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11/30/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - the Nephilim, and the Bible.

Nov 30, 2016|

11/30/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Scotty Roberts discusses the Nephilim and the biblical accounts of their existence. Plus the treasures of Egypt and much more. Plus, listener calls.

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This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded November 30 2016. I. And welcome it's not reality rating with Jason Hawes TV Johnson and kind of Cyrano the blocks get a bit of programming change tonight we're going to be talking about the Nestle lean but it's going to be a little different Demeter originally planned today yet. Which I'm I'm honestly okay with it was I guess something important came out and that the LA. Ms. Dewey had to change his schedule which is Larry that's fine but. But we honestly contacted a good friend of ours who's written out. And books on the enough for him as well and level on a bunch of other things close friend Scotty Roberts. And starts the founder publisher of intrepid magazine he's the founder of the paradigm. Symposiums and Posey in The Who has yet. Coast with John Warner intrepid radio and the author of several books including likeness of the rise in the fold Neftali. The secret history of Europe's aliens the exodus reality. And also has gotten upcoming book history trippers on the ten most adventurous places in Egypt which is funny I was watching all his post on. And it's FaceBook page the whole time he is older now and each place he was gone wild. Yeah he you know I'm friends and two on FaceBook and he's been for the last few years he's in Egypt every few months she's over there and I'm not really sure what he's doing but it looks like having a great time some anxious to hear. What exactly is his reason for had no there's so much but he seems to love it talks about all the time is rain books about it so blazed a plane door and not a lot of research for a the next book which has definitely seen Scott studies away he's he's. They'd be honest he's really good with that stuff and he digs in deepened and I think that's important pizza he d.s detail oriented guy and that he was talking about an athlete before the Napoli more cool I have to say that does. In fact my introduction to the Kathleen. Came through discussion with him at one of our are. And them trying to remember which could have Mota was what events you know I did think it was a Stanley Hotel or something. And I met him there for the first time probably like man ten years ago and I was always an effigy of talent years ago and you know he he was talking about an F leaned back then and I mean it was kind of my introduction to some really you know it disappointed LA had to cancel on us but it happens and thankfully Scotty was available and he's gonna step right in remembering night. Planned for those you were wondering what the buffalo and is it and the word actually stands for and his assist the fallen ones I believed him from the patent and Oreo it's sort of like an umbrella for. Any type of hybrid type children creature of any high strangeness is really are you break it down but the Bible talked about it. In mountain in Genesis. Talked about all these very large. These giants were in the India for him you know fallen angels come down the mated with. With human females. And created these huge office. Yeah and we've talked to several gas over the past few weeks or months anyway. Who's talked about the skeletons these giant skeletons being on earth around the world. They're being kind of hush hush like a lot of things are in this paranormal conspiracy community that you wonder while ago. Yeah well it'd mean there is there it's a great question interest that it has me answers. Porous on that but yeah I mean that the fact it's actually part of the Bible which so many people use. As a guide to a legitimate history. And tells you there's got to be something to boost. It would says well and makes you wonder and do this do some do it to keep. The strength away from the religion gives you got to remember how. How powerful real religion really is and to and over how many in a thousand years how really it. People did whatever the church said you know whether it's stand up against government however. But there you are saying Jim these giants Dalton's in the giant these giant skulls and they've been found and I ran Bolivia Peru I know. Anna Diggs and Mexico found thirteen. Thirteen or more. Of the of these giants but in Germany union and the and the list just goes on and out. You have it's going to be great conversation with Scotty tonight I wanna remind you that a telephone numbers 8446877669. Write it down because you're going to wanna call and join the conversation with Scotty Roberts. We should also mention that we've got a couple of a great programs coming up one more broadcast after tonight for this week and that's going to be Joshua conscience were to be talking about his. Involvement and move on UFOs according to continue the UFO themed. Yeah we have bombed. Stand Friedman joining us. He is a UFO. Researcher an enthusiast he's stairs started watching the skies and investigating UFO sightings. In 1958 he's bend. In all in ten Canadian province sees the province's eighteen other countries. All on his hunt for UFO's he's published more than ninety UFO. Papers he's been on Larry King talking about UFO's. Well he's also petition for a information from the White House and and then if you've ever watched any show on it and I'm History Channel or science. You've seen you've seen Steven Friedman he's he's on merit and the guy is like one of a top guys when it comes to that anything has to do with your folks. Yeah if you're if you're onerous and on the topic you've heard his name or at least you've heard him speak or talk or writer something like that and then Tuesday we've got Rodney cloth coming on. He's the author of world's top secret our earth is hollow. Which as a topic that really has has always had my attention via and badly right now I initially and had spoken with him because the top it's just says something that's always in treat me. And there's all this information that sort of backs up. His claim not that is really hollow. But there there's an inner earth within our earth there's these people living underground. And and it wasn't too long ago Jim that they actually found that underground city. Forget the exact name of it in day out and torch Turkey where a guy was moving something. In his house and realized or stairs it was a new policy or not. And realize there were stairs. And they went down and it was less underground cities like a house 40000. People you know and I think there was in Turkey I think there was another 40000 Peta they had they had no leases homes stores places for animals. And the list goes on and on well OK but what happened where there where they'll go and and why did they create such an incredible place and so it makes you wonder did they stand there do they go down deeper what. Yet who all that it was going to be a great conversation with Rodney on Tuesday of next week. Another quick reminder to join us on FaceBook it's FaceBook dot com slash B on reality radio and stop by the web site. Beyond reality radio dot com if you wanna join the chat room and one of the things we should ask this in Chad and I will give if you obviously you're listening in your in the chat room. Go ahead and answer even though what type it in there. But it's astonishing there's a report out about how many Americans. Believe. In some or many forms of conspiracy theories. I think this report put out by the government is what I. I thought well if it very well could've that if because when you start reading this thing it's as the more majority of Americans believe the government is concealing information. About many topics including the 9/11 attacks. About 40%. Of Americans believe the government is hiding information about aliens about the JFK assassination. And about global weren't warming the mother among other topics conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination. Are plentiful and scientists say these ideas have become embedded in the very culture surrounding his death. With heaps of obviously TV shows books and movies. On the topic. Well and I'll be honest with you I'm a firm believer of that a lot of these are our tried. The you know the government put their spin on and try to pitch it to you do to make anybody who beat him please conspiracy kinda crazy. The fact of the matter is there's too much evidence to support. That these things really aren't are true Jim Wright don't like we talked about just last week that project north woods. With a government had to truly create and people looking up it's it's public knowledge now. The back in the early seventies with a government had planned had worked out this whole thing to attack its own people. Tune for Americans to attack America. And then women on the Cubans to support the war related and I we're talking. Attack a terrorist attack in Miami. Yeah also taking down an airliner all of the all of these things that they were talking about two into their own people in order to get people to support the war on Cuba. And it's so it makes she just him it's it's just insane and you wanna get denying 9/11 and that. Believe me I would wish that the government I I prayed to god that the government was involved and I it was it thing but there is some weird things Jim him. You know a lot of people and they think of the twin you know a 9/11 they think just a Twin Towers falling. But there were other buildings and if you looked up building number seven. I mean building number seven wasn't wasn't the reason no reason that buildings have fallen it was a small building you know. Now look just on the road from the fact of the matter is in the video of it almost looks like it was a controlled