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Gun Talk 11-20-16

Nov 20, 2016|

Particular firearms, ammunition, different types of recreational and competitive shooting, hunting, even politics. We do not talk about conspiracy theories, though -- no black helicopters, please.

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Who are -- hello we have started a lot of bugs and intellectual ammunition with Tom grisham's gun talk that doesn't matter if you learned to shoot with Daniel boon for your brand new. So welcome here this is the original national talk show about guns and Tom Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics and politics. So grab your phone and call in right now. 66682554864. Just dial one top dog gone. Now here's stop. Dion John grisham's gun talk. You're from the couple reviving the boulders resort and club in the US. Plus guns optics cool ways to protect your gun anymore call in now with your range reports one Tom talk gun. Now here's time. Worry we'd be alive I guarantee eventful work but hey. Hey welcome I'm Tom Gresham I'm glad that you yourself pond Gresham. Got involved because well let me cumbersome and we talk about guns. And Amylin Scopes and optics and religion thing you have to do with firearms. Including ordering them. Shooting them collecting them storing them safely responsibly because we're the good guys were the good gals. You don't know the ones you don't hear about it dorms at the media ignores because why would the talk among people who were doing things right. I think I wanted to be fair. You don't go to. So when you don't drive to work and to and to set. How well manna. And all four tires stayed up now are the cargo slab that's a fortunate we talked about for the anomaly. Forums lately anomalies were people talk about. And the anomaly is what the media focuses on. So laid when the dharma people who misuse guns that is in fact the anomaly by definition by the way they work. Why else would be talk about something that words. Every day. It everyday people. Do extraordinary things. Case import. We were words we are slowly countered we've done Florida yep yep yep with cash your deputy dean Bard's. And members of the Highway Patrol were attending to an accident. Understates 35 where a motors almost struck Bard's. It's BA RDS program in the current the pronunciation right. Almost hippest guy that the sheriff's deputy. Or the cost. Chase considered as you might imagine. At the end of their chase. The guy was in the car who almost for an end to the officer. Jumped out of his car rungs have barge knocks him down gets all problem and just starts beating him. Trying to beat him to death. And officers. Yelling at call for help in this guys just don't problem or encourages all punches and hitting and hitting and like or one. Where dissident he'd through culture to the ground so violently I mean it was just awful. And he just started punching and hitting and hitting and hitting a bird is gonna kill him well as. The deputy called opera help. It'll. An armed Florida concealed weapon license. Older. Happened upon the scene. This guy were there carry permit. Drew his gun. Rushed from his vehicle to be deputy defense. Didn't just light opera on. The ordered the motorist. Deceased his assault. On the deputy. Many times he yelled at him. And when the motors continued to be dead deputy. Guy with the carry permit shot and killed him. Following the incident totally county sheriff Mike Scott issued a statement. Commending the actions of the carry permit older. This year said quote my deepest and sincere appreciation goes to the citizen. Engaged they're raised a shale and stopped the imminent threat of great bodily harm or death. To our deputy happens. A lot not necessarily to police officers helping them out all the good guys and good bills were guns do help cup winner who can. It happens every day good people. Using guns to protect themselves. Rarely makes news. Has not destroy the boards not the merit of the dirt looking. So what. Does that say. You guys are great I be getting more and more. Emails. And Twitter suggestions. From people saying here's what trump should do here's what. I wish would be happening and we would talk a lot about that of course as you go through. The rest of the day here on gonna talk world are we talking about it and new gun club. Resurrecting when actually from. From way beyond from way back very cool concept if some new stuff now there are some new gear that we weren't talk about. Would be. Actually take your calls comments questions and range reports and right now we are really good time for you do do that 866 talk gun gets you in here. 86682554. 86 or actually if you prefer just dial one Tom talk gun and that should work that you get you here also. I 866 talk gun I'm Tom aggression be right back with more gun talk. Back congress in here patients should talk on your community. Politics got oyster workers who go on good morning usually well and Ghana we. It's much when you're usually don't matter. The it's our god talk and Berger give Oregon a week. Idea governments over a year ago if you're gonna talk dot com slash win or you can like us on the go and talk FaceBook page. Things going and on Friday December of this record. We won't that was where mark for pistol we Q Ruger American postal come back we three. The LCP two week for hot baby dog and SR ninety lovely really nice nightclub coastal. Also we are heading into. Black Friday sales warmer up already lot of things going moments he special deal from pyramid aired during the mall. That pyramid air that's with all why's he want are the them why do you pyramid aired on com. 10% off if you used a code gun talk. Well that's pretty cool we just got a couple their guns. Meant adult organs. Talk about Kevin turner time under me talk a bit more about that just meant all pull the trigger a lot there's the more you pull the trigger the better you get cut. So 2% off if you used a code gun talk your beard and count also Black Friday deals going on right now. Brownell slots available right along sailed new and every day many more on Black Friday. They were the firebox or liberty Shirley Franklin fifty. Comptek pollsters offering 15% off everything with the code thank sixteen. That contract dot com. But he during his guns lot of things going on murderers lot of good deals I've been look at those in Remington actually all of these stronger and do your app that you don't have to Biden stepped down. Just check your gun dealer after find that all of this stuff. Is there a lot more going on we'll have more information about Black Friday as you grow along OK I mentioned triggered time. And the idea. An epidemic should just not December yet Ramona Gordon springer on him now will build or start a couple weeks early. Color dry fire December. Which is just a way of saying let's get a bunch of trigger Donahue got an adult or gun yes absolutely do it it is there are so good. Here's my thought for you. You wanna shoot more you or shoot better dry firing. Works I want to drive buying them including using an older solutions like you get from your rear seat has its arrogance. My suggestion is this a hundred times today. Amount to the end of the year. Now. Rules there are rules here. And these are rules you don't get to fudge on these routes to get to break these rules you cannot even flirt where. And the rule is this. We and you are dry firing. You may not head out you were not allowed to have you must not have. Indy live ammunition. In the room. Where you're doing this. Is not a case of just unloaded with the amateur side I don't know you gotta go to another room where there is doing. And here's your that you're using a semiautomatic pistol. Think of this as being OC DU rack for slide three times racquet racquet racquet. Here's a clue you're alive round comes out each time you racquet it's not unloaded. Yet. You have removed the magazine. One of the reasons that we do. At the magazine not wreck wreck rack it actually unloaded now you go to another room. Check it again Iraq crack crack now orchestra dry fire practice. We're gonna try to do. Or order a trigger controlled primarily. Because that's why people