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Dec 18, 2016|

Mike talks with Rep. John Leboutilier, Dave Ray, David Carry and Jamie McEntyre.

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But before that. They could inject doubt I. Man of my he'll get it. Ladies and gentlemen welcome back get on a Sunday afternoon. Yes to this afternoon 1206 it is good to have you let us as we spent the next two and a half hours together got a lot to talk about the day. And a lot of variety so stay right what is were jam packed with a whole group. A generous to people we joined at 1230 by congressman John mobile EA as political analysis. Always fascinating Electoral College obviously. A big story Democrats are crying in their. Sue about the loss and they can't just get over which they would. Become adults. That talk about a variety of issues that have come up with regard to immigration they've raised communication directorate fair. Federation for American Immigration Reform after that David curry he's the president and CEO opened doors USA. This is an organization and every year puts out a watch list of Winger Christians are being most persecuted the fifty countries around the world in order. Deepest persecution of Christians. Shall get into that because not many people talk about Christian persecution which is probably the most horrifying. On the planet. And then at 2 o'clock going to be a fascinating. Conversation with the author. Who wrote a book. Two and a half years ago they had the idea two and half years now. About a guy it was a billionaire. And who was fed up with the system. And I was gonna do what he had to do to get elected. And that this was a fictional character. And though lo and behold. Their prophecy came true readout from two nephews what that would not even a candidate. So all of that coming up. First off at 6172666868. That's number Boston. I much in the Electoral College in the Democrats. Though below the the problem. For me is the media not covering fairly what these Democrats. Left wing radicals are trying to do. They are pounding on the electors. With phone calls emails some death threats if you can believe that. And tyrannical. Nazi like tactics. I don't use that word loosely when you start hurting people with death. Because they'll vote the way you want them to vote because the vote the way. The people of their state. Directed them to vote at the Electoral College tomorrow. That it seems to me that you're undermining. Democracy. And this is a bunch of poppycock and balderdash about potent in the Russians because they didn't affect the vote in Wisconsin. They didn't affect the vote Pennsylvania. Or Michigan or Florida or North Carolina or South Carolina or Utah or Arizona. The fact is that first of all we don't even know even though the agencies CIA and now all of a sudden the FBI climbed on board. And the DIA Defense Intelligence Agency climb on board James clapper who its earlier there was no proof of Russian involvement. Maybe terrorist maybe there isn't. And that's why there are going to be congressional hearings to determine whether in fact there have been. The violations of our system by Russia which of the obnoxious and horrific. Let's remember. Barack Obama knew about this long ago he admitted in his press conference on Friday. That lethal potent to knock it off. Are you kidding me. That's what you say knock it off. I mean think about that. If you are with a friend. Who's dressing you. You're you're out that the debtor in teasing you and finally say knock it off. Well they may or may not do that. How does a president commander in chief. Tell the president. A bully and a buck and a murderer Vladimir Putin. To knock it off. And I think that's gonna happen. It is absolutely stunning to me. That this is the case. And I am though Obama basically in that statement admitted his weakness is flawed. Incompetence is impotence politically. The be able to handle the job. Which a president commander in chief. Absolutely stunning. But what's more stunning and nobody's talking about that part of it the press don't cover that. Reliable political after trump for every little thing. What they will leave rock Obama alone. And they will for the most partly Hillary Clinton alone during that campaign with respect to the criminal activity she committed. And others crying in their. Sour grapes. About losing the election and now they want the first that was remember James call me. Who lost to the elections. That's Vladimir Putin. And it it's just. Stunning. That they're trying to find every other reason and every other way. The blame somebody else you know this is. Talk about her responsibility. At some point you put responsibility on yourself. For happens to you. And Hillary Clinton didn't have the ability to do that even though she said it would be horrific. The work shields was horrifying. If Donald Trump did not accept the results of the election. Now she doesn't wanna accept the results. As she sent. That she blames the the vote counts of course it that the recount. In Wisconsin. And truck wound up the 131 more votes and had previously. Several million dollar spent on that. And the judges federal judges. In the other two states that Null. Michigan Pennsylvania. There's no reason for this you're having standing Jules Stein. Who was basically a shill for Hillary Clinton she was put out front. So that Hillary could state attached and pretend she wasn't involved. And so they used every mechanism and means available now they're trying to. Coerce. The Electoral College voters 538 up. The change their votes. And the isn't as I said all of these coercive. Tactics emails. Phone calls and even death threats. That's Nancy Pelosi his daughter running this another thug. Another incompetent. Another individual who has no ability to accept responsibility Democrats never accept responsibility for their own actions. That's part of being an adult. That's part of basic value system where if you do something the old up to. And that's the way it is at a few. Make no mistake if you run a campaign poorly which Hillary Clinton did she was a lousy candidate. She's probably one of the worst candidates we've ever had in this country. Because of a criminal activity. Which was well known. Because of our. Inability to resonate with people. And nobody ever asked the question debate the question is this man madam secretary. You admitted you left the White House broke. Now. Number of years later you have a hundred million to 250 million dollars in cash. Cow that happen. Which you do for a living to get that kind of money. Nobody asked the question. And of course the answer the question is use the State Department. With the call pay for play what I call bribery. Which is illegal and it was illegal activity. By covering get up very carefully. But by having quid pro clothes. While you do this for me with donations to the Clinton foundation and I'll do that for you. And you have that the UBS story the bank you have. The General Electric story and they're building the power plants and Algeria. G giving money to Hillary's. Foundation. Hillary talking to the Algerian president about hiring GE do the job of those power plants and articles. Right to the core. Of the sleazy is kind of politics there is. It's no different than the old days Richard Daley of Chicago. Carmike to sap Leo in new York and Tammany hall. Feldman name of John Kenny and Hudson county New Jersey Jersey City cooperated in the same way payoffs bribes. Underhanded. Disgraceful ways of running politics. The old school that's Hillary's way of doing it and bills is getting paid off. To do favors. So my question for you is whether. You think there's any merit. In the Democrats trying to coerce. The electors to change their votes. Or willfully and publicly ever accept the fact that Hillary lost. And by the way. At climbs down on a number of exposes in his books about the clintons and now about a book about Barack Obama he's saying. That Barack Obama. Is gonna have. A residence in Washington DC. They say it's for his daughters to finish school would actually. It's gonna have eight bedrooms it's gonna have a place parking for ten cars in DC that's a big deal is like Boston. Try to find a place that is part ten cars. Like finding a needle in haystack in the city of Boston but nevertheless. That's what he's gonna do. And apparently they're gonna run a shadow government they're gonna have people there constantly running writing op Ed's getting on talk shows. Harassing the administration every time it does something. Unlike what's happened for about a hundred years in this country which is that a sitting president. One leaving office. Leaves the next president alone. To function and do their job. Obama apparently is not gonna do that according to Ed Klein now we'll see what happens. But this would be underhanded sneaky divisive. And devious. On the part of Barack Obama who said. That he was gonna work sit back and maybe a large policy questions may give a comment here or there he commended President Bush. World for giving him a 100% latitude to do what he did. As president. But won't do the same apparently for Donald Trump. Because he's small. Petty and disgraceful in his narrow mindedness from the American people want change. And Barack Obama wants us at their after he leaves office and do that kind of coercive technique which Democrats seem to be. Ready willing and able to do. So your thoughts and the comments about. The electoral process do you believe that the electors will hold their ground. And make Donald Trump the next president he imagined the change. He's got all these appointments that he's made. More coming. And of a fantastic. Cabinet by the way. And then. He's gonna turn around and beat denied the office because the electors. Get course in the changing it not gonna happen. There may be one Republican vote that changes but. It's just not gonna happen but is it an interest in the Democrats are trying to do that instead of trying to trying to say where did we go wrong and don't forget. If you take California's wind of life was over four million votes. Plurality for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. That then makes the popular vote. And Donald Trump's favor. So the state of California. Is a watershed. For giving her that win in the popular vote so wasn't as if it was that big a deal it's only one state. We all kind of state California is. Karl Marx would love California. Stalin would love it in California. I'll take on what Lovett and California. Those people love big government control. And law bringing in illegal aliens and love all of those left wing radical policies Sanctuary Cities in the rest. That's what California is. The embodiment of Hillary Clinton. And without that she even loses the popular vote but the people across the country made the decision the electors have their task in front of them. They have now that the obligation 29 states require. That the electors vote for the one who was the big vote getter in that state. What he wants states league Mort this question so we'll see. Whether anybody gets moved on that are covered Boston is 6172666868. 