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Lebron James refuses to stay at Trump Tower. 12/7/16

Dec 7, 2016|

Are you getting sick of athletes opinions on politics? What do you make of Lebron James wanting to boycott staying at Trump Tower when he visits NYC to play basketball?

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Seven here on the great WRKO. OK my friends 75 anniversary of Pearl Harbor. We will continue to take your calls obviously. But trump now is on a roll and we were playing offense. With trump now he is setting the agenda and more importantly he is now. Already creating jobs bringing back factories bringing back investment. And the dollars are no longer flowing out there flown back in. And one of their big decisions that he made was obviously on Boeing. And heat it's really ultimately it's about China. And he's telling the Chinese that's only took that call from the president of Taiwan. There's new leadership in in in the White House it's going to be a very different country it's gonna be America first. And the days of China and Japan and other countries taken advantage of our market. Dumping their goods. Here and you know I'd much lower cost obviously. Stealing our jobs. And having many of our factories relocate to Mexico or China or Japan. Where they can make him there at a fraction of the cost and then sell them back here tax freak is real on any tariffs. Those days are over. Their over. You want to make money you've got to put money in America. The jobs are coming back the factories are coming back investment is coming back. And so he shot a shot across Boeing's bowel. What's went trump said whoa oh hole. Vieira of waste fraud and abuse is over four billion dollars to build two blames for Air Force One of the Air Force One planes. 740 sevens. Not on my watch. Matt flower. Tries to claim that this is all some kind of petty revenge and retribution. On the part of Donald Trump. Here's more of Trump's interview. Earlier today on the today show with liberal liberal Matt Lauer roll it. Germ what's your comments on Boeing came just a short while after an article came out. Where the CEO of Boeing was critical of your trade policies so was this in the end about the price of those planes or was this about retribution. Well all over the place because I didn't see an article where he was critical of trade policies and my trade policies are going to be. Terrific. And by the way where lowering taxes in this country were getting rid of 90%. Maybe 85%. Of the regulations which are stifling business built Boeing is going to be. A tremendous beneficiary of that and maybe even mostly regulations and the people are more happy about the regulations even though we're massively cutting Jack. You have to resist after you criticized Boeing the Washington Post says a headline today saying corporations are unnerved in this country let me go on to another and I think. Operate there operative. I mean this is pathetic. So how I want you to think about this okay so huge you four billion for two planes. And the more so it's a great deal for taxpayers. Know instead. Corporations are unnerved he just ended a contract with the bowling all like called partial nervous and besides the Washington Post really really. Trump had an absolutely brilliant remodel. If the corporations are so unnerved why is the stock market. Booming. Continue. Jar the Washington Post says a headline today saying corporations are unnerved in this country can't let me go onto another. I've got just I think that's just a rush that post because no matter what you do that devastates good and what happens is this so what nerve that the stock market visited the all time record since I've been elected and since they've been just won the nomination. Number one we did well land. After I won the election. The issue what happened I didn't have a history of our country does have a bit and up mistake. After the elections so. I don't know how somebody sit just to be you know people are nerves it's just the opposite good frankly I think we're going to go up we have tremendous room tremendous origin. In our country but we have to do things right I would I believe in free trade. But I don't believe in stupid trade and so the trade is what our companies all moved out of our country fire there workers as they come back get back and sell their product back it was still retribution lobbyists say very simply if they notify their workers moved to Mexico or some other country. I'd sell their product into our country they're going to be. You don't bingo that's it he nailed it and it's almost like who've dropped the microphone and that's it it's over that's what won him the election. Not that you won no one in Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin that's what won him. And the factories are no longer going to be gone. You're no longer going to be left without jobs and your communities devastated and they come in consequence free non MM MM no. You wanna leave that's your right but you're gonna pay at the border when they come back in and get swept. Already. Carrier 1000 jobs. A Ford kept their plant in Kentucky. Now the Japanese bull hold on now we want to make America great again here's fifty billion dollars 550000. Jobs none and all the money's gonna stay in America now. So he's cutting waste fraud and abuse. He's keeping jobs