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Is Trump draining the swamp with his cabinet picks? 12/14/16

Dec 14, 2016|

Kuhner thinks President-elect Trump is uniting the country and the party with his cabinet picks. Although, Brittany doesn’t think Trump is draining the swamp like he said he would. Who do you agree with?

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The constitution. Is under attack. We don't know curtail yeah founding principles. Are being destroyed him in Boston. See you the American revolution a new movement began. Boston's all those. Any of the livable. And taking our country. Back to seize on America's voice of the resistance. Couldn't tore. Seven now here on the grave WRK. All Jennifer Garner Boston's bulldozer. Okay my friends. Big show for you today. In our worst three. Sure Ron says. It's OK let's say Merry Christmas. And I got to tell you have you noticed ever since his victory. Wherever you go all whether it's at the grocery store let's say the local park share at a restaurant. I'm noticing people are saying Merry Christmas a lot more often. Then nativity scene. Now though liberal I mean what ballots are gonna go for the Christmas tree Santa Claus and the crossed. Yet got a goal for the nativity scene so now liberals want Doug band you'll got it. Mary Joseph and the -- little baby Jesus. We're gonna have all of that. Would you get into a self driving car. Not only a self driving car. But now self driving trucks. And even now the growth of self draw are sorry of self checking. A grocery stores literally grocery stores where there's not a single human being. Inside the store at the check out stocking the shelves it's all automated. We've got that. And you're not gonna believe what is happening at carnival cruise line. Donald you got to get back on that phone and do what you did with carrier it's an unbelievable story. Christmas for many am. Boy ease it's not going to be a good one for them at carnival but first my friends. Trump on the march. Yesterday a trump tower something truly remarkable cup and and you're starting to feel it now as is administration comes together. As he fills out the remaining positions in his cabinet. And has now there is almost eight up procession. Off people who are going to trump tower to kiss his ring. To meet him but talk to him discuss with him what is plans are first presidency. And in particular. Enemies are now becoming friends. For always are now becoming allies. And rabid opponents are now becoming. Believe verse. One of the most touching we talked about Kanye West and the signal that it would send with him. Our garrison a visiting trump yesterday in terms of the many African Americans especially the younger ones in the inner cities. But the one that was really touching. Was legendary. Football running back he's an older gentleman now very proud African American Jim Brown. Jim Brown was a legendary car running back a few with the Cleveland Browns. Moreover. John Jim Brown is somebody who never forgot his roots. He has consistently worked on poverty issues in the inner cities. Reaching out to young black youth underprivileged youth is something that he has worked on for decades. Unlike. There were a non Reverend Al Sharpton. Or just the draw action unless and all the other race hustlers. He's not a shakedown artist. He's not looking to shake down toy yoga or shake down forward. Or I'll do well a phony pro castle he can line his pockets Jim Brown is the real deal. Jim Brown genuinely cares. About drugs. Crime poverty the lack of educational opportunities. Really what's been going on not just frankly in the African American community. But increasingly now and Appalachia I with the white Americans Hispanic Americans. And so he openly said I voted for Hillary Clinton. I am a Democrat. But I wanted to see and meet Donald Trump to take the measure of this man. And I got to say this sincerity in his voice. The authenticity. In his voice. They Hume Eric he in his voice. Where he came out and said you know what I'm a changed man. He then blown me off he didn't just do a five minute. Ash deal with comedian now a quick photo op and then send me on my way in other words without seeing your Jim Brown set it. Unlike the Democrats. I would just tell me what they think I want the here. And what they think I expect to hear. And then you lose us especially in the black community. Every once every four years. And once they get in my body she won another four years. Donald Trump gave me several hours. Donald Trump who listened. Donald Trump spoke from the heart. Donald Trump talked about we're gonna rebuild America's inner cities. I am gonna do with the Democrats have promised to do and then on unable and unwilling to do for forty to fifty years. I will go to the inner cities I will go to word the pork and the underprivileged are. And I will turn things around for them we will rebuild them every step of the way. And Jim Brown came out. And sent out a very powerful signal. All of this talk that trump is not my president he's not our president he somehow legitimate. Jim Brown said I'm madam. He listened to me treated me like a human being. Genuinely respected me. One repeat here what I had to say and my experiences in the inner cities and my experiences in the ghetto it's. And he cares. He cares so much he is gonna do when Democrats have failed to do. He is now my president. Any urged all of the opponents of trump especially those minorities and in the inner cities. Give this man a chance. Because now he is our president. Role that Jarrett. I've let him because he really. Talks about helping African American black people. And that's why I'm here is