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12/27/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Nephilim, and more.

Dec 27, 2016|

12/27/2016 - Beyond reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - during this "Jason's Birthday Edition" - guest L.A. Marzulli discusses the Nephilim - their origins, intentions, and evidence of their existence. Listener calls, and more.

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This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded December 27 2016. It's beyond reality radio and Jason Lewis Jimmy Johnson. Coming to you lives and it's very very special might in fact. As officials just all the CN happy birthday Jason. Why thing Q thank you don't turn its 28 today yeah you you don't look at day over 27 and a half so thank you know her. Companion at the big 45. It's a half way to ninety you know well it's better to be halfway and ninety's and not make it there ranked. On the you know this is very very featured. I mean to us. Yes that's now before the show you know we're talking about doing shots of them from probably shouldn't do them coach wait till after the show during the show you get back to America at. There are nice every time I say absolutely. I would be drug before this recession that was and that's for the first first quarter hour well welcome everybody it's great to have you along it's good first the first slide show actually were pre recorded last night but since last Thursday. Hope everybody had a great Christmas weekend and is gearing up for agreed to a New Year's weekend coming up on down the road here. Did and then uniter by getting to actually knew who regularly cut again apple what you need to Domi missed that they cannot open the fifth and all that stuff and now apple watcher I love home alone actually the he sort of got that the wife ended up grabbing me. The whole echo. Alex and go all that stuff and it's a really it's a it's a neat gifts didn't I like it but I feel like I'm being watched Healy can be a listen to all the time now. That's coming year. I mean I IQ as you know you were telling me about that in and I think you actually post its on the on FaceBook about it as well it's a creepy when you think about that well yet and it's funny because the life was like OJ come on him it only two picks up when you start talking when you when you say the name a Plaxo or echo depending on which of the devices. And then tonight the news hard unused thing came up. And it was so funny because we're just sitting there and one of the nightly news things came up and they were talking about how a murder case. Guys being charged for murder his name's and what does it beats something. Now why do I was an article on Normandy and on and on today's Narnia. But and where there trying to police department is trying to. Summon. Alexa echoes information. That a record recorded in the house that night. While that sits there and makes video legitimately let me ask you this does does the device actually record what you're saying there's exceptions they don't ask you to log onto the web site reaches one when she set it up there's an actual page you can go to. And it will tell you Alec all the questions you Baston and different things like that and that's just the once it has given your answers to. So it does record while other things you're saying because it's waiting of course is waiting for you to call out its name it's she it's got to be prepared threat. Well that's that's really really kind of strange when you think about then I mean I eat it has that is weird consequences yes our elected device but I'm scared of his his fifth of the way they'll essentially don't ever do anything wrong but yeah I understand that what they mean now I've got one in my bedroom I have got one what happens when my living room and you're you're doing some work in the kitchen right needed give give you slam the door on your finger and you start swearing up a storm. And does that does that lake record deadly would've had accidentally sends that to somebody. And you know and is an email or some and how does that work well and even beyond that first off if somebody's able to access your online account. And able to seal these things let alone okay well if not not to get too personable if you decided to spend personal time with a loved one. Brent and then you have this device to another center of a picnic and easy get you really learn about this I mean it is written does a record all three minutes. At no but. I'm serious now. I just pulled into harbor thing you can say anything like it's actually. Come in it and here's the article in what may be a first police in Arkansas past Amazon for recordings potentially made by an echo device in connection with a murder investigation. Ernie please send Bentonville Arkansas. Asked Amazon for audio from from and records from an echo digital assistant and a home of James Andrew pizza after Victor. Collins was found dead and dates October last year. So in this in this guy's been charged and they're waiting for him trial of course it isn't Bentonville home is that the home of Wal-Mart isn't that where warmer headquarters is of goodness. I don't sponsoring the sums it doesn't seem to be in this articles on men with them but so the cause of death was strangulation by drowned. And in my case put. This really in the even Saban a digital twist that raises real serious questions about privacy and set home. As we increase league increasingly surround ourselves with devices that track our movements and listen to these to us you know and recorder activities. It does make you wonder. I mean yeah I understand that they can pass some and records for cellphones and things like this but if there and not that I would ever want to inhibit. The investigation of murder investigation but the fact of the matter is where does that draw the wind where you can literally give up all your price. Yet there is a very fine line between privacy and then the right of the police and investigators to solve a crime. And I'm assuming that in order to get those records from Google they have to or Amazon or whoever it is. They've got a subpoena them they've got to get a judge to subpoena them they can just grab them. Without that. Which is kind of the same as being able to search someone's home is just maintaining those lines that are that are going to be the difficult war he. Yes yes and no I mean the government can do has blatantly admitted that they have they have the ability to activate and deactivate. Your ear microphone on your cellphone. I mean android and apple devices on your computers. On the yet again your microphone in your cameras and all all these different ways and means so very possibly there are to have a wait two to activate disk. But where does it draw the line where you have absolutely you've given up 100%. Your total privacy. Now while we've got to be careful though as you know I've been talking about ai and and what it's doing to society and what it'll do to. The world as it progresses and at some point becomes an able to be self aware. And you know president of controlling the human race in and in the. Husband works by it ditches becomes a really scary situation. And and a plan heartfelt our hearts go out to a Carrie Fisher we lost her to. Now you know it's gonna and articles play piano a couple of days for anybody who group in the in the eighties Merlino was George Michael passing and if 53 so Carrie Fisher passing its sixty years old and you know the whole Carrie Fisher thing really brings up on an interesting discussion because. Disney as you know OJ just recently bought the rights from George Lucas are Lucas films to the Star Wars franchise and I don't think it was a good thing well they had they had great. They've huge plans they were going to make it in the M sure they still will make it to meet your part of the Disney empire. And I think that fans were pretty receptive to the whole thing with the first film that was released after Disney's took over immunity it gives to educate billion dollars in the box and sabathia but diehard fans kinda or early man up and down upon area. Well the interesting thing is that in that particular movie they brought Carrie Fisher Brett back they brought Mark Campbell that they bought Paris brought Harrison Ford back to about those original characters that really made the original Star Wars director the first three films. On as popular as they were in the they were intending to include those three actors. In many of these new films that they're planning and now one of them at sixty years old is gone. And it really puts their whole. Plan into a bit of a turmoil and not only that but you've got fans really concern is how they gonna work their way out of this without becoming without selling out. Well I will say that I know that she's already filmed the one that will be released in 2017. I guess December 2017. I'm surge is already feel has filmed that so of course in the future ones but. I mean I've I pulled up a list just the people who knew the and amateur celebrities who passed away this year. He knew everybody from M pat Harrington David Beaulieu Allah written in and Dan Hagerty. Com I'm just throw I forgot about David Boehner and Nancy Reagan. And in this list goes on and on. And it's the same Doris Roberts prince of course we lost prince let's write prince's well I'd forgotten about them to do you know when those things happen they don't seem you know a few months goes by and and it seems like it was known years ago. But it has owns 116 Mozilla Stephen Hill who is doing more than just a great actor from lawn or more to come. Anton Yeltsin who put who was in the new Star Trek movies. Now of course Gene Wilder can't forget Ramsey bipolar while Robert Vaughn Florence Henderson who we just lost about a month ago Hans Henderson you know Fidel Castro. I mean this list is longer than Zsa Zsa Gabor of course Carrie