6172666868. What do you anticipate from the Electoral College tomorrow. Do you anticipate. Donald Trump being cemented as the next president which no doubt he will. And they'll be like take your calls comments and reactions about the way the Democrats behaving as children. Wringing their hands Mike Siegel at the voice of Boston stay with us at 1220 at WRKO. We're back with you folks nice to be with you Mike Siegel here at 61726668681223. Of the fourth wife WRKO. We go to your calls on this set childish. It would sure. And radical approach. Of Nancy blows these bug daughter. She is appear thought. She make good female leader of the Cosa Nostra let me play Andrea your alum Mike Siegel the New York Cahill hello there. Good afternoon my expert on really happy that you're with rests on Sunday now. That the number 20 I'd go to the truck and I want Russian cult ritual. And my experience. If the people are actually being threatened. With GAAP I don't know why the FBI. Hasn't been investigating I don't know why these people's houses aren't getting 24 hour police protection which in quite honestly it's easy to put that the you're correct one person who legitimately made eight death threat. You put them all over the media say whatever what that the first broke it next number cute and prevent and it I'll offer. The Democrats simply to make key deer like little children have been calling and Snow White Hillary Clinton the biggest small political clout. Over and if one or more persons is sesame. She won the popular vote. They don't PX that's not a system here if you Liberal Democrats don't like that system you seek to change it otherwise shut them out. And by the way to friend that I had women I've known each of them for well over thirty years. Stopped talking to make. Because during election campaign while supporting suck it up and tell you without Eddie and shallow well childish these people are not. Not that's you're you're right about that and I limits and earlier. California gave her the popular vote without California cheated habit nobody in this country elsewhere. So maybe in New York. Would want what happened. In California enters a policy. And trump won the vast majority of the states he won I think it was thirty. Of the fifty states that 60% of the State's. That's the that's. Led the red. Kicking it you know and I think I'll get over it. But you know like truthfully like this too short. Have people get sick every day they in the wake up go to the doctor and commoner and the next day theory you know speech yet for any major camp they're or eight people. Yet already tried it the world does not panic and you're you know. Do you look at Michelle Obama saying that there's no hope anymore. You know I mean. What was the hope what Obama hit hard lousy. Disgraceful. Excuse for a president husband. Created 51% unemployment among black youth in the inner cities. Bush left with 35%. One out of five families does not have a head of household earning a living. 94 million people are out of the workforce. We have the lowest percentage of ownership of homes in this country we've ever had. You wanna talk about anything in terms in this country of his hope it at the hope. That he talked about it 2008. Became a disgraceful. Depression the rest of the time. And that would talk about gone far past the downturn of the economy that he inherited which he did. But we're talk about going way past that he did nothing. Zero zilch for the American people he did it all for Syrian refugees. It did at all for other countries he gave all kinds of weapons to. The president of Egypt when it was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. And and you know Mohamed Morsi E. Coli Ike and the gave Iran got on his hands at least we ran he kissed the ring of the king of Saudi Arabia he's a disgrace it's not all. He's a modicum individually to ought to be the leaving office and let him go live in Kenya for all like here. Thank you very much could talk about it Jimmy Rollins Mike Siegel here at the voice of Boston WRKO. Like Mary Christmas there thank you to an up and happy Chanukah. I think that army and apologetically. And noble want are not and it's a much hope an ethical or they year. Double Bob's beat. Number two. Oh by the way before you continue to look at the stock market. Breaking records and strong one. Yeah number two Obama could set off but wherever you want nobody on ramp where it could turn one at the oracle world. It's great market and people want to church will be out at that but the ball but he and I want on twelve. I know what other people talking about her when you're a popular vote. Well check it out that report you know recordings won the popular vote. Or at encouraging it people go out there are both it will be no question. So people are who need she'd won the popular vote. But web chat a recount or go it yet proven that are that it will all ballots than people who came on where to vote. So. I'm not convinced she won the popular vote in the we won't open it. Just like okay that it made him so popular with the word out that you'd know what people small but then you know an upbeat twelve. All of that's all twelve will be a lot America we want but make America great yet. Who would go through what he's going through in his position in life importantly he we could do that he could spend the rest of his life. We all the hotels that some of the great multiples of that they can he can live in the penthouse of at a hotel costs of 15100000 by 2000 dollars and night. And that do for the rest of his life without breaking the bank. But he could stay in his own hotels doing that but you know the other thing I wanna say before we close. Is that I'll forget this Obama it is disgraceful last press conference that while the only choice I had in a lot well. Was either vehicle went head on take on the Russians or do we did. That's a bald faced lie in it he doesn't know any other way he's incompetent you give us much military weaponry as you can. To the Free Syrian Army to let them fight the battle instead of sitting back and doing nothing of sitting on his hands like he did instead Avila coming in off the sands is what he played golf. Globally to get Caron Butler got it up due to. Call. That right all that. In America. What I'm that we bought a pack in all that that that what the best for the country Jim appreciate comb through elaborate much there Americus. Merry Merry Christmas happy how to get to 1230 it is good to have you what this voice of Boston WRKO. There's 1234 here is the voice of Boston WRKO the feedback like Segal as we continue along on a Sunday afternoon. And we are dormant congressman John will be a always a pleasure to have him whether us congressman I got a breaking story. The national Security Council's meeting. And they aren't trying to determine. Whether in Chicago. Go to the weather of about fifteen below the windchill factor and a that calf. When Aaron Rodgers will will finesse game today when Emeka. There is a bad hamstring. Well calf to web. Inaudible. Anyway wired wired. City while. Cook let let the while load of this that that's the other Rocco Bob up and bite of dissent on its heads what in the ever do we internationally which leads me to the serious question. I I was. Almost fell out of my chair on Friday. When he said the the F two choices and do nothing or take on Russia. When in fact all along all the way through the Syrian process he could have been arming the Free Syrian Army without any American troops being there. Given them some kind of ability to fight back. Given them maybe some kind of intelligence. Given them advice long distance from our own personnel. But all kinds of things without being there that take up for them to take on. Cheryl aside and Iran. And Russia. And yet he didn't do any of that. But the city and only two choices is absolutely disingenuous and clearly believes that that is fundamentally incompetent as commander in chief what are your thoughts mark. Heidi that is gulf fiasco this time. Form 2012. Through that red line you know it's been a total disaster. And the results. Is this war by a saw out of his own people I've never understood why leader or country. But I can only hang on by killing all those people it's it's an amazing spectacle to watch. I'm afraid it's not gonna change by the time policy get chain told people will be either out of there are dead. And Russia has to troll hole back in the Middle East and military troll factor in the middle of stroke. You know it's scary about it is that. And I am my own belief in the system beliefs aside couldn't have done this on his own he couldn't have wiped out. The Free Syrian Army in the rebels in a couple who on his own. It took Russian anti Ron coming in with the ground troops in Russia with its airpower. And what scares me about that is now Russia and Iran will they already did anyway but they own Syria basically rent with merit and I shouldn't we be concerned about that. Loria of course we shouldn't but most of this water I worry over our new president elect praising a football talk. Because see what he's praising his unmitigated evil yup. Who now it is you know miles away from the only good American allies in the region Israel. And as soon as I said the tall old at and not just did surety as. Got diplomatic soul back in Egypt the largest Arab country the world and there to bear the Russians are back in Egypt we got to battle there under decks. And so that together got the Russian out with Egypt and right 45 years we. A great relationship with Egypt until. Obama came along in operational monster broker. Alienated the Egyptian army. All that happened Egyptian army has now reasserted power there but they don't trust Obama. And income the Russians smelling weakness they'd move it and and it moved everywhere. And the other countries that move around the world where they show weakness or the Chinese. The Chinese are in the Middle East and in Africa. All the while America retreats and these two countries expands. Well you know China takes the drone we do nothing affect I think after trump brought brought it up China's that we're gonna give it back. Only after he he raised the question maybe he'll have the effect that Reagan had with the hostages who knows in Iran but. In terms of China maybe they'll take him seriously because that'll take Obama seriously. And I at its stunning to me. How the press have been so. Milk toast. About Obama's. Foreign policy whatever that may be I'm not sure what it is I guess its hands off. And they they leave him alone. To bring this country down and never say a word about it that's pretty troubling. Well I mean this is why trump on the election I think about people in America should be checked keep going where or call. We got to try something new even if what we're trying. The new guys isn't perfect and makes a lot of stupid mistakes we got to try to so as root war on. On almost every problem you're bringing up great questions of foreign policy might but we can go through. Virtually everything here in the United States we got a good directory. Foreclosure need income disparity gap that we all don't like we got a good trajectory of that no. Certainly the inner cities or planned trajectory. Beyond that all hours young employment is a bad trajectory. Of the creation of new good jobs amid. Everything's going in the wrong direction in America basically I in the long run. And that sort of been eating away at the political system and that's why. So once so therefore. Was elected granted narrowly but he did what. And you know that's the true answer a unique chance. We're behind other than focusing it was true about Obama Obama had that same opportunity congress and he fail or. You were even born black. Fairway blow it look pretty. He let a personal issue in trade. National pollster and and and sort of George