in Indiana he's keeping jobs in Kentucky he's creating 50000 free can jobs fifty billion dollars he does cut the deal. But I still what. Over a month a week from being inaugurated. And I'm asking myself. What is wrong with these liberals take LeBron James d.s. Over indulge spoiled leftist liberals celebrity sports figures. Who keep whining and complaining. About how horrible Bunnell trumpets. Now listen to this. So there's LeBron who might do it was a big surrogate for Hillary kept campaigning with her. Promised thirty deliver Ohio how to gut workout but let that go. So here you have a guy. We know is saying listen to this he's so big Eric trump for winning so angry. That now when the Cleveland Cavaliers his team. When they traveled to New York to play the New York Knicks they usually stay are trump tower it's my displacement he plays the players let get right. To Manhattan center of all the action. He will mole longer stay at trump power he has asked specifically. To go to way different Alltel. And not stay at trump tower to protest Donald Trump's election. What is it exactly you don't like. Is that the jobs. Is that the ending of the waste fraud and abuse. Is it putting America first well what what exactly. Is bothering you. Because so far that guy is on a free can role he has on a roll. And I've got to ask this question of LeBron James okay. Who is she I've got to finally somebody has to stand up to these celebrities. Who just don't realize you're there to report a stupid ball in the hole. You know who that tipped. If find the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. And I'm paying what is it they're paying them 12530. Whatever obscene amount of money. To put a ball and who. Buddy I pay you to play basketball. I don't you for your political opinions. Shut up and put the ball in the world. I'm sick of it. Now I pay you to play basketball play basketball. You want a boycott Donald Trump you want to rant and rave against Donald Trump thing you know what we resign. Or retire. Ditch your own talk show or write an op Ed piece or whatever but now you're starting to affect the locker room. Now I gotta set up different accommodations Freel. And that the story now with the team is Europe boycotting Donald Trump you won't stay at trump tower it's no longer about basketball. It's about your own left wing political opinions. And you know wanna know what's killing sports. I'll tell your right now with killing sports. It's killing ESPN. Which is why their ratings are in the tank. Which is why Disney's actually thinking about selling ESPN. They keep mixing politics and sports. It's what's killing the NFL with polling carper nick is what's killing the NBA it's what's killing sport ESPN. Guides. Shot up and play you don't wanna play you don't wanna cash in the 20/20 five mil somebody also do it. Jared you had a really good point at the meeting about what a phony and a fraud LeBron it's. Yeah and full disclosure I did work for the for ESPN for thirteen years. Six of those years I worked in the NBA producing lakers basketball game so I bin. In the locker rooms I've been in the circles I've talked to the players. I just a little confused on the bronze moral compass here so okay you're gonna boycott. All of the terrible things that trump apparently is going to do. You can't deal with that you'd fine. Where are you in 2008 when you played in the Beijing Olympics. When the company and I'm sorry cup not come our country. Who has a litany of human rights violations actual human rights violations. Not things that the left to spinning out of bright part one party Communist dictatorship it's hardly a labor it would slave labor slave labor camps. Murdering and relocating people Tibet Tibet Tibet yet. I mean you can have side against about you don't have to look but had no problem. Playing basketball in the Olympics in this horrible Communist country that basically murders its citizens. But you are a problem. With Donald Trump who all he does who has done nothing more than that Julie I'm sorry he has done something he saved jobs finger he struck a bank bingo my bad. Bingo he's always brilliant all he's doing is making people money. That district he's an easy make in the Japanese money he's making American workers money he's taken the country money and that's how dumb these celebrities are. The country is gonna be more richer more prosperous more successful it's already happening. So there you wanna go after the guy. Who's gonna pick Cleveland takeaway know he's gonna revive and rehabilitate Ohio. So they can have more money in their pockets because the job won't be going to China or Japan Mexico. To pay what is it 300 bucks a ticket or whatever it is to see you run up and down on the court. And put a ball in the hole. And your pro testing him. Hi ya ya IE 61720666868. Look. These guys they have no idea what they're playing what it's like Kellogg's. Then. This is dom hash tag dumped Kellogg's movement is now gaining steam why because they're going after conservatives and insulting half the country. Well it's the same thing with people like LeBron or these other over indulge spoiled sports celebrities who keep mixing politics and sports. Now take ESP and they're completely tanking I hope they go out of business. Honest to god I'm so sick of these guys. Every day it's black lives matter. Or it's amnesty. Or it's