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11/17/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - cults and their leaders

Nov 18, 2016|

11/17/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guests Meagen Gibson & Alex Howard discusses their documentary How I Created A Cult which examines EnlightenNext. How does it compare with other cults, and their leaders? Why do people join? Plenty of discussion and listener calls.

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This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded November 17 2016. I. It is Thursday night it's beyond real rainy with Jason Hawes TV Johnson this is technically our Friday meg yesterday who misses. This is the last broadcast night of the week for us we get to re generate. Re Cooper's. Is it a weekend begins and get ready for Monday I don't wanna speed things up here but man it is a Friday night even with Thursday. Jeez well I'll tell you don't want ally you know I'm all excited because I'm finally caught up on Walking Dead. I'm finally caught up on the curse of oak island. They originally had won only have one purpose in life I watched it saw him and I'm right with me on that one. On the have you seen that show on Netflix called them black mirror. I started watching I watched one episode so far yeah I mean it's kind of interesting it's kind of a modern take on a Twilight Zone or outer limits kind of generalize this. I couldn't get that feeling for I don't know it was weird but. And they've welcomed the showed everybody that uses a rodeo reality reality area hip but measured two and an end and we have to. We gotta we had a great show us scheduled for tonight we're going to be talking with Megan Gibson. And Alex Howard. On the dot I documentary because they created called how like created a COLT. Now in that follows injuries Callan a lot of the information Andrew Holland and yeah pretty much is his fall from grace would when he was running his his COLT against all whatever. Enlighten next or whatever you weren't 27 years when he yourself like that you know. Almost three decades yeah yeah and we're gonna talk a little bit about you know they did a lot of research obviously they. They worked closely with the Andrew Cohen and in the development of this says this series and might wanna know what what he was like. How does a cold start how to people become blind followers Ameen. You know with a history recent history in fact is full of things like the Jonestown massacre where killed sound nearly a thousand people NBC people just become part of the American lexicon in a drink the Kool Aid in that's a direct reference to what happened in Jonestown 918 people died. Actually listens. Yeah a member of congress was actually killed America that's all the whole thing started a member of congress had heard complaints that people are being kept there against their will he flew down with a congressional delegation of you know staffers. They went and visited Jonestown things Roque kind of in the beginning someone slipped them and know. Said were being held here against our will he gathered up a bunch of people sit anybody who wants to leave come with me now. They went to get on the plane and Jim Jim Jones had some of his henchmen. Ambush them on the runway and shoot him in kill them they killed most of them couple of them escaped into the tall grass and got away but. Yeah and then once he did that do Jones realized there was no turning back in the ordered his followers all to commit suicide it's unbelievable tragedy. One they say it's the the single greatest loss of American life and deliberate act outside 9/11. I'm with American life so and then you also had people late heaven's gate says he individuals with him with Marshall Applewhite. Who are created Colton ones they're the ones who all died with what probably it's over in the Nike shoes and. Iran's right that's right I think 33 and they were going to the mother ship Wednesday has no idea that right now. And and every Branch Davidians you know and we got Denon and well and of course of the Charlie Manson called to answer them and then there's so many things and it happens. More frequently than you'd think but people become blindly. Allegiant to these charismatic called leaders not do anything for them. Well and that but that opens up holes at world gym because if you think about it. Who what where where does Eric are colts begin and end I mean. You're talking Nazi Germany Greg owns a perfect example but then again does that also fall under. These groups a large groups of people who headed to church. You agree I would I would I would think so it if you think about it because they're following so the question then is what's the difference between a call to an organized religion you know what boy how to we did find the differences so that be great questions for guests on. We'll also some great shows coming up next week make sure you join us and we've got John century. Who a lot of people looking forward to this at the show on Monday night's show it will be move on Monday. We'll be talking UFO's with John century he is one of the directors of move on of course. The mutual viewer phone network. You know if if it's happening. In the United States or maybe even around the world and it's a UFO related thing he knows about. On the basis via groups everywhere into Syria Richard Marin he's an expert in Greek mythology. Including agree Gaza exudes beside an Apollo. Goddesses which effort IDs terra with the nine titans like Dallas. And now we're going to be talking discussing all of that with him. Yes we've got a great week of programs coming up by the way I do wanna mention the telephone numbers 8446877669. We'd love to have you I join us on the program were anxious and in we've heard anybody's ghost sighting. Paranormal stories and along some I'd love to have some people call in tonight and tell us about any encounters they've had Halloween was just a couple weeks ago I mean. You know there's always weird stuff going on around hollowing somebody if it has to have had something weird happened to them that they want to share. Huge aaron's. The UFOs where we talked when John on Monday a did you hear about that Canadian airliner and an narrowly avoiding UFO now. Technology finally tell me please tell all pilots of a passenger jet and a four were forced to put the aircraft into a steep dive to avoid. What they call a UFO that was and they said it was too high to be a drone. Humor and in in this emergency over Canada it injured Q cabin crew because of course how how quickly analysts were. But up Porter airlines dash eight Turbo prop plane had nearly missed again with the referring to as UFO. Tom. It was coming into land at Billy bishops at the airport in Toronto Canada. 54 passenger or passengers were on board. And during this strategist was as a Billy bishop airport a now. A hollow eyed. A ball to people who. Just hit. We have known it in the you have no the UFO nearly caused in air crash over Toronto when a passenger plane with fifty people on board came face to face with this mysterious object. Two flight attendants were injured when the pilots put the plane into a sudden nosedive to avoid head on crash they later reported the object which appeared on the flight path. On their flight path might have been hot air balloon or drone but deviation experts sort of shot that down and said neither neither were were correct. But on. In the near miss yesterday has officially been put down. As you AV unidentified man via so an unnamed aerial vehicle so. Homeowners it's and that was certainly be. 41 commercial pilots and social media drone that 9000 feet I don't think so dental soon. We have because I I flown I've we've taken my drones and whale. And you know way to Missouri where we're near eighty miles from an airport and we did put we put the drawn up it was 7600. Feet. And you can get that high so in saying that. Really using cracked I could've gone higher. Of course you don't wanna you never know one where you might counter com or that things falls on sky. You know who who could get seriously hurt and killed ruin but so they tangle that I'd put. I mean they're saying the same as it was big enough to create a sort of a situation. And speaking of speaking of planes they did when a clear something up because we didn't report the story yesterday but I'm sure people read about it or saw something about it. There's a plane that was mysteriously circling the Denver area for up an extended period. And day I had a lot of people worried because it was a very large plane and just kept going around and around Denver. And news agencies were asking the local airport they could identified in the city couldn't there were calls to local military officials and nobody can identify it there was a lot of concern that the little bit of panic about it. The plane eventually courses headed south and went from view and then nobody heard anything else until today. The navy stepped up and said yes this was a secret mission that the navy was flying it was a navy aircraft and they had you know they told the folks where we're at launched from and where return to and that it wasn't anything to be alarmed about but it was in need he. Secret mission now that brings up something because. You know we've had done doctor Spector on the program franks and Ellie and he's talked about chem trails and Hal yeah the government is using large aircraft. To dump these chemicals into the atmosphere for population control. And you know when you hear something about a a very large aircraft circling Denver for the period of about an