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Sound Off 10-30-16

Oct 30, 2016|

Sound off features 3 generations of our Military Combat Veterans and each are prominent in the local Veteran / Military community.

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Welcome to sound bad. They show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. Sports and politics. With a less than point 5% of US population actively serving in the military itself. Veteran perspective. In Massachusetts. What does this sound off oh. Total alongside my cohost John overeat and Mike Sweeney. We're coming to you from our studio in Boston John Elway Dolan today if you're on this on Sunday afternoon. You know on it and aside. I might tell you are up OK I just wanna booths million dollars and since there's there's quite a pregnant pause well and all I want to Padraig you know we extra important so everything's fine everything's ready. Home and actually use agreements. It's always be what it's when greed everything's been impassable and the warm wool. Everything's worked Whipple. You know. Then you original and like you're back from a training would be doing it humorous but once we Yugoslav with some youthful future. Well looks so I don't know where are made up and what it seems the man you console we. Good dialogue but got twenty and do what accounts for months rubles what's ruining clients that you will ago. Bind we'd flown. Installment demo or what will work. Or it could just you're training deficit and I'm trying to make it up knowledge liberal mind they know it was a great you know due back yeah great to be back. Now let's say the patriots who pitches and they're picking up everything's going well. No it you know. Boise tomorrow. Guys who got a jam packs. Oh Tarlow a little bit about politics so long wanna start with something and and Australia looked sports politics and at parts of Islam thing. John you're you're all fired up both the senate and the inside but Pia national commander Charles. American legion. Sent out mass mass email to all The American Legion members in the country. Talk promote the presidential election saying not. In which upn claim they're just not talk about veterans issues. Really point salute to the third presidential debate. Which it was an even talking the talking point or question for them salon Tony Euro thoughts on the home. I agree with the moment but who would respect should've been one of the produce solutions in the debates three debates and we don't give everything. It and they won't impose open carry numerous countries are some concern of veterans going off the war. Come back. They're trying to read you just always been from when. And it'll knock them not from the pole while we don't care. Oh we can help him dutrow felt we gonna help we're you know we're pals and what are all the boats were gone before how we gonna help them. The region what are we going to help would be in these we don't hear reports of pupil but you know what we do here. Stuff it's always been jump routes Clavet who disenchantment grow audio out of with a computer. Split. Yeah. We'll put more money and let's to loosen up but they know what I. And don't want to likable boots. All worlds individual choice you can gold could you won't are the what Eddie what's all the problems that you don't identify problems some salt on. I don't wanna see you. Don't you're beating him to dismantle I assume it's one. And I would like veterans. Sort of see that. We're used sort of being used as props. Every election. One candidates. One candidate gets his number of veterans it only gets his veterans and they all argue with each other and then they they they love parade the so when they're offended at things very again the the long term issues I don't think they're being addressed in three debates town it's easy. Diamond is certainly things to talk about or country you that's. And at least two wars are from what I can gather we're still on Afghanistan only rivers around northern draining your training there yeah probably go or where Adam. All casualties. In Iraq so big you know you. You right now not later advisory troops but I'll know how would you that's that's that's my points closing I'm gonna do or don't stop Syria Libya who Mosul. World some and conduct on Santa's little bit more than. Two wars on on sharp. Carla who too slowly but Tom Brady and afflicted book more play on the Brooklyn some agreement and that's well John you're just as guilty as the it won't win major compliment you and implement it there I was sumo the boards slow but we really need to hold you need to pull it. Elected officials accountable now what is pro veteran now don't even decide well John Conroy wrote a book delusional when we will do a few months. Dad's a minnow only so excited to hear about some of the stuff you know we always talk about what's going on Massachusetts and you know he's a he's a big player and I you know his most powerful. Politician Massachusetts hall and with those. And in in his. With what they do in the legislature. It's tangible it's something you see what they're doing every year I just haven't seen it at the in the federal government to too much mean there's money being spent news. But I think we haven't had any discussion as veterans about what the future of the view will look like. What taking care of the badges and their families are gonna look like and I think really if they keep going back with that's the gap. As veterans if we don't know what we want. All we're gonna get his platitudes because no in all we're gonna get his people parade no mean this I heard this last week it's getting discussing. The to. People to families to gold star families were arguing over which candidate to be with and which one was better or worse. In a public setting you know through Twitter so. It's just it's sad it's sad no let's talk about how we're