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Dec 11, 2016|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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You're listening don't wicked place radio. The only place that lets you be the food critic in Sunday's ten to do it on WRK oh the voice of Boston. Santa Monica and MS VS LY yes. And and put me back again. On my room. Forty years and going strong that was the panel what they restaurant program that we just got a wicked bites. Get radio and television event later on at some great gift certificates accumulated some of iron listeners today. Louis TI it's I don't know if it's his favorite restaurant that certainly it is his favorite. Diner. Because the main diner. And it's in wells Maine. They have what one or two million. Customers this as a 777. Is that it I diner got a seven million investors. And I tell you what our FaceBook tomorrow I'm making it diner Monday. So if you go want to wicket bites TV on FaceBook like this you'll see the main diner tomorrow you'll see the red arrow diner tomorrow you see the iron town diner. The rosebud diner and so on and so wants all the guys we've done over the last couple of years to see them all day tomorrow streaming on our FaceBook page. I did not know that I you do. Michael what is this what is this about this place that we went to a TV and it's in the hotel room the vacant place it's for the hangover public Worcester. All of that's what it is and that is sees the and. Pretty much every dish they do. Incorporates bacon someway or another include three voices including oysters and have show good they do awful. They do we have bakery take I don't know how to do it they get that. The bacon and make it into a moment for a top of the oysters I didn't try it dedicated to a foam. Yeah the how how was Mikey try to include track of the script because I'm not a big boys tie I don't need anything that begins with foam on Sar. Right now to the gym. And it looks good there. Looks good the it is. OK and I am again indices eleven finished doing the soak it in the main battery of doing the 41 tavern and to New Hampshire. And dead who got a lot of others the five horses tavern. Which is located in Davies current Sen Ryo and also in the South Bend and Boston we have we have other zevil Leone's who. As a fine dining restaurant and tap invited to a more write them a little bit later and others we have others who have heavily to today that T how you can win them. Just a few minutes. I also wanna talk about that in one more interest in. The spots in last week's show. Was that the that the once a bronze medal winner from Jamaica yes who has his own restaurant now naturally just got a lot of jerk chicken and. Yet something nice in Somerville team TI NG yep and as chef Michael does an incredible job special with a jerk chicken. It abacus and at its first ever seen anybody sprayed beer on chicken yeah and I was shocked it was an all over me when armor does. There on purpose capital. Andy and it is like out all the ejected and since. You took care of all that's taken and it was so he was right. It brought all that moisture back into the chicken in your taste the beer and presided taste of beer but I but I I really enjoyed it and I I. I enjoyed the dishes that they had on top of that because they got the learn what Heidi eat certain foods and we're being. It was aloe. That's kind of the bread that they make you and kind of raping you eat certain dishes in to that that wonderful bread we can get all the dipping sauces to. Antonio was. And some side growth going at it when I was in Jamaica and you know have they have the if your vigilant and several times OK then you know have they have these have cans you big oil cans and they. Cut in half and that's where they make the jerky chicken on the side of the road. And one of the one of the places that. Is that was serving so if you do you know certain foods every ginger chicken was called the Boston cafe. And I felt right at home. Out of today and I would last long with those trucks down and and myself station could that drop after all though the whole poll. And I but it really interest in show really really interest in showing us those bits and tablet Brittany Britney who has where. Britney should they went tailgating and UT cut the they had this motor coach. That have all of those TVs inside of it that you can watch the games and they actually had like a little beer. Tap right there inside and then they went to split spill in Gillette Stadium in the big closet there into what a couple of places. So so it wasn't that and again I company right. About halfway through the program so but I DVR. I hope everybody DVR is the show and it got to be on NASA next much more to pay him. Tomorrow at 2 PM so put that doubt Hulu and and DVR it of course it's on every Saturday at 9:30 AM how can they didn't have to elicit this very moment much. Well that depends on how they like against socialist if they wanna go through social media via FaceBook dot com slash Wiki bites TV is our FaceBook real to have a Twitter. And stick Graham. All of America if you wanna Laguna hub of what you buy it's it's wicket bites dot TV that's the website and you could find all of our social media are YouTube videos you can write in suggestions of places to go you can get the other dinner tickets like you're going to what tonight as it coverage only. I Kevin come but it sold out to do what I wrote it we kind of lost but that's you find out about we have joy voices next week. He has over forty different musical impressions with the phenomenal comedian in front of them Chris penny who now yet yet I Chris is going to like a half hour. Pours a mean. Now you're a senator Chris schedule one that you're you're gonna check could be hurt by the end of that night Angelina active traces he'll be country club. In North Reading next Saturday night at the seventeenth and tickets are still available to 55 dollars per person includes dinner. And Joe's and to some holiday numbers in the whole bunch of employment guarantee of their liberalize your right into the holiday he is Burleigh is Borough. Accurately. And what it thinks it I think you've got to bear this in mind folks. This is a complete show. With a dinner yes and this is our Christmas show correct yup so you can bring your jolly family if you would like him. Friends family office workers parties you can name it could tables are the ten or available yet indeed he never fails to impress and don't. In an act and testify because evident of fifty feet at that event though a lot of it goes and is always ganged up on right at the end. I was so pleased that I was able to get Chris Perry the comedian open up I think Chris pennies probably. And I hate to say it. Maybe the funniest comedian right now knowing when it would he has made it two feet yet he's he travels everywhere and he's always on top of his game. And you could order tickets by going right to our website New England dying dot com that's New England dying now dot com and wrecked on the bottom no more information just click on that. We can call 8667451167866745. 1167. Do not miss a promise it's going to be a great time. Phil mentioned it below that if you're driving trying to care remember that will mention that little bit later Michael. Would you please remind me of course and because got to have to leave here you get says that is yes big big show with Kevin to that term Cuban missile out though on and those that differ are us and audited but I like I'm a full crowd and narrow the Tokyo and pretty much does you know theory that. And he he sees it he knows he's gonna get this in yeah. I write so that we got a lot of things coming in. I just wanna before you get out here's got a and I want everybody. And and by the way we have Yelp standing by since this is a restaurant show. I want you tell everybody about crews. Yeah 'cause we have to get this is. Chanukah is I think kind of this Texan Christmas Eve this year and of course Christmas Day is it 25 now what we want it'd do. Is it wouldn't it be a phenomenal Christmas present for you mommy's dead you grandfather grandmother. Or yourself. Ourself for our anniversaries. Or whatever birthdays it's next August. It is and NATO will you tell everybody itself August 11 at the seventeenth on the beautifully refurbished I mean completely refurbished Norwegian dawn when it's spent one month the dry dock 3000 workers 24 hours a day. Are totally got the and that Asia that we just on your room yes just a viral. And I doubt we will be. Just having a ball right now I think we're about little more than 50% already sold out of our space so you're gonna have to come soon to Gainey into it because we offer. Yeah a lot of group activities while on board to become a must do whatever you water just never cius at all. But we also whale to get you all your adult beverages. While on board. No bar bill. And how much a part is sitting at the pool Mike I know how many how many drinks I mean you know right away you can rack up quite the building. You can get tropical drinks instantly when you're sitting at the pool right at it you're there for a couple of hours as you're selling which is I think the best time was sailing to Bermuda. You probably get report directs. You're here and those tricks at seven bucks apiece but note we're gonna take care of that for me yeah do you have any idea how much it cost. Burden. Helped a lot I mean bar bills there are so expensive and preparing for this we're taking care drinks up to fifteen dollars. Michael. Raise your hand. Did you get a chance to vote on whether or not we're paying pros. I insisted on eight of which it goes 221 yeah I can't. Yeah. What was your favorite the only way to travel vote your favorite pick on oh while all of them. All yes usually I go with the the answer many drinks they are my favorite aft but the there was that was in really good mobile bar on board that that myself and Scott try to feed from he goes on and tomorrow when I absolutely hated. Yet the one it is a mystery was no good yes but election like Listerine and hate to -- feet below water but a home. There was a great poolside bar called top siders that make phenomenal like tropical drinks Obama Mamas and you know. What was your hands through their all the time and during their wings in Beers yeah I mean wings of Beers obviously that's that's an easy 124 hours today there open but he info might have for breakfast yes well actually on the ship and again breakfast lunch and yeah I had those types of doing front reply on where you don't recognize Mike if it doesn't electric in his hand them. Now that it it was a matter of that we generate GPS attached to it came right at. It following morality you know. But again we're due in August 11 through the seventeenth and we have. This specialty restaurants is eleven specialty restaurants that puts in it but let me tell you received that. You had a favorite restaurant there tags it was at stake race Cagney steakhouse in ended the side of beef steak at a tomahawks state that. Was 29 ounces served on the moment was incredible and they also have an I didn't get this but oh looked phenomenal. 