without. Well it isn't really about just got done from. It's about him in the position yuk it. That position is considered the most important. Person in the world most powerful person in the world is supposed to be president. When he goes to what he went through to become president. He got my admiration. Because no one gave him a chance. You know they've they've called him names. People I called him names when he won he reached back and brought them along with them we will no grudges. So why am I had to say that I've played quarterback. They. I don't know everything and just everything but the reception I got today from him. Journalism. Because he listened to us. And he knows that we can bring something to him to help the people of this country. Look I may be disagree with me but I got to tell you look I've known I mean I followed Jim Brown he was on my heroes when I was a young boy. Might see them over many years she's a very whatever you think it was politics. He's a very honest man. He's a very sincere man he's a straight shooter is a very blunt man. He says what he means and means what he says it's he was there in that room it was a several hour meeting. With other black athletes including black pastors. It was a roomful of African American leaders community leaders. And they said you don't understand he was in just their lecturing announcer talking to us our or acting like he knew more than us he listened. He cared he genuinely cared he wants to know how we can work together to solve the problems of poverty. Hope welfare dependency. All of crying of drugs. Of the failing schools that gang bangers the lack of law and order. What peace or inner city communities need sold desperately. And notice there's something that he said I wanna get to a little bit later this hour. There's something about trumpet is extremely admirable I have to say this. He forgets dredges. You know forgot who supposedly very thin skinned. And for supposedly this. And coming up Adolf Hitler. And you know and it's noticed by the way if he's really a closet David do you think David duke would sit down would Jim Brown. Whatever you think of Kanye West do you think David duke would sit down with Kanye West. You think the kkk would sit in a room full of African American pastors and and talk to their above their means and their problems and what they want them. And what their values and aspirations are. I mean he is blowing up Victor how Erica sure. Of the liberal media almost in front of our rice on TV but Jim Brown said something. Here is a guy who has been absolutely. Demonize been vilified look you've been smeared he's been libeled. That's what he's been. And he's bringing him into his cabinet. He's not just talking to them say Mitt Romney or whatever and having dinner with Dan which I'm not a big fan out but let that go. Nikki Haley never trump Republican blitzer in for the job at the UN Rick Perry. Rick Perry. Amend the first guy to lead the charge against trump who for 'cause he called trump a cancer on the Republican Party. Said it was good dual wield the Republican Party to stop trumpet at all costs. Spun off from energy secretary. In other words if he thinks that person is the best person for the job war. You need to unify the party in unify the country. Trump is willing to do it he's willing to do it. He's willing to lead by guards be bygones. And so now he's reaching out in courting. Minorities. Hillary voters like Jim Brown. Are people who didn't vote forum and saying I'm gonna be the president of the United States of America. He is stressing unity he stressing prosperity. He stressing in one America. In other words the era of Obama. The era of racial political ideological. Ethnic gender division it's over. It's over. Listen to Jim Brown just a little bit more. Because he may Jimmer around into a believer. Roll it Gerri yeah. Brownies for Hillary Clinton. Yes that is what practice trump tower that got. Well I'll tell you. The president of the United States brought me my president. You know that's he wanted to spend square. These going to be man to a men's four years at least. Create. And he is amenable to listening to people who did not vote for him. He listened to you you told me commercial break you already there for a long. Time the why did you talk about and what did you ask. We talk about making America a better country. Because about the poor people we talked about African American people we talk about education get rid of violence. Until the economic development realistically. And how to work together. Let me ask you this. Is he now starting. To unify the country. Easy now beginning to bring onboard. Former rivals former enemies former opponents. Former folds. Jim Brown Hillary supporter. You've got now Kanye West you have a wanna play the clip later now Bill Gates. Big liberal liberal Bill Gates said he met with trump he couldn't believe it he's an innovator he's dynamic. He thinks she's gonna be another John F. Kennedy his economic program will make America boom. You now have the titans of Silicon Valley. All of them who rapidly a post trump poured money they Hillary's campaign they're all rushing to the power of Trump's tower. Saying we can make a deal we can work with him. Is trump now successfully. Unifying. The party. Is he now successfully courting and reaching out to minorities to people who didn't vote forum. Is he starting to create. An America first majority. Right in front of our eyes. Can trump and should trump. Win over the African American community. Could he be the Lincoln of the 21 century. Can African Americans under trump. Come back. To the Party of Lincoln. 