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Jan 15, 2017|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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You are listening go wicked what's radio the only place to live she beat the blue creek Sunday stated. WRKO. The voice of Boston. And welcoming everybody's got with it today taking your phone calls to well with the eight urgent request. They were looking for the best Italian restaurant in the area and I know powers out there can help us out and find the best. Italian restaurant I guess replaced to discuss on the show also today but we. Need your help till twelve. Finding the best around. And a little bit later on Damian from Yelp they'll be here running down somebody yell first favorite Italian restaurants and Mike I know you visited with somebody this week. Go into a couple and so Boston talk Tony Susie he's the executive chef for a couple beautiful time restaurant there and so plus actually we do it all back up a little bit later on today's program right now we're gonna open up the lines really early today because we need to. As many people would call it as possible move in and you into our dinner for two contests that way maybe you could win dinner for two on us to tell us about your favorite Italian restaurant. So it is that simple so where do you go wary going. You know little local place to go maybe ever just a special place to go every once in awhile. Those are the places that we're looking for today so give us a call right now 8884346464. That's 888. 4346464. And as always this program does not work without your help because you are the person that. You're really gets this going whom Mike and I can talk about some of our favorite places but it doesn't give you a real snapshot of what's going on because the the restaurant community is evolving and changing all the time and growing. And we can keep up on it I mean you got that ownership changes management changes. You got your menu changes. Your new ship may come it. And the restaurant could be what are your favorite restaurants and other news Shep is there what happened you know you get a lot of them. So today it is up to you to help us out. Where are you going for your favorite Italian restaurant 8884346464. Again that is our number to call and I tell you right now the best time to call as early in the program because that's which is concerned. On the Sunday morning right and as the show gets going the lines get busy. Now I'll tell you the best times to call throughout the shows you know waiting on hold along time and if you've never called. The show before radio program before it's very very simple to do and we're just asking about you or. Personal opinion. What do you think is your favorite Italian restaurant that that that that answers only only you can give us. You know you're the expert today I 8884346464. C'mon it's a step up and be first today. On wicket bites radio against Scott Whitley and Mike were here today. I'm taking your phone calls again till twelve noon 888. 4346464. BI Chinatown restaurant is located in stowed on route 27 answering and finally said and William wore on the Chinatown restaurant has been open for many decades now. And what I love most about this restaurants and you walking in the door. You're gonna notice one thing and all glass kitchen. That's right and all glass kitchen so you see that's the first thing that you see when you walk into that Chinatown restaurants don't. And get that. You can see how clean it it's you know and how really how large is now hard they're working. It's an amazing thing to see. It really years and they produce some of the greatest who I think now are around they get that these routes the call to China terrorists. The are so good they assume knee. I it is nothing like in the early go to Chinese restaurant to get those spirits and they just nothing like bold not gone the Chinatown spare ribs. They like slow smoked for like four hours before they put their sauces on top to get that little kids to smoke in there and it's so popular times. That they do run out it is run out they just can't keep supplying them. So you gotta go and you gotta try this please go it's Qaeda Lisa or William long for us. The Chinatown route 27103. Sharing street instilled in against Anna Lisa and William walls. Salvatore several locations Andover Lawrence Mel Purcell Boston Boston's theatre district I want to think large portions here and noble for lunch and dinner. Salvador's. What what I tell you to trial on their mid. I would say you wanna go to any of their locations. And every locations a little bit different here the other section called ships playground. And at eight in that section of the menu. That shift from that location decides what he wants to make. Right it could be at the dish. You know they just indicative of the area or maybe. Now their childhood favorite pitch that he's brought to the menu. Which is his personal favorite dish now and you find that it's a very unique thing they do it's out towards the for the chefs playground. Locations in Andover Lawrence Medford South Boston and in Boston's. Theatre district. Are 888. Or 346464. That is our number to call here to the restaurant program. Again this is Scott Whitley today taking your phone calls and the best Italian restaurant. I'm gonna just say in New England that stepped it up a little bit about the best Italian restaurant in the entire world. And only could help us. 8884346464. When you might few more seconds the streets and the cause his when he does he take your name address off fair. Because when we we we don't. Said John any marketing information or anything along that lines we just use that so every hour when we announce our winners. Year if you want to we have your Dresser with him and yet because too. To that's what takes a little bit long for us to screen calls I wanna open line 8884346464. Don't we have we have Kevin Kerr psychic medium of the China blossom in North Andover. Coming up at the end of February or on a Sunday afternoon I think it's the 26. If you have never seen Kevin Cullen. He's gonna blow your mind he's just he's just gonna blow your mind is nothing like him in the world. And he's he's great groups friends spam is co workers just coming into the table China blossom into whether or in the Chinese buffet and then the show. So Kevin Cullen mystery start telling your friends about it tickets and now on sale. In his last two shows that China must have been sold out. He wanted to tickets early. All right here's member caught to get tickets you always go to Kevin's web site north sure spirits dot com that's North Shore spirit the iconic norm on line. We can call 8667451167. That's 8667451167. Again Kevin cone China blossom in North Andover on Sunday afternoon. I think it's February 26 at the last February. In last Sunday it in the month of that night 8667451167. Order tickets. We're North Shore spirits dot com. I would say might we kick off some of the phone calls here let's go to Mary and Mary animal and your first and restaurant program today good morning Marianne. Hi how are you very good. I'm great thank you die you got to have great Italian restaurant restaurant. I do Serena is involved and the big bad says chef and owner yet signing long ago oh my god I replaced the whole world. Yeah it's not a large place though so I don't of people think it come in the yet to go there Friday started I you can at that. You know know somebody get in here. We need to reservation. You definitely do you need it resonate in yeah. By oh my god he cooks or water the shop elite himself for the food everything has rushed for expressed that there are about Philip. I've met a lot of bad Leo Leo the food is exquisite. And when you money comes around and always is is cooking the opportunity comes around you look at the talked to him. Yes he is Oprah I don't know any makes you hungry just by him talking. You know he have that that my voice that they dislike like wow now I'm really really had to give a favorite dish on his many. I love so pork chop that's stuff we had. Buses and it's and root against our men on and Demi plays for us. That led to the B that I knew I crying right now it seems like all. Great Italian restaurant department report job issues. Yes I know it was the first summit a lot of pop shop and restaurant with their. Night not something I would ever order oh with a fabulous place. Restaurant they Serena is your vote for best Italian restaurant and again they're located in Malden Marion thank you very much for your phone call let's go to pair Emma asks 6 good morning Pam. Good or it being an academy on idol let me tell you. On my favorite oak. There may very turn on your car radio just to a turn on he radio just a little bit because you hear us. Like fifteen seconds later now that you want to do that talk it's OK. I would favorite Italian restaurant. All my thought my favorite Italian restaurant. Is broad daddy England match. They have why are all so anymore and our. It didn't work a ride it's short there right at that aspect I traveled out to a Eddie but it actually. Yeah I'd over the summer I was walking through parts of Lynn and actually stumbled upon ruse that is I I've heard of it. I've never seen is a large restaurant. Yeah yeah and it's a great Abby at. It shipping cup let it die for an eighth clan have. And they haven't meatball. I'm not open your model. Amazing. And the owner come out and make sure how everything how is everything. We got I know why haven't creek Freddie Mac going great guy. Yeah and in the end I could say it's sort of like off the main road just just off the minute. Correct right off the road. I've said we'll pre op I'm downtown Atlanta and acted a little lock in all of a lot. And that's how I stumbled upon I was walking in that area. I've walked by. The blue locks and kept continuing down house that night is that the seat was Eddie's. You know I. Have never tried it. I Pam thank you very much as these two locations and I I had no idea they had a second location Winthrop soup was Eddie's in Berlin and in Winthrop. 8884346464. Is our number let's go to frank writes Collison the car this morning good morning frank. Bought when. I don't grew up traps I mean I try knows bush got up and saw you Kirk give up. No but it's been recommended many times tell us why. Right over. My wife not my wife founded we go to around it. Oh watch Jack most Melrose it first opened up that one out and couldn't get so what do Ellis who condoned it at one. Great great service. Its the old apps Scott that you're really not an end. Girl remember that yeah. But our walks around did you actually seeing people at the that and why it happened debt that the actual bill to. So you you know ornament like like certain dishes pile up the bills open ball over the chicken originally. Service is great and it actually jaded and stuff they did some catering to a UC WB but he. But nobody great boots and I you're up there. All right so it's Carmel was. And it's looking pretty Ian so August's. And what do you know happening is it wrote number one is just off route one. I don't know it silently around it's on a little bells are ways you go on up. To which we won it when you go to you know like when you're coming out of Melrose sort of a lot inside. Archie insurance used to be a net plus. And but that's what they now that the places great people great. Earlier yelled an actual spot but there. Okay Greg got so noted Carmel us since August thank you frank pre phone call. That's coated gave a Melrose about a day of. What place. 