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Protesters plan to shut down the Metro in DC on Friday. 1/18/17

Jan 18, 2017|

Project Veritas releases another video of protesters planning to shut down the Metro in DC on Friday. What do you make of this undercover video? Will the protesters be stopped?

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106 here on the great WRK. Although voice of bus than off came my friends. As you know we are now two. Mood days away in fact now technically less than 48 hours. From a changing of the guard thank you Jesus. In which president elect trump will be sworn and caused the next 45 president of the United States. And fill up is now vowing. Hey really just days overreach. Be starting tomorrow. Friday obviously and then there's going to be a huge our women's march on Washington as well as. Marchers even here in Boston per the one in Boston's gonna be led by the chief Elizabeth Warren as well as Mohammed Marty Walsh. They now want to paralyze the country. To embarrass and humiliate and undermine trump. And in particular. Eight are you being network an umbrella left wing group called disrupt Jay wanting. Is now organizing. To shut down Washington DC itself. They are gonna form a human chain it's what they called human blockades. To block roads bridges. Highways. There vowing to destroy public property we talked about this yesterday. They wanna put stink bombs. Boot drilling boom trail like I Sid in canisters. So that people who attend these golf ball balls or events. Will have their clothes swimming just completely wreaking stinking. And two. I disrupt one ball after another. There are vowing to fight with police. They want to assault and it cost broke trump supporters. Are a huge motorcycle gang of trump supporters vows to BA wall. To protect trump and the security perimeter where he's gonna be taking the oath of office. Their goal to not only shot Washington DC down. But all to mentally to shut down the inauguration or at a minimum for Strom to go inside it. And have to be sworn in behind closed source. James O'Keefe. Eight really a very good hard hitting investigative journalist without him on the show many times he's exposed. All kinds of corruption and scandals by the laughed. Well now his second installment. Of the left so attempt to disrupt the inauguration day has been released. And sold the latest video. Is you can hear James O'Keefe and other people posing as and does as as activists their undercover journalists. They are now talking to members of disrupt Jay twenty. Especially about their plot to quote on quote chain train its. They want to shut down the DC metro system the subway system. And and prevent people from being able to attend the inauguration. To move around the city. To paralyze Washington DC and essentially bring the C 82 weeks niece. Roll it Jarrett. Yeah. So wore his. Expressed interest in a wrestler who has been. Much you agree that you left something out to us we're not going to do that less as you pointed out. It actually. It's actually we're just looking to get. Should they got arrested while doing so we can happen intact. He was at one of these meetings that we met led book Cara four. But disrupt Jay twenty organizer. So I don't see it check up in the morning or yeah. Our buddies who got aids. We're gonna try to block in all the major address on Wednesday. And we should. Eight agree it is I want access points and while shutting out natural. Yeah current credit ratings ever in I don't check posts and so you've been doing. I don't think that he didn't necessarily recollections. But there is a possibility that he's at night wondering if it. Last week Cara four spoke to the Washington examiner and gave them an outline of the plans to try to block access to the city are infiltration efforts uncover the details of potentially criminal plots yeah. Ever. It's. Acquire a couple under on it's going to be shut down it's. Everything you and I just underbelly thanks again. Don't listen to walk you. Disabling trains constitutes an act of terrorism under eighteen United States code 1992. Shelby find under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years or people. And at the offense results in the death of any person shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life were subject to death. Look I James O'Keefe stole my thunder this is domestic terrorism now. The audio of him is cleared the undercover audio is a little bit grainy so let me just clarify if you can hear what they were saying. They were bragging about how you have to change yourself. Onto these trains or even onto the tracks. And that immediately shots now all the train lines of the metro trains the subway trains and he says. The only way they that's shuts everything down and then they have to come and start bolt to link with the bull that's on the with a can cut off the chain it's. And he says that's gonna take a long time. Now we're gonna have human chains human blocking aides were all going to be chaining ourselves will