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Gun Talk 11-6-16

Nov 6, 2016|

Particular firearms, ammunition, different types of recreational and competitive shooting, hunting, even politics. We do not talk about conspiracy theories, though -- no black helicopters, please.

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Loved it oh. It's time to load up bugs and intellectual ammunition with Tom impressions done talking and it doesn't matter if you learned to shoot with the Daniel boon for your brand new. So welcome here. This is the original national talk show about guns and Tom Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics and politics so grab your phone and call in right now. 86682554864. Just dial one top dog gone. Now here's stop. Today on Todd Grisham. He's done well. What the upcoming elections were don't know. But do they are and more. Call and now we're doing a report. Watch Tom talk now here's stuff. O'Reilly on congressional and we're going to be talking about guy. Yesterday because this is in fact gone to like to join us right here all you have to do is give us a call 866 talk on your junior execs that Sandra. Overall not Twitter I am gonna talk on FaceBook just look for gun talk for the unborn media on FaceBook. You can join us over there we have a lot of ways for you to be in involved there. Yeah gore on this group. No. Is no and I doubt there's anyone who has not made up his or her mind. About the election the only question is. Will people be dissuaded from actually going to vote. I feel I'm. I made a point to not. Do early voting I don't know why exactly it just felt like I wanted to do it on Election Day. I wanted to. Have the full experience of Election Day now where I am I just checked I believe the polls are gonna open at six. ADM. Stronger beer there were an open or me either wanna do that or get that done I wanna be part of the process. It's beyond huge what this election means an oh so many ways. We can talk about Supreme Court or government or court judges. Regard about. Multilayered. Assault. On your right. There have been waged by the clintons for the last thirty plus years. An ongoing. Long distinguished. Career of assaulting your rights. There she said. Borough board she's as well yeah before they call it obamacare the color Hillary could care who you are we do. Those who you know out. Older though wouldn't know or may be a forgotten. War before Obama here Hillary as First Lady unelected. As First Lady. Ran the task force. To overhaul. The medical system ensures Medicare all of that in the country basic here's obamacare board there was Hillary care. And make sure that it happened in secret. No reports report this task force. Was doing and Horry after word got out what they were up to you there was a huge. While people are people of objection. Did it get shut down. Viewers that as I think about operating in the secret operating. Behind closed doors hiding what she's doing is where she's always. Always. And. She learned a lot where you do emerge geez she's a good steady. Of course she was own. Or while. Worked on the Watergate commission. She got kicked off the Carter. During nefarious things basically cook the books tried to. Slated to where there would be against. Nixon. What you learned from that they brought to. What was Nixon's. Biggest mistake according to a lot of people. Those those who always reckon that there was. An eighteen. Minute. Actually are a lot of tapes leaders partner mr. Ebert you record. He recorded what was going on. There's. The Oval Office disputes are why did you destroy the tapes as Ursula is. Don't there's. Was basically. Done in by the audio recordings he made the oil. Yeah word she said well I am ever ever. Allow anything to exist that documents were not been doing. And by the servers Byron email servers and smashing. Owns. Talents computers. We're hammers him. Using high and soft word to destroy. The data. On hard drives. She's thinking back to Nixon this is what got mixed this is where I came into all of us. As a young. Woman lot young lawyer fresh job loss grew I watched what happened. To this president United States because he had. Evidence of his wrongdoings. I Hillary Clinton will make sure there's never any. Evidence. Oh my wrongdoing. And you earned well should just happens that. In the digital age. Things don't exist in only one location. If there were physical tapes and they got burned then it's over they're gone. Orders digital. You could restore these stuff on your hard drive but if they have been cheered. If they have been hacked. If they're being copied. If they have been leaked. If your maid which comes out this week in your mayor has classified information. Not to mention Anthony Weiner. Then. Your nixonian tapes will come back to haunt you. All were thing. Lesser cord. Injury. Under groups so many things to talk about. Or the Russian guns. There were told a news new. No they are out or talk about that. I'll sort what is your range reports both from the shooting range and disputed early go to your blood to get a report on what happened to. There big crowds more crowds and by talking about Cubans. Warrior in line. You also. This is a freebie. You give to. Handicap. Election. What do you think's gonna happen. We're Walsh in the polls we've all heard be chattering. May bobs of negativism. If your old enough to know where that came from your old like me that the. Sorted it. Is the lady. Groundswell of support for trump. Does Hillary have it locked up with the Electoral College. And here's the real big one. What happens afterwards. Election news and Judy it's November the eight weapons on the ninth either work. People are buying guns. You know some important thing why what's. What. You think you're gonna be doing out there I don't quite understand some of that. But at same time I understand the sentiment and feeling. About all through come backer we talk about two reports. Pizza Hut employees shoots and kills an armed robber. His handgun. And these two takes all that one from the police and one from the mother. On the armed robber. Who got shot of that to what is your take all the election and I do. Think that term. It's kind of exciting to me. 866. Talk going to be right back. It. There. I want her back. 866 talk gun or you just call. One then Tom talk gunmen wounded two in your library in Norris is without a Houston Texas. She and we've we've got to vote are eager you'd inherit counting on the lines were long or short but at a much else vote and that. Org or call lot of enthusiasm and I'm hopeful that he has as good a bet work tired. Feeling threatened like would you vote Barack Obama. Threatened with our second level right up hope that people will Wear here all of their they'll get out there and they'll vote on Tuesday because early voting over here on Friday. So I'm hoping that. We can be a little more positive about this election even though the poll numbers are kind of cued up tabs I think there's there's a good chance from coal itself. Well I think there's a chance. And here's the thing nor some get your take on this. I know that the polls. People or several polls as opposed to to be pretty good most of the time they're pretty accurate. In this case I'm not so sure because of two things really. One is that we just our report that the majority of the pollsters have donated to Hillary because now of course we know who people donate to. And number true I'm not sure that true conservatives. Are easy to poll what do you think. I got to agree on the filed by congress I've ever had anyone ever polled at. About. Quote. I can't. Unless you go to the we're only up talking about a whole other kind of skewed election took they're