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Jan 8, 2017|

Sound off features 3 generations of our Military Combat Veterans and each are prominent in the local Veteran / Military community.

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Welcome to sound bad. They show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. Sports and politics. With a less than point 5% of US population actively serving in the military itself. Veteran perspective. In Massachusetts. Sound off on help. We'll host on children we have a special guest as far from the naturalists regional transit authority. Feel a lot to talk about in the next hour hope the ones enjoying. The new year always certainly a lot of sellers wanted to introduced that cohost strive it was a. Want to coordinate some awkward. Couple phone holidays through Christmas and new we knew as soon. You know that's the ovals behind Goosen parent who wounds were door rogue program and so stupid to know when. But I'm looking forward to a twenty so we're seeing here of WR Kerry 04 so porous than ensemble from. Covering some pro we mean when. Improved a sports delusional. Little often ask you both done a little bit but and I wanna choose you to you've been on the show before but just remind us. Vietnam War. And read coroner in like John Levine at violent slam outnumbered ten because my sweetie could make it so on. You know all try to make it through through the show on and one piece Bo let's say. So you wrote no but when you could've went to work fuel. Would salute tells me the man who would like you were revealed. And our job cool. No but I don't listen wouldn't. Sun introduced that only John all right you know occurred in Nazi territory starting a new location. Eight federal officials say they India thanks so much for ask me back. It's a real long and who and puke you guys and I think yeah. The show is becoming a real hit a bomb veterans that I talk with anyway. Think you have a good thing known him I promised not to screw up. Wants a vote. Pretty at all. But I do want off ultimately showing a lot of sort on the float the Vietnam war in the morning you're making out there Framingham. John which I was a reporter on now when he people follow violent if you wanna give us a little update on. On all the good stuff you you're you're doing. Well that's that's wonderful. You hearing about that the the monument. Sits right outside my office window island. I I have to tell you I am just amazed. At the amount of people every day. Let's stop by and take pictures of it and just look and reflect well on Vietnam veterans. And their families. Combined. But but what's more amazing to me was you know without a lot of advertising last weekend we did this fiftieth commemorative canned. The idea that the authority in you know. Honestly it wasn't publicized as wells are included in or even showed up and we had. Over seventy veteran show up for that together can opinions and I'm reflect on the monument so I'm. Amazed and happy and you know thanks for. Mentioning it and and I hope you know people that. Have a chance succumbed to Framingham. At. Some point or another stop by fifteen bland and haven't take a look at this thing it's really it's really work of art. You are. Wanna that you want to square O Karl agreed. That gives month we are all Bowman and people think that's true looks like me real some animals are I'll watch Rambo. Don't let John go hello ma you know in my known to do is woman moves you Malone spoke to people might view wolves were mostly alone whom Burton you know. But no. In Willard to wanna civilians had stumbled student should. And you'll I want to being quoted from an actual. Along with you know baritone for young. Africa and I think we saw a loaf. Squashed. News and and W we have people joined the world war. And possible. Cold. Two. And for re professional group. You know who knew him good tool an awful lot of deployed so many times. And group that help low now I knew we we're Conway who was just promoted to full crumble. Personal people's Princeton. Who some stress you hopeful omen we're far drugs presented your argument. You know been the veterans art and grew to appreciate that and artists into next whom Sloan circulatory you morning. You know it was nice for him to compliment and lend his support to the occasion we had two representatives from the framing him area represented Walsh and representative of gentility. And we also had a member of the governance council good friend of you losing and constituents it is. Marilyn's of Cheney was there. Yeah solutions are actually with a new woman sorts overdue American legion post war fought in new moon which. In the old Driscoll will always seems to wound to introduce new speaker of the polls communes and. Well we knew that we don't need introductions and inform younger you know everyone knows you life span Q and we have. Wood on top for putts children and I don't think it is decision ducks right you know I just I'd want Florida and I just you know when I make my notes initial disappointment. For John well suited to -- much but thumb before. We go too much through the rumba was sure what wanted to promote the fact that Mike Sweeney the art call holds. Our reward Kohl holds the slope would post a currency use the veterans sort of a swath of sofa so you'll win. In here who's open it to others and help from people who were victims of the fire. So we shall open for veterans to Carlson. Do. You don't some cool things golf America to want more of veterans sort of slow