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When did Halloween become so politically correct? 10/31/16

Oct 31, 2016|

Medford police officers are under fire for picture with a person dressed up as Clinton in an orange jumpsuit for Halloween. Do you think the police should have apologized? Kuhner says no.

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Let's that's my favorite. Halloween music did you watch Halloween movies this weekend the answer is yes yes I love watching Halloween I watch how mean I watched the courage. And the strangers and I am I. All we got our serious ice where I watched purge election year and using it like it but I was so scared. If you're like the year I really yeah aren't Beirut in the franchise. I now I don't mean I'm just like any DC girls hat with that they had their AK is definitely derelict pulling out. Yes that was awesome. So yeah I don't buy I re watched the remake of Halloween which I think is a classic. I like weeds. I think they're great job it's an absolute classic. And so are you I saw about over the weekend I saw some of the old Dracula movies love them yeah I haven't seen loves them love them. Yeah go trick or treating their Britney. Yemeni and history. And I only so I believe that they are gonna come to Salomon that your coach are you gonna be dressed up as well probably not. And to dress up last year yeah but she if she was alone tiger so I dressed as a cheetah. Com and land there and in turn. That's nice she's being. I don't know what Sophia the first says. So. I've I don't know I don't know what a drug just give myself. No news in her dress up a little chat which bishop Donald Trump costume. He can't take pictures with Hillary Clinton I was gonna lie. Yeah I knew you kind of preempted needed Arabic. No my passion is going to be Spider-Man he's got his incredible Spiderman outfit. He's got a mask the whole thing it's incredible. Even have some padding like in the shoulders and chats he had to make it look like called beat feel like a real superhero yeah. And little payback is going to be meaning mouth bass and be really cute they're a lot of fun with a little with a little years and now off. She looks so what gone. Thought they got up early this morning they want to put the costumes on already I said not only got to wait till that comes along. And I guarantee you trick or treating. The mentally ill find baskets. Salt and about 6 o'clock and I think I'll. I'll have a little bambino stripper true until about 730 so I guess I'm Sophia the first is a difference ask yes sought it out. I don't have to dress up thing if I if she wants to be just like Sophia. The first well I can put a little maybe I'll grant address a new giant AT Aaron everything else gets something she got a little something just you know make the little league's top. I got us a note out to go to that Halloween Starr okay my friends and be the sixth caller right. Now at 617206. X 6868. And win two passes for delta York sales election night celebration. And right now it looks like it will be a celebration. At the hard rock cafe it's brought to you by American auto transporters and perfect smiles. Get more information at wrko.com. Slash election so be the sixth caller right now is 61720666868. Right now. If you get a busy signal just keep trying we're gonna give away many more these buses. Okay Britain's touched on. You know what ever happened to the First Amendment. They I mean you know I'm not gonna be dressed up on a costume. But the Nino very good costume a fire was the dress up and a costume would be Hillary Clinton orange jumpsuit. I think that's a very good costume. It's very app or poker she may be heading to prison very soon and frankly she deserves to go to prison. You know. I met one of the other sports on air personalities during the break. And we were just discussing for a couple minutes you know about the latest FBI bombshell. And I said look let me explain NT one dimensional. They found 650000. Locals. On a laptop shared between home Aberdeen and Anthony Weiner. All of whom contain information from Hillary Clinton's private server either to Oman from Beaumont to Hillary back in fourth. It's all winner. Precocious or criminal. And I said court can be voting for Hillary Clinton right now I mean seriously how can you both for a criminal. And I say you want the icing on the cake Loretta lynch deliberately blocked the FBI from investigating the Clinton foundation. The team out on the Wall Street Journal. So they tried to prevent them getting this access to the 650000. Emails. Loretta lynch and the senior Justice Department officials they went after the FBI. Almost one of them a debt to sit on the cover it up to squash it. Local FBI agents revolted they said no way. And she blocked the investigation to the Clinton foundation. I say they're covering up a massive criminal conspiracy. After this. How the hell can you both for Hillary Clinton. Like really how can you shall took me a phenomenal. It's even better to me than Dracula Frankenstein. You're aware it sure whatever. This