correction by Gallup. Poll showed that they're whipping that only people in the fact that it is people here in America. And to shake jet it's flat. To the point where that authority over. Who are on it there's. And I believe that people do. This car. About comment when her constantly people talking about how they don't trust politicians are so against our politicians are. What you're misleading I believe that all have the opportunity. To filing. Appeal to most people have been per ears contract or stricken Arab politician. Or opera or individual. Man. Get caught out and do something I. That's good for the American people. That's not on party Latino we've heard too many pounds about Republicans come out against prompt and I believe I shot it. I've been voting. Predominately conservative and Republican. But I believe. Someone finally got inside their head and they came back into because they keep that threat to the Republican Party and I believed that. But people getting excited coming out to get rallied to I think it may be at determination Oakland what what happened come Tuesday and the. I'm an hour. Well for from your lips are sure ropes or Nortel clinched the call I got mail from William. Is said. It. Is just I don't trust either of the candidates as far as I can throw them Hillary is a known values she's corrupt vindictive. And just plain evil. Robin also known value Robin also corrupt just looking as past and he is vindictive as well. He has waffled on nearly every position he's taken so I don't know what to bully from him. But here's just take away it is. No matter who wins we cannot afford to let up in our efforts for one iota of a second. Because we can't afford to lose one micron of ground in the battle for our rights. Is where I think you're exactly right no matter who wins. The battle over the second member work continues and it will be heated. Because it's. The fortunate that to truly. Want to take away your gun to make no mistake that should. Exactly were they want electric which mean they don't like to go into incremental on you always want background check. Bruce water. Read images won't and when will we do really wanna ban on guns here and we really according to Hillary Clinton should just take a look at that Australian model. If people actually north you'll straight in my Orleans food here is a much here's what happened Australia. You must heard the end your guns. Or go to prison. But the colder volunteers it's a voluntary. What the simple part that if you don't do it you go to jail. Yeah oh. Not assault weapons semiautomatic handguns and rifles and did we Mitch it's also pump action shotgun. As well as autumn semiautomatic. Shotgun as then duck hunting as then. Bird hunting yeah those two got term and we're prison. Clinton thinks we should consider doing that new us. We call. Conference didn't shoot him. New. Why Tuesday's with a driver Arizona Steve. Where you think. Well here's what they expect I think if we were told the truth. Tuesday to what you would be a landslide for Donald Trott. Yeah argued that every that vehicle will need to. Are just gut feeling charges. I think about that one leader's laptop when your role when you're gears. Of a sick pervert. These so what charges app do well. And nobody in mainstream media talked about the the new York and her apartment D&E U. Oh ready group. Charges to be ready and the go to apartment of course and try to tell everybody what you can't tackle our country include peak election. That people knew the truth. They'd be more well I know why would what it started we give thanks. Yeah we let their people talk about Steve. The problem has no one has come out there than. More than enough specificity. For the media to pick up on because believe me there's a media there there were picked up our that they had anything it was very specific. I know what you are referring to we'll see wrong or what's obviously nothing's gonna happen in the next two days so. That was off the table as far as what it. It's going to mean for the election but I do understand who's accurate you're talking about like one will is in Minnesota what your ongoing talks. That are. He thought it await the whites aren't I I regarding commander errant. This is why it it outlook or let go or shouldn't court got. OK okay or who were up what we're back on hole that that voters dropping out so much for Q and on Tuesday authorities say. Let's she wouldn't get into a better spot on the road or go find someplace. Well. But that. That's when these user reviews whatever they're committed the Florida and the conversations are. If we can get will with a better connection here we're won't bring him back again I mentioned earlier that there were they shooting. At a Pizza Hut in Charlotte, North Carolina. Chara police say a pizza restaurant. Employee used to own a handgun to shoot and kill one of three. Robbers holding up the store. That's the year this world's after the storm had closed at 148. In a month. Three armed robbers commit a more guys who works between the shoots one bomb kills. I'd during release the problem there except. Of all of story. Parents. Of these Pizza Hut robbery suspect. Questioned why a worker fatally shot there are Sloan. You Aaron. Richards bitter hard week for the parents. Or workers are songs and armed robber. They got shot term occupational hazard. Being an armed robber somebody may take a potential major shoot Cuba. Here's the line here is here is the territory. Quote there. There were if this is the mother. Of the armed robber who were shot and killed the mother if there are worse to be a death. Was not the place of the employees at pizza. Bet is the place. On law enforcement. There. I. No. Other world got a better signal the cellphone telescoping drug Detroit lakes Minnesota there they will hear back. OK I say wow that's a lot better. But. My situation I'm I'm Gary Carter expander. And I our country and the like it at turning over the Supreme Court to a bunch of liberals. Is it here. Once they learn what should you run you about that. What it. Well what what is going into our but the Supreme Court or what is it that's good skier you what specifically scares you about that. What we're seeing right now we're sort of my rear end out. Oh it actually can end our Ruth Bader Ginsburg Jen charity that they won't go wrong with any. That new web almost all of chipped it to just locks up there there's no comment chapter and it has nothing to do it constitution. What are your love and there are two years their decisions true. In fact the social change they want irrespective of whether it actually is. Covered in the constitution between Hutu alleges they were. This we have this power we'll use that to change America and the way we want to work but Barack Obama was bet none of that sort of Hillary Clinton's. Then of course. We. Were able to hold onto our gun rights by inch room 54 decision. Hillary Clinton says she will fulfill our illness sports report that will only do that she's the the Supreme Court got it wrong on the Second Amendment Hillary Clinton. Yeah when they said we have an individual right you can learn. She says that's wrong and she must fix. Are gone dark blue. Newsletter join the truth squad at www. Guns are dot com. Now that's a good talk with Washington times opinion page regular contributor Tom Gresham. Already about ready. No question about Ortega washing done. Have peace. In the Washington. Thursday get surgery and actually played a bloated version I right you go to The Washington Times dot com you can find and in the opinion section there. The title they are article I wrote or look Trump's secrets. Armed. Army. Yeah but it's provocative or should we get some attention