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Fireworks at Harvard. 12/2/16

Dec 2, 2016|

Kellyanne Conway of the Trump campaign and Jennifer Palmieri of the Clinton campaign attack each other’s campaigns at Harvard University. Listen to the exchange.

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But go left he goes biz jerk. James mad dog Mattis their retired marine general. Really got that nickname from his troops. 41 years of military service. Essentially was purged by Obama. He was one of the first casualties of Trump's sorry of Obama's purge. Part of the military. He. He's a legend. According to the Marine Corps times. Mattis is considered quote the most revered marine any generation. And he led the first marine division into Iraq in 2003. He has been compared by many people as a modern day to general Patton as a modern day general Douglas MacArthur. Buys a bolt tactician a brilliant strategist. Absolutely fearless. And somebody who is a very much a relentless supporter and defender of his troops under his command. And so Obama did not like him. Thought that if he was just two opposed to war enemies any rock. Did not like his aggressiveness towards especially radical Islam. And that he was also very skeptical. And ask tough questions about the Iran deal. That Obama was so desperate to sign from the beginning and so he was one of the first casualties of Obama's military purge. And I got to tell you he's got he's known for some really. Powerful words. And very gripping quotes. According to his troops he's an inspirational leader of men. And he's known like other great generals. For having me. A way with words are real alternative for race. Here are some of the best words. That the mad dog has his troops column has had to offer one. I don't lose sleep I don't lose any sleep at night over the potential for failing. I cannot even spelled the word. Another one the first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant. Event. That's says there are some I have to clean this up you know he's a marine little salty language. That said there are some bus pulls in the world. Had just need to be shot. A cracked mud he. A cut but you mean those guys I hear you general. And here's another one. This is one that to the San Diego union Tribune I come in peace I didn't bring artillery. But I'm pleading with you with tears in my eyes. It's the F bomb I can't say if you blank with me I'll kill you wall the. And I say I'm I you know why the lives are going to apoplectic. Now you know why New York democratic senator Kirsten Gillibrand says I'm not given them a waiver to run the Defense Department. He's not gonna run the Pentagon. Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment in American democracy. And kill every one of them until there are so sick of the killing. That they leave us and our freedoms impact. They right now Oden. If I'm they had a vices subprime Mal but daddy he's in no mood right now he's mad they Goldstein mud mini order right now. I'll allow we need a lot of help. He'll look of help. He's available only they get it sit there and just got many good it again a very nasty this could be read the Bible for us. Marines don't know how to spell the word defeat. Be polite. Be professional. But have a plan to kill everybody you meet. The most important six inches on the battlefield is between your ears. This one I love. You are part of the world's most feared and trusted force. Engage your brain before you engage your weapon. This is in fact they letter that he wrote to the first marine division. There are hunters and there are victims. By your discipline. Cunning obedience. And alertness. You'll decide if you worry hunter or a victim. This is a this is a really good quote. No war is over until the enemy says it's over. We may think get over we may declare it over but in fact the enemy gets a vote. Barely hear you showed no listen to Oman that one remember what Obama said that tide of war was receding. And he was bragging that al-Qaeda was on the Iran and the war on Islamic toy recall Islamic terror the war on terror was just as it was over just because he declared it over. Well mole. They didn't declare it's over they have a vote. There is nothing better he's getting shot at and missed it's really great it takes a very special guy to be eight. A member of our military and to be a general I demeanor I tightened his. I don't like getting shot that to me that's not good to me that's not the greatest sensation in the world. You know call me a lover not a fighter but when there's a bullet whizzing by in my head I go down. You cannot allow. Any of your people to avoid the brutal fox. If they start living in a dream world it's going to be bad. And he is a crisis. Is the JV team. There's no such thing as radical Islam. Islam is a religion of peace. The tide of war is receding. There is no threat to the American homeland I choose is gone even within our own country on our own soil. The lies that the left and Obama has been spewing about peaceful coexistence with radical Islam. He's got on it's a dream world. And the world in reality is brutal. You going to Afghanistan. He knew that guys who slap women around for five years because they didn't Wear a veil. You know guys like that ain't got no manhood left anyway so what's that held a lot of fun to shoot them. Actually it's quite fun to shoot them you know it's Alamo who. It's fun to shoot some people I'll be right up there with you I like brawling. Where I gotta tell you meant this guy's gonna he's gonna keep prices for lunch. And meet him. I'm going to plead with you do not cross us because if you do. The survival fueled the survivors will write about what we do here for 101000 years. And demonstrate to the world there is no better friend. No worse enemy DN AUS marine. One night you know why his guys level. I mean hell industry I've just read fifteen quotes I wanna follow this kind of battle. 