Fisher and that's not. And there's like sixty other people on her smile but it's just it's and it's insane it's it's sad it's gonna spend a really rough year scarier. It's striking by the way at Disney spokesperson said on Tuesday so's son that was earlier in the day to day that they won't comment whether layer will appear in any of the films beyond episode seven or exceeds an episode eight. And they also said that they're gonna do be very very careful how they proceed and fans are saying that they're not necessarily crying now. But if they if they see Carrie Fisher's face. Seamus saint shamelessly CG ID in any of these films that hero very very upset. Which they just did I mean there's a precedent set for that because they just put Doug Peter Cushing. Who was certain minimums and actor British actor that passed away in 1994. They brought him in CGI into rove won using you know I'm computer generated imagery. He was the death star commander so they've done it they did it are ready now it's not quite. The same level as it was a Carrie Fisher. Well I know Paul Walker professor furious when they did seven he was he was killed during filming. And and they had his brother stand in just doing shots that weren't men face on shots that side views and back views. And I know there was some CGI that went on with that so. Well I think one of the most famous and it's not siege Shiite extremists post mortem on Phil wins in a film was when Ed would assume the the movie plan nine from outer space and anybody who's familiar with that. But that directory and that film knows that bell negotiated film about two minutes. Of footage as as a vampire takes type character in man died and it would use those two minutes and then got. On his chiropractor to dress up like the whole OC and finish the movie and it's it's comical in it's in happiness but it's it's endearing in its campaign itself. If you haven't seen plan nine from outer space it's well worth watching just for that. Who wasn't the old way that Hollywood used to do it though at least a film a movie backwards east to film from end to beginning in case anything ever did happen. When she's I don't know them might be true not another that was that was a big way that they used to film a lot of movies student film the of course there in the main the main ending other. And film backwards in case there was ever. Anything from our contract conflict or if anything did happen because. The answer any of the actors because they spend of course O'Malley spent hundreds millions of dollars. On the sang Spector I am of course are spending that much back then but. Let me start a lot of money. No well it's it's it's a tragedy you and any time we lose anybody. Whether they're in the public ire not and it just seems particularly poignant this year than all the so these celebrities have have left us. Yeah. And of course Tony seventeen Molson on Sheryl CO a lot more tomorrow. That's scary and who they're. We haven't mentioned it tonight our guest is only presumably he is an author lecturer in a filmmaker you spend ten books including the net Salim trilogy in August and a lot of time talking about the enough sleep tonight. Com will also try is assuming we have some time to chat a little bit about some of the other topics that he's written about including extraterrestrials. And the cosmic chess match which shall let him explain what that's all about someone we bring them on the show. And then tomorrow we get Jeanine moss glare of the clairvoyant gore made she's going to be on cartoon mountain chart grows our energy and and a lot of other things. And then Thursday we've got Ronnie Dawson who. Oilfield tore through an amazing youthful. Alien encounter. And none north central Texas and he continues to have them to this day so on this eventually hopefully he's got some video or pictures. I loved it I'd love to see that you know there are few people. They kick around in and aren't afraid teller stories. Ronnie is one of one another one is Travis Walton. I almost think he may that'd abducted again because. I cannot get a hold and then and then never used to be problems some not really sure it's going on with him and I'm anxious to hear running story I even heard his before. I don't know but come steam and abductions and so this new new thing came on you know how we've been getting these weird. And these weird signals coming from space yeah there's been a series of odd radio signals that have been picked up that they can't release they seem to think has some intelligence to them they can't feel what they are well so they've received a much more. Kinda us a scientist in some scientists are now saying radio signals from deep space could be science daily life. Astronomy experts with the green bank telescope in West Virginia. In their receivable. Alps of observatories and Puerto Rico and discovered six new. Flash radio bursts also called FRBs. Emitting for a region far beyond our Milky Way galaxy. Apparently the discovery. Made in the direction of the your region consolation. His pretty significant scene considering the fact at least seventeen of these faster radio bursts have now been detected in this area. It's is also the only known instance in which signals haven't found multiple times in the same location and space mouth so now clear that. You know I mean. That we keep building more and more powerful radio telescopes that are picking up these are radio waves and in the starting to hear things that are stern make their heads and make you scratch their heads. Only saying this is coming as is located. And an area three billion light years from Paris but the fact of the matter is this is the problem the second time that and that this has ever happened. Where they receive the signal from the same area. So almost as if it's it's being emitted from something there. Now I'm no I'm no mathematician here good did you say three billion light years from three billion years and radio waves travel at speed of light. I'm not sure and I think I think there actually moving a little slower and I'm not sure while they're not sound waves to the radio I'm not sure I'm not sure but it even if they were traveling at the speed of light. That means whatever work hearings three billion years old. Okay well sort. I can now go to her daughter again just totally current mayor I I I was lost and I didn't mean I didn't do the math class a execs I hope we'll keep we'll keep denying any year on that story now on we'll get our numbers are 8446877669. Will definitely be taking call phone calls for a lemurs who leaked. A later in the program. Com you know would. Just let's just chat about your birthday for a second. No no noise especially looking forward to this him in the age your birthday tonight but let's assume you get a few days to. In a stretch your legs would unity for your birthday. Com while on today I ended up we have the grand kids seeming to dropped off her daughter skit she saw the work she's teaching. So we have examined that I took all the kids out for a Chinese and sushi. Bar and by the way got me these really cool earbuds have been on the want to hear about your bones gym his. You've always got to court they closed down templates into the phone hate that it irritates crap automatic. And you know Apple's got these new ones coming out there on out until February players who she got me these ones they look like hearing aids. When there's no court on the just them Popper interior. Tango but a phenomenal. I mean literally what you put in the year and people don't mean in Montgomery on the Samsung or what there now there's some German company and act in the name of its upstairs it was also got a a traveling case have also. Has a battery pack and so it can charge it up to fifteen times and they're good for three hours to each time. So literally I can go for 45 hours with justice battery pack. My but there was there awhile then it's Jesse and I needed to say if the iPhone seven and canceling a nightmare trying to plug in anything to have time. Yep it's much different. They once again don't forget we've got a leamer is really coming up on the program after our break and then if you're just joining us we invite you to check out the website in the FaceBook page that's FaceBook dot com. Slash beyond reality radio the website is of course beyond reality radio dot com and that's where you can join the chat room lots of folks in check here. By the way I didn't give any differently gem OK so you didn't get it. A I just I just noticed in Chad that one of our room whenever I chatters is correcting me javy not true I'm not sure what to talk about we need some we need more details radio signals probably just come from hearing listeners and Colorado where I don't know. We know about Matt gasses. Yeah him if it's a so anyway it's and check out the website join the Chad eat them with some life online if you buy two there are other ways you can continue to listen on your local radio stations which by the way hopefully within a few weeks will be able to announce a whole bunch more stations that Toby joining the affiliate. List yes yes for getting to that time of the year and I and a bunch of big things that will be coming upn and Tony 79. Of course can't say much but. You'll probably be me no put me a couple weeks Obama to a some filming their gym so looking forward yeah got a lot of great things. Yet heartless take a break when we come back we'll get so we'll get ready to bring our guest in LA Mars Julie we're going to be talking mouth and ethylene we're going to be talking about ET's. The whole bunch other stuff with LA very well versed and well spoken. Represented the paranormal community were anxious to have this discussion with him it's beyond reality. Radio I'm Jason TV don't go. Hey gang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary kind dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome. Visit the website scary con dot