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Jan 22, 2017|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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Are listening don't wicket by its radio. The only place that lets you beat of food critic Sunday's tended nude on WRKO. The voice of Boston. Is that you are the other end of this thing goods may and quickly this is litigated rights. It is on several places today I don't know if you know that it but we've just as sort of and very it more hip that I am that is for sure. He got this is 680 AM WRKO. TM of course in Boston and WE EIF them. 93 point 78 speed to. And could watches on FaceBook. Are you gotta do is go to FaceBook. I don't have any makeup. Favourite TV makes it goes in and know what you're thinking in this thing I can every have music and camera off you help them better. Bad idea I just open that went out for Miami because you know put the ball all the muscles whenever you added OK now. So this and that works you can watches on TV. Sure I'm faithful. Right now yeah right now all over the world sure you gotta do is to go into our FaceBook page which invites TV that are there now is we might see here with good night. TV what about Stevie just just a quick look at bites on FaceBook you'll find us like us Paulus and during the entire show went through them to a topic itself actually comment. On FaceBook with the Greek economy and we could see the comments are we got a fairly big screen here it's about ten seconds behind so so we've already lost. That is the answer is I was there watching yourself on T and it's gonna sterilizing room but he really well today. And this segment of their restaurant program on which invites his a regular Regina pizzeria. Boston's brick oven pizza world famous since 1926. They get their home a brick oven pizzas. That audio panic freshen Griese at tomatoes. And wind farms in California. Specialized farms and they at they only harvest them once a year make him for just them exclusively and eight can you buy them. I don't no I don't know that it is clear they have on this farm I think it's Modesto California. That doesn't. But anything Anthony told me they on these these these tomato plants. The only girl on these tomato. I wanna palm trees the plants and there are only twelve inches off the ground. They're really tiny and I award winning since 1926 those yes yep rigidities. Now there every way. Where are they today well and Michael you know livid that a that I because you go to. Regina pizza. In Austin I do it do they deliver Dina. OK so he can call ahead or in Colin. Heading to curb side which is really convenient all the locations have a curb side. Option for you. So you can do that or you can just go raid in because especially in Alston they have a beautiful ball mark. Order one a or one order to were few to go and have yourself a cold beer at the bar as you go played Modesto. Test. Usually at best and have sparring go to Regina pizza that now that to okay. And the reason I said Debra that at this gift when they had it with his it's playoff day it is and people can go. And ET if you don't have friends are we gonna have a spread chore and I write absolutely and acted because several places on the call up one of them will be Regina pizza absolutely. So you might wanna think about that if you gonna do football you might as well do pizza out and I'm gonna tell you you can go there watch a game as a matter of fact actually in a pizza absolutely that I would suggest for those of you that are going to stay at home with some friends. There's nothing better this Regina pizza. Has been voted the number one pizza spot in all of viewing and on this program so many times. We we really retires he but the problem. You realize that but. If the two favorite teams win today. Being the falcons and now and the patriots know who you gonna root for in the super bull unit the first person I mean it migrant Janet. And as my life that if they had here if you had your Crimson Tide that that went apparently the only ones. So only one being I'm gonna it's our falcon on that a vote for I am. That I am with the patriots tonight. But if the falcons to win. Yeah I Kennedy is there is also a New England connection with the falcons yes there quarterback would say BC quarterback when I watched him play for BC. I thought Matt I I thought he was like professional quarterback on the team that really couldn't handle that as you know they didn't have that much man among. Boys and I think he proved that this year. Well I think he's booted for McNabb this year this year and to say well he has great receivers he's probably doing it is the MVP in the over Brady. Yet after breaking a four games. Yep that's the one of the main arteries yeah. But it's it's the something they have an abiding man let me know but you know let's that's right and a big argument over a slight edge in a pizza. At. IG at that and it Atlanta by the people who a lot of other places you can call what would like punitive. We have restaurant gift certificates we can get away to our callers today. Now if you wanted to talk to us in suggests something that makes you eligible for restaurant gift certificates that we will see in view in the mail. What information do you need on FaceBook and ordered and they all along though if they start commenting on FaceBook if they like essence that enter everybody in will be able to just message them personally there on FaceBook so go on. Like us at comments because we're gonna look for what we're gonna look for places you could go. To get great food for the game tonight to bring home. Yeah and have like maybe an early dinner before the game starts. The game was at 650 it would kick off yeah it's. Yet the first game mister 05. And in atlantis' historic day in Atlanta this is the last game that will be played Georgia Dome all the new ones. Bill I I actually built flew down the last. Late last year they were still building it you know it was still building it to but their schedules open August while. Well it's right next to you can see it on TV tonight and it's cost like one point seven billion dollars of them. And cast it etiquette which is in the new LA ST when they went and I had that in the Las Vegas date him it it's there they are trying to. How do each other outdo each other and how money is involved the wrong doing their own teams I think LA and Vegas is like two billion. It costs. Now immature and add to your reward them and now with that what was it like hundred yard football HD screen. I'm on top yet they have oh Lee Abbott the one and in Atlanta in and they have even different bigger screens naturally. And they have the world's first 100 yard bar. I think it's in 100 yards. That's a lot of beer yet oh what we do this if Mike goes to game there with him on the fifteen yard you wanna see Mike do a hundred yards for a exactly I think he did that about six point eight seconds and have a beer every every yard. I cut I covered about 300 yards this game and at. I equal amount of Beers didn't he didn't remember the finish line well they'll let. That I'm one I know that there is a place. Now here's where we're going a report today OK if you can suggest to us down lace. Yet even Chinese restaurant because they Chinese is very popular yet. Even Chinese restaurants where you can go either pick up where they would deliver it doesn't matter. Let us know. All right Andy did you do that by going back calling me at one triple 84346464. If you call we will take your name and address off the air. He kept you get that that way you see we do that cause you back to you it rescinding their restaurant gift certificate Epson is free on. You know I got a great cancer will be giving away today really. Restaurant in us dollars you Forrester was our. Oh yeah I am fifty dollar gets to the it won't give away today. To a caller or attacks easier in irishman. It is view I've seen photographs of and you know like to go and see if they invited me down the Garcia that up to do that so you've got to you've got to in the H. I know to make Judy Lewis is an issue a ruling. Fine so and will be given away advocates of get this this on this episode so just go to our FaceBook and we go watch the show common right there or definitely call in today. As we do need those specially places people in his. Kidnapped panic mode around 1 o'clock to. You know what they do for food they got folks coming out over the house made it eating plan the party yet now they're thinking or they have a couple people coming over now they're thinking well now we're going do. I want a place for wings. We can think of I camp but you know what but next hour may have come into the studio. You know Auburn links in the studio why not wall. This might know it. Might does though and I know a. I mobile looking forward to that but in the meantime get on FaceBook like this. And that we can read your. Your suggestion as where you should go live listed Chinese restaurant or any kind of restaurant for pick up food to go. Any kind of Delhi we have a data daily show and a long long time. I'd like that all overdoing it. Anyplace. Want at triple 84346464. Is the telephone number or like us on FaceBook. And printed out right there now again if you just joined this. We are. Now on our own TV would we got our own TV station or radio announcer you can watches every week ago and the cameras in here now. And that go to with invites TV. And you'll find this there and then. When you suggest something you come up on the screen. By the way before I get to the phone 21 triple eight Ford dining nine greatness is is it's super consistent. And we're giving away today. We were not on television. Know yesterday we were not that if that happens every year every year right at their same period of time the Red Sox to their big winter meetings and fox woods yet and they introduced their new pitcher Chris sells. So that was the big accession this offseason and that's that kind of preempted this team this week but back on a regular regular schedule it. Were on 51 consecutive weeks except and then we stick. We put counselor and it's good content good hitting strictly going to be on Monday accused Hewitt I think I think on tomorrow not a hundred essential and you know there's a couple of yeah I'll double check in the few minutes. Okay and it takes and telephone calls this gonna sue in Peabody Massachusetts hello sue. How do I value added I am absolutely fantastic. But she got great. Today I last night I went to a court the American all American candidates operate. Yeah he played at I've been able Faulk I've called in about it before. And it just keeps getting better but luckily it was so funny because Mike has and I got PX. Really just in time. Because he had the black and we put out order written and that all the sudden. The place we can haft no it was campaign act. And down the father bought the almanac that gap. Was sitting in the back kind of helping out middle of that that the got tender whatnot and he would say it like to collect accurately the political non U act. And cop car that they Collins said. It's all Gatwick leaf spot. All wicked bite block it all FaceBook balked at the wind. You guys that spread the word about that played and its it is an aide. They can't stick in business with it really the quiet of who I got that chicken to have an hour practice he. Came with math I'm master plot hole