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Hail to the New Chief

Jan 19, 2017|

Trump travels from NYC to DC. We are less than 24 hours away from President-Elect Trump's swearing in. Do you fear violence at the inaugeration tomorrow?

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Constitution. Is under attack. We don't know curtail yeah founding principles. Are being destroyed but in Boston. This either the American revolution a new movement begins. I just color. Boston's bolt those at cleaning up the liberal bull and taking our country. Back this season America's. Resistance. Conroe core. Here at the mall in. In Washington. Atmosphere here is out so we know. Is electorate. Obviously you. Protesters descending on Washington when it out later in the show. But I am telling you there is an army of from supporters here as well. Are everywhere. From pants T shirts make America great again baseball caps. Middle America is here in huge huge numbers. And literally my friends I I speak to you now. Resident elect Ronald K from Blaine is taking off from New York City is leaving the tarmac. Belonging to Washington. Where he will be inaugurated. Tomorrow at noon now I just wanna give everybody a program. We will be obviously carrying the president's swearing in with her I knew exactly. So ABC will come on 1155. We will carry this swearing in we will also carries his inaugural address. And after that the moment the inaugural addresses on the corner man will be on line. I'm giving my analysis and taking your calls so please tomorrow. Keeping it on WRKO. We're gonna happen completely covered. Wall to wall coverage okay my friends in front of mean maybe. 400 yards it's a straight shot. I can see exactly where on the steps of the capitol the president elect is going to be sworn in. It's it's it's 3400 yards in front of me you can already feel the history. Them amend this in this of this occasion. It is absolutely and it's it's it's something special to be hole I gotta tell you this. I'm excited Brittany is excited. There is now we sense here in Washington. Of a changing of the guard. Is changing of the guard is clearly taking place and I've got to tell you as I walked down the streets of Washington today. You can see the federal bureaucrats the civil service workers are depressed. They're not happy. They realize that an outsider is coming to Washington. A businessman is coming to Washington. A real change agent is coming to Washington. The bureaucrats. Are not happy. Is the the power elites in Washington are not happy. I've seen senator from both sides of the auto members of congress both sides of the IO their frowning. They're frowned and if god that they've got a frown on their face the people on the other hand are are are from smiling. Year to year. They. Know what is now gonna take place this is an historic inauguration. May be the most historic in our lifetime. This is a rejection any repudiation. Of the corrupt incompetent. A establishment. And as I speak to you. This is a city in many ways under siege it is a fortress. Protesters are now vowing to disrupt the inauguration. Already Britain and I ran into several protesters on the streets in the metro as we came down. They're gonna begin tonight and they're gonna be escalating certainly by tomorrow morning. Here is the absolute latest. Disrupt Jay twining the key. Umbrella organization of all of these radical left wing groups block lives matter latter rounds out. And her kids some calling themselves part of the anti fascist coalition code pink. Vault full gamut of them. Are now saying disrupt January 20 that's why disrupt Jakes one and disrupt tomorrow. They are now vowing to quote the days of action gaze of rage. They are now getting ready to walk the streets. In fact stories have now been a broad have now been published. The fact they've been taking classes. An American University here the last couple of days they have been taking courses I KG not courses seminars. How to block traffic how to block highways how to block roads how to confront the police. How to deal with the police once they're arrested. Many of them are calling for destruction of public property. They are talking about throwing a few forgive me feces and urine arch from supporters. They want to disrupt all of the inaugural balls. They're talking about chaining themselves. To the metro stations. To the metro cars to the trained for our cars to the train tracks. They want to paralyze and shot this CB Daryn. And already. Washington is starting to resemble an armed camp. There are barricades. Everywhere. We're now seeing increasingly heightened security. Law enforcement National Guard security officials everywhere on the streets. Trucks are beginning to come into Washington to gonna film up we sent to block off key checkpoints across the entire city. And you know my friends. I've got to say this. Fuzzy former professor of American history let me tell you what I told students at McGill. One of the greatest accomplishments and achievements of this nation. And why I'll be honest with you as I'm speaking to you now I'm getting tingles. Up my spine. In my arms in my legs. In terms of them are meant business. He. This seriousness. That greatness of this occasion. Is to witness the peaceful transfer of power. And it's not just from one government to another but in particular from one party to another. And as they used to teach my students in American history. One of the greatest accomplishments of the United States and we we take this for granted because we do which so often. Is after the republic was formed there was a very bitter battle. Between the federalists and what we're leader called the Democrats Republicans and frankly just the Democrats. George Washington was a Federalist John Adams was a Federalist. In the 18100 presidential election campaign. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson to well on Monday after the Democrats. Waged one of the most vicious. Nasty is more talk about name calling campaigns. In American history. That future goal was unbelievable. And yet when the election was over. And the federalists who had been in power since Washington took over lost. To essentially Thomas Jefferson James Madison. The Democrat Republicans who would run America now offer they have a good run for a couple of decades. But when the Federalist lost. The Europeans predicted this American experiment in self government. This American experiment in constitutional ism and small are republicanism. It will fail. Because they won't be at each other's throats. Because the factions the special interests will not allow for a peaceful transfer of power that's why you need for example in monarchy. And to the utter astonishment. Of the world. John Adams accepted defeat no matter how bitter it was. No matter how we a raucous and rancorous it was. And he peacefully passed over power to Thomas Jefferson it is called the revolution at 18100. And this stunned the entire world. And it's suddenly that constitutional. Republic it constitutional democracy. Was seen as the week for the future. This is the example that reset to the entire world that other democracies that would follow. Would imitate and mimic. It is one of our greatest characteristic is one of our greatest gifts to the world as a nation. We are on the verge of witnessing this and and I was telling this to Britain. As I'm walking into Washington. And you see now the ten feet fifteen feet high fences. And you see the barricades everywhere and you see armed guards everywhere. And you see the the police on the streets everywhere. And you see now the protesters getting ready and the threats of violence and really its domestic terrorism let's be candid. It's domestic terrorism that's what they're threatening. Where is the peaceful transfer power. All that's missing I said to Britain would all due respect this tanks on the streets. That's the only thing missing. And god forbid if something should happen you may see tanks on the streets. This is what the radical left is trying to do to our country. And this is why we in middle America. We who believe in this republic we who believe in this constitution. Must say enough is enough. They're not just trying to spoil our victory. There are not just trying to darken the moment and take away this great moment from trauma and his supporters. It's more than died. Now they are beginning to assault. The very pillars. That that the very fundamental. Principles the very foundations. That have sustained this republic for over 225. Years. This is now with a radical leftist trying to do. And this is why we must stand up to them and we must defy them and we must tell them this is our red line. You don't threatened the peaceful transfer of power. Donald Trump I believe has now landed in Washington DC. He is now forgive me is not an African he's not in Washington DC has landed at Andrews Air Force Base he is now slowly making its way now to the city. It's almost like a conquering emperor. You can feel it. And already now congress is vowing six investigations. Alleging that Russia helped install him in power. The intelligence services are now claiming they're gonna do more investigations of trauma. They're gonna try to destroy his presidency. What they wanted to turn let's call it Russian gate they wanna turn it into another Watergate. This city is petrified of this man this CD is petrified of us. Because now they see the peasants. And we are now literally at the gates. We're now inside the gates. And tomorrow we're gonna be taking over the castle. We're now going to be running this city and this country. And the days of the lobbyists. That gaze of the special interests. The days of the elites. Did gaze of the corrupt establishment. That gaze of the global lists. Is now coming to an end. A new era is being born in front of our rights. And the establishment these and utter shock. And despair. And astonishment. My friends. Let me just say this. There have been many inaugurations that I have covered. When I was at The Washington Times and and then when I worked at the newspaper and in talk radio. This is without question without question. The most consequential. The most historic. And maybe the most transformative. Thing you'll see in our lifetimes. We are witnessing history. And the contrast between the suit two sides could not be clear. The trump supporters. Are gleeful. They are ecstatic. They are enthusiastic. They are almost. Anxious. With the anticipation. Of what is to take place tomorrow in new dawn in America. The other side his angry. And they are defiance. They are enraged. They are desperate sore losers. They are cry babies. And they will stomp their feet and stomp their feet and stomp their feet. But the march of history now moves on and so my question to you is this. What do you make now of the eve of the inauguration. How do you feel about this peaceful we're supposed to peaceful transfer of power taking place. And these protests. Our thing now threatening the very fabric of our nation the very pillars of our country. Is it time for weak and not just we the American people but Obama was not spending his last day in office. The media. And Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey. And everybody in this country. Isn't it time for them to tell these protesters. Shut up and go home. Shut up and get a job. Shot up and respect. What he's taking place tomorrow because the people have spoken. And the people have said. We want to make America. Great again. 