is almost like a real life monster. It's Hillary Clinton in an orange jumpsuit. And so what happened this check this out so in med first here in mass local story read a lot it's going absolutely everywhere. So a couple of Medford police officers the MPV. There was some. You know kind of a Halloween event over the the weekend that occurred on Saturday. Outing a little bit of fun people for example in mine after the war there was a little Halloween costume party. I took action and even there for a couple of hours they had some fun he tried out a Spiderman outfit she tried on her Minnie Mouse outfit. They'll do it can be a good time was had by oil well in Medford. They have some kind of saw Halloween dress up party. And a couple of police officers in uniform. Obviously joking around you could see the smiles on their face. They ran into somebody who was dressed as Hillary Clinton in a jump suit orange jumpsuit. And then the office serves as part of a joke were holding her in handcuffs. As if they were resting her. And they're smiling from ear a year earlier I think it's obviously a joke. Cool. Are you are you guys. Poll. Poll. FaceBook went absolutely apoplectic the pictures were posted up on FaceBook. Members of the pound claimed that they were absolutely outraged in fact these moon bats many of them Hillary supporters listen to this. They're saying gutsy legal. And that these car should lose their jobs and their badge and maybe go to prison. But you see. Bribery. And influence peddling and perjury. And mishandling classified information. No problem. No problem. That ball where you leave Hillary alone on back. But if you're up to pick up picture. Would a guy you are Hillary Clinton orange jumpsuit and you're kidding around putting her in handcuffs. Off with their heads straight to jail for you. So. There was such a massive. Outraged by the liberals I'm FaceBook by the moon bats. Because the caption for the photo wise it's two guys smiling you're do you're having a good time there's little kids in the background are laughing everybody's laughing. And they say the caption above the picture is look cool and impede the Medford police department. Grabbed up a fall festival and main square and I. And soul it was at a Halloween festival and West Medford. And immediately. And a man named their names because they posted this in public for FaceBook summon a main these movements. So one of them right away it was a delusional but. The FaceBook comments for overwhelmingly negative and overwhelmingly critical listen to this quote this is inappropriate. When in uniform police officers should be politically neutral. Commented Mary land deal. Another one scatter Reno duel. With that is one off one or more bad. What are more about how ya ya gotta arena dual. Do you TT ON however you pronounce it gotten to do. As a citizen of Medford. I am appalled by police making it clear. That I and so many others are not welcome or safe here. How the hell are you not welcome by sampling a gag about arresting Hillary Clinton. How are you not safe in Medford because at all Halloween festival. They had a guy like of putting handcuffs on Hillary in Orange jumpsuit. What do you think they're gonna arrest you'll because you vote for Hillary. You think they're gonna come after you because you vote for Hillary. Like seriously are you really bad ignorant and stupid. Or you just pretending to be outraged. Seat that's the thing with these moments. I I know honestly don't know a look at this cycle. Are there any serious. Or they just pretending. To be this outraged well listen to this now everybody's all the moon bats Boston Globe broke this story everybody now is that an outrage. This stayed Ethics Commission advised all public employees. Not to partake in any political activities while on the job especially in uniform. However they do say that public employees could Wear buttons. So you see you can Wear a political button because most of member democratic acts. So if you you know you're with her stronger together. That's okay. If you attend Hillary around it's as public employees. Got small problem here in Massachusetts. If you do security. For Hillary campaign activities. That's not a problem. But if you happen to have a joke. Where your putting handcuffs on Hillary and John salute. It's time for an apology. So the Medford police patrol men's association president the second the union president. Harold. Matilda re. Said the pictures have now been deleted. The comments for getting out of control. He's now apologized. He said he was poor judgment on the part of the police officers. And you know always said look it was a joke and everything was a jolt them. Why is everybody taking this out of context and blowing this out of proportion. So the officers have been reprimanded. The pictures have been deleted. And he apologizes if anybody was offended. Well these were Halloween costumes. It was meant totally as a joke. I apologize if this offended anyone in any way I never expected this sort of reaction. It was poured judgment on my part. Said. The