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11/02/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Who was Harry Houdini

Nov 2, 2016|

11/02/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest John Cox discusses the life, times and secrets of the world's most famous magician, Harry Houdini. In addition to a legendary career as an escape artist, Houdini had a tremendous interest in the spiritual world, and spent a great deal of time investigating, and debunking many of the claims of the time. Also, listener calls.

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This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded November 2 2016. I. Aren't strange. Yeah same chain will no ghost runners on and I've seen a lot of people and Chad talking about that as well it just it kind of just change the whole nature of the Wednesday night. And makes Wednesday and Wednesday sour so it's Odeon Alex just hump day until it is true that. But there's there's a lot of there's a lot of things honestly I've had a lot of meetings recently and has a lot of big things coming up just I wish I could see more gym and he you know because you know I've spoken by. If I if they discussed I think there's going to be a lot of great things that are going to be happening in the near future yeah I have no doubt that ghost owners fans are going to be very very happy when announcements are finally made some really great things happening so but anyway welcome to beyond reality radio to everybody. Oswalt will still call it paranormal Wednesday when you can change that tends and we do the show off four days or weeks and be five added might be seven actually coming on now and so it's going to be paranormal. Every day gets turned from a week every week generally weak colonel weekly. So we've got a great show lined up we've of course been talking about a bringing John Cox on for awhile he's going to be talking about Houdini and if you talk about a figure in American history. That has more to do with the content with spiritualism. Not just illusions and magic in this keeps. But really getting involved medium psychics in the whole world of a spiritualism was in in the afterlife who DD is the guy. Yes and I'll be honestly I was telling you before I you know Dave tangle is a huge fan of his and I know you know all I know nothing. Nothing when it comes Houdini. And so this'll be a lot of learning experiences for me tonight because I know I know when he died. I know all the rumors about what now what's supposedly killed in the was punched in the style makers appendix burst in the past who liked I don't know if any of that's true. Minnesota be inching duties to hear what John has to say and also. If John knows what Houdini is words were supposed to be that he was gonna tell his wife when he returned. Yep and and I think the most interesting thing and again hey I'm real fan who needs work all of his work but the fact that he recognized there were a lot of people scamming. That we Charlotte agreed being out eight in the spiritual world claiming to be mediums and contacting loved ones and it was all trickery. And because of his training as a magician he was able to. Go into these. Saying ounces or what have you and and expose these frauds and he spent a great deal of time later and his wife doing that. And then you Batiste he'd he'd had a belief in the in the afterlife and he wanted to come back and prove after his death that he could communicate across the veil and he he like you said. And he never never I was able to convey that message and they still are holding Sam. Is actual which is tough to Kazaa especially dealing with with so much going on in the spare room a lot of times these things you can run into and you can come across an entity. That. Could be from fifty years ago and this thing feels like it's you know the next day or whatever so. There's still the potential of somehow making contact with him at any given time yeah I don't it. Good I don't think the spirit world has a calendar and clock that the key down to what they're doing is definitely different. Different than ours moving at a much slower pace. And by. Who knows and it's everybody out there tonight I'm especially if you follow me in my purse comic fan if FaceBook page he started out of the spirit up in the thing is ice saw video that I like not not as an endorsement for anybody but I liked. These communal me I've always talked about how I feel that the government's been very core optimism a lot of secrecy and and sneaky things to go on I posted a video yet it was approach from video but it wasn't that I was endorsing trump. Whether I do or don't that is nobody's business I don't care who you'll vote do you all voting for. Everything else but the fact of the matter I like the fact they were calling Al the correctness in the government and because it was sent to me in that way why did it ticked off some bureau at 9990%. Of people read exactly what I posted Jim and which was pretty straightforward as just saying etc. now. This is not an endorsement for anybody. I'm I'm putting this out there because I like that talks about the crop this of the government the inner workings and of course some people and Eric roster of politics. On and you know what to be honest with you if you didn't have enough common sense to read what the hell I'd written in the first place. Then he shouldn't be on my page won't do it page number to post what I wanna post if you don't like it. Get all clear exactly he can expect I mean people are gonna disagree about things especially when it comes to things that are sensitive as as politics and he's very contentious year chose that it's late because I put a video while there's some guy called me you'll call me a racist consider this goes you have my no minorities on your on your team. In dude have you seen Joseph Chan I mean let's first off and they do have minorities let alone have. Minorities in my family I don't care of the color substance again I don't care of the language they speak to color of their skin who who what god they believe and as long as they're willing to stand beside me when the craft has the fan and we don't bleed red sites I've never I've never cared about that that's just that but that's that's the the divide in this country right now where it's if you disagree with somebody instantly you're a racist a big hit you're you're sounds something like that nobody can have a common. They just polite conversation or disagreement. No it's it's gotten that that that bad for sure let's change the subject to a happy you know because I'm not sure what's going on right now on the World Series. But we'd sort Getty had a great idea of contacting good friend of hers group Bruce Marcus and who's had on the program before because. He. Does a ghost tours of Cooperstown. But he works at the baseball fan in the national baseball hall of fame and he's a baseball. Walking encyclopedia. And Bruce welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you back on the program. Up next hawk eye is great to be Libya but it even be over by an outlet we all that I think are his distillery and delay. They're going to be starting momentarily. Probably within about two or three minutes brought yet the regal has been going on for. I want to say that out twenty minutes 45 minutes at this point so what is waiting for the top attempt to get under way. So it's still it's tied up going in an extra innings or talk about series it's pretty incredible. You know cubs coming back what I wanted to talk about briefly. Was this whole curse the Billy goat curse the cubs. Not appearing. No or what I think it was 1945 in the World Series of what you tell the story I'm sure you know better than me. Yet a couple of playing the tigers the cubs were two games to one so they're playing game fort Wrigley Field. And back them in a different format they played the first readings were in Detroit. And they played the final fourteen and Chicago for the cubs had the whole balance of the series to be played on their home field. So start to gain or there's so local tavern owner William CMS. Shows up to the game. And for some reason your side is gonna bring his pet go with them mean to murky. And they are watching the game and things are okay at the beginning blood apparently. You know the go at something of an order to let start to bother the scams but we're sitting near Oceana some ago. Big complained to the people working at Wrigley Field. And this staff for the cubs basically decided to new pictures and us and the goat out of the ballpark they passed him goalies. I love you very happy about it and as he was believing he'd you know muttered something about how old now he could cubs would never win another. Team in the World Series and would never get back to the World Series. And so this whole. Curse of the bill ago. Basically came out of this the car actually a bit of polluting backing him and a Vietnam to the series was tied at 20. And then they lost to the next three games at Wrigley and they lost the series fourteen to three and that was their last time in the World Series until this year. And of course they had won the World Series since what 1908 or something. Straight nineteen no way was the last time and that they played the tigers that year that your they want actually were back to back champions nineteen to seven and 1908. So here we go from winning back and titles to never winning a title since then to do this drama you know. The gap and get up. Certainly comes fans were probably optimistic in the late innings tonight game even in the middle innings we're up five war and then a mixed breed of being. And in that weren't extra innings we still don't know what's gonna happen. So has anything happened in this story of this curse of Billy goat curse on the cubs that has changed things to give cubs fans hope that they'll actually be able to pull this