6172666868. OK Jeff the owner. Broadcasting allowing via remote here on the mall. Couple hundred yards away literally couple hundred yards away from where Donald. Are you hopeful about the inauguration. Are you hopeful but what's the com. And do you fear violence. From the radical left and disrupt Jay 26172666868. Is the number. All of your calls next. A. Welcome back to re very very special edition of the corner report were broadcasting live from the National Mall. Several hundred yards away from where president elect Donald. This fear here is very I mean it's you can feel it in the air. The electricity. In anticipation. The memento this this of the occasion. By the way there's protesters but there's a lot of trump supporters. Believe me. There will be people here to stand up and confront these protesters in overwhelming numbers and so my question to you was this. Disrupt Jay twining the big group of these protesters. Now saying they vow violence. They say they will clash with police. They've file blocking streets highways bridges checkpoints. The metro. They won't even chain themselves in that train stations if they opt to they're gonna disrupt the inaugural balls. They want to prevent trauma from taking the oath of office or at a minimum forcing him to be at the have to be picky to be sworn in. Inside behind closed doors. Is this an act of domestic terrorism. And is the radical left in this country no longer. No longer part of the American mainstream. Dude thing now. Have they changed. And now become essentially. A terrorist movement in America 6172666868. Diane in Quincy go ahead Diane. What a wonderful day honestly and Coca happy. But I I've got to ask you something in it occurred to anybody that all of those tickets as deputy congressman that I could be picked. Could those be go to Q they Walter Reed. It's a trap people who get to disable that I would love to look at them I would love to see them it was the what these things. Diane I think that's look I think that's a great great point trump himself is mentioned this look 64 congressional Democrats. Have now vowed not to show up at the inauguration they're boycotting the event which by the way I think it's childish I think it's silly I honestly think it's on American. You lost you lost parents where trump did not steal one vote if anybody stolen anything it was Hillary. Three million illegal votes three million illegals voted four day school Virginia based old New Hampshire. I mean they tried to steal this from trump and her calling trump illegitimate are you kidding me. So no I think those that you get two tickets for congressman. That's a 128 tickets do the mouth I'd love to see some of these stats show up. Some of these disabled vets show up they would love to be here they would be honored and privileged to be here. You know if you guys don't wanna be there that's no problem there are many people in this country that do. But I've got to tell you. When you're here it's one thing you're in Boston you're looking at it on TV or reading it but when your here. You know we've seen vets in wheelchairs. With their make America great again baseball caps. You know they're they aren't sidewalk. Say they're making their way for the inauguration. People from Indiana people from Wisconsin people from Michigan. Who've drawn a long way to drove a long way to come down here. To pay respects to the man that they voted for. This is a celebration. Of part of our republic. Of our constitutional democracy. Of who we are as a nation. And we're gonna allow these Democrats the boycott this. And we're gonna allow these protesters. To shut this city down. You know winners CNN. We're is MSNBC. Where is the media rooms the president saying knock it off. Not kick off. In him listen this stuff from me working Kenya okay this stuff may work in Venezuela. This stuff may work in the Balkans this stuff may work in other countries where you never accept the result of an election and everybody just keeps fighting and fighting and fighting. But here in America we're civilized country where country with the rule of law and when you lose you lose. Now Hillary did not win the popular vote take away a three million illegals she's finished let's even if you say she won the popular vote. Outside of California. That's what gave her the big margin of victory outside of California. Trump won the rest of the country. Well with all due respect. It's not about the popular vote it's about Electoral College. I've used this analogy before world use it again. In the World Series. The Cleveland Indians lost to the Chicago Cubs they scored more runs. These they had more hits they scored more runs people said even the better team. It doesn't matter to Chicago Cubs won four games the Cleveland Indians won three. And that's why they won the World Series you know. There's something what I've always loved about America and is very special and it's this. Whether it be in sports football baseball boxing whatever politics business life whatever. When you win you win and when you lose you loose. In other words Indian there's a winner and a loser. And you accept the results and you move on. You may want a rematch. You may say we'll beat him again the next time. But this idea to somehow say that