union had Harold iMac apple Mickey over. In fact I think he's and one of the photos himself. So whatever happened to the First Amendment. But we'll whatever under the First Amendment. Whatever happened to freedom of expression whatever happened to freedom of speech. So are we gonna live in sexual repressive. Totalitarian society. We're political correctness reigned supreme and political correctness is a euphemism. For left wing censorship. Because I'll tell you this. If they were photographic would Donald Trump and handcuffs. Or Donald Trump naked. Or Donald Trump in a new weeks. No problem. No problem whatsoever. But let that goal so now we can't even have fun. We can't even have a good time. For what one or two days of the year. Before the censorship police before the left when to stop all goes out and now tells you why it's a matter bought him. And what's not meta bought them what's forbidden and what's not forbidden. Here's what the union had should've sent. These are a couple of guys on the job. Work almost 365. Days of the year. They're having a little bit of fun get over. And by the way. Shares so that you know my own personal opinion. Because I have a right to a personal opinion. She's a criminal. And she belongs in handcuffs. And maybe that's what bothers you. 61720666868. Let me ask you this double barreled question. Should these police officers have taken a picture. How to at a square on Halloween festival in Medford where they wrong. Of Hillary Clinton in an orange jump suit and then the damning to put handcuffs on. Was this unprofessional. And on ethical. And secondly let me ask you this. If you had to have Hillary Clinton where Halloween costume. What would it be. And if you have to have Donald Trump where Halloween costume. What would it be. Your calls. June 25. Here on the great W work though. OK let's go to act soul Europe next go ahead axle. I don't worry I'm done Harry you Axel. With a good luck there Albert in my church tickets and I were all kinds of people. It all and not Albion uniform. And the ball went. I presume you don't know a person in a Clinton jumpsuit orange jump suit says hey I wanna take a picture with you officer axle. Thank you say shore as you live in Salem or whatever I know you worked in Salem. So you got your feet and does Salem is gonna be crazy tonight is going to be the epicenter of in all of Halloween. And you know your your boss or your union had sees this couple more bats start complaining. Officer actually is laughing in and smiling with a person and a Clinton's jumpsuit before you know it you may be out of a job. Well one eerie and hedge so are. Helping out. I can't imagine there are people wanna pick graduate law trying to load as we are which run out that you want to have a virtuous. And it's absolutely once we need to put it motorcycles. Whatever our. That's gonna you know whats the big bill was like a community completion and people are good China and it's you know people come out of all kinds of different cautioned shall Hillary Clinton. Two out. No actually not put on soldiers stitches are. Well it's one night and people get help. And people take everything too serious today you know we we work out all week picked it up like Strickland are all out here to. We're young girls or get fired what rival us right now model. It all right we love to watch some Omar. So stop animals. Because there there are big bank a pretty good. And that you know that part of our job will be no war have a little fun you get there a particular anonymous is on the but he. Actual I'm just curious any of you really mad people Orly practically nude on the streets of you for Halloween really. Ordered out. Are you serious blow. Up. I'm one what do you do do you arrest them for public indecency Erie just let him walk. Millions. Are not naked but that big college so a little. Scary but we don't really at all it's it's a fun night. Delegates aren't so so it was a look in the mirror before you go out. I. Now what if he's he's somebody dressed does that mean we have a pretty. But the public at what hour it it's like how high up. Ellis it's simple. It's it's a fun night for everybody and everybody that you'll just calm down and let people that actually made it is great guides. Understand you're saying my you gonna be accurate number and all day. You know there are only haven't I know we we will have on what so well and jobs such a hot enough. Actually you could put a Halloween costume on Hillary and Halloween costume on Donald Trump what would it be. One of the guys are look 7811. Of the Dexter says Jeff trumpets easy Captain America. Hillary mob bark. I Arabs and so when the mob box. With it's it's well it's. I don't know I just let's go on our salads thought that my body Mario today. And he voted voted today great. Job uptight or something not. I I think that whatever just took the ice storms in Gujarat right now that's my opinion as the United States citizen. God bless you Axl stays safe tonight my friend. All are aren't so god bless the area I'd take a picture what a Clinton. Clinton cost you an orange jumpsuit. The lives get mad get down to go to hell. Alan get lost it's a free country we still are free speech. Still I don't wanna get rid of it but still. 