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Sound Off 1-1-17

Jan 1, 2017|

Sound off features 3 generations of our Military Combat Veterans and each are prominent in the local Veteran / Military community.

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Welcome to sound bad. They show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. Sports and politics. With a less than point 5% of US population actively serving in the military itself. Veteran Chris. In Massachusetts. So. We'll post on the you'll likes me world wishing you a happy new years of local was when it was pretty good. During the show today on national bank overnight sort of muscle our food to wrap up 2016. And you talk about our host in June 2007 and such on right they don't tell us. Do you. Three did hand through. Now but hang out these. Words do we take him and over world including Newt. You can slow and you. It was a it was a new photos and uncertainty comes exactly. And injured her first. Oh thanks continent that's good like I don't. Buccaneers have needs to do was employed to a brand new year gets them. Musically Lewis picked overweight kids life that. I'm pretty good on that in writing for this in my way so I was left and the kids were. They had some did some comments on the music you play calling in and out of breaks so. He gets the career going so that they don't blame. Anyone else could make a go we slice it would go to a couple people. Some published. They would go Condo. Well they're it will only bring in at eleven in solitary demographic you don't want to give you iTunes will put them. And so therefore it. So long we do first segment on on some of the biggest stories. We talked about in 2017. Kind of just. Wait a minute 2006 Louisiana don't call center don't confuse mobility 2006 until after. And a soaring over just you know I think. I think though the most fun I had was lashing out at Hampshire College this past year. But John wanna get your thoughts on what some of your favorite news topics of the aware. And anyone's it's a very good. I'll oh when the tickets that humans. Do from me so but Tom Brady of Fallujah school. You know could tell. You know suspend them for. Four days in sports those would concede you know that did not open but I'd fit and help the patriots you know kept tomb. You know healthy food bowls total fool digs while older you don't offer and so why you Joseph old coalesced wounding him. Worked for doubles soy outgrow sobered one. You know I think our program. His sweetheart them to review revoke to from them for a prudent some position moves are part we would sort of old the board shoot and things like. And programs that'll I hope veterans and but you know there are tons W. And you annual an ongoing shouldn't slow wound that song when Mobil one. And I'm gonna throw Obama more income noodles see what happens from maybe Oprah couldn't few incidents. Crucial goals salon. I think Hampshire College was a lot of fun but I think the only story for this year that chapter and almost every show was trump. Yeah and even who also doesn't always still I'm Okur and obsolete and it shall seem sort of who you know that's. It was always there and all that and still lose in all of this they were just talking about some of the concern just what he did in the debates as they. But Jeb Bush getting beat up I mean both. They view this time last year ever assumed it would be Jeb Bush vs Hillary you know how that work out where it is about the predictions are always go well but I think. We ended up by the ship I mean the first part of the year I think most of the year was that when public front it was a parlor game. What should he said. He said this he's the only editor of the way and he just doubled down on on everything and did that. He is now about to be no. Don't know because art and I was so long loose on the colonial whom Jerusalem in nineteen booze award every few months there was another last gasp. And it was the press or if you ever trappers you know first. He they would have a little loudly at the non denomination. Golfers who never went out I was usually would when Iowa and he would win New Hampshire that he wouldn't win. The nomination there was some sort of procedural way to gonna get out of the nomination we just got through that. Absolutely absurd you notion that the Electoral College was gonna. Stop him from. Actually when he and I wonder what the next. Thing is going to be I just think we have to. It it's gonna be a guarantee you next year 2017 he will still be the top story. Not from and what goes over campaign you know looking forward to and future. Some people write books and talk about I hope they do that. That Everest he fire you fired the stuff place. That there was talk he wasn't even doing poll. He did so much on Twitter it was between the middle of the night musical but people's body had no chance of that. He's he beat up on Clinton and only election could support. Clinton on the ground like a solution that was to scold the old one home as calm controlled so I'm only to whom people would probably robots all you mean I was like it was a Republican National Committee that went together and sort of to route to their credit that's where rants. Wright's previous his city where he's sitting. Right and that's that's the thing to do was even just trumpet and they gain seats in the house and senate and and I am Republicans are actual race itself. And it's it's craziness stuff and hopefully not what do I think a lot of people predicted maybe that's just the