45 at 1235. Years ago in Boston and look and hopefully issues in the hell they were open stolen them. What should the next generation. And it is excellent I get. A meal would. You make the ability of which. All very very fresh. And especially okay I'm very fussy. With it whenever I get that point in. Because they'll shellfish. Especially bountiful sudden in the muscles and that are edible but they had to. This unplugged Null and clear. Therefore wish that I could. Made up my mind and guided. And did not mind if I get. It opinion those offended that the they would delicious they refresh. And it is very nice to read the other thing is that at some wind would have been and you know it really aggravates me take a look at you know. And I paid good money for food and make a little. All of them quietly come out of me as it is in a little peek up as we. And it just aggravates you didn't think it won't play you can get a decent but the line with the war with the dealer and did it is excellent. Well that's my recommendation. I always undermanned and we should point when he go to polices. To order something off of their special man. Because it seems like they're specials are just incredible now I don't know if you know Freddie over their Freddie at one time in his life. And he was like a fish monger and that he had a butcher shop. So Freddie knows quality and and whatever is taught the whatever is turning at the moment. Seems like he just goes out there and he gets the best and the special menu whenever you see special items. You gotta go for the last time I was in their get a special sea bass distract Steve asked. And it wasn't like a little small cotta that it was a very healthy portion of sea bass and it was that soon devices. Yeah western number that I think I'm trying to think of all the days that let you go there again. Well it's a policy is reasonable. Right you know then where did they went to expend no way they should be very good. Yeah I did thank you very much that's the leashes. There right there on that through 28 in stone amending and see had a Freddie when you go in there I. I love polices and they've been in business now you from the north then and now. And so on for many many many years. And if you walk around their new restaurant you can see a lot of photographs. Customers that have dined. At the original polices are back in the seventies. I would say you you be shocked at the stars is look around and see all the young faces of some of the stars. That had dying. At polices in the north then and now they brought those photographs. And they brought that style at the start of fleece is again. Again in stone are right that was Dave for Melrose now wait for your phone call 888. 4346464. We're looking for your favorite Italian restaurant can help us out. I know you have one. Wanna hear about it today get this Scott Whitley and Mike Wood taking your phone calls today till twelve noon 888. 434. Or 6464. Don sausage company they're located in more than ten Riverside park in mall and tone and operated by the by Charlie family. Well over 75. Years now and going strong. It's a full service butcher shop and watch it and know that. It's also a on site wholesale Delhi. So you can go in there and get all cute you deli meats and all these past these supermarket products and stuff like that. And pick up their steak tips and you can bring them home in a pack ice is just bring on multiple Paxson freeze at least one. Because that's the most important thing I mean whenever you want great steak tips and I mean the best they could Cuba had young life. They're that good you find them it dom sausage company involved. Now did you know inside. Of there marketplace in moment. You go in there for breakfast. And lunch. Seven days a week. Mean do you get like exam which is in the morning you didn't get steak tips you wanna try this they could if you've never done as soon as you do you have long love. And then on certain days of the week is specials on Monday. They do this seafood casserole that is apps will look leaked it I for. Absolutely did act which absolutely incredible. Don sausage company and ten Riverside park. In Malden. And they also do catering. They have several catering trucks so if you're thinking about I know here we are in January but you're thinking about doing something outside this summer. No party is too small to large with them on sauce company can handle. I mean that they'll bring their trucks. They'll bring their own grill masters. Whoever you want them to be in the grew up their famous marinated meats. To think about that you want to some special summit gonna get the whole neighborhood jealous. That's a Tuesday of dom sausage company come on over in their trucks and let them cater the party for you. Dumb sausage company Ted Riverside park in Malden. All right we're looking for your favorite Italian restaurant today on wicket by its radio. And we have open lines for you at 8884346464. What's your favorite Italian restaurant. I know you're out one I'd I just wanna know what right then maybe you win dinner for two on us for doing so 888. 4346464. Now. There's a restaurant Walt them I want you to try. It easy wonderful wonderful restaurant we discovered it not that long ago for ourselves called red bird. Right there are moody street my answer is become like leave it there restaurant Mecca. It seems all the sudden we got all this great quality restaurants and up popped dead and about two years ago or so red bird. Opened its stores. And it's really take in the area. And I hate to say this as a cliche by storm but it hats. It beats it's one of those by some hope for dinner. And EU naval wonderful wants to do wanna go in there and have a custom craft cock to what they could do that the atmosphere. Is beautiful it's elegant but casual at the same time see that I can feel like you gonna be to stop at a at a restaurant. And there owner chef. I gotta tell you the food and if he changes the menu line and he adds some things he has won the most addicting appetizers that I think I have ever had. It is a cauliflower. And it's a cauliflower that they grow. It's kind of buffalo cauliflower. But they have this are rock chip honey Barbeque sauce that put on I guess at the end. And it's oh so that. And they also have great burg has meant that one of the burgers. And won an award. You know on their menu. And they have so they've they've added that they know they they were having at the bar has a special but now they've added to the menu is so popular. Gossip doc. Chicken breasts. You name it they they Hansen is just quality that's too what is it the honor. You with the shaft to chef owner and his philosophy is he just won a great food food that. You know that he would want. You two with just great to race in great style possess. Go in and try this restaurant for yourself it's called red bird it's in Waltham I highly highly highly recommend it. Jeff will greet you at the door when you go win. Red birds on moody street in Waltham please I'm yeah you gotta go and try this restaurant. You know you wanna be the in the trendy people write you wanna go discover places like this right red bird moody street in wall thing. I let's get back to the phone lines at 8884346464. Let's go to frank. Hang on good morning frank. Good morning the morning I like gum Francesca is front chapters. On Richmond street and get right up highway. Usually you really got your eyes open even sometimes on the spot particularly out of sight EM because the restriction for. Commercial pot can come up. And you can legally pack for free for quite a while very I don't. But before fight we can't and got out what comes to work suspend all of LA park in the very good about its act comes right. Five cents a good. What you got the slide in membership and given no up all of them open window a beautiful amber well I haven't had a number of some of that circuit being. I I can do it shouldn't down and the other half an hour not a fight the empire. Erica and also bring a lunch special fourth fight I'm a report separate and much cheaper price same old coats and quality. Mr. that the business don't know what it ever sponsor and they are on the open until now. Bennett. Right and well parking it ten dollars is is not a bad deal that's our yacht to prevail and our air and you wanna get one anywhere else but maybe markets are. I Francesca was okay to get which is on Richmond straight you're you're geared up for highway come from random. Oh forget the actually just I would gone up by I don't. I should not yet so mumble but advocates says governor. The sort of technical after the government's failure if we're right. In your goal weight. Actually get an industry are here. Additional notably not only are so large it's worked so are my daughter went jet from Cuba's younger. You're nowhere well wait is over. I. God thank you very much via phone call like I have the information right here it's restaurant they bill that Francesca. Is the official name. It's located at 150 Richmond street in Boston their phone number 617. 36729. 49. Answers directly Villa bridge has got in Boston thank you very much via phone call gonna take a quick break here we'll come back with more phone calls. We're looking we're all time favorite Italian restaurant and 888 boards three or 6460. Port you're listening to wicket by its radio. Tell us sort of go oh come on you've always wanted to. With the lights TV on FaceBook Google+ and Twitter you're listening to weaken bites WRK you know the voice of Boston. Welcome back in Scotland again would get by its radio that's to listening to until twelve every Sunday. It's twelve noon on WRKO and Boston six AD AM the voice of Boston dumping about our TV show. It's every Saturday morning at 930 on NASA now in the highest our show yesterday we kind of saluted summer. Before the beautiful. And I mean that Norwegian dawn. Do we look back at some of our favorite summertime restaurants wells from Boston to Bermuda and all knew show night if you missed it yesterday got one more shots the to be on Tuesday this week at 2 PM on NASA. That's NASA. The Red Sox and Bruins TV station make sure you check out. Now would it take you on board members show you around through some of the entertainment a whole bunch more on Tuesday's show really a fun episode that we put together. We've seen out you did see our crews episode we did about two months ago this is different is all new stuff. That we have. And you see it again 2 PM on the encore presentation with it bites TV on NASA. I've that. Got that. Make sure you watch it every Saturday morning at 930. Except I don't think on this Saturday morning market outlook on this there's this other world. Red Sox winter meetings if the summaries and they're preempting offs. Because films that they don't look at it as well as those who do whatever they want. If they've updated their big winner meeting every year same time. On a Saturday like the third Saturday in January at foxwoods resort and casino. And they will be in our time slot. This particular weekend coming up so there's no with it bites TV coming up they don't forget odds on Fridays. 