racism. Or rich or reparations. Or it's slavery. Or it's and teach from ports transgender. Ism. Listen now to basketball player legend Charles Barkley. Say now ESPN. Peyton Manning you retired great quarterback Indianapolis Colts then won a Super Bowl to Denver Broncos. ESPN is now try creating competition listen there's a rivalry. Between Peyton Manning retired and Cam Newton who lost in the Super Bowl. Dennis has before it was a force of Roy got it and Cam Newton. Who led his team to the Super Bowl but lost a phenomenal quarterback Rudy very talented guy but he's African American. And so they're trying to somehow claim more wind some people like Peyton Manning Morgan Cam Newton easy it racism. And commissioner Charles Barkley say enough with the constant race garbage. Roll it jar. Any lift we have already installed their crap about. Black vs white good birth people. And below from the winner got really don't talk to rose. But you can just see different but it Merritt group. Black against white. Good against you wouldn't really at most notably we religious can't appreciate. To greet mr. Eight and and and they've been clearly cameras on the track the beat someone agree to split up. Such as you can reduce the affirmative America's black vs white adverse evil. And he'd that the problem you have two weeks between getting a bit of both great players durable goods. But you know a lot of these loan that's been got regular show them the best way to make probably you'll do that integration. The Reagan airport boom in the world when you break every. Good race of the Beirut serious subject but you got formidable. There beacon have a by the spare conversations. Over release. Let me ask you this. Do you think it's inappropriate I don't mean to give your an opinion during an election campaign I guess it. Do you think it's inappropriate. For say step sports athletes. Celebrity athletes I mean sports figures. To. May get involved in May cause celeb. To the point that it really begins to influence the locker room are you sick of sports celebrities like LeBron James. Who keep politicizing. Whether it be basketball or football. Or partake yes PM. Are you sick of ESPN. Are you sick of sports. Constantly mixing politics. I wanna break from politics that's why I watch sports. Agreed to disagree. Should Ager shot up and play 86172666868. Your calls next. You come over the good thing. You know they wanna do is always liked his vision. And it's business it's more. A commitment and you go take a few. That was LeBron James. Really. Basketball's premier superstar. Injuring the I think October right Jarrett. That was October 3 by their own reserves saw about a month 05 weeks before the election he was out there for Hillary Clinton day after day after day. I'm rallies and now he says he's still so upset that trump one. When his team the Cleveland Cavaliers go to New York to play the New York Knicks he specifically asking not to stay at trump tower the rest of the team. There are going to be a trump are like they always do you know sleep their little girl but not him. Is it time and the politicized nation of sports. Are you sick of these celebrities. Constantly. Going on about one leftist cause after another. Britney and all you want a way in you were talking about Caitlin and her. ESP and that number aren't any of that espy's and let us forget alleged person of the air most influential whatever. I was just so aggravated because there are other people that I thought. Should've and that person of the year at the espy's. Well we were but that was a three year old girl. How old she is shy young too like three or four who battled cancer you have and her father was capped he plays plays Diana foul. The practice squads but he can continue to have health insurance. And coverage for his daughter was battling cancer. Again this other people had just deserved it nice don't think that this little transgender thing Levin shot down everybody's throats if it weren't for our. ESPN and Caitlin Jenner. And done completely right and this kid battled cancer and battled cancer. But no that wasn't the courage regular ES still is Leah stale we ought to remember that and that was for courage right that she got the he she yeah. Jenner what our courage. Tampa per person Arthur Ashe got the Arthur Ashe award for courage. And because she's a man who said she's a woman. Or he she's a man who says now she's a woman. And that set. The. About early bat it's not just athletes it's musicians. It's actors and an honor. Madonna out wet I mean grace and I want to hit ball we are aggravated about how people doesn't want people on both trump and you know it's just FB the we are where they gang. To literally watch you sing and dance for us and EU are just shopping politics down our throats. Well aware what you know when I just want galling data way and not think about the news or work Ernie thank you have a good time and and where people are always talking politics no matter why it's so. And not only do you pay. You pay 234500. Dollars a freaking ticket. Where there are making tens of millions and Valerie are really Abby edit page ferry your food your traits are hard on everything he's a murder are in part. What is it I was forty bucks at Fenway. Through our partner Fenway. Irish I don't know how rewarding about starts before they've already filed out of the