demolition and it just fell on its own it so none of the made any sense. So these conspiracy theories abound and the gentleman that conducted this particular study. His name was Christopher Bader. An easy sociologists at Chapman university in California he said that. They they they determined there's a sense of paranoia among the people that responded and it's. Most indicative is that nearly 13 of the respondents believe the government is concealing information about the North Dakota crash. Which doesn't exist that was just a made up thing in yet 13 of Americans say immediately without even knowing what it is for the doesn't exist. That yes clearly the government is hiding information. When I think that's because government has had so much information and now it's just instantly. They they feel the negativity towards that they feel that there. And then there are hiding something about everything and and it's a shame but it's surely there it goes to show you especially when you. When you just follow anything going on the government. Things are manipulated things are changed. Yeah you got politicians out there are saying that while you know these people wolf because they're stupid in Minnesota the list goes on and on and they just they play those games. I'm gonna ask you about each of these conspiracy theories. And it just tell me if you believe or not and I'll tell you what the percentage of Americans are that we've okay so the first one we're talking on the 9/11 attacks do believe there is a government conspiracy involved. EU it honestly my own feeling I believe that the government to a whole lot more than they have a letdown or let me let me ask it this way do you agree your stone strongly agree that there is there was a government conspiracy involved I believe that there was some school sort of conspiracy covering up there for me it's 54 point 3% of Americans believe that. Do you believe there's a conspiracy involving JFK assassination 100% McCain 49 point 6% of Americans believe that in that responded in the survey. About alien encounters 100% I am a firm believer that yeah especially with all the information through. The advancements in technology whether it be Germany the US Russia. And these huge advancements. In just you know within a decade after some of these so called crisis. Yes I do believe okay global and global warming is there a government conspiracy involving global warming. I've. That's a tough one I. I believe that it you were hat or having global warming yeah I do. I do I got so I'd 42 point 1% plans for one world government. Mean. I'd have to say no because there's. Because I'm I'm a firm believer of this government's width of the government okay 32 point 9% of respondents believe that about Obama's birth certificate. To use the touch you on. A he I don't know because when you look back at history I mean it's. I'd I'd have to say I I believe that this something fishy about it yeah. Okay that's thirty point 2% about the origin of the AIDS virus and that was a government conspiracy idea and 1030%. Believe that how about the death of Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia yes a 100 that was very fishy to 27 point 8% and finally the moon. Landing when you think. I believe that we made it I don't know if it was. That was broadcast Jesus Christ I think everything must make every especially at the eye when he I don't trust the government at all to. When he four point 2% of respondents believe the moon landing is Susan there's a conspiracy file that now what I find very interesting about almost things that we just read from the JFK assassination right down the moon moon landing. Is they all rank lower than the number of people who believe there's a conspiracy involving the nine elevenths attacks. Now with the JFK assassination we know in fact that the Warren report was not complete and left things out. We you know it it looking back fifty years we now know that that single lone gunman theory behind Lee Harvey Oswald had flaws and and yet there's still more people that believe that the 9/11 attacks. Had a conspiracy involved. And I think it's just yeah others the deathly seems to be a lot of fishing just like I said you wanna look at something that really make you wonder. I'm I'm not talking about the planes hitting it in the World Trade Center and I'm talking about other buildings seemed to fall they had no reason to like building number seven take a look at it just looked it up. Billing number seven. And nine elevenths. It it will just like a building being blown up in Las Vegas where they're doing a controlled demolition. And the way the building fell in the way it imploded hidden X explode aisle. They were. It was a it was just after everything and happen is there's just no reason I'd. Well we're gonna bring some experts on about all of these topics in the coming weeks and and sort them out try to get the fact from the fiction but the food the findings of this particular study showed that. The people most likely to have a conspiratorial mindset. Is he white employed Republican with a low income who's affiliated with the christianity but doesn't necessarily attend religious services regular. OK so I'm a white employed. Not room not religious individuals with. And you get your groove or its currency I know yeah so I think that that does a really fallen to the cracked I think that anybody who really looks into the information. The problem is the government wants to be people they want people follow they don't want you to ask questions they don't want you to dig into things and try to figure out what's truly going on they wanna be able to tell you something and it proves that you and Jim to control the media yeah blow this district proven fact that they. They have all these journalists that are on payroll whether it's NBC CBS CNN you name it right and Fox News no better. But that the fact of the matter is you wanna you wanna watch something get act real information he got to turn into the BBC. Well the news that results of the survey figured out and and kind of who labeled these folks these conspiracy theory says more testament pessimistic about the future there obviously fearful of government. They're less trusting of terrified our government they're they're less trusting of other people in their lives in more likely to do engage in actions due to their fear such as. Purchasing a gun. Hello damn there you go so I don't explain the ex president. I doing my own guns it's a us president is well you but you see what you see what's happening there though it's it's almost as if that report is breaking down or trying to make the people who believe in conspiracies. These Al outlandish individuals who are now arming themselves getting ready for an attack in the the bad individuals and aside the fact. Yeah well it's an era when we when we bring our guest Scotty Robertson we're gonna ask him a few of these question as well and see what his thoughts are on that. OK let's go to the phone lines let's see we've got dumped in here from Boston Duncan welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on the show. It's that I have third time employers. Are so if I'm looking there. We there was a third time caller first time listener. You are correct but they are sure. Yeah. Like him yet and the guy our guy out last week about time travel traveling to. It reference saying Ababa the call you out last week. Well they certain time traveler. Yeah you just said that route fracture. OK I don't have to have sold out drought we experienced well. No that was actually let last night less than we had the time yeah man. Okay it's. I look at saw I I there was an awful feeling night. Doing a little spirit of mass litigation if you know I was saying. Number I think is yeah maybe. Actually you know. I wake up on three enabling the user. In the future. Well hooked protect it we we like ul for three days or did you truly just leaps forward to reduce. So are you will surely time trial are divided remember the milk thank. Until I walk out. Doesn't really seem like that would qualify as time trouble just. All I know I heard I only talk about it. It's. Good fun week. And I have a black caller get a spewing out now. And an unknown known you called our show beyond the most. Yeah so I. So we look I don't think this is disqualifies this time travel jam and this is probably inside this is probably something more to do you would want to hear an effect on our spirit your. Why and I got to get good job is the wrong guy out to security duty yeah. Yeah yeah before you go yeah I can ask ask your questions. Yeah gonna wire why do we go and have a hard time going to the bathroom bathroom. Wind is a ghost have a hard time going to Beth had no idea. Why. Pick up what it when he holds onto his. It really. We bet. And then when he drops there. Adding it was at that moment in the drain. And does try. In an animal. And where do. The good. Mary pat. Yeah that torso. And he just hangs up my gosh somebody should have them work it wouldn't lose our license. Well he should he's gonna lose his license tell he's probably already lost it. I you know slick Eddie's gonna do better JavaScript those calls ms. Wallace the man wow we came here we can't hear that. We can't hear those things. We had to bleep out pittance but let's let's take another phone call before we go to break in them and bring her guest in. This is chuck in Kansas City chuck welcome to be on reality radio. There's elation that you're caught. OK call screener he broke my fellow who conspiracies. A lot of people think that. You know under. Republicans. Might have had those undo it said that. I often wonder. Al Gore and they were content being. The elections part of that and you really isn't that if they get so big it is. Government together. And maybe hit some folks and it that held inflation back then look. And then got out of hand. Very interesting point chuck it's a very interesting point there was. A delay in the transition