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Do you think there will be voter fraud? 10/24/16

Oct 24, 2016|

o you think there will be massive voter fraud in order to keep Trump from becoming President?

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Do you think there will be massive voter fraud. Come November 8 if you believe the answer is yes Tex the letter acre 68680. If you believe the answer is no. Dex the letter B to 68680. Has always you can vote online. At WR KL dot com. Do you think there will be massive voter fraud. Aid if you say yes text the letter eight to 68680. The answer is no. Dex the letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Look my France I think already there has been voter fraud. The Democrats have been caught engaging in voter fraud. I think there's massive voter fraud that is going to take place. I think frankly were naive. If we don't think that's gonna happen. The regime's. Power. The regime's control. The regime's well. Everything that they have now hangs in the balance. And so they're gonna do everything possible. To try to tilt this election. Rig this election. Influence this election. So that Hillary rotten Clinton wins. And the system is able to survive and perpetuate itself. This is why the media has engaged in any there's no other word collusion. Conspiracy. Meaning essentially yet an active effort basically conspiracy just mean several people engaging an active effort to do something. That's all a conspiracy mean it's. So if Brittany and I Iran active effort to try to get Donald Trump to get elected that's a conspiracy. Gary doesn't mean I'll decide on underhanded consumer conspiracy it is an explicit conspiracy and implicit conspiracy. Clearly there is a co conspiracy any collusion. Among the entire mainstream media the big media. With big business and big government and big labor. To keep the ruling class in power because they are instrumental and pivotal and part of the ruling thoughts. And one of the ways they're doing this is by suppressing WikiLeaks. And notice the argument now they're trying to uses well but with no evidence. The mother Russians are behind. Sold the Russians hacked into the. Emails and hence that's a crying and answer because that was a crime and they're trying to interfere in our democracy. Don't give it any weight but won't even talk about a don't mention it. Really. What about the public's right now. Because for example when it came to the Pentagon papers. In a 1970s during the Vietnam War which was illegally obtained classified information about how the war began and the conduct of the war. The New York Times the liberals said well the public has a right to mow. How they were paid to see relevant it's what's in the information that matters. Well listen now to the information coming out. Because if this gone out Donald Trump would not only wind he would win not even in a landslide. But in an angry landslide. There would be the wrath of god. Descending upon Washington if the American people found out what's really in those WikiLeaks emails one of them. Is voter fraud. Where John Podesta. Along with senior members of Hillary's campaign or openly brag about voter fraud. Openly talk about how voter fraud is very real and in fact the desk that in one devastating email. Did sell orders let's get illegal immigrants to vote just give. Am a driver's license all they need our driver's licenses. And I. US citizen Mets let. And it works in California. And it works in over a dozen other states and why can't it work anywhere else. Will now listen. To this email. That the media doesn't want you to know because they're engaged in the very tactics that Podesta is outlining in his email listen to this. Jake you talk about a bombshell email here's a bombshell email. So how do you notice now the last couple weeks door pulls have gone crazy. Clinton is up by nine Clinton is up by then Hillary's up by twelve. The latest one is an ABC news Washington Post poll both of them rabid anti trump news outlets I mean rabbit. You hear our Bubba the news Bob of the hour news sports game that's only BC news affiliate. You can just hear it erupted there rapidly anti trop. Well now they're showing a twelve point national advantage for Hillary. But there's a problem. When you drill down into the polls and they're sampling. They have a huge bias toward registered voters. That happened to be Democrats. So. For example the methodology of this ABC news poll twelve points now they're claiming Hillary's ahead. Guess what. 36%. To registered Democrats. 27%. Registered Republicans. 