Hillary did hear it got a good Szilard comments on there. Hundreds of first two or three lines out of this as the country races to the finish line marked by the November 8 Election Day. Media pundits pollsters and operatives from both. Democratic and Republican parties appear to have overlooked in secret weapon about to be unleashed. That weapon which will appear at the polls. Is the army of enthusiastic gun owners found everywhere but particularly. In this swing states. These aren't the flannel plaid coterie of hunters who traditionally leaned to the right. Pretend to be almost Blase about the outcome of elections believing that bear hunting guns. Will attract the attention of the Clinton gun ban machine she has promised. To unleash. It goes on Richard fired or Washington times. Dot com. And in it I point out that a third of the people New Yorkers your carry permits now are women. Most interest most interest. Say or go to ruler and a line three out of Farmington, New Mexico lender you're on gun talk why do you not trust polls. Well we have somebody called how to take hold. And when we entered the question they're ugly in a manner that they didn't wanna hear they do come up on that. And so my idea or bad you know if our injuries are gonna excuse their poll in a way that they don't want that haven't you they're cold and they just don't finish beat poet. Hope. No idea what kind of firm question and answer was going on. Am. So they they wanted to know what we're gonna do early voting which we add add add that you Wii remote control our. And and they actually what was. Beat. Most important issue and I can't gun control. And apparently weren't happy with that. Little. This. What you know what that makes me just smile premiered here alone look at what that tells me is that. And that's what they're doing then the polls you're the you're right the polls are not accurate and they're not counting Oscars don't wanna hear that. And what that may mean if if we get America's gun owners all of their collective butts and do the polls on Tuesday. We got a shot at preserving our rights and I'm not mark thank you so much for the call and I'm not talking about. You see how how are actually that's. I'm not saying that. Donald Trump is a savior perhaps I'm just saying that she has announced she will roll. Drop the nuclear bomb on gun rights. Or I mean by that. Background checks are not that all the other stuff is not that. The nuclear bomb the full blown scorched earth. All the fields leave no nor behind you'll kill all the witnesses attack on the Second Amendment. Is the repeal of the protection of lawful commerce in arms pact. Hillary Clinton was asked the war. 22 years ago. No one else of these lawsuits. That were initiated actions filed by cities around the country. The lawsuits they were trying to hold gun makers. Financially. Responsible. For the misuse of their products are not somebody who ends up stealing a gun Smith & Wesson gun goes out and kill somebody with that has an accident where that. And somehow Smith and what he spoke to pay for that. That was good crux. Of the lawsuits. But that wasn't the reason. On the lawsuits the reason. And they were so boldly just told the immediate everybody's and our goal orders to interest or eight America's gun making industry. Our goal based to the media is to put America's gun makers out of business. And if they had gotten they shouldn't go one of these lawsuits. To be successful. They were destroyed America's gun making industry and makers were all closed their doors. Hillary Clinton has made an important part of her campaign. To repeal the law that protects the gun industry from these bogus junk lawsuits. And to hold gun makers responsible for people do when they need this year's product imagined suing Ford for the issues over car. My truck driver during the that's the nuclear. Attack. And Elsa Wheeler we still have a second look there but no punishment in any guns and more. You you have to or lotion and so we're unsure eight. You have to go vote for your right. And urged have so much we're I bonobo referred Gary Johnson really you know you voted for Hillary Clinton you voted against. Gun rights. Richard it. I know your sneakers stand on principle I get that. You know in your heart. Vote for Gary Johnson. Hopes Hillary Clinton you're vulnerable for her. And you if you didn't have that option of Gary Johnson you were voted for trump. Are true simple vote for the libertarian candidate in this case helps. Hillary Clinton a gun banner. You can varnish it anywhere you want but that's the actual act of he's pretty simple. It truly is so. Who are. These people who won't stick or your parents. Who are the people who think you basically have no rights. I go back her brother or 67 years ago. Where and then should may or Shreveport Louisiana. Senator Glover. At Brigham recorded. Usually work for the traffic stop course and come kindergarten. So why is there personable than you have you have rights. During a traffic stop when the book when you're faced with the police you don't have rights workers. You would normally do if we never court workers so here is. Cedric Glover. Former mayor of Shreveport Louisiana talking about your rights being suspended and it. Your traffic stuff. You're right to their equipment. Suspect. Simple as that you are and how they think that's not a good we will hear and you're right. Well because. You're just the PR. I'm costume regains control Dudack. Although it's just so cool. We love to give away stuff that are friends of reverse that thought they go. Oh you like to give voice does how about not just forgotten about not to guns how about not free guns about interviewing for guns this month. Sure gonna go and talk dot com. Slash win grand prize from each week we'll give Oregon. We won a mark for just a week to render American postal compact week three the brand new Elsie PH who. With two great trigger and report week for an SR 1911 yeah baby. We're nearly four guns this month are gonna do is go to go talk dot com slash win. Or enter for a chance to win that is. And that is sweet stuff you don't see videos of all these guns on our YouTube channel YouTube dot com slash. Gun talk TV that's YouTube dot com slash go and talk. TV. Hurt too darn sweet also you can editor where Liberty's safe HDX 250. At liberty say dark on the Gergen or three of those on November the seventh lot of stuff going on here. Mike is in Kansas on line one they might talk to me about this voting thing. Yeah what I imagine there's an organization. Better than an hour researching. And Freddie in the voting machines and now they history until about the last twenty years and anyway I'm. What amount is not the local precinct level but at the counters. They can basically. The election mark what are what do you wanna call it the way they wanted to come down organization up. Does have a web site I got I can check out. It's black bar option doting dot org and what amount stood. It's it's got quite a capability on what Trump Organization China blue end tried to exit point. And I am basically it it'll show the problem. But what it happened in the Democrats have gone. I'm not filed lawsuits enforce state trying to prevent any exit polling to be taken them in the battleground state. Yeah congress are trying to say earlier intimidating voters leak and Tim maybe intimidate them if they've already voted I mean come on give me a break. I Mike thanks very much as Black Box Voting dot org I don't know anything about it we go take a look at Houston Matt. Marty sliding four in Florida. Alabama Maurice you're gonna talk. Well thank you. Her own news item this morning. About half asleep that said something about a guy