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11/01/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - can a near-death experience give a person psychic and spiritual abilities?

Nov 1, 2016|

11/01/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guests Debra Martin & Sheri Getten discusses their shared near-death experience which included a conversation with God, and the abilities they acquired after recovering - healing, psychic, and more. Plus listener phone calls.

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This episode of beyond reality radio has recorded November 1 2016. I. Owner or owners. To stain thanks in most places we remember first it's kind of for its new month. You know I actually think it's the end of the world we have a selective we have. We have an apocalyptic expert coming on the show anytime soon I think we're like faced in the in the world here this election is actually crazy. Yeah the scandals are actually crazy. The how can the better better today the cubs might win the World Series what I mean I'll let them know come on things or fall apart everywhere she's while. Can get acres of map we gotta do what we have to get an apocalyptic expert on the show the next day or two because they were near here. They welcome to be unreality radio everybody I'm Jason do you view there and tonight we have that we had a great show to be talking with Deborah Martan and this year again have. Have you ever wondered if a near death experience do there's a lot of claims ultimate near death experiences can actually hoping you'll make you more sensitive. Really allow you to make contact with otherworldly creatures. Despair it was their world or anything and Dem and Debra Martin in and cherry gotten. Among the some of the answers they both had near death experiences happen on January 21 2012. And with that come. Here it they believe that it really open them up Deborah claims that she actually crossed over and had a conversation with god. And think about think of how empowering that that would end it at that point. Well a conversation with god that not only. Was interest in at the time but it actually gave permission to come back. To earth in mortal form and help other people through healing and that's what she and her and her partner doing now. On and I'm really anxious to get the story there I mean we've had several. People who have whether it's psychic abilities and you know into the lives healing whatever that if claimed a near death experience was the start of at all. Absolutely and it's not not like comic Jim I've I've had many people car accident spite accidents. Cancer patients had people who just knew I had severe situations that have led them very close to it took to death. And the one thing that a lot of them do having common are they all say. Now it now I can feel things I can hear things they can see things I was never able to see before. Now is that because you've been that close to. To that room that Roma two passing over for the fact that you did passover briefly and now you've come back. That has opened you up to a whole new type of energy org or just a larger brain to really comprehend that you can see so much more. You remember the gas we had on this is priests indication. Who had several near death experiences he was struck by lightning several times to remember that O'Hare airport to return is on the phone yet she was on the phone and he was like I shouldn't be on the phone standing in your bedroom because you've been hit three times and each time he had one of those experiences he said he came back with more knowledge and more knowing more understanding than he did the previous time and hopefully learn the knowledge or not it. Not to be on the phone during a depressed Sox. Exactly I can imagine living through that once twice but three times it's insane but he he did say those experiences each time changed. Everything for him dom and it compounded one after the other and wanted him back on the shuttle but the guy's name but it was an interesting conversation. Speaking a life changing experiences Jim there's a lot of great things coming up which super moons and everything else from pressure funeral where Prada. November 14 will be in the analysts. And Bo when you had sent me the picture last minute your only Halloween costume I was gonna sing you one back of the super Malone. I. So Ramona. I'll vote at a supermarket and now how am I going or to go there. The super moon will rise in November 14 that'll be the biggest scene since 1940s. Amaechi Cameron street gym. And on November 2 moon and Saturn by an hour after local sunset you can catch the recent thing crescent moon hanging over Saturn. Cosmic pair will appear less than three degrees apart and so that's another great experience. Then November 5 you have moon Mars after sunset the state and the next look for the crescent moon in the park itself next to the red planet. November 11 my brother Josh is birthday he's got a torrid meteor shower atlas goes on and on fourteen Q got a super duper moon super duper that's what they actually call really. And the November 15 bullseye and then all of a sudden mystique as a real long to set it over and in its yet to take forever. Well another thing that's that's kind of interesting what's going on right now as the sun is actually being completely spotless and you know the sun has sunspots and it's been completely spotless for 21 days in 2016 it's currently featuring just one moment sunspot which is rather unusual. He in fact on June 4 of these this year the sun went completely spotless for the first time since 2011 has been quiet ever sense. And what they're saying is the sign is entering a what what is considered quiet period. It goes through this every so often and it it's gonna translated to a very cold winters what they're talking about. Yes I didn't mean to be the bearer of that bad news hey what do we go to phone lines which we have. Wayne from Georgia wants to say hello hey Wayne welcome to be on reality radio. The idea of Goodwin welcomed the show. Actually have a question and in regards to rot Patterson air force base. Connect. I have a friend or roommate who was stationed in Iraq and airforce base and he says that he talked to a couple green white who organized there. He has moved. And there are more activity in the room tracking pediatric oral. No order if you could it. You could. It's about. Well I know we we did have a lot of great activities when when he air force called us in the game is pretty much free Iran and we had to give pentagon clearance apparently had an. But we only had free run of certain areas other here's what god has killed. But mom. I I can't recall exactly what happened in that area but there was there were a lot of neat things are happening. Well there's the sound of somebody walking on the hallway opening closing a door but nobody's there to the cameras weren't even showing anything so. To some wild experiences like that but I he had have to go back and look over the notes to have exact details on non. On exactly what happened. In each location. Oh. That's pretty much all have I appreciate you got. All right Wayne thanks and what you very much yet thanks for your call our telephone numbers 8446877669. On the I didn't mean to be the bearer of bad news that do winter's going to be colder than normal but that's if if if it actually ends of being that awaits the sun it's not me. Well we don't know prom and some good news Jim on this day in 1512 this Sistine Chapel ceiling open some public. Ideally. But what was the year 151512. Men let's pretty impressive fifteen in 1952 and United States tested the first hydrogen bomb. So you wanted to keep my producer and I don't really you know and seminoles at 18100 John Adams who isn't the way announce. And it is you can stop now that he shares and I hit a half. Awake nineteen and tell me. What we have here is a failure to communicate what is a front of him on what is. Much I notice. What we have some men cannot be till tomorrow. Newman giving that Newman. Paul Newman and they can use did you send them in Jesus Mary Joseph is a current. Newman starred in cool hand ogle and look at me yeah she ruined as a great movie sorry sir crash. It's really sorry about that I didn't know. On animal movies. I know odd couple things don't mention the FaceBook page we really like you'd stop buying give it like it's just FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Stop by the web site if you're listening on radio station and you wanna join the chat because I I tell you I say this every night. Chats where it's all happening everybody in Chad they've got to their hands on everything that's going on effect they catch things before we catch things I watched Chad to learn when I'm doing wrong. Again it's doubly aggrieved by two people and we have some great shows coming up to tomorrow night we're going to be talking John Cox. He's pretty much everything Houdini which rated Jim's going to be an all because he's such you Houdini fan. And out Thursday we're going to be talking when Vernon my humble who is a founder and director of the on the street institute in San Francisco. So on that's what's coming up over the next two days and let's go to. Let's see this is an anonymous caller ID if we don't do this very often but slick says we need to take it caller welcome to be on reality radio Europe and here. Yeah thanks for having me on the phone. This is kind of I guess