three quarters thought it. I don't last heroic rather fisherman splatter. Which he shows on TV. And that is out seen so much yet if that's a kind of as I say people look at you when you being served because it's okay. Actually do what we awarded dat but end up anything like this guy hit the side of the the box yeah the out of he would either one of Erica. And but he wanted something to feel a lot that he waited. Help the poor guy. He ordered the not so. And he didn't look at it okay apt to make my we're gonna go config the caps. Ridiculously one man dead and they get I mean I had trouble and hit the fight in my had trouble keeping my. Corporate my plate in his plate with just. Amazing that but he ought you know they really that it's a fantastic place. I could very grateful to you go. Into that. But we had a great time it actually won an affidavit wake of his someone on our other favorite places that help rich pop. Would be meeting until so you know it's it's good when people are coming from the other restaurants. Aren't they actually that's the all American tavern and it's on route one in Salisbury man it's now I have to tell you assume if you go on to our FaceBook page ideally segment that's up there I think it has about a 100000 used to that the yeah not to brag or anything not to run that means one of my small. Yeah. It will launch from I'm a broad. Pictures I've away and by the way I went 20. What's the name of the place in my new one Lawrence it is the English muffin and the new plates market. English replies yeah in his. Allen is the because what date it 350000. Users of the oh 425000. Is not that I have done. I was told there was going to be no 400 look with a at bat is that I don't orders or Mac app at. That right. And it's. You talk about it like OK you don't coming into restaurants. They wouldn't. Chad good following dictated to what has brought people. You'll ordinary people calling and. Nike and yeah yeah yeah yeah edits the unique places and I I put the all American tavern into the uniqueness because he you know it's a fancy place now know what it's a place we can go get that fisherman's plotters which is what I featured him. And the size of it. It's a fisherman's par I think for two. Is no way. And I got a one out of one. I've made illegal yet and the stakes are enormous over there but we limit our giant prime rib open there part that I can't as president how huge it's just out there. It's just it's just amazing and they do really a great job over their vote. You know we we need people like you assume that tell us about like way to market and all these places that you find something. Yet this chain restaurants they do things good and something different and you know the weights market does that English meat pie in a hundred year old building. They've been doing you know also for somebody's got 450000. People up and then. You see it there's like a park XBLA but stiff that it made me yeah. I don't know we went there in it was I forgot it was a holiday Monday. Yeah yeah I didn't and I couldn't go in. So I gotta go and try it ever my wife knows everybody knows about it but me I was and what didn't know about it now I do. So go try it because you watch the show I don't I don't act. What was that so I would not try it out yeah thank you thank you thank you very much. Now now Terry martini. Just comment she says looking great Pat Choate thank you Wear issue in Florida I think she's in Florida in and out we also have that. Jeanie who recommended tri city wings in Waltham which is awesome. On the Newton bill Waterville a Watertown line none hence the name tri city wings and Mike is the place that. Kelly don't manic of the Boston Celtics recommended. It is in helix spice the extra extra extra. Hot buffalo wings and actually like them to mix the extra hot sauce into the blue cheese and it's an extra hot even though it's trying to cool type of kick ass of those of the po folks just writing on FaceBook so go on right now make you go watch a show right now and an eagle watching you can even watch it later tonight it was such feelings political suicide when you definitely. And no good reason for it and I'm in October for me and I like wings. But when they're so hot and so spicy you can enjoy any of the flavor and a so I'm I'm open callers right now because we have some open minds would just call it a toss about great wing places again bright and early good time to call and right now. LA places and that we take your name and address off the air for the radio side. And we're gonna get that restaurant gift certificates are you a restaurant August and it's and you can go to FaceBook. And you can write in your recommendations and we will read it on the air go to wicket but this is FaceBook that who weekend bites TV correct that's simple isn't it provides yeah. And the number to call the cut and I want to call right now in fill up the phone lines because we need these places people looking for places to go out tonight. Our car and bring home food and we need your help where is the best places and these could be supermarkets especially these stories. And what entry into our contest 888434. 6464. Come on step up is the time that they get on the show 888. 4346464. Before gold active sponsor FaceBook how we doing on a cruise by the cruise is doing well I know it's a sector really fill up over the next two months and probably that that. Sailing date that we have a probably sold out by march. No yeah it it they're there they're moving quick. So Carol. You as make this phone calls today takes a couple of days to get back to folks if you're interested in coming. It is August 11 Boston to Bermuda cruise and the quality office at 866. 7451167. And if you're watching us on FaceBook. At 11 o'clock. You'll see a feature that idea on board who were selling for Boston to view the kind of shows you the entertainment some of the food. And you see that 11 o'clock on our Facebook's of go to our FaceBook alive and watches today. All right now this program started about almost forty years ago. We broadcast in the FaceBook where he is now. Know that it went into the that they didn't have the slightest idea just ship and what anything like that was should've been on top of that that which you know who is the third advertiser on the show. Third advertisements in that we lose pond and yet China lost. Hopefully. I'm in there yep but same time now they're celebrating their fortieth anniversary. If you know that while. And you know because and a college coach Roy it's forty years and that's amazing really fret it's call from a group C with love. I and it says here as we mark Forrester Monta Lucci is fortieth anniversary year. We begin with an invitation this is to all you guys to join desperate to. Extraordinary. Culinary events prepared and call lab or collaboration. With the Ab routine shifts restaurant tour and a hotel owners. Okay and that's going to be one of the things. On oil and let's tell you what it what it is first Monday February 6 right that. Or write to them grand brut team dinner and wine pairing at 7 PM. It says are visiting ship shall prepare classic of routine dishes. They're celebrating openly opposed birthday by the way. Philippe at Filip arrest and anti age you know that's that may cross from the garden in Boston. 283 causeway street bosses north in a parking right next door or you could find on street parking. You can call in for reservations is 100 dollars per person. All proceeds. We'll go to the central Italy earthquake relief. And I am I'm wondering too is they they need some eye opener Bruton and if he saw that within a very tragic. Avalanche. That that that killed quite a few people there I just recently. So anyway if you read to contribute to it at the same damn fine. Original. Brute C dining. That you call 6177424142. For reservations that 617742. 4142. Would now not to be outdone Tuesday February 7 classic dishes ever rooted. And of cooking class. Now ha. A cooking class at 5 PM Fata by class dinner with the wine pairings. And the chi arrested on tape. Thirteen Mount Vernon street Winchester is center in Winchester or as they say the village of Winchester. And 75 dollars per person there the telephone number again or four there is 78172905. 15 and you can learn to prepare tradition of routing menu including positive cut. And just bear in mind that all of this all these good times. A will be for a very worthy worthy cause I he got the no pass it on T in the next arrow self but at ninety do. I would appreciate it man though that that they would this program by the way it you know speaking about I loved it does do this because. We were broadcasting. A year or so ago and Salem right there. On the water. And I guess got at that time and his ability to restaurant. Have been with a severed as an advertising he called eco the Scotland day DC united and like to think of an average says through an open at January and February. And we have not been open in the wintertime ever and they opened up back in the fifties. Yet beckon fifties. So that he I said fine we'll try and see what happens. Now I still have the original copy from that date in front of me. The start date was. 113. 92. 92. And you have been flocking to this restaurant like you would not believe and you know as I say to restaurants are sent to earth and show this show that I like to think. A great deal of integrity because you can call up and say negative things about restaurants. You know I and the don't courage Yuban on the other hand I will say to you if you had that experience and tell me about. Because the owners don't know. Unless you tell them. And when you do call up and you recommend a restaurant like the village restaurant. Well. Just think of a different set. People know that you are telling them how you feel. Every television show that you see or every radio issue that you hear it all they do is really pander to their clients and that's about it. I they won't let you that they just won't let you speak out against any thing in the masters restaurant association. Was kind of upset with the added Miller is doing the show for started. Upset with me at the time. And and it it was working so well they were upset anymore. And then put me in the Hong often nasty Houston's restaurant. All the things. To a got a vigilance at the right but as I say to the owners of these restaurants. I can't. Do anything more than get people to your door. You have to get them back. And when you start getting the bad people call up and let me know it suited just a few minutes ago that this is really good restaurant the other try. And the village restaurant is at the junction to 133 and 22 in Essex and 55 main street. Its own Ricky family camp injury PM on his face books being about FaceBook. And it shows is why do man. OK go and get them on the Internet. It we did plans that common may have been written that since. We started all kinds of magazines including several magazines. They said the clamor leverage to press who gave vanda definitely vote for the best so it shows in the numbers and I'm. You're listening to a gay rights and you're watching do. Well how do you go to FaceBook you can watch his son with invites TV and that just isn't. Sports and fine we've got you covered. We did play its radio and TV with pat with Blake and this is wicked by its radio with pat Wheatley on WR KE oval voice of Boston. Hey guys welcome back and I am