com that spirit con dot com. Today. Position wishes come true when now they can. We do wish you each. I was in the ER and had my eye on this hot Anderson's ground black hat my wishy HD along for the ride. Big by the time purse back and now I'm getting some ground they kiwi seen HD content. Who wish to be to use the latest in new technology to harness the power of that in the real points and grant your wish not just did normal to be put in the latest high quality beach Jeanne. I needed money and fast like to use my what's today's game. Seven chase thanks in Africa thank you wish they state. They're crap go we'd hit HD guaranteed to grant your wish in stunning HD. The Greco we should HD is not guaranteed grant any wish. Our lineup or in ninety bringing in LA we're resilient just a few moments here after we finish her bottom of the hour break and then later in the week we've got. Well tomorrow night it's Jeanie buss Claire she is the clairvoyant gourmet which you and I have a lot of learning to do when when we gauging on the program. If it's about food I'm in but I really wanna know where I combine that which is HD the oh the wish at H no wishes reached an adjustment tuition HD yet it's again it's a crap co product. Kraft doesn't make the best effort to make this stuff yeah. And I have a parent or can take a quick break only come back levered Castelli Matsui you listen Jason and JB MB on around. Beyond reality radio was chasing cheesy as we prepare another great show 49 we've got a lemurs Julie will get to him in just a moment. I do wanna remind you that tomorrow night blue bringing in the and stickler point gourmet it's Janie vause Claire and then Thursday running Dawson. Guess talking amount aliens and tomorrow with south are going gourmet orange talk him out. How different types of food and how they can enhance here here energy shocker and so much more I just wanna point out something I don't. Art or the chatter and our chat room that says JV you're wrong. About the speed electing just corrected himself and some javy you were right Wikipedia says radio waves travel at the speed of light just wanted to point that out. Says yeah you're right up to make sure this series overseas it would be you look all I want willing to tell people that I was wrong when we know he pointed that out I was right so and I wasn't sure otherwise would've been targeted at the time but I wasn't sure let's go to the gas line to bring her guest for the evening and it's selling Mars Juli we've waited a long time to get LA on the program LA welcome to beyond reality radio it's so great to have you here. Great to be fair here is great we're doing great thanks hopefully had a great holiday and thanks coming on. Good Christmas and lots of respect for. So let's start from the beginning since you're new to our program Tom I know you do a lot of other programs you speak in a lot of places you write a lot of things. But for our audience's sake tell us a little bit about how you got involved in and the things do you write about. There's a. Read swaying back and around 1988 and 1990 to somewhere that for your window it's like. You know as I get older I'm 66 just turned six is a good December the memory agent amateur debates anymore but the book is called the Omega can steer mega conspiracy by doctor I. DE Thomas. Who later became an answer receive honorary doctorate from him. Each share changed my life literally changed my life saw him of course tonight on Pittsburgh literally decades now. And the ongoing investigation. Into the ancient. Biblical democratic tax that refers to this very enigmatic creature known as the Napoli is ongoing. And that's really what I do 24/7. Along with you know my own TV show. Politics proxy supernatural I'm always I do like a ten minute update on a daily basis. On my YouTube channel LE Mars early and so what's going on. Two days and interestingly enough today's. And update you talked about the Ohio lost. These higher wants ceremonies now the United States specifically in LA and and Crisco. And New York City. People don't realize this is just a modern day version of the Alice the phenomenon that I area experienced. In the sixties Timothy Leary. On both drugs do a pretty much the same thing it'll count all the user into what I call a second haven't Graham Hancock spoke. Supernatural discusses this act greatly and back. Hancock is perplexed because he's honest very mystical drug and he's like all excited and he's going to go to is different realm. And he sees the greatest I heard the breaking geyser ranked. Somebody talking about aliens I mean I've written books. And and and my new movie in their own words talks about the hole you open ominous which by the we will come into. Out in March that he background talk about that by Hancock. Talks about. Being attacked and I lost up and then. He's propelled into what I call another round was I call a second half. And in that realm. To his absolute. I mean is it. By the grace. Look great guy Austria four beats all the big wraparound black eyes and he's going. Why are they doing here and after numerous. I lost. He finally concludes this is only that led the book. He doesn't know what these ended czar. But he does know this the seemed to be obsessed. With mating with human beings to create a hybrid. This is literally. The s.'s the nexis. A wiry search because it talks about these these days instrument on the mention. Coming coming down to earth in the days of Noah and specifically. Meeting with human women creating. This hybrid entity known. As indefinitely. So it's amazing and a car circuit twenties you know 2014 whatever. Come back with this information. Which echoes. In little over credit narrative which is thousands and thousands of years though in other words as the TV shows they'd today. They're literally is nothing new in the sun. Shamans have been doing this for thousands and here's the question guys where do they get the information. Ticket caught this potion. Which will do this. I mean you just don't fought a century ago or tick route number one in play number two. In combined administered and boiled them I'll create a loose and agenda. Which are Ohio Moscow which I mean you get when I'm Sam yeah we're that come from a interestingly enough. A a very obscure manage your time that she scroll called the book Dino talk talks about this this this entity. I came and taught mankind. Talked a man of the year our car roots and create potions. That's thousands and thousands of years old that document found that he's on the arena. So these are correlation in my opinion there is. And I just find out. So LA you touched on that a little bit but give us live there the complete story about. Nestle Lehman and how the Bible describes them and what it says about them. Well not only very controversial. Extra alienate record. And that's why my books on betrayal of that blame violent to M and the new book came out. Up this year called Napoli and hybrids. We know from the biblical or credit error that there is a problem. Pronouncement. An upper announced. Wednesday that the seat of the server and the dragon. Hostage Tom will be at enmity and war so receivers will be at war embassy which deceit on the won't all right. Now when you carry out the CO woman. Missing the woman. Thousands of years later becomes messiah. At least that's what I will get the seal assert that manifest as the huge job later. I'm talking in Genesis ray it found the Torah. And reach out later justice sex read the sons of god. Sought the oddest of mad that they're beautiful. And they took watch her shows they are we into them in the local since. And the children were definitely. These great man every now now. Again I bet there are very controversial. Passage. But the son of god when you translate that in the uterus and Renee. Which always refers to the end zone. And the daughters of men aren't doctors Matt. So it seems to be that they're there air extraterrestrial and what I mean I and so is seeing very glibly tongue in cheek here. Any end to see. Which does not originate from planet earth is there by the terrorists that we can agree Bob me any yet. OK so these entities which are coming down and having sex with the limit. And creating a hybrid being those Napoli. What does that sound like TU and modernity in the present there. I think women are being ticketed her being pregnant is that these are tickets and that in the first trimester. We have hybrid being people are reported to be that they even had a child with hybrid beings. I did all this stuff is like. Really high strangest which lets me settling into a new film working on. My first solo film is global watchman chronicles their works and what I've done that traveled all over the country in interviewed many many people. And all these people and our encounters. They seem lights in the sky. Billy didn't partially abducted out of literally stopped watching halfway through the room they seem morons I mean high high strange they seem women. You know I tell tip my hat off to these people because they're being incredibly bull. To do this thing come on their records dating. What's going on the whole purpose of the bill that was called in their own Lawrence and it's an expose their hold you up well and I mean it's not. Exhausted because so many components. Of the local and community I think I could do a whole series just on the calculations for crying out. This is strictly. Just on. People had an encounter an amateur hour ago with with installment number children I mean Marty well into an hour worth of footage in I mean. We scratched the surface. So scratch that surface so then just backtrack a little your thoughts done enough Helene do you booze or you believe that it was more of what extra terrestrial life verses one weren't. Talking about the Bible live side. Angels and and god and so foreign do you think that there one in the same it's just how the invasion to back them. It's