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Mike Seigel 10-23-16

Oct 23, 2016|

Mike talks with Gerard Lamiero and General Jack Keane.

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Got problems and could inject doubt. And I think he'll do. Folks welcome it's good that he'll let us Saturday Sunday afternoon how's everybody doing today of this great weekend. As we get it through the conversation and of course up until election time we're gonna focus on that. Element of our society obviously. Major decision is going to be made on November 8. And though walking us through that over the past several weeks has been. A leading political analyst. Throughout our society Andy's been. Agencies on the Euro country is up 69 interviews it's only recently. Doctor Robert Romero. Who is. An outstanding political analyst at 1984. He was Electoral College elect or Ronald Reagan. And has been actively involved in writing about these political campaigns back to book. With ten principles. That the selection. Would turn on that book. At fifty Tripoli and really a great deal of understanding. What was gonna happen here sure enough what is set then. Is hearing from today Butler America to have you with us or today. I am doing great. Hopefully we'll have a good they know that time. Absolutely. Celeste let's start with that and keep it that way that's what we depend on here and and move forward maybe Hillary's. Our colleagues around by the Soviet. But we let me ask you about something which I'm gonna ask general Jack came later in this program. Military expert four star general. Nobody is talking much about. May be the most important part of that debate the other night. And it's very telling me who's been telling about how the media are totally. Biased slanted. And in the pocket of Hillary Clinton 96% of the money. Contributed by journalists goes to Hillary Clinton three or 82000 goes to Hillary 141000. Journalists goes to Donald Trump. So it's pretty obvious where that stance. And depth and after the debate the journalists were even giving around the applause. In this bedroom it was really. Pretty grotesque to see the media. As lap dogs and salivating over one candidate in the presidential race but she says something that should have been the major story and it was not Al original headline. From one of the few areas that have a publications that cover this and it says as follows pentagon. Hillary Clinton should be arrested for leaking top secret nuclear intelligence. On national TV which you talked but I don't give the time. That's out there are now exposed but I'm not gonna add to it how much time it takes from the time. The commander in chief gives the order. For nuclear attack toward its actually executed. That was part of the special access program highly highest classified. Mature obviously. And probably everybody's talking about the fact that they are she goes again revealing very deep secrets of US military operation what about that. Well actually out I was shocked. That that see that that I do not have a list of what things are really. You know pop pop pop beats Burnett they hate. But certainly that could be why and that plausible. And that but I think what what. What came to me was the fact who it is this person medically healthy to run for president because I'm wondering if she spurt that. That it was top secret that they pay. I would make you more or not that he was careless I was thinking maybe you have the bad memory about what is and what is it. And he'd just you know I read it a little bit differently than a lot of people but I think a lot of people. Either way it's the case that they see fit to be president because he can't. Well let me every once sentenced to you from this report. According to pentagon sources the information. Clinton disseminated publicly. Is top secret intelligence governed under the US special access program SAT. Which dictates safeguards and protocols for accessing discussing. Highly classified and top secret intelligence so currently. The Pentagon saying it was SEC. And she just. Lately had an out there my my my biggest problem is if Darryl truck it set that. You see it plastered from now to globe liberate all over the New York Times front page Washington Post front page. The headlines on ABC NBC CBS news. That that was the major. Breaking story of that. Debate. And little or nothing is set about. You are under per cent correct I mean I think at this point the American electorate knows. The mainstream media are not journalists. They are in the in me out thanks so to speak for a campaign. They're taking orders from they have John the debt that the campaign manager approving stories that going to into the Pratt. That we now have these people are immensely working for Hillary client. At Donald prop as biting. A warrant to unto battle. Lines you know one is against the media the other is against Hillary but in reality to a vote are together. All right so given that fact and given that reality. Is this insurmountable can can he overcome this. All he is overcoming it right now. You know flying. Current predicted it was made the war. The president of the third presidential debate the trop would win the popular vote by 4%. Any where in the Electoral College by a minimum of eighty. Votes are Saudi votes. And that after the debate he actually got up slightly and I haven't made my official forecast for the week. But it is going to be higher and it might is that he picked up another page in the Pratt that the picking up additional popular vote. As a result of that debate and author of the Gettysburg speech which was an excellent speech you know historical case that. And that and Bo I would say yeah right build the Donald Trump as winning comfortably. The IDD Nepal. Which is the most accurate poll in the last three presidential election. I chose him up like do you regret. Wheldon and then these honest way except that now we just sort of report on our newscast. That leaves the ABC poll says he's got higher negatives and that there's a widening gap between he and Hillary had we come oust disparity. Well well. There are some issues with the polls I've brought up but I wrote an article months ago about some of the major issues with the polls. Probably the biggest issue that I I talk about is the underlying demographic model they're using. There was also methodology change