me. It's not a big aim badly. You don't control the trigger. So what we want this to rush to shut off without disturbing the sites and let's do it slowly at first just get all of our roots. Safe. Backdrop it took like a bookshelf much any books and that gunship was not a bad thing to report now just a case to patients grew up. Don't wanna blow to go fleeing across neighborhood. The idea here is to have the sites on the target pressed the trigger and then after the here fault it was struck a false site to steal all the target and you hold a that's like picture. This is very important. After you press off the shot you holed. A Busch like picture. As if you click on the news dropped got off you're turning yourself come off the target as you pressed harder and you will do that as you can go. If you do that's a hundred times a day and night whenever. On the target rash quick poll. Now. Knock the gun rack the slide regard are we need to do it do it again all the target. Rest lick. Home. We got to do this without disturbing. Sights. And others are important and start working your your drawl you probably don't purchase should draw much if at all again unloaded and loaded and unloaded. There are going through the draw we're gonna work on a smoker you need to work on some details here I get to go out. Are you marry your hands together up by your chest and tell you extend them if you don't know these things check out our dvds we have that information there. We're going to personal point shot gonna hold. The they're gonna slowly re holster. Over and over and then as you get toward the end of the month you can start speeding up emotion we're working on is that trigger perhaps. In at the at the end of the month you have 3000 trigger presses are slow. You're simply going to be better. He didn't spend any money. There's. Not a bad. I joke is called an all breeze out of organ big joke you've got a range of reports. I sure do told by just spotlight export tool or Ruger at a local discount store here. Little while ago and or site editor at the store which they usually do it's as savage trophy voter model which. I absolutely love took about the range. You know it was. 67 inches offered under the arched it walked right here to the bulls like the last three there are shots were trying to cheat each other Schuettler 32 great reporter Pete factory loads. It's just. A sweet shooting. Rifles and I just can't talk highly doubt about that savage stroke her package. Ask your question and I'm sure they got your 44204. Juan Carlos what is it about the two for you like so much. It's. I like the trajectory I like what the toaster rock chart. And I can get ample forehead easily. You know it. There's very little Rico well it's. You're talking about practicing the in the in sight als which as you know I Rick and a cute that you need that tool for. There's little doubt free oil broker leakage if you cheat sheet. You know you'd. You're sight picture doesn't change after the shot you're right they're. And let me for those who don't know when you're shooting bargains if you can stay in the scope and seat. The bullet yet. Ticker produce long range or maybe your first shots of miss you are alarmed to adjust to the left. You can the end just correct on the followed show whereas if you shoot first discriminatory to do fifty. Has enough record oil to take you off the shot. Whereas the true for Ruger. Even though it's it's blazing really fast too too crazy fast bowler but it used lighter bullet into twenty armored 122 caliber. And what Joseph can you share of dollars on a thirty to bring pollution. And here's the factory loaders it's settled the box 4225. At the muscle in a brick might be at church out their grip. Kelly sheriff's department. Also how's that big he shot at air. You'd just chronic graphic it was faster then the 4245. Predict on the box so. You know year you're get remotest. Speed of valuation gold. Yeah and this is for those who don't know this Tuesday senator are cartoons of the rim park cartridge. So forward suits closer to a two to three administer some collect some teenager more. Over yeah it sure there's certain. What are diet strike folder and the election. This you know and I don't think the tool for Rupert Gibbs. Nearly enough. Kitchen. Which let me ask you what which on the spot what your longest shot on our critter on Mormon groups. So far only about 260 yards on Iraq chart. That's probably a case of where you are and and where your hunting. Yeah it was. A load up a river baker framed as a worse or reader it was seven trouble with the rock church if he got under your read at. So yes he's still down there. I was fourteen for fourteen. A quick just a real treaty from the. You know you like the to a foreign minister. I'll hold very cool I just let go appreciate those are great range report stood lying on Robert. California Robert you've got a range report. And you don't have a lot of times are given to me please. Okay have Mirant reported that in 1990 shield. The safety. And I completely done I'm just not used to the aspect of prior. Platform. First that was. 1911 and I think I got spoiled on that. If the it yeah it is a change for those of us who've grown up all night your level in the middle clumsily if you go to striker fired and is that why you are with a well the safety advocates who used to have an external safety. No I won't say because unfortunately imagine California and that's our. Yeah. That's right right well I will. You'll get used to it this year was they rarely nice Bristol. I just I think it's a great guy and it's right in whom I think a business sweet spot. For singles back nine millimeter carried guns via. XT guessed is she your older it's big is it harder for them right in there they're just sweet as they can be a robber appreciate your call. Shipman by the way and talk about deals or so revealed that just look at that. Can remember it was brown mills agrees somebody. They were listing the shield that. 349. Which are thought was really good writes. That. I think we're gonna see some real thick duels in the next. Six weeks means I'm right now. Black Friday running through the end of the year. I don't know if gun makers ramp up. And now there's bigger maybe there's not going to be quite the rush young guns. If that's the case are going to be some really good deal fell military personally I'm. I'm still buying and ID. There are some really nice guns out there that I don't. I don't Richland. A morning and met with the 686. Smith the one that that was shot three for yourself and and made the mistake belong back to their website and an escrow valuable Leo and others and the page gambled on my gosh. It got its name revolver. In forty format. Well. Yeah. So. That's right. I myself whenever I hair done. So we have two of them coming and only have one pollster orders are for it will work for both gotten so what that means to future. Some of the holster in the works somewhere going to be. And with both of those huge U2 thirty special or in the for a four Magnum you can shoot 44 special and there. And I think four to four specials such a sweetheart and it's actually. It's really good cartridge in and of itself and there are a lot of good loads everything from you know. Bob Black kill Chester count warrior loads up to. Super duper loads for a and a double tap camel in my closed at 44 special. In some fairly stout. Hard cast lead bullets. Actually might even be hard to argue for. You go through your political. We'll be talking about some of the pool. New products that are coming out think it will be popular look forward to go and seventeen also like to get your take on a would you accept. We've December drawn fire show would you get involved in for their flawed gun if you and your controversial bills. Just go until. Our guns our newsletter join the truth squad at www. Guns are dot com. Now back to go and talk with Washington judge the opinion page where you can. Contributors Tom Gresham. The company that we love working workers and except for stuff. And though it's fun to find out what they'll do. There's posters got. And we'll be killed in Georgia Florida Virginia and reload before we talk about. Stuff. I