you'd say an extreme emergency situation. And consumed with which it needs. I don't like to give out my name because. Government debt up a little to do pummeled does not only recalled from. I'm calling from. The outer banks. Off the grid. League's North Carolina government and what a great quote that I am actually compromise and paper based. Hallway where you called him before coach. That's an OK okay you've couldn before correct. Yeah yeah okay so what's what's going on them. On time that are Multi Color. Yeah called scared for our nation. For an with the presidential election and giving me. He had the election and now I don't know if you've girder well with the protests and everything and a pipeline now there are gangs. Of people going out. Breaking into separate fraction. There's one called the kingdom. And now there's this saviors. And there's this survivors. And because all the development team B I we've watched it again on on deck. So while carrying Nam. Aren't so what to what's going on with these these fractious factions. Well as you know the government has been in this secret secret experiment and the dead walk among. This is all on the television nobody talk about it. Those Utah and which channels us again I'm lethal slow American Media the media channel no meat no cash AMC opinions he took and yup and he Brian right it just like CNN. Yeah yeah yeah OK so and what you'll bullets going on with these groups. They're under the power struggle and want problem. What album called it figured it circled around and they're trying to take over the country and you want you to give 50% of your stuff go on. And then main export agent guy in the head with a brat. The pump I'm title mean to laugh. Okay. It's. That's I think we'd we told disprove that's TV show you know it's fiction. Caller. Now it's been to exist but it historical fraction. I literally happening on the television OK so it is real or anything you're seeing right. Real I mean I don't know why the FBI have been bid he would. Well I think it up or has for a contract with the spurs owner for a thousand reasons color needed change you the topic just a second you said you're still living in your in your neighbor's basement. Yeah I've set up here pretty good I don't want I don't want somebody with a baseball back coming up popped in my I now. Could be your neighbor if you find in his basement our home. Now I I only stir around when they've gone to sleep. The best on your food to the limit off. Basically a whole case load of I don't cooler. I really any hasn't noticed it late diminishing. Now I thank you whites. Are OK Mary sue you you get food well there's there's. Yes they they start to notice somebody's been finger on around and they're paying a broader group. I mean that's only if I have a hang Alex competent noticeable. If that's disgusting. Okay thank you Steve you steal their cable do you are you won their phone minority have your own phone. I actually got I got a phone Herbert got. Dues guilt or chaebol. And it and I they get I acquire lodged an AMC. Every Sunday night. And nobody talking about them it was brought but I mean I'm ever gonna certain news I mean how come all the talking about a report grueling gag eyeball. Well. A lot of people are talking about today I can tell you that just. Yes a lot of people are definitely on him. Well I hope so I just hope whoever is going to be in charge of a country away Arab media guys. And baseball back. Yeah myths. Yes his name for about a dozen Lucille. Oh that's. The name of mine and it is why. Not just a com article are well. They makes the call and AME. I don't know yeah I would. Try to tell you to BC by admin on the annoys you neighbors just that if you've received these you have you have a good night he's typical. I well and outside you're Sabena brought. Okay you do that things aren't they to the call let's go let's go to Jay in Florida. Hey guys so up lots of things that wanna get into but I think to prioritize the wanna get into per upcoming threat. So that's Friday November 4 decode to date for. Either deep Paris agreement or a in this era where an apparent that you put that at certain. And witnesses when they're gonna start. Going back to the are switching to the gold. Mining and currency. Principles that would it'd now. And there's lots to talk about Deutsche Bank is getting ready to fail and that's going to be the big domino thing that's gonna make everything else Paul. They guide it predicted they'll last 2008 and 2000. Whatever happens now with the economy where we want to call it collapse or recession or whatever and also the house. Housing market real estate bubble to doubt ethics he's the one com. Resendiz has crumbled sports news.com. He's the one thing what's coming at a talk the I out and affect stock market. And out going to affect housing market and other thing about doing that I've ever had albeit out earlier but. Well I want people understand the other economic collapse. And a lot of I mean that maybe some people those kind of down player to admit that everyone out there telling you drop all of the morning for years now. On the other people that this is coming but it's going to be different in the red. And it's gonna be the worst we've ever had it's going to be as bad or worse than the Great Depression. And in 1920 and thirty. It I've heard a lot under a lot of you know I was just going to say. Yeah up and look at the other thing I heard the only good thing they can do it that they'd. Despite the height kit. One more time now make it a talking about the debt ceiling I'm not shirt but I heard that a while back they can I get one more time but that is not likely to happen. And that it is so right it is so ready to burst. Well I don't win out didn't we didn't probably gonna be like about OPEC may I have like it did before in my happened differently and may not be. You know. Well it went back to back yeah. It's gonna happen it's going to be Big Brother thing. My. But when you've got it the the leading engine of the world's economy being the United States with twenty trillion dollars in debt I mean you can't have good things happened phones are so powerful in our let's take a break when we come back it's more beyond reality radio Jason and GT. This year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Gary Condit dot com. That's scary time. Dot com and sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome. Visit the website scary times dot com dad's spirit con dot com. It's. Believe me. Songs Jim Johnson and we've got our guests coming up in just a little bit it's Debra and Sherry and we're going to be talking to them about their near death experience when they shared. And how they became sensitive and healers and a whole bunch of things happened from that experienced so will be chatting about that right now. We've got time for another phone call this is Nancy from New Orleans Nancy welcome to beyond reality radio. Nancy welcome to shock you so much you're surprised to be on the air. Can browse the. There are written as an act was really earlier in the Atlanta area about that India. Is yeah it hurt Q. He's been talking dark waters. I'm not yet and the sorry yeah that's good that's not met about it. I'm easy group how do you do you closer third. You leave the seat belt orbit so permits. So that they are statements that you try at least part of it and how do you. May try to stop. Well I think there's there's a lot of different beliefs in how to do it some people claim that high sodium. That counts can can help slow it down and close it for periods of time. Other people. No I might not get that idea and eating in I mean high tech and the tar ball poured salt your eyeballs that her butt and say. No no no a lot of people bull a lot of people claim that high sodium ice salt intake. Will a lot of times diminish it or weakened and for periods of time that people seek out healers or. Or spiritual assistance to a itself then close it in some sometimes just can't and he got to learn to deal with it and control it and and get used to it and that's where a lot of is a lot of times you'll see people who aren't being labeled the schizophrenic who aren't really schizophrenic they're just opened a sensitive. And it's just overpowering to them and they're not able to to learn to control and work. And helping out on Nancy. Though it doesn't. Believe she's on. Right imminent since its gate in order and the nice thing is. The Cisco are really really funny. And Iran nor Turkey it's we have a problem each UK and called Catholic Church. Absolutely I do I work hand in hand with the Catholic Church cell and a lot of people. And they haven't tried power support there there again except. We need more than you know. Yup sound they do and there's an elderly priest in different districts that that help people who who are open to are seeing things or having these experiences. Whether it's in human or it's it's. Human type entities that there that they're dealing with machine so. But there is there's a lot of and that's a great word of advice civil thanks for the call. That. Illinois reality show. You know I think you know things can turn for the call any endorsement thank you on the leaders have a couple minutes left we're gonna go to break and then we're gonna bring our guests in its Deborah and sharing. And they're gonna chat with them but a whole bunch of other towns near death experiences and just yeah do what. Hate it Ken Ken that opened you up to make you more sensitive. What can we for a task are the guy caller anonymous caller called in it gym and was me attitude with the tin foil underpants I think was the same guy him. Yeah and I don't want positive Willis it is mentioned in tonight's on an on bill means you don't achieve things a little better this. Again we're going to be talking with fast went Deborah and cherry and they both had a near death experience. Back in January. 