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Obama promises to take action against Russia over hacks. 12/16/16

Dec 16, 2016|

What do you make of Obama saying he will take action against Russia over the alleged hack by Russia and Putin? Do you think this is a mistake by President Obama?

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The constitution. Is under attack. We don't know curtail yeah founding principles. Are being destroyed but in Boston. This do you the American revolution a new moon moon begins. Boston's all those cleaning up the liberal bull and taking our country. Back. Yes he's on America's voice of the resistance. Conroe core I already. Did spawn in my friends I yeah I yacht you. We are now sliding towards a new Cold War that's right. Vladimir pool and now fits the unprecedented. Staff. Publicly calling out Obama. This CIA of the entire liberal media. Saying put up or shut up in other words prove it fish or cut baked. Are you know. The accusations against wooten have now been escalating. Obama has now come out and said the Russians were not only behind. Interfering in hacking into our elections. But he now says that Vladimir pull me himself. Personally orchestrated it personally ordered it and according to Obama there will be very serious consequences. Listen to Obama. Go on national public radio NPR. And vile there will be action. Role at Allen. I think there is no doubt that win any foreign government tries to. Impact. The integrity of our elections. That. We need to take action and we won't. Playing. Moon. Now first of all noticed this my friends okay just notice this. How come it is such an outreach. When other countries and you know I've debunks the whole Russia meddling that's been that that is such BS is not even funny. But just for the sake of argument okay. The Russians who were behind WikiLeaks. Julian Assange has denied it. There's overwhelming evidence and had nothing to do with Russia but just for the sake of argument okay by the way Assange again. Came out and set I'm telling you. Russia had nothing to do with the leaked DNC emails nothing but look bad girl okay. Why is it's such an outrage. When other countries do with us. Yet we can do it almost every other country on earth. No all of a sudden. It's a war of words between Obama important. Obama is now saying there will be action some of it will be seen some of it will be unseen. He's not being specific. I knew she only wants the launching major cyber attack essentially a declaration of electronic war upon Russia and the Russian government. Easy talking air strikes. Is he talking shooting a few Russian planes out of the sky and cereal we don't know. But now own remembering the the debate with Mitt Romney. In two point twelve Gergen or do you scold they want their foreign policy back I guess the eighties are now called. Because now he's starting to sound even more hawkish then Mitt Romney into when he twelfth. But getting back to my point. Any section outrage now in the liberal media and in the Obama White House no they have. Hacked into more elections they try to interfere really well dear leader Tellme. When you toppled Moammar Qaddafi. I completely destroyed that country I didn't see you complaining. When Hillary Clinton came and said we came we saw we murdered them we killed him meaning Qaddafi as they dragged his body through the streets. Is that Islamist enemies and we empowered ice is so al-Qaeda. I didn't see you complaining. When we meddle in Syria I don't see you complaining. When we metal any rock I don't see you complaining. When you try to interfere. Directly. And have Benjamin Netanyahu lose the election. Although we didn't what you tried to give the wolves in Israel. I didn't see you complaining. How come we can interfere. In the internal affairs and in the elections. Of other countries all over the world. And it's never an outrage. But it's supposedly would somebody does it does boom there will be consequences. But even more than that. Donald Trump came out I think with the exact brilliant response and now there is a war of words. Between the White House Josh dear sir Ernest Obama and now Trump Ice trump we're out. If the Russians were supposedly behind all of this hacking. How come Obama didn't do anything about it before the election. How come in September. The WikiLeaks was around. October WikiLeaks was around all of this is the best is email her being published I mean they made some noise about the Russians they did. But for the most part how come they didn't do anything about it then. It was leak after leak after leak after leak how come now they only make a big deal about this. After Hillary lost. Suddenly when their candidate goes down in flames. And they were so convinced they were gonna win now all of a sudden. Who miss thing you Hitler now all of a sudden. We have to have a new Cold War with poo and all of a sudden now. How long the Electoral College I'm gonna get to that later in the show you're not gonna believe the latest shenanigans. Now how they need to be aware of Russia's involvement they need to change their minds they need to switch from trumped Hillary this this election was stolen Hillary didn't lose. Who was stolen for trump. All of a sudden now. They're trying to