for solutions for. It's so we room it's definitely his real his abilities if you go there though he drew a lot of people affected by. Happy though if some on the shoulder that does help something because you know what I we just kinda. You know. Well we're here at times come under more. Closely at him to fly some. Well my physical for us. An audio or intolerant Odom but I'll move on to law. What will go light first I think are all things wrong. And sullen flight. Yeah I guess audio only of bubbly. South on flag. The united resolutions to dozens of the united. And off we already went through sentinel when I thought it. How come in from one that's all you wrote him and amendments are compiled over it was a modicum wired cell phones and go for it improves oh. No no was solutions. To feel I don't Dutch I don't yeah are you as soon usable stuff Mo. It's the corporate gain don't celebrate the stuff you know. You know advocates of Valentine's you know exert upward you know don't clues as to when a problem. He'll be McKee under. It did. So yeah me the there are that I gave up drinking and smoking about thirty years ago when you know college is good what's left I was looking to get an untreated for six weeks I don't know what can do it I don't think you got through six now I know I've got to admit I you know as of right now on dates go. And yeah fools they and his sons alone drinking and should you know preservatives. Go through soon now did you know all about the injury. It's Putin's rule yeah. And but. You know I don't know if you see any movies. This past week or so but the Booth the patriots they movies out of the movie but the Boston Marathon. I would talked about this before of are still all are a lot of people there who are. They say it's it's it's a little too soon to be doing a movie on it shouldn't be Don and they're too many people affected by it. What you're thoughts on that John you know do you think will be should be gone or is she should've waited there. Well. Form your own children alone. Won't works. Yeah. Fought across the Islam also was a few way to much longer someone else would toward the usual bars the important. He wanted to do you fault and us. Noon. Our over months or you move real clear agreement talent and when I won a whole book two W reduce them. War actually moment. We have three Schultz also although you could mark a ticket to slow war apparently view what do people do want to see them. But. Through some new. Push for our card just from settlements obviously and what alone you know war. He's not put Troy new mood of real was that we are greens have always seen some yes he's. Put Troy in your news or come pause of you know some slow walk. I don't don't buy it I don't think of two thirds to slow. Whom the wildcat. Aaron. And some veteran I've seen. The American sniper was involved around veterans and has jumped lone survivor rose on Afghanistan veterans in you know that there are there are many movies that don't and portrait of a war. There when he veterans in the communities that see these movies at that they may have been part of those battles we know we've heard it would say and driver Ryan. Definitely affect the long war two veterans. You know obviously it's going to be tough for certain mr. people around you Boston small town. What people know victims and a lot of people were affected by net. Saudis is going to be tough. But nationally. You know what was it means people. I think. I think that the fears that we never tell these stories we'll never really know broiler treatment. We'll get to a little bit later but I mean Q policies terrorist attacks on. You know like you thoughts on. Or haven't seen the movie counsel. I can't. Comment on. On whether it's good or it's from my perspective broad. They make a good point a vote even veterans will be watching on. Probably all of the Vietnam and impose on him is very few will know and tax. You know one point one thing I used to. Tell people. Just think I'll put too awful metal jacket or any Agassi. You know all those things happen but they didn't happen to one. You know. There were all factual in if you if you took him out of context but. All the Capital One between what you don't. Really understand in a movie is sometimes. How to treat T. Know how many how many how many hours did you spend Afghanistan. That you just bored in my. Home sick whatever that that term variable eggs yeah exactly you can't he got a Hollywood and I think that did this movie's probably has the same. Element to it's Hollywood does. So is it true. On some level that is what is it. Is of the documentary he thinks. I'm not I'd I do think there is they need to have some sort of you know hall Olympic trials sort of stuff I mean it's. It's unfortunate that mastered the that this soared as people might happen I think that it's worthwhile to talk about. Closet or across the country hasn't hit a good ratings. I hear it's. I don't want to go and I was going to move. The period proves that you would soon humps so for certain books. What Doug said. Some. Good you to. Three shoals and roll sold will be you couldn't have been too and civil war. Well I mean you can make this this same argument I guess with the Whitey Bulger story you know that don't really play well across the country around here and police are doing and not actually good examples of this a lot of people in this town of Austin or affected by the you know. I mean some bad memories but I think for the the vast majority of people it's important sorted tell. And a bright