don't hear the story there and work work is the deal with the possible. I think I'm good afternoon thanks for having me on we sure appreciate it schedule Forsett now. But many of you know it me or listeners will certainly understand the last week and at the opening of your seat got great country or urged. And like so many other Americans that on my ultimate deer woods. Overlooking this just beautiful little river bottom here and you know the heart would grow and all around me in this little stream run and down river immune and I sit narrowed last flight. And I just hear the truck and Emily Hughes and if you've ever hunted in the words this time of year you know. Those police connect a lot of noise right. You never know we've agreed to be a squirrel going to be that your nick Netanya. Some look and I'm looking I'm looking and seeing this for the gray object. Working its way up until towards me. And together ever seen partners in the woods you know there are strange creatures and they communal efforts in the front was no exception he's got to work it up the hill. Court Meehan. It's come about ten yards lift his head up in the air and you just see him waive his head back in court smell smelled something but he and market governess. That you're noticed that in noticed the popular apparently do not seek color I'm standing there always org structure. Could not be met. Up could not could not make out what I what. I'm not what would that exactly you know it is wrong you don't boo. Could hurt in the woods cannot say yeah we keeps coming closer and closer rummaging through to leave and return yards or so it's cut up. Look at me and sniffed and sniffed and try to figure out what it was. It's closer and closer and closer and you get about five yards and hard about who regard the predators the law. You start across this flawed and he has one of those moments we've all had come. Where you work out to make a step right you get your foot up and here. Before you put it down you'd change your mind and that's what this corn crop was about who regards from the you pick that pop increases right in mid air. You then realize you know what it didn't write that but that's a hypothetical world. And that. Here. And I think what I expect that poppy good to freeze roll over all that well that came out of that popped them. Did not belong to an animal that all I could not believe the well let that are. The day in this thing it's been a long time you know that pop and it he ran about five yards turned around and look back mean. And you must he must have been thinking right now what now to bring in the woods let me get the rights. Is the heck out of me I don't come after. That or pop them. I talked to go coffee he wandered up into the trees and on with his marital let. You have a close encounter blossomed. It didn't come from those great things that when you're out in the words this time of year you just never know trigger an Internet that you would never cease and at all. When you're out there your acquired in nature. The great and beautiful. You know at the curse to be injured. Tell the story. For a lot of us. Hatched the plot that's huge keyboard and you came back and told that story to people there one that well I shot this or I killed that there was. I had this fabulous experience in the words and a reporter but let me just heard the story because it wouldn't happen if you hadn't been. Your spirit. At a stroke it well I appreciate share was. That's part of the letter of honing your experience. All right I ask you about something here. Absolutely I have a way I had our I had a really big. Paul can machine and I mean Mortimer a big machine and Richard so the doctor put on. You know it's funny you bring that up we we kept just think specifically for guys with your problem. No that's the machine guns it's dipping your they've all day every time you pull it out he can't hit anything because of the iron I can't you just. And you end up wasted hacker ammo. When are you wanna you know appear old 1967 Volkswagen bug. But in that you and that put hacker around in the dirt. Yes merger talk has just developed. Our first ever purpose built a reflex machine. So think about other reflex sight PR RPM morrow but now all up three times larger than it ought to be. Design it specifically from machine gun applications. And you have PM here. OK I gotta tell a true story. About the idiot do you have insurance sporting goods also emotional upsurge weeks ago walking into the goose. Then were huge agrees there. I'll look over our nurses demo. A model. Of a reflex like let's Kubrick made apple a big demos we can actually look at a reflex like. And again to cure a ritual to pick an uptick in this is a plaster Marca. That sucker must wait like four pounds of what is certain no that's not a mock up that's your actual site it's huge. Kept for those of those listeners New York haven't seen it. Imagine a local bread that was a machine gun reflex sight and that. May create I got its. And it's bigger so what are you put this on that just like we should not for a and they are tight machine and this is welcome our crew served thing. You've got to salute the united states army big green machine came north about eighteen months ago and said hey we got this problem. The problem is that your average. 1819 year old man who weren't going to a country that never fired belt that machine gun. They don't get a lot of practice with them the ammunition incredibly expensive and the ranges that are men and women are finding themselves engaged and are extremely law 6070800. Meters. And with this machine guns thank you imagine shooting back with iron back out at. McCain do what they're arming and acetate and you guys design and help us build a site. That and we can feel that that can reduce our ammunition costs helped our soldiers hit their targets. It'll make sure that they get publicly and that's we have done so in conjunction with them around sort of broad aspect document that they wrote. We develop the seven year. Specifically for BM two or the ma deuce or fifty caliber machine gun didn't feel that by the US armed forces cents. The more work to. That of course beat them to forty ordering him to 49 org. Commonly known as the saw the placement could EM sixty to tell production. So so and and there are people in the civilian world who owns some of these and they by the super longer. Yeah absolutely it available public it's we're in the initial production right now. And we are fueling our Kurdish units to our men and women who are going overseas and abroad right now. You'll be available to the public. In early spring mark church I'm prayer. And yet. He really pitched yep police. So be honest Turkey. Toward the Murat and the magnet wire and week 4909. And a. That's a hole in less margin. It's unfortunate grossly fifteen during a really good. Well. You know we've we've tried to make it supportable and actually that because. We're trying to get this into every unit that going to be going overseas and attempts. Most units have afforded it feel that have the ability to body. Certain amount of the year and we're trying to get our costs down unless you make it affordable. Every unit that has what at least sell a machine guns according to court also means that or are civilians at home or interest and that sort of thing as well. It can be more portable feel as well. It's pretty cool they want if you were blown into homeowners to suck it up like the court break. There's a million got a product for the rest of us regular folks who is pretty cool we'll talk about that. So we'll get you to fill in the blanks in the backs on them 866 talk on future here 32 don't go anywhere we gonna get to you'd just really quickly if you'd like to join us if you're listening and you order share a range of pork I always give us a Holler exit six taught guy. Doctor knowledgeable shooters lady off we're talking about ring not fights reflex like that type of thing. These are hanging around we have. Experienced competitors you start to see a lot more of those on pistol. For talking with we're Killen from Kurds got him and they are Marquardt has been. That's the standard by which everything else is judged