fan we believe this is wicked bites. And you can get us on FaceBook right now. If television show and during the commercial when you break. You don't though you don't hear bad you just. You go to some of the features that that we have on with it bites TV on NASA. So you get at a full load back going and watching this on FaceBook. TV. That's how you get. Did you just go to wicket bites TV it's FaceBook dot com. Slash with the bucks TV people watch us live and you can comment so you can not only brings bruising here on the radio but you can also do it now on FaceBook every Sunday morning. I know that's into the simple seems them. And we're giving away gift certificates today on the show and what we're going is we're asking you because this is. Lot of people gonna be entertaining to question the patriots it and if you know of any great deli you would recommend. Any great Chinese restaurant you would recommend. For these people to go and pick up or have delivered. Follow us or replacement should we went to go watch the and soon is that the better than cold here gentlemen it's not an football. It's like that's what the cherry on top. Yeah a little bit but the but the U delisting oh watching this on FaceBook you'll believe the weathered and human. I know ray good. It's 42 degrees right now I don't know how to dress anymore and now with one Powell yes there was it was like. 8 o'clock in the camps and on the back porch in a sweatshirt in the middle of January which is just so intimate look at it anyway what. But be careful and Amylin Goran who thought to be careful because two years ago we were saying this we ended January December it was really warm room and then. Oil last week in February. Every weekend we had either a snowstorm or blizzard that this and that's true in at almost killer reference and it was really. Almost very hard things yes shall the state down from there certainly include the bear in mind that she's keep fire. Let's go the opposite way it's gonna snow horribly tomorrow let's let's let's try to be jobs at things as they were knocking getting snow and it's knows this the opposite it's personal Horwitz. That is get to the telephone calls to and Tripoli for 346464. That is a member Mike is calling from sagas Massey Mike. IE tiger. Listen I was ready. Beech grove yes and the food there is just unbelievable India while they had an open. Salad by. Fantastic restaurant. Second go and they are right I would recommend it highly. Now to go next time you're there I want to go round bar is located. And our right their next in men's room is a big plaque. For me they named that room early at the pan really room yet because and they opened that. When they show first got started. Vibrant and and Leo didn't contact me Aggies went in it was so good because you don't know where to goal. And you really don't locals go. In name and hungry traveler. And got their start from the show. Really I'll hop chart here it's fan I thought of food broke. At what am I had my grip. It's just amazing this food so good and that ballot virus that that I the the question by that they have this terrific. We'll achieve great restaurant. Which is great restaurant great service. So what you do under one is that you get there in the U you to go right right in the middle of Salisbury town itself and I hate or the beach and you'll see it on the right. We are on site yet. Thank you sir. Thank you very much. Once it she'd see you guys have no idea the influencers the impact you have with your with your recommendations. It's that it's amazing. Over the years how many people say that second they get it there and mentioned people start coming in. That you like to help with deli you like to help a restaurant. If elected open Chinese restaurant we say go in and you'd like. To help people that haven't chicken wings it's so great know them I find that we're gonna have chicken wings here. Little surprise for a while he Abbott knows that a surprise it's a trap but could you know. There when they come in with a tape handling them on the air and I can move until all I know two words that comes to pepper. Who move well gasoline from Denver's is next take gasoline. So I don't thank you. Apparent. Up out our age and on them unit ever go to the point they're at it appointed. I think they don't oh it's why they're. Yeah enough there is are there are. Everything forward are prepared are out there. Have you ever met a Sitchin. Under art yeah comes in oh yeah and so there are all that but are you kidding me for that price. None. Yet because it would it like a very expect our. That it did you hear me it looks like a very expensive restaurant from the outside. I don't warrant an annual ball well all along or long hair on and won my first aid out vote. Seventeen. Armored black out but what about if he walks and it. Right now about the Harry and it's. I gave it. He had it in that it is dark side also it's it's diagonally across in the back he can't see it but from the North Shore mall. It's on bolster. Mass effect 373 Lowell street you'd get off on one if you want to do some tanks. They have makes a grill rack of lamb in Hong Kong statement. Oh and what they have to. Is that Neptune basket of your head then. Well on our current eats you. I mean they're a much try to edit and everything great. Shrimp ends that you are an. Sure happens gallop so today with the mixed vegetables and served in a delicious Taro root basket you need to basket to. My part yeah. I talked to go back every day. Yeah I didn't have a court grown. I thought I see if it. Ever. It's our arms and then we got our. We are iBook that it's it's yeah it is Opel and they're like it's hit record oil. Or something in the water and it's fake it on. And I want you on. A sense it's been potato for our. But that's our. And if there was there is despite Nadine. Think it will sponsor the TV set it at the OK thanks for news or timing might cook is much better. Like whoa we're all. Oh we are they cook not. What I called it all right I. Or right before about. That I wanna be impressed yeah well we're very critical ball a long ways. It's about three hours but it has borrowed. Uh oh well it's a very small we're. All right thank you I appreciate it I uprising might not but I do. It might never hears one triple 8434. Or 6464. Scott what you have. On FaceBook well we have a couple things on FaceBook we have sue and Bob Bob. Tumor recommending the same place are the lazy dog sports bar. For wins you see them on TV show yeah matter of fact Chris is coming in next hour with with his wings convenient yes the that are looking to their recommend in that. And I also see that William. He says he was at the hunger travel last night also great male. Yeah and then Bob also sent effort Delhi's. I gotta kinda where this is it's Evans New York style deli. And he sent me their website so I will try to check it out find out where they are few minutes you know. What you're for jobless my dishwasher or are we try to win regionals and we it's it took me about. I know 56 years for my hands to recover back and and that's what I did every summer yet you know I rode my bike. Yes it is what I had to do it says to make it plaque up there and along that have room should be your name on it yes he gave his hands and a proclaimed issues. Evans is actually in Marblehead. It's 252 Humphrey street in Marblehead. Their phone number is 7816313354. It's Evans New York style deli. I actually what from the FaceBook wanted to pick a winner right now from FaceBook. Anybody. Well I see your niece and Alabama as well essence. I'm gonna have to. Let's give Bob a winner. Let's think Bob when Bob we're gonna give you a fifty dollar gift giving it to the big steak house while the world qualities Matt collected great play. See we do things like that an actual informing. I I wish I had known from me and you know many rocks he you have X ray in about his place at that he'd been there have been they've been running into existence. Oh you've been raving about this place client why is it. But it's not only. Like it's a bit unbelievable stakes first to form. I mean there are steakhouse with some believable steaks in English no to doing but it's also just a visually stunning restaurant. It every part of it just these the attention to a little details when you walk through you'll see these little. Nuances. Plus I mean walk through the place because there is they have an art career curator yeah I mean how many restaurants. Have are curious on staff original Andy Warhol paintings throughout the restaurant. Well it on one. But like a bunch one included in the bathroom yes. Even their bathrooms are stunning the critical. Right if you wanna get when in these restaurant gift certificates give us cause you could deepen zinger. Pretty Susan and we don't care about anything you take it as you can hear but we also if you have a good place good Delhi. For people who go by and pick up the spread. I know we're delighted to recommend place in the South Shore power and America right. Although I don't own code of Michael does this one his favorite places to narrows. Really if you wanna lower your suspension a little bit ask Jerry a lot of your car with a bunch of pizzas impostors and bakery items all it's just fans. Yes he does this pizza guy again that's something along that the Italian names of the one that it's it's like 35 pounds of pizzas basically. It is everything that pizza. And any assess the city's he's up to like 21 record thirty inches I took it home for a suitable two years ago and it was bigger than might walk. You know and I didn't know how to I was gonna Quincy back to North Andover you know and then matches it does he does. Not only pizzas on Sundays the restaurant is closed. And that's really mean it. He's he's in the few restaurants I know restaurants closed on Sunday because all they do with a computer. And you go in there and get in a party platter. It or dishes or trades for the whole family including a a platter of rig Tony we're speaker. Of vodka so are there so while it was midday they should give it you know we have issues no named after us. Date he should in this press that we all love. Because we need so much into a like to see that Bob watching this right now on FaceBook in are armed with your rights FaceBook make sure you go there watches right now and comment. He just that thanks to be just him a fifty dollar used to get he says that restaurant has been on his bucket list on the longer. But watch out they were thirteen dollar beer as soon as Bob Woodward is cute and provide. How much more focus shall be if we could take away gift certificates to B gets the eight and we you can actually see it from Iowa City upon a hill or if it's a beautiful restaurant absolutely can and is it is that part of a national thing or is it just float. I know it that he may be owned the part of ray only will the rest. All high end restaurants. And that there escaping me right now this when I'm in Groton mass basically the owners. Who they were in the dot com businessmen before the investors saying investing so much money in dot com business they sold their businesses and made. The billions and billions of dollars so they opened up three or four restaurants now all like him like this caliber restaurant. And they have the room wine and matter fact if you look at their wine that they make for the restaurant. There there is a the label on