6172666868. Your calls next. Speak to those people in this country who feel like they're not being listened to and they're not being represented and. We almost. Seattle looked like blue Ozzie and middle class but I have been out there were many many years. And they get those across this country. The American program concentrates. Being in the community. Development leadership in that community. Pete teaching life skills of those individuals. And teach them how to deal with responsibility. For the self determination. And how to gain success or working hard and work and intelligently. So when that rule as well as he would not vote the people who have people. Trump while is African American leaders are trumped power yesterday black pastor is Jim Brown was there. Other celebrity half athletes black athletes. Now saying he is our president. Urging minorities. A liberals. Anybody who did not vote for trump. To stop opposing him at every turn and accept his legitimacy. And have everybody come together for the good of the country. Can trump peel away African American support. Can he unite the Republican Party. And can he make the Republicans the GOP. The Party of Lincoln. Will Kenny make hitting home for African Americans again. Lou in Rhode Island Europe next go ahead Lou. Yes I do like jet bought it I would I would say to that is it's. That would actually have to get the job done I don't care. It about this whole this is expanding the party not expect any party or at least that's what that's the Democrats were the that's what we're bringing floods. Of illegal immigrants in floods of refugees to keep building up a role simply keep getting elected all the time I think what I would be true which is exactly. The same thing that Jim Brown was talking about. Actually getting down there teaching the life skills rehabilitated cutie. Getting people's guilt plunged us into those areas. Again and making a city that we're better now graduated. Because of what the Democrats have done to him for years by part milking it dry. Prevent them into jams again nick and it's a little cities regular to cities where everybody can live and everybody can get law cannot have this divisive culture. That we developed over the years especially during the Obama years where he's pitted a group. Another created stuff like white privilege used Ferguson to divert people away from the real problems in the in the African American minority communities. And I think it's something he can work like innocently killed deployed I wanted to get to. Is that a lot of people are I'm noticing a lot of people who were friends with trump. People like Michael Savage. Libyan Marjorie for different the trumpet he supported strong another all go out there are criticizing him. I'm the thing is that I think tribe also reach out to his base as well bring his basic game. With the new people people like Jim Brown I think we don't want the same goals. So why can't we just all worked together I was wondering if you had any contact. We can transition team or Cuba or bring them more and action and he would he's going to be doing in the future to help one number one keeps his promises. The ones that he made all the set up there about their field wall and all that stuff. And number can't help would get together and create a larger majority of people in this country of a people who actually want to make America great again and get things done again. Lou thank you very much for that call we are gonna start having people from his transition on the show. But I looked are filling up cabinet positions I mean it's been very hectic time. Look he's gonna come out trust me when I tell you this I know this for a fact. They blistering. Blizzard. A blistering blizzard. Can not just the blizzard a blistering blizzard. Of policies it is first hundred days. The wall knocking out Obama care slashing taxes. Are going after the criminal illegals and sorry to clamp down on the illegals now coming into this country. He's also gonna have a war strategy to knock out ice says he has a law on his plate he's gonna go hard and fast for his first hundred days. I gotta tell you don't. He's been getting criticized by a lot of conservatives for meeting with Kanye West no look I don't like Kanye West honestly I can't stand the guy. Even Jim Brown I mean look. He or how many allegations of domestic abuse. Assaulting women I mean you know it's not like Jim Brown is the nicest guy in the world. But this signaled that it sends. Today especially minority communities the inner cities. That have been so inflamed. By Obama by the media bar you Hillary. Easily a bad bad. If you know if Kanye West can meet with him. And Jim Brown can meet with him he's might we he's not the white supremacy is double. That the liberals are trying to paint them out to be. And so I think honestly from a public relations point their viewers think he's brilliant. Look he's got a lot to do and one of his big jobs as commander in chief as president. Is to bring us together. Now the question is this. How does she give in too much to the never trump Republicans. How is he appointed who many. Of these opponents and enemies in his cabinet. Brittany in fact says yes. I say he's trying to build a big event we're gonna have that debate that discussion. Your calls now. For too long Washington has tried to put us in boxes. They separated by race. By date by income by geography. I place a very. We spent too much time focusing. What what divides us. Hours of time for the grace the one thing that truly unites us you know what that is America America. 