the biased media. But I certainly know what we were led to believe. Yeah wanna poke your own terrorists are reported little room land slow. Germany drew admin from Orlando. Instruments and I didn't you once I don't know those facilities and dollars and was one of it was him but he knows and it's costing as well I mean we and it's become sadly that food is not a problem. It's become normal you know in every time there was another shooting people get up there and the the debate over the first couple weeks would be. You know was this workplace violence and what is terrible luck that president Dimitris does the sad thing is that that is the narrative goes 12 ways based shoe looks like. Is it goes 00 ball. Don't search type all Muslims like this may not be terrorism or it's got to get rid of guns. That's yet and that's what he's always goes and I think we hear the music and country we have to be a walk and chew gum and talk about those pixels at the same time we Q does that. Sad part is. What happened down in Orlando for example. People talked about it is it had to be either or. Either he zone homophobic. War he was an Islamic terrorist. I don't know you know again it is now once the war but I can tell you the policies on mutually exclusive and we think I'll prices. It's on homosexuals roofs story and so you know killing them it's quite awhile so. An editor's note tolerance of homosexuality in. The culture. Well. The diesel cars on one bill. And I don't think we solve the problem if we don't know what it is and that one. It's an about going on saying exactly what it is if you knock it in you whatever term people choose you know visit Islamic fundamentalism or. You work but the idea that you're pretending that it's not. Something that's related to crisis related to Islamic terrorism is I think. Fortunately I can't even comprehend. That leads on putts and a fifth biggest story to which would be what what are we doing Syria Iraq. Specifically answer me socialist signs. Because it it ties into what the Russians are going toe and Russians propping. Aside and we're hoping that rumbles in the in his crisis there and you know there's there's a whole lot of confusion and we've called for some clarity on a show on. Still don't quite understand what we're doing over there. You know and a speech patterns we certainly don't buy the idea that we're just advising. The rebels and that's just that's just across. On the political part of it is donating user revises anymore because again it reminds people what. Be they overuse and obviously means that much people of Vietnam synonym and other terms weren't there. They're training. They're doing over there the forget who you know what mid level. Ash marks at this over at the Pentagon that they were asked. You know they were being peppered by the press and I think this is a combat because the president is. President Obama has made a lot of pronouncements of the will be no boots on the ground. As they keep saying they do try to corners that the Press Secretary and similar not combat. Soldiers for their combat equipped. Which is just. Hit it's well. That's what we doing communion in the in the interest in right now is Syria. Has devolved into some sort of almost. If it means we're talked about a lot but but it is the problem that you look at what's going on in Turkey the assassination of the Russian. And a assaulted they. Russia's help target in Russia has become a target and I wonder if. How that's gonna shape our foreign policy because Russia. They handle things it'll definitely we you and eliminate anything you want wants to know whether or not trumps in that with who but I think we'll find out. There is plenty for real. Watch Trump's actions to see example stand. Com but you know I would hope. Though it at least get some clarity on what what was sending troops over there until you never mightily I'm sure the soft on Libya still. I think there's a lot of stuff going on. None of us quick and can understand. Well I would emerge from the Trump's new moon. Calvin. Who's put an employee in the double room and print to a general medals since. I'm quite sure formulating some plans already good. You do you implement to do sure are you didn't. Do know. What do people would put the pool mobile. You only work. It was premature. Remove recruited Google forwarded them funeral the words were we go for them. So I don't know we'll see what happens. You also descending to an arbitrary to me malvo and what was going to be over. Com was as it is a poor way to to fight a lawyer should use the Washington and do. Was awful surround or when you just when it will that's when should not just arbitrary date that looks good and ultimately it is meant to keep it local hockey gear typically don't talk to a defining victory that was a lessons they supposedly from Vietnam we did in the first gulf war. The time they called the Powell doctrine. Overwhelming force. Define victory. And get out as soon as you define victory because and we have like most things we forget the lessons of the past. We you know what yes but I have complete talk from what we talk fought election. And I fought for a cold truth we. Put in performing. A bug suited. You know the way we withdrawal he supports what rebuke fart in them told me you know. You gotta we've fear if you look through blood fiber Clark would you through what you've got a weird funeral so few moments before you Doug you know. Quote board would you go. We'll look forward to put him as you know we haven't finished. Well we've got