gonna take care gold star families. They'll both candidates have a goal certainly that they've now that now people's sort of turned almost political or its its its that's my feeling that what is thus. Ron it and you look at either their web sites. You know O'Neal quote they're going to for veterans and it's it's it's. Fluff that's complete crap soft serve. Oh you know they've veterans have done so much for us that we owe it to all ball will flow and Annette we're gonna help them but yeah there's there's no policy. And pat how are you an album and what sort of hope to they've been in America I'd love to even know what they think of the biggest issues for veterans. You know what I was something in the paper deal brokered a faux war veterans full that I hired a word. And computes and had two missile in all due Torre the joke that got from potent from an out of Revere him. But they opened the only thing I'll sleep on them and we've been. Before you worked from from New York commute to and we would sure look good Marcum don't wanna bring if the election always wants the. Oh. But he ought to now muscle on you know we go all involve more well we are declining population on the veterans. Population is declining. Nationwide. In the when Glen and in Massachusetts. In a lot of people think with you know responsible multiple wars. That we'd have more veterans coming in but that's just not the case is reluctant to should do pull for each deployment. Men old rule you've pulled from. They go there and I think they're too afraid of that and that Pia liquor stores and every every corner I can't talk that you don't know I would I did. I think if you don't I think we just in media is. Iraq Afghanistan veterans. Get more involved in the process you might see something different but I think we we really have to ask hard questions amongst ourselves because. We say we want the VA. What does that look like to want the hospitals when their right now the VA. Has been slowly outsourcing. A lot of different. Service. And if you have that they care that's provided is very good. It's just getting access to it and the money that the congress needs to appropriate and I think sometimes much as I. Had the VA more than anyone if they feel it's worth it I think they feel it's justified. Congress is the one that is an allocating the funds necessary to build more hospitals to have more access it is that it is a math issue. And is not you know weaving and telling me how much you are veterans is is his. Good it's a good start. But we we go from here and as such as I think we do need to have that conversation amongst ourselves. And I'll say it if we don't we can't expect our elected officials to get because they don't know who'd talked. There is gonna keep saying safe things in them until we have an agenda of Iran. Trying to think part of it is vote. You know even though we are similar note there is a lot of diversity with the within the ranks of home plate on Johnny Cuba table you're saying in his. This thing tomorrow which inked in with turnaround to show. How much has been talked to vote you know standing for the National Anthem. And people's wants are as I stood here on I stand up you know like I do my part I think it's the same issue we've been seeing. And not by sir and complain about the show is that people. You know they do one pay chart thing and I think that the following is due for veterans. You know maybe a couple of the FaceBook status or something and you know it's just. Just not enough is being done it's it's not clear what needs be done and it is ideal for sure it was a. And picked him. The Prudential's. Mike. No. Who wouldn't but of roads so war and were considerable more all the ice chunks. All few dollars and opens it wasn't tailored to Sony did you get to assign credit to Iowa Iowa now just before I got so it's certainly been people. Of it's important rule in Europe and went. To work when the patriots put. She's the people who find it so we use these for the Rubin to slump. It's. And not even an orchid but just they had anymore yeah I guess our debt William along. And that's why you you old today and one would ruin. Speak of though we don't warn not to be given whom you know platitudes. That I'll put. We need what shall slick as we need people that who hope passed would shall solution. That gets stuff that actually helps veterans in need of him Woodson. Hopes when jetBlue medical Cuba and in the financial Q what they need to take curative the year we used them. You know we can actual speed the permanent pullen. Fund worries some stuff when you the government have to respond it's built will be towards platforms then there are put first. Blame for most responsible. You on the government with Q for. I must fundamentally government responsibility to care for veterans and I think this campaign has been so full of noise. That everything's been crowded out but I I believe if they if veterans' issues were discussed at the debates. You might have actually seen the tone change at different times. Because it's pretty hard to talk about veterans issues and then pitted and as saying don't and his visit is that that's a new word by the way if I figured I went out and terms of debate you you have it. It was when some and as you question and you insult them back. But I think if you. Yum but believe me both candidates are guilty about it. Mean if if they had to have a section where they talked about. Veterans and their families. Maybe it is the it may be that I know this isn't true but you know hopefully the seriousness of that issue would would. Carry over I doubt it. I doubt I mean. Trotted sound naive idea that. I just trump the trump called Clinton a nasty woman on a questionable Social Security itself. FX chip. I'm pretty sure that he's a dual mode to pro mod. I question certain what's on civil war and Scotland Barrick tell him trumpeted