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Dec 24, 2016|

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This it's real estate today. The number one real estate show on the radio. Welcome to real estate today. Backed by the professional experience of real tours from across America where your most trusted source on the radio for up to date real estate information. Real estate today is the official radio program of the national association of real tour and its real remembers your neighborhood. Hi there I'm Stephen got square and happy holidays. Can't if you got some Smartphone devices under the tree this weekend this is the show for years. Because today we're talking about your Smart home. How to make your house shot with the latest connected device to. How to run your house from your Smartphone and how to lock it all down so it's safe and secure. All that and much more is straight ahead in our special show your Smartphone. But first. Let's go to the real estate today newsroom with Bill Thompson our dole. I Stephen. Is it good news that the Federal Reserve has raised its benchmark interest rate a quarter of percent. Well fed chair Janet Yellen calls it a vote of confidence in the economy. Our decision to raise rates. Street certainly be understood. And as a reflection of the confidence we have in the progress the economy is made. And our judgment that that progress will continue. The Fed is signaling that there will be as many as three more interest rate increases in 2017. The Fed's action has no direct correlation to mortgage interest rates however. In fact a year ago the last on the Fed raised the rate mortgage interest rates actually fell in subsequent weeks. The government says US housing starts dropped eighteen point 7% in November to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of one point 09 million. Economists had expected to see an annual rate of more like one point 23 million. October's housing starts were revised up to a one point 34 million unit rate that's the highest since July 2007. Despite the November downturn in housing starts builder confidence is closing up 2016 on a very optimistic note. The National Association of Home Builders Wells Fargo housing market index jumped in December to its highest reading since July of 2005. The index measures builder confidence in the market for newly built single family homes and AHB chairman Ed Brady attributes the rise in builder confidence to what he calls. A post election bounced. Builders he says are hopeful that Donald Trump will follow through on his campaign promise to cut burdensome regulations. The president and CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association is confident that doctor Ben Carson will be able to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development effectively. Davis Stephens tells MSNBC that one of the most important thing secretary Carson can do is instill confidence. We need to give confidence to lenders and real owners to begin thinking about access to credit concerns. Particularly in areas where credit is very tight and Detroit is a perfect example of that. And Stephen says Carson can bring his medical skills to bear in places like Flint, Michigan where health and housing crises intersect. More evidence that the foreclosure crisis is over. Core logic latest monthly report finds that completed foreclosures were down 24 point 9% in October compared to September. Total foreclosure inventory was down 31 point 5% year over year according to core logic figures. And compared to peak in September 2010 the completed foreclosure rate is now down nearly 75%. Coming up and half an hour it's not just the music to talk in Nashville Stephen back you. Thanks bill. And we have the latest home sales information for you and it turns out fit in November. Existing home sales across America rose slightly compared to our program. The National Association of Realtors reports. That existing home sales increased point 7%. Month over month. But that even bigger story is here over year price growth that almost hit 7%. Across the country. Let's talk about the latest numbers now and what they mean with Lawrence June chief economist at the national association of real torched. Lawrence welcome to realistic today. I would actually having me. Structure here. We're glad you're here so Lawrence we saw a modest increase in sales in November. What's behind that. It is very modest increase felt less than 1%. On a national basis from month to month. But nonetheless this incremental gain yes essentially leading to 810 year high in home sales activity. After adjusting for seasonal factors we know that November months are generally soft third some months. So we account for that but in light of that. Compared to other November embarrassed on the statistical measurement. To account for that. It is these stronger is momentum stronger as housing sales in nearly ten years. And from one year ago in November of last year it is up solemnly by tripped superstar now one caveat on the year over year come. Comparison has. November of when he. Search came one year ago special indeed new to closing document rule went into effect. But do you tread rule and dealt toward their worst some delays in November last year so we are comparing what that. But nonetheless got numbers indicate solid sales activity. And consequently be home prices rising body close to 7%. From one year ago. You know let's talk about those prices Furman Lawrence an almost 7%. Year over year gain in the median home price across America. That's got to be great news for people who are in their homes are not moving but also for people who were selling their home. The rising home prices this event how losing equity gain for all homeowners. For people lower in the market because there is great job relocation and or maybe they are looking for a different neighborhood our school district. But pulled variety abrasion as people moved one residence to another. And did some winding equity permits. That additional barn Pollard Vick and you step for down payment extra down payment which means that they don't have to borrow as much. So for homeowners it's a clear win and book on the opposite side of the home buyers particularly do you renters were coming and without an out of her quarterly. Dish is becoming very burdensome affordability up there a year to buying a home. Of course the big issue across the country Lawrence is low inventory they're just aren't enough homes for sale. Now that's helping drive prices up yes. But it's also keeping some buyers out of the market because they can't find anything to Bart. The inventory which has been the story did that lawyer inventory throughout the year. Well in November it is down roughly 10% from November of last year. So continuing that trend over year over year decline in inventory. I have to such do you months' supply which is the the housing market measurement of what are we are. Supply issue board orders to push a loose on demand or you know lack of demand. And if that four month supply currently and more balance conditional won't be six or seven months supply. So what this is telling me is we just don't have enough homes on the market bringing in relation to the barn activity. And that is why are prices are rising at such a strong page. IC so Lawrence looking across America how did the different parts of the country do. In November in terms of existing home sales. What we saw a deal because increase in the north east region and and promote peace region that is the area where they don't have inventory shortage problems. Saudi inventories fell well balanced. And price growth is very minimal openly percent price growth or very came inline with people's income growth. So in the northeast they are saying well you five or top matriarch and buy a home so you know there I'm considering the economic. Logic in that sense but in other parts of the country like out in the west sales declined 2% from month to month basis. And the price of just soaring power in the west. So even lift job creation and is giving pause to some people to say look even though you may have a job deal portability is getting out of hand. Well Lawrence right now where in the middle of Christmas weekend to weaken their Honecker also begins. We have just one week left in 2016. What's your assessment warrants will this go down as a great year. A bad year aura so so year. So we are still compile indeed if numbers statistics but once everything is Dan based on the trend that I have been observing. He looks like decent year defense too good that's certainly not great. Because that they're rich or potential for per bird gains in terms of homebuilding activity. And our total mortgage is currently overly stringent denying many people that. The opportunity to come homeowners but hopefully 127 king we have more robust homebuilding activity helped relieve on the housing supply. And are still. Some relief on the mortgage stringent C may provide more opportunity for people to make a conversion from branching into and. That sounds good Lawrence and I certainly hope we have a great. 