930. Under the RKO you'll hear me every Friday with him in VP on the morning show talking about restaurants and topics like that. I have a right now the show itself to you we got Daniel from the off the becoming by just a few moments from right now. We're taking your phone calls. You ghost phrases and repeat it to gourmet and ask questions. You could always do that on the show you that we have a topic going on because that's how the show was found that to the show was built. All these many many years ago when pat was doing the show. You know but now. We still allow you to do that we still do. But every so often like today we have some themes and we're looking for your favorite Italian restaurant and we had some great calls so far. Of restaurants that that they they believe is the best. I don't watch as the best Italian restaurant and I want to best Tyrus and the world his part in your rise where we start off the Marriott from all the she says you've got to go win. Two restaurant the Serena in Malden say Heidi Geovany forest and their pork chops it just out of this world. Then Pam Essex recommended rosette he's. She says their egg plant. And there are meatballs top notched two locations it was Eddie's Lynn and Winthrop. Sing in the customers. Yeah that's right he sings sound the customers. Then Dave a borrows recommended one of my favorite places polices and stone. That's we can find Freddie the fish. And I recommend any of their specials they changed them all the time and space salacious Dunham and then now frank of paying them. Just tells about Francesca was on Richmond street in Boston and he says they have a ten dollar validated parking. Which is unheard of being in the city really is so that's a great take you now it's up to you what's your favorite Italian restaurant. I knew you have one I know you do maybe don't wanna share. We wanna know what it is 888. 4346464. That is our number here do we give rights Radio One step up we wanna hear. Your favorite Italian restaurant and who knows maybe you win dinner for two on us for doing so. 888. 4346464. And has always first and callers who welcome and cart phone callers. Utah interactive returning to John as fast as possible all right. 88843. Or 6464. Is our number to call the horseshoe. Pop is located in Hudson mass that's in a fine. You don't find nick can you gonna fight out there and their chef Jeff Davey. Now this restaurants look at that Hudson mass and it's a yes stroke popped with a guest republic might add my ass. Well. It's kinda kicked up pub food. And they really do it there but I want you to say I'm a skip follow through the man. Yeah I know they get great Atlantic blue card they get them efficient chips in horseshoes jambalaya I mean there'll sensation. All of the river but skipped a loser you gotta skip that dessert they have this at. Four I don't think it's a pride duo. Sunday is the size of your head. It's it's absolutely. No harm had sent school. Then you know it's one of those desserts that well one person in the restaurant order orders that dessert everybody's head spin around. I mean that that's what it's like. And what makes the horseshoe putt so different and so unique and any other restaurant out there. Is they have eighty Beers on tap. Eighty Beers. That the tap heads go from one end of this large bar all the way down to the other. Its enemies and side. The horseshoe club 29 south street in Hudson mass please I say hi Ted Nixon had now. I ownership days part of the back cooking but if you assume walk through the restaurant. You know just take a chip they differed all about her to food is unbelievable and it's worked well until. The horseshoe Bob Tway and south street in Hudson just off the main road to pop you know just type it in do you GPS and get their tryout this restaurant group for lunch and where should public tonight. 8884346464. That is our number here to wicket by its radio. Again we're talking your favorite Italian restaurant let's go to gene of Walt and good morning Jane. Good morning sky hope but everything went well would you like you're having a great when you. Have you worked. May have I have to say my my most favorite Italian restaurant. In grade. Him Watertown. There is nothing there about the that I didn't apply. And it's not a very much unrest Iraq and the end of the best. But the food is this world. Very very heavily praised. We. Many times have to wage. But the food is over the top and they have been voted number one in Watertown but death. State he dips crime ridden grade efficient straight there Italians vote Italian food is as well. We you know I have not been big to gradient Greg's a long long time. You don't know which in this thing. There Italian food is just simply go about. Their camp big there and my and it just everything has just. As wonderful. Parking has the power is the only having a small plot but I. Parking is not always about to. Well it street parking there is a mile parking area there. If you're lucky you may find its but depending on when you go by lunch time. Is busy. Dinnertime at busy day out so have stake out in the afternoon I think they read fighters something. Another special. It's how we beauty. And believe it or not many of the patrons there our seniors. That's set to tell you something. Well I'm sure price is there a very reasonable to. Very reasonable but the quality of the food is so good. They haven't. Aren't. So noted gee. That says Greg's. Greg restaurant. On mount Auburn street in Watertown that's good Alice of west new and good morning Alice. Good morning describe how I feel very good. Guy Greg Robb dish out thank you. I just find a true. Tell you and that. The Iraq was in Newton. Is wonderful. My favorite Italian. Restaurant tells one. Everything is fresh everything is cool to water you know you may wait a little bit pat. It's well well worth the. I I have not been there and I'm not familiar with or is it a small it was described restaurants above what's how big is it. Let's get that tomorrow brats trying to I a don't really know how many its seats and then they also have some satellites one and now mind. One and Brighton. I'm not sure. If they have bought and that bam we have the we have gone to the satellite and that's quick that's good you get in and out you know kind. But you may have to wait here and know who. It's on north street. But they do a marvelous business and I've gone a couple of times spiked after funeral you know they accommodate at its. But I'd say I don't know how many seats but it's it's my apple. All right for the arouses the name of the restaurant. And it's located again in that Newton hey you give a favorite this when you go there. I hate golf but he had pledged. PA plant. Eight hit plant is done right eat there's nothing like it. Right right now I lap but it. Yeah hi hello how are they would spare there's a like mind like paper thin. But it is its really bend and and just. Pride or what effort to perfection are they there however but they do what I you know never really asked the shaft. And you can also see them cooking the pro. An open when you walked in the door at the kitchen is right there and you couldn't be everything's so you know everything that claim up that's not a whole business. Cite the Iraq was again. Right unaudited streak is between a rock stadium and note them. God I thank you very much LC phone call that's housing in nice and a great take it. Particularly since there's several occasions but this is the location sensing there's a lot of business and this glancing at their room. And that their menu it's short ribs. It's scallops. On the appeal sought to Boca they have chicken yawkey Friday envelope that's all one dish. That. Tried I mean I I've I mean at Iowa yucky I mean I've never had a chicken yucky Friday golf as a little bit different move at spicy. It is says it's this simmered in a delicious and spicy marinara sauce topped. With potato you Iraqis. But eighteen dollars the price of that shrimp scampi. They have baby clams you you know Tim a lot of 08 plant parmesan. Pellets topped with their signature marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. And it served with when when queen for fifteen dollars. Restaurant day the were allies again is located in Newton thank you very much via phone call what do you say we have. When we we I I have Damon's gonna stop by let's but I talked with Damien Yelp and just a few moments okay. 88843460. 6464. Is our number to call here with invites radio we're looking for your favorite Italian restaurant. Barrett what is your favorite Italian restaurant 888. 4346464. The village restaurant and Essex. Essex messed up what permits in downtown Boston brings you this portion with the rights radio as a unifying Kevin unified Lou ran. They notified some incredible. Incredible fried clams. I mean their programmes is so good they've been written up. In magazines all over the world. And several on magazines. Written articles about the fraud claims this is books out there you find out about their right claims they may not have invented the fried clams. But I I can't remember you in which Booker who wrote this. But the the author of it says you know they invent the fried clams but they perfected that. But beyond the mood for fried clams have a they're black and looser one of the Tuscan chicken. Whether seafood leninist. Who who. May have everything they once seafood right. And it's fresh and it's shrimp and scallops disorders shellfish. You know light seafood broth with tomatoes and hurts. It's a little vase at six style and find at the village restaurant at six mile away. Kevin not so long ago actually added to his many of history many make their own my ties there. I ties is picking not a popularity now I always go out for my type of my favorite Chinese restaurant turned blossom quite a bit right. We announced artists in pop up in other restaurants and our Chinese beat. And those restaurant and Essex has a great when no other little Tiki glass they serve him. Do its attic avenue ran a mark for us the village restaurant and Essex there are open six days a week for lunch and dinner they're closed up Monday's except on holidays to tomorrow. They will be open to be closed Tuesday of this week I put tomorrow they will be open so he can go on in and say hi to the Ricky family for. Us 8884346464. That these are numbered or call. About stuff up I need your help. Which are favorite Italian restaurant 8884346464. Again this is Scott Whitley wicket fights radio. Every Sunday from ten to twelve noon right here and AM 680 WRKO in Boston. Gentle bright note smiled back contagion and they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time. Dental right offers the most effective and safest flight in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Started smiling again we're and it got X Perry have done export the diamonds and complete cosmetic in general dentistry teeth dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the left dental bright group dot com. Peddlers daughter restaurant offers a pentagon Irish dining with the problem. We have them every dispute though with all those who got famous and then got them at leopard Collins. A friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know there's been pregnant daughter restaurants and hey bro and Nashua. You know a lot of the restaurants in the north and try to recreate what used to be. But can't really do it there's one place that does believe boat worse than on day. And bosses north then righted the gateway. To the north that now they've got a great cuisine you know about that but what they do have that nobody else says is a is an area for you to have a party or get together winning you name it they've that function rooms yes to Syria view. And they are the only ones in the North End like this. Believe post second floor function rooms. Have been renovated and they boast the floor to ceiling windows that over to Boston Harbor the bus and city scene and even. The USS constitution. And border they have some menus that those Syria whatever your needs are. That's for lippo wrist that I am today to 83 causeway street Boston's North End. Here's the telephone number about the way they open seven days a week in their Bagley across from the TD bank garden believe tourist on these telephone number 617. 