W board vote but Obama first Obama. We got elected forty away in recent times for gaps in the middle loose on global financial meltdown. And he gets elected basically running on and off fix Washington make it work. And a lot of white Republicans. Publicly came out so I'm supporting discoverable. Eight he had a unified. Country when he took program decides of people wanted to do well. Any he hijacked. His own movement he hijacked the financial crisis. We're in and rob Emanuel Trevor payments were urged. Never let a crisis go to waste and they took back crisis and more fit into the health care crisis. And champ through obamacare. And obamacare. Has ruined the Democratic Party. They've lost house and senate and statehouses and double White House because that governments and I governorships to add at all but done. And dirty way up in the senate with those dirty deals so that the public doesn't like the product that was produced for the way it was Purdue's. And has been rejecting it for six years in every election for six years. So that and you don't want that Obama is when he was younger guy and his mother was dying of cancer. He went to war against the insurance company over Kirk a church for her health care. Which is fought unemployment that would open war with just checked the site but right. He so battered and these are companies that when he became a candidate at that present. He allowed that issue and his action on that too in fact is national policy any what does law. Which basically is a war against the insurance koppers. Imagine the government Ellington and any company in America you must sell this product. You have to sit up here to sell a car but you have to sort car that has. No preconditions. And the children have to really get on the central tree this is forty Pitt and he lied in order to do. Ought to put in our medical coverage you're gonna. He put everything in there that some people didn't even need you're you're you're right about all of that. That redistribute that was to pay for the reach repudiation of world so that by the way you and higher paid for. OBG one and visits or water should we don't need in order to socialize someone else but I got the details of what but the big. Picture of waters. He and need to do Obama care are all they wanted the issue and audio. The issue was fixed the economy. And get the country moving again. Wow 88 the economy got a little bit better upgrade that rapper. But he put this wet blanket of Obama care and that has what one hiring and a creature of jobs in America. And you know get it all by himself he ruined the slower. When you know the other thing about that is that. The hate for the insurance companies makes sense because many in as you know. United Healthcare Aetna Cigna they're all pulling out blue cross blue shield. Or in Arizona you can't find insurance. Up and all county. At least that's of a couple months ago had no nobody's offering insurance internal county. Arizona so and other places were gonna follow so he was war moving toward. And Hillary would have done it completed at getting rid of the insurance companies and having a single Payer system with the federal government being the single Payer. So this is all I fear I fear that is on track to go that way. And that could it be ironic that it could happen under a Republican president and a repulse a cockroach. Well if they if they do the right thing in the new bill hopefully it won't but let me. That turned at one point you made earlier because when you set some Republican support of Obama at least. You see on the Republican side the willingness to have done that I I didn't and I I stand by that I stood by then but. The Democrats today are acting like. Kids and in a sandbox. Ranting and raving and screaming making death threats against electors. The net to close his daughter behaving like a thug. What do you make of all of this try that first it was called me that it's potent. That it would they Hillary even had the nerve to blame the media. And now that they don't take any responsibility for the or identity politics in the way they ran the campaign and her being a lousy candidate. Now all of a sudden they wanna change with the electors changing what do you make of this. Why you out if you look at anybody and or can an alcoholic you know they got to get to rock bottom. And it got to then they admit they're on the state. And only then can start to rebuild herself and something good the Democrats are pretty much rock while. But they're still in total denial about their fundamental beliefs as. The act it's you know identity politics. Politically correct. All this crap that we've gotten our system. Has to ago. And the Democrats eased through to party of the working have gotten away from they're not. They're the party of the union leaders might union members. Social radicals. Public school teachers for sure. You know various amalgamation of people that don't add up to a majority of people and they until they get back to get that working class culture. They're gonna keep losing all the selections. Including Massachusetts while the other Republican go over yet again. As popular. Because the guy is more aware of the voters and the Democrats. If Charlie's that's in there there's questions about what you're right by the way the same thing was true. Go way back to frank Sargent. Article about William Weld. Go back to Mitt Romney. And for some reason the state elects Republican governors split that sticks with the Democrats in the and the congress house and senate. Smart Republicans go worse girls more and the Massachusetts voters are highly educated voter. Today an actor's relatives who look for ten years like sort feel apple may use Massachusetts. Obama. They like Smart people they respect the went to good back. What what do you make of this electoral vote tomorrow in the death threats should the FBI be looking at third death threats of the appeared to looking in the that. I don't so I hope there are not because it will go off without it pitch tomorrow. I don't even know the Mikey wants electorate bailing out on trial big deal out of fought out of 300 surged as a rapper. I think we'll get through this thing tomorrow quickly. I think that'll say Greta why trump is going to be in the present I don't play. The proof that acting scandals going away any time soon I think there's more to come on and Warren know about it. I have been on good authority that last week John Brennan and the CIA. So it over to change call me pay for your eyes only memo. In which he detailed work only to city. The evidence that that that we've accumulated on true. And once Komi sought he got a wide shall all seventeen intelligence agencies or government now all unit and a much. He's stating that gluten personally ordered acting the interference. And personally was part of decision. Where Philippe Cousteau. And that is why President Obama confronted him. In some terrible fate of faith and as he saw it told a narrow and that's a pretty amazing incidental take about a week we have the goods or those guys up to code for the entrenched entrenched. So I think I've leader I believe his or her work. Well of what you're describing now yeah and I'd like this that maybe that's see that for your eyes only memo at least that congress will hold hearings and we'll get. More details about. What Russia actually that if they did and if they did that the American people lead to hear some of what that can be released publicly about how. And if Russia did this and I think it will be. You know the overwhelmingly supportive of doing something about that but B I I take what Obama did differently when he said. If I if congress and you start packing my emails. We go out to lunch let's say congressman your Akamai emails knock it off. I mean it's about the commander in chief of the United States. Just saying knock it off. And he's done it to believe nothing since that now he would he know about this during the campaign. Hillary is complaining about it why you need of something then. They're questioned use test that Friday gave a merely about cancer. I think maybe if we start doing something to Russia than theirs Moore they can do arts and another truck so. He probably didn't want to rival the whole issue up for the Battle Creek airstrip but I don't know. I don't speak for a bottle or to trend I'm just trying to analyze what went on here. Yeah I definitely believe the worst about who left forearm that. He's he would do this he would do. He's murdered his opponents in Russia so you know. And a nutty and Russia he's he's sent agents or London nick right ago polonium 231 this afternoon Jay yup. So he's bad news and and trot got to get off the romance was. I grew and he's got to see them away away here should be lost at all trump. Trumps his wanna try to get along with everybody what he needs Suze is beat couples see how it that some of the him a chance to see what happens we'll come right back with congress probably eight Mike Siegel here. Good to have you with us if you wanna give us call talk with a congressman are number 6172666868. That's the number of Boston Mike Siegel with you at the voice of Boston WRKO. Welcome back bobs coming up ball before it. Don't like it can't dump yeah it was this congress only has asked about at a treatment left Michelle Obama. Tells Oprah. Basically it's only words that they have hope. When their husband and now the hope is basically disintegrating. I I of quickly we we were we know that the black youth vote lawyers hello. And I hope. Oh what welded that I thought I mean what went where we get 51% unemployment among black youth when it was 35% when bush left. By the four million people out of the workforce one out of five families to not have a head of households whose employed. Yeah a lot of time but your thoughts about her ridiculous comment that will lose hope. But it's ridiculous and all of the shootings and their own atom. Honored democratic mayor Chicago's become like. Vietnam or something I mean I know what a joke I heard that a solution talk and got. And you're out she was such a explore. Quote sorry and in the general election this is no problem. That she's got to really be smarting over the outcome that. At this stage he went through most all went against. Hillary. Our future and Pennsylvania all the time. North Carolina. Ohio remember her outlook Ohio. And Obama and so and I think Michigan at Wisconsin I mean they lost a wall. So in a way this opened check this open this is hope and change got rejected. As much as president opened changed. What do you make of this report from Ed Klein rooms sometimes questioned about its credibility but he claims Obama setting up my household. In DC not as much for his daughter graduate from high school there but. To set up a shadow government of some sort and any thoughts on. Well I had heard about our heads for tomorrow and I don't doubt that the storage true. Or I've got I think he's a great work that's the left questions we got Bermuda at forty maybe that's what some aid hopes. Active like my feeling on Obama's I don't think he really cares I think you guys made it. He's gonna by the Russian flight milking it for big box for himself. In memoirs commands features. I don't think he gives a damn what the Democratic Party got wiped out if he gave it to am. He would know whether he's apt and I think that it just themselves. Right after reporting and they lost the house. That was big gigantic red flag you guys that are fictional violence