red plot maps for vulnerable period. Yeah he's the glorified view of mobsters and you read up. It was a glorified deal or no real. To speak through a movie or commendable we overrun. We do refusal Bob. Over Poland and by the beach. To really peace peace. So what do you would you have palm trees. And that's what you don't want and they civil suit its flu black masks and more room. Slowly moves by our tomato local a couple of on that album and so that's what they took action shall sign. And everything put enough of Cologne it's available in such as. Well. By the way we should think of Hurt Locker. I was among Obama is horrible I hate go why why why does not accurate at all I was moved by that movie and only one scene really moved me. That is when that guy went into the grocery store if you come home that. He saw all these boxes of cereal. And who mostly make a decision I mean you can make your life and death decisions on wires. Make it disillusionment series. And those good. There was just there was a scene in Americans liberally came that uses these days car fixed news that the mechanics shop and you know kind of brought back now. Those so that part is good but the actual combat. Bunkers as odd bogus. And then what vehicle convoys. No he would. We are phenomenal that people don't know if you wanted to just show movies. That we actually did. Long long time ago. Solo home run. You know popular shows on accurately the property undertakings. You need from spewed up. We've. Sony was on in movies that I grew up watching. You know to a very nice story. Like Lotta that happen but it just happened one room right. Mean. Alex you formal action to release between. The I am sorry is. That accurate picture except for the part where the guy gets the bullet and shoots himself that could never happened in Paris I would never liked it right. But it's funny. Now life imitates art or drill sergeants just use all the same 11. We have a guy he snuck in Orange. To the bag. And he got Colin so of course the drill sergeant put up you know I'd go far in rest position to push ups on sort of stuff that he is the orange. Rail will be a bullet was that it Kate Garrett but it's those cookies yeah. Assistance. Organized cookies. That so. Future. Your toes and it is time to dedicate to see you would do couldn't resist the temptation. Although. I'm sure they can Italy yes it if you don't storage. And told you afterwards. I don't know. Who else can you it's joked no we're out of kind of up bad habits. It's really don't mean did you wind and the long period you were we'll send you an all Muslim. You're Muslim restore the book. Caloric. Target that audience he was a fat blog. And put drones were the words well wolf one and one made the huge. It's singles group which you should Nokia and pitted and will we could attract little squadron. Who about it. Food drones Schwartz the roar come forward toward Clinton effectively. And drones for the Blue Man Group. Maybe you would Cuban Americans over. She's core. As part. From one way or dumped. Him when moon review we'd. We'll mobile I don't know we've looked his immortal story. It's always been cut to the end. Well we'll be chancellor and if you would have to pick the wrong. And I'm. In both. Salt. And the Russell whom was sort of a really long marshals. Source good character building or none of them truck who won't control you were room emotion emotions when you bought them. Event. Who we are too remote or he could not doom gloom and you Pau looks that way yeah applicable to a three weeks left Google. He's kind of from book what while still cute towards the schools were advised by that don't listen to motivation. The page showed off what was the neutral instruct just what a slide a brief look at them ramble moon who move. In the mid Marco. Also Rory and stomach but it don't fall. But it you rules stomach. They wouldn't wouldn't go to well. Such big stable we took no shots. Seoul book that I often wounded you would too who pull ups when I was and we molded to abort its all of the it is. Well. We always joked well that's sort of level this trains most fun you know again as the earth stories like that off that. Yeah you forget the sleep deprivation. The lack of food getting yelled at some of the stories did just funny. He's like the one half. I thought well that was the food guide you'd feel pretty good. Than it. At the end when I'm wrong with you know would we we knew we made it through all that the checklist is supposed to do they give us a dress uniforms and we now on. We had digital side. Pulled you know and we be downstairs outside the thing that we had to go when and he he had his plan. Different uniforms the other so you had to go get here. It just popular form what you PT shorts no mention. That you you combat socks and take pictures. It's still enough for an hour so just. Oh no not you guys they're on. Not nice they litigate it yeah how. You get a VP few short certain. You take it your boots. We don't Carlin who knew noise when I'm with my you don't throw the church we went through could also Ireland the double. But George was Oprah basketball players vote. Maybe you managed all of them. Anyway to poked wonder and one. In I was a football player and a word to fortify. Them on the useful with them weights and 21 when Swenson. Along wanna get from view them the door over rules for some sort of cannon. Training. You get to the Marine Corps Jay's what more marshals that one climb ropes conflict that. Well you'll store the dual slide. A global swept. Issue