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Amb. Bolton says even if Clinton gets in she's on the road to impeachment. 10/28/16

Oct 28, 2016|

The FBI is going to reopen the Clinton email scandal investigation. Bolton says even if she gets in she's on the road to impeachment.

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The 106 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. I got a nasty cold I just cannot shake it off. So forgive my hoarse voice. OK my friends who don't have full money just a second and then take more of your calls. We have introduced a new feature. I think you're gonna love it's fun feature it's called peed off with corner. And he feats of along with the caller videoblogger blog blog where I get the kind of tee off on certain topics a little bit more of a personal nature. So it's a lot of fun people already. Downloading it right now and they're texting me and emailing me saying you find it absolutely hilarious. So gold to wrko.com. Slash crooner KUHMER. And you can download the first episode of peed off with corner OK my friends joining us now is he does. Every Friday at this time former UN ambassador. John Bolton. And frankly the way the polls are starting a look now with this huge surge buying trump. Very likely the next secretary of state may be issues are calling you secretary Bolton right now. I. I'd ambassador I gotta I gotta ask you he's got this huge surge. By Hillary even in the mainstream poles and Irish had a twelve point lead eight points a vanished. It's now down before. Another pointer to which within the margin of error and I gonna ask you. What do you think accounts. For Trump's huge surge over the last week. Well I think this drumbeat. WikiLeaks emails. Although it's they're they're coming in floods now and and a lot of marks a difficult to follow and a lot of it seems like him inside baseball. The real issues that the American people's tendency. Is that corruption that just. Attaches to the clintons and everything they do the Clinton's foundation and her time as secretary of state. One story after another I also think. That what some of these people are saying about the emails. Has gotten a lot of people's attention and I'll tell you why not because there's new information about it. But because it shows that hypocrisy. Of the Democrats who defended Hillary in the private email server. Despite what reputable experts on national security were saying of the grave damage that she called our country in here you have. The best and these other top operatives who were not. Part of this State Department when email the private email system was set up. Saying this is unbelievable who who decided to do this debate and draw and quarter yet. So all those Democrats who wrapped there. On TV and and on radio where repeat these stale talking points about how everybody used to do it. The real political operatives and let's remember Jon Tester her campaign manager was Bill Clinton's chief of staff at the White House. They know what the security risk is here and I think people are saying that too so. If this continues if there's more coming out. I think the feeling it's been widespread in the population for a long time that you eat that day Hillary's corrupt that you can't trust or. Is gonna get reinforced and and then people who may not like either candidate against saying that in the last I'd rather have somebody who has some shred of honesty and with Donald Trump what you see is what you get I'm gonna vote for trump. Ambassador. There are now polls coming out that 70%. Of her supporters say they want Obama. They don't want her. And not only about. We're now seeing poll results trump is winning 16%. Of the African American vote sixteen which is double that of Mitt Romney. And if he gets to 20% 25%. Statistical models show Hillary cannot win. So my question to you is this. Bernie Sanders supporters some of them seem to be defecting. You talk about WikiLeaks you're dead on. The damage is growing she's hemorrhaging support among African Americans. Even many are wrong supporters say really I'm not crazy about her much rather have Obama. Ambassador are we gonna look at nineties is gonna be 1948. WikiLeaks have called for one candidate and that ends up being another candidate who wins. I think it's still entirely possible and I tell you something else. You know I've I have been saying that that Jill Stein the Green Party candidate would see her vote fault basically to zero when we got to Election Day that all those people would go back to vote for Hillary and I base that. On the laps. At recollection. The 2000 election when Ralph Nader was running on the Green Party ticket. And he took a lot of votes away from Al Gore and the Democrats never forgot it they blamed Ralph Nader for electing George W. Bush. So my thought was that they were so traumatized by that that. Right up until the last part of October these people might say yes I'm gonna vote for Jill Stein that then they check it out at the last minute. I'm not sure that's gonna happen now and have not at all sure that a lot of people who may have been Bernie. Supporters may just be on the far left of the Democratic Party. They look at Hillary and they say although the press doesn't report this they say I just can't in good conscience vote for that one. So they do vote for jails in Hillary's vote continues to come down while you point out trump does making. Gains in some unexpected places and I really do think he's bringing more and more Republicans back into the fold so you know they this this thing is if your. You what year your strongest point to be righted the clothes and that that may be what trappers accomplishments. Ambassador this is a literally breaking dress and now we broke a few minutes ago. CNBC. CNN. Other news outlets are now reporting. That the FBI. Is re opening its case. Of Hillary Clinton. They're saying that they are found new emails related to Hillary Clinton. An FBI director James combing has now released a letter just literally a few minutes ago. And this is what he said in previous congressional testimony. I refer to the fact that the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Had