4017. Which begins of course in just about one week. Lawrence thanks for joining us on real estate today. I thank you for having me on the show. You're very welcome Laura June chief economist of the national association of real tours. Coming up unrealistic today how much does Smart home tech matter. If you're fighting for selling. I don't personally think that would be a factor. And whether they chose to make an opera not particular property vs one that didn't Avnet. That's straight ahead on our special show your Smart home. Real estate today. Connecting you with the real estate professionals. Every week. And we are back when our special show your Smartphone. Here in the age of the Internet many people are equipping their homes with Smart home technology but many are not so here's a question. If you're selling your home this coming year should you a quick bit with Smart home tech or are you okay. Just to leave the house as it is it's a big question. So let's find out the answer. Joining us now is Leslie route to Smith real chore with Dave Perry & Associates in Dallas. Leslie is the chair of the Texas association. Of real torch and the 2013. Vice president of the national association of real torched. And Leslie is deeply involved with real estate issues on the local state and national levels Leslie welcome to real estate today. Let's wait and do the buyers you work with in Dallas. Care about Smart home technology when they go look at houses. I think everyone is pretty intrigued by Smart home technology particularly in my line deal or anyone can just. Love tech gadgets which can be in a such a lot. That art. Whole track that the easy out there now that is so Pete you install yourself. That I think a lot of people probably enjoyed picking what works best for them I think we all have our preferences and our priorities. Of what's important to us and I would think at the top of most people's list. In the world we live in today would be security. I think that you probably by people looking more for that. That's interest in so if you walked into a house with a client. And it had the security you just mentioned in place a Smart gorloks and maybe security cameras. And may be one of those video door bells. Would they tend to remember that property. I think you might remember it because it stands out and it's different. I don't personally think that would be at church. And whether they chose to make an opera not particular property cursed one that didn't habits because that all they have to do it consider. What they want to put the property that they do like that fits their needs and what that cost factor will be and compared them against each other. Now we're hearing about these new garage door openers and are actually connected also. Two apps have they rolled out in Dallas checked as I've never really seen one. She yeah can you can tap here scurrying to open your garage. Some of the newer one he did have a Wear what you get close to your home by cheap yes it nodes an open your garage. Before you actually get to your house too well but also keep in line that there are a lot of security systems out there actually ran. Where you can look here bulge in C get your garage door closed. Or not and you can also. Work it from your phone app to opening closure are in store remotely. Interest and so one more question about buyers and and move on to the seller side of the table. Now when umpire walks into a house with used last week and they look at their Smartphone. And they. Boulevard or just leave that house and they can't even consider or do they not really care that much. And that type pick elements outright since we're so dependent on outlook mobile device. But I will tell you that I had people come in my house but not out there red and I had great market. So if I were in that position and I really like how I would research other carriers. So that I had one that did work at not how. Good idea. No Leslie on the solar site if I'm selling my house in Dallas Texas and I want the maximum profit in the minimum time. Do I have to invest in Smart home tech work and I just market the house says is and let the buyer bring in their own tech. It depends on what I went looking for because certainly they're people that a country let Morse ordered security and under people who would prefer to do it on their own because it's not that good occult to get now. And it's not that it occult to help install. So I think it just depends on the person and I don't think that what all the things that we have out there to choose from. That it would keep someone from purchasing a home if it didn't have what they were looking for they would just put that in their budget when they purchased the property. You know a lot of people who are selling their house today Leslie will be delighted with torture saying that. If that house that counts it's not the gadget it's done how all that matters right. That's what I would say Steven optionally we have a friend of art in it it's how they did get in the second coordinate a theater because that's what they want it couldn't find a house that had a theater what a poor play and they were looking torch in the part account they wanted to list that they just created. What that there and he I think you'll find that they had been able when it comes to that security. Thermostat control. Can't grow our historic and you know you can you bid to control your crock pot from an app now. That is so awesome you know. I think that's really good news what you said that you know you don't really have to retrofit your house if you don't have to equip it with all the latest mark home tech let the buyers do that. I think that is great to hear that what I want right. Well Leslie thank you for joining us today on realistic today. Thank you a dollar per have been beefed even. We're delighted you're here Leslie Bruce Smith real chore with Dave Perry & Associates in Dallas and the chair of the Texas association. Of real chores. Coming up I'm realistic today the best Smartphone check. For your house. Here's the things your home. It probably already harder that he faint. That's coming up on our special show your Smartphone. But first it's time for real knowledge. A special segment unrealistic today in which we ask an industry expert thought tough question. Designed to give you a complete understanding of issues that affect the real estate you own. And today we're talking numbers the three numbers you see on every bag of fertilizer you buy. Because whether it's for your lawn your garden or your flower pot you've got to get the numbers right. So let's talk numbers now with a pro joining us is Ashton Ritchie with Scotts Miracle-Gro. The nation's leading lawn and garden care company. Ashton welcome to real knowledge power you are great. We are glad your here know Ashton today's question. When I pick up a bag of fertilizer. IC three numbers continue to explain what each number means. Sure the first number is the percentage of nitrogen. The second number as a percentage of prosperous. And the third numbers a percentage potassium. So all plant foods low on food have those three numbers prominently displayed on the package. Interesting so the first number is nitrogen tell us what does that do. Hydrogen is important for giving you have lots of oh overall plant growth whether it's the top growth they would wrote the whole shebang nitrogen is important for the entire plant. IC so how about that middle number phosphorus what exactly does that do and why is it missing. From some