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01/19/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio - a haunting in England.

Jan 19, 2017|

01/19/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Mike Mackay discusses his family's experiences with a poltergeist in their home. In addition to regular episodes of activity, full-bodied apparitions would be seen.

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Our. There's an Iowa and beyond reality radio Jason laws TV Johnson's so excited to be here it is an hour Friday basically. Jane. Yes it is yes it is hello everybody else there and thanks for tuning in beyond reality radio you listening online or on any of the great stations we are on across the country which. Isn't out to be a lot more yeah I'm excited about this Armenians are going to say this for awhile so I know but then again I mean. It where we started syndication and in August so this is a huge I mean this is moving fast rescind the syndicated show. It's really snowballing and that switch is gonna be flipped them basically any day we're just waiting for the final you know red green light we know it's common. And now it's it's amazing and do it's there honestly it's because all you Alter who listening to the show and making it a success. And to in June and javy hit you and I we just have we love doing this because we're not edited we screw up we have fun with that we poke fun at ourselves we enjoy it and and I kind of enjoy screw ups because it it shows just how normal everyday guys we are. I think it's really funny because juvenile goes to the day more have issues were doing the work pissed off and we're you know we're grumpy in the blah blah and the return on these mics and everything changes. Everything just it's better doesn't Gary it's just fun it really is and I've I've this has been. Honestly. Well in of course have been syndicated since August we've been doing for over a year now and it's been one of the best years I had cigarette just most enjoyable I mean half stomach can do Shawmut Jim Matheson and thank god you're wearing jams that one element didn't win anything that was supposedly don't like him in the past Oakland California like an -- Apple's nicely taken pictures but so Jenin in the chat room. Anyways tonight who will we do we've got a great show tonight we're going to be talking with Mike MacKay or make anything and he's a professor of law and history. Over in the UK. And he's had a sort of a paranormal. Experience some weird things that have gone on and so it's it's going to be at stake yet his fan. Only come one he moved in with the woman you know tell you the whole story but she has had some paranormal activity in the past when they got in this house together really blew up things really got crazy. Yet so now the before we go into that conversation. I did notice comment and don't say it was a little less tighter than 94 in chat room they're a couple people asking about to what was going on ghost hunters and stuff and I know. The year in the middle of things and really can't talk about that but. Maybe you know what's going with a guy isn't in the gals and what's everybody to swallow that's Steve's Christie's making appearances while showing up at a bunch of places that -- actually working on smog starts against say right now but calm and days and days and just leading a normal life don't when he can cage's two and destruction right now until. Until something changes and Samantha she is a teaching which of course you got to remember Sam's history major she's got a trench get a degree for teaching and everything else so. And issue that we are broader on the Shell Oil or lower on the road for the fact that having a history major there is was just incredible alone my child. And being able to hang out with her so but yes she's she's been teaching and she's doing Phnom judge let me. No that's great and I'm sure we'll see all those folks some pitch popping up some learns on the roads it be nice to see everybody immunity come family everybody. You know who was offended ghost hunters and me personally I know Moscow. Yeah well speaking of new ghost or ghostly among Christian and Ford is planning to release level for. Vehicle into action global four weren't by 20/20 one and that means this car will not have any gas pedal. Or steering whale. And that's just creepy here and him that's the kind of thing that you Selig and on those old movies were card dredged by by itself and you think you know that's that's haunted and what it's almost accidentally maximum overdrive and apple that yeah exactly that's right it's an extraordinary movie but her audience that movie came up in when we go when muzzle into really a lesser load well we only available on last week. And as somebody put maximum overdrive in the end in the list of photo or my. There are movies okay obviously Andy is especially when they kill the CDC off on the bridge that's an excellent. Sucked but yeah no staring wield no panels of experts say that. Where really not that far away from this type of vehicle and meaning news goes a fallen in society of automotive engineers are saying this. But they're also saying we're not far off from a level five category. Which I'm not even sure what that means both Ford CEO mark fields explained to CNBC's squawk on the street last Monday the company hopes to make. Vehicle no gas pedal no steering will. And a vehicle that excuses the driver. Turned passenger from taking control in pre defined areas it's it's really crazy and you know I'm a little nervous about things like that just because we've seen some of this technology in its early stages fail and there's been some problem we Google cars yet and I think one person was killed from them brilliantly but let's in all honesty though think one person. I mean in the amount of time that it's been doing it it's it's it's seen anybody lost their life but. Just just the fact that it's been doing it for so long and one personal loss of life. Those are some really good odds because how many people lost their lives from people wanted to we'll right now verses and verses the machine and I especially this day and age where everything has these. These location pathfinder to erect on the drones and and we when you and I were at the CES we're taught you might come over and a unique truant. And might and they were showing us that is missing can be flying at you fifty miles an hour. And come to a instant hole because senses she is ET CU in front of it. It's silly I think that same technology just being used on vehicles well. And you've seen a park themselves and you see you know some people drives so at least at best to have a bit threatened as he better than net but he and the I'm sure you've seen those cars apparently part of Arizona school of Mexico to push a button apparel parts itself in some some of them have a thing where its senses and goes back and forth and puts itself and some of Memphis set up for the tires all the tires can actually do Laker. A 45 degree turn off four tires. In just pull itself and is on Scott enough room. So this is it's not far off and 20/20 one I mean that's that's amazing to me for four years away from him and it is what it is but then. I don't see the only thing that has increased Alec I love being on the road driving and paying attention to everything seeing everything. I don't I've never enjoyed being a passenger in the car and the same so how's it going to be or. If you're passing if your past year it purist car and it's still on 45 and a 45 there's nobody around. I mean I'm one of those guys he makes his little bad ass and he tried to sixty without gas pedal on my doing and it's coming into the end of the ocean and how you can override it and has got to be a way to override the the