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Russian Ambassador assassinated in Turkey. 12/19/16

Dec 19, 2016|

Will this lead to war between Russia and Turkey?

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106 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Breaking news story occurred about an hour maybe two hours ago. That's tremendous huge international repercussions. There are already being felt OK here is the absolute latest. According now to multiple media reports. Russian ambassador. On Drake car law if he is the ambassador Russia's ambassador to Turkey. What several minutes into speech. I'd an art exhibition. In the Turkish capital the capital of Turkey Ankara. As you know just to set the proper context. Russia now is wiping out the rebels in their stronghold of a lot ball in northern Syria. Putin's Russia has been Bishara sides' biggest ally. They have delivered a crushing blow to the so called moderate I put that in your quotes. Muslim rebels many of whom are tied to a beyond those are a font to al-Qaeda out. They want a Sunni fundamentalist state. They're just a little bit less extreme than nicest that's it. Those are the rebels that Obama and Hillary secretly armed and trained will now allow apple is lying in ruins. Gordon and the Syrian army have delivered a major decisive blow hole. Important is now winning the war in Syria along with a sharp a sawed. Turkey has long been a big proponent. Of backing the rebels in Syria. They've also been backing crisis as well they want to prop up Sony is along in Syria. They want to wipe out the questions of Syria. And remember Turkey shot down Russian plane recently. So Turkey and Russia have been at loggerheads. Over Syrian now for many many months. Well. Today the dam burst. A man in a suit and tie with a gun about several minutes into the speech by the Russian ambassador. Yelled out Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. And on the video you can actually see the ambassador on life TV being shot multiple times. 'cause the body lay on the floor. Other people were also shot the gunman then who calls himself they Jihad he. Starts waving the gun to the people in the audience or yelling and screaming. He is shouting to the camera this is revenge for allow apple. If bomb if he if Muslims die if we die in a lap all you die here. So basically saying that the G Hogg will continue not just in Syria. But they won't haunt the Russians were ever they are that they are determined they world Muslim empire. Wooten has now called an emergency meeting of his cabinet. He says this is clearly unacceptable. The Russian ambassador supposed to be sovereign. TCU you'd wanting you don't do or skill ambassadors on foreign soil. Who is now said this is effectively an act of war. What we know about this jihadist. Is she is a police officer in Ankara. That's all we know for now. Here. Is the actual audio. Of the assassination. I wanna warn you you can hear the gunshots. And then you'll hear him yelling out Allahu Akbar. Roll it Jarrett. Okay. Okay. Okay. Some of those phrases are in Russia and he's speaking obviously in Turkish. But he's going on about allow poll. I if we Muslims die there you Russians will die here this is revenge for a lap O we are jihadist we are holy warriors we will not stop. So he's thrown down the gauntlet he's beat they're telling Russia that this war will money and even if they Russians win in Syria. Now britney's got a very very good point coed Brittany. OK so when the story first broke. I only saw pictures. Until. The video came out and I watched the video and I. At first before I watch the video I thought that that guy is he's in a nice suits. With a gun and eyes and all that must have been a security guard no that was the Keller. What where was his security. Nobody was around ten no one shot at hand or not not a bailout Emery integrates. So. Actual sketchy media's if you watch. You know our president. Don trump Hillary Clinton and he they have people around them all the time the security and Secret Service. And I just think that is. I know Turkey. I fall Turkey you have to do if you want to understand the Middle East he is a Turkish police officer. I I'll betcha dollars to donuts he's a big supporter of Turkey's strong man were set tie you aired the gone. Who has turned Turkey into an Islamic state. He mortal enemy of Russia. He mortal enemy of Europe. He mortal enemy of the west it is air don't gone in his government that are allowing all of these millions of Muslim migrants. Pour into Europe. It's basically an Ottoman invasion. Except they're gonna do with through refugees. Instead of through our east. Now what is truly dangerous about all of this this is why this is such a big story it's not just an ambassador being brutally assassinated. It's that Turkey is a member of NATO. And at the heart of NATO is something called article five. Which article five cents an attack on one is an attack on hall. So if any needle member happens to go to war. Every other NATO country is legally internationally. Obligated. Don't have to go fight and defend that country so if wooten. Decides how they met military retaliatory strike. Against Turkey's government. Let's say it comes out that this police officer. It was a false flag operation that he was actually working on behalf of the Turkish government. As payback for what happened and all apple let's say they show links between him and the Turkish intelligence services which wouldn't surprise me at all. Parents know security. Hence the reason why there