hour more. Without explanation in the navy just has it was a secret mission don't worry about it in any kind of wonder you gotta kind of wonder about. Well I agree in that hole chem trails subject is terrifying we had some planes flying not too far from my house. About a week or gym and I'm driving down highway with a wife and she's like why do some of these planes leave these these trails and some dental. And I want to tell her all the stuff that frank crystal it's a I think I I think industry everything with she is she is deathly terrified she is she's like Jerry. You know UCL a lot of crazy things but this one kinda makes sense yet tough as like he has so now she thinks oh my god the government Sharon poisonous with controls. Well must have but doctor Spector back on the program some time soon we even had him on and while mobile will talk about controls and one of the other crazy things that he likes to bring up. Aria raising these big and Cole conspiracy or do you remember Shelley Duvall. Oh I know you're talking about here he sees this. I did and I feel so it too well Shelley Duvall for those of you don't know she was in the movie the shining issue is minor movement of those are name. Was a character's name anyways your wife she'll support additional flight suit and she played opposite Robin Robin Williams in Popeye the move back in the eighties. Well I don't know what it's been going on with her no nothing she completely disappeared mental mental illness and now she's seems to have some mental illness and she's going to be appearing on the Dr. Phil show sometime soon did you see the video. I didn't watch the video but it looks the stills that I've seen just look absolutely. Horrifying. You should you should find their video and display the audio from the video for the fans because I'll tell you right now. It's it's disturbing she's talking about how she believes that Robin Williams stole life she sees them she sees half of them. And and you know it's it's sad because she did she disappeared off the face or your haven't seen her forever. And I heard talk about the shoes she was going through some issues and and deacon definitely suits him it's it's heartbreaking. Mostly she 67 years old and somebody that is really really upset about this is Vivian. Kubrick who is Stanley Kubrick has daughter. The Stanley troop Kubrick of course the director of the shining. In Chile evolves in that film and and vivienne wrote a letter to Dr. Phil saying that she's actually disgusted by this. Blatant. Commercialization and abuse of somebody who's clearly ill. Mentor and I agree even even in my life so we we saw that we saw the preview for him and my wife was disgusted she says yeah I can't believe that. That Dr. Phil is actually doing this on TV. And promoting the hell out of it. When this lady needs serious help and in it really look like a thing where you only looking for ratings he didn't care about the person's well being. You know she says and in this in this I think it's the clip the you're talking about and haven't seen but their quotes from and here she says that. That she's very sick she admits she second she believes that Robin Williams is still alive she said I loved Robin Williams and I don't think he's dead. That's you know that's exactly I Agassi if I can find us. This clip that I was talking about because it's it's heartbreaking it really is when when you see you like while yeah and as a. And it's another example of just you know basically abuse for ratings and you know we've seen in the paranormal community. In ways in this is just another example of that. Yeah if I found what Sharon's Shelley Duvall from red carpet to near record. I'll watch Robin Williams I don't think he did words think you see kids do. Do you see your. Some and is threatening me is this year for tonight. I think there's so where did the right thing. Feeling how very big. That's 500. All need Dr. Phil. Well and let's not to be. That's boring but exactly tore me year's did that's why you're there you're there and help them why does it have to be. Publicized on national TV why do you have to be promoting that a lot of it online charity as many viewers as you can I mean if you had to help. Then take this the sport lady who's got these problems and help or in private Vijay you people can remember her in a better light. Been seen her like that I think it's just very unprofessional. It is and it's just it's set how low. Sometimes these shows and these people go for ratings but really well we wish her you know the best maybe this'll get her some attention. That she needs some help in some some medical attention or whatever I mean I don't know the situation while enough but. And you know let's let's let's return to a happier note. Our phone numbers a 446877669. And we are going to be having him a great discussion tonight about. Colts how their formed how people end of joining them why people and of joining them and if you wanna find one how we you know here's the feature. It was. Well OK 12 and three OK so I'll see what else we have going on here have one more thing I wanted to share actually as we've been talking about this for awhile. Harvard scientists and the civic there's something. Knew about this almost every night every time we go on the air we find find a story that's related to this but. Harvard scientists think they've pinpointed the physical source of consciousness. Gorelick then they say that they've been struggling for years to understand what human consciousness actually is. It's defined as the awareness of one's existence but despite advances in neuroscience. We still really no work come from but researchers finally think they figured out it's physical origins in the pinpointed a network of three specific regions. In the brain that appeared to be crucial to this consciousness which is a pretty big deal because now that they've kind of located they can pinpoint it. And one of the things we've talked about pre extensively here and frequently in fact. Is that some of this consciousness is being is being boiled down into quantum level. And Iraq and once it gets there it becomes the stuff of soul to soul and being able to be transferred from you know. One life to the next and it's it's it's pretty intense self for scientists come in this is just another piece of that. Well in winners many you know how far after they figured that our whole how far does it take to really. Be able to take that and put that into another. And another being aren't sort of machine will BM machine like we've been talking about. Because all of this technology out there. They're creating him hearts in the labs now growing from a stem cells and and also robotic body parts to replace ones that we have. California how far and how long it will take to really go from there. And in being able to say all right well. Anyway we built this whole new body for you know we just gotta we're gonna move your consciousness from here to there and you're gonna go rent you never know any different and you live forever again. Who he expected that only well but you know there there has been a lot of talk gym for space travel. That the best that there's only two options for. Along to some space travel. Is robotics. Or somehow genetically. Engineering and individual. In two where there mostly machine they still have a consciousness. And go for these long periods travel. Because in the human body and you know aren't going to be able take how long it's gonna either you're gonna die you're gonna pass on. It's going to be generations before you get certain areas with it do with the technology we have today and speed were able to travel to imitate me you know hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years. So the fact of the matter is. They've talked about long robots or. Robotic hit hybrid of human and that's what we need to that's for these long just the space travels ago and and connect with other but it beings health care. So and they also believe that. That's possibly what we we have coming to this planet a lot because again most of these things would probably pass on. About a timing out here but who knows. You know while as the stuff moves forward it seems. To be doing rather quickly and as things change every single day and we try to bring it to you here when we read about Batman. It's advancing so fast it really is technologies just Mallard it's incredible and one day if it's gone oral screw it. Yeah I wanna do I don't do this a lot but I do want to give a quick shot onto one of our chat room members nick who is a good friend of the program. On his listening listens every night and he sent me a nice message and I just wanted to say hey nick good to have you listening to the program thanks for doing that. Which brings me to appoint if you're listening on the radio station and you wanna be part of the chat room little crazy Merriman worn yeah. Money to do is go to the website beyond reality radio dot com click on the listen live link that opens the chat. And if you are listening on the radio station nine you haven't yet make sure you're head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And like the page we share a lot of information Aaron try to keep things are today. Yeah okay so let's see we've got. Our guests coming up in just a couple of minutes here Andrew Cohen parents are rates. Megan Gibson and Alex Howard will be talking about Andrew Cohen in the cult he's created called in light net. Almost thirty years. Of what some people described as abuse. He's durable and has again so wolf will love we'll we'll bring that to you in just a moment and trying