1239. Here on the great WRKO. But the question now is this. And I wanna ask you to all of you in corner country. Is he being too much of a uniter what do why I mean by that. Right now I think this may have been the reason you know those who big meetings with Romney especially the second one they were having more than a French restaurant they're having a fully Nino when. Frog legs and chocolate cake and they were all buddy buddy buddy. I don't think admittance. Was really in a serious running for the secretary of state position. I think he wanted to drop for his roots. Listen now to this. Trump is now endorsing. Mitt Romney's niece to replace Ryan sprayed this. As the chair of the Republican National Committee as you know Ryan it's gonna be Trump's chief of staff. And now there's a vacancy they had the Republican National Committee. And so Rona Romney mig Daniel she is the niece of Mitt Romney. Also by the way the chair of the Michigan Republican Party. Is now being rewarded. With the heavy weight endorsement. Of president elect from each. She wants to. Am basically head VR and see. And trumpet saying yes now to be fair she played a big role in trump winning Michigan unlike her uncle. She endorsed trump. Very early on was a staunch supporter of is as I said played a key role in him winning Michigan. Now I know Britney wants to jump on. But you know who wants to drop. Chris. Chris Christie yes that was my point Chris Christie. So I know I bring these kind of angry about this she thinks that trump. Is rewarding too many people. Who were either not on the trauma bandwagon or outright enemies at the expense of his friends MI correct written. Yes. I just think Adam west ham let uniting Ambon to unite the country. But I did Jones think that he should be rewarding people who do not deserve it's. The Romney thing is ridiculous the beauty in me and I really truly believe that the reason why now he met with Romney has four. Mitt Romney's knees but the fact that you're not going to back Chris Christie went to bat for you know whole campaign in the second he dropped out he was when attempt. So it's just it just rubs me the wrong oil that's. Help he should be rewarding the people that helped him like Rudy Giuliani Chris Christie and Karstens Sarah Palin Newt Gingrich sheriff Clark. And ease meeting laugh. Nikki Healy gives Tara then ambassador that Romney and Carly Fiorina giving Rick Perry. A job you know Elaine Chao and now you say and that Paul Ryan's fine line. How I mean are you serious ice or by the article it's like five mind you get used to it. Are you never get used to Ryan leaf Ryan Orion fine wine and he's like shattered glass and put real who left ethnic dragged that in certain ways of cutting upper throat problem have a well look I look I mean I putted Jeff he had Kanye West and and trump tower yesterday okay. Leonardo DiCaprio I mean what's Sackett next is Madonna going to sing in the inauguration. And understands. You were saying earlier also about the Kardashians LO is Kim Kardashian got to come into the band's drum tower now. So you're you're not happy with him meeting with Kanye West stork Germantown better things to do meeting with other people hiring other people. Well I mean what skeletons in her to meet with Kanye West I mean do a little bit of outreach to the African American communities the younger. African Americans but let me ask you this OK it's gonna give Perry apparently energy secretary. He gave Nikki Haley UN ambassador you mentioned him met with Romney extensively had several big meeting she. It was an average from her if she was an ever try to repair golf and cancer the first person out of the deed so to attack. To rob why reward people like I don't maybe it's because I'm Irish and I and I don't you know I don't forget I forget so. That's how I am. But I just personally would in. I would and even go there at peep just these people do not deserve the jobs you re bored people. That are by your side all the time that have your back you don't want someone. To stab you in the Barack. Now the don't you think it's important that he gets the best people for the job. He's got to unify the party try to unify the country. Politics is dirty like you don't want. People that are your enemies in your cabinet. These people are never tried ours they set a horrible things about him. Maybe I'm just more Christian than you Brittany and on I'm saying you gotta. Forgive and forget and you said you're Irish and they're kind of like bill Kelly. You know once somebody does that betrayed you your genitalia area it's so you're gone you're just don't it'll get yeah yeah exile under Don. It to me look he's got a country or Ron he's got a party to take care of he's got to unify people was into fight when everybody I think Rick Perry honestly is going to be very good or energy have a. What a child trump law and because he finally everybody. Interest and interest that's federal liked about it and now it's like whom by Aaron here's an hour or one. Do you agree saying where's you know where's Chris Christie's reward where's Giuliani is an orderly wears says Sarah Palin's reward. Interest and okay 6170666868. Is the number let me ask all of you this. Should he be giving out positions. To never trump Republicans. Like Rick Perry energy secretary. Nikki Haley UN ambassador. He's meeting he met with Carly Fiorina. I mean I yeah I yeah I. She called them a sexist pig. You know potentially she's gonna have a position and the trump administration. And notice all he's never trappers that vilified them. Dick Mitt Romney if he wasn't lobbying for his knees probably was lobbying for secretary of state. Don't want jobs. Nikki Haley wants a job Rick Perry wants and got a job. Mitt Romney wanted but didn't get the job that's another reason why by the way I'm for Rex Tillerson he's not a