types of fertilizer. Prosperous as important put seedling development and also some flowering. So you won't see it in a vegetable plant food you eat and a flower plant food but when you get to a lawn food if the lawn has established you're not planting new grass seed you're not putting down beside. And that number will be now think. Cause it's not really necessary for an established on in other words he's usually a little bit of phosphorus in the soil and has an adequate amount so you don't really need to add that. OK in the last number is potassium. Tell us about that. Potassium. The experts would tell you that just the overall health. And vigor at the plant is gonna help the plant some with disease resistance is gonna puppet just up to speed more healthy it's not as important as the first number typically what you don't want to eat. Have a plant food that has been missing so you always watch and then last number will be there are. Why are clued rose glued brush both food and want to. Interest and you know Ashton I have always seen the three numbers and I have never known what they meant. Until now thank you. Now you know and as a result I'm gonna check up on him and make sure your lawn you flowers and you specialist hall looked better. Oh my guys will thank you so much Ashton Ritchie with Scotts Miracle-Gro. Joining us on our segment real knowledge. Real estate today. Because knowledge is power. And we are back put our special show your Smart home. All about you your house and the Internet thing. We're looking at how your Smartphone. Can run systems and devices throughout your place and how that power. Can help you save money to live more efficiently and live more safely. You're Smart home is coming right up but first let's check in with Bill Thompson and a realistic today newsroom hi bill I Stephen. Get ready for rough may be the fastest housing market on record. Social real save brokerage rigs in which forecast that in 2017 homes will sell even faster than I have and 2016. Renton chief economist Neil Richardson says quote sales would be even stronger. If there were more starter homes on the market to meet demand from millennial homebuyers. Don't tell them in Nashville to the holidays are a slow time a year from sales. Music city is hot and broker Elizabeth gatlin tells Nashville's news channel five but even the typically slow holiday season has offered no let up. There's a first year where we've experienced. Kind of a continued momentum through the holiday season and this back since 2000. Eight at re Max brokered Deborah Beagle says it looks like December will encompass the biggest month her agency's ever happened. The Washington DC region is closing out its strongest year for home sales since the housing boom. Sales have been Briscoe here as prices have actually been largely flat the median price is currently 407000. Dollars up just half a percent from a year ago. Coming up in half an hour more tough real estate news she's been back you. Thanks bill. Back now where their special show you're Smart home. All about putting your house he appliances devices and systems online so you can run the whole place from your Smartphone. So if you'd like to make your home a Smart home. Where do you start let's ask a pro joining us now is Megan Wuertz and associate editor at CNET reviews. Megan writes about Smart home track and appliances for CNET covering a wide range of Smart home devices and appliances including. Thermostat home security and even washing machines meg and welcome to realistic today thank you so much mega let's start there. An Internet connected. Washing machine. I know I know it sounds kind of ridiculous that the outback but it. Actually a lot cooler than they've made you so basically the idea is they're all on a beach and think ray and and why not. Go from wild lion is your largest client is due on being back the chore just like everything else and they're really starting to treat my meant so it is a lot each year you hear torture dated eight out like laundry so. Inadequate refrigerators that are then bad washing machine basically. Just like all the other Smart gadgets we see if it ain't we related app. That you cabin in you can actually are washing machine and then you have access he'd eat how much time left on the cleaning cycle among them even like you start. Pop and pod cleaning Michael remotely. And Khalid Sheikh united vacation in Hague here washing cycle of time that he needed that at the dryer or even. It had been sitting in the washer for you La Beattie will run at like will again put it rationed and their treatment prior. The one problem is that not all of these apps are you might yet so. There's a bit of a disconnect where you actually have to press a remote part option on the launcher out. Sort of you get the washer ready for remote act I I tend to forget Hughes start I watched Michael. Arctic bike on the washer and I don't even optics are darn it act forget that our I'll wash cycle what I'd wanna be able to do okay. Is you know what I got worked very well I'm in the park that your Michael I'll prepare like you actually have to thank you can't. Well I need to hit the remote start button. On my washing machine and it can't Obama like you're planning just forget to do something if that makes sense that evidence connects. That we're dealing with right now I think after back I hope it manufactures are true that the that you can really get you. And even simple remote act that no matter where you are without having deal with a wash your ox. That there really cool thing that have come under what. So here's a question for you verify have been Internet connected apply. And for some reason. It breaks. Does that mean that the company can then use the Internet to look in cited to a diagnosis and see what's wrong with that. That is another thing we've seen I detect that algae washed machines that have something called mark I know there's. All of their washing machine. Claimed to have this aren't diagnosed the option even if they're not like I or are people abate the Greek. It won't and they had it pretty sound like an old start up bow down you know an AOL dialing up on your parents actually today. And it basically intact that frequent the attic in diagnose any potential issues with your washing machine just based on that you don't have to deal. We cut our starters you don't have to weigh on the phone for a long time it. Kind of a more direct route just you diagnose your machine without hearing where waiting and and phone call while that event. It should see you back about its bank I'll copy expect or I eating treatment such as up to sort of get the part about. Interesting so Megan for our listeners now who would like to turn there. If you don't mind me saying it they're dumb home went into a smoker's home sure what would you recommend if we were to pick. Oh I don't know three to five things that you would do that you install and home that would really make it thing what would those be. Know what they're really good question so what you're saying you're home. It probably already martyred in the bank and when did you ever used those analog hybrid to control your sprinklers that amber your all of daylight Breeden. That can't alzheimer's current front porch lights are on a rocket Ares I and while you're on each and you're already on it meeting your call. The difference is that so bad that aren't. And that's where that part on content and there really aren't. Other amazing product and for me my outdoor life. I happened I bet when I driveway in the morning get out of there predicted that chop at least one Ambilight. It might need it definitely a part outdoor rated and we eat out there that knew something that I just that opt. Here everything together on app and I at a national out like the light turned on at night and then turn up in the morning I'm about reforming. Meg gonna know a lot of our listeners are going to want to know how to install a lighting system like that. Maybe we can talk about that and some more Smart home check in our next hour right now Bob. Megan Wohlers and our associate editor at CNET reviews. Thanks for joining us unrealistic today we'll talk to again soon. Coming up unrealistic today would you re model your home. Just to accommodate. Guests. Did that number at home owners to actually dealing meter models. I didn't comity it. President Kim is capturing place that's coming up right here. On realistic today. This is a real estate today. 