to decide if we've got enough time. For a phone call before we have to go to break here it's going to be tonight is no way that was a break or illustrated try to bang you know good all right let's go this is a Chris in Boston Chris. Welcome to beyond reality radio and on the show. I don't Jason I could it be great thanks Louis Vuitton show. Not that you what the leadership that ratio. It's. Our debt he pomp. It's been at a site while mine protect your body you are the public really knew what went. No I didn't have a song I haven't seen it yet or how would they know of its habitable. I. Know it is not online but up. The new super bomb orbiting a red alternate light years away or that actually. Yeah they. Pilgrim I'm gonna detect an LP ties I did a bull I would wreck or get the notes one make sure. It sort go to and I expect that 33 quite yet Rick while. And at the check that out exists almost a goes into that too of course has sent water and asked them. And ozone layer and a new greenhouse effect here from wife because you need plants and and things of that nature to create oxygen in the analyst goes on on so. He'll be adjusting but I know that they've got that. Webb telescope's can be going up next year gymnasts this thing is so incredibly powerful. That there's and they're claiming that you beat C a beat up on on the moon. So imagine that thing will be able to final Lotta Lotta stuff although the press Chris I'm gonna put it do. But in that we we about three seconds good. I I I just say that it's all about go to our back. Well I know that Jane I'll let one analyst James Webb won this can be going down and yet and yeah yeah yeah and he had no one's also got all these these different types infrared and all that that's going to be able to see. It should be a list and document document. A lot of things that the Hubble and all those haven't really been able to sell if it's going to be amazing thing. Thanks for the call Chris we're gonna go to break it's beyond reality rating would Jason TV don't pull. Hey gang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com and. Ariel radio waves Jason Hawes JB Johnson or FaceBook page stop buying say hello and give it to light has just FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio we've got the web site. We've got a phone number 84468776692. Everything else we should talk about. And if you if you can't find a station that we have a woman agrees stations we Aaron we do there on a bunch of stations but. If it's now one in your area. You can click on the listen library from beyond reality radio dot com listen right there also join the chat room javy in general is in their re taking your questions for our guests. And come January it looks like there's going to be bunch more stations added to that list so most likely would will be showing up in your area. Now and so communal shows growing and it's all because you all you guys are the ones who made the show's success to sleep just like you that would goes on us. And in you know one of the things kind of cool is we actually had and one of them one of our producers contacted us saying that people have been cockpit contacting. In particular radio station a lawsuit which one was. And that radio station because they were being contacted the wants to carry the show's well also that type of thing really helps out. Absolutely I just don't know how it will work at him because they said they requested. You not to beyond their logo button what I wanted to give me in my own slide and at what our that's our guests like to bring her guess for tonight in its Megan Gibson and Alex Howard Megan is a producer director. Alex is an author and a psychotherapist. And an entrepreneur war and their responsible for a series called. How I created a COLT which follows Andrew Cohen Andy what has been. Come become and be have been known. A COLT called enlightened necks I couldn't spit that out but it Megan and Alex welcome to the program be great to have you on beyond reality radio. Us. What's going on yes so I mean the first place we have to start here is like to hear from each of you little bit about what your background is and and how you got to the point that we're here on the show talking about a series called how I created a cult. All right guys always has access my background news. Site are X I am ends I set up an organization called conscious he is being allowed home all month on this yet again and constant and it really wanting to bring the best I am. Those areas cities. And on my path from what you could easily accessible while eating teaches. And I don't this year we've been looking at what we are offering we have courses and workshops that people like Mario Williams and Byron takes the many and they ignited lose well we recognize a lot of the and we had. We're very nurturing and supportive. And that's wonderful. But life isn't always like that life can also be very challenging and be opposite to be typical. We want it creates some club sends the ballots that. Cycles and we already act will suddenly getting ready interest in the united deer make metric. And suddenly I was having my wife and I did Jack do. And they said why did you do something else Andrew Karen and duke to a story about what. A unit of reptiles. Andrew story and the story in lights and I'm. Part of I was particularly fascinated by wolves the factors. And treatment being totally out that the humidity. Stories that used to be fall books written about what happened including Mumbai is on my hands behind me. Was fascinated by the fact that he had subsequently amount and apologized. And that can be seen and he's taken some responsibility. Pull some of these terrible things happen and that was up to me very. Our usual story ands I felt excited about getting hints that I'm on it. Was essential PC a friend of mine is mullah. Interlocutor Astoria is our hat and intentional bowl but I didn't know already on the and I actually may show likeness and say this friend whom you talk to Megan. And is. Yeah Megan I think pretty hurt by the Dodgers law hit it dead. Yeah Alex leads up to me and I have ministering kind of documentary television and you know I know a lot of people that worked Sanders as their acts. Don't know you know. Let Elena named up here you know we'll talk that Rahman and Aaron good. But I I had a small background. And met him and knew him. And and kind of get involved in his circles and never kind of drawn. You can bet you'll error and when I'm Alex or sesame it was it was really matter to let this. Okay how is actually had the ability to tell that story also be accessed. Are all I'm so it's kind of a no brainer. Am but it quickly evolved from you know feature length documentary into your sixth our series is this whole thing took place over course of thirty years. And that's there's a lot of a lot of storytelling to untangle soaked in the seemingly they kind of making a murder Anwar. An arduous tale of ups and downs that was kind of what we found here and it's just. Well especially when when people hear of colts. Installing their mind starts going to things like other peoples temple. We ask of course you know 918. People died on. Yemen is Kevin's Katie where yet you know an old diners in the Nike sneakers everything down to the prankster in me and davidians dead and the Manson family. So it becomes it becomes a very scary thing because it's such a tight knit bunch of people that are willing to follow an individual. Too well to be on a straight to the end. If yes by and let alone a lot of times give up all their all their possessions their and their money you name it the list goes on and on and I know each cults different but. It does become a terrifying situation point. Absolutely and that was really what we wanted to explore because. It was fascinating to us. Where it was you full day day nobody any news organization really understood that there aren't a cult like all our. Is Megan which I just how much poise you rate their city gruesome and very important we have to sort out before we get into the details. Yes what defines a COLT. What is the definition of a COLT and how does that compare with as we were talking about earlier with religion or or government. Or what makes the COLT. And that's one thing we said is right down to a Nazi Germany awaited can that be considered or even when people go on Sunday to. To a to a Catholic Church or whatever charge is that considered some sort of cult. Cigar. Yeah absolutely yeah. Well certainly. Cults have characteristics. That. That it's pulled over into those types of organizations. But it's kind of fifteen characteristics that are agreed upon as being characteristic of a cult hi Jennifer. I'm. Any one of those is unquestioned commitment to a leader either alive or dead. And that bare truth whatever they stated is the law. On their questions and doubting or actually punished. That mind altering practices happen. And kind of in excess of what would be considered normal. Mind our leadership dictates that it can deal. Bigger earliest and appealing have a special status is uncertain side you're at the top workers are. Is very much an Oscars is M as far as inside and outside. Gilani outside understand what we're doing here. Am the leader is unaccountable. Any other authority outside it themselves. Agree TJ is that whenever it ends. Justifying the means there to have a goal and whatever they have to meet their goal. That's OK. I am a leader you know in DC ashamed. To control his subjects. There's some serbians. I cutting ties the outside world including family friends careers. That did you want to get new members are