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Does Santa have the right to fat-shame? 12/9/16

Dec 9, 2016|

Do you think Santa should be fired for “fat shaming” a 9-year old boy in North Carolina?

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QO six here on the grill WRK. You know. Now it's Saddam. Yeah it's not very Hawley enjoy I'll leave. Nine year old kid in North Carolina. And I mean I'm not trying to be insulting but I'm looking at pictures on them. I needed to chubby is. So that's kind of being modest. Means a decade he really is a big kid I mean it's it's central to the story. So listen to this he's not having holly jolly Christmas. Santa fact changed so listen now to there's this story which began on local. Is now like everybody in the country is talking about historic the national story. So. Act he's a nine year old kid. And Fannie Mae C. And so he went to me a mall which is you know a tradition in the United States I'm gonna do a very soon where there is no longer a little Santa Claus with columns Santa's helper. And dressed in the Santa Claus outfit the uniform and you go one Santas mean in. You tell him you've been a good boy you're good girl in Santa asks you what do you want for Christmas. Well. He went. To the mall everything was fine sand put him on the Nissan they're heard what he wanted for Christmas after he was a good boy said he was a good boy. But he's a big boy he's a heavy boy he's you know always he's a chubby boy okay he's he's he's a leader he likes the. Santa. Then turned stand when the kid is non. And says lay off their hamburgers. And French francs. And so and Vinny. Gets extremely upset I'm not kidding and he starts crying right in front of Santa. He then goes home and was sold devastated. Then he was in his room for hours crying. Saying that he was humiliated by Santa. Not he was devastated by this. IRA he says that look I know I'm overweight the kids tease me at school all the time. But why did sacked I have to disrespect me like this what do I ever do is sent out. All the. A mother has now gotten involved Ashley may see the mother. Now is demanding that this Santa Claus this Santa's helper let's column. I had that quote I'm hoping he's fired because I don't want any kid feeling like he did. It completely destroyed my boy. It affected him sold he was crying until I went. Until he went to bed that night. And I wanna say this to him you don't want to disrespect the nine year old what shape and size you are it doesn't matter. And so dissent though who insulted the young boy he. Issued an apology saying he's sorry. But the mother is now demanding that dissent could be completely fired. And apparently this sand that his name is. It's taking so much criticism. He's got a major heartburn I'm not kidding you can't sleep at night according to is that means. He's waking up every night now he's got in trouble breathing yet the goal of a hospital. He thought it was like a stroke or heart attack but it was just massive heart burn. But now here's what's amazing. I initially everybody was blaming Santa. Saying it was insulting it was disrespectful it was frankly un Christmas like there you know tell this kid lay off the hamburgers and French Fries it was quote unquote fat shaming. But now support not just in North Carolina but around the country. Is growing for the Santa. We're Santa's helpers call on Santa's helper because there's kids in the car so Santa's helper. And now they're saying. You know what may be this kid needed to hear the truth. Maybe this kid should be told to lay off their hamburgers and French Fries because obviously his mother is not doing a very good job. And he shouldn't have to be fired for making a comment that may be you know always tried chaining but that's his right. So now. This sandbag helper. Is in the middle of a major debate about fat shaming and should Santa Claus be fat shaming nine year old kids. And what I got no name he saved himself a hand very different trust not really the situation let me and I feel awful. Look. The kitchen these adorable yes honestly he is overweight do we see pictures of him what he you know if that was my boy eat. You know you can I tell you got to lay off the hamburgers and French Fries frankly son I love you but we're gonna enroll UN swim paying more. Activities physical activities he's honest he's got to lose weight he does pull away the computer pull away the video games. A reduced the TV time no question about it the sedentary lifestyle OK you've got to pull it all away. But I gotta tell you in all honesty. I mean who the hell is this Santa Claus imagined this was your kid okay. And you know and sitting down on Santa's lap. Annual these kids they think it sent directly means they don't realize it Santa's helper slots at the just Santa's helper but advocate sample. And you're telling you what you want for Christmas and everything and I love you sand than you take a picture with Santa. And then he goes point blank and says you know basically saying your fat layer off the hamburgers and the French fronts. Look that's the mother's role that's the father's role you have no business telling this kid you know basically fat shaming him. You have no business doing that. And yes he should be fired. Mean you only you have to conduct yourself as a professional when you're Santa's helper. And I gotta say this in all honesty don't take this the wrong way Santa. But who the hell are you who to be criticizing this kid about being overweight. I mean have you have you looked pitchers so lately I mean I'm not. I mean look I mean you know we can mean you can lose a few final and you court heard as a few Tony's death you know you're not skinny. I mean the last time I looked he was sent that boy your boy wouldn't tell