there because of lack of the concession and it took until like you're when it was finally determined that bush had won the election. But it was some weeks after. The actual Election Day. Yemen I think everything whether it's been officially live if you look back at the old Obama administration there were making plans for him in the White House or a month before this and before the actual like election. So it's just greatness this forward spectacle yeah that's a great point though chuck Dunn this is something the you've looked into and studied yourself for just a thought that India. Well hot Culpepper a little Lama look couldn't setting I hate that came up with then saying that there's Barton Baptist. Iraq Jack's back. Love being looked fishy and there's a certain type material. And checking and into the paint and paint the walls then we will appreciate. It they're more reactive. And it makes low population explosion. And that something else December and it certainly a lot of room and key areas. Where recently painted. Of building my parents don't have pain and repair on. You know. Well well. That's that's a great so we thanks thank you for calling in and sharing that would this trip because it is something we do have to talk about. Jay let's let's take a quick break and won't we come back below will bring Scotty Robertson nebulous and thoughts and not to topic. His wealth beyond reality Raymond Jayson a TV. Again scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com and. The show isn't. Steve music so you think she's awake since he claims bewitched I addition I don't know and users gestures incredible. Rush's great great artist but she got kind of weird apparently. Recently like they are in equipment this would have years of drugs and alcohol when and ruled Judea I suppose that's true we're gonna go to the phone my number your guest in for the evening at Scott Roberts studies filling some big issues here but we really appreciate him joining us. Scotty welcome the program great to have you on the show. Tell. And thanks for have a name has been along time ago it's certainly has Jason. So when are we yes so it on a dirt here too. Reading through some of the information you send you and I go way back to you the three missile actually go way back but time I noticed this this got to be an error here it says the U currently work as a writer. Illustrator designer and photographer. And we would your wife and four children and Wisconsin but we have like thirty children and you've like every time I look on face all I have another child just got. Not true I gotta tell it. It's here's a little private secret culture with you about 25 years ago I had my doctor said and that's exactly how he said Anthony's had. Mr. Robert say to be the better bad tidings but I do not when he. Or other. End and now six children later. Says proved wrong again and again and again that's a big criticism a Christmas card this year I I guess I think from all the time tang and out I can probably I can probably figure out that most of that students children. Well you know it was something like that I was I was on in that you're you're. Another little story scripting my wife is not aware but. I was gone and for about a much. And I came back in the next day. Becky can I say this isn't. Click click to naughty but my wife. Entered at my office swallows try to capture animals were the emails she entered my office and she wasn't wearing anything. And he says. Arianna Playboy do you have your hang around and then I do yeah run record we'll meet all too bad but she came down with not a stitch of clothing on as she said. Kids are watching cartoons got eight minutes. Honestly twice as long as you need. Well I senate slot I have to dealers at. Time for twice. You know it was about a week and a half later the same almost on scenario except just I'm sure is very heavily cloaked. And she stuck a pregnancy test and concentrations and what does that look like. Ocean and it is that I hope that blue cross doesn't mean that I think him and sure enough along came the now approaching two Roche. William you have wonderful kids guardian and abolition and people say they have an Islamic. Listen we could bring on to talk too much family as fun as that was but don't giving Iran that that was just a great story can cause and. Well you know they've dealt Billick when your previous callers and myopic and communal spirit. They're not. You are Scotty you're an author Europe podcast host you're graphic artist you're also graphic story teller by the way. I'm EUR many things and before we get into too much of this I wanna get to the bottom of your frequent trips to Egypt to mean you and I are friends look. Some constantly seeing new over. In Egypt build great pictures great stuff going on what are you doing over there. Well first caller is. Maybe five or six years ago like I unfazed notable places they've bumped into a guy who has archaeologist. Now British archaeologist by the image on war and he is living in Luxor and Ian and his wife is white as eight weeks there she is actual mission director. Of there cited gamble Els souls so which is an old. Quarry site from the name most of the dynastic. Samples that were built up working. The case here's the grand you're not your gran temples and things all came from this Korean made ship though all the stone upstream and so we got to talking and ice that are on ask an archaeologist. Who's in Egypt. What he thought of the Moses story in the exodus and John nice or tell you should. So well at the very thought out Syria that and we found we had two different series. We talked about it and we became pretty good transmitted a taught in almost every day. I'm sky. Got to accelerate our difference depending on the time here and we you came over for the paradigms and his team and each one old. And we talked to my publisher who's your new page and it and we propose to book the exodus and presenting these two different theories not as a biblical book but as a book. About Lesnar and historical Moses. And and so we present our Tudor series. And all and that was my first trip to Egypt wore those words are going out and went out their true launched. And only once all the various places associated charges for two guys who are series we're sure. And we went under the sign. I may yet desert your client yeah they're sure to tell him. Which. Is what we believed to be an even. Sign him Bible and so now because they workers which I've done back every year. And I'm usually their retreat or weeks ago. Yet we took a trip with a Dutch people my daughter's included. Fourteen. And I was therefore again about a bunch. And read people this for about two weeks and go to c'mon this extraordinary two learned at all. We because of their credentials as archaeologist John and his wife Maria we had all the different inspectors and the Egyptian ministry of antiquities inspector for more on oh and all these guys would. Lumina area archaeologists. And Egyptian. Would you listen in traditional cut in to sings a normal all. Current your average folk blues and don't see. So I ain't going back there all the time is it was a year ago was the last time there. Cat seems like a month ago I was there and had just spent a month on the site they have a big go to Google. If you ever saw the mummy movies and newer ones. It's a goal like that just a little smaller all the cabins look deck and big upper deck and that's their big house for every other eight week a long seasons at the site and so it would just it would be in the go to and and night I would walk around the site both sides denial. Other sites about thirty miles square spanning both sides of the aisle and I just go walk the sights and taking pictures all things and so this is what I do and I donor. So these error judgment but and yeah in their. Let's got to be pretty fascinating I've never traveled to Egypt but Ted Ginn did that the pictures alone of some of these. Magnificent structures that were you know built 4000 years ago whatever the figure is it's ended their awe inspiring just to. See them in photographic form I can't imagine standing in their shadows. You know that there're there are times you stand there you go out I'm standing here I'm here. And I'm looking at things and I'm seeing things that other people don't normally get is he let them pictures or documentaries. You know. When I was first there we into the pyramids course in the sinks and all that up and Cairo before we flew down to looks where you list. In Canada we went up inside the great pyramid of key apps have been in the king's chamber. And you know you're crawling up and about a 45 degree angle or shall all tunnel. Crew look you exits. This into this grand gallery because about eighty feet over your head it's all slanted. Because of the shape of the pyramid of course and you got to climb more stirs together after the king's chamber but. You're inside that says this is an amazing experience and I gotta tell you if you guys ever get a chance to go were not to go and see some of the stuff they're get off the tourist he asked to. And you'll see some amazing thing. Well just from seeing all pictures everything it was just mind boggling. To think so yes we definitely I definitely got to get out there checking our. So before you before we end of change in our topic here I didn't want one more thing about Egypt because it does fascinate me. How much do you think of the treasuries that Egypt holds that we located and how much still is buried somewhere. Oh man if you here's the thing. You you can walk around you can literally at where we land. Com other than you know downtown Cairo or where you go at that potential ticking up. A little piece of history everywhere we went there I know the risk. The great word to. There was truck car everywhere and that's ejection for potter. When he finally shards of pottery almost everywhere you went. And as a matter effect on the the archaeological. There's an Irish