34. Ounce. Revive. Perfectly marbled and we're gonna include three of those specialty restaurants in part of the package or put included. But we're gonna kick it up a notch with three dinners are going to be yet these specialty restaurants that huge shoes I'm glad you cleared. Authorities it the other day it was served on your phone. Sure he knows scrutiny on them home OK now I got. It but it's founded Ike at that. I don't know I don't wait for a long time now now if you like more information I've been given number route before starts talking about phones and put your top of phones and home 8667451167. That's 8667451167. And Mike do we have that video up on YouTube yet. It will be this week okay this week to be able to see our whole cruise episode up on YouTube also get up on Facebook's over and he could see it. But 866745116070. Call now. And Carol get back to Tamar tomorrow night. And shall shall find the cabinet you want at the price that you you know very good price so we aren't edited entries so horribly let everybody know they Richard buck before Christmas yes yep yep that way they can tell everybody they open up a little gift card or whatever. And you're going on a cruise what better way to celebrate the holidays. Then a warm summer cruise to Bermuda. Yep well I'd you know you gotta. All of that's one of the you know the best thing about this group. And cruises that we I mean we've got 304050 Chris yeah I don't know yet the best things that we is right out of boss that got it right out of Austin oh jetlag. Right absolute jet lag no. That that's feels like a hang over mine in case you yeah I think that. Yeah. I mean this trip is really incredible we have all different categories from and sirens up the many switch the suites and I don't you think it's available but Mike and I got to spend. The afternoon. In one of the largest sweets it's not dealer I think it is the largest suite at C. Mike I spent the afternoon there on board I mean if you have the means I would suggest getting that he had like seven rooms right here she hit. Well in our TV show court she showed. The magician. Yes you showed. Partly shows just shows are phenomenal on board that's all included on the trip with us and it's system. A Fon Fon time we went to a pre crews that are get togethers and get that meets and your fellow passengers and that's on us also Jack and yet it is an astronaut or the other recruited flee poser would have she quickly policy approach. And that it's an opportunity to me that's who view them minutes in advance. Karen and Jack and an aesthetic and ago. OK you know like yeah yes thankfully though in and then that and it's is make sure you know about him because we definitely wanted to go with you guys. Maybe we can hopefully people cook while or. Yeah they are an Italian restaurant. In he looks like it had shifted to the fact that it's like cammarata. Accurately as it's you guys three got to work in his vacation can't understand what. Like I found a way of understandably pop especially on this ship because we have a moment ago that the beverage is down the more drinks you have the user has done is to shore after. I always at a time drunk yet at my commitment that I attend event had to get him again. 8667451167. And do not miss it because I like I said that were already about 50% sold out of our group space we can't get anymore because they're giving us a lot I mean. The the the specialty restaurants the adult beverages are you know and everything else that we do our part parties while onboard. We can't expand more the more we have we never. It never fails it is so some. It that trip like this fidelity. Yeah and they realize they've missed everything Mayo parties in this. Beverage pack and I always I wandered to go on the Internet. I get your trip. The same thing yet you know two dollars cheaper. And they look at it it's an inside room. And and an acute as they keep going. And they keep hitting submit some its commitment and all the sentinel at the end and the prices is equal or above ours because. They don't say while the port charges we just. All those charges in because they heights and those on the Internet you bottom line until the end. Until the end Ella it now ago. And there's no support you know where there were on board with you so there's a problem. That arises while onboard we we are there we have desk hours you'll see us. He'll talk to a soup line with us you party with Ellis. All week long party at June okay thank you and you gonna goes he came and and ten blossomed and but don't come folks I mean come eat ten of course who look at it and but yeah our show is dolls sold out and. And dad after it. 86 and lets it work we're gonna. Yeah we're on our pilots who have played a 667. Or 51167. That that is the number of for our office. That is the member of four I to a voice he shows for the Christmas shows for the medium shows and whatever else we arrive during the week now I have. On today the first vote you're listening to wicket by time pat Woodley that was got he's mind. And it's an issue Mike everything that recognize you. Anyway we'll okay now. There's a couple of things are wanna tell you number one EO pay is coming up on the other side Lou pouring here okay. And they are going to deuce and really kind of unusual. New restaurants. I Yelp it is the case though it Damon's stand by will be with him in just 12 and then later we open up the lines to use. I would like to take this moment. To talk about a very dear friend of mine. And I like I like anybody again as a nickname like Freddie to finish. You think he's Italian to have rated at fifty years ago wave before I am new for any day I used to. Drop it for leeches and bosses and that's where Sanaa after indeed Martins would go. Judy Garland and people like Pitney pictures Euro. Well the course that close it was bought by Freddie. And rather than it being in the north and we use in park. Day. I have plenty of parking now in stone Ramon route Tony are you mystery. They are open today. There are open. There. I. If you're looking for a regional Italian food you it's gotta be with their mother's recipes in on me. Aaron member in my my wife's mother she used to meet the Meebo for the rays and said. And my wife has never done that job never heard of it. But I know better than to talk any kind of smack about an entitlement meatballs it has been F that it. Now so he's also looked at of that. I. Now here say here's one. There they have a boneless chicken scope ahead of the polls would be TO. A picture of the united to the a okay and but it's gonna when trying to. I am very proud idea as opposed to it. What it is it boneless chicken. It could put lemon butter mushrooms and artichoke hearts and with a little bit a mama's. It is. So great I hear the word from nominal too much okay it is wonderful if you are a tag. Especially appeared to. He got a Travis. Police use special creation. That is one of the dishes that made the leash is a boss is Jonathan famous. Then they have that Paula Marcella. I'm a Jimmy. That was easy so take with mushrooms and Marcelo line stuff. They have that though this is something that I am okay. Recently. The grilled. And cut boneless pork chops on a sunny. McCain Nellis air with a vinegar peppers. And roasted potatoes. And a white wine sauce. And the price is 2190. Trashed me. UB ED two days it Davis sixty announced New York's airlines got up in grand Manny ain't this and I told him. You know irony. They have a lunch hours at twelve noon. It's in that it. Lunch and dinner hours I should say. Sundays twelve known to 9 PM Monday through Thursday 11:30 AM until 10 PM Friday and Saturday 1130 to 10:30 PM. Please go please visit you'll love this place. The managers are well it's owned by the father and son team of Freddie and Paul okay. And make sure that you see my friend. Freddie to fish and game. Freddie did fish that nightly specials to. Fallacious Abbas of north them for 23 main street route 28 in stone match he got all that. That's good Teddy what if you're looking for Chinese man I suggest that you go to the great law. At 308 be great road route four in Bedford. With a delights of a do you know I love talking about the people that only restaurant Alice's from Shanghai. I've been tuition. While Allison in the issue and a I issues that back fairly recently though. Chang had the movies and lower shoot it ain't the same anymore boy it looks like something Star Trek it really does. And Alec I was. And once in ninety. And he's terrible thing this thing. But I like the Chinese food here better than I do in China. Whether it's at Peking debt for the Beijing debt but when they were called in particular restaurant and according to new political leanings. That delights of three Jumbo shrimp. Chickens scouts packs of crispy beef excellent shredded dead chicken with a string beans and they have a dinner thing to vote you can. That's the great wall at 508. The great road route four in Bedford you've got no that. A sale one more time the great law. 308. Be a great road route four in Bedford when we come back EL will be. Let's cut out about it what Dennis and I'm glad that you did the interview yeah. He's going to be talking about brand new restaurants or restaurants have opened up over the last couple of months. It and two places try. And head out because I as you know. Dining and at those restaurants in the beginning you're always crowded always crowded and then they think is the greatest thing in the world. Yeah and then shortly after that. Nobody is that that that opening. You know just dies. So that's who's going to be talking about and built and that I was on this program the best form of advertising. Is word of mouth but it at Augusta it's also the war and ups it's also the worst form of advertising you YouTube via for people that have been named dude in like kitten and they spread the word. But that's what this show was invented. For several years ago almost forty as a matter of fact yeah that's true so why they'll be coming up in just a few minutes after we take the bottom of the hour break Kara coming up and and then now you're gonna sit down little later on with worn mills. Next hour rare coins at New Hampshire because he's talking about. Buying coins as holiday gifts yet what a great investment that will be coming up. We'll be right back again you know as instead they went and open up your votes are phone. And his restaurant gift certificates away. But what you gotta do is to give a restaurant present. A recommendation from Chris. They would appreciate it just me and only give it to a restaurant that you think really deserves and. I'm from England and and he can come from and he can. And he can. Sports and fun we've got you covered. Weakened by its radio and TV with bad quickly. And this is wicked by its radio with pat Wheatley on WRK elbow voice of Boston. And when they hear this wicket bites and 680 AN WRKO. 97.3. F them. Eight feet two and so what do we moved genitals heavily. 