computerized controls everything and well there there is I used to and as a master tech for Subaru gone back in twenty years ago we see over at the computer systems or reprogram them to boost more horsepower achieves a fuel ratio. They're going into the engine and so there's got to be it. Ways of doing this and they're still gonna have the India the multi tasker units that plug into the computer seat in diagnosing issues or so it's not going to be far off. But here's here's another thing okay my Dodge Ram truck. Com all of the vehicle that skip all touch screen system and in the middle the eagle to whatever it is. That system has been hacked and entries on the news and some of us and we're hackers were able to take control that system and control your steering William. Which this trying to put him past the vehicle and no problems but. I mean it's if hackers are able to access your vehicle like that. Just due to satellite feeds. It's an. And how long before they can really they take total control of these these vehicles you have no way you don't have a brake pedal you don't have a steering wheel you don't have a gas pedal. And then you have maximum overdrive. Yes the aliens take control of all the vehicles and we have Max Moore trend this is really turning out to be a nightmare scenario. Yeah I just started off as a good conversation now sonics and a ticket to something else though. Scientists have heard in the voices of baboons what they considered to be the origins of human communications. Through the vocal cord yeah well the baboons out of Fuhrman to the zoo he's seen baboons they grunt and they squealing Nicole lea strange noises. But according to a new study suggests that the origins of human language can actually be found in those noises and it demonstrates that it goes back as far as. 25 million years ago. Really these excellent well the baboons. You know they bark the acme Wahoo they have all these distinct sounds again. And scientists say that they actually are the formations of all sounds which could be the very first vowel sounds that led to human communication so instead of just where chimpanzees and arrows to open. What our men and these they actually have different types of levels and and they're able to change it back and forth the difference RA. That's right and they they cast doubt on certain theories that language developed only after the appearance of humanoid with the lower larynx. Instead they say that their research suggests that human vocal system result from the abilities already present in ancestors such as the baboon. So would that put us closer. In genetic. DNA to the Babylon and the chimpanzee that was recently thought yeah I think that's what they're saying and they are saying that they found similar muscles and baboon tongues as human tons which is the key to making vowel sounds. Bernard yep language is the key difference between humans in the rest of the natural world. But the origin of our speech remains one of the greatest mysteries of science they think they've got a step closer to figuring out where came from. That boots he. Well you know it must be that because again echoes are also what the only lizard that actually has the local so we can make sounds. So Pat Boone and gals magazine that's how we. I CNET commercial with the ball that it got so bad cells she insurance and he and all have a Turkey and Syria Libya and I'm African huge generated once been you know assigned a real and I mean yeah tests to talk to him you know you do this to me all the time with him and realty you guessed by. So there because there weren't the only lizards and actually have that that lyrics that are able to make the sounds. Resistance and I while interest in so baboon and a gecko had a kid and that created the human. A kid that explains and it also explains why some people think that. Humans are actually lizards in disguise wizard the recently that people are distant cousin there it is it's only consensus on my gosh this is just gotten. Beyond reality. Polling very well with that I think we should go to break and bring her distant and I think that sounds good and you listen to Jason GB and beyond. A game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. All right Gabriella and Jason Hawes and Jamey Johnson we've got a great guest tonight it's Mike. Make K from the UK he's a teacher of law and history and he and his family. Underwent quite an ordeal and house they lived in in the UK a lot of paranormal activity jet. Yeah and they believe it to be associated with polygamy claimed to be poltergeist activity and today I know he didn't mean they lived there with five girls and and two boys so of course of falls within that perfect age possibly. And I pulled this activity being manifested somebody but they welcome to the show Mike. It. So a good idea might go ahead and give us the background let's let's set the stage here before we get into the specifics of what you went through in his home. By cattle basically. I consider my thought already and that everything out of the hole and yet. These true. I was the biggest skeptic going ran full years ago at all actually moved into the house. Bad I did not believe me believe in ghosts duels or even accept extra apple quite logical path spots and figures. Patterns of the holy spirit also is completely. Changed my head. My opinion and maybe question things happen under a bit with my idea now why that. In the lit to vote well through apple co products and close. Parents after they met in 2011 we had two children. Pan. Parents a white threat my white hot hot experiences. Products from removing any bright from your case actually I went to live their bitter previous car. From Childs the ball little closed that. And call some pictures look long ball well walls. Actually opened from sleep processors low still are included the players is a shot. Figure off the bat. And she feels like should be open but it. And I had. Sarah I am. And and is well at home my mother in law used to say it went that was grit Leo she's clearly there was a moment or who did moment. I am livid in the house this early in Ghana. At seventeen staff moved I'll probably. While that still look at. Adam. Don't go far less frequently than in 2011 like as she moved and they all. And with their two children aged lit 2012. Abu they would. Bad. Well what happened walls. Adam. Wanting him was stop from room. And just from left to right from those Arabs at our finger. Right across the theater this garbage is the could secretly think Japanese camp program. You have had height looks at the crawl so I don't know to be the spot that was the ball as well. Is pretty ignorant if there was no one else and I'll be the children who weren't there. Among whites can't expose how late in the study based in the though. Well did this and not tough show did this thing seemed to. Noticed that you were there or did you just move as they throw it to didn't realize and I. Those costs right across in front of him at bats aren't too sure it was rare retreat the lifeboat spot that says that you see enough. Suggestion and it usually the dog. And the dogs who was was was long Canada has fallen to actually go off so all of the way it's root root mile wall right now are. All in all and all extra at all. I ignored and we went back and we'll look in the middle of the night and all yet tops there have been in the bathroom will remain. The world full. There was no no explanation look that is part of our. Ports and my guess that. I wanna take you back just a second here because I eat you're what you said your wife had experiences through most of her life and her family home beef. And before she had moved. Yeah yeah. Did she ever get an explanation for that activity or what she fearful of that activity was this