announced woman flo don't know him who Syria and that's the Lido pool bowling bowl and I think that hopefully when the dust settles. There can be hit an adult conversation about veterans services and what you need. And the families and that's what we're doing it hasn't worked kick the can down a roller when you're an adult club a surge wouldn't be human Pope over. I'm looking you can out in the changing in the changing nature of the force they're asking guard and reserves spend more time away from home which is. You know it everyone's duty when we have when desert there they went with the nation needs but in terms of the challenges for the family's health care for the families. It won't even look on posted cut commentaries. Income which Alltel wanted to remove all sorts on crazy absolutely perfect big Campbell boldest move. But got two men and women from California. Continues lately wanna take it back with the interest yeah. Christmas and you know they say they have to. And and though don't what's the purpose of football what's it's the kid who who. I would think to something that you might month normally. Might not be inclined to do wants to win tools and so. And so you want so the balls. And many rubles people up all well aware actor you know it's them who are allowed to send a bullet or was it whereas there are raged on now. And now there is still newsletter. All won't need be good you. When I go trouble or you know Brooke we do what he. You know if you didn't look almost been like mother should poll on war definitely worth a book for you wanna be you seasonally Mike Miller Williams was there with. Google. And they are doomed to happen when the brutal policies they wouldn't be missile and Williams that it wouldn't believe. Injury did lose to Farouk all the products will be your wife Simone. The scary part about the discussion on an Uzi there at the answers that they said they were forced to do it legally. Well I understand that the law says I can see but at some point another human being can reach out somebody and say hey wait a minute how to Wi fi access to this just. At a base level it's immoral but I don't know what. Against mommy you don't get in the media know would've. No more slowness. What shall slick moves them and and that's what we need would slogans or Clinton ports on the mountain appeal. You know the way it looked so we'll win them. Which was launched its and so well you. Obama the person that occur at. Then the sentinels actually is essential word the senate. Actually I was being sued principals tell him Childress as a multi so warning or confusion but the I think that the heat. I think the that the person was involved did is went to jail so I don't know what other. Things are gonna dredge up with this but this has been going on this sometime if you don't have time to charge convict and then put someone in jail and then this has been going on for a long time. People had a lot of time to figure this out. There was enough time to call congress it's your call your congressman and say or call eight congressman bring it to their attention. That means getting care to do it all up what I want onto his rule what do they may at one of them in overpayment on welfare. What would damage with a make those people pay it back I doubt it but you know I mean I really don't and it would be seen as he unreasonable. My immunity as. And even when there is an overpayment it's there's a statute of limitations and commands it we wield a page five years ago and your out of the military that's absurd bill that is. It's almost like when you get Asia BO. That's yet I agree we do need to a quick break we're going to be speaking live the speaker. But of that bubble speaker. We're going to be speaking was a speaker Robert DiLeo from the masters this house rose representatives. But don't push it down hills and the sound off the BR KO I am sick. Welcome back to sound off on tile total alongside my cohost John McCann overeat and Mike Sweeney were coming to you from our studio in Boston. I guess is speaker Robert your folio from Massachusetts house representatives mr. speaker welcome to the shell. Thank you thank you so much her for having me. This is. Recently studio and I'm so glad that we have such a program for our veterans and and those are not veterans is volatile realm of what's going on the veterans of world. Let's speak with rule. In and I'm concerned right off the you move them so much of structural. Who could redo it I you know I'm retarded but Robinson cancel those who know. Bruschi and what you've done to help. Him or for a pro but doing news who worked its. Well as the veterans service officer at the very least I do for the past 26 years we've been having veteran services luncheon meetings. With your representatives salute Simon idea or in terms of making that connection and making their reps and senators know that those who they can count on their local. Veteran has an issue well the veteran service offices has been a group of people that I. Supported from day one and I don't think that there. Value. You know can be understated than. You wouldn't think what you'll support that helps give the world though Apple's street calls me all he was obviously it's all but certain foods that we're real soon crucial work its own book which would do the world who. The Ross went public student whom the roots the awful it's. Parent may want to thank you for having local wolf thank you so much. Mr. speak with the election coming up I was fluid and a couple weeks here. What do you know as those you're campaigning out there and other people are campaigning. What are some of the big accomplishments. That you guys are telling. Specifically towards veterans of the last legislative session. I think that. When I first came into office has speakers on me eight years ago one of the items. Which I had mentioned that I would like to see