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Protesters being paid to disrupt Trump’s Inauguration. 1/17/17

Jan 17, 2017|

What do you make of the plans by these paid protesters?

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The constitution. Is under attack. We don't know curtail yeah founding principles. Are being destroyed it in Boston. The scene of the American revolution I knew men men begin. Just color. Boston's bulldoze it. Any number livable. And taking our country. Back this season America's voice of the resistance. Kuhn wrote polar. Most six year on the great WRKO. OK my friends. When I tell you we've got the jam packed show for you today I'm not kidding. Jam jam packed. Later and they show. Already the Democrats. Are calling for trumps the impeachment. That's right. And you're not gonna believe the reasons why they say he should be impeached we've got that story. All sold. Trump goal is a man all a woman all against Angola Merkel the chancellor of Germany. In a huge stunning interview with bill newspaper. And the times of London billed as Germany's biggest newspaper. Trump says NATO is ops so leaked. And it's time for the Europeans. To stop freeloading. Merkel now says she worries about America's commitment to defend Europe and tomato itself. Ease trump right. And Curtis at home AKA occurred a phony. The mayor of Somerville. Now tell Strom shove it Somerville will remain a Sanctuary City. For ever. But first my friends. The fallout from the trump. Congressman Lewis feud continues. To grow and grow and grow here is now the absolute latest. As you know my friends we touched on this yesterday. Congressman John Lewis from Georgia. Who were Obama supporter. Who Byrd Democrat. He has been in congress since 1986. Has been over thirty years now. Came out and said in an interview with chuck T chuck cards meet the masts. That as far as he's concerned. Trump is in office because couldn installed them there. It is at the election was rigged it was stolen. And because of that trump isn't the legitimate. President. Just refresh your memory here is congressman Lewis on chuck. Geragos it is. President in that. As the legitimate president you do not considered a legitimate press. Liza. I think the Russians participated. In happen. This man get elected to. And they have destroyed the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. I don't plan to attend inauguration. To be the first one numbness. Since imminent congress. Okay stopper right there. Now there were two important points. He says that trump busy legitimate. And I want a replay this for you because you wanna see what a phony and a fraud in a race meter congressman Lewis is. Because he just slide. And we just caught red handed in a lie. Jarrett role the second cut about Lewis. I don't plan to attend inauguration. Who be the first one numbness. Thousands have been in the congress and. John any. Congressmen. That that's a lot of my friend well yeah we're out. That's not true home. Guess wiped. In 2001. After the contentious recount between bush and gore when George W. Bush was declared the winner. Guess who didn't attend George W Bush's inauguration. In 2001. Congressman John Lois. He boycotted that event saying US he didn't serious he thought that a bush himself was you legitimate. And he was in Atlanta he refused to be in Washington he deliberately boycotted the inauguration. I as well as other members of the Congressional Black Caucus. So somehow the claims being peddled by the falsely used the fake news media. Home ice is unprecedented. Congressman lower some man of such stature and moral integrity and he's a civil rights icon he was. IAA Selma Alabama. Deri was in Selma Alabama. And he got hit on the head a few times with the baton and thrown in jail. He would lie about something like this he's he's never never Biden never boycotted an election. He never sorry an inaugural he never boycotted an inauguration. All my god he just wouldn't go that. Because it's trumpets some serious. He lied. Light. He boycotted George W. Bush in 2001. So it's not as unprecedented. As the fake news media is claiming. Now as you know. Trump then responded via Twitter. Where he said look at congressman lewis' district he should feel work on fixing his district. And especially how crime infested it is he's all talk talk talk no action nor results. The fake news media is now pouncing on this. Claiming how could you say he's just all talk he took our club to the head Q was beaten when he was in Selma Alabama. Well trump was referring to his thirty year career in congress. Has he been all talk for thirty years you better believe it has he been no action for thirty years you better believe it. And so trump is a 1000% ranked but now. Because the media is claiming that trumped disrespect. You do civil rights icon and this is a slap in the face to the entire civil rights movement the civil rights leadership. Felt African Americans everywhere because suddenly now John Lewis speaks for every black person in America. Now the number of Democrats boycotting the inauguration. Has jumped to 1486. Okay the news report gaming incident regularly coming into the show us at 44 no Peters added two more. So it's now 46. Democrats. Will not be attending the inaugural they will be boycotting the inauguration. And I think numbers are gonna continue to grow to date tomorrow Thursday. Eyes and as Democrats try to increase their backlash. Against trumps tweets crack criticizing John Lewis and essentially defending himself. And not only is it Democrats. Listen now so little mark call because senator Marco Rubio is now weighing in he's going to be attending the inauguration. But you know what trump should not have criticized John Lewis not according to a little Marco. He should not have criticized John Lewis because John Melissa means so much to our country. Roll it Janet. Well first thought I have tremendous admiration for congressman Lewis and now we've heard about what he's done horns fans for. And that remains undiminished. I don't agree with him the president Electra is a legitimate beliefs is a legitimate election that he was elected through that electoral process. I I hope we don't agree we're. His decision not to attend in our pros certainly is is right. Because it's not about president electronic console itself. It's so peaceful transfer power you know she's a distinguishing characteristic of our republic. That's sad. You know I hope so I hope that you know. President elect would have responded differently didn't everything that don't loosening source country that. People make their own decisions. And and that's where we stand tonight that's how I feel about what what. What is congressman John Lewis mean to our country. We're all due respect most Americans going in all of this guy is. And you really. Look you guys are the ones that keep pushing him on us here are the ones that are key to try to inflate this guy would some mythical status. Subtly to try to turn him into the second Martin Luther King. Look he's been a political hack. For thirteen years. He represented downtown Atlanta. It is a dump would all due respect it's a dump like many of our inner cities. And what trump said was absolutely correct for thirty years in congress he has been all talk no action. Downtown Atlanta. Is infested with gangs it's infested wood drugs it's infested with crime it's infested with poverty it's infested with failing schools. This guy's done nothing except be a despicable race later for 31. You know what he did you want to truth I'll tell you the truth you if I'm not here to speak the truth what's the point of me being behind the microphone. John Lewis camp out the civil rights movement. To get himself a cushy job in Washington for thirteen years. Now how many years is it gonna be Selma Alabama. How many years is it gonna be Mississippi Burning. And