a week to whom think that's great possibility. Anonymous sources now. We get over it leaks. Well we've got a little Muslims crucial we've fallen to move some inflammation to him on trial and on an ongoing McGill released a cumulative. Them. Thoughts on Matt's pretty well for recruitment. And you're welcome nearly Ehrlich did the investigative reporter mom went to a sources room. Now we need to be good but aren't there are a source Plato sort sensitive us. It was some more good luck and remember at the WW. We will Clark can borrow. The road slow arcs and can we would veto if you have food she held Google of five and ten months to afford and I think it was a point where we didn't really expect much from the roots. And I didn't I'm not expect anything actually got a pretty good you. Yeah I mean I don't know what you wanted to vision to make the playoffs have been volatile that's a big younger than we showed our expert to assure us you'll get swept out it's pretty it's as I possibly in another Adams of his trophy. Because that's essentially what Africa is as resisted isn't the same thing is it wise enough to get in the play at the debt payroll. They should have done and I I I do they did well and empty vessels and if you were so you don't write your custodial. And it was so we don't house much hopeful about. And then they succeed. Auburn Hills earlier this time it's pretty clear here is such an edge of town not to contradicted but I did say they would make the playoffs and effort in history yeah laughter. Nobody ever recourse locomotive Cy Young that's yeah I mean that's. There were some of the grass season high spots. I think Steven Wright a great deal similar to. Forward Earl. Used improperly running bases which makes you he does I say this does seem to have a connection with the team you know it is hard. Contra as you saw when we had oh yeah. The knucklehead who coached in Japan. Men managed Japan right after Terry Francona. But we we we've had we've had terrible. Managers in Prius into normal clubhouse and destroy its us and on it's kind of small things but they really I think this year with the new. With all but the acquisitions it mean anything in good shape. The minimum that they want their offseason. That's for sure drugs violence and one works one networked it really meant to him a nobody you're human you pick up Chris sells books. I think you have silent tolerance here caliber pitcher they mean. If you're looking at if you look at David Price being his third best starter. And you know like a money huge fan of of him people. Let's not that. It was some you know enough of fun I once beaten a long beautiful role and an open and woods self proclaimed big thing for road 26 million. Was slow on cardinals conspiracy. Received. A few of them home now. I don't know what Ferrell on was the Hampshire College or I think that the whole team on the American flag. Was it was just the property it's the feed there there extreme. A little bass and to get more people to apply. Because of the timing of it being that it was right around. What early acceptances and they do this this is from Thailand when can to make a decision or there'll flight to learn. Or did you know there are applying for 62 miles we knew him and our economy and it's it's I just have a hard time believing that they wanted to start. A dialogue. Well. You know all these. Isms races on and also the stuff when they do with the couple days before Thanksgiving break. World could go home and they shut down a public relations office. And not would make no statements on have a hard time believing that that it was Obama for his. Group think into if everyone you know things that the trump election is. You know tantamount to the reichstag fire I mean we've really lost no perspective. We do you go after you accuse. After you. Equate an election with Hitler taking over German. Where do you go out and we've lost all perspective and as a Democrat it's ridiculous because now know that we're not gonna do an assessment of what just happened. We don't the next four years saying trumps evil if it rains so entity. Damage from did it again and we we don't have any plan to do. To to win and we Wheatley and CNN. I think the showed in really click on all cylinders but they think they were trying to hit it where you were talking let's try voters one who'd in the Rust Belt. Voted for Obama twice voted for on drug test case Kate Foley's racist you know he feels in the Democratic Party has not. The attention to him and his lead. Sent to the or in these people with these people are known here to college. They're culturally liberal. They don't really buy into the economic philosophy that was post meeting here of the work in the I believe that since we know why because you appoint a third base think they hit a triple I think that the biggest thing in the world is. It is nothing that did the idea of someone not finding a job. Doesn't matter to them because we can retrain them don't know what the job is on a fifty year old can not get his life back to where he. And I think we saw us with the exit polls a lot of the members want would strong human of the union's one. Democratically pictures shortly ago because I mean that these workers are secular standard jobs go overseas and get outsourced and and deal with losing everything that they thought they had went. You know the good pensions are good health insurance all of you know you're left and right that the hope she escape and content. You know I think I think the workers finally realize