Romney. Any but never admit. Carly Fiorina wants a job. Everybody now wants a job. Should he be rewarding these people are giving them positions. Party unify the party and unify the country or is Britney right. You don't treat your most loyal friends like Giuliani like Christie like Sarah Palin. Worse then your mortal enemies 61720666868. Joanna Europe first go ahead Joanna. IDF are you I'm good scenario. I'm doing well and I have to chocolate right here britney's Beijing I think a little bit up at a hearing it eighty some of our youth. It's wonderful to be passionate but I think you all have to remember. That. I have to take a lot. Step back and take a look at who you want around you add ons that are heard the old adage but keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I think needy people and a little bit you are as far as some of the opening chosen. The end of the year and Rodney need it didn't help him bring in in Michigan. You know that's a question of all of my mind but I also think that yet. You have to work with every wondered where there aren't Jewish and even if they are enemy. You don't they need need a person who wouldn't act in the know and they can from I information in the end of the services. That. Help you exceed your position. Sometimes the issue is bigger venue are Egypt app really. Increased everybody. Joanna let me ask you point blank is obviously very articulate very Smart you follow politics closely it's quite obvious. Chris Christie who really wants the job to be chair of the Republican National Committee basically Wright's previous destroy. Trump says he wants to give it to Romney's meats. Should he give it to Christie. Or should give it to Romney's race. My gut reaction is to give it to speak. I asked. The only reason I am shooting. Him are these eight that it has. Me. A little bit of a bad taste in my mouth. That meeting what Rodney I don't think Rodney should be anybody out eight and I don't know that that case I certainly we're not privy to their conversation. Whether or not he did try to let you know. Occupants say. None of us ever know bat but yet you don't hear it certainly bad air. Thank you thank you very much for that call Joanna 6172666868. Okay. This is from 603 Jeff Brittany is 100%. Right. 703. Jeff I'm Irish to oh we know politics. Brittany is Iraq. 617. Jeff Britney is showing her age she's too we aren't. Don't bear grudges. So people are split our nab Britney sang locked. What happened to Giuliani. What happened to Chris speak what happened to Sarah Palin. How come they weren't given everything and not think so far. And yet then never trump birds some of them job after job or at least meeting after meeting. Is it is trumping a little naive. Or procedures being the dealmaker. To unify the party and unify the country. What would you do if you were in his shoes 6172666868. Your calls next. 1254. Here on the great WRK. All okay. You can text us as always 68688. This is from 619 Jeff. What did Christie delivered this cycle. He delivered nothing and what it Romney's means to deliver Michigan and it's seventeen electoral votes. Christie is a liability because of bridge gay. Jeff read there's a judge is dead. Are right now Brittany you wanna say something else. Although Britain high and shadows and sank so they read this text message they're going to read it not because borrow lined up for a one Jeff. This is the beginning of trump selling out I am sorry but please put this on air because I want to know if other listeners. Feel the same way I think he is selling out. It's OK let me ask everybody the audience. Do you think trumpet selling out. Rick Perry obviously secretary of energy big cabinet position Elaine Chao secretary of labor Mitch McConnell wife. Staunch establishment never trump Republican. Nikki Haley UN ambassador. I met with Romney didn't give him anything but met with Romney may be Romney want to lobby for his niece. Is he rewarding never meeting with Carly Fiorina maybe she's gonna get a job is trump selling out. Or. Like meaning. He's trying to build a very talented capable administration. And you go for best person for the job and yes part of your job is you got to unify the party. Call me crazy. Now Britney you're saying. We want outsiders you voted and for outside he would not rhinos we don't want people Democrats. Damien. We didn't vote for that. Leaders rejected them we meet. Brian a businessman to run but we don't want Rick Perry's we don't want Nikki haley's we don't want Carly Fiorina as well she's a businesswoman but she's a rhino. In other words you're saying we didn't vote for the we voted against these people look and has asked. Us and so I mean do you feel let me ask you point blank do you feel like he's selling us out. I'm not to that extreme and I wouldn't say selling out now Evans is selling you just think what he's being a bit foolish a bit ninth. Yes interest and interest and okay Jared you at a very so now Jarrett got his own theory. Did the bulletin and go crazy over this okay so Jarrett is always. So you'd think this is almost power tripping on the part of trump. If you're an ego maniac like Donald Trump analysts say it's a bad thing but if you're an ego maniac like trump is there any better feeling. Then everybody that was Macon funny you and attacking you was now groveling for a job you get to bring them Manning like you know what. I'm your boss. You have to do what I say I'm not. Go to Koran as I sell. I. No friends and well they could not match. Is not draining the swamp Jenn thought I. All right boy isn't this a tough crowd in the boot Mac let me tell you we at all quite get there at the hardliners and I'm slowly becoming