justify. Essentially and elect oral call which co. So how come in and make a big stink about this. How come in and make a big stink about this before the election why they do anything before the election. Because they thought they were gonna wind. AJ knew it wasn't the Russians everybody knows it's not the Russians. But they thought they were gonna wind. Now that they've lost. Now they are all crying wooten brush sharp they stole it meddling. Breaking right now okay breaking right now. Hillary Clinton has now publicly released a statement. Telling her top supporters. That Russian president Vladimir Putin directly interfered in the United States election. Out of they listen to this out of a personal beef against her. In an election that she said now undermine. US democracy. I eat. Trump is he legitimate. All right eat the election was rigged it IAE trump is not our true president. John Kerry shop trust what. Has openly come out and said. He's not gonna say anything while whether Russia how the elections. Because even shop fronts swat knows it's not true. Roll it Allen. We stated day that I'm not gonna comment on. Anonymous reports room. Intelligence. Officials that did not identified. Quote sort of content themselves with officials this market economy that. Loretta lynch. Just to show you how this is the gang that can't even shoot straight. Loretta lynch. US attorney general you know why because the FBI is saying there's no free can evidence. The Russians were behind us listen now to Loretta lynch she when she does this say well. I don't think sole. Role that island. The Department of Homeland Security was very actively engaged in reaching out to every state. To make sure that they had access to every resource they needed to protect the State's electoral system as well. And fortunately we didn't see the sort of technical interference. But I know people have concerns about also in terms of voting machines and the like. I do have to keep going. It's so obvious what's going on and listen my fellow a corner country listeners okay my fellow Americans ladies and gentlemen. What you're seeing now this is what truly challenge. Is something out of 1984. We are to war with Oceana we are not a war with Oceania. So we were reset with the mother Russia we had a cold war one at a bit 1980s. I wanted their foreign policy back who was not a threat we're getting along with Russia suddenly now we're at war with Russia. Setting up borders the biggest enemy on the planet suddenly now he's the second coming of Hitler. When Obama himself. If you remember okay. About three weeks before the election remember a final look bad for trump. All of the manufactured polls said Hillary winning by eight by ten by twelve. Some of them up by fifteen. CNN was going insane you remember there are pink in Texas blue. Georgia blow Arkansas blow the whole country except for Mississippi and Alabama was gonna vote for Hillary to remember that. And shrunk there were already reports of problems with the voting machines you vote for trumpet turns out it's Hillary. Out illegal aliens voting and so trump said whoa whoa whoa. The Democrats to cling to power they may still this thing then they rigged the elections. Obama himself. Weeks before the November 8 election when they were short they were guaranteed in their mind that this was go to goal Hillary's way. Obama himself said. The integrity of the American election process. Is impenetrable. It is still sound system in the world. Nobody can hack into our elections. Nobody can undermine our elections. Not thing is more solid than the American electoral process. This is what he said ally 1980 for work. Just several weeks before the election. Roll it Allen the larger point that our one emphasizes. Is that. There is no serious. Person out there who would suggest somehow that. You can even you could even break. America's elections and so yeah. I'm about mr. trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes. All moon. In other words less whining more campaigning. Go all their Richard gates get votes. You know she's not twelve she's up fifteen we got the illegal aliens voting forest we're gonna steal this baby. You've got three million illegals voting there's no way Donald gonna win went Quang Eric Eric Gordon make your taste. You're a girl didn't make her case. Even with three million illegals voting you still lost. Now all of a sudden. On a dying. Because you lost suddenly now nothing's rich went from nothing is rigged to the whole thing is ranked. Nobody can interfere to another Russians interfered. It's an incredibly impenetrable election system to now Vladimir Putin is to blame for why Hillary Clinton lost. And now a quote undermines our very democracy. Now let me tell you this. The fact that who publicly on the international stage. Called out Obama and the White House is a major now escalation in tensions between Russia and America. Oh apple has fallen. Russia and Syria Bashar sought are on the march against the Islamist rebels. We have troops in Syria. We have been secretly arming the Muslim rebels. We're playing with some serious fire. We are now turning Russia into an implacable enemy. And all of this. To prop up Hillary Clinton all of this in a desperate bid to delegitimize Donald Trump. All of this. Because they are so afraid. That what happened with WikiLeaks may happen again. That they were exposed. For their rampant corruption and criminality. Donald Trump Costin now say enough is enough. You're trying to undermine me. You're trying to delegitimize me. You were the ones that are now threatening by your words and your actions. The very pillars and the very essence of our democracy. The peaceful transfer of power. You lost. Get lost and don't let the door hitch you on the way Al. Russia are at America. It's the cold war 2.0. Wooten has now called out Obama. Let me ask you this. What do you think now trump should do. And do you believe or Russians how I act the elections. And what will be the international consequences. 