was nobody there. Hence the guy could shoot them on the front forgive me short of like a dog and rant and rave for I don't know how many minutes. Before security services move then he had all day. To kill the ambassador. To kill the number two at the embassy to shoot some other Russian staffers that were there from the Russian embassy. I mean this guy I mean really. I mean he had where what do you yadier had like ten minutes. He shoots somebody shoots another one but he shoots another one and he's everybody gives a speech. Make sure he gets his message out and then they finally taken down. We're gonna have to go to war on behalf Turkey. God forbid if Paul decides to escalate this. If he decides to launch some air strikes or whatever starts killing Russian ambassadors in return or sorry Turkish ambassadors and returned. And sold this is why I've been saying for many many years. Kick Turkey out of NATO. They have no business being in the European Union that's why the Europeans don't want him I believe they have no right to enter the EU. But in so blocked a mat EU but I would definitely kick him on a NATO. Because turn on our ally. There are state sponsor of crisis. There are sponsor of Sunni fundamentalism all across the Middle East they're an Islamic state why should we be pledged to defend the borders. And the regime of an Islamic state. Especially one that's implacable your post in NATO. Improbably opposed to the west in plaque will be opposed to Europe and plaque or be opposed to Russia. So god forbid if NATO and Russia should get into war. We have to side with Muslim Turkey. Against Christian Russia. It's insane. 6172666868. Let me ask you this. What is your reaction. To the brutal assassination. Of the Russian ambassador in Turkey. Do you think that Turkey's government how to roll a mess. What do you think Russia is a response should be. And god forbid if golden does launch military strikes or engages in retaliatory reaction. Should the United States under NATO's article five. Should we be obligated to defend Turkey. Should Americans have to fight to defend Muslim Turkey against Christian Russia 61720666868. Or is it long past due season why you need to garlic from. Some of these military commitments that were made 5060 years ago during the Cold War and them. And them Amar Singh and all of them. Look at each one on a case by case basis but Turkey. That's why I cut right there right there I'd say Mac. Listen guys that were fighting the Soviets called war is over we don't need jewel adios were not protecting you. No all American soldier should die for Muslim Turkey 6172666868. Winds are loaded nick in Weymouth go ahead met. Whether jeopardy. Let's since we don't need to investigate the Russians we need to investigate the American Muslims. That's where we're desperately needed is it would include this as or what's worse by the way didn't Democrat he. Here in a couple of against communism base what. The Muslims primarily Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia in the church is that a product. In Yemen what they've done to this country. Has perverted. And separated. That Clinton's. John McCain still look at pro Russian investigation. OK in any other Republicans Democrats that's what they're really fighting about that's what nobody comes from a big big big didn't. So it's not but it's not the Russians right now that our problem. It's some problems not problems again and they've been touted before but it has sentries because it was a little bit more sophisticated now. And bush is Judy in that and that's because look at the people he protected right after nine elevenths okay. And the and look at that report just came out twenty years later if this week at 1415 years later itself. They can accident they would to Saudi Arabia now at bat and it is word on Hillary Clinton did you get taken up let's it isn't happening yet to aliens bill. Thank you need to have a very Merry Christmas all the best to you when your family 6172666868. Okay. My friends the story's getting bigger now almost by the second. It is a huge international story just a very quickly recap. Russia's ambassador. Has been shocked and murder he has been assassinated. Bye you radical Islamic terrorists. Shouting out Allahu Akbar saying this was a revenge for a lap all saying if we Muslims died and allow poll EU will die here. He is a Turkish police officer. Move almost delivered a manifesto really after we shot the Russian ambassador. Our goal and is now called an emergency cabinet meeting remember. Turkey shot down a Russian playing. I was on the border between Syria and Turkey just a couple months ago. This could escalate now very seriously. The tensions between Turkey and Russia. If Russia decides to militarily strike back. Against their ambassador number one I would back Russia a 1000%. You don't kill ambassadors. Where was the Turkish security forces. How come they weren't providing any kind of security and why did it take so long. But moreover. If Russia and Turkey now if there are some hostilities. Under NATO. Should the United States defend Turkey. And isn't it long past due. We kick the Turks right out of the North Atlantic while. Alliance 6172666868. All of your calls next. Okay okay. OK okay. Can marry. Yeah. But look at the peace look at them it is saw. The act it's just homage free and b.'s. The style. Stop nit wit that I can handle all this is so week before Christmas attempt at it anymore. Stunning international development. Turkey. Is allowing involved and a major diplomatic international