6172666868. OK look here's my vote right if Hillary was they cost you firm like orange jumpsuit and like that a lot. I would personally goal would draw. I read all you out a blood soccer or all the way and and like broccoli tackle. That you can't Keller. She's it is like that it's like the watching it for the living dead you know I mean he could take a free can stage. I got it right through the heart and still keep coming back. So for me would beat Dracula. For Tron John Wayne. The sheriff who steered a just clean house. What about you work Hillary Clinton away niche. A which which like I young which are like general well liked a look at which of the why I was like the green. Facing the mold all of our kind of our what they want him out to on embryo. Flying around that tackles but the cat comb. But she keeps stealing all your money we look at which lasts and it was an odd Wizard of Oz and she's on it jazz or vice acknowledge as a basket used to the money in an ally that has got to the basket we're all I'm gonna go to Donald Trump. Should dress up as a president of the United States that's Imus. Knew at once we distrust about the president the president elect. See Amazon like uncles that are like that's okay trump is Uncle Sam. And Hillary as the wicked witch of the way yes I like it. I'm going when Hillary is Dracula. And drop is John Wayne what do you say if they each got to have all the wind costume. What would it be. Without scaring the kids to back 61720666868. Especially Hillary. I mean just how she scares the kids imagine if you put a costume honor Mort your calls next. Thank you Obama. Thank you among the job open. Thank you Anthony Weiner. 238 here on the great WRKO. That of course was Donald Trump just a couple of hours ago. Writing now a huge surge. According to real clear politics there are Los Angeles Times tracking poll he's now up nationally by four. Hillary's polls and a lot of states are now collapsing. The campaign is an absolute turmoil. They have been rocked to their very core. By the FBI's decision to re open. V.s investigation. Into Hillary's emails. And a strong put it in that speech. They found 650000. Emails. On the laptop that she shared whom Aberdeen did. Where's the Wiener man Anthony Weiner. It's dumb mother load. And so the question now is still a thought a little bit of fund tonight's Halloween. If she active Wear Halloween costumes Hillary Clinton what would it be. And if trump got to Wear a Halloween costume. What would it be. Now. One of this are mean WikiLeaks revelations. You can look at up if you're not gonna believe. Is Jon a desk is emailing Hillary Clinton's inner staff. And he says there's a problem with the way she Smeltz. Literally when she Smeltz. And he says they're her to are her staffers. Look a lot of people are complaining. That she smells of quote old cabbage. You're in his words not mine and forks. But she's she's gassing up a lot. And that she smells like urine crusty urine. And that and old stinking cabbage. And what's going on what can she needs the basically just got to improve our hygiene. So as one of the taxpayer supported you can text us by the way 68680. Jeff. Trump and dance should be dressed up as bat man and Robin. And Hillary should be Jabber dot. Well in the wake of the John Podesta emails. The way the where they're complaining about her smelling of cabbage urine and parts. Maybe she should be forget Dracula. Maybe she should be Jabber dot. 61720666868. Is the number. A lot of you are texting and 68680. I wanna read a couple of these a couple of these emails 617 Jeff Donald Trump definitely Captain America. This is from 781 (%expletive) I would say doctor evil for Hillary but she already dresses like that. Second choice would be cruel well did bill I think it is. From from 101 dalmatians. And ever saw 101 dalmatians but that's okay. Trump should dresses Charles Martel. I like Charles Martel I don't think people would know Charles Martel is and I know we used to brilliant crusader who stop Islamic France. But I think that would be above their head. This is from. 50 wait Jeff. Hillary can go as the fallen. And Donald as Tom Brady. And Carl's Carlos danger is Bubba that's in charts funny. That's funny. Let me see here destroy techs are pouring in let me see if Hillary Clinton as a clown. Another one Hillary Clinton as the dabble. OK 781 Jeff violate John Wayne would trump. Frankly should be back man. Billionaire who decided to drain the swamp in Washington parentheses cough them. I like that. OK 781 Hillary is a basket full of deplorable it's. 50 way Jeff trump as patriotic Paul Revere the crooks are coming the crooks are coming. Hillary Al Capone we all know she smokes cigars. OK 50 way Jeff Hillary Clinton as the dabble Donald Trump as Jesus Christ. 