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11/08/2016 - Beyond reality Radio - election night episode. Mentalism, illusions, and more.

Nov 8, 2016|

11/08/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Wayne Hoffman discusses his work as a mentalist, magician and illusionist. Also, the Amazing Fakie joins the program for a discussion on his Presidential run, and work as a psychic. Also, listener calls, and some light-hearted election banter.

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This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded November 8 2016. I'll. Okay all alone I'm only gonna say while right now we are in the middle of buck went crazy night and welcome to beyond reality radio for those you can hear is right now. I know a lot of our stations are doing. Election coverage so. We're not sure who can hear who cannot and we but we're we're just in a were all in the middle of watching. What is done regardless of what side you are on or were on a regardless of what candidate you supported. This is an amazingly historic. Election. And all the people who thought they knew what was going on their heads spinning. And were in the middle of it. My head spinning right now Jim I'd I just I have no idea I mind blown on on one what's happening here I mean you're having. Who hope let alone and visit this hasn't happened since the Reagan days let alone this is like that and the biggest thing in in in a century I would have to say. I think your produce right. On that point I mean it was. The Reagan win was a similar win in the sense that Carter was winning in the polls up until like the weekend before. And then it was a landslide for Reagan. And on Election Day on Tuesday but even that was a little bit different because here Reagan was a politician. You're here we've got a a man who has no political savvy you know political anything and he's. He and I think at the will of a lot of people who were just fed up is beating. A long time established. Politicians somebody who's an insider in. In politics all the way around he can't be any more of an insider than than Clinton but we'll talk too much about Paula. 60 my god it's a good talks about it all night I know it's most insane it is receipt. And I think people just as there's such silent majority out there who are ready for change their ready for something different and if they're tired of everything from. The the health care now jumping up 400 plus percent on the ended people's net premiums going from 900 dollars to 222300. Dollars. And so forth and I think a lot of people are probably scared trump. Which I'll be honest I'm scared of him to. But I'm also scared of the alternative we were really giving great choices and that's it and I just think in a lot of people just pay you know it's time to change its time for something new. They might not like it at least it's different from the norm they're willing to roll the dice. You know Clinton is was a known entity. You know in the new they're gonna but perhaps people don't want us who was extremely normally had to do was go for now it's if it. They didn't want this and more of the same and I think that's was playing out here now the good news is. That there is no official winner yet so we've got of course the amazing funky coming up a little later in the U. Ground on that staffed as we we didn't interview with him today and did a job we did it at about 8 o'clock in and it's a long interview by any means by idol so I don't wanna. I don't want I'm an alias he is an in studio -- -- but no I don't I don't I don't want it kinda take away from his experiment with I don't know that's on trying to make sure we don't same thing right so we're gonna have our guests to leave we've got some a guest coming in for the first hour of the program we're going to be chatting with him an idea a minute I'm sorry Jim at the names escape me here his name's Wayne Hoffman you multi award winning performer out right recognized one of the top Mets lost in the world and he is grade he spent on everything from Howard Stern. Down and he's just he's an incredible guy and it really really interesting so and he will he's also done like the Ellen DeGeneres show. A Beverly Hills pawn. The one that showed TLC Animal Planet and discovery network he's been on endless commercials. Yeah and he's gonna join us for the first hour gonna channels and he's well would take listener calls and do readings. Which we pretty cool. And then in the second hour we're gonna bring the (%expletive) you're gonna play the interview to recruit recorded earlier than flock he's gonna join us live in studio and he gonna take listener calls and do some readings with listeners so it's really. An amazing night not just in politics but it's gonna be an amazing night here company beyond re our radio everything is amazing authority that's true path could choice of words there. But we should take a look at all of got coming up later in the week is it gets better and better all weeklong tomorrow night we've got Diana and Joe's and a joining us good friends of ours today. Yeah they're very very close friends of ours Iran what ros will go stores down enough Roswell Georgia. Not not New Mexico into and and their part of the taps him he's they've been part of the taps him since 2008 they handle the cases that. We send them off had them on the show ghost hunters about three separate times and every time we get a chance and Jim were always hanging out with them and in the end they're just wonderful people very. Very informative when it comes to the paranormal and it's going to be fun to talk with them. Yes so will the be joining us tomorrow night for tomorrow night's program then Thursday we've gone to a Timothy Renner. Who has written a number of articles for a number of different web sites and magazines all about the strange particularly the strange in south central. Pennsylvania which I assume it was kind of like Lancaster. And Gettysburg York area I think that's about what he's talking about. But there's a particular legend down there called told road. And the seven gates of hell really talk about that and all the other things he's written about that'll be Thursday night's program. Rounding out the week for us so we certainly invite you to do that in join us all week long also. If you wanna join us for any of the readings later you wanna call and talk to funky or Wayne Hoffman it's 844. 6877669. Is the call in number and we certainly invite you to join us there. Yes so we're agenda don't they besides lose your mind or missile. When and I end up doing two it was actually quite busy day beyond you know Election Day is always a busy day he's just in general I don't know I think there's there's pancake breakfasts and stuffy and kind of I don't know whenever I let Blanco in Cooperstown New York who haven't technically this for like okay so our Everett everybody who percent goes and has a few pancakes and says hello to each other it's kind of like hey yeah I know I know you're an opposites sides of the political spectrum for me ability don't have -- shake hands before we come enemies later today is there any coach with that case that's pretty good too and it is it's. It's funny or late today I was telling you earlier. I I ended up we do too we decided there were a swap out TVs we had this a 46 inch TV in the living room and its its banana a lot of problems lately with the color. So the wife and I go. And we we start at best buy we buy a 55 inch one of the the media asks you HDTVs. Plastering. And I'm good deal whatever we bring in home we look at out. Wouldn't you know maniac hanging on the wall literally looks beautiful the speaker doesn't work Jim. So now you have to unhooked from the wall take it all down on mountain on mount the brackets. Take it back to best buy whatever gain tea bags you get the money O'Neal gets better hang on. Because after I did that voice like well let's go to BJ's. Wholesale ends and see what they've got so we go over there we find a 65. Rich ass you HD. TV we come home this thing is a monster of a TV. We decide Martha brackets all up we put it up for supersize. We turn to Don. And the screen is great in the and you you can't see anything its current. You've got to be kidding Nadal someone I so like are you kidding me it's the second brand new TV that we just got. So I just we spent half the night are mounting that thing to putting it back down putting up the old TV don't we head is allergic or it's just problematic. And now sitting in the dining room so I spent all day. Putting up TV is taking them down. And yet ended up back where it started with the same old TV event. And joyously in Iran after us I'm just keep the crappy TV hit I kind of wanted to work something. I mean complete chaos it is two different companies to which is even awarded retailers to her company's attitude for retailers to different companies ones LG 11 Samsung. It's just it's mind blowing I'm on Kashmir and post in the 65 inches not only TV appeal I can imagine and you've been in my house so we got hung up over the fireplace and what pain in the butt Antonia I I didn't work out today because I worked a lifting of the MTV was all right. Me and that is no fun no you know you're probably excited probably excited what you liked him to return I don't know I live Internet will not just but I Toma sounds a like a you know we get the senate a 65 into its gonna be like you're watching the football game I just wanted to pass play this weekend it's gonna be like we're sitting there