incident with Russia. Russia's ambassador to Turkey gunned down assassinated at an art exhibition. I really shot dead. By eight Turkish policemen a self proclaimed jihadist. They radical Islamic terrorists saying this was a revenge for allow all we Muslims died there you die here. My question to you was this. Gordon is now meeting with his cabinet emergency meeting. Russian public opinion is completely inflamed. Russia may take retaliatory. Action. Under NATO. We may be compelled to defend Turkey against Russia. I say this is none of our business. If Russia wants the hammer Turkey and and and pay them back for this disgusting. Vile act of terrorism. Leave that between Russia and Turkey. It's time to kick Turkey out of NATO I agree disagree. Mike in Boston going head Mike. They are you doing very Christmas Merry Christmas might. Happy new year than I couldn't agree with more. Com I think any term. On the question of war was wrong dancers great job as a possibility. Of sorts and it. An ally Belarus. Last time I checked. They had nuclear weapons and there's very you know all to military in. I mean they're deliberate thing I think that. Just popcorn ball subpar I'll vote NATO inaudible trouble not believe some money was really just really evidently it was all world. I would we've evolved little war because you know. Might might just aren't Q because you're gonna play this cut please don't leave I wanna get your take on this. Just to show you how prophetic trumpets. This was trump went in February Jarrett. March march march of this year listen to trump now think today. With potentially now conflict between Russia and NATO member Turkey roll it Jarrett. I think NATO is obsolete. NATO was done at a time we had a Soviet Union which is obviously larger budget larger that Russia is today I'm not saying Russia is not a threat but we have other threats we have the threat of terrorism. And NATO doesn't discuss terrorism NATO's not. Meant to put terrorism NATO doesn't have the right countries that it took terrorism. And what I'm saying is that we take number 18 totally disproportionate share of NATO we're spending the biggest ally in shares paid for by guest disproportionate to other countries had to do you look at do you grade where are the ones always fighting for the Ukraine I never you or any other countries even mentioned and where fighting constantly would talk to Greg Ukraine get out Tuesday is do that. And having Ukraine's very far away from us how come these countries it near the Ukraine surrounding the great outcome there that. Opening up a bit not at least protesting I never hear anything from anybody except the United States what I am saying is they don't is absolutely NATO is is obsolete and it's extremely expensive city United States disproportionately so. We should do. We had just stayed out and it stood up to be the readjusted to take care of terrorism or look at that as a step they knew. I know coalition a new group of of of the country. Mike let me ask you this did trumpet the nail on the head. Is NATO now obsolete. Yeah I think so. I think they'll certainly. You know record over and title on. Mike thank you very much for that call look. I think either NATO has to be profoundly reformed and changed. Or scrap it and creating new western alliance. To fight Islamic terrorism. Okay this is now breaking. There was also a shooting near the US embassy in Ankara. Right after the Russian ambassador was shot and killed. So this may be part of a larger. Terrorist attack this is now. Our breaking on the on the wires quote. The US State Department is warning American citizens to avoid the country's embassy in Turkey amid reports of a shooting in the area. So apparently shots were fired right near the US embassy in Ankara Turkey. It came about two hours after the Russian ambassador to Turkey was assassinated. In the capital. The embassy compound. Is about two and a half miles away from the art gallery where that Russian ambassador Andre Karloff. Where shot and killed. So this may be the work of a coordinated. Terrorist attack. We're gonna have more let me ask you this what do you think Russia is a response should be. And the religion of peace. How many times. Does radical Islam after rear its ugly head. Before we realize. We are in a death struggle. In clash of civilizations. That has gone on for over a thousand years and if we don't wake up may go on for many more years to come. Merry Christmas everybody. 138 here on the great WRK. All okay shock and horror. Reverberating now across the world but in particular. The Middle East and Russia. Russia's ambassador to Turkey. Assassinated. Shot dead at an art gallery exhibition. In Ankara. By a policeman 22 years of age streaming repeatedly Allahu Akbar. We die and allow OEU die here. Apparently the US am embassy has also Durbin shootings or what they're calling a security incident. But clearly there were shots fired near the US embassy. Which is about two miles away from the art gallery. And now Americans are being told what ever you do do not go in the area of the US embassy in Ankara. They're shooter is 22 years of age. His name is may have looked matter. These contests. He's an off duty police officer. From the Ankara special forces department. So we clearly has a links. To the Turkish regime. According to Russian media it appears that the ambassador was shot up to eleven clients. The Turkish security services wade did he gave almost a manifesto. Denouncing Russia's actions in a lap all. Are denouncing Russian imperialism. And then