this guy keeps going back to 19641965. That every speech is 19641965. He's been playing the race card and exploiting it for all that it's worth for over thirty years. And finally now somebody. Stood up to warm. Finally somebody said you know what you're not gonna bully me. Now let me just say this because this needs to be said. If the Democrats don't want to attend the inauguration and now we're 46 congressional Democrats I think we're gonna hit at least fifteen maybe even sixty Oca. Which is a good chunk of the party. If they don't want to attend it's a free country you don't have to attend. But by him not attending. And by then claiming that trump this quote unquote legitimate. They are in fact threatening the very peaceful transfer of power. That has been the characteristic of this country since our founding. Because what they're saying is this guy has no business being there. He doesn't have the credibility. He authority. The actual legal basis to be here. You're defying the rule of law. Because I'll tell you very simply called the election works there's something called the Electoral College. And you have to win a certain number of Electoral College votes. You wind up number you're the president of the United States it doesn't say who wins the popular vote. It doesn't say our unless you hack the DNC emails. It doesn't say unless Hillary Clinton's campaign chair pushed open enough to exposes email to hackers. That if you do that that somehow that makes you be legitimate. You know it's like look at this the World Series okay the Chicago Cubs recently went to visit the dear leader in the White House. The Cleveland Indians scored more runs there was a seven game series they scored more runs they had more hits. Okay Ers. Chicago won four games Cleveland won three Cleveland is now sorry Chicago won for Cleveland won three Chicago or the World Series champion. It doesn't matter the popular vote what matters is the Electoral College. The very same people. Who lecture trumping his supporters for weeks ad nauseam. You have to accept the election results you have to accept election results it threatens the very peaceful transfer of power. Are the same people mouse screaming he's mocked our president he's illegitimate or gonna boycott. Between. Ram and showing up no. We know it hurts too much my own mole. They're not just pathetic sore losers. You know what they really wanna do my friends. And please listen to me now very carefully. Truer words have never been spoken. They wanna spoil our victory. They wanna spoil the stunning upset that which trumps it's a remarkable triumph on election night. They wanted to take away our moment to celebrate. To take away our moment. To. Bosque. In our incredible. Effort to defeat the establishment and defeat the Washington cartel. That's what this is all about. They wanna soured the mood of the country they wanna put a dark cloud on his presidency from the beginning they wanna sour us. They wanted to take away not just trumps moment but our moment. They want to derail the people's agenda. And what I'm telling you my friends is don't let them to do with it. We're heading off tomorrow after the show Brittany and tried to fly to Washington DC. We'll be broadcasting live as well as the morning show came in DB for Thursday the pre inaugural show and then they're on Friday for the inauguration. I'm gonna have a big smile on my face. This is a week for us to celebrate. This is a week for us to now look hopeful and look to the future. Because we are on the verge of taking our country back. And all of the protests. And all of the name calling and all of the seniors. Won't change one seminal (%expletive) When trump puts his hand. On the Bible that Abraham Lincoln. She wore and took an oath to. It will be out weepy old and in with the new. The adults will be in charge. 6172666868. It's congressman Lewis vs Donald Trump who do you side with your calls next. 1224. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. The president elect trump has just dug gone to Twitter again. Exposed Lewis for the phony the fraud and a liar that congressman Lewis is. Here is what Donald Trump recently treated just a couple hours ago. John Lewis said about my inauguration you'll be the first one that I've missed the wrong or all lie. He boycotted bush 43 also because he thought quote. It would be hypocritical to attend Bush's swearing in he doesn't believe bush is the true elected president. So basically congressman Lewis now is incensed if you're a Republican. And you win an election and he's gonna boycott. So this idea that this is unprecedented is frankly BS it's not true now that's not stopping the Democrats. 46. Congressional Democrats. Are now saying they will not be attending the inauguration they're gonna be boycotting trumps inaugural. They claim because of Trump's tweets against Lewis. Where you'd you know just stated the obvious. Your district is falling apart. Fix you're own district which is crime infested. You're just been you know thirty years in congress all talk talk talk no action or results. Is there anything in there that's not true mow the computes. It's as true as the sun is that it's a scroll as these Simon will rise tomorrow it's a stroll as the sky is blue. Well that's not good enough for congresswoman Yvette Clark Democrat New York. She said because of Trump's comments. Here rebutting lewis' attacks. That she will not attend the inauguration because of Trump's comments against Lowe is saying quote. When you insult John Lewis you insult America. But we what is he now the Prophet Mohammed. I was gonna say Jesus but you can insult Jesus for the liberals are just don't insult the prophet mom so what does he know the Prophet Mohammed. Given everything that I was listening to our country. At some believable. Now our own Catherine cork bat. For Massachusetts. That the moon bath clown. She also now has come out and said she's not going to be attending. According to herd the reason why on Twitter by the way the wrong going on Twitter but when truck trump goes on Twitter it's the crime of the century. But when members of congress on Twitter well they're talking to the people. I see the hypocrisy there but let that go. According to congresswoman Katherine Clark. She can't go to the inauguration because quote it would contribute to be normal life is nation of the president elect's did this ever rhetoric. By participating. In the inauguration. Won't alone. Did missive. He's the one that called trump you legitimate. There's nothing worse you can say about a president then that. Because if he's a legitimate you know what that means he has no right to be there. That means he should be removed from office. He should be toppled from power he's you legitimate. It's the worst thing you can call somebody so he can go out and utterly goal for Trump's jugular. But trump can't defend himself by stating the truth you've been in congress for thirty years you've done squat. 