and a one oval much global follow up two woods whose peace in the and and we can go from rifle range one. Is done. By the way it is called a global scheme brought it was for a probe if you please don't throw the room smog. Little water on the evening news now. So everybody who you call ugly and handsome but he calls and do you go through that belt would have incurred in but he called student loans for. Sort of broad goals skinny programs from redundancies. And pulls its shingle little black boy. And shoals always times he filed a pool we wrote the reform. That whole ton some burdensome throats this little kid would do him in this wounds. Just the Pope wanted to Clark once. The moon and it was still blow them far it's one week off which. Slow. No Faust fool would we're graduating two birds before here and it's just like Kyle's. Slain. We know over a road uniforms on. And it will instruct. All of a sudden Arnold since. Dude but you recognized to Islam when hopeful on foot and you move forward you know the utilities that. I did you know they wouldn't be you know when you don't want sold slow walk this way he swings just come off from. So we. Stunts and helpful tool. Well content when no war room and dark because of four someone from old slug a platoon company and Hewitt who. And number one goals. So that's warm that's. Hope you hit it calls for our programs you'll notice or get up here. It puts me on the fourth war Arco and has been true in the round you know so we're reward could spin that I exactly. Google's I'm really proud of fuel. You know. An event that goes Juno little worlds and abused him that states. Miles or worse he's the marbles or. You're on bubbles gonna rule below what could work to chew through you would to a big fat ugly slog polls polls but. Slung right on patrol few years ago Woodward's oh run them all the time and keep that wouldn't. Men. I'm not known entity quick break and hold off separately. If you are some of sound. And voice plus. Oh. Good. One Arab. What I'm on the what else if it's true us return trip transit authority and a chance of basic training some reason. We've learned that John the name without rather. It is full of the wonderful story vote so what they've Huey. The that that this case. But as these videos photos and. A true story it was probably some drugs that were flooded supplemental is from blondes from wounds wound that McDonnell and petroleum room a platoon to get missiles probe into fuel for Muslims who shall. Well if you wanna share your stories of those please fill me to sound off from the Buick you know it you know calm so while we're about to hear it in remote votes aren't. Generous as what fat brother please don't let us know. But and you wanna tell and North America this let you for the LS story wasn't not necessarily be in. In boot camp at Paris island actually. On the opposite I skated through what I went through with. Without a lot of Arctic. Is the goal yes under the ring you know I was under the ray you don't want them a million names that's right the only time they daily. Placed into my name was on the right foreign trade did pretty well so that was that's. Kinda what they'll look for him but but my story ghost of Vietnam whose. House in this hole in Vietnam because it's you know. We've talked about boot camp we talked about this. Cases that system could Jesus. Kind of a fine line drill instructor if I have to see that guy again gonna kill it just showed. Said it was when he talked about pieces. This guy holes on my head off then you don't care he says he never saw. And when guys used to screw up you bring the sorrow. And styles aren't it's. This works is it's all about. So what was his name. And he told me the guy's name the guy was from my hometown and a new public. So years later you almost thirty years later I ran into the guy again and I told the story and says listen. Gonna be watching out here this is even thirty years later. Unbelievable. Woo what happened mobile slot origin of the embryo rude but but that's annoying I'll be doing that can knows this I mean it was like. You know there motivational tools warrants. You know nerve walls. And Wilson before we lose Wendell Ford Apple's vision. Found pro war with Tony and I came out of room cooler moments would feel. Some who went to work roll them what happened world's. There's a field radio forward. I was on board show. Dude and I have the TARP where are you know what life tunes were excellent the TARP one's a 11 and when what it's one one of the week are you still read show growth to slow hard and swing probably dark. And Motorola yeah Russell Arnold welcomes them Koppel and weapons in South Carolina. There's some stuff the swing that only went to sleep in until you couldn't say it needs a big deal and some of them are pretty once it. That's unit and soul food the Russell that's why don't always. And have you patrol Kyle Vogt humorous exploits in the Marine Corps is a tackle on the Marine Corps football team. I Polly things well I'm already here now. Please tell does this well this explains a lot and I just kind of tolerating alleged. Over well I think it's thing keys he does a pretty good job talking about so you know. Well. Simply missed your excellent new and Arco to cancel more rigorous coupon eligible voters vote jobs. And and under the snow tackles you know Asencio let's listen to that cut and open dark. And it was slump they ram football which was more points strong links to those. Same. Specifications. For the football field but only