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Left tries an Electoral College cue. Will it work? 12/19/16

Dec 19, 2016|

Do you think electors will switch their votes?

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The constitution. Is under attack. We don't know curtail yeah founding principles. Are being destroyed but in Boston. This either the American revolution a new moon begins. Boston's bull goes there cleaning up the liberal bull and taking our country. Back this season America's. Resistance and Kuhn wrote polar. Remember my friends this is that the left makes its laughs. Stand. As I speak do you in fifth these days. Capitals. A lack stores from the Electoral College are gathering. Don't vote. And it appears most likely dead Donald Trump will be ratified as the president of the United States. However. The left now is gearing up for one last desperate ditch effort. You're trying to flip elect errors. Took from voting for trump the voting day Hillary thereby throwing the election told a House of Representatives. And under tremendous pressure. You now have electors saying the are getting Manny tens. And whiny 3040000. Emails tens of thousands of emails threatening phone calls letters. From liberal democratic activists. Some urging them others threatening bullying and intimidating them. Into switching their votes. And it is getting very bad in fact it is so bad in Pennsylvania. That there are going to be massive organized protests. Outside outside of the State Capitol grounds. And electors there have to be given personal. Police bodyguards every single one of home. A state police officer in plainclothes. 'cause been assigned to them. Because of the threats. Summer saying they're gonna shoot him in the head shoot him in the mouth others are saying they're gonna go after their families. They are openly threatening these electors. Telling them that they have a moral duty to not vote for Donald Trump. And when you listen to these electors they feel honestly very sorry. For many of these liberal democratic activists. There openly saying they're almost like in a fetal position with our farm and their mouth. They believe all of the nonsense about trump. There had some of them really believe he is a fascist. He really is a Hitler he really is a neo Nazi he really is that the SE embodiment the symbol of the kkk eight. And they cannot believe that in 2016. You have liberals and Democrats. Openly calling for an Electoral College who. And this is being further inflamed. By the White House and I'll get to this in the second hour. With the dear leader's final news conference of winning sixteen where again with no evidence whatsoever non. Pointed to to Russia being behind the so called hacking of the elections. Who now he's the new Hitler they're always get a new Hitler this time it's potent. Now apparently they're claiming now he personally ordered it. Thank calling into question trumps very legitimacy. Listen now to campaign chair John Podesta. He's a guy whose emails were hacked released on published on WikiLeaks. By the way. The actual contents of which she's never denied the accuracy of those emails the truth of those emails he's never denied it. But now we lost because of all and we lost or Rust Belt because of potent. And sold Modesto is now saying the election was not free. Or not fear. When asked point blank by chuck T Chuck Todd on meet the masks. Modesto. Was it free and fair. He won't answer roll it jarrah. Let me start this question do you believe this is a free and fair election rules. Well look I think the Russians clearly intervened in the election and I think to act. The now we know that. Most. CIA that director of national intelligence and the FBI all agree there on that the Russians intervened helped trump. And that as they have go to this week NBC first revealed on that. Lever to Putin was personally involved with that. Still I think that people went to the polls to cast their votes. Hillary Clinton got two point nine million more votes than. Now a dead Donald Trump but did you know Donald Trump is claiming the Electoral College victory in and done. They have tomorrow the electors shall get to vote he didn't answer the question I believe this is a free and fair election well I think it was I think it was distorted by the Russian intervention announcement that. Our air go get. So now they're openly calling into question the legitimacy of trump buried us right there. Right there. The very same day in the very same people you want talk about orwellian. We're just two weeks before the election. Were lecturing trump no matter what happens you have to concede Hillary no matter what happens you have to accept the election results would Hillary no matter what you have to won't matter what. Well that was stand and this is now. So first of all the FBI has not said that. The Director of National Intelligence has not said dot. They don't always the Russians. They don't know who was behind it they've openly said that and most importantly the old there is no evidence not one. That even if Putin was behind the hacking that it affected