93. Point seven easy to their right. I assured him that he says a lot of maturity of this sounds accurate we'll buy you six AD AM is when I've been so. Now here's the deal and we've got there is a great new red stripe. Right across from the liberty freedom all. The one of the guess you're gonna believe it's today it is called tab inside. Cabin okay. All so. There is there racetrack here. That if it was or bigger. And certainly embossed. This to be a top ten Boston restaurant. If you gotta go all the way to its switch to enjoy it and it sometimes is difficult to get him. Right. Not that many tables that Gelman used to be the executive chef of grad Greek cruise line. Is that Leone rest of Iran day which is it 10 central street in Ipswich. Right. I Scott's got up next he's got to talk to the folks in the openness to that or rotten. Scott elected dat. IPad joining me right now is Damian Smith of yup and Anderson you got a topic. A hot topic Aziz a restaurants that have recently opened. And you have some of the favorite yellow bird dishes out there too right. There are gonna give a quick run down a bunch of new openings that app for the past due up yourself and activities restaurants period RC its wing and try to through. And yeah I like it on Yelp. And that that's so important that they go in and try these new restaurant and yeah they are tough business out there. I what are your first up. Or the first one coming from the folks behind the really hot and speak easy putted really great kitchen it a bond. It's called gaga rep dove bar workers ever near downtown crossing are near downtown crossing and it can look specialized a lot of new sort of American spirit is at a little bit of crew being Japanese and Chinese quit being dead if you wanna really eclectic menu be sure to check out. Group rest of bar in downtown crop. I that's that's sounds like a great brand new location for folks a tryout. That's like a great around the corner from now lawyer there he wanted to make reservation for another night and adept ought to swing quite a blue. Probably brought to us by James Beard winning chef Michael Mina who has one of these locations on the West Coast. And that is first venture in it to the Boston area it's sort of a Japanese is that I had type plays without all played really concentrated beautiful case. And I'll tell you we have a community event at Abu. And it is absolutely delightful that through their outstanding. Dmitry try out how blew it located not in the millennial tower in downtown crops. And what it's really important to that folks go out and try these restaurants and then like he said Gordy Yelp and reviewed them so other people know that your thoughts and whether it's worth the while from the go in triumph. Definitely an ever view on Yelp is gonna do wonders for restaurants be able to get the word out about how did. I help us. Yes I'm if you whenever that up and very popular restaurant that focuses on key time for other. Twit pic I brunch menu as well area for and they just open up an outpost in the shop and indeed Troy. Bought an apartment building so this has only been open for a few weeks now definitely out what menu it's phenomenal catch and make sure eastern right area porn trial weren't pillaged their. I area four where they located again. They are in the South Bend over in the a block while the new businesses popping up brown hair and these guys happened be located right in the body or a bitch Roy bought an apartment. And I like the fact they're doing brunch gazette we don't get out to me Brian just as well working here on Sunday but I. I love the sound of run. If you want branch had to their original outpost that delivered channels where right now this one is focusing on that evening menu. Although who knows Bader gonna open up for ranchers and but I kept speculate on the night I would definitely try the original location. Right sounds good. A few hundred envelopes aren't at their but it. British sort of hand high spot to open up called Cornish Easter power right now I mean this is a fairly new place that opened up. Just on the west and out back pay and other and especially in the as British ham pies at people out and you know it's one of these small places they can because about that at 42 reviews with a solid five star rating on Yelp well the U wanna little grabbing go suing right Cornish pastry in the back. Yeah you know it it that's kind of funny this week I posted up on. Our FaceBook account video idea at the weights market in the film and they do the English meat pies. And it been blowing up on FaceBook has over like 350000. Views to that video right now. Unbelievable how many go check it out and you know probably makes emerged and to grab some lunch. Yes people people love those little places and those little hard to find places to end Yelp is a great source for that. Most definitely I would agree that he's got they used to much because although all the all places that have great become ago got to try to rub. Now grub is very basic restaurant that is. Except for two reasons one it is now watched until you is protein they're gonna find a few varieties of preteen I'm Grubbs menu. And you are gonna try to piece here widget that can to be hit by a little bit of Philadelphia employment measure definitely in SE IG's stake out their along with the hard to find tiller pour cold sandwich in Boston if you wanna get a little taste of the city of brotherly love Depp went through my where. Okay. And you know I'd be remiss not to jump to the under other end of the spectrum with a little bit of some hot cuisine it's opening up in that very popular four point area. One of them a three openings is okay and Rowan. And Coca growing and coming from. Pretty established restaurant group that has our restaurants starting mostly around the North Shore. Namely Brian I believe in and now I'm in Newbury port. And okay grown at gonna focus on seafood and a little mistake in new American cuisine and always rotating menu in the upper Kathleen. Is raving about the squid ink far Hollywood has been called CE. Lemon and Ernie. Yes that's great and unique and Dow lamb three ways dish but definitely swing by and check out Coca growing import point. Guys so those are some of the new restaurants and open up over the last couple months that are definitely worth. But try. You got it got and that I would at least they want she's going by as we mentioned before definitely drop us a line and let us know how the threat structured faring on and yell. Look at ordering your views. All right Damian Smith the yup thank you very much for your help this week we'll talk to you next weekend. We just hand over her views TO she probably. And see if we partner with them. One of the things at this Nev never ceases to amaze me. I had never heard of this. This restaurant. Or X one on the exact exact golf the weights I'd never heard of before. The market now why didn't hurt it's it's got about a markets would say it. I mean it did they specialize. Specialty supermarket let's go there. And that we had neighborhood spot and they specialize in their English meat pies. Which are delicious there's little hand held meat pies. Well yeah and that at 350000. Or that was last week and it's it's it's it's all where an upward. It is. That was certainly catch on the head with a look at Agassi aren't they still that memo line look like symbol incidents you know latest number one program with a bullet. No kidding. Now via an honorable and was one diners retirement diners we got diners coming up on Monday that's tomorrow so if you go to our FaceBook page. FaceBook dot com slash Wiki bites TV. You'll find a whole slew of our diner segment that we done over the last couple years some replaces old diner which is one of our top videos and of course the red arrow diner. We. Let's look. Rosebud diner the gamut. And it's iron tone was another 1 of counselors I am. I'm gonna do something now. I wanna do something for before the city twos suggests. Where strongest advocates here's some of the places that I think you should go all right in this town on gonna features that. Paul is in our. A fulfillment is tournament you look at this one. Is a very small place it has about ten seats and it. Don't Horry there's parking in the rear of this place and it is located in Malden. It is owned by a gentleman from mom. Calabria. He's from that region these executive chef and the owner is name is Geovany Longo. He was raised in go to any. Culinary school it was a raid arrays instead of the art imitating cookies cooking in and cookies too I guess in Italy. Now what do you have here. He kept a friend and going deep rooted in there. Then going he was shrimp mussels clams come on in scouts in red or white wine sauce. I can list off a lot of other things I'm not going to just. We did where there two years ago and what was around christmastime and was just so wonderfully. It was just a beautiful warm place. And who we were like NF in the ten tables to meet a couple of tables there because they heard you on the show and noble from. Or I Concord, New Hampshire. Along with cocker came over the other one was for a but anyway they'd given all the way down and they said that it had become their favorite place to go to. You have to try this at least once and I think this would make in these very reasonably priced okay. In impressed people with quite you know. In agony here about this and as he seriously elsewhere I don't know if it's even mania but it. Addressed that ninety Syria is certainly should be any Sydney should be praised his is an 1811. And street in Malden. Now they are open. Today for until 9 PM the patriots are playing until Monday night Monday. So don't worry about Monday their clothes except for you don't throw parties there. That picture sure the police say hello now you'll you'll be a seat that the sheer fact that a small barn there. A UB eight day and able to see you buddy do his magic. And any of come and talk to can't. Kind of a show west that I. 781. 