it. Looks at one of the computer punch cards and the audit I mean that's where they made all of their patriarch 01 label yes. Named after the obviously the public company Canada where it. If it's in Burlington in the lifestyles. Are and have. Thirty have like Florida. Third have my lifestyle so the actual illustrate the beginning when the physical address is 153. In Burlington but does yet close lifestyle center as the Bruins won his third they have. A kings and Tony season. A bunch of shops there I've and I've been an area but I I would honestly say that. Bankrupt deploy the crime tool that whole yes I would say that. Okay this is I'll applaud. Oh yeah ha won the cup while shall be afraid ordering a skinny guys go to an intimate TV issue how much can you know we don't hear because it all of our equipment. And that that particular restaurant we. Matter fact that we had that this they pop off and it was served pretty rare where I mean almost brought in the semi it was rare and I am not big into rare states. And it and then we decided to cut into it and we dipped into that red wine reductions Austin who. Without a doubt. One of the best steaks I've ever had in my life we Mike and I've found that that thing down it was a dog in town and we had what a 42. Ounce tomahawks Dayton who. And then a colossal Fisher a platter the the seat. The rubble or other seafood raw bar with shrimp cocktails as my fist mile and and thankful lobster what. Tales on this is that a lot of give us that they sell your panel serious and I was the issue is so hungry in this with you that's one thing jawbone them. And what about myself right now. I didn't have breakfast this morning. Gosh anyway. Here's a telephone number if you look borrowings were in our one and he ELY triple 84346464. Q where are good places for chicken wings. Yeah. I elected via. Delhi's. We dug about Jannero so give us a buzz one triple 843464. Or 64. You heard one of against of eggs we just gave it away of Bob. I was only kidding about it but can you really gonna get it. And he that he is he actually did not call in no that he was unfazed he's watching this live right now for his replies and you can do that now. We have multiple cameras is it really sexy and put him a couple of should I. Yes and should of the things I write so go to which invites theory. And on FaceBook and you can say this and you can actually. Give your suggestion is to a week ago and it's got to read it on the air and I don't let premised on from it. Apparently his daughter is located 48 main street in Nashua, New Hampshire. And the original location 45 Wingate street in Haiti room. Now should Michael Camellia as the owners of these restaurants and mr. Agassi could. You tell him because at the guy with a thick Irish accent. But if you go in Japan is dire just about everybody has a thick Irish accent one of the great foods. About one of the great things about Ireland. Is I don't know how many of you have been there but it's always kind of dampened coal. You know. And the Irish as a result of all of that. Makes the best hot soups I've ever had. I they had by the way that he is. I guess braised beef Stew. It's chunks of tender sirloin. A beef graced in Guinness with the root vegetables and potatoes. New Hampshire living magazine says they Dennis be used to. Was wonderful the beef and vegetables were perfectly season and the mashed potatoes and it just the right touch and they see it back to for a second to. The peddlers famous cream potato and leek soup. That is a favor. And it's it's one of we have as you know we we do of the and to be seafood festival. The weekend after labor. And that they were there. And people could not get they've they should have it repaired it now and people could not to get enough them. I know lines to get to make their own ketchup and Alex's death and they just isn't that old fashioned jar and a sweet potato Fries. All right that's apparently his daughter 48 main street Nashua, New Hampshire and 45 Wingate street in hate. But the June 5 murder it's horrible Solomon. I'm a consultant Heidi what's a little bit and also our brand new location down. For one of the best burgers. There are half pound burger might take that along the book but I guarantee you will love. Our hope moments where rare grass and well done is well about. I don't return to more of wicket by its radio with pat with being just two seconds let me tell you about our wonderful restaurant wall them right there on moody street which is now becoming. At a restaurant Mecca in Waltham moody street. This restaurant opened up about two years ago and has really taken the area by storm. They are phenomenal the atmosphere the food and drinks all top notch and prices while the reasonable. Yeah they really are the restaurant is called red bird. I want to go and say hi to nick for me who greets you at the door the ship owner Dan. Well he told me when he opened up this restaurant he just wanted to have food that. He would like T so all of his issues have tremendous amount of flavors but he wanna go and if we're steak dish or one of their award winning burger is. Four I suggest you go in there and try their appetizers they have an appetizer that is addicted. It's buffalo. Collie flower that's right buffalo Collie flower and they. Kind of grill it and they put his buffalo to Rochus loss on top an old man. Is its sensational. The restaurant again it is worth traveling to your only open for dinner. It's called red bird. It's located on moody street in Waltham united nick when you go in OK red bird in Waltham. Coliseum restaurant Breckenridge up and says that's being applied in the late today ESCO. And it got to find Pat's favorite fish steak ala pat Wheatley. Yet so little bit pricey but it's the best day that money can buy its prime New York's or Wednesday. And it's center cut and it's served with rock we were my favorite dish here at the deal coliseum. The coliseum restaurant. Route 28 record which happens that are in Salem New Hampshire pleasing I didn't to relay when you go it. Are you tipping a little bit different you know any you go out. He headed to a lot of chain restaurants the other kind of all the same LaSalle would towards is not all the same. Matter practice several locations and over Lawrence Medford South Boston and Boston's their district. What makes them so special. He's they have a separate section on their menu. At each location that's different from all the others and it's called the sheriff's playground. And in that section the shift decides what they wanna make. They put on their menu now may be one of their favorite issues it just dished it just kind of famous in that area rinse it's Medford has grown octopus it's important mr. As pot roast flat bread. In the theater district as Garros. Chicago style Italian beef sandwich and that he kind of goes on from there the chefs playgrounds action. At Salvatore is again they're all different at each location Salvador's Ando. Mars Medford South Boston and in Boston's. Theatre district. What a lot more. It pandering or. Whether there are flowing and then drives I've stuff. At target's movements and know what putting off our flag was on lines of what was playing answers from. Bring us fruit fallen and can't. The counselors along words. Think rewards sale. Food sports and find that we've got you covered. Wicked slice radio and TV with the bat with life. And this is wicked by its radio with pat Wheatley on WRK oboe voice of busting. Hey guys welcome back. I am and what late. And he got anyway it's and is now an incident that was big this definitely. On FaceBook TV and I was telling me that if you don't see is now you watch it later. Mike's not a pleasant that's right. Well here it is too. Everyone. Over and over again but make sure you watch it make you comment because folks are coming right now. Gail just said selectors on derby street as far as places where. Things for the game tonight. They're located in Salem mass and they're having three specials tonight. For the patriots game Brady's burritos. And death for full sized burritos for sharing basically. And they have a belly check sampler platter with four appetizers. Tamales. And it says Seymour. So see more there's more of a Texan there is ethnic it'll give me is that the ship named Seymour remorse and what if I could go on line and and read all these. Reviews is that coming into our FaceBook thanks a FaceBook live right now and and then I I just see see even this wrote says. Says these is this some some great places to go unique you got to go out and find some of these things is a lot of places they can recommended right now and including my. I see that there is a Hahn of wings that dissented yeah. More more more than I think I can handle but I'm gonna try and I'm definitely going to try others Christmas is seventy wings. Seven the wings at all for you you had a doubt where where exactly is this for a the lazy dog and the lately on yes chef Chris Blake has a joined president talk next hour. About these fantastic wings all the flavors we have and we're gonna watch you try to eat all of them in record time. Live well I there I see Stephen wrote in our face replies he says don't go to the lazy dog Mike. Because I took place all to himself. Oh there's plenty of room share come on we can share the lazy dog that didn't I don't know. I don't know I I think Stephen once a private room at present is no influence. What you want all the room numbers just from self occur I don't you're talking with Chris we'll tell you about their lunch specials absolutely that are incredible who tell you about that next hour I would agree coming up Yelp will be up in the next hour yes and we're going to be talking about. Eggs Benedict. Okay Chinatown is look at a route 27103. Sharon street in Stowe net to cops corner. Police say and William long on this place. Wonderful people first but this is kind of interest and when you walk in the door the first thing you see right behind the hostess is. Elaborate literally of windows. At that overlook. Where the ships were and it must be about. Fifteen or twenty of them in there and it's kinda it's really something to see the quality of food is one now. Spastic Chinatown. In the Chinatown spare ribs so needy contenders there's nothing like them the only problem is there's so. They're so famous they run out all the time Chinatown 127103. Sharon street instilled in back in a minute. Spicy weekend off you're listening to a wicked fights radio the only place that lets. You are listening don't wicked by its radio the only place that lets you be good food critic Sunday's tended WRKO. The voice of Boston and I was watching what we were filling in with a FaceBook here in the news and off. Picture that Mike and Scott took. Going to dawn. Down from new toys that thing you. Can't wait to go and we're going August 11 and what you could come within Israel about five or six Avant slipped that's it. Yeah it's affected. The average six sevenths at the most stole its fifth at Atlanta. But you have young group made it a group thing he had done with us okay and some of the great restaurant tonight and have been telling me about you know I can't always precede them re entry Bennett steak restaurant had attorneys in techniques and get Julie go 42 ounce tomahawk sticker that. Country. I think once OK but I in this kind of if you're buying and well there with a look at this time