out tonight. Well that you mr. pianist died in 1970. And then I think is the next year his nephew actually. Up try did. Repair the relationship with the cubs and now apparently made some follow up visits to Wrigley Field to try to count smooth things over. Between the handling and the cubs themselves. There's a lot of stuff that we don't know for sure though there's one part of this story that it's not really been confirmed that CeBIT show. Point. The children back and 45 I've after the incident happened. Supposedly see him ASEAN to really angry telegram to the cops. Saying that two basically he wished put the whammy on them and hoping that they would never. Get back to the World Series again in their forward never win another world championships. Some people. Say they don't believe that there's no evidence of the telegram. Never been found. To the F kind of contrasting stories there but to. There really hasn't been complete resolution other than that nephews efforts to try to. Smoothed things over I don't know how you officially bring it occurs to one and until you actually. Do on the playing field which the cubs had never been able to do. Well it's funny because years ago we arrest to investigate them whole curse of the bambino and I'm sure you've heard of that one as well. An armed and I has ligament and investigated and they wanna meet investigate the actual via the field and everything else. And Cyrus is not my my area of expertise is to get into those things so who we we turned it down but. That why does it seem like there's curses all associated with baseball I mean I don't hear relate the patriots having occurred sore. Or any of the other teams except for some of the weighted balls and support them. Yet he argued I think it's more pro born baseball from the other sports and I think the connection is baseball players historically have been known to be incredibly. Superstitious. They have pregame rituals that they go through. Barriers in game rituals you know a lot of players and coaches and managers will not step on the foul lions when their walking from the dugout to the fuel to work to do dug out from the field. You know some guys who'll we'll do it shot across when they're in the batter's box. You know some guys who took complete rituals when they're in the batter's box so there on the pitcher's melts a little superstition and Jeanne. And I think it's because of that superstition that you have these leaks in curses. And I'm how would you like you know curses or not dissing him as as ghost stories say I'd you know they're not the same as as. Charlie I don't I wouldn't put in the area supernatural. I think it's something that. It gets into people's minds people think they ever curse against Dominique Mortimer and their behavior. And their performance. Yeah exactly get a mental block. And as they get out in the big picture on the cubs Jon Lester he has a mental block about trauma all the first based. He had not attempted to pick off throw a first base and show a lot of eight. And in tonight's game there was a come backer you know he knocked the ball down he had potentially at play at second but he couldn't get a grip on the ball so that you decided to throw the ball the first but he was very tentative and actually ended up kind of under handing the ball. And you can intelligently chat about throwing the ball to first base so you need you have these mental blocks for development and I don't know that in his case is because of any superstition and it's just something that. As happened. But baseball is this sort of redeem him and a mini Coopers dead time in baseball a lot of time when. Standing around waiting for things to happen and and all players just feel like if they don't go through the same routine that they don't go through the ritual that got them bear then there's going to be trouble. What's funny Jim could you and I were talking about that earlier where. Yeah I played baseball actually and I played for a long time my brother was drafted. A raid on a high school by New York Yankees. And and a blowing out rotator cup was a top natural New England 93 mile an hour fastball. I watched the game I played the game had fun. I can't sit there and watching on T fee because it just seems so so slow pace like when I turn on football. I noted there's action from the get go to the tendons in there's always craziness. But baseball it's as a party you know pocket if pop up to the right field and now is how they go. But I don't know I just can never sit there and watch it on TV it's if if feels very much like what trying to watch golf on TV. I just can't do I don't do go for either so Bruce I see that that there may be some change in the score their and I know you've got the game on. Just a quick prediction it is just the the cubs break the curse. Well registered deleted and got runners on second and third will want the yeah so yeah and the gods and I doubt it it's interesting and I was I was kind of telling the throughout my head earlier. Bolton former Yankee closers really struggled today I Andrew Miller gave up a couple of rounds and I. Robbers Chapman and give up to game tying home run in the bottom of the ring actually that we need mr. coming up with the curse of the Yankee closer. These two guys that have been. You know stellar throughout the postseason especially Miller. And made it seem like they ran out of gas they can use so much they've been extended so much pitch in you know 23 innings and at times some games. And them came up sure to calm and put less competitive whether the cops finally do this. Bill and we believe it when that final out registered cubs fans have seen too much heartbreak until now. Right well we'll we were at a time but I wanted to give you a second just to tell people about your ghost tours in Cooperstown. And may be they good volume on FaceBook I know you do a lot of baseball stuff on FaceBook. Actually I have a FaceBook page anybody can go there and and read what I rally that pushed pretty frequently not only about baseball but about horror movie years and about. Goes shall. We do it goes shores we just wrapped up or she's now and Halloween night we shall do and by appointment during the winter. Amend the target plug we got to mention in country living magazine that racially took some travel writers nominate tore from the Osaka hotel through the village. And they did a nice story about you this saga and about two. After the negotiated Cooperstown on the coast of the hotel. So Leo that we and I should mention there and I got to thank the folks country living for doing apps so that you read that magazine check it out. Or did you did you give your FaceBook address what that would your name isn't FaceBook. Yeah just good it's under my I really am I don't use any shoot them journey been like that it's Bruce Marcus and MA RK US CNN. And you know you. It's funny. Every week it seemed like I get a require strong like a former ballplayer and I wonder sometimes how these guys know about me but. Somehow they do and now from well I'm up to close to a thousand none FaceBook friends I. Didn't really think I have a thousand friends and life but FaceBook peachy you otherwise its roots. Well thanks so much for coming on the show last minute go watch the rest of the game will be keeping an eye on the score and maybe we'll have to talk if this curse has finally broken. Yeah track next agreement Bruce Marcus and from the national Baseball Hall of Fame. So Jim have have you heard about it you know how we're talking about in the past this weird. And like world sound that's been showing a couple others we've talked to elect this trumpeting sound and other light you know horns now incentive just permeated the whole communities in its heard from different parts all over all over the world and since I mean I think it's been like around 2011. While Slovakia. Now. Has had this strange sound of that. They can't tell where it's coming from but it's really it's been showing up and and it's loud it's crazy one here yet and yet known enemies take a listen area. Now tell me that wouldn't scare the hell sure you didn't just play this is the recording head of the whales that are. Now knows that there was an Ozzy record back. That would and that's creepy and do we know how is recorded. Well from people than just recording with different places but they're still trying to figure out what it is and and a lot of people sitting there under the impression that. It's an apocalyptic sound that it's you know telling them at the end of the world's coming. What totally knows about we talked about Dallas and it's so there's another sign as some people are actually claiming that it's coming from aliens signal from aliens other claiming this coming from. I'll within the earth as if civilization underground is trying to communicate which. Could open up the whole topic you're talking to us somebody not to Longo was saying that within the next year. They expected people from. Who live in these underground caverns to come out and make themselves known to speak as you know there's a lot of talk about whole civilizations that lose lower fees. And there are Hawn a video sitting you just go to YouTube and search you know movement room sounds trumpets heavenly trumpets whatever it is. You can find a whole bunch of recordings of these types of sounds. That have been occurring throughout the world over the past 45 years. Yeah and it's definitely weird so it may make you sit there wonder why why they haven't been able to Figaro where these things are coming from I know some of them have been proven to be hoaxes but this is going to be the case with anything I'm in fact there was a movie now on its -- line it's gonna be real I didn't say that one's online hoaxes. You Theres some it was a movie that was out recently called I think it's red state. When you see them when. It was a it would eighty heads of those