at the game just put a TV right up near. Ten and is perfect. Yeah and crap man not just crazy. Yeah that is frustration here is thanks everybody for putting up with the I'm going to be sure what's happened with the stream. In Chad I know people are still in Chad hanging out in the BR chat and if you wanna join them they're just go to the beyond reality radio website neat clickthrough. On the listen live in the chat so. But it sounds like people are hearing the show us we're hoping for because you know of the election coverage on a lot of the stations we err on was going to take priority so but it looks like we're in good shape there. So on. So now we got to chats going on now we've got the beyond reality radio chat and we've also got the one on transcript of the going and as a backup system people are over there. I have and John make it funny because it's tough problems me having to do is TV's yes there was a and I saved for a long time to get those TV zealot and it's like to only bought them when they're on sale but man it's in the blood t.s can't win. Are able let's take a break when we come back we'll bring our first guest for the evening it's Wayne Hoffman will bring him in we'll chat with him and we'll take your phone calls if you wanna have we do reading for you we invite Kennedy 446877669. It's beyond reality radio Jason and javy on this crazy. It's scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Gary Condit dot com. Nets' Derrick Todd. Dot com and sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget everyone is welcome. Visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com. Shows beyond reality radio Jason runs GB Johnson. Thanks so much for being with us we appreciate you listening wherever you happen to end up listening tonight can in the election coverage. That's going on while we're doing the show a a did you expect it to last this long did you expect this the uncertainty to continue past midnight and East Coast. Well and help determine my ego and I'm no no I did not at all honestly I didn't like my kids if it's funny when my twelve year old sons are literally they go upstairs. And they hit their room they turn their TV on. And are watching the election. In the twelve years old I don't remember watching an election was twelve years old. And they're sitting there paying so such close attention this and I told us the saying guys this probably be over violate ten. And now I mean we're after midnight right now and it's still sitting there with and they think he's got 254. And she's got to own mind so. It's insane. Yet it is crazy I don't think anybody expected this I don't know far our guest did Wayne Hoffman mental list an illusionist Wayne. Welcome beyond reality radio so great to have you on the show. Thanks for having me. Hey thanks for coming on so you're unitas is crazy paying any attention in this election stuff going on. Oh I I watch all lion edition and everywhere watching every thing at all times. Well let's say it's great to have you on a greatly appreciate you coming on and hang out with us and and I look forward to a really look forward two to talking with you now we we've had meant to list on in the past and can you explain for the listeners out there exactly that fundamentalist is. Sure yeah it's it's it's credible year terms ever since the TV show them and a list now people kind of have a general idea but what I do is immense elicits it's basically. Highly tuning the five senses you have to create what appears to be 86 cents its. Using. You know psychology foreigners basically. That the lay men out there would say how much money. That's the simplest term but yet somebody freaks people out using a psychology that's that's that much. And we have we spoken to a medalists in the past I'm. Aren't forgotten the gentleman's name that we had on the past Jimmie do you remember I don't run and he he works only if he actually took a job with a psychic hotline. Just to see hull. He that he could he could really just in just do this and get away with this and it's amazing because really. A lot of things and if you doing your routine and I senior Tina have listened here in the past and that's why I was happy when when we are able to connect. You doing your routine honestly you come out as. As a psychic it's very easy for you to give the illusion that. The your psychic that you're able to two pick up on all these things against these people these these readings and and connect them to. To the afterlife but you're really not. It no no and you know what this is this is growing up as an. Open mind it. I was really really really into things that were supernatural. I was in his psychic phenomenon then and just really super Oprah and open minded. And you know I I I as I got into mental is my realized. And have to be a little bit more steps have to really be on guard. Went thinking that way because. Really what went back to matter much goes IQ and tell people exactly workers think you know I say you know you had a dog fluffy that when you were seven got hit by a car that thinking people or how how note that he must be psychic and really. If I just said. Yes some psychic. People would believe me in the same way if I said yeah I know these things because year uncle dead Harry is next and says hello spirit is next. Without a doubt people would believe so. You know I learn to be now open minded and skeptical same time due to what what I what I. You know practice for a living it's credible year line to walk because. You know I. I'm super open minded when it comes to psychic phenomenon then and it and that's studied you know also are things revolving around that physics entering that at the same time. And you know I can through methodology and science create the illusion of being a psychic so it's kind of a strange place the list. Hey Wayne how long you've been doing this and when did you first realize that it was something that you had unique ability for. You know I I was always like exit into mysterious child and I got into magic. It was kind of the first thing I guess you gravitate toward now. The mysterious you you wanna learn magic in the dark arts access. So I got and that. The youngster or early. Leader I studied psychology in college and that's when I rely on Saturday interest and what will call the science of the mine. And I started to turn to fuse the two together 'cause I authority and forming. As a magician entertained people. Home but I realized when I would start to the psychological. Things in other words things that didn't involve kind of funky looking props. I noticed people were. Really they were more taken by that more blown away by the psychological stuff states say oh those are cool tricks. How did you read my mind you know Sony. That's the turning point that's when I realized hey I don't need to lug around a lot crop cycle. Really do too much light of and lacking get more into the psychological stuff so so that's I think or around the time what a relief to cost to tort mental. Now we've had several conversations on this program and one very very recently. Greg Brown Halloween time which is appropriate about Harry Houdini. On the seems a Houdini obviously is influenced anybody who is in this. Arena is with who dean he's someone that influenced you as well. Yeah absolutely in fact. I get a chance to listen to you guys talking we're acting job out the yes correct about Houdini and now. I was fortunate enough like did they show in Pennsylvania. Just before Halloween. And Dorsey Dietrich who is she owns. Yeah she she came to my show and which is a great surprise of course and she invite you to meet the official Houdini seance in New York which I ended up pretending that this year and this year and it was always narrow. Yeah so so it was really kind of a course prize I ended up sitting out. It's able it was a thirteen people. Seated at the table for the official Houdini seance this year and I Nate you know I need extra effort. To it to beat air to do it it was kind of an ordeal I had to rearrange our schedule I was scheduled to do an appearance on aria. Show in Toronto I'm but I changed it around changed my schedule so I went to the official Houdini seance and the following day we do it the official Juan breaking ceremony which is a ceremony to you to honor magicians at. Houdini race so to say that Houdini was an influence. Absolutely. I think anybody in the will call magical arts. You know I. If anything you gotta respect yeah is you know a great magician and and more so. Great public adjust and adjust Nancy do you think use Mormon Jewish and more publicist. I. And that's tough I. I I'm a big believer in in the importance of being a good businessman. You Pete to create his Jewish in the world it's a great and a list oral or perhaps the greatest radio show. But there's nobody knows you exist in Canada. It's. It's not pursuing its purpose so I know I'd I would say it was great magician but I think he was even better business. And it's. That are self promoter was all about self promotion in a day. When there was really no electronic media interviews it was all it was all on location in printed communications basically. Right the guy would he he he used every class resource that secret. During his day you know the word no radio. I asked. Things that he had to really turn him H his presence known in the flash. Not a massive crowds people utilizing newspaper write ups and end the most important thing which is works now you know routine you became a legend because you he was on everyone's