be changed to the tracks will be trained to that will be changed to the trains. In other words we're gonna make sure that nobody can get around DC. Thursday but especially Friday inauguration day now. I somebody who lived in DC for over a decade let me tell you this right now. Because people in the Boston area have amiss interpretation of what a subway is it's not to peak. The metro system in Washington is info I don't think Washington you think corruption and and everything doesn't work. The only thing that works is that metro system. It is incredible. I said this the Cayman be beat when they're gonna be heading down as well Michael. The best place to go forget the taxis forget cabs forget Lowber. The traffic will kill you but that train system that's subway that metro system phenomenal it's actually very clean. It's extremely efficient. It's on kind they run every couple minutes it's how I got around the entire CD for ten years. It's the best part of the city. And tourists who go to DC you catch on. Dots when they love their Washington experience because if you're stuck in a cab or your driver and around get used to sitting in traffic. All free Kim Dae. Shall all the way most people get around PC. Easy the metro subway system. So they know exactly what they're doing. Now look. Are they gonna look are they gonna spoil our victory no. Is it gonna eventually succeed are they gonna be rail the inauguration these people are lunatics. Okay. Trump is gonna get sworn in no matter what. But the question I have is this. Because now we have a Monty. And this is not just you know one lunatic here in one room back here this is an umbrella organization. Listen to this is composed of these groups. Black lives matter. Access straight to the president. Championed by the president championed by the vice president championed by the entire mainstream media code pink the big anti war group. Championed by the president championed by the mainstream media. Lang is. Championed by almost all congressional Democrats would direct access to the White House. One of the most powerful. Immigration lobby groups in this country in fact funded by the Mexican government but let that go. We don't wanna talk about foreign interference now in American elections an American society. Because that would not by Russia but what I may call but let that go. Planned Parenthood. Wu. Who near Al pro choice only. Moved the Communist party of the United States pool. The Sierra Club big environmentalists. Who. So it is clearly a massive umbrella organization. Off some of the leading liberal. Progressive. And radical left wing groups who are all tied together in part of this effort of disrupt Jay twenty. Now it's still work in a solid BEE just connect the dots it it'll fits like a hand in glove. The media says Strom busy legitimate. Russia stole the election. The US intelligence community tries to humiliate trump and undermine M would that bogus fees can you story. The left is now called into action. To now shut the streets down and shut Washington down what's the ultimate goal. Can they disrupt the inauguration yes. And they can't solar derailed the inauguration no Trump's gonna get sworn in but the ultimate goal. Is to create so much so much chaos. Reeks so much Havoc. Cause such division in the country and in the city and around so that the media can say yeah see. You see. Look how did this seems Donald. Traffic was blocked people protest in battling cops on the streets all Mike our lord almighty god. This is what this man is bringing to America. The problem is him he's a divider in chief. That's the sole intent and purpose. And then on top of this. On top of this. You see it's happening by the way. Move on January 20 at 9 AM in McPherson square. Disrupt Jay to one he is now sending out press releases listen to this. So so basically three hours before the inauguration. McPherson square by the ways literally in downtown BC. I used to work about two blocks from McPherson square. So it's one of the main arteries. Within Washington DC. They are calling for people to join furry bold mobilization. Against the inauguration of Donald Trump. Quote were bringing widespread civil resistance to the streets of Washington DC. Through protests and I ran a direct actions and even parties and we want you there with us so you can basically sign up. First name last name which you have to give us an email and as a Coke. And if you can't come to DC they say they wanted a plan actions in Europe pal or city. So this is now what they have in store for trump. It is now a shady under siege. Which the entire left wing of this country. Determined to break this man before he even assumes office. From the very same people. Who lectured us for weeks before the election for weeks. You have to accept the election results. You can't threatened the peaceful transfer of power. You know trumpet his supporters are going to be violent German they're peddling that flight or there's going to be violence on the streets protests on the streets. They're not