a week ago. And all of that Hillary. Went up quite a bit she went for about two retreat as productive. And 1112%. In some of the poll but when you change the methodology you know longer comparing apples to oranges. And you have to understand what those through McKnight yeah polling is based on model. And mine field modeling the eight the computer modeling and actually it's officially an engineering. Doing modeling but I replied it's the presidential elections the economic username at. And up by eight the assumptions you make make all the difference in the world and keep doing your model you can develop. Come out with any answer you want and that's the honest truth. So you think that the polls. Are not accurately reflecting. What's that what's happening in the in people's. True attitudes I guess one of the points I would make about that is how to we know. That people who are just not willing to say publicly the voting for trump who will vote for trump not willing to give pollsters. That information. And yet they're going to vote for trump. How many. Of those people. Are gonna influence this campaign this election. Funny million. The pro Obama with polling is they and I did that article people really wanted to back and look it up. And that there arm major name for example the attitude. The voters to the media there are a lot of people who they are out and beat these cause you know I recall that operative. You know from the media organization or something during the poll. Is they hear that. They will bode well or why they the opposite. Of what they're planning to do they want a map up the media the American people are battered angry at the media had they are at Washington. And it's not ready. And though that's the reason one of many reasons that last bit. In that article about why the polls aren't really accurate but but. Fundamentally. And I respect a lot of the pollsters they're good people with high integrity. But there are limitations of the polls. And it's hard to get around them. And one of the biggest one is what underlying model that you put and supply of cheap take out picnic like 12100 people. And they the proposal on a 140 million voters and they try to extrapolate the right answer. OK I take it one step further I actually forecast I don't do polling. And it's quite a bit different in the different approach I think forecasting more accurate and modeling. All right so sorry yep port has more accurate report. Yeah so. What were being deceived by these polls now course in 1948. The polls were way off. That the argument about that was the fact that there were done by telephone Harry Truman against the governor Tom Dewey of New York. And the reason they say that the polls and accurate. Was the fact that a lot of people that have land lines. And a telephones in those days and obviously Harry Truman. I was gonna get a lot of support from the moderate income people might out of that telephones so the whole poll was deceptive because it did take into account those people. What about cellphones today. Which apparently are matters currently being. Targeted as are the land lines is that an area that might be causing this that this camera eruption in the actor's apple. Most of the major pollsters account for cellphones in one way or another. But there are issues to it belt on for example where is the cellphone person located you know people keep air phone numbers right. And that may have a New York area code would be living in not Pennsylvania yeah you know that sort of thing that they did their part to different. Questions that arise that they have to deal wet and sometimes some people are better at dealing with them and others I mean it did an art as well Bryant. And and all though some of the numbers that are being used. Aren't ever fairly representative and then it really big thing. The polls I don't think captured adequately they try to they'd they'd they'd think there's between registered voters of likely voters. And now I I talk about voters then the guy by the voters and but he. And voter intensity means that he would help bolster today. You know vote for Hillary Clinton would you actually vote for. If you have if the candidate that I ordered that the yes they follow through. OK maybe 90% of the time we depend on the intensity. On the other hand. If you have low voter intensity like Hillary does a lot of those people will not actually vote for even another bailout I've been voting you know they'll Italian they've been voting. For Democrats for five years. They always vote Democrat. You know they have their parents voted Democrat and prevent people were down likely voters Democrat. OK but then it's not really indicate. Because you know if you talk to people voters they'll say things like. Yeah you know the voting Democrat but. You know I think he's corrupt and that may actually debate that they if you really get the rock in a troop congress base and and so the voter and the results from the offer art bought maybe the highest we've seen in thirty years. The voter can't beat Hillary in the battle blow it. And they above unfavorable. But of the candidates that are higher voter intensity even if there on favored in many situations. Will get a better turnout. Then they low intensity. Candidate and then make all the difference in the world. You know up there just as a reinforcement. And we're talking about that sort of marrow and his expertise on political campaigns just the the other night or last that I guess CNN was running. What do I think portrayed to be one hour kind of documentary. About Donald Trump and it was just a complete this in trump a complete discrediting of trump. Using witnesses using the guy who co author whose book the part of the deal who now talks about wishing he had written the book with Donald Trump. And then all of these other elements of that and I sat there thinking. Where's your piece like this about the corruption and the criminal behavior of Hillary Clinton exposing our. I mean the one sided this of that is so blatant. That if you get a runner journalistic organization. She's got mountains more of problems with credibility. With criminal action and with the corruption. The pay for play at the Clinton foundation the email scandal that you protect three males from anybody seeing them because she was using it for pay for play. And all the rest of that that