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Trump Victory! 11/9/16

Nov 9, 2016|

What do you make of Donald Trump winning the presidential election?

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So. It's been what they call a historic. Event. But to be really historic. We have to do great yeah. And I promise you that I will not let you do and we were doing groups and. Coroner countries. We did it may be paying half and half I. They senate could. But we get it. It's time. Who the hard days. All busy. This isn't a great day for America. C'mon everybody join me. Well not for Hillary but let bad golf. Now. And nearly after two. Celebrate and party win you. Are my friends I am on cloud nine and I gotta tell you. We have other events the last night of the hard rock cafe. I will never forget and my friends it was just building you can feel the electricity all night. Donald Trump. Has pulled off the greatest upsets. In not just American. But in political. History. The media. Shocked. The establishment. Is shocked. The world is shocked. We my friends. Middle America are the silent majority. Said enough is enough. And just like in 1776. We shock the world again. And this time they're people long. I said into the air each real. And on Election Day they're gonna come out in full force and we're gonna take our country back. And I've got to say this. Full congratulations. To president elect oh I love that word president elect Donald. I thought I was the bulldozer. At cleaning up the liberal bull on this guy he's the ultimate bulldozer. He bowled dole is Hillary's blue firewall. All pieces. Don't let the door hit your factory or ran on the way out. She just finished her concession speech. It was frankly a typical her it was arrogant it was obnoxious. It was frankly silly it was way too long. I was that you somebody giver the hook the woman won't leave the stage. And then you see all those rabid moon bats they're crying. Like that's why they're all crying. Modesto is crying Chelsea's crying. They're a whole must crying and I'm thinking I'll tell you why they're crying. They're crying because now their thing and we may end up going to slammer. I mean if I'm Hillary Clinton right now let me tell you you do in his speech you get on a private jet and then you fly off to when you talked. Bill O. Where did country where there's no extradition treaty. But it does set me back I'm gonna present for decibel if I'm one down you're one pound I'm not the one that's gonna take a fall bell. Bill looking now for a nice place for Hillary to go all where they cap to return her to face charges. The basically. Face in an indictment and go to prison. So I don't all may be Venezuela will baker may be should conjoined Julian Assange. In the Ecuadorian embassy in London. I Cuba out of I don't think Castro will get her up. North Korea. Did you see did the pantsuit she got on first at first speech that they are concession speech I said Brittany. I can see your on the fashion model runway in Pyongyang. Would that pantsuit. I can that would be big in North Korea. May be with their fellow Communists. Maybe Beijing center to what dungeon in Beijing. Does many places we did you know if she wants the goal Saudi Arabia. Maybe her in Beaumont maybe they can retire in Saudi Arabia. My friends. Which you saw last night. Why is the American people in particular. Middle America. Give the middle finger. To the establishment. The ruling class. And to be corrupt venal all leads. To the entire mainstream media. Dots with last night once. People have said enough is enough we are taking our country back. And let me tell you why I think is the real big loser. Obviously it's Hillary. And now she's gonna have a potential indictment hanging over her head. Like I said unless she gets on a private jet may be important picker I don't know maybe she's got a yellow for all the uranium they gave them. Maybe if they can put some more money and put some money in his bank account maybe he'll put herbicide at small and I don't know. I mean she's gonna have to make some big decisions over the next couple weeks. But the big loser. He's Obama. And you can see it. Trump didn't just beat Hillary he didn't just beat the democratic machine he didn't just beat the Republican establishment. He ultimately defeated Obama. It was his regime. That was went down last night last night was essentially a referendum on the Obama years. And now if you're the dear leader I want you to think about the spoken. What are you trying to do last night. Pennsylvania. Michigan. Ohio. North Carolina Florida. All of these states that they said. Obama won and they said that Hillary especially Pennsylvania they said that's her firewall no way can trump win in Pennsylvania. He beater. He won Wisconsin. He beater like a junk yard dog. He is now changing and elect oral coalition right in front of must be a political realignment is taking place but more than that. Obama's crown jewel obamacare. He's gonna repeal and replace it. Climate change the Paris accords repeal and replace. The wrong deal he's gonna knock it out. The trillion dollar stimulus which turned out to be a complete disaster he's gonna give the exact opposite. Everything that Obama has been pushing the executive amnesties do executive orders. Open borders globalism. Mass unlimited immigration. Mal Muslim migration the appeasement of radical Islam. The entire cornerstones. Of Obama ism. Are gonna go into the trash heap into the garbage bin of history because of last night's victory. It's like the last eight years will never have happened. And it's not cures that trump one. The Republicans kept the house the Republicans kept the senate they now control the entire government. And the Supreme Court if you put somebody like an crews to replace Antonin Scalia. What do Obama do. I mean the more bout have to you I mean if you're sane rational move back and north a contradiction in terms. What this guy get you for eight years. You sold your short for this guy. You've now lost the White House you lost the house you've lost the senate now you're gonna lose the Supreme Court. Even Republicans picked up even more wins in governor is racist. You've lost state legislature is you've lost governors' races. This guy is reduced due to a joke. For him and when we warn you every step of the way. That the American people we're not gonna take it anymore. That obamacare was a disaster. That people weren't having jobs. But the twenty trillion dollar deficit was breaking our back. That the trans Pacific partnership in these. Ridiculous disaster is free trade deals work guiding our in manufacturing. Our industry. Are working class you laughter yes. He called us deplorable it's. You called us racists. You coldest neo Nazis you call those Islam a full home awful you called us every name in the book. Well as a fellow deplorable let me ask you now. Who's laughing now. Because we're now getting the last laugh. And what I was really proud. Which trumps brilliant victory speech last night. It was gracious. It was humble. It was patriotic. And it was one knee shouldn't conservatism. It was a new kind of populism in new kind of patriotism. By the way that I think you're gonna see search. This kind of patriotic populist movement these anti global list movements. All across Europe. The polls are celebrating. The Hungarians are celebrating. Marine Le Pen in France openly congratulated Donald Trump. There's going to be a new era of cooperation with Russia. Thought people who bucked brags it in Britain openly celebrated and thank Donald Trump there is now a new era that we are entering. And air are. Of patriotism. Of populism. Of anti globalism. Of people wanting to return. To language borders and culture. Off putting America first. And sold trump talked about rebuilding the inner city east. Trump talked about unifying everybody of all races of all backgrounds of all genders. Saying what he wants to do now. Is create out of all of this division. He unified country in which he will finally put. America. And all Americans. First. Jarrett. Roaming the cut. Where he says my goal is can now heal the divisions in this country and be a president for everybody. Now it's time. For America that bind the wounds of division I have to get together. To all Republicans. And Democrats and independents across this nation. I say it is time for us. To come together as one united people. I pledge. To every citizen well land. That I will be president for all Americans. And this is so important to me. Okay. What is been. The hallmark of Obama. And liberalism over the last eight years. Tribalism. Dividing us along ethnic lines gender lines racial lines political lines ideological lines divide and conquer. All they have done is picked us against one another. What Donald Trump and this is his movement this is what we stand for. This is what we've patriots. And and trump Republicans here's what we stand for America first. We are all Americans. We are all children of god. We are all part of this great country. And we're gonna put this country and its interests first. And in particular let me tell you what I was moved most by. It wasn't about him. For all the talk to disguise or narcissistic ego maniac it was the most. Unselfish. I'm self interest did speech I've ever heard a presidential Victor. On election night. Contrast that with the Obama in 20082012. Where it's meet Ali. I will do it means I. I am the great 1 I am the one that will pop up prevent the oceans from horizon I will feel the planet are eyeing me. He thanked the Secret Service. He thanked the police officers law enforcement. He thanked everybody who played a key part in his campaign singled them out. Giuliani Chris Christie Kellyanne Conway senator Jeff Sessions. He thanked everybody that worked for his campaign. And in particular he thanked the vets. Both who have given us so much. And say you'll not be forgotten anymore. And to everybody out there in middle America. The so called deplorable it's. Will caller voters. Veteran's. African Americans. People struggling in the working and middle class. People that have been completely ignored and betrayed by our corrupt political class and our corrupt media. Donald Trump said you would have been forgotten. You. The backbone of this country. The salt of the earth. You. Can make America what it is the people. You will be forgotten. No more roll it Jarrett. I've spent my entire life and business. Looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the world. That is now what I wanted to do for our country. It. Tremendous potential. Have got you know our country so well tremendous potential. It's going to be a beautiful thing every single American will have the opportunity to realize his. Or her full list potential. They're forgotten men and women of our country. We'll be forgot no longer. I had tears in my eyes. When he said that I I literally started to choke up. Corner country. This is America's moment. This is our moment. This is your moment. Let us savor it let us enjoy it let us celebrate it together to date on the corner report. And the question I have for you was this I want you to be 100%. Brutally honest with me okay like you're in the confessional. Were you surprised. By last night's election results honestly. Were you shocked were you surprised. If the answer is yes that's the letter they the success of these six AB if the answer is no Jeff. I knew trump tied it in the bag all star and that's the latter beat the success 8680. I as always you can vote on wrko.com. Online. He your calls I wanna hear from you. Quarter country let's celebrate. Let's hard eight together. I she's moving to Canada after Miley Cyrus. So she says they've dropped when she's setting off of a great white north. No problem all its Mo lost her us Kana Baghdad nab you. This morning I did and then America. 