woman is the clutter. Is re older mother car. But because issues yeah I don't look at deplete their we're hoping that's two section four and out. So everywhere ago. There's something new and even at their site you think of a Horry site you think this early. Carved stone chiseled out stone and senator river. But the site itself is so and a rich just last season a last march. They discovered. An old temple there from the eighteenth dynasty which is her 35 under. And that it knows their nose it was leveled the patient and worst of this and he's. From different guys. That that put that up they find things related to the Roman empire. Around. And I can't say anything publicly agreed because they can't edit and all but there is discoveries this season are their right now there's things they've discovered to. Nobody ever knew was there. An energy just it just makes it. It makes an amazing number that they haven't discovered anything to look to tune out or anything like that but just announced this last season I've been rare gem. They have this does the city of the deadlier than this this couldn't Acropolis. All the switches moans on the on the east bank. Of the river and your shirt going through the mineral tombs and start digging out those teams glass she and they're finding. Amazing. Stuff in these tunes it's unbelievable. And similar stuff it's over yet to answer that question. Treasures in Egypt. I think they've barely tapped them they're still finding things and Luxor. Which is where all the temples are in of the material binary for match ups and Ramses and on the on a minute tip and all these guys all these temples are carnac. Is there and Luxor temple is there and yet they are still finding things in the Valley of the Kings are in the belly of the nobles which is kind of on the west side of the mountain range of are you set of mountain range of of the Valley of the Kings they're still uncovering. Just glorious last year a glorious tomb. Unbelievably. Up painted in the paint is still here in the golden. This are confident in all of and such as some amazing things and so it's always I think the rest of our lives are going to be amazing discoveries. It's amazing we're talking with Scotty Robertson we're talking about all we've done but Egypt ordinarily take a break and when we come back we're gonna change the topic of an ethylene. Studies book the rise and fall of an ethylene. 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That's happens paramedics got there can't use promo code beyond just say I. I'm back to show his beyond reality radio Jason Hawes TV Johnson. 8446877669. Is our telephone number are guest tonight. Is Scotty Roberts Scotty is the founder and publisher of intrepid magazine founder of the paradigm symposiums. Co host with John Ward of intrepid radio co host would John Ward. And you remember you're gonna tell me Alex and until you hear other coasts there were. So Iraqis sketchy. Associates sounds just like it looks Rockies didn't kill us about his Italian count of team and that's the conservative political talk radio program the situation room break. And then went co-founder with ward and it's Tucci of IPB and alternative radio network and that's just a mouthful and I didn't get into the books yet Scotty. Yes yeah yeah there's you know I affectionately say we throw all the you do that the fantasy which stick herbal Walt a few mistakes. And sometimes it's as anything's seductive. I saw parts and you know. John and I took a little hiatus from intrepid radio. Just got so busy. And Iraqi and John and I use the situation room which is which is doing very very well. We're being carried by the number of Donna that usually she's a former Fox News anchor she and her husband had founded a radio network and we are now actually. It was sort of look you are not allied with them were were were now affiliated affiliated. There's word negro and so we've got one of the top rated shows on their network we used in terrestrial stations down south as well. So it gets a pretty good audience and a we kind of approach politics and we better a little shtick wheat you along with so. It's it's not all right. An Iraqi is he was kind of the brainchild behind that one. We say we created a monster did know a thing about politics two years ago. And now he is just she's got his own show as well right to change it on the same network and he's just off the scale so. Well Warner. One of the books in your list of books and accomplishments is the rise and fall than NAFTA Lehman that we had intended to have talked about this topic for several weeks now so we're excited to have you here. To do it because whenever whenever we mentioned and Scott your chat room goes crazy Jerry meals go crazy our FaceBook page goes crazy. So there's a lot of interest in this topic but before we get too deeply into it for those who don't know what this is about Scotty start from square one more than ethylene. All right square one ice started my first. Connection I guess to that and to the topic of the metal beam was back in my seminary days many years ago thirty years that. And that it was in the book of Genesis was the source point eager than gasoline Yeager the unknown not key in her all the east or to become almost. By words in the whole ancient alien this series and things like that but when you go back to the roots of it. And ethylene are something that are mentioned in the book of Genesis. Why do you believe it's true or not it's in what I like to call at a separate myself from outside the box it's. It's Hebrew or Israel right. Armed old testament. Religious mythology. And not to offend anybody sensibilities are that this is to meet you rated describe its there religious mythology. And in the story of we've all heard. If you want to Sunday school or synagogue when you were a kid you all heard the story Nolan the arc. Mean it's impossible for almost anybody did not know that story well we don't know on what we never taught. Was that the preamble to that story in the book of Genesis. Speaks. It says in the sons of god came down and intermingle with the daughters has met or had children by that. And the Nestle lean more on the earth than those days and also afterward and then it goes into the account of now. And so the two are actually linked. And it totally when I started studying this. The first question I had came up in my seminary class it's because I'm looking at this in the sons of god. In English as it says in the book of Genesis chapter six. In the Hebrew it's the big name cut at a team. And it's in literal translation it's those who are of the yellow team that some of the LO team. And Ella keen. Is the name used for god about 3000 times in the old testament and Elohim literally means you define it. They'll use the name is the worst forgotten EL. And he is the key Bruce suffix that's put onion or don't know plurality. And so the name for god. In the old testament. 3000 times literally translates god of many guns. Or among many gods. And there are other passages in the yield has written an usual step out on the branch at one. But again offend anybody's religious sensibilities. But something I've found is I researched this is that it almost such a course for their being. A pantheon. Of guts in the heat rule testament not just a singular guy. And and this is what started my research and saw it asked the question. In seminary in this Genesis passage says and the sons of god at the L looking came down and intermingled with the daughters of humans. And I said what is that story and their offspring were naturally. And when I asked the story social world and anything weird and it's all just do it just it was the sons of the aristocrats who is knee profits and they went down into the valleys bombing and and as it now wait. You told us that language. Means something and context and something in the language of the text as far back is we have these text scroll. And net net effect the book of Genesis we have now. Dates back to the septa widget which is big Greek version of the old testament written about short of 500 PC. And it was when the after the Babylonian captivity all the all the 72 rabbis as the story goes go to the library of Alexandria. And ask you to the Roman. Of pharaoh at that time. Tol me the second if they can have permission to go into the archives elaborate Alex and rebuild. The old testament. Or they Hebrew scriptures at the time is enough and so they did that that's the set to urgent as we have translated in English today. And so you look at this and sit in the language it is the Elohim a mated with the daughters of a dumb or a man a man. And I said if languages specific. Wires that are contrast between the two characters and Alter one being Elohim godly or Celeste deal on the other being human. And the answer it was given was kind of tongue in cheek a little chuckle hot Scotty we go to. It's your you know don't get don't get too far trek. That's what it is and so for thirty years in and Jason if you remember when I come to some of that the ghost hunters and that's the beyond reality dance I spoke on the path to. It was just starting to restructure the book and the more I researched it the more I found that there's a really big story. In the old testament about these beings and everything I saw on nine I mean I was in conservative. Baptist fundamentalist. Christian says Bible college in seminarian. Ministry for awhile in my earlier days. And yet all the things I learned. All the stuff that's there is very different than what we were and I don't believe were being taught what it release and. Yes well and we're gonna we're gonna take a break point come back I wanna get into that wanna get into the meaning of the enough Lehman and and so for the so a lot to really talk about. You listen to Jason NG Giambi on reality radio and are gasses are good friends Scotty Roberts talking about the now Fellini will be right back to business. And we're coming to relied. Hope you're listening