sounds it was about those sounds. And you have seen our answers are pretty good nose pretty good film. But somebody had done some recordings of these quote unquote sounds and they were just using that your audio track from red state. It was proven so some of them have been debunked. Cheney's apparent. So unless he what do we have less we haven't talked about who's coming up for the rest of the week and into next week we've got a lot of great guests on the docket Yale tomorrow. Geez I'm trying to pull and a gym. So it's Marlee govern in my humble foundered director of the homeless street institute in San Francisco we're going to be talking with them. Then Monday we've got. He's ordained buys and teen Catholic priest. Pointed exorcist for his jurisdiction. Tuesday we're going to be finally get off the wolf is funky coming on well we're still working out details his his campaign team which I think gigs it's consists of his neighbor on camera but the guy's name good. Can't do that may have missed it and they're a tough bunch to work with they wanna come on the program. In a victory night. Her victory celebration for election night but they have all these rules and stuff so we're working through it we're trying to. Trying to as a hockey see those that he was gonna try to do some readings but are able we get it and we're gonna take a quick break and we come back we're gonna have John Cox on on with us and start talking about Houdini. Elicited Jason GBM unreal. This year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Gary Condit dot com. That's scary times. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Then there's parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome. Visit the website scary times dot com dad's spirit con dot com and. Currently our own radio Jason Thomas JB Johnson thanks for joining us tonight with you listening on local radio station are you listening online. Worst you've downloaded the program later. And and and listening in and listening to it as a recording we do invite you joining us lives we take phone calls me a lot of fun speaking of which I noticed. The chat room is it may be bunking frenzy have you seen him in there. They're I've been I've been looking I know that they're trying to find a video of Luke myself and grant. After a few cocktails one night of the Spalding and where we did. The tape karaoke and similar outweigh I was talking a big bucks by let's slides are that's totally not what I was you. A site about the trumpet sounds and all that there's there's people debunking and talking about that good conversation going on. In the chat rooms but now let's let's move along to bring our guest for the evening and we're gonna talk Houdini we've got John Cox from wild about Houdini dot com. John welcome to beyond reality radio thanks so much for joining us. Good. Finish coming on. So John before we get involved in any these details about Houdini his life I mean what a fascinating figure. In American history in American show business in American spirituality but before we get into that tell us about you and how you developed this fascination. For Harry Houdini. Oh boy well uttered you know. I am very early recollection of what X Ers troops would be and a I don't know how old Iowa but it was. Or maybe 5% and we at turtle. That we kept it a little dish on top of our high bar stool and the turtle check out of it's changed somehow winding up and side because. And my parents named a Houdini and sold. I ask who's Houdini and my dad explained to you know there was a man who lived longer a note to ski from any and and it just absolutely blew my mind that sometimes a couple of raised religious just first time I'd ever heard that there was a miracle man who lived long ago and and I'd come back from the dead so it was trying to implanted in her and then some tweaks herders and that was your goal and that's a terrific two critical which will be court passenger. And after I saw that I said boy I wanna find out much like I could find out what's true. Aaron and my search started that they are not stops. And you've been you've been looking into him for 42 years in your life now. Fortune nears yeah yeah. Not trying to do it me or not I I and and I continue to it to discover new things would stricker with a that the law. And pretty much know everything there it's an outlet. Almost almost. My plea discovers something brand electric constantly see what. All right so I'm I'm gonna be honest here I'm immediately comes to Regina I know a lot of things but I know nothing very very very little when it comes to anything about Houdini I know who we was what what he did. But he did explain that for a listeners out there group. Who might not know any really anything among as well just like me. Or well being was is it's considered the greatest magician whoever. He was a little more than that you'll also the first true. Street artist. And who do you can chain assets turner centric. And our. Really stood out by being someone that Swedish. He would he escapes. Took a big riveted and Oilers in nailed him in packing crate. And he can totally the ball and dear to arm and bettered his own spectacular escapes her which she would that I kept. And. Escape all the water cook yourself you'll at a very. Active interest in rights at this time he was an early aviator he produced and starred sirens and of course near the end there's like actively debunked structure or spear meeting. He died in in the two point six on Halloween which certainly helped add to it legend and you know story. It is still cold in in multiple movies and television shows and Adam and he's become our language you know and an athlete that's and its spectacular there that should do about it and he politician that's something should they couldn T. He's what this Saturday. Yet lets you know those wanting I was going to say when when your parents named that turtle Houdini. It became very clear to me and it has in the past as well that the name Houdini has actually developed its own meeting it's become a a word in the English language to mean. Someone or something mic that escapes from anything it's really taken on its own. Meaning as as and now basically. Exactly it's come to mean any saying absolutely miraculous and I think that's one of the reasons why he's still so popular that he's still spartans. Be impossible on the Barack chips. One of the things that's really really interesting about Harry Houdini we're gonna let you explain what his early life was like 'cause his real name is and Harry Houdini. A number one of the things it's really fascinating about him is that not only did he do those things that you mentioned. But he was a masterful promoter he he only knew how to make everything a spectacle before there was television. Or really easy natural ways even radio was in its infancy at that point. And but he was able to do these things promote them to to people and have. Thousands of people show up to watch is stunts I'm on a street corner hanging from a build skyscraper whatever happened to be. It was really his ability to promote it that. Created the legendary thing. Arms you know act act absolutely correct there are some. Magic historians who feel that that was really is greatest he wears his ability to publicize a Jeep and an instant. Sport publicity and her mass media. And understood it in a way debt debt debt that people opted necessary step up our school that's. He once said. I'm not an advertised or I'm each and hand he realized he newspapers that. Like. Each get on the front page news anchors are better wake ever. On his back to. There you know taking out an ad pact that meant entertainment pages and he would do so by coming up eighty spectacular creative outdoor spectacles withdrawal massive crowds. And can't conversation but you know self promotion Adam is truly get to work on the greatest. Of all time. So tell us about his early life. Well look it was born in Budapest Hungary. Marched or eat and seventies or speaking to America when he was four years old although it would claim that you actually born in a bear was due or in most parts. It can chat before. It's systemic fell in the property. Her and at large Sam and aid groups Milwaukee integrator to New York. Where he had. You know a minimum school and probably never really that mature beyond the sport grade. But he had a tremendous interest in athletics. And a man who actually champion boxer and a runner and them sliver. And eventually gain interest in magic and I'm set out on a career era which is really it was her lights. But he read hierarchy of the rich French magician Robaire gain. And it became used to it is vital. And he decided. Or rather the story goes that friend told him at an iron on to end of the name oh ban it being in French like there. Don't think it's true but the main sounded good at each so he took that such a name out there. We're not he was one of how many children with him. I have not kept account. One of rather smoke while cases and five boards is. Well is he the only one who. Who never got into the magic in the ski. Yeah he's the only got into this field. They'll actually cares his younger brother is immediate and urgent nameless what's seal. They called bash. He was actually who needs first partner they did are correct Coke Brothers. And and being that got married and became husband and white facts. Aaron after he became very premise in Europe. One of the problems that he had as he had a great deal of imitators that were imitating his act and you know only one person. Couldn't everywhere until he brought is rendered ash over Europe and sat in my. What is on Mac cheating and hardy and he gave them really duplicate a lot of and so heart went on a pretty successful career partying group saying you know the the ante just until circuit all neatly to keep circuit. So into brother sort of blocked out. Arm to dig by bill circuits and