a man won and won fair and square is somehow illegitimate. You're a loser. And you're not just the loser. You're an honor American loser 6172666868. Okay my friends the corner man innate part stage move. Very honestly. Hold full copy. On cloud nine. To know that we are now less than 24 hours away. From having a real American in the White House 6172666868. Your calls and this unbelievable. Story all my god you're gonna hear it to believe it. Next. 123. ED. You pulled our 1236 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. It's getting louder and louder and louder in fact the wire. That will be singing tomorrow at the inaugural was just doing there. Final runs they were doing some more practice before. Tomorrow's big day. You can now feel the excitement in the aired the actress cities in the air history is about to be made. I am broadcasting in the front row of media world the front row. Right ahead I mean 300 yards clear view. Is where Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45. President of the United States. And corner country he's not just facing an assault domestically. He's also dealing with Merkel with NATO. He's taken on NATO taken on Merkel taken on the global list in Europe. If you read my latest column. It is called trump vs Merkel you can go online at wrko.com. Slash corner KUH and you are. To read it. Please read it pass it onto your friends. It's going to be a very key battle for trump in the early months of his administration. Because the global lists are out to get him. Both domestically. And internationally. Okay my friends. It's what everybody here is talking about. And let me be very candid with you okay if I'm not here to speak the truth I know it's a very joyous occasion to very happy occasion. It's an occasion with a lot of excitement in history. And clearly this sense of of momentous ness of this occasion. But there's also a dark side here. And that is the threat potentially a real violence and especially violence against president elect Rahm. He has now landed at air force base. In in Maryland and Andrews Air Force Base is now making his way to the city. But there is now the very real fear. That because. Of the hysteria being generated by many in the media. The hysteria being generated by the radical left. By disrupt Jay twining. Their calls for violence. That god forbid something could happen to him. And CNN. The Clinton news network is under tremendous fire. For pushing a report yesterday listen to this. Whereby CNN was claiming in their report. Well. There's still one last chance one last week to stop him. And how okay how is that says CNN. If somebody was to assassinate trial. Just before he thought inaugurated. Then none of his cabinet secretaries would be sworn in. Which means then that power would revert to when Obama. Mom appointees. His name by the way his Tom Shannon. He's an undersecretary for political affairs he sort of big designated president god forbid if something should happen to the president and the cabinet. And so CNN with their report basically wink wink. If Falwell leftist terrorist wants to take him out yet got to do it just before he's sworn in. And then based off the show I swear to you ABC as a show with Kiefer Sutherland. In which he plays an obscure cabinet member who actually then get sworn in because the president has been killed in an attack. And that's the basis of the show and they're saying if that should happen. Then an Obama appointee. Would remain president. And trump would never be able or the Republicans. To seize power tomorrow. Listen now to the report that CNN. Was peddling the last night. Just when you thought they couldn't go lower they just went low. Roll it. According to the constitution if the president and vice president are killed or incapacitated. Next in line is the house speaker. That the president pro tempore of the senate. But what if something happened to them at the inauguration to hand after that it goes down the list of cabinet secretaries starting with secretary of state. On the day of the inauguration as a precaution a cabinet secretary called the designated presidential successor will not attend the inauguration. Ready to step in if something happens. But it won't be at trump cabinet secretary since none of them have been confirmed yet it will be an Obama appointee. Incredible. Incredible. Now they are getting I mean you disarray. On social media even CNN's dark die hard listeners are die hard viewers. Are saying this is beyond the pale. What you're doing now is so grotesquely fanning the flames look you're saying assassinate them without saying assassinate him. Wink wink and a listener. Some would just take them out. You know media drone strike or something wink wink. The assumptions or something them he's not gonna be president. In fact on The Today Show. They came out with a big segment warning about listen to this about now drone bombs. I swear to you now they're pushing this idea well if there were drones. It's called an air real IED. An aerial improvised explosive device in all from the sky you can drop off a bomb or something and that'll wipe out everybody. And in fact this has been going on and brought in Afghanistan and they've been using drone bombs and hormones. Maybe somebody will use this on trial tomorrow. With all of his cabinet there and of them and vice president Mike Pence there. They're trying to win site. The potential assassination. And hiding behind it saying well no we're just looking at all plausible scenario that workers. Reporting on what might you and what might happen to inform the American