to a senate great radio station around the country or online we don't care we look just like to have you along be in the chat room join us on FaceBook all those things. A telephone numbers 8446877669. It's beyond reality radio Jason and javy just a quick reminder. That tomorrow night's program we'll have John or skis we Joshua collection on will be talking about move on. And the hunt for UN phones. And tonight we're talking with our good friend Scotty Roberts the author of on multiple books including the rise and fall of enough clean. And that's one of the topics were mainly touching on tonight. Scott before he went to break we and he started touching on the net fully and now the definition of enough lien is the fallen once correct. Well it's it's sort of other than a lot of of wrong definitions were. Default is the word in Hebrew which means to fall. Likely to readers similar to fall and battles sometimes. And team is just that. Plural suffix that's an onion the word and he took a no plurality of those who fell those who stumbled and so on and elder but that's an older definition their definitions Michael S Heiser. Is one of these Hebrew scholar at somebody's really good to look to one risk is that the spelling is wrong in the end the translation is. And they used to think that it was giants and and now it really. Does mean. This whole. Concept has shifted from the giant to. Those two who have come down those who have done something to come down and so they've always attributed to fallen angels were. Is and it's sort of like an umbrella covers multiple late hybrid children are creatures of high strange has any any of those things would fall into that category correct. Global leveling has a specific definition innkeeper. I think it's been. Taken from that and it's now attributed to a lot of different things but it had a very specific meaning at the time and one thing about these ancient languages these ancient excellent the Bible you always have to ask yourself first role as the language it was written. Always had written to and what would those people in that time period. Have responded to what what it meant to. And so in this context in gasoline at a specific meaning and it had something to do with those who came down from the evidence. Which we we've spoke to somebody not too long ago actually and I were talking about enough Lehman and as their their bull belief on the whole thing was that they were genetically created creatures that were sent down here from an alien life form to mind for. Different minerals gold and things of that nature sure and I'm sure I you. I've never let them. I have heard that and at the problem I find with that. Is and I don't know who this wasn't I don't wanna insult him. Or sand is sensible thing he's either. But the problem with that is that is placing upon the word meaning that we want it to act now we all know who does decorate search and his writings about. All of his books that dealt with yeah and not in the natural Lehman all of these and one thing I've found in his writings was that. He used words slick I give you an example here armed he said that two. That these people weren't the children of the firing rockets. Who descended from the heavens. Any interprets this from one word it's felt immune English it's mood in in this and Marian or the Mesopotamia. And mood actually means by translation it means. The curb. Firmament of the heavens above your head the sky the curvature of the sky. And what he met he he stretched it to mean. All that must mean like the nose cone of Iraq. Coming out of and so we edit from us firing rockets and this is 88 stretch of linguistics that people tune in when you get into any of these topics that deal with these ancient languages. You confined there remain in more modern interpretations things on the way but I think. Did to them honest researcher is going to be one uses a camp got the site. To sign it. And look at what it means first are gonna go back to root meaning it were and anything else they attribute to that. Our lady sings at other things they've research along the orange I think this might be seen. So mentally itself doesn't mean that. But I think it's been broadened in its interpretation. OK so now with the old enough Lehman these these giants or supposedly. Cross breed between. And children god and man and females are human females. Is there any truth to lie and I know that they found. They have found these large skeletons these extra large goals these elongated. Ukrainians have ahead. Ya in different different countries I ran Peru Bolivia I think thirteen thirteen of them were recently found in in Mexico. We're talking Germany and not just in elongated heads but also some of them have these really. Define jaw a jaw structures which is totally. Hadn't don't appear to be he right when you when you're looking at that. Well it's also like that the red haired giants finish out to the red hair still attached to you elongated skulls insolent and others a Lotta Lotta people that studied those skulls. IPhone there's a lot of victory out there on top Arizona deciphering what is and what is in real and I think that there's some good researchers out there were done works. But have found that the skull existing bid at their whole race is at least twenty tourist they were just anomalies quickly some. I'd somebody with giant or something like that that these are actual skeletons and some of these you know measured B. Anywhere from nine to thirteen feet tall and things like that it's clear late at all palms and so the problem with it. Is not that they exist the problem is that there's no way of knowing exactly if that relates to these Neftali because there's no other. Extent evidence. That connects them anything it's an assumption to makers speculation. To get there I mean it's it fits. But is that what it really is that's the question you have to ask ultimately no other evidence around. What specially when you're talking about you know 1011 feet tall and and larger because. Well tallest man a record I believe you will as the robber Pablo or whatever when he was like 8411 just shy in 1990. Right. I mean so rice things these things tower over him. Well that's like even the VP very famous. Sunday school story of David and collide. We always see these cartoon depictions. And and yet you know David was a young man is pro closer to cloning that it was anything else and that giant claiming says. In the old testament says he measured six Cubans in a span. All security cubic was Strom a man's elbow to the tip of his finger. And you gotta ask yourself. Whose elbow to tip of the finger or they use it for for certain measurements in a span was the width of your hand and so if you look at collapsing and secure in. Phyllis Steen armor in the tall helmets were including helmet at all others that if so collide at measured anywhere from. You know nine foot two inches to twelve foot eight chiefs and and so it all depends on who is doing the treasury. What do Hubert was back then compared. Roughly twelve anywhere from twelve to eighteen inches to cunning and the guy. And you know as we sit so famously in Braveheart some men are longer than not. And as a whole. You know it all depends you know so is so we don't know for short that's that's all it's it's great research and screech speculative research and it's fun and exciting research and I think that's what people still researchers want to try to activities. To find out did these guys really exist like. This maker or let's go to the full month you've got a question from a listen this is Dan from Scranton Pennsylvania day and welcome to the show Rick cavium beyond reality radio. Thank you Jason JB's target right. That you put. Glad quite a bigger for me love to have me out of here don't go last week here we have Scott Roberts on. And I understand they're referred whom some type of children of god and if would that be referred to angels. Well here's that here's the thing in the in the scriptures there are specific words in the key group for Angel and their specific words for other beings in Hebrew the the works for Angel is is mullah. And if you add it for the or the Mel team that appears nowhere in the passage about these natural lean what you do have. Are you had you have these beings called the looking. Which were part of if your original Roman Catholic theology and others to divine council. In heaven and if you look at. You gotta know your Bible little bit if you look at psalm 82 it speaks these beings it says and Elohim. The singular stood in the midst of the Elohim the plural. And he he Cingular said to them floral you are all. LO team. We are running for what drug Mozart here and enjoy associate referred to Merck watchers. Yes but a larger group of one. The only time you'll scenes. Word watchers and in the old testament is in the in the pocket it can mimic those crucial somebody looked like a watcher. The other place you find his book being out. Which was removed. From Lowell to us by scriptures. But keep in mind the guys who did that. This was under the councils that invoked by Constantin. First Roman emperor Christian Roman emperor precursor. Right now put that in quotation marks by the way because it cuts views about has taken. Our discretion is middle tell. You know and he did Christian nice things and when he. When he invoked these councils he told all these bishops whatever you decide I want. Unanimity. I'm your decisions because he was trying to establish two things is emperor number 11 gut equals one emperor. One religion equals one empire. And this is what he wanted to establish and so he didn't care what decision they came up wanted to be Yunnan. And when they couldn't decide on a book unanimity whether or not it was god breathed. They were either kicked it out of the scripture or they would move into these books were set aside the puck talks. So we love you are aware of the book to be lucky dude you're aware of that d.s would not