wandering around outside the camps. The white house with a good. And of course they stopped haven't talked to them and to discuss a way into. What are the things they charge him with was possession of unregistered. Ammunition. But what are urged me. Well the cute to block your thoughts were not three thoughts one. This is the media reports we don't know of any of its true or how accurate it is true this is indeed see. I don't know. If they have work armor for registration. Of ammo there and three how would Norah would you know. It is because girdle serial numbers are they on him but to your point yes that is exactly where reward reward to the place. Look at California where. You would have to. He'd have to do a background check too by. Ammunition and then run on the heels of that will be. Well how much in mission do you actually need and then those who don't know in certain countries. When you get ammo in shooter you must be able to show every round of brash. That way you can always have possession of the brass and the lower rounds. They won't know you didn't give or share worse soul. Single round of ammunition. To anyone so to your origin your concern your right on the money that that stretch where. The Clinton gun ban machine would like to think it's like to raise the brock's New York mayor ray you're up. They come as you know calling from our point zero not even ground zero being here in New York. This is basically that the played far more park are the people with the nuclear bomb you're talking that was gonna go walk. And I want to compare the eve of the election to another important eat in American history the heat of the battle of the Carol pence which is. You re re re re re re held up. Ray we got thirty seconds you've got a new podcast go. What Donald need to do is ask all the 110 million. Gun owners in this country all the legal gun owners for one single boat just want time. Get off the couch like you said and then if we is that he has moved the two words they can all point to the state government go fired. Feel what we do have an exit clause on the presidency. If after four years or we don't like him we think he betrayed us whatever. Would you send them packing and meal and you're out here to report Rea appreciate that here by the way if you don't know helicopter gun salute. Grew up one by our great great great great ancestors. Were the central figure. In the battle confidence. And so. A little alone but pretty cool. Element of American history. Took about 866 talking gun is our message here are number you can join us. Are you early voting and how were the crowds can you talk to people what are they saying. He really think there's a groundswell is gonna come up and support from the get him elected. Also it just short armed border talk about a brand new rifle and we're pretty cool way you do. Guidelines for. Reed Johnson shot on Lake Charles, Louisiana made Gerald. Inherited a M 13030 car range from my father. And it's thanks up fifty years old and ask didn't you you hurt here carting. I bought mine Carl arms and head out on the future. Input on that. Well I don't know if you shutter if you looked at much the thirty K caliber car being round is basically a two story it's not a very powerful. But it would be perfectly fine if for deer hunting if you use a rite boats before metal jacket bullets which are very popular comment. Are not good for your opening but there are few outfits now lowering good. Expanding bullets in the 3030 and it would be an excellent out 20050 yard. Do your card you shouldn't be any problem at all. Followed suit is that they have somebody standing lounge at. There's been let go or not and I didn't. Sixty round might have been shot to Greg hunter outage and paralyzed. Yeah pretty typical well that's that's who we are deathly hold onto it. Shooter to a measure bans gun dueling where that figure out the Rangers have some fun. How or what about mounting a scope on that. It recession all. There are ways to do it to Wilbur problematic. They were more with the word out of summoned over a good system for mounting the scope or they're more on car being known. And what you want your Michelle singers Scott's group might be the way to go well. But give us call if you heard doesn't matter how work for you let us know Johnny's people Lester was Hubert gonna help you out there appreciate the good call. I got this email from another John. He's sure he was polled. And answered there would come out the polling them is an anchor regarding that one. Personally called consider polled and then we started entering basically with their conservative values and said that the issue do they vote on his. Gun control the poster. Hung Opel. John says. It was boulders to answer the questions. You know Cory in my beliefs. Just as I answered. It Charlotte late. They were not liberal enough for the pollster. And the pollster laughed in trying to be little ol' me. It's not completely appalled and we're not lowered answer so they would hate my answer. Well look there's to data points. Pollsters. Who. Either stopped the poll. When they weren't getting the pro Clinton view point or tried to be little. The person who's being polled. When he answered with his conservative gun rights oriented answers. Jim just Raeburn when trump wins. Pollsters can what can claim that he fixed the election of course there's a look all the polls show that Hillary was in the lead. If trump wins them something had to be rigs on them. Except that. You know were that old. Polls are slanted polls are simply. Not just here's the important part not just inaccurate. That's when things are great you're just not very good. Poll. Okay well. There incompetence is one thing. Corruption to a whole different. And if your cooking the books on the polls. And of course the idea is our previous caller said is to convince the public or it's over don't even bother going to the polls this is a lot Hillary's got that she's won the Electoral College you know widely known owner and you have to go vote board think there are people in uniform you owe it to their people. It Arlington national cemetery. You owe them. Your time to go to vote how dare you not him. For more than that you're gonna do the down ballot vote senators. Congress. Because that's who's going to be the stopgap if Hillary didn't electric super stopper only conference. Don't think it's gonna be there but you're gonna have to show up. Here's that wherever it takes make your friends it's simply going to be rumor come back a new arrival this thirty. Loved it. It's time to load up bugs and intellectual ammunition with Tom cousins go and talk it doesn't matter if you learned to shoot with Daniel boon for your brand new. You're welcome here and this is the original national talk show about guns and talk Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics and politics. So grab your phone and call him right now. 86682554864. Just dial one jobs are gone. Now here's stop. This is Tom Gretchen got a new dog now available on iTunes and other broadcast Clark's hand on the brink Gundy Helio Smartphone app for iPhone and android. Feel free to call talk now that one Tom dart gun. 48668255486. Or email Thomas doesn't talk dot com. Now once again here's job. Hey welcome back to good. 866 talking on YouTube here and of course yes we are talking about the election and we're gonna continue to talk about the election. But we also were talk about guns and shooting and fun stuff so. I had to bring him a friend of mine to tell you about thing we did few weeks ago while millions of secret location in the desert actually in Las Vegas, Nevada part convention complex a fellow player on the but it probably the payroll Doria. I'm