done in the house. Was that each and every legislative session that we would do something to benefit veterans. Now that theories obviously depending upon fiscal situations and other situations. But at the very least I want to see us take some positive step each and every session. That's going to benefit. Veterans. And I'm proud to say isn't sitting here right today that we've been able to. I keep that commitment. I've been very proud of the fact that. Massachusetts has been ranked. Number one in the country. In terms of services that we provide for our veterans as a matter fact we receive. Kirk calls from around the country. In terms of other states in terms of how we were we've been able to do is make quite haven't been able to do Massachusetts says he has done. You know to you know to reach and to help veterans. We we would do things anyway as for monetary situation in terms of rehabilitation. Of some homes. So that those veterans unfortunately. Who because of this service have some type of fiscal disabilities there and bill now. We have more east in terms of getting around. Their home. Veterans' housing has also been a major issue. Making sure that we keep those veterans service officer or some place has always been a move afoot to try to. Make that one of the places to cut in this city and town budget. I know that each and every day this services that the veterans service offices provide. To a veterans. It you know he can't be. Can't be stated enough and it's a place for a veterans to go to. And when you also talked about postal mental health facilities. Two making sure that those especially who were coming back here from combat duty have mental health services. Available. The end and you you're you're if one thing which I never realized. Was this somewhat. Higher incidence of a suicide. Issues that seemed to hit the veterans and this was an issue that I was talking about. Some years ago we just talked about suicide prevention in general. And much to. My surprise I did not done I did not even know the statistics in terms of the height. In terms of veterans so. We know and only made as suicide prevention be. A priority. We also made it we have dealt money strictly for veterans and use it as well to address that and you know I believe and I even in this day in nature. We have. Folks out there who are trying to take advantage of veterans in the sense of portraying themselves as veterans in getting these serious benefits believer or not it does extremely said X story to stay. But one of the laws that we just passed last session. Was to make sure that they are not only find a possible imprisonment of those who. You do you know I portray themselves as veterans when they're when they're not. There are shown and we thought well much was supported bill which would like. We've heard we've had some fun with some of the stolen valor. Circumstances Reagan when they get the videos that go viral when it's someone obviously. Why ending when they lie they sit there and navy seal on the special forces and their general and knowing Owens is. Were pick those up like it's nothing I mean that via that video was released something to watch wasn't it I mean I think it is home I think it is home. Oh with everybody and I. I'd have to say that that was one of these these votes in terms of kidding votes from the members that I've ever had to get on the queen at one person who dissented. From that. We've known since the speaker or I don't think we show mini. Veterans in the what shall switcheroo. What do loan pools would. Continuing to serve. And it hit me at one point in time repress them before Carol souls are actually going on there to do you put forward. Do between Bobo. Speak to more fuel blow the whistle for students to new consumers know we bold new book is being on point and you were really it would take improves when Carson would come true that would take into what words I heard. It was found that spur route moving and what so console war he'll put. Yeah it you know grundy it was interesting I believe in a non. The Jerry who's in the midst of an election. An election we are in his opponent was coming after him for not being around. Political when I found the media from believability that's agree Wordock of the hero work it's. We'll have a SEC. It was. And yeah so by the obviously so I went out to it is district. And I appeared before the councils and it's some campaigning for weren't actually. It's just elect him people know exactly what he had been doing. In known that the book to be here and to support use his feet normally. Home and at least I find one tie appeared before the council if I think that they seem to. Some of the discussion about why he wasn't around us seemed to calm down a little bit. And the other interesting product Buckcherry by the way and others who have been away you know like Hank gotten. And your valley when it served. Sumo these people not only veterans but they were calling me. Whenever they were able to to let me know if they've you know it was you know and in the issue. Relative to the a particular district that used to be taken care now that's an amazing story. This year they are nice to tell you one interesting certainly to retain it in particular as I was speaking to him. In the background right here here's some shots. And he said you know I may have to get off the phone because this little bit different. Action in the back how he. And I just couldn't believe it here we are talking and vote you know express for their districts and what they can do to help the district's. While right in the missed all of almost of some type of gun battle so. With I escalate that was disappointing that there was some who would try to take advantage of someone who was in the service. Granted I mean if they were taking a six month vacation. In a roof or decide that this was the time to order to take a sailing around