Microsoft be here. Are right Sally in Denver's go ahead Sally. Page out Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry Christmas. Country we think I can say A Nina I'm hearing a lot in my neighbor and it. I'm I want to address our discussion. I'm just from a higher perspective if you don't mind. My answer to. A little Sally. What happened Sally. Okay Sally literally the wind just went dead lets see if we can fix it Russ you're up next go ahead rocks. Hello Russ. Okay Russ goalie got a minute all my friend. A report from and also speaking. First of all I don't think tropic island not at all and I AL in recent memory. I haven't seen anyone and in Trump's position. Than putting in so many outsiders. Especially in the N secretary assay in hole and so now truck probably doing a good job and the outrage that. You're you'll have to have a cure rhinos and or and a you know because yell or what not to do so all of. The camera at all Christ okay Sally I do we fix the phone with Sally. Look there Rick try to fix the phone with Sally we got one line open if you want to jump on. While we're gonna go at this for one more segment that I wanna give it to believe me I got a story for you about carnival. All. Saw. You are you got to hear it a free kimbo leave at 6172666868. Is trump selling out which some of these Dixon in his cabinet. Are you happy are you not happy your calls next. Our team. So as for what could turn it. Moe green. Scratchy. Corneal. Today I settle all family business about coming here innocent I. Admit what you do. Politics is a lot like tomorrow. You just you don't have friends. All they respect is power. If you reject fit and you have it they respect you words they sense you're losing if they're like a package articles. That's the famous scene. And the god father. Where Michael Corleone played by alpha chino. Wipes out all of his enemies and the last one is the brother in law the husband of assist error. Who was responsible for setting up the murder of open channels older brother Sonny played by James Caan. Then of course Alpa chino puts the go bosh on him at the end gets him to admit he was behind it and then. They eventually they strangle him in the car I think it's one of the it's one of the best scenes from the godfather do me a favor Jarrett played again split again my friend. Does this history this is trump. It's Michael if this is Alpa chino playing Michael Corleone in many ways trump. I've seen it. Little I was for the comparative. Pit crews. Mo green. Saatchi. Call me you know. Today I settle all family businesses don't tell me innocent. Admit what you do. I mean I could have been ten crews Marco Rubio. Fact that Mitt rock me after I you. Can opt for different now Rami. Crews. Rubio all Fiorina. Can call stood and don't tell me there isn't now. Chris grey the gold Chris. Dawn tell me your descent now when I know you're trying to stock cure people that transition being grants which you just admitted risks. Admit. You know when you take someone a bitch radio and then of course you know he's smug and Jim the RNC job. Because you want to give that mount the Mitt Romney's niece because she delivered Michigan for him. And was loyal throughout. And apparently trump does not believe that Christie is truly loyal to him so let me ask you this. It's the most obvious development now from the entire transition in the cabinet picks. Rick Perry never trump Republican and I called on the cancer on the party. Now is gonna be energy secretary major cabinet portfolio. Mickey and Nikki Haley never trump Republican. UN ambassador. He met with Mitt Romney on several occasions it now appears. Romney was a lobbying hard for his niece. Rona Romney McDaniel who's the chair of the Michigan Republican Party. To now become the next head of the RNC. Since trying to breathe this is not gonna be White House chief for stop. Even though Christie desperately wants that position. He's met him he's meeting with Carly Mets sorry with Carly Fiorina she wants a job Brittany thinks. That trump is making a big mistake. He is rewarding his enemies. He's rewarding people who have been disloyal to him. At the expense of his close friends. And loyalists. Like Rudy Giuliani nor position. Chris Christie nor position Sarah Palin so far although maybe he should get the VA slot but so far. Nothing. And so is trump selling out. I think I know many of you in the audience think yes. I agree disagree. 61720666868. OK we got Sally back gone from Dan Hurst Sally thanks for holding and welcome. State bank. Again very crippled. This is not just election I just have a couple points to it to bring out to people you know everybody is entitled to their opinion first though I'm not trying to. Sway somebody one way or the other and I just asked people to think about. A couple of things. In the past elections really reflected a huge divide among Americans. And more people were engaged in the political. Discussion probably for the first time mineralized. But they need to understand that this transition from Obama. Over to trump is a major seat change in policy. Perspective. And how our country's future. Is going to the pool so well. Any transition is difficult it doesn't matter here in business or politics or whatever. But this was particularly because of that big seat change is going to be difficult. But I would ask people to understand that the executive branch has about who put into the round 6800 people on staff people. And the president appoints like about 12100 of them. But try help a lot of positions to at all. And there's a lot of things that are being kind. The scenes that we do not know about and it just I just want to reflect a little post and that