in that category for a long time and reduce or. It is we work the first into the market that we did come up early on some innovation. That has allowed BR mark to take a dominant share of market. Primarily because it is so rugged and it was designed to survive drops and impacts and the sort of general we're terribly good to go through they and they out of the range. And there are more. Rugged and what's a hundred children in her report. Mr. regret treachery and address the whole thing that has released its rugged you can beaded up you can drop the news keeps working. It is it was originally designed around a military expect dropped. When that means that you could take that are mark. Put it on top of your standard fully loaded them pork tweet about nine pounds and drop it two meters on the concrete. And the optic needs to survive. And it needs hold zero so it was with that design specification in mind which caused them to develop. That distinctive sculpture. Which is a dead ears if you will caucus. Right over an hour. OK okay here basically built points intuit and again it's the point if you Wear all the years. And then absorb some of the records basically and engineering force vector thing he's going there. You've got to the force be impacted this. Directed down that side of the optic into the frame of the weapon and not into the the last option of course attract a party commander in. All right so what's so. What's your vantage. Had to explain the advantage of using the arm our own a handgun Mauer and they are it's like the coolest thing ever Barack handgun. What to do person. So we could go back to sort of your pistol won a one basic. In structure to tell you when you present the pistol you really need to be looking at onsite. Background your target these to almost be blurry. And need to be focusing on the front side edit them very very difficult skill per many of us ambassador. Your natural inclination is a look at the park particularly it's a god forbid you happen to find yourself the real world situation we need to defend yourself. Oh it's your adrenaline is all going to be going on what the target in this. So will a pistol with an armoire when you present it. That dot that reflect stock. Is projecting itself if you were on the the target so what that means you can keep your target and focus she can keep your eyes down range. That got. Your on your target and help you engage that target more accurately. More quickly and more crucial. When I regret it is when your when your teachers and later shoot they've got to armoire on the gun rifle or pistol. Are shocked and for that matter. Afternoon a lot of explaining Agilent dot on target or trigger. Oh they're gonna restore you've got the year the armoire now available and it's it's just rock and roll and then. It is it's doing very well we've been very pleased with that every year more and more people that are on a pistol every year more and more are companies come out with more. Oh well there are ready ready for optics I think it this your shock show. He'll be at least two more major diplomatic factors they're going to be coming out with optics ready pistols. Which we are Mark Kirk a couple of. Yours ago and of course all the information for the trip to Ghana where fighters. And by the way for your guns PRI AJ I feel weird for Chicago. Want to thank you so more it's always great product you gotta love that policies toward another bad. Our comic per quarter like for every week are you take care got a lot of your Mission Impossible himself played but sometimes we just get ready for Houston. I'll let you. Doctors here we had Karl while the good thing. Hang with a mystery gentleman from north. Kobasew. Lord thank you first who helped sheltered him for a bit. She would have noticed a pretty good shot this guy in the shoulder most of them over to understand which usually and then maybe. And the pursuit of circumstance maybe that would worked out in this case we have somebody on top of police officer. Idiom and hitting and hitting and here's the thing to understand. I think maybe that's in the parking lot of people don't get. You can. And people. Kill old people with a single punch. And then we get somebody down on the ground the detector heads are smashed into the ground. Like trade Lamar was doing to George Zimmerman trying to kill him up. At that point you gotta make it stop right now. And shooting people around the edges there's work actually is issued in the shoulder. Hoping that that dissuade them. The reality is locked arms and dozens of what you try to do you try to make them stop quickly. Shoot them right in the middle. Most vital part. There. Yes it might kill him it might not but and it's got the best. Chance of making and stopped. Missile stop the attack stopped trying to kill someone. If here's where I think about it if they happen to die as a result of that that's an occupational hazard for bad behavior on their part trying to kill some. We're worse trying to accomplish what were you trying to accomplish. It's really officially ideological cup. Consequence. So. No we don't charge you the shorter your turn human hand to draw a human leg. Human like most likely to make him stop doing what they're doing. As fast as possible. And typically if you get good training in orchard during you don't you don't watch issued several times. If you Ingram those bullets are just not that affect billed as long lines recalled him from liberty low. Bill what's on your mind. Well Tom Paul we've got the ball roll and we really shouldn't write about something on our hands are still open. I I made a commitment to myself that I am going to try to get to meet people and beyond NRA and I tracked three. Condo and get warm because I'm gonna by the membership for walks and is we will get the NRA numbers but a lot. This is it time to do that we we can't. Read relax now I've I've had people say oh you know we can relax now you know. And this is a good time to relax we have come so darn close to loosen our Second Amendment. We this is the time to really get on that and stay off what orchard. Totally bill I mean I'm I'm right there with you load of great entrepreneur thanks for the call the I'm. Here's then we talk about pushing back portion back are resisting. This appears. I'll be our best opportunity to make advances. For our right. We are cute not just resist the efforts of taking away our rights we have to regain that commit to do it. Fast we have to move fast read a blitzkrieg. If you girl we need it'll. March down the field in football terms what are you to run up the score if you will. Because we have this opportunity to not do that would be. An abject failure would be foolhardy. On our part and to bill's point. What are the ways we do that. Is to increase membership in the NRA. Increased membership in the second in the foundation the RA working very. Effectively on the legislative side. I think the second group foundation there's the lead dog when it comes to litigation and winning in the court's vote to put together or awesome. Nomination Somalia by the way Christmas is coming up public Christmas gifts of memberships. To your friends. You can do there are different from them a foundation life membership and I think if you're here goes that way for just. To put this in your head now time for the road the score. If you know we're gonna come back Woodruff we're back let's try to get everything we scored the idea on what would you life if your your. Choice of what you do here. Also we're coming up on Black Friday a lot of things going on will be talk about from the field and offer that are out there were comeback 866 talk guns. Are you looking for PlayStation. The National Shooting Sports Foundation has a great website called weird hue gotta work. The largest database shooting ranges on the Internet. It's also great resource computers where you can find videotapes credible targets. Find it online and where to Chicago and while you're there download their free I'd. We are to shoot dot. You are gonna blow. It's time to load a bunch of intellectual ammunition with Tom Griffin Dunne talks big doesn't matter if you learned to shoot with the Daniel boon for your brand