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Did Hillary Clinton lose the election due to fake news? 12/9/16

Dec 9, 2016|

Hillary claims she lost the election because of fake news. Kuhner thinks she lost because she was a bad candidate.

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Because a fake you always. That's now bill latest excuse coming from Hillary though lives that Democrats. And you're not gonna believe what they're now proposing. Their combat so called fake news. 105. You've got to hear it to believe it very dear leader president Barack Hussein. Obama. Gives his final speech. To the troops. And urges them. To criticize. And question Donald Trump's authority. To be commander in chief. Borderline. In subordination. And now it's breaking just about 1015 minutes ago. Very dear leader is calling for a full review saying aura shot hacked the election. And that's why trump one potent Stoller forum all of these stories plus. What the hell was Donald thinking what is pick for labor secretary. For the first time I'm not talking about criticism. From the media or from the laugh. But now he's staunchest supporters. Including bright part news. Which was maybe the media outlet most favorable to Tron. It's his first really bad cabinet pick. Will discuss at who that person is what this entails. From noon to three I'm telling you. This is the place to be but first. Fake news. Fake news that's all we've been hearing about now for the last month. And so the narrative has been now being battled it began with a New York Times. Pushed by CNN. Push then by the Democrats and now it ends with Hillary Clinton. Whereby they've come up with this theory of so called fake news now what you don't miss a jab jab which. Why it is fake news. Fake news is allegedly. The anti Hillary stories that were out jury in the election campaign. From supposedly dubious web sites. Where the left claims they peddled so called fake news or false stories about Hillary Clinton. And they believe the left the Democrats and now Hillary. That that's their reason why she lost. And in fact Obama himself said the reason why she lost it's not because they reputed to voters repudiated him. And his legacy and his policies. Mount on home. It's because they were listening to Fox News and it was being beamed in to every bar and restaurant in the country. Andy's crazy social media sites. And our Internet sites were in all talking about saying Hillary's bad health. I'll WikiLeaks. That all of these so called fake news stories. Contributed. To Hillary's defeat in fact we're the reason for Hillary's defeat. Listen now to Hillary Clinton herself Hillary rotten. Who addressed of all places. Congress. She was very tribute. Two dirty Harry Reid was now saying goodbye it's about time and she appeared on Capitol Hill. Speaking told lawmakers. To warn the Capitol Hill congress and the entire world she says it's. About the dangerous consequences. That if you cracked. A fee can use. It cost her the election. And she says it poses a mortal threat toward democracy. And in fact. Innocent human lives I swear to you roll it. Alan. The epidemic of malicious C news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year. It's now clear that so called C news can have real world consequences. This isn't about politics or partisanship. Lives are at risk the lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days to do their jobs. Are mighty god. That's so prophetic. First the ball. If flip just just that you don't just they concede the argument which I don't but just for the sake of argument okay. So. There were some bogus stories. Battled on the Internet and social media sip from some questionable web so it's okay. How does this threaten human lives. What does this have to do with people going about their daily business and somehow what they're gonna get killed. She's trying to claim what she's really saying is this here's what she's trying to claim. That by not electing her. By actually electing the so called a closet white supremacist authoritarian faster strongman remember the infamous side. We're just gonna push a button and cause a nuclear war. Dead by electing Donald Trump. Put the world apparel. Innocent why looks innocent winds are going to be cost. Innocent lives are gonna be killed it's gonna cost and supply its. Talked about sour grapes. You wanna talk about a shore really pathetic loser. You know why you lost. It was you oh. That's why you lost. You ran a horrible campaign. You had no economic message. You want the most this likable people in the United States. In fact you could even settle on a freak and slogan that's all bagged your campaign once it was you. Huge first world horrible candidate that country didn't want chew their country didn't light you. If you just forget man. And everything else forget the Clinton