how we colleges. And end the conversation. And I'm like I said I'm doing inserts on NG glibly. They are in my opinion fallen angels. But fallen angels by definition as good angels are extraterrestrials. Anything that does not originate from this planet is an extraterrestrial. Therefore an Angel whether gore or following is an extraterrestrial. Again I'm saying that tongue in cheek here. Yet and we we understand that because this course and made the way the Bible portrays it is it is different and in that aspect but I and I do agree with you anything that does not originally from this planet. That means does come down to this planet is his extraterrestrial. So our boy is he. Use your thoughts on him more follow and do do they follow the belief that its its visitors from other plans UFO's. Alien life form like that or. Do you believe they do you believe in the actual. Biblical. Idea at all. There. Firm believer. In local prophetic miracle Everett the ten books on the biblical or rather narrow and I am a big goal literal list and what I'm Anne Frank super nationalist. And I believe that. We find the page of the Bible as astonishing. As it is it is a reflection of her greater reality. And you know I again I'm biblical literal as a reward again spiritual Christian I'm also a pastor so but depends on what show on but. Trying to crack couch everything. In non religious terms. Because what I'm trying to do is have a conversation. Without sounding religious. People but that's that's what I believe that's who lie. And up to that point I mean not just conversing in trying to bring people into the conversations are we speaking animals on beating Arizona California. Wednesday January change now. I want it to look I'm meeting I've been you know though. Honour to speak at Charlotte they're reading I'm going into the last thing I do is are talking about Jesus and the vital to the Barry Barry and but the presentation than current slow and very slowly and subtle. Because people think they have many people are preconceived go bush. Well who's this this very enigmatic character Jesus of the Bible. And I I maintain you think you don't you don't know you don't dog yeah Ellen let's get let's. Let's get into that after the break as we have to we have to go to break right now it's beyond reality radio we're talking with L lemurs Julie. Toussaint. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right. Dressed in. When you need to subscribe to taps her majesty. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. Every launch to serve you better. That's right go to the website is taps aromatic dot com that's capture her meg dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's catchy term acting where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Error magazine again go to the website tabs Tara Mac dot com. That's happens paramedic dot com use promo code beyond just say I. On reality Randy Wolf chasing anything Jean Pierre telephone number is 8446877669. Jason is the birthday boy tonight Jane pentagon today again and thank you thank you know doubts on its model over. Actually actually technically is over is that because it truly great and you know I hate birth status I do know. I don't know what it is but I just a keeper it's not a you know I love everybody else's birthday and I think in my own path that we're gonna we're not torture forget it's your birthday im sorry damn sure. Our guest tonight is Ellie Mars Julie we're talking about the Nestle lean LA is written several books about the Nestle Lehman Merck and trying to get a sense of exactly what we think mis. Beings who were are and LA you mentioned Lucifer as it has some connection to Lucifer and that would imply fallen angels give us a little more detail on how that connection comes and. Well basically I give me go back to the medical or credit Harry Genesis 315 which says the seeded certain. We'll be at war and he went to see the woman said earlier before the break this suitable to become a messiah. In my opinion about it you know thousands of years later. But decision this. Breaks now and this is the reason for the plot ever written about is exactly the cost adjustment to book by that title the bottom line is there's war. Going on not only on this planet essentially. Throughout the universe as we know the scene in the NC universe and by the way I think debt. That our reality. Is a mere shadow much greater. I think that. That what we call real you know in on this planet with in this universe. And let me just Clare writes something I do not believe that there's like planets. I really don't think that we're in social holographic. Tight. Universe and I realize that sounds crazy. But you'll know sort of sort of way Demetric state and now we are it's in a matrix type deal. And you know. Why is it that when these entities the good guys command where they're good angels committed the bad angels can. Both have the ability to manipulate space time matter and energy and ways that justify. Our physics. Now to us that's miraculous to Austin super nationals of them. It's just what they do. So it's not supernatural so that it's who they are but there to do. Now next question where are we really of course no one really knows nobody knows. Well and I know that there have been other individuals and individuals in the government and and other areas who have brought up. Pretty much a same thing you'd just you just said about being in some sort of are matrix type. Type world. And of course that's alarming and it's looks terror. Is that we read scripture. Like Isaiah where it talks about acting dot under the universe. It's going to roll call happens the universe Mikey scroll. That was not just met reform. Or is it literal. I believe us liberal and I realize that you know what we're this is this is a problem most most people have this very truncated view. A divine being of the gauntlet. Now they can do something nice and nonsense. Reread it again the double over for ordinary that you surely Jesus spoke everything into existence. Now lots. Don't ask me how we did that I have no idea ever do that that's bizarre. That goes again I mean that's like magic it's like the supernatural now welcome in my world but that's what it's as he did. He spoke everything into existence but of course in the battle over credit narratives salute in the gospels what do we get. He walks on water heels is sex if you're liberal son junior guilty at this site and electoral model that's an impossibility. He fees 5000 people with a cop I mean if if those events. That written down are true. Remember there's a PR firm. You know the people around with churches and our kids in hopes that money and televangelists. Our thoughts are all. There's a couple fishermen and hang out this. And he's doing this stuff right now act and that's that's starts that thing of course you know after after his resurrection if you leave that where do. That's that that's the most singular important history that's three defeats. The powers of evil. And those men with them or change your weren't Jimmer is living god and that completely changes. And they become these these pillars of the early church and they write this stuff down and blew up 2000 years later almost be reading this stuff. And most of us really don't believe we don't believe it I don't walk on water in the virgin birth like Mary giving birth to the baby Jesus which we just celebrated here in America or you know two points coming out of the bowels of a fish or. Or water that stands like a heat. Talking about a parting of the red senior staff took the serpent but there are for a narrative is sharp fall. Of supernatural romance I am French supernatural so getting back and apple lame. Yes business and war going on. And Nancy or that she war's been going on for thousands of years in a majority. In the present day it's manifested in. With the abduction phenomenon. These same guys that are doing this stuff we're taking a. Just ask you would just ask you quick question numbered about commitment on a little earlier you said that and you thought you all these things had some sort of an extra terrestrial. The connection. Button and then just a second ago you said you didn't think that there was lawyer from outside this planet. So. How how do we how do we make that connection. Well remember this this is why I use the word exits or restaurant can get neutral. And entities. And entity which is not original. Tron this plant is exits are asked to reestablish. Now that there international. Which is what I believe these czar or not from you know plants that are particularly someplace to international. Talked a letter to Allen client believe that these Kennedys were more are more liking to. Inner dimensional and extraterrestrial. But it's still much definition. Anything any record T. It doesn't originate here is an extraterrestrial. Now if that inner dimensional so now we're getting our terms call box up OK I get. But that's what I lost this wire wanna do it all day keeper. The reader but I believe these that it is let me make it really clear I these Kennedy switcher manifesting on this planet inches dimensional entities. Inter dimensional entities we have the ability to. To manipulate space time matter and energy is always fire this X. LA what's let's let's move discussion for a little bit we've we've. Tried to define and I think we did pretty did you ever you do it a pretty good job a defining what the Nestle anymore what you believe they are. You also talk about a lot of physical evidence we have about a minute before we have to go to break here assuming it to continue this after debris people what physical evidence exists on earth today that you've seen or read about or heard about or. Obscene images of that supports this discussion. Well in my books are mature over the happily volume one and volume two I provide. Lots and lots and Edwards is the longest skulls of preliminary DNA evidence