garden at the TD garden. I would say 45 fortieth 4050. Oh yeah within 4050 depending so he brought along idol and how lying on for beat on and for the whole night to get it. It's always 4050 bucks just parking let's say you want to bring your care a second person with you to the game. So what are tickets hundreds of dollars right prayer yes god forbid you wanna get a beer. You know forget it appears forget when I get a drink and barks at a ten bucks for a lousy beer for a Bud Light. Yes you throw in a hamburger a couple of hamburgers and hot dogs are mean. It's it's costing you 4500 bucks right. How does a working man afford that. And then on top of that I got to listen if you ignoring mrs. lecture me about politics. When I wanna get away from politics and is the state for a couple of it's true. I've been saying shut up and Dan you're shut up enact I don't care you're being too polite blank off. But what I mean granted to 61720666868. How sports become generally entertainment. How does that become too politicized. Are you just sick of these wanna be political activists. Your calls next. You're 37 year on the great WRKO. 617. 2666868. Is the number of you already know this but just a hammer home the point. Listen now to Curt Schilling fired from ESPN. Because she'll a couple of weeks. Come on transgender bathroom stir. We've got are now a madam bought them forbidden. In politically correct leftist elite America. And I got him fired for me that's the end because he actually believes in all a woman goes to a woman's bathroom. And a man goes to a men's bathroom and so he was asked point blank on our sister station WE eyed gem. With the Gerry Callahan and Kirk men and the morning show. Look how liberal is ESPN and listened to Curt Schilling. You don't like about. Transgender is that the greatest people in the world and if you disagree you're an IMF for it would certainly north please Reuters a language in public. A lot of what happened I think is very discriminatory it. If that I'd been liberal I'd made a liberal point of view I don't think it is whatever happened. Do you think if you were a minority day you would not have been nowhere. Norway. Note if you would if you were transgendered. Know now. Oh got mother would give me an award like Caitlin Jenner 6172666868. Archie Europe first go ahead arch. They cap. It via it looked up and gave. Do too much work. OK but it is and you look at crack how I would say 8090%. Of them are you are up. At the poor white people working out. It if it go to any city in the country. And BA city. They are all 8090% of oracle or any book warm. Is it all white grape at. You know Archie look I got to ask you this Archie if you don't mind me asking are you working class person. Okay honestly how you afford it. We look I make a decent salary here are really Archie I make a decent salary you know I do well we live a nice home we drive to cars put we them up pleading poverty. But in terms of like taking graduate wanna go grace would wanna go. I mean this tickets the parking that if the food that I'm I'm all for 5600 dollars. I think yeah want they had great while like one might slightly younger is like and it came quite a little odd it. I would say content may be walking ball game during the electorate are gay. I've always you look at these dat we a technical support when I was younger in high school. In the week the skill level is awful lot blogging any of these guys. It it would again thought a Robert seemed everywhere in our normal guy. He's got a terrible bit too little terror local baseball football back up bottom it what it what it is. It hit me it has been that kind of money to watch you guys. Why can't glue it number one but like I said if you hit a whole well you know he's like great. If you are eating Hugo Iranian. All right now on our our games yeah our chair watching games on TV I seen a crowd and I'm think Campbell those that are deplorable spraying detected it's a pay for your salary. You are so I guess they're not you know you. They're not so racist you won't take their money Archie he's a phony and a fraud that's all he is he's a sport really is he's a man child. He's a spoiled over indulged brat. Who dribbles a basketball every Els and he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. That's all but he's got a mind of a fourteen year old. And it's not exactly it's the roaring twenties in Cleveland right now by the way it that's an insane yeah exactly I mean so you've got Ohio and Cleveland which has been decimated. And that's why trump won the state so big and I'm thinking you're gonna spit. On your own fan base. The people pay the tickets. You're insulting trump your insulting them you're insulting his voters his supporters are the ones are. The ones are effectively putting I know the owner does my effectively they're the ones paying your salary. Here's what I don't get I look I gotta say this I've said this to Jerry and Briton Ian privately seen in public. If fine me for dec 25 million dollars a year look I'm very happy don't get me wrong I'm not complaining. Part of it is my fault I asked for editorial independence I'm really it's announced. I'm I'm like a rabbit on the so why sacrifice salary for editorial in the pan spoke like this'll make a good living don't get me wrong. But if I mean a million dollars a year not 1015 looked 1251. Million dollars