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After Meryl Streep’s anti-Trump speech, is it time to boycott Hollywood? 1/9/17

Jan 9, 2017|

Kuhner says it’s time to boycott Hollywood and their films. Will you?

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Is this time until boy's cause Hollywood. That's the question I have for you corner country. Because last night I gotta tell you. Not that I'm a big fan of Hollywood but I got to tell you after last night I am pretty much done. It's bad enough they put out a garbage product. It's bad enough it's full of sex violence. The constant left wing indoctrination. In. All of these movies again and again and again. But it doesn't name. The eighteen year face politics. The constant need to lecture Americans how stupid they are racist they are. How chauvinistic how sexist how homophobic always Lamo phobic. The liberal elitism honestly it's just sickening after awhile I mean how much can a country how much can people speak. So. Look at everybody we are a lot of people are dumping on Merrill Streep and okay. I'm I'm I'm I'm listen I'm not gonna throw her overboard. In terms of her talent in terms of her. Acting credentials. Look I said before and I'm gonna say it again I think Meryl Streep is a very good actress. I know trump says she's overrated he's taken some shots that are commonly get in there hurt by his tweets a bit later in the in the show today. But look I think Merrill Streep clearly is one of the great actresses of our time I seen some of her movies. There's one in particular so feast choice off. It was so well acted it's about a mother. Who survived the Holocaust. And her choice. She had to give up a son or daughter. The Nazi guard that basically tells her look all three of your gonna die. Unless you give me want your children. And she plays with Kevin Kline it's one of the best movies I've ever seen okay. Pop out of Africa are thought was a very good movie honestly I thought she did a good job in Thatcher. I mean I have to say really as an actress. Meryl Streep really isn't all that good. But as a human being. And as a liberal liberal I ya yeah see. And here's what I don't get. How do you spit in the faces of over half the country because half the country voted for trump. And still expect to sell tickets. I mean you know this is this is a model on how to go bankrupt. I mean you keep insulting your very customers after awhile the gonna say you know what blank you. So last night at the Golden Globes which share my wife grace or watching fact sheet taped bit recorded. How to believe had some ice cream it's a big thing for her she loves the Golden Globe sure of the Oscars okay. Let that ago. Merrill Streep got PCs sold B Demille lifetime achievement award. And instead of talking about her lifetime of achievement and honestly to be fair. There are many good movies that she could have picked gotten several quality of this era did this year or did this year. She ruined it. She ruined it. Because instead of being remembered as as an actress with some talent. Who did some good films. She's now gonna be remembered. As a killer re supporting. Hack. And go whiner is. Roll it what it meant. Thank you Hollywood foreign press. Just to pick up on what Hugh Laurie said. You and all of us in this room really. Belong to the most vilified segments. In American society right now think about it. Hollywood. Foreigners. And the press. Who are weak and and you know what is Hollywood anyway it's just a bunch of people from other places. I was born and raised and educated in the public schools of New Jersey viola was born in nice sharecroppers cabin in South Carolina. Came up in central falls and island. Sarah Paulson was born in. Florida raised by single mom in Brooklyn Sarah Jessica Parker was one of seven or eight kids from Ohio. Amy Adams was born and intense phone minutes vote Italy and Natalie Portman was born in Jerusalem where their birth certificates. Okay. And the beautiful roof and they got was born in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Raises and no in Ireland I do believe and she's here nominated for playing a small town girl from Virginia. Ryan Gosling. Like all the nicest people is Canadian. And dev Patel was born in Kenya. Race in London is here playing in Indian reason Tasmania. So Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. And if we kick come all out you'll have nothing to watch the football and mixed martial arts when. Not. Okay Aaron that's just ended right there just for a second Britain so. If she's reading it I believe it's all building up now pays trump is next is it's all a build up to trump now number one. What do brown no loser I Yani Yani. I am Telecom mantra every I think every actress in the room she singled out Puerto held didn't she's single and out we'll really didn't she single out. But let that go. These lips I don't know off the elevator doesn't go to the car or white. We ended trump saying he's gonna kick call foreigners now. Michael would issue on crap but really what is she smoking you see. If you're here a Little League goalie. There's no problem there's no problem at all. It's only if you're here. You understand that there believe goal illegal. Illegal border jumper league gold border jumper do you understand the difference Merrill. Hollywood