flown. Hard name to him what date talks is also described in the book review which have been removed from the Bible crept. That's right it says there were about 200 of them that set foot first on the slopes of mount arm loan which is Mount Hermon. Which is immune go visit that today it's this this twin peak mountain that that that spans the border between Israel and the north and Levin. Their growth over the merger is referred to a much out of the following one of fallen angels as well. Well not I wouldn't say the fallen angels because again the word Angel is never used in connection with him in the year in the language that in which script. I mean look he. Who follow and we know that the ultimate fallen Angel straight. And when he lets look at the total capital region it's cracked. Yes well it does that it says that Lucifer was the was the guardian or the arc Angel. Of god protector of God's glory was the star of the morning. And all of these things and that is great sin was saying. Hamlin any worse than god and I'm gonna be like cut and got it up sorry. Thank you for playing. And dec kick him out and along with him when all is is minions. Now I don't think these are the same beings that you see with an athlete. Or with the or with those who fell at the time or came down at the time because it's a totally different use of language when there's angels they refer to them as moloch. And it doesn't appear in the passage. It is tough way disconnect from and a Dan thanks so much for the call those actually really really insightful as well let's move on we've got Jake up from Wisconsin here Jacob welcome to beyond reality radio. Anger at certain dark green but look this is. Yeah I'm I can tell a quick question for Jason yeah column. I've had some experiences are lately because our paper they've actually they're. A lot birthday so. Thank you I've had X ray and tonic I believe it's not a barrel really know what it is. So but I wouldn't it might be shadow people. Well just because it's shadow person doesn't mean it's a negative type entities sometimes there's a national spirits are carefully menace manifest themselves may appear as shadows. But what's giving you the impression that is demonic. Wait we have been having like these really strange nightmares the vote they think that might happen and think that have happened and I do they feel like ever experienced. Okay Seoul. While things that might happen and things that have happened knows he sings it might happen are. Are you getting to a point where they are happening. Well late or six years ago that pat Sparano was done it before I had agreement had yet passed the way. You had a you have the dream Jake if you had a dream be denied before he passed away you dreamt that he was going to pass to a gas and so this has been going you know six years ago you said so's been going after awhile. Are so. Every talking and I don't know what to do about it simply occurred but it. Well Lou it where you located again. Barry. You are you listening and one of the stations were on you know listening a minor. All right wolf Hugo just click the listen live button or whatever going to chat room it was the right on the beyond reality radio site. You'll see one of our people in their taps family Chris she's the tap extremely manager. And she she can set you up with a group that's local in your area we can get somebody I'll fitted to check it and see what's going on and that's all free of charge doesn't cost me. Or. All right take a poll that help is at its taps Finley Chris she's in the via chat room that's on beyond reality radio that calmer announcer get in their check around chill shall assist human and sent to the right direction hopefully we can help you. Yes thanks for the call Jacobs Scotty I know that's not about the topic of the night but I shirk any any thoughts or insight on the. And absent actually I did I was gonna say if there was time we break. Something very interesting in the book of Enoch. Which talks about the natural lean. Being the demonic. In the world and the way it was what was this is that. According to the scripture flood. Took put what where we taught Sunday school the flood took place because of the wickedness of man console but when you really Parse into the scripture you find that it's no it's the wickedness brought to mankind by this mixed race this mixed blood. Of Neftali or Celeste steel. Blood and human blood and they were supposed to have been destroyed in life and what Enoch says toward the end of an. He talks about and all the and ethylene who dying in the flood. Will remain on the earth because they were born on the earth and they will ease the evil spirits that will plague mankind throughout time. Homeless vets interest in especially when you look at a lot of the claims of demonic haunting these things are 789 feet tall tight Cristiano. People are saying. And the debt that was really intriguing to me when it when I discovered that when you re and you know the book of vinik but it reads like the Bible. Like The Lord of the Rings on crack. I'm not that that's that's the way that brokerage it's so those are some stuff but when knocks at the match. I thought now that's very telling that to demonic Irving necessarily. Evil spirits that fell with Satan or. And angels of some kind or are today. According to you know there of the spirits of these Neftali that are now in it will be evil for all time and place. So I thought that was very interests. So Scotty do you know in in reference to all of this because obviously. Much of what you learned came from breeding. The Bible as we know what plus books of the Bible over her books there were. Left out of the Bible but how. Reliable is the viable as a historical document. Well I would say this about the Bible like I used to be very deeply steeped in all that all from a tree stand. And Mel might view. And I will say this. I have become a practical. Agnostic and in what does agnostic is just reached op knowledge and I'm lacking in knowledge don't. Oh sure what is true about it but when I look at it I say. The face stories in the Bible all seemed to be wrapped around historical events. And that. It's for for over 200 years now they have been doing incredible. Researcher from the infancy of archaeology to what we have now. And biblical archeology has. I'll say quote and quote proven. Well they've at least come out and they found that most of your historically Benson the Bible have innings in real history. And so I would look at an event in the Bible and say. The the historical. Aspect. Is very efficacious while the face story you really you couldn't. You have the choice to take better leave that. Because it's a straight story raptor on and that it's it's like this are really quick example. With the Jesus story there was always. Doubt that amending conscious pilot to ever exist Roman governor UT at the time. Who you know wash his hands you know and should be hold them and you know there was no. Factual evidence that he ever existed until. 1964. And Phyllis historian Philip high which is the Roman capital to. There was a archeological team that was looking for something else and they stumble across a cornerstone that it being used as a stairway. In the later temple on this cornerstone dates to about 38 DE. 25 to 38. You know dedicates this gymnasium the type to retire Iberia Caesar. And it was an old building that it crumbled and they used it. In antiquity 2002. Rebuilt something else and so this was the first. Archaeological discovery that the men never existed for a while and then all the other stories are adamant than they start to accept. Especially when you look at archaeology it's really only been something that we've been involved in from what last 10050 years. So it's Axelsson everybody believes that's something we've been doing since in the beginning a man or or. So there there's so much still to be found let's see if we get clips let's see if we get a quick call in here before we have to go to break this is. Ralph from East Boston Ralph welcome to the show. These two guys that are really good Ralph welcome home you've yeah what guest talked to pull out Genesis above the firmament. In several time you guys brought about bookkeeping you know. That we are committed mortgage Bebo president traction if yes please. Spiritual little will win this sucker for your own. The book be your. More or less states easier to slap. I would feel I can hear an opinion and that. Can draw I think may question Scotty we have about thirty seconds qualities you're looking at the science of the day. At the time that that would have been written. And you knuckles were around 400 BC but it supposedly are rewriting the book that was much much roll and you're looking at that perhaps the science of the day when he talks about the European flat I would have to look at it specifically in the language as he would east meeting here little meeting there. Our neutral that. Is not something or. On my flat floor and but. So if they are saying the world is flat that could've been the perception of the man who was writing the book. The world is flat and there that's where you get this it was everything god breezed mr. sure. Inspired by god well nobody knows for sure all we know is that the writers all at the interpretation. I were talking with Scotty Roberts a whole bunch of topics coming out surrounding the net Salim we'll be right back with more it's beyond reality radio rotation. A game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Gary Condit dot com nets' Derrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare talk include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget if everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com and. Beyond reality radio Jason on Stevie Johnson we. Got a paperback writer on the phone with us it is Scotty Robertson certainly something that you've written is in paperback Scotty logistical work. In a perfect and I left right again. Earthy style