742. 414. Theory. Looking for the best deal and now. And lazy dog. Lunch specials Monday through Friday Saturday Jeffrey. By the last hole made false Donald marinara sauce fat free he. Our quality or high school lunch like him lazy dog and 1000 lazy dog in the way. I was born to cook. Jeff Jarrett of generals eatery in Quincy seeing people smile knowing that I did that is no better feeling. Traditional north and recipes family fortunes at family prices come hungry leave happy Jannero teetering twelve Blanchard Ro Quincy. Catch of all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 got any S and the home of the Boston Red Sox and Bruins. This seems with the advice radio on WRKO the voice of Boston. And. I don't forget you're in the mood for great pizza Regina serie a world famous since 1926. And only recovered pizza. Yeah. You knew he wrecked. I recommend that she's it's often try to. Many conventional wrong because they have the cheese pizza. You can't hide anything else on the those fixes that asthma 500 pounds and we don't know but it wouldn't you have no idea has all the options and high stakes. It's. And hit it cheese pizza who are already talking about it repeats. Just jinx. Did a pizzeria on a location near you in the all open up at 11 o'clock today's you don't have to travel north and Boston. And just on the website Regina. Dot com I we're looking for your favorite Italian restaurant on today's program till twelve noon let's get back to the phone calls. Let's go to market need and good morning Marco area. Tech guys I'm on great he got very good. I doubt I ever at a restaurant and then I was the person is by ours we based on Needham. Are you guys could be banner. You know I. Yes but I don't remember. Are you I there and a little ago in and I'm just trying to picture now I have been there. Yet certain that are down. Marking as you know homicides in this actor not a not a the old whatsoever but it it's bring your own you know why you go and grow my auto show. You're. You know they hold it or it owes a lot aren't. And you'd get in the wind they called it. And to get up to other restaurants in the area grab a drink when you wait the table you go sit down. The food is unbelievable Mike's favorite. It's one of the only few places that I'll probably order of all on its back. Muscles are unbelievable. I don't lamb shank it catered before and that they have this chicken dish with and chat and it like just like greens are. It's amazing given us a guided and had a stake there so you know you go to my neighborhood feel. The auto opened up another restaurant wildly different under different name I'm hurt that's excellent by sweeping at all. I get people on what common and I got people from up north and quality it's opened Chechen. Right parents aren't yet they don't you know they used the freshest ingredients. Servers is great it's and just a cool on. Atmosphere and it's just countenance that it's just a fantastic and ask struck. And I see that there are already out there only opened for dinner. Yes every every day nearly ten days a week. Yes they used reopened or some lunch 20 but I guess they switch that but you know it's just. You know everybody raves about it. Cannot go wrong you should not like kinda pushing debate so I'll split in Ontario my wife. Each get you know like this out by Netflix beats out there or exceed search homemade she's addressing. I considered just wanted to go it went on a couple since it's great they don't take reservations. You can you take out there that's just as good. An and I drop in Framingham where I used to live a lock into and I still think they had about chicken arm. I'm and of course the famous and interesting but. This place is just off or commit so. By two they have lamb shank that slow braised. Served over whip grits. Normally it is it's or mashed potatoes that's a little bit different. But braised chicken with Vinocur peppers. So hot I just aren't that corporate got excellent but you'd be down on chicken there's a bit and chat it up. That's probably. Not always about you know. You know fantastic. And I got elegant I've got to stick it till and it's like you photo like it's a else's audience cheered leveraged it's amazing isn't anybody who has an. Let the ball clean speak. While ice is up there and I would order from going there reveal Porter house. It's pain and it's cheesy. Planet chat that cakes. And it's it ate spinach. Port of port wine sauce roasted mushrooms and faith. That's a little pricey but you know it's worth right. Yet open guy you're bringing your own alcohol right so. Maybe it. Attic. I don't average and ought Ortiz be minimal. And it out there don't they don't rush you. You know some of the sometimes they had to do did they don't. It's just eat first class oh era. But again there are only open for dinner it's sort of a neighborhood place that it every neighborhood Jeanette. Also our great mark thank you very much your phone while recommendations. Like that you don't often hear places. Of that size that could unity in the advocate in Africa as much a lot and the busy like this place appears to be busy every night for dinner. And scored a mark I think a CY now. Sweet pays those that are located at. 942. Great plains avenue in need of sweet nasal again house is that he is a a cookbook that she could. Sit on the web site. I that the nation restaurant twelve offer street in the film when actually it's that he wrote let them through and he reliance and hero. Read every 110. Right author root for 95. And they're only open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday on Sundays they open up at 2 PM. Now they fit nation restaurant is the sort of really unique restaurant. And what I mean by unique restaurant. Well. A lot of our listeners are very familiar. With a restaurant in March that was alarms remaining years called. Bishops. Now when the verse the share has decided they were gonna retire. The kitchen staff. And the weights so we don't what are we gonna do this is what we know I mean we. You you taught us well I we wanna. Continue our craft they have done. And what they have done is taken it. I think to the next level. And in image techsters special. It's a large location size wise because those of a functional Michael functional right there. But in the restaurant itself they have. Most of the same items that not all the same items from bishops restaurant when it was an arts. Including their primary the king cut prime rib it's like three pounds uses it can't finish you just can't finish. But it's slow roasted in cooked to perfection. And and so tender. Also their famous finish in walnut stuffing you find that on this three pound Bakes up lobster. You'll also find it some of the shrimp issues. It's very popular too you wanna go in there and have cereal bread and salad start your meal off that way you can do that the nation restaurant. Save room for dessert they're baked Alaska. That they need should restaurant. To Oedipus Sama when you go in Rupp won ten. 12 I'll put street in April. Again their only open for dinner they opened for dinner tonight at 2 PM Tuesday through Sunday dinner only and instruments. I would take a quick break here come back on the other side with more phone calls till twelve noon but the for your favorite Italian restaurant. Wicked fight radio and TV capturing the best of new England's food sports and fire. They don't we get quite radio. Replaced religion it's. Sunday standard. March oh the voice across the scalable back against publicly until twelve take your phone calls today as we do every Sunday tended to vote of the New York. And you see the food cricket today we have a popular route for your favorite Italian restaurant. Mike to work just a few minutes to us this. Talk to the folks who would help. Few seconds they have put together aide who lives they are they Italian restaurant as far as helpers are concerned. And at Damien will be joining me in just a few moments from right now and they quickly went down some of the restaurants that have been recommended and nominated some defense. Italian restaurants that you will find in New England. Restaurant these Serena in Malden. Rose Eddie's in Winthrop and in pujols on the net inland. Carmel us since August. Publicis. In stone bridge ask us in Boston. Great in Watertown. The relatives. In Newton. And sweet hazel in need of some of those some places that have been recommended. As far as best Italian restaurant in the first hour of the show now we need your help this hour. Which are favorite Italian restaurant 888. 4346464. Days. The number for you to call and again we'll get into into our dinner for two contest Mike and get to some winners from last hour. All right our tool it will be some winners in just a few moment. Moments of callers that. They call them last hour on this show and now we're gonna send them out to try some great restaurants. On and this hour we're gonna do the same. Who knows you might dine on us what's your favorite Italian restaurant here's the number to call 888. 4346464. That's 888. 