public. None of them home. What you're doing these are giving a clear signal to potential domestic leftist terrorists. You know guys the election really isn't over. Until he's officially sworn in. If you take him out just before he's sworn in. Obama remains in power or at least his appointee the Democrats remain in power or wink wink. You tell me. How was this a respectable quote unquote news organization. This is garbage. This is filled. I mean this to me is the stuff from the gutter you want talk about yellow journalism. This is the stuff you see in Third World banana republics. And they're the ones lecturing trump about who can. They're lecturing us about what a monster who miss their lecturing us about how bad the Russian state media is. So who's the one pushing fake news you. Who's the one with a clear political agenda you know. Who's the one doing everything and. A power now not just undermine and delegitimize trumps presidency. But not your openly calling practically threes assassination. You'll. Hey guys and trump as saying he may kick some of these people on the press briefing room. And they're yesterday Obama was now he's for freedom of the press yesterday's final press briefing cool I his final news conference school. Look now always for freedom of the press. Before he was attacking talk radio attacking Fox News everybody's legitimate. A muzzle the press spying on reporters are you on James Rosen hack their emails then it was no probable home. Threatening to put journalists in jail no problem loan. Now all of a sudden. They have an institutional right to hold the president accountable but we didn't do we fuel for eight years I can tell you that. Trump is a 1000% correct CNN has no business in the press briefing room. I kick the son of a you know what I kick the son of mountains and in my language I clean I I think these SOB's. Right the hell out of the press briefing. You guys are hinting in my assassination. Blank off. Blank off. At loss seriously be careful before I drank you guys have terrorist organization. I may put you on the terror watch list be careful. 6172666868. The lines are loaded okay. Let's go to Mike in Bridgewater by the way that's a helicopter you're hearing above us. They're doing security sweeps everywhere. There are police. National Guard law enforcement security officials. Everywhere. Washington is starting to resemble. An armed camp. The go ahead Mike. Hello I'm Mike. Are you I'm talking a gas it's yet you're on the air go ahead. Okay oh I am I I wanna thank you for everything that you done. Would you talk show. I've been listening in to talk radio for. Since 1996. I feel they. Tomorrow's going to be one of the greatest days. In American history. Yes. And it's a revolution. It's it's the people's revolution. And in IE. And I feel that. You know you've beaten it. I've talked to different people. And they think well you know Brett and the Democrats or liberal moon bats so there were. You know there on top of everything. You know. Not happening and. I believe that. Once this thing once she gets inaugurated. He's going to be. A very good president. Mike thank you for that call listen I I can't disagree with you I'm not trying to be sillier play word games I think he's going to be great president. I think he's gonna be me be the greatest president we've had since Reagan. I think he's going to be an historic president he's going to be it's a genuine transformative president. I think you're gonna see this country fundamentally different than in years. And with my parents and maybe twelve at 816. You're gonna see any an economy that will be world class. You're gonna see jobs come back to this country. Like you've never seen since the 1980s. Trillions of dollars in wealth. Our borders will finally be secure. Our health care system will be the best in the world again. And our enemies around the world will theorists. We will become again the world's leading greatest superpower. And just to show you how confident trumpets he's already come out with a slogan for 21. I can June not yesterday unveiled it keep America great. So he knows the burden that he house. He knows this scale of the challenge in front of him. He's not a stupid man he knows what's going on in this city he is now in the middle of the shark tank. Like he's got one indispensable weapon he has us he has us. He has middle America firmly with his back and I want you to know corner country. Today tomorrow these are our days. This should be our celebration. Because. No matter what in the darkest hour in the darkest time. We never abandoned him. We never abandon our country we never abandoned the war and the battle against Hillary and the crooked Democrats. And we prevailed. Like Churchill against all walks we prevailed. And we're gonna be with him throughout his entire presidency. And together mark my words. We are gonna take our country. It's gonna be battle after battle. It's going to be tranche after tranche I'm not saying it's gonna be easy. But together we will win. Pony in Gloucester go ahead tone. Knobs are. Or differences between mom's supporters and the level left. I'm not I'm not complicated this is all I knew I'd been watching C. The nominees and they hearings. And there was that he gave us. Beautiful grass make up you know it was a beautiful and then I got the Trisha Miley and she splitting people. Do you think that a lot intimate secrets firstly could reach across the aisle and give them some lessons and heron bay got. I noticed that have come out of my office I have to look at that. I. Though he begged him for that call no