617206. X 6868. Patricia you're up next go ahead Patricia. I can't. Tell you I'm phenomenal on cinema club nine. I only until I was a little. A little nervous one now. Listen into the election. Have been vote coming in from different armed state. And I would get a little nervous but once he got to weigh in my act and on July Jenin North Carolina I knew he had. All I can say thank god. God god this election and dot. And he sorry he said I can't let her win Sheila she leapt forward young men die and think that they should it defeat a lot. I think he got to it and that she locked. Patricia let me ask you this I mean you're always she's she's got a lot of problems now we're back unless did earlier pardons are okay Alicia gets a pardon. But outside of a pardon or I mean if you're her where would you go. I mean you got 250 million U stole probably more. You don't go on a private jet she can't stay here because if drops and power she may go to prison she's gonna be facing BI charges. If you were Patricia where would you go. I don't know maybe until. I react. I'm quite. I mean is that I was thinking Saudi Arabia with her and -- right dizzy on them they like each other to brilliant and harmed no one other very intimate they're very close. But the thing is that stuff doesn't flagged down there in Saudia we'd be Sharia law. He sees little Sarasota a lot. Yeah what's the the amount her animal my other little special relationship but they you know there was in the same bedroom wall at the edges doesn't fly down there in Saudi Arabia. So I'm thinking at this point. Ecuador. How may be Julian Assange at the embassy would in London. May be final or maybe I would think that I mean I'm just hey how about Guantanamo Bay. Are our great fight. Well if the. I think god. Trump is again and I am so site. Patricia honestly. You're gonna see an economic boom like you haven't seen in decades. You're gonna see when you have real competent leadership patriotic leadership who puts America first. What's gonna happen to our schools to our health care toward jobs to our economy war borders to war enemies toward foreign policy. You don't want when Reagan won it was morning again in America its morning again in America. Who point all. My prediction. Trump will be a great president. That will rival that of Ronald Reagan. Happy days are here again. Let's hard today EU. Yes yes. Yeah. Yeah. After Barbara Streisand I believe is one of the singer's rocker Jared gonna be playing a lot of songs from the people who said if trump winds are leaving the country. Now she says she's heading off to Canada to right. Hamas mosques. They get walk us the golden. After of will buy you a first class ticket go. Vancouver. Calgary Toronto Montreal. January if you wanna go. You gone for all I care. The Arctic I don't anywhere just get lots medicine that's lovely this time he had medicine that is lovely this time of year yellow not inflict yet. You know I mean she can be what the most. And with the would piano and the eskimos you know to demand a legitimate that's about all the W people care about her music anyway but. Don't let the door hit chew on the way out. Who political dynasties. Fell because of us. We took out the bushes. And last night we took out the clintons. Corner country. The bush is how fallen the clintons have fallen. Now it's the people who rules 6172666860. Yeah eight okay hold on do we have is this Hillary Clinton pulled out as does Hillary I think we've got the Shia on a plane. Madam secretary. Is that you know. Oh. It's not Hillary Clinton. Know this couple naught in the lower court. I mean bought our auto we did not leave our reported computer Kerry Allred spoke ago. To. Where where madame secretary not Hillary Clinton we are you right now. We are a couple of thoughts added to the K and Ireland and block. Out. Toward there on the basis. Well I mean you've taken about a final destination you whom bill Chelsea. Well are old people on the planet would or husband or log card not guilty on appointed. Does not rule book cool it on appointment did well. And though we are put on our final destination started very practical way to Wear off what they are going to but it well. I I said. While Venezuela's got beautiful beaches I mean I mean people are starving their now but I think you guys are gonna do very well in Caracas. Well oh and edited that most of the Provo or point out at a. The world ought to root authority that were on the bought three. It's not a bad at all would that. Or probably a lot of weight and allow. I reported that it could react. We opted shelter in place that they say. Well it's always about about dead dead that the on the Afghan Pakistan border you guys that you're gonna settle Barack. Yeah yeah we've we've been brushing up on our Arabic are barred it's not the. Well isn't madam secretary you wish USA flights they say. I decide to robs our day. It's not Hillary I hear you god bless you and god says safe travels. Said. Now my concern is all the money you guys are gonna be downloading from the Cayman Islands it may weigh down the plane. And I don't want the plane to crash when all that money you guys have stolen you know in packets and everything so. Yet to be careful bone overload the plane with too much cash. But you know once you get down there you went well. Hello I need. Hello World. You guys didn't you all do the whole Muslim Brotherhood thing all day long 6172666868. Mic in Weymouth you're up next go ahead neck. Page yeah. You know I lewis' last night you show I've I muted the TV to that's that get a little bit suppressed the way it would start note. I do like that the truck coming out of the mouths of the people on fox and they don't see an end so well but while listening to you guys on. On the hot at the tiger are they use given you know you mean largely encouragement with this with you with a flat sound bites evidence from you know from Rogers Centre is that your thought a lot better after a while but you know. Unfortunately Hillary there really weren't 57 states like Obama heads. That you might have had a chance to win. You know. Yeah. I don't think huge wave. It's distressing. That the popular vote pretty much catch him and can Meehan. From the get go wait what it seemed like almost all night long and yet he'll probably lose by a couple of 100000 a thousand significant. As the wishing Michael I don't know probably a nice garbage and what they got. It will be good. Whack at the clock exciting. Love Paul yet a good deal in the lap all right now. You could flip that it didn't do that we currently just. A lot at stake you very much they've ever for a few review is by the way that this election by the way showed you what you're what you're different ducks have its of that has has always said. Liberalism in the mental disorder if he didn't understand what if you don't understand why she less than eat you've got to issues okay. So or update you in and deducting your days we're making the pilgrimage the United States because in US citizens. Casting your votes here and also for being in the good shepherds. Who who showed us the way in children's. You don't give in. And not just elections but people like Justine -- yet. Is that to unfortunate little bad child victims of the peace via you know not so long ago so keep it up the people's sight of the people's champions along with Donald Trump and states against your sponsors. You know bill Kelly. Doctors. People like that of course set you back in 04. Given us that at the pleasure of negotiator this year in and that in the in the great things you tell us in the great in the great test consistency he it was a not giving up. Thank you thank you very much and god bless you nick and honesty to everybody. Thank you corner country and we couldn't do without you. This is really your victory I know it's obvious he's the country's victory but. It's your victory you are with us shoulder to shoulder you never wavered you never doubted. You were with me you are with Donald Trump. You never gave up no matter what the odds no matter how bleak it looked at times he honestly remind me of the minutemen the patriots season. You know 1776. No matter how bleak it looked at times you never never gave up. And I got to tell you one of the most delicious things last night. Was to watch CNN. Wolf Blitzer. John King. I see all of a mop there James Carville David Axelrod Van Jones. CLA. I mean derelict got a week. I don't feel like a funeral Megyn Kelly AKA Kelli Megyn. I mean she was dressed in black like she was at a funeral. I was just incredible. So there were having a complete melt down on the year. They didn't know what to make ebitda are all completely stunned the weasel lawless. You're just one dollar Erin Burnett all of a girl to like I don't know what's going on here Rachel mad now I thought literally cried on the year. She literally just got a breaking down she just when they called Florida North Carolina Ohio. And that she should run almighty god does things slipping away she thought she started crying and she just literally broke down I started crying. And I'm looking at this and I'm like what planet are you people on who didn't see this coming. 