6172666868. Was strong correct as standup a congressman Lewis. And what are you make of Democrats. Trying to spoiled the inauguration. Spoil it for all of us. Are they just a bunch of sore loser cry babies Maria and he's Boston Europe first. Go ahead Maria. Time or type. I haven't looked and I know that you loved lot. Much aggressive or shall I don't mean to him last night. And he brought up a lot of history like he usually does because he's such a brilliant yet. And he he if you weren't telling everybody. I'm not only did Lewis. And aren't in the same thing abolished but he also smeared. McCain and Sarah Palin. Keep me in the Republican Party. He says she partied. The teapot gathering that mark and Andrew bright spot where. He didn't put out that somebody called me and word. And that it even happened and he never came back out to apologize. And now he's doing the same thing to try so aid he either. Hate the Republican potty. Or beat you a huge abrasive and how. He has not Maria thank you for that call look he's a race baiting smear merchant. And I know exactly what Mark Levine was talking about do you remember when they were about to ram through obamacare. And they rammed through the house they rammed through the senate and then Obama was gonna sign it and there were huge protests up on Capitol Hill. And then these Democrats instead of view he can go underneath the McConnell they decided to go outside. And they were. All linking arms. And there was their congressman John Lewis. And then all of them all of the moon bats were there Maxine Waters and all of them linking arms there they are Nancy depart Iran Apolo C. There they are all the linking arms like it was a civil rights march a delicate was Selma Alabama. And so people were hurling insults at them and Louis light. He claimed that somebody had called him the N word. And Andrew bright part came out and said I will offer our forget it was a 100000 or a million where it was a huge sum of money. And he said there's there were so many cameras there and so many wrote I'm recordings that so many mikes and so many. People with recording machines if anybody he would use the and word it would have been caught on tape it would have been caught on Mike it would have been caught on camera. And he offered huge reward. Lewis lied. Nobody called him the N word. That guy is a phony he's a liar he's a fraud but worse than Matt. He's an anti American big eight. He's a racist and a race Bader of the worst order and you know what I love about trump. Unlike George W. Bush and unlike John McCain and unlike Mitt Romney. He doesn't take it on the chin he hits back and hits back hard my friends. We wanted a sledge hammer. To destroy the corrupt establishment in Washington and by god they're gonna get it. I must it is. President elect. As the legitimate president you do not considered a legitimate present wise that. I think the Russians participated. In happen. This man get elected to. And they have destroyed the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. I don't plan to attend inauguration. Will be the first one numbness. Since I've been in the congress. Liar liar pants on fire. You missed you deliberately boycotted bush forty three's inauguration. You're relying this is not the first inaugural you're gonna be missing. In all look it's one thing you know for supposedly a Christian man and for supposedly a follower of Martin Luther King. First supposedly a man who still has the scars of Selma Alabama fifty years later. You know you're not just a fraud and raise Bader a congressman Lewis you're a liar. Airline analysts let's ritual are. And so now Democrats are claiming because of the way trump responded to Lewis basically calling amount when Lewis called the new legitimate. That president elect trumps inauguration will be boycotted by nearly fifty congressional Democrats. Let me ask you this in the feud between trump and Louis. Who do you side with. And are you disappointed. Are they basically cry babies are they sore losers. Democrats who were now boycotting. Trumps inauguration. Are they just trying to spoil. I'll work victory. Con in Boston go ahead time. Caribbean area gap have no airtime I retire. This Friday. At noon time loop we've heard great moment but these countries because we get out president of real president not only wants. Raymond tong. On a lower today. I know he's well thought we have. Modern military Marvin won't change the mayor's. The symbol of freedom. On the other Hollywood walk along with them they are enriched on them much. Is it how about Jesse doesn't become millionaire and a paperback communities. Jungle at the same mole. Lighting on the part two of our people's tail and enrich themselves the black caucus and the congress. The ball multimillionaire at each one of them what do they do what they're committed absolutely not think. They all are now on the whole black did not come Baylor and they cried wolf black. But every time they cry then make more money on themselves and aren't noted that when young though. And I really don't care those the part both Democrats and didn't or there are occasion I'm not because they are upon those things. And your account at all and all of them straight. And find them into high. Kong thank you very much for that call your body you nailed it I mean I could have said it better myself you nailed it. They all got rich off of Martin Luther King's legacy. That's what they you know what they are they're con artists. Where you'll call confidence man I give you my confidence you give me your money. Sold the rocket was Al Sharpton on Reverend Al Sharpton is gonna have a reverend degree but let that go. The Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and John Lewis that's all they're saying gang. So they go to the inner cities they go to the black community they give them their confidence. All he Kerry you all fight for you all defend you. He Mir might mean. Or in this case give me your volt. And the taxpayer will give me that might mean. And as they got richer and richer and fatter and fatter although when Powell's case to be fair the non reverend Al. He was he boy up so big yet the guy is gonna get a heart attack he had like some kind of you know stomach shrinking surgery. Not a guy like ninety pounds but you know what I mean they got fatter and fatter richer and richer. While what happened to the African American community. They got poor and poor and poor. Is a con man that's it that's all. Jane in Massachusetts go ahead Jane. You I'm good how are you tapping new year happy new year definitely gonna have a good timely that they get one and dampened the spirit of people. They'll lie here and I'm sorry but the alliance and they Communist. And they want to. You know they just want people to keep borrowing. Don't mind me I didn't have much sleep I'm so you know that's okay just don't want us to enjoy her victories this has. What happened with that guy said just speak for me would feel right. They beat the black people are doing nothing about the inequities. John Lewis is if is hiding behind. My. Security. Gil. And did not like him at all he really wanted peace he really wanted unity. And everything and not in. The referendum now it would and you went and had these maybe they do not think. They're doing nothing to stop a crime and back to get the one that had scouted it and they wanted to continue. And I am I also want to say about Israel I'm Donald. How Donald Trump I love Donald Trump and I thank god for what he's saying and he was right they were wrong. And they kind of stand in the way of their inauguration but they're not gonna work and tell me and Alec tell you some about Donald I need to know that. Jerusalem. Is a one state solution god gave it to be Jewish people. It belongs to them and I know we son wants to do right but please inform them because. They were nice people but they just don't know that is I'm. That true peace comes in Jesus Christ and a couple of these that would the one state solution they kept in notre. I can't thank you very much I really appreciate that call look. Trump is gonna have Israel's back unlike Obama no question about it he's gonna have the Bakken the Jews the Jewish state but Timmy. Look at your money get to this a little bit later in the show. Martin Luther King's own son his eldest son Martin Luther King the third. Visited trump yesterday on Martin Luther King Day at trump tower. They prayed together. He then came out and said it's one of the most sincere man I have ever met. He clearly has the interest of Africa of all Americans obviously but on this day of blacks or African Americans at heart. He told me he will rebuild the inner cities he told means Martin Luther King the third. That he will fulfill my father's dream