is crawling what do outsiders and foreigners if it did come on low you'll have nothing doors but football and mixed martial arts which are not yards. You'll limousine liberal you first of all what's wrong with football. Look at the contempt that they have for middle America help what's wrong with the mixed martial arts the Yemeni. They're modern day gladiators. What's wrong without. You know unlike you they don't play them they don't act don't. They actually the only takes real courage and strength and bravery. And toughness to get into the ring or in or in football space to get on the field. What's wrong with having martial virtues. What's wrong with personal responsibility. Strength. Toughness bravery courage in football case teamwork. What's wrong without. Since when did this now suddenly become a cent better Boston OK but let that go. Now she goes on about remember when trump supposedly mocked that disabled New York Times reporter who. That broke her arm. And because of were sick country you don't understand give a sick man in the White House amber broke him sick. Bigoted country. Roller Britain. But there was one performance this year it stunned me now it it sank its hooks in my heart not not because it was good. It was that was something good about it and what it was effective and it did its job when it made its intended audience laugh. And show their teeth when. It was that moment. When the person asking to sit. In the most respected seat in park entry when imitated a disabled recorder and someone he out ranked in privilege moon. And the capacity. To fight back non. It. It kind of broke my heart to and I thought I still can't get out of my head because it wasn't in a movie. It was in real life. And this instinct. To humiliate. When it's modeled. My someone in the public in form and someone powerful filters down into everybody's like everybody kind of gets permission. Other people to do the same thing. Disrespect. Invite disrespect violence in fight. Why am. And they powerful use their position to bully others we'll lose we go moves. In god. Okay this brings me to the press now washes residents. We need. The principle. To hold power to account all of them on the carpet. For me oh me lose. That's why our founders is trying to press and its freedoms in our constitutions I only ask. The famously well heeled Hollywood foreign press. And all of us in our community to join me in supporting the Committee to Protect Journalists because we're gonna need them going forward. And they'll need us to seek gardens and she ends the sit guard troops and they'll need us to safeguard the. All now bit all now they want an aggressive press. All now they want to press the hold the powerful accountable all of now now they're all for the First Amendment all it's incredible now. Now freedom of speech freedom of the press now they want the press that just within the the president. Where were you three years under the dearly year. Scandal after scandal outrage after outrage or abuse of power after abuse of power. And the press did nothing. They meal they laid down for him and titled. And and pirated lie after lie after lie in all honesty Merrill looked for me to you shut up and act. Really honestly shut up and act look you wanna know the truth about what happened with that's so. Called disabled New York Times reporter it's very simple. Trump didn't make fun of him he didn't ridicule him that is one of the biggest slice the media propagated. He was imitating him grow hobbling. Because he changed each Horry did he had written sixteen years ago to try to make trump look bad. And then the weight he mimicked the grumbling in that very same speech he did it to another general. And he did it Ted Cruz when he said they were laying down for either Obama or and Ted Cruz's case the donor class. So he wasn't mocking the New York Times reporter for being quote unquote disabled. That was a figment of the media's imagination. That's. Was more fake news. He was mocking the reporter. For grumbling. Like he mocked dead crows for grumbling and the general for groveling. That's all. That's shipped. Now all of a sudden here even if he did even if he did. What about one Obama marked the a special one picks. What about when he was mocking special needs people to Special Olympics. These respect invites disrespect. Violence invites violence long does it go books in my own harper does not the same nation anymore. Hoc committee instead for the their leader. How come when he walked a Special Olympics. That's just hit an old. That's just a dear leader being the dear leader but supposedly. Even though he didn't do wit ma when it's trump it's the end of the world. I'm done with them. I'm done with them. Everything they do it's political. They politicize. Everything and they're just like Obama. They're a bunch of a feat limousine liberals. Who give themselves medals and awards. He gives himself medals without charge croft. With a sorry ash Carter his Defense Secretary and they sit around in a room. All of them and 5000 dollar dresses and suits worth tens and tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. And all of a sudden Warhol we would. All of a sudden we're sure do love flying all around after worse off. All life is hell and tinsel town I don't know how you survive. You wanna keep throwing