61720666868. All of your calls next. The larger point though one emphasizing. Is that. There is no serious. Person out there who would suggest somehow that. You can even you couldn't even rig. America. I think there's no doubt. One in any form goes and applies to any impact the integrity of our life. That is. We need to take that. That was before the election and this is this cheerleader now after the election. He is now yesterday on NPR vowing serious action against Russia. He won't say what that is now this could be another red line. Mike in Syria. Where he's all talk no action. But who now has support America and the world on notice. He has now come out and said put up or shut up. Show that we did it prove it. Or else you are smearing rusher on the international stage and we will no longer accept it let me ask you this. Are you now freed that Obama and Hillary. Will essentially. Destroy our relationship with Russia. In order to try to cover up the fact. That they lost the election because of Hillary's corruption and incompetence. 6172666868. Are we entering. In new Cold War. Cold war 2.0. At least until trump comes into office. Justin in Weymouth Europe next go ahead Johnston. Page ass he or they can't and I'm only here in the they legalized. Our messrs. yes that was yesterday noon officially kicked them. Now but that's beside the point but you know. It is out of question goes on procurement or Reagan was an office and Gorbachev was Reagan used to go over and talk with Gorbachev you know. We get to unionize and our counterparts in and around London merchant. We're gonna unionize and we get a we gotta we got to get people out of this credit crunch Jeff we got to get a lot of the credit crunch there and credit crunch that's where the I think. So you're basically saying we need Russia as a friend and an ally not a mortal enemy. I'm with you Justin thank you for that call mark in New York go ahead mark. How did you. You know and he two of them that went around value yesterday sheriff Joseph Arpaio he had a press conference. Where they proved conclusively. That. Barack Obama's birth certificate lists derived from this lady named Joanna and he was on the Drudge Report. But more importantly to stay on topic. I think in 1984 at that the great work is being at the ministry of troops for an ad and you know the level of propaganda that's been coming out before the election it was all trump would start well what three trump would antagonize Russia trump would bother gluten. And all we have seen since is. Who'd been agonizing to polluted now was antagonizing Russia now you know clearly the liberals have I haven't lost their run. Mark I kind of tell you I think on your right and thank you for that call look they're melting down. And they're doing this in front of the whole world I mean we're starting to look now honestly like a banana republic. I mean the world is laughing that's. But I think there's something else or something more nefarious going on. And to me what I think it is is this. I think they are now shall determined to cling to power. That they are trying desperately to shall delegitimize. Strom. To so undermine him too shall cripple him. They're create making it seem he's a creature of wooten he's a creation of pull them he owes his victory to pull them. And again it's like Ben Ghazi all over again. Their manufacturing. Something out of nothing. It's a complete. You want talk about fake news it's the ultimate fake news story. And now all of a sudden they're whipping themselves up like a McCarthy I'd hysteria. About the elections being hacked and approve of trump having business dealings with Paul and financial dealings that. Who is behind every corner and this is why Hillary wants them. And what I sense here is this. They wanna sold damage trump that he will not be able to operate in any effective way and I think they're gearing up for 20/20. I think they're trying to set up the narrative for Hillary to come back I really do. And I think the narrative is think about it the two alpha males on the planet trump important. Too much oilman. Smoking cigars. Libya backed filled but a a back room somewhere but topping career rounds of cocktail waitresses this is the image. The tools strong mandate to alpha males. They deny Hillary the election. She's gonna come back. And and waded back for the good guy takes. From Victor who evil chauvinist. It. Patriarch coal men who stole it from the first potential female president. They're trying to almost create a comeback story for her in 20/20 am