that sort of play off each candidate circuit tend to be rivals may serve papers and do it. Did crest at or very very close. And me and actually has partnered later and does that really early but there are very close. There's a really interesting recipes that formed in the early twentieth century in America and what it seemed to be was. Immigrant families. With a lot of kids looking for a way to survive. In somehow finding their way to vaudeville and then becoming. Legendary I mean Groucho Marx The Marx Brothers is another example that Houdini is an example of that. There are countless examples. Of that success story in what was it about. Early America and vaudeville and these immigrant families finding that to be a path to be being so successful. You know I'm not an expert in early entertainment but it seems it was some air that you do what went to Paris who. Enroute actually a lot of magicians were Jewish and Darren and being ghoulish lot louder louder. A lot of business is but can you go into entertainment. And it was a way that you can make a living with not a you know that the cart's. The cards and announced well you can you are you can earn and a list and are but we shall business. And I am elks. He came at a circus as well a former isu had nothing but you don't skills. And and and aren't an action game the circus and sort of gravitated throughout that the rank short and it would would. And actually became very successful so I think it was just shoot a place where you can make a living. I'm when he doesn't. I also think it's the fact that name and really not going to school there and there are at home all the time Silvia and less time to tell him to practice of focus on something Alec today aware. With the kids at home and they've got the TV via a video game he got something else. Now they they had just limited material to actually focus on and become professional way if. Yeah exactly exactly and you know they're heroes. At the time were you are. Still cheap ski you know Houdini to look at Alexander Herman goes to great magician he came from not being Al riding around and trying. So there was a lot of there was a lot of the people retirement that children that this task that was that was doable. Yeah and in a lot of people cite The Beatles success. Is attributed to the fact that they had a grueling performance schedule. Early on when they aren't hombre in Germany playing in a twelve hour days and and because it was such intensive performing they became experts at it. And a lot of people sale to a vaudeville was to for a lot of these performers they had to perform so often. So many places without a break that they just became masterful at what they did it became a wife idea that was your normal life are let's take a break when we come back more weather guest John Cox we're talking about Houdini the telephone numbers 844. 687766. Ninths this. Hockey and I am running for president the United States. Would you like every day workweek it's easy when he was covered. All cycles can be good. Other candidates are talking about. Bringing you. Well yeah. Behind me ask. So it's during my presidential saints. Hey Dawson my best. How much time spent trillions of yelling help me. We're tired of feeling happy. How about. Dealers this next. Are all back to the programs and Ariel already Jason on Stevie Johnson thanks so much for joining us well I guess. The curse. The Billy goat curse has been broken. So post cubs won miss. So congratulations to cubs and cubs fans and and you know my guess you'll see for another hundred plus and they can't land and and they can't blame the bill go the next time when hasn't happened for a hundred speaker through its. It's like big big Decker gradually as their male yes absolutely. Well deserved the spring here again expected it's John Cox from wild about Houdini dot com. We're talking about the life. Of Harry Houdini. And some things to accomplish to not just as a performance and a magician but he was really he's really an American legends. And and set the stage for so many people after him. One of the things that was clearly very important to Harry Houdini John was. Was his mother on even after he was married his mother remained very very important and influential person in his life. And it was kind of life shattering moment for Houdini when she died. I'm definitely. Definitely he was absolutely devoted to his mother on his father died when he was eighteen nature and Arabic script as other people brought in to that guy and made him promise. Oh he looked after your mother. And Houdini took that very very seriously he did indeed look after her and everywhere Arab. You know delighted and in sharing his success what church showing as success. And and what you guys 1913. I mean truly did devastation he actually had knees stationery made that was ordered him black Becky used for the rest of it likes. And and even did something that was very usual for him that was an idea she took some type of performing and and took a little vacation to Monte Carlo where he had a miserable tie up all the big Ito that trusting their where it was and cemetery for suicides. So is mine who has he left with increased. And day his his wife never really filled the void but she was also very close to him and was his partner. In performance through the rest of his life. I know yeah yeah he was he was CE was married for thirty years is quite past. Aaron dumb and you know I mean it's it's it's hard to know what. But why actual on mother's role lines kind of back all of it lived in the same house when a Guinea where old York it would mostly on the road and my vote counts you know best got along very well. Mama likes and and that's yourself with fire her she was. Former when they met and she performed they pulled together for the first it's yours yourself. Of their special career and she was shoot down and she should bear interest in there and bridge injured. Well John where did Houdini is. Passion in camp for the the world of psychics and afterlife a weird where did that start. Well you're very popular story is that after his mother she went to use your media air and to cut it to just be quicker and shower bit saw. That's what Hollywood are urgent. His interest in and arms in our in the afterlife and and spiritualism goes back. To the beginning after his half brother passed away when he was young remembers other guys said that he went to spear the depth depth chart. And could immediately recognize that there were some trickery going on. The practices of spirit mediums at that time were sort of cut that match. And one of the books that he read that influenced what and just the memories of her buyer program which has talked about but it was a book of revelation that the spirit medium written by. And in it it talked a locker idea arbitrage spirit mediums including a lot of the practice and ask apology because that's what medium were due they would be tied up cabinets yet. Ghosts would manifest in the dark woman earlier skate parks. Shall keep became very was bearing interest at in society are not just practice spirit mediums but it's it was actually possible she and he investigated. Really to route his career all the way up to and the other guys and equitably what is rather Dicey and noticed they're meeting goes well the few times that you don't necessarily anecdotal of speed by the attached you'd really become quite condensed. That that it was here than it was fraud and trickery. Well in spiritualism really I know it and it exploded carrying 11840. And 1920s. Somewhere in that senators are really took off. Which would definitely be the years it dead Kia. They'd be endless possibilities to to get involved or connect with with someone in in that area. Yeah exactly Helio it was electric circuit it was very thick argue soared to eyeball and sensual. Wait a a potential shelters are Herbert your engine market what is what is Le. But I liked it comedy act for awhile it punch and Judy show. Even post war as as mediums that not a spiritual to entertainment. But he just didn't like deceiving people in that way. And he decided to attempt to stop doing but he is trying to except to hand the ball microchips purely practice of a spirit mediums. Adam there was ask apology involved in a secular eyes that IT ER ID. Our class secret message in turn begin to challenge act which appealed to Serbs a competitiveness and athletics are. Really escape that really a ball from the early practices of spirit mediums and it was it was a link to quite a bit in the beginning. Electricity sort of tried to tried to separate it although he always called cap. Where you went to gauge he called it is toast our network Arctic is is is one not to attack that this sort of rooted in the early spiritualism. We have a couple minutes before we have to take our top of the hour break so we're gonna continue the discussion about how he did bond to what he thought of this spiritualism. But in this couple minutes we have before break John what was on what was Houdini his involvement in film. Well he became involved in film. Are around 1960. Multiple C or eat red skull lab got into the business of actually developing motion picture. And eventually though he's started a few movies. Aaron and formed his own motion picture company so Purdue's corrected I eat produced wrote and starred in his own feature arms. How many. He did he did a film cereal called the master history and making it to about that was broken up into. 215 episode. You did to feature films here in Hollywood hair and then you need to feature film themselves so spiked to install although you don't short films. Early on in his career that it was played before is act so order a ball most pitchers almost got that familiar. I know some news real footage exists of him you know performing his escapes but did he do any of that work in the in in a film studio on film. That no those were all