something that plagued turner do you think errors just in the chi excepted. It was something that she accepts it and that's like this this armed and jerk probably but that's also attached to a and pop solo all thoughts in time. It didn't believe in anything my all will. I don't know but with that same thing as same question on as she's moved to different locations the activity seems to follow are not sure if it's the same type of activity. But you'd brought up that first of the shadow moved as if it didn't raise you realize anybody was there and it went through a wall. Now did you ever possibly researched the history of the house and see if there was originally a doorway in and where that thing went through and the reason I'm asking is because. Something to go by you and not pay UN in mind it almost sounds residual in nature like tape player rewind and playing itself over and over again. And so a lot of times when you hear these reports of something walking through a wall. If you go back and researched the original out of house or whatever has sometimes you'll find that the used to be a doorway there. In this energy is just reenacting what he used to do walks through. What's now wall but when you look back in history find that there was a door opener. Yet wool Adam. But Asians that because at the time we didn't read that ship because we all bought a small bar and mall I didn't do batteries that. House was built in the days. And a lot of previously it was Adam. Which usually thinks of me operate pan am Tuesday. It was more so it ought cry. Settlement. Rivera. And not link in the walls that the record when the child seen seen these mobile. Adam. Josh you drew picture. Remote to go conflict. From provisionable. It fairway. But even bill in the sixth graders. At the house. How green retrofit it that it would have been the ball well it went for a man. And now brings to the rest of the story. Because I am. So that was the right way when the top moment like this then logically tree in a that they. The reasons that a little bit you know it should be actually well not very apparent as the as the weeks went all. He seemed to run home. Activity within the house. Mike William my accounts are to do this to events that we've got to take a break and we'll come back Wilson picked up the story where you just left it off. When we come back I do wanna remind folks before we go to break however to be short stop and visit us on the website it's beyond reality radio dot com. You can find the chat room there are also you can find past episodes of beyond reality radio for listening. And stop by the FaceBook page give that alike it's FaceBook dot com slashed. Slash beyond reality radio it's Jason in JV beyond reality radio he is here for your enjoyment on radio stations all across the country. And online thanks for this. Johnson thanks again to everyone for joining us tonight and every night for that matter let's continue their conversation might make hay from the UK were talking about his. Paranormal experience that he and his Stanley had in the home they were living and Mike sorry to erupted go to their break we just picked up for re left office. The that basically we actually just the little fellow is a little too different set for things going on in the house. Long that was a child would bring. Two there was a lull them move in order to ball holes that giggle and and these were all the time. Because of the wet out armed with a little hop and seven children. Because we've been previously aren't they are actually good instead of a sudden weight ends of the court out just means that. In the pocket lol what went in the house are. And syrup. When you wouldn't want to allocate all of whom read. Take a live at blocked in Bergen around boss lemon and generally quite friendly clip bowl it was noted that Phil and Adam. Well in school and bet Tom would with the with the child at city. And well and all of a sudden they must it would swing and it would go very tough. Big utilities in overpowered. You know mapping Charlotte. All the bong rip it to be aggressive bar and the status. Or at all it's right next yeah. I am in good yeah some people really do anything and then. Don't go to tell you that bit smarter basketball oh how popular appeal that and it's a little pop. And I think it was the original had been sold out that night now Adam. That if you don't pictures by actually says it will there was some images of seven across all bad. Book of photography again. Almost that's what my children moments does not so picture mechanics and it will go only looks at the picture closely date. There's a bigger hurdle I would like it straight excellent program pan post Oprah book. Pan but he went crazy and we got called toxic Barcelona. Is pulled straight we didn't put a house them. So more complex. It's the renewal how mobile are a total house or so until it. Chair that. Program about who died in the house that it looks exactly like it. Man it was called threat Sacramento in his name Brett would root it drops. On a daily Brit. Band. That it was quite right do we have to do that. Mike did you see a picture of Fred while he was living did she show you one and that you could compare seek to get a sense. That's educated and you don't see what. Yeah pal Sam had buried in mountains all hard when I was Ira walls sort of skeptical. I always was was quick in everything. It was good don't. At trying to slow the logical that the thoughts are solo career Olympic. An eighth inning and I think you you have to you gotta be skeptical but it's funny because. Who I've I spent a lot of time in England and it winners and we're a year you're in the imprint brands home veterinary. Yeah Terry and I've I've actually done over towards Cunningham I've been I've been. It's parolee. At which supreme credible sighting you guys have the river that runs right near you over there which a claim a good a lot of claims of paranormal activity. Everywhere around that river are not sure if it's it's a fueling source. But it's a very common thing to have. These these properties in England that seem to have activity just because you guys have so much history there and and on that whole area was a big Roman area at one point wasn't. If it lost absolutely. This is the hysteria. Linked to the English civil war well. Pan am this area so there was a lull them trustee around the red but it was we wanted to keep results is the date up soldier and civil ball. And so. There's just went on. We actually owns this or you know. In joining competent these days that these things around and don't go quite a lot of people. Packed. There was some time so went little hook or and you're in the middle of the night would do look and by we could be true and how Saul one of the trip so. And tall stalled slot announced I was there Cutler green and blue and things like kept the spreadsheet that the activities being hit. Hand. Call it knowledge that you would about it which were announced that it would go to Cuba up like they are open all Erica cricket now. At our future I don't ask don't walk and that would go not that hasn't been. In that era and could carry me out it would recruit a big no way that the children across the children now from the likes. Okay we're talking with might make hay from the UK about his paranormal experience with the yunis family in their home Mike we're gonna take a break when we come back and pick up the story it's beyond reality. Jason. Her telephone numbers 8446877669. We'll talk with Mike may case from the UK about his family's experiences in a home that was clearly haunted. And Mike you were just telling us about hearing noises as though people walking around the house it wasn't the kids that must have been must have been terrifying. Mikey said that sound you said