that's right. This time I don't have a Doggett to get content religiously. Now dom sausage company knows that as you know they opened up as a deli. Seven the almost eighty years ago almost and now they are kind of is still kind of a daily don't have one yet but they they really are. People that that our wholesalers who the markets at all. And one of the things that they do view of on site is they have phenomenal states that's Clinton. Now what it's very its enemies with in Nam because you want to call it sausage company is a big thing is the state branding is important to him but I sit there if it work and don't fix it. Okay that I've that you call. The about it Jolie family right right and that Tim what they got for the info vote. While they get a special running this weekend. All patriots steak tips patriot is one of the the brands of marinated they have an estate that all patriots steak tips. We marked down to 1099. A pound. And if you go to their FaceBook in Newport the post talking about. The sale menu show the cashier that post you get an extra 10% off all butcher Roma items and not bad. So go to comes FaceBook page dumb sausage company FaceBook page. And look for that post all patriots they tips and then you know and apparel and dumps us a dislocated it ten of Riverside park in Malden and the phone number is 781. Three to 413. Ten corrects it then yes. I am all of us at night and move forward here with finesse. These the signaling when we need something attractive on the cameras well not a you got me all he battle particularly easily get where we're gonna if you've got to find out about this place just dissect but I wanna talk about a Castro puppy you know what that is. Yeah particularly you on a it's at 29 on south street rose way out in the Hudson. And the reason might knows about it is because they of that eighty Beers on ten. Element eighty Beers on tap wouldn't have believed that that's it like the third heaviest volume. In Massachusetts are doing and that your wages and intellectuals must be true yeah. Yeah it's that's right and thought about that. Spaniards can't say exactly. There are 29 south street and Hudson mass then that New Hampshire hats and masks. And if you're there I know that there. BP to meet Joseph families there. A father and send naked now and shift Davey. They're all there right now and they get to TVs gone person for the big games this afternoon the falcons and Green Bay at 305. And the patriots at 605 or so 666 ish okay. So get there early try some Beers and the rumor lack miraculously come to be now one of the things that you. I'd like feel learn things like I learned things here. I'd never heard of flight of Beers OK okay who until I went to the or shoot Castro cup tour in Minnesota flight abuses. But I'll let you explain it because as December with. With a lot of little gel well I mean a place lake the horseshoe club it's it's actually a really great thing because they have measures that eighty plus Beers on tap so. For someone who might be a novice to beer or just like there. They're brand of beer they've been evident for all their life and global blah it's a good way to try new and different Beers and talk to your bartender you Chatham up and the flight is 42 I believe six. Small pores of beer different Beers so you can actually go pelican a whiskey shot that kind of yeah it's it's almost like a double shot of of whiskey if you would. Among us doesn't have to be with us. The note of now you could do they have things I would imagine like sommelier for beer political partner and fitness at at. I listen. I'm assuming there experienced enough with the beer you know don't go to an estimate that yes I was at at Penn but the whole issue of gas to a pub is the name of it. Reveal Oscar the Atlantic blue cod the New England fishing chips or issue jambalaya. Jambalaya sorry to Camelot gambit that it as set pan seared chicken tenderloin baby shrimp sausage salary. Onion and peppers the days with a spicy broth. Topped with rice. And eight topic would go term. Not too sure that he they are sort of some interesting side dishes like those sandwiches bird. Let it Dublin pastrami. And a little pastrami sandwich for a side dish with a that that threat to curricula that you know Lucy thanks for calling him into it right the first year aren't fillet mignon burger. The most incredible dessert did you ever seen is available fried dough ice cream sending the fried dough is that it is in the bowl. And it's the size of Mike's head. Which is very large. And I you gotta go and police say hi to nick and now for some of you it's were it to drive but it's worth every. My oh he's ago OK it's called a horseshoe gas stroke club. 29 south street in Hudson mass coming up a little bit later on in the program. We're going to be talking with the open going to be talking about their places to go. For digs beneath. Yeah it does say that it and you had a blank faced by Sawyer have is gonna go in and you know you're throwing cans got a vacancy has got just throw me in Africa are they cut the camera to I Chris chris'. The next. Step tell anybody where you're from lazy lazy dog inland. You have been getting a lot of comments here from a list and viewers remain a met I'd your television hit okay. And if they have people could be in the studio right now. And smell. These chicken wings. Food and open up one. That's the honey mustard I believe that you just opened can I show this Gary of course you can in the best of cameras afford to show people males and let me see you know my monitor and see. Let's hold looking for with him or which camera is looking that you. Here is looking at you Babel and when he for ourselves and now I see argued the problem is is I'm sorry it's about 1015 seconds off lies direction on the radio. But what I go up with that relate to those of the honey barbecue once again for a give me they give us forever honey mustard. Yet the teriyaki teriyaki. Tell me who is we ran down this list. How poppy here are you win. They're very popular we sell. 280 pounds a week or so roughly. You know you did this give you a meal oh yes I mean we sell one pound the wings and in order in 795. And won't send any fun. For NFL last Sunday's. We have a couple of different deals. We do what's called it will mean party tonight with Nokia which was called the tailgate party it's 24 wings of your choice. That's how we're via. The 25 dollars. So you pretty much get the links Hillary about it when it tower of the year is power beer is. Three liters of beer it's about a 104 ounces and still small for me that. Wouldn't it put a tube of ice in the middle and pour yourself. You know it's pretty cool you have to have two people who can have a myself he can't know what Mike is too much I would really has their breath. This study is that an area and there's too well I was an exception. He's our expert. And every spicy chicken. And I've I've been. Mentally dog and returned their check points are phenomenal. It's it's Chris how many players you have. Seven flavors seven delicious flu virus. I brought them all let me see what these guys here is buffalo you're talking about both Thai chili actually gets in touch in mild heat. Yeah real flavorful. That's the most popular line actually I'm really at that and not because of and I've never heard of it before intentionally and rehab. He's got a taste it yeah. The low of the day I think them things that negativity here they start eating it and get their rate of barbecue and barbecue night and day be what does that ghost. Ghost pap or those that those hold for you pat. Now the ghost pepper. Don't be afraid of it is not gonna ruin you day. You know you and annoy you reading something hot but it tastes really really good. Just washing hands before you go to the bathroom. Or then you're gonna have a bad day with a guy that and related areas surveyed tell where we're certainly you know it. My own squarely in them 328 Broadway. We've got an enormous parking lot in the back even. We're open from eleven. 21. We get full anarchy when was he was good full service until ten at night seven days a week. Luncheon specials every day. We actually change the menu twice today. So go to remotely different specials today. Give me at sampled something's on the menu there maybe something that you. Just sort of yours. Remember I think we all knew it was what was coming there a couple of Ruegamer. Rule number that's and I announced paddy. Russian dressing and not always tees and I announced today announced patty seasons. With the season and nobody else has and Russian dressing on top of that Swiss cheese. Corned beef so Croat on the flat top Russian dressing. Swiss cheese that goes on top of the burger. And then you make an attempt to eat it. When you make a mess of yourself you can. You need a shower after a law put. You know I often wonder if and that's and I see Michael on some of these these issues you know Amber's like this now you know. And and I remember. Remember. The first time ever had one of these flight. Specialty Amber's thank you bastard. I said this is at a place it costs us thirteen dollars. In Hamburg but for summaries and I did. And then you see why they're so good it really art could. In many ways you can get if you care for it in news and those famous for that too. Well this is something you gonna talk about it you know promised and that's the key to. You know it's sort of I tell people that advertise and they show. I can guarantee you people come thereafter and guarantees it came here and you come back. I can and I love it it is confident I had to open my responsibility is it to do more. And if they look we heard you probably heard to date of that couple places are recommended that I did then people. Will recommend it to each other causes kind of a different telling a friend. And the best form of advertising word now there is a television radio newspapers report about the show's sort of so it. In a position bad if you wanted to. You know most people though most people wanted to pause in your case you've had some wonderful reviews. And particularly if you see you. So it good now and I know you're doing well. Well we have a lot of newcomers but it's not just me. I we're we're the best people in the world and all the guys in my erupt all the guys at the restaurant has great you know everybody have a great staff. You know much of burgers and then uses in this sort of Nancy. A year year year customer base by being on television. Well we have a lot of regulars but we have a lot of newcomers to. And so we didn't like really really busy as that super hi Chris you guys have gotten best sports broom or shores of four years now. Four years four years Roman fantastic. So you know they're not just for the food but for the whole sports bar. Atmosphere and semen and yet the other part the auto pact is huge especially in that area yeah I was gonna say that very news on that area to have that much park. Well that's new because it was about half the size and year and a half ago. The solicit you redid it. And it's nice wouldn't fit Clinton's no very convenient. You know I can't wait to trial it. And at night and we don't want to trial and might gonna didn't all buy equipment in there which is very expensive. Sticky you know have to again and guarantee it. Who can eat ghost couple wings that no you don't have to Mike's already charred one I've definitely after a couple