shot on the street Hugo is still. You don't several bridge jumps and jumps up to bridge Ankara and skate under water and it especially is suspended straitjacket. The one that child a lot of votes and so we'll play those sport is that sort of show that Joseph the crowd. You know what what he had done in the east tremendous outdoor. Arena. Interest in nine other one of the films he did. And I'm but I think it may amend may have this wrong but I think it was an Edison production or something but one of the films Houdini did is is actually available on Netflix or was anyway. And I watched it it's obviously a silent film but it's interesting to see Harry Houdini acting in a dramatic role. Inept fashions that's pretty cool part we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll have more with John Cox were getting get into this whole spiritual thing spiritualism thing Jake. Kazaa Houdini was really adamant about calling out these frauds and people that were practicing those types of things a believer but also somebody who who knew that it they just have so much fraud and it. Are ill be right back at this Wilson case. Tonight we're talking about Harry Houdini would nerve gas John Cox again a big congratulations to the Chicago Cubs and all the cub fans waiting a very very long time. For World Series though. Victory and tonight it came in extra innings even did enjoy it as you probably will see the an analyst it was I mean they were down three games to one and can back to win it. In an extra inning games so if if you like that kind of thing knows ago it was three World Series. Absolutely but definitely a big congratulations. Yet we like I said we're talking about Harry Houdini tonight if you like to call into the program it's a 446877669. Don't forget tomorrow night. Very interesting program scheduled with the Vernon hobble he is the founder. And director of the Paul mystery institute in San Francisco of the he reads homes and he's in the he says is complete science to it. He's gonna tell us about that and that we're gonna have a very non political analysis because he is dirty done this of the palms of the two. Major presidential cam candidates and I know that fox heat has sent his picture of his palm and I don't know Vernon's gonna have an opportunity to read it before him. Obama's should be that should be interesting and a but the next week we've got and Jada Villa Ashcroft on visa. Ordained Catholic priest appointed exorcist for his jurisdiction Tuesday we've got funky coming on the night of the election victory celebrated her own that are settled but he's also supposedly reduce some readings. And then Wednesday we've got very close friends of ours Joseph and Diana of them. From wac Roswell ghost tours and are also part of the taps family down in Georgia and they're just wonderful I've had him on the show twice the other around the Titanic. Exhibit episode and and then on another one with. An old hold location author in Georgia plantation as well you know registry people there earlier. They are awesome and be great to have them and from there were part of our our our dragon con devout tree that in fact do some videos post. Yeah you don't go sit with ten bucks us if there's an if you if you saw. Yes I have video Diana dancing with a guy in a banana hammer yeah it is really really are it was one of those it was like one of those bore that swimsuit things and of you we've seen the movie board that would that have been in him in song thing whatever was is. That's grows behind the starters for a second straight up. The taxpayer gets back in on that note John Cox welcome. Back to the show John from of course wild about Houdini. Dot com John let's talk a little bit about some of who need Houdini is escapes before we get back into the debunking. Part of of what he did. But do you mention the water torture chamber the book obviously he was originally known when he really started to become noted. He was known as they handcuff. Escape artist to me it was really all about the handcuffs but any evolve from there but from your perspective what were some of his more amazing or. Noted. Escape feats. What you're right Becky he really became famous aspect and asking that we're all about STV from Hank. One of the greatest and this game was called we called the mere challenge and that was a newspaper in London. Claimed to have that spent five years manufacturing and I'm. To Kabul and cops. Custom made and they lock to be in the Hamptons. And it took him an hour and a half with a great deal of dramatic arc route. To be able to escape from this inescapable and and no one knows how did it to her and except they owned by David chopper she'll. And they are indeed thank aspect champ he kicked in anyway and abuse greatest and that's. Yet and yet he he escaped and it was confirmed there are several law enforcement. Observers weren't there or there are people that the confirm that he actually did escape from those handcuffs. Oh yeah well it the way that that was done onstage. Of delegate trump Peter. And there's actually a photograph of him on stage being locked in the act where you photographs and actually on stage and perform. And who he would invite dozen people on stage. To try to oversee but he would just say you know you and you here's a couple BUK England walked onstage from up so there was a group of people surrounding. His small little ghost house which were only. About. Chastised. That he was kneeling down and doing whatever he was doing those so it under. Observation. The whole time and of course you know I'm in MacKey she wanted. Searched. Spurred his jail escapes he would someday you'd be surged you would be stripped naked and examined by doctor had to make sure that at. Now he also but he also did and excuse handcuffed sound Scotland Yard correct is that is exactly are we talking about here. Melo just aren't. It alleged that skit from ten cups of Scotland Yard that's sort of part of the story. Challenges a little bit because it actually might you know there's a lot of mythology a lot of it he built that himself the Scotland Yard skate might be part of that biology. That jet ski that really really stand out. What is getting back you know six from the United States jail and washed DC. You challenge to do escape from from the jail. And they actually Adam bride to doctors stripped naked searched in the early. Locked him inside the cell that it held the assassin of president Arctic. And it actually it was on murderer's row and it was actually a murderer in the cell with them. A man who murdered his wife and spent all night we all beside her court. And and it was locked up and and left. Now idiots from the cell but he opened all the cell doors on murderer's row switched all prisoners around one shall the next two. And that emerged saturated. OK so there's also hooked. Well that that takes a lot of guts and be honest it. Bomb it but there's also real a claim that he was one woman's first big performances he was challenged by a rival escape artist is that true. Our bet mr. that is true. You know he. Had been hit a lot of it is right course famous. Hank looking sprung up just about everywhere she. And he would go in confront them on stage and and challenged them to skate our own counsel whitbeck import but it is his first. His first performance at the amber beater in that he would. Got a cookie that was his big break in London. And American armed stationing there are and claim that the original and dismantle an impostor. And a challenge to do need to escape from Ankara which would be needed. Good eating and whispered to his wife passed pretty muted being giant at a particular. Make a tank crushed. And he challenged her to escape from low and even gate and the key. Because with that configuration task. Lock in that that's certainly even you have to see it reached a key. And Ernie. They're not what I'm able to to escape from that house. And does that house announcer he's. Embarrassed and onstage and sort of whole altercation or not. A spectacular eagle and that that made that made the papers. And they are quite a bit and you know some genuine and some might have been sort of staged who do some people that take some of these escape artists whose. Whose careers remains a bit last time we're actually. Brought in by Houdini to it to create a drop that keeps. So so what it comes to the handcuff escapes. What was the trick what was he doing. Well. No one knows everything. He was picking locks in some cases and he really said that sometimes advertise this as SP. The great block it. He may have employed other message about getting three or they're just way is speaking comparable. To pet care in the tank just. He published a book called anchor secrets in 1909 which she explained some of the methods that one can get out of hand touched. But Obama karma karma. Members Matt Cassel like and that's here you reveal the secrets. Yeah revealed secret. There are available. At averse to reach a lot of secrets went down. But they're still sends a perplexed how we eat from the United States jail you know how. Sometimes he hopes and that some ways he could have escaped from jail cell but no one knows for sure I think that's another reason Israel. Popular is that they're still they're metal things that we really don't know how he'd. Now moving on from that with Houdini is involvement in the spiritualism movement. Now I know when he was a believer in it as well as somebody trying to. Show that there was a lot of fraudulent individuals and it is as well correct. Are correct he was oh he goalies. Certain that she had an open mind and parents. EE you know. Mortgages will and a police want it. She would love nothing more then to find an open half way to communicate with look particularly good mother and so keep the old city yet open market Sergey. And and the trouble. Every one he went to I mean my gosh he had tremendous knowledge