new. You're welcome here. This is the original national talk show about guns and talking Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics and politics so grab your phone and call him right now. 86682554864. Just dial one Tom thought god. Now here's stop. This is Tom Gretchen got dark. Now available on iTunes and other broadcast goal line stand on the brink Gundy Helio Smartphone app for iPhone and android. Feel free to call talk now that one Tom dart gun. 48668255486. Or email Thomas doesn't talk dot com. Now once again here's a job. Right back where you come Gresham it is done talk like yours are really really easy just a few dollars. Felt Tom talk pretty tall but we talk. Plus record gun put to talk about Tom Fargo the nuggets did hear. Let's. A year old yet just yesterday to let you know. Our TV shows. And venture guns and your first person defender. They're all available now law and a rogue group. L.s on fire apple TV and of course our YouTube channel slope. Check them all out so our hope that you get all of those and we keep adding more more not just TV shows but as we do. More videos with a different companies are just tested nuclear. We have to up. Hours of fun video from some players were. Group but I'll never know we're we go play with a fire truck Richmond just recently did go hunting lodge. Ryan absconded with the fire truck and took it off and ran at him and hose stuff down don't know what you're gonna see your orders or chicken outs on roku emblem fire. Policy apple TV and of course our YouTube channel it is if you have looked at a calendar all most. Black Friday and warned companies that we really like doing stuff where the folks over Brad Mills and Iowa joining me right now to talk about what they're up to Ryan rep there I gather I remember didn't Donald Trump congress you guys. I yeah yeah we were. Receive adult couple that sure how to go about. There is great look you know I mean he can buy their Iowa I mean this problem. Our president elect who goes to a company. That sells and markets. On gun belt and Gomes. He's right there with you guys that's a pretty big. Statement for someone who's running for president. Yeah well you know it it is it is it is interstate you know could be an Iowa of course. You know we we got a kick things off as the word in the in the presidential much less well. You know I've brown held kind of an interstate but there's little gun companies Iowa certainly what courts did want lemon Mets slugger reached. What does a little larger ones which which could see a lot of the candidates to come through and they wanna blow they they stop in and talk to our staff and a local community and that's sort but I didn't really take it kind of worst possibility that. What they're you don't understand their view is in the Second Amendment and then be able to look belt arrests the industry about it we pick or something up the world that are friends of the Lola. Try it another go. How does it go and Hillary stop by there. Kafelnikov matters submitted seat to see an incredible new Robert underdog and we're happy Kessler so we didn't mind. Didn't clear a bigger draw she'll loves that's why should blow dried. Up but. We don't. A little zip right there well. A leading I'll mention Black Friday were of things are probably is still new enough to lock people don't really know who's. Are not safe assumption I worked on the assumption that people who've been around guns for any length of time. They know Brownell you real brothels were you originally. Hearts and God's the supplies you have got bigger and bigger now it's like sells everything has do with with guns. And now you all the way now you actually self governance. We do we do that that the pretty new thing for us. We kind of right to be reviewed ritual lower lower and that sort of thing capital. In a problem for a long time. And we've got to put our toe Angie oh firearms. Few months ago is very very limited selection but now. As of about a week and a half ago we launched firearms full wanted to throw a lot of our actual from all the usual suspects. All the great manufacturers out there choke. But 3500 different gun that the bout that level pretty much lead since election across the English her mother and her Omar Al what's. And over thirty different brands so yeah we are Shelly Gunn Pavano now pretty cool pretty responsible or. Our house or work because the mean obviously we know that legally I cannot buy a gun from Brownell own the unit had used in the to my house so. How is this system work. Yes so it obviously yellow but not as Hillary will will blunt that it nor the debates where there's a online go and all that doesn't exist. So we also do what we do is is you come to the site. You pick up firearm that you want. That you were select the that federal firearms license you that you but it's been begun to. And we civic center right about Herschel of course. Berger forty portion of victory there at the F well and he kicked our home it's pretty easy really we've we've we've got eight. Won't call the grotto future dealer program patrolled but Purdue and to some repertory immediate result there a poll that. You know ball. Ridiculous call but. We've got we've got featured viewers out there and people which elect all the future dealer who admitted what that it was just means they're quiet real app called backers said yeah all will be able transaction under. So this early people got we will stay pretty processed all under percent legal. We just have to go to yet but fell to sort out truck and what. No no no obviously I took notable Black Friday but you somehow call this neglect. Lack rifle Friday what what are about it. What a black rebels Friday is kind of our term for Black Friday. UK government less popular than the traffic on the web site has picked up. Tremendous annual bowl three or so years we've been doing Blackburn for Friday but really announced portal black outs and moving up. Right now go to Brett no luck on quick on the main banner to take you to view special the change every week. The sheer black brother a black purple for it. Will be absolutely incredible. The promotion seemed so we beat deepest discounts. That we probably ever Steve as a company on all sorts different things suddenly told me that. The promo code who worked on gone from all that sort of fun stuff to do so via a big blow out of what fraud at the rental Barca will be deployed to be sure. And that she's going to be literally just don't like ahead of time it's going to be on Black Friday is right. Like oracle Friday Islam at all block Brett yeah and that's the real the real super deep discounts that sort of thing. The black purple mountains running right now so that's a couple of cause they could do is check it on the site. You check in daily and we'll have a look different deals going on but we were black purple for that is the data real discount. OK if you check in each day could this new deals things going on each day its breath for the don't know Brownell BR OW ENELL. Pass brown Els. Dot com gets you in there so how are sales. After the election we've seen in changed. Yeah you know what it is that this felt that remain strong so to have lived on just fine. You know I don't know a lot of that you a lot of folks you know we're worried about what's sales would do wouldn't you win we know we basically. Those of the Republicans control bush you know that the legislative branch should look exactly branch potential go on just fine and you know from the industry's perspective we could be after what the outcome of the election. Obviously you know for the long term stability security industry certainly. Almost a must end up so were we but he continues to duke. Good work then they get the Supreme Court justice somewhere that. Search portals of our efforts more comfortable with the world bill really really really going on the spot when call. Let's burgers check about it each day you revealed the wrong hill dot com as we go to. Black rifle mode and then of course Black Friday is mark rifle Friday round else. Gotta check that out right thank you so much. Under it will be different. All right you take care I open lines or are now looking for your comments your range reports of course. And third you're you're sort of stir the pot if you don't like guns. And I mean really surged in Africa. If you wanna call and tell me why we're all crazy. I won't step aside and give you the floor and if you're just completely traumatized. Trump collection. What are your coming in here we've got. We have a safe space for you. Not the safest former guns but that's holder for the paid 66 start you're. And we're back. I'm just online. Well okay copy a look at the guns were under. 