324317. Now I don't know you know no we don't give addresses so much him or telephone number is the aegis. He's just gonna ask you go but he Google anyway yeah it is do they go okay. Less got to rest and I think that's another one. Cap Perella. Now these folks this is there and the north and DNA. Runs its course through Bob's veins. His mom opened up they were restaurant and the north and decades and decades earlier that if fat the sauce. That she actually. Served done on whatever. Is being served today screen Marion by the bottle. Rocket. This is part of their success. That's talks. The that he and you can buy it right trying to end the champion by and taken momentarily but you did okay chicken bonobo. Boneless chicken breasts lightly breaded. With it's wrapped in for shoot two and cheese baked with mushrooms and Marcelo line for eighteen nanny for a the dishes he among this year to. This seafood mentally over linguine. Shrimp and scallops and lobster meat served over linguine. In scampi silence when you go and would you look up Bob cap for a talent adequately since you know appreciate that messing involvement. In over a year now I'm. They're private and semi private rooms at the comet and accommodate. Twenty to eighty people. They have holidays and family platters fresh baked hot and ready to share many on trees appetizers and users to choose for a that's this guy down on the south show loyalists got iris that I take route 28107. In main street. In or end up. OK now let's go back to the north then tap that mess in Maine as we achieve it Teddy and a the one in the originals open oven. Open up blow on chemical I don't know exactly when but they've been. Voted best to Boston by Matt Magid Boston magazine travel and leisure magazine in the improper. Bostonians. Best best best best they have a full catering menu available to. In order floor have trays of your favorite menu items to take out to parties or office and luncheons. The gluten free pasta options gluten free Biden can. And beer options. Look at coming up in the world will only Cherie Booth with a that price is that he can't beat these crisis in the north and lunch on Trace. Six and five to thirteen and Mikey knows that tree and actually. And of course it one big thing that you gotta remember well since two mikes and controller moved okay. They have a very famous and excellent during that. Who believe they wouldn't go. I'm nobody wants if you and yet because it written down all right. Look at. Especially during is named it to me I'm bonuses yet it's called the Italian mug any debt Gallup adequately this. French a fresh lemonade that must inference lemonade sure fresh lemonade. Tequila of course and lemon cello that are in. Sent a patrols next time and that they have a beautiful downstairs as well it's. I would I would call it like it looks like a wind solar solar call on one side or negative one but but it's a beautiful area if you have to like have a function and are just you know the the over spool upstairs and go downstairs it's a beautiful setting down there. But of course upstairs you can sit raid on Brady looked over the over the north and. Sharia in that is in that you for your familiar with sand and speak of course. All of these people including podium audio and centrist. Have their big and mean and landing saint Anthony's all boils guise of normalcy that the mayor of north and yeah. If one of them is a few mayors on the north than but he is that we want. And it about the way they can't try. Oh but I'm glory and she cannot. He needs to meet too but that's for the old school books okay courses massive menos Gucci and that a tad Indiana which means. It's his. It's always seem to look at the the that is that is translating it necessarily you know out odds on this show is gonna generics leader to a Blanchard wrote in Quincy. What can you say about it as if he legs that could he was born cook is he says in his television commercial human went to a the fields of because it's the cream of the beanie. That's the senate cut. On their pasta dishes are cooked to order and so to aid in the pan cakes and breads are made every single morning. Now while we're on the vodka mean that as a night of February this year is the end brigade Tony listed alibi. With sausage green peppers spicy hot red peppers and shredded parmesan cheese on toast and Craig's office. That's Janeiro is eateries at Emma for engineering. Twelve Blanchard wrote down in Quincy. Now also on the north and very briefly yours truly force and until today more about him the next hour but believe forest and it is that 283 causeway street. In Boston north and one only tell you right now. Yeah its a great place they selling gift certificates there but there. One thing you might wanna think about them is a functional they have a they have the largest function call in the north. It overlooks. USS constitution. The got to the left and you see the garden. Oh the Celtics and Bruins play in so much vitality in that area now. And the food violence though he's just absolutely great okay that's fully poorest that I today. Two lady street causeway street. Boston's North End don't you dare forget that game I would take a break we'll be right back next hour and an open up telephone. And we're gonna ask you to comment if you were to give a restaurant. A present. Free radio advertising. Which cost a lot okay. We'll as you'd call in the next hour. And the Nextel you can win that pressure against him against the jets or fall day. So you can give this time to think about the restaurant you've been to this year that you Doug absolutely deserves this president. Think about it in his car going to be coming up in the next. At the all American tavern food escape king sides. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib beat all American tavern Salisbury. Spirit you know American tavern. Did you leave hungry. People continue for the best thing to get all of me. When we look thinking it's designed we wanted people to come in and feel comfortable here like they were eating in the room dining room. Our lives are slow smoked over apple went red meat just falls off the phone comes and a family for some real home style cooking up a chicken connection here. And will return to more of with the rights radio with Patrick in just dissect it let me tell you about the coliseum restaurant Brecher reach up and center. In Salem New Hampshire that if I need relate to Jessica. And this restaurant features some great food it really does because when he walked Guillen. The first thing you gonna notice is all the awards that he has won relief throughout the years including one award. That this award is the only time it's ever left Italy and you find it right at the coliseum restaurant. I would recommend several disease but one of my favorite dishes is the deal coliseum. It's the best deal money can buy and he's paper thin it's not pounded that way. But most restaurants and no no no Annie Lee hasn't cut paper thin that we could stop with pursuit to farmers on broccoli. A little bit of garlic bread it and he sought tase them mushroom. Dish with a little bit share in line on top of it who all melts down and cut into it. It blows right out on to the plate Pat's favorite dish stinks I'll up at Whitley it's a little bit spicy. But it's the best take that money can buy it served with broccoli rob the coliseum restaurant route 48 brokerage up and center in Salem New Hampshire. Now if you are looking for a rare coin dealers make you contrast some that can't praise the rare coins even sitting on for all these years and feel. That he goatee a guide on the street is proud to take advantage of you know I don't know call worn mills a rare coins in New Hampshire he'll help you out. Because he's been doing this for well over thirty years now. Any travel the country. Looking for rare coins in pay raise prices to and is the guy that you could trust is the guy that I do business with. Where courts in New Hampshire Warren males is his name here's his phone number 800. 2257264. That's 800. 2257264. Rare pointed New Hampshire again Warren males 800. 2257264. To open it up Salvatore is restaurants they have several locations including and over remarks Medford. South Boston and in Boston's theatre district. There are open for lunch and dinner but what I really love about their restaurants. You go to any of their locations withers and over or alarms and they have a separate section on that menu and it's only available at that location. It's called the Shas playground and in that little chance playground section. They decide the chef at that location decides what to make. For instance in and over right now they're doing short ribs with the Rockies yet and ours to do it. Resigning with many meatballs and they have several additions Salvatore is again and over Lawrence Medford South Boston and in. Boston's theatre district. Looking for the best deal and now. From lazy dog anyway past lunch specials Monday through Friday studies suggest three. By former schoolmate also Donald marinara sauce debt free Maggie by. Our quality forum for small ones like him lazy dog and markdowns and lazy dog anyway. Splicing the weekend up. You're listening to awakened by its radio the only place that lets you be the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRKO. The voice of Boston. Or AD NS and we'll get by 680 ANWR. KO WE EE IFF 93 point seven. Eight Steve. Yeah its delegates to give away in the next hour. And give you your choice of any of the two OK he got the main guy I don't believe it seven million people and counting. I have been to the main that seven million people and we know because Louis tea after that I show know he has known this there. He does him in a Sunday that are huge fans of the game. And then there's our eyes is little doubt the they have they did is I really did a TV show. Tappan divide this is a new place you've got to try and tacitly isn't yet liberties advocates say Greta question of an accurate and end of Austria seven deal in the rest of that since week. We have the five horses tavern whether it's fun the F fifteen delegates do you Davis great Summerville south and the Boston against the 401 tavern. Which is. Who in Hampton. And its own rule one. When my favorite place Leo the summertime. You need out outside. Am outside diving Nan now today's a look at those 15 degrees this morning so wouldn't advise it no no. Also looked at the village restaurant assays and the weather village restaurant. A man. Was Baghdad again FaceBook notification given Ricky he he's on the beach it was promptly Clark. Where was your invite the all the app that's. Lou it did last Christmas Eve and that would north they also in this wearing. The village restaurant is at the junction of led 3322 and as six in his bill and other he family since 1956. 1956. His mom has gone on a cruise do that's and I hope that I think it Kevin and his wife. With us and one of these groups and the C what mark bit none of us have or magazines and about with marks and he says no clam lever. Should pass through cape and without sampling of people of the best off shelves in the universe. And pretty good recommendation from Sam or magazine the village restaurant generations of 133 and 22 in Essex Massachusetts. And when Kevin goes back. And the reason for McCain this program results have brought to that Regina pizzeria world famous since 1926. You good and if fox would you know they as they Regina pizzas there there is there's also want at Fenway Park there is. I'm heavily opening up the new ski thing name Fenway Park in most polio of the frozen Fenway I was in Finland. So staffing at some and froze heat up with some Regina pizza our policy seven right now I've never said this before. Get their frozen pizzas. But I act those terrible idea when mile liked it which is implement. Going to see. Died down and out okay and that's my nose and he's and she came home with Regina for his feet. It would see its Regina. Frozen pizza it's not your. Run of the mill dollar frozen pizza from the supermarket is average mile most Islam again like we do pizza about it. Pros so anyway she's that we put that in tells them yeah. It was phenomenal thing LSU really great things towel but is it good you can pick that up they just about any of their locations there world famous. But their pizza this out as accounts zones of the mean he's beer in line and they also located a lot of other places. A whole bunch of hole and what you do if you go to Regina pizza dot com or location. Near you do. But the simple. Now I'm literally hello and that's about it today to everybody at cannibalized some. But Kevin's going to be as seek him and I haven't seen him while you'll be there in spirit I'm meal a massive with a clever clever Mike. As you Danube. I think at a mean it as it hits the auto club's director. The whole different subject Misha with an that's. The mode and everybody thought that. OK but no he hasn't is that I'm in either form according in this relate to nowhere when well. Eleven Tony for hall the just keep on going keep on plugging my unit mean that was an easy guy. We want is caught up in the next segment we're giving you what we're looking for again. Is if there is a restaurant. That you think deserves a commercial mention on the show and if you give it to a until people why they should go there you could win one of do any of these gift certificates and I have. Talked about okay. Here's telephone numbers get on the line now what you can put one triple eight. 