the outcome of the election. Where's the evidence. They don't handing me. Mean just logically think about this we just showed how stupid and bizarre this it's. How did poor and convince people in the Rust Belt say in Michigan or Pennsylvania. Or Ohio all. Vote for her trump. Over Hillary. Eighty what was he pulling the strings was he pulling the levers. Would she brain washing them from the Kremlin from afar. I mean this is the most ridiculous argument really pathetic. That I have ever met in that I've ever seen or encountered in my entire life. But again. It's the call into question. The very legitimacy. And moral and political authority of trump. And I have a column up it's going to be up soon on WRK a dot com slash corner KUH an ER. Where I point out how dangerous this suits. Because trump is gonna win today they need to flip 3637. Electors it's not gonna happen. They may get 1234. Pops it's not gonna work. But look at the ominous precedent that is now being sent. What has made this country truly special and unique. Is the peaceful transfer of power. And what the Democrats and the liberals are now doing. Is they are now saying it is okay. To a goal after electors. Just threaten electors. To a bully and intimidate electors. To have massive organized protests at state capitals. To try to pressure and coerce them. From subverting. The will of the people. From reversing the election results. And you honestly think. The rest of the country would stand by and allow you to do this. So this is now the level we've gotten to. Where you are now openly defying him repudiating the will of the people. And you wanna openly overturn. A free and fair election. Trump didn't steal one vote. You stole the votes. You stole three million were they illegal aliens voting but even even let god goal even let that go. Because now the argument it is and I'll get to this a bit later with Obama he again the dear leader. Now they're trashing the Electoral College. Now all of a sudden this system that is worked brilliantly for us for hundreds of years now all of a sudden aged men bought them. It's not antiquated. It's old fashioned. It's a vestige of an earlier era we don't need is in debt violates the popular vote we should have national elections. Well if you actually crunched the numbers ten. Hillary won by 2.3 2.4 whatever as to where half million votes okay. Take away the illegal mold she lost the popular vote but let that go. Per Victor was only one state California. She won California by four million votes let me repeat past. Hillary Clinton won California. By four million votes. Outside of one state California. Trump won the popular vote. In fact he wins the Electoral College in overwhelming numbers does California's 55. So he wins the popular vote and Electoral College vote in huge numbers. Outside of California. So the Democrats are essentially saying that one state California. Should supersede. The votes the writes the interest so the values of the rest of the country. You see. Our founding fathers knew what they were talking about. They understood the dangers of certain regions or certain big states being able to impose their will on the rest of the country. And that's why they set up the Electoral College. So essentially the country wouldn't be governed say by just California and New York. But all the regents. All the people it's all good distinct factions and interest that to make up this country which is a continent these huge big country. It truly diverse country. They were all somehow get a sense. They would all get representation. They would all check and balance one another in to what you mean. Why should California. Count much more than the rest of the country. So they're telling us that we should basically now submit the four million votes in California. And have not be the determinant of for the next president of the United States you know how utterly absurd that is. And in the long run do you think smaller regions of the country are distinct regions of the country think they've put up with picked. That's why our founding fathers said 90. There has stood beat checks and balances through the Electoral College. So every region and yes smaller states will also have to say you be represented. To genius. It's why we've kept this country together. I guess almost all the yards for hundreds of years. And now the liberals won a chip away at this. What they are doing today make no mistake about it reference. It will fail. But it strikes at the very seminal. Pillar. Of our republic and our democracy. Which is the peaceful transfer of power. Once you start stabbing away Utah. Once you start chipping away yet that. You what are very stability. The very unity of our country at stake. And so on telling the liberals now once and for all you were playing with fire. Trump won. You lost. Get over it. Or else. You'll turn America back to 1860. And you will rue the day. 6172666868. Let me ask you this. Do you think. That John Podesta is right do you think that Michael Moore is right. They are now saying that trump is legitimate because of the Russian acting. That