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Nov 13, 2016|

Sound off features 3 generations of our Military Combat Veterans and each are prominent in the local Veteran / Military community.

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Welcome to sound out. This show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. Sports and politics. With a less than point 5% of US population actively serving in the military itself. Veteran perspective. Mean in Massachusetts. Welcome to sound off from Kyle total wants my cohost. John McGill bring in Mike Sweeney we're doing a little special. Election show here on the phone and talk of for the next hour about some things that. As veterans what we wanna see the next president. You do for us. The show is is true recorded on Tuesday so. We actually don't know who who is one so little a little interest saying for us so we don't wanna sound dumb. You know saying here's Stevie is now we just don't know if there at the moment but we are looking forward to result in the next week's show law. We'll we'll we'll get an a little bit more in tune to who who is elected when introduced as the co host. So John how you don't that I. And great fluids would have been that you would slum where his room actually do on what action doesn't slow from months but we you've routed through. Whom elections and I assumed name the death penalty is to be counting at the moment wasn't willing to us muffins. Once great country you. We're commitments true solution for. Powell we usually don't confide in them. That's what I saw them law there Russo more Lloyd Paula you know borrow some one. To leave. Talk about both on and on time John America. Do wanted to you know what it is we're still caught on heels of a veteran status alone John I am I I do wanna thank you for your service for active duty Marine Corps because I know long. There have been questions about. Particularly divisional fluent just want to thank you for your service overlord at. Well that. But it colossal and introduce a might swing does so is veterans service officer and and I don't like it was Monica. So both get right into it. Ya wanna are urged John wanna wish list from U keep keep it short armed. What you know if you had to pick one or 23 things that you want from an ex president to focus on for veterans. We know if you if you could see. That the the president elect for now what would you say to him or her that you want on for veterans. Well. First off the Protestants and toward Obama mentioned one of the Tony yes look and the attributed much of slocum started soul. It's gonna have to be going so pavilion and waffle sole income one got a medical to. You go to war and brutal. Expedited. Also swing of corn and slow Butte for pension or compliments from. Noon to. I just over roll over spark for a for a tons. You want acquitted cultural one which. Veterans. Respected. Him queued for. Or an answer John also appreciate that he kept under a minute alone I think that's a record. Don't listen to him who trump in terms of sound bites and so was more Mike what are you looking for. I'm looking over. Wherever its president to get beyond. Sound bites to get beyond the platitudes. And really let's just be Austin and John you just talked to put your money we in my office. We have president's we have congressional leadership everyone on their own so all the time we'll do everything we can for veterans. That costs money. And there's no way around that there's no way to talk about innovation innovation is wonderful on its own it's it should be goal on its own but it's not a substitute. For cash. To take care of veterans you need money and I think they were. What I'd like to have from our new president from a new congress from from everybody top to bottom is just stop. Pretending that isn't the case. We don't know what went to a New York campaign it was wouldn't give an. Who's dressing room from the need for concern and some veterans and what a boy to a scene now is a pro isn't often will start toward Brussels concerns from what would be nice. Who's of the pros and on slippery. What's took a solemn go off to around didn't civilian consult. Welcome home they go. And you joked Donna that's a things they don't listen to people who actually I do believe his visit the disconnect is a here. From people and go back to 1% on a lot of people when your fame and their families who have backed off so what do they do you listen to people. Not to insult them for being Hiram from the food chain but you know the heads of the the the five and weighs in on the big organizations. And they they don't sometimes get an opportunity here. The needs and see the needs of local veterans and see what really with the caps because there are it is good they're good good things going on that the gaps are real. Yup I wanted to say whereas a wanna what I wanna sign it emits a vote President Obama can do. A lot of civilians they don't realize that veterans don't know there are there benefits. And I think one of the easiest things that could be done. Well would be not so easy but conceptually. It's just. Shame on the departed offensive of the so one out when