needed him football slope. We steals and four. Should the world need that fast you know slow and me and it's a pretty well. Put. Well it's a sees too long. Low and it isn't good here to support a technique and will be filled room apologized for what it took some aggression and which are you enjoy it won't tell you that we all start and and we the Marines would agree and we deal would think 52 were 54. See of him. And every time the Marines school have been cleared the courtroom. And soared to borrow more couple scripts and accords when you put them record would come with function perfectly able to end the audience food crow wants. Standing tension. Now that was claimed that made him mention if we put. You know. You know warming this year. Well like we gave a few points to you're right we we don't bet 2170. Clinton little footnote that. Government that was soul and no victories there's pictures Victor notes hollow victory alike because because. You got to see when you look at the service can please you know navy in the I mean and he of course that meaningful. Trophy yours the commander in chief probably due for this area from Washington formally of Chicago wasn't there. Which meant that the airforce or anyone trophy before the game evens and so it was hugely. But still our first name and straight up what you didn't show. I would think so. Let's stop viruses namely straight up yet on partnership so that that happened. And down you know but it. Scrimmage and Arnold ago. We're gonna listen to it's all you have won once over and even though it was a just still I was an ex general I mean it really loving was oh. A lot like I did it was even Tryon. They always thought army does the army dispute a pretty good the scores real active. Well the situation opponent and she went and worked and we have a fourteen point of view don't trust our senator. Maybe came in with so over the team before he would six months ago when mom could soon. Route one on me and acting tough establish credit and salami screw John you know they don't they get. That that new coach Jeff Monica who. Who by the way he used to via an assistant for many many years of Paul Johnson's. And we went out Annapolis that time he was style and he was an assistant. And was the little boy is Sloan the two were goal I'll loan you looked at him the and apple cinema that was in correctional neutered you know mostly great. So it wouldn't you know what salute and and I heard Kyle me to comment to vote these you know the wishbone. Who dull is as competitive you know football today but. What's your favorite music what do you what do you really like from DC DC's and got a little. Young younger like the Pearl Jam the gras world I am status of the ninety's as well anymore. Option football this way. Like remote side no I mean it is a beautiful thing issues and a beautiful thing when you honestly I want hitting when you want. Paul Johnson coach. Option football it's like moats. Stradivarius. And ours is. For all you can if you go to court I got a little overblown we'd whom we'll march you know. Each piece juice it's like oh it's it's it's. But it is not it's you know it's it's an appetite it's tasted some don't and and you don't we were called to me how to find assist them. To teach young kids dead because they're on strike this right cargo to throw the ball you gonna get something else that works. Option football perfect you know fit in perfectly but that comes an age where and when you know parents and. Rooms evolved through the Dallas provable you know and and you know nine to twelve rulings. Can happen when you throw the ball enough that you know I was able to eleven hours good. That group with some books what. Do we. In my face. Only three things can happen to me into this world. Dionne you're you're outnumbered update because you know radio season's over fourteen until world view is that is the work force treatment when patriots problem frequencies and it would have been at least. But it's fifteen and one of those bills one McConnell fox appropriate on the via that that Seahawks once it was a close you know you gotta you've seen York's court for the they're toddlers and dropped snap which he never does you know it's not all perfect season could be. Could be in this one could be we do would you referred season and some people in the room with the my withdrawal from its. The move comes that's the queen of friends who do your own team and the feel even more than what was exciting games. And strong. But I hope you are thinking and bankruptcies and an MVP it. Our hopes the music as these statistics. And I think she's only threw interceptions. So it worked at an all oval. You know some people go acquired that and fuel we waited. Twelve and the sixth team to ends. That should disqualify. Him food that you can pretty. They might also flight were important for art that you went through when conceptions as we deployed twelve to the absence of sorts and put. And so what I mean missiles and experienced than the gradual. And ruled that old. Of course subsidies from the student. Deisler the oval room food to influence and legal teams. You know high school in patriots Francies U dwellers solo albums weapons and we have called for most of them and you know we use for intelligent individual when your reasons were you it's two of slogans of the old you are. Hopefully you would put up for. A victory. But I'm sure he would do you have beautiful goal through war one mobile I'm so poor people excellence while working for form. Should the the