that. You know maybe some political you would. I would've congressman named Steve launch whom flew them. In the month of two won't become one was sure all interview room mentioned books. A move toward working class mail that's whose constituents. And soul he was so you took the Democratic Party you know slow. Could you step back reevaluate what happened. And see. How can you trust the needs of these faults he's my constituents. No one of the Democratic Party to make note of the fact that the Republican nominee went to the left of intrigue. If we're not fighting. For people who were losing their jobs to the trader Bernard fighting for those people we're not Democrats. It's just point. All the all the other stuff is window dressing I know we can have the same priorities in order them differently you know we can have seated next the top ten issues. I don't believe that the Democratic Party needs to become the Republican Party. The Democratic Party just needs to see a bit when you look at these people on these Rust Belt states who. Have voted Democrat. And the jobs have gone. And nobody of the Democratic Party is talking about it nobody you know one of the ones I bought in and after in the nineties. But at the time they said that we would fix all the problems and do it was. Pillow talk. I don't let's fix and I think the thing is seen as I'd do a lot of veterans like us who is. It's about and you watch the news you see the politicians that are supporting. Black lives matters who are shooting police officers you know assassinating them you see it's support these these settings and closing highways and he's. Idiotic protest. You know the bush anti Wall Street groups the vicious it's stupid. And I think we have a lot of people sitting on sand water are we supporting. That sort of behavior. And people are just wanna work in and you know live their normal lives and what do we see these these. Losers. Take flagged down. Burning end closing highways and. So also pledged to him should grow coach. Once we could and we haven't started report mutual and you will slow them. I don't we've flown some indicated that once saloon. Until session you'll lose you know before coupled with the Borg whose whole thing where he's going to. Whole what do. With what is approves it and president Jonathan. Should. Some action on them from the issue of New Hampshire callers should who's gonna hold and workflow to. Made Cuban. You know a few tube. Dialogue. Approval. And did and where I would listen as nightmare Specter rep because he's you know try to heat you can't. He sat there would Jonathan last is said is that the reason put the flag back in it and say it was because it was the right thing to do. He said it was because he he was getting too many angry and threatening. Emails and calls. I don't believe I don't believe you sir and I don't believe to a couple Michael it's Gloria here but I believe that that is a way. For people who did what he did and there is he just dismissed the entire argument for putting the flag that's what we do about this phone number because we set on the air. All so we're going to be under the secretly took you pull Fargo covered toward Goosen. Smoke so. They're the but according you know what I guarantee you in some places he well known people that people that sounds so courageous what's people who don't who know nothing of Kurt he brought you Bol to you or are we yes tune. You know threats and put the flared back up. That's Corey Julius and again it's not the only source code to alms to stimulate. Dialogue but to jump forward correctly that's courage Russel Arnold when you're of the community the the term in the article. I hurt feelings reports from Louisville so he should his past are hurt feelings reports because if you lethal amount and say why they feel bad that Donald Trump one. And and instead of actually being a grownup about it and trying to win the next election. Denver in the American life I think that we did a good job here in Massachusetts because if we can stand up for here and please it's his liberal exists people don't realize and masters he knows liberal is it's such. And we don't run a country we think it's a blue state. Massachusetts people stood up when there isn't enough. And I think that that's good for America I do think that it was a peaceful protest. Sharon treat a couple Markowitz this ain't stupid things that's that's anything. I think what we had was a group of people talent that president that it was wrong kind of put the flag. To take the flight data in instead of admitting that he did something wrong he pretended he was under he was under assault. We know what might try to move would know that the me. Slow group fuel imports and we know that we saw loads of salt to a mobile Princeton Review immense we I mean far and we believe me if I don't. I just for the preceding fourteen news they must have been here and the milk fruit the only report. It's a movie all right our solar Jon linen top exports and the next segment's I want you don't want to hold that thought we can take a quick break. And we'll we'll get to that led to a couple of things though we haven't talked about David Ortiz. So witty quick break he'll listen to sound off from the BR Cano and succeed in the voice of Boston. What I found a lot. Aside from those dynamics and your computer from our. Studio in Boston and go before the break the system movable sports for the past years or wanna get to. John I want you to talk about it because it's it's cliff. Frankly it's funny you