6172666868. Sergeant K Europe next go ahead sergeant. And were what a wonderful day just to be arraigned there. Thank you for your service. I'll thank you for your support and wanted to hit a few key points on art patron saint that they are general mad dog mad at becoming the secretary of the experts are enacting the name. And you nobody secretary it's definitely gonna change direction and about a war probably it slightly more appropriate title. I didn't have come a lot of politically currently at gently and let. How that earlier and make the mistake of calling him an ex marine while also saying that he had read up about it. If you have read up about general that if you will ever get it to a place she can't get a sat at least proven that. And you don't on the range experience it only can transfer that Murray is an experienced and they get honored or Wednesday. On their own this shied tidbits about himself. Matt in general is absolutely nothing but the picture perfect. Most beautiful example of what is the Marine Corps should have been should have always been what every marine hopes to become and I do have one request is. When you are comparing to other generals. They cannot forget our original patron saint of warfare. And that would be Louis beat checked the older because that it's in mad dog mattresses is the true representation at used to check people or an hour. See I didn't know that you just taught me something. Sergeant I got to ask you one quick question are getting a lot of attacks you know I love you vets I love you guys. I never want to do anything that would ever disrespect any of you. Sorry to ask you this. I'm getting a lot of texts from people saying don't call them mad dog he only wants not to be called from his own troops to you know is that true. That is in factor that we we we do have a tendency to kind of had some leniency for civilians who are on some things like counseling had a tendency to calm the charge. I'm not in the army I let it slide. And and mad dog is kind of its most commonly referred to moniker it's catchy people call and people are mad dog. I think that's why has. You've had so many liberals losing their minds are right now and and next thing independent that the moment is because she is the ultimate reminder that the Wall Street this and we need men like him to keep the met face the sheep don't. Completely go extinct. That's why they hate it that's why they hate him it's because he is a reminder that the war still exist. I sergeant K I will not call a mad dog anymore I give you my word of honor on the out. And I want to thank you again for your service god bless you. Thank you sir have a great day again in. Carl bless you. Our coo Russ in Boston Ross thanks for holding and welcome. Jeff let's send it wouldn't wanna put it up like out and then you have and I led by what at. It has a much better to have a mad dog what our current feared. We it rich when we are not aired where are always at risk we've always gonna act when we perceive W week. Russ I buddy I haven't heard from you in awhile so I didn't get your take on VA secretary. But I want to ask you this and I wanna throw another log on the fire. The chief chief spreading bull Elizabeth Warren says that she backs Scott Brown for VA secretary. And not Sarah Palin. Is that the kiss of death for the model as far as you're concerned. It it broke about yep well let's face it OK a little water on you'll always have an ulterior motive. Negotiate believes in the old divide and I saw no matter what she's the white cheap. Am I can be tribes that it now to replace as far as I'm concerned. Both Scott brown and Sarah Palin I believe would do a good job. He's been in that position. TSA RS my thinking is this value because your veteran you served in Vietnam and that's why I'm asking you. If they achieve this for him then I'm for her. It MI wrong in my long runs. Well I can't say you're wise. I understood and you're into. It. I. And I aren't they feel they're away although I don't make sure LN. Because she didn't go out now so that everybody the left and the demonic. Perez thank you again buddy I appreciate it 6172666868. Okay. General James Mattis. Known by you is a beloved troops as mad dog Mattis. Really a fierce warrior a brilliant commander a brilliant general now has been chosen to be the next secretary of defense. Good move bad move the left is going apoplectic vowing to block him we're gonna continue to take your calls and also coming up next. Show old down out of Harvard. Full bloom. There was an election forum kind of a post election form. At the Harvard Kennedy school of government. Kellyanne Conway was there. Our Jennifer Palmieri from the Clinton camp the Rabin walk it got ugly your guard down right nasty. Not your calls next. 224. Here on the break WRKO. OK my friends. Just an update that you need to be aware of the veterans are on a roll as well. It's not just with the pick of general James Mattis. At Hampshire College if