someone leaves the service leaves active duty service or reserves or guard what whatever their separation as. They automatically enrolled into VA benefits health care. I think doubt. That would solve some of these issues are. The did veterans some some veterans dornin pages they you know they want how little off the grid or they don't wanna get involved. They've done their time their walk what they just don't know what's available to counsel. I think that would help I would like to see the VA health care system expanded. Still only in two weeks of the two groups seven and Nate Thompson up any any person who Wear the uniform and wasn't dishonorably discharged due again. Affordable healthcare from the VA because of what they do is really amazing there but they're still view. 25% of veterans 30% of veterans that are vulnerable for VA care so let's see an expanded and then I'll finally. As Afghanistan veterans like to see Nash. A memorial. Well like in Massachusetts where. Lemon sir as a memorial. And then also announced on heroes both the memorial for Afghanistan phoned. On the seaport district of Boston. I'm glad Massachusetts is what the wound up with a C and national. Memorial of some sort of attitude think could be on a National Mall. Saudi in my top 38 Jonathan affect you. We just have a federal funding yelled. You know consists of the quotes a booming all politics is local what would you wanna see from from our local politicians and obviously we don't have gubernatorial race play. We knew to have new house new senate what would you wanna see John on a local state and local. Well. Always sort we could start with on arm. Still would you switch for them to the one institute. The way things some sort of human Massachusetts. Window for Massachusetts trim awards show up from 115 meant me and it's good. We you know follows certain drug benefits from sort of lessons for veterans from it for him with some requirements that every civilian trial. Have a drug from sort of council of course. Who sold. Number one I would boy too soon. That bad news. And force that every civilian turnaround goes out of those of entrants and so Arafat's. Truly a purple what shall slower to build the ones were too. The veto sold put tools technical world. And provide the benefits considerably since two of the pretzel. You wanna see you what shall slow Richard good small warmer. A boulder. For school comes points when you look at what a veteran. Spew and I think that we need. A change in the out of to do is planning your people what do Butte when some of the road and brochures. Were presumably if parents so you would Sproles took a full swing. A go for a pro front door opens what we need more of them. And that's what type of going at it closely and then. I'm happy to of Mike Sweeney's our coal holes to weapons. And in charge of the you know what you slate of committed for the Massachusetts veterans who were slow for instance canceled solution. In whose brilliant effort to fly votes it would consume more support for excellence. Fudge and you're on fire at hello as well Fahd Al. I I'm really I'm really impressed on my own truck and searched on foot to elaborate way to go well yeah and it amounts to only what you wanna see though. Bowl week a federal government I would like disease and and I know that people don't even get this time but the people number of people going to the VA. That's money keep going back to its heated up. At the end of the day at least half of the VA health care budget is not mandatory. I'd like and I know a lot of the big. The TV for example of the groups have pushed for that to make it so that the health care funding to the VA is mandatory because when we wanna accepted or not. At some level is at least hypothetically on the chopping block every year and if you're talking about adding more people tuned to VA healthcare which I think we all. Want. It's gonna cost money and I think we have to that's one place to start. At that at the stable just wanna see is have it continue to push to maintain. Chapter 115 in every city and town. Work with the state to continue to raise the standards because. Some places are on the state he knew he had the program had a sort of I'd turn. Peacetime and so after feeding adds some communities and yet I didn't really have the energy use the resources that have been committed to it so I think we've kind of turn that corner to keep pushing. And with that and I know in the organization that dare not speak at its name but the mass municipal association has filed. Anti veteran legislation for the last twenty years at least forty years old but the fifteen years I've been around. And I'll tell you this is an Afghanistan veteran it's offensive it's offensive that they sit there every year and they find legislators to file these pieces of legislation they say oh we just wanna. So we wanna come up with a new model not the model works it's a veteran in his community. Who is who has the resources to get the job done and as in what is work for again so you know in a rocket science there where we wouldn't be doing. An easy thing is it costs money to help people make me I think that. When