is. The good does it Fiorina. Remember Carly Fiorina was. Yeah a very active in trying to push a technical perspective on national security spiritual brings a lot. Of that and we need it. And turned what could have different director position OK she's not spending policy should the manager. At that point. And then also there's been swept Romney hard meat that I I really think that's. A ritual humiliation. I speak he would he would just get even let them in and played that I am. To our secret Jewish toying with them and playing with them in pulling his leg and that's having a sort of big critic job want to job want the job that saved. Man I'm sorry you're just not good enough I went home another businessman. Rex Tillerson Mitt your final. Well not only that but how do you publicly demonstrate. That Rama name was wrong in his accusations about trump. By doctor yeah anything what what trump didn't he made roughly 280 degree change right. All praise them hide out. Not a problem praise them they have dinner together their buddies. Exactly right back but you know I think or something else that that people need to consider and that yes. If you've not been involved with politics there's a lot of back door. I'll horse trading that goes on and let the transcends. Michigan on its huge man. Fraternal everybody can agree on that. Romney's daughter Riley Haley has been very active in Republican politics. Ever since George Romney senior was governor. So let me me it is very active in the RNC it I don't think people realize she helped deliver Michigan for counts. On one no question about it no no question about it Sally really good call really good call thank you for that call. Look I mentioned to be fair she was a staunch trump supporter from the outset from the beginning. And I mean everybody admits it's Steve Bannon admits it. I'm Mike Pence admits it Kellyanne Conway admits it trump obviously has admitted in public without her we don't know for could've won Michigan. And really is one of the techsters put FR a very elegantly. You know what all due respect Christie when you deliver. Say what you want about you know Rona Romney McDaniel she gave a Michigan and seventeen Electoral College votes. So I can understand him morning to go with her but just overall. You know we were we sent him to drain the swamp. I think he writes I'll be honest with you but britney's dissatisfied Jared dissatisfied. A Michael Savage war of immense respect for he's dissatisfied. Mark Colvin daring don't in other words some of his friends and close allies. Are saying you know okay half a loaf is better than all loaf. But Donald what the hell happened to drain the swamp. So do you think he's been he's been too nice. Has he been too much of a uniter 61720666868. Tom in New Jersey go ahead Tom. Just corner succeed York KEO. Thank you for the red white blue dynamite maybe my pleasure Tom what's on your mind. HF what's up my mind I think Britney is spot on and and use springs. A certain freshness. I'm very concerned with trump. Guess taken the NFL head coach of an NFL team they have somewhere between that doesn't. And it doesn't and a half coaches. Is that those coaches are not on the same page with the head coach. If they're off running a different system or they're undermining. The head coach stacked team is going nowhere. We have a gargantuan. Government. Okay if he's appointing the east peace establishments. To make good you know fine and so for to get things done. Is there core values are not red white and blue constitutional. Conservatives. We're gonna get the same old same old you know we might get a war well. We might get some jobs but this country. Realistically Jeff. Is in dire straight. And what I you're killers then. Supports planned prayer parenthood. Libyan reported it last night he supports carbon tax. Just Planned Parenthood. Is in need infanticide. Organization. They are terrible bloodstain on this country. If we don't ship them. And defund them we were gonna crash and burn the viewer never did never even gonna get off the ground let's hear some names like. Like britney's ex sharer quark. Allen west. Robert Spencer. Sebastian gore got Monica Crowley Brigitte Gabriel. The list goes on and on Japanese. He needs to consultation of a true conservatives. Or both we're we're not gonna trying to talk. Thom temple. Tell me ask you this just to play devil's advocate. He's gonna be secretary of state. Trump is gonna set the agenda when it comes to carbon taxes not Tillerson. Or Planned Parenthood that's gonna be right that's domestic. I EPA Scott Pruitt is I mean you talk about a climate skeptic hard line. The left is going apoplectic so if you look adamant PA he's got a staunch conservative. National security staunch conservative. Offense staunch conservative. I he's loading up the government with private sector people businesspeople. We're gonna cut the government to the bone. OK now it's Schroeder's Rick Perry there's only child. Bears are in Nikki Haley. But I think trumps arguing be look I got to govern in that I got to work these people in congress. Is is compromised corps of core values if he'd stayed away from the. If he'd stayed on the all what he was selected for I think we're gonna be okay but that's where we'd come in (%expletive) we got a hold them. To work conservative principles. I thank you very much for that call Tom I appreciated. Lee in Waltham go ahead leak. Good ranked duke. And I wanted it to be a chance to walk into it out okay. And can I ask you something we can answer some to look you're great caller. Every time you call. You always say the same thing he said can you give me a chance they get this out and I always and