4346464. We need your help right now because without you now you. This show does not work but that we say we quickly to get to the short little break. And Metallica. With that Damian from yell just have to say OK I don't think about the exchange street be stroke in mall and that's that's John's place. They're right there and exchange street Malden and they have over 100 Martinis on. On their martini menu over 100. Act like the. This more is martini now I mean that that's pro worm. It's all turning from me. I had. And a espresso martini recently and I'm not a sit on the show many times I look like a fish out of water when I'm when I'm the martini is a TV show but. Do. They do a great job and likely that the love that coffee beans in the yeah. You know it was fantastic. So do you like Martinis. Watch out like. So Martinis every little group of the other is that I I've I should be a huge fan of them. But no I think is that it's a glassware that usually gets me he but but what do what a beautiful restaurant. On the on in accordance sensational job it's Boston emisphere neighborhood prices that's I would describe the restaurant and their menu changes seasonally. And he just does a great job they were Sunday brunch that goes on on its course and Sunday's. And it's it's just a place to go and get some great. Yeah from lunch go in and get I get a burger or you know I had I had when it was on the specialness sat down had lunch with John and a normally you know like I don't like commences. Okay and I'm a tomato soup lower. I only like you with groupies don't they have the real test in which. Like golden hour and boldly goes through could have ever with a grilled cheese it's it's a nice. As a compliment yes yes it really is exchange street Easter at 67 exchanged three and multiply say highlighted here on an ego and enjoy. If this is a hundred Martinis on the menu so if you went there every night you got over three months. Before you repeat the Martins. That you have tried. Something to exchange street keystroke. Again 67 exchange street in mall than not you are. They go about buying records as selling where points. Or maybe buying gold is still the man and the call is Warren mills are rare points in New Hampshire. He's a guy that I've been doing business with the Pat's been doing business with many many years. Recently you know last couple years I've been buying. Silver. And there isn't a bite silver is. You know after talking with more. And kind of understanding the business and I'd always sells. Courts. Where courts where else sells gold records everywhere or just regular bullion they're out there now in silver. But ward told me that the but two years ago. The separation relative pursue words but. And the gold values like 12100 turn. And and the civil right is like fourteen or eighteen dollars and the differential is so. Drastic. Between the two normally it's not that much so he was thinking next couple years and it's over my cute couple. You more than the average social invested in so we're born with his help. And another thing that you need you to remember now right now counterfeiting has gotten so grew. I'm just so good that even coin dealers can't tell any more about looking at the corn. In that Warren didn't wanna be one of those guys that it was so you corn that might be counterfeit so he went to NASA the space agency. Any purchased. One machine and then now a second machine that can actually look inside of that gold and silver cord. Not just that the outside layer but he inside that court. And see if it's if it's true. So he does that now with all these golds and silvers so he knows what's coming in that he's doing a lot for banks now when banks get their. Your money and they're buying goldmans over the banks. There are what Warner committed just check out to make sure what their buying Israel. So if you are thinking about investing. Or maybe selling that that that rare corn and that you have or points you may have. Please call Warren Warren mills rare coins of New Hampshire he travels the country looking for points. 800. 2257264. That's 802257264. I'm my arms are as they get might. Our group Maria before damion I so let Damir hold on let let's squeeze in a quote let's go to Marie in Winthrop in Winthrop you're next on with it by its radio. Good morning. And out yep you got your you have an Italian restaurant Boris. Yes Abbie antique table Mihm went up okay what makes this special. All of the past there is so delicious but at it was clam and they have wonderful face issues. And that so I'm delicious pork chop they've put pigs and it's just lovely. Beyond just seem pork chops now being like a trendy trendy. Item. And now. It's amazing how in the last couple years right if you don't work you way that he didn't do a great pork chop this and I they're popping up everywhere. Right right right antique table again it's located in Winthrop. Nineteen cracked there. God it Maria thank you very much for your phone call. And what do you say which are a little quick break here Damir is I wanna talk with Damien just a few moments in the Mike who you gonna be talking with. A shift Tony sue sees his executive chef a couple restaurant in insult Boston. I and again I dame will be here just a second again if you're looking for out. A great pizza today think Regina pizzeria world famous since 1926. And homemade brick oven pizza in their home made brick oven pizza. You don't have to travel the world to find the best you could just find one of their locations in the open up at 11 o'clock every day. Regina pizzeria world famous since 1926. This one fox who resort casino this one in the north and Boston. I mean the Austin locations agree case. Just go to the website Regina pizza dot com find that location and try a Regina pizza. And joining me right now on our saloon girl look for the best Italian restaurants around is Jay. Amien from Yelp and I know you have a list. A semi upwards in some of their favorite Italian restaurants. A good got to think what we're gonna do it this week is to take a look everyone knows that the north and bought that at some exquisite restaurants. Most of Mars science focused. And I think they get their fair share for traffic. So what we're going to be this week it take a look at some of the places outside of the north that are really amazing Italian and that may be a lot of folks out there have never heard about. Yeah that sounds great. Excellent well first what I wanna do that wanna give a little beloved chew itself and in general because the top of a button has some really exquisite and trying join. And it ended up with a little bit on one of them called apps are the a part B is fairly new on the scene I can draw about six month old. Located in the south and and yell where's it going crazy about their dishes they have an arson all tasting menu for 45 dollars which polls. It chef's choice of different items off of their various. Columns on the menu some of those include quitting popped out a delicious monk fish fish. A new Q with fox Kellen Moore and this is just an amazing restaurant that has the upper gone crazy look in the south and course it appeared if they're packed to the gills and you wanna explore their options. We can't overlook way to like LaMont. Giacomo as a second outpost with the famous bar and restaurant of them stopped and both she quit Santo and parmesan now all located. Short walk from each other in the south and not a lot of great recommendations itself that is really hopping right now to. And no question no question especially repeat clients in oh yeah next idea when I pop over to Cambridge that little stretch of Massachusetts avenue right Ed just just north. I guess. A Harvard Square between current current quarter square. Has one of my personal favorite Italian restaurants in the area maps Julia. Julia is in this old bit cocky earlier in the space occupied by Rafik he'd previously. Essentially just patina actually amazing seasonal menu constantly rotating Adams. Some of my personal favorites were the bill breast ravioli. I they always start with wonderful seasonal some Alina cakes and I think what's your interest about Julie and Acker excuse me Julie is that. That tabled it shaft makes has popped up on every day. When they open a restaurant for patrons you can actually sit at that table so bishops table look it back at a restaurant has actually where they can maker are separate. You know it's always great experience to sit at that chef's table watch that more can any asking questions to. Yes no question. Another one has speaking of one of my personal favorite is it's gonna be looking in the eater district and it kind of hard to find so really what outlet Yelp app and hope it. It felt fine and herbal Lucci. Now air Dellucci is is shaft Charles hardee's baby and he personally oversees every dish I think it comes out of that kitchen. And it'd absolutely I mean just that overall experience. It's it's it's second to none and their goalie change. And some of that and their signature dish is going to be obviously leave Iraq. While pork it's an interpreter mediators out there it is an entire act of exquisitely prepared board. But he can't go wrong with items like the book a teeny carbon RO. And they have a deliberations curing outweighed the interior becomes a third. Awesome breadbasket to start up the meal of the winds are perfect it's a really great experience and it feels like sort of an old school a tie her child. And now on that's that's what you want that old school feel. And yeah we got the old school feel I expect a large portions. Oh no question and it would interesting about it is that you could go to a lot of places did you wager down popped and Brad thought. I don't think that's going to be the experience here but it still embraces. That sort of old world style of cooking with really light very approachable. Italian food starting to try it specialties and air balloon G I've never had a bad you know he. Oh. And I'd like a great spot and again with a Yelp app you'll find a lot of these locations a lot easier than. You know Google when it you want that Yelp app. Yeah you wanna you wanna see what the folks in the area with the locals are saying about these places as well. And you know it it helps that it's actually how to get there too because I'm not these are great great Kirk and hard defiant run and. And if you become part of that yelled Camilla community than a few dined there. And you can tell us about what you experienced their all so. Always looking to hear about those are views no question. Just a few more wanna point out one is going to beat Chicago took Gado originated at beacon hell I don't urged a location not have a second outburst Harvard Square. And took Ghana has a lovely variety of popular dishes that cost would have or in the mix and match and decide between Qiyue. But their signature dish that had jumpers on crede is their re guitar and each has gone now. How slavery is Tony with doubles smoked bacon because the thing about smoked bacon in that. You might as well spoken again and good doubles smoked but he can get generated content has gone out making it their signature dish and one of the upper states. You know it doesn't hurt that does it happen and third for Obama or might even make that we've. At the last hole and I wanna get somewhat Q is it amazing spot I mean most people don't think it really exquisite Italian recovered from a little hole in the wall and Chelsea. But that's exactly what you're gonna find at a newcomer that it's blowing up the LT