that it became quite a conversation and you kind of and he enjoyed it necessarily but certainly had an interest and it did did you have other people visit the house did that witness in the year herder saw any it was Elena. Yet attitude. When it but it's all right when we went out. That would that upon what her house when the walls it was aren't where we were spectre that not only be true they already broke so what corporate. You've been booked at the record and that ball. Well we're all out now. And incompetent and we say it would have been in particular. If you get a good look at double with a light in the carpet they wolf we've seen pictures showed that get the guy the eighty. At that don't as well. That all changed when when she moved in these owls items that set. That short from being Puerto pocket just lit eagle at the box at the parents who are being absolutely Patrick option if she could be outside how's it got to go out there aren't used back in the house. Bad burial so Bebop Nepal's Buckner. Go to wall and in the column as a group and breaks as soon as we got out. Coakley and we have good Xia she's got all off and she just what are being punctual ought. Really strange. Light at times you. A lot of times when it comes down to dogs and the Dayton what freaks them out the most is that they'll see something but they can't associate it with the smell. When it comes down to something has to with the paranormal and that's what creeps about the most because dogs or so and so reliant on a matter they're smelling ability. And that's the one bit stronger that's a stronger sense of you think about it so when. They noticed something and they're able to see something but the it doesn't have any cent to it it really treat it freaks that dog out to me they become scared they become. Well they try to distanced themselves from whatever that that is because they don't know what to associate it with they can't connect to anything. There that you mentioned it's now. Like that or previous albums are plenty. That that that child all giggly and all reported around like apple notes that you scarf that chopper Adam's. You its characteristics and break it is this current they're also great dot. Not all the honorable burial there. Where we. And it was like you could tell it which is issued written as an Omaha here. Aaron. Ultimately is that those are really trying to describe the snarl at. I'd like rock sitting in a row and fish at all it was horrible and it's quickly that could go. It was a horrible now expect separate calls and ballot general child that well. I'm. Oh we we are experienced opera all our. Well. And who did. Did she have this dog and while I'm sure shoot them on issues real little. Com sometimes I can be associated especially when there's animals on the premise that might sound weird but. Dogs have and an anal gland and when they get frightened they'd get off that. That nasty nasty smell it's a lot of times does happen and colonel situation with a dog gets frightened that's. It releases and so that smell does show up on on situations. Yeah. So you're talking with. Mike may case from the UK about his family's paranormal experience in the house they were living in for a few years. Bomb quite a story Mike and we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll continue the conversation don't go anywhere. It's beyond reality radio would Jason Hawes and JV Johnson. Don't forget the website beyond reality radio dot com the FaceBook page. FaceBook dot com slash. Jason our TV tower and I just realized that we haven't we can talk about who's coming up in the show. Next week and we've got some really great folks coming up in fact down we have Alexandra oh. Rojas. On Monday night and he of course is very very involved in the UFO community so will be talking with him and then. Tuesday night next week is Joshua Warren also very very active paranormal investigator. Will probably be talking about some strange occurrences around the country was Joshua. On Wednesday night it's Karen domain and its market mirror Belo. On Thursday ahead of next week so great week of programming coming up here on beyond reality radio as we continue. I to grow our station affiliate list thanks for all the stations coming on board we appreciate your supporting the show and we really appreciate everybody who's listening. So let's continue with their conversation with up mark may care exe we might make K from the UK as we talk about his paranormal experience Mike talk. All and Leah. Paul guard activity we've seen a scene of violence proving my eyes off what it ought to have a Ali. Telling people what went basketball reveal our house is just what she said well it definitely I'll press. Actual out of our table can be clicked on the floor for me incredible. And then wants a big piece of it is like up to. For a few days led off in what are we didn't exit the building open court all that and it would cost of an increased Saturday. Just clear cut all she'll house. So when it all. The salute to respect his parents these Buffy and Alston slumping Cochran. I am Google's click pots and imagine. And what we moved our house these women will not live back repeated Coakley is now. We're still live art clubs are the wall that well. That's never dreamed about what she feels really not that she's not that any law even if it wasn't a house Hillary will be the orbiter are black. I lost it and articles. Well what when you look at it will. Burrell holds excellent that they'll would you Mubarak it'd been an award it's really straighter or pull a real principles well how. Editor and zepa and yes. But it but a solid you had anything negative happen is not what you guys were were scratched attacked a sharp during that nature it was more just this. This activity that was happening. Low winners where you lived so there so it kind of becomes those things were. There's not much to fear except the fact that you might see something that really doesn't pay you when he mind. And doing its own thing and that's what becomes the most startling. I completely platelet where we pick Novo and it's the dog was it was immediately back in regrouping Rolla oh how's that. It was maybe a oh we also. With it's been debated on and accept that it should go on 01 instance that was Adam. It was like at this very simple assault and say all sold big brood that it trick of the light all walks. The bucks won the Eddie literally out anything since the new top out at him a lot of credit order. We all our subject. And then disappear as quickly it was. Land. Yet. Several O'Donnell beat in the house. Pam we're talking with so might make today from the UK easy teachers flaw in history in his family went through. Quite an extended period of paranormal activity beginning in. 2012 when he moved into a home with his I was swish your wife at the time Mike or just. Oh and and and how many children at the time when you first moved in there. Effective Beirut airport expects. Sort of golf and then national. Eagles very suburban mall and then I'll models start is that although the stock that is it from there are pretty got a bad one reason we moved our house also it. Now did the children have experiences that they would come to you and say you know mommy daddy whatever. You know what's going on this this man scared me or this this child is playing with me or anything like that. You hear the talk about how the oh in a rock. I'm those long time Gordon who were on the equities comic with these clinics. And outs. Lives that will notice that in the New York tomorrow. The mountain and I want my mom that status and the pebble extensive aren't that in the next it or Arctic tenant at all the amount they what can be installed that would tell me that there. There was a time it was that's going to regret