that night puts skeleton that I found. On Catalina. On the artifacts which. I was six that America would be impossible. To wield their knots or Rory or something else. Look to secure this gently here. There there's hidden agenda and that agenda is carefully guarded by the powers that things and I'm gonna send you guys. You arena as we speak. A river you know show you picture I don't know what you can do with this but you keep you posted on the on the web site called gala. Okay the bottom line is. This pressure to LA holds just hold that thought we. You have to go and do this hard break and we'll pick this up right where we left off when we come back it's beyond reality radio would Jason JV. Don't go away a lot more. Concrete reality radio Jason's celebrating a birthday today and everybody in Chad has been saying have to bring it. Following dude thank you everybody ultimate Ella Ella had a birthday in December at LA. And when did we lose LA. Slick ground chicken suits don't know and LA there on T have a birthday in December is doing well he said he at a birthday December. When I start Umenyiora and I'm just trying to draw the attention toward cents. He'll like that if bomb that was nice nice route do you play there this year I'm a pretty to a certain place at the voices from awesome just great just I just wanna mention I know that some people are saying. There's some weird stuff going on with the stream. On sometimes or local stations get their programming a little bit messed up and so that's why we play filler audio during our breaks in case that happens there's still something going on a scientist at air. Yeah and also Lama a lot of times it's just it's imam and what's coming off of just one of the and the seed so that's super right on the beyond reality radio front page if she goes strolled around the very bottom. You'll see all the sites have listed a bunch of via the stations there. Include grant them only can listen directly from there she'd if you wanna listen online. Yep and while we're waiting to get LA back on let's remind folks that tomorrow and I were going to be going to be talking to the core of clear plain gourmet it's. And I don't wanna say that and to. Systems are productivity. It's interesting well I mean if I've heard certain things have heard certain things with a six specially like when doing martial arts for so long it was a big thing on. You know food and and different types of food and how would increased year she. Your energy coming off of you so. To be interesting to hear from around that and the announcers auriemma talked to Ronnie Dawson. Whose hasn't been. Different experiences with aliens and extra pressure rules and do UFO's and that is since 2010 still continuing on. Yeah Willie had a pretty dramatic experience he was abducted from in Texas and has been telling the story in Ender a lot of people they go through that they're likely would do with the don't. Remember it. Be either a lot of people that haven't happened to them the more talk about it. And there are a couple that that do end up running is one I haven't heard his story Travis Walton is another one of Travis is the guy who story became the movie a fire in the sky if you intranet story that movie that was that was a good movie yet there was a good movie and it was an amazing story in India in his story he had done several people wits and that all corroborated. What had happened and you know they all went through lie detectors and all that stuff they all passed in you think if if it was a story that they had made up one of them would fail anyway and then they'll past. Pulling you don't like that's hardly hear abduction because some things after you well it's in no I don't like stock about it why do you bring an upper everytime we bring her finish I mean I try to get she took turns into under veto letter and delicate you think it's therapy for me. A of silica and don't forget the toll free numbers 8446877669. And you know as the lines are open if you wanna call and chat with us sir if you got a question for LA hopefully get him back on he might be having a technical problem to it seems to be. Par for the course tonight what station was at that folks were listening to I think it was or buffalo station or heaven when I was having a little bit of an issue. Would their subset Benigno affair there's still have a son there but they just didn't it was just wasn't the way of people were used to it on and. I don't know Malia said I've got a bunch of the stations listed if you go to Libya on reality radio's website to scroll down to the very bottom. He'll see you got to Austin, Texas Boston buffalo Gainesville Florida Greenville, South Carolina Kansas City. Small ones Scranton PA. What's his old Cynthia A Wichita Kansas woke spar appeared and though the links are all there. Yeah so you've got a lot of options and hopefully. Within a couple weeks here you can have even more options to listen to the program do you set to appoint the show will be on satellite thread and it will open up ton more doors sorrow. All right so hum while waiting to get LA Mars Julie on Tom knew we had talked about the Nestle lean with Scotty Robertson few weeks ago we originally had LA scheduled to be on me had to cancel last minute. We've brought Scotty and it's a great job of presenting it and I think a lot of the the the message here from what we've heard so far from LA and what Scotty was Ausprey similar but there are people. They have a different view of their people who don't believe there's any divine. Component to these Nestle lean that they were more alien. In nature from another planet kind of saying. And it was it was an exit try actual connection that brought these Nestle into us. And these are people that are very very very convinced that they actually were on the Ers and there's evidence to support. Well a lot of people thought that they were here as an Arab mirror actually created. My action treacherous alliance to Somalian. For different different materials that supposedly extraterrestrial life needed to partnerships. And for different things of that nature. Sorrow. And me which wouldn't and it can you explain you know the extra large individuals 75 pound hammers and that have been found and him being able to swing those who just do a lot more work mean average size person. All right so let's take a break here while we still worked here tell lemurs do we back on the program we lost the connection to LA we're not sure what's going on there but we will. Take a break we'll come back hopefully he'll be back with this it's beyond reality rating. Game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Garrett Collins dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary con dot com that spirit con dot com. Today. Position wishes come true when now they can. We do wish you each. I was in the ER and had my eye on this hot Anderson's ground when I had my wish you each deal along for the ride. A big blind campers by that and now I'm getting extra base kiwi seen HD content. Who wish to be HD use the latest in new technology to harness the power of that in the real points and grant your wish not just do normal to me what is the latest high quality beach Jeanne. I needed money and fast. I just used my would today's. Seven chase thanks in Africa thank you wish they state. They're crap go we'd shoot HD guaranteed to grant your wish in stunning HD. The Greco we should HD is not guaranteed grant any wish. Ariel. Cheese here's her progress we're still having trouble getting a lemurs who lead back on I don't know maybe he's K lost power as technical issue on the we will continue to try. In the meantime we're gonna take a phone call gonna go to line one we're gonna bring in Vince from Missouri good friend of the program Vince welcome to beyond reality re a great debt beyond. And hey Merry Christmas and happy new year. Not very experienced same deal. The apple is Barbara. It's forty sighed heavily in ninety bloody. I say this. Chill out a little bit well. And I. That it yeah OK. Yeah we knew that December and art. Is how this should admire hole deal out what may change that or should open all that crap so well. Up thirteen side zodiac now now I'm kind of snake so. Be a wait and why they know it's not like that why they mess with things like that it was announced. Or Bob my whole lobbying SN cherish you know. Like Jim Morse and metal you know pulled off the rule of physical side celebrity and it changed my flower. So nasty incidents when they changed your signed did you change your personality Tim. And. What did did did know what's the the idea of the new sign I mean. Let's do. About it so of course you open them to thirteen. Zodiac. The car. Lee and say it's it's we're really not new it's just something that happens and then realized or whatever but it was overkill if you don't know because of the tilt of the plan panel itself but I'm. I mean I don't know what's the what's the traits of the new one that they're they're talking about. You know. I've got so mad about it I wrote it reassert that much else all that data much sign after fifty years but the. You usually refused to go along with the nobody says you have to go by Darren and act. It's some cast states. Symbol on the you know one area right. At 8 PM you know intense as the shoe fits in to sing and you got to begin very. But this terminal and ground out an awesome and. Bless you man you know you're getting there but still got another here's a list. Needs to he's past the technology we have and well it depends on your insurance policy. So I know Vladimir. Yeah and Vladimir Putin at all. Aren't you got you can live forever I mean people that have bad days for 45 years soul lives so. Yeah well and a lot of middle lot of mere Putin's eyes and as a company in Russia he can be adjusted some big meeting with but. There working out till two because they believe that they can extend human life slipped 240. Years. But