we can get that that commitment that goes beyond the platitudes when you say you gonna do everything for veterans it doesn't mean everything bought. Well two things are Woodward 2.0 car when it comes through. Number one we don't change in front comply afterwards shipments rep of wizardry. And neutral sold Klein. Seoul. Is 2.0 we don't want to slant or what's the one personal populations. Grouping them too so it's time goals line. You know world wide swing in our Korean threats council on. Yet Nam vets over in June. The veteran populations. That Klein in right now we have 300005000. People realize what you're saying. If people think that the veteran populations increase. Well listen I know and we of 1% with multiple deployments stormed into technology you know drones all sorts of there's less about troops in Afghanistan. But it sort of home and whopper rentals and smoke but the podiums. Torn Vietnam we have people drive that they go wall we'll put him tool news we'd be put in twenties two months slope. Don't know someone owns some strike communal so yeah difference we got a lot more number scum embarked from. And it was a little conflict a war council. You know and the environment than the war even country troupe of expect them. Five different programs know them we've mentioned many times emotional. Now that seems like the public and the former and cheated between the war renewal in the war sold absent from the but right now to a point I'm trying to reduce 385000. Threats from McCormack awkward now. Yes the midst deployed twenty route which is what fourteen news from. We're gonna go a 107000. Votes than probable Sandra and seven miles. 130. Some are going to be a conference feel before he tells them. Veterans and service to and were left in Austria. Seoul to Taipei Cuba it's going to be viewed with to kill frogs e-book. Yet numb throats who's gonna have to change. And good for you probably. Who's gonna woman and one of months to medical's speed codes won't we of less than half of but coward through and could lead five bottles of bouts you know so. You know what we're talking to blow. Possibly you increase in funding we might just won a wonderful forms of foods is the money Eagles we're gonna have to change the programs Gannett which actually we focus on which put. Lot of emphasis on homeless that's poured alcohol peninsula and and food court reasons for jobs for Clinton threats. And to claw which kitten and homes and so what we're gonna have to sweat. Reflecting. And possibly looking. These cheap votes in the it's been two of transportation's. Bird. And fortunately. We have people of good for me good you know what is what is what is anyway. On gun Jonas of the Puerto talked about. One last I want and I should add it up before it's modestly better in related. I want the next president to explain to the American public what our role is in Syria and Iraq. I'll what is the end state. They should be is shouldn't be what President Obama did by giving a but what is us winning in Syria and Iraq I mean they've already out elections we've we've technically both of them democracy in Iraq. We thought we had security but we didn't. Ball real well white is the role if we're gonna keep on sending. American soldiers over there and so and some are gonna die and some are dying in some over beginning main. And it's the fact of matter is that there's spent time with their families the holidays come up. There with an I feel we need an explanation how long we're not how long but what are we doing over there and what is the end game. And I I was here to see you know it is important that we use special operations but we can't just. Use special operations over and over and over again and we can we do have other interest in the rest of the world that we need to concern well. Not and I think the back in the day these are called that the Powell doctor that was what we'd during the first gulf war that was what led. The policy. Define victory usable only force gaining in did Hillary get out in equipment and knows were we in no uncertain terms. Lessons learned from Vietnam. And so in from called on the and he he read his book and at the time and talk but that was exactly what. That he wanted to do I think now we've we've gotten to a kind of a post. Fact world when it comes to listen in to stuff coming out of the certain people in Washington. They say that the people over and over in the soldiers over in Iraq are not. Combat and five children on delivering his advises if they could pave the that were they know was dazzling us. Exit trainers sent it air strikes deal. People's wants it and it went to a national it will guess what you need for a strike troops on the ground that it's all part of a strike and they can't strike a little don't get a little annoyed that the as an onshore flow but. That America you know America wants boarding ever crisis and terrorist but they don't want actually pay the cost of doing so we need to define what we're doing over there. Don't think it's unfair to soldiers whose families are within two to know that they're being when just about a month ago little over a month ago there was a chemical