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Democrats try to steal election through Electoral College. 12/15/16

Dec 15, 2016|

Kuhner thinks if the democrats do this, it will lead to Civil War.

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It's it now comes down there this. The Democrats. Are gonna try to steal it at the elect oral college. They're attempting an L Ike tore roll call age who. In particular. Amount elect elect doors Republican elect doors are now being threatened their being harassed they're being intimidated. There are now death threats actual death threats being leveled against Republican elect doors. Being used talks in Michigan. In Arizona. In states all across the country. The Democrats. Are now demanding democratic electors are now demanding. That they be given any intelligence briefing room. Which they say will shoulder that Russia. Hacked the elections. To tilt their own way from Hillary and who Donald Trump. And now the Washington Post. The New York Times are now claiming that US intelligence. Not only now say Portman was behind the enacting. Not only that he wanted to do this do I give the election or steal the election for trump. But now they're actually claiming listened then there's that wooten was personally involved that's right. Don't marched the boss as the column in Russia and Matt on national. That now he personally orchestrated. And was personally involved in the deliberate hacking of the election to get his puppet Donald Trump elected. And so Democrats now are claiming that the election was fraudulent. That trump is legitimate. And now they are pushing for the Electoral College he elect doors were gonna be meeting in state capitals. All across the United States all fifty states Monday December 19. They are now urging every single one of them. To now switched their votes all they need is to get 37 elect doors Republican elect doors of flip. And then they all throw it to the House of Representatives. Where in theory in the House of Representatives. You can vote for anybody. Not just Hillary you can vote for Colin Powell you can vote for John Kasich you can vote for there anybody you want. And so it is now you last bit desperate gambit. During now essentially implement and elect to oral college who. Top overturned the will of the American people. Because they say that trump is so dangerous. So demagogue it so reckless. And was so in bed with the Russians. That essentially a foreign power. Or through the election. To Donald. That now you have elect doors complaining. They are being inundated. With thousands of emails. Countless phone calls. Even private letters. Where they are being threatened or being bullied their being intimidated. Listen to one elect door he is not our job. A Republican Michigan went to Donald Trump. He is do we bound by law to vote for trump however. Might ban Iranian. He's an Electoral College voter in Michigan. Now says he's been getting inundated with the death threats from Democrat voters. As I said to be meeting on December 19 to cast his vote for president. He has contacted police. Because now he has been told by several Democrats. If you don't pull the trigger for Hillary Clinton if you don't flip your vote we will shoot you in the back of their head roll it. Alan. I've been inundated with hundreds and hundreds of letters in my house FaceBook messages and some of those messages were death threats I've had people. Threatening to put a bullet in the back of my mouth people saying to throw myself in front of a bus sending me pictures of a new us saying if I don't do the right thing that they'll get me. So it's just been a very divisive. Angry feel and filled messaging that I've gotten from people who want me to change my vote and just can't accept the results of the election. But it's more than that and it's more than that. What we've now found out is there is a core group of Democrat elect to worse they're gonna vote in the Electoral College. Over fifty of them. That are demanding. That they be given any intelligence briefing not just them but all. 538. Elect doors that every single one of them. Be given a so called intelligence briefing. Whereby the intelligence community will tell them lecture them. That what the Washington Post reported and now with the media is trying to claim they basically the post in New York Times. That important hack the election. You've got this is the reason why trump one. And that won't mean personally orchestrated this intervention in the American election. To steal it from trump and to give it a Hillary. In other words trump is deal widget to delegitimize trump trump is do you legitimate. And that to really honor and respect American democracy in the constitution is their argument. They have a constitutional. Moral duty maybe not illegal booty but a moral duty. To then switched their vote not vote for trump. Vote for Hillary and the role this. In to the House of Representatives. Where with Paul Ryan Orion with the establishment Republicans. Many