31%. So called independents. Now Democrats who have a bit of a registration advantage but not nine points. So what they have been caught doing. Is what they called over sampling or sampling by its. Meaning OK it's not really a fair sense of the American people it's let's load up on Democrats. Registered Democrats hold more than a gonna vote and pass them. Oh boy you gonna vote for this election Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary yeah Hillary. And so they've been tilting the polls why why. It's the same playbook that they did with Bernie how they stole it from burning. You. The opponent or rival of the regime's candidate. By making their supporters think it's over I mean I'm looking at all the polls it's over. And not only is it over remember they're never just up by two or three or four percentage points. They're up by eight the rep like pandora like twelve to erupt by fifty we got more chance. Like why even bother voting. It's finished. It's finished. Listen for example. Karl Rove. Or most of the game is played but it doesn't matter he's part of the ruling class. He's part of the GOP donor class establishment. Listen to him saying trump is bound to lose why because the polls say is soul roller Brit. What is proms path to victory now or. Doesn't have one. Well hopefully EE if he plays an inside straight he could get it but I've dealt he's going to be able play that he ten has a 186. Electoral votes and states that he either leaves outside the margin of error. That's or or is caught comfortably put away. That's compares to Romney's 206 that's Romney states minus Arizona and North Carolina worries behind and plus I will wariness ahead. There's only one other he's ahead and Ohio abide by less than 110 of a program percent about a lesser one point that gets him to 214. There's only one other state worries within four Florida that would get him to 243 and everything else ranges from. Four point three to ten points all the rest of the battleground states. And he would have to not only win two states where he is either from the only slightly ahead or behind by four but he would have to pick up states where he is. I don't fly added some of the national and over again death. It's all over the ones. It's over. He's up back trees down four point 3% he's down 5% he's down 10% these battleground states it's all over the over it's over. Okay by two I think he's a washed up has been I agree with Britney but let that go okay. He shelling you shilling for Ryan and the GOP establishment that is. They are masters at fox Rupert Murdoch and his sons again that he's got a job to do what he's gonna do it. Listen now to John Podesta. This is they mean now to senior people within the Clinton Campaign. Corn now working with media groups on polling. And here is what he the email starts out with this listen to this. He there's a request. Where he says here's recommendations. On quote unquote. Over samples for polling on quote. In order to quote unquote maximize. What we get out of our media polling unquote. So he tells these people I also wanna get outlets is one the big polling firms that the revising. I also wanna get your hapless folks to recommend. Over samples. For our polling. Before we start in February of this year. By market regions leaks out or I wanna get this all compiled into one set of recommendations. So weakened quote unquote maximize. What we get out of our media polling. Give us the biggest bump. Give us the biggest lead. And it's a 37%. 37 page guide to the giving the media I got eight and polling groups I got. Here's how you over sample. They'd then be near it looks Kosher on you know on. I at first glance it looks Kosher but here's how are you there rig the system as you do it beneath the surface. In particularly civil Arizona what you gotta do for example an Arizona. You have to all over sample Hispanics all out and Alice. And native Americans. According game it's highly recommend it quote over a sample Hispanics. Over sampled the native American population. In Florida. He says you make sure that these samples that they're not tool. Don't have too many old people. Make sure you over sample African Americans Hispanic voters. He goes you have to go after these people yeah over sample lump. And that'll give us a higher bounce in the polls it'll make us look hiring the polls. To Reagan to freak imports. And they did the exact same thing to Bernie. And I'll give you a classic example who's one of the major WikiLeaks emails from the DNC the media don't want you to see. You have people within Bernice capped for actually live it saying we don't understand something we have record registration in California. More people willful than ever to democratic primary there all for Bernie they say the role for burning. But hardly anybody voted and the reason why they didn't bold well visible white baldor. Because the polls for two weeks before cellular was gonna win fifteen to twenty percentage points. Sure people didn't bother voting. And the polls are rigged. They're using the exact same playbook. What they did to Bernie and they now one a due to trumped. This create a sense of defeatism. To demoralize you too deep press you to undermine you to a weakening. Can make you think well why should we vote I mean Jeff it's picked that did did the cakes already been baked she's gonna be president. And the only way they can justify. Having the media supposedly not even report. On WikiLeaks. Is that they were supposedly stolen or hacked these emails by the so called Russian government. But what about Donald Trump's tax returns. Warned vols illegally obtained weren't very stolen. And yet Hillary and the media cut no problem talking about that. For days on days on days on end. Listen to the weasel Wallace to give the devil his due. Confront Hillary campaign manager Robbie mold. On that