weapons attack on the fob over there. We had soldiers on that far. If you want the them that that the idea that that did not even. Raise. To the level of discussion in the media is is a disgrace yeah we have soldiers over there and in our support and we've talked about before me and I'm. Then go to war college so we've in my opinion I want I think we should allow people over there to begin with my time away and I agree. But even if you don't agree with that. You have to be honest and not just this soldiers to the American people. Again everyone isn't as they did their over the training now because again they've they've focus group that advises don't work dent into that we're didn't work and you announce another of their training. And the one that made me almost drove in my mouth as it was at a Press Secretary. Who was asked. Whether or not they were combat soldiers. And he sits on the effect of northern climatic to not combat soldiers that combat equipped. To do it's orwellian it's her. It's ridiculous rippled. The last couple were last week console or pick a we're six are pretty special forcing slump. Individuals who were kill him childless and he believes his removal and Kong Seoul. The role of few words. A lot of times we don't bundle way but they are in harm's way while old. And Seoul ya I think when you've Clark had been cut out two point boats and review. We really we need to define what good news we would lower our goals and no problem time and you know tools to find out. And men and we've got to be computed from the votes were told. Would you it is quick break I don't mice go with some mouthwash as you throw open as an awful but so it's a quick break we're gonna talk Obama. Some local issues on you know not know we've talked about salute the grand on national issues. So don't assets listen to sound off but you are Cahill and succeeded was to Boston. Welcome back to sound off were taken over the airwaves here. Comments you from our studio in Boston and I'm Kyle totaled more inside my co host on children Mike Sweeney. Now Lott John you wanna talk about some some local initiatives and some of these tablets transportation lot. And you've been on quite the roll all of likening guests on the show me. Tonya US open house for us I mean you are sports person. But about whether and I think. And then you're you're also incredible at getting gas and in the last couple weeks with speaker to Leo and Mary Walsh enough all those episodes can be found on the wrko.com. On him along listen tool. But I Johnny brought another great distance. Really wanna issues on excited. And always a marine you're just over there you Islamic front of the army guys saw on the election go. It's probably 100 funnel guys that's it just happens you know I mean people rewards when we sort of expected but. Listen thumb and three world. Audit them through some of the beautiful and triples. That car and news. Awkward for undermine. He served in the Marine Corps over and yet and forwards are on. And came back to them a broad different things slow. Eventually you three dark it was hometown of Natick which is many people know what is the home of champions. He was instrumental wouldn't. Putting up the end of young Nam veteran memorial to blue room. Back then. But I was clear of I can remember Russell would come up to me in slowing. They had not seen Jerome Tillman deployed there but since world war tool was to us fill files and some people form. And then from ask. Did. One a lot of in between month it was a lark an old one when we did well. Strewn on the border is a Workman. Who metric in the on one oil and work for the transportation. Departments and for an innovative individual. Recruited to individual one. No we who's been on executive to work the roof and the metro west regional twins little boy. You all slope. Who's the coach. A junior Redmond team. It's treated for a popular one. Cook reader Kumble and coach welcome and it was. Would quit. Scored 21 and number we're championships through a slow. The guy who. It appears you should be. Hoping and you John and help kids diplomats here are in jail right now. There actually are. Good. I. A particular who flipped open. Oh what we won't play Lugar Barton might have been won that largely was on his way and as a result of slow moves and activities even though they're young new jewel for the insulin. Could you cut built up a bit. No we're never know what we're trying to pattern of her right arm for the and of wealth and ultimately I think he does another ball and go from a woman who improvements should cut our credit guys him Britain alone will work from oil and put the double rock. More more real growth slowed can be dedicated toward 61. And veterans who were. Starred as a result of this group and some of you know and sold. It will be viewed Kim Clarke. A ball out animals all that like a note Clark who pulled some transportation. Options but it would probably affect the council welcome to slow off. And two more level playing. Then it to the Marine One will show you pull Ochoa is what I would do would pleads to do this with the Q for common and Edwards. It's awkward simplify. Thank you