100%. Real estate 100% of the time. As we approach the holidays of course many of us. Are going to be opening our doors and entertaining. Welcoming family friends and neighbors. Anywhere from a few hours to a few days. And so with that in mind we have some new data for on exactly how. How much welcoming others in to your home. Really matters to people all across the country. It's part of a major new quarterly study from and they are called home the housing opportunities market experience report. Joining us with that is Jessica Lau managing director of survey research and communications. At the national association of real torch. Jessica welcome to realistic today. Scrap we're delighted you're here so Jessica. People really do entered into. Coast to coast and none stop in their homes tell us what the survey found. We did I'm not that we actually. How told that you lacked. I am and among all of the respondents 51% actually entertain oral wartime peak years and perhaps not just that the holiday it's. But also thinking about birthdays. And other special events throughout the year they've really do you open their doors and it could it be gathering for. How we can't get other could be out of town and ask you about the coming just stayed for an extended period of time. I am affiliated interests saying that it could just be sharp party or is something that's quite lob. IC. Now how important did people say this was to their experience of owning a home of their own Jessica. So we thought it was really interesting though among homeowners. They are more frequently opening meritorious to cast. I'm come on predators and those who that would come on I'll say it's a left frequent for them Q how out of I feeling her friends coming over to start played. So Jessica when it comes to entertaining is there any difference. Among the homeowners who are very wealthy. And those who are not in the amount of entertaining they do and how they interchange. Sherrod for what we did he at that those can make more than a 100000 dollars or household income. Do you care team more frequently if they actually found that 64% at best I'm are having family gatherings or marsh had the year. When we compare that to go if you make under 50000 perhaps. The when he just bought a starter homer perhaps it would hit an around DeLeon met. Or just. Have a lower incomes that perhaps even elderly. And we did find it just 43%. At that her energy eating farmers had ears though it is costly energy and and it does take quite a bit of room to do about it while. Not fascinating and you know. Towards the tail end of the report found something that really. Really caught my attention. And that is some people said that in your survey that they would re modeled their homes. Just so they can entertain. Tell us about that. Absolutely and that that does make quite a bit offended when we're thinking about. Having these Stanley gathering of perhaps he. He can't bring again. Friends and family and your home and how about open kitchen. We actually found that 23%. Gave remodeled with and the lot care they kept the front and Stanley into account when doing felt. And we found that 20% had remodeled more than a year ago. There's there's a number of home owners can actually do we need to remodel. To a comedy front of him at the gathering place. OK so that covers entertaining in your home but the survey also looked at the idea of moving someplace specifically. Because it was closer to family or friends can you tell us about that. Absolutely at Philly and then not only do they wanna be closed that we found that there are differences by Egypt while. So when you look at the younger home buyers are out there are 34 per are among those trick dirty fight on terror. I'm just 36%. To that it was important Q. Try it they're letting i.'s decision but when you look at those 65 and older. 57%. Said that it was very important to where they choose to live they'll really thinking about being clicked and that family perhaps in doing retirement and wanting to reject grand children around them it's while. I'm they're really thinking about that when he Q. You'd like to let and right side. Will Jessica thank you so much for joining us with your new results on how Americans use their homes. For entertaining. How much Jessica allow the managing director of survey research and communications. At the national association. Of real two hours. Coming up unrealistic today your Smartphone your voice and what they mean too Smart home track. That's next on our special show you your Smart home. If you love listening to us talk about real estate and join the conversation and find real C today radio on FaceBook. We can't wait to hear from you that's real estate today radio on FaceBook. This is a real estate today. Location. Location. And information. And we're back with our special show your Smartphone. I thought we'd wrap up the first hour of our show with a look ahead. I mean with so much Smart home technology out there it's fair to ask where's it all headed. What effect is Smart home technology is big business and it's getting even bigger. The web site markets and markets reports. That in 2015. Smart home technology was approximately. A 47. Billion dollar industry. And they predict by the year 20/20 two just six years from now. That industry will have grown so big Smart home tech will be O 122. Billion dollar business. As it grows Smart home tech is headed in three main directions. The first direction is all about controlling your house from your Smartphone. So no matter where you are in the world you can lower the heat turn on the light lock your front door and monitor all the rooms in your house. Using Internet connected cameras. Now pretty soon it's fair to say you'll be able to control almost everything in your house with your phone. From the fans that cool the room to the sprinklers to water your lawn too the appliances in your kitchen and your laundry room. To your windows and your window shades your skylights. And on and on there's just no end in sight. The second main direction and Smart home tech involves controlling your house with your voice. Just think of all the manufacturers that are investing heavily into voice recognition technology. Apple has brought us series. Microsoft has brought escort Tana. Amazon has brought us Alexa. And Google has brought us well. Hey Google and that's not at all most television manufacturers know use voice recognition in their new set. Don't worry about pointing your remote at the TV just talk to an Ascot defined raiders of the lost art. It's just incredible. Now the third main direction the Smart home tech is heading and is making everything work together. So that all the different devices you have within your house communicate with each other. That's happening both in the Smart home tech Q control from your phone. As well as the Smart home tech you control with your boys. One part of that is called BI FT TT technology and notice gift. That means if this then debt. It allows you to create a chain of event source the temperature in your house gets too hot. Your Smart Barbara Starr will turn down the AC. Your Internet connected window shades will pull closed. And your Internet connected ceiling fans will turn on many new devices will feature beat if technology. Right out of the box. As I said the same push is happening with voice recognition as well. The heating the cooling the lighting the appliances. Also your entertainments that are built all responded to your voice. Just say Alexa I'm going to bed. And that command can turn off the light lower the temperature make sure the front door is locked and even start the dishwasher. So where's all this headed well again Smart home tech is growing fast. The company August which makes Smart door locks. Estimate that within the next twelve months thirty million American households. Will add some sort of Smart home technology. To their properties. So how about you is there a Smart home device in your future. May be connected thermostat were Smart gorloks. May be the new lighting systems that allow you to turn the lights on and off and dim them from your Smartphone. Or maybe you'll get a voice