your politics in my face. You wanna keep insulting me every moment. You wanna when salt conservatives. You wanna insult trumped voters you wanna insult middle America no problem. My mother used to always say this. When somebody shows you who they are believed them. You hate us. That's fine it's time we believe do you. You hate us you declared war on us it's time we declare war on you. I'm not buying any more tickets to all he would movie if this is how you wanna be no problem. I'm done with you. The corner country poll question of the day. After Merrill streets and he trump rabid speech. Is it time to boycott Hollywood. If the answer is yes that's the latter day is 68680. If you're right Jeff I'm sorry I love Ali what I love the movies I can't do it touched the latter beat this X 8680. Merrill Streep vs Donald Trump who do you side with your calls Max. So Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. And if you kick come all out. You'll have nothing to watch the football. And mixed martial arts. 145. Here on the great WRKO. OK how immense backlash growing against. Limousine liberal big Hillary supporter by the way Merrill Streep she spoke at the Democratic National Convention. When they nominated Hillary Clinton saying it's fine to have a woman president. She's been that many fund raisers in fact before she gamers speech last night. On Friday. Carry just a couple days ago. The dear leader through his final bash at the White House. Merrill there was a huge party all BAA list celebrities were there. Merrill Streep was there or maybe she was a little bit too much of the drinking drink dement. Kind of carried over into Sunday speech but let that go. Robert De Niro was there Steven Spielberg was bare Jerry Steinfeld was there. All of the big Harvey Weinstein the big Hollywood super producer. They were all there they partied I kid you not till 4 o'clock in the morning. On our dime by the way. Let me take the president may be starving but let them meet day or so. Remember the torture video that we discussed. Of that or special needs kid. That was kidnapped and then tortured and forced to drink or lit the toilet water and beaten severely. By a four African Americans really get a racist thug gangs and anti trumpet anti white gang. And they forced him to say after whites and after trump. Well Kellyanne Conway you essentially. Unofficial spokesperson for trump. Was this warning went on Fox News and said don't. Meryl Streep. Who trumped by the way says it's completely overrated and I Hillary flunked heat he's certainly right about the Hillary funky. How come no strange heart doesn't bleed for that or boy. That was traumatized and tortured. By that anti white anti trump black gang. If she cares so much about the so called disabled. How come she doesn't speak. Or our heart doesn't break for that for eighteen year old white kid tortured by that Deng. Listen to Kellyanne. Role that Britain. I'll try protects you wrote this this morning said Merrill Streep won the most overrated actresses in Hollywood doesn't know me but attack last night at the Golden Globes. She is saying went on to say Hillary funky who lost big for the 100 time I never mocked the disabled reporter would never do that. But simply showed him groveling when he totally changed a sixteen year old story being written in order to make me look bad. Just more very dishonest to me and I tell you what's your reaction from my initial. Actions I'm glad that Meryl Streep has such a passion for the disabled because. I didn't hear her way in and waiting to hear her in knees her platform last night Ainsley. To give a shout out to be mentally challenged boy who last week was tortured lives or FaceBook for half an hour. By four young African American adults you were screaming racial and intentional expletives. And forcing him to put his head into order so I'd like to hear from her today. If she wants to. Coming continue her platform on behalf the disabled and cannot trump is actually break he has since he has to fund this so many times we're going she towns like 2014. The election is over she lost and he's actually right about something else to riches. All everybody in that audience that very few exceptions was any single wrap the mind of how they wanna be election you know how they expect an election ago. They lost and I I really wish he would of stood up my things and look. I didn't like the election results but he's our president ever going to support him. She's a sore loser. Really it's it's it's mayor Merrill sore loser street. And last night I think she sold her soul she really did she destroyed her credibility. Whatever France she had I think she lost many of them I was a fan I'm no longer gonna watch any of her movies. And I got to tell you. If you keep insulting your audience they're gonna stop buying those tickets so Hollywood you wanna go out of business. Be my guest. Will you boycott Hollywood. I wanna hear from you 61720666868. And it's not just Hollywood. You've got to hear this story. Now the NFL. Goes after Donald Trump in a stunning. The during the Texans raiders game that has everybody upset. Don't touch that dial. Hollywood is crawling with writers and foreigners. And here come all out and you'll have nothing to watch the football and mixed martial arts. And though whiner. Is. So narrow sore