our tongue at the time. And he would tell everybody was a legend. I kinda like Donald try. Are essential work for Donald I guess Florida so and so Wayne come. The wind when it comes down to you doing your performance is it. Better for you were easier for you if you have numerous people they so and there or is it just as easy if you if you have just a few people and when you're trying to read somebody's mind or reduce your tricks. Is can it be more of a one on one or does it doesn't I hope you make life easier if you're able to a sort of general. General at least. It ahead. That's a great question. You know I ice it's it's an extreme of boats and I'll tell you what I mean. If I'm. Mike. Ego as a performer wants to say you know I love arena one of its placement is crowd possible because you know as an entertainer east and that's what you wanna do but the reality of the matter is that fewer the people on the war in two minute. The experiences. I think some more. The more quality you have been in the experience of some one on one occurs. And I look than in the united. And I tell them what their thinking. There is nothing like it in the world. At experiences is extremely. Powerful but on the same token you know I've I've done. For example it. In this case about a large listening audience one of the things that. It tends to happen is when I do radio or you know podcasts or arm reach you know a ton of people wants. Weird things start to happen when people listen to show. And we'll hold hold their legacy we get we gotta take a hard break but that I I definitely wanted to get into that. Are you listen to Jason and javy and and we're talking with the and multi award winning. Medalist Wayne Hoffman and we're gonna be right back after. There's so much that's appropriate that focus on Christmas songs last round and round. And you know elections they all around her and and just the fact that it's rat talk about the politicians and rent and can almost say is put into it out a flake beards talk politics just you know rightly the year we said it's been a longstanding rule on this program that we just don't talk politics but I mean hey this is an extraordinary night. In American politics is kind of worth mentioning a timer to anyway. Welcome everybody in the chat room welcome to our guest Wayne Hoffman wing fundamentalists and illusionist. And at Wayne I get a sense when you to a reading for somebody whether it's in person are on and off I you know if you do them remotely all but done. We get what's the feeling that day comes over you as you connect with that person and you know what what types of things go on to make it reading actually happened. It allows that it is a great question I. You know. Seeing. Went high and when I look at somebody and I'm about oh. Which Qaeda. Is the short version due out respect to other things and saw it sure you know like implanting thoughts other stuff. It's funny because I kinda get spits it sweeter. Ones sense of kinda late. I know what's about to happen. And end and you are not ready for this. It's kind of people people you know they come in in most audiences they're just for the sole purpose would be entertained they wanna see a show that it's exciting. And I. It's kind of like. I've been doing this now school or lower this coming up on. Let's see here in nineteen almost twenty years and I've been doing so I I. I'd seen action for so when I'm when I'm not out to deuce on it just kind of this funds and so. You're not I've seen the reaction in the I kinda know what you're about to do. And and it's exciting note this other edit show and I've been doing your team for years rare. I I blindfold two people and night touch won a cold water typical one that's out there. And the other person on operas and each fields. The fuel averaging at night due to the other curse. But they don't. But they're not tickled or poke there and back so when they were at a console off and you know the audience tells you where nothing ever happened you. And freaked out this checked literally collapsed. On stage and which are eking out and it was like kinda leading up to that had to chuckle not liked. Oh you're not ready. To you do wait until you realize what's happening so. You know it's it's it's it's that really kind of that the reason why I still do it's it's just just you know watching people freak out it's it's. One of them I think the highlight that I. Is that not oh this is no cruelties that. Exercise clothes and even beat you be out even beyond that I remember going to a mental list and I had it on wanna say it was probably like fifteen years ago I spoke twenty. But 28 and not a guarantee myself but. And I remember sitting there and at one point him calling me calling me I'm I'm in the audience him calling me. And asking me you know Tuesday if I have changed in my pocket. And I had changed my part which is weird because I never had to change my apartment so wired you automatically as consultants up there because I didn't change my part. But and he now I'm told me exactly how much change I had my pocket when I pulled it out. Now and I sit there and I thought back and and and through the whole homily did anybody come close and how the hell could this is that somebody gotten change in my pocket where this guy can pick this up. And it's one of those things has always left me sitting their questioning how how that seemed impossible how he was able to pull that off. Dad yeah. Ups and it's it's with mental isn't it's one of those I assault the easing crest. Many many many many usually it's actually a friend of origin. And yet I and I saw him many many many years ago when I was just kind of getting into this and then I I ironically just saw in. Not too long on the B two weeks ago. Again. For the first start since then and I remember this before it got and you know I. I ate I remember sitting there having seen the exact feeling I was looking sort secret. Cameras. For people during hand signals I was watching for that pockets because at that point I I already had experienced in the world magic so. You know I I came from low a world of methodology. Again under current. Saw filled skeptical. Addled of the coal. That's at a lot coal car looked. Two to everything and and when he did his stuff. You know I was alone. Couldn't believe it is how was he telling people. And it and it kind of you know really piqued our interest so. I think yeah it when you watch and any type of mystery artist actually and yeah you get blown away because it. It's home it's not just watching it I'd do you know make a third year. It's a guy telling you how much changes in your pocket you know your mother's name mix things it's really a personal. Which is kind of why I love much. We're talking with a Wayne Hoffman are telephone numbers 844687766. Manning if you like to join us. Wayne you you're doing a show regulatory Murray now the show. CA I do a show it's called mind candy. That I travel literally around the world. So far if it's 64 different countries with the show you're. A blessing and I I've. I've seen so much cool stuff because this show but yeah I travel around ninety. Theaters and cruise ships and corporate events and pretty much anywhere people and I guess Sony. So I've got to ask you I mean there are certain things like comedy is one that's a perfect perfect example it doesn't translate. You know when you're going to places and you're doing you know would be other languages or other cultures. Does magic transcend that earlier in the mental list. You know again the illusionist does that stuff translate culture. And. You know I totally out today here's the thing is that good analogy. There a kind of a good example at its. If I get on stage. And guy. Let's say stare at an object to equal and that object moves across the table by itself. I don't have to sail right. I didn't speaks for itself yeah I think there's three day pretty much there's three things that town workers that is music. Magic. And mathematics. And I think obviously and that's all that magical attic where you know your experience something amazing. Unfortunately for most of my audiences English speaking. So I like it kind of a hall pass. Pass to speak where I don't have to worry about it. However I shall re national TV shows in Japan not working a much sports and what might do something like that they have. Translator. Kind of allies say something in their right there with repeating everything those that don't speak it's fluent English so. Again I think there's a whole. What I'd do it is universal. You know I tend to do more usual things. Appeal spare your you know staring at outlined last. Ending to stem the collapse of mind war. Something to that. A fact. I just like when that. One of the things I was curious about when I asked that question in a wasn't translator was transcends cultures is when I was asking but I just spoke wrong. But you know there are a lot of different superstitions and Arnold you've traveled to any of the countries that might harbor. A lot of superstitions that might you know some way frightened people with some of the illusions and the empire. So your enormous undertaking you're never seen anything like that. It's funny citizens talked about this last I actually went to. Africa and I went to I was gonna. And Togo I went to a place Klein it's at least look up coal gas. And it's a suburb is low Mae and Togo actor and I was there. And I was innate what they call fetish mark or to market. And you know I was there to two who is kind of look around in the experiences