of them don't even like trump all the we're trying to work with him now. Whom all those who could be president of the United States. And do you know who the leader of all of this is. Nancy Pelosi daughter. The one who's galvanizing. All of these Democrat elect or she's an elect or herself. How she became an elector is beyond me but Nancy Pelosi is daughter Christine Pelosi. Is sort of the head of the conspiracy here. And she's the one that is. Urgent hall of these Democrat electorate when they really they sent out a letter saying we need to be briefed on rushers so called involvement in the election. And every electors should now be briefed. And now she's calling for every elector to be briefed. And redemptive flipped their vote from Republican. Or Democrat. She was confronted by Neil Cavuto on faux noose. Where Neil could vote all openly challenged her. Saying well you know you're the daughter of the House Minority Leader. Your rabid democratic partisan. Europe I mean on Bloomberg Hillary supporter. And is this really about finding out the truth about Russian hacking or so called hacking. Or you just trying to overturn the election. And subvert the will of the people. Listened to her response. And her back and forth with Neil Cavuto role at Allen. Select engines didn't actually had was she you all know that I know I don't I don't know that you can bet that what have been. What I'm Donald Trump had lost the election would you say it was one single factor until it just doesn't lay up yeah just I literally kidding with afternoon you're trying to get electors. Who are here in port bound to the Republican get a Republican states. Susan to switch hitters that I don't know he's got to put words in my mouth feel you think Neil Cavuto you owe it to the American people to let me tell the truth and had not lie about what I just said. And oh we didn't put words in your mouth he didn't lie. You obviously want them to switch their vote from trump to Hillary throw this to the House of Representatives. Because you want overturn the election. I mean it's so obvious why are you kidding. Now. Let me just say this. I'm gonna tell you. God is my witness like I'm in the confessional. Exactly what I told Brittany and our program director Michael in his office we always have a pre show meeting and I said this I said Michael. I'm talking to you now not as a talk show host but as an historian. As somebody who has studied and taught American history McGill Harvard of the north and in other places. What makes America one of the most unique greatest countries in the history of the world. It's called the revolution of 18100. It is when John Adams. Who was a Federalist he took over after Washington served as the years is two terms. Lost the election to Thomas Jefferson. And all of the European aristocracy ease and monarchies predicted there would be a bloodbath and a civil war in America. Because they're never will be a peaceful transfer of power from one party to another or from one faction to another. And to be incredible astonishment of the world. John Adams lost the election to Thomas Jefferson. Being called a Democrat Republicans eventually you'll be called the Democrats. And there was a peaceful transfer of power. Willingly. Peaceful civil. There were no guns. They weren't awards. That were not cool it's there was no violence. There was no forcible seizure of power. As you it seemed for most of human history for thousands of years. It shocked the world. Any need America truly. Truly. It's stamped the fact that we were now a self governing representative republic. It is one of the most unique and remarkable characteristics of the United States. Very few countries around the world are able to achieve what we've been able to achieve. You lose an election fair and square. And trump won it fair and square he didn't steal one freak invoked. Leave aside the whole allegations of important even if he was behind it which I wanna get into the next hour inside to be honest I'm telling you right now. If you believe that I've got swampland in Florida you may be interest it and okay. This is the biggest hoax I've ever heard in my life in my life. But leave all that a site. She lost. She lost your Twitter. Now it's over you lost the election. Where they are doing now is they're not Jewish trying to overturn an election which they are there not just now subverting the will of the people. Which they wore. But now they're doing something even more dangerous reference. This is how radical the left has become and really how anti American and treasonous they've become. And we got to draw a line in the sand I mean right now. The mother of all red lines dish red line cannot and must not be crossed I'm telling you. Because it won't undo what we did an 18100. They're now chipping away. I took peaceful transfer of power. That's what they're doing now. You don't play with the Electoral College. You don't start intimidating and pressuring elect dorks. Another one in Arizona don't take my word