the Electoral College are elect doors have every right to steal our force electors to switch their votes from trumped Hillary. And will this now permanently paint Donald Trump. Will the error as he's inaugurated eventually on January 20. I wanna hear from you 6172666868. Is this an Electoral College. Cole. Your calls next. 1225. Here on the great WRK. Although voice of Boston OK my friends. It is breaking news right now it is shocking people around the world would definitely gonna get into it in the next hour. Russia as ambassador. To Turkey. There was shot dead. It was clearly an assassination. It was in revenge for a lap all. It appears an Islamist we're gonna find out more details. Shock the Russian ambassador to Turkey. Bolton is apparently up so will lead livid and furious. The question is is the Turkish government behind it if the Turkish government is behind it I say if if all hell is gonna break loose between Russia and Turkey so big international story or any that you obviate and I promise later this show. Now speaking of these elect or is feeling threatened and intimidated. Listen to one he was on I think FOX & Friends this morning correct yup. His name is Robert Graham it's I think it's Arizona correct Jared yeah he's an elect are in Arizona a Republican. He's being followed. He's being followed on the streets. He's being followed when he drives he's being followed to his house. He says he fears for his very life. Because the left wants him to not vote for Donald Trump the day. Roll it Jarrett. Had a couple emails from the same person they were gonna follow me they're make its various. Any time this century Jerryd. Something's going on another must hazards are born customer someone who came for lunch and it gonna follow me. They're gonna make a very uncomfortable in your religion than any accessible for trump well the next day on the freeway. I was actually looked to my right people following me actually with their phone up against the windows media thing. They put them behind that front in my car what was traffic like they were taking pictures and that happened two days in a row in two different people. But I again toward passing warehouse in cars and people. And that kind of intimidation for me newspaper chairs and not normal but it's a little bit more on a much more public with the other factors that new experience for them all round. One. And he goes on to give any more specific example he's on the highway they're following him there waiting format is how most. They basically are booked or threatening him. And they're basically it's obvious wink wink either your flip your vote or we know where you live. Now let me ask you this. Since America. Aren't these who can style tactics. You have the left going on against Paul he's a dictator he's a thug look at the way they're behaving here at home. So now they're trying to openly intimidate. And bully. Republican electors. Just rolled the election away from trump and into the House of Representatives. This is against democracy. This subverts the will of the people. This to me that if this is not a crime I don't know what it's. Agree disagree 61720666868. OK let's go to John in Needham go ahead John. Are you look are you good listen I have been saying that Democrat party is the evil for thirty years but anyway. I don't see any difference between them and the mile long of a Communist. Models call on killing people you don't become one of them. And what are we doing what we're ashamed about twelve like they do against Pete and our world can you imagine that. I mean these people absolutely. Not something needs to be that have been asking a question for support he has wiry you would Democrat and opened number one man first. Because they believe they are on the side of the working man. And the poor. Nothing could be farther from the true that we need to that this. Spelling all about these people come in and out boarding watched and a bit more that more and more of them. So we need to combat and figure out of an out and another question they need three things that the Democrat party has done has been good for the country. Nobody can answer to continue to. Well John look at this now now they're caring at the very fabric of our democracy. I mean I honestly John I have never thought I would see the day where after a free and fair election. That elect doors would be targeted. Harassed. Given death threats fault all around. And being pulled if you don't vote the way we want shoot to vote we're gonna kill you when your family. You tell me how is this not totalitarianism. And they've got organized protest now and all of these state capitals. Yelling screaming and shouting in Pennsylvania you have elect doors literally being brought their. Escorted every single one of them with police guards. For fear of their lives. And this is the same left I want you think about this what do they say it's almost like a religion with them it's a mantra. All currents. But I emerge city. Compassion. Where's the compassion. Where's the respect for diversity. Wears that all parents consider your vote the way you want