thousand and it's all you can. Down nanometer and that goes pepper going in there yeah both went to. Points and somebody sit here but in this I was in the and we broke for commercial. In addition it was a short commercial goes on commercial. I almost choked to death and get back in the and Daniel island and you say it's this won't do that it is actually it is good close relative peace on earth that's what I had to do. Do that oil and Ortiz is that you hate you don't hear that far. Chris thank you so much forgotten about it thank you can appreciate it I I have heard so much and I and I just so they get tell about it one more time. Where you're located. One almost squarely in 320 Broadway and at that featured today. Speech today chicken wings. Absolutely chiseling signaling an affair to remember of course of course of course we have the remembered with a ready to go over well. All right well thank you very much echoed by many thanks for having me that I appreciate yours aren't on her when I was really really I mean you guys. I can't wait to try this I will try it okay. No name restaurant you ever heard of that. No name restaurant is located at fifteen fish pier Boston's historical water for a actually is now calls seaport area. It's been open since 1970. What's the best thing about Jimmy's restaurant. And free parking. In the seaport area he believes that. You know how much it cost to park in the seaport area if you don't get your ticket stamped its fifty bucks. Yeah so if you wanna part free go to C Jimmy. At the known Amer strap fifteen fish pier in Boston okay. Now I would like to send you to. To Essex now on the village restaurant return to let them earlier they open up in 1956. F five back then they had five boost in seven counter stools. That's. That they're only serving to the people up indicate an area they shared that fifty cent play emerald. Eighty cent lobster salad sandwiches. And 25. Cent cups of talent. And that was some time ago but I think you one thing. I I don't mind paying if he's really good. And this is the kind of place that is really really good all right they have been advertising on the show since 1992. And they they started out and if you're area although I. They wanted to stay open in order tempers are usually closed and open every sense. So go by and say had a any member of the wreckage for Ricky family Kevin. Oh or I his rifle and a breach at the doors of their projections of 133 and 22 in Essex at 55. Main street and don't forget that. Now we judge Reggie narrows a few moments ago. Micah if we even know if you don't mind could you refresh my memory about what they Janeiro has today. For them for the ball game tonight. I'm sorry can period. Okay became angry and out OK there we are okay no dress with. You were freshmen memories about the state tips it narrows the steak tips and a generic drugs you know on plummeted. No I know Jared has some great pizzas. And end and their great place to go and get things to go absolutely market as. Right Janeiro is eateries at twelve Blanchard wrote in Quentin to remind you that now the happy butchers. Tex that was going to be on a show last week and you wound up in Texas. The happy butcher says a deal. For you first of all their beef is 1855. By swift. Which is top 18%. Beef in the country. Only find digression dining restaurants have this. Guy here's what people love. The happy butchers customized meet plans and they started slow. As 25 dollars a week first you meet with the butchered. And day your part of a year for you you're part of a couple. You both need to be there because he wants you to know exactly what to know what you you both like I. I you choose from your cut to meet their 25 different types of beef alone. And dead chicken pork and so many other things like sausage in English bankers and lamb. And apricot sausage for shoot till Provo loan and pepper sausage as well of that play as the classic sweet or hot sausage. So. He's the follow me so far. You get to choose the package. Nice to suit Europe you taste says temple. Then they cut in portion new order and they they eat you can stay and help them do all that they in labeled it for instance that snap that should be samples we. Now imagine that find his beef you can get the 25 dollars a week. You love that. Or emails can be planned out and thanks to tax the against work out that they get the guesswork is out of the there. And so when you buy in bulk like this it brings at a cost of high quality meat we weighed down you can fill in your freezer. There's more desirable cuts. The happy butcher guarantees the quality of the need for eighteen months the news eight by war a couple wax paper. And Mike Welsh gonna tape Alia they also. If you don't have a freezer Billy Shula for four dollars eight dollars a week him. The happy butcher as the only customized meat plant in new England and that offers financing. So Baird that in mind. Here we ago. They're happy butchers to to to elm street in Milford mass the phone numbers 603. 554. Thirteen 39 you've got out that of course I do and I just want to make sure. But that yup coming up and I just few minutes to a re talking about eggs Benedict. And it would take more of your phone calls and you can join us now on FaceBook pages department wanna remind you of that. You go to FaceBook oh Lugo wicket bites and FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash we can bites TV there ego nine. And you can write a review and were rated on the air. Again or you're in college or Tripoli for 346464. We take your name and address a fear that's how we give better dinner gift certificates which you were awarded the Bancroft was that last week giveaways that use a it's a superb sickness Examiner's five star reviews. The great wall. He is a place that's located in. They're great wall shopping plaza. Which is it 308 be great road route four in Bedford. I have allies will be your hostess I think she's from Shanghai. And they have for fifteen years they won the reader's choice awards over and over and over. This is authentic Chinese cuisine prepared by professional chef with high quality greens. The happy family these Jumbo shrimp the chick in the scouts of thirteen 95 the crispy beef which I highly recommend and and I recommend this over everything else. You ready shredded chicken with string beans. Shredded chicken string beans and sound good room late in the head. Okay shall wait Tia. Then they had the patent and importantly the Beijing debt. I am an analyst. The great wall 308 to be a great road route four in Bedford ask for Dallas police. On a Teddy at and a few minutes about something that's going on for the fortieth anniversary. But any about it after we take a break in a minute but it's a bit of a teaser that other entities that is is something really special welcome at the end they had estimate did tag inch master ships coming to Philly or don't tell me yet make him wait you look at it like to comment to its parent you know it's also. When it Lucci is in Winchester but anyway thank you. Dude is huge even just trying to get some some of these things though in all do it here's a place to go. Pro street station 53 simmers street in Malden. OK Alan Rama. Robot to robot robot. If you look at for barbecued steak tips. Baby Beck rips. Famous pro street combo steak tips slam tip sausages and country Reeves. Beef short ribs which is the kind of additions with onions and carrots and wine. Get you know low Brea in one domain ample peace in counts on menu great dessert there especially this. Friday screen. And love the Fries. And I I love the atmosphere because this actually it was an operating train station once that it was. If not I'm pro street liked the name connotes. It's on 53 Summers here. And and they've built back in ninth eighteen. Friend on nine years something like that and it still to this day. At UT running right behind so it seems like you're actually train station get that rumble yes we ended in horrible and it that. A barge like you wouldn't believe. Purse and I when it won relatively small bar and I get to barge thorough and want to make huge membership fifty TP citizen they must now. Pearl street station 53 symmetry in the all want to get to cut. I just came here to grab some weights now. This is my lunch we can't I was is back with Mike in the in the control. The smell. Doesn't grow in the back room you walking here. It opened at one of state issues. Oh past the buffalo and that the here is about. There it goes peppers that's yours and actually my I was afraid of the ghost. I'm goes don't be afraid. It's just funny to see if it out of there radioactive virtue. And I mean they they they look. Harmless reuse it really looks fantastic. And the look. Good that we get this bring you what do I don't think that a technical may wanna take this break because I may not come back on the other side Aaron those Tupperware and that the only toy I'd tell him available attempt it goes on FaceBook than what we're looking for an accident. Ali talk about it. It's not what you taller baseball alive and method could face the hook when it bites of the TV. We'll be back in just a minute you're listening to weekend bag tad pad Woodley he might. And he's got. Get out there. It's what don't wait for a Davis. Traffic and analysts. Are. I'm gaelic advice on television tomorrow at 2 o'clock on medicine. The Red Sox and Bruins radio. And talk with the folks who yelled in just seconds to let you know they've given to places. 400000. Maybe in the places that you and I and I never ever find this to a movie. If you didn't hear earlier you buy that would they talk about it in just hanged by just wanna say. Six in the red China blossomed. Under 125 in North Andover. You can go by get Chinese to go okay. But I would stay there and and watch the game. And bear in mind you get something there it out of seeking it anyplace else I really don't. All right and that there are Chinese buffet. And we came home Janet. Can I may have all the Chinese vigil this trip became beloved Ingraham. Did that. They've got prime rib back. All you can eat. All would you were all you can eat who may have king crab legs all you can eat. They have peel and eat shrimp for any of sushi items. And they have Peking duck. And a. It is a sensation. You cannot get anything like this I. China blossom is looking in general one Tony by the North Andover please look up my dear friend Richard and Conte McCain now speaking of China blasts of mr. Scott yes you get some events coming up there we do we have back Kevin don't he will be there on. The 26 of February is our psychic medium that is absolutely phenomenal about a quarter of the tickets are already gone. On. But the information that he can tell you is. Incredible skis while the fire the coach Oprah goes peddling along there. Crying tears running down his guys I don't like I'm like a big hot spicy guy president I'd takes away flavored stuff. Those okay of the goes dealers and iPad three of and you know the first thirty seconds. Smooth sailing. You know Manhattan it is in a little bit after the third one did you have him down seven and you're right that's all laboring in the chicken wing which is. Which is something you know it's it's not only get as the pot and get their sales I can taste it very flavorful. Now. Negativity over a week it knows the lazy dog and win and we have just enough we might we open up wrong. And Wednesday and outside the door that that would mean we have to share. And I'm not really a fan of that waited in British film that finished with Kevin Bono Kevin Cohen is trying to blossom in North Andover on Sunday afternoon February 26 because of 45 dollars includes. A Chinese buffet and the show. To order tickets North Shore spirits dot com or call us in the office. 