McNeil. Army navy when you think about this here would be I'm pretty in new you know fourteen year. Navy when streak. And would call. Well damage on what Malcolm. Well they army one when he wants them him. When I'm always every minute drought losses. Reuters come and actually go since we're here a long nightmare for us as well I mean Jo Beth for team opened when Adam. The normal arguable the Swedes we use the word again with Google. And had two weeks to prepare you for the day and new view was that talked to importance and rude. And and we had good at fourteen melt them we admin. Needed it may be came Derrick would post something fourteen wins with a pulled six months left. Weasel would do him. You dressed as president to do it. Well I you know given our creator you know the excuses it I don't know what willow and also some chills up Mitchell's. Point belt because it will both tracks is because they were I don't know if the whole new ambulance ready to go on wood six months left. You know word comes down please let me you wouldn't if they you wolves and how almost powerless. Scared and alone will slow you know maybe. What's it mean where does this mean you'll want to wants to do. Now when getting out of fifty. If three words and explain the problem armies have in the viewing there's been some actually be fair to me he says good coach the last fifteen years. But. The height weight standard. Has an up and that's that's. When radios and look at our want to always believe you know what logos and navies a little loose and loose with little looser on the I wait standard in the army. X that are you familiar with Bill Clinton won also. See I've as I've heard this this before but the real true. A explain to salute those of the army players thought they adhere to the army height weight standards. Which obviously wants them feel belongs to your side so it's hard to build a good offense and defense line. Where the scan your guys those what I hear is that navy suspends the height weight standards currencies. So they can pop up there there alignment. True or not that is what we're going with Cameron I've heard of or more from more than one source. I heard from you just now so I just checked outsource our access to people are you are you have Marco Rubio before but. If that were implicates them of the Steelers and actions but could those plants strategically. Strategically to be fair I think a lot of admitted they did. Sustain success of these companies has a good coach yelling at coaches are it is to the point where I think we've actually it but I think the reality is. These. They were deplorable set again everything is yours and a drop people were upset we're happy troubles there are people of central was there. But there are upset that he says the football isn't the best football of equity came out. And who says he's wrong I mean it's a great game great tradition but yeah it's hard it's hard to watch bush called it certainly is in the SEC it's easy up and try to talk poor's removed a number of teams Dallas Clark says there's strong running game well doubled and to quote an athlete immune either either do incredible there the better human beings and their great soldiers and and now but it may be at the end of the day no warning it you it's a different categories your SEC you know. Teams Alabama and Alabama completes them and I felt. And so we have these record diamonds who before you're employed and we. They're pretty good go to vocal and soloist play in NATO some resolution one teams. It was a little spot it is turned it around alone and I think. It would battle fronts that the employer wanna move them slip out fronts and it consumed boom stick on teams that big sort of the quick you have to use angle block and you have to don't bullish going. Congressman is headed for yet exactly so who stood doubled when that they each of them what Google one is here to December oh really try to break up the output and when it cooked and tracked emotion. They were all mumble yeah well the point of what you definitely. I like to lift the limit and whom you need to school image moves toward a cultural New York in and it was kind of muffed one Floyd. Medium wrestling coach instead of and was open able to go for a week. Would spy and that too when which marked the you know it was court weakened and was through sprawling and opened a bit of football souls record time. Need expert who. And opens Johnson pulled them Wendell and the culture and true legend Turkey was the coach of the top. You John and ultra mobile but it blows that fully plan coupled with today that. Who's biofuels. They weren't fooled you took an anarchist and a broker peace but there. Food and approach things. So low on the open and want to point albums. If announcements that may indeed there was some credence to witness it. What are we able to show them in midshipmen that drew on the Osama when global training in schools political the greens. To become infantry for solutions are written. Apart it's what went over you have to go through the marine birds would go on waffles of course but for a you have to do some training. You don't. Guards that were. Offensive linemen. On Google until furcal to complete their course schools they're terrible why yeah I would think so slower Farouk. You know volatile place rules but they still make a throughput also spoken Reid's absence from the. Passed. On ultra sensitive and NATO's course Franklin and so while moving on now to wanna talk about and other sports topic is it's was David Ortiz last