we're chatting with Scotty or telephone numbers 8446877669. This conversation is taken a lot of twists and turns. And down you know a lot of stuff to cover and we've already gone three quarters through the night we've only about twenty minutes left. I do remind folks that's bodies web site is Scott Allen Roberts dot com all his books are listed their plus. Everything else he's got going on before we go back to the phone Scotty just wanna. I'm ask you about the paradigms symposium is that something knowing you still doing that. You know we've done it for four years and we had the last couple years were and are run and it's absolutely and a there are times where you say I don't necessarily have that money in my locker bank account any sponsors and advertisers. And stuff like that and we just ran into. A couple years their worst sponsorship was relieve lean even had promises for sponsorship became Scotty. Show to do. We can't do it it's not our budget this year. And and so we had you know on one event and pick it up the treatments later and a that for me it was about the time Norris at all these things and ball like them because in joy and fun to do and they're in its worst wild. And when it stops being fun to do and he's been ten months of your year. Just working your rear end up trying to get a show open. It became a really tough so. The bottom line answer to that is after this last week at the door so we did it successful which finally it's great speakers there. And it's that you know I got to take a break from this for a little while it's it's just killing all the other stuff on. And soon future are you trying to talk me on doing scare con from now on I want your effort this year office. Yeah describing my life and you say there was a more than it does become all time consuming it really since Indian. It's that anything you put on an event that last or days. And you spent ten and a half months year year trying to make sure that it happens you know. And you know that the right people are there in the right that two you know it's. Speakers you know on the last this last year. People you recognize Scott Walter. From. H Jews. America unearthed. We had a lot of mileage Duquette had this as some of that at the top notch murderer or out of this world. We've had Graham Hancock in past years and distinctive any of those names that are out there Mitchell he'll have them there. And yet it it's so much work. That the people at the company enjoyed the show about what is your ticket costs this much. But I should be cheaper and it for me and that's you know problem in people. You know budget a 100000 dollars that you have to have you to put on a show and find a way to raise. More people don't understand how much goes into it and then you know there's a lot you're paying for your pain for the flights the talent to be there your hotel and you're putting them up in a hotel room and just is a guy who does it doesn't TV show I can tell you that. I'm on the road I've got 24 in his twenties to 44 people with me. And you've got the sixty taps members and you've got the fourteen. Or so production people and he is so you know I think you're an ear and just some average. Average hotel's gonna run you a 150 dollars a night per person now. And I've got these people on on the road for a week at a time and you east are realizing what she's that can run yet you know thirty drink and for a week you have pearl just to have the people in a hotel room. Well I had I had somebody who's very well known out there in the field. And he's been doing it for many years and a he had to have his demand was to have a first class flight three units assistants and and all of that and by the time we were set down and we are at a hotel and it's quite. He came to lift the first heard and suppose your costs us nine. This ridiculous and then you know then you've got somebody like scare comes experience with the a celebrity am and say who it is because I think it's worth saying at the Margot Kidder who is. Agreed to appear twice first time. Shame on her a mere hour that goes second time shame on me I guess but either way I agreed to times. Both times to first class tickets both times a week before the show she canceled and of course the tickets are nonrefundable and and this you know and they don't care so anyway it would let's move up because we could talk about this all day are. So horror stories yet our trust and no I expect we don't scare count when Jimmy we've seen it receives a crazy stuff that's out for winter break before that as somebody. If you're bringing up a year thoughts on the on the Bible is it accurate to true does a really yeah depicted in the past and of course it's always been it's always been a tough situation because. You're looking at. The ratings a bunch of people sort of writing wolves are writing some of the things in history but also trying to write things in perspective on the way they feel society should be. And right upon itself but now when it comes down to the thing like national team. Do you believe that they were they were real that they really exist. Yeah that's a tough question because I would say I would say maybe. And you know could leave it at that. Here's the thing. I was thinking this while we're on the break I was looking up at something in its Star Trek model in my garage shooter and is looking and then a higher numbers really unit and as a kitten all looked fantastic things and you say well wait a minute that's all structure. And I was thinking how much of what. We experience. Out there we we experience the physical world from day to day I mean look at you guys you go to work you do eat you know we have. Jobs different jobs some of them people thicker glorious jobs others are boring jobs. We have our families of our house that you belong to mow or whatever and that day to day life goes on and we don't think about that. That spiritual aspect or even take it out and spiritual because it starts this Mecca religion you you've got this natural world in this world that seems like a supernatural world that nobody. While many people don't even touch and they don't even think about it because they never experience. Yet. All this stuff that's out there is so wild. And unbelievable there are people who experience I've experienced things that are unbelievable and while that it's a cinema believing skeptic until until something comes up in your face. And and you experience. And so. I don't know if those are personal experiences in the metro in one people all that tells me. Those that there's something else out there there's something that is not part of the normal. And it's outside that normal realm that natural. Things. And we just can't always tapped into their veils we just can't urged. More and ended and I agree with that meant but it you know and I and in Liu said something earlier about there are some situations Alter especially when you type in enough going on online media you see a lot of these fate Photoshop photos. But there is there is proof and there're there are skeletons that they have found which are. Extremely extremely large. Eight runners into of course normal size of an individual back then and then these stalls their finding in. And now places lake Germany and Bolivia on India and Mexico. And yet and of course of course in any nationality you do have some time this means you have it. A person who is extremely large compared to a the other individuals. It just happens the way it is put in theirs yet we're talking huge in size in comparison iron almost double. If not now two and a half times the average size person back up at rice and then it makes you wonder though why isn't this. Mainstream science why isn't this really Al they're being talked about being shown on I know that I know the due line on certain shows of course on the History Channel but it's not something that. Really they're help they're trying to say look at this we found this twelve foot tall person we found this a thirteen foot tall person. I think isn't working you start to get into you were talking earlier about conspiracy here. And and by the way just one assailants are my two cents at the Kennedy assassination. It was cigarette smoking man from those who were. OK and you know the reference NC though. A second. So. I I think that there conspiracy theories that. That people like to say because it sounds so strange conspiracy theories it's it's wacky. I don't think that's ice I didn't know. Look at Scott Walter. I don't know if you know all the guys and uncovers and there are. He's got a whole side of people who want to criticize him for the kind of quirky kind of research. But even here in Minnesota key on you uncovered. Well he didn't personally uncovered a story of a guy's farm where the released giant scale. And they bury them back up he wasn't personally cart that he was just being old story. You brought to the site. And they were picked up by. The Minnesota believe archaeological society and the Smithsonian was and bald and there's all these stories out of the Smithsonian. Having covered up if you will. This race at giants. Because it keeps getting on this is over the last hundred years and of course issue while he talked to the Smithsonian Institution and they do know that they ever and I simple. If they covered it up are they gonna go that I wouldn't notice yeah and the right is so there is a lot of them went I believe does kick up. Yeah I wanna try to get color to me here we were really quickly running at a time and we've got Jay from Florida was a great fan and friend of the show Jay welcome to show you got a couple minutes here. Hey guys I do have a couple questions that's on the port that thing about two record that's for people who any interest in an answer wants no more closer to that your. The idol that was attained a bugle. And anything to do with the debt he's grow by highly recommended that complete their program English by gave it birth but what we get into that took on the defensive side and we have son of god a lot of demand. The rebellious son and son that dawned on the polite and not done that the pet. And then a and then what title at that was the first two men but it. I can donate it sold more doubt argue was literally stands for us on the life warrior alien resistance. They confirmed that the spirit and the demons do you come from. The giant of the net Celine. What people to be aware that. And it will lead and one of my questions but I. Or ask a question better ask you quite quickly ask your question quickly run in a time. Okay. It's safe bet melt she's detect which in evident from according to flesh them. I'm thinking if ship was not for Angel but that we also have names for. Satan a bailout or milk now Patricia. And reference would that these growth. So I wanted to know first all it's and then I'd say default name for the real name forgotten. Messiah I got auction them. If Shia wobble wac that the shortened version of it. So he. It's part you know issue and the and a reference another versions for the angles and with what he's referring to be done but the key group. If you refer more to that mr. Redick text or the original ancient Helio Hebrew which is the oldest. Recording that it. Okay Scotty Scotty we're gonna have to wait a lot of Scotty we're gonna have to wait till after the break free to answer that'll give you second to think about it beyond our reality radio and Jason K you don't go away. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right. Dressed in. When you need to subscribe to taps her majesty. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. And re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the web sites caps Karabakh dot com that's task experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's that's paramedic team where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Arab magazine again go to the website tab CarMax dot com. That's caps paramedic dot com. Use promo code beyond just say I. Welcome back and show this one's. On really really really really quickly didn't just zooming by. Yes got the one thing I'd I'd. Surely remembers you can talk now so well say it's simply an excellent we'll talk for or I just remember constantly like being at the Stanley Hotel you coming on the villain we just. Mixing you know I'd have them it's been tapped to be up and an hour firfer in an appearance and everything else g.s but that's when we forgot to lock the door to them yet history. I admire my first time at the steadily at your bill. And I was sitting there is pretty quiet you know getting you know everybody whirls throwing some. Monkey taller it was among edu and opened up into the ceiling fan and watching a trip. It was an NCR was the jet and the general manager from the ceiling hotel was there with this forward so right etc. and head coach because you can get away with anything on the bosses there so who are where route quickly running at a time we have a couple of callers who wanna get to this is Steve from Florida Steve welcome to the show. Later thank you agriculture's welcomed the show. There. So. Where it was hard comments about their hello I am not record an aspect correct or am not sure. I think gets somewhere in the Bible our current record them so to tell tell William. And Paul soul on the ten commandments. God. So you've shown not to worship any god reforming. So. Logically if you think it logically. Goddess sand that there are other gods. Well you're kind of violent that market it as a matter fact in and look it's all 82. The divine counsel guy. As a translates in English and Elohim. Is the word in and yes that one of the commandments whose worship no other god or. Was he speaking metaphorically or was he speaking literally we don't know from that commitment we do know references this other body. As God's. And and by the way that the previous colonial question subtly or mild seminary professors used to have lyme test at the end of the year. And that test was a paragraph long questions that ball really yet to rightful sold us out for an answer big to get an and a and I remember that so your your previous caller I don't know about kids that. Yeah holder on just 12 Steve did that help you out to do danger question. Well you know after my question in Eric thing hierarchy. No god has higher heart beats and errors are higher speed and her anchor hierarchy. And be in that hot dog. But he it's all on. Boulder is a big war. And not think it's in the Bible and state ever bigger thing going on there is. You have war principality. The ever growing international. Yeah and I think the precursor to that which even the ideal Mesopotamia and stores the honor not G culture and the and not keep jobs and the other is it and this is actually a oh a lapse into this a little bit you had the chief gut was a little and you had one of its brother gods was Anke also known as yellow. And what did LL SU got to east that I need to create. Out of the CUNY a form texts. If you can you get a letter translations are. Is create prime ordeal man for us to do our duty to dig our canals to tiller ground to remind our resources. And then one of the human king's many years later track passes came and played to the gut ninety yards and deliver us. Ng T came down and he delivered the forbidden knowledge of the guts and helped mankind rebel against a little chief Scott. And for this Inky and his followers were all cast in the subterranean caverns at the yours too well forever now. Go 15100 yours if further. Inge in the future from the time that that was written and you end up with the Genesis story being written by I think it was authored by most certainty there's any reason to doubt. The use of real guy and he authored this. And what he did was he took the same story. L little became visited the word LL became the word in McCain and a culture L which is in the works for god and key yuck became known as yahweh which is the work for you hope. And the story in the garden of Eden was what god created man and he put them in the garden to fill the grounded to keep it for. And then there was the serpent character in the garden beaten in the Genesis story that came in ten to eat. Well he's never called Satan never called a superb never call the pebble east call in the keeper he's called up Koch. A caution means. That illuminate her them go to the bring your knowledge. The bright shining one. And then you go to sol lady to skip and way ahead in a thousand years ahead. From the time that was written and you find that the that the the divine council BLO can refer to as the bright shining prince or edit. And so I believe your first contact with these national team. And all this took place in the garden of Eden story which really. Moses retelling. The story in different with different words in different characters of the previous cuts L Lil and. Yeah are now here's the challenge Scotty you've got about an a minute and a half may be if we stretch it to answer GA from Florida is questions and comments which was before the break we. We need we need to address those. Oh boy you know all I can say in about a minute and a half is now kiss it. Is it was a high priest in the city of Salem which later became known as Jerusalem. And it was David who visited him at one point and he said and the high priest Mel was like unto the order of now is it. And there's a lot of mystery around that is not repeal in the pages the old custom you have to go to other sources. And this milk has the deck is thought to have been an in Cilic type of a peeing or eight godly tank with a being and get dad and Jan Angel never comes into the into the play in the language and so. I think that. All like insane answered that question I can't get any the other so each taken. But up I will say this is that there is. There's a hinted at cares so much out there there's so much more mystery. To the Bible than we were taught Sunday school you know there's so much more meat there that there was a time when I was writing these books. And I set my office one at about 3 in the morning and looking at the ceiling William Beck my gesture that okay got. Are either very small and you don't exist the way I was taught or you're Mary. And you are a much broader in forever topic is your show much information. Well Scott is thanks so much for coming on hang in now at this and I it's always talk to you and it's good to reconnect and we gonna have you back on as we can fill holes that show that we just ran out of time to study were just an attention with Scott Allen Roberts dot com all your books are there including the rise and falls and ethylene the secret history of the reptilian. And about eight other ones they're so you'll come back and join us some time. Jason. Thanks for greatness that it went on Scott. He's just he's wonderful man he's always men a great guy a good friend and just highly intelligent with his writings. Yeah Dennis hands and wanna stuff in ivory well spoken about all that. Remember tomorrow night we've got Joshua cuts in coming on we're gonna talk from move on and other things as sentiment winds downton. Absolutely and if they haven't yet like the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Again a big shout out to Scotty Roberts for common non make she'd check on his website and it's got Alan Roberts dot com. While agreed information he does he's written some incredible books also dozed intrepid magazine and a bunch of other things the list is too long to even talk about. But a big shot out and and thanks thanks to all you listening in tuning in today you listen to Jason NG BB unreal to review okay tomorrow. And it's produced by its include. Yeah Alexandria Johnson yeah. Sorry I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page just alike and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow what model where you like to be guests on beyond reality radio email to sleep Getty. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.