losers stream okay my friends. In his speech a rapidly anti trump. Where she talks about the election. And the moment that really broke her heart when a man who's gonna be or whatever and somebody out ranked in privilege power capacity to fight back. Induce them imitates and mocks a disabled reporter. Obviously she's talking about trump. Said it broke my heart. And disrespect invites disrespect violence invites violence. And now she's calling on the entire press corps on all of Hollywood and now stand up and oppose. Essentially trumps coming on the they're coming trumped dictatorship the coming trump regime. Trump immediately fired back in his own tweaked saying that Merrill Streep is overrated. And that she's essentially Hillary flunking which she is. And she just can't accept the fact that her candidate lost anyone. Can broken heart make it into art. Leads off my god I mean like I mean really I mean you know pig broke a hard. Didn't guard all please. Really honestly open when we kids here. Seriously seek stick back and okay shut up and act. 61720666868. Okay my friends let me ask you this is it now climbed to boycott the liberal Hollywood. I say yes. What do you say you can text that sets 68680. This is 770. Jeff. I've been boycotting a Hollywood for the past 1015 years. I'm waiting for a change and the boycott. Until that time I'm not missing them. This is from a 603. Jeff. I like to Merrill Streep in the bridges of Madison County yes. And the river wild yes. But I am done with her another hard left the left you lead us yes your honor roll six sold three. Desist from 781. Jeff I'm sorry but on this one I'm me see if that's possible. I like Gary Sinise. I like Chuck Norris I like Mel Gibson. I support actors in films that uphold my values house for the rest of the lives and with few boycott them. 61720666868. Is Hollywood. Essentially bankrupting themselves. By spitting in the faces. Of half of America. I mean don't you want people to buy your tickets. Overpriced as they are 6172666868. Bill Europe. First go ahead bill. They'd get by you don't want I'm good how are you bill I think yeah guest you know. What what did. President Barack Obama say. And indifference to eight. And handicapped kids. But wouldn't say you make such a big deal that it web site. He was mocking special needs people how they bowl it would not that. Special needs kids. For how they bowl because he says he bulls just like them. Well when he was making fun of them all and I was making viewers. He was making bill along with second he was making fun of them and how they bowl at the Special Olympics. So when he was walking special needs kids. Nor problem I didn't hear you call the show I think here you lives get upset. Trumped by the way never mocked I disabled reporter that's a mother a lot. About it. He never mocked that disabled reporter that's another lie. But even if we didn't even if he did how come you guys are going after trump and saying that disqualifies them but you gave what the dear leader up costs. Yes I mean I think I just don't know how you continue I just don't knock out a book. I mean I know how how you like Neil light basis people get a lot out and they support to navigate web applied. People like myself that up Vietnam and that. Equal that get I don't know how do you still live until a couple arguments. In what. Because guys like you keep listening to me. See that's that's the thing guys like you can't get enough for me does cause you know deep down what I say it's the truth. Michael in Boston go ahead Michael. Michael. Today. Longtime listener big time and I consider myself remember who undercut I'll welcome my friend welcome. Let's sit your attic so jet I agree that you are a 100%. We need more than just a boycott Hollywood. We need to have that you'd think I'd root that is against them that they are against the we need to boycott and protest. These people had you that David Horwitz book radical side. I haven't I've never read. But you know bigger oral. Yes yes a big fan has ever several of his books. Yeah well basically it radical thought he'd talked about you would direct diaper baby how they hijacked out of all the luck it. Air hijacked the Vietnam War demonstration movement and civil rights movement. They do I think music on say they were Communists they had that they were for participatory democracy. Yet a total converse in and these people are playing at the same label the saints Balladur. Alert he played good demonize the right vacant evil people act like we're you know got yet to be human race. And they're really totalitarian action I think we need to start putting their obvious that so. With things got they would be ire at the end goal with Hillary Clinton's foundation we should they should be on the defensive talking. To the American people out there. How they're not so really that you know what I need immediate that they have so much scandal. That we should be putting them on the defense. While Michael and thank you for that call look you nailed it she was defending in this election. For a gangster. A war criminal that's who Hillary Clinton wants. She's a crook. Big embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars. And then you stand there. I asked you get a so called lifetime achievement award mean if not he richest one of the richest women