good to accept Hillary Clinton's legitimacy and that very thing they accused us solve is what they're planning to do right now. So my question to you is this. Will this leftist assault really domestic terrorism that's what this is. Will this attempt a domestic terrorism six seed and work. Or. Do you agree with me is gonna blow up in their face. The more America sees this the more they're gonna recoil in anger and outrage and horror. And it's gonna drive to drive a trumps numbers up and up and up 6172666868. Desperate. Yeah I know you wanna jump on it or perhaps legally it's. I don't know if you. Have read in the papers I just gave you bat. There are literally having 5 PM to 8 PM on Thursday orientation. Training eggs. On how to protest. And Washington. You know I've got yet there is CIA guy you you're you're you give you gave me the this schedule. Thursday yet orientation and this. Lending terribly high of Al online what they're going to do when they're going to do it. You're going to be stopped by the police and National Guard and everyone else so they're saying though orientation training all souls. Like everybody is that what they need a week tickets at church because I'll write about it says saint Stevens. All caring dinner search of even feed them. We have Ireland and gotten money all 9 AM that's when they begin liked is dead the day they start converging on space is all over Washington loosened his breakfast served. There's so they give your breakfast. They gave he'll launch. For the first round of orientation. Than they give you the second round is isn't dinner served. So you get breakfast lunch and dinner probably a snack afterwards as well. Who. Black lives matter. Let me see the blockade are also for climate justice racial justice the future is feminist okay. Oh queer resistance. On Jay twining so I guess the gays they're under assault tool. Let me see the anti capitalist anti fascist blocked. So they're going to be at Logan circle line Darrell can't. Now. Preparing for the trump era this is the day after on Saturday what anarchy assert doing. So the anarchist so now they've got a three hour our protests but I guess it's only for the anarchist but what do from a Communist. Anti com or a white discriminated against Communist for God's sakes I wanna bring their regime down as well catcher held. Our dilemma on invited that's discrimination and does so. Doesn't mean organize protests too against everything that being an anarchist is about it. You're dealing with people whose and I have been fried you know with the we can be. Drugs beyoncé is on my kale mama in the morning the orientation and allowed out. A lot of glue -- let me just tell you there's a lot of great basin FO lot of glued on there. Okay my friends so when we come back we'll take your calls is this reform now of domestic terrorism. And what does disrupt G-8 one you have in store for Boston. Don't touch that dial. Blockade all the hatred anger at one pharmacy. It was shutting down is bigger risk you. I would ask boys as well as shouldn't out better. You know record breaking his opening. So I've that's James O'Keefe is the latest undercover investigative video. Showing disrupt Jay twining is now planning to chain themselves. To train tracks subway trains were called the metro Washington DC two completely paralyzed Washington. And prevent anybody from attending the inauguration or getting anywhere around the city. It's essentially domestic terrorism. But there's stuff going on in Boston. So he just not just Britain you know going to be facing these moon bats. You're gonna be facing them here. And that this is so britney's gonna occur on Friday as well correct. Friday yap it's Strom occupy inauguration us Virginia and it has hosted by. Boston socialists student so. A number you see it as a blood as I Bankrate. And it's going to be at the Boston comment that's going to be at the Boston Common oh Gillick and ditch attempt to maybe smoke some weed. Yeah it's legal now on the like that definitely. So this is what they're gonna be protest and make Boston a Sanctuary City stopped the deportations of undocumented immigrants. Black lives matter. And police brutality and mass incarceration. Stop the Dakota axis pipeline. Fight sexism. Rape culture and all attacks on women. Full rights for all LG BTQ people have a tax the super Eric like trump. Fun health care for all and make college. For. I accept apps apps back. There a year ago there a year ago you know what a bunch of maroons. I got a they're what a bunch of maroons. Boston. Is already a Sanctuary Cities. There are other cities stop the deportations. Of undocumented immigrants are not being deported. Sanctuary City in an alternate. Amherst mass Cambridge mass Chelsea mass North Hampton. Orleans masked Somerville mass and Springfield mass the Springfield has disputed. Caiso Springfield there's still disputed yet but coming so own. It could be new groom and Salem yeah unless we blocked them coming to a sitting coming to a city near you. What a bunch of morons. I