21 of 2012. Which from their open them up and gave him these these abilities. And I think it's gonna be really need to stay here their their take on and what pays you why they feel that they were they were given abilities and know what from there on the reason behind that to help people and so forth aren't so we'll take a break we'll come back with our guests. Beyond reality radio Jason. Beyond reality radio Jason Hawes gene Johnson and its. What is it Tuesday night were rolling along I do wanna mentions in an effort to mention the first segment. Chris QWERTY you know what our guest last night we had do it and kind of abruptly with him because we just ran out of time I mean literally ran out of time. And he didn't get his FaceBook page properly announced and I wanted to mention that it's just FaceBook dot com slash and the B bill kids. So just Amityville Katie go there and and hook up with Chris we're gonna have him back on so we can talk. More about that great guy great guy really down to earth and just wonderful talk to and I love how he. Comes right out and intelligent you know this this was fake this never happens this was untrue. And how he'd gotten the details about George Lutz. His his stepfather and how Georgia's involving the occult possibly bringing a lot of what happened in that house. Into the house for them to deal. And I love the fact that he shares those personal experiences with us about you know what was going on in the family at the time and in the years afterward as the story. Developed in and Georgian his mom split up. And George was out doing talks shows and in and this story kept changing and kept making his life he felt like his life was being turned into a circus I will say George's story did change right and you origin changed numerous times and ran into one time Penn State it was totally different than it was when I'd run into him futures. And justice in our new what was true was yes so have Chris back on it very near future and we'll continue that discussion but tonight. We've got two very special guests Debra Morton Sherry get in. Known as Deb Debra and share infect their website is Debra and Sherry dot com involve also authored the book. Direct connect to god Deborah and Sherri welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on the program. Thanks for coming on right so which or which one of you is Debra and which one of you share so we can kind of pick the voices out here. Okay I'm Kerry can't get their breath a little pot with a dictionary you. And Anna and I'm Debra. Okay great. Now he you know you ladies. Work together you you shared a near death experience if I understand the story correctly. It it changed your lives but before we get to how it changed your lives tell us what happened what was the near death experience. Well in 1990 cat that different not that. Am cute near death experiences that are we ran horrific car accident and we we're divine intervention came in kind of took it took it out of the wrote earlier on the US sixty and oncoming traffic was coming and we couldn't get out of our end notebook ever which they are had. Realizing what was happening and what came carpet and a cart path to attack and wrote can put some or hadn't that I'll see you again. And that. Did the same cute cat Brad wow and then you know there it. Tire track everything came don't want that topic can I who came to the side of the road opted out of our car there's no witnesses. No one not happening out there that night. He shifted that. And you know we're we are saying you know what has happened where you know who witnessed. Next came what to cap and what took place that we can act first. (%expletive) that happened. And it kind of product on the journey together you know where were playing you know we weren't harmed there's nothing wrong our car was totaled there's nothing left it left of it. Don't and it is where first started pressed on our spiritual journey together. Now you also have another near death experience on January 21 2012. Is that there. Outlet ever talk about despite. Yes etiquette. One trial on twelve. Those numbers there really special meaning because Scott had Tommy never forget that cake because current temperature reversible and so it. And what happened like islands very very thick and it being seen by a male clinic and they couldn't kinda wrong with me. And I had lost all dignity I day. Lot of ability to hand lightbulb moment I no longer could be my home island. Playing and it heated issue and 1824. Hours today. And Kerry came to my house unannounced on Wednesday. And I lecture like she showed up but she said can we can pray together. And we didn't know what was can transpire that what happen let. Gearing our prayer. Sherry Lang is placing her hand on my hat and and angering mean. And at that same time she witnessed meat kick and laugh track. And let it get get I could feel my body lifting. I could feel my spirit going higher and higher I felt weight lift but it became took place where it was scary week. Very calming they no longer in any pain. I felt this man loved around me. And edit it okay scratch everything Cary. At the same kind of happening. I had so it would have been tracking Hewitt whatever outlet. It depict or appear to have left it. I hand on her forehead she was describing everything into her Hewitt there's many different things happening in Q it. Saying that she was an arms and Scott accurate having a conversation. So you'll hear in her hair on us. When you're hearing this from Hearst who spiritually nor. What you don't Hewitt talking out immediately hit it. I'm holding her body's there and then she'd. She's saying it. This is what's happening here I am. I'm an arm and a cotton I'm being very tech. And snow. You know I didn't know what's happening at a that we kill other people and I came to act helped a whole Carter how that gay and you know doing healing for you know. Going on and become very real. I didn't know trip coming back. Into you can chime in depth. Yet so. When me. What happened ethic in the light come and appear to me and then I saw these arms. And then I actually could see it as if island feeling myself being held. I caught Catholic keep my body in his arm clinic my hair draped over. So I let requirement can really sick and that standing. And then he eat at my body Amy Clayton on ambient light. At that time my body would land and be light and make clear it up. And activity in the right there at your beautiful clap coffins and I can remember it so vividly Alec if iCloud at at. But the most gorgeous cough and an average teen can't even fit in it. And I remember hearing getting very angry at you like to go into that occurred near. This is why I came here. And I had conversation without a picnic a bit base but he said that only I would be able to hear him. And he. Told me that we work. Or all of the warrant was polite contract. And what I like contacted me here you know at the beginning and middle and the end like a book the story of her. Some of us. The middle get very rocky very hard to imagine even making companion. Well I was told that. My aunt had come and that I was embarked time. Alec OK I wanted to day it was beautiful I felt. If I love I practices and we come to an end and and I had children at commented that this man out how easy it was to say I was ready. You really not thinking about any round ticket thinking about I want to paint stopped. And keep coming I had actually. But. With a choice. I could come back with Indian mission in new duty. And he showed me some words I didn't read the book contract camp Pickett attic area like I came back. And it wouldn't eat edict that profit from what I've had to go through out QB where I am today say that every joke and take you to read my mind. Mac. And you me when I play. Look at the word one like healthy. Empowerment. Late in Chile. And Ang and that I mean abundant are inaccurate and when I say when I talk directly. I ain't really putt at nine medium ship I've I've been in medium through so many years that the petty but accurate short universe Ayers and a I am that I medium between rich in two Q so you were since I'm prior business. He had me at them for tree years. But I am really. Happy to be healing and seen what this week relief men. And I let him and how much time look at that finished dead and that he cited. Okay imminent signed the contract went running on twelve but I'll injury per hour minute being healthy. Because they're really quite an edit them and go back and not help I don't want. And I say I did come back and at that time. Cheri I have. We're shifted bulk of we ended up having met incredible. Canes that heightened all of our ability. My medium ship is at cart mediums and Gary. And it carried healing abilities became so strong that energy that you feel you're hand there are culpable that you can't Nyack. That only quick cure but together. We traded that you'd meet technique true god. That we can go to these levels in hearing people that talent now cat. So before we get too