constantly trying to cultivate a bigger being in tune you're. Obviously there's a lot of money involves usually an average. And then huge time commitment isolation socially and just a huge group of loyalists. So you know some of those characteristics you could certainly take out horizontally. Or. Is joke about the cult of Mac. You know I know Owings. Forcibly making someone had a map a Macintosh computer no one's gonna get her done. If they decide to take a PC. Or windows and Eric rice led but it seems you're Lee. Similar to how you might define. A dictatorship a government like Nazi. Viacom aim. At a commonality between the two is charismatic leader. And there's a whole another set of characteristics that debt to China charismatic leader that. Alex we are. Well I think one of the things well charismatic leader is there. They have done so now that one of the things that it comes to us so it is the Andrew House these items. Punitive east and short period assignment. And one things actors ads and he's done Abbott now. And if you look at charismatic leader is. Especially totally it is laid out how that plays they come and they sell that it was issue on the maybe put it if you around me guess the back. Most of us in life have seat by groups around us people to challenge house one of the key things as far as the co leader is now all hell hole and everything that they say. It is the way it is and that causes a lot of problems. Well and when they go bow when does that make that shift usually it'll make their ship and all sometimes from charismatic to. Instead being fearful of because I know a lot of followers get to the point where the and now they're terrified they're they're scared of this person in the scared to leave due to the due to the possibility of of payback that could happen to them and I know break down to. Certain in Utah others there's been a lot of factions that have broken off from the Mormon Church that have had a very coal Rica. Set ups and then that's something that they've been fearful when people trying to leave the religion because they're fifteen they don't want us. Get married to a forty year old man or whatever they're worried about sometimes this payback that they that they need to bill they'll end up dealing. Well I think also one of the problems happens is that. A defining characteristic of the Cohen is Mecca says that people's thoughts consol the rest of their lives around them as sudden. All I wrote a clinical hats on line. And dust on things is very typical of someone tries to. Happen ball support network it's not like security jaw looks at all honesty and cool and you come home and you finally get damaged or you might go on different. You have support in the transition. People are Nicole. Derrick Todd willow is that hole and that makes it. It basically if the question it's because everyone around you sharing site tell. Everyone is sharing ninety that you don't question it. But it also makes it very difficult in the. Well because you also you burned every bridge if you if you came into the coal at a later point he'll if you burned every bridge you had cents south. Good job where we're gonna take a quick break we're talking with Megan Gibson and Alex Howard. About their series how I created a coal which is a look in depth look at Andrew Cohen and in light next. Which was around for a thirty years we're gonna get into that when we come back it's beyond reality radio with Jason in TV don't go away. We will be right back from. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right. Dressed in. When you need to subscribe to taps her majesty. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. And re launched the serve you better. That's right go to the website is caps Karabakh dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's capped a paramedic team where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Arab magazine again go to the website tab Tara Mac dot com. That's tabs paramedic dot com use promo code beyond just say I. So I stole Earl. Oh it doesn't cancel doses this year Sheryl crow's breakthrough hit. Welcome back to be unreal to really everyone we're talking with Megan Gibson and Alex Howard we're talking about their series called how I created a cold it's about Andrew Cohen and be and lighten next. COLT is what we refer to it now when we were kind of talking about the characteristics of a COLT. And what are the things that kind of becomes very very clear and Alex as you were talking about this it really it really became obvious. These colts really. Prey on people that are either alone or very weaker certainly vulnerable in some some way. Wells when that is very interesting about this organization and I think the American boat Mecca and times are so much was that. The people that join this call and know how we expect. I am I think. A lot of coats maybe it's true there's a certain kind of person. In this car actually a lot of highly intelligent. Very capable people maybe they did shaft sensibly. And idealistic arts. They were people which will. Not the kind of people you would normally expect to join a couple not so lost so. Was fascinates because you've got to wonder oh will widen those people's face and well. In a situation which became so increasingly difficult. And you know some of them are had degrees in physics and mathematics and artists and had all kinds of. You know degrees and is it really goes to show that. People in a situation over a period of time when she committed to it there's Canada. I learned helplessness or you would you do start to do things that under any other circumstance and any other situation you would never do. So tell us about the pre. In light next Andrew Cohen. Well Andrew is used you know I'm Jewish slowing growth and I'm not a bad news eon and he's always kind of spiritual seeker he had a transformational experience in his words when he is not sixteen years old news. And from that point Florida. Yeah. Attempted to go to music school and that didn't quite sense I mean it's really like about a spiritual your. I am. Through India. And was visiting different. Teachers not johnsons and setting the people and kind of exploring. All. And it was a point that and it is in 1986. Said that there's this. It's huge city needs me no one really knows about it yet he was descendants are. I see notes. Remember Hershey. And so he went to go meet with him and his name is instantly our. And he's out content at ending you know this incredibly transformational experience and and stayed with him about three weeks. And this Kuhn. And that that was all he needed to there was not really any teaching and all that it was to study its clinical you know wake up. Tended to the mystery of the universe in an instant if you want antimatter. And you know unleashed on the world instead these take this to the way it is knowledge is teaching and and go share this with the western world. And so that's exactly what he did. I am and. So an innocent or teaching her anything did you as soon as soon as they told them he's you know that he was and white and only. Decided to take Enron of. I senators a tradition in Indiana claimed to be able inaccurate and candidates on the deck of the nonsense and acting Hindu ace. Traditions and that's kind of the basis of that tradition is that there is no teaching that. That anybody at any time as access and it's awareness. On is they just want it bad enough and they don't doubt it but they can break up. And this in a long story short Zander came to the western world and it turns out that it wasn't that easy for anybody but him. So it just so listeners understand what does it mean to be enlightened. That's the million dollar question isn't that ironic and he really. There are certain me characteristics and it acts you know people's Arab leaders across. Traditions crime stories ears. News characteristics that this kind of an experience. I'm share. Rights. Essentially mystical experiences are shared a sense of unity with everything every. In intense feeling of low across. Religions and and bodies of land. Something bigger than yourself. The recognition as of the beginning yourself the sense that everything. Is he knew before has changed. And next everything makes cents on a deeper little cute I didn't know. So and kind of simplistic away. Nine and you know ever had an experience it like you know I I I turned into our. You know all the subjected. Villains about the desert and it Parker certain characteristics that miss share. I want to thank our guards are yet while other things I think is is really interesting and in the context that this story but also many other. Stores as well is that. Someone can. Out and experiences in life. That doesn't act. Actually result in all of that psychological issue suddenly Eric and I think that's one of the confusions that I think Andrew hatch and minute as all of us now. He had. This experience. And therefore that all men he was a big whereas in reality and I think even even now say it's is that you had this experience but that didn't negate the fact that he had all kinds of psychological issues it was still going. Okay and but as being as his interpretation of being enlightened. In other words now he had the answers to two pretty much program for everybody. Ugly absolutely Internet and that any any aspect of his personality. That may have been seen as a lot of floor was now. Part of the perfection. So I I we have about a minute before we have to go to break again but did you find as you restarting the life of Andrew Cohen and probably research some of these other colts as well did you sort of pattern. In