very point roll it Britain. I think if this was as you can see those emails this is a scheduling matter and we didn't want her going overseas I didn't want her Garcia is obvious for the campaign was kicking off. I'm but again this this is these are stolen documents stolen by the Russians is now confirmed from John Podesta they're being put out for this purpose. Welcome frank you know Donald trying to when they see him say anything about something else trying to just figure it out though they 'cause you know that the Trump's tax returns were stolen as well when they were. Nailed to the New York Times you guys didn't object to that effect you jumped all over the we don't know where those tax returns can they weren't I must clearly stolen we don't know how many how do you know. I hit songs and I've given them. I don't know where I don't know how they got I don't souvenir but I guess I'm saying it that if if that it's were burned looking at the fruits of that stuff tonight we'll call it a stuff. What's fair look at those are true well that's I think what's particularly disturbing in this situation is that that's the intelligence community has now confirmed that earned it that John this is emails and the DNC emails were stolen bars and restaurants I know about 200. That's it I'm talking about a twelve million. He's a professional liar okay first of all it's Obama as intelligence agencies OK there are saying that but here just for the sake of argument. Well. What did trump voluntarily hand over tax returns yet. Should they were stolen. They were illegally up paint. Well the New York Times had no problem publishing home. You guys had no problem discussing them. And criticizing arm and going after trump Lester holt and he went crazy over those tax returns. Hillary went crazy over those tax returns so let me get this straight. When it's Donald's tax returns even though there legally obtained. Dutch no problem report discussed Arco bottom. Rand dom all story after story after story but when it comes to WikiLeaks. Which shows are you. Colluding with the media are you who. Being in the pocket of foreign governments and foreign donors are you who. Rigging the election against Bernie and now rigging the election against romp. Womb. Womb. It's forbidden fruit. Or. Not. Not to build those were stolen by the Russians were all normal that the bulls were hacked by the Russian normally don't look at that don't look at. WikiLeaks. Proves beyond a shadow of a doubt. But the polls are BS. They were even instructed by the Hillary campaign how to rig the freaking pulls. But there is massive rampant voter fraud that in fact democratic operatives work paid. According to the James O'Keefe video. To incite violence and chaos a trump relics. This is all. Irrefutable. The irrefutable. And so my question to use this I've always said this and I will stay this though I will say this pill a day I die. In a free and fair election Donald Trump wins in a landslide. The question is will the election be free and will be election be fair. Will there be rampant voter fraud. That's the question. 6172666868. Your calls next life as a series. In 128 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Britney and I having a very candid conversation we often do but this was especially candid. About the election and voter fraud. And anyway she asked him point blank. Jeff do you think there's going to be a little fraud for a lot of fraud and I said. Honestly Brittany I think he's going to be unprecedented. Voter fraud in this election. And the reason to me is obvious. Look at the threat is up it's a mortal threat. That trump poses to the entire political media establishment. They can't let him win. And now you've got stories out listen to this all of the reporters that were caught colluding with the Hillary campaign all of them. From CNN giving questions stir before events or debates wood burning. To CNBC. The political to the New York Times to the Washington Post. All of them all of home. No one has been reprimanded. Nevermind fired or held accountable not even out. And slapping myself on the wrist if you can hear might even not what I literally when I do our national re about stock ash doesn't stop picking on your sister. Keep your hands away from a little slap on the wrist Dave didn't even get what I give my national. Okay when he's trying to steal. It was little cuts to K I give one to him one curry says he wants to Baker's. Ash dam bond that. Date for a Tootsie Roll my Ashton gets more punishment than these are reporters. Are openly colluding with the Hillary campaign. And now you have investors business daily. The most respected media outlet in terms of accuracy of polls. Showing trump up by 20. LA times the best of the big market newspapers most reliable. Saying it's a dead heat rest mussina it's a dead heat. Yet ABC wants to Telesis by twelve. CNN's claiming twelve Wall Street Journal NBC is claiming by ten. How do you have dead heat. Up by ten or twelve for Hillary. They're gonna try to steal it and they're gonna try to justify by stealing that by saying. She was gonna win any way. All the polls show old she's gonna wind. So when they stealer on election night of course she was gonna win