for. She's in Arizona she's a 74 year old woman it's in today's New York Post okay it's up on the Drudge Report. Now not only is she getting calls and delusion with emails. Now she says she's getting threats and she has that she has it on on a voice recordings or you can hear it. We're now a Democrat says I will shoot Chu in the mouth if you vote for Donald Trump on Monday. What do you think is and I'm just I'm not fomenting violence god forbid my parents are from Croatia. The former Yugoslavia. I covered that when the war broke out there it was my first gig as a journalist I was a young man. I've seen civil war up close it's the ugly skiing in the world he wants civil war on streets. You honestly think. That half the country is gonna accept. That this thing be overturned at the Electoral College are you mad are you when same. They are now chipping away. I thought fundamental. Bedrock principle of our entire republic and our entire country. Which is the peaceful transfer of power. Donald Trump one. He's got 306. Electoral College votes do quite honestly think they can flip 37 no. But the fact that there even attempting to do this. Shows how dangerous. How irresponsible. How fanatical. And how anti American and hateful and rabid. The left has become. And I am warning them. You cross this line archer apparel. 61720666868. Is the news is is the number let me ask you this. It's news that's breaking right now. A lot of election two wars are openly being intimidated and harassed. They want a cool that the Electoral College. If the Democrats don't get it they're openly threatening violence. How have they now crossed the mother of all red lines 6172666868. Your calls next. Is this really about hurting Donald Trump and the credibility of the election and nothing war. This is really about finding out the truth. I was Christine Pelosi on Neil Cavuto Fox News it's now come out. The daughter of Nancy Pelosi. Swore out a bit hot for Hillary Democrats partisan. Is now organizing this attempt by a lack doors. To get them to change their vote on Monday flipping them from trump to Hillary. They're the ones now demanding a briefing an intelligence briefing that they say you'll prove. Rule not the elections and stole it for trump. If they managed to reverse it at the Electoral College. What do you think the consequences will be what do you think they should be. Brian in Walpole go ahead Bryant. Kabul. How are you my friend. I got up from a poor ugly come out the church says the backpacks. Liberal cool I bet that that. The so toppled banks. You know it's it's stood. Democrats and liberals in particular has so crafty. I missed direction aren't so Tibetan you know we're not hacked. They click on what date did Jeff you what I would never be an open booted deleted data volume up auctions some idiot. And his inner circle clip than a link wouldn't need now to prop them to a at that site that in turn allowed them to be hacked. Saw a Russia and China and the US have been waging cyber attack from each other. Forty years and it shall continue which one and one of the most unknown losses have been going on. And currently. What exactly. Is a little start claiming the Russians to begin the first is that all the Russians attacked the election. The yum. That well right now they prove that that wasn't true so what exactly and then they said that he acts indians' CE mailed out. Will not Twitter is Brian they're claiming that Russia actually pull another claim it's all important. Personally told them they're Russian intelligence services to how to DNC emails you know Podesta as emails all of those. And that because of WikiLeaks. This is why Hillary lost the election. This is literally the this is the insane argument they're trying to make. Well I got news for you. Guess what's now being exposed. A might get to this a bit later in the next hour daily email broke the story. Do you know who did the hacking. Disaffected. Democrats. And being met to Julien a Sandra people module Assange himself the people tied to Julian Assange. Walkie leaks to Assange is people. Eight car in Washington DC. And that's how many of the emails were given it's almost like out of a Hollywood movie. Russians had nothing to do with it. And you're not gonna believe. We the people we the people are better peddling this Russia story I've got everything believe me. Don't touch that dial. 1236. Years Jeff who Wear Boston's bulldozer. Also though voice. There are resistance. Okay my friends. So it is now on democratic electors are now pushing hard. To have so called intelligence briefings given to them to every elect door before they vote on Monday. In a desperate bid to have Republican elect doors. Full lipped their votes from trump the Hillary. They need 37 Republicans to change their vote. They can then throw oldest at a House of Representatives. Where they believe either they will vote for Hillary. Or John Kasich or Colin Powell or somebody other than trump in other words they wanna steal the election. He coup at