the formative years the early lives of these to be called leaders. Absolutely who hit. And I didn't do it and this is you know obviously somebody else or is it did it. A studying. Broad call prophetic charisma. And has mapped out Canada five characteristics every single charismatic leaders likes. Com and it's you know this is pattern of a very early nurse Susan even as a young child ending kind of task that hers is an incubation periods or that are. And there's this giant awakening mystical experience. Out of which comes in very very clear mission about what they're supposed to do with their life and then there's always a decline ball. The guru already charismatic leader always has a giant fall from grace and a lot of ways. This is entire. Anger being eager and being like being unique on eight. At least in the. You can tell it it's very predictable. And then some of these colts that fall from grace is what leads to mass suicides and and so forth because Daryn there at the bottom in the figure my nobody's tunnel to an Atlanta and so yell at let's get out of it now. All right so. If she says it's just crazy. We're talking to a Megan Gibson and Alex Howard on. On how to game when times are doing this. Yeah it's basically a series a critical how I created revolt and we're talking specifically about Andrew Cohen Indian light next cult. Who went went on for about three decades we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll get into the details. Of what in light next actually was its beyond reality great taste. Welcome back to show it is beyond me on the radio I'm Jason bonds TV Johnson glad to be here ledger along with us or telephone numbers 84468776692. By to join. Our conversation which tonight happens to be with. Megan Gibson and Alex Howard they put together a series called. How I created a COLT that follows Andrew Cohen and the enlightened next call but three decades. Of existence for that particular organization some people say it was three decades of abuse again mega and Alex thanks so much for joining us and beyond reality radio. So let's get into this in light next organization what was it about and how did you get started. Certain kind of piggybacking on the back at Andrews experience in India. Italy oh yeah. In 1986. And just sent out on them or in the world hey woody learns it. Take a teaching it was no teaching to the last search and it coincided with Adam it's kind of confluence of events stakes. Instantaneously. Turn Andrew in to a legitimate teacher in kind of the circle. And he was in India. With a bunch of other westerners are all so England in Israel in Germany and Holland and US and Canada. Oliver Europe. And they were all seeking it was kind of coming up on Bennett 67 news culture and they were all looking current light an expansive mind awareness experiences there were outsiders like trucks. On. And that they are a patent is seeking kind of community together. And many of them are presently under a tree is. This your. And instantaneously. Recognized a change in. According to ban ends. Air force started kind of following him around and as rep as his reputation as an enlightened. Teacher started to grow and people started to talk about the experience that he hadn't changed at eight seen him around and he's ready to attract kind of following and people started to invite him races into Israel. And is its ECU. I am. For a little while it a year and started teaching just speaking basically in my. Abandoned barns and attracting you know 10050 people and I I have six nights a week. On and so as his reputation grew and grew. Key people in the last Scotland and written some invited him to come to Massachusetts you Amherst. Are really liberal college town. They went to Amherst. And when he went all of these people ending kind of following are our years in Europe. Aaron went with. So when he arrived in the US yet it's kind of instantaneous. Community behind him. Which granted him all kinds of legitimacy is ours when people can't speak Jerry sol he's an adoring followers. Today catalyst is amnesty the real deal. And then they sat for ten they had experience. Kind of like a mystical awakening in mystical experience characteristics that describe our. They have experience they could not. Rationally explain any an array. And it being is he being responsible for and so when we need. And life changing transformational experience in your attributed to a person you're gonna do pretty much anything you can't make sure you stay with. When I'm sure all these people following him from overseas and coming over here. Were sort of in a situation because small in the coming over I mean great numbers like that is. Are they getting more work pieces to to ask them and if so is so in other words he's so what signing their work thesis. Now I. No I was saying yes absolutely great quest and because 88 couldn't get where we said that. Actually further reinforce this whole idea of having to go to community and actually just couldn't get jobs announced that round. There you know hustling kind of signed gangs and and things and at a table to make a living at that tickets than they're lies. And it is these mortgages are yours these are people. Pull on careers marriages galleries children. I mean people came over with their children local families. And just did everything they could to stay together and staying close proximity to him and not lose hold it up at that debt was attacks can. Now in in return world where these people that were part of the the call. Where they turning on a lot of calls the turn over all clear there possessions are valuable possessions money whatever it is it may be yet. And where were they doing that to hammer hi how was he able to survive and provide. It there at the beginning. There wasn't really much of a call for no money your donations he was ulee's. Yeah attracted an archer how to be totally honest that he just attracted a lot of people I think a lot of due to the fact it is the only people or. Able to be traveling this extravagantly Oliver you know India and Europe of people that hard hat money had been in and so those are people that had well to donate to Hammond to kind of sponsor has trap on that too earns eighteen gauge that. I am as far as the immediate seedings there in the late eighties. They weren't necessarily getting a lot they were just you know Sarah can you heard they were giving him and in other ways agree never single meal. To date hubris Clinton and enlightened everybody to care. You was immediately. You know he would be trance driven everywhere he's a. Really driven everywhere reliance. On people would book is flights people Kirk is meals people would you laundry and iron mr. Just didn't ever do anything but B this enigmatic charismatic character. Commented. I did this community. So in other words it was just his and his mere numbers and which gave everybody else the perception that. That he was this big deal. Yeah and they're just genuine. Across the lowered it. Exceed testimonial they're experienced every everyone agrees that when they were with him. They had an experience they could not explain that they attributed to him. And frankly in August skeptic I was journalists documentarian. I've also been around a lot of catchers and attic personalities. And I'd I believe the law I believed that they had to experience could not explain and had neither and it was a and I I respect how hard Clinton sedan I. I have been with him why did it I never had this experience. But I believe that they did it and I believe that it was really power and Mary. Persuasive if you. So is the story progresses and as more and more people become followers and become part of this. Group our own political Vietnam when yeah when did you start to turn bad. Well it's you know it's a little bit like what is that cooking a lobster frog does it restart the water at room temperature said that the the amphibians that don't know it earned its earnings and trying to climb mount. You know and at the big Tenet that the thing that we always write each other seniors know when drinks cult. I know what right it's called the looks of that terrible situation that looks like it released no I don't join and I joined them the joint movement. Four. And then yes they they join an idealistic movement at ace he hired as. I'm and so what happened essentially was that they took their community and you decided to let cal. Or or seven at. Where and at the lady Aggies that was where at a virtual community is driving up near San Francisco. I am. This little please cross the bridge Carmel Valley. So he decided he wanted to move the community there is so hundreds of people who smelled Alley and little. ET. Witnessed all of these people hundreds moved to mount valley for him in with him that he decided I'll. Organize a and it was at that point that he also knew that everybody was just sitting around him at its yield. And he wanted was he wanted to be able to report back to his teacher and yet it yet in light significant people. That he had done a damn what is your hands on him and that was happening. And so he'd heard it started to kind of turn up the pressure he started to require that AT. There was a whole houseful of people there you need it or celibate so that meant they had to shave their heads. House every and any kind of sexuality not just with another person cell and he and having sexual. And that that was that was their practice a whole how well will people. You know there was meditation practice. They're where frustrations frustrations essentially are vowing and it starts in a standing position and needed down