good he made that sound like it would area 51 or something luck laws things. That we didn't feel you're right we had think flying around things we could talk about it at times. We work which staged when customers like rumored concepts are. We've got a new move fleeing a product red color product X for could be total order or other weird but it. You'll it's. Believe we never had eighteen that was that's a secret noble. Orca and course it was a brand new no jealousy than like it oh my god. Sprint phone we know they are shifting I might add. Nobody ever seen one before or the first could always sell well giving them before the good news is at least years. Write it down. A it plays new forever like you wouldn't believe a big thing for us. There's a huge deal until we decide to short often report with I was pretty cool way I think it turned out that where we're told that pop purple lose because Telemar you have lined up to shoot. We had 100. Knocked down pepper targets from a proper proper. I targets American target some of the small ones some of the full flight warned. It's spread out between now left in between what twenty and thirty yards in in a wave came in Roseville. Analysts point. I have I guess for wrote according to find that really wasn't aware you would've set up from shortest time. But look good home video. No I need you know it's funny we were I think about OK as long as you like this in this in this. And he says now. Arian articulate better on camera he's human ways to end of the first bike that I'm not gonna be that hard I can do that but. And that he shot fifty or sixty. Telling the album. Man my depth perception. Kind of went away knowledge about what to outline of a target might come until several times like no we're not down one that went no no doubt one. Are where we we call but this thing pop purple lose obviously named after the proper proper proper targets. Hundred steal a target I used in those who have achieved ignored YouTube well we're gonna talk our media site or this reform aside and take a look at. It was really tons of fun and that the video we got with these drone up there in the various cameras in there we shut these. Behind the scenes I'm glad we did that because. That barrel got so hot. 120 around the fragile MO 100 degree day chart in a minute. Get they get on really hot. They have and they danger she door touching in the middle. Like hot spot so when we pick I think back to get better until the men don't even touch this thing it literally thought I mean I can't I just lost. It's a weed through what will put a washcloth on it but started to pour water on the wash cloth. And it just demon in general Michael OK this is harder than they think it is. This it is really really hot. Now I know I gotta give I gotta get spring firmer some props here while ago we took the gun out of the box and we started running and predator Mo MO is not like. Real friendly animal for guns anyway it's that kind of dirty get Camby and I don't think in the whole day of shooting review and two other shooters for 346. Shooters they're altogether. I don't think we have had a malfunction. I don't I don't remember one we never had one in mind and I think. I made either five or six runs through. The Popper pollute up plus whatever we shot for some pick up for B roll and. Well hello Steve shooting with Kyle's shooting well and that's why we can't be shooting we have Doug Williams sister shooting. That's right everybody else shot too as well I think and we only have to again. Sort of that they would they would you know at that point that's how many existed. But I quit this thing is come together. And adapt to that point we know we are a lot of around Britain you know we'd probably from cleaning schedule. Just was his oats would go. And you write about different dilemma to the present the reason we don't he's credible for anything other than a training environment is the fact it is. Relatively hard to make it work literally light bullets. And began to report per. And let us everything. We can't ticket for rent at the time because I think about it. It's not unusual to have issues with ADRs especially right out of the box and news related to the bell a lot of women. We don't have English yeah I mean I didn't think about that until later went on us pretty cool. Yeah I PR I never thought about till now I just you know we expect everything we ever to make toward Urquhart the I wouldn't if I wouldn't be any different Specter right it would mean that we can again. When are you friendly more ammo and handgun and no matter what the brand and again there's always. A certain amount of it's just been seeing this liability the debate so you know again we're pretty good. All right so you've got to do you never know anything like this before you as you said you've never seen that many Popper and arranged before. I probably eighteen Rangers were through all the based on the Miller 200 target. But I've never seen anything like that and more fulfilling I think enough to give a hundred target. Guerrilla. Mode owner sir here's the real question before I know. Just how much fun was that. It's so much fun as you get if if it looks like it's a lot of fun then you're underestimating how much finalists. Yeah you guys never get a get a chance to do that he's never gonna have a hundred tall person. He's never gonna have an unlimited supply am all let's not underestimate that is different trends that federal gave us that kind of ammunition. And we get our very best to get rid of all of it however we were unsuccessful but unfortunately had to take some home. But. I'm on the look at that. So it's a pair of the thing that's funny about pomp and this whole concentration thing helmets you know everywhere well she's cute she's just span after about. Just the concentration. Two of them you lubavitcher poll on internal against Eddie given the dot on the right target. That process after thirty or forty consecutive second. Pelican matchup and all pushing for five seconds and and then run to another position you for two seconds it's. Fundamentally. The only breaks world. When doing the reload. Which while admit they didn't do particularly fast and part of that might have been gimme a break but I'm not stand out loud. Become the birth it was for taking more and. I know what the Keating and I don't mean to sound like candy but after focusing that many times is that many shots in a row. I was glad when the last targets fell down but I would also equally. Ready to do it again immediately after the bell got a point. There wasn't whether it's a heat wave coming up you couldn't see through this group. It was a hoot and a half we and then we did training tips we've got to Steve Porsche route got a lot of Schmidt we got Jason Burton. Or chippy doing pieces we really have liked doesn't slaughtering dozens of videos now or be put more up as a girl. The best part Tom Kean coming magazine diluted that day yeah. Nine how many are they picked up and after that we just tentative initially tons and my god do you really somebody brought me again. Brought me. Yeah. Dozens of bloated magnet and brought me on her target instead a mob forming. Well she did not match truth everybody would like to do rumbling. We pure receiver you couldn't have a better day in the I guess they. Hopper pollute our tell us record in the shape it's and they ar fifteen rifle and I know that while people said okay well. Why minorities have they are drifting to monitored than usual simple. Well Springfield didn't have warned their art from the people who are screened for all armory advocate and customers and loyalist. They want a woman with a string for a minimum. Did the high time we had when it's