here that we the people well like what they do and what they never did. I you know and they and then that Democrats on the problem. High and dry and then got beat up because of the congressman a great pleasure always talked yet hopeful talk next week if you have a great weeks. Appreciate being what is Mike Siegel here. We come back with the communications director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform after the news we're talk a great deal about some of the major issues that are now unfolding. On the immigration problem good that you let us on a Sunday afternoon at the voice of Boston WRKO. That it is not a cop out of four. I've been a good it just got my hands my thing don't get your. While the man box but that it back what us as we continue along. Right here at the voice of Boston WR KL. We get right back until it. Date rape is communications director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. They've been doing this works since the eighties trying to get. Saying immigration policy established in this country. It's obviously very hard to do frankly because Democrats like the illegals coming in to become citizens later boarded the Democrats. Republicans like cheap labor. Mr. ray how or I could talk. Mike thanks for having me now you really laid out yeah issue perfectly there you know. Republics like the current democratic like your key issues and that has. Let us down. Decade after decade of odd dysfunctional immigration policies. Let me turn to. Several issues raised by fear in the past week or so. Which I think a very important. Number one as Chris called back secretary of state of Kansas. And that he met for two hours on the fifteenth. With Donald Trump at trump tower and they talked about them sure immigration that Crisco back although for a very strong. Anti illegal immigration policies in Kansas and it's it's it's a hopeful sign that he talked to him. And the kind of people these horrible talk about Joseph Kelly in a minute but. The idea. For trump is that he's got to put laws in place. And policies in place. That basically serve the American public interest. What about Crist called back and or whether he's going to be part of this administration. Well you know absolutely. Immigration policy Burton or most should be. Made in order to the national interest of the United States not to the best interest of the immigrant. Not mean that cheap labor interest like to be best interest of the American public. And Donald Trump is the first. Presidential. Her presidential figure to two feet. Immigration do that specific prism. Creek robot. Green a lot of talent to the job he as one of the U candidate to actually had hands on experience dealing with. The problems of illegal immigration he worked community's high impact. Border areas put together laws. Deeply to compensate for the dysfunctional federal government policies that are not keeping people out first place. He. Yeah impeccable. The impeccable resume and decades of experience we think he would be huge gap that. Two clubs immigration team and we're very encouraged that they had a meeting last week. Now. He obviously already has Jeff Sessions as the attorney general. General Kelley and as secretary of Homeland Security these are our good appointments call back which fit right in with that. Why do you think nothing's happened yet because they met. Really about what 1112 days ago. Well you know I think. President elect prop is sticking with cabinet level mostly with cabinet level appointments. And Chris Kovac might be coming in some advisory role or two on the as they you know deputy chief and done of one entity that federal agencies that oversee our immigration law enforcement. You know. The most important point is that. Our immigration Pollack he's our complete mess. Illegal immigration is out of control. See. The border is. Under siege by thousands of people who are coming in from Central America and asking for political asylum. And being paroled into onto the streets of America 72 hours later mostly to disappear. Legal immigration. Is not in the national interest is the policy on I don't auto pilot it doesn't spurred. Any. Any specific interest whatsoever. Up the national interest it is driven by cheap labor interest driven by. Chain migration to a bit. Some people who work in Indian our immigration policy have their work cut out for them in critical box with the a great addition to that came because he brings a lot of the type of insight hands on experience. That would really. Help somebody like Jeff Sessions or general Kelley. I'm not general Kelley. We know about Jeff Sessions of the senate sessions. Impeccable credentials as you point out about coal black without question that hasn't. Senator sessions has been. The leading person in the forefront of this issue an illegal immigration but Carroll Kelly. The first the ball. He's got you point out at fair he's got to change. Basically eight sabotaging. Of Homeland Security by the Obama administration. And that demoralized. Agencies. Within DH just like customs and Border Patrol and dice. They are very demoralized they can't do their jobs. He's gonna oversee the construction of the fence and wall of the probably fencing in some areas wall and other areas. Were asked to and the guest eliminate policies. That led to this surge of illegal immigration across southern border Jake Johnson sit back on his posterior and did nothing discuss a complete. Incompetent. Apathetic. On incapable individual. Now having said that. The first in the strikes me is several months ago. And memo came up publicly. In Homeland Security which basically said do not. Go after the social media of people trying to get into this country. And that we if we get done that which is simple think this is if it's published. A FaceBook it's public but they wore the analysts adding that the HS marvelous during we're not allowed to look at that. And what happened was tough she Malik who had been ranting and raving on social media about a wonderful. Surreal law. And radical Islamic views a going to madrassas going to radical mosques in Pakistan and all of that. The what the analysts could look at it. Had a good look at it putter in the computer system which came here with her passport she would have been told no thanks see you later turnaround catch the next flight back. Are we received about that one. Was thoroughly obnoxious and obviously was an attempt to break the law in my view the of this country by. And by yum Barack Obama to let crumbs and then and murderers and radicals in to this country. Illegally and they they were co conspirators in that are they gonna is that an app policy gonna change. Well absolutely. That are similar problem party talked about. A more thorough vetting process to make sure that when people are admitted to the last. From certain areas then how are hot spot terrorism that we. Do a much better job abetting them because right now where we're not doing much of a job. At all. Armed from the viewpoint of the Border Patrol officer and immigration enforcement people for the last eight years we act. And administration never talked about. Working burning amnesty for illegal aliens. And talked about policies. That would ensure that. Odd when 90% of the illegal immigrants in the country will never be deported. It turned our order a role in the nannies. Illegal alien enemies arrive at the border apps for political asylum. The Border Patrol officer running in his TV Egypt. Bottles and no one for the babies and then off these boats go. Paid for by US taxpayers won't somewhere in the country we're joined. Illegal aliens spam remembers only eight it's complete its own machine and 360. Degrees. Com people who. Train their entire lives to secure that it met the the nation's borders who understand the dangers that are people's space. From not. Knowing who we're letting into the country art art art distraught. And still having somebody having a group of people debt and take what worked furiously. Who understand the risks that we have a bar open border policy to understand why the current banking system with eight. And that it's not bringing in people from countries like urea. We're betting is almost impossible because the government. Cooperate in where. We know is hot and apparently they understand all of these things and we talk about immigration in. National interest. That we were talking about who's protecting the American people who protecting the American worker who's protecting the American. Tax Payer the last eight years. Yesterday that no one. And we think that it is going to be. A real ship. That the American public has been asking war anti. A new set of priorities that you're gonna make a lot of of Americans happy. Now let me ask about general Kelley. And in the category of the violent criminal illegal aliens there are all criminals. But they with a violent want to force once properly organ laughter. And that we think there were two to three million of those that's what the pres elect talked about. My question about general Kelley is he's he's spoken in the past with some sympathy about the plight of illegal aliens. How do you anticipate he will do in terms of getting to those two to three million violent illegal alien. Criminals. The violent criminals and what means will use every week we we have doubled off a large police forced to go after these people didn't do that. Well I mean we are do you have what what's been referred to it deportation for the immigration and customs enforcement under the Border Patrol. There are. Tens of thousands of these. Immigration enforcement officers throughout the country and on the borders. And working in conjunction with some state and local police officers departments when they come across these illegal aliens particularly. The criminal ones that they hold on to down. And immigration customs enforcement comes and picks them up to get rid of currently. More often than not these folks are being turned right back onto the streets of America. In fact if you come here and I mean any just about anything short of being an axe murderer. You're not going to be deported. And immigrants know that and illegal immigrants know that and oh. W but what what even more discouraging. Or that we have criminal aliens. Who had who have committed committed serious crimes like murder. Who have been deported five times. What does that tally. Well you know we had KG I only killed Wyatt died while you're border control your debt while we had we had Kate's that we collect guy who'd been deported five times. Which lead right but my my final question on Joseph Kelly is he going to be tough or have some of the sympathetic comments. Compromise his ability to be released tough as he needs to. Well I would I would say I thought we have a a great deal of faith in here now and he's going to do you think that the thing that that president trump does. You know we're a nation of immigrants were all just ended up immigrants we can understand. Look like it's some people are and I think all Americans here on degree a compact. Action understanding. You know the big might not be in the best to situations. Like general Kelley all the partners in the dangers younger he understands that stable and word that allows an illegal immigrants allowed an illegal trucks. That was his area of focus and in focus. Like laser beam on the nation's security particularly with Black America so. He's gonna look at it through a national security wins which is how it should be