very much thanks Mike and Kyle for allowing music more than talk about this this monument that. We're building in Framingham that's going to represent. Now all the always. On the wall in Washington DC from the metro west area of the fifteen communities that belong to restructure as. But before it all elections now. Say something about the legend of John McNeill just all she is that's the last knowing mean on a little flavor to the show here that when I got home from Vietnam in 69. I was pretty messed up individual and personally. And back in those days as you alluded to we weren't really accepted with open arms but in Natick we have via sole. But the name of Mike toward who was he was a legend in his own time. He really was and he was one of the very few people it was opening up his arms. To us guys coming home that would being shunned by a by the community basically. And Mike muted concerted effort to get kids in school. Give him get him down the VA although the VA wasn't really working on all cylinders in. It wasn't because Mike wasn't bringing guys down an intentional on the way. At war from for a Mike tour ideas feel a lot of guys. From Natick. That would have been that would have meted they really they were enemy. But. So so when Mike was getting ready to retire. He handpicked his successor. There was this kid working for the for the department of veterans services that police. Flaw would be great calm replacement for him and how do you replace a legend in Nadia. Stepped into the markets and those of some reason it's loved by the Tom. So he picked John to replace him and I and I have to say we all hate at least we thought he was that your. He talked to my achieved just brag to my it sounds pretty accurate and was he was not like by the veterans community and the reason was because we we was at the scene Mexico. You know so so chunk union at a real disadvantage Xia who normally problems. But you know he has the brass ring was was out of reach for most people. But you don't want. After several years of while watching Jones dedication men and his hard work. You know the rest is history and he stated eighteen quality team that team is mounting and and people. The new generation has forgotten Mike tour and what he did even though we have a bridge named after. After Mike and on one of the mean mean thoroughfares and hill. Summed it will have one named he used to maybe it'll be over brook goes but it. Interview with foot bridge over and just over a bridge. So anyway. Thanks again vote for premium on here. The the monument that we're talking about is going to Rio from the regional transit authority. In Framingham minutes and an environmental justice area where where there are a lot of poor people. That live insult Framingham minutes to talk about it sounds like crime over the air. Humble we see this this monument to Vietnam veterans as a piece of art. And we want people to understand. You know what happened and and and realized that you know we. You know for lack a better expression we were ignored. When we came home in in. Noah loves to stay here Mike's passion when he was talking bone and then me. You know and in being the enemy well you know one. Multiply that times ten and that that's what we were up against when he came home. There was no. No no recognition no thanks a lot you know no no glee can you do to Tokyo in Natick back then wasn't hounded. One of them one of them it was a blue collar town that everybody helped everybody else and that council. You know another thing between John and Mike toward it was it was being a veteran in Natick was very helpful. You know in ninety loosened her because view I'll vote your frustrations. About the war back to now what's happening now all concede poses. Welcome to the quagmire that's well you know that's what we were faced with two no understanding of it in 2000. Public and and accept you lose you know they used withdraw or you lose. It's all about the hearts and minds of the people you trying to help and nothing changed yeah absolutely we. Absolutely you'd think we will learn analysts and we haven't. We we went back to the Cold War morality in the eighty's and ninety's and we brought that to right right no question now is gonna counterinsurgency. Yeah yeah no question is does know. Definitive. End here no role for the unison let's hope. Illnesses Tuesday's Election Day shall we get screwed. By tomorrow Schumer got a leader we get leadership and direction. And I think the who you. Speak to and I think waited this memorial. Really has an impact I think beyond. The family's names that are on their but it thinking and you speak and I just as a sign of soldier who has been on. Just awareness uniform I say thank you and I think what we. Recently for that Mike and Europe's here's what rank and and that's way a lot of guys out of Vietnam veterans feel about it but you know what. If anything good came out of that hole a disgrace to us was affected veterans today released recognized for. For this service countries you know what thanks for US service and used car. Thank you thankful you know I'm so thankful for the Vietnam veterans at frost goes wrong. Now