mean this city to see you look but this this is what four years of college gets you they don't they geniuses. Boston is already a Sanctuary City what a bunch emerald it's 6172666868. Our reviewer calls next. It's 137 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends so. I touched on this story yesterday it was a broken by The Washington Times they obviously went everywhere is by one of my former reporters Valerie Richardson. There is an organization. Based in San Francisco listen Dennis. Called demand protest. In which they claim they have over 18100. Professional political operatives agitators activists. Who they are paying 2500. Dollars a month. Plus fifty dollars an hour. Plus fall health. Dental and vision benefits. For anybody who wants to protest from some moderation. Or word just be a professional protestor for the left. And so one of the spokespeople. Ford demand protest. Who goes by the name Baum told lips at all. Went on Fox News channels Tucker Carlson show. And Tucker Carlson. Exposes them really for the idiots. I mean this guy by the way you'd it's gonna hear the audio but if you just see the visual. What a loser. What a store owner I thought oh ya ya yeah. I mean for writing his brains on that stuff. Tucker Carlson. Exposes them as nothing more than one giant fraud. And hoax. Roll it. Jared the group demand protest which describes itself as quote the largest. Grassroots support organization in the United States says it will pay professional protesters fifty dollars an hour in addition to it 2500. Dollar monthly retainer. The support their efforts were joined now by Donald calypso director of operations in Los Angeles for demand protest on thanks for joining us tonight. You know from Tucker. So I am this is a sham your company isn't real your website is fake in the claimed she had made our lives. This is a hoax let us. Beginning however with your name dom Calipso which is not your real name. It's a fake name will remain through law enforcement level background checks and that name does not exist let's start with the truth. Tell me what your real name is. It's Dominic. It to you so it's Kurds bills are silent. That's a lie and you know it's alive and we asked you for idea at the Los Angeles bureau. And he said he didn't have ID with you but Dallas you have a wallet on you every grown man does. Hold up a credit card and coveted number two our camera and show us any piece of documentation with the name. Dominique sleeps a lot and you can't. Because that's not so you're. Sure sure sure sure we will not do than just a moment. I might just begin with kind of wondering. To the united using this medium being a hoax. Are you. I'm saying that your name is fake and this company is faith and the the claims you've made on your website are false and so my question for you is wrong. Is this and how we'll see who discredit the protestors. At the trump inauguration is it an effort to convince conservative news organizations to pick up. This story and therefore highly they're dull ability what's the point of the losing your perpetuating an American news media. Sure absolutely great questions. I mean. But basically there's no way that he legitimate news agency would have somebody on. I did didn't really know what they were saying the war was just kind of talking. Out of their behind inside there's a certain amount of betting that goes on and behind every news organization so I would assume that I wouldn't be given airtime on a national stage. In less I was legitimate. Well I'm betting right now and I'm beginning by saying you're not legitimate lying. We know that you have fooled other news organizations did not fool us. And my question is why are you doing it and an I guess satisfy. You are so many people may be remiss calling this on your website you claim that you pay a retainer. To 1817. Operatives. Every month now if that were actually true that's 54 million dollars a year you're spending just on entertainers. It's another thirty million years if you're paying them for six hours a week for. That's demonstrably yeah excellent you're not doing. No we're actually doing the million. So I don't know quite where you've got those numbers are definitely how do you think he did aunts. I didn't want to mention the fact we've played so well here you're not conceding that this is a hoax your saying that this is a real company. It's engaged in the activities you say it's engaged on here hiring protesters. The 18100 of them already on retainer for 2500 bucks and Andy are affecting American politics by doing. Yes. Yeah we. About. About weird we're no longer actually going after Donald Trump were actually going after the protesters. At the inaugural bombers. And masterminds. Actually recently you know it was a result mainly of the enormous amount of hate mail that we received people you know making death threats and they dig basically just what we talked isn't it changing her position so what we're doing now is were actually protesting the protesters. OK with the and then