you hit Weight Watchers. You know. And then you when your cookies every Christmas there you are you're coming in through my door peoples should I don't know are you fit into the Gemini but let that go. Anders chocolate chip cookies for you oatmeal raisin cookies for you all kinds of treats for you all the mail or is it all fit in there. So I'm just saying Santa. And on land don't throw stones from glass houses that's all I'm saying. Now Britney I know you profoundly disagree with me on this do you think that this boy's eyes. I just take years you'll really see it does help there is a liberal. And idolize Michelle Obama had big city disaster movie. I mean seriously. What's the big deal he told them to lay out that cheeseburger is that the French Fries that we all can add what's the problem. And you're saying like the mother should be ashamed you're telling me that I'd say I'll joyous thing like you know only if the mother won't teller Ted. You know hey Joey here you gotta lose fifty pounds. May be a little tough medicine a little straight talk if Joseph the mother won't say it may be sad they needed to say it. Takes one to know what I guess I don't well I. Hey whatever so you definitely don't think this pour sand they should be fired for what he said not all what I. Why don't why I should he lose his job. Well does that mean his job is to make kids not being made his kid grown used try to help them it's one and to have a salad. It's okay you got all of salad chef you don't have to have cheese Bagger as a deacon in and get everything on it. Well okay a couple of detects are pouring in this is from 617. Jeff come on fired no way he was trying to be helpful and non diplomatic way I had a doctors say a mice on your fact. He wasn't really. He wasn't fired. 774. Dot pour sand about his legs must've been crushed and ha ha ha. This is from 857 Jeffrey that was your kid you would knock his teeth out honestly I would. But I mean I'm Bart did a good excuse me. What did you just say no Mike did you frigid kidding me you're calling my kids but are you serious. I don't. But how. I think this kid needs to and drop a little thing it just a little they need is all too. We're them greens when he's not rain any but you're acting like it's nineteen or I mean he's my enemy still you know I just what are what's the big deal. Our do we have missed OK do we do we have any more audio. I'm from Oden amana for your column little cousin these little NH but he certainly not little concise. Let's call him little big dampening. Do we have many more of little big Anthony. They don't know press column big Tony little bit don't. Lil Tony okay little Tony let's let's let's hear you have anymore. Of I don't this kid's a future snowflake he's going to be protests and later in life love victims well he's fast. What are their season and I really I mean look. When you were nine American imagine sent insult that you. If you make fun of your red hair as an added it still Gonzales I had not my red hair ice so head well you'll own your boyfriend makes my cup. Engines are all the time your boyfriend calls you would insure all the time yeah so you're still getting aircraft sales are still get teased about my hair color okay we've Santa's helper said hey you know what we should dye your hair. I wouldn't dye my hair blonde who sang but he said do you have a carrot top of the iron and it complainant so it made for a layer now all although it might wait no I would go to the new as big a big deal on GAAP ploy guys fired over it. 61720666868. Okay here's a little bit of violence column little noisy little bonus column little pony from Victoria a little pony. Or little big Tony okay little big pony buried a little bit don't go ahead and our way out I started from the Persian dish I'm shot so why don't look. I mean. Look I honestly if this was my kid I want that Santa Claus fired personally. You should not beans Santa's helpers should not be insult and kids. It's not your job to be fat shaming my child that's my job my wife's job. May be you know niece is a sorry your. And some on calls with their nieces and nephews that's fine. But when I take my kid to a shopping mall just put among your allow up. Ask him what he wants for Christmas take a picture and say next I'm telling you this guy got this idea from Michelle Obama I'm telling him. She fashion and kids all the time so you think maybe he's like a clause I think he's like this debate at liberal. Who just can't stand overweight people because Obama's pump is set up with how we all gonna lose weight combat staff and lay off the junk food yet. 61720666868. OK let me ask you this because everybody in the country as an opinion on this. Should Santa's helper be solar quote unquote fat shaming nine year old kids. If this was your kid. Boy or girl. How would you react if at the mall Santa's helper says lay off the cheeseburgers and the French Fries. Curse only item one a punch him in the mouth but that's just me. 6172666868. Surely be fired her. Bourn knocked. Your calls next. Yeah. Lewiston Maine on Helene wouldn't have one. It's taken me so bad that I was content touted to bed at night. And who say they can flat out. My moments where I eat at home in retrospect none here don't even know what shape he's suing Davis and manipulate. That's. Oro little little pony and they need from my seat or may see as you pronounce his last name. A lot of the audience are saying Jeff column blt. Big little pony BLP. He's very ways such shame to buy Santa's helper at a mall in North Carolina. And it's now cause I'm not getting a national allegedly do we do we even know that's it's a really said this. Well yeah I know you he apologized he actually called the parent to parents and he apologized and said he was out of line