and and the poverty and the inequality. And the crime in the inner cities. That he wants a Black America to become fully part of the American dream. And Martin Luther King the third it's asylum I mean who knows better Martin Luther king and his own son. And he said I support Donald Trump. Members of the King Family have come out and say that Martin Luther King junior's niece has come out and said not and I support my voted forum. And instead of saying whoa what's pretty powerful stuff we're gonna play a bit later. ABC news. Jim Imus a sorry John Hamas. Our Jim Acosta from CNN. I how could you could you meet with him did you hear what he said about John Lewis we denounced what he said about John Lewis. John Wall is still bears the scars of Selma Alabama. No he doesn't. There was over fifteen years ago lucky got club that met a few times that's. Let's not overdo it many people marched in the civil rights movement got arrested and beaten it wasn't the only one. Let's not turn this guy into a saint. So they're trying to each. Boil our mood of the moment and our victory and they won't work. Because my friend you know we are where the grownups. We're gonna roll up our sleeves. And we're gonna celebrate and then when they get to work. And Lauren take our country back. Dennis in men didn't go ahead danys. Did you. You know world. Lowest fifty years ago stood on a bridge and that got a couple of waxed. And that assists then he's been a a twisted. Left wing race baiting poverty pimp. And and he should be ignored by his own people because these were down more than anything else. But you know I wanted to mention I know yet I think it was yesterday. It was on the news how the clip is so how close order closing the foundation. And it in the. Now this now now they're closing it. But not that difficult to get not one because. They have no influence the panel know I was gonna give him any more money. Cause they can't do anything for anybody anymore but the big reason is that they don't do well. When there's attorney general gets in there there's going to be a special prosecutor. And they were only got a few days or few weeks to get rid of as much stuff that they can get out. Before they come up on charges of corruption and there's going to be subpoenas and everything else and a lot of the bottom and this is what they're doing now this scrambling would get back. Are brilliant thank you for that call Dennis look remember she destroyed 30000 emails who were the foundation they're gonna destroy 300000. Emails. All that's why they have the close it down delete only does the don't just keep. Kicked a finger on the belly button delete delete go lead. And what do what all the charity. That's been their argument for years it's the world's greatest charity according to them. In hopes of starving children and our forecasts are more often and it's a ridiculous. The that the port children in Haiti deport children in Latin America it's about the chill around. Well if it's about the children it is legitimate charity why you closing it down. Apple. There is no more influenced the Pavel. There's no more brides to be had. Oh and game. But I do is do we do you eat the lead the lead Jeff Sessions is coming delete delete delete. Did I mean you tell me ice don't you have more respect for gangsters in these people. Really say what you want Whitey Bulger never claimed he was a humanitarian. Whitey Bulger is ideal drugs prostitution. Racketeering. And comma criminal I am against her. Couple mafia guy that's why though. These guys. Are a is Scott's pick but that's not a you phony you fraud you David and worse third go ahead David. A Jeff Long time first time welcome again to welcome thank you I gotta tell you can't get a real kick up a lot these Democrats. Because they remind me at like heated battles like I suspected this all. Foods rich is kind of bullying you walk replicate the round pick it up. And the moment the moment. So what calculator they are is Eric roller around the crowd screaming act like our program maybe you're at it here and this is articulate their. Etiquette that aren't we got pushed back. And they don't know how to handle it. Email that are you honestly David you know that they're thugs and bullies. And we sent that guy coma sledgehammer. I think it was one shot to the draw that's just 11 of them all just boom but set. You're your big bully portion portion portion boom then grew way no payments won't pay at a reasonable living you know you're not supposed to get us. Bob be in the car he says Bobbie driving go ahead Bobby. Age I adore and I'm good. The two largest. We're anxious racist organizations in the country namely the NAACP. In this. Congressional Black Caucus. Let's get to that well. He is that the war for the minority community. In a firm that they have done in the last thirty years. And they wanna try to destroy. Well that's what's going on. I mean that's that's really what's going on here. We're on the verge really of much of solving many of our country's problems. In Afghanistan if you're a Democrat figures put yourself in their shoes okay. You're grifter era con artist. You're raise debater. You make that this is your bread and butter decide you make your money this is your power. Discuss its gonna coming here and clean up the inner cities. This guy's gonna coming here and and and and and bring all these jobs back to the working in middle class. Latinos are gonna start voting for the Republicans in big numbers blacks in big numbers women in big numbers minorities in big numbers. We're gonna lose permanently Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania Ohio the entire so called Rust Belt. He's gonna have a fundamental realignment of this country's politics. That means Republicans can be in power potentially for 203040. Years. And they're going preserve their melting down. Because they realize. There are days are coming to an end. Coming up next. You're not gonna believe the protesters that are going to be descending upon Washington. It's now incontrovertible. We have the proof. They're being paid but you have. No idea how much I'm not kidding you may wanna quit your job and become a professional political agitator and activist. Because it days old does it paying. That's story your calls next. 1256. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Are you looking for job. Because it if you you know what you should be one of those protesters. Heading down the Washington. To try to disrupt and may be completely. Shouldn't because listen to this it is a story in The Washington Times. By Valerie Richardson I know are used to be your editor for years her report polish is 100% accurate. Here's now which she reports. There is a San Francisco company that calls itself demand protest. It bills itself as the largest private grassroots support organization in the United States. They have and how placed it's been one before cities. Know Boston is not one of Mumbai in New York in Chicago in LA Denver Dallas Charlotte lost them. And in those ads. They're saying quote get paid fighting against Strom. And they're saying if you're a political operative. And you wanna go and protest the inauguration. Or protest anything regarding Donald Trump. Join us it's a job I mean a fulltime job. They're gonna pay you. 2000 dollars 500 a month so 2500. Dollars a month. Plus. When you actually do the agitating. You know whatever your throwing feces and urine of people. Or you're creating like a human chain the blockade. Near blocking traffic it's fifty dollars an hour. So you get 2500. Dollars a month. Plus fifty dollars an hour for all the hours you do basically you know being a make it a jerk of yourself. And listen to this. You also get full health care vision and dental insurance coverage. The media was making fun of trump. Saying when he said a lot of these protesters are paid additional