we've was that a thousand times we which we were treated with so much respect McCain. And went and tangible things in me as if you know investors don't have the strength to say they needed help with PT EST. Even have a defined it would be here even as as limited mean as much as we don't Politico dot well that time that you'll be here if if Vietnam veterans hadn't stepped up and says. Well done and my hope is I think now let you know as society we do. Well look at push Max dress differently. You know we look at war fatigue differently I think more Vietnam veterans are getting treated now. Because that stigma is gone I mean also I hope and as of tonight that'll play I spent some time at. Northampton. Hospital for that were being treated for PT EST. Believe me you know you you got help was there in the VA was so I don't know who and you get some soul searching. But I was US solely was search and and a current and you know was. You know it I can see why guys are reluctant to go and asked to be eight now that's what you need. People with sensitivity like like Mike can charm and and Mike tour right two take you hand in hand and walk through the process. To get to help one at one of the or the cutting edge things writes I'm planning on working on when I retire which shortly. Mumps seventy is all about but I think that this would need to go do it today for simple therapy. You know given given that territory to veterans every day committing suicide. You know that to me is is if you ask me what the three things where it's a suicides suicides suicide would be my forestry lets go save these guys I mean they. You know they they put their ass on the line for us you know the least we could do was is to do something for them so I think that. Triple therapy which is working with horses in an animal's neck and think war. Veterans contemplating suicide is is cutting edge stuff that. I personally am going to be in working on assumes retire. I've seen some amazing stuff with some of the service dogs and things that then. And I think the scary thing is on that 22 suicides then that that's that is is conservative. I think it's something a lot of people don't talk about what I mean it if the veteran commits suicide through. A very dangerous act driving something like that is no suicide note. They don't count it if it's a heroin overdose they don't count it. He's an excellent season to him because he's self medication consummate. So look I give it. You get mad and you and you mean we need to do wanna get mad as veterans we need to do something about it Buick and in this do you plan. And our Iraq Afghanistan clearly a lot of people there yet I mean we're going. But I'd say at least 45 to 42% of them. Are related to some sort of pizza is here and got an in between we read the newspapers and other veteran. Who came home and didn't make it Andy in insist. So yeah I mean please reparation for an exhibit it it really asking me who need to do it is you just it is connected tool that we talk about the PT EST we talk about this this suicide. And I'm the. The guys we all know the woman we all know who served with who was stuck in that sentence of life that's a slow suicide and it's an. We'll want to do we have a couple of traumatic brain injuries and only veterans are effectively ball but now. It goes both ways and one affects the other Aaron you know and and we if you of Vietnam veteran has an entry for decades it's actually gotten worse over time so that's a scary thing to. And you mentioned you know America's I don't know where your opinions on this one bit. Because I think a lot of veterans who have. Found themselves and they see guys who worked with who tell me that there and what amounts to return of a safe place and I'm a good place there in a safe place they've managed to. Be safe. And they work there and tabled by something. Correct yeah Weathers worked the with the with the wife lets them live in the basement you know in the do you have people who love them but they're they're they're not out of control. Will retirement hasn't always been easy. For some for review and investors and I've seen in I don't know if you wanna speak that out. Maybe we need to reach out more to Vietnam veterans so we don't is this you know veterans agent retirement time with an H one needs John nearly. I'll tell you wanna Jerusalem. Workings of the social I found I don't know much else from viewer comfort sport from world war those who William throats we had posttraumatic stress. And it's been retired what happened since you filed. But some of bigger support networks whether over. It's got to prove figure a way to sold bets reporter fuel now one of trucks fixed income and you're starting to feel. Will we insecure foreign mutual. Your blogs that go solutions throughout the fuel wouldn't secure of the yeah. What's Hauptmann all of these securities where you blare from when you run Millwood for an. When you fill the Molson secure whistle pro posttraumatic real. And a lot of old folks like Iowa Maryland for a flu itself company would control most of the adult life mildly retarded slugs the Kamal. What particularly if they've lost spirals. I would