you are always give me the chance to get everything out like. Would anybody ever cut you off. Well and now it's just it's not like I swear it's my passion and a bye they always do this to me only. Daddy daddy daddy you know let me finish that because they love mcdonalds they'll have been happy meals are going Ashton. You ever prevent you from finishing that happen. You're you're you're and you never let me ask not. What I'm just you know I do you think you might get it to take time is having fun I'm just teasing a little bit going badly the floor is yours. You mentioned Ron Paul are all coming on your program. If you want to mention to them and and you can can go talk to them they would give you a lot of information as to what's going on be crying at saint. We have the Wall Street. And it's like Donald Trump is going to happen deal it. He's going out to deal with Wall Street and he's gonna get he promised a lot to the American people any doesn't have the money to do it. The only real action at that appeared country has this stupid law and that. We got it was because a lot of them aren't even paying bought you say so he got to work at all and to that so I'm not going to be critical of him. When I when I look at this because he has yet people in the air. That I'm going to help yeah. Get the money going that's why he's going to be. At least some of business and we don't really like like Bill Gates or whatever because they get going get some money going it got to get the economy point. So that he can that they'll. What he walked and we know that money people there are a liberal people are concerned that many people. That's why he's complaining of people at a conservative that a quote it to him so it would make protection. To me that he's taking this this item and you know this this approach. And then he got you know when you talk about. Com you know like Sarah Palin. Or ordinary Chris Christie he got important people mayor. OK not that. He do but he people don't really happy influence that the people putting it have you say so that you can't. The American people. And I'm gonna create so many jobs I'm bringing these people back. You have to go with the Wall Street he know chill. Now as to draining the swamp I think he'd do in a pretty good. Cut throat with a lot of the people bodies are pretty quick. Certain people that we have to look at it that's why I think you could get it all on a Ron Paul on to explain just how precarious. Our economic situation here in the probable that we have will walk street I think people would be war. Relax and some situations because as the went out looking at interest. Interest and interest think Lee has always very very good thoughtful call 6172666868. Many corner country are asking. Each trumpet selling out. Easy selling out to you do you agree disagree. More if your calls and carnival. Corner country. We need to rise up again. Don't touch that dial 126 here on the great RKO okay you can text that says always 68680. Very interesting text from 617 Jeff. Rick Perry was not a never try pepper stop saying that please he supported cruise after dropping out of the race. But in Joseph I'd say he was 100%. Behind BJP Donald. After he became the nominee he's on record on CNBC video look up. I six point seven I'm really thinking more of TV early part of the primary where he just laid. In their trump I mean. You wanna talk about giving it to the guy with both barrels. We have called them a cancer but played on the party a virus. Republicans have to get rid of them now you're right he did support jarred trump as the general nominee. So you know we wasn't they were rabid never proper to the end but still I just wanna throw it out there. Giuliani so far. Matta. Chris Christie manna. Newt Gingrich manner. Yeah I'm looking at some of these people Sarah Palin I mean there were with him in the trenches the all time. So far he's given him a thing might even as the Italians say a little piece of buckle up. A little easel whale fat so. Easy being a little bit torn thanks Tony driving in his cargo at Tony. And you. And I. Don't depict. I thought you get it why it got. One. That got. That. I might you buy. And what are. That Pakistan. You've been. I think you'd take them personally that commitment to his business. And then the other. Or otherwise it'd probably rated line anymore arbor. We'll keep your friends close you're enemies closer. And and then that would take Iggy and trumpet G you know. You know people you know so be it. Well Tony so what you're saying is by bringing in some of these never trump for these kind of cooped in them. Right because you know. Noticed even the people. I'm. Every time they come on the other truth our wrecked or get it ain't that blowing. All your great guy I love from he's doing a magnificent job. You know what I'm against the guy. And you know we're looking at not Arnold here a million. I'm not gonna come. At bats and not a failure of dynamite. If not I'll I. What have you noticed Tony in all the years they show Britney has never once on the year raise me. Have you noticed that. No matter how much mining lease sales puts in front her tenure just say a good word about the corner man she's like oh. No matter how much money you offer Waldorf I don't dare. Mean at any. Yeah not enough credit. People. And I'd be the good thing it's that. The people that wanna comment that is bunch. Saint. Tony thank you very much for that call really really good really good call okay. More your calls but coming up next you've got to hear this story trust me corner country it is time to boycott carnival. You've got a here at top believe it was your break up on time please don't touch that dial.