the Walking Dead the Walking Dead. Hurry Nancy Pelosi. Seriously they'll both be almost eighty and they think they're gonna walk back into power in his side is pathetic it is desperate. But it's dangerous. Because the Russians. They're not happy 6172666868. Is this creating a new Cold War with Russia. Do you think the Russians hacked the elections. And how where is that they can flip a 180 degrees. Is this 1984. Only it's pointing sixteen. Your calls next. 1237. Here on the grace WRKO. OK my friend just to clarify. What I said just before we went to break. No I don't mean that I think Hillary is gonna come back and win or whatever running point one she's you're gonna be in jail. And I think that's part of the reason why they're trying to smear trump so badly. So doubled in a sense. So weakened him they think and delegitimize and he won't be able to go after the Clinton gang. I would think shall be a light by point one with her health but this is what the moon bats remembering dealing with the moon bats. So who worked that's what we're dealing with here. So in the minds in the fevered minds of the New York Times the Washington Post the Democratic Party did think I might kidding. Dad you know old battle which. Is gonna come back writing and like get away as stern. And take out the guy with the black cat so I think that's another reason why they're trying to make it seem that trump owes his victory. Important. I don't know whether they'll be the Walking Dead our American horror story I don't know how she comes back to when he went oh my gosh this and I think Obama's trying to flexes little Ricky thank muscle that he has. You know this guy lives I've ennui it's rides and a bicycle helmet. And Vladimir Putin hunts tigers. I mean who's gonna hear are not sick about it. No my immunity a Marlins so what Obama and out of lie. About it. We'll also obamas heading off to Hawaii for an advantage is pleased flexing as little muscled both full. You know go to go to an all out by telling everybody I mean every too seriously jewelry that is shoot two week Christmas and I'm on our Don I've gotten pathetic adding Aaron a month and it what do you do bomb Russia's second you grade Obama. Cult that go to yeah. Go to your fight on bar bells Syrians or go to Jack and got some muscle it's a real muscle her. What is so much so local time in Framingham go ahead on. Eight yep I think they like get killer but you know we residences up to the multiple. The lawless. And nobody in Europe was out of the way at east so furious about that. He's got to get out now. That you supply him weapons at all that this is what these data while. That would help everyone out at trial. But now he's saying don't go go to war with Russia. He's covering this all thing up you know utility go to jail and up and do it it. That they do you know it they've gotten hot with supplied weapons that now. Well I talk about a Tommy touch on something and thank you for that call you touch on something very profound look. What is gonna change the entire geopolitical. Map going forward. Is if America and Russia do become allies. In the war on radical Islam. This is something Obama does not want. This is something the global list don't want. So they're trying to destroy the relationship between Russia and America and between poor and and trump. I also think look what happened and allow apple is a huge story. This is Obama's foreign policy in ruins. He backed the so called to their rig their route Qaeda but the so called moderate rebels are his moderate compare prices. So we backed the Islamic rebels we illegally ran guns to them we find you know we supported them. That was why they attacked the compound and in Gaza to begin with. And now he is people have been destroyed. By Portman and by a solid. And pull this now marching across Syria he's not gonna begin wiping out the pockets of crisis. So if you're looking at a Obama from his point of view he has now suffered a major geopolitical defeat. At the hands of so he the last thing he wants. Is for trump important to team up because if they team up it's all long war. It's so we gonna wait 5101520. Years old and doesn't wanna reach out to the Muslims he wants the smashed the islamists. So this is why they have depth pain to pool so badly. By making it seem like key metals in the elections he destroyed our democracy. He elected trump Pete. As stolen from Hillary. To make it almost impossible for trump and America to work with Portman Russia. I mean that's the way I see it Russ in Boston go ahead Ross. You can order. It and. At several things that they are so well Barack Obama should be ashamed of himself. And you know why are elite units. He's a lob Iraq actually took Paula Patton and the outside or if they're able to get this item information. From our government is oddly believable okay. Now the public that he has as far as getting involved in election. You and many others that pay attention you know. That he got involved in the election and Israel. To try to weakened Israel inkjet Benjamin you know are there and that the same time helping their ultimate and maybe I'll. Okay so what's right so that you can bigger all of the parents. You got an important eat then god that he hadn't gotten a cent a major war and Andy and you're