happy perfect five star score with hundreds of reviews and that is chow. He shut keeper and popped out it's a little take away counter at what inspired Neapolitan style pizza. You know one of the specialties on the menu at their own needs Utah but a lot of great mushroom flavor. And I just can't explain and other places. Blowing up in the end the Yelp community. Everyone absolutely loved it and now I can never expected such great food body air a little bit more casual equate fair but did you have. Opted dishes however you're gonna go you gotta try when there what targets as. I'd Damien great job as per usual and some great restaurants that I. Hope a lot of our listeners haven't tried yet so they go out there and tries some of these restaurants and be sure to let you know I feel bottom on Yelp. You have a great rest of the week and we'll talk to next week Damien. It. I'm Mike we had some winners from last hour that now these are folks that call then we just pick some winners at random and I know we cut it incredible restaurants August if someone gets whooped. Yes we we have we are GF two fantastic restaurants to give away. The first one is going to pay him. Of Essex masks and we're giving her a gift card to tap and vine which is located in and the cut streak in Denver's brand new restaurant. Rate across the Libby tree mall from Russia Lewis Hubble and of course if even Kerry. And then. Now I know you recommend what drink on their man all the what is it the orally at that I love the glasses they're able to freeze the glasses yeah most of the put him in like a freezer. Clearly they can do it like that is night in whatever right at them right at the bar it's incredible what historical presentation of an unbelievable cocktail list. It's. It's a Margarita it's their take on a Margarita atoms just blanking on the name at the moment I wanna see it begins with an ass. And around thinking way too hard and and I'll get it on Tuesday or something but but it's like it's a I wanna say it's helping you infused one of those types of ones which are really popular now but they do with. With this really really really good tequila and it's a fantastic drink so. When US the market and they're all really personable really knowledgeable if you go at what was what was the Margarita that Mike had 47 when they were filming with the bites bill. The Dave of Melrose we are sending him a gift card. To resign aria restaurant. Another new restaurant which is on Wesley is mainstream route one deny its its offer roof wind since August from our ministry yep it's not it's not that far off route one beautiful. You missed 190 main street is via address in sawgrass was our your restaurant. You know I feel I've never tried that once. So I think it's a fifty dollar gift card who look and a so you're gonna have yourself a good dinner. Yeah that's right and all they did was they called and they talked about their favorite Italian restaurants over and over the lines again called and gave the name their address very easy when nice to me. He seemed so I was Mike gets the pick. Pick out the winners well it's its morning and you know me and sometimes I don't know my first cup of coffee you the first people I'm talking to use a big heart and run it well sometimes right and you struggle to get that first cup of coffee and that's what it is a little work in computer issues and a little bit now that. Now we're kind of giving up on the day with that the computer she is okay. But we need your help now with a look for your favorite Italian restaurant and who knows. Maybe you'll go to one of these great restaurants you know. And we do it on purpose yards in a way it different wrest the different restaurants to that point not just not just there we got them all over the place. And you could win dinner on so I what's your favorite Italian restaurant I need to help right now 888. 4346464. We have open lines right now. So you're trying to gain an earlier and he couldn't eat and when now's the time that you can't you can yes so if you're driving around during the car. Catch on right away first time callers are always welcome 888. 4346464. This the time that I ask you one thing. That's all I ask you use just one thing at a time Paul Eaton. Coming your favorite time in a restaurant. Simple and really easy to 98884346464. Well it might it gonna take their name as you calling your name and addresses. Off there so you know if you colony in the lines keep bringing it just might Wear a little short handed day. You just despair with its we'll get to just few moments to want to open line actually were all tied up right now are all tied up so I I'll tell you. It's in the summer drops off you wanna die you wanna start dialing that we'll also tell you when we you know when no lines. I'm free for you to call in your favorite Italian restaurant today gamblers take calls to a twelve noon a Mike has a special guest to introduce us. To about fifteen minutes from right now. I am and you might just a few moments that take your name and address. Before we we we kick off the call banks aren't and tell you about Teresa's crime which is located in north ready and that may yet this place. I was just the other day. I have era there's small. Man that I had to go with a small a small group. They they have Brandt stake. And that's the state that they specialize in two races. And Reese's crime in north Redding is abuse Booth where Astro annual and so. Affecting before you walked inside degrees outside by. Waterfall. With a fire on top that's at two in the mood for great evening of nine factories as prime. That Terry says prime every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday from four to 6 PM they were three course 35 dollar pre fixed menus. And they change it all the times it take some dishes are just going there and try summit they were crumbling producer. To Greece's prime. Twenty elm street in north for an easy old Thompson country club and remember that name Teresa's had a nick yeah about. When you go in there 8884346464. That is our number here to the restaurant program again with a nuclear favored Italian restaurant. And quick reminder to. If you are interested. And vacationing with me and Caroline I think Pat's come going along this time. To Bermuda from Boston to review as we crews were doing it August 11. August 11 aboard Norwegian dawn. And find out more information the one week cruise. And we includes specialty restaurants and get togethers and a lot of private events that can't get into on through us. But I feel like more information just call 8667451167. That's 866. 7451167. And Carol get back to listen to great pricing right now and it's going I don't wait too much longer because. Soon the prices are just gonna. Trial up to appeal to get. You know good prices. Because the ship will be sold out I guarantee it I guarantee it and we were on same time last year. As we were filming our show and you I think it is that we got the last Kampman. What were Iran border to and that affected you like to see some of The Who what it's like to turn on to our show our encore presentation this week. Weeded out Tuesday Tuesday a salute to some are unnecessary in the Red Sox and Bruins TV station. And you watch it at 2 PM on which it bites and I sit down to cruise director and them Mike Mike does the kind of the the lazy way. He gets. He gets squawk may form tables. During this edged yeah I mean if you're gonna if you're gonna go to a fine exclusive restaurant like Los Lobos human development the walk to the table or aren't fresh fresh. Owned old so good food is great. Are onboard really was when the best steak house's Etsy. I found on board again August 11 as well will be selling them like more information call Carol and 866. 7451167. That's 8667451167. I'd get back to the phone calls let's go to. I'm Arlene. I'm infielder nexus guy with a good morning mar Elaine. But mine and how are it's a very good. Well all my favorite restaurant is there recess or one sport in no. The best spot but the bath Mitt bottle over axle and I want to know what the week. Now that's in. Route 114 Middleton. Yeah like the way they have over the restaurant victory it's kind of like a little bit of an Italian daily Villa when you walked in. Thought their bread about audible on my own. Mean it's our notices. High and it's an open kitchens they can watch them. Death the lowest payroll meals. All bank it's done. It balls it's better than mine. This often very good till the pizza is very good and Brad is accelerant. And goes up must. Act now. Is applied to be your family and they'll let that process at its role as I'd like to. Yeah erections after British right are Marlee and I got it. That's Teresa's drew won fourteen in Middleton let's go to up Michel. Of Melrose good morning Michelle. Good morning. Two I'm not sure I'm allowed to say to you can by the tribal health care Apple's stock was spotted these. Are in Melrose right at the oak grove village. Stanley broaden. They have a phenomenal there you will not find a nicer staff. Who is the owner we'll preacher every single car and they have a phenomenal Sunday brunch. I think it's taking dollop the person carving station who. A hole made everything their pastor at call me. There special the night. That what they do with chicken and bill it's and they go clean and it's a quarter restaurant. The other one is chuck composed which is now Renault rose. Giacomo that the war and this marlin dollar rose you have to get there early. Michelle who is the manager there. It does a fantastic job of greeting people she's also. Probably the best spot tender on the North Shore with her craft costs hill. And you know what can say about Giacomo as a bad bill that's run there. They're here if it's the golf than just good vote on camera in my opinion. All right Chuck Close thank you very much to show people holes yeah. And Bobby sees in Melrose also recommended. So we'll look at your favorite Italian restaurants our icu there in Selma Hampshire let me take this quick break and come back right with your phone call. We have an open mind you 8884346460. Forward looking for your favorite all time favorite. Italian restaurant 888434. 6464. You listen the wicked bite radio or beautiful beautiful Sunday morning. Tell us sort of go oh come on you've always wanted to. With Detroit TV on FaceBook Google+ and Twitter you're listening to wicked bites WRK oh home. Voice of Boston. I welcome. But the night's radio and Scott with the. Squarely on the great. Today. Favorite Italian. Restaurant. Favorite Thai restaurant. In about. When and it's so I think more phone calls got a line open for you 8884346464. What's your favorite Italian restaurant. 888. 