all the polls showed she was gonna win. So the corner country poll question of the day I want talked to you the audience. Do you think there will be voter fraud on November 8. And how much voter fraud. If you believe the answer is yes text or letter eight to 68680. If you believe the answer is no we still live in some kind of a democracy. That's free and fair. Text the letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Britney and only got to go to when news break the very quickly. What's your feeling on this. Do I think there be voter fraud yes massive voter fraud I don't know. I think that Donald Trump brought this to everyone's attention we're all aware of that so. At one only go to the polls we have every right to question it so we CE. We think that there might be voter fraud we're aware of it and we can bring it to summons attention. So I think that I'm glad that Don trump brought it up to I think there's going to be a lot of I don't know because I don't think that they will pull it because he said you know see something say something do don't do it I'm a Kai not on it. So when we go to the polls we just have to be a winner that's what I think so maybe a little I don't think it's gonna be massive. What do you think your calls next. 138 here on the great WR KOK okay trump. At a recent event in Ohio. 30000. People showed up it was a mean packed to capacity. He's getting record crowds. Hillary can barely get fifty people. I'm looking at this pathetic event right now in Manchester, New Hampshire may be a couple hundred people there. With the chief chief spreading bull doing everything they can in Manchester trying to drum up support. I see no signs for Clinton I see no energy or enthusiasm for our crooked Hillary. She can barely put five via (%expletive) if your hundred or 500 people and a and a and I and our hauler and auditorium. Trump is packing them in by the tens of thousands. And they're trying to convince me that she's gonna win in a landslide. Do I think there is voter fraud you'd better believe that I think there's going to be voter fraud. Just my opinion 6172666868. Our third just not ill. Europe next go ahead are. Well you know bill where they have this Margaret attitudes. Adobe you know the other day on CNN I don't know if you heard that there was a Republican congressman. Status the charter boat WikiLeaks and they pulled the vehicle to treat. Yes now you've got a pretty used to go when Nazi Germany. No I don't I couldn't believe it is bowl defeat when the prisons are talking about WikiLeaks. Politico Republican congressman there with its it's just amazing. You know and and you know it is so global slowdown and I have a media if trump gets elected. Because what they're going. Submerged we figured out somehow I don't act to support the cards that the urgent of the of your the United States because we're not having free elections. And by the way they don't need some older truck they only knew that you guys are battleground state. It's certain precincts. Where they go they're not gonna wave. That's our that's all it doesn't take if it if they don't have the bill would it in every state and there's no doubt debate pitted the last what lectures. And and go what they seem to have be out of the the way react. It's put a foregone conclusion. And the statement that you made earlier chip. Is that they have to justify their results by saying what the polls also say today. And it's also this country. This successful. And I figured that I think we've lost control of the country alone and we'll unless we go. And massive massive. Could groups of people to look for a total polls they'll still. The beat such a huge avalanche of voters rushing to the polls and people really care about their country that the diplomats and joke. And Evan and I don't sit back otherwise they've been very large pickups and. Arthur very well said. I'm gonna get up very early on Election Day. You my first time ever vote in the United States in American election. I will cast my vote for Donald Trump puts so much pride. My heart will beat. My blood will be red white blue. And I know my wife is a grace as well. And I might try to get their didn't the second the polls open are you win on intent on waiting in line I don't care how long I got away and I'm gonna vote. I wanna pass on a text from this is from. Somebody I know why I highly respect. Who has been the somebody involved in Republican politics in Wisconsin. For a very very long time and I wanna read this deal. She just literally tax it to me 138 so four minutes ago Jeff there is going to be massive voter fraud this election. Absolutely massive. I worked as an election monitor for the RNC the Republican National Committee 2004. And literally saw buses of people coming over the border. From Illinois into Wisconsin to vote illegally. I saw a veteran walk away from the polls in tears. Because when you went to vote he was told that he had already voted. I saw one lady show up at three separate polling places and try to voted each one of them. I have so many sports so many stories of things I witnessed firsthand and that was one area in just one state. Now granted this was before Wisconsin Eddie photo ID requirement for voting but the fraud was staggering then. And I think that the election was nothing in 2004. Compared to this one. Fraud is such a part of the Democrats is election planned that the truly accurate pollsters account for it in their models. He interest paying interest thing. Well look in Modesto as WikiLeaks email. That's the democratic playbook. On how to rig the polls. And now we're starting to see the democratic playbook. On how to rig the actual votes. 