a year. I'm doing freaking cartwheels. Kissing the ground every day saying I love America I love you I love everybody. Instead he's Kaiser miserable human beings. There are always dissatisfied. Always complaining. Picking up one ridiculous leftist political cause after another. If it's not to racism is black lives a matter of it's not black lives and matter it's. Amnesty if it's not amnesty it's global warming are now it's we hate trump. Sharp and worry. I mean Datsyuk to what's the problem. Though in fact trump was gonna cut your taxes. You're gonna make even more money. What the guy should be thanking him. 61720666868. Freddie and Beverly go ahead Freddie. Epic taking my call yeah I get really tired of people have no moral values like he's not celebrity to these escorts. People with talent not. How we should be thanking him and I think that they're gonna take a stand firm. You don't stop that they don't happen around like don't exercise. Another thing I want to point out as you mentioned Kellogg. Yes I can't. We'll go ahead of time what our core values and. How they're standing up for their values at the table kind of fascist company Kellogg there's. People want GM all labeling. And it all these states where they try to get GM all labeling Pascal looked good then spend money along with Monsanto. In other companies and they block of these deals gone through. And on the FaceBook page when customers don't walk in here and ask them to please get the GM both got their food date then page show that. Who attack them in massive attack people wouldn't help them. And come after them and then they end up after you get an argument with these people who were attacking you were paid to attack you using phony names and everything. Intel boots you top of the page for arguing with them. Yacht are trying to keep GM I'll labeling from people. Offer your debt on thank you for that call will look they're paying a price now. Their stock prices dropped on the petition I think is normal for 400000. To hash tag dumped Kellogg's I'm part of that movement I'm a proud part of that movement now tell you why. Because it's all come out. Kellogg's. You know corn flakes frosted flakes. They're in bed with George Soros. In fact the guys a multibillionaire. It's now come out big give money to the Soros foundation. They're the ones who've been helping to subsidize and find efforts to prevent for the right deal once. I'll let Gaza aren't black lives matter. Climate change every major left wing caucus. Every dream of the moon bats. Is being funded and under right by Kellogg's and on top of all of this. Der CEO comes out and says. I'm not gonna advertise on conservative sites are conservative. Our media outlets the big one being bright part but there's many others because quote the supporters of trump. Don't allying with far values. So the goal is not really bright spark. The goal is to delegitimize. Strom and delegitimize strong supporters. Does what this is all about. So like these NFL or NBA athletes or other professional sports celebrity athletes. You want to alienate an insult half the country. She wanted to commit suicide gore ahead dig your own grave. But in my house. The Kellogg's corn flakes is gone right to the garbage. Fruit loops after I was crying I said Ashton don't worry we'll catch is something also can it be even better fruit loops frosted flakes right in the garbage. Ed goes mommy now just gonna make pancakes forget the waffles in the garbage. Let's let. 6172666868. You want to declare war on us then we're gonna declare war on you. Tall and economic boycott. Trash bag dump Kellogg X Dennis Europe next go ahead Dennis. About personal call but I have a question well how they're calling and once you miss a big point Greek adding. Barnes and bawling. But we all eat and borrowing is gonna take the reduction in corporate tax depicting percent and a Al actual complaint I mean you can't always arguing saying white. Oh god they didn't actually quite sick. At that point on Sudan. NASA's I mean actually borrowing. Like a long way to take that Eric. In Kellogg so we weren't cheap. And. Gardner I'll damaged or completely right know look you nailed it so you know they hey trop de trumpet trumpet but they take the money. You know the expression she weep she weeps but she takes she makes. So. Look let me tell you what trump do it to Boeing effective okay he basically said blinking. He said blank you. The no more waste no more fraud cost too much money. I was hired by the American people there might shareholders. Got so trump thanks. And they sent you here to clean up to drain the swamp to clean house. And you're one of the biggest freaking gears in here and your eating and eating and eating and you know what your four billion dollars to the fact. And it's not know. How I've said this before what is that African flying castle. Cool billion dollars a plane what the hell you guys are making now all are lining their pockets. He has created. More jobs trump palace. Any hasn't even been sworn in yet real drops. Saving carrier the Ford plant 50000. Already full time good paying jobs which is fueled the Japanese bank can Obama hasn't years. All the jobs under Obama have been part time jobs or government bureaucracy jobs that's always done. He's sworn the bureaucracy. Or giving people part time jobs at Starbucks. That's that's the Obama legacy. This guy's coming in we still have a month to go. Or even actually what six weeks ago my god seriously what's gonna happen in six weeks. 