tyrannies and down and it. Ores and extend your hands out of view a severe flat on your face and acts and a come back up and that's one. And they were doing a thousand Arby's today incidents you know an hour a day at their day doing just frustration not to mention. Chanting and meditation. And I'm all of there service where our anger and so as. He implemented these practice styles that was when it started the. Learn more organized and he started to have more power or how people interact with and end what they would do you or him in the name of cultivating his delight meant that he promised. So. As this group grew and as this became more and more complex. What kind of numbers are we talking about how many people were involved. It is and he had chapters all over the world because it had its diverse community star. One of the things that he didn't waste spread that community all over the world and there is a chapter and that the main actor. But there were Sadr City and it's an excellent teams get a center in London Paris opened in Amsterdam. They were all over the world. Andy's. They were well developed he was in 1 central location but he mature all of you all year I mean all over the world all your aunt. And it's. Each of them had millions of dollars they were all independent nonprofit organizations that were feeding money is an organization. And these were not all nonprofit organizations they. Decided in California and I'm in mid ninety's to start it magazine it was first quarterly. It was largest kind of a newsletter and called it what is in light. And then as kind of readership grew they decided to turn into what's magazine. And really it is it was it it was an in depth respectable. Publication that was in every couple clues and Barnes & Noble in America. Com. It was also a bit of a propaganda recruitment tool. You know he would talk to other spiritual teachers and human you know. Deepak Chopra and. I document children and all of these scan it in a spiritual respected spiritual teachers were in his magazine. Reader relationships. Really Canada day it was about talking about him and how great he was out it. Was always and it that. The smartest person in the room in that magazine. And so that was the tool that he was using to attract people his community. And also to spread the word of his teaching which was like cultivate a world I. Organization all in support of him and his nation you you know in light in the west. And it really did now this went on for 27 years before really gathered falling apart. Acting and had a couple of a new city groups from cal after seven years. In 1996. And I begin and end dateline error I am they decided that they wanted you have one single entry in India is there at that place where it come and practice in earnest so to speak with the teacher. And focus kind of like monks focus on the practice focused on. Aaron cultivating their practice and in and toward the goals and heightened awareness and so he wanted to have its traditional art from it all live together in practice and it is a. Because he felt like the reason they know what had reached this late status is because they were fractured and houses. Are groups. Together. It's a Kirk something will pop. On today around a two point eight million dollar property and he. Berkshire's of western Massachusetts which is an incredibly kind of exclusive I will be area. I am it was it in a state called fox hollow and it was Ireland originally I'd let us. Family and the Rockefeller family. And see it was a sprawling estate wit and manor house in several residences and several apartment buildings. And practice centers ends. Cindy bought this giant complex. Andy's from large donations namely a huge difference. Was irked a million dollars. Million dollar donation. Million dollar donation. And then he required all of his students to donate a thousand dollars a year that it known. Before they can move to this center. And so for the people didn't elect him since 1986 that was like 101000 dollars that they had to come up waiting to remind a lot of these people every year and it couldn't hold. Regular jobs in network visa is so coming up at 101000 dollars. And six months is going to be an extreme hardship. But they did it. They did it because they did not want to be with him in his errant tyrant I. Eat out. At us and also. You're cultivated its base since fit. If they failed it was not an eight oil that was because Daimler spiritual failure and resents it spiritual well. Those need they weren't trying hard enough they works anomaly and not trying hard. Acts they were gonna regret it for the rest of their lives in less. Because he was do you weigh the only way the only one real truth or just you know the wrong path and it's. Gonna send them you know away from the thing that you is street and armor or their rights as a sense of righteousness. It was going to be a revolution. And they better be along the right now. Alex. Knew how how does somebody. Him how to somebody actually get. People to follow them like to believe them like out of the gained so much controlled them of the person's mind that they are willing to do anything and give anything and everything. Just just to be around that person I mean how how does that happen. I think if that was an act and he yells that question and that they besides the cup and tiger and arts I think you know a lot of that. He's. The charisma we talked about it and yeah. There's something to process and individuals. Are just charismatic he knew we all met the low number around them but he likes opera. A net consulate which kind of attention to law but I think it's also. Certain structures we access. One of the things that happens in Anderson organized she. Added that bad. You you would rise up in the organization. But if you go too far. Irons the right frank is getting too arrogant you makes you use an all out everyone else organization. I figured I'd thought people could see that was actually happened and the challenge or exceed their thoughts to question and they would be Brett. I doubt. It 38 people getting kicks off the proxy. Or people weren't sad Allen's QB case out of the house and happy together and it up on my own house you nation as I news. There were barriers structures in various ways that he's got sets. The economy. It was very difficult challenge beaches if you challenged the sorrow boxes I order all your friends. All the people notice. The Max of two year. All treat you design complaint that part of this kind of instructions say if people did stocks that have doubts they would fest the being accused. Those doubts were the very thing the school's suffering nation immediately saw today. Arrogance if I then saw rich. They risk losing everything and as we said Alia. No happy to support full back home if they left the organization. You know I find it really fascinating that you use that phrase entry user lie drink the Kool Aid because that is clearly a reference. And it's become part of the American lexicon. To the Jonestown massacre and it's become. You know it's taken on a life of its own but that is just such a prime example of a call gone horribly wrong. And what I wanna know now is how how did this one start to unravel. Well I think part of what happened over him while the level of practice prequel and a bruised. Ego more. Intense battles almost sounds like happened is that the people that date without Andrew my next many many years and as we sent out that these two. Often highly capable intelligent people who doesn't go through. All kinds of headaches experiences in the neighborhood RO awakening. Times they almost all season. Realize that they well. And these are really of people being treated like children and they stuff sits in and I was right so with that with I. Promise the blankets talks on teaches in our rights. They would get close that they would be slapped right. Ounces. And to be learned the organization again say that was a building frustration in the close group astute. Assist at the based off the field that. This promise of men coming in power teaches O'Meara. Wasn't real. And also lose wolves thoughts the hapless people saw it so really challenged our well I drew wasn't living as our own teaching days. I hands you know what it actually happened was that it. People Tsotsi it's the all's questions it away. The suddenly we're tight like Affleck and as people stock since are more questions and then things started to pull down a little bit. Andrew agree to go six months classical and I think at that point people realize that. The peer group. Was vulnerable ads you know that he wasn't in that same power Stacy athletes and head. Around this time as well FaceBook groups are released on a big thing. And a lot of full of students and students that yeah and suddenly just talk and act make exhaust Shaq. That adapts next sentence and he's going to be done some things that happens Aaron. I opened the markets such a way that independent also already at least to be restructured ought to be this much out. When I'm sure just from those members having problems started talking to other members having problems primarily trying trying to build trying to build alliances so Elise had somebody. If things that fall apart or that or they via and they left. Yes and part of that. Part destruction and set up was that if you failed. And use you know turned away so to speak from the organization from under. Teaching her purpose in life that you were no longer allowed to contact. Anyone in the organization. Ever. And that was just to set up so there were people that have left those Ers that seniors that left and literally had no one's talked about what statement. And it wasn't until basically social media connected them I'll get it they realize that a date where personally failure. And beat it. All of these other people had had. Similar experiences and they can just begin to recover from a psychological ease the shame. And you know when she say there's one thing when she starts it. Associate that with. Your actual words and like god or spirit war. You know I am mystical contacts that's an even deeper level in just torment and torture. I'm and so they just recently literally within the last ten years has been able to relate unraveled that. Ends I am answer he'll frankly. Are we're gonna take a break when we come back will look continue our conversation with Megan Gibson and Alex Howard abouts. The enlightened next Andrew Cohen's home. It's beyond reality review Jason JB control. Welcome back beyond reality rating. Jason King feel a little bit. Later in the program take your phone calls and a 44687. 