the world that's one thing but to be serving your country and one of the things I am. I always try to talk about one of things I always try to highlight. Is the fact that when you have someone who normally you're serving your country but is serving the state. What better form of representation. Change you know can can you get so. But it. For children who's been so Lucent's whole truth but we're intrusion when the country wins for us on and Google and I think can be you'll readership there were low tool or shouldn't do. It's yes and in in not only that but I I think disservice to their country. Has made them great representatives in many cases they are cheers and tears of various committees which I think toaster a little bit something. In terms of the leadership qualities and so I think that you know being a Finneran has repeated the very well and terms of their duties in the house and in terms of their lead wolves were so we'll see what's. Soon. Replica of the reason. For quite Yang man just a matter of fact he was you know we talked about the stolen valor act though obviously the chief sponsor. This may affect speak you know for present Vivus I'm going out there to. Two that is a function tomorrow repay him taking it proposed to blow Westfield and many people's civil is on polls why would you taking a 22 and a half hour trip to Wesley opened people's you know he's kept. I over the successful fund raiser but on the other hand but I I just want people. To know what a good man he is so. And what a great state representative. Do you handle and we shouldn't do would you split route you'll. It's OK. Excellent. I know I think one of the things we talk on the show every week is a difference a chain platitudes and actually. Something tangible for veterans something to everyone says so who I think if anything for a veteran but sometimes it doesn't follow when it comes time to pay the bills and that's one thing. Think the legislature would your leadership really deserves a lot of credit for you talk about it people serving. This is big just to even in our own bill this year this provisions to make it easier for those citizen soldiers continue serving and I think. Again we keep saying thank you but I think when things are get being envious so at the local level as I get the ability to see. What that money with the funds that are appropriate from the legislature. Does and they that the lives of changes Aussie thank you for that thank you one thing we. Always talk about his veterans against the fear that with the war winding down. There's always there's a lack of that potentially Wayne and yeah you say. For the commitment for the alleged sexual would you say to veterans who were listening to let them know that they commitment is still going to be there going forward. You'll always be that commitment I will tell you that will never ever. Wayne. And you know make it IE he. Think I sort of felt. People talk to vote. My background and what makes me so. Vehement in terms of my support for veterans of a point and goes and callers during the Vietnam warrior. And I have to tell you. What's stuck with me. Who was. How badly I've veterans retreat once they came home. I found it quite frankly disgusting. No matter where who you were on that law. No matter we use stood with the U pro income or whatever it may be. To see those young men and women who came home came home. And in some cases disgust despicable ways that they were treated and looked upon. Always stuck with me. And it's something which I never. For caught quite frankly still tape with me to this day. And quite frankly that's why I don't think we can no matter what we do I don't think quite frankly it's ever enough. Hum. But I think it's something that we have to show so that every veteran healthier and no walks. That you know that each and every did that there elective representatives for thinking of them. And it trying to try to help make the a life author of the life of the FEM link. Easier and better and we appreciate the fact that they put their life on on on the line for us. And when you take a look. He just can't state enough. In terms of living in this country. Okay and how we got to where we are. And I know it's a cliche. In in in what not but if you read history and if you you look back. I mean there's no question in terms of who gave us that and that you know that that freedom. When you watch and an old movie or again no way the year reading known. Brilliant and beautiful World War II history books and armed Emory right now. I mean. You know quite frank we can talk about all the great leaders that this country. But were it not for the veterans. We wouldn't have those types of freedoms that we have the freedoms that people and other parts of the world are dying for. With going toward election right now very tumultuous election probably. You know some may say on the other hand we have that election. People in other parts of the world are dying for the right that we have to vote. And the dying for the right that they can choose the candidate that they want it. People are dying for the fact of the right now. That they can reach the four that you know an an opposition. To what this candidate says and that candidate says. But it's beats being squelched. But because of Bob veterans but because about veterans. His were approaching Election Day that's something we should never forget. You know whether it's the great presidents and leaders of the country. Do you we've had that's group that's been wonderful. That was some veterans. Okay those men and women put their lives on the line they gave us that opportunity. And gave us the freedoms and liberties that we have today. Who activists who feel for them food and one. So far through them and call them on the couple Tyson guy who knew him Jim Lehrer but I'm gonna. Courage commitment loyalty and tradition but value from the