it's about the they had to that was seventeen heads. Transplant. I did I did yeah. That's a script. I'm oh NJ. No lives you know and that's a lot of till our body when you hit seventy's so Barbara are you need to cash down these steps here say it. I don't know. But it's like we've talked about while the grown up you know the average lap there's certain people mail. Was about seventy years old. And now they're talking we can live to be honored forty you know also mean. And that's all good and well but I mean if it's gonna solve the problems a couple of. Yet 12100. That's your guests tonight. Sorry about you know. It's my feeling in east you know chat room that. It's my feeling that use the bulls in fact some sort of time traveler. That went back and build the proxies them at the end of time you know that that kind of Philip had a he kind of you know he was like man that's terrible bomber. And you know because you know you would if you knew what gene in new now. And you come back. You could walk on water I guess our board Lola that. You could you could resurrect the dead you know CPR that you could do its thing you know you know if you war time traveler. I understood that you know the man showed up and we don't know about. Between the ages of twelve and thirty something that he resisted. So. Coming has some history. And people need to understand the bottle wasn't written until 500 years after the fact. And so that's pretty intriguing. And does so these things to me are like twenty years old. That I had that I knew twenty years ago. And they are bringing up now I'm like why are they burn down now because this is known. And slack it's people dig him up. Dana bombs basically. Like you know we know these things and I really want to ask you guys question because I've built personal attitude. Is their. Yeah. With you guys because I've found their lives of these guys coming out of that to the point. So aside. Well. And there's all there's always such operator are you on and when. You guys. Never bats are alive and I have found people and I found that the chat program and not found on your program people that. There are relating to me and they understood me and you guys have always been great to me. Put up my marbles crap and stuff then it's like it's amazing. And it's like in my whole lives turned around and act and our water at you guys are able to to. Express your feelings. About this on the program. Because I've thanked him you might not be able to say what you really think. About the subjects and stuff and that may have to be objective. Well yes but no I honestly I think we who we've always been. No one's who speak our mind anyways and we if we agree would OK if not like there's been shows in the past where. We've been talking to people and we're talking to so called actresses in the past and and be honest then you know I try to do a nicely but he got a little heated by senator animal part because of what. What are the things he was saying and and how we use for transient and how he you know he's he's outselling all the star sees the supposedly helping these people and telling the man demons my housing proving this. So a fact so we're we're very outgoing we and we ask start questions will call you solid if if we feel. I need to and that's just who we are and I think that that's why the show works because that's the kind of person I've always pennants and a person Jimmy really is as well. And we were altogether with but. As you were saying yeah. You know with. The suicide and stuff and it's you know I've I'm not a lot of people who who felt that if it has hit rock bottom and then the one thing I can say. Is there's always something positive that is yet to come in aegis you need to that you need to wait for that. And I I just that's the most important thing I can write an adversary. Are proud that you've got so I mean you know just keep rocket. Thanks so much since thank you so much for the call before he did before he gets off mice wanna tell on the traits from that then you're signed. Tom decision to say you know tell me if this is the sounds sounds like you events Eric. So. Now that here and it's it's considered the the serpent holders has signed Bada. A seeker of wisdom and knowledge as one of the treats okay the next trade is an. Flamboyant dressing cents savoring bright colors do you like Graco. Pretty parent next one is a sorority looks upon him or her well. Are now again. The next one would would would make it green architect or builder. So I'm not sure kind of work urine. Eric number the number twelve the supposedly lucky number for that sign. And will have a big sand leave the leave home and an early age so. I don't use things seem to connect with him. Stay dead they kind. My numbers my birth date is twelve none of this piece that. Told them all happy happy birthday is long haul over an hour. Number three and you have to hand out yes my family did leave me airlift. Rides into your body found a new family in Osceola and thanks a lot meant Duchscherer did Gary take it thanks for the call thanks for the kind words let's go to a Phoenix. From Chicago at least an X welcome to the show. I. Yeah loans shown at her heart and muscles thank you very much but aren't there it gestured at the birthday do you. Yes. And I'm only 29. Now gonna meet soon. Let me talk again. You know it's it's always sucked for people like us who have our birthdays around Christmas I'll be on ousted. You know because everybody's like well yeah I got you a dual gifts to them and you know it's different. Zack and Natalie I spent a little more this year at Christmas present for your birthday yeah we get we get screwed by. And I Amber's like his maybe even all the summer and he's been on Thursday actually yeah. I didn't what about from Alice in Wonderland. The un birthday. I know they do in the Mickey Mouse club these same champion Bruce I haven't seen how women are. She's sitting in the Tea Party base staying. Boom Marianne and he immediately. Only because I am modeling makes for an amicus have never seen Alice in Wonderland I never saw a little longer I've never seen the wizard of as more and receive any of those movies. Only knowledge there was a certain certain reasons behind him it's like somebody never seen the grinch to. A match Hala. I would like there's a lot Ian Martin singing it's ridiculous. Speaks saying yeah but what is the and then I heard the that Jim Carrey's urgent network what oh. That movies because it matters little it would freak me out so much I would turn it off and make them turn out. Should senator mark immigrants. So Phoenix which do hubris to. I know long answer about. I'd be a factor. I you know common relax. It is clear I'm not feeling so well I can't get in the cold it's been like three week. He spoke alleged. Yeah I did I did pretty much nothing today as well I just sat around. You know put them and the one nice thing about having her produce where it is as people can get away with forgetting because you know most damaging. Sit there and say well your Christmas birthday and I just put together had a girlfriend Jim. And not not why the marriages and chronicler of the air guitar. Now embark. On her birthday was on Christmas it was the easy. And thing to remember a reform. It don't know I just I didn't but I didn't have to remember either earth if it didn't have to remember he just did you know issues get multiple gives during Christmas Israel. I just is Smart. Didn't matter all that. It. OK I wanted to tell you guys advance by the way I've known a lot of published. Challengers and I'm friends with. On my. It has and and a lot of the people who live out there and count on your. Published many many that you conferences and I'm teaching a trip torch and the charging enough Howell. Is it still he's still insists there are sent interior. And they're seeing gas that that's not really. It's not really expected it people here adapt it's not really that kind of into a country where people are. Literally. Adjusting their time. How it's explained to me I can't remember what they own. And made immense and yeah. Say Phoenix I think he just kind of confusing the whole thing a little more and in. Now now I. In distilled has appeared. Mosul the sirte and I'll calendars it's a look at and t.'s. IRA both sex and yes it is like I had it you know oh okay do little term central. Track. Thanks so much as Phoenix and let's see we have time for 11 more call here before we have to ago. This is Chris secrets welcomed me on and on to rated good to have him show. Is it won't. Hey good and I think we might have to hold Chris over because and I kind regards human growth Kermit it's here soon and you'll see if we'll suing you get in. Our love with a positive criticism from the senate that would probably go down and not soccer ball well. The thing to me and Kristi work on so about arm. On the top they of course there's the spirit state to be. So doubly exciting by the BP they're being told psychic beating back an investigation 88 militias. And rowdy crowd is. If you can be realigned its are you song. For that so little that brief his duty to channel people and have burned kids just as JP. Or day or day conclusion that was a great job that was awesome and javy you some who has worked into you know mud balls and I mean that those it was a poignant moment in the history beyond reality radio meant a lot to everybody and I appreciate that but you know Chris you have to post that somewhere as we have all of those things followed is that that was quite a list. Yeah for an hour are my put and I want our waters in the yeah or put it on the BR bloggers site. You know put him put are definitely put in the chat room and then put it anywhere else but we're gonna need dead -- any hard copy of that too soon we can Andy get you gonna sing it you know actually performing its appoint for real we get about thirty seconds. Now I don't I don't think now