foundation forget these emails forget this server forget Ben gals playing want to bring laying. Forget. All of that book I put all of that off the table. What message does she have. Except that all she is is bought and paid for by a Wall Street and she's a liar. And she was caught red handed in a speech saying you have a private position and a public position. Meaning you know what I tell you wink wink is the real thing what I told the robes a mixed that's another thing. What was your message. What was her slogan. Honestly what did she stand for except you know what's you know will vote for me because that's what's been the Bard added the plumbing between my legs. In other words I'm not Donald Trump. Decides vilifying and smearing trump and calling him every name in the book. What was sir what was the compelling reason for her candidacy there wasn't any. But here's what's even more dangerous. Here's what's even more ominous. Because everybody is pouncing upon this part of the speech and I understand it's she's a sore looser. It's sour grapes honestly it's it's really it's pathetic. It's you know blaming everybody but herself. But she continues in that speech. Whereby and I want you to think about this dish is practically unprecedented. The candidate. Of a major political party. Openly now calls upon congress. To censor the media. And censor Internet news sites. She openly calls. For the censorship. Of the media. By the federal government by the government by the state. And urging as well silicon that area attacked titans silicon titans say at FaceBook or Twitter. To censor what they consider to be fake news I eat anything critical of her Obama for the Democratic Party. Listen to her openly church for government censorship. And for her buddies in Silicon Valley through FaceBook and Twitter. To censor conservative or anti liberal or and beat Hillary opinions. Roll it Allen. Bipartisan legislation is making its way through congress to boost the dock for his response. To foreign propaganda as Silicon Valley is starting to grapple. With the challenge and threat of fake news room. It's imperative that leaders in both the private sector and the public sector staff thought. To protect our democracy. And innocent lives. This thing. I. Again and again what the innocent lives man and Allen do me a favor played out again clear that again. Bipartisan legislation is to make saucer right there cadets and that's BS. It's pushed by the Democrats. So it's not bipartisan but never mind let that go go. Get congress to boost the dock for his response. Authorities propaganda is Silicon Valley is starting to grapple. With the challenge and threat of fake news. It's imperative that leaders in both the private sector and the public sector. Step stop. To protect our democracy. And innocent lives. Simple life stick children. The children. Wool way we're not talking now about somebody. You know Nixon behave disgraceful lead let's say when he lost. To Governor Brown. In 1962 after he lost the Kennedy and the loss for the the gubernatorial race in California any to you won't have Nixon to kick around and really I mean came across as they're really just a sore loser okay. I'm not talking about disgracing yourself for behaving with no class and no dignity that's where way beyond that now. Now they're telling us the government needs to censor. What they would they deem to be somehow questionable new sites. Or media outlets. And for FaceBook and Twitter to join in as well. And by the way they're naming some of these sites. The Drudge Report. Ride Bart. Ron Paul. What got a little bit Ron Paul do except he's against the Federal Reserve. And against military intervention is not wanna I wanna go after Ron Paul and his web site. Let me tell you what's really going on here. Via mainstream media. Was revealed to be a completely moral and bankrupt morally and intellectually bankrupt institution. They were caught in lie after lie after lie and they have no credibility left because they sold their souls. To essentially be an extension of the Democratic Party. Fake news because wanna talk fake news how about hands up don't shoot. How bald monopolize that the entire mainstream media ran with and still continues to run where you don't like that one. How about trump was gonna lose the election. How about that lies that you guys kept pedaling for months. That you guys can't blaring for months. Fake news how about men gas main points when gas is saying. Lying about the murder of four Americans. Blaming it on now are on now. On a video on a Muslim video when everybody knew it was a premeditated al-Qaeda. Terrorist attack. Fake news. How about those so called bogus sexual allegations. Or sexual harassment allegations against Donald Trump fake news. That he hangs out with the kkk and he's a white supremacist. Frequent use. All the polls