434. Or 6464. That 21 triple 843464. That's 64. We welcome first time caller. Food sports and fun we've got you covered. Wicked slice radio and TV which pad with play. And this is wicked fight radio with pat Wheatley on W. Single wicket by its radio. The only place that lets you beat the blue creek Sunday's afternoon on WR KL help. Boys of Boston. I think it's there and what they welcome and all right. They'll be the greens it's still Christmas is what I want now are you charitable enough here to do something nice for a restaurant origin. If you have been. To a restaurant. In the past year or whenever I that you thought. Was so good disservice in the food that. The issue they give them again. In the gift will be you calling up and recommending that. In. This advertising a step this kind of expensive this way it's free. He get dead and is coming from you the most important voice that there is. They consume with the customer that you we talk about so much it's ready to go these various restaurants open that you don't like the experience though. If you know. Of a restaurant that you would like to recommend as your. Idea for Christmas gift to this restaurant give me a call right now. One triple eight for dining. Now the restaurant gives is doing is we're giving away and you can have any to. Of the ones I am about to mention you have to selected to. The zevil Leone rest that I take ten cynical streak and it's which it wonderful taking a phenomenal. Five horses tavern Daley square Sam around and south in Boston. South then Boston you know I guess is giving you here to. The the 401 tavern. At 401 ride or one and two New Hampshire they knew it happened vine restaurant I and there any space the F very creative cocktails and the dynamic has had over seven million customers. There it located 2265. Post road wells Maine and they call. The main diner now and so we'll give you that your choice to anyone of the 21 triple 8434. Or 6464. Give me a call right now. And I and if there's a restaurant another restaurant was certainly appreciate. They get from you and who knows the game do the Israel conquered evident again so the only take you so many calls on this one triple A 43464. A 64. That you went AAA for data forego the phones. I would be happy to give Zev Leone rest that I and they don't rule 133. 10 central streaming into each. A mention on the air. I did about their pork chops to grow salmon. Out today also about the phenomenal reviews they have received elsewhere. Established intended this is all big flavors and magnificent presentation from Zagat. Seven Leone quickly becomes a popular destination for dinner. From not only if switch but from a surrounding Boston. Night great reviews were great restaurant. Again they have only ten tables and it's very very special you'll understand when you get in there. Seven Leone arrest and anti rule 13310. Central street and in tweeted again that's one of the restaurants you have a choice. To take you get still needed to. One triple eight for dining let's go to Carol is calling from Winthrop. Carolyn your first I paid Kara I think flat out right here I could that be better even if I tried. And it's a sad day in my. But I would like you recommend the rest on. That I believe men women people now. And it is an amazing thing not only. It has but like about who. By the Atmos there as people that work there. Yes amazing. I can't wait to find out what it is. My worm out of rock and you know. I have never been there and keep people beat even the response then why don't you come and you never been in. That's what the my husband and then they shouldn't there and they would be that it is who like no alpha. And the world. Because you and but you'll see if you go to bed and that darn well which is an again. Donny yeah. Danny Kaye. Or Johnny Johnny and I'm. Johnny Cash I have adequate food is unbelievable. I mean the quality of the food. Their prices are reasonable. That not like it or return. And the act must say is so beautiful. May in my shake him up if you walk in and say Carol sent me. Yet they don't lie at all. That's me an app that exactly what you say and our rule. That not ask you to take care of me and you'll see what I rule. I'm hopeful that that could you know why and I have been promising and promising to go there for ever its and it's it said that I haven't been there because it went down one of the radio stations that carry the show. And where are working that day it was right around the block from. But I never went there. In and it has been mentioned on the show so many times and I don't remember ever bad mention. I really don't. And everything nice say that you it is because. You'll see what I rule when you go here. And and you'd just well him back. See exactly what I alone. And while big is I am telling I haven't really you won't ever and I want them gone and they're like no matter aren't. Light. From their chicken farm to their all their pop as if there's seafood to better. Hey I mean you know it's more like alt and the other won't do you. I don't think there's any of the rest son as the better dessert but my you know honestly I don't. Oh. I can't wait to get in there who where eggs what do you have the address in front of you. Yes they do an arm yet reference or Columbus avenue is a class rate from pot last several well yeah. Next the plan won't make yet. And Donnie you have to go when Johnny hey day is only best from moon they know Saturday. Well that's the only time I've I go out. Let's Carol thank you so much for the call in and out arm and I hope everybody cause that V. Make your day. At ninety out house. I think in you know right next if lemmings and I know executive restaurant is I don't know on them and I can I can vote and even then we. Biblical times yeah yeah like it might look okay. I've peaked from summer Rio is next AP. A good morning pat has gone very good thank you said. I would like to put in a plug for a great. Public. Restaurant in the east Cambridge call that would have burned. There are located at 877 Cambridge street. And that's one of our favorite places to go for brunch and Saturday or Sunday they're fantastic and again very reasonably priced they do a great Irish breakfast they'll do whipple's friends share rose and oh me ill and cheesy grid so anything and that that that you want really good it's. So that an ecumenical restaurant. But that's happened in elite athlete takes everybody in. You know I can't they think seven senator gamer so. He beer is is the is the blackened and wrote though bill mix again that's an about sailed together. Those really good with the the Irish breakfast. Okay Baghdad did that give me the name one more time please app what is. And it would have got that to listen thank you very much for the call I do appreciate it Mike Lehman and Allen that one I have not but it sounds fantastic and I try them on our. You would like that. I had been a black and tan at would 877. At what is the name of the place sure 877. Cambridge street in game thinking if all right Deb Betty of one them is going to be next to you Betty. I want out I'm good thank you. I wanted to look toward an opera are very far and I believe your band man rumored terms upon black girl. A lot of men oh yeah and that's keeping you let a black man. Yeah it's there it's that or when it's at once they question he had to be careful that you're now familiar with the airy got to look down. Candidate into the presidency it. Exactly it could go buy it so usually it's quite caught stroke so that's street grill yes yeah. I'm they are the servants if that election. I I don't particular way to cool right now nicknamed her flat my head cool I requests every time Michael ran huge speculative. On the bed the stakes are exquisite. About the queen casino appetite. If your diet bought something I shouldn't be eating because I can't I can't surgery I can't try out for not like oh. I'm. If you go you gotta go with a smile when you always. But I can't. Upon which jokes. Wonder it is good it is very good I'll second that motion have been there many many many times thank you for the call. Pullen is that nine Sylvan street in deep packet to you. Get rid of talking adventure in death I here's telephone number two on Tripoli for guiding get some open line to own agenda at this this is good again remember that. That day the a maitre d.'s name should go to me John okay. Jenny case is who has the best table in the house it's Johnny K it's. They go. Until fish seafood restaurant and bar Jimmy Dietz is placed at two of them. What is route 1251120. Osgood street north and over the other route 2860 main street North Korean. You know what to really good there. And they have lobster tacos. Then you daddy is sound good does love me some and a they have brought to tie of course it has. Not enough like they Joseph fished as a of those clubs to read. He debt in pretty much any four he'd do with whether it's breaks the third out of the roles and a three different sizes of lobster rolls yet Baghdad division the big cone and he got a Aaliyah and at that you would Travis mode may come on it'll be Google home and attract. Indeed we use basis or raised your name and it's and Italy one pound pound and a half of lobster I different in a role via an noticed I was they don't have it on the menu and employed in the jambalaya island. All of which. But Nolan as far as. Growth. I net app that's for a wire we talked about it I have oaks gave me this is Jim Dietz. By talking about a man and a Atlanta out of them into bad. Cancer tuna you know macadamia and crested nets and one of the things that. One of the things you shifted. Macadamia crusted cod issues. Now aren't they shoot tucked to you about Tuesday. He would look into it at your calories. For many fight calories or less than a third on the menu remember William. It's and it. If