4346464. Let's go to sell sell your next on the restaurant program. The morning's sound. I don't got. Stripped a direct hit down the trilogy and speed that he might like in Petersburg. The street I believe. I am so outta here with it's a wonderful restaurant. They're so good side at great but dual. Boot up huge debate. It's so portable light and attend college for a meal urge our. You'd like. To build you up to people want more. Yeah I love the out of you when you walk in because it's two levels to it. Yeah too heavily in the upstairs by Arabs is really night you know lol oh yeah so. I said that the prices are pretty out specially but take it really shake OJ didn't start equal to it. I never thought about them particular. Case. Actually do what you want something epic winter. She'll likely to be locked arms. Shall make Eric. So noted that again I I have to recommend the to reload so I mean I think when it does a phenomenal. Phenomenal job and make their own sauces everything is French maid rite there is always running. Always running around. You know at the true those trailers again they're located in Peabody I didn't know about they were there they take out service and and we'll definitely try that. Soon so neutral topping the chart and Mike I know it's your turn you on the program because you had a moment to sit down this week with a very special guest I didn't know with the Corey to a couple. So today amid a way to self Boston a couple of restaurant executive chef told SuSE Tony thanks mabus to thank you my pleasure. Let's let's talk couple my first time actually in the restaurant it is. Gorgeous. It is it is a great job building it designing it if a lot of space is open yeah we have bomb. Over 300 seats on the street level for dining we have an event space and hold an additional. 140 people or so in the with that pizza is live music on the weekends in guys and now we can dual a number of different things here with the music styles. Right know with it going with a lot of lakes classic jazz stuff like this after is. He mines but there's also late we have aren't the pop bands in. It's still very early. In the status or is figuring out what our audiences what they respond to win but we can grow though exactly do that fireplace two hours those it's great that was that was India's the owners at that and during the bill though as would fire please can't beat them winter people love it. People don't like Emanuel. A menu it's a pretty broad menu it's pieces a lot of Italian like classics familiarly with its own colonies of Carter the only bit meatballs we haven't veal salt the bulk. We do we'll a chicken cacciatore but I version is it's a semi ballistic in this wood grill Eric in comes over so resign as a mushrooms. We'd like to and we'll see seasonal. With the wintertime in fall and he's in the squash ravioli. We do pay bullets something like this and hardy or we don't know roasted duck breast with Michael's in baby carrots it's really simple stuff. We you know we have what I grew along with buy pizza ovens and out pops a program. All the pluses meet ration house everyday yeah. Yes we have a good program going on. The executive gentlemen aluminum the basic rhythm and your race moves on and make it to favorite child what what would you say is. The dish that if I came a couple for the first time that says cup boat to you. OK. I was either it's only bullies. From. We have a Barraza appetizers it's. Varieties of Bay's pass almost Iran cherry tomatoes. In now with Acosta Christine move. Arctic cat's story is real successful it's been on the many since day one. And end of Apple's staple Fiat and an army calls upon my meat balls up against any of the city that's so just. Every every terrorist strike go into. Everybody's brag on the meatballs you know we got to do we gotta get a meatball competition. Everybody's what people Republicans and between now we needed to do exactly that's the next that we actually did do a meatball competition. Walking by your bar. You've some really creative cocktails yup. Given me reason our blog Manto on that as director so to speak so he has some really balance and unique cocktail program. I'm Peter mindless. Justices is just as good so he's really creator of really motivated and he likes to have the unique stuff that not that many people have but it'll also we have a lot of between yourself so. We have something that appeals seven more vertical. Now being in Boston and we have a lot of time restaurants. Not just north but throughout the city. What would you say is something that really makes you stand out from the pack I picked up off the bat is our room our size in our design compared to line. On the exposed brick the wood it's it's a legacy I started it's gorgeous it's more on it's more of a prize or we feel in some regards. To that but it deputy has an Italian farm house I was I was into an old world infield especially in Baghdad and room by the fireplace in and we have opened kitchens so. You know charitable via vertical well Tony thank you so much for having me this has been capsule if Obama all my pleasure thank you thank you. Mike I tell everybody with where the location where it is that was couple restaurant in South Boston will pull Pietrus right now. Oh of course. Executive chef Tony SuSE beautiful restaurant apps sold Luke Lee. Like big cavernous if feels like old world Italy and there it's beautiful was an huge fireplace in the back which really nice is a zone winner day. The actual physical address is 443. West Broadway in South Boston couple restaurant. It if he's doing rather have a little little anxious and we'll sample it's that no no no other yeah. The our location interviews and starting to enjoy especially when I'm Neal lunch on Friday afternoon with the supporters in an interview with me. On the phone yeah. Radio show. And they asked if I liked it. I'm sorry they asked if I liked if you like to eat them I mean it's it's hard not to like to when where and which. Well and eating is isn't as you know a source of living sleek and a half fifty. That's a good start now. But yeah I mean that that's usually the question we ask when we're auditioning postal two bites do you like to eat. You surprised me to below with the UEU really will would be. Shock and it's always a nice. It delays icebreaker question though for for our TV show which of their you know we get the messages and all I wanna be on your show own to do you do with a look at what do you like to eat. Well I'm well I don't like to eat this I don't like Bruno will. And our merit them because we we just like the food. Right I mean that's and afterward as it could be a little roadside Jack maps and those are my favorite players sure if you find something that's really really good. For its its like way to market in the film when that does that little that little englishmen you know social. You know that's fine dining you're gonna go there and is picking up for watch and you have to run it maybe three able to watch. But their different it's unique and that's what we kinda do it's not just restaurants. In it's it's all about the food industry and how it's changing. And in again another thing that keeps changing and growing. And it's very unique now is the food truck business. Your food trucks are popping up everywhere and I'm of mixed feelings among some of the food trucks Selma I don't mind but. Where I was what was really bother me and maybe this is my business side of my mind for a period of time some years ago for five years ago. You know these food trucks pulling in the South Boston it's them in a parking in front of these major restaurants. Need. So. Which is great for the food truck a lot of people who there but that I own that brick and mortar business yeah and I campaign in the property taxes. And I'm paying everything else to be in the air and I could just have the guy that it has Poland who would run with a which rockets start serving food so I. To me. It's just doesn't sound right I mean four pin boy he says. It was that was years ago like I think there was obviously a growing period and now working out the kinks if you will. Now what I noticed a lot of them do bill. What is spots yet it does like food truck days and usually there there's like a handful of the more gather in like a parking lot somewhere like. I I'm off to register lived on the street beyond the Watertown mall I believe on Wednesday's amateur that's all you urine seasonal or something. Well Wednesday's they'll have a bullet probably ten or twelve food trucks point their parking lot and food trucked it. Yeah and as the city of Boston can't beat them join them here exactly they have on their official city city of Boston government website so it's city of Boston. Oh ducked out. They were actually list. Right now. I'm just look at China Coca months I see their trucks everyone's four. There on the Greenway. There's serving lunch right now and they have a couple of the places that they'll locate the a list. Who's serving what more they are vertical Austin convention nice feature yet and they'll do it every day so today be inside there's not a lot going on it. You turn around like. You'll see himself station I see a lot of them that little area. This in the popping up and growing more popularity. Meant that there was a movie. Jeff was the show with Jon February you're really good movie it was a very good movie were you Wednesday. I mean he was kind of like a restaurant for your receipt flopped and opened up its own food truck race. Well yeah I would've fill it to me was it was one of those stories that. Whenever Hollywood does a a movie about. A chef for cooking or whatever it's always it always kind of has the same premise it's going to be a five star Michelin show us the somehow had a breakdown lost his restaurant and now he's doing tax. We just want Bissell was food truck you know some of whom you know go become a fire Mehmet always there working the way back to the restaurants like that but but no chef was fantastic. Yeah I know it's available I wanna say on one of the group of premium. Pay channels like HBO right and I know it's up there now it's it's it could take it and now you have an opportunity to take in a movie that kind of shocked me. We. I I actually sat in this. I went to this movie you know not knowing anything about it. And the first three or four minutes in the movie my wife turns the mission as you can see this movie. Because is all singing dances like musical yeah. And within twenty minutes this movie. I said to my wife this is one of the best movies I've seen a long time and continued that way. The matter of fact you want all the awards you know the other day you got to see last last night. Lola land while a landed I did. I went based off of your your recommendation but also off of the all the awards and I was like I had the same feeling I was like if I had seen this. Two weeks ago before the Golden Globe before you would see that I wrote I thought the same thing like. Because the it you know musicals it and it was doable. Like you say it began. As a movie that I probably wouldn't go too but I'm glad I did because. Sitting through it in its. I asked so many twists so many turns it's basically like how I describe that old world Hollywood overnight in new Merriman feel to it. And and it just. Kinda tough Q. Kind of surprised you. Over much yeah it was it was great story to and it was one of those things that. But I'm I like that I like you wanna see it but we see it's sold sell them now is original story tell. And it wasn't based