and he's sorry. The muzzle once asked a prior case so what's a big deal what you have to a fireball she wants him fired. And little blt is unhappy the mothers unhappy she's as little Sampras on Santa's helper ruined her son's Christmas. And so my question to you is this. If this was your nine year old or eight year old her five year old and sent this said you know basically your fat in a way off the cheeseburgers and French courts. Should Santa be fired. I say yes this Britain UKS senate this kid and then Tony he's a junior snowflake look at first saves the east and North Pole Jeff gimme a break. Derek Europe mixed go ahead Derek. Yeah outside of summing up freeways. First of all. He shouldn't lose jobs okay that's just accept that oil reprimand them you are thought the ship's wake you up or ever taken lightly her away no way. Second of all keep on its back chain in say shame on you and all reports. And Greg keep I think that layup the burden of sides to actually do it by. And third but this kind of restore a nine year old to be gone to get these stand quietly crying out to be a national story ridiculous itself. And yet of fire every yet whoever cried when he met at depth. They said Iran saying they dot com or use their you'd fired them because they're redact. Derek Derek you're making a very strong case I'm not gonna deny that let me ask you this though in all honesty Coca. Your son or daughter. I don't want okay is it a boy or girl's Norman asking OK let's say nine year old boy seven year old boy year old boy. And you know is overweight they just for the sake of argument. And goes to see Santa's helper are you one of the mall everybody's happy and take pictures. And then Sana says too many lay off the hamburgers and French Fries. And you know let's say that's column a dairy junior and Gary junior. He's crying he's distraught he put his arm you know young kids aren't Santa's helper no more kids are listening now I gotta be careful. But you know it's just Santa. And Santa is just insult and I mean don't you think between news and an unprofessional. Yeah it might be unprofessional I wouldn't call from that was his job at the mall semite on the side under let's break it there look I don't appreciate it you need to apologize the most sought. Our would take that moment to teach my side that some people you know maybe it is jerks in this is a moment of learning and you have to learn to deal with people could visit the way the real world bit and everybody not average politically correct so. I interest that it's crazy that the story so much traction itself. Interest in what you don't like Derek I think a lot of people can relate. I think they've all had something like that or something similar. And I think that's why the stories you know so big but I thank you for that call Darren law really boy okay. OK Bruce Europe next go ahead Bruce. Actually Britney work Brent. So you're saying don't fire Sam bell now fires any life. Numbers out here a lot to block I don't know mileage out the truth hurts. Show and a loose weight back pictures they look at it out and out. Well hold on though I mean you know by Bruce I mean you know look at Santa himself. I don't mean Santa's helper but actually Sana. I can mean you know a guy I mean like he could lose 4050 I mean I'm just saying get Bruce. I could beat it brought back. That out. Every Christmas Merry Christmas budget for that call Kurt Europe next go ahead current. A lot of time in America. Kurt how are you buddy. I. Yeah I did not have been mute the radio blow out no I'm Donald spent about I don't know. 35 years ago I'd done a pin all might play on. And I had everybody a little productive when did they had a lot of laps. To go there are no senate club downloadable. A bit. I've whispered over in India likes and what might that arguably the biggest bank and Evan got allies. I'd anyway plus I don't play at a guy gave me a break signing the guys go door open measure whereas Britain again this year you know. You're good boy could pull it is deployed ground Modano dubious Brandon annual ebitda and pro week you know. So Kurt arsenic can really set on your Lauper so I wanna pull your bearded Santa doesn't exist that. I'm everywhere and I got a Dell did not mile lap mark has crossed the yeah old Chinese don't have at a bar and our government. They argue prevent Al Kurd six was 72666868. Brand Europe next go ahead Brenda. Toys is Reggie. I all the support period of what you lol hello how are you. All I'm very well separated after audit you win your wish for a thank you thank you should Santa be fired. Most definitely there's all the personal things listed companies dark I'll argue that. Now all liberals were saying that they need of some government intervention. And regulation by saying no. Because we have all of reopened plus and someone like yourself who's able to uncover this scoring at will while ridge. Where walk tall are you new information you want initial walk on and upgrade I'm not quite so. Don't know what pretty close I mean this sincerely and the normal portions of this program during the campaign most of the organizations. What should seal program and Coke. He sort of a monologue to do so much interlink aren't enough of course they at all. Thank you thank you very much I really really appreciate that god bless you. OK 230 here on the great WRKO. Let's continue this is really farmers continue to Friday we can all relax a little bit. Should Santa be fired and I kid you not this story. Now they're trying to band Charlie Brown's Christmas. I have seen it maybe a dozen times this one of the best. Christmas shows I used to love it as a kid my passion and even now they've already seen it they love it. You're not gonna believe what happened to a teacher in Texas. Who