another do you resent it didn't happen because you don't have a physical address because you don't have a real office web site was just put up your FaceBook page same thing. You haven't been receiving hate mail because you don't exist. OK so if you do exist why did you give me some evidence that your real beginning with your actual name which is not Dominic sleep well. And by the way your business partner doesn't exist I tuned to the let's just these breaks are running let's go real. Yeah what is the real story here why are you doing that's what point eight trying to make. Yeah when he's a jerk and an eight point basically is that the hour greatly greatly supportive of national treasures such as you. On it Snowden Peyton Manning right and he's a manager efforts to really didn't get the truth out there and in the case of the current climate that we have right now. That clients is. To very interest in releasing the the Roswell papers. It Iran's. Similar to Peyton Manning area. It's extremely hot hot hot get hot. It was okay this performance art I was here pretty good at it when you convince papers like The Washington Times a trend is pretty straight. To run your lies to run this whole switch I look at it is kind of music. What's the point of that I mean beyond just amusing yourself are you trying to make a political statement. I'm I don't know I mean. Hey it's pretty neat pretty darn easy these days to just say whatever the heck he wants on national TV and had a pass caught his truth. And you know. It's pretty. I don't know just pretty incredible to me how easy it was to get the coverage we guy but I'm not saying any this is a hoax or any isn't true. We've actually got a 100000 protesters going. To Washington DC to fight anybody. Who is opposed to Donald Trump I mean the reason we shift to another main reason shifted from being against trump to trump about thirty minutes ago. I was basically we realized initially he didn't really like. He didn't really like Julian Assange for Peyton Manning and when he kind of changed when the election and he Assange connection was made. Seen. Essentially became a supporter of Assange and so we are now supporting trump in the hope that you Roswell documents from 1947 are finally. Released and put back into the hands of it's Fisher Stevens. Barea and grow Roswell that's there you go there you know and also to assist Toledo so if you what I gotta tell you. He made his point. This guy made his point. You know he basically said I troll the entire media. And you guys bought it hook line and sinker and I got to tell you this in all honesty valor Richardson is a pretty decent reporter right work for with her for many years. So it shows you we just put up a web site. You make some ridiculous claims. And before you know it the entire media is jumping all over this. I mean honestly was hilarious would pay you know the Roswell papers and the other UFO zoom. I like that yet I don't I would pardon him for aircraft did every night that kid problem. But you know I got to show you each your shows you what he's doing is he's mocking. The mainstream media. He's mocking the fake news of the mainstream media. And how they just go absolutely biz Cirque over story and nobody does any proper background checks preventing. None whatsoever. Although I got a senator red valor Richardson's story to be fair she did say I think in the fourth or fifth paragraph. Some people do question whether this website is authentic or real work she did put a disclaimer in there. We're still. Still how quick that story was picked up I mean it's incredible. It's absolutely incredible. So. Ma oh look my friends I can just tell you this. What's now happening is clear. The left is planning to shut down Washington DC. The media clearly you have an anti trumpet agenda. They're gonna handle it for all that it's worth and you wanna speak a fake news. Listen to this okay this is what the media is now running win if is Obama's approval ratings listen that is now it's 60%. It's higher dinner break him is higher than Bill Clinton. Is higher than anybody he's got these phenomenal approval ratings. And not only does Obama have these phenomenal approval ratings but listen to this. The Washington Post ABC CNN Reuters. Have been pushing polls listen to this. No all modern president has ever had such low approval ratings as they're about to receive office Dan. Donald. And they're claiming CNN his clinic. He's only got 40%. Washington Post ABC news it's 42%. Pitt's mum played good. It's its glory than Carter is slower than a regular slower than does the Ed dubbed you know it's lower than Obama every. He had a higher ratings before they were about to be sworn in as president. It does trump is such a divisive person. The very same news organizations. That read the polls in favor of Hillary remember that a month before the election three weeks before the election. She was up ten point two is up twelve points she was up fifteen points. Well guess what. WikiLeaks exposed that John Podesta was helping the media rig the polling numbers and you know how they reject. They over sampled Democrats. Just have many more Democrats polled then Republicans or independents and shows I am. You can get any approval rating you want. So you want Obama's 60%. Mom problem. Three Democrats that everyone Republican. That's how you do the poll. You want Donald Trump got lower approval ratings shows I am not a problem. Are more Democrats than Republicans and bigger figure if well 20% would just be ridiculously too lol nobody would believe us 30%. 