true it down. And the answer to replace that NATO political we it would be as we look at those. And then abducted 6%. Of you seen it all and anything at all bitter chocolate dessert that I'm. The hobby than anything a ball around a little photo gallery and the big talk ball much at all or law. No one. At one point use you said that sound I think Q you must suspending your bedroom and the door handle started to move on its own. Was was that experience is that does that accurately describe it and secondly did that frighten you. 88 I GAAP. What basically. We weapon at our normal sleeping on the court where it's 1 I am to it and all got that our. Lipton and that created a book in announces debt is just didn't get it out. And added that the humble yet at the envelope that the Apollo room right. Start going down. That it was an analysis which the kids are plot she's normally get there certainly are recurrent. And that immediately joked so also homes in the house didn't run the ball normally aren't. And then man. Little and we'll look your picture and it went down that's article saying like bricks and try. That what went. Well. Am not a pet tiger and let's go wrong and you aren't slit our coal. If he's the one chasing down a bit of the corridor outside of Karl Rove. At once again when there was little in the house of the boat in the bedroom with the didn't really early or the walls are. There. Are that there. It's it's very strange. I am. Grill it's just me never Fowler. Arab bull like let's say early well for them at all or is it picks are you were excited. Yeah and the way but the way you know the way you make it. Yeah the way it comes across is Saddam of course something walking through a wall. That would fall under residual upon Catholic like you'd take you re searched. And you found out there was a doorway there but then again things like the door handle being manipulated and moving. And you were able to actually see the door handle move that would fall more intelligent type on because it's it's able to a manipulate. Objects in in the real world right now that you're able to two with decency. So it be different that you as you just heard the sound you actually saw this handle move. And it and we did that we did try and looks at the load out on the moment treatment goal we we try to settle the call and equipment bad. We're so. I have my carpet and we have to recall how things we there also are things that I call him. And as the Charles top our look. And that will be going from next already current BC news' Erica that. That people thought hey compositions are mobile compositions. Which was all all all urged stricter trot across the record don't like political Latin. Investigation. Our investigators green good kid very into that. Fortunately the everything sounds like it was. There's no malicious intent there's so far anyway we'll get more the story we come back from break it's beyond me. That's great programs lined up for you who's got UFO's and a lot X trust shall discussion with. Alexander Rojas on Monday night Tuesday night it's Joshua. Wednesday Karen Delmon and then Thursday night's program is mark Muriel Gallo. So we've got a week full of great stuff next week as we continue to grow our syndication network which were excited about as well. Tonight's conversation in tonight's guest is Mike may case from the UK. His Stanley went through a very very. And we'll continue our conversation with Mike can pick it up where we left off. Mike was this was this home a standalone home or was it was in a row house sir how audited how was it physically hundred it's it's physically. It was it was an end house basically about it and how old are. Man. Well for true grit of all the time how install will spend say. I'm so what we know you could and it. The actual pretty Norris trucker screwed up our troubles we don't know the full house guest producer and you won't. And he said you ask you said you passed on some of this information to local paranormal groups and any of those groups ever come and into formal investigation of the home. There's still won't sit I don't know but we came very close to let animated. Well we are and I think you know not doing any alarm and we didn't want anything set to Adam and some may remember that six people Saxony paying you to the wall and it shouldn't. If it graphical or in your court. Lou quite a it would beware Walt's review going to be new missile or what we did group interest. If it was good to counsel house armed well you keep it you can rent local council so that the Aaron we're good that would. That was you can do a thing called a good car in America went to an exchange so I'll sit out all. Big or small balls in the bag you can exchange call it would. So we were looking into a boon to big loan. The campgrounds or so are you that you want to. Regardless of how the grounds that they had. There there they would want to be an all of it looks route. That salute them absolutely right that militants eligible crumbled so there are good else. Aaron. And that. When we didn't move well. So one proved it in the early and that all for Eagles. And then that it stood furlong out then we don't want it. We're talking given Al Unser but no so so. It now that you moved into the and the other house or you left that house have you had any sort of experiences. And the experience into well I want him better which is why also being combing through audible waterless OS OGA. And his lips. This is it to you how ya and I didn't. Be solved it at a an error sects of and solo shot perfect cared frugal wool only all at our. Colonels back and look at that picture they quickly and as quickly as it was going to visit this area outside hatred or. That we Chara we're trying to. Personally that would also of interest people. Wanted to send results holes. From us that stage during Clinton's. I am the Reuben we didn't do million would. What all the things the only other thing in Italy the house is the gals all seen since Arnold is I have a good experience. Add in the new house will be needed over two years now. And one night only bit and Jericho and everywhere Cochran he's well he was asleep. And also in the was among boys. That that set of what he's doing and he just started screaming in our salute screaming at. I'm well we run a sack also look at how well that I would it there. Within a few weeks it was answering these you mouse. Never had anything to twelve. And zoos in the seem area as the old pals. Yeah intellectually and well poked it past the real cost of outlaws sprint according to law. Yeah. And again what area there is is just known for a four era. Having a lot of activities Dietz bag innovators talks of the Roman camps were in that area all along that river and and a lot of different things at one comment to believe that there was some serious violence that happened in that area as well correct. Yeah it's correct parents aren't they complexities. Rickles went. Tall all of him. Are all over it wouldn't be in the city of ol' ball well all what are you mentioned earlier battle is well. Adam Rubin who guns atom and an all types of homes and bottle bottoms. Yeah Rambo. Got to want it to edit documents and he just talks on the current state next. Yeah they're quick to go by the way you what people choose to believe. It is just that small experiences are out. Are gone from being a woman was completely skeptical. Occult power normal and logical explanation. And you know how to describe. Call it a logical reasons that you don't want our. We had solely and analogue and its nice to hear you say that because you know most of the time people are all trying to read books on this and and now profit from an Everyman and you'd just just being like can I just wanted to document it's of people knew about