far into that I wanted to go back to the actual. Near death experience while you're having this conversation with god. How was that all happening in your home while Sherri was sitting there next year. At Atlantic it let himself. It if I can even imagine because. With out report that arrogant labored breathing right could hardly even talk. Agreement get worked out. And then Atlantic ten and hit it great at this I was able to speak really without any pain. But yet Sherri said it was meant that I wouldn't even breathing. Tell it like it was camera and threw me. And she and Cuba but not a lot of you know she went parent it is overjoyed cute crying and. GE. You know had a right well that she didn't wanna come back. She helped a lot like my god I'm not in any pain. In the end people collect PI. NG describing this beautiful crop and and I looked at her and I met. Democrat I didn't come here at best you know I was on what it would go on because I never and and a million years to act and new life style it. Huge push that woke up and I went to warehouse an accountant and I think I can't I be added to her room. Prayer and all that happened. You know and she's describing spiritual Turkey came into the room meant to you to do it spiritual Turkey's human. There's just many levels that took place so. Our Gerri let's let's hope just hold the gold the story break they're from moments that we can take a break and come back and get more of of your reaction to this as it was happening. We're talking with Debra Morton and Shari getting Debra and Sherry dot com authors of the book direct connect to god. We'll be right back it's beyond me out this. Yeah hockey and I own running for president he hates me. Would you like every day work week it's I did when he was covered. One month for all cycles. Talking about bringing people. Well yeah. Behind me ask. So it's during my presidential site. Hey Dawson my best. How much time spent trillions of yelling help me. We're tired of feeling out. How about. Dollars this next time. Are all back to LA LA or anyone casing causing Jimmie Johnson on the telephone receiver or 4687766. And nine our guests tonight Debra Morton and Sherry get and from I'd Debra and Sherry dot com. They shared a near death experience Debra crossed over during one near death experience and actually talk to god. They're ordained healing ministers and they he'll site physical emotional and spiritual. Elements and we were pleased to have them here with a some during the middle of of fun Deborah story here and we are talking about. Debra your second near death experience where you were very young when you actually had a conversation. With god and Sherry was with you when this was all happening and we're trying to get cherries take on what she was seen in the time. Yeah uphill so I would CNET news that my secretary dec. And settle and you should not count holes until I was worried you know she I put I didn't know. Expired on I put my hand on our pack. You know I knew that he picture and it. At this conversation accused explaining everything at and what happened I was in a lot because. She banning you know made the decision to come back. I saw her. Ear and I can tell you that have never seen that she couldn't make something up like it. What happened to her body and show it was is that you had a deflated air after. And then all of our many hot air going back into it and I looked at her I knew I knew all along I couldn't. I have app support actor I've read that the keeper anchored to intuitively that. In knowing kicking back into her body she opened her eyes for the first time she looked at these. That were just. It it almost it will record like that. You know that you Democrat who is it coming back and she looked at B I'll never forget that she had yet to meet Peprah and not me. Those moderate those were the first words upon react consciousness. Yes and no more pain or anything. No not at that moment we were okay I'll look at each other like what you know what happened Q it crying. Attic crying we music something it lacks is what it has. She'd kill all. She then. OK you know she. It might but turned on and that indigent. So deplored it locked hope she she didn't monolith anymore he actually had a dream that she was not going to be here anymore. And they'll regulate your friend. You know we feel gathered at healing you know. But I never in a million years back or anything like app would we ever happened and it was real and it was rocked. And it. At least some marketing your soul because you're never the same person and it completely conditioner and Eddie hill. That gave Weaver Weaver shifted Connecticut from apple didn't. Know what that meant that now in our feelings because begin healing problems of the world renowned L police. Meant that never was going to. People common yet and we don't know anything about that we don't want and don't think that she leaping. The root of what caught in their illness. That only topic now and catchy cable complete things and we are able to you know he'll people get to the root of what's hot in it gathering. The pain and that he. Well now with this pain was ever a medical examination and or a determination on his wallet and what was causing this to happen. Well what happened on that doctors through reading company cut that out and partner dollars. And it was like picnic on a quick I was. At her. At least six months and it is MTV and we're working pack but some of the doctors. It yet actors are saying you know anorexic I was just so rail fan. And they couldn't they weren't able to find you ever having a really difficult time figuring out what can live. And I get asked Scott. What wit it that's what my feeling like how might what might get it how my average and L. And that you'll ever Elena. Real reason behind that because it eat it eat become a cat two you're your own game. And you say at one patter I had. And it. Freeing not mailing went cute Hackett. When you're going straight you want to have it because you want me to tell you what one wicket defeat real because content they look at him like they can. What's going on what life is happening Q and you want to have a reason or explanation. But now doing healing. Telling people look don't be attack that word because that we're getting hit power. So if we can hit removed like having that I have I have can't hurt like. Bellic cancel that can't say I I can't act no longer have it I want I want use that word anymore wouldn't seem really really helped. But the same is and it just as easy to say I had. Cancer and are very happy. Yes oh million. Now because then what happened that you know deep down he went hat if you ever knew what you had in ever protect ports again. Tennessee I look at him more as you had it but you were able to. Say you're you're a defeated you are able to is so that would make you stronger inside knowing that you were able to be able to overcomes become something like. Sometimes you know and healing if they know what it was and can he miracle that happened they'd LL. There's no way that it can kick my. Thank god got a hand in my situation that is what was cool and and like it that'd be I was being seen by top doctor that male clinic and gave it never having a real tough time diet now a convicted in a statement topic that would eat Mercury. Deborah when you had your conversation with god. Dude did you do you have. Memories of the image or was it was it more. Mentally nature meet you have the picture of god in your in your head from those from those conversations. It and hit came back you know I get access to all the time and Lansing is I believe that we all have our own image and caught it we gotta love. And light energy. But when we bring forth will we feel it he can come in many forms. And so what I first shock elected. Light beam of light. And then I thought it was like Lannan Arctic and then rope and I thought the arms out and I found myself and now I gave it. At one time look into the eyes and it absolutely I have never seen before. And though I do remember connection can act. I use now that god is energy and frequency and and we I don't like in an armed and receive that frequency and we use epic Vietnam we have a direct act back frequency. And that that's where our healing comes from. Well now and when you've read when you referred to god the last few times he says he he he is are you referring to it in god as being a man or mail or use. We're now. Well in my form I look at god as a heat that he can be years he or. There's so many forms that he will come in for for anyone can break. I believe got it all out as outlined that Eric and one get one got that. One person my holidays she won for my college he wants and how you hate him. Yeah and that he liked to have an error or. Scott want to appear that you recognize him know him are hurt that he will be who is that you period it is. Merit what hole. Well hold on what factors were gonna take quick break and don't come macro dead animals questions. Phone number for everybody to wanna call it is 8446877669. And 844687. 