6172666. He would 68. It's. Dana delicious. Delicious. Last twelve hours and the party just continues and Marie and carver. Go ahead and Marie. I ask how are you the outcome and I must happen now as I was who might I adopted my two kids. Well I wanna congratulate you enjoy being that they got. Not trained in your first vote. Far our new president elect of the country. But most importantly. From me I want to thank you and I want to thank threatening. And I want to thank all of the folks that listen to you because the effective weapon movement. You kept us. In parts. What reality. Is kept death and the straight and narrow view directed that you have a leader. And that is what brought it home the American people united as one. We have spoken. We have the power in the credibly attack it because of people like he was Brittany they have given that the opportunity to have a voice. That we want them. And I will ever be grateful for upfront EU and Britney. A rich. I don't know what else to say I'm overwhelmed. I'm all was joy I have love for country I have love for my fellow American and I have love for god. Because we alternatively they got voices he heard us. We can't let it go we were so close to it was a vast country built close don't ever let it happen again. And marine god bless you thank you for your call. Corner country we save America last night. I mean I'm telling you we were so close to losing our country and it was us the people the last line of resistance. And we defied the media. We defied the establishment. We defied the political class. We defied foreign governments. We defied the special interests. We defied then ball. And we did it 6172666868. Let me ask you this. How do you feel. About Trump's stunning victory last night. And corner country poll question of the day in all honesty like during the confessional. Were you shocked so priced. By last night's results. The answer is yes stacks the letter made the 68680. If the answer is you don't know be on to say Jeff. I knew we had a poll I'm ducks a letter beat the 68680. All of your calls poll results next. That's share. I think she's now seven right guys. Okay Roush. The wide. Okay valuation share she's another one that says she's going to be leaving as the visit Canada she's going to lower. She just leaving the country or maybe Canada are another one going to Canada okay. Don't let the door hit chill on the way out. By the way though she does a lot of plastic surgery on their face and hers. She me at the comeback Bollywood don't bring your passport. Wanna move the camera Goldberg you're up a comeback is that face is gonna need a lot more work the way she stretched acting so far back. 617206. X 6868. Is the number. Cannot be Europe next go ahead happy. I don't I don't. And I don't hi how are you there. You could be unit that teachable moment not being out facts aspect and negative. Negative and hostile to. You calling people are saying Abdullah that they'll hits on the way up the pillar of the way. Oh these are celebrities they're very wealthy Hollywood celebrities who said the trump is a fascist. And if trump wins they're gonna be leaving the country. But people that. At bat. None of that respectful is just more of the same. Well to mean she does have a big rear Rand doesn't cheap. Noted at the country. But I'm talking about her not talking about half the country including trump. Yeah but it's not as big as hers. Are we talking about the government in the country aren't talking about something that symbolizes who she really is. She's a crook she's a gangster she's an M doesn't do it. At out there at Albert well there's a lot of money owning large fees that she's been sitting on that rear ran well due respect athlete. She's been sitting on that Iran for thirty freaking years. Getting rich off of us. And all of that fat rear end river represented the fact that she stolen from the land. That's what that represents. What are what are Sean yeah. Well I'll tell you his ass is not as big as Earth's. And his ass is going to be working and moving. I worked his ass off from work and he works of art look he works one dollars a day and Dorothy he works twenty hours a day. He's created tens of thousands of jobs he's built a ten billion dollar mama. Business empire what job did Hillary Clinton Greg create except the one for our own ass. If we. It sure is what's left of Obama can't out of hand more and he's got a plan you wanna know what the plan is not okay. How stick I have to guard assurance companies compete across state lines. People who can't afford health care will then be transferred to Medicare. And basically put in a reformed health care system whereby you have more choice and more competition. So your premiums are not gonna go up 405067. Your 116%. As they are as Obama said wouldn't happen he lied. As Hillary said wouldn't happen she lied. So you're gonna have a much more vibrant dynamic healthcare system with possible universal coverage and real choice and competition. I don't believe I'll live on it while you're gonna see in about a hundred days after he's elected. Because I sit listen I've seen this chapter in his book before I mean did you live through the 1980s. I believe what happened twenty million new jobs I mean just is economic program alone. And go Wanda I'm telling you beat if he puts in his tax cut plan. But economists say is gonna create twenty to 25 million new jobs you don't think that's a good thing for the country Kathy. I think that he doesn't have that. Built to do what he says he's in the depth. Well people disagree with you and what Hillary does look she's good at stealing club gave you that much she's good at lining her pockets. She's put on knowing that dot dot dot rear end of hers that us has gotten fatter and fatter. She was secretary of state so she's been very good for herself. But I think if you look at his track record in the private sector. Daffy if he does half for America what he did for his business we're gonna be the wealthiest country in the world. Hello. Another moan about. Bites the dust. 106. Here on the great WRK. Oh okay corner country. We did it baby back. I mean just an incredible. Oh victory by Donald Trump and now everybody. Come off. Everybody let's call in let's celebrate tonight is that night for a day really old days. To America. A great victory last night we were celebrating at the hard rock cafe britney's yawning. Jared is tired I'm tired but my friends it's a good tired at stopping Dyer. I'm on cloud nine so always britney's always Jared. Things are gonna start turning around for our country very very soon you know sometimes crime doesn't pay. Sometimes the good guys would the white apps actually do win 6172666868. Okay. Corner country poll question of the day in all honesty. Honestly. Untrue was the French would say among us. Among us girls. Were you shocked or surprised at last night's results. Because if you really work text the letter eight to 68680. If you weren't and I'll be honest with you people can testify to this I said trump was gonna win this going all I know how many months back. I kept saying he's he's gonna win it. He's gonna smash sure he's gonna beater in the midwest he's gonna be here and Pennsylvania's gonna beater in Michigan he's gonna beater in the heartland. Because the jobs are gone. And his message of America first on trade on immigration. On not on on now on war on foreign policy. Is gonna resonate there. And he smashed that firewall you know I'm I may be the bulldozer but he's the ultimate bulldozer he bulldozed out firewall. And now we're gonna start using those bricks. There's start building the Mexican wall. Blow up verbal firewall used to bricks to build a Mexican firewall. So Britney what are the poll results. Thus far 53%. Say yes. They were a surprise and 47%. Say. No they are not surprised now in all honesty Britney yes. We're you. Surprised or shocked by last night I was nerve X for a little bit yesterday weren't hot back as well nervous. But I knew he would pull it off and I told you I don't know how long ago that was and I went to the first term rally. And and just I just data that was so electric. I just said there's a there's something there there's a movement. So I just knew Matt our member said as long as she doesn't say things stupid he'll be the next president. He said some stupid things and he's still the president who has going to need a president so I wasn't surprised at all. You know I got to tell you. What is most remarkable. Is even though he had been higher media against him. The elites of his own party trying to sabotage and Jeb Pete Cohen rubio in Florida John Kasich trying to undermine him in Ohio. Romney doing everything possible to undercard and immune talk. They hear O Ryan now Paul Ryan now can you talk about Iraq Ryan so Ryan did an incredible. Now all of defeat is remarkable. He's even saying we go our house majority because so many Republicans getting elected. Writing on Trump's cold pills. This is the guy that said he wouldn't defend trump he wouldn't campaign with trump he apologized for trump. He was openly saying trump can't beat Hillary and now all of a sudden. After in my phenomenal night phenomenal night phenomenal life and I'm today he's the best friend. Today so we can work with Arnold McDonald's a break and Donald's a great leader. I think our relationships fun I've spoken McDonald twice in the last. Eighteen hours we saw him last night we spoke again this morning I think we're gonna hit the ground running we are already talking about getting our transitions. Working together we're very excited seven out of ten Americans don't like the direction the country's going. They just vote. I think what Donald Trump just pulled off is an enormous political feat it's an enormous feat in that he heard those voices that are out there that other people weren't. Here all or any just turned. A mandate and we know just had a unified Republican government nobody listened to Ryan Orion. You said he was unacceptable you said he was beyond the mainstream you said that. His rhetoric his language his long mrs. vulgarity was beyond the panel. Now suddenly he was hearing voices he heard people that other people he heard things among the people nobody else heard like you home. Now what got him we had done called employs the last eighteen out of their buddies now now all of a sudden those buddy up on Capitol Hill. He's got to