766 and I don't forget Monday night John gentry will be joining us from move fun to be talking about aliens in UFO sightings and if anybody's mules tell us what Tex going on it's going to be John. But he cannot take on that hole. Canadian airline and I just had to swerve out of and a missing a UFO that managed to suggest that you fund gets reports every day from all around the world of sightings and in claims and they catalog at and they've got a lot of information so would be great to be talking to him. I'm so so we're talking with making Gibson and Alex Howard. On a documentary. How white howling in the colts how I created a COLT. And pretty much about in drew Colin and a lot of the activity has his rise has fallen into. All things in between. So yeah next question as this thing came apart. I mean we all we hear most of them colts that we hear an as the unravel there's criminal activity there's people in prison or there's people dead. Did we have any of those elements in this particular story. Actually we were just talking the flurry. Kind of looking guys it. It's a miracle. It nothing that tactic cap and it really is an air call between. And it is psychological abuse that occurred in a pressure that aren't aren't there were incidents. About Turkey of them that are featured in the series actually. You know people would get. Because of this pressure cooker that you put everybody in a psychological pressure shame stakes in every bit what was at stake every line. And idealism. They were desperate to beat him in always remain a crisis and so when they are alarming. Or weren't living up to his standards they begin to ask Brittany would make these crazy suggestion to try to at least ten. Item one instance you know I mentioned inhabit the magazine but magazine. Our. News trying to finish this column and he had a mental block I mean you know is under this pressure in its old no experience being human beings. The more unhealthy pressure you're under at least slightly are less likely. And really come through on breakthrough that ends. So he was trying to write something it couldn't do it couldn't do it instantly and desperation and anger I can't come up with the goods back entrance project I'll. Air. Anderson aka optic cap on and that he got failed and couldn't come through its when he was thus deliver and so intersect a physician. And space set up like a surgical room and put up the tools airlines everything out and made it look. Incredibly legitimate they called giant and its editors gonna take you does not under our coach and sit down and out of his hand on the table. Picked up the scalpel. And ice and they told alike and you got to cancer. Wild and sisters terror aren't. Exactly any. You know it's been really kind of terrifying thing about it is that now. If you were to ask and I have asked anger that now. These instances where apple arms for people's lives at where. You know transformational either good or bad. There's these instances that he doesn't remember. At. Someday something that's so important to that that person which were starting point this legislation really just. Just another day and nothing's serious. Exactly. And I apathy these things unity David spread like wild fires are so. They also serve to. And yet the pressure so people that were in the room told the people that ran around those people told everyone in the community you know like if you don't see a lot easier to take up finger. Yet a whole group of women. You put extraordinary. Amount pressure and the women and maggert and men and women separately. And use. It was supposed to be for good reasons and it there was no distractions at C I am. But he put an enormous pressure more pressure everyone agrees that way more pressure. And at one point in the ninety's yet all the women in western Minnesota go down it's late in November. And submerged themselves doing these thousand frustrations it's a wider. For an hour. And most of them failed and had to attempt to multiple times and one of the women that testifies. In the edit document miniseries in and book I call it pseudonym she protects her identity. As she tells the story about that third round of frustration late in November and it was icing call. And it's in you know western Massachusetts is not exactly arm. And she. Calls this incredibly moving Taylor. In a seasonal water and at first you know it's frigid and it's painful your T start to chatter. And your teeth are knocking together so hard that you actually electric rate. Actually your muscles seize up. And all you can think that is I can't calendar LA. And through have to succeed this time. Everything is at stake here. And then at some point he describes it and you really feel it she says you know at some point is seeking stocks. And your teeth stop chattering and there's this sense of color. Comes over you and you actually can't feel any. And you know and you're an in the stakes are that higher. You think that you're just crossing into something that your you were supposed to eat. You know year year year showing up and waiting and you think you're succeeding when really you're just going to hide a. I. You know incredibly dangerous territory they were unsupervised. There's so this day eighteen years later has no recollection of how she got water. She has no idea past gap back to the house where you know treated in all the wrong ways to deal hypothermia. I am. In a season last long after an act was just incredibly. Dangerous things that people went through it it's a miracle that. I haven't been charges and and that no one was hurt more severe. Yeah they were up almost out of time actually get about a minute and a half and I wanted to I am who I just wanna one word answer to this. Scientology's we're looking at the same thing. I didn't do what went out today. Pat pat pat. And it. Is based really stressing. Films. On the as the eclipse though I know he's Wright has built about why it's such it EB. So there's definitely some great concept that's the right so that's not a crazy thought. Now I can't. And and I'm just saying. I yourself. Out there at systems are not unique to this experience that it's out there. OK so tell us or so tell ourselves yet tell us how people can see your work how they can find how I created a COLT. And follow what you're doing. So the best place you guys see is how white rights and coats to go and all of that people and walks a neat and heart and trying to. Particularly excited about the trailer is you got yet to see. So yeah it also opens where I seconds. What are your track. Some of the apps and abuse happening to you got a real visceral sense all some of what actually went so within the organization. It is one aside up to watch my tricycle to back. Like Mexico well you can sign up for a free two week trial all on secede. I beat editor credit cards do not need to get charged two weeks so -- within the past few weeks mobile homes I don't if you access to the supplier closest seat Cole are 400 analysts all original sentence including other. Other documentary series including. Great to retrieve several rounds and other colts. That's he's cool so which is I am very quick to. Years ago it. So yeah and it's it's it's very proud of the car and there's this six hour series we've. Released full episode now at sites like comes on Sunday and finally. That. Great hate Alex Megan thanks so much for joining us some beyond reality radio ensuring this witness we appreciate your time. I guess okay is beyond it's beyond reality radio America. 