6172666868. Okay winds are loaded. Let's go to majority in New Hampshire go ahead Jody. And Jeff I apologize for calling you back but when Britney at a mention that he she actually rushed and in regard people being able to. Comcast about begin at eight ill. That they did not casket correctly the first time. There are by the state that they can do that and as long as they do it on November car this was vindicated by. I'm. During his rally yesterday. And it is New York Pennsylvania or Michigan was caught then. And minute color and they how to do that I know them are a lot. If you're listening you've got basically less than 24 hours if you're in those states get more link. I thank you for that call I appreciated Judy let's go to Bruce in Connecticut go ahead Bruce. I don't I'm good are you Bruce good it wouldn't blame Brit is dressed up as a wicked witch of the west. I wanted me to carry your proposal is revised down side here that throw the water on her watch Al I'm out and when Hitler once you fall on c'mon now what does. Not against Britney isowich which could well. That's why I'm sorry I thought it was Britney and I am I misunderstanding. I'm sorry. Now Jeff let me share a story live this Saturday night elected to the date that first game when the Springfield. But they're parts hockey team and and the mayor wouldn't that was edit their Democrat mayor was there. And that group on my friends are talking to him and I walked up and they don't noticed that and it might why Hillary for prince and sure enough. He looked at me quick lead like he always on the word Hillary. In my prime candidate to get a picture at the wire binding together and he says well absolutely absolutely. So I have a mayor I have a picture myself. The democratic mayor restricted given thumbs up to me. What might Hillary for president you should patent. Should the rule that's outrageous outraged about. Now Bruce you shouldn't have said anything because now they're gonna flooding is the FaceBook and Twitter. And you may have cost him his job or lose. And it Sino. The move Batman or expert. At all I can really picture. Bruce I got to ask you this the what are the moon bats gotta do what she actually does end up in a jumpsuit and handcuffs. I don't know honestly what does he do it. Hopefully late like look being rushed through doubled to move it up act act. Then ever that my friend thank you Bruce thanks for that call buddy Luke in Milton go ahead Luke. Looked. I think that. They Europe I don't know what you're getting at there. You know there is a rumor that she's capital you know that subject. I mean I couldn't mean us there's that was from WikiLeaks over the weekend a straight from John Podesta Xena. Debt that is not I can get the option called like and nursing home. You know I don't value I would think by this stage of the game with everything that's going on a good Halloween character Kirk. She probably right now resembles Linda Blair in the actor's suggestion on any like chi. Lean up and editor and it's like spinning around at like Greenpeace ship flying across the room you know built up crucifix and. God first yeah. All recite it in. Any way not was in Africa and Europe against the clock back. I'm you know Harry Reid iPad three. You know yelling it's missing at the parrot on the shoulder is the. About what is actually your about this he said. Yes that it was illegal. Everywhere Komi there was potentially illegal. You know identity he's followed at politicians. Get on the Michael. And leave that out hasn't actually go up in. In research a law which I did more which costs the laws possibly research is solid and we loss to explain that subdural on all the. What happened 38 target in the past that Baylor. The date the law clearly states that all means is that a public official audited need content quite a can not engaged in political events I would call we can't allow. And speak at a political fund raiser or economic campaign for particular candidate. What you're trying to say is that this announcement. He's deciding to influence the election he'd have to be able to prove. It that lies why Calzaghe did you know what it means. You have to fight an internal memo work on the tape let's get the wicked witch. Or something like that but other than that. Your point is right. Elan ad is that if he didn't do it it would basically be admitting that he can added congressional perjury and fight back Barbara. But into could Belichick wouldn't happen on Friday with the people on the left it comity outfit. I'm recommending indictment of Donald Trump for interstate bracket aired at. All you think in that usually do as close election. I don't look at just to show you how brilliant you are. I know if you saw Harry Reid's full speech he then says or sorry that this statement that he issued to the your speech to the statement that he the letter he sent to call me. He then that very same letter. After he says you know. You're violating the hatch act and this is potentially illegal you're interfering in election he says we believe you're sitting on information. That shows that trump is coordinating the election with Vladimir Putin and Russian hackers. And we want