off of this that. Or whatever it was a remake reboot a comic book or whatever it was an original story I guess it was a first time director. Yeah I took a and I worked Avaya if I learned this from the awards as Watson. Missed some of the rewards credit from a remote at the TV what. I was. Kinda taken back by promised that the they tried to get this thing on for six year old they had the script they have the screen polite and won all those awards. But it was such a throwback and so unique and so different the acting was wonderful the songs were kinda like the gets stuck in your head right. And it's and I'm not somebody that likes to go to movies and see the second time right right. This. After watching the awards and won and we mines now you know if it was it was that good and I want. To let everybody know the last three consecutive years. I've hit movies here you picked so and I I said this one aside about three weeks ago. Was going to be the movies a year and I don't see anything getting in its way. I I look at back is an old like lots are almost like cast very much so yeah. Very much and and it's I mean you said it that it took so long to get made I think that speaks to the fact that it was an original story and it's at because. Today it's hard to get. A movie getting backing behind a movie that's not an already established property yelled at the throat to order a million dollars a ghost busters but this will also on the shelf for six years. You know I mean and to do things that are just. Different I mean it's the act in their original put this so different that you know when people investing in movies are like. While this hasn't worked they need to see their bottom Lima for a a frame is even sure. William what what do you think is gonna make this this war Roy you know. And and just it was well acted you know and again this this the scream and met the cinematographer. All the gorgeous fell on the end. I never pay attention to that I mean I always figure if the senate photography. Is very good move it doesn't get the way right you know it's like looking through piece of glass right see right through its clean. The opening scene move I don't know if you know about this the opening scene that set down one BLA freeways. And I mean they should that would like a hundred cars maybe more than that. And they used one camera and went on for about five minute loop one they did in the first. And it was I don't know most amazing. Yeah it's like eve eve even the person who's filming who had to know everybody was going to be at every single sack it and or get him in the frying. Yeah I mean those those won those one off takes immunity. To workers and they were the reactors after hours the cameramen after hours everybody's got to rumors. But those take days to rehearse once they pull them off their spectacular ocean side to get a chance folks out there La La land is the name of the movie Porsche. Bush ships load at dinner and then go see him it really that that's what it does make you when he since he was definitely yes we'll have. I got us that we can buy Torre and that's Mike I'm Scott. And that we're gonna take a quick break he will wrap things up and our guts and the restaurants that recommended on today's program. Gillis in the wicket bites radio do not forget about the TV show. We are on call presentation is Tuesday at 2 PM Tuesday 2 PM on nests in the Red Sox and Bruins TV station. And they take you on more than two weeks in dawn and all new episode. And we're not on next Saturday mornings or time we're not on every year. The Red Sox have their baseball winning with two meetings. And they're gonna preempt us next Saturday Pope will be back on every Saturday morning 930 on NASA do not miss the show. Sports. Von. We really executed as a firefighter can I achieve our national grateful to open up my place I want the best. Huge fortunes like I was on top out. Most people don't know he that line. The deal calling actually named after me as a flavor explosion. So grateful huge portions companies in the attractive long. Writes are you looking for a place in the waterfront to be haven't replaced with a lot of history. How about the no name restaurants Obama friend Jimmy it's been in the same family since 1970. That's back at Specter war won the war to end all wars now. They get great food and what's so super about them. Well let me read you this quote from Boston magazine that low priced seafood couldn't be fresher and the kids in knows what to do with it displaying considerable finance and batted fried clams. Seared scallops and buttery chatter. Eleven you really low and by the way free parking underlined that. Free parking in the seaport area there are no name restaurant fifteen fish piercing had a Jimmy forming okay. I'd love to talk to you know batter restaurant chef owner that I know very well and have known for 2530 years. His name is in the belated desk he's originally from Naples. As a matter of fact he was actually go to BO lawyer is it that Napoli law school in Naples and decided. You know something I really would like to be this year. So he came to America he worked here for awhile in the north and opened up his own restaurant very successful and has won every award on the planet or. Okay and when he won in 2008. The 2000 played award for the best Italian restaurant and chef in the world. And that was presented to him by the nine doors of Rome Italy. Now I'd suggest one very special this. That would be. The stakes Allah pat would play the famous radio star. It's very spicy sea entity care we get that you have to develop a taste for that I've. Here's the seafood coliseum the veal coliseum the stuff come Amani. I know that you and enjoy this restaurant to visit him and they relate to desk is a chow coliseum restaurant route 28. Record ridge shopping plaza Salem New Hampshire. Welcome to all of our. It pandering or. Whether there are flowing and dangerous stuff at market movements you know what putting off. Our flood was our lives this moment for answers from. Bring us through cloning and can't. The counselors longhorns. Big rewards sale. For the June 5 murder it's horrible Solomon on the fifth over. Funny what some of the location also our brand new location downtown. For one of the best burger. Gary are half pound burgers might take a little longer club but I guarantee you will love. Our hope moments where rare grass and well done is well about. Cotton sassy. We did bites radio. We're all about the food baby your life you know wicket by its radio on WRK old old boys of Boston. Guys just looking at the city of Boston they are those trucks at tomorrow today is a light day. That's the emblazoned salads in the financial district by me on the freeway. Yet cupcake city also on the tree where there's a whole bunch of who trucks that it in the city they just updated. Proxies or make grilled cheese boxes everywhere. There are English rock their opening restaurants that an arcade in Harvard Square coming I mean they are busy busy people. They power group chief who debunk. A gourmet groceries. But it's not. I don't know if there's something more than that growth she's they'll set the frauds. Their Fries are fantastic so that they that they do things they desert hers as simple but that's just. They do simple comfort food. Andy to find out where they get a BC you know at the drive. As they say to their brick and mortar location right you know that's the fancy term though they didn't their mobile location again will be on the freeway tomorrow. Which is in Dewey square plaza. I it's a whole bunch of other places the pros and hope you so much or what they are there in the back and say they also have. There are also the Greenway move and there were also on. Our replace at Huntington avenue so they get multiple drugs are everywhere and there are so many great who threats against the whole episode. Yeah I saw one. I forget what I was watching the other night. And I saw one that opus the second I saw guys start talking and we have to do this truck it's a burger truck its public. A rock theme of metal scene type of thing I'll have to Google and Figaro. One what the name of it is but it looked really cool truck. There's also one in in Rhode Island it's kind of famous it's not. It I mean I guess is they they pull up it's it's a trailer it's a little on the it was worlds like I guess you'd call the regional food truck. And it's a trailer that they pull right outside the other province courthouse or or no ought town hall is a public. And they do fantastic greasy burgers and even dutifully fifty years something like that it's one of those historic team canned things. But I if we'd at least do we hold true. I mean normally this coming year there'll shut down not anymore now I mean. It if you don't have snow wind not time. I'd be happy butcher their located Milford New Hampshire it's gonna find Texas tech's might be here next week on the intestinal gas may have. Incredible stakes I mean. You go to your average butcher. You know. It's different state quality it is different state while he has only like the top 18% of people in the country that he stocks that is Patricia. And I mean you go and then you grab revive. Yeah it's a little bit more. But people who bullies he taste everything all at even when you freeze. And he uses this wax paper and what they were all but it's the special wax paper. Is that actually can put in the freezer it protects it from these freeze over for like eighteen months. It's a guarantees of up to eighteen month low for his burns and having used them and am having on states from tax and having now read the paper they do work there fantastic come out. Arm though little bristle political Bermuda that's unbelievable. You need unbelievable so I would say drive up the Milford New Hampshire say edit text or elm street. And pick up enough stake the last you for awhile because you are right if resentment whenever you want a great meal. He's just got to go to your freezer you know the happy butchers. Again located on elm street. Elm street. In Milford New Hampshire it is worth the trip to get that quality China blossom restaurant in North Andover. Critics choice or best Chinese losing north of Boston. And that'll CUNY Chinese buffet. That I think is sensational dinner. They have climb re able them off the China blossom route 125 north and over the village restaurant and six. As you know find Kevin in the way and you'll find mark all the Ricky spamming the hell on this restaurant have been running it since the 50s1956. And go and enjoy some great fried clams or how about. Pan Asian chicken stir fry. It's boneless chicken and fresh vegetables. Now they will be open tomorrow because tomorrow's a holiday that normally closed Mondays with the open from lunch and dinner tomorrow to go to village restaurant and Essex. As messed up forty minutes from downtown Boston at 133. 22 US. I got to wrap things up. This Sunday morning we'll see you next Sunday morning from ten to twelve noon do not forget the restaurant show. Every week make sure you Julia WRKO was again next Sunday morning at ten. Good advice radio with.