say when you said it before for that it is in too late for us to reach says to the Vietnam veterans and I think the understanding that it's a lifetime and when I first got his job remember talked to a some people vote how they handle it and how people explain it to everybody needs something that never goes away but it's volume and a manager we knew what that. Let me ask you questions like what did you get training to dubious. Well nowadays actually because in in large part is over John and others like we have training and certification. And what we're one of the things we're trying to do is get more of that training in there because when I was so basically for I was brought in the job and so here you are actually that's my CD right and as we'll set the view of central element DD GI Joseph Rosen we used to you DD 214 and heartbeat so I needed. And I think now. Went one of the things were pushing for is not just the hard skills knowing I thought acclaim and do those sort of things and when things are just at the state training and enough. When mr. which is again the state organizes a training and from there. Given the envious await mass or service offices association which is the veterans agents and John's been a leader in the effort to decades is we. Getting some training now on the interview skills a way to get some and open up a little Britain and to really recognize it. How to pitch that triage and a medical could take that technically medical sense but knowing what that person saying you may be what they're not saying. But you're absolutely and it's one of the things that we've been. Crude department needs is somewhat more tournament principles what Ron Clark. Couldn't. So when one of the highlights of my life basically it was win win I got a chance to work with the DCV. Advocated that got me back and school of people Korea change my whole life I mean I was making peanut support in my mind raw. And wife and three kids in a mortgage you know I was screw basically life. Actually got an education I mean graduated as an undergrad to us fifty years old and that's. That's like throw away 1020. Years earning capacity stroh's. Because I couldn't make it through school I didn't have what it took to make it through school. But it you know with the help of obvious low and an agent from the DAV. Mean they call you through this and you use the tools you need because. When you think about this you're trained to be war you'd use it critically combat veterans. You're trained to handle on number one you know. Seek. You know in your mind you can't do it yourself. You don't wanna be Euro you. You're on the unit and so it's difficult to accept that you have the right kind of person who put their animal we shall owns it now. Everybody needs. Him we do need a quick break though and keep this on the other side story. Again don't cassettes on those in the sound of New York six it was about. Fool welcome back since the world according to John segment we discuss but the fruits and services for veterans and their families. Today you wanna talk a boat. The dedication. Of a memorial. Opened framing him it's our new and yet men veterans memorial which is dedicated to. 61 men darned as a result of service and yet. This memorial is gonna be dedicated to one song. November 27. At noon time. At fifty you believe in street it's the headquarters of the metro west regional triumphs little farm. It's real record slump in stature would club Vietnam veteran newsman and a half feet tall blues going to be. Two audible will risks that are and made dove to save material blip the wall smooth move for him and Washington DC. We've got the material from India. It removes 61 millions will be engraved on moles club oh mosques. We really want the public to would trim those windows important. Paula guts any and all co guides the show up there. If you can claw alone the metro west regional triumphs of headquarters announcement it would Kyle what do Mobutu room going to be common. And if not actually show up anywhere where copied. Console war. Anyway that's going to be Sunday November 27. It's going to be a new time fifteen the Wimbledon Strief. Please come via honor our fallen Vietnam veterans. God salute to our team next week. This. We and. Richard welcome back welcome back to solve from them feel with the cart tool works we've cuts it would cut. And great to have one and we of them made fun of opium regards what other old maps is the men who you know few people forget. County security here as soon as I just wanted to know queen hit oil and transportation. Issues and the bulls or bill's. Big big thing if you know what before we did in depth to him I wanna do. Would love a ball which would include states under the wrong. Begin a full blow when he's done an awful lot of good work what we've spoon that you committed. But. Quote you impeccable would slow mature as regional twins who are you of course you do that you. Emotional sort of slowed to a whole foods conform metropolis than two. Yeah medical's. It's quote 56 years ago we go to grants to two run shuttle service from metro west. To Jamaica Plain West Roxbury and it was it was it's still