6172666868. Are you confident we're gonna have a free and fair election Paul enact and go ahead Paul. I borrowed this quality and that that was early voting and then we can just carry it that battle but the real problem let's. Well you brought a lot of cricket board and have below it and they've been advanced to sign that I'm more on the ballot box. Paula you serious. Syria. Is incredible. Big event you worry. Eric Kraft envelope crap. It probably had to wait let the record about bicycle volume up political woody don't you know CEO ballot. Or around. What I'll. Paul do you think there's gonna be what do you think they have you seen any voter fraud do you think there's going to be voter fraud. I think there's going to be a vote per. Krzyzewski great vacant so warm and ready market autorads visible on the ballot are expected to open up you know. Oh. That is incredible Paul thank you for that call. Jerry. Common man how are you out of my friend. Got. I have a method for Dario on but there are. Democratic senate and yet they have that much. You'll be Megyn Kelly what would I got from the DNC total prize he'll teach people I think I'd be people's questions the era. Jeff first thought. Soros is petition it's on whitehouse dot gov for deciding to. Terminate those sixteen states from allowing you to do is voter machines. Rigging the walls casting that the information ought to the polling groups. Chipped it to edit in dirty I don't know what it did Cheryl active and did a great expose say on weighted polls two weeks ago. Inkjet you don't quite get Adams he's an independent journalist yes. Yeah get a piece we need all the around to reporters from the New York Times and Washington Post interview in Trump's support is that rallies. Goading them into saying talking about the rig elections. And what true upset about everything being raked. In the end saying that Hillary would do if she won the election what would be your reaction they would do playing that game but yet people worse than that. So what else from the New York but the Washington Post told Adams. That would they're gonna do it they gonna you'd get dogs seem cool that they cannot try to beat the buildup project Veritas. To drive up at Trump's supporters and attack Hillary supporters to dip further tarnish trumps brand. Beat before it before the election they're gonna pick out of all the stuff. But I fear that it's going to be worse than that. The jet did you cease storybook professor helmet law plot. Is he predicted every election correctly all the way back in action twelve using his formula. He's fit for a pet in 87 point eight which percent chance of winning the election according to his formulations. Jerry look I'm not surprised I think he's gonna win in a landslide I. It is still you would understand that the two front. Now I gotta but if it's a free and fair election and my question to you is this comrade will there be OK there's always some voter fraud I get it. But will there be a reasonably free and fair election that's the question what he said. I think it will be reasonably. But deal will be voter fraud especially in the major ally city's Jeff as you know in the democratic strongholds. In areas surrounding it. They deal will be voter fraud. Thank you for that call Jerry Mike and Cambridge go ahead Mike. Almost all right yeah and they have a lot of ways I know. I cried out popcorn at age out. Mike I'm sorry said Mike from Cambridge admits that Mike from Brad Miller put jaunts owner I got that's okay you're gonna get some urgent. You're actually it is going to be bullish side. Yes yes you can be waterfront might mean. Let me propose this we're live nation although last decent ball. As far as this I think which were perhaps there's some of the lower Echelon I really believe it if we get out there are some numbers and everything else for the in the British ship. Going back in the history drug that Jerry gave a speech. Before it was brutally assassinated in the street just hours in and I historians say that speech was it kept no. Trump is so let me fiery speeches Roy had six months against these. Plug these not quite murderous. I'm afraid for them and sort Devin in the bag Geico Lilja I don't think is abstinence I don't take it out you know it is extra publicity. I tell that call this. There's Donald Trump well what what would you make what would eventually double level that he's carried out that stretched out. Got one other thing your criteria which you'll. Fashion Week. You said this. Well we were talking about the retro bit about the people about well I'd love Barbara veterans and especially. The Marines which lets you out. That's insulting to me you know revenue per treatment than they need to appeal it and see if worst part of what risks let's have