jailer. Jimmy d.'s the owner. You'll receive food restaurant bar rule 121 me 51120. Osgood street North Andover route 2860. Main street in operating. Also China blossom is located 12 and a five and over and over that you were going to be in just few minutes we open up where. Set a medium show with Kevin repeat that again very cute Kevin Cohen. And refuses having his own party's problem be rather I. Is this is James. Is it 373 low street in Peabody. She has won two years in a robe as Chinese restaurant here on the show. Two years in Euro one of the reasons I would think is the doubled though lights. Yin and Yang arrangement tender chicken breast saw a tape in a white wine duck in baby shrimp. Such aid in a special safe ones on us so solutions Hong Kong to accept that. Net two best alleys of the net in baskets him when he became popular these became popular with me. Back in the eighties. That of course is rampant scallop sought today with a mix vegetables and served and they Taro root mask it at that that was so unique it that the never accepted the luncheon specials luncheon specials this year. Weekdays from 11:30 AM until 3 PM now when you pull an apartment units is this place looks expensive. It really looks and you peace prize. Commodities and prices. At 11:30 AM to 3 PM. With a choice of Latin sour soup and a drop soup lunch prices. Are. By 75 to 650. Do. Suit Chang's. 373 low street Pete that he possibly happen to be down in that the mall ordinary today drip panacea and rabbit robot. And you don't go in and elect pay Tuesday business tomorrow. A cameras but he had a lot of football and analyzed today. And he I remember the first time when and then there was one bar. Now there's two bars and there's gigantic and eighteen to twenty TV a screen they have great relatives. They get great pizza it's in wonderful place to take your family and still like a football game. And pro street station 53 simmers street in Malden let's get back to telephones leases is calling from Brighton. At least a welcome to the program. I how are you very good yeah. I have a great little place. That I just discovered that was probably discovered by the rest some thought already. Club Antonio's. The crust spam I mean at general. And Cambridge street. I am familiar way that but I have not been there I don't think. Is Dan had it. It's like if ever there weren't enough the waiters and waitresses are great the food is phenomenal. And yet. So much food and money. Is unbelievable. I just not a good thing if you if you win these guess delegates you can also re gift them. Hand path and let my 7 AM on that these days but Antonio's. I don't remember and I'm sure it has because there are doing this show too many times too many years. I'm sure it been in been mentioned that to me it's the first remember to have that anyway. That I am certainly from a new it does have seen many many times you Stuart innovate their channel seven so. Are there were out of the. 88 over extreme. I Lisa thank you very much. That's taken at a telephone call my banana up in just a second. The other than the and would public and is located 877 Cambridge street. In green Irish breakfast there yeah it's my Mike's Max stood for breakfast have a much it is John a Waltham is next tejan. PayPal one time bit of yours. Haven't talked to him awhile but it really enjoy your program user reaches. Good how I would recommend an Italian restaurant that has been mentioned in the past. All but boy I think there really tops and a soft rolls. Over in Newton actually if you go. Off just just grateful to all around the Italian food do. Everything just people fabulous and they billions. In particular like they dip dip don't fault him poker ruse. It is to die Forex it's just so tasty and they do they do a great job. And there's another of our item date album that's really pretty at wrestling. That we really enjoyed my wife who election I've tried it it's called scallops Solomon so yeah in its top. Pretty unique it's expanse he would keep scallops top. With some Beatles weeks and asparagus it and it's appropriate and up. A pretty unique time. Mom and so lemon sole occur that they actually make themselves. And it's doable over the total and while it did its job. It's unbelievable as a holiday plus. Just can't go along with default everything is really great and great group of people whatever. Just want to recommend. All right give me the name and address one more time please. Okay this if Ferraro all of its FIE all our ELL. Eight a portion PS. And that 187. Norfolk street. In new legal matters and got a number if you want that a post and you know another way it's six Y yeah up to 617. 969. On 9990. I know that got from what about our expression location south whipped and don't want to in Cambridge but. That's their that's their main not restaurant and that the folder just great that every everything never. Never had a bad meal we are wrong but even a mediocre meal Kabila would. All right now take your apartment that SM bed thank you very much I investments to because we've the Belmont one is telling my go to a from Italy take out pizza or Denise slows the other two to broccoli Z there. As of bureaus definitely has some great great food there all homemade of course. You know one of the biggest advocates that we have here annually today. Is kind of historic art to me anyway let's start Russia to its call for all went ever. Now rule one in Hampton New Hampshire. And that is the first place ever had one of these things go the Gorman hamburger on home. I said the price and it east to spend that much for a hamburger. So so we get the blame them for the trend of the eighteen dollar Amber's as the negated that the because it was phenomenal rise diet. And the kids and you know McCain it's him dallas' and it. And they say is it. And you know Walid is short or. But Monday Michael Liu. Especially to get about thirteen and I've seen people with kids they don't like anybody much. If you like it out like that but again. I've rims don't like it. So anyway and it's things we're gonna you'll announce the winner of systematic now what I want them to do they got a call back the colonies. I'm because the moment and VOA to welcome. And NAND select from the callers that we've had so that so we do whatever you do bill going no where I am going Christmas he wears a or is that I didn't lose it and Tia already has been a custom. Literally family tradition charm. To go to Philippe those restaurant north then who are worth that continuity in the both his restaurants and the wind just won the Atlantic that is. And and I look at voicing Olivo or his family there always do on Christmas Eve. And it's just a fun it's just a fun family thing I guess if you want it come damn Christmas it was going to be there. Mario party and a list of the kids here. Is only two of that run around to. Most of the elderly most of them have grown past the run around stage there they are interested only in the food exactly okay. So and it's always delicious courses aren't a lot of it is active family tradition you know what's so great about it though. If parking YouTube and I've been there a couple times. Partners. The public place right next to them illnesses on street parking beautiful and Christmas in this though you know by shopping rights they. So and it's level insisted beautiful place as a lovely town. They call it the village o.s that run that village when chest with a okay. So you know in the OC may be yet another get this stuff built shop for me. The big sixteen ounce is certain holes over then that's great food as it says there. And it built up that's a special menu it is. Well when it's on the special menus what they and you the menial or is it is you've got to know. It's one of those it's a little bit of both it's always on the the specials menu but the way to will tell you but it's always fun passports. Now. You know that's what makes him that a medalist records. Do I have as a bit easier to a touch of Britain and take a break okay I this wrist that I actively TF five dashed their team Mount Vernon street Winchester. Bill Leadbetter Asia hosted now fuels do you at the door and don't forget that down sausage company. You gonna do for party be hated for football needs to pay for Super Bowl. The Super Bowl in the playoffs. He had a lot of people right has don't duel the stuff he's self. When he won't go through all that trouble sit down in joy all I ate like cook and clean for yourself that's somebody else do you my life. I you know I act when she puts on a function at the house you know it's just chaos okay. Here if you can sit down and and you could too and themselves to a four they know what the deal I mean today. Tim Riverside park and moaning about it Chela offended that a business for over seventy years almost eighty years now. Did Riverside park mown that down sausage company is telephone number seven at one. Three to 413 10781324. Thirteen tan this program is much in part by the great wall Alice's restaurant 308. And by Alan Robbins and everybody at the a pro street station now. This is that this is a train station as bill back an eighteen anyone but the B&B and M real world and today the bill. The ability still features the roof the could be who CU in the original fireplace and two stories in height the sports bar and if famous bark barbecue. This name yeah him and he's in a barbecue and you know listings of the gazillion getting Barbara diesels in the brain all the movement and the you know stuff twenty years experience act in. Leave this to go. Trust me what you plays. I'm pro street station 53 Summers street. It's located in Malden mass numbers 781. 