just wanted to put a post. Promoting Charlie Brown's Christmas. They're going another going after Charlie Brown's Christmas for God's sakes is nothing sacred. Dutch story more with your call. He's 37. Let's break WRKO. OK. Joining me now is the sponsor. Of the coup in our report. Just a great guy incredible supporter of the show though wine and only bill Kelly. Bill buddy how are you my friend. Yeah good good good. I got to ask you this my friend I know look I know earlier financial advisor to one of the best in America. Businesses good getting better all the time. And you know I understand that everybody wants everybody is calling you up for your free reports. But I got to ask you about Santa Claus. That big story in North Carolina. Here is nine year old did the in pricing the picture let's put it this way he's he's overweight that's because the generous it is a big did. Goes to visit Santa Claus at the shopping mall Santa's helper. You know you sit some guys mean does he sitting on the mean telling them what he wants for Christmas is over okay here's what I want on. And then Santa's helper looks at him straight in the eye and says. Lay off the hamburgers and French Fries. The kid is devastated he's crying he's been in his room for hours crying. Mother says it destroyed him he ruined his Christmas she wants Santa Claus fired. If and William junior is not overweight by farm front he's flat as a board but let's just say you know junior William junior let's just say he was overweight. And he went to see Santa's helper at the mall. What would be your reaction if they told William junior lay off the Fries in the cheeseburgers. Malevolent. So when you look it's probably not the best thing you aren't. Sanity here he is definitely your hero. Let's let's forgive him and let's think about what he's saying much so look at ourselves do we need to do this and not MM. It will go back and status and a look if I come back next here lean and mean can I get PX. Now bill. Bill I know you're you're an economy guy you really your focused on the economy on the markets. Trump is on eight year old 50000 draws from that deal with the Japanese bank. Save the jobs that carrier now US steel is claiming they're gonna keep 101000 or create 101000 jobs. Here in the United States how we your view is Strom doing journalism and sworn in yet. But what do you see in terms of the stock market jobs. The overall optimism. In the wake of Trump's election victory. Well Jeff thanks for asking it's the opposite of him when Obama came in every time there was a news conference I used to get my guys to test and went and also what. A group together national presence gonna speak corn based trouble we're gonna lose 6800 points today to. As we speak and we of course they'll crash. That was called the melt down Georgia and now all we have is called the melt up. Terms saves 101000 jobs we can't 200000009. Point jump in the down. Trump goes after Softbank has has both bring it to America was current. Let's show we want we can do and Jeff we can do it and this is something. That's the most amazing thing this is a very rare occurrence the stock market is a leading indicator test. It tells us what's gonna happen in the future unemployment a lagging. Indicators are we according to the market right now the futures rose but we all know. What can happen and history from over exuberant and right now we're experienced being mailed objects. It's amazing strong consumer confidence is soaring to serve on this hard. Reduced from one of the biggest Christmas seasons ever. Because of this sentiment consumer sentiment drives consumer confidence isn't a factor that you could scientifically gauge. It's the way people feel or even people like. I mean Mark Cuban came outside you know luggage must first draft pick now I know it's only doing not want. No longer doing that despise him anymore he's going to be my first round draft pick let's get my shot I like what he's doing so far what can we say did you. Bill I got to ask you this I want to devote more time to that'll definitely return to it on Monday. For the first time trump supporters are criticizing. One of Donald specs and all Nikki Haley if you were crazy about. This is not coming from the media or the laughed it's really coming from many of his supporters bright Barton used maybe the media outlet most supportive of trump. And it's over. He's decision to top. The next labor Secretary Gates and the buzz dirt he is day at a magnet they fast food executive. He is for open borders he's for amnesty. In fact he's openly said he favors foreign workers over American workers. Because according to hand goes at least in the fast food business he says they work extremely hard. They're very reliable Americans don't wanna do these sorts of jobs like flipping hamburgers. And so when it comes to trainees a big free trader. Trade and immigration. The very issues that trump one on deathly one million of the election. And beep pause there is be diametrically. Opposite. Do you think trump is making a mistake or does he need to placate the business community by giving them at least one of their own in his cabinet. Now he's doing something that President Obama would not do you can't only put it here based Jeff because your base will decrease in size and her opposition will grow. So you have to really turn you when you've got an have to move right back to the center which Clinton did. And Reagan eventually did. President Reagan eventually did and they ended up being very successful Obama would not move from the left and kept getting further out so if Obama had come around. And even spoken with the Republicans in India. Congress he would have because democratic president Jeff but he just sort of started. And so American. And so isolated