not gonna let that happen over the next thirty. I hope not arrests as always very good call book think about the ultimate hypocrisy and music lets EU phony you fraud you Obama. You can Madeleine Israel's election. You can directly interfere in their election to weaken. A Netanyahu who say ferocious opponent of radical Islam any wrong. So you can you can undermine their democracy and their elections. But suddenly somebody not important did it put pressure say for the sake of argument bull what leg you have to stand on. All you report really thinks of Obama it's it's an open secret in the Russian media I have to clean this up a boost ahead. Of Mozy Mozy doors. He. Ought. Dear leader I don't think Gordon's quaking I'm just saying I don't think he's nervous look at L apple or apple or use scared him in Syria dear leader. Lured a Rhode Island go ahead low. The Georgia probably apparently got a couple points to make yes well but first number one and I only have a role. This will work every time just like the sun rising in the morning you're going down in the evening. Whatever the Democrats accuse other people doing their during themselves. It's almost like a hardened terrorists or he did try to I think which have been trying to manipulate elections and it didn't work but and here's the other thing is is that. I think. I don't try to log first perch where he pilloried like Mary queen of Scots rocky. Legitimate archer SS. And you know I. Of course having this problem. And the other the other thing I've and other historical. Analogy I wanna make it into it tensions. The Democrats. And media battle of the bulge. I tried to throw everything they can edit. Before they been able Obama has to give up power and the reason it is because once just session gets there what the report acute kidney or. It uncovered so much corruption. So much corruption in this administration you can go back dissension curious you can look at big out. And all the sudden it stopped once Republicans get ahold of the CIA and the FBI get a chance to really look at the crap it's putting us all these years. There's going to be some serious issues raised as there are that we try to create a diversion. Away. On the time to stop its core come out about them you'll notice. They complain about the WikiLeaks and they complain about Russia being involved in them but they don't deny the truth to delete the important part. Being go all they don't that everything that was there wish true. You see. That's the 64000. Dollar question. And it's not just that it was all true about how Hillary stole it from Bernie and the Clinton foundation but more importantly. They're very same media that's now howling you don't pull me interference. Meddling. They were and they were in that Hank. They were literally acting Schultz. Has operatives for the Hillary campaign. And their lecturing us some fake news or the embodiment of fake news now. Judge not Paula panel. How to varying interest intake. He says if you look at this objectively it's a very clear was that the Russians. It was elements of our only US intelligence. They were the ones. Who were behind the leaking. They were the ones who were feeding information. To WikiLeaks. He says it's so obvious. Role it Allen quote. Who had an incentive. To prevent mrs. Clinton from becoming president of the United States know whose agents had their real identities and locations exposed. By the reckless manner good way to show there you go out. Who had access to all of this material wrestling without having to steal money codes United States intelligence agents who did not want. This woman. In charge of the federal government and exposing more agents and resource is an undercover app that's in the Middle East is too good to who they truly are and where they weren't. Emailed it. I mean none Apollo panel milled it remember. When she compromised although classified information. Well you some of it very top secret. She put a lot of our Secret Service people sorry forgive me are spite people our intelligence people. Who work in the shadows who worked in secret she hung them out to dry. Our assets were exposed some of our agents were killed. She put people's lives on the line if I'm working for the NSA. Or final working for whatever the this our parts of the CIA or whatever in the intelligence services you'd think I want her and power. After what she did. My putting all of that classified information on a private server. And handing it out basically on a platter to the Iranians and the Russians and the Chinese and the north Koreans and god knows who else. So it's pretty obvious it was disaffected. Disenchanted. Bernie Democrats. With elements in the US intelligence agencies I mean it's so lobbyists. But they have to continue with this fiction. To try to sold paint trump. Because it's exactly what the previous caller said her think a version of Mary queen of spots. And that's how the media views her. She's the rightful heir. She's the illegitimate president and now she's in exile waiting and in their own fevered insane mind. You ultimate comeback. It's not rocky. It's gonna be Hillary. I mean point money shall combat and defeat the twelve greatest male chauvinist pigs on the planet Donald Trump. And Vladimir Portman. And if you believe