you to vote we should join mad. And lecturing wooten 61720666868. Okay Mort your calls and Michael Moore. Says trump has no business. Entering the White House the left is now said trump is completely illegitimate. What do they want 1860. Mort your calls next. Comfortable in new religion than any cash to go for trump well. The next day on the freeway. I was actually looked to my right I see people following me actually with their phone up against the window video thing. They slowdown behind the got in front of my car ones are traffic played there are taking pictures and that happened two days in a row in two different people. But I against Roy passenger Barbara how is the same car same people. And that kind of intimidation for me newspaper Jerry has been. Not normal but it's a little bit more on a much more public but the other factors that a new experience for the all around. 1238 here on the great WRKO. OK. Many elect jurors who are gonna be voting today in all fifty state capitals. To finally designate trump and vice president elect my parents. And as the winners of the election. Are now facing intense pressure. Some of it opening intimidation. And death threats. From a liberal left this democratic activists. Who want a reverse the election results. And force them to switch their votes from trump. Hillary and to throw it then into the House of Representatives. Where they hope they can deny it their for trump as well. And my question to you is this. When did the Democratic Party becomes so intolerant. That now it is willing to reverse an election subvert the will of the people. In order to balk trump from winning the presidency. Listen now. Tell Michael Moore I'm not kidding wearing a San Francisco 49ers baseball cap the only team that's like where they Jarrett won in twelve. One and thirteen. Yeah I want thirteen one in thirteen so he's got a team that basically the outside the Cleveland Browns the biggest losers in football. Which is pretty much sums them up. And he's now saying trump. Has no business. No right to enter the White House rowly Jared. Listen we are hours away now from the Electoral College are coming together on Monday. Tom this needs protest this these people's voices can go to look for other vigils all for America. I think it's not a word. And calm and they have a list of all the state protests at the state capitals this weekend and Monday. People need to have their voice heard don't save yourself well what's the use we can't. We you know how to we nothing's gonna happen you don't know that. You don't know that it's why we have to keep fighting that the fight all the way to inauguration day. And then be ready for work for them to start the day after the inauguration passing law after law. A deep and you think protesting I don't know Irish day and protesting obstructing disrupting. Civil Disobedience. I mean. Than the man has no right to enter that house. There are too many questions about his than that whatever collusion was going on. I mean they admitted that they were in touch with the Russians during the campaign they have said that. So we really need to know little girl lol no I don't want your training alas not very early in summer at their low. I think he means there's inch romper trumps team they never should not. Just Mickey literally move or just making it up. Trump never Sydor was a dramatic ocean with wooten were hurt I was talking on a crumb one up Eric isn't Eric bishop at the Donald how I can throw election voting no. How I don't best foot eagle I give you lucked out I didn't know election how I don't know is what you. It didn't meld their literally I mean or make their pulling out of their Kuester forgive me. Durham Durham making it up. Out of whole cloth. Now. Listen to this one this one this when you won a good laugh listen to this one. So remember Donna Brazil she was fired from CNN. Because of all the revelations in WikiLeaks. How she had given questions to Hillary against Bernie. Before hand. How she was leaking all the questions that they'll worry camp. Whenever CNN was doing a town hall or debate between Hillary and Bernie. She is now coming out and saying her. She's now back on ABC news. And I guess Steffi Stephanopoulos wants the giver drawback so she's back get a BC news and she's saying she's not painted. A man home. My goal. Donald Trump is tarnished and being dead because guess what. Portman gave him the election on a silver platter. Roll it the Jerry sending a letter to congress yes the Democratic Party will like to see an open independent bipartisan investigation. It did President Obama also said Friday that the sap cyber attacks stopped after he warned prudent at an international conference in September you been briefed. On the parties computer system is is that right they stopped. Known to deny started it made a big day came after us. Absolutely every day until. The end of the election. They tried to hack into our system repeatedly we put up them very best cyber security. What I call infrastructure but it takes stop them but they console that was so why do you think that president. I think