you remember on Sunday. About a thousand of them protests there. These campuses decision to school president in particular. A decision to no longer fly the American flag in fact they removed the flag. Completely from the campus Fuzzy protest of Donald Trump's victory. Because of calls from this show from this incredible audience. And because of the bravery of the veterans who showed up in protest it. And many of them are gonna show up again over the weekend and continue the pressure. Look at these liberal cowards. Talk about a glass draw yay animal once just once and they fall like a sack a potatoes. The school president has thrown in the towel. And has now come out Jonathan lash and said. Norm lasts no more. Don't flag is back and not only is the flag back at Hampshire College it's gonna fly everywhere on the campus. It's it's everywhere not just one flag everywhere. You see what happens when we stand up and fight. We win. Now speaking of sour grapes. Yesterday at hall of the Kennedy school of government they do this to be fair to them after every major feel all presidential election. They will bring some of the top political operatives of the winning campaign in the losing campaign. To basically talk about what happened what went right what went wrong what are some of the lessons. And although there can be some jabs. And a little bit of back and forth it's generally quite professional and quite civil. Not last night. Last night top Clinton aides were there. The campaign. That the person was essentially ran the campaign Robbie move as Wallace communications director Jennifer Palmieri. Kellyanne Conway from Trump's side was there as well as other senior trump gates and almost from the beginning. It was angry it was wrong and it was nasty. Any in particular. That call went to any stunts. Were bitter that Hillary rotten lost. And they claimed she lost because Strom is a racist. And he threw I was a dog whistle after dog whistle after a dog whistle accorded to them. And he won because he got the racist vote. Listen now to communications. Director. Jennifer Palmieri dep will be on that liberal loser. Goal right after Kellyanne Conway. Saying you know why you won. Because you gave a platform. To the white supremacists. Roll it Allen. If providing each class. For white supremacists. Makes me brilliant streak strip this is brilliant tactician as I am glad to have lost. And what it really did meet a minute David when I am more proud of Hillary Clinton's all right speech than any other moment on the campaign because I had the courage. To stand up I would rather lose than win the way you guys did they let them. Yet they wouldn't miss it yes that's very clear it's hitting a UN we actually. Don't. Keep it of course you want to win now here's what's incredible. Okay racism racism racism. And they kept complaining the whole freaking time proud how long this thing went on over an hour. But they paint did Miller auriemma a negative way he ran a negative campaign and that's what attracts people one really. How about 2012. When the dear leader won against their admittance. When the Democrats called them a tax cheat a murderer. I'm outsource or a vulture capitalist you guys call them every free can name in the book. Dent all the band that's brilliant campaigning. There and that's the art of public relations. That's how you get your message across. My painting your opponent but one it was done day Hillary. All of a sudden. Midland near me don't mean you. Her name and didn't campaign in and let alone it's a revenue loser clearly in my underwear you guy. Is ran. And so Kelly Con-way. Gave as good as she got here was her rebuttal role it Alan do you think I ran a campaign that white supremacist had a platform you know look me in the face. Telling that it's Jillian really did it over and got an honest enough. TV you could just hadn't got it matches at the white working class voters he think this woman who let nothing in common with I don't think I'd like it one bit and yeah Cheney went right over 200 counties that President Obama won Donald Trump just one. You think that's because of what you just said we're because people are ready for a woman president really how about it Hillary Clinton she doesn't connect to keep people haven't seen nothing in common with her she's happy right now economic message diet. I mean I would've gone even further. But each Kellyanne Connolly know that the country didn't like to worry she saw X. Nobody liked her she's an elitist to the core she says corrupt as they come they didn't want to freaking yanks there. And so she didn't win the heartland because she's a horrible candidate number one number two and most importantly. Honestly I am so sick of these racism white supremacy charges he won them all the real racists are let's be very clear. Who called half of America I'll bunch of deplorable else you date your candidate DeDe. You guys were the ones that hate Christians. They hate rural people. That hate at conservatives. Is that hate those that champion the Second Amendment. You guys are the anti Christian anti American bigots. You guys are the ones that look down upon the working class so if you got any good but nobody to blame if you. You wouldn't want to kiss off half the electorate saying they're a bunch of neo Nazi bigots. And then when the country says blank Q who do you blame them. No the only racist is you who. Who called the people of Pennsylvania bitter cling years until later. Pours the wanna sit whites are racist in the DNA until later. Course the one that said the deplorable or quote you are redeemable. Your own candidate. Half tell you what you all are. You wanna know the real racists in the wrong that you do. And middle America gave you the middle finger. So if you wanna complain about racism. Don't look at Donald Trump. Don't look at Kellyanne Conway don't look at Stephen Bannon don't blame them look at yourself. 