automatically go to known and no runs I don't know what I'm saying is are you gonna record it like to you know to the music and actually do the song. Don't have any capability of doing that unfortunately. Now we'll have to look at what the studio than seeking do it at some point the way things are working that out Chris that was absolutely awesome it's beyond reality rating Jason. Beyond reality ratings chastened on Stevie Johnson thanks so much to everybody for joining us thanks to Chris for that really cool of version of twelve days of Christmas and did he have a title for a possibly twelve paranormal encounters of Christmas is employed twelve panes of Christmas. Yeah or just authorities on five hockey songs yeah. Mean that's that's painful that is pretty painful when 11 must like your many did we and get from him legally. Through two or three I don't sent to some that we never no can't easily do it did there you are not that you could not air those go home yet and and when he asked us about it we you know we told nominees like blue and rework them women heard the reworked versions yet. Yeah I'm I think I'm also. There's some emails I get man just like yeah I examining and respond now while we I mean that's why he's not calling me anymore I don't know I mean he he didn't do that things for a way for recognition now. That Christmas thing he helped us out there of a message I give credit products are now. We got a couple great shows coming up for the rest of the week here we've got the clairvoyant gourmet it's say Jeanie Boyd bus Claire. Joining us. And this is going to be an interesting conversation because she talks about the fact that shoppers are energy sources in the human body that we can't see or touch. And there're seven main shock was within the body that are thought to be the wheels of physical spiritual. An emotional energy they're located in the same places place for both men and women straight down the center of the body starting at the base of the spine. And going out to the very top of the head and you had said that the you know other people talk about how you can actually feed. Them a certain fuels and energies. Can I remember when I who used to fight in tournaments or anything Damascus. I didn't for many years I did a style internal white eagle on for little old hand. And and the big thing was you know when you're what you're eating prior to the days of the tournament and now I'm DC you're fighting and so forth because it sent a supposedly empower Marjorie and hit it powers up your chi you're in your inner energy. And gives you the ability to to to spew more in tune with everything your opponent yourself and defend yourself so. It's it's penalty for awhile be interesting to get you get her take on things like that. And then thirst and we've got running Dawson coming on Ronnie is an oil it's oil field worker that had an amazing UFO encounter in north central Texas in 2010 he continues to. Have these encounters to the present day news stories and featured in a whole bunch of places so. We're gonna we're gonna chat with him about that I do wanna mentions in the two LA Mars Julie weir in the middle of a great discussion with him and we just completely lost him. And we have not been able to get back in touch with them I don't know if you get a power outages something's going on all international or he went -- who knows what happened but some we are going to try to get in touch with him in reschedule him to bring him back because we were just. Scratching the surface of that conversation and it really your third darker Ina. Since then a lot of luck. My and eventually a slight whatever Tom hey hey armed services there's this thing that came out recently people were talking tax and and they protect you. In your home from ghost and negative. Spear just talking about like domestic cats like the pets at the time ran an idea it was you got to remember is a big thing also in each of ten. Men and their belief and respect trivia of the cats but yeah. Tests were the most magical animals on earth. Your pretend it's so big that includes not only. The individual but also his family home and territory and the cat room with a cat is committed to. But they talk about evil spirits is ghost and when a cat senses a spear in the house a first thing it does is followed around in and in order to figure out its intention. To make sure that it's actual entity won't threaten its territory to cast making every attempt possible to expel it through her energy Rory at his energy. And feel displacement. If that doesn't work to cat traps he entities and see in his energy field and leads get out of the house hands in some traditions. Their motives when the evil spirits ride or flies and cash. Our Placido was so who's saying this. Well there's this whole article came mountain daily occupation whether talking about it and but you got to remember that this meters tracked back to the egyptians who were huge into into cats. Why don't I know that that cats for the egyptians said the Egyptian culture had a very spiritual and sacred. Meaning but this whole idea that day they actually. Trapping and or protect you from spears has your helmets I don't know how far. I can go with that with my belief and that but the fact of the matter is I will say that when it comes down to lake investigations. A lot of times you can use and daunting task pretense. The problem is you can train a dog pretend to sort of hollow. And mean so. The dog is easier to work with but the cats it if you really if you can focus on the way to cap hacks in and I haunted house. A lot of times you seem to be able to find more evidence. Come. And also just have more of an idea where something is or where it's moving to or where certain important it'll what it's doing at that time just can't seem. What they're more focused on what's going on where dogs are. They're all over the place there. They're looking for their balls are wondering how this person feels there. They're doing everything a cat is more just doing its own thing and he seemed a lock on the things a lot better than dogs. Interesting well. You know if they could talk they can certainly tell us what was going on good terms because that barrier remember the break yes that thing you can you can get more you can understand more emotions when it comes on your dog put. It's just but they they're going on. When you know evil spirits and cosa. So they recommend paying close attention and that attention to your cat knows whether it keeps returning to a certain spot in the house. Keeping a tense posture. Obviously staring at something such behavior can be a sign of an evil presence to help your agent to help your animal to get rid of any evil spirits. Com but yeah it's it's interesting because I've seen have I have heard people in doing is put a lot of cases that I've gone to Jim and you know the cattle up all the sudden surge staring at the corner of cat will will take off other room and chasing something that that were unable Lucy. And so and I just wish it would be a way to actually train them. You know. But be interesting if any of our and never listeners have had any of those experience withdrew cat dog or another pet where they think that there is that the animals noticing something that they're not perceiving and believe it has anything to do was a spirit or goes to something to be. Be cool to hear from them 8446877669. Well there's also assumes some where things right on the I'll actually cat stealing a great use of cats magical powers found healing pets of any Breeden color have the ability to. To treat. And and then treatment help their masters. Lying lying on a sore sponsor and a couple of things but one of the easiest methods of treatment with the hope of a cat simple stroking her. Releases people from mental and emotional stress in healing cancer inhaling cancer used to and Pravda. And proposition two and two cents and he was advised to pet. Hill plate cats generally in an image her opponent means put. Kenneth star taught him a different colors are cats and and how mad bull hill black cats witchcraft occult power protection deep magic. Red cats pandering to Syracuse and. They have been I mean I mean you've got those like really kind of bright orange juice that kind of borderline Rennes suppose I don't know. Red cats are more a candidate yeah the cats did the media marshals media and reddish the classic which is mournful male power the power of the sun Yang energy. No matter what sex of the cap that represents and then back color represents magical wealth money and focus. So any YouTube director I don't think you wanna camp but you know go ahead if you if you're thinking when it's your to cancer and once green and white he's got a concert you do that then Macintosh news of my dogs let's go to the phone lines quickly we've got. A special guests from the chat room who wanted to call and say hello welcome to the show. And no one has done at Dayton so here is. Channel two he's. Did he choose the news. At these and then he can team. At key current ball game didn't do it. Moon. Yeah. And I only. Unity. I am leading. Why you thank you I was very Marilyn Monroe now now you asked us not to use your name you when you tell us loyalist tell everybody we are. Days after the chat room. Well thank you very much it was very very nice of you. I'm just we welcome it says. I did I did thank you. It. Well you're awesome I appreciate it thanks thanks for calling in doing a great job with via happy birthday song for Jason. It was like a Marilyn Monroe Mr. President I was it was very aggressive and I envisioned a white dress being blown up in the air by events I don't know when memo passes I don't know that's a Maryland one thing for listeria those and they they played on the analog Snickers commercial interests and it was an it will devote. The color of every FK on you know we we we obviously LA Mars Julie women who get back in touch