moldaschi. Trustee outrage of the American people moment you remember paid. And at 2500 a month plus fifty bucks an hour. Plus full health vision and then pull. Guys what Jerry Brittany what do you think I will totally throw bottles at. With Philadelphia for Tony white powder commodity get rid. I'm Slavin will attempt children from the US just above our minimum wage is. Simon what I sign up on a flight to San Francisco and then throw home to wherever they need a Britney are you what do you what do you think. Are where you are saying in the border saying well you wanna look at the health the health care plan their health coverage ads nationally look at the health care plan outside do that I like part timer or some thing. What if I'd want thrusting bombed just at the protest sorry just I didn't mean to. An app that lets get paid. No high you've got to. My skirts it's gotta be full time this is full time agitating Brittany they never will set this up I'll join Al become protestor. You throw at the protesters and how split my protest money. The army you know what. I fail the general manager Michael the PD if I don't generate sewn you know what I'm maybe joining demand protest. Yeah I was in the wood this kinda money into making me an offer I can't refuse. They're getting paid to protests. And speaking of the protests who. Pool. I've gone a bombshell for you don't touch that dial. 106 here on the great WORK. Oh OK my friends. So we are now just three days away from the inauguration. Of president elect Donald. To be the next 45 president of the United States. And they'll laugh as you know are gearing up they want to shut down Washington DC. This rocked his inauguration. And if you can't make it to DC they are planning major rallies. What they call human blockade it's. In CD's all across the United States. They want a blog bridges they wanna block roads they want a block highways. In Washington itself they wanna paralyze the city. And destroy public property. On top of at all I'm not kidding they wanna start throwing feces. ERN. But their specialty is going to be shrink bumps. Like I said yesterday they want everybody to smell like they do. That's why they're planning these so called stink bombs by taking ripped or boot Cilic asset. Putting it in canisters. And then they want to dump on what they call an H back in that heating ventilation air conditioning systems. And so James O'Keefe who we ran on the show now several times. Broke they are very important story yesterday he did an undercover investigative. Sting operation. And he's meeting with some of the top organizers they're called disrupt Jay want that's the umbrella group. All of this by the way financed by George Soros. But let that got. What that girl. And they're part of an umbrella group of anarchist. Communists. Democratic activists. These are people tied to block lives matter like the cold paying how many of them literally tied to the Communist party of the United States. They now are demanding. That they paralyzed Washington. Either prevent triumph from being able to be inaugurated. Or more. At the minimum they want him to be inaugurated behind closed doors. To truly embarrass them to reveal him for what they called a quote fascist idea it's. So they claim they're part of an anti fascist coalition. Like their region general partisan warfare against Hitler's armies in Europe in World War II. And their meaning now we James O'Keefe and his people don't realize. That obviously he's an undercover journalists this is a sting operation. They think he's somebody who some radical. Somebody who Shays of fellow a left wing loser like them. And then he wants to participate. In this operation. Two. Disrupt the inaugural and especially. They want to throw feces urine. Are blue true like asset which is like sour milk that you vomit. That's the smell of natural gas. And once you get it on you it's very hard to get off. So they wanna stop the inaugural balls from taking place the parties from taking place the festivities from taking place. And they say if you can put a canister. In some of these HVAC systems. That then everybody will get sprayed with you know stink bombs essentially. Are truly tacit. And everybody's gonna have to leave and fleeing it's gonna disrupt everything. And they won a target in particular ray big ball at the National Press Club I've been there many times when I was in Washington very nice building. Very nice room but let that go. And they're calling it the deplorable. You know after the horrible it's so they're now meaning would James O'Keefe. And they're telling him of their plan. Two point canisters of natural gas said. Sold vacant target people at. And basically stink up the place everybody smelling them essential. Here it is roll it. Jarrett early on one of our journalists was sent an email inviting him to a planning meeting. The discussion senator around disrupting the deplorable. A big approach from inaugural balls scheduled the night before the inauguration. I would really with the you can stop them. It was at this meeting we met Scott green. Luke Kuhn. And Colin Dunn. They were very gung ho and clearly well versed in the dark arts of sabotage. Well there war that we will be great for the minute you were deplorable at all. They're like that but just in case there are gone and or. Through emails another meeting was set up with the infamous comment ping pong pizza restaurant. In northwest. I was. Otherwise maybe you can. The deplorable or stop right there destroy second. Now you can't see the visual. Right here is hearing the audio trust me when I tell you this these three losers. What spa owners. Law. All that's for this one guy Luke whom all this guy I'm the he imitate he works that bongo awfully hard I mean just when you look at you go boy oh boy I mean. Heroin cocaine. Crack cocaine. Are gonna marijuana. Bellini. These guys have been doing all a lot of drugs for a very very long line column I deplore a bomb in Maine I am. Like the wizard can't hit a actually. He chose so there they are the three stall owners OK very good car he may need improvement disrupt this thing me and and so their plan that we just wanna ruin their outfits and there were dressed up very beautifully and downs and manner dressed up and went through you know whatever fancy suits or even tuxedos. It's a very lavish affair. And we're gonna you know so they wanna stink up their outfits they wanna ruin their evenings they want them to just ruined the shot down the whole event how of them run out of the National Press Club. You know just basically drowned Sherman you know Indian sour milk momma that's pretty much they want them to smell like. Continue rolling. Jarrett to the deplorable always being held here at the National Press Club in downtown Washington DC. The plan set off beat Tareq acid stink bombs forcing everyone to evacuate the premises. Really love. Good thing. Yeah. And that is okay. That you will. So all right so now at this point they're saying look this stuff is nasty enough isn't bad amount it smells enough. It'll just it'll and the entire evening. And there are saying they wanna do that in every ball. And they're talking about how can they coordinate this to do it at every ball. And their bragging that they know how to do this they've done this before and pay you coming like seriously can't get a job. I am listening to this not really. The offer that it takes to put the canisters together and you have to have the plunger apparently are pushed up I mean I've never done as before. You have to have the plunger a Porsche the canister packed deactivate the canister to sneak into the buildings to put him in the ventilation system. You know to get this guys to get amen I'm thinking all that to work all that effort all that kind. Guys get a job. Just it did show up. Green did you just secondly if you just if you'll with