6170666868. Mort your calls next. If providing eight platform. For white supremacist. Makes me brilliant streets. It's brilliant tactician I am glad to have lost. And when he really give me a minute David when I am more proud of Hillary Clinton's all rights fees than any other moment on the campaign and I encouraged. To stand up I would rather lose than win the way you guys did they let them. Yes you wouldn't yes yes that's very clear today that you wouldn't. Do you think I ran a campaign a waitress had a platform you know look me in the face telling that it's Jillian really isn't okay and god is up. TV you could just had a guy that sits at the white working class voters he think this woman fled nothing more commonly I don't need not like it one bit and you. Cheney that way I have a 200 counties that President Obama won Donald Trump just one. You think that's because of what you just said we're because people are ready for a woman president really popping up. It's Hillary Clinton she doesn't connect with Pete people have a thing if nothing is common with her she. Right now economically attractive guys. How about the country was on the wrong track poll after poll after poll. Thank you represented more of the same if that ever occurred. Jennifer Palmieri and Robbie mocha these other climaxed. What sort lose. Serves. I yeah I U nine U. What a bunch of sore losers. I mean this is honestly this was pathetic last night at Harvard University. Okay my friends 6172666868. Clamped in trump aids clash of an election form and Harvard. Did Hillary's people disgrace themselves even more. And why can they not accept the fact that not only did they lose. But that Hillary was a rotten. Candidate. 6172666868. OK we'll take your calls shortly by joining us now. As he usually does on Friday. Is that the voice of Saturday morning here on WRKO. And a sponsor of the corner report I love him. Bill Kelly bill my body how are you. Program operated in good good bill I've got to ask you the guy has even been sworn in yet. And trump is already is he would put it win mean win mean going remained. Thousand jobs a carrier saved the Ford plant is not going to Mexico all stock market is booming. Let me ask you this bill. What's your advice to people regarding the stock market the economy. And Trump's potential tax reform package that he wants to up costs within the first hundred days. Well that's good relationships that first of all we want to acknowledge the globe has spent about half of their front page yesterday explaining to us now on presidential. It wants for trump to going there to save those two glance that's all right Jeff did you know that. I'd try not to read the globe bill. I how would I told you why I use it for wrapping fish that's about it. I. Monitored my pleasure comment about how. It would. Wanna hear it well 32 page report 2017 by the numbers to trying to explain this tax code right now. Which I think the president elect just about that he'll change in the strip right now we have a very complex tax code. And we still have that three point 8% tax on your investments. I don't know people wherever it's called him obamacare attacks helped. There's still Jennings. This to getting something out of our irons to upload. Have you noticed that President Obama seems to be trading away much faster than we thought he would. Well there's that and then to mean just the stunning reversal of carrier. Whereby you out Obama openly saying those jobs are gone they're never coming back. And Strom basically over Thanksgiving weekend. When honestly I was at your place. When you truly incredible spread along with other members of your staff Adele Kelly financial honestly you won prior to shoot a breeze. He's worked in the CEO of United Technologies. And now a thousand jobs have been saved bill. Well Reagan was cheerleader when the president situated time president John Kennedy was a cheerleader and that's part of nevertheless about 20% of the role if you just. I mean no one ever called carrier that pass came to just stay here we work with the UN thousand jobs for seven million bucks in taxes guess what. Great deal going to thank Jeff. Clogged up phenomenal deal bill I'm just curious. Trump says he wants to cut corporate taxes he wants the cut business taxes he wants to cut middle working class taxes. He wants a huge tax reform package to really get the economy moving again. To really stimulate jobs economic growth. You look at the markets nobody looks at the markets better than you do do you think this is the prescription that this country needs. I think it's another Renton. It's and it's another Ronald Reagan President Reagan era if this goes through the way he. Says it will Japanese does seem to be keeping his word at every turn so that in itself as a rare trip but. He if he does but he says he's gonna do completely changed the landscape for people less fortunate right now. And President Obama let a lot of people behind Jeff in the dust and they are people that desperately