recognition system so you won't even have to pick up your Smartphone. Well when you ask where's all this headed remember not too long ago people used to talk about the home of the future. And you know you don't really hear that anymore because apparently the home of the future is here today. If you like to hear more realistic today's special show your Smart home either stay tuned. Or join us online at our new web address radio got real tore the and from all of us here realistic today thank you for listening and happy holiday. If you're realtor you can defeat entire realistic today's show on your web site. The best real deep chill on the Radio One 100%. Free to any our members just go to our new web address. Radio dot realtor and click. Hi we have. This is. Real estate today. The number one the real estate show on the radio. Welcome back to real estate today. Backed by the professional experience of real tours from across America we are your most trusted source on the radio for help today real estate information. Realistic today as the official radio program of the national association of real tour and it's real for members in your neighborhood. Hi again I'm Stephen gas great and happy holidays to you. And today we have quite a present for you under the tree if you're ready to make your home a Smartphone. Because today we're looking at all the ways you and your home can be connected. Whether your in your living room or on the other side of the world. Your Smart home is coming right up but first let's go to the realistic today newsroom with bill Thompson's cargo. Hi Stephen. Stephen a new Chu nominated to be the new Treasury Secretary has promised that the new administration will act quickly to take both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae out of government control. Mark Hanson of Dem hands and advisors says privatization. Could have unintended effects. Public private partnership. For it might be the only option in the long run because a few movies thanks totally privatized. Without some sort of government backing you're gonna end up with shorter term Wallace. That's financial institutions wanted diligent attendance one year amounted to endanger lives they closely resemble longer term car loans and things like that. Silk pants and set on CNBC that he could be in favor of taking Fannie and Freddie out of government control if it's done with care. Which Americans are the most optimistic about the state of the nation's real estate market. If you said colonials you're right according to the latest Berkshire Hathaway home service as homeowners sentiment survey. Nearly two out of three Americans expressed favorable opinions about housing the firm says but. Among millennial the numbers 74%. And that's up fifteen percentage points from a year ago. Gina blow Farid a Berkshire Hathaway home services says quote people feel good about real estate because housing is doing well in many markets across America. It may only be a first step but the Federal Housing Finance Agency is pushing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to begin purchasing manufactured housing loans. The FHFA has issued a final rule to implement the duty to serve provisions of the 1992 federal law. Which specifically mentions the underserved manufactured housing market. According to the national mortgage news the FHFA move creates a pilot program under which Fannie and Freddie receive credit for purchasing manufactured homes secured by real estate. Coming up and half an hour sorry Florida it's one homestead exemption to a customer. Stephen back to you thanks bill. The winter real estate market has just begun in America. And we have a lot of positives to report. Interest rates are still quite glow. And mortgage money is flowing. And this year more people can qualified. Thanks to new guidelines that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but the big challenge out there is inventory. Too many buyers and not enough homes for sale. Recently at an NAR conference in Chicago we spoke with real torch from all across America realtors who said that overall business is good. But it could be great if not for low inventory. Let's start with Tom Alamo the immediate past president of the national association of real torched. Thomas from Florida but he hasn't czar in the whole nation and I asked him whether low inventory is. The new normal. I believe so yeah and I think that. You know say this for the next couple years and then now like everything else you know changes constant so we'll see what the market brings a few years from now but. That is that is a constant across the country must say brokers are saying that inventories a little bit tight. When you make an offer your competing with other offers so. You know when you deal with a realtor they'll advise you to make sure that you give a real lot reasonable. Sarah offer because you're probably not going to be the only one of the table. And this is a market where you really need professional advice she can't win it. I went by without a realtor would you know right. On to another Florida real tour. Christopher Zoller from Miami in our most value price point from 300 to 600000 dollars we have a shortage of inventory. Those properties are being snapped up rapidly. In the luxury end we've seen a recent gain of up properties over two million dollars. So we're getting to be on the higher end of our range of month of supply in the luxury end. But in the value oriented and we have a very shortage of supply. So look ahead we'll 2016. B a wonderful year and OK here are not so Goodyear actually sinking up to be a wonderful year. We're excited about the fact that people are coming here that these guys are still strong. And more importantly with the interest rates still at amazingly record low levels. A lot of people are finding at the lenders are opening up their pocketbooks so that's good that we're in good shape. And now to Alabama where real tour Sherry McCollum says business is good. Except there just aren't enough homes for sale. We're seeing a little bit of us police on inventory. Prices increasing and some housing affordability. Not as attractive as it has been in the past. So what's a full blown seller's market where you work it really has cut it with the exception of a higher end cry points. So what happens how you work with your clients if there's not much inventory out. Well good question state and actually. Here and we try to get out there like everybody else and kind inventory. Encouraged sellers German ground offense to go ahead and make the native. And for new construction is bending in our area has isn't Liberia says that's always. A nice I think to have available inventory wise that the existing home sales are. Doing well but again we're seeing a little bit of attention inventory. And it's the same scenario in Washington DC where real tour Brenda small told us it's so tight. Buyers have to learn new strategies. If they want to win the house. Actually business is still booming business is very competitive and our housing inventory is still very limited still low. And so we have our buyers out there are two guys fighting each other to get a home. Does it still take awhile to educate our new buyer. Education is continuing. Every cycle of buyers have been doing this for 23 years in every cycle of buyers for pars in his case it. And we still have some that come in and try to go a little lower but most know that there really got to compete in a good area with a good condition at home. That's priced right that the gonna have to go up a little bit. And now across the country to Las Vegas ground zero of the housing collapse. Real tore Linda run Berger told me that in her market inventory is really not that bad at least when compared to other parts of the country. I think that's our inventory levels and the various price points are. Adequate but not. Not overly adequate so buyers that they say they rule. They may or may not but and there's there's still a lot of competition for something dad relative to location. That they would want. So they're not going to low ball a property has example and think they can get away with. Of course low inventory means a seller's market. And in fact just about every real true we spoke you said bear market indeed was a seller's market not enough homes for