the Marines can. There won't go. Without your help only like Jerry why do you have listened to these Marines all witnessed it kept kept pleats were all equal would go right now we. Not you are all Mike Judge can I be candid with you let them in the confessional. Or when I was growing up in Canada I'd watch like American TV. Can't see the you'll be out for the Marines. And do I got eyewitness labor and said the few the proud the Marines. Haven't beaten at truffles if he read smile but Mike that's that's stuck in my mind and how much do and while like that. That was like a hero for me about the medium bodied the American soldier I got a gun and a little brain washed with that commercial might yet so my apologies. To have Tripoli say what suppressing bit visit Britain abolished it to people on their cats get one west saying that this or that white is concerned. This he had grown he adds yes but what it would take him out fact. You'd make him look quite cal putting moment without the key and then you know that's you know they have. Mike if he if you want him at the go to the back of a jam you think you could take some. I'll tell you what he can have the first shots and I dropped like a bad habit and that's what it would take he had he had it libraries jett's death. What's that that the guy who did the other are the majority Republicans. What would it pay. Adam are clearly didn't have are pleased that we are real or are you Ryan. Well let them Karl Karl Rove job overall unloved particularly Visio. Chris you don't want to mess with them life is. Right right. That's right I love you might they're gently don't have much what but it Jake but I still have one looked at me you know I thought my god bless my get. But that thanks for your service Mike I love you brother 6172666868. Told chi Europe next go ahead told cheek. Oh my goodness do how we're doing I'm telling you adults he is you know column. Are sometimes are on him but I don't really get to go com. How's my simmered Nigerian American how're you my friend all right order I'm all right. You know it. If you remember. Those that tie into our equation and secluded out you know we never win these elections when the wind election honestly good artwork into. I knew I mean you. Bill wouldn't be warned to be in this present structure you I've said he might. It up in not come in that's pressure and end up and I owed you a number that might need peace and review of this election what. Don't you know you didn't belong to rig the election. Slogan going to win by a lion like it moved to wit a bulky. You like about these elections. Says that. And until we win this election or at least you'll be election boom truck is what I'm I'm I'm seeing I'm lucky once seen based. It means we're better on well. You know. I'm bigoted can get going to get it would have. Been on boats that are somewhat different are supposed to be hopeful trump. And so well. Not probably blue route to wake up and speak up but what. Or. Insane. It's taken everybody. Broke out in front and it'd make an aggressive. Don't wanna do you go low and don't want to you can do not question. I'm. Bingo to you my friend I'm not against I got to go to a break but very quickly. Our elections more honest here or in Nigeria. I think in Nigeria right now I think in Nigeria told me. Argued it was brought up you'd never have it would probably about god and you mean in Nigeria to GF Obama. Don't see if they still lists OK and Hillary wins because they steal the election. Maybe you and I you to do you pick in Nigeria with you coaching. Picket propped I. All your part of OK let's go to the effort to cheek yeah you are you good sponsor me it is constantly told Cheney. Oh. I love you brother. So my friend hey if we lose in November what the hell it's the app throughout our bus handling. There have been taking my call and try to make a quick. The senate will talk about this election where at all this comment from from all of this stuff. One of the people have to remember it's coming from Wall Street. These people look at it without an internationalist. Not nationalist. And I can tell you right now. Today it bought a a bailout if you look at the market right now they're armed and derivatives market it can get troll I trillion dollar. In the future at all and okay good. Are. All day and they can all you lot aren't somebody who had bailed out. We can't try to quiet area that's just try to be ju co op that saw election because they don't. Wall Street itself if you look at it at somebody. Tell you will Wall Street right now and I can't. If they are in why are so desperate. I throw that out because we talk about. Gel like bush only has like boy I at all how we talk to people with true. And there are a lot of this show and I walk right it so it can't and it could be so crazy corrupt. Because they're. Lee I've got to guard at thirty seconds do you think there will be mid major voter fraud leave. Absolutely it skillet right from under us as Austria what happened to cover it up in all those people like republic we're gonna go Wall Street. Or consulate there. Interest and interest then okay. Do you think there are you worrying will there be major voter fraud more worth your calls next.