listeners get their tickets for Houston post through ball obviously to walk one month. Who's gonna screen and an award Pittsburgh Pittsburgh his vote to pass portable Cubans who. Can't see scares in Kansas say don't scare me Foxborough and turn them. You know Oakland to blow renewed for a group now and it should be yeah house committees angst towards coach car world. Dreams. Why are putting it out there as a company that's known well you know flow. Of arms. Great idea about these carriers world you hope. Just the audience while though. Yeah well. Question for you guys I was listening to him last week and his question. You know you brought up Tom Brady. Unity last week you talked about Ortiz. And you know his greatness and in the Boston athletic scene and you know I was. It's our man on TV with with Ted Williams. Larry Byrd bought New York. Yeah when alum Bob broke out of Chicago area. So I get that picture in my house actually take upholstery right in Kenya and Ortiz to. Tia. Bill Russell to the Bill Parcells should absolutely be guided tour and he Tom Brady and like what. Is Tom Brady even though we still play in is he in that category. Ted williams' blog view more. Larry Bird. Bill Russell I think our communities I think he's better than Mark Hughes and guard and no one's gotten a tropical. Up for vertebrate. Yeah it does measurements. This well I'll tell you I have certain does that there was some discussion window. Last week to play edit aptly entitled they'll rustle. It thinks Obama winning trumps over you know a colleague crowns did it to Edwin you know hitting crowds and that nothing goes. These are our posed the question to go and what she's so the Google willful and in that no movement and I don't know what is gonna ever handle aren't but I definitely a case where Ortiz. An analogy Ortiz mr. Williams. As. Byrd is too Russell. Different position different different in different ways the affected the game that. They're a team. You know but still analysts. They were. Absolutely great assets and plus. Us. Who's a commendable 12. After. If you would soon to meet him. Today where and when go out. New ball hits the question quit with the greatest coaches Boston's. And culture. Please. Go check. Nobody before him well read our. Goals. Are back and Belichick is. Harrison. Yeah it's great teams. He put dios hungry teams around the world some great players and coach them. Well. I'm Bill Russell was a coach for couples is Nadia. No absolute. I think it was a blast would much better players and coaches. But Google want with him package. So particularly graceful move. Yes I'll be active coaches really come to that. Lemon at the tough ones which are open championships. It wouldn't really feel well other Red Sox would Belichick be on that level it was for Brady and voice rose. And that's that's great debate and I think if if they're gonna own for that Brady suspension That's Hollywood hard especially nationally. US air to celebrate Belichick's thanks. And interest and I really do think that. I thought audience hello. Result didn't look the same and operating but they still want. Also eleven man game and when you look at oh in the field takes eleven guys to win with this which is the beauty of the option again. And down. Wheldon won the triple option and what it was cook who could takes on. And the size lines and yet because of the angle block I was and that's what got us going was invented a point three million and slugged it out. Attempt helped load the kids. No deal if you watch Paul Johnson and and I don't try to watched any Georgia Tech Kansas again. And and I've followed his career for almost when he is now if you look at what he's doing. You'll read option that's coming out in the in the pro snouts stunning to get popular with cam knew now some of these other guys. That's that's Paul Johnson is trying to develop George checked true. He goes the triple option but now he's he's got a kid to control the ball I mean he's a senior this year about. You know kids that wanna play in the pros never wanted to go to navy or Golda. Some of these other schools and now we have slowly filtering into Georgia Tech Georgia southern. You know just to name a couple schools. Yeah it's. They've gotten some good receipt of those rules schools. Close look particularly with particularly that Lamar Jackson this kid. They could do the option and and read option I think because he's I'm. And he can run. But in the mostly spent so much money for quarterback and our program up and a couple of years. London thing and oppose Rondo with the exception camp knowing that these guys get hurt too much yeah. Ambulances. I think that maybe some that was his head that's not quite screwed on properly bush. You look at his season washing use that you was you know you can have all right I mean concede he's when he starts running you feel linebackers right. And he certainly be on an offensive after safety. There are some actual spectrum up for a moment when you talk talk controlled the Floyd picked through a room food Erin as false knew exactly. I was a few moments way triggered the truth is Tiger Woods pulling him who. So you know and Dutch forward to it looked. Lol tiger Porsche. Source wouldn't be good it's a mere rumor it's been for a come here insulin. Cool window valve always human. Card folded up so big. To whom got tired to move twenty you know so so well in the news would have Pope Leo those both derivative Goldstone. Happens it's what what Google. Movies. And avoid. Who flew to the health of