showing that Hillary was gonna win. Fake news. You guys wouldn't even cover WikiLeaks. CNN. Giving questions to Hillary Clinton before debates. NBC news literally doing opposition research. For Hillary Clinton's campaign. Do Washington Post literally asking Hillary Clinton or Hillary Clinton's people did give him talking points to do an anti trump call home. Fake news. You were fake news. Hole mainstream media is fake news. And so now. To try to desperately cover up there destroyed. Credibility. The fact now that they have no more moral legitimacy left they wanted to go after the very news outlets. And sure always like Jeff corner like the corner report dot Schwartz ultimately aimed against. That exposed Hillary's crimes. That exposes. The totalitarian. Nature. Of liberalism and the Democratic Party. And that predicted the rise and victory of Donald Trump. And so my question to you is this it's the corner country poll question. Do assure of the day as the French would say. Did Hillary lose. Because a fake news. If the answer is yes. Text or letter eight to 68680. If the answer is no she was a horrible candidate she has nobody to blame but herself. Text or letter beat this 68680. There's always you can vote online at wrko.com. Your calls next. Bipartisan legislation is making its way through congress to boost Saddam or his response. The foreign propaganda as Silicon Valley is starting to grapple. With the challenge and threat of fake news. It's imperative that leaders in both the private sector and the public sector step top. To protect our democracy. And innocent lives. Twelve. Whiny seven now on the great WRKO. Dog voice of Boston. Okay Hillary rotten Obama is heckled the same thing the Democrats liberals. Are now calling for government to censor. Internet news sites. The media outlets. That they say paddle so called fake news saying Scott is ultimately responsible. For why Hillary lost. And they're urging FaceBook Twitter a big social media sites to all sold sensor so called fake news. Should the government be censoring the Internet and the media. And did fake news cost Hillary the election Mike can Hudson Europe first go ahead Mike. HF I really geely shelves so we'll win the outcry several months back when the global. It goes so they can line. Well actually it was gone with the Donald Trump presidency and you know they came up with which picket line that the time remember right it. He was rounding people up and concentration camps and there are who are all over the world. Show them what about the Fox News reported gains rose eight opens and a hack the computer and try to chart of what would feel quite that. It didn't hear that. Tell me when she made comics and Harry Reid unveiling of the orchard they upwardly capital yes. Are you kidding me. That all of the war. Yet the opportunity to make comments yet which you couldn't just talk a lot that they they at two you know sit in to unveil. What secure all the Al that I catch. Yeah. Might fit to print cut call John in need don't go ahead John. John Howe or anybody. I have the but the question is yes it does lose because those look straight nose. But the fake news came from CNN and MSNBC. Nobody bought it an element. Of but literally the guys that don't do that a lot of Democrats that good morning at the lies of your mouth. Specter. Climate climate change a lot about climate change OK I don't know about health care and that does not about they lose it's about control and everybody's life. But all of the evidence about what the Democrats whatever they accused him of the Republican play well otherwise there actually to coordinate. And then there's been drawn out like the sort of hoopla that I can remember but I incredibly profound statement just get up the subject a little bit. A spectacle. Immigration. Whether it's from South America all of Middle East. Guy. I feel radio's station needs to England there. Comes here via becomes there. Brilliant. Brilliant. No look let me tell you what this is about. It's again to claim that Donald Trump's victory is somehow you legitimate. That he lied his way into the White House. And that the American people are just so stupid. They are gullible they got duped. You see all of you got duped you got manipulated you don't blow a light to. That's the only reason why you could vote for a before in our races than a white supremacist like him. That's the entire undertone. And they're using that as an excuse. To expand even more government control this time over the media. FaceBook. Twitter via Internet. And eventually I'm telling you the corner report 6172666868. Okay. We've got Hillary's full speech. Her fake news speech. It's up on wrko.com. Slash corner KUHNER. Wrko.com. Slash corner please go you can download it here it for yourself. Pass it along to your friends. Did Hillary lose because of fake news. And