the Electoral College level. Christine Pelosi is heading the Chara is heading this come about how she's the daughter of Nancy Pelosi. Elect doors are now coming out saying they are being threatened. They are being intimidated. They are being flooded with tens of thousands of emails death threats are shocked and ahead this solution Chu in the mouth we know where you live. Many of them are saying they are so worried they may not even show up evoked. Why is Russia behind it. That's the question because now the media is running with another bogus story that wooten apparently don't barged. Personally personally signed off on that hacking of the Democratic National Committee their emails we'll listen now to this. The New York Times the Washington Post CNN you're not gonna see this story you're not can assure you this story it is everywhere in the British media. It's now come out what I have reported in the past the Russians wooten had nothing to do with it it's a big lie. It was an inside job by burning supporters within the Democratic National Committee. Who are saw that they had stolen this from Bernie. And they wanted the American people to know just how core erupt. And treacherous. And and criminal. Hillary and the democratic establishment is. So according now to the Daily Mail. A former British ambassador in fact these have a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan. His name is Craig Murray he's an associate of Julian Assange. Has now come out and said. I was the one that went to a park in Washington DC. Right near American University. Where I met with the so called leak curse it was in a wooded area as I said near American University. Whereby these people were quote disgusted at the corruption of the Clinton foundation. And the way they stole the election the primary. Against Bernie Sanders. And so these people had access to a lot of information. The documents came from inside leaks people who gave us physical emails. As well as giving us other information. Not tax. When asked specifically where the Russians behind the hacking of the DNC. Those documents that WikiLeaks published Murray quote absolutely not the Russians had nothing to do it fit the CIA knows it. The US intelligence community knows it. The White House knows it everybody knows it. This came from within the Democratic National Committee by quote disgusted democratic whistle blowers. Craig Murray. Ex British ambassador to Uzbekistan. This is what Julian Assange said the Russians have nothing I'm telling you the Russians had nothing to do with that. The FBI has said the Rutgers who evidence the Russians are buying this. The office of Director of National Intelligence. No evidence the Russians were buying this. This is the biggest fake news story maybe of all kinds. And they're trying to use this. To a brain washed Republican elect doors or threaten them or penal I intimidate them or harass some. So they can switch their votes. And rolled the election either to Hillary orchard House of Representatives. And subvert the will of the people. Gay guys I know you're clinging to power our normal Washington cartel. It's on its last legs. But even by your standards this is getting pathetic. And if you wanna see you want your prophetic. This is the ultimate in pathetic. Now Hollywood is on board Hollywood. And so now any last bit desperate gambit. Influence Republican electors. Martin Sheen greens on the show called the west wing to limit the liberal American president. Some of the staff on west wing as well as. Beer and delist Kabila's factors seal list actors washed up has beens all of them okay I. Some of these people go where have you been for the last ten years. They have put together. And add. Directly aimed at Republican electors. Citing the constitution. Citing even Alexander Hamilton now they love Hamilton. Saying as a patriot. It is your duty. To vote against Donald Trump. Even dole your Republican elect or some of them in the actual video or on their needs. Dirk openly begging. To deny the election to trump roll it Allen and Hamilton himself. You end of the brave Republican electors can give the House of Representatives. The option to select qualified candidate. I stand. I stand with. I stand with you I stand with you and support and solidarity with conservatives independents and liberals. All citizens of the United States. The American people trust that your voice speaks for Russell. And that you know you'll make yourself heard and constitutional responsibilities granted to you by Alexander Hamilton himself. What is evident is that Donald Trump blacks more than qualifications because. He lacks the necessary instances. And clearly the respect the constitution heart rate. Decision he authority and the opportunity to go down in the books as an American hero. Who changed the course of history. And you have my respect you have my respect you my respect peer patriotism and service to the American people. Unite for America. Well you don't have my respect. You blanket oh that's my