866 to our gun what do you look at that you figure out by the guy and I'd. Certainly am I think it's great son my guns and every person you know guns who's gonna. Drop off. Thinks are critical on paper densely. It's a great time. To try something new to buy new done I think a lot of people at and also. If as expected economy improves. Well that's going to be something. Jump starts. Going and buying also because they're feel more money in your pocket if you simply feel better about the economic future of the country and about your personal. Economic future. That can free up a little bit of extra quarter as well why Jerry Jones with a out of Amarillo Texas and Joseph what your question. Ernie. Yeah. Okay we have Canaveral churches I would actually product out state Arizona. And choked her earlier. We have open curious text is China open cherry wood that permit early snooker. I do not know. Let me ask you question your human intelligence there. Why do you have an Arizona State perm. Are cheaper. Okay. Some are okay and I would say you need to check that out I don't live in Texas you can go to handgun law about US go off to check with the Texas DPS. But I do not know the them. Nearly intricacies of that so or if somebody else can help us out maybe that gives Holler let us loves them lecture. Why one kid and Brandon Mississippi take him. Amalia. Ray. Are kept question toward their and then current report your parents are but some question. Burt the question is so I'm. Yeah who often tell people to practice our practice or draw on military and you. Our fire technique you know without without any of them. Our question and his term but I can cut. Are OK to drive under and which ones are not could cause damage to the government. Pretty much anything is okay to drive firewood one guns do you have that you might be concerned with. I got to block 42 and in not creating. No problem drive farther thing from now to the end of the world. Absolutely an idea it would be. Be very difficult for them to go and drive fight if your at all concerned goers were snapped gaps and that. Am here are some Hebrew actually used that kept especially here's the thing especially if you're going to practice. Doing. Real cure practiced drew reload for drive firing. And if you magazine can be hard to get this go into a gun and that you've got a dummy round minutes Matt Capps. In your magazine it will make it be much better and so that's not a bad way to go so. But yeah you can pretty much L. I've heard that a number of people saying. Som rim fires you shouldn't drive far and I'm not sure I'm working on the assumption Obama talked around fires or. So to cut so are you should be actually good to go on that are concerned we arrange report. OK of the printer port a book and you Marley and actual servant. Bolt action to seven for a first your on the right. And the redoubled the Marlins 'cause the first time I ever bought the marlin Glenn field mobile XP 22 caliber. When I walked into a little bit Kmart about it thank whatever was 35 years ago or something like that and got within without any paperwork. But out on the that you don't do it pillar of east and hold about eighteen rounds or so that would include. And that. I'd gotten it just that gun I still haven't missed a law that. And cut back kernel so good at Opel and the stick with Marlon Byrd your arrival. I got there excelled servant and that's the one that I got cam folks are taught to nurture and make the most stock anymore. But I've been athletic for a couple of years I just love that I'd just check out this site at the range and not chipping out. One and group took a hundred yards and I just look again. How. Its interest in this government do to save your Q and how many times. We develop an affinity for particular brand of firearm because. That's what we started the first if people like you are the first gonna have surrendered was a Winchester what the savage was a Ruger. And I've always liked that. Just your computer all that happens. Dear do you own any of the Marlins. They're not just goes to. You're. Just experienced and they know lol what CommScope would you put them. You are. Okay here did you put the scope under rifle. Welcome. Our our current data entry got to. It. Good good deal to Germany or hard to do better now well I love it it's. All of the whole idea of sticky with a company. That's just. It's so common as to be apocryphal as they say they actually call you know. Brand loyalty is amazing. And also in education and they talk about the law primacy that thing you learn first there's the thing that sticks who refuse. That can be good or can be bad. If you learned bad habits early on it too hard to get rid of its sole work toward that end. If you're gonna get some training go to a good place go to a good person. I know old. Want to spend money young guns there. I wanna spend money. I give them. But may I suggest. As much as I would like Trevor great to be buying new guns and I'm really neighbor at all. We should she asked that you might consider your next gun purchase to breathe and that it's in training. Treat yourself. And think this way you're going to treat yourself to this incredible experience. Experience is going to. Really crude trainer. And a really good trainer if you don't have discount training before I'm targeted specifically of so frustrated we can get into the other news sector. Trader you're almost more your mind when he worked he or she can teach you must expand that beyond just weeks after surgery you know about. God like under rare actually academy all the good schools and their good schools popular. And and they are. Game changer they are life change yours. On a mistaken earlier to arsenic and I like cured. Are scared to garner a rare work this morning. I think I'd like. Gary and I'm like no warning. That I have achieved some level of competency. Where the fire that I can actually reduce American people now the reason I feel that way is to buy I've taken multiple multiple multiple. Classes. In self defense with fire arms. Moving shooting she denied shooting in buildings shooting on the ground shooting from moving you from inside vehicles cheating through windshields from an outside in from the inside. Yeah I still trying to. Go I don't know anything. You say that I guess I don't know anything. Bird what I need to. And here's the problem. I don't know what I'm going to need. What I. Yeah need if I get a bad situation. May be that things haven't gotten training. Or maybe this thing that I haven't practiced wire go back and take the basic. Pistol class over and over again. And another holds true. If you're weak shooter. You Britain -- target to your ring no more birds protection lessons when you are not about original like here give me a break. So worked Obama. One good day of instruction yours go holy smoke. Can get Schumer anymore targets. A better shot. When you're hunting with a rifle there are schools you can go to gun site to get your ranch others. Well they portrayed you all life sized targets like serves burgers. And work on your shoe do you work under stalking children were removed from position to read somewhere where so much confidence. Which group. The turbulent temperature you'll know when you can take that we should parents are there. And we take it you're just simply no it's not like I hope I hear the girl I'm going to make the shot. If I see if I can take it away here that it's good ago. And that's what. They don't go far don't come back and I'm Morgan California right. What's your opinion to make a difference log onto our website and take big gun drug hole. WW UW dot dot dot dot com now once again. The opinion page regular