these kids would be millionaires. If they would apply I don't know anything. The effort that they're applying to try to disrupt the inauguration. But mom out according to the threes owners. So what did a freeze owners. Is you know it's like let's just luscious disrupt the whole thing and as I'm listening to this. To me the 64000. Dollar question is how are these guys are domestic terrorists. I mean you know it's stink bombs and and I get it is not actual bombs but still. You know you're gonna be destroying property. You're gonna be destroying people scolding once that thing comes on your clothes you can take it off. You're completely disrupting events never mind the blocking of traffic. Nevermind the blocking of bridges and highways and roads. At some unlawful assembly. You know I'm I'm I'm listening to this I'm thinking how come there are skinny little stoned to rear ends. Are not imprison. And the way they're bragging about it I mean this is not a conspiracy. This is clearly a conspiracy. And so. Look I. Think James O'Keefe has done a tremendous service to our country by exposing all of us but this is what trump is up against. And this is this is the radical left in this country that has been emboldened by eight years of Obama. And if you notice. What did Obama say. In his final farewell speech what did he says. That he wants to create a nation of quote unquote community activists. In other words a nation of like Greece to Reece owners. Where everything is politicized. And anybody who disagrees with them is a fascist or Nazi I hater is you legitimate. And acts of violence or intimidation. Have to be perpetrated against them. He wants a nation of these three losers. I mean I'm honestly I'm I'm listening to these three are saying and I want. OK forget it now forget even getting a job because that's impossible for you. Just get stoned. Just don't know guys go back to your mother's basement. And suck cold or a bomber that crack pipe and leave us all alone. Instead. You don't you guys are planning to disrupt what the peaceful transfer of power. My friends I'm telling you right now. If they go ahead witness. And the police did not think heads should roll. And my question to you is this. Do you think the protesters will succeed. In shutting down the inauguration. And if they do try to shut it down should every single one of these left wing losers. Be thrown into prison I say throw the book Adam. Will they spoil all the inaugural for the country. I wanna hear from you Carol there in Peabody go ahead Carol. Hi I need right around a chronic gap. Flag out. And I don't think I'll. These this company. As they wanna think site camps of people that have crying. That's that tall. And if anybody let's say to somebody heard that that you and I were at the parade and they heard act. We get we get that name of the company we get out ahead and we know they have a lot of them. I'm with you Carol thank you for that call. Janine in Seattle go ahead Janine. Change yeah greens and more you know repeat highs you mean how are you. Probably do pretty good we got them lapse let warning here in Seattle so hopefully. That'll happen we stay safe to me. Yet thanks I. Put on a couple things of it's a special kind evil to do something like this to. Think of something to do like that. And then when you sit having about Obama and his racing in new generation of community organizers. This is gonna. They're sitting there not moving forward we want any election. Get over it let's move on OK how can you unite country if you wanna use touch eat a whole. What can Jimmy thank you for the Jenny thank you for that call him up against the but look here's what they're trying to do okay. They're trying. To say trump is to do this if one it's so obvious what their strategy it's. So they want all of these community organizers and activists. Took gold down to Washington. And should spread bedlam I mean wreak Havoc chaos. And then say yeah see look how did you see of trumpets eats him wrong it's not him. It's the paid protesters. It's the agitators. The purpose that the the professional community organizers. You see those three prophetic style owners. Dole is our Obama's children. But that's the strategy. Is another way to delegitimize trump I've never seen an operation like this. All highways blocked world's block stink bombs urine feces being home all fighting with police on the streets. Look how do visit of Donald Trump is deceit it's him it's him. The home. He would say you. 6172666868. More with your calls next. Did act and did a real. 120 floor here on the great WRJ. Holmes. Okay my friends. Speaking of getting a real job. So you have these community activists these community organizers now vowing stink bombs throwing feces you're and blocking draft Fred destroying property. They wanna bring washing in two weeks in mis. To disrupt trumps inauguration. Meanwhile. Dead the godfather of all of these community activist did dear leader. Cousin now announced what his plans are on inauguration day. Pick and that's our take a guess. You can probably hand but did you guess does take a guess gulf. You're a genius. You're a genius. So he just came back from a two week vacation in Hawaii. And guess what he's doing. He's going to be taking Air Force One he's gonna milk us one last time our on our dime. Don't fly the Palm Springs. There in Florida with Marxist motel big kids. To hit back then hit the links. For another weekend of golf. You know you gotta take a vacation from all the litigation and now the good thing is we're not paying for the flight back to Washington. Because by then trump will be president. But still he's gonna get Air Force One one last time when they fly down the Palm Springs in Florida. Right just before trump is a Margarita. Now the dear leader party it up on our dime one last time Bob in Watertown go ahead Bob. Yet get birth dropout rate in California exactly going to tell on sorry Palm Springs, California my guys sorry about that. Of about what I call about is that when the the organizers of the deplorable. In my external image. The he's been on the there on the Internet he what you didn't report is that these individuals. Actually bought tickets. To go to the deplorable. And he has records of them getting the ticket. And he's hired a lawyer these initiating its civil lawsuit in Randy bring criminal complaint. He hit a criminal complaint against them and that's really proving they conspiracy. Because criminal conspiracy about two or more people they actually physically bought the tickets to the deplorable all yet to record of that. So this is a very serious matter he supposedly. He's reported this to the Justice Department and their taking actions and and he had a lawyer representing him so this is already in progress and I think you're here listeners should know. That these individuals have bought tickets to go to deplorable on that's proof of the conspiracy. Bob I can't thank you enough and let me let me ask you this. Do you think that people like them should be arrested all of these guys and disrupt Jay twenty. I mean their goal is this not a form of domestic terrorism. The criminal prosecution met to discuss points out is that with the criminal the criminal procedures are in progress that he's gonna pursue it so whether or not at some point there arrested there's criminal charges for the conspiracy are going to be brought. And I think your listeners wanna go on his guys earn a good to name is my concern of its CEO our eyes and know the ice BAT's. On the Internet periscope. And we go to deplorable statement he's one of the organizers and he talks about it and so what I they would they went and at what point they are arrested criminal charges looks like they will be brought. While they should be involved thank you very much for that call really good call. 6172666868. Should these protesters be thrown