night I went through a ceremony. Let me just pick a side comment just telling this this is going to be a hold to and after you back to talk about this for a whole show but god. Sure oh yeah this is a whole other this thing's for sure but what. You know during this experience you know. A guy came out on the increase up half the year and down. I said you know you've shown me you'll work stuff you know your magic show you mine. And said yes of course are certain doing things for re buying and we engage with each other and started to call other people over and sought had this kind of small elite equal around and I starter performing well let me tell them. A this was. One of the most memorable experiences of my life because I'll never forget this. Because the people there. They literally. They thought I was this 18 prophet who had calmed down. Who I don't know what is their village. And I mean people are grabbing stones off the ground by the handfuls saying. Please turn this into money for us know which is kind of a sad thing you know but. No we may not yes it did it and and it just went to show the difference in people's. Views. Oh you know magic in mental ism you win when you move from country to country as he was say more eighty. You know when I was Africa they had this really deep rooted belief magic. And meant salutes and was they'd go flying. Our you know it was say it is you know gift from god that I pat on that allowed me to do it was really wild. Yen and that's exactly what I was curious about because I mean we see and another things in the like an old ghost hunting thing and we do. We do away shows around the country up the conventions that are paranormal and nature and one of the places that we do. It convention is an Indian owned casino. And they will not allow psychics or mental lists or anybody who performs that type of flow and activity on. Into the shell on the property so like if we wanted to have somebody like commuted tarot readings or something in our show at a table week he would do it because. Spiritually it doesn't. I don't and and it's does not work with what they believe Steve spiritually and they prohibit. Right right I mean its take and it really kind of reflects. Is that the it just it just shows you'd different people have different views. The Senate's. But then again you know that's though that's what makes the world. To make addressing we're gonna take a quick break Wayne don't go away we come back we'll talk a little bit more about your show mind candy it's traveling the country in the world. As you pointed out it's beyond reality radio would Jason JD don't. Game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary time dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary kind dot com that's scary con dot com and. Looking back to being on reality radio chase knows. Well you aren't sending another like I did. I think I work for you since he was singing good we went to his office actually and W actually did try to thread through and did you feel of those crazy nights man in his music career it's just it's so at a throw in so many ways are guestimate as Wayne Hoffman wouldn't we've got to buy another 67 minutes with Wayne and again Wayne thanks for a so much for joining us it was kind of last minute we set this up and were hoping you're gonna agree to come back into a full two hours with a sometime in the near future. Oh yeah I have now tonight we I'm sure there's plenty to discuss this filter out or are absolutely. Time. Yeah no doubt and other that some talk I think. Our producers said something that you might even. Do reading on Jason here while they are just. He's really well I'm sensing that one view is he's probably end it to have trouble with with some electronics perhaps easy and life I I don't know why this guy is phenomenal the. That's great it's great. I've let some lets us talk lump on the show again where where you traveling worry going to be able to be seen where can people get more information about the show what's that all about. Sure you. In the nutshell you know I literally travel. I like on West Africa. So so it's it's I go all. My schedule is constantly change. You know. And you can just obviously out. Slot at plugin and does it wean off and dot com all age or lie and the idea is this. What I kinda dig a little deeper. But you know you just Google me and find a ton of stuff but when he crossed dot com. Has all the nation and yeah I travel around and and could this right arm during a public show in your area. Chances are you'll hear about me ala Houdini. You can be hanged from the tallest building industry checkers and I think it is and how you do it. You know you'll hear about. Some on a couple of these guns and obviously make sure my shows are well promote itself. You know I'd do it or somewhere. Master and sent this. Hotels. I know that feeling trust me from your own TV show over twelve years in my life I'm sure I'm sure yeah I I. From. Of Pennsylvania I'm a Los Angeles or side years now on in in Florida however you know saying. Saying that's where from his really and it just go with what my driver slice as. It. And I'm sure are well aware. Again. Technically out of Florida but you know constantly on the road. So you have in Germany shows lined up in the near future in New England or and upstate New York. He actually did it just did a whole run of show upstate New York regular college campus were year which makes me at two different person then and Austin shows are public I have a couple shows lined up I don't memorized the whole schedule because it's like I said it's constantly changing but right now I know I have some stuff coming up in upstate New York. And then New England I was just up there at that shows ocean spray actually ocean spray cranberry. Upton. New England at Gillette Stadium and mean and obviously that was a private event not a public. They'll agenda copious battering of upped that it up. I I don't have the dates off the top of my head butt but I absolutely I'll be there. That's awesome and do they do those dates and do they get listed on your web senators their calendar so more people can see where you're going to be. You know I used to post mine my schedule online output again because. Constantly changes and updates us so much we kind of called beat the or schedule but if anybody wants no you know it's hey are you come year XYZ city. All you have to do is drop rail line on the website Knology back with specifics. Or some. And whenever question there's like we kind of glossed over it but it it was really interest and to me you sat in on the Houdini seance and Halloween did anything happen. You know I. Did anything happen is is a good question that determines what destination many. We were sit see it there. And you know. At one moment one of the candles. Lectured and big huge chunk of wax flew off of a candle you know and some could say well that was just coincidence of course waxed all you know but it was at a kind of dreary year moment if I had to. Commercial ships in one direction notes and nothing happened nothing. Oh really all over her significance as far as I was concerned. But you know. And when you have a say outs I don't. You're Qaeda you're on edge you know kinda you're really looking out for stuff and really want a Turkey oak and who it alms. I I would say this in the irony is this when I was at a Houdini seance and we were finished it blew out the candles at goodnight Harry. I come I had this overwhelming feeling even if Harry Houdini could come back. And it and and through the mail to speak to us that. Justice fight that effort but. He put it. At this point he's he's he's he's laughing yeah. Exactly. You know I think. Gratuitous despite ever so you go again all's well that means really really cool experience I I would say that that that. At that moment I don't think anything occurred idols cherry topped. And I always thought that we have to let you go thanks so much for being on the program to Wayne Hoffman dot com is the place to go for information about Wayne when he's up to. And we're gonna have you back promised to come back. My clip across our great thanks so much when Hoffman we're gonna take a break in just a moment. And when we come back we are gonna play an interview that we did with the amazing that he we did earlier tonight. Like a seven or eight minute interview and then well and then he supposed to beyond just he'll be in studio which shortly after that so I hope he gets here soon. But. So I hand I'm just I'm still watching this this whole. Election and it's just insane and it does look like at this point it looks like what you wanted to or not. It appears that Donald Trump is probably going to be the next president of the United States you don't find really interesting is that there are certain places that have announced him as the winner and there are other places that haven't yet in we'll somebody's wrong evil and I you know and I think it's because the electoral votes that they know or automatically going to swing towards Republican Party I'm in it's just it's overwhelming. When it comes downs via. The votes. And death sorrow at it appears that. The next president is going to be somebody who's never been involved in politics and we're about to have buying and selling. Politician right now and we're about to have the most political segment of beyond reality reader that we'll ever have and that's because the amazing hockey who announced his run for the presidency just a few weeks ago. On this program. Will be joining