going. We've found ways to funded. There's a lot of veterans that to use it but we've also expanded that to include. The other hospitals. Deaconess and and Brigham and women's and you know world that you're troops while we were in dropping the veterans which swing over the drop more people off. It's just doesn't it's a great service for metro west of we have looked into the and Austin area in it was all again like a lot of programs in the United States. Begin with the veterans and now it's expanded to the appointment you know. It's almost like. What people do lose leagues weren't. Concern and we wore in all the high tech stuff that's been created on the backs of veterans who I don't know well paying dividends from the Russell. Runs in the a development the console Portman Patrick Wheeler mentioned earlier in the show always open. It aging veteran population but we balls away a book called Woodward's whom. So I took the US slump. Popular national average of six and far from. You know transportation's. Gonna become more more important as people waited in June Denard voids your boldly go while they're gonna lead. An exceptional know right in and you know what you know kudos to John for working on all the brave. And taking other initiatives. Are posing for we've turns. And you know trying to find the whole four of them but you're absolutely right to vote transportation via that area peaceful and you know particularly. How do you take an eight year nine year old person that's been taking care of themselves all the life. Take care license away from it it's an easy thing. So you have to you know funded dignified way. To help them transition into that next visas lies and and hopefully you know we're doing much public transportation know me well Toyota. An open were metro well slim many times in the produce over backward and integrated system where review and helps them or maybe two ovals marshall's got moved our corporate and Bill Clinton sharpened. Can see influenced me was what oval and what I wanna point holders at the hobbled we would headquarters. That's where. In Vietnam Veterans Memorial is going to be the one thing I've won a point you know a Boca memorial. This is true the statue of Vietnam veteran its model plan. It's volatile wall. And slumping boats personal. And and I've looked up and again I don't own stadium white guard wasn't used was the model for a blood at all to. Mikey and her hat and a half. But the growth boot through the statue Schulze a veteran look at know what Islam patrol look at though there were people. So people agreements Uga and it's a lot like. It's hidden in some towns all waited to. Five games to Maine's beat me. Whatever coach it's exactly. You know you. And then and hopefully it's going to be long and the scope of the Louisville forward to reflect our church of the current shields them unlawful immigrants where you learn rouge. Well Terry welcome a woman to announce our two or army don't know with the rank castle there for a while we got it also looked almost leopard like it was silly and ticket and Elizabeth I on John I don't know all of are. We do need to do to wrap up a whirlwind of nominate a topic aside because well you don't always has on them. What an old patriot blow once I know it got two opens the bubble one that is it was definitely got a text them was fined be appropriate to world. Uncertain what you think the next president Scott's. In my life thing news. I think the next pros and shoots. You can fool some of the people some time soon. Some of the people all of the time but it can't fool all the people all the time. So now what ago. So that's what I open that open so mono that's a mobile one and so now. Patriots. Moved forge ahead there and I'll go back because of pregame show to the patriots this week and I'm not like football. Not soul thank god you were true and so we can go back to be important things focus on one of the patriots climbed word you know room. Inevitable low homage to Wilson global the that some and I've footballs on the Super Bowl 49 rematch at all it's a pretty good stuff you know. Thank you so much for all you do you really should they welcome any time line even higher moraine all law. Well always is impressive to join you that you spoke slowly the sort of lost to in the marine jokes. Yeah. For a drug's gonna do you really no no means force. Yet and Elvis. Well what's Chinese cement means word to double roads will be your Marine Corps models went to war things he sold through with the Marine Corps support for the almost always truthful on the whole worked ago. I'm Marlboro. Separate army always flexible. But a bit we are rubble let's go through in the military and a lot of different ways. Think yes so much for a draw you Dylan thank you for the listeners and for those of you listening to a veterans. Subsequent Rafa veterans day maybe you're still celebrating in the marine core group we know from Toronto and it's showing up now and though Lewis hit thank you for your service and no I think your fellow members as is well for everything they've done. Called Tony to listen to sound off from the Buick you know and succeeded voice books.