in prison. And is the left now morphing. Into a form of domestic terrorism. I say yes what do you say Caroline Boston go ahead Carol. How great they they should be there. And at all. Talk about they and match in a Saturday yes. But look at it thank you listen why I walked yes. I don't know it's gonna teach at a at a that aren't paying pulling out that. We are. Yeah you better believe we. Are yes. Pandora and Carol those are the same people. That when we need extra cops on the streets. For whatever. It is because crime is up more to crack down on illegal MI grants or whatever it is there's nor resources. Then there's no money. By the way. Drugs. When their like or there's some of these drugs squads have been disbanded because there's no more money. So to go after the heroin addicts there's no money to go after the gang bangers there's no money. But when it comes to this women's march the big one the mother one's going to be in Washington. To protest trump because they say he's the biggest enemy of women there's ever been. And Dick I swear they're claiming that he belittled women who were sexually assault that. Hillary did trump never did what what woman that he belittle that was supposedly sexual assault and it doesn't matter. They make it up in their mind they put out the propaganda. So I'm they're going to be marching in Boston and cities all across the country and you know who's paying for it. I you. 61720666868. My friends more to your calls and the media and John Lewis they now go after Martin Luther King's son. Listen to how they try to beat him. To defend Louis and go after trump he got to hear it to believe it next. 137 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Trump is not only under siege. Here in the United States from his domestic. Leftist opponents. But also from the global lists are broad. And in an interview we'll get to this later in the show. Any major interview with Germany's leading publication. Built Matt the Bild newspaper. As well as the times of London it was a joint interview. Trump told Merkel that NATO is obsolete. That NATO is not is not the organization it once was. And that it should be here to fight for terrorism. If it can't reorganize itself to fight for terrorism. Then maybe all the freeloading should stop and NATO should be reformulated in to a different kind of alliance. In reaction to Trump's claim that NATO has become obsolete. Merkel is now fired back saying that trump now poses a threat to European security itself. And that America's commitment to defend Europe. And to NATO is now being openly called into question and she's now challenging trump. And so the question I have for you is this. As Berlin is now reeling. From Trump's comments from his interview. And has now Merkel. Turns into really Europe's major enemy public enemy number one of Donald. Is trump correct. If you believe like I mean that the answer is yes text or letter eight to 68680. If you believe no NATO was not obsolete we still need it. That's Marco Rubio as position we need it now just like we needed to during the Cold War. Or even right after the Cold War if you believe the answer is no text or letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. How many get to that story later. First. The domestic siege continues. This time it's coming again from the fake news media. And so in the wake of the controversy in the feud between Donald. Or lying Lewis as I call. Martin Luther King the third the eldest son of Martin Luther King. Of a Christian man our humble man honestly a very good man he is a pro life Christian along with many people McCann family. Met with Donald Trump president elect trump and trump tower yesterday on Martin Luther King Day. According to Martin Luther King the third. He was humbled and deeply impressed. By Trump's commitment to rebuild the inner cities. To do what Democrats say they're gonna do but have not done. Which is to bring jobs back to many of the inner cities. To clean out the gang ex the criminals. To improve the schools to address an attack poverty and inequality. And he said he was deeply impressed. With what he heard from Donald Trump and the sincerity and authenticity of his message. In fact he said he was soul. Humbled. And so impressed by trumped by president elect trump but the two men then kneeled down together and prayed. And so he comes out of this meeting you holds a quick he gives a quick statement to the press. About how well the meeting went his term was quote constructive. How constructive how positive how optimistic he was after this meeting. And then he believes trumpets completely sincere. In his commitment to make America great but in particular to address the very. Dire needs. Of inner cities and the African American community. Without even missing a beat. ABC news. Jumps all over Martin Luther King baiting him and baiting numb and baiting him. Took caught saying something bad about trump and decide with our congressman John Lewis. Against the president elect listen to this let me ask you when you listen to this exchange is this an honest objective media. Or is this a partisan media. That now wants to break this president before he's even gotten into office. Roll it Jarrett. Most McDonald's. We believe we provided us. At least give him room and I. It's. Still barred from the war on film were you offended by the president elect we get repetition was. And no action. First of all I think that. Heat and emotion a lot of things its own selves. And I think that. At some point. I am as John was media was tight race field goal is to bring America together and America. We are great nation we must become a greater nation and what my father represented my mother represented through our life. And I'm trying to do is always bring people together and you know many African American president many African Americans are very concerned about that trump. When are you found here that's. Discover it there okay so they're not and never got an early in the guy brief. They're just they bait a look so first it's a gym Imus sorry John glamorous from ABC news OK so right away. There's a glamorous jumping all over Martin Luther King the third right away just jumping all over. Saying but wait a strong Lois still bears the scars. No he doesn't. That's a lot and duck club in the head a few times yes and Selma Alabama and got arrested eight of them have scars on them that's so eight. That's number one number two who. Trump wasn't talking about John Lewis. Vizio V 19641960. Kind. He's talking about and it's so obviously this week he's talking about John Lewis met congressmen. Jong lawyers but politician. John Lloyd is the political liberal hack that he's become for the last thirty years. When reset all talk talk talk no action all results he meant thirty years in congress. That's why he said fix your own district it's crime infested. It says economically impoverished. Work combat. Forget about whether I'm legitimate or not. So again deliberately twisting and manipulating the news. To try to get marginal because they couldn't stand it you mean he was constructive. You mean he'll liked them. You mean you were impressed by him you mean. You mean Martin Luther King's niece voted for a you mean. The King Family likes them many voted for a lot of goals against them noted we can have that come on come on says something bad against John Lewis is our against trump says something in favor John Lois defend John Lewis go after trump command command command. So here is now is this not this is a reporter. Who makes up this claim. About an African American woman listen to this one off fake news listen that is BS roll it Jarrett. We can told me he's gonna have black people up against the wall we'll. Literally and figuratively did he allay your concerns it will be a president for all people black. You're certainly he didn't give me a favor. Roll