needed help from him and talking to Janet points. We have 2017 by the numbers right now Roger puts a 2832. Page report in total right now just off depressed I just finished it. Before the call also it has every kind of a number for taxes that people I know I need to know and then hopefully. Mixture of the Tony eighteen by the numbers will be like a four page report chips this past these things are absolutely impossible all the work much. Bill buddy working people goal or what number should they just call the office if they wanna get a copy either of your report. Sure. 888800. Wanted to when they can text and any of the textures out there and text. So X 86 it is will be allowed to get their information that's easy for them just type in 2017 by the numbers aren't. Well we'll get some. Now all right Tony seventeen by the numbers you can either tax 68680. Bill Kelly is outlined really a very important report about. All the taxes that help you plan for your investment for your. Retirement. Or you can call 8888188180881881. Bill that's completely free right buddy. As usual Jeff and I appreciate your time to put our member theater back in a winter. In New Hampshire looking at people many many many months ago you remember that. All I remember that you and I were there buddy and we were talking about this and we say we think Trump's gonna win. Op I mean when you're ahead of the curve weren't week. I went along leader for a little while larger. Well we came out on top bill that's all that matters my friend. A couple of human. A great advocate and just. To see you again soon bill thanks a lot and keep up the great work and thanks for all your support I really appreciate it do the messy and god bless our god bless you. Bill Kelly sponsor of the corner report. He's got a new report out. Really if you're an investor you wanna plan for your retirement. It's all the taxes by the numbers everything. You've got to empower yourself. Call now 8888188180881881. Okay shoot out at Harvard yesterday. Are Hillary's people now just simply sore losers. And why do they keep trying to claim. That somehow. White supremacy. Racism. Is what one trumped the election. When trump won many of the voters in Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania. Dead voted for Obama. Told times. Sold a political broadly Coke in the very same voters who voted for a black guy. Now all of a sudden be racist when they vote for a Republican. 6172666868. Mike in new Mike I think you want to defend yourself. Anchor out. Let the ball. Well I you know I I I I we're against this expert at marine general mad dog. It. Oh yeah court we both fourteen years. The Marines that problem. Actually. Our legal racist rhetoric. I embarrass. And diminish. Yeah congress is like an empty that that there are in the mean any court would I'd like contempt. Percent of those ex marine. That aren't that Marines shot. And I. You know like you sure you misled about the that's where Austin is certainly. Yet they're worried that goes about it. Married and out. In what tally of an eye and I haven't met yet from work with a guy I apologize that'll you'll either gentlemen I have met. You should decent packages and that would not. It'll the court. And had an impact it would it would keep children. Or an a couple of attitudes that lead being. An irishman. Without. Injury but I'm it to you right now you know Kelly you can contact me and I am in can never. We're kept appeal. For giving up an extra. I thank you might get thank you for your serve his body I was just teasing about the whole army marine rivalry Mike listen we love you on the show. You served and fought for our country you have the right to come on the show express your opinion. Any time. I just happen to disagree with you one general James Mattis I think he's a phenomenal back. I think he's going to be a great defense secretary. I think he's exactly what the military the Pentagon needs. We need a fighter we need a warrior we need a patriot. Someone who understands the enemy and will take the fight ices and radical islam's. Let me make a prediction right now. Trump and Mattis together. I think by sister will be smashed and finished within the first term of Donald Trump's administration. I think this war is going to be over and the guy do it. These are MacArthur and our patent. General James Mattis agree disagree. Jamie Europe next go ahead Jimmy. Guess I haven't called additional twelve years but I've listened to you from Dave let me tell. I didn't disappear. Obama talks about junior class in its sleeve in the White House this is veracity all the way every ticket and by city and you know. I'm not like yeah I was nervous as hell this last election both countries shaped and that every twenty has kept us. You know they want it in their long as you begin to bald and Rudy secretaries they can keep up the ground. Paul and Jerry best the last battle that's why I'm fighting it's so hard my friend I just don't want madness. Bolton I'll be ecstatic rule we I'll be happy but they Jimmie just quickly just to back up what you're saying. You've got retired general and lieutenant general Mike Flynn national security advisor brilliant. Jeff Sessions attorney general brilliant. James Mattis retired general James Mattis Defense Secretary shall per brilliant. You've got strong accent treasury strong accent commerce Betsy divorce education secretary phenomenal. I mean I PA honestly I think we all I make fun of