in Hollywood and suddenly you're saying porous. Suddenly Singh were being victim used. Because trump sends out a few weeks telling you calling you guys a bunch of clowns and a bunch of overrated hacks. In other words he calls you out and all of a sudden now. You guys are what. Five minutes away from going now sure it's the what she's talking and it's ridiculous. No look I'm sorry. You know you're there can be given a reward for your acting. Where did your politics come into this or your personal feelings about the election. Just look at how self indulgent they car. Look at Welsh boy you'll be our look at how disconnected from reality they are did it ever possibly occurred her. That for example in the movie theater I was in an Ohio when I was at Ohio University when I saw bridges of Madison County. That its people in the heartland they're responsible for being wealthy because they see your movies. And meat beat many of them voted for trump. And instead of having the humility of Singh who. These people my friends they wanna hear me talk about acting in my career my movies. You don't wanna see or hear another celebrity. Called a more racist or call him a big hit or call him stupid. Because they happened to vote for a different presidential candidate. Honestly it's offensive it's insulting. Okay keep it up and really keep it up. These guys pretty soon about another fiber ten years there's going to be no Hollywood. Keep it up. I mean I'm telling you right now as one text appointed Jeff I boy caught everybody by Clint Eastwood yep pretty much. I like Clint Eastwood are like Mel Gibson and there's a couple of others and that's about it. That's about it. Now. It's not just Hollywood it's the big networks. So as you know the NFL had their playoffs this weekend. The Oakland raiders of the Houston Texans Texans beat the raiders are going to be playing the patriots next up a I'm not worried about bad game but let that go. In the middle of that game it was broadcast on ABC ABC by the way is owned by Disney talk about a mother liberal outfit. So liberal Disney ABC. They have this sit com. Which I've never heard before and told the game I only knew about it because of the game. The that there's a show called black finish. Occasion not gonna do for black people black finish. And it's a movie predominantly. About African Americans it's a pretty much almost all African American cast. Except for one person. And so in this promo in the middle of the game. The as I said it features are predominantly African American cast. But the whole promo about the next episode. Is how much they loans Donald Trump. And so one of the out when the only one losing white character. Her name is Lucy played by Christine. Right command and tells her predominantly African American coworkers this is in the promo. I voted for trump. Before the so called cliche justification. I'm her racist question mark. But I have black friends. And of course the audience is laughing matter in other words. All yeah I yet you voted for trumpet if you have black friends somehow you're not racist sure or. Wink wink you voted for trump. I don't care how many black friends you have the bad means Europe are racist. And then there are other characters who then when they. There showing other characters watching the election outcome but one is crying when they hear that Hillary lost another one is going on on a big. Anti trump ran it. Listen to the promo. Broadcast. In the middle of a game between the Houston Texans. And the open raiders is this what the NFL wants. He won insult football viewers many of whom voted for trump all across the country what you guys wanna go out of business toe. Roll it Brittany a. Wednesday from the three time Golden Globe nominee. He yanked and now it reelection through the eyes. This one I'm sorry it's something you can't let friend. First of all I gotta say this. Can you imagine. If there was a show called whitish. The whitish. About white people. White people's needs white people's sense of humor or. White people's lifestyle. White people's values which may be let's say one token black characters thrown and where they make fun of the black character. The whole movie. It would never get off the runway he. You couldn't even proposing it in Hollywood okay Eric ABC in this case almighty god your bottom. So did double standards and hypocrisy is stunning OK but I say let that go. Let that go jab jab jab jab let it go Jeff. So now. ABC. In the middle of the game witch hunt huge audience high viewership and NFL. You think the way to promote a show. It's to insult. All of these viewers were watching football. Most of whom most likely voted for trump. So you won a split in their faces. And I gotta say this I've got to say that it's. Really honestly I have black friends. I have black friends. So if a white person. How principle for trump and has black friends that still means you're racist. So. If I show with the dignity and integrity. Of not caring about so the color of somebody's skin. And I take them into my home and I take them into my family and I take him into my heart. And I make them part of my circle of friends and I don't care what the color of their skin is. Jurist because I happen to vote for a candidate who I don't know or stop globalism. What and the endless wars in the Middle East