7669. You listen Jason NGV and we're talking with Deborah in Sherry in check out their website. A different Sherry dot com we'll be right back after the business. Jason Collins Casey Johnson. Our guests tonight Debra Martin and Shari getting also unknown is Deborah and Sherri it's a fact Deborah and cherry dot com is the website. Authors of the book direct connect to god. They are healers. Mediums and had a couple near death experiences we're gonna get right back them in a second but before we do that which is from my folks who we got coming up Jed tomorrow night. John Cox Eric tomorrow night John Cox will be talking about Houdini whole thing's Houdini and because he did claim he was he was if you come back he was going to do it on Halloween and you have looked at passing away yet and he was going to come back here to special message that he'd given his wife and I wish I knew the answer this and hoping John will be able to tell us I don't know when he. When she died his wife was named best when she died if she passed that message Johnson and other people. Knew what it was. Their for a few delivered the message through a stance it could be known to be legitimate. A humble find out all about that tomorrow night with John Cox and so in a Thursday we've got burned in my humble who is the founder and director of the on the street institute in San Francisco so we're going to be talking about ratings now I don't wanna steal anybody's thunder here. But. You know I'm going to anyway you up and down it it appears that the amazing (%expletive) key. Is wants to make beyond me on the radio his victory celebration on election night. Victories so if it's okay if I guess they all have you know president the candidates have a big you know victory party and of their own geared up for what he is asked. Is slick and he's working out the details see if we can do this would be actually do it life. On the show on Tuesday night. Okay you'll see we can make that work out funky lie if Iraqi line if on the it is and I'll bet that a source bidders for his presidential victory yet the guy you expect a lot of tears he is going to be a lot of cry. Or does America our guess is Debra and judiciary ladies again thanks so much for hanging on to the break and staying with us. I would take this a step back because you know what you're talking about a spree and I'm sure you've heard this an entry you know this is absolutely incredible. To have a near death experience were you actually have a conversation with god. Not too many people have that experience. When they have a near death experience that's less step beyond a lot of you know what those who've had the Indies. Ever ever encountered. But I you know if you are skeptic and all that some once knew how do you know you're actually having this conversation isn't could this have to spend you know a as some kind of bring trick or you know this you know the standard. The standard answers are standard things that skeptics would say how do you answer that and how do you how do you how how are you so sure. Well and that's where I am here and I have. Spoke at. I ran conferences and and we act and studied by cut anxious for the world and limited is. When you have a shared Erica thank you very rare it becomes you have somebody that witness for which he. And so. Should they be able to be there and he exactly what it was going Q now your question and you know how I know that that was Scott. It a faith and believe that you feel that goes strong. Goes strongly and you are you know you're in space. That you couldn't get here. You don't want me. Eating competition. You're your soul. To depart where. If I even think about that space it will make me weak. IA felt. So much loved that you don't feel here. It's very hard to explain but it can milling Mexico keeper in me that I don't question. And at skeptic. They're there Ali going to be kept. And they're always going to have it ask a question and her you have your own experience. Do you. Do you really feel it in LA and don't question now I can't so firm. At. And then I can chime in on Matt when it is all because. Elliot lake it was so. I think at that I can't deny what happened but it that are healing so we. Ellington working miracles are being cancer we had a patent and it completely skeptic and by the way you don't have to be religious. To really Britney is yelling you don't have to believe in god. People coming up all district eight we have people that don't even got at all. We get a man came and completely skeptical that the car after he came and he couldn't help but he had. Afterward he shared that he had cancer and spine and in his brain. And the doctor to get 2% chance of survival and he did an article mr. chemotherapy can pick our trip up force those kind of at optical. He came because they've wiped. The love of his wife and daughters so he came and one week later he had a Spinal Tap in cancer as well on. And cattle you know back at separate times doing that we work network that instrument. But we we hate that Scott works director whatever that that is for you that we see and the healing telling me hey you know hot you know god. Well we see it people write to attract. And picking. McCain and we're there's. True. The transformation of people and end it and it at a potluck. It's an apple when you have like these records from the doctors like Hewitt at explaining mini me at hodgkin's lymphoma. And he is planning out his hair remaining days. And Palin and tracking experts be completely get on and the doctors like wrecked front and other cat like cocaine as a doctor well. And yet when he ran at a cat that was he'd kill healthy today. Bet you can't deny that. Now I understand it would now would you compare what you do to re key which is a similar thing of course it's using him at some different types of energy. In LI II think a double dip at Vatican people laughed at I think. Were tapping into that energy you know what I feel that it's scary what can add it as passionate. You know I collect right there's an appeal depicting on anchoring their press so her. We're going to be higher levels and become energy come true I can't so I never got to the person so it's. I hit it or capital of frequency. And two were culpable right Gillick and I can't speculate on the healing people all around it. Dell com. If a little bit different but it'll stop echoed these faces social. Spiritual circuit coming to the ground I'm. I'm working on a heart and she may say you know what I can actor to assert that put a tool and shall describe the tool using. And shall say that Eric harp about where I'm working kill. Excel and also and all the cat can I say there's a lot when it came into the room and get to preview so Democrat is. It's all over that she's you know picking people on her attorney that luck went are coming in and yet spiritual Turkey coming in so it's not just rape case. Sherry had Sherri and I. Should I just need to ask you who I never heard the term spiritual surgeon before is that something that you does that mean the hugest. You ascribe to something errors are something that I'm just unaware of that other people are talking about. Well we heard heard it you know hysterical Turkey apart crash deep Bettman on it weeks at a meeting. Passion social GDP and putting a lot there's. You know Kabul and their search engine that she actually feed the club going on she'll actually feel light on our head in the different area they're looking hot. But we have something very interesting candidate but she'll describe them. And she is he's the glove but the other day they're there attack. And that came and a vision problems and it was kind of interesting Everett describe what you armed rock described. We're not really. An anchor like taken. That's an advocate normally they come you know very. Let Eric and more and Alec looking very. Rick wait. Wait. Clothing like a doctor at where entered Europe. And this man. And a heavier ignorant wearing my publisher commute more on a lot like Ali Alan McPeek about the bad. Because he's he's here it means and I could beat him. So cut and eight record certain night or even very vividly what happened it. I medium ship has altered to the point or I'm seeing like a movie enemy. And what we're taking place. Is seen that there's no rarely know like pregnancy and it is very skeptically on the cable. He's he's having all these other issues and it product. Let's find out why he liked having me. What like having heart issues ethnic issues why am I seen that what the caught it. Well. Guy Kelly me very big victory that he showed me him at Eckerd and and I seen him so clear it eat it anecdote and I would campaign and I feel like Sen met his eight red trim the trouble it at least ninety very. I can't Amare can't talk anymore mr. what I am witnessing a changing my life and I don't know enough I can accept love anymore. An attic racquet make that you do witness your dad be your mom. And that it changed your life. And that's when you're dealing. With problems are. He went on all the other stick to that area of the body that we don't nothing out we don't want to know anything about occur at all. So. When we were a kid and he can't get regulars right fine. From the years locked in hearing from my dynamic of porridge is that they want it take out in my line in front. My bowel issues. Everything and you're around eight at eight and I did see mind. Father beat him. And say any that I could. Not meet being our. I can mocking all the time. He is the one. Met these everything and I just showed me. What you needed to see in order you know why you're dealing with which you're dealing week he'll hit. We could heal it like hearing that. When he'll like this to this country sheik we eat by radar frequency you have your own Carrie had her on what Havoc hasn't pinprick. It would keep buying a person on cable frequency when