go. He's got to go Aviv and you proceed but it is terms of how speaker. We're gonna look we're gonna celebrate let's just enjoy let's relax but now over the next couple months this is just the beginning he's got a goal. And what Tim knee is incredible. Is nobody in the media is confronting the obvious question. How could all of you have gotten so. Weak in wrong. Not just the Republican primary full election. How do you guys honestly where how do you have any credibility left. How could you even show your face in public. CNN. Jake Tapper the Wolf Blitzer. The weasel Chris Wallace. Brett to bear Charles cross timer. All of these guys Megyn Kelly Kelly Megyn I defy you are coral roll all of them all of Chris Matthews soft ball or softball. Mad cow rib Rachel madcow all of them he can't win. The struggle for months he's got no path to victory. I was listening to prepare this morning before I came to work and he goes you know. The people must not been telling the pollsters that they're gonna both for two out freaking out about. Trump and it's just amazing and he was questioning how they why why why does god at rock and other blaming the pollster Olson. You're just I don't know they were talking how right and poor how can you go to an event. Adopt some event and not realize that this is a movement. That the American people have had enough they don't want the same old same old Sima they want someone different that's gonna commend. And bring change but how did you not feel that. And that. Every time Google Talk rally how did you just bad. 151020030. So lines around nine iron block public. Where you couldn't see where your eyes you couldn't see what was going on no let me tell you what happened okay. Now they're trying to blame the polls they're blaming the poll stirs. Van Jones despicable last night on CNN. Blaming calling it like lash. Saying pitch racism among whites against the black presidential mother blaming racism. They're blaming the polls. Everybody is now they're blaming everybody. All third parties offer wasn't for Gary Johnson awful wasn't for Jill Stein it was the third parties they. That was the margin of victory that they they they took away from Hillary. They're blaming everybody. But her. Are blaming everybody but themselves. Because I'll tell you what happened you didn't want him to win. You troll story in the polls. You chose to read the coverage. You chose to deliberately suppress information and marginalize or downplay what was going on thinking you could depress. And demoralize his supporters. And basically create a self fulfilling prophecy Hillary's gonna win it's in the regular who's gonna win he arsenal path to victory a mile Zeum but the paper. Over and over and over again. And you were all wrong. All of all of you. With the exception of a handful of us. Who just literally said don't you see what's happening in the country. We catch you just look at the around weeks. Catcher JC what a disaster Obama has been catcher see how corrupt and crooked. Killer re used. I mean don't want to see what's going on on social media torture see the rallies go to see what's going on in so freaking obvious. Now all of a sudden one component normally didn't see it commie I don't move I don't I I have no one Q what happened home. You deliberately shall used to turn a blind we don't play stupid now after the fact. The media has lost all credibility. The establishment has lost all credibility. The ruling class has lost all credibility. That's why trump one. He's not the cause. He's the symptom. Middle America said enough is enough. With the corruption. And cronyism. The lie he's the manipulation. Did deception. And not. You have driven our country into the ground. And now we're gonna send you wrecking ball modern baseball bat they were wrecking ball. It dismantle the mole hole corrupt system. Does swamp. Is getting drained you hear the sucking sound that's the that's the swamp it's getting drained. So now listen to this. So now Ryan is now trumps best friend. Hillary was on the verge of tears. Now all of a sudden we have to be you nine it is not because she's what now she's got a nice things to say about trump you know why. The she hopes he doesn't and later. Now she's gonna go busting out of prison now. So Mao was a dear leader's turn. So all they did earlier. Holds a press conference I was in minutes. Now suddenly were on a track. Is like our track and field. How much were just coming from. And now we're passing off batons to one another. So listen to this. Now the dear leader is saying he's been running for re your boat really party and weaponry let the girl he's been partying slash running for eight years on our dime. And now he's done such a good joblessness. He's left the country better and stronger. And now he's just passing off the bat on the Donald Trump is giving him the but I'm now. Adonal you'll build on my successes. Gold Donald now trump is the successor to Obama. Roll it jar. I've said before. I think of this job is being a really rather you take the time. You run your best race and hopefully by the time he handed off. You're a little further ahead you may have low progress. And I can say that we've done them no wanna make sure that him off. As well executed because ultimately we're all on the same team. All all what woo guys won't won't listen look airman when we did Regis forget what was said for the last nine months. I thought it was Hitler. Do you not mean you said that. Are fighting was a fascist I thought it was a dictator. You guys said if he wins. It's an assault up on our very democracy who said that tell you started 24 hours a goal reduction wanted. Now that your legacy has been repealed. That your policies have been rejected. That you have been repudiated by the American voter all the sudden it almost limping were all in the same boat we're all now on the same team. Now okay are. Okay he's gonna is we're all gonna want prisoner. Let's cooped. Donald my friend and Ron Paul will dock there but he condom by. Did you say you're climate gone be your garden did he cared not hit clever Ehrlich you're up peace loving god for the most peace loving I mean. This is so pathetic. On so many levels it's not even funny. They got their rear ends handed to him. That's what happened. And Obama is a legacy is up in smoke. He has now been fully repudiated. The establishment has been repudiated. The media has been repudiated. And everybody knows it except them. Ehrlich the Roman emperor drunk with power and walk around without ropes. While I hate to tell you but you're naked. And frankly what I'm seeing from your naked body. I'm not impressed. Put their robes back on and send them to prison 61720666868. Let me ask you this. You're reaction. Trumps historic victory. Did you see it coming. And why do you think he won. And Hillary lost. Your calls next. Because ultimately. We're all in the same to. I've served before. I think it was job. Run your best race and hopefully by the time you hit the ball. Your role for him very long process. And I can say that we found that I want to make sure that I am not. As well executed because ultimately. We're all on the same team. He's our relay runner now. He's gone from the dear leader. Who's gone out I healed the planet that prevent the oceans from rising. Now he's the guy who runs or is it the JV team and that the truck being Iran is that the JV team. Or is it the full being out there are always going to we're on the same team out there and our hope blame for the same site I ask my friends. I incredible. Incredible. Night last night trump has stunned. The world. And my question do you is this. Why do you think he won and why do you think Hillary lost. Kevin and land field you're up next. Go ahead tab. Yeah I I text it and but I didn't think I'd get on but I'm glad I got on just general millennial Calder cup transport. I was at the hard rock that you guys last night I just I want to thank you don't think Britney generate all your staff and one at WRKO BP spill Kelly all your sponsors the hard rock cafe all the bartenders all the servers there it was a great night I kept me. Especially at altitude. Like idol outside afterward it DuPont in the stereo we were canceled. Star spangled banner. Jimmy Hendrix version it was a great time. I'm I'm ecstatic IE I I I'm so happy. And I wanna say it's it's Canada's political right now. We are willing to trade. Everybody on our our liberal Hollywood hack 3000 Joseph cool that. True patriot my friend. I love you any non sexual way. And I just wanna say one last thing then. Jacqui that moved at that called up earlier you know apparently. We get we've been called every name in the book or you know just believing in America and apparently were not allowed to. You know Joker out and have a little fun and celebrate you know but. Kathy and all the other moon bats we forgive you at the end of the day well in America great again and at the end of the day we all got to unite. And we don't child but then on we got this sort making America great again babies. Kevin god bless you my friend thank you for that call look as she is a typical moon matches a party Cooper. In all every party has to have the pooper but she was the birdied Cooper our third thank you for holding how are you on this great day my friend. Yes my son you know what quarter country will be stalled accomplished. It. Well I mean Arthur think about it for the moon bats out there other cats survive four years of trump went out the bond. William that would give us something of this country was where it was reworked it was a boom began. Because the people who wanted to do it took to consider their beliefs and drive. And what happened last night as we do my base in drug. Arthur I gotta tell you why I am and I thank god last night I really did. And we came through he came through. Arthur we did it. Save our country has to las awesome what Arlington did it. It was truly an American movement ship this was done by American people. You know who are hard working Americans who have seen their lives destroyed. There they have factories that little sounds you know I'd ride around different places that's my business. As people have no idea because you know we're not everybody policy states. Where they but I've gone to places where that my that I give up the exit is boarded up buildings. There was one place that what the property the spoke English. It took me half but I would have finds something to speak English at a hospital if people