Mumbai I think Scott Brown would be OK I think it'll be even better. I'm looking at this cabinet. Dish is looking like a cabinet of real competent professionals. You know it for the first I'd like you'll see real change and I mean it's. It's wonderful let me try one more thing actually you know and I think you get the wall built in three days of street doesn't tell the Democrats. Danny's gonna. Electrify it put solar panels on the fellow back to Mexico the extra energy at. And I think people are the two day. If and Jimmy still got a Supreme Court vacancy to fill. All it in a couple I am a couple of ought to follow my uncle Ted Cruz I mean Jimmy if you went with Ted Cruz high young EI. I mean my god be the trifecta. Yeah I don't mean it just like when you look at that I think the most the most important part of this election was that the Supreme Court in the other. Most important thing he says is there regulation. That battle to spur of the tribe like net awards. Jimmy he's gone up put America back to work. You wanna not really I'm telling you hard work is back is in. Avoiding work being on welfare under the Obama years that's helped. Hard work is in. If you wanna work hard you want to achieve the American dream. You've got your guy. Who's about what fifty days now from entering the White House I can't wait 61720666868. Happy days are here again. Probably Europe next go ahead don't. Our great beyond its view great conversations. I come back and they actually hero. Army's Aaron Rome. When the blessings that I have had on this service says the connections no relationships. I have some of the greatest people in the world. And one album. Ended up working as in the secretary of defense office. For several years I think inserted under Clinton and stayed on it. So we ever go back and forth he has some liberal view is a lot of things and so last solicit or do you think of the choice for general matters there I was expecting. You know. Well we can't have military people. You know in charge of the air Defense Department because a simple separation between civilian leadership and military and so forth. Could that carry its conflict. But I was surprised he loves general mapped. And that's the guy that that leans liberal. Are sore from Warren says we need leadership. Jeff there's nothing like a strong. Visionary leader to head up a department like the press department. Aftermarket. It's gonna change a whole complexion of every service. Tony you're a 1000% right but even more even more. He's allowed looked to me. What says more about a general in the fact that he's loved beloved by his troops who fought under him who bled with him. Who many of them died fighting form. I mean that tells you everything you need to know. So I'm not surprised your liberal leaning friend is backing him because he's a winner. He's a winner. And it's about time I don't wanna sound like trump on the campaign trail but honestly. It's about. Time we started winning again because all we've been going for rate years is losing losing losing. And this country were not a bunch a losers. May be liberals are but were not. Archie Europe next go ahead Archie. I GAAP. Is that you are. I'm up I'm Corey this presidency. President Washington. I know it'll never out military that I didn't Powell are at all. Our military men yes and I don't think you could be sure I don't think they would want the law. Although state that you're sure. And Republicans say they are greatly enrolled in the that they can't wouldn't take them to get out why I think we get back. Also in his second carry the Olympic eat out into the text help. Millions. Now. You requirement that all the jackal the one won't you comment on that day at a big fight I had asked by the inability. They European military right is considered utterly impossible. Performance that it Stewart apple open ground and shake it isn't cheap imagery with the best Marguerite cheating or rightful. Sign up for the middle bowl system of retrenchment. The only way to get in it to win Italy at the that was that we eat that myself. I didn't see the little about what each a big help. No San Juan Hill. The Spanish American war yes. If you were around today it would pay off this guy eight eat up a while we can elect this guy for it any chat a little. Lot. Archie you're you're you're completely come I could've said it better myself look. Trump understands. Work in a war. We are at war with radical Islam. And they are slaughtering our voice and slaughtering innocent civilians. Men women children. Creations you disease you name it. All over the Middle East. Gordon understands that the Christians of the Middle East understand it. We understand it but the liberals don't well trump gets shipped. And so he said basically look I'm a wartime president. And I'm gonna have Mike land. And I'm gonna have general Mattis and I'm gonna have the military buying meat and we're gonna wipe ice is off the face of the earth. God bless them. Godspeed. Okay my friends I gotta go I'm up against it. By the way you can follow us on the official corner country FaceBook page suitors go to official corner country on FaceBook. All of the stories that we talk about we put we post many of them off. A lot of corner country followers are there as well if you wanted to talk with one another or share stories it's an incredible sight and platform. I its official corner country gay UH Jenny are. Everybody. Have a great weekend. God bless America.