sale. Causing prices to rise and competition to break out among buyers. Except for one market we learned about. We spoke with one real Tor who told us. She's still working in a solid buyer's market. With plenty of homes bargains everywhere and investors swooping in. There are real Tor is Rudy Gonzales and her market. Is Puerto Rico. Doing dead it's getting better aid staying. Everyone knows that needs of buyers might get but still birdsaw mall buyers. I would think so but I. You know I searching and using our service is that is the most of my campaign. Using a real time ES. You said it's a buyer's market now up here in most of the states it's a seller's market but it's a buyer's market where you are. He has a buyers might get a smile like playing bass says then there's so many quite go so SanDisk says properties. That actually is it ends that's. Almost the opposite of many cities in the United States so you have a completely different dynamic. And he adds this is getting better but. Gee whiz BI and they wee hours feeling buyer's mind here. And of course will continue to watch markets all across America every week and will be telling you whether the number of homes for stereo continues to remain tight. Or whether somehow. More houses will come on the market. Coming up on real estate today a special story about a real tour who's dedicated his life. To help it. The more that you ignore your business devote yourself to your community and development. Inadvertently. Your business grosans. That's coming up right here. On realistic today. This is real estate today. Because it's not just a house it's home. And we're back with a very special story for you about how good neighbor. And we're talking about a real chore who cares for his community and all the people and it. His name is Craig Conant a 26 year real estate veteran who's with key realty in Johnson County Missouri. Craig recognize there was something missing in his part of Missouri and he set out to change all that. He founded the only chapter of the big Brothers and big sisters in his part of the state. And it's become a vital part of the community and a vital part of the lives of thousands of young people in Missouri. For his efforts Craig was awarded a good neighbor award by real tore magazine in 2001. Craig welcome to real estate today. Very I'm just great thank you Craig so tell me why was it important to you to found a big Brothers and big sisters in your area. What we can't know mentoring program at the time. Were children. There was a small organization that went after about your report alleged. And so we were really just talking about being another friend who has a job bomber Parker whiteman air force engagement. Between the two as we XP idea to. Get a big Brothers big sisters organization started we went to the local wines quote I was the vice president that a department. They were gracious left it shall thousand dollars to start the process to get a big rush beach district quote here in Orangeburg mr. So tell me. How is that club making a difference in the lives of young people in you're part of the state. Now I can tell you from a personal standpoint. I have experienced on grand daughter. That are in the program and my granddaughter. Has a picture spirit is a doctor. And now my granddaughter lost beat down on the other hand my grandchild the same time is there a difference makers and they've both been the a BP arch up the page so here we go MMI cringed and aspires to be a part of so. You know on a personal stamp or not they'll that would in my own family organization the anti Shia all across our community. Relishing the parent should. Current stories about the impact that the big Brothers pictures were shall make him a large. So Craig tell me Howard feels to you. When you meet an adult. Who once was a child. That your program meant toward. And mature on Gabriel curiosity urged a it's. I went to. When the kids come back later and I mean you know in fifty years later to dole. Insured or storage which we had many. It just Accenture or if it is a true Western Europe or storage but for. We know Craig. Our listeners should know better you'd did not stop there. You also founded the children's memorial garden in Warren's berg Missouri can you talk about back. Yes my wife and I had a daughter was killed by drunk driver. Specter. 1990. It. At that time we had they'll linked up with other parents who lost children and the art features. Are sculptures of children playing in the way you would want to remember your children. And I urged winding after their and then it also has memorial wall. Where once a year we integrate all the names of the children that we lost to her camp. So despite giving a place. Quiet reflection and hospitals according to be liked it it need to open it also are required to wage which she did children in the sculptures quite remember. The way we would want remember children. That's one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard in my life Craig you are it was if it. It sure has been a very it's what you write or commute. Sir Craig for all the good work you've done you were named a good neighbor by real drum magazine just did that mean a lot to you. Overwhelming issue. And exposed Chicago every perceived reward in front of about 121000 or pierce. That was extremely overwhelming hurtled the jury transcript or record to. And but we got a lot of publicity from that a lot of the recognition we've got to nations regret to. So you know people would speed which you get through the newspaper program. AM the money almost. Write your charity gets 101000 dollars bring. Brett was a great lust and future display associated with the event which studied social. Craig finally. Many of our listeners are real source. Would you recommend that they also give back to their community and get involved. In ways that make a difference in the lives of the people that live near them. Actually which. More that you ignore your business and devote yourself to your community and your element. And it certainly your business proposal. You don't do it for that purpose. But I think that people's seat and you are really recognize. The efforts that you're due out in the community. And then I think that it might make a back seat I've told many people that I think if you devote yourself to your community. And got report about. We'll Craig from all of us here at the radio show well done my friend you're doing great work. I hope you keep it up for many many years and I hope we talk again soon. Church which. Thank you Craig Craig Conant real chore with key realty in Johnson County Missouri. And when a realtor. Coming up on realistic today if your home is full of Smart home checked. Could it be hacked aren't you thinking about the importance in the near future out the update the firmware are all the pop up there with the that's next on our special show your Smart home. But first it's time for our Smart home technology report. In this segment and wanted to talk about the study by a company called Argus in sight. A study about consumer attitudes. Towards Smart home technology. Our first read about it in for ups but I soon went to the company's own web site to Hewitt they found and it was a real eye opener. The study found that overall consumers are frustrated. Because there're so many Smart home platforms out there. And many of them don't work would each other. And so at this relatively early stage in the development of Smart home tech. People who wanna make their home a Smart home are being asked to commit to either apple or Google or even Amazon. Without any guarantee. That what they buy today will work together. With the products they buy tomorrow. It's causing some degree of Smart home overload among consumers. And these are consumers who want to adopt Smart home technology. In their homes and in their lives. Argus inside used in nearly 600000. Consumer product reviews of Smartphone devices. They wanted to see what consumers were talking about what they liked and what they didn't. Overall Argus insight calls Smart home tech a mess of protocol. Which consumers don't like because. They have disappointing experiences. In their home. The study had three main conclusions first. Amazon's echo was delightful. Because it's voice recognition system Alexa. Works with so many products in