866745. 1167. And you know there's nothing in our refers to direct. There and go like. Some as government bureau and or something that could. That lazy dog. I added. Now how or for record to New Hampshire my friend. You've heard him on the show so many Teva to warn mills. I can guarantee a very brief story I promise very brief all right. I don't know I don't know cause cause an international incident here. Coin collection authorities now say that you can now the Chinese can now copy gold and platinum. And you can't tell even a person. Like Warren who's who in most respected people in the world with when it comes to this he's been doing this for forty years he travels all over the world. And a lot of people will go I have bought points that there worth a 100000 dollars and find out there were thirty books. That's how good their. Reproduction technique is there so. He will let you if you happen to be an investment banker and individual. Come to his place maybe a go to U I don't know come to his place. I know a lot of people are doing this as you can afford him that make that mistake I mean you could be doing this is the most reputable place. In May not notice. I that he went he didn't tell me how much it cost that he actually went to NASA. And they have a machine. That can check and look internally look inside and see if the coins or authentic or not. And right and Navistar and about two years ago and there aren't and he's got worse. And worse and worse or they've gotten better better better this guy as absolutely of course. Rare coins in New Hampshire you call Warren millstone Tug your friend your friend pat Whitley told you call and set up an appointment have you or and a I'd if you want year going to praise he can do that if hear news like especially estate sales into that to look at right here's a phone over to cough or rare coins at New Hampshire and Warren mills. 802257264. I have known him for about twenty years. I know him to be a man of great integrity unit so unbelievably. Imported and our award Norman not the places in the Senator Obama. He got a better shot here kind. 1802257264. That's 218022572. Successful I'm now Scott here right now he's gonna introduce us. Still the folks from DO OK Scott. IPad sure they are right now is our good buddy Damian Smith of Yelp and I know we got a great topic today because one of my favorite things of all time. And I always look for a great place is eggs Benedict and I hear you got some places from Yelp we deal words. Absolutely got and I think that we all can say that there is a person out David that you know what I don't like eggs Benedict it is a satisfying signature dish so many Berkett cafes and banners up there. That I loved spotlighting this wonderful really personal played we got a couple places due highly to back. Right and when you do it right you remember that place for many years ago. There's no question I would we have force. I first sort of take away the dolphins at Moffett restaurant dumb asses were. I really popular breakfast spot not only because they have this really great deal at a much BS story get cheap courses for ten bucks. But also because they have to really outstanding entree cleats for that question. I have one of those following in the category of course is going to be. He and it paid style eggs Benedict a top southwestern biscuit. Now they're gonna take you to put state permit puppet stop Lester basket. Drizzle what are the kind of cream. And a little green Chile holidays and also assert that the type up what trump tried but you've got to bear Wear anything covered from the text back they're stop where it's due out. This is gonna bring those waivers are paktia. I can't go wrong they're the name of the restaurant again. It makah in the south that guy I never too on yells list this week. We're talking soccer in my book out of the north sent. We're a very popular place in the north and called north street grill outdoors nursery grown actually has sort of americanized venues back into the traditional Italian art there. And there are brunch menu is outrageous they have so many eggs benediction from a lot to Benedict. To smoke and it Benedict who pulled pork Benedict and a crab cake Benedict the the one I really wanna call out his cobbler Benedict in bad. They're gonna take you at stake. I'm a top French coast. That's been stopped with Canadian bacon and cheddar and dribbled a holiday thoughts on it so you're gonna get a little bit as sweet a whole lot of savory and probably not this year gonna try to edit your. What do way to go that and then. Benedictine bad that's what. I now again these from some of the year you would yell reviewers and we encourage our listeners right now to go on DO become part of that community. And review and comment about some of these restaurants on the L I placed number three. Absolutely never knowingly make it featured in the future spot yeah and that he's he is that. That it key I've heard of three we're gonna head over to Central Square Cambridge a little cafe called cafe Luna. But it was not secretive folks who live in Central Square but for anybody outside the area they did not occur structure. One of their signature dishes I'm at bear. And you is that within their brunch friend you are there dignitaries Benedict. What I'm gonna have to call up because it is just so. I think and it looks beautiful to interpret she go with roasted fig jam at a rubella eggs Benedict as those things don't get your mouth watering I don't know what well. While while while that's all I have to say is wow. That I'm hungry I'm getting really hungry and get their ramadi or try some of these places. Will grab you played for curriculum but yet it out if you want to be at a little more low key but note that. Check out sound byte cap today in Somerville. This is involved square is actually right next to another our breakfast joint. A ball square cafe and Il he lined out the door. But one of these Benedict but I wanna point out about it they take your signature house made it sweet pepper corn beef hash. We'll throw a couple of them holidays I'm there as cash is a certain type to be reckoned last. I would probably put it that two plates were of course be cash. That they they got some nice good solid sweet red peppers and there. And that just cover with pagan holidays so if you have a hearty appetite he wants them a little more low brow but no less malicious definitely check out some I cafes. Corn beef hash and eggs Benedict. And well and then to wrap up because we're turn up how many eggs Benedict we have to talk about rough or how how burns. Anti Benedict. So what makes it anti while you're gonna find some signature item that easy other eggs Benedict the English well saying the poached eggs. This and then escape it takes sort of Orange perch and put some spinach up there along with some stoppage. But what makes it different is that they're gonna take that project and deep. Right now who. Ludacris you if you didn't get the term anti Benedict anywhere pick it'll get order. But if you could erupt however expect to Krispy tripe which state English Buffett. The spinach oxygen holidays have been great if a little bit heavy dish. I can't imagine it being bad because anything is better tasting. When he deep fry it. I 100% agree I'm gonna have to try it Damian Smith of Yelp thank you very much and again. We encourage folks that go out there and join the Yelp community and write reviews and respond to some of them up there and you'll find some great new restaurants. All due to the help of folks just like yourself on Neil thank you Damien. But I cannot take care 080 Kee we're back here. And out of you watching on FaceBook but you could say might come in here and rate me. Our with a ghost peppers and then. Eric Goodman I want it to you about. A brute. And as have things going on very special wrist that I Tucci who aren't. There marking their fortieth anniversary year for Philippe those at the one in the north end of course the big. They're that's their anniversary. And they're gonna again by giving an invitation which I'm gonna give to you right now I'm. For two extra ordinary culinary events prepared in collaboration. With visiting a brute he ships restaurant two hours in hotels. Now the shows are coming. To. Loot and tears and to believe positive element that is when it is Monday February 6. In the grand brut team dinner and wine pairing at 7 PM. There visiting ships that will prepare classic a boutique issues. And there are also by the way celebrating. The birthday. Affiliate blow the late for Bieber of the game on a game for whom he may let it but he's not that young guy. Plays that that'll do it. It Napoli Doris the nineties it to 83 causeway street the Boston's North End. In call for reservations here's the number by the way to a hundred dollars a person. Now I've been to these things. Man in EU can't tell famous people shall there too. It is really treat you go upstairs where I imagine though this. There is huge function rooms which reminds me to remind you all the time if you're looking for a place in the north then you can get. Few hundred people and go there as a front the upstairs is a beautiful function facility. Now all of the money will go to the earthquake relief in a group C. Until. Tuesday at their bets on February 6. The next day Tuesday February 7. Classic dishes a brutally. Cooking class at cooking blessed by PM at rest and auntie Lou Chia in Winchester police post with a birthday week isn't in Syria and every day is something new. Classic dishes have their roots. The cooking class starts at 5 PM. At and here it is hit thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester. Plenty of parking here but can't. 75 dollars a person but it's a cooking class with master chefs. Well it's grown up through it's always fun okay. Movement that that that he got a call this number to register for the class that with this. The telephone number 7817290515. That seven. 81. 