the president is right to call for a full investigation every federal agency involved should be should put everything on the table and democratic portable play everything on the table. This is Carl Hubbell. I mean really this is incredible. This woman. Who violated every journalistic ethic in the book. What's caught written by the hackers. I don't think it was the Russians bullets they want the Russians greatly did as a favor. They caught jewel. Giving questions think Hillary. The Florida debate or Reagan against Bernie. Not once but multiple times and then you lied and lied and lied and then more emails were leaked exposing viewers a one year. You phony you fraud you. And now all we need are a full investigation. Mean a full investigation. Are you how the hell are you still in the media. And trumpets tarnished. Look what they're doing. All of their scandals their corruption their criminal behavior everything the media did there in such Jewish relationship with the Democrats. How all of this was revealed. And suddenly they're trying to turn all of this and they can pull this fall. What do we do. Even if he's behind backing and okay. He exposed. The corrupting nature of the Washington cartel that's only did. That's it. By your reasoning organize what is it did Hillary win or did she not win Britney made a very good point. Yeah I don't understand how to hack this who won the popular vote chaff she according to them she won the pole and there oh Hillary Clinton won the popular vote it's Powell did an. Who wouldn't steal for steal it forged from from Hillary makes no sense that he pay half the electorate is not apps actually make any sense not. Crickets and singing. You can give me your little bit so I mean guys what is it so Bubba gives an interview listen this so everybody's blaming the Russians right moment Bubba. Bill Clinton says no I blame combing. Because had he not said he was gonna look into their home Abby dean emails and reopened the investigation. I believe Hillary what do one. So all. Is called meet the blame these the FBI don't blame is no group of playing is Russia the blame is fake news to blame. Is angry white voters a bubble was or are ripping into and are angry white voters to blame she. Everybody's to blame. Except the one the should be blamed. Poor. Hillary. You know why she lost 'cause she sucks. It's really that simple. Just fit in Boston going adjusted. Just expand. Thank you just. My soul while I was watching the news this morning and when I saw Mike moron there it's just sickens me. Do you hear that your diet that based chain people to change their votes and is not illegal. There are technically it's bribery yes if you offer people money to change their votes that's practically bribery adjustment. And our earlier there was targetable PRD elect towards. Men holidays. Holiday obviously. You get the popular vote you cannot change that you cannot chievo. Soul. All how would he be brought college Robbie brought incidents. Are a bribe the lecture or your hatred like that. It just and look they're just throwing so much mud at him they're hoping anything sticks. What's gonna happen today is this by the end of the day. One guy in Texas is gonna flip but I think may be another one maybe two or three. They need to flip 37. It's not gonna work talk and work. Trump will be designated president by the end of today. Officially it's stunning congress on January 6 if you want an official timeline. But pretty much after they cast their ballots today it's gonna be game set and match for the left. What to me. Is unbelievable. And frankly chilling. They're openly talking about stealing us at the moral core which. You wanna talk about an intolerant. Anti American anti democratic left I mean this is hit. This is trumpet arrangement syndrome on steroids. Think they lost. And they can't handle the fact that they lost. 6172666868. Bob didn't bill wrecked go ahead Bob. I kept I. Yep I've given a lot of thought and its electoral business and everything constitutional frequently. We don't have a national election that they yet creation of the media. And we have sixty state election. And that that was that was put in there at two. To keep states in charge basically in the federal system. And kind of blurred over the past 150 years but. That date that the pre. And there's dozens and wait for them to keep some of their Howard not not be written over by eighty. Frankly yep populist sentiment. So. You know and to add up the totals in the meaningless thing to do. You might as well add up the total of all the congressional elections and say oh well everyone. Then it's Palin more votes. Certain districts. That everyone should give up his. Is victory because there's more people voted and California Byrd Democrat a minute it is just a meaningless. And what they immediately keep pot and about the popular vote by every part Alamo. Except in each state. No you're right and Bob look and in thank you for that call look as an historian OK let me tell you exactly why this is set up it's ingenious on the part of our. Founding fathers. Just think about. Say you're