here take this to which I thought about FaceBook into the ticket I got in the win. Went in went through the metal detectors and all of that and to Philip thousands of people everywhere trying to get them. When I finally got him it was about 10 o'clock in the morning. And not I want to be orange I would have been west gate. And it was a white petition with a dignitaries walk outside decided to walk around it and get a better deal somewhere. And I know that a right in the center which was the green picket line. And I just the green jacket walked in with some people and I was I would say probably a football field away. I turn around and look back and that was people it's a lot of people that we. But I started concentrating on just taking pictures and video product and post on my into the but the people could make it down there. At around 1130. I'm back behind me again. And for as far as I could see. And I was like it's the it was just all people. Iran that was exactly mum my impression when I was there there was a sea of people. So the mainstream media's claim that there was a trickle in hardly anybody showed up in. If some other lucky. And so look. You know I thought that I'm carrying water for Sean Spicer when he's wrong also he's wrong but. When he comes out and says it all 250000. A year or 250000 mayor another 220000. Mayor Michael Miner at 700 almost 800000. Yeah that's. It was almost a million people there we it's obvious. Which is if you were dare you could have CNET. Aaron these are blatant coleslaw and is. What's so faults. I was and as hard as Obama in 2000 able shares are people workers don't. These attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong. He's right. It's more fake news like the Martin Luther King Jr. bust. Which they claim had been removed from the Oval Office it wasn't. Not even for a a milliseconds. Now the Churchill bust is back. Which it should never been removed by Obama. But you'll look I don't wanna beat a dead horse. The bogus unemployment numbers. The bogus a labor participation rates how they kept lying. They was 95 million in fact the and they can claiming it was much lower when was actually you know 95 million. They've lied about economic growth divide about jobs they've lied about their mind about everything. They lied about Obama care they lied about Libya they lied about crisis they lied about our big guys see what didn't they like about. And now the press is getting all self righteous rock what is going misplaced. EU we see through that. Here is what the fear. Of tell you what they fear okay Dave one gay one. Whom. TP he is gone. He signed an executive order officially Monday morning withdrawing the United States from the trans Pacific partnership. So this idea of a Pacific union. And of losing permanently our sovereignty. Gone. Gone the PPP the global his dream over. Number 22 executive order today. De Mexico City policy regarding the funding of NGOs like Planned Parenthood abroad that's gone. So we're not going to be funding abortions overseas as we were under Obama that's now gone. So already if you're pro life trump has delivered so so much for that. Pro abortion protest yesterday they couldn't stop trump today boom with the stroke of one friend he just I'm did what Obama did three years. Third freezing federal workforce hiring. So he's gonna start cutting I wanna get to that and a few minutes but already now there's a complete freeze. So the bureaucracy. Though low volume on in the federal in the federal government that's it's not getting any bigger. It's not getting from now on it's gonna get smaller but it's not getting any bigger so boom boom boom he's already delivered furthermore. Furthermore debt what is it 242. Can you just where he's only been working now eight hours. Called up the leader of Canada Justin Trudeau got left wing global list the president have remained call. Were renegotiating NAFTA I've got my trade representatives are ready let's go so NAFTA is now going to be renegotiated. He's already now introduced a bill in congress. That's going to repeal and replace obamacare. That's already now in the pipeline. He's just introduced another bill this morning. That's going to a portion for tax reform slash taxes for corporations. For workers for middle class people for small businesses dots in the pipeline. Now he's already come out and said Sanctuary Cities starting today are dead. You lose full federal funding if you're a Sanctuary City. He already now it's pushing for the removal of two million criminal illegal aliens from our country. And he's pushing a bill now in congress to fully fund the wall. On energy this is all this morning I'm giving eight hours. Okay. Full unrestricted. Drilling for oil and natural gas and mining of coal in the United States. We're gonna have an energy boom like you've never seen. He's already now pushing in congress right away this morning he wants the keystone XL pipeline past. 101000 jobs many of them union jobs gas is gonna gold down because of this boom. On guns. He now is gonna push for rebuild and gun free zones in schools and on military bases. But this is this is day one. This is day one. That's why they fear him. Because he's already got a bold agenda. Look at his people are already complaining. To elect this guy did he wanna take Friday might just that they hit the balls he wants is working on Saturday. We're going to be working working working full time for the American people. So what dole left now ceased. Is everything they've tried to construct for the last eight years is going to be rolled back. And ripped out root and branch. Keys are wrecking ball. And they know. 6172666868. For red in Waltham go ahead fret. I'd have depth I was there and doubt. There was a map in the New York Times was circles of where the people were and then you can see the blank spaces. I was standing in one of those blank space and shoulder to shoulder. With thousands of people I'm. Looking at my phone at one of the pictures I took. The entire area was completely covered with people and I tried to turn around and take a picture behind me toward the Washington monument I didn't take a picture because the people. Where it was so crowded and it went so far back as my camera really couldn't get to the end of the young people and then when I saw the pictures of these black. Spaces I couldn't figure out how they managed to do that. They must have a race of people because I was there those there were people standing there shoulder to shoulder a little relief from miles wherever you look. There were people that was. And in quick and it was an incredible experience. The people were there all the working people there was tons of women which was kinda surprising given that your press coverage. And they were all knowledgeable I spoke with people from all over the country. And they want people who didn't have any idea what