completed its investigation of former secretary Clinton's personal email server. Due to recent developments. I am writing to supplement my previous testimony. In connection with an unrelated case the FBI has learned of the existence of emails. That appear to be pertinent to the investigation. I am writing to informed that the investigative team briefed me on this yesterday and I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps. Designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information. As well as to assess their importance to our investigation. So in a nutshell. They believe were at least FBI investigators are reporting that they have found new emails which they believe contained classified information. And that now call me a said he has re opened the case against Hillary. It's breaking it's everywhere. Is this the October surprise that could sinker. Well it could be the October surprise that could think gains commie too you know number one ever should close the original investigation it was proceeding on erroneous legal theory. I think from everything we've learned since then. Today to the dismay of career FBI agents they didn't pursue all leads that they should have pursued. Certainly to any extent on the corruption in the Clinton foundation. And I think yet adequately on the the whole. Private server issue in this national security issues well. So if he is reopened this investigation. It certainly sounds from that letter like he has although it's curious he didn't mention his famous press conference. You know we are right back in the soup then league's got a rare Hillary's right back in the suit because moderation that commie gave her. It at that press conference I think now disappears. I mean this this is the hole on the line that that that truck needs to run through I think it's clear to the to the to the goal. If if in fact this investigation is. It is coming open and he needs to take it into the end zone this is what the American people have worried a bit out. Constantly that this double standard. Was which is exposed. For. Hillary Clinton's benefit that that you know here's a chance to eliminate the double standards so. Kobe got it wrong the first time let's hope he doesn't get it wrong twice twice in a row although. Time is obviously very sure. Ambassador I mean. If you know by FBI is probing now these new Clinton emails they've now reopened the investigation CNN Fox News is now going with this. That means that there's now a permanent cloud over her going into the election. Well look this ought to be enough to say to people. That the case against Hillary has been made repeatedly that she's dishonest which he's incompetent the cheese week. The cheese doesn't care about national security. That her Clinton's foundation has just been a source of corruption from the outset. You know if this is the person people wanna make president. That then I really don't know what to say but as you've got just pointed out. Even if she wins she she's on the road do impeachment because because she ought to be indicted Arco right back I've been saying this before the coming press conference. If I had done which he had done I would be in the slammer. And and so that that lead issue with with the you've got to elect somebody. Would pay high possibility of being impeached and convicted. Ambassador one final question in Europe against it. The revelations that we found out that Terry McAuliffe was essentially the clintons Bagram and everybody knows that. Raise money from a pack. Over 500000. Dollars. And then directed the money. To the wife was running in a state senate campaign. First number three than the number two guy at the FBI. Who was in many ways the point man on the Hillary Clinton email investigation. And we're finding out now to be directed half a million dollars. To the wife of the guy that was overseeing day Hillary Clinton investigation. And apparently now through WikiLeaks. Were finding out that she helped raise the money Hillary did. So they raised a half mail and then he sent the half mil. Did the white for the guy the FBI agent the number two guy who's overseeing the investigation. I mean how is this even possible. Need production here at the bribery is unbelievable. It static in the fact that the the FBI ethics officials gave this of this number two man clearance to continue to work. Shows that they weren't doing their job and I'm sure there's more to it than that. That this this is just emblematic of the whole corrupt regime but. If the FBI if the if the idea I can tell you beat career agents who worked on the eight Hillary investigation and we're crushed disappointed is that. Two to last as soft too worried have excelled. Would comic closed that investigation. I think they're going to be added a 110%. Here and that this really is a game changer potentially. We have been talking with former ambassador John Bolton. And wall how you one next week. 'cause it could be the final time I speak to you where you got title ambassador. And not secretary of state Debbie ambassador Wang you know when you become secretary of state you won't forget the little people like me. Where we're coming back to cutter country only. And we'll give me an interview once in awhile. And if in the Boston area and it would hit it in your lowest air support out let that last week to great. Ambassador god bless you and thanks for coming on thanks so much Clinton could take care and. Care 6172666868. Okay dramatic breaking news the FBI. Letter now has just been sent by James called me. They now say they have found new emails. Which they say may contain classified information. Which they now say has forced them to reopen the case the case now is no longer close it's been reopened. This is dramatic for many reasons one she's longer off talk. To. This is now gonna be a permanent taint on her going into Election Day. As ambassador Bolton said. This now sets the stage. Even if she steals it. She's going to be most likely be impeached she's on the role to impeachment. Is this now be October surprise. That finally Portugal which. Finally bear regional witch of the west 61720666868. Your calls man.