Wyoming. South Dakota north the court held here in New Hampshire. That your New Hampshire Massachusetts a bit different as we got Boston save a little bit a cloud. But say your mean New Hampshire Vermont let's say the northern tier of New England okay. If you're in a system. Whereby the big states you just popular vote get to this decide every single election. You have you have effectively no representation. What's gonna happen. To these rural states are less populous states overtime they're gonna leaf. Not because they won't to leaf. But because if you keep overlooking people or very vigorously dealt with and I'm leaving I'm going. So this was a compromise to keep our federal union together. Now it's not unique to us. For example Canada which like the raised I was born there raised there is the British parliamentary system sort slightly different called first past the post. Meaning in every day calling writings we call on districts they column writing okay so in every district let's say they have several parties competing for power. Whoever gets the most votes. Wins the entire district to call and writing well let me give me the recent elections in Canada. The Liberal Party essentially won the election the whole thing what about 35% of the vote. Because the second party gets about 3334%. Doesn't of the conservatives. There's a socialist new Democratic Party but also thirty to 33%. So in Canada. You could easily win the entire country the government parliament wood about 3540%. Of the vote. Two thirds of the country could of voted against you. But because of the first past the post system the British parliamentary system. To get a run the government. I don't seek Canadians freak amount. Because you know while we have this system and it worked well for us for hundreds of years it's. Very stable its work we are stable solid governments kept the country together you know that's no small thing. All because my party didn't win so let's blow the whole thing up the hill. Well it's the same thing year. But again I don't wanna be a broken record. She won California by four million. The popular vote was a two and a half million. Without California. Trump wins the popular vote the Electoral College vote everything. So what the Democrats are saying is California should determine the destiny of America. North African wing. This election. Worked exactly. As the founding fathers intended. And they were right. 1256. Year on the great WRKO. OK my friends huge huge international story very dramatic. It has sent shockwaves. Everywhere. Russia as ambassador assassinated. Shot dead in Turkey it appears by eight. Turkish police officer. But clearly in retaliation. To avenge a lap all screaming out Allahu Akbar this was the lack of a jihadist. We're gonna have more information for you won all five but remember. Turkey is a member of NATO. If Russia and Turkey go to war and who now apparently is going absolutely. Apoplectic. The Russians are demanding blood. This could drag in noxious Turkey Russia the Middle East. It could drag in all of NATO which includes the United States is a major story we'll have that for you what promise I won all five. Just been in Weymouth coed Justin. Here are ignored the Orioles. OK first overall trump won the election we all know that. And has nothing they can dual parts of the way I figure to think positive job now. As to let them do their recount today it's Monday we know most December 19 2016. So that so a little at that goal noise about let that go. Second of all just okay why can't anybody agree to anything and why can't anybody agreed to anything we have the resources on planet earth. We have new renewable. Resource. We could really couldn't keep it in Asia North America South America that we just saw the police like. Anybody who agreed to an. The page regulatory that Donald Johnston or think those coexist bumper stickers I see the moon bats you know. If you just say breeze. There will be peace. Anthony and Middleton go ahead and the. The reason it has caused people like cam jobs as people attempt. I'm court near some wrong but the president it's swear. Our old. I'm. On on his swearing in that he would protect our country from. Enemies both foreign and domestic. And if you ask me I don't you know I will like first caller said I don't see anything more domestic terrorism then what's going on right now. The liberals are being domestic terrorists. Michael Walsh be locked up or put trying to incite violence. I say that the congress and the senate not impeachment propped. The derelict of duty from appropriate I'm not saying anything or doing anything about what's going on right now as we beat. Aren't hitting all those clowns protesting right now is actually goes intimidating. The electors following him around threatening hum. Chasing helpful surveilling them at their homes every single one of them should be thrown in jail. But that's just me. Okay my friends coming up next you don't wanna miss that Russia's ambassador. Brutally gunned down in Turkey. Is this gonna lead to war between Russia and Turkey. When will NATO now be dragged him.