us to talk about. That and he's gonna take phone calls and he'll do read his had to say that before it came yeah I. He's gonna be cute he's not going to be very happy with the Puerto currently hosts the Tutsis that parents are phone number. A 446877669. And 8446877669. And take that down make sure you get prepared to is say within like about the next twenty minutes when he five minutes hockey should be in studio and taking your calls are. You're listening Jason JV I'm beyond around it. Just GB we're talking with a self proclaimed amazing hockey cells. Yes lucky it. Had with this whole running for election and you are running from him for an presidential race. What's your thoughts on a lot of these things around them and ask you a series of questions if you don't mind answering and I ask you your thoughts. There are so what's your mean thoughts funky on the economy. Well I think the economy is definitely a good thing yeah. When I travel like I travel account and analysts. And I nature I fly economy to save money unless I'm asked for projecting in Spanish are projecting to save money love and it's different putt. Other than that I fly economy all the times I think that he is just incredible to (%expletive) great that you've been viewed. Do you have any thoughts on how you might wanna help fix or improve the economy. Well I think more leg room would be a little better maybe not charge me for my extra day can stuff I think. I think that would be a deal to to really fix okay. Okay let's talk about the health care system that's another topic on everybody's mind launcher a lot of people's thoughts ultimate expression especially with the premiums being the waiter. They're jumping up 100% 150%. In some areas. What's your thoughts on health care the health care system. Well I mean. If if the premiums jumping up. 10050%. That's awesome it just means and it's it's gaining that much better in amateur larger. I thank her kid to double its recent tripling science that's just incredible congratulations. Give a funky it's appropriate the premiums are what people have to pay in it when they when they double they go up 100%. It's just that much more money to people have to pay out of their pockets in an economy and reduce says that is thirty struggle. But they're happy with this surface so they're paying their willing to pay 80150%. More competitive current gen so I confide in so with that being said what your thoughts on dealing with the Russia there's a large going on with Cameron now. Rush rush hour is at present no no no the Russians. Well Russia while. I'm OK with that list Russian because I'm constantly and I'm busy everybody's always looking for my service on Russian here and I'm Russian air. And rushing back and forth. So the Russian Russian around this isn't a vacation and I think I think keeps everybody healthy. Our emotion you completely understand that the let's let's change the subject because clearly election night is kind of essentially settled into big night for Gasol well it is a big night but the the numbers don't look particularly great in your favor at this point. Well I have to be honest then. That is such a bad. Heat you're coming from Hillary and Donald they have purposely trying to fight to keep me from showing up. I'm on the election votes election votes are you just an election votes three mile or tore boats. Election like collect moral. You know I hate. He him the election it's gonna. Okay well on either way it doesn't look like any of the electoral votes are gonna end up in the funky column. What a statute TV and I have mine and told like three friends that Lincoln Nebraska he sent me amplitude when three election. We understand electoral votes aren't. Bite town and nearby states. Wow yeah they're they're by state funky. You and me to deter him from Lincoln Nebraska. So you know. Based on the early returns funky and maybe an even early anymore. It just a look like it's been and of going your favorite. You know are you OK with that when you except. The outcome of the election regardless of who wins. No okay. Well JD just understand it Hillary Clinton and Allen camp are fighting to keep me up their ballots because there there are terrified of this amazing. Movement that's out there so this is much bigger than me and let me just tell the final irons so if this thing has huge. And that. He's so much better than me it's it's. It's an amazing movement so the answer your question is no let Selena and unacceptable. Since Paris a funky tell me if this presidential run doesn't work out for you what you your plans after us. How I have so many actions Jason I can I get slinging that thing is like second nature to me and people love it. I'm also I have my psychic readings and I can see in the future event no matter what I'm going to have imagery thinks he. I'm just trying to keep on helping people end of that this election because of what they've done because there there very sneaky and now. If not this election while Halloween 2018. 2018. And yes but there's not another presidential election funky for four years would be 2020 would be the next one. What are we 2000 seats now that's right yeah so I understand sank at home right now and 2000 keys and are you okay so okay social what you're saying then is this is an a 11 time thing for you you've you've you've thrown your name into the hat this time around and but regardless what happens this is long term for you. The share is it really really is Katie and I think eventually healing Jason Glenn if not this year because I. Panic during a reading it myself Craig. I can think. And Matt. I think. That this year it next time next time there's always room for hockey and the world is going to become so much more amazing and the more amazing the royal terms than more connection people have to be amazing hockey. Talking a lot of people think that term given the candidates in the race that this is an election primarily between socialists are capitalists. While I agree totally. And and where he's where do you fall and all that. While I actually fallen socialist side because I spent my time and he's making connections and communicating with others actually do readings and he's looking through email. M get word I was talking at Atlanta sunny. Kentucky so much why not yet gotten a social media socialist and capitalist social set and capitalists are Caleb. And if not only did so in that kinda face you know when her and overturn don't. But I people from my web sites you know OK but we're talking about people who were either socialists are capitalists pulled me into that Stevie and his teammates prepare well I guess that's we're gonna do except that it is your answer for now yes yeah. Let's let's assume for a minute that that again the election isn't going your way tonight. Which all the indicators are that it won't. I went what's your message here. Some I'm just being realistic about you it's not intentionally kind of attack there. And add to a district be realistic and a and a wine and stand seems to think that we are doing great. Yeah well at. And I will we worked with Stan on setting this election night celebration up for you but might what's your message to your supporters. Stand in his wife and whoever else there's and they're your supporters. At this point. What's the message to pass writers I am. I'm in the chat room Chris clearly full of people that support you well I'm. I'm going to contact each one of them subliminally. And I'll give them their own their own message privately behind. Personal information so I'll contact my supporters subliminally. And. We'll go from. The (%expletive) yeah are you willing to take calls and possibly do some readings. I assure you can't I I would love to. Okay we're gonna take a break when we come back flock he will take some listener calls and do some readings live on air. It's 8446. Except for. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization that's right. Dressed in. You need to subscribe taps her majesty. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps parent magazine has been completely redesigned. Re launched to serve you better. That's right go to the website is taps Karabakh dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's catchy term acting work every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it's. Error magazine again go to the website tab paramedic dot com. That's happens paramedic dot com use promo code beyond just say. And welcome back to beyond rail and Orlando Jason honest Jamie Johnson is so good to have everybody here and we are excited to have maybe somebody who's well known on the show. But first I'm appearing aren't welcome to the studio it's the amazing funky little. Keep thinking Brandon it's it's great it's just it's awesome the amazing. Yet the on the telephone number by the way if you like to chatting get a reading from funky. Email and hit eight Fuller Fuller. 687766. And oh yeah three good funky that's here that's very good so. (%expletive) CIA you know we we played the review. Interview that we did earlier in the night and obviously things just aren't known shaping up in the best way for you what are you. You know what do you think now. Well honestly I I think it's I a and they are giving my support I mean mr. trump. Let me or me me I just realized I wasn't there. With everything going on with my readings. And then my connections and that's what makes no sense to me whatsoever. Money sorry you think that's just the way they felt. To you at. I know that we had a lot of people in the chat room. That voted for you with that said this year a lot of support funky I really do appreciate patent every idealist so amazing. And I think if you trail her around again until CEO and I love their support and Angela Angela make Americans easing again. Okay are well let's sum let's. Let's some go to the phone lines by the way if you wanna call and if you wanna call in and get tea and in get a reading from funky it's a 44687. 