729051. Not to make shoot and if you can't remember Olympia driving around right now. Tonight go into our FaceBook page and watch this program again I'm on do it all over again. And I have so much food in for enemy right now at least chicken wings this smell is so unbelievable. And I don't know which one to try to touch him let me close it appear majority of everybody on FaceBook with. Try to go stumper I'm not I'm doing it justice because there's so much here at K let's let me to watch. On FaceBook dot com slash wicket bites TV so they can see the mound yes chicken wings yet and what it's what have you what's funny. Is when you're done reading a commercial copy you have to row. You're commercial. Over the pile of the warehouse and at. They actually did let out lowered to pile I mean I have now on the front of me now we're knocking down some of that wall. Now I and I handed it under all over this thing through to get this information about the roots he ships are narrow. Other Thai chili peppers overt actually drove Rosenberg again this week. Yes that's the heat in Houston it's probably I don't know there that do make them but it him is probably the number one. Our show everybody. Let's watch and us this reply right now. In they could pick those up at Scott's house in North Andover who. A little bit that's just below them and we don't deliver what you can combine one that. You can have Leno Letterman is going to be doing later today absolutely. And I started theory. Is that India. You'll supple forum in north Eritrea and I'm know I'm I'm done under the falcons game. And then and be ready for the patriots in the phones available pre game for the patriots. The big game. As you can and you feel a handle the stress of the now you probably you know what I do. When it like well what if the vote in them I'm really rooting for them I turned if you via. In Italy to me and define that they wanna bet that. Self preservation. Of the and his staff had and so anyway. And Ed today in Baghdad did that would be Alabama Clemson game and I are to do that for the elections to. No I didn't know I did like most of that now he gave me I was there at 4 o'clock in the morning and Anthony can. Spending adjusted non I want the chicken wings and we'll get out here. And bring me some winds military arguing tendency though this is a little while we're here to the whole global council and you'll see a crime being committed if you like to something this is all from the lazy dog and win him back Lehman. At the all American tavern food is okay K besides. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib beat all American tavern Salisbury. Eric Young American tavern. The area. Leave Hungary. It will continue with more of which it by trading with pat quickly in just second doping about Regina pizzeria they're all locations are now open they open up every day 11 AM. The find that location near you what do you do. He is visit her website Regina pizza dot com that's redefine their incredible. Homemade brick oven pizza that has won so many awards since the original location opened on batches street Boston in the north and back in 1926. And it here newbie I highly suggest. As you start off. With their cheese pizza and kind of go on from there because and you start off with the cheese pizza you're able to taste that though and the sauce and the cheese. In an act covering up when all of us up to disguise the taste of the great feats. Regina pizzeria again world famous since 1926. By that location near you Regina pizza dot com. Now you're sitting on a rare coin collection and say you know what. I think it's time to sell and weighty ago what you could call worn Mel's a rare coins in New Hampshire he travels the country looking for rare coins. And me just go right to your house to look out. You call him by the way he pays the highest prices to warn mills rare coins out of New Hampshire. 800. 2257264. That's 800. 2257264. Now warn mills has been in business for well over thirty years. No matter when you see that a lot of quotes and some of the business as far as rare coin dealers magazines are concerned you'll see warn mills quoted all the time. He runs a very irreparable business he's a person that I do business with the when I go out and buy well for me it's so whereby silver coins are worn bills. And he has this special equipment that he uses because carpeting has gotten so. So good I guess you'd say that even experts can't tell. What's a real corner for acorn anymore. So he bought this piece of equipment from nationally now has to. They can actually looked inside the corn to make sure it's pure silver or pure gold and that's the guy that you need on your side. When thinking about buying or investing in coins whether it's over. Whether it's rare gold coins he's the man Warren males. Where going to New Hampshire 800. 2257264. That's 800. 2257264. War metals rare coins of New Hampshire. At peddlers daughter restaurant opposite pentagon Irish dining with the problem. They have their beverages you know with all those who got famous and then run them at leopard Collins. A friendly service and you don't need them though that the Irish and you just need to know they're competitors don't the restaurant and hey broke and Nashua. Where and I. Just for gourmet ice. Wicked slice radio from pizza did gore man. This is weakened by its radio on WRKO. Though boys of Boston. We're back you know. You'll be OC KS and confusion if you watching this and FaceBook. Both did it get you he's taken stated that. There goes your own mind chicken wings. Like I never. Experience. McCain they're live all in your hunger. It admiration there really enjoy it and I think I think if it grimacing. And there goes the last the last of the chicken wings and has slipped to a couple bones in places goes thing here. Those efforts volumes and he's carrying it needed great people and just want 1 I suspect cry Pacific back. Guys so could limit enrollment for a right during the course of this week. There are courses I tell my bride was during the the other thing that could play baseball so that's what memory through the red hot chili pepper is when he finally brought dead. And what is that. Value that broke straight you broke he's speaking of that and you went to a movie Lou I'll plan my. And I were talking about it now last week the low end is on the best movies and you thought when the first game started you iron I know that I I my wife turned to me because you're in the wrong movie this musical chicklet yeah and about a quarter way through I'm going. This is really good in about half what your mind this is Exel. Body and the movie m.s and this is one of the best movies I have seen. Ever won how ever I mean it took him six years to produce this movie they came to this idea again it was so different. Yet this parts that are musical on his parts of little parts of dance but it's a lot stores to Martin do you love story set in like old world Hollywood. And and I mean it's just back onto the 1930 and well it's its current stuff but it's a shot me in the old style of the grand Hollywood. That you that we haven't seen a lot like since castle like those type of dinners they measured decision pictures I all of a sudden the name escapes you know went to see it. Affleck shirts and yet it's come there is no and then later some I saw that I saw early yesterday and found Caremark yes McCain bill actually if you look out our office windows and parts of the and I noticed this just of their parts of that car chasing Wu Cha right across two river from her a Bruce Willis movie was filmed it also hear the blue of the building next to us if you remember when repairing it down a Q2 over two Winston hill and in April not too long ago. Denzel Washington via did a movie written and in the old I think was a Lowe's they closed down there and they actually kept kind of opened for the movie. And he he did a movie and a lot of it was shot that joy. Joined with Jennifer Morrison shot primarily in April ya I wanna narrows and I called an element in addition. In what happened did. It was a Sunday. It's. Lady played a food radio talk show that the same reason we can talk about branches but haven't been to one in ten Yates even though they lead automated BA executive and had it owning a chain of radio station or reject. And and it and but I let me neither knew what his characters in the movie swept and oh I am bothered you know what I've been I've been who. Probably cut out of about when he movies and even from the Boston you know what the checks don't clears. He had that that plan that drug user kissing their for a half hour while that was funded the office and let's check cleared for both days and actually made the movie and that once who has yet. Hormuz that was ghost of girlfriends past ten years ago yet again on it's been awhile. Ice and carried him. Marriage is coming in FaceBook live my and that has again there watching us and we have multiple cameras now we're we're really showing everybody. She says laws that the live feed she wanted to jump through the screen to grab some of those incredible looking. Chicken wings. I just jumped into the studio Ingraham yeah and and then why is he and Annie and I my camera but the problem is that's different TV is that at qualitative screening I see it ten seconds later he had tents are right about that Cleveland radio and dislike about the ways you know we keep the failed car callers who don't. A year. You know turn and car radio when you're calling us and now we got to tell you to stop watching the life is also watching yourself it's hard to talk and watch yourself a few seconds later. And out the TV should going to be in March. There will be a much to be I think it's cruise opus I believe for the summer some workers again. So summit so it's different than the original crew is episode that we aired a couple of months back. This whole what you knew. New footage in matter of fact if you were watching a live feed on FaceBook live and you can watch tonight if you like shore skip to about the one hour mark and you'll see like a five minute segment ideas. And with the cruise director on the Norwegian dawn done so you'll see that. Employee doing it's your DVR for 2 PM at NASA and tomorrow because you'll be on watch it on your TV. Okay what can be better than nothing communicate going with that and we're one or two and got a lot of other things boat and also the FaceBook you have to look at lie didn't play too. Editor and timers it it's there. For probably turn for a cover I I got into music in it for amber at the ether excuse me that wanted to get here. Is there on the cloud. It's on a club Annika I don't know font on the cloud but some some day this is the going to be the reason that we can never popularly Mars is because aliens and wants this and I you know now yeah I don't deserve our our help. Tired although they may see the chicken wings come on down that those come now fracture fillings but yeah we gotta think Crist at the lazy to have seen him coming down. And that Rubin Berger who if folks have not seen that Mike got his future I didn't lazy dog and features that Ruben for Burton. It's incredible it's it's just monstrous it's awesome. What we've accent and actually cracked I think itself. You know two of forty years to secure the willingness somebody wants and the Greeks aren't there is Tennessee or afford it away before your day. Sixteen times and Polaroid. Another day older and deeper in debt. That path and I did go with a little bit out of the and my Jason for America's got town there you go he was cut out of that's the this. Are its own cities and their friend nick and I realized. Princes of the entries is prime we will we dined there were about to is due to its gonna and I of course went for what they require that's when my favorite issues have passed by there this morning. In this society that side not not of the three subprime credit Teresa's in Middleton yes I had lunch there that's that million. And though no sign says they have a new bar mania. They feature story. I didn't and he even though I have Italian sausage once there's this room and time. Guys thank you so much for participating remember you know watch that elegant by TV it's that simple on face on FaceBook course. And see you next week same time same areas taste of it. Super Bowl Sunday is our best pizza show titans of who we're gonna get to bring the heat's it's. Hacking it out path ways our guys have a great week go pats.