judgment skills and instantly recognize that there were trickery and he just could never find a genuine media. And with that was he of and he had he ever had or do you ever tell anybody that he had had some sort of an experience with. The spare room. The spirit realm irons. It'll collection of stories you know he once thought that all of those student tried it at a pitch outs you collect a lot of people he had things that he thought were a little poem bazaar in unexplainable but nothing. Nothing substantial nothing nothing that that would change his mind or or you know. There are or there or turn him to go to it to the paranormal. He really wanted to prove under test conditions. And that was that was what he demanded that a. And humorous kind of the I'm sure a lot of people listening who are maybe now aren't may be are familiar with B are familiar with her amazing Randi. An amazing Randi challenge were I think c.'s chip and Randy is offered a million dollars to any psychic they can actually prove under you know. Controlled conditions that they can and they can actually. Perform. Penalties are penalties to the challenging authority paid it's not that it. Yeah but as a Houdini did the same thing he offered cash prize to any the I think medium or psychic picket come in. Under his controlled conditions and prove that they were legitimate and of course no one ever claim that prize. Get extra effort at thousand dollars to anyone acted. Performing in that station that he couldn't repeat. And Greg Callender actually you know it was going to be extension of being upped the money also already opened up to. Any paranormal activity in any kind of limited it to choose beer eating and that's what you spokes. And have him do it seems like an Ali got a partner that. He was very good good friends and close with sura Conan Doyle but that friendship fell apart when who. Exactly exactly and that's really what brought Dini in tune the world Tebucky are public record that he steady spiritualism. Throughout his life and he had an interest in it. But it's really way and that would spiritual and has huge resurgence after rule where one. And men like sort of Conan Doyle greater Sherlock Holmes becomes just a passionate supporter of spiritualism. And completely whipped. To England in 1920. And Circuit Court and a and they struck up a friendship and Doyle agreed to get there there's parks in the fraud going on here but I continued genuine need. And being that he went over a hundred media stat that Doyle recommended to have to routing. And in every case he still found. Trot nevertheless they think that. A friendship and sort of a spirited debate. But eventually spill over and became public and that's what Houdini kind of found its fire burns. Keep China became the anti became. Preached against these practices or you know would demonstrate how disgusted he got. Archer. Who were Thomas or shouldn't Conan Doyle is for everybody else he's leave the writer of Sherlock Holmes correct. Indeed indeed and it was it was dynamite I mean here is when he came to America. In a 1921 with a lecture about. There are ghosts and I have the troops. This is one of the most revered men in the world that creator of Sherlock Holmes who could be more logical and easier to say there are there is such a thing. As like after death and goes and here's my here's what here's my crew and as lectures were situation. And fact is lectures were a little more popular than he including movies which can make our. And I I sometimes wondered maybe part of that was the reason and he decided to just start don't lecture tour but sort of the anti. Enjoy oh at one point claimed that the mediums in the psychics that he sent Houdini to worry in fact legitimate despite. Who Denise claimed that it was in fact who dean niece powers. That were thwarting the powers of these mediums and psychics in those visits. You know it's it's true that Doyle believes in himself had a had a pet psychic and once famously said that and it looks like you're chaps like or are seeking a demonstration of super natural when you're you're an adult content. And so that he once did. Their little some tricks for a reason to take your Omar some arch you know cat got your note when children could be needed for Doyle and destruction there see. What the I predict it's a huge. But that we're less than Hong Kong and this summer kind of practice though for somebody. A psychic or whatever Q claim that somebody who might be opposed to their belief. Well he shouldn't fight this because it gives your sensitive your psychic you're open to these things. In chided trying to condition that person to follow more of your belief system. Right right yeah. Yet active didn't part of what what's. What's the story John about. The ghosts that Houdini couldn't explain. Well. Talking about the photograph. Or spiritual sure that's right yes sir that's right yeah outlook. The ghost that could and see what happened or term there's things mean. Who wrote in her well when she died photographs should be taken at a certain time. On upper casket and she would cause a manifestation. She died her funeral was held at the first pixels church of Los Angeles which actually building at least they'll spam. And they took a picture insured up on the picture. And they're sort of sort of it sort of built the clock. Setup aside her casket in there you can see you can ceased. Ghost space skirt to talk. One of the things that that that median did Beckham. We now and I did double exposure to our people the numbers don't talk to actually in the early days of spiritual themselves keep working bent stick that there was no other way. To capture of a ghost then that and that were to be supernatural. Well who'd want to investigate as she went to the church. And he decided again under test condition Hamachi council grass and he had reporters with him to watch every step for the they went to area photography our store bots blank a photographic plates to try to get it back and loaded it up took a series of photos kind of in the same angle in the church and all the photos had nothing except a lot. There was a mysterious streak of light almost precisely where those Goss had had manifested. And there was nothing on the slate state had been blank and who do admitted that he had no explanation for how it like to sort of got. Luckily it was the wanted to put those who didn't have to pay themselves about. The destruction or. Embarrass them there is that there's some yen. And X. Her to feel like it all sounds suspiciously like a magic trick there's something called spiritually which shall blank -- plank he tried to get earn your message and it sort of steel like can be almost on an act Ortiz reporters to get publicity appetites his lecture which he indeed giving. That night in Los Angeles it's possible you know it's always possible to do that there that there could have been so some mischief going on. By I also liked that story that shows that. It beanie couldn't explain something he would admit that I don't have a lot square Amish are. Well now would one point I know scientific America was going to. Actually. Give away in this this prize for legitimate phenomenon activity to a to a lady in Boston analyst. What's the what's the today to go on and check in. Oh yeah that was you know that was probably the greatest investigation certainly it is most gamers there was an entire gesture about outburst on her name was crammed. And like you said the site its American magazine at the time also investigating. Toward. You claims. And competing on a committee. That that was part of the circuit America magazine. But he didn't participate in ever read city. Days of the deal made it would all. The something. Our one meant something at them have been stumped. Italy they investigated Munich cramp and and they gave her to cover march because she Lou white Mary eminent surgeon. And she was different from all other mediums in charge are sitting surely social thing would go to Brandon and have a nice dinner and then you would retire to their stance change birch. And Marjorie would put on spectacular sales and and that would go on there where a lot you know some mediums levitate attain a a tart. Number she did that she did the seance is in the nude. Correct. She did you work tomorrow to work so kimono and underneath she was nude and should anyone desire to searcher. He opened her kimono. This year it's now we know where he would like to eat out and now we know there were parties. Will in the day we're party and it's shenanigans in on the dark they. Actually charged all the she would speak. Captured dead brother in this gruff voice that he would sort of child dirty jokes and cash actual judgment around the table and it would detect trends. Quality and it would even beyond that and of course her asks kind of a touchy thing but she. Would according to the claims produce echo Clausen from her nether regions correct. Eric exactly exactly I had. To be listeners probably know enough about Chernobyl or the yeah I was trying to I was trying to be soft legal ins and that look without you know I like the idea I'd even explain them. It is something that he did at the time and it sort of that's like so that would come out in any part of the media whose body and it was said that he had to plaza would warm air apps was ringing bells. And what have you and Marjorie produced actor platinum. From that sent her another tactical want mine you'll actually see each photograph of that so that was that was among. Different Nazi. Good to go Google. But. Yep Scientific American. Decided to investigate her and and the person that that that let the Scientific American named Jay Malcolm. Jim Byrd. And cute little up with Marjorie you assorted. You know completely in the tank with terror act and doctor grandin and he didn't bring me along he brought another magician a lot I can't explain how she's doing it and Kurt recommended that they give her recurrence. And they were going to Mangini heard about this ski school. Capsule is it is engagements and immediately rushed to Boston. To sit with Marjorie. Ken Hamlin what ended up I will get about two minutes for gonna go to break but. What ended up coming out of that. Well it was a contentious areas Santa and which did you split. Keep all sides including I instantly could explain everything she would do it. And he came up with a contraction to control you know with. Citadel means all about control holding their hands in key make sure that they're not tuning. Actually created this box that sort of look like an old fashioned numb. It's being. It's being chamber whatever they were called it essentially bolster completely except for her neck and locked her up inside that. And you know. Lots of things went on to make a long story short ultimately. Came down to stay out where they were able to prevent her from producing phenomenon. It would still question about about whether or not that the committee would get the prize that actually made it. So she didn't have any access to her nether regions we got to take a break it's beyond reality radio would Jason threw an awful. For this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details tourist Gary Condit dot com. That's scary time. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend he'll never forget it everyone is welcome. Visit the website scary times dot com dad's spirit con dot com. ROL radio chain saws can count to welcome back to show we're having a great conversation talking about Harry Houdini Jason actually said. Nether her nether area there emergency federal agents and other than actual pleasant from her nether regions and that's what it and say hi I can't sing it any other way Oregon Oregon on satellite radio. Signals okay very fair enough. Our captains on guy acts from wild about who. To join any part of this conversation or you wanna chat about something else feel free to give us a shot at 8446877669. If you say nether regions we might bleeping out so just be careful. Half a wait let's lets up we don't have a whole lot of time left John actually and I wanted to one. Move the conversation to a Houdini is death and what happened after. Houdini died now you know I think anybody who saw running in movies they make a really. Big point of the fact that. Houdini. Was punched in the stomach. He one of the currencies to boast was that he could take any blow to the stomach but that was when he was prepared apparently. He wasn't prepared for these blows to the stomach and he may have. Aggravated. An appendicitis situation any guide and Halloween how much truth is that of that story. Cultural you've got to keep edit rights. That the idiot how you know what I grew up there one part of being guided his work work yourself to that's what they showed only Curtis that's really but. To date most people you know that and he. When he was born in Montreal he invited some students from McGill University took to the he had broken his ankle also whittling down on his cot reading email and won the students who joined join the crippled but later in. Sort of an up all. And he sort of dominated discussion are peppered with questions and all eventually ask him. It is true PG punched in the stomach was standing below who didn't sit yes sure. And what it took it took an invitation got up and started hitting Arctic coast in the summit. Any sort of you know waived the mosque and said you know that that will do and continued it and experienced great follow it but she pushed the rookie was used to working. In pain but the pain became so acute by the time he got to Detroit. IG hospital bucks. He'll show business story you know that Peter was sold out. Of here to see him on street corner that night with a hundred school degree temperature and what repeat later revealed the completely ruptured. Sad. And when he before he died he had an agreement. Was his wife he was going to try to come back or send a message back to his wife best. And use a secret code so that she would know. That it was actually him communicating. Telus. A what the message was. Yeah it's true what would actually say set that seat. No guarantee the comeback he simply said if it's possible. I would absolutely. I absolutely do it's it's possible he wanted it is quite desperate apps action that you knew that he died. Every meeting in the world is gonna come and say I have a message that let's come up Politico and eat it that's settled at our friend and remembers. And they came up with a very clever code. And mine earlier in their career which a had words that correlated to numbers which correlated to letters in the alphabet. And they took echoed and that's C this year from spirit. What would follow it would be answered to sell trade answer book tell answer answer tell. And in their code that spelled out bully. So Roosevelt believed was speed message that she would hear. And she didn't hear it in nineteen between aren't from mayor medium and are the lord and acknowledged that that was correct. But that was cheap later. You know that can be all discussion that we get into another site are they actually easier cheap discounted that as being her arm. Not genuine and she continued for ten years meant she had the final piece our route to the nick or are her hotel. And that could be her last attempt to genuinely get in touch wood treating and there was no message. And she she closed the book on it but yet he says people continue to capture and they're still give them another chance. Well how how did she believe the bad guy came up with with the hidden message. Well and try to talk to you briefly. After being died. You know the state when all was said and done was actually I'll. And so Betsy would a little nervous she sold my house she did collect money from insurance but. But she was nervous about how she was on the list. And shields and what it drinking. And she ran around was some characters and went characters she ran around it was our short and Wednesday that spiritual miniature. Minister and he also the drinker. And it said that what Nike tour learning lesson. Army romanced her and said why don't you give decode and we will reveal an arch and then we will tour and you never have to watch for money or should begin. She decided that's have a good idea to try and she gave code and the next day when she sobered up she tried killers. And he said well we went through it anyways and they went through a seance. She acknowledged it and she was able to kind of get away from him get away from the prom prom those people pull ourselves together and she moved out here to California air later said that you know that was a painful. Try never lies but that would never legitimately compact that would sort of the story behind the story. No is it true that when Houdini died he had almost two million dollars in lawsuits are pending against him from from psychics and and the other individuals. Are. I guarantee you indeed it was inexpensive business going after spear he was he regularly and and he is fighting are fighting each and every every. After when he. When best stopped having the ball personal first question is for the ten years at best was having the same ounces where they. As publicly. Monitor and watch where they the spectacle that Houdini was in life. Other brother or not I am even a little. Skeptical that there was ever rigid ten year agreement. A lot of that it would sort of engineered backwards. The final who share up on the group's the nick Parker hotel that was really the Georgia. And attack that was the only time that the chances were done on how. And sort of a build up for that came the legend that best at what would you were in agreement to try every ten years and grant now. There first there are indications that she had a periodic eruptions during master your. I don't know it was a regular so orders. A agreement with which here I think that was sort of part of that that the that the best deal around the same options that led up to Arnold. And annex Canada legend has. And people have continued to have these sands is primarily on Halloween because that is as you said the legend. Has anybody claimed success and in the cold is already known so that isn't going to be either determined or any more. Yeah yeah. They still aren't there and there is what's called the special shutout and a sort trees and lineage back to 1940. When trends are and and and also his brother are being talked out earlier. Continued to do some of the same ounces. Eric. And it's continued every year there shall we say Art Shell in some city. That has some connection to audience and I. Private chair and some aren't try to part of a bigger magic show like that to heal and you know there's there's been times where maybe book this far are a wall or a medium to sit extent something. So they're they're then they're then they're been. The little things like that there's there's not been anything that cops to any shorter. Crusoe of Munich and back. No you. Collections Houdini memorabilia right. I guess that would mean your collection. I'd have almost. And it's fair to congress every book ever written about Houdini. On a press books have signed books many of the strangest. Thing that I announce its it's like where. A while. Ice and shard of glass from from the water torture cell and and and that ball really really this is it's the first. Professional photo of comedian best from 1890 fortune all this thing I'll show them. Containing it barely each morning and she's in she's eighteen standing in front of their Matta market structure that it's a wonderful wonderful image. Interest in the last thing I wanted to bring up before we let you go. I think it was in 2007. With the knees grand nephew one into it zoom. Who detainees body. Yeah so yeah that's another one of those stories it has