322641. Now also the laughter restaurant. Is that rule 1251120. Osgood street Clinton beats Jimmy gates' shift again they just. And this is a place for stake in beer bona. And speaking of good burgers in and out has fantastic birds but what ever the last and they have Michael. Stay the year neighbors. Against you know Dolan they have 500 calorie this menu of courses and that means that the the ship jays keep me thin that's via Dillon. And then laughter restaurants that Peter who went 251140. It's street in North Andover. As also to argue that. To change it I didn't use the the execution or. What has won her best Chinese restaurant U zero I really think it's a group director of land you know you don't think the Chinese restaurant that. Is something special if do win awards it must be good some special. The luncheon specials again very inexpensive right across from the F Agnelli that out right president that my across. From an orchard shots in that area of what's it suggests. That in a second with Britney and but my friend warn them. Splicing the weekend off. You are listening don't wicked fights radio the only place that lets you will be approved credit Sunday's tended. On WRK overall voice of Boston. You know as you right now. Bread and a tank right now I had. Did opts how bad things for having me my pleasure I think you did that birthday. As a desperate dad giving us celebrate it wrote them leave here happy birthday dad pilot. You Vizio what you bites TV all the time in years channel seven. Yet have a good time he dazzling debates is that episode here yesterday he had a tailgate episode went to heat of the rewrote the repeat the foyer. And I like it channel seven it's been a lot of fun. And eat you've been I gathered down to Theo was in the act there. Only out of you does have not then yet go check it out Icelandic government's other is so pretty that shops. They. Well go. I think is really pretty that Latin music it's definitely something a check out this Christmas yet I've seen on my FaceBook is somebody would mention of this in me a copy of. Would justice in the there impression. Yeah yes get check it out bring your eyes it's. You know skating thank you very much predicted and I think he. Time now guess what. We have wind milled it definitely. Went for a long time but first I want to talk about let's got to rest that I think. On route 28 hits in seven in north main street in ran Bob Kemper rose placed. They're private and semi private rooms that can accommodate twenty to eighty people. Holidays and family planners fresh baked hot in the rated is here many entries appetite. Isn't users to choose from to. Now would you recommend and new experiences there. Yeah how about the deal Roberto. It was an option thinly sliced deal. So tape you know if I can Fogg and B Bassett who uses them is this sexy. Okay look at it. Then the thinly sliced reveals rotated Syria was circular jumbled sure. In a Marcelo wines us. Okay glass is officially flawed idea and this is a place say they do not accept credit card I don't think anymore. I know that they have a T AT and down and have a Mecca. Used to be. To someone's consternation by it to go down there and say oh wait and intend to pay the bill but it. How you don't have to accept credit card. Although I've kind of embarrassing likely that this was too early to this event tickets and that was on camera this month on loan. That's got a horse that I they route 2870. North main street in random Bob camper here's telephone number it's 781. 96 theory seventeen country. He had that I that Ned don't forget this is important holiday and family platters in pinellas there today fresh bait. Hot and ready this year many entrees appetizers and desserts to choose for a that's in this got worse than on day. That threw 281070. North main street in Iran now don't miss. Prayer mat medal of the holiday season we look for all kinds of different ways to. Yeah I get to you go very brief story for an did you form a you've seen these MI pales in those things advertise. It out while it's had their revolved ranked. My wife actually bought me one for my birthday. Today if I don't want to I don't think it's a reply no I was gonna say it's their best to him demo I ever had in my life Levitt. So my daughter got the idea is gonna buy a benefit because this inexpensive one of these fellows. But in the you know. And his guys made probably a gazillion dollars on this but let me tell you it's everything he says it is American made product to Minnesota and Minnesota and speak of American made product of the year. Yes or mills here right now I've talked about out of a gift giving it we talk about where corn investment all the time we know that there but. A lot of people. Like to give coins. In we have to tell them we're gonna Tomasson why you definitely have to go to war this okay. But a lot of people think you'd be content if the kids. Grandchildren. Into being collectors in light of what's the value of their coins grow over time is that that the have a lot of Christa fine. Whole lot but you know what I'm finding lately is that. People nowadays particularly parents and grand parents. Are really concerned because children have no idea or about money they see everyone using. Debit cards credit cards you know taken all the iPhone and and scanning and things like that so. They don't know about money anymore than I used to seeing dollar bills coming out of pocket so I don't have an appreciation for how monies earned where comes from idea. You know by and you sell items so usually people are saying what kind of tune again my kids and appreciation. For money. And I tell them by a groups for the is for the child and the child was born you have proof sets than in some instances a three or four and also peace but did beautifully mounted by the government. They have every coin that was issued that year. But it gives people and I do hear about you know just what money is gives youngsters an idea about what money is and and the different denominations the government may union garner a little bit of information about history from them solid. Wonderful job great opportunity and it's not just something that. Sometimes a child might look at it and put in the draw are argued whose parents are put away. In many instances this old aesthetically pleasing that. Don't wanna look at him again and again in the aside and asking questions and it's it's very interesting and fun formed to. In a united. I have been doing business and I and not a Trace it enough or. Who's in that there's a formula. When I started a business review gold. Was 630. How I can't sit in activists rule aren't a fact that. And now what is it I mean it's it is gonna a big hit 2000. Yes ma I definitely do and again it's all hypothesize and we knew we can't be sure but there's so much. Uncertainty in the world and has been such as shift. Of hard assets. Going from domestic earning money acting well they are government but again you know when you have. Europe in the US North American shifting a lot of their goals and is being bought out by. China Russia India you know at some point in time this going to be a serious challenge to the reserve status of the US dollar. And when that happens and I think it could be soon could be as early as next year I'm thinking gold torn next year could be two to 3000 and. He's trillion dollars in debt and that's got to be in growing yet and girl on. That's gonna that there's going to be pressure there within have Buena Vista have that affect our interest rates and everything else but. You just can't keep going this way it's impossible in write it. It's unfortunate but it at some point something's gotta give and that's not. Me trying to cause sound on all Armon say. Drag on all your money from the coaches everywhere else. Buy hard assets vote when we tell people is put aside a little golden silver few percentage points of view overall investment portfolio. Look at it is an insurance policy. It is a good idea to have it if it's not needed. Cash and don't sell elated Dahmer or but just in case the the opportunity in time becoming I think when you gonna see a different world unfortunately. Warren mag gonna continue this event took about a we're gonna talk about counterfeit money and then the problems counterfeit coins intent and the problems. That is. That's causing right now. First before we go going to that I want to give you points telephone number to 802257264. I know it. 800. 22572. 64. A year ago on this program that you told me that Chinese system foreign entities. Head mastered the art of counterfeit a point. Gold platinum I would imagine this. And it was impossible even for somebody like you knew the experts expert you wanna get the Klan you. Few of the guys about deterrence to. But even you couldn't tell if it was fake and and you told me the story about it that it had a against an Italian Cohen and recently. Came to your office and you had some bad news for him but tell tell embattled town but they have a tunnel about this machine that you got. NASA. While counterfeiting. Has been going on for centuries past you know but again in the last couple years. The problem is getting really exacerbated. With the in the bullion and collectibles area of quarry image just because you have. Countries at this point in time they're using advanced technology to strike material on the thing they're doing to try to avoid. On detection is the of heavily leading gold silver and platinum. Bars in points. The plating so thick in the quality of the coinage is just so wonderful that. It's becoming extremely difficult now to tell. And it's like a tidal wave problem it's starting to build so we in order to protect our clients as well as ourselves. Went out and started looking for something also technology wise in May help to protect us in the future so in and protect our clients. And we found all engineers from NASA had developed this machine. He'd in detecting counterfeit coins it it could read through the thickest bleeding. And allow us an opportunity to test everything came through. And just you know short time ago we have an individual commit with a very expensive Italian hundred lyrical point. I thought didn't look right right off the bat couldn't be a 100% sure but to me it didn't quite look right. But you know outcomes and machine being put on there. No good and we did little specific gravity where he. And again came up bats of the instinct was right right off the bat but. When you have the assurance behind it of having something NASA used. It's really a wonderful thing for us but. We're also finding that a lot of the dealers now coming to me just to help they need them in verifying when material comes up like that to where. We do that free of charge just like our appraisals of the costs as we we do free of charge and more. Happy to do everything to do to help you know we wanna be sure the business maintains its integrity and you know it's it's unfortunate we're gonna have to deal with this but it's gonna become more moral problem and today where people will go to the Internet. I can buy my point of bullion right off the Internet. You know they'll they'll go to the Internet to see if they can buy material Figo I got that for ten dollars less than if I went to work dealer. In many instances discomfort I know some on the bought quarter fuel points in two minutes seven of the pieces were profit. You know. Our I would suggested especially at a bank advertisers the other day I heard on the radio. And that you you make corn investments through that. And I said to myself. Our hope they check of more than a minute. Are they where are the problem is going through and I. And I hope that you start getting calls these investment ounces to. But and certainly the individuals and the individual coin dealers that are a lot of them okay. To make certain that what you're buying into real. MO most of the public is has annoyed your balls this but the deal communities is getting it. Slowly but surely in this many instances where I'll go to auctions and point out to the auctioneers say this piece is common for you should withdraw our from the auction. So it is also looked at the sorts of things that happen like that and again these are. The biggest conventions we go do we we have zero concern about that along the smaller auctions are all throughout the winning would you know it. Great areas for antiques and rare coins in scarce or Korn told points many instances all find counterfeit coins and some of these auctions. So guys if you wanna protect yourself I ask you to please. Call this number. It's 802257264. When you're in the business in the business investment announcer just individuals. Concerned. About counterfeiting of these especially large points over in gold and platinum. The number to call is 802257264. I was with him that long ago when he was talking about going to NASA to come up with this equipment. Now as he'd he'd not only have one of those pieces them and you've got to her to check everything you're getting so much reaction to the so the number to call folks is 802257264. Don't buy gold don't do anything until the at least. Find a way to check them have even if you tell the dealer the column project is it is that is that Kook in the business. Well again hopefully everyone will go to the maximum effort to try to protect the client base does the names on the line but we happily do that for any. All right remember to come again is 802. 