the end. Too long the we haven't had a fight fight six slash 23 caliber rifle. The political environment that we're in right now. And the social world. People are looking at things differently in my cap. The value of the rifle is kind of this program we have which were calling. Defend your legacy in a year responsible for you do when you're responsible for things to be responsible for. Your safety and protecting which you have. You know I'm people's right to remain a competitive but if you gave me situation were anything. Bad ever happened I grew out of the better than a typical Baltic political but I Adler have rather have something else of all the platforms that are out there. Nothing is easier tissue well easier to handle. Then that platform rifle for weeks sit down sit okay we're gonna make it's time we've waited too long we need this thing. What are we enemy because well we didn't wanna start in the you know 3000 dollar campus competition so we want something the average guy dinner. It believes the right out of the block and that. Is what we went for. So when we look for this aspect like the QL of the but beyond sick on the two on the Taiwan with a better trigger an apparel which you anymore I ever saw. Told the people is probably come added to it from there they want to ball carriers forget how to make the most reliable ball carrier how can we make them better this the next step back. This rifle. Has all the little things it's gonna make a reliable durable accurate I mean everything you would ever want it the platform itself for just stability for. Small people big people of life it's quick it's compact it's easy to manipulate. I mean this. I mean I don't know how much I can say about it. Having to. It's good to commit a really good price sparring we're talking to show the world around that should have 100 maybe even slump several hundred dollar street price range. Yeah I think I think in SRP is a 99 so I always. Felt they after the probably be around 77 or fifty box approach street price of us on it. The current very cruel what's called the saint it's for Springfield armory on the sprinkle Henri web site. And we're joint news go to YouTube and check out sprinkle almonds page there are urged channel. And also we're gonna talk media channel and look at the pop up or lose or just search for par purple loose and you'll see. Not just this is what you did that Iran but the behind the she's Heller came together in the room footage and that's the crazy stuff and you know they just. If it almost makes somebody understand what it's like to be on the that was us which is pretty. And we don't have enough it's kind of a crazy time. It is a crazy time that there is. Not nitrate can afford it's it's a blast I can't wait till we can think supplemental. It's pretty much Veronica it's helped saint anger check out comparable loser was probably from Germany she just a guy rock a rifle. We're right back. Hard equity 866 talking gun written an open lines down pretending you are talking about it and go on what you think about buying sure we can talk about. If you're wondering. Should be buying guns. In this election. Well of course your shirt or if you give me or reason for buying and then I just think that new gun isn't just a fun thing to do. If you don't have a concealed carry governor Europe self protection go and and that's another subject altogether. Because it's. It's not just the gun. It's a package of framing mindset. How do you keep but how do you carry that. Oh where do you carry a 0000. Speaking of which. Tuesday remember. Them on the state approval lost but in most. States. You may not legally carry a gun into a polling place that is not true and a few states. But just remember that if you are carrying. You are leaving your car or make some of the provision for as you cannot carry. Into a polling place in most. States to just be aware. So the question is do away should I have a gun or protection bureau. It's not for everybody. It's right for me because that's my mindset I have my mindset is. I don't want to. The safety depend upon. The mercy of someone who has no mercy. I don't want to bet my continued existence on this earth. On some maniac sighted to not. Kill me or just hope just the odds of not happening. I understand it's unlikely. So it was a car wreck and I Wear my seat belt or retirement game. Because I have the interest in firearms. Because I haven't. Made the effort I've gone to the schools I've done work it takes to become competent at some level and don't pretend that it. I'm super comparable pretend I'm super an injured America. But I have some current level of competence. I decided I'm going to take care myself or my family. A great many people have decided that they too he or she lots and lots and lots of women who decided. No risk and take care we welcome them take the police report. Integrity of the hospital after being raped and beaten. Be deported being unrecognizable. Will take weeks. Recover and months of surgeries. To repair the damage. Assuming that they don't put me into a body bag. So no I'm not gonna depend upon somebody at the end of the phone line. To try to find me turner can get because I mean a time your calling. You're in the middle of a maybe it's even over. There's things tend to happen very quickly. There's a lot of women's side younger carry a gun and I'm gonna get training. Here's. And here's the point the gun by itself does not make anything happen. Actually go by yourself. Could be argued that its familiar. It certainly could be a liability if you don't know which are doing with people all are gonna go but I'm not alone. And pushed around and you can just get yourself hurt you if you pull out a gun. And somebody else has won and you may have prompted them into action. And now you've got an unloaded gun you have nothing to do with. There's nothing that you can do. There are so many things for you to know. We talk about these four levels of competence. It's fun to talk about it but actually makes all the sense in the world there's these. Unconscious. Incompetence that's where you don't know that you touring company you you don't know what you don't know reacts. And then there's the conscious. Incompetence. Where OK you know realize that you are in fact incompetent. Wow I had no idea though I didn't know the stuff. And then there is. Unconscious. Are conscious competence. Which means that you're competent but you have to think about it to make yourself do what you need to do and then you can reach supporter of being unconsciously. Competent which means you can actually run a gun. New reload and shoot while you're doing other problem solving getting people around the way. You simply don't have to think about the firearm at all at all. It just happens there goes clerk you do real hard and you name and you do. That's when you're really room. And you really do what you need to do that that's a low we need to reach. David is on line three out of Fresno California Stephen Young gun talk. Catch the first fact protect Colin commissioner my playlist. Old voting ballot. I want to go local liquor. Early voting about Foley boot a bit ago. I didn't find ten minute like whenever I voted or it's like Mel king I mean five. Should provide Cambridge to make and got two different times. Chain got their ballot. Whenever he goes I talked to the clerk. He's there you know going longer support and eat it Peter. And now at all like melatonin. Don't worry about it come to carry got the balloting took off. So that end I had that clerk and she's into it at California that it only ask RT and I told her I understand that. And Omar what don't they kept doing trying to you don't get it wouldn't boot and no