answer blank off but it is these are guys. Marriage though don't you guys have some cocaine to Smart know really what ever happened I used to complain about this now I realize in my older age. Our. Did divorce is the alcoholism. Their rehab that that that Coke heads the sex scandals. Don't chill guys have a sex tape to do. Like really don't you guys. Aren't you supposed to Gillick your fifteenth time in rehab or something bought two of something better to do with your lives notice now they love Hamilton. Not so that you guys hit it dead white males or. Now I just because he's big on Broadway boom now they're citing Hamilton Hamilton no matter what now you guys love the constitution well. After Obama's credited for eight years now means when he is being hero you'll have my respect. Guys we don't want your respect to Blanco off but really call listen to do with sex tape. Gold do so more lines of cocaine off for prostitutes rare rent whatever you guys do in Hollywood OK just leave us. Leave us a hell alone. So Hollywood's getting involved. Almost she's getting involved. The Hillary campaign is now I urge you all electors to do the same thing the Democrats are getting involved. The White House is getting involved the CIA's getting involved. This. Because of what. Because he's gonna clean house is gonna put America first again. It's not gonna work. I'm telling you it's not gonna work. 61720666868. Lines are loaded JoAnn Hanson go ahead Joseph. A bulldozer how are you know. On my god I just an Obama pulled sort could take you off because that's how hot it is just. It's just aren't aware ripped through this. A little reality check in your opening you mentioned at the white and it's that a legislature they can install anyone that you mentioned Colin Powell. Actually buddy that's not rule. They would have to pick from the top three electoral vote gets. So. And at the Republican controlled house soul well obviously they've picked trop so the question is why. Doing. I don't want really wants to know what these people ought to why encouragement to go onto the web site Democrat underground where you'll find the bobbled the ball left there. Angle won the general discussion on stocks seeing what these people are up to. The idea resist. If they can get Leo electoral count on the 270 then it would have to go to the how. And what they wanted they want a house perhaps the stall trop. Bit by painting him forever as a president who locked the popular vote and was installed by a Republican how. And that's really the only thing that Iraq go all the southern charade is nonsense. My prediction they'll props possibly get three maybe eight or had the most collective post up but that dream is that they can get enough to get it on the other 270. Ben they would get what they want they don't try coming and they can't stop. The last thing I'll say this. Kept it they're going to go ahead you're you're brilliant I mean you're really on point jump. All right the last thing I'll say is. Hillary Clinton. In her concession speech mention how he still loves America and believe and if that's stroke she's the one person I believe right now that can stop this madness. And actually truly. Loves America and she truly is a patriot she need to get out front of the camera and a press conference and put a halt to this. A trend that forcibly taking Powell walk. And installing on the White House that would be no different than a military goal so I'm calling on America. Obama Donald lay out he's gonna stay out of this but I'm calling on Hillary Clinton. This step but up. And put an end to this because we are headed put some kind of a civil war if this was actually it happened like you said yup. It would be riots it would be armed conflict and that. I believe is what collapse is really. Are you an hour it thank you Joseph and I look and that's why but she's behind this she's ultimately behind is her campaign. Joined the efforts that sue Michigan sue Wisconsin soup Pennsylvania. To try to get the recounts the recount failed now there behind this attempt it's below sea it's all through below sea and her daughter we now we found that out. And they're the ones who were trying to do this they're cool with the Electoral College. Now I want the audience to stand back objectively look at just objectively. Was Obama qualified. Community activist. Questions about where he was born. Never had a real drop his entire life. Did we say let's challenge at the Electoral College. Did we say let's risk a civil war. I mean did we were weak targeting elect tours and single put a gun in your mouth Oregon in your head. Or threatening them or threatening their family doing these liberals and Democrats are doing now. And I don't just mean you of one or two not so a country of 330 million people this is an organized systematic effort. They're getting 40506070000. Emails a day. If fact are complaining my iPad and shall shut down is just too many emails. What do we do. Will fight him in the mid term elections. Will try to