25. 7264. It's 800. 2257264. And a half from my friend Warren knows warrant. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and a friend YouTube pat always a pleasure thanks very much. All right we have decided the winner Michael we have yep Karo Karo Karo has been is a maitre. And my shadows restaurant you're just trying to get that reservation in my journals as an adult that tried to Carol you know pro Winthrop. Yes a year gonna get your choice of two of these gifts it's him it's our right he got a calming now one triple 843464. Or 64. And death. Tell me which ones you want one. 8884346464. Would take a break in hopefully will be back. With care. Had beaten all the American tavern food Gasquet king size. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib feet all American tavern Salisbury. Eric Young American tavern. The area. Leave hungry. People continue for the best plane ticket home. When we were thinking it's designed we wanted people to come in and feel comfortable here like they were eating in their own dining. I would live to slow smoked over apple went red meat just falls off the phone comes one not family for some real home style cooking up the chicken connects to hit. And will return to more of with the rights radio with pat with the injustice second let me tell you about the coliseum restaurant record reach up and center. In Salem New Hampshire that if by the need relate to Tesco. And this restaurant features some great food it really does because when he walked Guillen. The first thing you got in dollars is all the awards that he has one really throughout the years including one award. That this award is the only time it's ever left Italy and you'll find it right at the coliseum restaurant. I would recommend several disease but one of my favorite dish is is that deal coliseum. It's the best deal money can buy and he's paper thin and it's not pounded that way. But most restaurants and no no no and he really hasn't cut paper thin that we could stop with pursuit to parmesan broccoli. A little bit of garlic bread it and he sought tase them mushroom. Dish with a little this year who lying on top of it Lou all melts down when he cut into it. It blows right out on to the plate Pat's favorite dish staked out up at Whitley it's a little bit spicy. But it's the best take that money can buy it served with broccoli rob the coliseum restaurant route 48 brokerage up and center in Salem New Hampshire. Now if you are looking for a rare coin dealers make you contrasts with that can't praise the rare coins you've been sitting on pro these years and feel. That he goatee of a guide on the street is partly to take advantage of you know I don't know call war in males. A rare coins in New Hampshire he'll help you out because he's been doing this for well over thirty years now. Any travels the country. Looking for rare coins and pays the highest prices to and is the guy that you could trust is the guy that I do business with. Where courts in New Hampshire Warren males as his name here's his phone number 800. 2257264. That's 800. 2257264. Rare pointed New Hampshire again Warren males 800. 2257264. Don't forget about Salvatore is restaurants they have several locations including and over remarks Medford. South Boston and in Boston's theatre district. They're open for lunch and dinner but what I really love about their restaurants. Did you go to any of their locations withers and over or lines and they have a separate section on that menu and it's only available at that location. It's called the Shas playground and in that little chance playground section. They decide the chef at that location decides what to make. For instance in and over right now they're doing short ribs with the Rockies have and ours to do it. Lasagna with many meatballs and they have several additions Salvatore is again and over marks Medford South Boston and in. Boston's theatre district. Looking for the best deal and now. And lazy dog. Lunch specials Monday through Friday static test three. By former schoolmate also Donald marinara sauce yet read Maggie by. Our quality more flexible ones like him lazy dog and 1000 lazy dog in the way. Splicing the weekend off. You're listening to a wicked by its radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's tended to. Go to WRK oh the boys of Boston. So. You are indeed some of listening to weaken bites. And Caro is still listening to push you thank goodness because he wasn't some bills when somebody asked him. Hey Kara. And though you did right by yeah. Aren't you did as something nice via has been too because he'd rather like to go out and eat on somebody else ego. In dead yet I act and yes thank you so much it's been great dress. Let them. We'll tell everybody aren't what restaurant and is your husband is Jhani Kaye. I ran our direct earnest my piano. It's on fourth Columbus setting and in Boston. Cut the street from the Park Plaza Hotel. Their phone number is 6175. Sports news every four fives there. Well Indo Eddie Herrera and Astrid Jonny Kaye. And that could and I walked. Up but in my younger days in the dark that worked for me. Quite famous you cope with at the Murray the K with it easy for me to armor. Right now are up. I want you to take your choice out today a little bit about them I don't know the prices on some of them aren't hero different price that we get a gas. The five horses tavern. And David square Somerville and the south in Boston that's one. That's a fifty dollar I can see that one okay of the 401 tavern. Which is at four coal which is a rule one. In north in at 41 Lafayette road in Hampton New Hampshire. And I are the main there. Diner. Which is the place it over seven million people have gone to jail. It is in wells wells Maine okay and it's Louis fans favorite mountain. Hurt her and then 201. New 11 brand new restaurant that we're quite familiar with because we did a segment on my equity especially we did and there have that in the area fantastic food fantastic drinks. Jeff Lewis Hubble is there and overthrow with a menu market -- happen by happen vine and Denver's on salad Sylvan street right across from the liberty tree law. I and then the final one is Abbott the only rest that I am today. At 10 central street in Ipswich which is quite a gourmet restaurant is so wonderful place so which to my. Friend that. You do well really. Uh oh we are expecting my friend off the planet might actually aren't that aren't here a little run run. Everything like that and Garmin AM. And yeah that was the place. And the that the prospects in the museum and we need. As ES that's him aren't the plenum yeah. Now. As you were bought you dinner. Now you know yeah. Now now you we're gonna see you this can take this and okay because it's a good it really is. Yeah okay so that's one of that and it hit that one I'd then what else do you want one of the Tappan vying for one tavern. Main Diana when Aristide and five horses have horses tavern which is located in Somerville and Boston which one of those. Are there would do well yes and that's reaching into his this is. It your tour. And I know I I don't know yeah minaret ban. Let. Day I want in Maine. Main diner at the world famous mean diner that's that's it like that were. The famous main diner on her yeah by the everybody knows about it to seven million people have been the. Seven million people out it must see. A man then that you know there was nothing. Ambling into the a year with you and your husband make 7000000 and two and two okay. And an aunt Mary Lou you are told us toad toad you miked and he had been there are several times. And their blood. Yeah do I know I federal flood oh. Now though. All right so might be covered I do OK we got everything you need so we'll listen in those so momentarily and then you have Merry Christmas is a merry hive with. Do you have a Merry Christmas happy holiday and don't forget to go to mud yeah I know. After joining Jhani Kaye. At Yankee again. I know where I'm going to be going met today. But next week defending Asian restaurant. Rule 110 in the villain Maybelline. The sum. Michael and the Sima. They own this place though so own mouth bishops in in in in Boston. That's right across them mass general hospital. Middle East and causing. Now for the finish in Russia and people travel miles around for the baked stuffed plants they really do. The three pound lobster broiled and baked staffed with of the nation's famous will moment Stefan. So popular. They were they can't keep demand they really can't now I am going to recommend next. Two things. First of all the B assortment platter what I called the Mediterranean Pope who put. I'm. Step efforts or squad cabbage. Grape leaves they can't be. Lima beans and rice. My friend you know and that too is they have this appetizer to shore don't do that it because you can eat full portions you know and awful Portland's. And the best them chat you'll find anywhere. McCain every are all they hear from you soon as the key for him there however and I go to the bishops racetrack these. The people that worked in the kitchen bought issues that eventually won a good mood retired. I used to get the Syrian Britain and in the cellar with it and go home and watch TV. All right it's cheap but they go back in the analysts good to back in the day event back in the day I. And save room. Or baked Alaska. Well that core feet coffee Torre tort I they were great loud here two and a month mammoth market function home that they can you know. Put separated dividers in between. Parties. And you know the other party is there but the point is the price is right. If Venetian restaurant that exit 49. Awful for many five. Who won ten at twelve alpha street right on the McQuillan it relies again as they exit 490495. For 11012 out mystery but the an Avon line. This program also I'd echo the earlier it was them spending Christmas Eve. With Olivo and and everybody go Ledbetter of the host address that I daily Chia. I dexterity Mount Vernon street Winchester guys don't forget now. We enjoy voices tickets open for the big Christmas show makes you cause to get tickets are right 866. 7451167. By about. With the advice radio with pat Quigley is a presentation a blitz of media day.