examined. You know it's people when they go to bed at night they lock their back to worsen because they wanted to know who's coming in their house they wanna have some control over it. It pepper that very big reason that we should have control of our orders because we want to know who's coming into our nation we want to know that they are invited. We want to know how long they're gonna be here when they're planning on leaving. Are right now we can't answer any of those questions we have people streaming in general Kelley can do something about that we believe she shares. President trump vision of regaining control of these creepy policies. All of them and also ice will be able to police work actual post may be swat teams going in the. Well you know we're also gonna go after Sanctuary Cities like. We'll we'll get to that and went back lemon let me pick ups has that that's that's a whole separate. A Bailey would apple lacks an ambitious shall come out of that on the other side debris as well this communication director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. This one remind you that if you wanted to take it great and I think have agreed agreed. I did a book on talk radio with my experiences. In campaigns that we did and we're successful trying to make the point talk it has been very powerful force. In public policy issues in this country. Now of course it's changing which is why the title is airing the wave. Talk radio with the thought of the digital Lara. Because talk radio is changed a great deal and this book that I did airing the wave focuses and on how to talk radio has done and what the changes are coming now in the future hearing the wave it's available at the Barnes & Noble it's available at Amazon and iTunes. Coble Google play will you pick up a copy I think you're gonna want to have a great product or Christmas present. The stock stocking stuffer hardback or paperback it's I think really terrific. Book what you say so myself as having written coming up now to work. 12120. Mike Siegel here good to have you with us back with federation for American immigration reforms they break after this that the voice a Boston WRKO. We're back with the above one point Florida's they've raised here. Communications director of Federation for American Immigration Reform. They can be found at your US or. I'd mr. let me ask you about a cooler time Fella from Somalia came here 2013 with six of the siblings and his mother. Senator Grassley makes the point. That he shouldn't have been here. Because the mother when she was in Somalia. Making a plea to allow or into this country said that she was fearful that he and her other children might be radicalized. By L ship Bob. The Somali red radical terrorist group. Now if groups of four mother says her son might be radicalized. By Els or Bob why do you let him into this country. Before you do to further what trump calls extreme betting. He gets here and winds up luckily that killing anyone but wound up standing what might people you explain that enemies or are you could let a man. As senator Grassley points out after knowing that his mother feared he would be radicalized. Well you know admitted that the fact is that. You know real daddy doesn't. Currently exist. We are more interested in getting people through the system approving you know we're talking about bringing people refugee here. Opt. For example you know in 2013. Or fourteen we were bringing in a 105 experience. Syria in the country that is hotbed of terrorism that it is impossible to do from Syria. So our President Obama decided he wanted to raise debt from a 105101000. So in doubt he he promised that in 2016. We are going to take any more and thousands here in refugees. Now the only way to accomplish was to pick the vetting process. Which usually take eighteen to 24 months in the condensed it to three. So just shut that many people through the pipeline dictator. Application stand just as quickly as possible. All while the director of yet the FBI EI DA other. Intelligence that the people are saying we know or. That I this has said they will insert. Operatives into the refugees stream so you gotta wonder what are you thinking. And the fact that they're not thinking about the safety of the American public. Well let me let me now. It I was just say let me turn to lump. One other part to make this parenthetically. Maybe we should done propose that there be an indictment against Jimmy Johnson. Four run involuntary manslaughter. Of the fourteen people tempered the you know since his policies let her getting into the country. And making him make a co conspirator in the assault battery and attempted murder of the nine people in all at Ohio State University. Because his policies really led. To these people being in this country and that's when I wanna me now we have about two minutes to let me do let me just turn -- I had real quick. Why didn't they give out. But the most effective way to bike you're getting it that you're gonna help refugees by far the most expensive. Way to help him correct he viewed by bringing them here. It's twelve dollars. Twelve to one ratio he could help twelve people like keeping them overseas. Close to home in hate it camps. They don't wanna do that to that begs the question these guys haven't demonic planned to let illegals in this country who become citizens later and Jake Johnson is culprit in that regard. Now let me turn things we I think it. Part of the Democrat socially and out you know about a minute and a half hours a let me let me turn to. A Sanctuary Cities. Emmanuel and other thugs says he's not gonna follow the law. And then when I'm sure the congress will put teeth and would have a lot presently exists if they need to. My question to you is should we. That first of all they can pull of federal funds. Too they try prosecution. Of these mayors for obstruction of justice the blast ill and Rahm Emmanuel in the men and at Lee at San Cisco. Well I think that we're looking into I'm not an attorney I think what's gonna get the tension in the city quick. And Boston one of them is start pulling federal funds take notes were highway projects law enforcement. It's been against the law in 1996. He denies. Basically the very policies that we called sanctuary I'll not allow state and local law worked with to talk with federal law enforcement real quick note that the city of Chicago Rahm Emanuel have. Not have brought it up just another notch they've now created a one point three million dollar. Buying on top of their sanctuary policies that bought using taxpayer dollars. Will look and illegal immigrant from deportation. When the government goes after. And how many of those is that I'm not saying all or even most maybe a handful but how many of those illegal aliens in Chicago killed Chicago's citizens. I mean he's he's protecting them at the expense of his own citizens. Exactly deplete cannot ask what their immigration act did. And will not hold them on retainer to turn over to the federal government to support air turn back onto the streets of Chicago. That are you know probably about his faith is. Your typical street in Syria. And you see. What kind of carnage began as a result. Well you're you're right about that rules will keep posted with you appreciate your time today at daybreak Federation for American Immigration Reform their fair US dot org. We'll talk to you soon thanks beat with a essar. Might he take good care meantime more coming up to this'll come right back it's 130 at the voice of Boston WRKO. I. We are crack at that you'll let us 134 says that the voice of Buffett WRKO Mike Siegel about a Sunday. Glad to be put all of US media share some stimulating conversations were going to be very important to. We had on this program awhile back former member of congress who was involved. In any group. That was dealing with the tragedy of genocide against Christians in the Middle East. Many hundreds of thousands have been killed and many others have left. The population of Christians in the Middle East is dwindling and it's been a horrific the say the least. But there are bigger questions about this as well because opened doors. World watch list. An open doors as an organization. That open source USA. That does every year. The release of a list of the world's top fifty most dangerous countries for Christians. And you can get used to that too because both of those groups. Roomful that the same category in many ways although. You wonder with Christians or the second largest religion in the world why this so much of this. Reprehensible discrimination and attempted genocide joining us is David Carr he's the president and CEO. Opened those USA it was curry howry could talk via. Thanks so much for me on appreciate my pleasure I'm Jerry eleventh you're gonna have a press comes at the National Press Club in DC. And you're gonna enumerate the fifty organizations. A fifty states relief in the sets organizations but there's of the nation's. Nation states. Who war most stuff harmful. To Christians. In terms of a persecution. You gonna do those and sequence from one to fifty. Tell us about that process because you've been doing it for number years. Such that we measure persecution and harassment are in a number of factors whether or not the government. It's bringing regulation or persecution cute police force whether it's. In in the community and even and at the family level we also measure violence these kinds of things and then we ranked them. And the most difficult that the top. And other communities around the world sometimes like it is the government you know places like are truly the end Eritrea in Africa where you have Rasheed. We're imposing. Their will upon. Religious minorities encryption would be produced by authorities in those category other times you have. Non state actors like Islamic state in its partners like culture Bob at Oak Hill rom in Africa at different parts of Africa so there are a number of factors there. Obviously what we could do tease out. We know how how are each of these contexts different and why is this persecution growing because for the last three years the number of people martyred for their faith as has doubled each year. The number of incidents is is writing and so we're seeing this it's. Tremendous growth now this year we're gonna highlight. Just how many people we we believe based upon our our research our live under harassment for their for their Christian faith. And the you have that number now is that you're released on general. In a release that January to about ten years ago we looked at it said. There's over 100 million the numbers could be significantly higher this year I can tell you that you have to tune in on January 11 to find out what that actual agreement. Well I know there's about it what a billion. I've topped 200 million Christians in the world something that. Yet there there're there are hundreds of millions Christian group and many of these people are living in reaching the world into the LE in Middle East North Africa. Areas like this where people. Who are who have the Christian faith don't have the freedom to plead to worship in in peace or to eat and decide for themselves and many of these regions whether or not they want to be Christian or whether or not they want to read the Bible of the most simple things that we take for granted it the right of conch and decide for ourselves our faith and we believed to read an ancient text you wanna read the torque you wanna read the Bible are you