win in 22 well wolf. We accept the results similar Livan fight another big fair and square. But when you start going after the peaceful transfer of power. You are playing with fire. Pony in Gloucester go ahead Tony. And Jeff agreed to shell a couple of points. Couple points are you can see how Intel committee couldn't get the idea to cut and respond and I think that's a real I don't really care because they're not gonna get anywhere that a second place. Donald Trump 1081. County in the United States Hillary Clinton won it wouldn't. It. Wouldn't want to be an old college. But nothing. Oh. It took Tony look and thank you for that callers should ever beeping sound in the background Tony I'm. But just look and we had a long discussion there OK in the in the pre show meeting. I made this point is welcome Michael Cooper talking now about the electoral college and watch actors reciting Hamilton OK so let me tell you. Why did they set up the Electoral College. Precisely. For things like this election why if you abolish the Electoral College. Essentially. The country is run by California and New York. The big population centers now dots were Hillary won got her she ran up per margin or so called popular vote victory. But what does that do to the smaller states. What does that do to. Other geographical areas in the United States so if you're living in South Dakota or if you're living in Michigan or if you're living in Arizona what are you gonna say oh my vote doesn't count. It's all based on the popular vote it's a national election no Electoral College so it's either it's California and new York and that's throwing Illinois okay Chicago. They basically they decide the election. Well what do you think I would do in the long term to our country. It would eventually Perritt apart. And so that's why the founding fathers said when you have a country that's this big it's a continent it sold big. So diverse with so many factions and interest. You need an Electoral College. To make sure that every region every area in the country get some kind of representation. That's why we have dealer at oral college and that's why only your 1000% right three over 3000 counties. Voted for trump 52 voted for Hillary look at them. You can drive thousands of miles and never hit a state that voted for Hillary. If they try to steal this at the Electoral College I'm telling you my friends I'm telling you. You're going to see blood on the streets. Do you want that. It. Peter in New Hampshire Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Yes OK I think that the whole email thing the last thing I mean that and there's no there there. I think that the other thing and intimidating and terrorizing individual members Electoral College. Is absolutely bone chilling and it shakes the very foundation of what the nation is. My question because it's morally and ethically disgusting always make it more likely that the liberals we'll try it. But I think it gets down to what are the legalities of this number one how would it that the election. After all the blood sweat and tears and money spent to get a result we got a result and it was what November 8 per night. Why almost two months later are we having almost the second. Election where that vote actually returned and by the college that part one and part two. Is it legal. Four. Electoral members to change their. OK Peter brilliant question great question. It depends. Some states have laws many of them. Which may elect George do rebound. In other words like for example Michigan your duty bound. So if you're state went. Republicans say this you know whatever trump this election you or do rebound according to the state governments that you have to then you know vote the way the will of the people. Some other states there's no laws on the book there are no laws on the books. So which is always been accepted tradition you know just something. It's like I don't know what it's like kneeling in front of a coffin at a funeral you know no one says you have to do it but you just do what is supposed to do it. So some states yes you are legally bound other states you're not. That's why they think intimidation can work. Harassment can work but threats can work that's why the celebrities are getting involved that's why they want to CIA involved. They're gonna try to put as much pressure. Because Peter ultimately even if the House of Representatives rights to the rescue and says look I'll whatever we're gonna vote in trump. As the previous caller pointed out this is further and attempt to delegitimize them. The say you're saying. He couldn't even get installed by the Electoral College he had to be installed by the Republicans. In congress. They wanna cripple him. Before he can even be sworn into office 6172666868. Okay. Coming up next we take more of your calls. All soul. Who is behind all of these stories about the Russians. Trying to hack the elections. Does it go all the way back to the Clinton Campaign. I've got their smoking gun. Don't touch that. Dial.