after his manifesto was done apparently he was quote unquote neutralized. By Turkish security forces. Pictures are now so you can see among social media. This attacker or he's covered in blood obsolete covered in blood. Look I gotta tell you something doesn't pass the smell test here. It was ID Turkish art exhibit. Turkey should have been providing much better security source should the Russian embassy to be frank. But there was very port security. From the Turkish. Police and Turkish security. They let him rant and rave for several minutes waving his gun pointing his finger before they finally take him out. Turkey shot down any Russian plane just several months ago. There have been days of protests in Turkey by shall we Muslims in raged. Pat. Gordon is now in an emergency cabinet meeting the Russian media has frankly going absolutely ballistic. Russian public opinion is inflamed. There may be retaliatory action by the part of the Russians. Against Turkey for this we're gonna see over the next 24 to 48 hours. And as I mentioned in the last before the news break. Turkey is a needle member. Under article five an attack on one is considered an attack on mall. And so technically. If things really escalate between Russia and Turkey. We may be forced to side with Muslim Turkey against Christian Russian. Should the United States side with the Muslim Turkey against Christian Russia. Number one number two. Why is Turkey even and they don't. That Turks. Who committed genocide against the Christian Armenians. The Turks. Who slaughtered a Christian Greeks. The Turks. Who see themselves as they hair of the brutal Ottoman Empire. That invaded the Balkans. Invaded Italy invaded Eastern Europe sought a conquered the west itself. This same government that is dumping millions of Muslim migrants. In a massive invasion of Europe. That very same Islamic government and under or Obama. That's gotten more support and under any other administration. Why are we backing the Turks. Why are we defending the Turks. Why don't we have security obligations to the Turks. Let the Russians and the Turks settled this. Frankly my sympathies are with Christian Russia on this. But that's some of them how is this any of our business. 6172666868. Lines are loaded Jerry and Cape Cod go ahead Jerry. I'm glad my hip my condolences my friend that is sad day in my garage. And as. You have. Where in the world the web. Western leaders wake up they've refused to accept that Islam is at war with the west not radical Islam Islam. There one point 001 point three billion Muslims. All the experts agree that by at least 400 million of them are radicalized. Jeff. This question ambassador assassination. Is that the Turkish intelligence agencies is that set up by her to warn. At the behest of George Soros Soros. Once a war with Russia. He's already set it to Hillary he told the deal leader wants a war with Russia. Because talking point his head on the latter is a contract out on him five million dollar contract right now as we speak GAAP. They brought with Russia article five it's obsolete. What would that Muslim country doing. You know it is in golf in with all Christian nations for the call Earl Warren. Is the one along with Soros who want to Europe with with the Muslim refugees. That's number one. But he's been he's been trying to pick award now for a while with anybody and everybody and yes. Jerry why do you think Soros. The left. Progressives in your senior with the election is home miffed that move packed the election. Why are liberal a leap sold determined to bring down wooten and bring down the regime in Russia. That's a good question because you know what I was wondering John why they have this love of DL with Third World. Latin American. Dictators who Communist. I don't know it's it's ironic that they hate potent but yet they love bird world. Dick dictators. I can't put my finger on I don't know why Jeff. It's in the book that sort of like doctors savage said. The Gerri thank you for that call look my my thinking is this. Who missed openly said. One of his big missions is to revive the orthodox Christian church in Russia. Whatever you think about him personally only as a gangster. But keys the public Christian being Russian Christian. He is a nationalist he's not a global list. He doesn't like the UN he is opposed to the EU. So when you look at him on many of the big issues whether it be gay marriage. More radical Islam or traditional morality. Or his view of the European Union. He stands at odds. With much of the liberal secularist. Who dominate the capitals of the west. And I think this is why Soros has been obsessed with pulled them. It's why Hillary and Obama and the western media are trying to turn will mean to a big boogie man. Because he represents everything. That they stand for. And to me it's very telling. Obama sides with the Muslim Turkey over Christian Russia. Much of the western media the liberal media sites with the Muslim Turkey over Christian Russia. Who's our enemy. Who poses a longer term threat to the United States while Russia I'll tell you this. It's radical Islamic terrorism. And what golden gate and allow Apollo was for the first time in a long time deliver radical Islam a decisive defeat. And that's why that ambassador was gunned down like a dog. And that's why Obama hates potent. And that's why right now who is in a cabinet meeting whatever he decides I'm telling you right now. The United States should lift a finger to defend Turkey. If they wanna fight Russia that's their business. But as far as I'm