7669. So let's go to the phone lines in the C this is. Didn't say who it is so it's a year it was a performance. Low wondering if I get region. Hey you certainly can't really Smart carrying a wheelchair for a get into tournaments Stephen Hawkins. Hi Stephen Hawkins yes yes steep easy Stephen Hawking adds. Whoa. I. While you guys have seen exact voice come how can help you Larry there Harry Harry Carey. Well. We're. What each speech and our world you are on speaks speaks anxious parent power and other quarrels and can states well it's. There's clinics. There's Mercury. Juniper. Bruno kooky. And the moon won't do it's. Much pain MySpace I. Nice BC used to be before FaceBook is eat. Do you have any other questions for me maybe Blake. Your girlfriend or your head. We feel we had I am Dalian lie. She he's confessed to a five devious take a break or something here. Well where polls. Did it in to live in relationship between Thai and states. Arm can read these key western. Jason JP I think Larry is batteries may be playing hard and it seems like testing the same question many times while saying he said his name is Larry you just had his name was Larry he's non hit so let's be a little respect yeah. Russ did say your name was. I'm nineteen is just amazing. Our keys and key paper for you go Mary did you get anyone's favorite at have a wonderfully for thirty years. You. Could use any. Change here change your bill Gradison. You. We. We'll keep you so much he may. He's in GB DD days here at saint Angel Robinson yeah funky but again it's Larry. Not in it TO no disrespect to our callers Larry thank you so much for calling in we appreciate doesn't run in the next caller. No case of this is Phoenix calling and I think Phoenix calls in from Chicago if I'm not mistaken. Phoenix welcome to the programming on beyond reality radio I. Kerney the amazing hockey I'm so honored yes but yeah. I don't I know you know there that and now you know I. And you know that I. And now I don't know. Let me citing. I NG USG take medication. Not today. I had I have a question I'm very important question and I know that I never you can answer your question and eventually and while it seemed to be kind of an expert. On things and I would and many other people like a plundering. There are a lot of experience. And the paranormal. And fourteen it feels about. And and you know it's such and then make my and people how all of these. Theory that there there. Alien and then there and old people living underground in. There's all these different theories but then I'm people who have written like a very legal theories that. There. Many different type others. Six but if you were calm them not just. Like one type that excites. Him is it's the bigfoot theory and I was just wondering. You mean you're still learned a knowledgeable do you have any information or opinions about the big foot injury. And Greek question. Yeah. Violent night down he really don't know he makes him real yes yes yeah what about it. Like the size excellent means this. And that there aren't any bit. He and it changed imminent. I don't know anything about me but it. We do regulator reading iron which you remember reading our area Lee Larry well may joining me on don't know where there. Health care. And it's. Are you have him. Moments. Thing. Speaking English heat. Are. There. Okay. But he stomped. Now. It too helpful tips. Merrill and it's eaten with. And you insult to right now. What it when somebody. Else around me two months. We narrow and I went at it. Okay what seem to really had a fascination with leaflets and and an issue at hand and there's a healthy person. Oh god. And he can't he can't help Phoenix on the romance thing either (%expletive) year well and Rome romance. I guess he. Possibly. Some great changes coming for you know inherently it's Harriet and clasping her son and that really share. One nice Hispanic heads telling me. I need to check back I'm sorry you. That's okay around. Same here and you asks you know constant on its ear aches but my future race. Well you can expect many secrets you know any bigfoot its many big for its Phoenix thanks so much for car and hit and thank you. You know those really NASA Phoenix college at a couple great questions they're funky but she didn't seem like Q like you were in tunis and he couldn't make the connection I don't really spend much time in dealing with excellent. Or. Big heat. It's just that's not my Forte I've never been able to actually give a big flat reading. Terrify you so what makes you different from other psychics besides going online and actually looking up there. Personal information to give them a reading on things again not supposed to know. Let's not all home Hallie you Jason I eat sometimes I asked them and personal information. Ali G general level and that's deceased and if they say yes I say his father and letting him own views either. Your mother and Pacino he is Israel and one yes okay. So now I know that they have I loved one. And that's deceased parent has moved back and then passed it is listening begin with an eighth through. And they might say yes and then we sit there is okay is it Alan nice to begin with an eighty. No peak hour. And we can try to cover all the is correct with the name that a loved one that they lost. And as a great answer funky well thank you and a OK let's go to the phone lines we have another caller this is Teddy Teddy welcome your beyond me annuity. And are psychics. This is seen anything funky whom I speaking with. This is certain heights that he and outlook thank you feet and Arctic carrier under our current concern about my my girlfriend. OK am I need to Healy. Yeah a friend at our current. Now now. Yeah you know it's Chris. Polk. It's okay with this is Chris and I was assuming an excellent bean seed there really close to something thank you think it's used. You know orchard sort of carry archery. Oh okay and her reputation Hewlett Lincoln helping us. While I'm just carrying the French recently there may be exchanged she's knocked that in the mean. McCain had him come. Christmas can't. Penny how they act and sorry I have to tell you this but I think somebody else's spending their time and and she's yeah I I think I think somebody else's in her more than me. Morneau who weren't cool. Anything she tends to take carry your neighbor's cat car. Armed well she heard she says that we have goldfish yesterday Seagram a couple of times that very. OK. I am. Conditions sometimes stayed there overnight to take care of them. Here you know there's sufficient they're very needy they're very needy fresh. Yes I'm. Okay caddy even I think you need to move. I think he can find somebody else because she's not taking care if he can McChrystal finished and he's there when she's herself like I said I think. Or send an always there because she says things cheers they're hopeful. He heat she's helping in the petitioner he's definitely into her morning year intact so let's just say that. Her and her happy to help. Now (%expletive) you find it interesting that you are able to help Teddy with his romance question but he couldn't help Phoenix I don't know who's. Losers into something different terror. Now that he's human making nice and started with the peace and then when it wasn't at peace and he's he tell me this Isa right into the season any tomatoes okay. So seeing case sound very much likes her from the scientific standpoint. You look at those confuse. Okay well we're gonna take a break. The telephone number if you do wanna call and speak with funky it's 844687. 76692. Beyond reality radio crazy election night edition don't. Well we have some. Bad news has nothing to do with the presidential election or was that about. Which would have taken off finally get it they just announced on one of the web sites that. The speaker of the house Paul Ryan called trump to congratulate him. On winning the election which in a lot of people's minds are kind of puts it to bed but the in in a funky song and again he got upset me last I don't know. Okay I'm glad I I you know I he's an emotional guy annually and you can tell me tell all tell that long ago. His girlfriend who Samir zero meridia has somebody else's into his girlfriend Morgan I don't know it clarity if you caught that when you listen the planets in that one call juniper. Super bundle Otis I was Morrie Aaron and I. There Arabic goofy Pluto thing my goodness well and Phoenix we really apologize that funky wasn't more helpful to you. But you know as if he's a little off tonight I think I think this whole election thing I mean he really came in trying to keep a brave face. Knowing that just wasn't work alpha but I do think despite the fact his campaign only funded about what 750 donor dollars. He did have his heart behind it so we wish him what's called the it's on the road I'm generally barred from his brother in my world some of that I know I know he I think immunity to go fund we camp and and what he was doing good. We do global have Beck's and nightly news. He's less less emotional. Just so you know four lines are open and give us a call 8446877669. NE 