today's Smart home. Next Apple's home kit is something consumers really want. After all plenty of people love apple. But consumers are frustrated that home kit only works with a few non apple products. And last Google's marketing slogan works with net. Consumers could care less they're really losing interest in all that according to artists and arts. Now this is really good information because many people who have tried to jump in too Smart home integration. Have experienced a rough road. Maybe studies like the one done by Argus insights will encourage the big Smart home companies to just work together. And make life easier for homeowners across the country. It's a great goal but you have to wonder if it's really going to happen. Because we might just find some day there when you go house hunting you have to decide. Whether to buy the apple. The Google for the Amazon Smartphone. This is real estate today. All real estate all the time. And we're back where there are special show your Smartphone. All about getting your house on line so you can run it from your Smartphone. Where the Euro bear were not coming up a special conversation about security. When you buy a house is the seller still connected and when you sell our house and the buyers get your data. It's a big question we will talk to an expert about how to make sure your house isn't packed. That's next on our special show your Smart home. But first let's check in with Phil Thompson in the real estate today newsroom hi don't punish Steven. The buying patterns of first time homebuyers are shifting says one Texas realistic professional Rogers Healy owner of Dallas based Rogers helium associates real estate. Talk to Fox Business about the trends he seeding. Mr. Citron we saw just sixty users actually twice as many. Single women first time homebuyers a single man I think Greg continue to see these trends shift. The yuppie first time hallmark generation they're gonna continue to go further and further out which is gonna go and create you know supply demand situation ran. With spec homes that are about potential price point. Healy also says there's been a sharp uptick in Condo sales up nearly 10% of Texas this year he says. Sorry Florida homeowners. It's one homestead exemption to a customer or one to a family turns out the Florida Supreme Court let stand a lower court ruling that an elderly couple. Cannot claim a homestead exemption in Florida at the same time they're claiming one and Indiana. Even on the couple had put each home and only one name. Homeowners trading up in 2016 continue looking for bigger homes according to the National Association of Realtors twice sixteen profile homebuyers and sellers according to be an IR survey the most common reason for someone selling a home in 2016 was. It is too small. Stephen back to you. Thanks oh. On today's show your Smart home. We're talking about how the Internet of things is changing the American home. Putting it unlocked in helping you control it with your Smartphone but is it safe. Is that online present opening up your house to hackers. Let's find out and talk online safety now with a pro. Joining us now is Chad curry the managing director of the center for real toward technology. At the national association of real tours. Chad is joining us today from this ERT lab at any are in Chicago. Chad welcome to realistic today agreed to be here. We're glad you're here in our Chad if I were to buy a computer. Or if I were to buy a Smartphone. I would protect my data on that should people be doing the same thing with Internet connected devices throughout their house. Absolutely and they don't know where it starts eating its strong password on devices like here but I got enough. They are in Kuwait we can do that and it as an example even I could pick a line of poetry. Or lyrical look ball. Good the first letter from each one of those words in what are we got a number of the year came out. At the end of that would collect a little corner past or whatever and then burn up a pretty strong cubs would have gotten hypocrite Eric here's the current Wimbledon rare good number though. Outward you're you're one way to tackle retrieve what we did. Well yes that when he coached he's got a among people don't do it but I'm not to then first morneau. But it IQ there are other program which Arafat who mentioned really. Under the current the current abuse making sure that you're not part of a program we are commission being released old Kirk from cargo market. Dark like you know I think that's important all the way through. So Chad give us an example. Of someone who did not secure their Smart home devices. And lived to regret it. You know just what the story this past week by a realtor who sold home with a thermostat and are Smart thermostat. And but he didn't put it on fire call her that he come arc temperature it's going up on the government can't we don't know what's going on. Are we tried I don't go back up. Called the seller if you didn't bite on that list so it the government would become bigger lead but but the but no. So are remembered you know that we have these devices that are expected in the home. They need to be respect. He wanted the court your house to be absolutely. The point buried in the weirdness. Is because we wanna protect them out of their members interests to help the homeowners understand. If there's a lot of convenient opportunity to lighten the joke not to be concerned about. Animal responsible. OK now let's look at another scenario in which you move into a house. And you do completely wipe all the Smart devices in the house and put in it. Really strong passwords and then start using them what happens then. I thought your report from her ABT 00. Where they tried Barack home but couldn't because the person they're trying to act was there any expert. I've had in the past which showed a pick it up I'd like I accept. It Democrats are worried that you know it could record because hurt out there would with a stronger one. I'm not something you can do in the governor you're convoluted the Olympic make it happen. So Chad I understand that in this CRT labs you're working hard. To make Smart home security. Easier. He's got command called Markel chuck was. Which can help our members including. Co coo and educate pit you buyer in what will be respect our membership. Need to be aware. Of one devices are not home and when they are aren't they have to understand. Out of respect them. We're actually worked industry we're not repeat not a bit dark right now are what we're content into web application I remembered need to be walk at all. I mean we really wanted to pick a simple. And you beat her new homeowners. Who barely got beat the art is not an act where you can buy them at their disposal. That is incredible I mean in the same way that if you sold an old computer to someone. You would white bit so if you sell our house you should wipe the house to. You know exactly the current thinking about at some point in the near future gonna have the update the firmware are all the hot topic. Chad thank you for joining us today thank you very much there really increased. Chad curry the managing director of the center for realtor technology. At the national association. Of real tours yeah. Coming up on realistic today. A Smart garage door you black comic it's got to be patient. Our effort. He closed the crowd does before I left pretty happy actually help that and much more Smart home track. Coming up. On our special show your Smart home. This is real estate today. Because your home might be your biggest investment. And we are back where and our special show your Smartphone. Few fewer witness in our first hour you heard us talking to. Megan Wharton with CNET reviews. Talking about you what you're home and Smart tech. Hi Megan. Eight meg and when we left you and our first hour we were talking about installing Smart lighting systems structure house. I think some people are under the mistaken impression. That to connect your outdoor lights you have to replace. All the receptive Coles. Andy sockets that they're in but you don't these days it's just the light bolts right. Exactly you absolutely don't and that there again there botched the auction but. It was used for example. Had aha but you just backed chair router and just like any other light bulb