layers. Layers but. Is. It's too long story short it really turned out to be published structure buyout or straight here she Houdini there was some you know there was some hope to 2222. Sort be legitimate. The book kind of dredged up the old idea that he might have been murdered the idea to examine body cast are poisoning. It was mostly a publicity murder and ice or your socialist murdered murdered by people who need Caldwell right. Apparently it out there today that there is there's. Any time celebrity's it died a certain. And controversial desk there's gonna be conspiracy theory and it all started in time that might that poisoned by doctors in the in the hospital. Or that white had punched him might have been sort of ninja able to deliver us a death blow they call it. So I knew that ban. The the murder varies but that was sort of the resurrection of the murder area and indeed they idea in my body and it it never went anywhere intact and they were never any any legal papers filed even do it. Well John this has been a great discussion you've got a terrific web site. And and give people the web address and if anybody wants to get in touch with the your share anything with you I'm sure there's a way they can do that too. I got wild about Houdini dot com as Smart or are and you want to block also you can link to look based page and and Twitter and follow my post. That way and I expose just about every single thing about Houdini. You wouldn't think derby so much to say about them and that's been dead ninety years but. Currently there. And you also do appearances. Give talks. I do I give I give talks aren't. And but I give a talk specifically about is is. This career to marking them fraudulent scrutiny. That's great low again John thanks so much for joining us on the program I was very fascinating and it a great time thanks for doing that. Thank you and right John Cox the website is wild about Houdini dot com we're gonna take a break when we come back your phone calls. 844687766. Ninths beyond reality. This is fine. It's neat. I won't need. So it's I can sense the song without anyone's help. Fox he needs a break from the U. You seemed happy to press. Sixteen. I need easy. Approve this message and I can sense its term and Hillary. He can't. All I won't be out really and it chasing Amy and definitely show notorious and John Cox for coming on talking all about Dini and pretty much Jim I didn't know a thing about him annual few things here and there but. I really didn't know much about so it was a learning Yost. Houdini movie dead Stella said Paul Michael Glazer who's a guy that them played in stars in hutch Paul Michael glaciers had an idea yeah whatever his of that actor's name was he played Houdini and and you know same story is that as the earlier one with Tony Curtis but it is just fascinated me in nom then he began a you know an interest that towed stayed with me radical today so. A maverick who will say the whole the whole challenge from ring India and Olga and others from Houdini. Is kinda tough because no matter what you do you how do you truly prove. That there's. The paranormal spirit world or or any of that that stuff beyond a shadow of doubt. Yeah while proving that is obviously very difficult some of the things aren't I don't think. Should be as difficult some of these psychic claims are people continue to read minds or or you know. Tell you what card journal even just basic things like that you know and they can't do it in in a controlled environment that's where it's little. Easier to disprove we've had a bunch of people I'm call. On hold here so let's go to the phones Janus is Vince from Missouri good friend of the program events welcome to show. I don't guess students will show. The way out first Lorena. You care privilege and a group. Sure yeah it's kind of it's attached to being in that Gary and he didn't commit they're growing. Minority community and commit to any facility where new years. Ebola like Ryan. All over placed crier firms that are there and and and are they we've talked sported dark. There are you to come back in the spring. Come back and show me as art. And to this day I have gotten those aren't you know. So well we don't know until we know it would be a little down in New York. Trump well go to a man who raced Democrat and nickel platinum. You know what are your doing that. Well we know that some people. Does seem to be able to come back and some don't we know we don't know what you know determines who can come back who can't. And I'm sure this possibility when you cross over it's just such an immense feeling that you choose to heal and to analyze it or something might be holding you here amateurs are so many different. Factors come and play yet thanks for the call Vince we get a move on we've got tranche from Colorado he Trent welcome to be on reality radio. Warrant each and not for sure. I just shirt part of your shoulder seed in them or not what little orders this year. Did not mention. Anything about redeemed unit. Cooperating and are working with the US government during World War I and I don't call that's a factor and operates some and touched. Might articles on over the last four or decades or just what kind of start wars true. Well that's a great question Trent I hadn't heard anything about that it would have been awesome to ask or guess that because I don't know anything about it. You know what he was reported that he was doing why he was working was he was just a remote viewing thing you're talking about. These interpretation. I got from port few articles that I did manage jury worked. And in fact pretty broader shoulders to order read normally hear it at the same time you were concentrate our. People interest and not part of it. Continent over there European. I do know and we're about Germany all. Sort countries and stroke. And Justin will that be something that would sort of. It's just compression. Her numbers decades in. Our. Looked at all to get through you guys sent an unfortunate I was out dear just there's departed. On not a problem but we'll. Yeah last John next and we talked to and see what he says and that the thanks Michael you know we'll do we'll have actually slick Eddie sent a mini mound and we can just threw gonna get an answer and and mention it tomorrow night during the program. Because it would be nice to know that this was a really interesting part of the story that we didn't touch on tonight I mean a guy who knew it gets so connected in Hampshire union being a celebrity of that status meeting although there. They're going to want these people of interest are going to wanna communicate talk with you connect to build a friendship. And there will be able to get that information now. And interest are let's call let's go to the phones again to bring JNJ from Florida welcome to show. Hey guys how long do I have. About a minute minute and half. Okay first I wanted to say Aaron told Alex this and hopefully this okay what you guys. I believe and it was Nancy who called last night. So with the end of the third I am wanting help with that closing it oh yeah I want to help her with and it bites are. But hopefully she's listening. And as she will call in and talk to Alex or whoever. And she has my number and she will give it to our. This news. Okay. A lot of things I'd like that they are given to not comment on it being another time. The next threat to the people need to be aware of and there's talk about that there's video on YouTube and whatnot. They're staying there can be a fake alien invasion on Election Day. I have no doubt in my mind. Bet they will probably try to regroup over the selection of whatever way it'd gotta crunch time with the Obama for that could be martial law. They then other people are saying he's not really been in power anymore and we really empower whether they're staying here and in terms. Is Paul Ryan speaker of the house and something dumb free and shortest first name is. Who who is who who is saying that Paul Ryan is in power because he seems to be the least. You. Of all of them that are court it just seems to work. They've both gone tightness saying they're not telling the public debt and to do what the caller talked about that uncle decode. Who I heard it from what Sherrie Schneider. Who I've talked Alex to try to get her on air show but she's pretty much been blacklisted. Because of the things she repealed certainly the Herschel Chiat and that way. We'll definitely enough for Michael and but did not ship in the blacklisted from us but. I have it's funny that you brought the sub idea alien invasion and because I saw some post about this. Had been being talked about on line. So. But Terry quickly say that again. I threaten the whole alien spaceship one not be fake part of it will be real but it will be. I collaborated. So to speak I'd detect an apology. All right thanks to get. A fix or colony generally appreciated so tomorrow night we've got Vernon my hobbled we're going to be talking about home reading and he is also going to talk about Hillary Clinton's palm. And Donald Trump's home and what those two palms say about each of those individuals. Snow Monday we're going to be totally G Google ash craft then he's an ordained Catholic priest. Appointed exercised for his jurisdiction. And then Tuesday we've got the amazing foggy and others if we can work that out yet and still people awaken yourself project himself there. And then Wednesday we've got Joseph and Diana and a very close friends of ours part of the taps namely since 2008 and you're listening Jason javy will catch all the money. And it's. Just it's. Cons and Alexander Plante Johnson's friend or colleague and I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook each give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you'd like to be guest on beyond reality radio. Email too slick Eddie that's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.