35 it's still too lol if and make it for me it's slow it's the worst we'll say him. You know it's squad. Size believable. Because it's time points away from fifty. So we are always sold to visit the transition has been sold dismissive. They were caught red handed. Just a day of gold they were caught red handed. ABC news CNN. Our Washington Post Reuters deliberately. Over sampling your polls about trump supposedly low approval ratings. They're not low. They're just asking more Democrats than Republicans what they think about trump. To get the results that they want. It's fake news. It's B tests. The liberal media. Is the fake media. 6172666868. Mort your calls. Next relative to support that Peyton Manning area. It's extremely. Fit. But get yeah I've got it this'll be. Our third in Chestnut Hill thanks for holding go ahead Arthur. Actually a page you have effective have and rejected their this is yours are glad estimates. First vote with regards to. Chelsea Manning this is another example of a social. Social program. Two the military that went bad because. He leak things because he had his bad weather Islamic and that's where responded. Van. Thinking that make it worse because of their social nosed as opposed to a realistic. Situation that existed as far as the bigger threat. That's why they have meant that took it to give particular event apart because it felt bad because seat he showed remorse. Meantime. People died in Afghanistan. And end all basic respect. We get guys and a weak investor and Afghanistan. We couldn't get him more informants. CIA chiefs. I believe ambassadors ever resign. It helped good intelligence helped. At the nicest people I've read every time. People make a week like that. Veto this measure that they shot that that OK but Rosenberg's work well let the bloody bit. That's I was proud of these people what what doing a good story. You have Paul for people who actually for the cards and the key to disrupt something. And where where we're as the administration because he doesn't take over time. OK so you Denny in turn around and must the police it is the you have to. And and make the decisions because these people are going to be Bibby for the dark pleasure. But try to work properly vet a visit anarchy you know if we don't start on something above this okay we're gonna have a civil war. It has this stop now because we practically do have a global war. Arthur thank you very much for that call. John in Malden go ahead John. AM on yeah I'm good how are you. That that that you know the global market and everything else. Gold watch been you know. My solution is an animal work and stop and look I'm saying wait you're away. Well that's the only solution to Marmol. I think Alex. How are you got to get away. You know you get awesome FL. They have. Nothing to lose everything you're about Iraq. Obama did two out Israel when not Netanyahu was not running for our reelection. Yes guys you knew he did directly interfered. You try to get a Netanyahu defeated but that doesn't bar the liberals John. I know I I realize that. But you know as a thing going on you know and you know hate. I hit in late Friday. John I'm with you brother I am I am in such a good mood thank you for that call. You are I am so looking forward to getting on that plane heading down to DC. All might be videotaping these protesters. Britney's gonna be with you are gonna be filming this. Yesterday. Kick true story or market and not fake news real news one of these won't bouts in Washington DC. Went in front of Trump's holt now there's going to be beautiful you'll pal in Washington. Lit himself on fire. Literally lit himself on fire. In protest of Trump's inauguration he's a fascist you we have to stop Donald Trump. But he doesn't poured the gasoline all over Eminem might himself up like those monks in Vietnam did not own on all. He just likes these Jack get a little bit so he gets a little bit burned on the back. And many jumps on the ground. So people be filming him Milwaukee's burning himself he's putting himself on fire he puts the fire out from his back 'cause a few burns on his back nonlife threatening. Ron is still the cops we called before and. And says Britain to the hospital. Well hey my home. And burn yourself. They've put yourself on fire this time the white flag the whole thing do us a favor just put a little gas. Put the match. And burn baby burn by by UIBO. Is one less one less moan about the deal where if 6172666868. Trump speaks out directly on John Lewis. Next.