that I'm telling you I've got a bridge in Brooklyn you may be interest in him 6172666868. As the number. There is a really hilarious. That connects this is from 207 Jeff. When Obama gets to the beach in Hawaii is he gonna draw a line in the sand that's a okay. Wooten has now publicly called out Obama. Saying fish or cut baked pro ripped. Either put up or shut up. Obama is now vowing some kind of decisive action against Russia will probably find out later this afternoon at his final news conference. Is this now the cold war 2.0. And will this liberal drive. To demonize. Potent. And make it seem like trump owes his election to important but trumpet as you legitimate. Will Egypt work. Mort your calls next. Putting proven before. The American public siding with them I think that absolutely. They had nothing to do with that there's no evidence you can't prove it lets you. Finds somebody in the middle of hacking is not siding with the US intelligence communities going at these criticizing men he's saying is insane people. That decided that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction so he's already trying to undermine their authority and their credibility. Katie turf from MSNBC. Now Moe left the nobilo of the CIA. Not Kenya now bailout now they're all big CIA lovers. So when all of her strong does a movie about how the CIA assassinated John F. Kennedy. Then go left they wait the CIA they demonized as CIU. Now. When there is a rogue elements at the CIA. Are trying to pin the election loss of Hillary to mother Russia and wooten. Suddenly now you don't she'll dare question the CIA really. You mean the same CIA that was so dead on about the Iraq War and Saddam. You mean do same CIA. That told us al-Qaeda was on the run. The same CIA that covered up Ben Ghazi. The same CIA that deliberately cooked the books under Obama's orders. To downplayed the threat of crisis you mean dot CIA. So were supposed to believe amount all please give me a break Josh and Framingham go ahead Josh. Hey Jeff you know I am your circulation of gold medal little rock star regularly. They're going way through its track. Where are Jewish and any one thing name me one thing that I said. That is I jubilation for Putin. I don't know keeping going Annan about it. Login example it exits the kind of wrote dear I've been going on if I've been going on and somehow in love with the guy. Tellme will work worded I say I love them give me an example. But we're stockbroker you do it Syria and all that a low point not yeah it will hear a lot. Josh. Did a little not call list I mean you know let alone not fall. Do you allow apple not faulting not win the battle in the lap well. Hello hello all it did you agree there are etc. I never said I was a great guy he's well I'll tell you this unlike Obama he's winning his war is not really our. Well and don't make allegations you can't back up because they'll tell you this you know the history of my family. During a radio talk until you know its total to. Listen you'll history in my family. Do you nor the Communists did to my family you with the KGB did to my family. We're not pretty you know how they massacre at top of my family. You look at it didn't slave labor camps and you have the gall to call my show and tell me that I love that former KGB and hello. Hello. Well first of all pulled there's not a Communist he's a nationalist. He wasn't Communist he's become a nationalist number two I hate to tell you this. Since wind important become our mortal enemy. Let me ask you this why do you guys want a war with Russia are UN saying. You won a third world war if you want a nuclear war with Russia. I don't think anybody wants a third world war hurt your attitude on it seems that changed a lot the last couple of weeks knowing how my attitude. Is the same Hollins and a lot. You go for a vacation and next here are they in its vehicle out. I have what are you talking about going on vacation it's it's you calling from mental institute. And stuff it's important that we we actually all out because I think it's important for. Ultra legitimacy to simulate that not an app but it no questions no questions and a lot. Although. Russian acting in the election flashing like hockey and follow on the seventeen I sort that. Notice it at all not one that's why not that's not why I doubt I'm not that's another lie she'll let me tell you this let me ask you this. You boy come on my show you know one unsubstantiated. Charge after another. Then you claim that I'm up all lover which you have no evidence now what's your evidence that old and not. Election but it's that the Russian act. It's the ANC itself so. Now that the churches don't. That yap tell me and ask you this do you want I wanna ask you this point blank as you're gonna lose all credibility now. Was this responsible for Hillary losing. Record is we'll bring responsible for Hillary losing. Well but. This won't do responsible for Hillary losing Yasser at all. Democratic national. Yeah okay abide by decision but I got to deal with. I'm man a mile learning in my education having to deal with these moon bats. Coming up next ambassador. Bolton will give us the absolute latest and you're not gonna believe Marxist bookshelves. Escalates curfew would withdraw. Don't touch that dial.