now liberals and Hillary are calling for government censorship of the media. And of the Internet. Is should we now have censorship. Your calls next. The idea that mean that that they can't gonna think he's good news I heard all along up until Election Day and to hear from some people. If that Donald chump couldn't win and I'm Jennifer fake news misleading news. That of course was Kelly and carnal way you're essentially trumps spokesperson. Perjuring the transition. And now Hillary Clinton delivers a major address at Capitol Hill. Saying that she lost because of so called quote on quote fake news. False stories from dubious web sites. She went after him they're they're the lives are going after all of them Drudge Report bright part. Fox News. Ron Paul even. WR KL dot com dead Jeff corner apparently was everything we were saying was fake. She old they don't like the fact that WikiLeaks was reported. They don't like the fact that we expose the truth about her bad health. And now they believe if they can censor a big guys censor the media censor the Internet and get FaceBook and Twitter to clamp down. On anti liberal. And he Hillary anti Obama. Voices in other words conservatives. Maybe he'll win the next election. You know guys if that doesn't work just wasn't the FEMA camps I mean if you wanna win that's the way to do it. 61720666868. A couple of questions. Do you think so called fake news. Was responsible for Hillary's defeat army do you just because she sucked as a candidate. And now liberals Democrats including Obama and Hillary. Are openly calling for media and Internet censorship. Government censorship. What ever happened to the First Amendment and freedom of speech. Britney. What is the poll question. And what are their results. Thus far. I know your battle I. I hope they it was a got to talking and I got a scratch you weren't too little warrior she is what batter you know they say the American work ethic is dead like connect six Hernandez noise she does she or won't call and said. He's kind of scratchy voice she's got a nasty cold. Look at her I mean this this is the future of America. Our Britney go ahead. Did Hillary Clinton lose because of fake news 95%. Say now 5% say yes. So if you think did Hillary Clinton lose because a fake news if you believe the answer is yes Tex the letter eight to six or 8680. If like me you think this is the big his bunch of you know what ports. Feces at. A few ever heard in your life. Absolutely no BS you have BS then. Text a letter being. This 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Okay Allenby played just a short part of the Con-way cut. Kellyanne Conway I thought really hit the nail on the head and before I get to the calls. Played again because I think she eviscerate it's the whole argument being pushed by the left by Hillary and the Democrats go. It's just remarkable if she's trying to make an active between and those statements and her electoral loss and I'm at. I'll look at a lot lots towards me that for the first time in a while hitting behind the idea that HS can't grapple with the fact that. I don't know what her message flood to America other than I'm not Allen county should vote him. I don't know what her message applies to the working class voters that we captured and union households we carried in complete this by two to one I don't know what her message let's America's women. Where Sharon got 55 or 56% of the vote at first female presidential on an old friend meet your party. The idea getting it if they get in the state piece of news I heard all along up until Election Day will still hear from some people. If that Donald chump couldn't win and I'm Jennifer fake news. Bingo. Joseph in Florida I Europe next go ahead Joseph won't. You're Utley and let me let me just ramble to make I gotta say that this is not just as he's seeking. It just appears to me in my opinion. That the left is not going to let us win in a legitimate peaceful way and they're pushing they're pushing a ultimate bloody revolution. That's just just just my opinion. I mean this to light that aren't a lot of us we can't win the right way. We won't let I don't stopped. They're going to shut us up to go put the duct tape over amounts. I didn't worry that makes me very angry very angry boys and girls. Very angry they can control the news illustrate news. They mutant violence at the trump well it was caused by our. They knew that rap that is gonna create more jobs Americans are we gonna be better walks free trade but here. They knew that when you don't tell the people that affirmative action extranet with ago. But now apply to people who came over the border yesterday at what I meant what that. Affirmative action was meant for children and grandchildren in the people what is what weren't slaves. And abused by. Jim Crow but now it's like anybody's name on the blob to come here and get affirmative action. Thank you this with the BS and I speak up against that I'm called a racist that's fake news. Pedro or enjoy your honor roll auto mean the cut you off but how about if you like your health care you can keep your health care. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor what about that Joan. Do we lose 20 OK Joseph thank you for that call 6172666868. Bob Europe next go ahead bop. You yeah you out well in most of them and distance actually. This. And on this. The secretary of state. While homered off. And Adam you have been edit or a terrorist that they blame. I am glad that meg actually visual equipment and yes also include them as well. End. Of want to go to and that it what woke up somebody. Story. And yeah she he talked about this. I'll look at. What it ends from the college Portuguese story. Andrew righteous. Whoever shot and yeah a small piece you can go now. Bob I don't mean to cut you off of these guys don't don't drop on Bob. Obama when he complained about the rise of so called quote unquote I'm putting air quotes fake news. Guess which media outlet he gave that speech to. Take a guest. Rolling Stone but one that made up a complete raid on campus. And I would have there was that they were sued for millions of dollars I mean. At the very example of bogus fake news and he's telling Rolling Stone lecturing us he gives the interview to Rolling Stone about so called that yields. Absolutely. And I like your pretty its course. While all of a sudden all of all of this. A lot of them that it is important was caught right quote unquote you know yeah polls. Well important at least it again. Brought Obama won't. Love. Let them at all at all he can yeah that is that. But we're Bob thank you so much and missing you touched on Brian Williams okay and now the perfect segue. You don't want to argue that term log on and on the electoral log on the fire I was let's put one more log on the fire you anticipated is Bob. Do you know who is now making the round it's. Talking about the rise of quote unquote fake news. And how the mainstream yet house the combative. And that the left in the government needs to censor. Naked yes they did guests. Brian. Williams since. Yeah all the guy they got fired from NBC news and they give him another job at MSNBC. Who claimed he was in a helicopter or any rock. That was hit by rocket propelled grenades. And then he went down with the plane so he knows what the fighting in Iraq was like. Even though we completely made it up. Listen. Our Brian RPG. William it's. Say all we've got a fair knew who spent on oh my god it's it's not a control faking news rainy censorship FaceBook Twitter everybody. This is the regular reward it's out of control. Roll it Allen. As we talked about here last night fake news played a role in this election and continues to find a wide audience. You who. Are listening you'll okay. By do I gotta throw one more in their audience is greater all coming in attacks are really phenomenal one of them is Jeff. Member dodging sniper fire in two is low number one in Bosnia. When Hillary claims he was under sniper fire and we actually have the video it she's getting roses flowers from those kids in Bosnia a on the tarmac. But talk about fake news. Alex in Virginia go ahead Alex. I. Alex Howard. A Mulligan. Barrier. Great thank you. I the one that says then called back about a year or so. About dismiss months act. A 2012. And now basically what that did was I I think it was like back in the sixties or something. Are they cannot let them got a lot of said that the media is not a lot. Deliberately. Propaganda. And 2012. The Obama administration reversed. And it was like freckle or. Like all those shootings that are out and stuff so I hope you wanna like what it's about a month but it was mad dash months and you and DT you know. Alex thank you very martialed after looking into it look I touched on in my opening monologue but really you can't repeat this enough. The ultimate so called fake news. I mean it was Barclays manner. Pence up don't shoot in Ferguson. It was a complete lies and fabrication. And the Boston Globe pedaled it. The Washington Post pedaled it the New York Times titled this CNN titled it an obligatory it's. And in fact they continued to battle that story it never happened. So you're lecturing us on fake news they come on come time. That's like. Adolf Hitler really lecturing us on anti semitism and the guy spay day. Easy. She lost because she is sucks it's really that simple. Russ Europe next go ahead Russ. Don't get Jeff what's great about that. Hillary loudspeakers and up but there is no question about it. Let them out so I don't they go and all of their political life. You know then there's no question here at Jeff. The American collapse took control of the Democratic Party is