year. Well yes we answered Dave Ortiz is should be on the mount Rushmore of of Boston sports I think he's the best. Red Sox. Place early in my time but I think of all time now which will get a real upset because I'm in Illinois says it's headlines but. Clemens has no ranks. Dave Ortiz history. That's one. You'd think we salute and applaud you know moon could Boson does questioning we've ever seen. Well there's all these little gullible Oprah put Ortiz wasn't until Williams was. I'm busting out I don't I am. I'm divorcing the honest and comfortable saying these best clutch hitter house of the but I think parents and wins as much as the year Georgia. Personally and Ted Williams but I think if he. For those of the Sonoma is a cutie told to justice group we would if no progress was a jerk to debate but the bottom line is. It's almost in a different category because you can't see a guy who has that kind of ball player. Because he didn't win any rings I think the beating when any rings. I think that had a lot more with the Iraqis. If they do but it weighs do. I'm not Ortiz of a brutal form and unknowing and potentials wondering I don't I don't realize or don't want my ass internalize I don't know I don't I don't non personal aspirin still sort of sticking up our results are going on three different places in my house I think it in our policy ideas as you all going to exiting this whole thing about steroids in the hall of fame as a goof here Rickey Henderson and the guy was jacked up late pop pica. We wanted to appoint an audience to recognize and that's what it is definitely to run we definitely yup there's Vatican City with the white smoke yeah meaning these guys the players of that baseball writers of America ridiculous. And I'm gonna be members of our organization who won't vote for David Ortiz because you as a DH. Which also do this government has always be late in the field there are. Well plenty of bad fielder's ended in a and all fame daughter never has there and it I think his big problem with all the fans can be steroids. There's a positive tests as a whole is inevitable that I suppose it'd the 2003. Private testament gospels to know about. Opening you know Barry Bonds. You know the size of his head no withstanding I mean these guys all played against each of these and I think that in the came at a stories that people were shocked that. Pitchers Sony Pictures on steroids because of the recovery tool elements. And but he the video baseball writers baseball everyone deserves a sampling rob Peter Gammons whose. Deserves his place with it's it's nobody was sick he was he wishes he was shill for the people who work. It's and he users in the mount Rushmore sports losers in all things was incredible but they remember watching an interview with him where he talked about it isn't. Stories does don't give you hand eye coordination but they take a check swing from the off the from the warning track over the thing that's so I think that baseball is trying to blame the people who who did it. When they were the ones making the money including the sports writers and they need to be straight up about all of that it's ridiculous what hypocrites and the Major League Baseball writers' association. That is the fact that. Dave days. They stand now on that day. They date wanna keep guys out of a hole fan wants thing about steroids or. There's guys that were reporting for the club house when steroids were all over the place and never settle that never repeat. There's no chance they didn't know steroids. Yeah I don't look at Brady Anderson Michael. They get written looking like Popeye pretty innocent went from there it's just you know you know over fifty or ones these are not stupid people's army and others in the group between these people aren't so stupid collectively they didn't know they looked the other way and now. The rock and and and Bud Selig in the alternately when he started testing needed the wall way we don't know about that they didn't. And I think it's a point and the have to acknowledge that that era. Is what it is and I'm not an accused him listened more than the sportswriters are actually more. It's heating shards of broken glass rather it was the Bob Costas talked about this off men in these horrible that should be a practices he's guys on steroids if this was a step Reuters you know two of you want but the people who performed in that Ira. It's I can make an argument that if I'm playing in an error and it's accepted that I'm on steroids just to compete. With what I just. A couple and put our own. One of the position of having them. Google put some awesome and cool ones against the Democrats more on that when you cut. How well that's true but I mean you know come one that's that's a no but the thing is. Ortiz I mean he has that force of some oil or one loves. You owe them. And with them off and look what he did to hope when you also be the deal I don't. Do so with Williams and he took time well for world war toward Kuwait and Iran stop flip up to that of the sudden. Affect the news you know well what she's you know on the city itself and right so that done exactly. And at that point two meters sitting in the stands for it was great but they do. You people's general he's does to a David Ortiz who they think is historically Wu should get the credit for bringing it. That those teams use sort of like glue young talk about that could do it kind of brings it. Bring him back to being in the military you have back and the barracks that brings people together and if he's