Marine Corps. And if I street golds in U old immigrant who will amid a great woman thank you and I know. The Marine Corps week reckon cards that do Google's book would go spoke would slower reward ovals we're reasons nowadays. If we can door would do little to do work there and that's true but I thank you so the number of tournament I think you want to know I've been slow and I did have a welcome right to read it next to cut a total world graduated from the Phelps hostility no trials I. They're not as though every couple years after me gave me my notes to a northeast and came within the rules call would tune of the song but news who's. And shall form and more as polls on campus or. Manila arms and also booked for the front have been really really good doing card you know those guys to all so you know it's let's say it. Do you know any you know what's good about that also was what I what I see when I've worked with for our Community Colleges in particular there. I see them as a great resource. You know we have to give these veterans once they come home these opportunities. First of all we try to make it. Somewhat easier in terms of their ability to obtain some of their licenses somewhat not. While there were on duty. But I know that I had visited Bunker Hill Community College in particular of great program and it race and you know they and they invited me because they know my. My commitment to veterans and they knew my commitment obviously too Community Colleges. And to talk some of those veterans coming back from service in talking about because of what is provided for them educationally in the opportunities that they god. You know we we can help them. And we have periods. Blogs now that we also put into effect so they started to get deployed. They can come back in restart again I could take up where they were taken off as far as some cases. You know get refunds of their obviously been tuition money and and and whatnot. But that's the other pod that we have to talk about and we have been talking about. Is the fact both. Once these veterans who return from active duty. You know what we can do to try to army they're. You know their life better and one of the ways that we can do that. Is to do everything we can to find good employment follow the thing in trying to abuse help we can an hour. Community Colleges seeing colleges in general I think it can really really helpful so that's that's great to hear I did not know that what was going on around these amounts of pressure I'm very proud to hear that. And and their resolve to stay schools but it goes because there. Carl Massachusetts you know also tuition assistance for those veterans themselves. Minutes really really great stuff going and going around and they'll think about the valor act one and two that that came on the last few years old stuff that's fun. You don't just you know little things accuse you said mister speaker about the licensing for our. Veterans and have a CDL license from the military and how they can come back to the states and go to Russia motor vehicles in Massachusetts and they don't have to go to. Training that they. They've already done it's people driven hundreds of miles of Iraq Afghanistan exactly take a test of Massachusetts. That this is got to live his spirits are small things into as a matter a lot. To me that's that it's the respect given to the fact when it comes on soon he has disabilities and he's been driving a truck. Three time decides to drive Americans home and just that that recognition most people wouldn't think it means a lot but I think it really doesn't. It said attention detailed occasion doing things all the time I think it really has paid dividends the. You order a closed mostly just throwing a bone preferences the loyalty of veterans. I've detained in tertiary stir just last week goes on my throne we are and there was city. Actually there was to be a function there for the veteran. Representative Linda dean Campbell I actually. Who is who it worked for a variety of rain and what was it terrifically rod is here functions. You know that we were honoring her. And believer not a very and they said they had special announcement to make. And it was the fact that the veterans from ethical McCue and lol trait is Florence from that area wanted to present me. With a plaque from my service to the veterans. Totally unexpected totally unnecessary. And it was an about me. It was about her. But the fact that they took the time. To show their appreciation. To show that loyalty to show their commitment. I tell you was was was really. More things to me. So despite the fact that people well liked and arming Gil contrite and increasing number of times I was. And it's going to be crazy throughout the years to us. Despite that fact that you see that one of mine. The better days that I have is when. Folks from the veterans service offices come in and I was gonna see an annual basis but as much more than an annual basis of you know and tell me what we can do to help. What language may be who we improved that we may be we just didn't catch me we didn't understand the ramifications. You know that bring it to my attention I you know I think that's something I enjoy yen and hopefully it's something I think that we all get. A lot of out of then again with the end result to helping veterans who were. Let's spit me since that gets me is that sometimes people. And then you obsessed with politics or politicians. And you don't know. Done a great boomer castigated whom what an awful. But you know what we can do or accomplish things from whence we. We'll supportable law makers who won and we need them to compose tools to be blue cool and hope that someone was when you have people want your. We understand and not only soap opera equipment booked it for good mutual veterans when Michael Moore caught a push buttons and that's and that's why we want appoint