you to release that information now so always telling them in the first stop with the latter well don't say anything bad but the damage Hillary. Because that's illegal. But we believe you have information that could finish strong so release that. And I think like you do set in the first up for the letter we does anything it's illegal. I mean it's it's incredible it's just it's mind blowing. I mean how hypocritical. Frankly how desperate how pathetic are coming across look. She just wrapped up a speech in Ohio. She looks angry. She looks like she seemed thing she looks like she's reeling. Let me tell you something though wicked witch of the west. Now always the game is all Archie at ease their grass go ahead Archie. Yeah. All of the what you what you had earlier in Bolivia are. My thought that when the early voting payment protection. Initial eighty a 100% increase in bulk. Could be also most people. Will voting against immigration painting and Florida you look at it I'm the type of people well I wouldn't think it cannot count lying. Now immediate. Sea ice is no way. They would do that Friday and lat. They kept it resell switched definitely taught computer right they sorry. And they decided McKay. Was on the hot seat or investigated Hillary isn't a direct call me and that in year term. You don't wanna get happy victory isn't that term is gonna back around and problem opportunity not that they pitching welcome and couple port security general appoint another direct roll call me a call me at ten years. Being black cat yeah. And couldn't sit Alvin. FBI all my side and I bit they added. In the background to keep all these guys who investigated Ellsbury. And how they saw audio recording of access. From Florida or not cal I'm not and they they get they get it it's all about how little I do that the pack myself. Bingo I'm tie that's exactly what happened very very quickly I'm up against it but in early October. That's when they found that whole treasure trove of emails the Wall Street Journal is all that out. And McCabe and others that guy whose wife got a half a million dollars from Terry McAuliffe Hillary's bag man he was trying to squash it. And it was career FBI agents on the ground who said no way Jose. And they said either you gonna investigate this or gonna leak it to the media. And so call me now facing potentially jail time. Because he would have goes out of perjured himself under these all the congress lets us are testimony to congress. Comas I might want a prison and that's why they released it 650000. Emails. It's dumb mother mother low she's finished and everybody knows. 256. Here on the great RKO. Mike Ken lay in Europe next go ahead Mike. Yeah. I trumpet just. Dressed up in saint Michael and chic dress up as blew the Turkey banish its terror. All I love that my order or Portland about her skull regular might we think I've created collegial. Our step outdoor beer averaged out stall all. All that awful lot and all our follow up copy follow me but you are off. Ought to share a 6172666868. Is the number. You know I got to tell you my friends really I mean god the desk they email you gonna read it's not WikiLeaks. So he's actually right there her stack. Like it or inner circle stuff is viral on its leaders but I'm getting a lot of complaints singular piece smells of old cabbage. Europe and and parts yet he says it parts. And Eagles can somebody broached that put her like I ya ya I think Almonte are they who was trying to she tried to take care about one. So to me I mean what would Hillary Beers on Halloween costume. Cabbage scratch did job adopt a I mean take your pick the pitcher prick. Roger Europe next go ahead Roger. And it just all right today did you run great you know it is a picture that cell you know I mean you're. I am picking up a little laws on the books they found there was a lot on that there on the what did I think I look I don't try out. I can I got to the line being believed to be realistic it'll work with journalists under the contract in the 8000 email that you're. Got to messing up the bulk up. And I don't question voyage out what what I'm you know I'm not really politically shabby so. Terrible would happen or don't let me elections age and at what does it don't go away oh what. I know Coleman's obligated to investigate this if there are really 650000. Emails. Oh yeah he's he's gonna have to indict her. And the Republicans are gonna have to impeach. All my daughter yes that's what I mean she's permanently tainted. And honesty Roger I think that's why she's gonna lose. I think now and that's why even Donna Brazil army she lost her job now they fired her from CNN. -- they Carter giving WikiLeaks nailed they're giving more questions than Hillary Clinton before debates with Bernie okay. But even Donna Brazil admitted over the weekend it's like an eighteen Wheeler smacking and towards. So look she's going down. The only question now is how backed. Everybody. Happy. Halloween. Trick or treat. All dressed up like Hillary. Don't dress up like or. They may put you in handcuffs on Deutsche.