it. And you're not out looking to you know write novels are due motion pictures about it just shows the credibility in the on us. Out of the things you guys are dealing. Call epic the irony here and how to make people's thought the ball out like so what it is epidemic on six a lot of all else. That is which I don't think it will now and you aren't going. Is what the case girl like is so look Everyman back. You still talk all bill calls them when it would be if he's got a wife pat Blix is its product shots the court. And experience them. Which I might make K from the UK Mike and his family went for a couple years of pretty intense paranormal activity. In a home on that and I based my math Mike it sounds like he moved out about and 2014 or so. Here and you said that earlier that your wife had had. Experiences and activity throughout her childhood right up to the point where you ended up living together in this particular home we're talking about. And then when you move to the new home he had a couple in so isolated incidents but really nothing sensitive do you still think your wife is is prone to one either experiencing or even being the catalyst for this activity. Yeah I didn't go to. Things that would otherwise it would still continued. Arab. But you don't you'd like thick Oakley is that cost. And there from the bank bit maybe she's. Should moss set. Too well where the you know who actually experiencing things and because I was there are so go. There are things that aren't Woodruff earth. Well. It seems to what this if the court is that there. Old things or anything. Connected to it whenever it with those kid with the crucial period a TARP. Not going to bid. And I think it was love how they will grow very. How something it certainly felt particularly what they'll pop that he was connected thought pro idiom that. Well and the other things are showed up. And mean and it's notoriously. Talking wartime well on things and especially when there's children involved a lot of times these things will be even if a place is is. Active does have some sort of activity scandal to land in the woods attracting moths. Be it attracts other other entities would seem to show up there but also children for whatever reason. Seemed to admit their own sort of energy or life. That these things pick up on and they had an in hopes of being noticed because children are prone to see things of adults are not were closed off as we get older. In children are wide open says anything's possible a big factor items on the Jameer. Big money and some of basket and so anything is possible and a lot of times come around when children are young in hopes of being seen or being able to. To be acknowledged and then as a child gets older and start closing off. He sings a move on so how old were the kids when you guys were were in that in that house that was the most active. Well. I thought it completely relate you know advocates like that previous that. It into the Adam activity brought so what would help the kids at the children what they play for all. You years yes fall any. Tan. Picks. Sides floor and referee so the look at what you. Oh yeah that like it was a really. Really busy so. The big hole and then what the top of me all the children. They would lose the little you know we're all combat zone things are Cox Adam. Every belief turned them in Michigan and it was just a little heated and you don't as a what are the reports that respect it aren't blown all choose the it was it was a must speak you could almost predict that. It was it was getting out much will tell us. Lieberman especially when you had children that were in puberty in. Puberty chilled and starting puberty and you had. Younger children who were opened sued to anything so I mean you have the perfect elements to fuel the activity draw an activity and also to a two acknowledged the activity. Yes yes completely and it was like it KS and call them when you're out and that solves all all our guests Wenzel arm round. You know that currency out espionage that hasn't. Into the strangest things happening you do humans or lost angels in the bedroom across all. He sees carpet that you show the pictures of the you know exactly what to say. It was quite arts are Waller ala. We saw all the guy who we were ghosts that you look don't call it ultimate right at the stat. Always in and he whistled. And he didn't disappear like he normally used to eat all the that would look cute couple. Local golf. Still it was the start of our 62. And I need to tests like this day you'd just Robert rock. It was it was a it was worth it when it certainly looked at the blue moon are strange for sure it. You know that's the holy Grail of a paranormal encounter is getting a full bodied apparition in the fact that you feel like it it sound. Interacted with used makes even more intriguing because. Ms. Jason was saying earlier the you know the residual stuff. It's neat to see the when you've got an a full bodied apparition that is smiling at you were do you feel is an element that's an interaction that time really goes down as the most. Or probably the rarest and certainly that the holy Grail of what we call paranormal encounters. Let's take a break will will come back with more with Mike may K from the UK as we continue talking about his paranormal experience you've got a lot of really cool stuff ahead. With mikes and brief questions and we make it off topic a little bit of Mike's willing. But anyways beyond reality radio Jason in Jay-Z. Our website is beyond reality radio dot com and the FaceBook page who want you to visit both his FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Share the FaceBook page with a friend that helped to settle a lot we appreciate it. We're talking with the might make hay from UK were talking about this paranormal experiences the things that he and his family experience when their living I NL home that they occupied for a couple of years. And Mikey if it's so and another family came to you and said you know were experiencing. Paranormal activity in our home. We're afraid or afraid word word you're concerned or whatever what type of advice would you give them. And IA. They will quite old he is we will never really would never really. Fright that act. We we actually opened Jason's been spoken we know we met and it's absolutely kissed. And you know you know that say don't let threaten our way. Obituaries and you know that all agree Africa. And I didn't think that they're both acknowledged. The wants to gloat about it. It was a it was not discard rivers a member of our apartment rivers show records are you knew it we knew it. And I elected crack our show or should we don't know. Our problems well. That there was that the case it at that. So that you couldn't find Osama and jokingly she's set by the Freddie to edit yeah. I saw an asset at a political front all our thoughts are great and we had we had a monologue. On the other side of the ball on the kitchen roads seem odd it was we just looks. Seeks the for a split second in solid since the bully bit in it with those. It was it was bizarre. Bershard should get out of my bite to eat are pretty well. And the seat Al Arab or below our normal things that could put into that mode expects a little and all the for a logical explanation. They expect. And if you aren't you willing to try and negate would be would ever days. Let's bring. The economics Britain's most. Yet apple wait we will look we never felt my front it was more marketable. And luckily I'm. Yeah it was it was it was a you know are you some straight talk about it to light it's that the you guys it's. These that these these are suffering from a logical brain kicks. You've done so well now that's all right. Yeah. It's hard to deny it when you've seen it. Does your paranormal