not there does impact them there than there and results can you help format. Aluminum peaceful people and also be a big deal was definitely Pedro Martinez out on the net and was percent is on the Dominican flags Meehan weigh in Fenway Park because before that. Mean let's face it this is a team Nelson who divide those who was in the Iraqis were races that don't mineralized in the brick or bear. We'll have a chance to skid David Brock I mean David Robinson Jackie Robinson several times. Again as I said it was the curse of the bambino woods has. Dogs are similar to one said Williams fueled argument you stupid would've said William exploited for the cameras in Joseph DiMaggio deployed from the Red Sox don't know yet what would be a home run. You know that's fun part of basically and get them but all they did they didn't bring in the bullpen for tabling it to I don't think it really affected his numbers and pledges or does it can only guess. Ownership we had at the time they do you know do that but I think he's he's he's here. And and and and he would be pipes that even if you're like because the Euro it's but he did the right thing or in the military he fluent. With you would jungle and you know the real deal and what what to believe he was a trainer of pilots are in the Korean we're going to have questions ago. You gotta give it up to him but I think in terms of baseball. The great thing I think what David Ortiz is I think he's gonna make it's you have to consider. DH is involved in the dead and arguments gonna go away its own laws in baseball for forty years now to just how out of touch the sportswriters. Sean touched but not on men know we'll take a break or some sound off in the dark you know and. It starts to redden. In the. Below we'll come back and since the world according to join him. Solar and discuss them for some sort of lessons for veterans in the freedom soon. And all this time of year it's the dimming when we're near room people would talk and bold. Do room to renew its resolutions. And probably and tunes. Hold them. Fiscal and physical low footnotes you what openings that would be an opportune for veterans since that day. Get themselves who would be yeah you and apply reform. Health care benefits. And the compensation. Fees and compensation. And the best voice we'll start with is that you veterans group slumped to a slew at the local Sunnis would come home hall. So I'm gonna suggest. That after the show on Monday you war weary down we have to deal local city or town hall lookup of veterans rubles for slow. Tell a group of hey you wanna start button. The builder should people one of physical and fiscal although local and you want help from the diluted boom and you won there since then some do. Now what special all we want immensely cool tool in. Hole and Ryan. And Matty sweetie. Tool Obama wrote in favor of Muslims we want slay your world over and I know William Gray and Christmas we want to wish them great mood. That's the route according to Jordan talked to next week. Bloomberg. Published on the go friend Mike Sweeney you can sound off on us via email at sound of mind and you know it's you know common. Sound off of to John Los again you know tropical. New Year's resolution so when what does your resolution for the for the their jobs. My. Mind who do what's shouldn't mean yeah yeah you are you kidding me. What do you think it needs it shouldn't. Want. Why do you think I need to make him rules and shoots the ball a little of the stigma that if you know back you know until you know. So all hey anything I. And unions. Actually that the spiritual slump and we'd give them. My new news sports and shouldn't loosens up. 12 months old the ball making Lloyds true it's so. That. That's willing to use rules and hopefully that is totally doable that kind of felt actually. This could be honest with yourself. Likely you. Loose. So racist kind of mortality fairly but I think. Ballot that I can't. He had such. You know. The rest of AG is a you know I plan on losing weight now and you know I think people get into that kind of stuff but I guess. So you really do said you can control and time is a Buick family and these are they know it. Right from the old you are on siren in new York and nutrition challenged and threw my cross stitch them so law you know six weeks of super clean eating. What it'd drinking you know. Alcohol slow and limited how do we define the blade also still when he flat on her. Goal was John's resolution I'm going to be honest to myself let's go to you know the Super Bowl and it's only patriot games post season diesel will have analysis. This pulls the result would wants to know what's gonna result most gruesome awarded us. Yeah we'll see you know there near Germany resolutions to show. When you don't tools and Barack total physical sport its home. Oh. Football's who tool gold on FaceBook. Where you can get to see that every week we put pictures so hard to some crucial ones afford. Soul. What and coach them between men owe him on August 6 which confidence will be marred growth. Who's on Twain. To do what Merrill reform. In the cause and so when will we shouldn't. And that. Encompasses. Rowing flawed in 2100. And fun for me so. And right now among the fourteen miles and sold through global food and the verge of skewed. And Pringles increments than and so was people. Watcher insulin for export their should be able to sudden change its. Who recently physical. Stature. Noon you know. Is we goal rule books. Possibly. Well I guess you know immunity do