that back. Listen to us so now some reporter claims that an African American woman unnamed. I'm cited. Is so concerned about trump. The cheese is black people literally. Just figuratively literally they have their backs against the wall like. Trump is gonna put him in a firing squad. You don't like what they're going to be jumping the like like a liberal and wall mckinny's Germany under the Stasi. And I don't know I don't know roll it Jaret Brian he was always bring people together. You know many African American president many African Americans are very concerned about it trump. Woman came in here last week and told me he's gonna have black people up against the wall we'll. Literally and figuratively did he allay your concerns it would give president for all people black. Why didn't. Well certainly he said that. And represent Americans he's seen that over and over again. And I think we will continue to evaluate them. I think that the nation supports. I believe that's its intent. But I think also we have to consistently engage with the pressure of the public fresh. It doesn't happen automatically my father and his team understood that did that and and I think that Americans appeared to do things were having problems. Operator. So we not taken the bait. I mean he's like yeah eyes intent is to bring Americans together black and white picks Eric Serra for an unhappy were gonna protest a little bit or whatever make our fueling the moment. Britain he's not taken the bait right he's not that. So now comes in Jim Acosta remember that's the guy the CNN reporter that you get that get exactly Jerry that trumps slapped. Slap down the viewer portion of fake news story about him with the Russian prostitutes in the golden showers. So now here's Jim Acosta. From Viet the corrupt news network roll it Jerryd. I think that Americans appeared to do things are finally. But isn't there something that just cuts to your word when you hear the president elect refer to John Lewis is all talk no action. I mean nothing could be further from the truth is not right. John Lewis is not all talk no action and no absolutely out this week John Lewis has demonstrated that he's action as I say that things get CN. All those in need of emotion. And I at some point this nation we we've got to move forward we can't stay out I mean people are literally probably die we need to be talking about. Hello people how we create the best education system that's what we need to be focused on what day what. Yeah like from what you think your father's message you meet the president elect promised the final answer I'm gonna have someone reiterate what I just it. I think my father would be very concerned about the fact that they've 5060 million people living in poverty and somehow we've got to create the climate. War all hopes to be lifted. In America what multi tree in our economy. When he trillion dollars almost this this is insanity that we have good people in this nation that's unacceptable. And when we worked together we know we can roll up our sleeves there's nothing that we as Americans can't do that here. Orion a day like that answer although he wouldn't take the ban on that one. So I looked out of there towards your father's or your father would hit a while actually no Martin Luther King Jr. contrary to myth was a Republican. It was a Republican. The King Family for the most part many of them vote Republican. The dream of a color blind society is a Republican idea. That's trumps vision. It's facing opposite its anti racist it's mom racist so it's mono racial. Judge people by the content of their character not the color of their skim. But did a DC Jim Acosta we will but he doesn't culture to the core Dominique Archie double cork one now you're gonna condemn you gotta condemned for what he said about John what was your gonna condemn home. Guys are you there to make news or use their report on the news. Look how they try to fabricate and manufacturer. A division between Martin Luther King the third and the king family and trump. Now it's fake news. It's nothing but fake loose. What I want and always this. Who in the intelligence community was the leaker. Because CNN. What made that bogus report about an intelligence official claiming. More deal with the Russian dole seeing the five old the competent mocked the supposed to fight along trump. Would him visiting the Russian prostitutes at Pete are at a hotel suite in Moscow when they were having golden showers and it's all on videotape. And trump has now come out and said he believes that the leaker to CNN on that bogus fake news story. With CIA director John Brennan and I believe them. I believe them. It came from a career political hack and Obama track. And so what the Clinton news network is trying to do. ABC news in all the major networks. Is they are trying to bring trump downed. To break him before he even becomes president. And if they got to manufacture it. If they got a bit of bait people if they got a makeup stories they will do what ever they have to do. 6172666868. All of your calls next. Okay what if the other guys beat a president like from what you think your father's blessing to be the president elect promised the final answer I'm gonna have to someone reiterate what I just it. I think my father would be very concerned about the fact that they've 5060 million people living in poverty. 156. Here on the great WRK. Though. That was CNN's Jim Acosta before that palm llamas and I station that you give it. ABC news CNN desperately now trying to get Martin Luther King the third. Martin Luther King junior's old assigned to say something critical or bad about his meeting would Donald. And you know what scared the fake news media. All of the lives in the media establishment. Think about it. A white man and a black man. Meaning together. As Americans. Kneeling down and praying. It was Martin Luther King junior's dream. That was his dream. And work trump told Martin Luther King the third you are all Americans to meet. I don't see the color of your skin and I will do what the Democrats have refused and failed to do for over forty years. I will rebuild the inner cities. And Martin Luther King the third saying you know what president trump were all Americans we're gonna do this together. That image. That event. Now threatens the liberal regime to its very core 6172666868. Okay lines are loaded Caroline in bill Rick go ahead Caroline's. I death harm or I'm caller longtime what welcome Caroline welcome. All I won I think you know you're hurt it about a college called how loud. He can't call it that believed to be insured cap. And down the colleges founded by exit lane and create opportunity board. Wouldn't that don't have many leaks are and yes end up not team and the F called the tornadoes are going to perform at the inauguration on I. And the president doctor bill talking. Had been get in Iraq. Put them going now to yet inauguration. And he is. Still going to go said that he's not and a warrior out all the rest that you beaten yet been called every name in the book. By the last of leopard is that he you know that given all I am apple. But they are going down and an end up happening that they end up a couple army and they went Olmert. But it 300 Alley not up to get them down. Oh Karen I'm I'm I'm going to be at the inauguration I mean not their their battle beyond media row I wanna meet those students if possible. I want to thank them I wanna shake their hands. Further bravery their courage and their patriotism. The left was gunning after this since it's a black institution. Simply because they were gonna play them it's a band at the inauguration. And they basically said get lost we're Americans first okay my friends trust me don't touch that dial. Now the Democrats are calling for Trump's impeachment. Why are you below the year got a year it. Tell believe that maxed.