with him so while we're gonna plan and finish in the nine out here without gas which really gives us an opportunity. If you wanna call any Chad am weeks we don't talk about ghost hunters a lot. But a lot of the people that listen to the show obviously listen because they are fans of go senators as they followed those owners through the years. And at this great opportunity do I channel with a BJ about some of the some of the episodes and investigations that. You did there were featured on ghost hunters 'cause obviously you know over eleven seasons there was a boat load of. There was generous actually come back somewhere around 25260. Episodes no zone. Amazing how we can that would a couple of invest. Haitians generally in each and many many investigations that you did that didn't make it into an episode. Well there are tons. And that's a thing but also when you when you look at it we started doing ghost hunters the average show did thirteen episodes a season. And you know access and the only shows that really didn't want it was like real world and so on MTV com but. We were pretty much won the first reality shows to taken 26 episodes and season and the right after that dog abounding owner started following us. Mike Rowe in new dirty jobs started following us and that as well and it so it was neat it was neat to see how all the sudden everybody started filming these really long seasons in most who don't realize it was taking us two weeks per episode to film because. We'll be investigated for multiple days it would look like we're there for 34 hours and I go in there for five days straight. And then the whole next week would be analyzing the evidence and trying to find out if we can get a document any thing. Yeah and so what it is we're gonna go to break when we come back if you wanna call and in chat about two anything but specifically in those terms episode order an investigation he song ghost on a joint chat about is great time to do that. The number is 8446877669. It's beyond reality radio would JC GB don't. Yeah. We should wishes come true when now they can we do wish you each deep. Are. I was in the ER and had my eye on this hot Anderson's ground when I had my wishy HD along for the ride. They blindness campers back and now I'm getting some ground they kiwi seen HD. Which city to use the latest in new technology to harness the power of that in the real points and grant your wish not just did normal be put in the latest high quality beach. I needed money and fast. I just use my wish today's. Seven chase thanks in Africa thank you wish city state. They're crap go we'd shoot HD guaranteed to grant your wish in stunning HD. The Greco we should HD is not guaranteed grant any wish. Our turn our our radio chase and Chan can't celebrate everybody along we're gonna write to the phone lines here is neither a good friend of the programs you know welcome to be on reality really agree caviar. I thought it Britney gave thinkpad diet out. Let alone the militia on. Oh yeah I can't and I DH DIE Dylan. Doing well thank you very much. Opsound iBurst. You can tell. Jason that where officially. Boo boo buddies because I still some news. No I didn't mention that to Jason. Slug date trying to get our years. Apparent how do you get your and test the room and close desks eating here or near death and injury ends. Yes I did I know I annihilated just. It was yesterday actually act. And I don't now I bumped my name in my hand really hard on this one. Like I don't know third elected I was outsiders something and it was on a tree EU. I just I don't know I am kind of a class so I'm I'm a model that's a Klutz yeah okay that's I would have to practice. Yeah. Now did you know that I've lost all respect for Jazeera. And it's I'd love an alum like a brother but it's time to start loss of respect for David. Wow. Not not not everybody literally died and I thought. Well just let me in let me rude and not his radio ability notice friendship ability now my love for him. But it. I just I don't know I just something some strong GG. Cinema is wrong with javy and me into it but if that's the CNET you don't agree that do you needn't remind. Aren't we. Brill every day instant support. Back tomorrow like today and RI AA and listen in the show the last three weeks and indeed there's enough evidence there about a I have been achieved via we've been snowmobiles in the I've seen him wipe out I seen him get socket a blue rather than take you know what the snow off climb back on ago but a thumb has almost. Totally straight every bit of every bit of his existence I don't want to say. So it's a little story about you guys coming up and they different. Yeah why you know Vegas. You know I mean Californians that I'd almost kind of close. That's kind of like its own country's current. They aren't even want to. I mean yeah you guys do wanted to. The we're going to be in Vegas next week I'm the guest speaker. For flir thermal. So yeah they're one of them on me to come around and and yet their booths and you know duke of presentations and stuff like that so it should be got a sack at a B. We like presentations and used to or get up on stage to Steve for grandma got you know 34000 people in the audience but so it's going to be a little different. And and oh a dollar and a while the CES will be insane that place gets it just me it's Consumer Electronics Show so there's just endless people there. But. Nobody definitely won't believe PO Morrie. What I wanna go when I go onstage at those 34000 people are there to see me on stage I mean he's been pushed me walking by with a smooth talking his can be early. Okay well if you are able to buy it than can't come out to California are more than welcome to oak. Thank you for I guess to California. The studio peace love and art studio are worked out everything's so yeah I you're more than welcome. Yeah some much needed break you rated talk do you think some. In Ghana and so I'm we are talking about so ghost hunters episodes today and a couple and I wanna mention. Before we have to go here we don't have much time left but. You know we we often talk about the Stanley hotel and I think one of the things that people don't recognize about the Stanley Hotel investigation is the amount of time you spent there. Yeah we are doing their eleven days eleven days Tom cousins live in the history. And we cameras rolling today ever seen one of those days we can't even our and our rooms are and also when I was able to catch that. Have a glass shattered from the inside Al in my room in the door opening holes and that was just one of those days. But is the place is amazing gym and you bend him many times news make him a bomb just getting to me it's built on the mountain there's so many different claims there's. The claim of the guy who on the property and prior I guess in the room I had I was unaware that spot donors and or whatever it was. He would heighten the closet. As women slap. Watching them and in some sometimes sneaking out of that closet the very closet that open and closed on camera. And sometimes stealing their jewelry or other things like that justice trinkets so you know. He can remember that he was there. And but every time I've been up to urge to spend some incredible activity. Yet and for people who don't know the history of the Stanley Hotel it's it's really interesting place but one of the most poignant moments of the history of the Stanley. Is the fact that Stephen King stayed there. Yeah he had drunk drunk one night and couldn't find room it was in it I think everybody there was after season or at the end of the season and he was I think the only person is coming into the winter season and they usually close it down to decision as heat. And I used out of the bars and had a few too many and tried stumbling back to his roaming got lost and that's where he came off this whole idea of the shining. Yes so this is the Stanley Hotel was really the inspiration for the overlook hotel on the whole. The whole us book men movie fruit for the shining and that's one of the things that makes it such a really neat place 'cause some when you're dare you do get that feeling of isolation meets in the middle of the mountains and a little tiny village called us they sparked. And you can understand how that isolation consent and one yearns Dan. Com into into the mountains and so it's an incredible place and anytime you go out if you're ever going to make she popped like two aspirin about a half hour before you go up there. As if not you want to put headaches and everything else because. Your blood and so. I mean when we Europe they're Jim we found out that one drink up there he's the Little League during this anywhere else and which try to sell it or you're gonna we've we've got I just a few seconds of his own and the show would something and it's related to this particular episode the eastern state penitentiary episode okay. Because edition with the creature murderer Brian Brian Coleman do drug that's exactly what we're talking about. Yes it's and I love that place east states phenomenal activity. You every time I went and it was say Ingraham a couple times we've primary also what are some events. And some wild stuff that went on there. And you know as anybody's ever around Philadelphia may get a chance even dual walked her into one of the torch check puts on amazing earlier yeah it is a great place so with that we're gonna and would this. It's beyond reality radio join us tomorrow night for the clairvoyant gourmet. Continuous and Jason did you feel sealed tomorrow night. It's produced by sticking yeah. Stay in the season Johnson yeah. Aren't I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page just alike and say hello it's beyond reality read you all one word if you've got information you want us to follow upon where you like to be a guest on beyond reality radio. An email to sleep Getty. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.