I think you've got to give him much chance as he's doing that what he's doing already before it into office he. He called them bowling and to really concern me because he owns a Boeing plane he knows how much they cost. Which isn't original it's just an original thought they had. People are trying to dispute president that some presidential to tell you some of your air cooling costs too much Jeff I think it's pretty presidential don't have. Oh I agree with you completely and I think it's time to end all the waste fraud and abuse and I'm with them a 1000%. Bill I got to ask you before we let you go so Kelly financials can be holding another major event this one in January. You weren't a weren't Babson College or protecting or some space there and they're conference center or finalizing them out of spokeswoman com. It's going to be additionally daytime presentation of the evening presentation for those people can't get away from work but it's going to be your retirement export for high net worth. It's grab some experts that are draft on the new taxes. What's happening with reforms on inflation which is new. Needed 8801. Anyone they can text us six or 86 city is that right chest pass just put. That's an event or whatever will make sure we get back to them but. It's going to be a total review of everything. Inauguration all of already occurred just and will be able to let people know what they can do especially additional markets and the new wrinkles chapped so. That's why we're having quote restore point seventeen by the numbers of people. Getting a tax returns together and in need it under 101 or 686 and he's a good text number draft. That's right 68680. Bill body as always thank you so much for everything that you've done. Further country. For this audience for the show for the corner report. God bless you and we'll speak to you again next week right. Our question it thank you thank you so much bill Carroll Levy sponsor of the corner report honestly. Without him. I don't know I'm just stalling of that right now he's nobody's gone are back like bill Kelly okay very quickly and I wanna go back to the phone lines. Did you watch and I don't when you're cater do you watch. The Charlie Brown Christmas I think they're seen in maybe twelve times a dozen times I love it yeah. Mary's. Tim mean it was always as a child one of the great treats. Of Christmas. To watch share crude enjoy it I love Charlie Brown I Love Lucy. Well there is a very famous scene. Which I who loved as a kid. And it's the scene. Of who minus one standing on stage. Anchors the whole debate is right you know what what it's Christmas for what does Christmas mean what's the meaning of Christmas. And Linus stands on a stage. With that very score Ronnie Christmas tree. And he recites a passage. From the holy Bible. Which describes the Christmas story the real meaning of Christmas quote. For aren't TU is born this day in the city of David. A savior which is Christ the lord. That's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown. In other words yes. The reason for the Christmas season for Christmas is the birth of our lord that's the point. Well. Non normal home. According now to liberals and a lot of public schools it's been particular. A pair Patterson middle school in Texas. He style stuff for that works there Deidre Shannon. We're so inspired by that scene she decided to use images of it to decorate the door she's a nurse to the nurse's office. So is a beautiful decoration and include there's a picture of Ryan has done little scrawny Christmas tree and of course you know what's coming. The bad passage of dialogue about the true meaning of the Christmas season of Christmas. They were installed on December 5 by December 7 might even 48 hours. She was confronted by the school's principal who told her. You're gonna have to take your poster down when she asked why. The principal said it violates the separation of church and state. And the post or not the goal because it might offend kids from other religions. Or those who do not have our religion. Have you noticed. For all of these liberals. They keep talking about diversity diversity diversity how they love diversity. It's a diverse city for everybody and everyone except for Christians and christianity. Who is being hurt. My having the picture of Linus. And these scrawny Christmas tree and that little passage from the Bible was being hurt by this. And if the lives hate Christmas so much pocket retake it is a federal holiday. Put your money where your mouth is say you know what separation of church and state I'm working on the 25. Anyone I know my position I'm out. No. Not the liberals anyway they don't. Look now they're going for Charlie Brown's Christmas. And I got to hand it to Deidre Shannon. Because the principle you know Weasley liberal walked up to her and said well. You can keep the picture of wind gusts and you can keep the little you know describing the picture of describe any little Christmas tree. But the biblical passage that's got to go and she said now. The poster of Linus the picture the picture of Linus the trees mean nothing without the passage. So if the passage just ago. The whole thing has the goal. Let me tell you my friends it's time for restrictions to say enough is enough. Because if she was a Muslim. And there was something about the Koran up on that door gay wouldn't touch her would have a ten foot pole. I want Charlie Brown's Christmas. I don't care for their fans the liberals. It should be in school it should be and plays it should be on doors and if you don't like it. Blank off. Good grief Merry Christmas. 6172666868. Charlie Brown's Christmas should that be banned from public schools. Your calls next. 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