contributor for The Washington Times spears done. We'll break from the regular show right now breaking news. That Antonio and justice for all our law enforcement friends out there and everybody else because it's. Senatorial police officer was shot to death during a traffic stop. Here's three minutes ago. I'll just stopped. Old man over. While you're sitting in his car riding your ticket in her car pulls up behind the police officers are. May gets out and walks up to the police officer's car and shoots the officer. Through the window and then he reaches in and shoots him. Again it's an assassination. Very reminiscent of the action in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and south Texans. Those are your long Portia be alert be careful. Watchers six. Hebrew situation awareness or barrio. Ghetto. The exact. Things than we do have a picture and looking who see new website from the place that picture of what they think is a policeman's car rather. That the gunman in this case a murderer. Used. They will find this person. You're where there. Are crazy people. Out there. Here or. Vicious. You. Crazy. People. Out there. And that my friends is why I carry a gun wherever ago. And that my friends while I get trained. How to handle firearms everywhere ago it's not a guarantee. It is however. A tool that is increasing. The odds he gives me. Something I can grow to. Just in my view more effective. There are hoping that someone shoves up hoping that. Murder besides what reason not to murder the last minute. Carefully watched. All right. In order not to will line three your forwarded to our guest Spokane Washington hey well. Your hunger and talk. Can't thank you so much on I just had a couple things one what. That even in spite of the election. We're still under under fire from. Bloomberg. I I assume that they asked that he. Universal background check in the Nevada. And or where we've still got a lot. Of the aware of and gotten to what occurred or might take action joined BRA. I get involved in your local state. Legislatures. In Washington State we have a looming. An and just say an end at seven assault weapon ban it a modern sporting rifle ban and magazines. Has backed by our. Attorney general and I'd like to ask you try to keep. Keep that in your focus a little bit we think we can stop bit that we need to tell. I will appreciate that you know I look like protocol one of things I'm thinking of your return the phone futures. That states that warning to banning certain guns. I would think that would be prohibited under color. If they are in common use and we know that marsh foreign rivals are. And what if we got under the drug administration. Justice Department. That declares that these guns are in common use and these guns are covered by Heller and instructions to our US Justice Department would be. This is the same as civil rights violations by states and cities. We have seen them. With the federal government has done when they say this city is violating civil rights. While its people we will send in teams of lawyers we will soon we will put you ordered and shipped decrees. And you will basically be working for us for the next 25 or thirty years. Until you're proven to us. Richard no longer discriminate against his people try to take our rights of way. Throughout the south that's been what we have moved where for decades and decades and decades. Now imagine. Under trump administration the Department of Justice is just an owner. To ban guns. It's a violation of federal law we are going to assure you dropped the entire weight of the United States federal government a topic you. And we're gonna make you work under consent decrees and you're going to have to show us how you're protecting the rights of gun owners. For the next thirty or forty. Years. You'll know my debut. Where rigor or this or are ours toward your I am absolutely willing to compromise. On gun control. My leg when I would like to head. Would be to repeal all gun control laws might compromise. Position is will repeal only half of them. This year. The next year we can do the exact same thing we repeal half of what's left. A couple of months. Record I can do that's that's that's not really that difficult isn't. They were a young. Just because I heard got a little bit we wish them a little bit extra time on this breaking news I would do this. John Bogle will gonna get you in here from circle. We're gonna do go take a quick break here we'll come back or give you a little more time on that as we go along. 866 talk then we come back we'll talk about Jericho where the coolest thing you can do and I I have. Would now become a favorite right and actually did the circuitry through this so cool particularly hate people go. It's. Can you do think there 866 dog going to be right back. After a long worked thank you need a break when you get home. That's what it's triggered time. We quality adult air guns that are powerful and accurate and quiet and cost just pennies to shield. We are pyramid here we know air guns. Let our experts with more than 150 years combined Gergen experience help find the right here again for you. Get your triggered time anytime. For less here midair dot com. Got your period permanent then that's good yeah. Usually portray yeah. You dvds which we Eugene. Springfield armory presents a consumer Kerry won in consumed Purina tomb was. And shoot shoot defense shield curious do this in fighting traders. Be prepared. This really is life and. It's June and drug. It's the next generation target pistol the SW 22 victory from Smith & Wesson stainless steel frame interchangeable match girl comes safety fiberoptic site in a picket Tinny rail SW 22 victory is ready for anything target or small game also available with a threaded barrel or cryptic camel finish and it's backed by the Smith & Wesson lifetime service policy learn more about the FW 22 victory at Smith stash Wesson dot com. Could someone review their gun collection you may want if you can afford you do with the rest and how do you sell. Wouldn't call. Well I called Johnny jury that during his guns. Whether you're selling one gun or 500 they'll tell you what it's worth and right to a chip. Simple quick and easy prey. I trust who is God's. Given McCall during his guns dot com. Responsible border control access to their fire arms people when they may be given her. That cliche but nation's leader in god faith offers six bottles of handguns off the golf heavily used. Open with a heat or fingerprint. Come back we'll. Lock it away. That is in your hand almost seems to. Get them Liberty's face the voltage right for you liberty state HP dot com. It. Yeah. About Libya we have a question about the end of referendum on the so called universal background and yes the past. 49 and a half percent. To fifty and a half percent. And now they have to go to a dealer. Selling gun privately. The logon to somebody. Go hunting for the weekend. There were would you where would you may need to go out and vote 40% to fifty and a half percent loss. Or cooler things you can do you're gonna super make it well. Look cool. But what do you do all that and make it function better to get swept up or Jericho are all about John Hanson joins us right now. I've been to the circle where John you guys just do a fabulous job this is one of the coolest products ever and that probably is miss understood would you not agree. I agree with you and definitely I misunderstood in the marketplace it it is not. It never finished it is definitely the coolest thing film coating both it on the market today. I read a apart for all the stunning designs that are there on your website you've got his gallery of what all these help theatres people would do this. Have come up where they are just some rumor true artist. But it is also need. It's a gut and finished it helps your gun how's that. It definitely is. Even though and look cool if it allowed your gun to actually work better. It. Bigger than anything else on the market is how the lower court corporate vision that friction. It actually helped shirt gun reform. You know you look. But that that network of certified applicator that we how. We have about 50 just over 500 certified