have no idea what they've done to this country. Are there any last eight years and maybe even during the previous Bush Administration. And and it was something he had a lot to do and he has allowed two and two. You know unfortunately. I think he's got a that would quickly because she goes. That that's the best I've been bill would then he's got a and I and I and I know he's going to be successful and he's gonna put a great team behind the. Our third god bless you my friend thank your for that call bringing an aura against them but I want you to come on the air for 12 because Arthur talks about. He's traveling around the country other places and you know you don't hear English anymore users Spanish. You know this is a true story tell everybody about this friend of yours he voted Revere right. Yes so he votes and Revere and they haven't had a Snickers I've noticed it was on this one out and it gives me an ash isn't stand so they gave him an I voted sticker in Spanish yes does he speak any Spanish now. So what they did it to woman's man you just say that they had a bad as a man the balances dance theater you have total hours are in Spanish. I got a little area has voted sticker is in Spanish he had it does speak a word of Spanish. But are there wonder why drop one exactly that's a. Well you would you reserves of Spanish soldiers an English you know I got the English version you're lucky. The lucky yeah I clinical you know. Well it's down to while. For a fee of Hillary won four more years there would have been in Arabic to. It would add in and there would have been Ivorian Spanish and Arabic I mean almost. Goodman all kinds of languages 61720666868. Coup in our country. Why did trump wind Arianna copy. I wanna hear from you let's hard day I gather next. I. I pledge. Every citizen well. That I will be president for all Americans and this is so important to me. Okay. And our country. It's a great day to be an American wow and the political. Upset maybe of all time we did it we shocked the world. And Donald Trump last night delivered an incredibly gracious. Humbling speech. Basically telling everybody you look I just got the job. I got to perform I got to deliver. And I can only be judged on my results. This is not the end this is not even that he beginning of the end this is just the beginning. And so it's an incredible night. And I've got to tell you what does T mean incredible. Above everything else he is here you have today now Obama himself the dear leader. Who pledged to be transformational. President. He was gonna fundamentally. Realign American politics he was gone up ushering in a permanent era of big government liberalism. And all of a sudden. He went from being a transformational. Leader. A world historical figure. Now he's just a really Iran. Jarrett played again. I said before a pitcher trying to manage job as being a really run really take the time. You run your best race and hopefully by the time he handed off. You're a little further ahead I look products. I can say that we've done that I want to make sure that him off. As well executed because ultimately we're all on the same tomorrow. Saving. Now are all playing for the same team. Now what's incredible is trump one nevermind the media the establishment the Republicans have never trump Republicans. The Hillary machine. There was actual voter fraud that went wrong yesterday. So you've got machines. Rig in parts of Pennsylvania. You've got voter fraud in Nevada. In Virginia listen to this member talked about governor Terry McAuliffe Hillary and bill's by command. The guy you know basically we see really raises all the money for them. So keep pardons of 60000. Felons. Cherish before the election. Take a guess they could guess how much do you think Hillary won Virginia pick against. Yes. 40050000. Rat. 68000. Votes she literally wins Virginia. By the number of felons that my cult of pardons just before the election. Even with her trying to steal the bloody thing he's still one. 61720666868. Now you tell me if that's not a miracle I don't know what is. Bruce since Springfield you're up next go ahead Bruce. Jeff let me ask you quick question yes I'm look I'm a loyal listener analysts and yesterday in your opening statements. About you being up at 2 o'clock that morning we forgery and Iacocca worried about your children. In your wife and their future. Do you rest and I was long night last Iditarod and. Well I had a shot last night. I did I swear we bring you got a grant agreements. Should not a gray goose vodka and the audience I had to do it. And I mean it burned a hole through my chest he can feel it go all the way down and the mice comic animals bust out. But then I continue I did the show till 1 o'clock. Then I had to get some food in my stomach. So I got McDonald's. I watched the trump considered a victory speech. And then really had so much adrenaline Bruce I gotta tell you I think I went to bed at about five and then the bambino is were on me at 6 o'clock. And I don't know how may be great stalled a bit like trump one value trumpet one under jumping on me in bed on my stomach. So I only got an hour bug got one hour so I slept very good. Court three quick things. Number one Obama's legacy. Is I think it's going to be more for political junkie like me one effect that he had 2008 east are aware of a democratic controlled house and senate. Is the worst president ever. The loose seats. In every election after for the eight years he was in office. He lost seats ever to 1214. And needing Gaby this year. Number one number two the other thing about the selection that no human this generally credit org in. God knows a lot of credit for anything. The one person that did nail was Michael Moore. He warned everyone just yeah your right yep it was that big a deal was coming. That he was right on the money. You know we issued aide deserves little credit for that. Well Bruce I'm not gonna cut you off our consulate to finish on your points but he's originally from Michigan I think has a house in Michigan. So I think he still has some roots are connections there. And so obviously if you're driving through the midwest feel like it's a waste land and trumps message is resonating. Guys hell all Democrats central hello is anybody listening. Sold to be fair to him he kept his ears open and he called it. He did and it hit the through the great election you know Wheatley police say the spring court. And he didn't mention it we say the Second Amendment. Bruce and the amendment seeks to say sacred again. Bruce I'm blessed title trump. Bruce god bless you and and thank you for your call look I think you're right but I think it's the Euro understating it I think we saved the First Amendment. I think we saved the Fourth Amendment I think we save the tenth amendment I honestly believe I think we saved our constitution. I really blew we saved our republic last night. Look we wanna go there because it's such a happy day it's a jubilant day but you don't my wife said this to me this morning imagine if Hillary won. We be won by John Podesta and my Aberdeen. Can you imagine we'll be staring at right now. Just the Supreme Court all alone. Nevermind everything else. This is what I received last night. And so all of you out there we did it. Your hard work your belief your prayers. Your constant perseverance. We DD. We defied the odds we defied the elites we defied the media and every step of the way they mocked us. They really killed us. They insulted us. They called us deplorable it's they called us racists bigots. Nazis fascists. Is manifold is Islamic folds home folk they freaking called us every name in the book. And we loved our country song much we didn't get discouraged we didn't give up. Everybody told us it was over trump can't win the original path to victory. The polls alleged what happened to most polls are those polls two weeks ago or she's up there and she's up well. Ultra is up fourteen CNN was coloring Texas Bowl. Arkansas blue Ohio Zaria Ohio blue but Oklahoma blew everything was freaked him going blue wants CNN. All the David was. And. We defied all of home we never gave up you. Never gave up. That's why he won. We did it for our country for our children and for our guard grandchildren and that's why I'm telling you which 145. Right now. On one hour sleep. OK maybe it's the sleep deprivation talking. I love you. In a non sexual way. I love you and me god bless each and every one of view because together. We give it 61720666868. Mitt in Arizona are going head neck. Snapped up yet. How are you. And I don't know of the island and Arizona chapter book. You want out here making hundred buddy list. I thank you my friend he. Go out and a long time what Ridley mapped is that now loved what they but I'm not gonna lie it might be in a state that would add. Nice to Arizona and through big time last night. You welcome and I threw my boat down here. Well I try to call you and last night and let you know that and not toward other doughnut big turnout. May. And I would I don't know how much at all about flat out lacks that Al Arab notable were kind of like the boss of Arizona we're very level up here. Well on Election Day I tell you up front support as everyone else showed up. At my sister in law lives in Phoenix actually. And she just got married she's very happily married look at the wedding and in the summer. She loves it in Arizona. Her husband her new husband is I think being in Arizona for most of his life. So they I've been there are good because at the visitor a few times. I've been to Scottsdale I've been to Phoenix. I love I didn't desert is beautiful the heels are beautiful the practices are beautiful. Very nice very friendly people and Niki guys delivered big time I mean I love Arizona. Yeah make up flag that I get hit statement about loss vacuum that well you don't want them they hope to retire their neck. You know mid to nab illegal golfing together or something. I'm all or not we're OK the only hunting or something and optimize my mom. Back app. Glad that pleased him a big shout out shout out guys enjoy the day I love you all but it stayed out marked the chip it. Could you goblet. Unit thanks for voting my friend and tell everybody in Arizona the corner man says alone thank you thank you. Andy are Andean Chelsea. So we are we met last. How are you feeling. OK gonna damage pay from me and yeah at eye level and I think OK. Yeah I can't it give you my my bet you can thank. Yeah. No I know I gotta tell you you