will stop the loss of manufacturing jobs will maybe do something about the twenty trillion dollar debt. I don't normally be secure the border so we're not overrun with illegal immigrants in other words because they vote for a candidate. Who's gonna put America first you know all all of us first. That makes me a racist. Even if I have African American friends. Call. Shall only people who vote for Hillary are not a racist. Talk. You know what just happened my friends. Merrill Streep called this is deplorable. Again. And ABC. And Disney that owns them have just called us deplore bulls again. Work here redeemable racists and bigots in their rights that's okay. You can point ABC and Disney on the same list what all we weren't. Blank golf. All right my friends. Meryl Streep Hollywood. ABC now with their show black finish. I insulting trump voters. Is it time for conservatives to say enough is enough. Is it time dough boy card ABC. Disney which owns ABC. And much of liberal Hollywood. I say yes I agree disagree. Brittany what are the poll results. Thus far. 92%. Say yes. And eight cents and are you I mean your beak. I'm saying I watched that when she did her speech and I thought gee he is or football game on media and may fight I can watch. Because. This is ridiculous I can't believe it she even went there. You wasted your whole species stooges bad about president ala it makes no sense now at laughing because. They pin the cameras into the audience. In bear celebrity's crying. And then there's like Mel Gibson and I thought it was a momentous. But Al like all my garage again if she just went there galaxy makes no sense of who was completely incoherent this makes no sense whatsoever yeah. Exactly but. Yeah I change the channel I'm done I'm not going to the movies at Myanmar I was like oh what does he get Chester by the cease so Babbitt I've got to go any mar. Don't bother. They're not missing much believe me after I saw PGA at Sam Mike Garrett forget about it. I gotta tell you that was a brutal review of patriot today is it still up on wrko.com. Slash corner anyway Jenny are. Everybody go read it. Brittany of that movie bombed I think you're gonna be single handedly responsible. I'm not gonna see it now because of britney's review she sought and she says it's thanks a political correctness. So you can read their review and decide for yourself. Carol in Peabody go ahead Carol. Hold Jeff I am sorry I think they definitely paid Ahmedabad did not get and I don't say that they. And we have campaign silent so let them little Garnett then got mad men know. It. And that got template. And. Till 4 AM a Carol on continental announced how they won't until I don't. And drug addicts basically and that's what I was thinking promising to Meryl Streep. Hold on don't you guys have some kind of I don't rehab at the gold who were they a year and a heck. Isn't that isn't there is some kind of a sex scandal you guys meet did what I but I let my Hollywood stars pretrial. OK but attempt at snort odd couple lines of my Coke off a hookers rare renders something come on guys the what the program here. Seth in Indiana Europe next go ahead Seth. How are you are good Marines. Mean I'm disabled 21 year old millennial who did support trump. And that's kinda got eaten the U racist you. You and it's silly and it but I would deplorable allowed created deplorable educated teacher I would deplorable. That the. Seth I'm just curious because you're mentioning your disabled. Why do you think Meryl Streep because she's so upset about trump mocking that supposedly mocking that disabled New York Times reporter. What about that torture video that we're white kid. I am I'm not I'm not amendment is similar and I'm actually blind and I've been blind since the first started that thing that. This is listen don't need to buy a song juicy to. And the Pacific coast thing you would not believe. How many. Art art that they didn't this reporter. Who you want monopoly common disabled people are falling for this life. I mean this it's. Yeah that I know he didn't I saw the video you and I know he didn't mock but he's the reporter. He didn't get it and and you know what not police how many disabled people. I would liberals and how many how many of them vote for Hillary I mean I got a call from the debate. From. It was in the first presidential debate the next morning at 6:30 in the morning. My my friend called me achieve certain gallon about how oh. Pilloried this so I'm like he wanted to support a woman that debt sold. National international. Put our national security at risk. And just. I'm disappointed that there has been disabled community. Because half of them. Support Hillary and are half of them are defending this reporter. And that they want to attack. Donald Trump and I would be in perfect. You know call me disabled people actually voted for Hillary and how we voted for trump but I can't seem to find those numbers. Settlement looked into that in god bless you and thank you for that call Seth look. You may be blind you said your blind from birth but unlike many you can truly see. You can see the truth. And may god bless you. Okay my friends I'm up against that I got to go right back after this news break coming up next. The intelligence community goes all and it's now rush. Dogs go in yet. Don't touch that dial.