concerned Donald Trump is a 1000% correct. Article five is obsolete. NATO is obsolete. We wanting you alliance that will stand up to radical Muslim terrorism. Soviet Union is gone. And NATO should go with it 6172666868. Mike you're up next go ahead Mike. No OK Kevin Kevin in Arlington go ahead debit. Stage gap -- I'm just wondering in this is to make comic relief progress but it is pure and good. To end the don't worry. Just told me attitude to Russian citizens as we did what went out as she goes and writes I don't we have a Donna Brazil. While I'm on George Stephanopoulos I mean it is just. What they put it could have parked in the east not going to be like. Like Obama did in big guys it would ambassador Chris defense I mean. Kevin thank you think they have their own Susan Rice out there doing the rounds in Moscow. Saying guy did it are they gonna blame this on an anti Muslim video Kevin. Yeah it is just so that they're going back to Jeffrey's point oh look at that crisis deepened. In the Latin America in Brazil in Caracas. A tiny bit stressed that data got press. Kevin if it comes down to win a war or a show down between Christian Russia pulled his Russia. And Muslim Turkey Islamic Turkey should the United States under NATO stand with Turkey or mind its own business. Look at nick Ross special one time the goal that they are offensive into Libya and look at Libya today. Gas so I mean Dave Dave Wannstedt to Warsaw pact is long gone. And we shouldn't. Abide to any big debt to detonate those going to be don't want to ever joke. Kevin thank you for that call. This is by the way you can text us 68680. Desist from four rate for very interest and tax Jeff. I think they meaning the left he who can be confusing nationalist. Which translates to not a global list which is why he asked the goal according to the left global lists 617 Jeff. Important has that go on as a cancer but Gordon has gone home as that's why the lives don't like ammonia. I mean as Sebastien work output it now with trump coming into power. The pajama boys are going you know they're gonna leave the stage and the alpha males are coming in. And say what you want about important he's got a pajama boy. He's the ultimate alpha male. And believe me a the Turks. Are gonna feel very sorry. That they ever messed with my national. 6172666868. Russia vs Turkey. Any of our business. And short Turkey remain in NATO. I say no on both counts agree disagree. More or fewer calls next. 155. Here on the great WRK. All okay. Win and Turkey's shot down any Russian plane. Hawaii Ole bock. Last November to be more precise. NATO and the Obama administration. Sided with the Turks against the Russians. Now with the Russian ambassador being assassinated in Ankara had an art exhibition. By a radical Islamic terrorist. Will NATO back Turkey once again that's the question. Rouse in Boston going ahead ross'. Rest quality depth let's put the ball on the perspective. And it was formed for two reasons one to keep the Russians that day. Indicate the Europeans from telling themselves. As they've done for hundreds of he has. You know we are obligated to come in the open NATO ally if attacked and again a repeat that again if attacked. In this case Turkey is the aggressor. You know if you cannot stop a war. Don't expect us to come on aboard when you are the aggressor and the real question here. They they took down one of their planes which is an act of war they've assassinated their ambassador which is also an act of war. I'm Turkey is on their own with this as far as I'm concerned and and dear god please. But that's kind of a bitch in the White House just get the hell lot of here. Before the Russians take action Donald Trump and can negotiate this. Once he becomes the president but it it I just hope for the next thirty days it doesn't get out and. Russ do you think I'm New Yorkers strongest people listen to this show. In the wake of this gross I mean really grip test act of terrorism. Is it time to kick our Muslim Turkey out of NATO. I can go on both sides of that you know an emotional reaction is to come out but also let us never forget. Turkey is in the strategic location. And you know for a secure bases there and have the ability to use that as a place to refuel and so forth and so on is very important. Soul you know I'd like to see something negotiated. Other than throw on the model altogether but you know what they have to be more Reese and responsible. And in this radical model elements. That's going on in their country. Russ thank you for that call 6172666868. This is from 617 Jeff. Sorry 50 way Jeff when we went to war with few rock twice twice. The Turks denied us the use of their airspace and military bases. They refuse to let us use land routes. To attack Iraq they refuse to let our helicopters launch from Turkey hey you know why pay backs a B. Turkey is not our friend skippy I've got one minute goal. Can't curious curious too quick question I know in the world war Olympic heroic jokes. Still while restarted by assassinating you know. World War I I was friends Ferdinand in Boston. Are you the question right second question that if Russia if Russia decides to date Turkey from currently Greek help. Oil and cool off off off off a long good drove a little. Ed degree joke America. Okay much. Okay my friends. Met I will keep you updated I promise if there are any other big developments. Coming up next you're not gonna believe this bizarre. Twist. In the war on Christmas. Now liberals are blaming the virgin marry. I swear to you for being a virgin.