it they're extinct. Or there in person she'd find that she reminded me grabbed hurt goes directly to god. The frequency start. She anchored around she wanted to play figuring into that body but he also went out and let the body isn't deserving. And elk I'm not what I'm seeing and feeling like going on and the body I have to take up their pot pain I have to keep it and if they lost their loved one. I can compete and to basically disappeared delicate caricatured in we've had people in great republic that they. But a lot in murder situation room or car accident in different ethnic buying it hit big. And are accurate it would you keep it can't remain and the people coming you know an expert command L hope it. You know I'm on my lap. Recruitment after run Q. Unlike hash you want to know net. It went bad getting the message that they re deep Iraq can act. Back to land they own. I'm hearing. Well and with that I a couple questions though at times and please don't take these disrespectful at all. So if your healing somebody who has cancer or some something of that nature. Two things first off why does it take somebody. And like us to be able to do then set of guys just doing it himself and that first question the second question is. If god has put us all here and he's pretty much in control of everything. And he's made the choice of win this person's time is a way yeah and how this person's going to live their life whether it's cancer whether it's. It's MS as something of that nature what gives owed them why would he gives somebody the ability to be able to take away. The the fate of that person that was set forth by him the first place. Look at second I can't advocate sometimes we hot you know we have free will lie but sometimes week. Copies electric which we don't even read that or clocking them. I think it all you know I think that you know what I'm thinking man that you know it the tracking it right in Matta and our party Goer for. And sometimes you know arm I turn knocked that when you at all hoping air to air you need hole. You know he's unique and teeny hole. And you don't and we never tell people not to go to doctors we pay we work hand in act you know Scott worked that doctors he'd worked through lack. It goes hand in hand. So if you're sometimes people need contract acting. And cal where you know we can't comment nor able to turn back. And that balance and it. And you don't look at it we want to outline them for that they can have their own direct connect. Don't and I and I understand us tonight going to taken a disrespectful but it's just now on top there's a big difference from. Yeah and of course in destiny fate or whatever you wanna call it. And yet Alex I know people who've who've smoked up until they were ninety years old and didn't die with cancer I know people who smoked for five years of their life. And ended up dying of cancer 2526. I mean that that that stuff has set I think I've always hard test of a sudden motion yeah I can fight it. But you know what it's it it's a determination if there's a higher power is going to be working with meat suit. To help my fight on this or if it's just if it's my time it's my time. And as so that's always been one of those things where. If somebody can come and Hewlett. Well then I guess that that was the reason. The fate of that in the first place bottom. That's just it what am white but why wouldn't god or higher powered do this himself why why would he not why would they have these. Surgeons then and so forth they come. Well there's several things. First of all. Sometimes it. We don't know. We we we go through something now we theory keeper and I could have had forgot caddie that he may have thought Eddie he'll pat you walk through them. And we have to bring that memory back. And that we can go in deep level and keep itself here though. Team needed it is likely to counseling for years filing able to puke you get beat deep rooted it and and you're he'll. It's like getting that deep route that they can and then go acute they're healing process. Al. I also mentioned that not everyone he'll. Okay felt. Leaks we can't say everything department comes to it you know that we've seen a lot of the hearings that are are accurate and their patents are. We really you know we're at that at a high tech and 10% and it happened we hope people had to go hike. You want it that you can act as much as they want to survive and the economic and it's not a year. And they're. They may have hit. Package meant. They re connection that they that feeling of being with cot that it only that they're going to get there are always going to leave it. That feeling of having that connection we never know what they're going to read it also entering never. Calculate deep they deserve a healing or that they want to have been very well we can't hold everybody can't let me leave. Because we don't know if there and do we have 1% at camp and then. You know go home rat honoring your body. And we act out they went can be our little in L make they pay it is like maybe they'd hit wanted to try and it was like. So that there's other people that they want the hearing but then at some time they really don't. OK let's now let's we have we have somebody's been waiting on hold for quite some time this is Amy from Niagara Falls. Who wanted to share an experience. With us Amy welcome to be on reality radio. There. Commercial. Break and Colin my home is part of yeah that expanding. Credit record my mom has. A child and quite suitable to argue calculated formal. Not too far act and she helped me is the fact that many could back me. Or has this. Have previously. Won't borrow the Portland. He didn't he married won't normally. Hope settled for a highlight moment but at least for Clinton Carl. I am Rick Howell. I can only give me can keep our eyes for a war won't or loan from a guy who people thought for a loan so. At current arms treaty and hypocrite and Google and I felt. And extract Stan Merrill. Thank Lamar won't want to be on there has. I have a quick cook copy of lighting he couldn't go hat won't cook won't help Chris black identity field the equipment that. I didn't you won't book and it's important market it and who can be into the gold content. You're you're he has doesn't he seem old and I will or won't. I loved. Then it occurred between blatant wrong and good on won't keep my mind. And I know that you don't fixate on the street from the white collar on. Some way somehow walked toward week four weeks old but he won't formula for parents own. You about it. Amy you Amy do you remember anything about these near death experience. During that accident do you have any visions or anything that. They you retained as a memory. I have absolutely Wu. It didn't at all I call it won't credible as a fraud made it all the charitable connections to honor those would be no indication. Being. Owned. Directional light long I was eating if a ground ball. Passengers got it and won't come out with portable I think I. Rick story like this before where people don't you know there there get a car wreck where. There's saved him and they probably should have been made and it's like. There their spirit their body is actually taken out by angels. They hold them. And then. Expected to crash and put them back and that person has no wreck collect collection of the at all and they wonder how they're not tapped. But I heard that many cap in many many times. No thanks for the calling me thanks for sharing that experience will listen hopefully will get some answers to your birth certificate questions. On ladies we have a couple minutes before we have to go to break and I wanted to get it get a little more information about what you do when you actually have a client that needs. Healing as far as what's the process. Of four in terms of how it affects the patient what do they have to do what you ask and do renowned as an all work. Well look first at all and that carries help with that but. We don't know anything it dared get content healing power the world. Ollie needed their picture. We don't wanna L anything neck trauma and at all because if they say that they have on their brain market can go to the brain record and did finding root of the problem south. We don't know anything we just like a picture to get them. And and at their purse and then they laid out on the table if they're at camp and I am their park in the picture goes on my app to men. And then Carrey will line at to this energy and frequency. And if it did that everything's recorded on an M Petri. So everything attic they eat here will be recorded it at that they treated many times. And I think it. They can be in person that they can be kept at an all act is just not you know. Believe it you know in practical lautner not now that does not be here every day that we did you know okay. You know be open. And you know. Don't any patient asked Allen if it healing aren't killers on a wheat and I am a part Shanghai China. So they're receiving at the same kind of healing taking place and are yelling at her. We have their picture and then deception began and then me and MP3 right afterward. OK hold that thought just 12 sir at least we have picked quick break. It's beyond its. Thanks Eric Kahn might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com dad's spirit con dot com and. It's. Thanks much for joining us you know that song Beatles song the reminds you really a guest on that we it's it's something about having contacted