the U wanna tell us your thoughts behind you had a flaw not exactly your home. Unknown entity could break you know it's enough KO am succeeded was off. And through them. Wolf welcome back this is the word according did shall I am so well welcomed with 117. Months is going to be view what are we. To total scope of slope and for some sort of loosens for veterans in addition some confidence. But today and what I won the two words remind all the you should go from you local. Citi would tone hall and meet with you veteran considerable slog for slowed to deal scouts. Possible benefits and serve some disputes. Com you'll applying for compensation. And pension. Oil. If you need some and find mutual goal or help with medical expenses and the ovals links please call. Whom you veterans group so awful slew located. At your local sued your tongue call. It's the world according to Juwan. Tart to next week. Found a phone or let my cohost on recuperate and as controversial as regional transit authority. We'll have much time more photo just wanna give you faulty thoughts on the upcoming inauguration. Some of the stuff or stand. You know CN UN deals while Israel at the last minute. It's it's it seems that there's all there's a lot going on so when you out there. What a tornado. I'm looking forward to console market shouldn't fine. Giving every single thing would. Susan Gilbert has with the election it was gonna and and you know I mean. Now look who's going to be pro toast and go. I put the fly the flag down on Hampshire College. Well for good Boudreau Brussels that we're going to be going go around. To listen to protest the election people are going to be. Or two ago. Hired you streets and Larkin Newton. You know trying to be disruptive. In them that. I don't agree with you I'd forgotten excellence look like noon through world country and one's golf what competence. A country we should just. You have peace part of partly when you have an inauguration. It's a celebration. Over. Democracy. Peace and exactly what you'll agree with schools the porcelain emblem on. It was on the on the peaceful manner in which should continue what walking out board. In Seoul I'm not salient and support strong poem or or not support them I'm Jocelyn and what's. What's before peaceful transfer of a move on Powell. Dude who wouldn't go that path and then you can rule of course w.'s. You know a victory for you would jewels mentioned your digital programs what level blip on this particulate. In the of the embargo ration what's just peaceful. Transfer now. The poetry and John blah activities like. What he said Kyle you know absolutely. Tiger you go to cause of my favorite philosopher Rodney King who can we all shall scuttle wants. OK you know it's. 'cause electrons tough time zone the you'll of his party controlled congress and the senate but a it is thought it was that the popular vote while we hope to great hope will be that that congress. Worked together in which they haven't done for the last eight years. You know unfortunately it looks hopefully and just new president will feel like Toledo. Galvanize this congress and I'm working together get something done. Be more business like you. Ultimately. Opportune for them through my old Wharton I wanna see who was ego or point two couldn't judge who department of veterans of feuds are always. Now what change us might occur or are ruby to blow one Nancy do you privatized. And once you I mean what happens. Hopefully over the years who has become specialists and killing four entrance of it. Quarter due to win. Traumatic brain injury and contiguous to doodles she's gonna reputations are a couple wins on the ovals for exemption or hopes oracle stuff. If you want a piece on guidance of one of veteran a tomb in Prague of the arc that just because. That dark ovals at you fast you know now you're right thank you want them to be going to people specialize some of these things slow. I'm throwing petrol some of them how Google how she's trump will be handled and out of the way. All our not my friend expletives. Native. Announcement and who else will affect if that's what takes fodder right person Soviet a couple of weeks is that there isn't a big deal and although. It was some 27 TV news what there's good car compared to win means put a problem. Memorial to those 61 veterans from Willis were too old Julia enemies here in the old. Commemorative pins the Sony three you know if you vote for him as well as Mexico. Too well and songs and. Social code and non kitten on what you just said what would you pick if you try. Right now you know one true treat people. Oh well I'll global money yes well. I actually do it sector McDonald who's who's currently there right now I do I wanna I wanna veteran which is typically. What what does happen. Our I don't want someone has a vast experience in the medical field because that's the biggest that the VA does offer. Com sometimes that they don't they don't put people that don't know medical science that is the most pressing issue. At the VA so we shall see bona. We do got to wrap it up though. Big Brother. John I. Stepbrother. There's so much floors and I'm gonna go back and forth on how exactly is gonna work. Thanks for everything you know show on and card thanks for coming in its original us billion up in Brooklyn did you. Thanks thanks John. Let just wants it all you listen veterans mostly family members thank you for your service our great country a council vote listen to sound off an American you know succeed that was. We'll. It's.