applicator and they are local businesses that allowed you to take your individual gun. And did it hurt our lives they have got protection on not wipe oil out into. Am so tell me what. What about these coding makes sure going bettors at Rocha production what would you go. So he knew it it according Kurt protection. It hardened it would greatly that won't. And it cool looking. I'm bottom line via. Addict. The coding is absolutely fantastic and and you can see all of our our gallery images we have over 25000. Dollar images. A circle dot com. We have found that. People they're not averaged twelve and it meant that. Every session going inning and didn't lock in the gallery trying to find something that is really. Cool and unique. And then we point them in the direction of that of the certified applicator to get it completed on their I don't. Our lemon explains the bureau the website you look at you know there's all these. The science people done. But you don't send your gun to Serra code there are people locally to you who do this work. And you. Click on something on the website and putting your zip code that it will give the names and addresses and contacts of people and companies around you would do to circle where. That is correct we've actually created. Streamlined process you go to the galleries find out what item you click on that item. You could come up but it does find your vocal applicator. You enter your postal code you select the applicator that you want to up or quote. You submit that and they'll contact you and and get the project target that you can be unique what everybody else. Ask your question we'll circle back as well first things you said on this is that they did and and one of the comments we get. Just popped up so my scenario but it. This stuff that doesn't doesn't know we're gonna actually function where that that's been common knock on some of the coatings in the past. What's the difference here. There coat in the income so it goes on top of milk to a bill that. I'm into the role durable but it went extremely critical. Broad protection. And it actually allowed you can you cope part that you're not not abnormally cold. You don't have time you have a very very tight caller I like eleven that you unique NASCAR. But for the most part you you'll be able to cook I don't. And have a better performing item if he recorded it with Erica. Did you all most unique caller. With this investment in the party she blues and reds and pinks and purples and course lots of camouflaged up I got the cryptic Campbell on. I took I. Ruger American rifles left handed and seven or eight you guys do it as it turned out to Richard others love the look. Absolutely it in New York talking. Before the break. About in blue line and then we really look back on court that. And then we dedicate that with the whole page on up on our gallery. Called the thin blue line. And there are some amazing. Imagery. Taken on that aspect of law enforcement and that created. These amazing. Work of art regarding the Blue Line. The web site is Sarah cogo encoding some Sarah code is CE RA KO TE. TE RA KOT. Sir pro gun coatings dot com. When you go there you got it. Fair warning and here's the job we are. We have to tell people because it's only fair to tell. Do not do this if you only have five minutes because once you start looking gallery of the guns. You're stuck for fifteen to thirty minutes here's gonna go on. And record. Yet I just didn't I'm looking at right now you. We call them rather well there won't definitely hurt them wearing out their Putin finding new color patterns elude the Donald. And you look at the clock and you won't kick in minute. We're employer work nightmare because their employees are not on our web site look at that it's pretty cool. The there really is that just gorgeous. Of course the problem is like I do what you do one thing or another guy that can do it and now you're off to the races so there you go this hair coat walking coatings dot com John like I appreciate it. Pursue what you guys do man. Think you had a couple and keynote here you know doctor can try to arrest order we're gonna have that brand new Cody coming out shot show how important is that virtually due to one. Somebody bought the book. Here at her coat and beloved. All right thanks much John appreciate them. All right open lines for you 86 or talk gun did you hear it should search for good growth coming here again. And putting them to Christmas lists and could be ignorant if you know. Sure it's. Six they're throwing good news on your firearms voice that person who. They got Curtis. Why do not sparks Nevada. Hey Curtis talked about drive fire. Days are long they design of the firearm what you're doing is you're battering the firing into. In to the edge of the chamber because there's no. Grass. Cart circuit cushion. Utah must listen to that rim fires right. And the simple cheap. Alternative to that is just go to your local hardware store and pick up a box of number four plastic ribbed. Anchored inserts. They followed him more. Her answer. Okay now that and of these personal musher here in me but we're talking about rim fires here. That was part we never got OK so tell our rim fires a number of foreign wars and again. Ripped plastic anchors that little insert you put Walters could remember six screw it into drywall. I'll be solved ago. Used to play into the chamber. He had affect any of on the gun some normal function draw automatics. Always Sandra how did you find that out. Oh it's been floating around for years if you actually doing YouTube Serb. Didn't do it that a web search for that you can see YouTube demonstrating. I'll be darned you know what they saw you there's nothing you can't learn by watching YouTube it's all there artist thank you professional lie under appreciated that. And in San Antonio Texas birch with a song line break. Burke urged by. I'm just a question what you're up to. Union on the ES Smith & Wesson governor. You bought London. Where you have one word not what your opinion. Why haven't fired yet but I. I've Kara is. Amanda Dexter has so I planet well balanced and vote hands. What do why did you buy there what made you buy that and what's your thought your music for home defense. What kind of an elevator and put them. Yes home to parents and I was a big. And before it format but one knows what first what an army. I carried it 45. Original vinyl Levin. And I was very well impressed with that round. That's one Jude to Forte which is what I evident right now triple ought bark and and I liked it affected its three caliber. Oh. We you can you can shoot 45 cult and you can shoot four to that would see the film. 45 ACP. I got to. To moan clips with that and. Oh. Gotcha all right here though I thought USU what I think. If I were going to use that from my home the troops got I would not use a shotgun shells and I would use 45 coal or fortify these GP a would use just like a regular order by revolver. That's just me I am still not convinced that the fourteen and loads in that are adequate. Roamed offense for a personal protection. There are ill luck threw things you can do that. But the fact that you are. You can use three of her caliber and that's pretty sweet sorrow now here's that you mentioned you're not shoddy yet. Are you counting out of here are a record time. I mean to say that spurt. If you have not shoddy yet you cannot count on that. Save your life. You must. Must must go to Judy range you must shoots around through it you've got to negotiate this thing and find out. Doesn't work words are huge for you how welcome you issued that. Party operated Kenya worker in the dark can you voted in the dark centered jerks ever. I would not paragon for so often wraps until I put it who. At least a hundred rounds. Now your look I got it. At least a hundred rounds here. Is there such thing as an infant mortality it's gonna break cardigan break early on if there's a manufacturing issue and anything. The broadest chemical device right. And ago they don't work come back though talking about the legacy of shooting to people who are trying to bring it back with a world where she. Shooting facility as well here's my employer and we hope.