allowed to do it even if you were to agree with. The answer in a lot of places is now he can't. So what we wanna do is raise this up as awareness because many people in the last. Don't realize that Christians are persecuted for their faith around the world I get lots of feedback to people say how that even possible. But the reality is there a minority in many countries or. How many have do we know how many people have been killed in the Middle East. In the stratus idol attack led by a crisis but others as well. That because the population of Christians. In the Middle East was has been reduced. By some numbers I've seen maybe as much 75%. It's we'll be we know. Here's what we do and our research what you see to putting them brought wheat could only those people that we know for a fact we don't think any tree where they live so that rules out some portions of North Korea. And it also rules out where people have just gone missing men and never ever seen it yet but we know that 71 course a hundred people were executed for their trade last year. Where further Christian faith in it in in various parts of the world that's that's a that's a. All of its way more than anatomy there hundreds of thousands killed the but I still 21 Coptic Christians with those that would claim that famous photo on the shore of the waterway there. Whether you chopped off the heads of 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt. That's right there's going to be significantly more than that but that is that you can count on contract remains. They have adapt to courses are left in the Middle East. At this point well it's less than 4% of the population at least 400 years ago us you know over twenty go to that took. That that's not just. Through martyrdom however that through forced to immigration and the contention seen in the northern part of Iraq. In Syria. So there's other ways that the extremists have pushed Christians out of that region that your right there's been a massive force. Emigration of Christians get out of the area we don't want you here kind of kinky and using violence and other means to of course with. What about Syria we seal upload the tragedy there. And and Christians are not really welcome. I remember the story of five. Hafez Al shop outside the father of Cherilus the present president of Syria which follows president and his brother was out of the military. Went way village. And annihilated just killed 25000 people in the village because they were not of the right religious background and aside fear that they would be against him in revolt against them. And his son apparently is the same way because he's been going out killing people left and right with the help of Russia and Iran. But at the bottom line is that lots of Christians no doubt are being killed and lots Christians vote federal leaving. The enormity Quist Christians have been killed in Syria and how many of what the country. We really down and it's very difficult for a seat. To break those numbers out when you consider the massive carnage. In the civil war what we know it is in Syria. Is that. Christians for many years had a had a I think hater here because. That he was piecing together. A number of them minorities in order to keep power. And you win saying it. Push came to shove and had a grasp on the power. Because of these extremists to. You know in the Islamic ground. They threw Christian no reports are no longer what Christians protected it as as a minority. And they were caught across Europe between the extremists. In the Islamic state and the regime so that it's been about the worst of both world and so it would it was very difficult with C church. Now. YouTube site North Korea as being number one on your list. And knowing that their their listen their their horrific to their own people. Much less and the road who follow only. Religion of the country much much less Christians. But but at least publicly. It really appears to what's going on in the Middle East and didn't Nigeria. Where those a school girls were killed several 140. People killed the Christians. And club out of forty plus I should say. That's strikes me as being. Horrific. And may be collectively in those areas where there are Islamic. Radical terrorists. For more dangerous. The North Korea only because of the limited number of Christians in North Korea agrees that there 50000. Yeah they're in North Korea has about 400004000. Cuts. But 6060000. Are in labor camps but to no good point and and and here's another way to look at it. A lot of people say well it's difficult for everyone in North Korea they're absolutely right that the election that we can pull out of what pat Atlantic Christian in the Middle East. Pardon me and North Korea is that where ever you see this kind of extreme religious. Persecution and it is me I think. A canary in the coal mine it's gonna show you the areas that have tipped or will fit into the chaos. So we could see for 1012 years running a buildup in the northern part of Iraq. And we're calling now look at what's happening to these religious minorities Christians in this case. In the north of the rock too by extremist and people like well it's you know it doesn't really matter it's unstable region. But it's more than that. When you see Christian being persecuted orgies for this matter religious minorities you'll see an area well and all over much of tipping into chaos that's certainly true North Korea. The other thing that distinguishes. It. The persecution of Christians is that in the ranking now. And meet with the state that could cushion at the top so they are going to be to people who were who're outcast in society and a rescue traverse. That didn't think there can be blamed on them there could be imprisoned. You know the most they'll be classic food and examine these kind of thing. Now of them with regard to. North Korea how in the world the get any information since that country is arguably the most secretive on the planet panel which analysts before Nixon went there. We know over a little about North Korea's idea of how the get the numbers. Well part of the history of open doors as we started working years ago behind Soviet Union. We really started as a group that decided we wanted to make that Christians had viable and so we eat so we began smuggling but so are the nature of our working. Try to build networks. And partnerships entrance within these very restricted country so it's it's keeping connected to people talking and and building alliances confining out. It's a very tough job. To be able to do that. Around Kim Jung un seems to we will survive and their five years I guess and people's surprised about that. Let me turn to what. The remedies would be another words. RC hold these press conferences annually one on January 11 in Washington DC. To lay out the most horrifying countries. In order top fifty in the world who persecute Christians. What comes out of that I mean both of us sitting on the sidelines look at this and say. Nobody's doing anything I mean for example. That the the refugees commit to this country from the Middle East are overwhelmingly. Islamic. Obviously Christians. Have it's as much or more to gripe about the terms of Natalie discrimination. But did dangerous genocide. As to armed Islamic peoples a wire Crist is not given the same break. And the same parity. Of immigration as are the Islamic people. Well this a couple of outcomes were looking for a first of all we always try to bring some suggestions forward in this case the incumbent comp administration. Things that they can be to support. A religious minorities around the world we have a lot. Wait as the United States we we put conditions on our treaty in other ways certainly this past administration. Has made them more liberal issues. A target chip in trade agree. I don't think it's. It's in conceivable to say that we should we should understand the role of religious liberty. Freedom of thought conscience. And say look if you're going to be Saudi Arabia and be billions of dollars trait whether it's these Pakistan would choose. Companies like target and others are getting copper content through so slave labor so or not. He worked really billions of dollars apprentice with people who work we make suggestions on how we can use our trade agreements to encourage religious liberty around the world and and this isn't to say that we're forcing it upon people not at all it's the black ops with the ability to have your own conscience he decide if you wanna have a safe or not. In its fundamental somebody please stay forced upon people. You must be well Islamic you must be and if anybody else has pushed out. And we don't want people to be forced to be. People of faith they have increased in particular but certainly want Christian to be able to eat together read their Bible choose for themselves were ethnically. Well that's that's a very important goal objective right wholeheartedly agree. But it's still what it's it's pretty clear. That. The implied policy of this administration in this country. Is to protect. Islamic refugees. And to denigrate Christian refugees. That would appears to be the U. Quite I think that some of that some of the controversy around. Lack of Christians are mean and it's it's somewhat muddied by the book statistical problem the fact that you have a massive number of Muslims. As the poster and very few Christians in the mix and among some to do with the collection of data from certain. Particular camps where Christians are not allowed to feel safe to be. But the Christians are integrating your right that we need to make a point. As we get a world war two and Jews work where we're at where the primary targets of a Nazi regime we prioritize. Those refugees as we shut because they were in the greatest danger so I think that would be totally appropriate. Then that would certainly be appropriate to to let more of the a Christian people in the mean they're going through horrific. Circumstances in many of these countries which you'll point out to press conference I've of them mister curry done this work for a long time it's a pleasure. Talked to about it I think the consciousness of the American people asked to be raised. Because there what a hundred million Christians in this country are more mature probably more than that right. And there's there's more than that is a lot of Christians and you'd expect to see. And Catholics Protestants in this country letting their voice speaker if we were to speak in unison. About this issue our people and in government would move towards when you're right we've been very very quiet on this I was talking with rabbi. Ab machines from that. Wiesenthal center and he asked me what is going on with Christians that they don't speak up for people being persecuted. So I think other. Folks look around and wonder what's going on and on topic. Bad theology. Or just this capacity that's gotten into Christians in America that we need to speak up and be heard. Well I I think every priest. Every passer every minister. These via their in the pulpit on Sunday. Raising this is not a political issue to human rights issue which the very kind of thing that religion should be talking about protecting those who wore under the the regime. Of totalitarian dictators wanna discriminate against them cause of serious harm. Mr. curry thank you very much appreciate your time opened doors USA does great work and by keeping them program. Thank you could talk you. David curry presidency over open doors USA we come