always what that was brutal I dug that thing was gonna put a hole right through my throat. I read that but I gladly make and I can't. In my life and I could be a blank on that. And he in my on the list are you to come off the list. I'm happy yes I am and I think let me play out a heck yeah. Yeah you can eat now and I think many many now I. They got the beat Domenico. The goal of America the ball back and get that piracy apple got wind down to protect won't. Yeah good content picnics and family. I. Well I mean since all the celebrities say now they're going to Canada you think the illegals will go at them up there up at cannon married the blog about the Mexico. Learn more pink yeah yeah we did inherently over the won't help. Acted it's okay. Yeah I'm going to let that. And if he didn't get don't they ask you may be good and bad right now finally jumped to. I Bob had a that is for as little. Well now I am I don't then don't I don't. It can he learned English language a fact patently. Had it going down the moment in speaking that. Look I think that he would be paying lip and I don't show happening in the moment. I think an aunt who are reckoning day yes and then all. But until. They gave me. Let me. Seriously you ask for lemon juice and give you lemonade. I know could put. But you know I love and that's why I came here quite late yeah yep I'd lay out and uphold. And let me tag it yes. They can. You act I crime that I could get it. You know what they say in England and then began an issue that they. Already. Three Ambac wrapped naming it practical. So they can map. And I say. I can't really. Me eight. We know what we do you live back. Man I'm trying to think. Who is not quite he had appointed a banged up and it's. But I know what that day at a time and you gaffe at. I think I might cut Monday important horrible way and that's. Been a bit English. We can't build reckoned get Brian and have it any bit. It one I think that what you want but how did you know we'd they way. His link. The product and not immediately. And who's the tortoise and it was there. Well apparently because he thought he what I. And the tortoise the desert tortoises are since. And Conan and current income and went and got Ricky and then when it when you know wait. Annie we did it and I thank you so much for coming last night I. There was a true honor and pleasure to meet you. I laid back cleanup I don't think I didn't. And I had beat back again like we did back yet at all. Why buys Sanctuary Cities. Derek heard a phony Chernoff phony in Somerville. Your days are coming to win and god bless America. I. It's. Since like seventh through 666868. Okay. Joseph let's go to Roland I Derrick in Florida let's go Derek how are you my friend. God bless you gutless Britney. Kept. The Donald Trump won by using immigration as the tip of the spear. Is issues and news. You're in this case to the American people. Use the bill the rust all states that the midwest. And appealed to those blue collar workers who have been disenfranchised. For generation. And he vindicated. The issues. Pat Buchanan in the is 96 and 2000 runners and also. Your predecessor. At The Washington Times Samuel Francis. Wouldn't that dispute newspaper predicted. The rise. Of deep. Radical middle collapse. And it hours gloating is concerned GAAP. Someone says. And it was Conan the barbarian what is best in light to crusher enemies. Seeing them driven before you and did you hear the limitation of their women and it also includes the girly boys in the media. And the number robbers also. Hit very Cuban I called Derek. Let's go to Danny in Plymouth go ahead daddy. God buddy bomb on cloud 99 haven't been this happy since the kids as we got a heads. It was hysterical village is at yeah like I was cracking up a from a height arc originally elude them handle it themselves they. I appreciate you like we saw much to some of these. Smart you know street women that huge recognition Lou and I tell you I cheated. Everytime I hear are cracked apps and a lie which are going you know what I mean. Why she's a graduate character on the show now she's great she's aleris. Cut off point Jeff. And audit state watched Paul Ryan this morning yes I tell you trumpet is it got him RT got an issue in the boot. It out he would say it's a lot at trump we were never been able to. Who did and how. In the album worker from all today you know so I'm watching Fox News or whatever read I usually don't. And it had. Eight Hillary's concession speech they are creepy and keynote and oh yes I'm in Trenton at. Such a pathetic lewd and all the little we want to oil winning the popular vote Mike Duke. You realize. No legal and I don't think. We beat the hot and a half. When you. Just you know he looks like. If you haven't seen the great stole Christmas which would that in future hall. Yeah let's keep in mind that miracle that. Lasts. Quite apart to look at it. Would not cause the make fun at people like al-Qaeda in Oak Hill ma and the rest of them would have. But at that your that a lot. Elicited you guys back. Into trump is on. I'll OK that Denny's are up against that all this it will take a lot more your calls OK I promise. Right after the short news break. 206 here on the great WRK. All okay my friends. When I said a liberal melt down. I'm not exaggerating. I mean the liberals are melt being bound. Over Donald Trump's he historic. Shocking. Stunning. Upset victory last night. There were riots in Oakland students began derided in Oakland. Chanting aft trop aft trop on college campuses in places like Portland Oregon and Eugene Oregon. Students went absolutely apoplectic. They began destroying property smashing windows. Additional flakes are getting all upset on college campuses. And now they say they will not accept Donald Trump. They're going absolutely I mean just completely crazy. Moreover. Liberals in the media are now comparing this I swear to you to 9/11. They're saying it's the same shock. To the national psyche and his system. As the September 11 attacks. And soul Hollywood celebrities and other famous celebrities. Are now saying. They're going to be leaving the country. He's been sold back in Wellesley last night I kid you not. People were openly crying. I mean like pierce coming not a joint. Of sheer sadness. Of sheer and utter. Depression. Whereby they just couldn't control themselves some where whaling. I'm controllable Lee. In Wellesley and in other places. Saying what has happened to my America. This is not my America. This is not the country I know this is not the country I want to live in. It has gotten so bad that the immigration website for Canada has a literally crashed. Because so many more bats than liberals are now thinking of moving to Canada bolt used healthcare system. Whatever you do when you go up there don't get sick. Big has good luck seeing a doctor. And some of the most famous celebrities. Who have now said they're going to be leaving the country of trump wins. A one of them is Jon Stewart remember him political satirist. So where's he go animal I'm not kidding he says another planet. I would consider getting an a rocket and going to another planet. Because clearly this planet's gone bonkers. I'll listen just come down to Massachusetts we legalize pot yesterday on question for. You can you know puff puff to drag him. A couple of joints to in the morning. Do it married. Do I mean after known. You can beyond Myers. You can be on blow. You listen you can be on any planet you want done any different day. So if I'm him look just keeps cycling that bong and you'll be okay now. I Chelsea handler of the comedian. Where she gonna move she says she's literally gotta move to Spain. In fact she says she already bought a house there. So she's getting ready to go. Lena Dunham. That. Lowber famine this. I HBO laud this would be I mean please all we got older twos please god. The creator of girls were the most annoying people on the planet all she wants to move to Vancouver. Good body by body. By the body. Forget buy you a first class ticket all wrench to a private jet today. Just gold the Vancouver. Leave memos. And the notes. Al Sharpton I kid you and I don't believe this but anyway Al Sharpton. Says he's gonna go anyway. You just can't live in the same country. Now withdrawn. He mixes anywhere anybody that'll take them. I don't know there's some of them maybe she gore is a thing or a dealership shrieking shaken down for racism. You know him and Jesse. They can shake down a car dealership. Not so he's got Japan I think go to Japan and harass the Honda Toyota dealerships there and shake them down. OK let me see here. Eddie Griffin not I don't know maybe as early as a comedian he says he's moving to Africa a good good good luck. Spike Lee he says he's leaving poked a good luck. Samuel L. Jackson the washed up actor he says he's leaving where South Africa. Which is like I think the crime capital. Of the world and good luck Sam because you all last week in South Africa. Share. So we've been playing some shared today another washed up has been she says she's going to be leaving where she's going to Jupiter. OK again. The bong we've legalize their here. We're kit you can order any planet you swallowed Jupiter one day Mars the next day's total the next day coyly planet you want okay. George Lopez the Latino comedian to starve George Lopez he says he's actually moving to Mexico the so we said quoted trump wins you won't have to worry about immigration. Willow go back they were gonna do. We're gonna put throw you over the wall after we build a wall you wanna go back no problem we build a wall and then we toss you over the wall. Barbara Streisand. She's saying either Australia or Canada if I were. Canada who called go to Australia had the weather's warmer my advice quota Australia was as much further so we never have to see you come back. Whoopi Goldberg. Host of the view actress. She says anybody. I'll go anywhere unspecified just mold leave no prob Lem off we'll get your first class ticket. Miley Cyrus. She says she wants to go to Canada. Bellini Knoll lost on our part. If Canada wants you they can have you can Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Supreme Court justice listen to us where would she moved she says New Zealand. I can't imagine what the country would be would Donald Trump is our president. Now it's time for a storm moved to New Zealand she told the New York Times says please. Please then we can fills goalie seed. And your city. We've