story end there I mean after that the isolated incidents. In the new home. Do you own Levy Kennedy should shelve that whole concept are you pursuing more paranormal. Re search investigations or anything else. And well I'm ball ball has immunity reeks and actions. I have. Communicated trusting my you know watching the documentary is things on the channels are you care every few schools that are not suit a particular dress and a elect histories are really really aren't. Oh I parliament is small my oldest golf. He's sixteen now I'm a guerrilla and she started to look cool. I apart mobile I'm so sorry it's. At the access open and she really takes it seriously she took she took quite a bit aren't Jews in a way now. She got all these are all the sites out whoever you can have some of them are out. Just have an incident follows date will be going to put it is that. It's clear. Where she's blow look at all the won't fumbled away the good do investigations. And at all pull our respects the science and trying to. Trying to prove it won't where Obama. I have really really really affected have all anyone else but our. Approach to social issues he'll. So that the children she likes it she's sixteen. Patents are affected at all. But many just ball I don't believe announced if the so not a little while your at it again but would there aren't. So positive notices that she's getting involved and really looking into the normal so I think that screen and yeah of course they hysteria aspect that is the most important when it comes down to. To a haunting and panel location and anything like that so it's you know what a perfect people were to happen to us. Yeah yeah I guess now yes. And octopus and when if ever so look like it is off the stuff like you'd use a social call the wind up at all. Of these particular area that the were rumba. I have to get through all at all or law they look at. It what Colin Powell could look straight. All opinion on it. Man is there anything good gutsy Zobrist Shoppach equal all are trying to tighten their commitment to give my opinion of it. Man look at it looked like. As well as behind which is nice well yeah. Yeah. Right we've been talking with Mike may K from the UK and Mike and we really appreciate you joining us and sharing the Euro Stanley's experiences because a lot of times those are personal and done you know your willingness to share them with our. Us and our audiences is quite appreciated. All right. Yeah so thanks for phenomenon and hang in now with us and just tell us about those experiences and sort. Yeah if anything else happen if anything else happens in the future please let us note is it'd be interest and see if if these things still follow your wife and your family around. That's a camp are accused Iraq helping me on and that includes tall an order corporate America is look. Will they do very much you know Mike don't go away yet because Saddam actually have a couple's non paranormal. Related questions and I wanna pose to you by after the break so we'll be right back. Might decade ago like three. Decided and asked him during the break if he'd be okay answering some non paranormal questions this is going to be. A bit of a departure Forrest. UK and we're not a political program we just went through in America very very interesting political elections seasons present an isolated season and a lot of the media ties what happened in the United States to. Being kind of catalysts Dubai the you know the brags its vote and that was kind of the the the forerunner. Of real upheaval politically United States what's. Do you see at the same way in the UK are what are your thoughts. Yeah and his money inauguration is. Tomorrow or the day after. I guess the day after and you know so we're right there were at the costs of but I completely. Different presidency an ex president look the likes of which we've never seen before in modern American history. Yes I have as tornado current program. Police Walt Walt corporate to all. Who breaks. Because the gates and the hard call to decide whether he should. Graham. And it should have a vote you know when all is if we trigger safety while Europe now. Pickup truck particularly in Israel at all so the art of Bernard view edit bad at all majority voted out. I'm a law we saw big he's rated. And I figured I don't think any. Any of the cheek politicians that I am lost or are probably took out or if they're off. What when he when he lost the bricks. At a perfect actually believe the people will go to them like that I don't you guys. My two illusion. So what do we lose Mike. From oak okay. What are the most interesting presidential. Audited to its friends and its. Been brutal only here and and now that. We have our present electron I mean. How how was England house Britain looking at America and looking at it trump being in offices of positive thing but he has so it's not. Politics as usual and looking at it says oh my gosh we have no idea what's gonna happen what's happening over there. I think global media corporate. Culture mark. It. How will this go to means the well it could include the special relationship. Or grip program. And the US is hard for many years data and our community history you gearbox the Second World War you guys did everything it down. As long awaited. People still saw a ball to dead that you go all it all happened in Iraq. And you know luckily the grit courage bless the troops would start chilled to show Gloria brought them. Should look. Probably a second resolution that also work we're drugs. Not the start and stuff but I would you guys against them global terrorism. And now he's capable now popping to the mall on good behavior. The vehicle reaches this go from grade oh. But it will be held at the screen it and new markets will Chile at the rhetoric we now have approved permit troop. Is that we shall come available we will witness said. Pan. June presidential current president to attack on a Tom down and one of the seats. That is a case of us feel and a topic and ended epic politics he's changed massively to the west isn't that you know that the people won't want shaded in the Villa in. Won't change it. Another one of the great figures of everything Nigel Ferraro act. And at a cultural. Friendship that seems to be development. Could Knoxville approximately. It will be yet. It. What all Lou we sat back in and you can't let go in the exit well. And I think Brett fit well it was a good guess probably the mall and I will look well you know that run and abroad and there are a member fall would lead. We are now I mean rape things like choice. Nothing but then went to the fast. Of many countries to follow him next you know. The least seems to taking the same tone that. And so. Holik whatever political debate that the leader for awhile and that well we're a strong position. Football trade deals. And are often the after that the US UK relationship that we. We'll start and hopefully this. Good I think and I I agree with that totally and like you were saying you think that it was of the vote for breast it was against. Prime minister and honestly I think a lot of the people here who voted for. For trumpet it was just they were against the politics as usual they want to cede change and and a lot of the moral also just against. Against Hillary Clinton in general because there's just a lot of weirdness that as I've been associated with them over. Over so many years and people have just been fed up they wanna see something different they feel like things haven't. Haven't happened things haven't changed and it's not getting any better and and they wanna try something new even though. No idea how extreme that might be they just wanna try something it's something new. Yep completely completely integrate it just let the media and