back here calls at 6172666868. We'll take calls and immigration but my question for you is. Why are Christians in this country so passive. I'm not Christian and I feel the Christians are getting B rated pounded pummel them pilloried and nobody's doing anything about it where are you. Let me from some Christians out there at the voice of Boston WRKO. Back we are that the here might think it was 150 toward kids at the voice of lost the market but Sharon. Let us and sharing your divorce plus the New York pale yellow. Hi there with the status thanks for taking the fall actually single let's listen to talk radio and turned it to my playing tag any arrest a ticket to college. We'll connect direct personal look at what you might Koran and chaos that man I am I am planning to have armed man. Els like Gary Johnson can I give you my yep correct name it's Siegel not savage. Oh army. Marty about where you listening to the program. Yes silence today had an on and it's funny I called him in my thought was along the question that you were asking the public today. Around the time of the election there I even wrote to my pastor. And I said that elections only two weeks away. You really need to speak from your high income Christian element in in history we need to address the pro life no matter how you wanna do it. It was mentioned a very very small line in the bulletin. I was very very disappointed at the bombing Catholic on my life. I let a car I don't know how busy was maybe he didn't read the mail that we from me. However. You know we can do certain things are on the local level media not churches may be some Melissa and maybe some. We need to people is leaders if you ever gonna happen now I am an it writer yourself. And the fellow who just spoke one note on I have the conference on the eleventh. Or Bill O'Reilly. If the left ever gonna invite them to have a keynote on an issue like this trump spoke about it he thought it was appalling he that in this day and age now. Christians now being slaughtered too so it's out there you're right it's very important I think Catholic. Mean we may be very fair in say. They Lott let a black hole did quite forgiving most of them that may be patted the problem but we really need Jewish I'm wondering. In now like to think that day will come. We keep speaker to be able to address this problem to the left who really average you know long today ignored this problem via the big it's. Not viewing night. I appreciate how much thank you very much for call it point to. Joseph and Revere we got about a minute go right ahead joke. Are you doing next darken it is different I calypso and first overall good numbers like all of 500000. People. That's what it is it's over 500000 people were slaughtered. In Obama hasn't done one thing and just dirt by and watched it. And I would tell you something that's not because I'm against Obama. Extras because. It's a fact Mo bomber is definitely 100%. For the Mosul. And we'll do anything to protect emerge from here and that's why he does not recur recur. I appreciate it thank you and it seems to bigamy when Morsi was president of Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood guy. You get a lot of military weaponry. Now when no CC comes in he's as good many. And policies is a more secular type even though he is Islamic background but it's certainly not a Muslim Brotherhood fanatic. Anyway thank you for those calls and I would ask Christians to be more outspoken about their Brothers and sisters. In the Middle East regionals we've been discriminated against limits and again my book is out it's called airing the wave. And that's all about talk radio my experiences but more about the power of talk radio especially now that digital era airing the waiver forms of noble Amazon and elsewhere. Good to have you with us Mike Siegel and we come back on the other side. Yeah I'm hands on my single. We are back catapult it to be here July 06 in the afternoon on a Sunday afternoon by the way let me just mention. Next Sunday. Aborted put together. My annual reading. Pre recorded. Of course next Sunday being Christmas. A pre recorded over a Christmas Carol the book by Charles dickens' I read the book in its entirety. Try to give the flavor of what Pickens meant. In the way he wrote the book and like he did readings over himself. He came visiting the United States and actually dickens' we get on stage and read portions. Some of its ratings quickly Christmas Carol but I do this every year and we already recorded at. And it will be broadcast during this time slot noon to 230 next Sunday. Christmas Day. And I hope you will be here to. Maybe is opening presents are enjoying your Christmas Day. Festivities. Heaven on background here that the voice boss WRKO. And enjoy the reading over Charles dickens' Christmas Carol I enjoy doing it in the loved the book. And actually Dickens wrote it. Because of family. Debt problems he was. The guy who had to take care of his family because his father actually want to open debtor's prison which is why the control about that is person. And the wrote a Christmas Carol in order to. Earn some money during that pretty wrote between September and Christmas. Over the several month period. And he did that day in order to them earn some money that the service family kind of ironic. Go from that. To the other side of the coin in terms of wealth. I'll watch it and think about this scenario. For a buck. Imagine the political outsider. A multi billionaire. With the ability to self fund the campaign. Upending the Republican Party. Manufacturing public sentiment. Change in the course of politics in our country forever. And this individual. Deals his own house of cards. To transform the political landscape now. That's going to be kind of fun because. That actually is a book. And you think to yourself well I mean obviously that's Donald Trump. The key point here is that this book was envisioned. Two and a half years ago. And was in the process of being written. Long before. Donald Trump officially announced about now what seventeen months ago. Thoroughly amazing. Prophetic. Almost visionary that. The authors who wrote this book called the outsider. Invest in America did this before Donald Trump ever came on the scene although people Louie and oftentimes talked about running for president. And then continued to talk again a man I remember thinking well again he's talking about it won't do it he's got to which going forum with the with the apprentice. Huge ratings for that with his properties all over the world building more properties. Building that hotel in Washington DC resume the post office in DC I mean all kinds of projects why woody. What do putting solvent to this mix. Where is never bend but these the people wrote this book apparently thought somebody like that. Might be on the horizon. In a fictional version of what happened as a reality. Jamie McEntire is what this. And that he co author of the book what his father. And that is a thoroughly amazing Marvin McEntire of course his father who coauthored the book with him Jamie good at talking how Aureus there. I'm do a fantastic Mike it's that great being here and Sharon Sunday afternoon with. And it's it's great to be have you with us as well I'm just wondering. How that they didn't give us the background of putting together the thought process with your father for this book at a time when Donald Trump was nowhere to be found. Politically although you know the world basically is about him but certainly wasn't really seriously on the radar. How did you envision putting that's together at the time it did before he ever existed as a poll political. Leader. Well you know a couple days in a minor impersonate. This is the third book. In eight trilogy in the book stands on its on its own you don't have to read the other two but the character that eventually went. For president enough and Republican Party that character was envisioned almost eight years ago is now before. Trump was even. Are they I hadn't heard it trump having political aspirations then. I'll he would always mentioned he was asked even like in the nineties by Oprah. And they said well we never thought he needed to we would but he was relieved to then but. But it was never serious I mean it was never so eight years ago when he was lower I didn't realize was eight years ago the first a lot of the so he was sort of found a palace about. What conjured up that thought process and yours yours and your father's mines. You know you you say that you know it comes yeah republic he needed to and we look at him. We look at trop now. And you just that the question why would why would he do it when he has you know to tribal properties and all that other kind of and I think much like our character he felt like there was but calling them. And so are our character when you start this book out. And actually start up from the previous book and he was he was missing for awhile is that you put into a coma. Because he was in an accident. And he wakes up and tying into cutting your previous hour you wake up any any kind of a born again really and feels like he's anointed and at this strong desire to. To fix the country. He had many of the same kind of interest that that trump has been properties in all those other kind of thing. And our character. As much as a voice for but my father and I. Said we need to do something about this this country is broken and he set out to fix that and he waited he could. You know you just made it very important point saying that it was eight years ago which coincidentally is the time of the collapse of our economy 2008. When no we went through the worst times since the Great Depression. Many argue was worse in the Great Depression because we had some. Safeguards in place and government. The deal with a like putting a ton of money. It's of these banks which would have collapsed otherwise. Which we did not have during the great depression. And so they were all kinds of elements that. Led to Avery. Shaky. Economy was that they motivate her for you that you that you and your private just think. You know we need somebody is going to be wave a magic want somebody who's. A businessman. A billionaire who knows how to go about of fixing things and this economy is in the tank so let's create this character was that. And yet that's what it evolved into that I mean to Bethany was that it was terribly frightening time brought my father and I read you were both in the financial industry. And just to see. You know some some of these institutions crumble I mean Arthur Andersen who we've done business with just went away in it in today Agatha was fired he detonate that. Some of these massive firms is just crumbled out of nowhere that you thought were huge institutions so. The first book was back. Actually written about the financial markets and it and a hedge fund manager and it was really a cathartic expression of my father's. Two to kind of deal with what we saw in those and is market. But that the book progressed we said you know this character. Knows enough and it's important enough that that. Can develop and as somebody that can actually use their financial acumen to try and run the country. Like a company. And that's what eventually evolved in the book through. So another words that that the what would be fair to say the financial crisis was a catalyst. To really put front senator kind of candidate that ultimately Donald Trump became. Yes I think so. And certainly that would that the catalyst for