6172666868. Jerry you want a break why ticker call. Break OK we'll break take more of your calls don't touch that dial. David in. Boston in Europe next go ahead David. Thank sir and I take my calls yeah I didn't. LeBron is an idiot that's first and I think we'll when I get that out that said. Yeah I I wanted Qaeda been so quick with but Pearl Harbor. Business do you really think that any any like LeBron James or any of these guys to do it but my father didn't grow our work. Though they need to beat. Go back into their state they they couldn't do it. Because they don't have any allow for the country or commitment to the country that has given them so much. David I think you make actually brilliant point only. My my father came here as a first generation immigrants somewhere you I'm Albania all the yet but I understand often you know I'm being one of the largest. Played today as the greatest population of Albanian. Like I did know that out yet little I thought it was Chicago but let let it go David yeah. Yeah it might cheaper but you're almost eyes I'm David my prayer my ancestors are from Croatia it's the Balkans is romo's eyes I'm David. Ya ya know what I understand hi my dad was chief of the US Elena. And done he was stationed at Pearl Harbor let me attack happened there in addition to get out. And move them you know they they get what they needed to do. But I wanted to bring the point up as you know my dad was born in 1918. I get our family came here around nineteen. 141913. My dad was so happy that the site. And or Orton join the service I should say and you would have done anything for the country because they gave him so much. That elation or celebrities in the hat today what they think nothing but themselves. I think a lot of that is just you know meaning me they just do our system. Crede. Just to get attention. And they don't think they they don't they just could not do. What that generation of world war. David you're dead on and try Britney was telling me a really moving story about one of her great grandparents. Who at the each fifteen. Your grandfather I'm sorry okay sixteen sorry that was 1516. Ran off left home to go join up and fight for the United States after Pearl Harbor. Yeah because they wanted using Pena a dismal war is not funny at you know. And anyone that the on the circuit today noticed that there is no everyone gets the trophy. That there is you know wins Portland and you better be on the winning side and I loved that Japanese guy that like what prompting many America. A great again I isn't it great I mean really as we all fail Pearl Harbor mortal enemy 75 years ago and now. Buddy's side by side cutting deals fifty billion dollars 50000 jobs they win we win. It's what America's all about David very quickly go because Britney and Jarrett and I've been talking about this you're completely right about people picking up the gunning going to fight. But what about the civilians. Would we be willing to I don't know a juror rationing as they did in World War II. Or you know crush steel or save on robber or. Do what every you know what the home front did injuring the war because everybody now. You don't you don't got to chuck wagon. You know if you're not in offers not a both day and everybody's complaining. I think I I honestly think so I'm I'm an optimist by by nature I do you think so. I I think today I think. Do you think Americans would sacrifice in a major war ally absolutely. I mean I mean I would I hope my fellow Americans would. Yeah I and I think that the election kind of speak to that I really didn't. By David Gray called the lobbyist David my fellow by design bumper. Well again my friend. Our shore thank you very much for that that tribute two. Pearl Harbor that. Well I love those guys I love them David thank you so much okay my friends. How viewed dined at Hanover street chop house in Manchester, New Hampshire. I'm telling you it is one of the finest steak houses not just New England. In America. Their steaks and seafood outstanding your service first Klaus the the core I've been there are several times gorgeous absolutely beautiful. Fall is a great time to enjoy the chop thousands famous box launch where you select your appetizer. And entree like hanger steak. Famous blackened shrimp. Or Manchester is best meat loaf. Plus aside for only sixteen boxed. And Sunday off. They're forty dollar three course dinner. It includes a sect UN delicious. Fillet mini own it's an absolute steal my friends. If you haven't lived. Until you've gone demand over street chop house in Manchester, New Hampshire. For the Christmas holiday you wanna treat that's the place to go. Check out there Hanover street chop house dot com. The building a favor when you see the owner Stephen shirt a column the corner man says hello all. And you know all a gift card would be nice as well he could suggest. And elbow throwing the corner man a hundred dollar gift card so we can take his wife and left familiar for our little our little state dinner I'm just saying I'm just saying. Okay my friends. Gotta go. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up vol liberal bull. Until all the vets so there on this Pearl Harbor day. May god bless you. Now and forever.