immediate outrage can edit the eight couldn't convince people so obviously you got to question everything that you you know you're actually say my Clark it was a documentary. And all of the red Charles that it appeared to be CO RT great. But that was used to and a half hour while the US all of China the code at all China. What elections are going to be light sweet outlook trumps that. Resolved it. Did you shoot it or yeah completely it's all the end of the world that stuff doesn't cooperate or you know it's. Mike is beyond. Do you think the NN I know you didn't sign on for a place conversation here gorgeous fascinated as to what you think in England about some of these things because we are so close and so tied together is his country's. But on do you think that that some of the western leaders European and American leaders. Almost. Disregard. For the major concern that many of the citizens have four. Terrorism and what's coming out of the Middle East do you think that had anything to do. Or is acting as a catalyst for these changes of opinion. And yet yeah hopping up and did. That thing is a program. Jason Carroll who would regardless of certain. That's Harry and ferry went up at that these major changes when you when Jessica -- look at it historically could go to our. Nine alert or. Then there have been while Cochran then he set the goal early in Europe. In. This season this is a walk not just against. Government that it wasn't just an attack on America was an attack on the left everything we start well. And you leave and go to your eagle with the U acts against that or you're you're you know and well terrorists are between Britain and Europe in in my opinion yeah. Elements of our European. In the stock monopoly you don't liquid X. The US and the UK I am very well when something goes through she argues an ideology we start become accountable to sit back Aaron. And that's early debate. Were problems. What you get very different so perspective from both the French and the Germans. With Europe and sometimes I think that's why do you care. Or so much ball. Shoulder to shoulder to add to the US than the Greek look closely. Yeah it seems as though one of the major. Considerations American voters. Wade when they went to the polls was the fact that the current administration come under President Obama seemed very eager. To bring refugees in tune to allow the borders on our on our room would Mexico Purdue in particular to be just porous. And that scares a lot of people and I imagine you have some of those same concerns in England. We did yeah that was a pain. Oh what the law well the electric here brick. Was a ball at Google protect our contrary you know go to the drop all of a and that your jokes as well remote YouTube over shoulder it was shipped the election. Jokes that was keeping pro British jobs for British prequel it hurts US and helps you out so well absolutely fascinating thing. And and as well Huckabee from Adam in our soccer ball well atop the BB console people in Europe how sick probably. Then you know wolf could we do do we neat especially you know little bit over the flow of refugees in Germany. I'm not at all oh at all that you rich with a refugee already so that. Prospect contrary I'm not the and how do you deal all the threatening. To Padilla access. I know died Germany was just looking to pass along. No more. Burqa is sin and things like that six quick break when we come back we'll finish up a conversation with Mike make K from the UK we change the topic from paranormal topics to. Anna what the world thinks about current political situation not just in the US but actually around. Narrator Jason James. He really should become part part of the chat room that's were a lot of great conversation is happening a lot of great people when there. Also stop by the FaceBook page and visit us there and give us a light sheriffs with friends it says FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. As I mentioned before we get a lot of great programs coming up next week don't forget to join us all weeklong Monday it's Alexander Rojas were talking about UFO's. With him he's an expert on the topic Joshua. And mark Mirabella joining us. On. Thursday night. So it's a good week of great programming but tonight we've been talking about with Mike may K we've started talking about paranormal. Topics because Mike and his family. Lived through paranormal or deal in the home they live in in the UK and we kind of changes topic to world. Geopolitics. And Mike whose grace is gracious enough. To just give us an idea of what the people in new in the UK think about what's going on in the world in the United States. And yeah and of course they get tickets scary when you sit there and you know that there's a lot of individuals that would love to deal arm and yeah you gotta be cautious you really do you need to protect your your way into need to protect your people need to protect all the citizens here who. Who true and there who truly are there because they love the country and they and they wanna see you succeed they wanna see people safe. Yet yet completely. Packed. Question for you guys that review west. Every time broke into the oak where you really sets the royal and as the honestly I'm I'm not I'm not yeah. I heard this they might lead them I don't share the fascination but it is it is there is there a lot of people that do and there are a lot of people that love when a whatever coverage is offered. On television and done there is a real fascination I'm I'm not. I'm not part of the. Up. And let me. I can say it's obviously the federal government. To back the query that I have queried. I mean I don't. And a lot of a whole lot you over there you guys really when you see and you think you know queen you just look at it. And current and the family as like celebrities and it's nothing more than Mac correct. Not yet opened mold about it very expensive electric exactly. Yeah. Royalist or what have you had that in that we'll. Thank you so much for taking and indulging us on this aside conversation but various interesting in and we really appreciate your time. Thank you Mike. Let's go about do it for beyond reality radio Jason Hawes GAV Johnson and head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. So I mean me FaceBook page for this. For us. And then from there you can go to be on reality reviewed dot com. You can download any of the shows for recharge battery and also listen to him if you don't wanna download Emmerich from the web site. And a journal I shall just clicked on the listen live bug. You can listen right online and you can also join Gigi and myself and and most of family and friends that hang on the chat room. And it becomes very interest in Korea of course incur. Germany to go to the website in the FaceBook page we've been talking about it all night and we're really gonna talk about a more because when mr. using those pages. On to do some additional promotion giveaway sayings all sorts of good stuff. I don't forget to phone number winning gets any calls tonight sorry but it takes 446877669. Will definitely make an effort to get to some of phone calls loneliest moment beginner and programs next week Monday night. It's beyond reality radio Jason JV we do us a little bit of time here left. Hearing this stuff we've heard in awhile so enjoy that we'll see you next week it's beyond reality radio. Thanks for being with us. Was on the show and India ingredients are produced when it's include things that Alexandria Johnson for a. Sorry I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page was a lie and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow along or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email to sleep Getty. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.