literally a group the Albright while the current Philip utilities. So you would download the app you'd all of the aspects for obstruction and eat it up with Ernie. Quite quickly it is much much more than ball that back and a lot of people. When Megan you are on our rule so what's next on your list of Smart home devices. If your into home security. I really light and back out at 200 dollar in direct camera is as. Amazing optic ten EDT live streaming. You better really Chris you appear concerned about home experience on it and I onion tiger how protect the open ocean protection. And it and it really if they're really really solid. There's not really my go garage door opener and we as Chamberlain and Bellagio but what they're really good effort needed app. He's actually need to keep black comic got a big nation. I remember the quote the ground or the right lap. These are really really great application that you'd why I'd. Munich a very the act he actually tell it was so open and then shut it which it in the bank. Oh therapeutic thing I would definitely expect from our house. And that brings us to one of the biggest questions in Smart home technology. You can get all sorts of devices. That operate all sorts of parts of your house. And yet you see advertised. Works with apple home kit works with the Google Android platform works with this how important is it. To be able to tie everything together into one that connected comprehensive package. That's something that really con man. You worked with multiple device that you could tied at that you're really bad they didn't mark on aid and you really want to integrate a fully integrated art. But until bet that come with time I believe that developing despite there is and and eagerly what worked pretty good cop so. What I need jet usually is to start off a pair of I think you're ever life and then worry about the pot later if he really you know. That makes sense know meg and one last question for if we were doing does seem an interview about Smart home technology. In September of 2026. What would the average American home look like in terms of Smart home tech. I'll write it that well what I hope in a book right is. Eight fully integrated. It bring you have. Art wine. Shays. Aren't that connected back. All are integrated security cameras. And door locked and they're not really just a week. Package that all worked in the meet other because one other thing that we discovered attempting inspect. Even though want this app and find you've talked the other saying it doesn't always work. Really hope you know because you're dealing with different protocols that manufacturers. And and you'd Bachmann is on communications issues on the way. Site but what I hope to see is it would mark home budget item made for you know it would generate your every need and can judge. They couldn't change it or aren't about half I think that would be at the base and I hope our app. Megan Morton associate editor at CNET reviews thanks again for joining us on realist and today. Yeah. Coming up unrealistic today do you really need any of this Smart home start. We'll talk about it next when our special show your Smartphone. Continues. Right here on realistic today. If you're hungry for real estate information and follow real estate today on Twitter. Shares segment listened to them again. And be the first to know what's on next week show just search real estate today on Twitter. Real estate today. Because you love real estate. And we are back with our special show your Smart home. We're going to wrap up today's show where the question. Do you really need your home to be a Smart home. War is your home just find a way this. Let's take a look at that. And let's look at some of the Smart home device is we talked about today and whether you really need them. What started your front door chances are right now you have a regular dead balls and I would guess it works just fine. Get your key unlock it and go right in side. At a Boettcher doorbell works fine to someone pushes that you hear the chime and you go to the front door to see who's there okay. Let's move inside now if you wanna turn the AC down where they heat up. The thermostat on your wall probably does the job just fine. You just walk up to it's been that dial in your system does exactly what you tell it to. And how about over in the room where you watch TV you just pick up the remote and turn it off. If you listen to the sound there through speakers throughout the room you might turn on your receiver too it's all pretty easy. And now when your work or maybe on vacation most of the time. You just leave your house you'll lock it up in everything's fine when you get back home. So I think it's reasonable to say that if your home is not a Smart whom it's still just fine. But hey why stop there meanwhile were added why not just use that old rotary telephone. You might have won in storage and they don't work right. And come to think of it lack of really old things and every house still work fine. Bet thirty year old countertop microwave. Works great. The really old timer that you plug your lights into when you go on vacation. Works great. The old transistor radio your parents gave you when you're a kid it just works great. Oh and one more thing remember those old light bulbs the types she can't buy in stores anymore. Well they work great to. All of that old technology has been around for generations. And everything's working great so why change it. Well because as we all know just because something works it doesn't mean you have to use it forever. Things get better. And when they do they can make your life better to and that's the whole idea behind Smart home technology. Making your life better. Sometimes that means just being able to lock or unlock your front door with your Smartphone. So that if you drive away and suddenly wonder did you remember to lock the door. You can do it where the tab on your screen instead of going all the way back home. Sometimes making life better means being able to raise and lower the temperature inside your house without being there. Again after all thermostat works fine. If your home but a Smart thermostat will do the job where ever you are. That can save you money by lowering your utility bills. Speaking of saving money those old light bulbs. They use a lot more electricity than the new CF noble. One realtor told us that the month after he swapped out every old light bulb in his house. And put in the new EFL bowled. His electric bill went down fifty dollars. Sometimes making life better means making your home safer. So sure your old doorbell works fine but some people like the idea of being able to see who's out the door before they open it. Even if they're not home. That can be some great peace of mind. And sometimes making life better means just having a little fun and for many people that means walking into the television room and saying. Alexa turn on the evening news. And while you don't really need a voice activated entertainment system. Well it sure is fun. Finally just think of the one thing that controls all those devices your Smartphone. Like we said you're old rotary telephone works just fine. But your new Smartphone doesn't just sit at home. It goes with you and it brings with it the power of the Internet it connects you to your family to your friends and now to your home. So well all the old Duff still works fine it probably won't save you any money. It probably won't keep your house safer or more secure. And it probably won't make your life more fun. And that's what the new home tech is all about safety security. Saving money and having some fun. And that's. Pretty Smart. Coming up next week unrealistic today. A great way to celebrate a new year where our special show second homes we'll look at how to find one. How to buy one and most importantly how to pay for it. Second homes as next week right here on realistic today. And remember you can always listen online in our new web address radio dot real tour. And from all of us here at realistic today. Thank you for listening and happy holidays. If you're a realtor you can put the entire really see today's show on your website. The bats real deep chill on the Radio One 100%. Free to any armed members just go to our new web address. Radio dot realtor and click through realtor.