got to pull first. We won't have a fight horrible it was 63 conservative majority please which. He wanted to buy either get hit by the kiwis in New Zealand are phenomenal move. You've got a lot of New Zealand off. That's kiwis in the world off believe me that's the place you should retire moment when you waiting for go now. It was so bad. What this is not a spoof. This is a local woman in Hillary supporter you rabid move Q1 the famine Nazis. Who thought they had it on the back who literally believed the garbage the lines. The propaganda from the mainstream media. So the Jewish temple last night she liberal I thought Hillary was gonna win does it mean public running away with it. 3035400. Electoral College votes they were painting the whole country won't. And so when Florida game and and the North Carolina came in and then Ohio came in. And then when double firewall was smashed with thousand pieces and there was Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Michigan. So warm and how is incomplete. Apple lactic break down. This this is one of our local mall back is it was this in Cambridge. Either wells clear Cambridge probably they're probably it's either anyway here's a Hillary's supporter. Last night I kid you not just flipped in her mind. That her gal lost roll it jagr. It. Some people that you couldn't you couldn't. Or did somebody call an ambulance. I figure somebody must have called an ambulance. Under but this was going on all over the city last night you see that's why they're comparing in some ways the 9/11 of the Boston Marathon bombing. Because our first responders last night were stretched to the limit here. Because of people like her just that said there have been nervous breakdown their there heart attacks heart broke blood pressure. I. That's played it and play it got from the beginning from the beginning. Can I couldn't leave us a little bit. They. What I was that was that one of our sales people was that what embark or was it the guys the dude didn't use forests. All the guys that keep telling does that Clinton was going to be winning this for the last ABC news the local news guys. Every half hour I'm game I'm doing monologue after monologue well here's why she's gonna lose this evidence that evidence. Hillary is up ten. My pictures up all of model she's up twelve model she's a fourteen know she's up fifty. All normal it's at its traditional path to victory but people are calling on bubble trump now to step down because he just he can't win. So I would open may be one of our news casters. Most moon bats. I all played again I think I know who it is. I really don't. This one of our hosts. Could this jar or can you play one more time. I think I know the. Well I think I know who that is. I don't want to say but I think I know who that is. Yeah. The tough in India moon ban a pleasure and don't you know. Britney have you noticed as we share a building would WGBH. My friends I gotta tell you honestly. You're walking from the parking lot. They're walking in the core doors they're walking everywhere. Electorate fuel. Their heads are down everybody 18 as a coach you got is how much did I think missed some. King was here like. Did everybody's mother died yesterday as what behind Mike and behavior how Le plus satellite can't pick and pick Clinton and that like turned the corner and this is no fat everybody's getting a little get passed a law. The eEye guys the AF guides the salespeople the marketing people all the more buzz the WGBH. People. There does what did see also that this does turn around go the other way I decided finding a couple of my friends did vote ferry Hillary and now like. I'm still with tar. I'm still with her happy not to look at her and her. Pant suits anymore are and that laugh that she had that fake phony laugh that they all know is who the audience I'll. Closest agreed to sit well I don't know if you heard this is breaking right now Kim Jong-un. Has held a press conference in Pyongyang. And now that she lost they want the parents who to back in North Korea. I'm so happy that we got to see Hillary Clinton analyst with gore and on the same stage in their matching suits their matching. Blue blazers anymore hold old are Jarrett. It's been Elizabeth. Elizabeth why did you get on I think that's the chief market that's folk law business. You. It's that you if. I think it's the chief. 6172666. This sixty exude. I. Guys are Seward you people are texting you saying this is Brittany. Pretending and you guys is that it's an actor shtick. I swear to you. It was an actual moon backlog has slated we're gonna find out who is either Cambridge are well leader just just I just having a complete multiple. This is I'm telling you this is not a small. 61720666868. Jerry. Com and had ha you itemize for men. Go ahead. And I we do not good to be going back out. Okay so did the day was when this is a friend on them. Eight goal coming I'm really excited Hillary Clinton to win that cup and football prison it's going to be wonderful. All right here's the question that you imposing today. I have to say I can't articulate and wore it I'm a little emotional right now but. You doctor Great Britain eat all the people include a country. Is it's been. A great. Great organization to take part in it could be part out and be accepted by I'm really humbled by by everything it. Everyone I've come into contact with will would include the country's been. Unbelievable. Well thank you very much Jerry look you're one of our most prized callers people out I got texts from people saying have we missed comrade when's he gonna come on so. Buddy lists and we're very privileged to have you as a caller or telling refrain what what do you make of everything what's your analysis. All right we wind it would struck me in in this has nothing to do with the election but it does. When I was thinking you speak with Ryan from Cambodia. About what it meant to be an American. It's just. It had a deep profound. Back on meet it would and it struck me more than anything last night EB look at truck and I was never in doubt it trumps victory. I would always call but it is not a fact last let my white said to me you're going to bed. She typically clock and what you go to bed but it he's got to win at that DARPA. But that it brought is no way he's gonna lose this race. The jet. Overall. I would have to say he left a couple questions US. If it I would never in doubt be yet is now the other thing you asked is what it trump peace Hillary it's simple a break everything down to simplistic form. You know why no one likes our Jeff that's when it comes down to nobody likes the woman. How can get elected if you don't likable democratic elected Jeff. What is. On the completely right. You're a 1000% correct and I think that's one of the reasons why is he lost I think you nailed it. 6172666868. Is the number. More with your calls match. Dolores and eBay the go ahead Bill Lawrence. We did we did we did a Dolores. And now. I get a Mobi he got in front of Bobby but atrocious security that but it added no list. But I want to tell yes I stayed up to three purity I wrote down every state. Did she think he wanted. And they he won. I got and number 8336776. AD one day 83130. At one bloody 715168. 183206. 222. Point 25 tool and when it came to the ad and he was gonna. Let it go to a remark and I can't wait and edit Pennsylvania. He got a win in Pennsylvania actually that gold mine that I mean that. The call and I think he felt people look out blocking him and you know what. And trump came out and he took the twenty and needed to ebony war. Can at least ten Albania. So he knew he knew what I wish that didn't kill. And I'm so happy and I'm black and he'll hold a not blatantly to comfort her own. A black and everybody. Should be headed. Well we did it the war as we did it take you know what. They did under and Tom Brady. And Barry. Bonds discussing. Oh the box and go out to my line notably in the with a local law. Still media the Sports Radio people. That's why talk radio the way they've been trashing him and Bill Belichick brought forth but we're exercising their freedom of speech for dissing her accountable for. Selling out has become a cry. They did donate any money. Ari teenager and they've ordered our rob. And his support of the exercise their right to their opinion what's wrong with I can't have an opinion now on the people's republic of marks the Jews it's. I can't believe it I I can't believe that. But I did one can't remember I called you yet ready when you read that operate they. But until go at all. It did so then I'd I'd get all that. Bad but he should he want. That he one. I kind of ball we got it was. You oh and everything and Hillary nobody. Y 234. I think. I. While he had poor any law. And that that was without. Bill Burton remaining Warren. All good irate. Dolores thank you so much god bless you Delores. They care it's 230 here on the great WRK oh quick news break Mort your calls next. You can't always did what she won't. Stop me. I. All of my friends. Bats are good melting down look out of their crying. On the verge of getting artifact. They're calling for ambulances. All over the country. In the wake of Donald Trump stunning historic victory. 