John Lennon's coast. And we never had an opportunity asked that question meant to. That's on just remind me of those when we him last week I think. Want to go back to those notes to get that aspect gone. But we are talking live sheer again. And Deborah Martan. And check out there. Their website at various ages parchment my microphone attempt you check out there and there was that a Deborah and Sherry dot com. And before I went to break. You ladies were filling us in value you do sessions for people as far as Shanghai and so for all over the world. It now is is their cost for. In person or. I guess that distance type healing session. Yes there is a cough that let Atlantic Haywood says it. In and we are doing hearings. Whether it's different like when I get and they're not on the phone. What we do it again and instructions can find a taker crate for anyone currently down accounts of people go to your garden and people on the home. And we act and to just relax and we receive and relax receiving. It's indirect linkage that they'll recall take note what happened and Aaron. And I had ten times when they listened to dictate. Exactly what was happening in the fashion either. We're thing I feel that burning sensation in my abdomen or right field. You know I'm feeling in my hatter wherever it is they're they they feel that scene. I operation at that same time rocker had people. Have anticipation. Of their body urged her to church group that they work and they have taken pictures to show. No it it it's incredible. It really takes place for act two it it could could allegation. Because cricket instrument is like comedians you know we give the information that's coming up to. And there were at least find out the allegations but the stupid doctors are true you know what they're telling us that feedback it gives says that. This strength even in Newport I mean what we're getting really really transpiring and that's I regret our book trek back got because all the words that are in there we met we did not. Canes should be we kept them and wrote them verbatim because it goes work all the frequencies that any but he read the book. They will feel that and they can QB he'll know if it were one he'll pick narrow heel. Welcome our remind people that. Lee we healed from the template like. To come get your body balance and it helped with the weight gain and McCain people a complete game has a lot changed their life a little hectic. Now emotional political record to alert them on. Where it's really hard when they get cancer app though. Yes it. You know we work for a living get like doctors recruitment thing though yet we do have to chart and if it. Also make people packed into it we've noticed that we didn't charge it includes the value of and so it that they have to cut interest you have to own it it's like it becomes valuable to them. And when bring John in here is another callers been on quite a while John from Massachusetts welcome to the program. Go more and first time caller thank you club that is our share up many years ago. I almost trial as a kid I'm younger brother house public to do my older brother can do so lumps and not Iraq. My parents summon the word hard jump into the water. My brother and his friends went out to harassment like well I can do it. So I jump in Nam I nearly drowning is quite an experience. Don't share panic Jarrett to. So. Relaxation colonists that it see a bright light I felt solely. Solely at peace where there. And actually never called an excuse me is that stack up on the beach my father was smack me on the back and all that. But some is incredible hands I don't. If you folks of purple band in the morning Hancock's. Yes. Okay so I went to see her com. Several years ago before she. Sound I guess acquire the sessions that notional amount machine honed right in on it the age exactly that was Dylan and shall pushing the community she kind of cheered up and she certainly do you remember it and I got a little emotional Selma together. And see what that there was divine intervention there and down that pleasure and made it so it was a remarkable and the home. I felt it got at all. It's like I'm talking (%expletive) to care it is an accurate which read it after asking me. How you know what happened to its billing its as if it as they've they've connected that. It overcomes you where you can't deny that and our. You you had what happened that day is truly a miracle for you to thank you for sharing. Crist are you yet thanks John thanks so much. On we just have a couple minutes left ladies. You do you also make appearances and speak I thought I saw something about Terry you may be said something about having spoken somewhere I don't know if that's something you do regularly. Yeah we we speak at conferences we've spoken at science conference. Right now we are remotely we don't have anything you know like got out. You know that we speak you know. I have to but right now we're kind of focused on our healing. You know act or doing that yet we read it decreased but at science that local carpenters we've spoken with. Doctor at Alexander. And and a couple competent and well put a cap and. Now and I can't do yeah McCain now ladies when you with your near death experiences do you believe that that. Enhanced your abilities to communicate or and has both the U we're sensitive prior to this MI correct and I. Yeah I think everything like that can't say acting everything changed. You know for me act until it. Frequently collect can't I can't get hotter iPod gets hot several be laying on the cable cute tight all because she's feeling. Spirit around or loved one I'm hot on tricked up. Change because we need to prove that our work and Alex change that you. Were beaten cancer strong and what we do you. You know is on your brother also element to it that a lot of what happened to him about La. And you know he'll which compassionate look for people that come and and and it a lot of people is gaining to connect creeping out there and you know people need to feel that their loved their their wordy and that the preserving. You know there's so many different levels that now. I think it all comes back to La been killing log in. Filling pac ten. Action now. And it's beautiful where we transform I think every yelling relief Aron sometimes. You know we look at each other thing happening captain after Levys while there. And I hit it calling has been an historic. It stepped you know it it. It transformed after pressure not you can't hit it in tighten their Philip. I'm sorry it heightened her abilities that day we leave now that it it kind of like it was like Turk Turks to practice and that like. A kill it it change it kick in yet. Now do you ladies believe that people who had near death experiences. Who might have not had a sensitive. Bone in their body. All the sudden and there's a lot of claims people had these near death experiences all the sudden become sensitive. And able to hear and see things and and feel energy that that most are not able to. Do you do you believe that that that happens. Yes thank you have any of it it hit them I believe that. Something transpired. That opened them up this good energy on and it it it made them more aware. So in my not a sentiment prior and that is what awakens. Yeah. OK so the website is Debra and Cheri and I wanna point out that Deborah spelled DE BR a nine dev Boren writes Debra. And Sherri dot com the book is direct connect to god and if people wanna get in touch with you the best ways through the website is that right. Yet the wet later we got that email and an app works great and it kept track. And and then cherry pick ER I dot com so it is term that tighter through wreckage area gmail.com for the past plane ticket at camp. Terrific we'll thanks so much for joining us on the show and sharing your stories with us in giving us such a great information really appreciate you can be willing to answer becomes a harder question test and we we had. You guys are great Kelly really enjoyed. All right hold it we can talk again yes good to have you on the program Debra Morton and Sherry didn't. Debra and Sherry dot com is the website direct connect to god. Is the book we're gonna take a quick break we're gonna take your calls at 8446877669. When we get back. Don't go away it's beyond me. Hey gang at JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps parent magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right you're interested. You need to subscribe taps her Mac. Now's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is it taps turn magazine has been completely redesign and re launched the search you. That's right go to the website just taps her bag dot com that's capture or match dot com. Click on the subscribe now Biden and through the promo code beyond at checkout and save even more on your subscription. It's captured her. Where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. There are magazines again go to the website tab CarMax dot com. That's happens paramedic dot com use promo code beyond just say. All or take Orioles in the next few minutes we wanna get your take on tonight's guests. On nine Denver and anxious and sharing your thoughts on. On the healing. Com or phone numbers 8446877669. Yen 8446877669. Which you what your thoughts Jim. Well I think that the you know. I get always I get really concern when we are talking about healing especially when you're talking about very very serious diseases. You know