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I hate teaching JD can continue to handle yet we got a yet you know we can hear me okay well I would really like to read a statement effects okay. You have a prepared statement you wanna read yes me and incidentally just like every absolutely go had Perkins thank. I'm. I mean meeting hockey. It's with a heavy heart and some understandable anger and I announced the suspension and I presidential campaign. Despite a long hard battle he seemed that there are very few ways that this can and in a favorable outcome. I need to thank all my supporters my campaigns that stand in an awful. And every one who voted for me and especially the people in Lincoln Nebraska push to election votes are still hockey fusion. (%expletive) you future I guess that some kind of purple although we have lost the White House we will win. A house in America and through our work in the mind they're recording studio he can be our our our message will continue to be Harry. I Nielsen wanna ask the protesters and their protest on my behalf. There heart's in the right place but the battle is lost. Go home has sincere. And watch TV with your parents that's what I planned it and I'm gonna spend more time with my mom and less in her basement. So again thank you for your support. And I look forward to running again in 28 he 220 complete money. Yeah of course it's 20/20 two when he would be the next hole that was that was very heartfelt funky and multi. And I know that our our listeners are very very pleased to know that your OK because you left very abruptly on election night what what happened. Very emotional and I just how to. On and yeah. As talent and a yeah we get it we well it's it's understandable book he given he gave the old college try funky we really we all were rooting for you know a lot of folks and in had a chat room and and a listening and I group voted for you as best they could writing whatever was but yeah you definitely seem to have support. We're a little disappointed nationalize. I do agree. We appreciate the support and just I loved I felt tennis this kind and it's really intense and uneasy. Un hastening. So thank you Jason thank you JP and I'm Gregory Cooper now to my power is back to letting me TP. And I'll call again and healthy as diligent ratings. Yeah god knows we need journal K this may seem (%expletive) TJ. While Italy's is okay we're a little concerned their for a while they're concerned for his safety and everybody else's I guess we'll be right back with more beyond reality radio. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right. Dressed in the when you need to subscribe to taps her Mac. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. Re launched to serve you better. 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And meets you just don't understand that they don't run for president every two years well either the lot of things done he doesn't understand they're not election votes need as an interest in Minnesota is right he would become an idea elections or elections not asked to he's. As you blesses the buses little amazing heart but yeah he's got a lot to learn about politics but you know is speaking of his targets in the right place so. And the fact that he thinks the protests are for him and so on and. When did you I don't think the protesters ago now. That's true right doing did you see this this thing that 40% you'll a bunch of people were arrested in Seattle during the regular protests I had no I go to Seattle. I've had been there it's it's a pretty place and its some there is a little profit ninth but come undone CN OOK because he could and it was going on but. So and lake 40% of the people that were arrested for Rupp for protesting and rioting hadn't even casting votes. Yeah that's that's just insane. It's just it just really gets to the core of the whole thing as an owner who think people really understand with the protests in about deduced. You know it's almost go to say it's almost like a cult that forty all the amber it's bad enough that there's ads and on Craigslist for a protesters and rioters to be paid weekly but. Definitely is a great show tonight with that with Megan Gibson and Alex Howard. And it does it Jim I managed to your same with Scientology's thing because there are a lot of similarities to two minutes ago. But it's it's scary to think that you know all those points that really draw into being an occult unquestioning. Commitments. There and feel the person's truth is law. If you're if you question you're punished I mean political leadership dictates the look and feel. Of of the group and its and the whole us vs them mentality. Leader seems are accountable all these factors that came in and yeah it's just it's crazy it's it's terrifying to think how somebody can follow that just. With or without without. Question well I particularly find it interesting in the comparisons are very stark. When you talk about they were they were talking about. Andrew Collins COLT and it was wealthy people was educated wealthy people. And that seems to be white. Is attracted to the immigrant demographic that attracted to Scientology's well and you mentioned it to. You know beckon and memorable was the eighties or whatever. BC commercials. On television all the time Ford dialogues are debt dynamics by L. Ron Hubbard witches. A science fiction novel that turned into the foundation. For. Designed Scientology's quote unquote religion whatever it happens to be it's very strange and and they certainly conduct themselves with a lot of secrecy in bullying and financial. Impropriety and NC it's him it's a very strange thing and have some high profile people like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. And some of these other celebrities that are involved in that group just makes even stranger to me. Yes and they'll one thing I did notice about the into Colin though is stoutly some of these other cults where. Lake we gave that your rationale there with prince davidians. If he had people believing that he was the second coming resign him and with today you know of course there they were taking an all these arms and and you know when a weapon caches and everything else Tom. In putting his LC all peed taking in people's money and let alone Mary people. They'd they'd separate because it gave it had to and nexis. Well what led to that issue though with the FBI. Of course who has it was sad enough although all the people to lose their lives including the children when it was 76 people died. It's just it's terrifying but then to get people to believe that you're the second coming of Christ them but it's at the US attorneys think well. Cable 12 coming occurred Christ if if it does happen he's got to get people to believe he's the second coming crisis Ellis is so I don't know it sets tough situation. And then there was it is scary there was a question and in get to ask our guests but other seems to be a hint of mental illness that are either is inherent in these leaders or. Ultimately. Consumes them and I don't know what the causes is there before they start this orders the COLT and there are and their egos and their narcissus and become the creator of of the mental illness and they become big become crazy and and am curious as to what the answer to that question. Especially when you know they've frothing giant for site just tortured psychologically and made him believe that they weren't all in their column dibs on that on that. That offer they are going to resume is an anger him and got him to that point where he put his hand a little he put his hand to its all always fingered him off. Praising them for them not to do it. It's just in you're psychologically breaking a person as well which it which is just. It's terrifying all right well we have a ton of people on hold we're not gonna get to everybody tonight and sorry but let's go to the person who's been waiting a long justices are good friend Vince. From Missouri Vince welcome to Michelle Yeoh beyond reality radio. Come home maker Craig had yeah. I hope. That. We are called go. Anybody who aren't familiar with bill on doctor Bob. Who prevail know that. And and there are origin you're up a lot of slang that you shouldn't have there are totally that'll around Vincent at the snows bill on doctor about. Vince who's built. Vince who's villain doctor Bob is that somebody local TU. Founder of 80. Got you okay. All right Diana ask what are all know where they're coming back. The drama comedy and yeah when the moon have risk. All of your comedy OK who weight wins there are obvious winners moon habeas measure in more useful or bull. Policy I did you that I got that on a lot of wondered Jupiter straighter setter. To be some familiar it is since the trigger and sometimes. Go to give a look at you. It's almost civil Mondale why don't we send me in the restaurant and they feel you know. Yeah you know yeah I think it's you know anybody else in America prior to learn Kader how much and whether last. It's no big any military. Lee and their time and space. The beginning of Marion. Indiana numerical. Here and eat politically orator the letter are here yeah RI advance he didn't call me this time thanks for your call with. And every event that so we got to some great shows coming up makes me and Jim we've got John gentry. Who is a multi state director for the mutual U if you owe you a phone or better known as move on. He's also the author of six novels so we'll be talking to us about UFO sightings what's gone on in woman Tuesday were going to be talking to Richard Martin he's an expert on Greek mythology. Exudes Sidon Apollo. Yeah Africa IDs terra Xena and titans callous or are we talking with him on some stuff that deals with. And then you know line or economic and gas service so yeah but it's going to be a good week is is next week Thanksgiving and we are already there next week is Thanksgiving he yes we are doing a live show of the night of Thanksgiving so. No worries. Were renew your full bellies full Turkey and stuffing and gravy come join us we'll all be moaning and agony from moment food. Rip come to an island or will it. But I heard a big shout out again to making Gibson and sour for coming on. In talking about there and show how light created the colts and to me she checked it out how critical dot com so. Are written till Monday you'll have a great weekend is Jason GB morrow. And you need us to discuss its include. Alexandra Johnson and her powering an hour and don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one worry if you got information you want us to follow while bond or you'd like to be Gaston beyond reality radio. Email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.