I mean Betsy devotes who is trumps education secretary nominee. It was disgraceful the way the Democrats treated. She's one of the leading education experts and mines in this country. I mean when you say the best of the best and education I'm telling I used to work at the Fordham foundation one of the leading think tanks here in Washington okay. She's what she we knew or even then. And to have Elizabeth Warren sweeter that way badger her insult her belittle her. Because she opposes her positions on school choice. On bringing more bit better competitive schools to the inner cities. Merit pay for teachers are pushing some of these horrible teachers out of the teaching profession. In other words. Returning education to the states and to the parents and to the and to the and to the local school boards and away from the education bureaucrats and the unions. And to have her belittled and is respected like that we're even take a look at it let him. After all of these insults in the name calling. Where she's going after Betsy devotes like a little child she won't even shake her hand. You know the chief needs to learn some manners. You know she's not I honestly she's not eye candy a look at what would it kill order shake somebody's hand you only you front you. 61 you know chief it's time to smoke that piece by 6172666868. More or fewer calls next. In the inauguration you have to line succession one of the problems. Which is still in place and one which really won't be in place until the all purpose is inaugurated. It comes in the office actually formally nominates in the senate confirmed that people might actually end up with the president where from the prior history because of a threat out there. My friends. Jeff corner broadcasting live from media roll it back where the front row on media row. Here the special pre inaugural show. The inauguration is there it gets it's getting set to be to go ahead tomorrow at high noon. It is about 400 yards and had a mean we have reached rate sharp and clear view. And even here on media role in about 99%. Of my colleagues here aren't liberals they're leftists. They're all pro Obama supporters in fact they drool over Obama. Events I tell him not to their face. They all voted for Hillary even they. Cannot believe what CNN here last night. The corrupt news network. A report. Sort of document being how would somebody was to assassinate strong wink wink. Just before he was inaugurated. That the line of succession because his cabinet secretaries have not been sworn in yet. That the line of succession would fall to the man you just heard Tom Shannon. Who is an undersecretary for political affairs for political affairs under Obama. So essentially an Obama appointee a Democrat. Could assume the presidency. Should trump the gun down. This is what CNN. Was peddling yesterday. An implicit call for ray left wing terrorists to god forbid shoot and kill Tron. Or launcher drone bomber whatever okay here and they're they're coming up all kinds of crazy scenarios. How to stop trump from assuming power. It is an absolutely new low. I never had any respect for CNN. Now I even have less respect. Day if it's possible they've now gone below the star and The National Enquirer. 6172666868. Let me ask you this I've got to ask it is. Should there be consequences. For a so called news network. That now is hinting. And calling for. The assassination. Of the president elect to prevent him from assuming office. Should there I mean there are we should shouldn't I know they have freedom of speech in this country. But now when your kind of inciting somebody to kill the president. Are you not taking this a step too far. Should marry again. Is it time for CNN to go look at Harvard coed Luke. GAAP. Little buddy. Sorry I read an all star break ground on it feels great no shoulder in the almighty Almonte that the place is we used to go to after we put the newspaper to bed. The restaurants we hang out where all of the big sites are in Washington. I was for a silver spring miles on the ground. And silver spring I I don't pay less than what we have Clark. Or. That rate illicit. I think it's a little bit beyond October of this point the see at this golf expert gonna where they are on the coloring book I mean facts are what always and blocked there was fan. I mean you could color and I look at baseball and I looked at Florida color and block out I eat art you know like these which it do. Kirk I hope it gets up about a hundred Democrats to decide not go there there are invited to get a lot but. If they don't go exactly as a good thing because. It's album that's so everybody. They were based are Luke more and more of their base every single one. I decided not ago and I thought oh that's so wanders Europe and of course that that your CNN bird it's feet. 6 o'clock am. Well look I think thank you for their call Luke look you can't do that. You know I can put on the air and call for somebody to be killed there cantonal wink wink Kerry you know among get a mention in Maine because they get in trouble wood just has taken a. You senator. Joseph blow OK hey senator Joseph blow it he wants senator Joseph blow around and resolutely. I'll bullet would do it you know what drone bomb would do it. I'm citing an assassination. I'm screaming fire in a crowded theater. It's a complete abuse. Of their privileges to be a journalist of the night that this could be in journalism. At the end of the media. It's completely outrageous. My friends it's time to boycott CNN. And seriously. Trump don't let them in the press briefing room anymore got to go bye bye.