6172066686. BA. Dona you're up next thanks for holding go ahead dot. How I got up I felt great and happy and seventh I did I say how I I I am happy to help. Well I I heard the uniform company are gearing up with a warrant bright material I think it's gonna wanna try and get back to race. You know why. Don't epic win last night I think that was actually good Secret Service exhaling but they don't have to protect that still. Hi I. Now I night and went anger and Allen and let Pol Pot I mean Ali it yet but yet you don't quite get it back on everything. I wanted to say all but a lot and copper rap and even the violence they wouldn't put Hillary Clinton back together again they all else down. Dumped yeah exactly you know what and and my paper at your question about why they got it felt wrong what the elite the government and media get you can't. Box and the rat that. Because they didn't listen to what they asked about what's right out of their faith and they made themselves you'll Allah then. You know I don't know if you heard Larry Abbott bill Tucker crawl and that Mary Babbitt that would help humbled he said the impact higher I'm victory but the one. While on what you expect turnout in rural America. And Parker said they didn't under the end that the people they presided over in didn't air under the and they attacked I can't for a I mean it took a brilliant self. I don't whine and say that the biggest we are. A ball I the end Erica and put pressure our freedom I forgot that we are really afraid we're gonna lose at least that we're gonna have to start Heidi. We were so afraid what the ire and get. In the map on policy angle into the machine went going to be a seriously bad. I wanna put that Goodell about who's intelligent community opt it will hit the moral high Eric. Exposed equipment Alec pretty even again call me and the red Atlanta. The military in the back of the pack wrapped on I mean I kind of felt grateful that we paid. Afraid Emmett suffering and I think that people tired of crapping yourself right collected and melt down I think they're clean about the death and the White House. Clinton McCain felt like Connie and Barack Obama's legacy to Pakistan that killed. It's going to be on her real destruction and knock the ball the rhetoric they that I eat meals all the leverage that he light through. Adult lives and liberty and justice let freedom ring added the happy days and Erica and good about all of corner country. Cool spot and all that white people who went out and work they've ever I was really worried last night. Donna so was I mean you know I caught trump was gonna win honestly but. You know when I saw McAuliffe with a 60000 felons stories of these voting machine irregularities. I said please don't tell me they're gonna steal it please don't tell me they're gonna steal it. And we just we swamped them. I mean we're draining the swamp in Washington but in the way we swamped them you know grace asked me when I came home and about what was it. Think 2 o'clock 230 whenever I got home last night she was waiting for me to sit you know how you think we wanna go honestly. I think we just shoe and the overwhelm them with numbers. They just couldn't steal it they couldn't read it enough to put them over the top and corner country you do it. Really you did it we did it. We saved our country together. And I can't honestly from the bottom of my heart I can't thank you enough Brenda in Natick go ahead Brenda. I don't think Brenda Brenda how large moon night. I had a wonderful time with the three other Brenda. Ask I remember it took all pictured together it was what wasn't an incredible event last night it was so much fun and a guy. But I really aren't jump off the Hillary or they were then Hillary mask in the jumpsuit he stole the show last night. Unfunny. I wanted to know where we're we know bill as we don't moan vet bills if you gonna move out of the country with the rest. Well I morning again he said it was morning again in America for the last eight years. How do what is it metal but I think maybe we'll try to get a guy rebellion against him on a fought not on an audiotape tomorrow he's got to be yelling and screaming I'll be going back on. Tomorrow brazile Brian. I had to go to the doctor about this book learning. And I lock in about ninety easier on him I have diamond standard one of the net that came over to me she's you know I thought alright but she's with I don't like a road trip. And I it will hold its annual country. Where three in America if you don't like. I. Honestly Brenda America's exit. It really is it's America's or exit. This past saying I'm still on club now and I stayed up all night. I was so happy new economic corner buddies in Ghana and all the girls and our lives it's greatly that the new people around and I thank you so. And for the great evening. And your incredible leadership. And I'll write that you can if a recent. Continued. Thank you thank you don't thank you very much Brenda. Look I got a serious about corner country you know week. When you see him like when I see all of you one year. You all look like much. You know what I mean I cook a vehicle like here a little small are your whole life zone with some of the brand little bit like elderly and you know all this say well this is not getting this god you know but boy man you guys deliver I mean. Door to door you went out no votes. You went out and got people don't vote you volunteered. To. You're tough you're tenacious you persevere Udall we're really Donald Trump you don't give up. And I got to tell you man it's we're turning now into one hell of an effective army. Nav live in Florida you're up next go ahead and Evan. Yet thank you protect you Michael (%expletive) love your show thank you you're one of the few commentators on talk radio on the conservative side you know we let them channel. It is truly a referendum on corporate globalization. Free trade and open borders. And that does that powder keg that is building for probably at least 3040 years. And I really look at trumpets let her Reagan and more as a Teddy Roosevelt. William channeling. And Alexander Hamilton. And I think he's truly going to Wear sport their country are too. It is military. Our industrial power I feel that elections despite what we spent. I think they're truly create a time long years. And because you're going to rebuild the arsenal democracy. With this trade policy which are recruit look like a Hamilton reporter manufactures. In the country will be a lot more safer and secure and as to why Hillary vote that a lot to. It's because at the end you're. I'm implying perhaps purposefully. To the rising nationalism of the Democrat and Republican. I thought and I really foresee a possible. Political will read realignment in this country. Simply haven't seen since probably. My grandparents well. I have and I think should get on. Look at one overdo this but you talked about Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt McKinley. Look trump is a Hammel Tony nationalist. He wants to rebuild America the way Alexander Hamilton George Washington. That's what they want it for this country for us to be truly independent nation. With a strong military strong industrial base strong manufacturing. Strong economy based on the middle and working class. And look I don't wanna you know the professor in me now is coming out but. Mean Kennelly is a Republican he wins in 1996. He and wins a second term 19100 he's assassinated them by an anarchist. Roosevelt whose as vice president Dan comes to power and then wins in his own right in 190411. Mention it's. When McKinley wins in 1896. He fundamentally. Real lines the American electoral map. He brings any natural Republican majority that lasts until 1932. That's the importance of FDR in the new deal FDR breaks the Republican natural majority. That McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt essentially built up over three decades 35 years. Which you saw last night's. Was sort of McKinley asked or Theodore Roosevelt asked. Of any strong populist eight strong nationalist I Hammel pony and who says I'm gonna destroy the special interests. I'm gonna destroy the global lists. I'm gonna destroy those who have been selling our country down the river the Roosevelt also campaigned against the corrupt politicians. The corrupt political class. On behalf of the people. And what you saw. Pennsylvania now going Republican. Wisconsin. Michigan. Look he lost Virginia what was it you know what what 60000 votes. If the felons didn't voted. Probably would won Virginia. This states that the Democrats had that in their column he flipped them. And if he continues with his trade policies and as immigration policies and is put America first policies. You're gonna see permanently or permanently in terms of 10203040. Years like McKinley. A new Republican majority. Where you're gonna have Pennsylvania Michigan the Rust Belt the midwest. Other states that always voted democratic now they're going to be automatic Republicans. That's why trump has the potential. To not just be a great president in terms of being successful. But he genuinely transformational. President. That's why they're having heart attacks. They know what's common. There era their dominance is coming to one end. Jarrett. One more time played against San. You. All MacBook. Not sure of course is so good actually. I got that particular Michael. Thank you you're welcome my friend. Sixteen in Iowa and your show. Afterschool all the time it's it's great and I'm calling for the first time. Welcome welcome Patrick welcome on the front side. But this one has sent the hypocrisy from the lab did absolutely hysterical. I mean they were a few weeks ago they were asking trumpet he accepts the electorate well. And because it would rank against I'm from the beginning he sent I don't know opposite you know. And the LAPD went completely knots and so I've always thought cannot. He's not gonna accept the peaceful transfer of power in American history that we've always. And now there are literally not accept that it would transfer trump won the mayor and where it didn't sheep they were trying to are getting up to the whole time and when he brought that up. They went not but now he went out there now they're literally going by. Oh I see loss mean Patrick CBS news is calling for a recount. Yeah you've got them in Oakland inning campuses are starting to rise it. You guard people completely melting down everywhere now they wanna contested election Patrick. So there are the ones when they thought she was gonna win except the results except the results then when trump wins as you pointed. A completely fair and square in bulk cheating not one free can volt was stolen. On behalf of Donald Trump now all of a sudden they're going to debate went crazy. Yeah it's ridiculous and trump lost that and he came out and said that that this was rigged which it was. They what does that all my goodness he's he's not accepting the results and and he's not accepting that peaceful transfer of power in the it's it's it's ridiculous. I mean it's it's hilarious but it also kind of scary it's it's. That Parker seeing not just on this issue about so many other troops from the left it's absolutely ridiculous. Well Patrick that's why my very good friend who really gave me my start and talk radio I was his regular Phelan for many years doctor Michael Savage. Point I think one of the most brilliant penetrating phrases of all time. Liberalism. Is a mental disorder Patrick take pity on him there mentally sick. They're mentally ill Patrick what are you gonna do with mentally ill people you've just got to tolerate them out but the you don't smile and keep moving. 61720666868. OK we got more time for your calls next. I.