strong. In the gonna continue to make every open about it and are the American people and that's a wrestler OK they are tightening. Eight castration watching it and yeah radioactivity in the unite Eurasian. And about it on the 21. January. Will be buses leaving Massachusetts. Allies in these eight but I like let's say this and I actually know a few people we're going on the bus. And based. Permission Al go back you know and a cent based on ignorance has no. Russ did you ever think as an Vietnam vet. Who risked his life in the jungles of Vietnam and soft 58000. Almost 60000. Of your fellow Brothers dying. In fact the Democratic Party. Liberals. Backed candidate that just lost an election. Which call for government censorship. Of the media. And news sites that they disagree with did you honestly ever think in your life they would come to this. Well just not at that time OK but I didn't realize in 1968. That the American collapse was just taking control of the nose here and I realized our Marxist felt so we're doing a lot of damage. So there's no question and not Melissa's surprised me I've followed that. And like do I hate the Communist. I saw them behind the curtain and and and the mayor and I supplement Vietnam and I hated them there. And I hate to say this but the only Communist that you don't have to worry bout of the wanted it to. Russ I love you. In a non sexual way I love you buddy thank you for that call. You you what you guys are really good you anticipated another thing I was gonna say. It was one of my grandfather's best thinks. It's the anti Communists in Eastern Europe would always say it let me share it with you. The only good Communist. Is a dead Communist. Signals has a birth place and a birthday. August 9 twice fourteenth. When there's so widely held. False belief both of hands of don't shoot was propagated by the media they went on to fit their narrative think about what happened. All of that fake news show on. It changed America this anti police sentiment rolls out of this this what I call the bastard child of hands up don't you black lives matter. Grew out of this thing it's swept the country there are people to this day Sean. Who believe that Mike Brown. Get his hands up and was walking away with his back turned to Darren Wilson when Darren Wilson. Shot Tillman fact we all know it's a life. 1256. Here on the great WRKO that of course is sheriff Clark. To meet hitting the nail right on the head. Joanna from Lexington and go ahead JoAnne. Mary Christmas Joanna all the best to you when your family. Calling regarding Hillary and that that pressure issue. I I went up my art at the media is really paying attention to what she chat that. This is basically a media acts out how are. And diet everything that she wants it out the air out quickly her entire life. Going back a white water. And will turn out negotiate a lot and one of the reasons Lott was because we all the edge to try and answer everybody. But now she had a lot. She is now trying to ban the media out car. Now. That you're able to see the big picture here that they. Public everything that she wanted and now he's turning on them but the whole fake news bit. Joanna you're 90%. To write and by the way you're very articulate I gotta tell you that. And to meet your right but what she really wants to censor. Are the few voices like this show but drew judge bright part that exposed her. I I and I totally understand that but I thought opening. It goes to show you exactly at the intelligence that where you with an Irish boat and how irrelevant she really got trapped in that. She got that conversation. With our Republican administration. Is it that really the right right yeah. That job well that's what she lost Joanna. Because she doesn't have that much upstairs. No I. You see her current winning administration and the airing our people look at a little bit but. I. It hasn't stopped the relevant. Joanna. At this point what difference does it may. Joanna thank you for that called OP a stranger call again David I've literally got one minute the floor is yours goal. It's thank in particular like oh wouldn't want to tell you lay out yesterday I would that you would like bonds won't back up and talk like fun. McDonald's while demonstrating the flop like fled deafening when he's. Opens up so that subtle prop them during the off. She goes back Donald Trump the W hobbled. Ryan he's a poison that. Would. How are you only get straight. And. That's a great golf do it. Now you know how I feel being right now it's the WGBH. Dough more brats Britney and I run into one a daily basis. Okay. More if your calls coming up next former UN ambassador John Bolton newsmaker interview. All Obama's last speech to the troops I kid you not. Criticize. And Delphi. Donald Trump as your commander in chief is that in subordination. Don't touch that dial.