having. Parents one who passed bra recently and one in Israel right now very serious diseases. You know I listen to these things and I think to myself boy you know. Should we try because. The traditional medicine didn't work for my dad so I'm curious about it but I'm also I'm also just really you know on. Is scary. It's scary thing as a guy who's involved martial arts my entire life and dealing which he and also friends who are variable streaky which is sort of what got me into the whole field paranormal. I'm a firm believer in in energy and and coming off. MB in people being able projected whether it's spiritually through god or or whatever but. Helen it's it's also but I have a hard time web page if you're and you know California and I'm here in Rhode Island and I'm gonna do from here and you. I had a hard time with that it causes about the closeness where you can transfer the energy and and well and really feel it. Yet and my vision of these you know spiritual healers is kind of a hands on things but you know I'm also seeing a lot of people do these Skype interviews for. Psychic readings an ounce on the I don't know maybe technology is changing well most of has done well. We're gonna take a quick break we come back who gonna take your calls four number 8446877669. Guinea 446877669. You give us a call and most of your thoughts and opinions on non the psychic healing. Also I've seen a lot of mentions in chat about the fact that tomorrow night there's no ghost town hers. And a lot of people are so upset about that so feel free to call and chat about that too. We feel afraid they'll be the first Wednesday. In a while well at least she's twelve toward your stance and it won't be new episodes coming up so. Harry illicit Jason to be right back. Welcome back beyond real acuity can give Iraq and the director. Lots of her like her going to miss it especially during my. I learn colleges and particularly scary for the phone lines this is Phoenix or Chicago welcome to be on reality radio. My hands and didn't and I DV eight hour. Day and I everybody intact. Is this going on. But. Who quiet person this is the first I'm not confident and that they're not there than I was going to ever Colin. Yeah that hundreds of stories that didn't actually listening to. You're get reminded when I was in college in the eighties and I haven't asked for aren't just like a pitcher can mean. And we had a break out at Christmas break I com. Out of town and she stayed in town and she read a huge party got very very try out and shoot striving. And that's for the amount which you try to speed it. Data who very quickly and she. Had a horrible accident where she should have logically she shutout loss of life. And the way she retold the story to us by. It should not get older vehicle and right when she turned it got back she. There's no way she could survive that active issue is gonna died she was thinking achieve that everything relating very rarely and humid thinking. I can't believe it is that carry the America I think reworked when he is maybe. And she was there devastated. Her life with him and so quickly to ensure that yeah and she said she thought blinding light. And then she remembers nothing. And then. She wakes. And she would maybe. Twenty IP from her vehicle. Down the side of very steep mountain road and a crime in the ditch. And there was so warm and leaned over car. And the woman said she says there was like a glowing aura around her. And the woman was trying to compress data sheet that she has the most in English she had ever heard her life and she said. You know it's OK honey everything's going to be okay you're around right. And the man leaned to write down in her face and she cannot understand uniform and name tag at her name tag said Angel. And her and she said her eyes Wear lavender. Like violet her lab here. And my friend of content if we can be tricky guy you know so I'll laps. When she would tell me this story it over the years she nothing nobody ever changed. And I did a little bit agree I have been here I think there are nothing like that when I did buy her Larry search Hearst story. We're very common there was this. You know flash declining lie and then she thought it was everything slowed down. And then it was like time in their attention has no memory at all the active and they edit with a miracle that she survived that there was no relationship about the accident ends. A huge moment later the woman backed away and I just vanished and then a few moments later be emptied your diet. And they said there was no owners have maintained that as such person and they had no knowledge of what she was talking about it and thought she was you know hallucinating. Well and they saw a cult a great story it really is it's so yeah I want all about. Ultimately that is a great story you media finished. Shivers down my spine and thanks for sharing that Phoenix thanks for calling and we appreciate very much. Let's go to a Christian in Iowa Christian with dad's couple minutes left welcome beyond reality radio. Don't say it and they don't data Green Zone. Just let guys know it may live and I Obama I was raised in NORTHERN IRELAND for over twenty years the little speck and I actually got us started Korea I was actually born that would night. When I was born my lungs are collapsed. And had a couple America experiences and send that you know we can't. Kind of an open to a win though I've. You know we're my throat open as a kid over handlebars so I've been pretty close including drowning. But I used to live on court eleven Pataki went out the child about five years old young and Aruba can. Yeah and we're talking back in ninety. Cool baby. 687. Somewhere around and out well by. And how that we lived and was pocket and there was one night I'm in my room now my police pickup. And Pete Campbell and cabinet door handle three young children in case of of fire you know T get saudis see stuff like that. Well one night I don't sleep in my closet doors open anymore but all the sudden one night. It just look like floating scholes and things were coming out of my club that I mean I'm scared to death. Trying to get out of my wrong. Trying to pull the door open it when it opened my father had kicked. That door down. Can get me out of the wrong. Well a couple of weeks later. My moms and about them and I apologize issues naked get credit card out doors close I mean my brother my pattern a living or. I don't so weak he urged school green. We get out. We go to war much down the hallway and then into the dining German and turned to go into the upper and but my that it bought into the hallway in the dining room and I'll have one of those little figuring Chris Phillips over the space shot here that was there. They got up off the shelf and nearly let them right in the patent shattered on the wall. What can we get into the bathroom my mom's leaning over the top. And she's got a hand print to read kind larger and perfect. Our rare red. She's actually my mom says finally you know I quit that and we're gonna leave where I have to remote my Monday summary search. And the guys that own how. Died in there. But the only problem what is he needed children. He thought it would noisy here it says you know so you're under certain HE didn't want you and how. Well let me my brother will ball under ten. I would targeted. Excuse of well not to cut you off Leo we only got a minute left borrowing and but thanks for the call it when I called the aren't at a Rhode Island Jim is too when you look at the map look -- arm also just a physical size are you referring to here you're not being critical on all of us. So you should never critical road I don't know I'm I'm never critical Rhode Island. And I know we're kind of running out of time so we're sorry for everybody is still waiting on the called me she is give us a call tomorrow night will will trying to open lines. Early in the show and that way we can we've talked do you hear your stories and everything else bottom. The great show tonight from Deborah and cherry and checked amounted Devern cherry dot com and tomorrow night we've got John Cox will be talking about Houdini. Yen and Thursday were talking when Vernon my Hubble is the founder of the rectory of on the street institute he says he's also going to be talking about. The hands of the presidential yes sneeze he has some very not Hillary and apologized. We're not gonna get into politics were just gonna let him say what he has read in the homes of both. Trumpet and Clinton I don't think he's rent red fox he's. Palm. Maybe we can get (%expletive) key to send a picture room beforehand to suing get in on this but yet he's got some pretty cool insights about about what those palms of those candidates say and and the I think everybody's gonna be really fast and Eamon what he has Telus. So again a big shadow of the Devern Sherri thanks for Amman and Libyan oil willing to answer the questions that were being asked to view. And you know awesome here there's there's stories and now you'll draw your own conclusions so. They listen Jason GBM beyond reality radio catch all amount I have a great night. And on the other ingredients produced by speaking yeah. Courtrooms Alexandria Johnson and her Tom Marino and don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a lie and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow up on or you'd like to be guest on beyond reality radio. Email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.