they're allowed to change it. I got a saying and I tried out for the manager but no one came out you mean in chapter five. I. So they where they came and got their ballots and then left the building and then came back. Yet this black tank it would wasn't. And one Mexican guy made shorter or who he didn't know what was going on. That part tidy and then I bet that another attempt and that and why the second time though and sang like I can with them automate some guy. Got our our got to figure out OK obviously he's bringing people in. Haven't made up about they go outside he fills event for them. And Joe's room and then. The Hispanic guy comes back in terms it and spending I have no idea what that's going on. Which you've got this guy who has worked in the polls and yeah I mean I. I give it. Big Carl let. Making sure their record vote I called voter fraud. I guess it's just been flown into the guys moving forward through the Democratic Party behind the scheme. Only say that I. 866 talk gun. Are you going to vote Tuesday you'd click throughs to refute. And let's talk about it. What's your opinion to make a difference log onto our website and take big guns are bowl. WW W dot gunn's dark dot com. Now once again. The opinion page regular contributor for The Washington Times spears done. I love America and talk 866 talk nuggets who enters one home talk gun okay. This is breaking news in the not in. Consider the source that is the Washington Post but. Probably accurate in this case as five minutes ago as I'm speaking to you right now. Headline is FBI director combing says agency won't. Recommend charges over Clinton email no this is not from two months ago this is from five minutes. Ago. Story says FBI director James B Ko we notified key members of congress Sunday afternoon. That. After reviewing all of the newly discovered Hillary Clinton emails. All of them but the sabres 200000. The agency's staff and news. By its original findings against recommending charges. Call me wrote that investigators had worked quote around the clock close quote. To review all the emails found on a device used by former congressman Anthony Weiner. I had been sent to or from Clinton and that. Quote we have not changed our conclusions expressed in July. Or lose quote. Rip artists. This is the same weekend that the New York Post says the Clinton would send classified emails to her may need at home whenever print them out for error. Made without. Merchants of course. So Kawhi is that the given. Is there any wonder. You shouldn't say okay. She will lose careless and reckless. Heard senator herb which generally send people to jail. Was classified information. Born to recommend. Any kind of action legal action. Won't. Really. Murky. Reminded of that scene. Sean Connery in the untouchables reached as what are you prepared to do. Well you. There's. A few phone calls a harness that. Make sure that all your friends are voting. Two day. It is you do understand. Pretty much the only. Hard we have left to play. There's. Simply not let her get collector. And frankly. To kick Republicans and Michigan's. So yeah I would do in this YouTube because we don't like what you've been to an either or we're we're gonna electoral. Yes that upset you that's good wee bit upset for a long time about that well. Line one Erica when this out of junction city Kansas. Erica you're gonna talk. Hi mom. I have if I won't book report and what you I have full early the next try it they. And that lessons that I would teach you went to the right I attribute it to implement all the pertinent quote that normally. You. He's gonna get your vote while you're still around. A. There by truck but luck that they I have some of the heartland here. Eric is compelled me approximately how many people are echoed what their lives how many pilgrims followed it up IP. And I have a board that I'd be hit over eighteen content or older. And ultimately. They would cap is at that he if they're lucky some island Od that followed played long. I think you'd like to visit his. And I completely didn't I follow Glenn Holland that left them a lot that people. Who week behind me so I cold and backing corps now a boat and actually put a problem. All right Erica and that they. Know. Thank you it's a wonderful range report actually is considered voting report budget due to capsule like this. Richard you're urged every Erica said. Junction city Kansas where to vote. It took per hour waiting. Lots of people there. She's a bare their for an afternoon siesta poll workers general Tommy do you think you've had come to vote so far that's in about 18100. Jewel. Comes with a pair of Norman's wolf in other years at this time today on early voting we may have had a hundred. People 18100. Vs 400. Question do you resolve itself. Who's more voted motivated. The vote. Who do you think is motivated to be increased to turn out. By eighteen times. Do you think it's Democrats or do you think it's people reporting for trump. You thinkers its ground swell. Each execs talk on like two William isn't Collins Mississippi. Hours gut wrenching question hey there. Our little insurance. The one voting your vote in terms ignorance from below there's no excuses in here at little. And her cronies poetry will it mean note she was delivering world. Glued. You have the dominos might have not heard any and only so later. It's a little more. And she also our way and there's nothing and look likes to call. You got home we FBI director saying well we couldn't find it in tip to break the law appears. There's nothing in the law that requires intent. The low special effort to be written to eliminate. Intent. If there's been tipped to break the law on class to my doctor just called treason. But the law that we're talking about words written so that they were removed that aspect of intent. So that you could be found guilty. Just by being. Sloppy. Or incompetent or inattentive because they wanted to make report that. This stuff is important these are our nation's secrets this is the stuff that keeps people alive. If our enemies get a hold of this summer are people may well die. So we're gonna make it really really important in order to have chiefs to this law and we're gonna require you to to not. Just not haven't kept we're we're we're gonna say. If you are sloppy and you are classified documents loose. That's a crime. If you are incompetent. And your allow curse word documents to get to people who work do not have curses. That's a crime. Except that for whatever reason. The director of the FBI James whom he says we're recruit the media. Notre seven champs or gay students. And nothing to see here move along. Our interest. Let's see here 20 we are. Our run and long again up I've had a ten to do that let's do this Rebecca Quick break here. And they were we come back and got married all the line though gore who Emanuel we'll get reviewed and it also will take your calls comments questions have you already voted. What were the crowds like what are you hearing. When you talk your friends and yeah I know we can go hang out with people who. Traffic thing where we do. Where are you hearing any really staunch. Defense. Hillary Clinton are there people who use area she is the end all. NBA all are hearing guy I was. Don't like from. Well 866 strong guy. Good reports of lots of our return out. Heavy heavy early voting they're good no sources I would not be going on Tuesday he stated characters and not let you vote twice only Democrats and. Okay that's going to affect your Allegra. If the farewell scholar and from Las Vegas lines remain well many welcomed on talk. Hi Tom so much and it's not I'm an American with Mexican descent. And I seem to be getting automatic green