someone like you don't so much in him and recognize all what you don't spend what the public know so what bundle of support by. Thank you or think you M when a you know going and these laws that I just talked about long we've got to avoid I've appreciated. Your kind words to me they don't get past some lesser goes through the legislature in the senate to earn. Then on to the obviously on to the governor. So this awful lot of people. That have to be thing. But I think. As in any professions there may be those who. You know maybe better than others so what I'm people can have different opinions on. I have to say and Meyer trying to miss the speaker. Supportive veterans has not been an issue where you seen any any waning at all in terms of support well. Oh it took a quick break you listen to sound off from the York LA and succeeded voice of Boston. All welcome back persons in the world according to chew on and sudden that's that's what sort of lessons. Veterans of me and him. No today and speak of we yours and armed special guests them. We discuss the womb of the scouts. Issue moves to would actual solution. Brings that are of concern to veterans one a space walk or. And what I'm in mind. I would what whom. Advice every one. Two goal to do local slip your town hall. Then meet with new brought considerable slop and so. You can advise you of any benefit some sort of assumes that you may be old trouble one. You have any questions what's awhile while you're back from service soft with slow is the point for a soon in W Mowlds elephants. So make sure you're going sequence with some. And actually go sweep most rules veterans service officer whose. Are open one months there undergoing. Training in which point loan. They won't become. Certified. Him they will have proved oil for a room information group they would be. More of them will always you sort of issue where you slow. Make sure new Pontiac to a considerable swamped with the road to local student or now now that it's a world record. On our next week. Pakistan about Toronto total float my cohost John overhead and Mike Sweeney you can reach out to us on email sound off on the Buick two comment on FaceBook and Twitter sound from the New York you know. When we're joined. Very process of speaker Robert DiLeo from the Massachusetts House of Representatives joining us and they talk about some of the bills for the last few years and and I was able you know Sharon that's horrible pain now and colony was in Afghanistan. I just wanna point out to people. How hard it is to call anyone see you again here and I kind of I don't know if in Afghanistan may be mentally at five calls. And I know on Hank wasn't a very similar area and I was by and what we overlapped a little bit. And you know we didn't get much access to phones and if you do get a news. But it depends depends. Upon. You know he probably. He finally had a couple of minutes anyways you know so it was time away from. You don't call his family. You know that he he chose to call you mister speaker and you know work on behalf of his constituents yes yes I'll point that out there and this isn't just you know find you walk around a cell phone and I'm common colds because. Yeah there are literally he it's an eleven let me just give him a call but I think that those. You know those are actual truth stirs moon. You know the other one I could that I was just him he's that when I heard of little pop pop pop in the background and I'm saying you know. Those left fireworks always there was proposals put forward for us about it if you can help make it. Yeah. Clinton but thank you so much for having me today and and and we just think you be sure you for for. Taking a time each and every work week to to do this I think it's important. I think especially in this stadium in the NH to reach out to our veterans and only do we have. Obviously the veterans issue we talked about we know something we're working on will working on to expand the issue veterans' courts. Actually those folks who may have had some difficulties coming home because of their issues and there are shoes the the usual because of what they they face when I came home parent difficult situations so that's another thing when looking to. To expand upon but most importantly. Yeah. Yeah you provide such an important server. To reach out to group of people I think. You know to let them know. That there are support out there followed. Then there is. You know a whole lot of love coming their way and let them know that we in this. And Massachusetts in this country. I appreciate it everything that they've done to keep us free. So thank you for the great opportunity to and everyone of you have give me and I look forward to come back. We look forward to seeing more or who you. As for the Statehouse and assured. I think we. Which was slow you January 25 geologists here this is enduring legacy of it's the earliest date that we do we say I think we stud to put that in the calendar somewhere on June is something else first get the call I think Paul was on earlier in the he'll orange and congress. Yeah I have to that they can your vote. Forward looking at yourself you've got a busy schedule if you've already given his own would tongue in my own mind what you expected to play and my arm much thank you thank you for having me talent. Yeah absolutely. Joseph and a wrap up the shown now but they speaker Leo thank you so much good looking and you know the elections and and we're looking forward to seeing we know what we'll see in the next legislative session enough for veterans and on so you know president John and Mike thank you win and for all. Those cute of you were listening or veterans. We want take quick moment to thank you for your service and as well as service that was given by your family members. I'm tells Tony to listen to sound off into the RKO am succeeding the voice of Boston.