446877669. And honestly it did give us called on anything especially with the chaos that has really ensued with. With this whole presidential election I mean in this is that it's amazing it's just. I don't think any of missile overseas something like this in our lifetime again whether you support from or you don't. I mean this who appears to be almost like a big middle finger towards the establishment and faster when you agree that no I think that's very accurate and very very. Direct way to say it. And I don't I don't agree with any harm I'll be honest with any of the people running we're not my first choice by any means but I'm. But it's just there there can you come down to them to the two that pain you're dealing with had. You know on ours and our system and somebody else who's got their own issues as well also. Well I think I think written into the whole system was due firms among people and I this is what the forming disk seems to be coming in this time around and we'll see. You know hopefully some good good comes of it. I was election falls in Libya and I've really know I mean that's that's so very appropriate Garcia does it's so very appropriate and you know get if you wanna call any we don't have talk about the election dog and anything you want to this is kind of a a free open shot at the phone mine's a 446877669. NL. A good chunk of the country still got themselves glued to the election coverage in one form or another you know wait this thing out into the very very end and I remember back in. 2000 the the election between George Bush and Al Gore. And I went to bed and they had declared Al Gore the winner. And woke up in the morning in any it was they changed her I mean jeez I guess you never now do it it's so funny when you're looking at the different. You know he'd trumps. Election headquarters and and Hillary's I mean. Initially in the night vision there seem to be a whole lot of energy in both in both of and I you see trumps and everybody's slate you know jumping up and down Hillary's everybody standing around juiced. Sort of lost and what's what's going on so that's got to be tough for any of them and I know that they've both put themselves out there they both been scrutinized and things have come come up and come up from their past and. Only Ito again you go back and you look at analyst at least two were friends fighters and an article posits that just because he was given her money if there are pretty brilliant that it was there she was connected in the governments are giving him friendship any assets gebbie you know the funny thing about this is that previously in and somebody was commenting about this on the news earlier in the evening. Previously. Any candidate when there was Clinton her trump with the kind of baggage that each of them head. What does Ben knocked out of the race a long time ago yet this time around both of them with such high negatives with such. Scandal and inappropriate miss on every level both of them became the nominee for their party and came to the president you know became the candidates for the presidential race and that's just that in itself is a very very strange turn of events in American politics. Let alone and I'll be honest I think no matter who if you had anybody Olson and that in the Democratic Party running and besides Hillary it would have been went. You know what I see as he would have been a win without an issue as if you had anybody else if you had only Hillary and Democratic Party anybody else besides trump running in the Republican Party. It would have been a win for the republic would have been so it would not have been as close I mean people. And allies histories when. Anybody anybody running against the other other than who actually was running against the other would've who would one and a blow up because these two candidates work. In many ways the worst of what American politics had to offer and I don't know that's just my two cents in the to stick to it. It Jim remember lying. 2015. There was that geo magnetic storm. That hit the earth yeah I do remember that they're talking about all sorts of a blackouts and and power grid failures and all of stuff yeah well I think this summer you're going to be able to get a better him than usual because. They just found out that it cracked. It created a crack in the Earth's magnetic field. This coming summer 2017 and I think from now you basically get a a better uses gonna go on for noise heads and you know it sounds just right out of a scifi movie by. But it's not at Leicester cracked in the Earth's magnetic field and it's our protective barrier. And according to this study published. Let's see it appears to have weakened our planet and planet's magnetic field. And this candidates have serious problem because the magnetic field deflects most of the cosmic Marie is shielding us from harmful radiation. But. Now there's this big crack and you weather dot com he weathered icons been reporting on so. And it just opens us up to so many different things where annexing you know you can start and getting. Issues with a lot of what you're saying electronics and things like decorating situations and must be. If if there was ever a magnetic poles they shut down electronics. This world would lose their money nobody would know if nobody know how to how to do anything because everybody's so reliant on electronics these days every. Thing would grind to a screeching halt and only that but everything that supplies us with the stuff we need to live. Is is connected in some way to. Electronics in a whether it's or transportation to get food from one place to another or fits in a water supplies up over. In fact percent of all vehicles on the road right now work off a computer crisis yeah. I mean so that would bring motorized vehicles to a to a screeching halt unless somebody had you know an older vehicles. Those would be the ornaments still going to music and it's it's scary matters are let's go back to the phone lines because we've got to redemption call here this is Phoenix calling from god help. Welcome that is Joseph Kennedy it's almost like he. Found out now may finish Soria. I am good thanks to having that I was pleased concerned about a (%expletive) yeah I mean I now let you know. And Irish hit men to just. You went. You wrote you wrote Jimenez and you know are you throw lofty I could see it in his face when you started out trying to get him to say bigfoot which is when I think the whole effort was always there was Allah that that was I don't think itself I don't know but and. That was about portrait. Yeah I. So I get a how he was a little confused he's I don't think he's ever going to be knows what a big foot is critic I. No more than we think he knows that he's keeping it secret pat in the mid America. And I too agree that could be inevitably think I think talking makes an error somebody to somebody communicating with them make some parents and real time via amateur kind of well they aren't and you can you blame me I gave me it looks like you lost a presidential run for me it's a lot he's got to pay back at 800 some dollars now. He yeah he left pretty abruptly when when a disease yet it was it was and we we couldn't use of nor can stop them Wi fi if we figured. Better that he go into it lick his wounds and a lot of maximum today. I would are Max Boot that would be fun you do you. Aaron. So. What do you what he seemed hockey's future. Good to a in the certain. That's funny because he said something about did doing T shirts. You know he had he had he had said in that he knowledge and he had said something about. And it's right in doing his own T shirts and he's out he's gonna launch of some of his his his more appreciated sayings and and some imagery I don't know what these guys are gonna have probably do about it as -- as if to say it's probably gonna fall of the same scrappy as a CD disk and there. I don't buy at our leisure that's a sweet yeah that's even compare them but. And I might start copying and really experience at all I'm sorry if so what do you think it was all this craziness from the U presidential election. You know it is shocking on one hand but then it's completely not need you know I mean. He's on the politician taking both sides of the issue there at geez can run thanks Matt I well. I I. Really behind either of these candidates I I don't know if you I totally yeah. And you know I got in because these things in public but. Well that's that's the problem I think the biggest problem is now that nobody can have. Civil conversation yes a conversation. With him with coming courtesy in the mid EU EU support somebody that somebody doesn't. You know well if you're trump supporter then you're you're labeled as races that via. And and all these other things but if you're a Clinton supporter then you're. You're labeled as well Kate venues you're you're OK with the establishment robbing you blind or being carafe to take our money or or buying it sounds so you you can't win no matter which we go. In even if you're trying to choose the lesser of evils which god only knows which one that is so it's. Lane something and maybe this'll make some sense to some people maybe don't make no sense to everybody. But that is why I am a small government proponent because you can't stop these wackos from getting an office both when he can do is keep the government small enough that it doesn't affect your life as much. Yeah well and I am a firm believer and and being able to do the stuff yourself and and really you know fighting