anymore crew afterwards animals were won't be rigorous action to. You know prior to slow. And you put a moratorium and maybe tone to this point you know you have you said system and and and John I don't wanna go to a cluttered and Christmas he reeled from Cairo and a role will increase one's hope you feel and we global club. He Edwards actually influence over three. That's just want Jonathan I was on that we're doing Christmas. For the it was Mary. So I I thought marriage. Army was on that same thing I don't know that I wasn't you know I'll want to make you feel. And should. Excellence. And it's whipple's clothes to quit and it hasn't been agree you've got a letter grade gas wondered discussion and I. We've had the governor we've had the mayor of Boston the speaker of the house you know. Lots they. Showed him. Post shoot them slim that you actually committed and Rumsfeld rule for news we've who's veterans but. Hope that you legs. Now at some good stuff but the morning slew. You know I was just shook the a let's just look at who's had some cities. And Wilson took the food or in network via. Nods and minutes it's because it's the lineup for a 2007 in Sonoma. Please have some of you have any ideas. You know real forward to it I think. What would presidential. A lot of material if it I'm actually really really looking forward to a obviously I hope he. Does a great job because. You know couldn't come on American to do well known if it's this is should be anxious I would no political experience China deal would callers. Should it be fun lots. While you're you're gonna lose a home crowd you have in his two. Try and reconciled to some degree would bloom the Republican crowd. Even for one tournament to more accord was curriculum and support we're in the woods soon and a monstrous size the books on it. Think it's as good as we never seen it via weak third party can win and America's but he he's been taken over two major parties and that's exactly what he did. Oh it. No interest and will be anxious to see if president tweets all the time. She's going to be the president directly engages constituency through social media. And out I could change the world. You know in terms of you know we we we talk about the paternity Nixon to be on television changed how it with the politicians. And now wonder of social media is going to be the new way that we look at our politicians and you know I mean conceivably you can send a master acquitted cultural pull for Twitter country as good better and if it weren't different stage that's Julio. And are you crude. Wouldn't rule book group that was so he talked with a book trump was welcomed two assault of Detroit took some food Kirkland. How we should be hope for me dealing with drug Truman's what programs who should be useful tool doing things like that its own. Yeah when we went through. I wouldn't Tara moved in soon from time to time. A player Gosford yourself. On with Moody's and so far it's every one dollars. It always feels he's he's even if he's gets damaged below but it is not about a minute there's a womb moments of France and employment we did it we've got to show all right before. The election. And we said well you know a lot of things that we would. Are hoping the next president would be able to do so. Shall dislike the vote on on the campaign trail. Socially conscious thing you know obviously it's it's it's a lot of going to be. The candidate that is because well and we joke about it but if he really have to have a discussion and I hope that's one thing we're bringing to the table and I think we have to do it next year maybe and could mean maybe good maybe is a more. Concerns angry people and talk about what and you know what does it mean to be pro veteran what are what are you what are you doing. You know we all of welcomes everyone every politician in and even the ones who are helpful Apollo Group to those to the veterans community to veteran community. Says a production but I don't think we define it and I think at the national level does have real void. And a lot of the leadership up there amongst the veteran. Organizations. In terms of forward looking down. Agenda that I think there's an awful lot of people out there who were stuck into the to the to the DC if you wanna see in the beltway I think the argument has been going on there from our organizations are just is that. Millicent. Forced to feedback from. And your own people Wilson who shall Halloween two how can people get in touch with coastal community now the sun goes questions so two million. Go right through Pakistan say. Counts on the market note you know common FaceBook and Twitter sound often American now. But I doesn't got to wrap it up our first show at 2017 is in the books. So law and said thank you into the audience and think people for you to find Donald that you brought in 2006. So it's come forward and prove true patriots and go to HL gunman went one for the follow my face you know behind this is that if we'll. That is being that happens in previous weeks we all know ruled devoted entire show to. We emphasize. Because you'd be so happy George W movies inhumane. Gloria just serve on hope you know soon overwhelm a glow there over the hopeful OnStar. Wants to thank you to all those. Who are veterans as well look as those that aren't and in your family members on the wanna say thank you fewer great service to our great country for a to all you veterans out there on cultural and you've been listened to sound off to New York you know and succeed the voice of Boston.