from my family with small Mexican. You know warning born in Mexico where we've been out all or long term supporter now I'm a better. I have walked in. Note to uphold and the Fed cut to get our the United States. Now out of Mexico and able to turn them back. So how little like Columbine telling them they want it should or should I believe that the way I feel. And the contract without I don't hear about it near the country other than Mike urged. Well let me ask your question yeah I'm. You have to help me because I may be going way down forever hold your goal in America shouldn't go but your thumb. I guess my course should be I'm making a lot of assumptions here OK so Camille Little slack on that. Is that I guess I'm just got to be that a lot of port truck the concern would be were trucker said about immigration. Ex senator senator my question would be do you believe the people should Obey the law. Oh definitely. I mean if I had something that's not what I don't make you they'll bring order. That would urge you that would be my question to people are giving your hard time because what every sport I'm hearing there's a war trump is saying is that. If you want to immigrate to the United States. Then you should go to the process that millions of other people have gone through which is legal. Immigration. If you do that welcome it's great if you don't you're breaking the law. And you shouldn't you're we've got a problem with people who break the law I guess my question would be to anyone anyone involved in this let's say. Don't you think that when people should Obey the law and and a beverage or civil the woman. All I'm saying every technique. Is if you want to immigrate to the United States you must Obey the law under through legal means where's the problem I guess let me ask you. Where's the problem and what would the answer be if you put that way your friends and family. Well I mean not rhetoric and other back actually. I'm a mutual formula to have some apparently you know that eat in you know integrity you're doing and you know Arnold. The hard workers whatever called Eckert a well. Aguilera. They wouldn't be eighty broke the law ear when the king that year and took some time somebody and he believed that. You're okay with that no I mean I'm not to. She the benefit of my country. If that means no no. Putting political Walt whatever it is I mean that's what we got it to mean regardless of what it's. I mean at your age you card that gets to me explained it to them you know I just can't get a political out there and they're so they're so close minded about. You know you know patent that department I'm Mexican culture I think like that and it's just it's hard to explain to let you know no I. Not right you know. Let me ask your question if I made an assumption about all Mexicans. That they should believe one particular word or they do. Saw people would call me racist. But the sum up hope that there are they get you should believe that way because you're Mexican descent. Why isn't racist. Oh no it is semi I had a big argument which is what might that not to load go every eagle resident of the stretch yen eaters. We just took a cheer that what you just the leader then actually more Mexican you know where I'm not a moment American you know much inter American public health it's just. And let me leave you with this man went after row understaffed and look what the loss do you think it's OK to break. Distribute your certificate with you break the law that we commend the country's revenues go to break all the votes. Earlier being mayor. I'm so proud to have you as a veteran of American. You're thinking clearly my friend do not. Let them get you off of that and just keep talker and keep asking the questions what are the laws is looking to break. He's prepared brick walls everywhere are no real I don't do what we're on the people who Premier League. It's wrong hit still legal but they could always say. Our body has held in line to go from myrtle point Oregon Bobby welcome to go and talk. Well thank you for taking my car so and it Schroeder the first ever followed. Well thank you for pillow and so tell me what are your mind. Wept on my mind is it can't you'd think you very much bird out of the year program but for. Talking about battle trap bet I election coming up in the import. Order. Sportsmen and get numbers to be out there then and be sure to cast their vote I just think it's wonder what you're doing apps. Well what do you now understand your new to shooting a gun ownership how'd you get into. I against an Hispanic and use their forward thirty some odd years that we've been here. And I hate early in my life I was Celtic and pointed at our real fear of guns. And so I wanted nothing to do with them and then. I know that I trust him so much and he thought it would be a really good ideas for me to learn how to shoot it out and a weapon. And abilities. Stick it me under his guidance that we spot and that I elevator and it just it's my hands very nicely and it's all ladies elect and how many things very big bad. I'd be doing that day lights out of that. I'm going to cut about Donald Trump. You know first of all become big out as Jim are our producers in the big got a war to your husband that's. Very good and you've got that's difficult review written and held up at gunpoint. You know you take a while but he'll do it again it's not the the tool that held you up there was a person to recruit and decide you know do good for you to try and decided to secure yourself. Moon. Why are you voting for trump. I am so sick and tired and weary nation is going. Into debt they're gonna try to take a way our deadlines. And it they try to take away heirs got rights the next thing should be on is is the ability to bring speech. And they just they hope that we have no choice except to reelect our two lead acts. Donald Trump bad and I just am so glad you're you're talking to every about everybody about it because thank you that a big audience out here. Well I sure appreciate the call Bonnie thank thank you for all your support and are you. At a girl when they go on overcoming your beard I'll just keep getting training and keep shooting you're gonna enjoy it thank you so much. I here's appears to money sport will play bigger and to do away with free speech dirty hair. You you you can't go to college campuses have free speech and shut that down. I have station changed zones where you can go in power because somebody might say something that would offend you somehow. While that would not be terrible so who free speech definitely going award. Annika is somebody is still not. Holier. On the Plimpton. Playa. Promise. Of taking away guns you all sure what degree burns. New will actually. Owens. Does not meet say it's certainly not GR EE it's hurt the very armor Mel. She nearly thirty year history of supporting gun bay ends. George two reais to cheer her husband's famous for your older. Gun ban the so called assault weapons days and did nothing for crime. Georgia put them make it more extensive. Cover more guns the most popular. Hunting guns the most popular competition guns most popular recreational guns and Americans were banned those. But should you want to take a look at this Australian model you know the one where they require people to. Turn here and there guns or go to prison now that's a volunteer. That's mandatory. And it's mandatory that you turn to him there's no word for bad in the addiction here. When you look it up you'll find that the word is. This case sure to boys and girls Hillary Clinton is supporting and promoting the concept of confiscation. She also essential stack the Supreme Court commissioner for different this pesky right. And there.