to get it hadn't had in this world and annual U and you were involved in politics and I was I was elected to my county legislature for four years and they served as the vice chairman of the county board and that was pretty interesting for years my life now. We gonna we gonna create a wholesome parties are you there we go there are. I forget that Democrats were just overhaul some. Well thanks thanks so much for calling back and and sharing that was this we appreciate you being on and listened to the program. Well banking here and I'll meet and then as much. And thanks for being there anchored in my life and then in the dark cloud. Now you are sweet or someone you feel better hope you sir feel better soon. Right thanks so much let's take a break chase beyond reality read the phone lines are open 8446877669. We'd love to have you call and we'll talk about anything tonight it's open it's it's you picked a topic tonight is a crazy night. Let's just have a crazy show. That's it you know. Gangster Eric Kahn might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary time dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. Welcome back to beyond reality radio and Jason Hawes GP John. Since it's been an amazing night for a lot of reasons one is the amazing (%expletive) keywords here. And and crazy election but you know what I mean I've got to say this about the election. It's gonna be over in and we can all go back to normal. For the most part well let's hope let's hope that everybody is able to sit there and say aren't you know one. The Sox mark the person I wanted to didn't win person you did what it but move on it's just it becomes a time of of healing and and he and I Z hopefully and I've seen a lot of people post where you know trumpet is and anti gay he's this he's that. If he is. You know that whatever I don't agree with that I'd yeah enough that I don't agree that he is anti gay I just I don't agree anybody being and being a target. But the fact of the matter is in no matter what this country the people we we we never let anything. I think we stand. Unified to form for a people's. Rights. Especially I was down back and you know this is so many different factors that come at a place. One home I think the most important thing is that we you know. You know the chat room does not talk about it after denied and and you know accounted that we can move on focus on move on this or we can just focus on the things that that are more important a slide and pray and pray everything goes better but he. Like what. Like this guy in Concord, New Hampshire now it's kind of curious that New Hampshire is still one of the states hasn't been called and it's neck in neck. For the presidential election and maybe this is a minute mile and a New Hampshire man is under arrest after allegedly assaulting a grocery store employee early. This morning police say a female employee was taking boxes out to the dumpster when a man approached her. Asking if she needed help the man. Who please I've identified as a 21 year old allegedly claimed he was a vampire and then begin running quarter police say. He followed her as she ran inside the store yelling for help the female told. Police that the man yelled just touch me I can see view. Many courageous allegedly wrapped his arms around her when she fell to the ground police say that he then attacked another employee tried to fight him off. So the man claims he was a vampire. That he was doing it to help the girl. In Concord, New Hampshire. Boo. Doing an on camera grabbing people. It's apparently apparently be his either his talks had some kind of magical power or he was gonna bite her thinking that you know. You know the old vampire thing if you get the vampire bloody becoming more or whatever I don't know. I wasn't there game become pretty much walking home dead. You know and mortal man and now if it. That's really confusing I'm back. I have noise. No idea that guy is also banned considered as is now a suspect for a home invasion that occurred a couple days ago and they think that he run to start hugging people I didn't say what he did but it fail they think in both cases. He was. He was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. And he told officers when they were arrived that he was a vampire he was a ghost rider he was captain Jack Sparrow from the pirates of the Caribbean. And he was mr. Mia geek from the crime he kid and he was also the leader of a band so he's very talented individual. It's highly possible it and you know pat pat Moriarty has that there was a mile yeah buster not complex on Mike's and you got to hold these guys and some sort of influence is we we had there was a guy years ago I'm trying to think how many years ago was. But he had broken into somebody's house here and in brown in Massachusetts. And climb in bed and fell asleep and in the morning and am deeply no because that husband a wife and it's there three the oh they woke up in the morning. This crazy dude who's like you would. Pretty much naked is laying in the bed a lot with them. And the husband you know beat this guy profusely is again I was trying to to get our house but I and they held for the count. But I mean. Yeah you guys and supposedly he was under the influence of something where we gotta we gotta take this coats. I am relieved so far but I'm telling you guys and so. And until January comes the new president should take note there whatever that new terms start. Not resting easier until that I think it means think they're going to be easier than they are. But like other people say I still think gum work on network and ever headed toward the tribulation period. I think it that we would have been immersed under her eyes are. We're similar way to when you mean. Which I would put be worse yeah. Com well she is a top illegible than an audience member she is the list of Varian chief of builder burger she's the war monger. All of her crying all the perk corruption and I think coming from someone who supported her way back in the day. With the primary I would have voted for her over Obama. You know but she'd win. But that's going back you know addicted to doubt Nader whatever yeah it's. So I am definitely. Really to an extent more so. That would be. Your blog here in Florida so many things to happen and we don't know what their particular trying to pull. Jay you're in Florida right so you know a prayer as a pretty important state heavily contested throughout the entire election season. Did you see go on this way for trump. That people I know the majority of the people like he's split in Vero Beach you know it because number that is. And now I'm a part in Gainesville in the air picked out. And the majority of the people I knew were going to. Were voting for trial there try and time all around whatever old rule area luckily I didn't wanna warn people that. Just in general went when times get route whenever that's gonna happen. You're going to be better off getting out of this city because my K I write it happen for whatever reason it's gonna hit this city departed and perked. Yeah that's why Jason and I know that's why Jason I had a bunker in New Hampshire. 22030. That the move everyone into the city. And right right Jay we got about 22 you about twenty seconds. 22. Well it's ivory Apollo one. And I know what everyone you have twenty seconds of your is your show for Tony second Scopes. Well look up into the galaxy and I don't want to waited the people Phillip price but people people feeling that washes over me can only mean I've won the victory fire heat demon spirit that is where there is true fear I have. Walked alone with someone. But it's with the ultimate fate that I annoyance they from what I hear I will be where it is beautiful when he says I'm welcome all. They'll grant thanks ladies thanks. And being on the program. I'm a reminder tomorrow night Diane angels and a the BM's business and deftly also a big shout out to win Hoffman who came on tonight and last second. And also the music hockey who came on our Dallas but a we checked out went off and Wayne Hoffman dot com he's a great novelist I have actually sent a lot of this stuff he's been on everything from Howard Stern and that Ellen DeGeneres and and endless other shows and in these funds and he's he's funny too so we ought to have him on for a longer length yes. We can get take calls into readings and stuff men and thirst and we've got Timothy Renner who's a writer written for several publications about strange things around. The country must specifically in Pennsylvania we're going to be talking about all those things including the legend of tote road in the seven gates of hell. It's gonna be fun justice but again a big shout outs all you thanks for tuning in tonight and I was a little hectic especially with the election and you know channels bouncing back for us from staying in the election some not so sorry about the inconvenience with that and a now it happens but we want to deal with than any more tomorrow we can all start healing or crying or doing whatever Prada. Streets NGV you'll have a good night beyond router did you catch tomorrow and. And you know you need us to discuss its. I'm Alexander Charles her and her Connolly you know I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page and give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality read you all one word if you've got information you want us to follow what font or you'd like to be guest on beyond reality radio. Email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.