our character you know going through those those times then and you know figuring out. What happened to this has been his own manipulation that he used during those periods and saying you know this isn't this isn't right I have this our characters that I have this kind of power to be able to manipulate these things. What and I use it for the forces. Good. And why don't they do it to align all the interest of the country to make sure that we can make America great. You know it's it's it's it's it's eerie because the very point you just made about using the power I mean that's I'm sure that's what motivated trump. He didn't need to do this it was a it was a illicit coming down for him because now it's got to the force himself from his companies have massive. Well but he has asked to guess divorce himself from an entirely. And try to remove the conflicts of interest and all that. There's got to be a higher calling right there's got to be having whatever you believe in whatever he believes and there's got to be something that can help him in and push him forward. To do you know acted to go through what he's already gone through and got through what he's gonna continue to culture I mean this does not vote spot. I don't know who would want it to fail all I wanna run for president next. I mean it. It is not. Minute out of it's not a fun thing to do and put her family through two and everybody in the personal attacks just on all sides that are there. Did you gotta be something that's that comes strongly propelling him forward. With a conscience than a purpose that says I really needed to do that I think is best for the country. When he's when he announced that he was running and you heard it put his kind of character. It's the book yeah. Did you believe that he was the embodiment of the character you were created previously in many ways. I well they mean that the parallel certainly seem eerie. And you know we watched. With the rest of America kind of in. Let's say off maybe. If you know of just kind of wondering what was going on is that Republican primaries were happening and saying you know that they're really hasn't shocked. And when you saw him kind of mode through the Republican primaries. It debt that the parallel to our character and the power of persuasion. That our character has and trump has. Was was very similar. And so that that give you greater focus on his campaign to see if he was doing the things. That you would define your character did in the book the billion or you created. Yes we I mean we would do we constantly kind of call each other and and talk about the you know they areas of the campaign that were there were very similar. And it's really a focus on fiscal conservatism and how we need to. Six was going on from from a monetary standpoint and by the government and cut the spending that's going on in the government. And as you know invest in America is kind of the tagline of the book. Because. The main characters are about what they hedge fund manager was very happy with money and the thing I'm that he used the same principles that I used to invest. To be able to to run America kind of that same way. You know the you'd just raise another eerie part of this the book is called the outsider. Invest in America. And what does trump say now when he that the thank you tour two things. I American hire American Diego and am now so you're saying invest in America you you've created that scenario. Before he even began the Villa. Absolutely a minute decided that I noticed recently that two to my dad as soon as I thought that was executed edited by America. I may Emmett he's stealing from our playbook right there. That would that's practically our line. I don't know whether he knows about this book. I bite. To my knowledge out of nothing knows about the book. But would bribery to get it to know everything. Yeah he's a well you know that when you get to that point you have to be very aware of a lot of a lot of things the other thing too. And you and your father and your father is well known across the country one of the top. Financial advisors in the country top ten regularly. Here's the one of the elements here is that I'm sure he understands and appreciates. That when you have the level of success that trump has. It could be look about on the left cops fired George Soros. And other billionaires on all sides of the aisle. Obviously you have to be a tough tough cookie. External yes and that's up talk about that because he gets hammered for that. Yet that's what made him the success that he isn't that he can bring to this job. Yeah I mean I think he you do that it's not that he I think you also have to be and our offices and I don't mean that in a completely negative way which you have. Have to have that feeling that you are important not and it's almost like you're duty in your right to run this country. To be able to do a better job and I think that that. Than anybody else they think that having that kind of that the purpose. Allows you to. You know at it to dissipate as say the things that may be most people wouldn't agree with because they don't understand in this in this thing she is. Appealed see it in our book our book that a political thriller is a fiction novel and we thought it was fiction novel but you know paralleled the truth but it is that thriller. And that means that there's there's some underhanded things that are going on behind the scenes. But our characters motivation was always the the end justifies the me. Yeah and that's. A lot of what we're seeing here is. The the the objective that's clear what his objectives right back with a Jamie McEntire the book is called the outsider invest in America. And it's a book that was conceived eight years ago terms of the character and the character conceived by Jamie and his father. Marvin McEntire. Is a character who embodies many of the qualities and traits of Donald Trump. They already saw the need for this kind of candidate churn up here came along. And now is becoming president. Will we get the January toward Mike Siegel they're good to have you with us. And the calls are welcome 6172666868. At the voice of Boston WRKO. That is exactly where you are good to have you listen Mike Siegel a Sunday afternoon as we are joined by Jamie McEntire. Who co authored with his father Marvin MacIntyre. A book that really epitomizes. Crystal ball it's called the outsider invest in America it's about a presidential candidate. Who becomes president and that was a billionaire many of the same qualities. As Donald Trump let me ask you Jamie about. What first of all those the book in terms of issues focused primarily on the financial condition of the country because that's the view you view when you tolerant. Yes I mean I think that they. Kind of a primary focus and because it's that you know political really you're not gonna definitely we're not gonna dive that deep on to all sorts of different issues but. On the on the financial side of things and and fixing them the things that are broken with regards to congress in the political system that's you know that's where the focus was. Item them you know come novel ideas about. I mean our candidate only runs for one term to ensure that he's not spending any time. Out there you know in the field trying to trying to build up to be reelected again we get that the pander to anybody and what things similar kids. To trial is that because these you know billionaire anyway it was able to help on a majority of the campaign there's no special interest or anything now have a holdover. Yeah must prove obviously with trump as you point out are so let me ask you about let's get to some substance and then you're in the financial field you can talk about this. To specific things he's talking about that to me are very important one is. The notion of reducing corporate taxes from 35 to 15%. If he can do it if congress goes along and also reducing middle class taxes as well. And then secondly reducing massively the regulation. Barrier to free enterprise in this country that's been enhanced by Barack Obama to a degree that is untenable. And the costs are prohibitive. Attach those regulations are those two categories that fit within. The at the visiting in your book that you have for this fictional candidate who was also billionaire. All three things are in the book. Almost verbatim including that at the corporate tax rate. I mean all all three of these items we will let the data in the book we listen up before they you know before trump obviously it was written before trumpet. The spouse does does is keep parts of the platform. And it's because we just think it's it's right. And that we're we're we're strongly aligned with those principles you have to. You have to make America competitive. We have the other countries and that means lowering it lowering the corporate tax rate. So that they keep jobs here. I'm sure that and the regulation partisan as vital as well he's pointed out many of his. Business friends tellem that the regulation problems worse than tax problem. I've we see that as well you know the regulations at all the regulations and opened plates are. Coming from you know a solid place to fix the problems that that are there. I think it's more just the manner that the regulations get put in place these massive. Homes of of rules that take forever for people to be able. Decipher. And then figure out how they're gonna. Implement. And the waited to get past that usually very partisans that this upon his infighting going on. So that's why I think everybody has the pull towards less regulations. Because the regulations that we have right now are just so. Byzantine complex. Ninety where we have been talking for several years in this country about several trillion dollars being offshore. That American companies. Can't abide the tax rate or the regulatory. Scheme. Correct and some of those regulations strictly based on the the political point of view of the president which guesses. What comes out to vote political correctness but the bottom line is if you open up the energy. In this country and let the Viet drilling let there be fracking with their V. Natural gas development oil development coal development clean coal. I mean that's a huge part. Of the American economy we've become energy independent combined with the other factors. In your view us as a financial guy. Is that gonna bring some of those trillions of dollars back to this country. That I mean that that that in any help but really what it is is just having a strong focus in the determination and things. We're going to buy American and the higher American flight so having having that and then having a maverick and office which. Like our character and like Donald Trump. Who not content in any of these big lobbying firms or anything like that I think will allow. It was kind of set that path to be able to have more or more jobs coming here and more more you know manufacturing come back to America. And build it up make it strong. Jamie great to talk to thank for your time on a Sunday the outsider invest in America is the book. We appreciate your time thanks being with a vesting of fathers while. And that may tie my ex eagle here we're gonna wrap it up. Don't forget about my book airing the wave it's all about talk radio told airing the way talk radio thought of the digital era. Want to noble Amazon and elsewhere and always remember to be good to yourself for the world. And the world will be that he with the voice of Boston WRKO.