was going on they had such in depth knowledge. Of politics and the problem was it was astounding not the kind of chances you get from the people who are holding up signs that said. If you voted for trumps you voted for rape and my favorite was free Palestine I don't know what that means. But there were people holding up our kind of crazy side one thing that euphoric and have to come up again but was really important was so hot might. And Obama. When he was talking to Putin and he said when I get reelected I like to do whatever you want that was only about like four years ago. He was going to give everything and all of a sudden Putin as the bad guy and that was one of the scandal that he didn't happen to. Straight Fred let me ask you this win where you where and when you when were you there when you went to the inaugural. I was there are quite got there about 9 o'clock I'm not. Friday morning I was in the I had a ticket in the boot section. And there were two blue sections by 9 o'clock one had been completely closed off because there wasn't anymore room and it's and the rest of us were kinda. Packed in like site being able to strengthen told me it was a a very special ticket that I Pakistan. Among. Thousands and thousands of people. That's right don't even by 9 o'clock it was start to fill up but by nine you can still see those blank spaces behind like more in the sections more in the dock. And that's what the media was taking the pictures off. So they were putting out pictures at 8459915. And then they stopped. Deceit so they tried to make the impression point oh my god look at this only the front part was filled up but look at the middle and a bucket was completely. Beat all it's a disaster. And nobody showed up because you know what he's a legitimate. He's not really popular Hillary won the popular vote. That's the subliminal message. They're trying to constantly reinforced. Well. I got Barrett a warning. There were so many people. It took me three and a half hours to make it to media role which was like half a mile down on the National Mall. And the yellow section was packed. The greens section was packed the blue section was bad the orange section was bad every free can section was backed. Meteor always packed it was standing room only a media row. That's why they all began crying when Obama got on the ice where do you agree on the sharper and I was even mentioned this on the are there trying to breaking down match declined to guys leaving the city. And that's when I flipped him the bird. I flipped back just my finger my middle finger and I send a blank you from corner of country deal. But now so look I was there are basically but the media is trying to say is well forty wanna believe us or your rice now. What Dermarr. Mentioning. Thirty million wash it on TV the online streaming numbers were through the roof. Record online streaming numbers. So if you look at TV radio. Online social media the people that were there. Or they trying to kid. It was one of the most watched inaugurations. In American history full stop. 6172666868. More with your calls next. 255. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. I didn't have a chance to get to it today but I promise I will either tomorrow or sometime this week. It's a big story. Trump is going to be pushing for serious budgetary spending cuts he wants to rein in the out of control deficits and spending. He's already facing resistance from establishment Republicans. House Republicans especially house Republican leadership senate Republican leadership. Are not happy. They're gonna battle trump on these spending cuts. Trump wants to go after the corporate welfare. The pork barrel projects the bridges to nowhere. The roads to nowhere. And they are gonna fight him on every single one of these. We're gonna have to defend trump because he's completely right. We have to cut the budget cut wasteful spending cut fraud and abuse the sooner the better. So watch for this this week because his enemies. Are not just from the left. They're from the Ryan all Republican elites. Want to do everything possible to derail his populist agenda. Brenda in Beverly Europe first coed Brenda. Capping and cutting edge app happy new year all the best you or your family Brenda. And even relax you have Britney lip and I'm a Nazi experience that there eventually track here and I'm Angela. Entirely good bulk. Didn't get plucked and I OK okay how well he got the animal act area now. That and what the app I and the number and I would put a column to doubt that took those Padgett I want and not trying to stamp on the pitches. Give me the kind damper on that pitch Atlantic took them and and that's all that. Oh I think you're right Brenda were all the time sample again expose elements that use. This just more fake news. And so look Sean Spicer is now holding his first press briefing as Press Secretary. Any stake in their right to one. And I think he's completely right he just told the New York constant theme is to undermine trump all you do is try to undermine them. And so we're gonna hold you accountable. And we're gonna correct the record. And you see unlike George W. Bush. Unlike Rick maniac unlike Mitt Romney. Trump doesn't take it on the chin. When you hit him he gets back twice as hard. And honestly Brenda that's why I think his presidency to be one the most successful in American history. 6172666868. If you wanna jump on Jerry and Cape Cod go ahead Jerry. On the net cormorants how you itemize when throughout Roy. It didn't believe him immunity. He's one does not eat gluten from good. That we've done it Coleman had. Jerry but you have got a minute the floor is yours don't. Last big lie was appealed by our administration about how they kept saying these approval ratings were over 60%. Gallup. We've been doing it since Truman. Obama finished up 47 point nine people only three people he finished ahead of which go for it should be Trotter and Harry Truman. In Lafley (%expletive) Obama secretly 500 million to the UN Thursday night to carry for the UN climate change is nine. Unbelievable and get to. Now Jerry my understanding is trump said he's gonna rescind that money. Yes he had been he's also caught in the budget overall by 10%. If he's gonna cut the Fed will work force across the what is going to be 20% of the government's gonna get laid off. But Gerry had the Republicans are saying you can't do that Jerry. And they're indispensable these people. Out. I'm telling you we're gonna have to we're gonna have to win this battle by battle by battle. So corner country get ready my friends. The parting is over it's time to roll up their sleeves and together we're gonna take our country back. OK I gotta go my friends. Obviously we'll have a lot from the Sean Spicer press briefing. Everything else that's breaking Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the ball liberal bull.