we've now learned since then the using of people to disrupt. Donald Trump's events including the one Chicago that got canceled. That the criminality of that. Where's the coverage of these mountainous. Events compared to what trump has done. Obviously not there again the media in the tank for Valerie. But let me say that the American people Norman's comment that by the way. Like Ronald Reagan's. Verbal artwork onto campaign then that. I put a lot of stock in the American people in the commons that. And this year. We are seeing the end of the main street immediately Alec influence presidential elections because with the obvious bias that they'd be gone by. And and that the American people are into counting those stories. Now their problem or follow mainstream mean here blindly no matter why but a large portion I did counting. The mainstream media of being hit in the tank for her they don't they're gonna they I guess. Read the Washington Post before coming on the air. I'm not certain that they those fired they adopted prop them bomb away. And I do not let you would that would help quiet dish. Hard to believe. Well let me let me ship it's stroke so it would be to expose that but let me share with you something that's maybe changing the selection. In terms of the digital media. Now discrete this peace to you. Dated October 17 a few days ago. The daily callers traffic. The Daily Kos online publication. Publication the daily caller traffic is continuing the boom to record levels. During the 26 election over the past thirty days alone sixteen million. Unique visitors have read over 82. Million articles on the daily caller. Quiet cast a digital marketing company that provides audience demographics. Has ranked the daily caller is one of the most read web sites in the US with a larger audience. The many longstanding national loose branch including. The Wall Street Journal. Bloomberg MSNBC. CBS news NPR. PBS C span. And ABC news and then it goes on to say they are ranked as one of the country's most read mobile sites. Out ranking web sites like NB CNBC sports. MSNBC. People and vox. The media is changing faster than people realize. According to the co-founder and publisher of the daily caller Neil Patel. He says Daily Kos now bigger than most of the news brands I read growing up. America needs new sources of credible accurate news reporting. The daily caller is filling this void aggressively with the product that is taking off faster than ever before your comments. Well my comment go back to my book I wrote last year came after January great news for America. And it I talk about American constitutional. Errors and how there. There interspersed with the store in critical presidential elections this is store. Presidential election and what the significant with your crashed in the significant bit of every new. Major historic presidential elections accompanied by one thing's for sure. And new. Media there's a new mainstream media every time. Bet anything to delineate it was the newspaper that was a probable in affected the elect and interject that. Back in April 9 pick the other in historic presidential election we had William McKinley. Become president and the new media that was the largest urban Pratt and the magazine. Those are that the new mainstream media. This time around we have a new media would ever had a candidate. Used Twitter that way. Donald Trump is used Twitter. Can't exploiting that technology. Is gonna continue to exploited for the next three weeks. And it is hard that historic election and by the way you Gettysburg address. All that and I pay into a mind as well you know Gettysburg as the battle that turn it that was the turning point of the civil war. And eighteen that the very. And right now. His his speech he hopes will be that turning point that will put him on the road to 200 day plan. To all of his new legislation proposes. To hit the corruption. You know initiatives that he want Vick when he president Annie have now in his contract with the American voter similar. To let it. Gingrich contract with America which is the apple. And bringing. Voters of the Republican Party in the 1990. If some some. Analysts are saying it's a little late to do that cause award at the and feeding down through the system to the voters. Is it too late for that kind of contract. Not when you're ahead by 2% in the most accurate poll and I think the polls are under accounting Ambac quite a bit. I see yet I'm waiting now by warning hampered bat well likely will be this week about forecast. Amazing let's go to Michael very quickly. Michael you're the voice of Boston WRKO doctor Romero hello there. Yes hello thanks and bring them discussion absolutely premium. I have a quick question just solid used to say that you know it doesn't matter who vote is important who counts the votes. And I believe that you know for people will be voting for Donald Trump. But my concern is that's their votes will be discarded destroyed. And that would be a map that's unprecedented scale. I mean you know you have this postal worker who brought about destroying. Absentee ballots. Yeah that's good question of course I'd have. Have people who will destroy machines and and remind people in place and woke that morning. Am not only that it of people for the child and then they would say yeah she want. That's a good question Michael and it's been raised by trump calling the system rape. Doctoral Merrill what about that part of this a procedure. Voter Friday as part of a system. We have had voter fraud we have that I happen in the Nixon Kennedy. Elections and Matt Nixon chose not to contested but it's obvious now the history. That he had postponed again never it was a close close election that election is not going to be close. I have already figured that might forecast. The number of alone vote but I expect to happen and that that is factored in from the in his historic and critical turn out that happening this year has way more people coming into the system then vote that can be stolen. And he's gonna win. Even though but there are going to be vote there that shouldn't be there. But to a Merrill it's always a pleasure. Your insights are reassuring to many people listening to the voice of Boston the B or keynote for that. We thank you and will look for target probably next week because it to the election things might change it will. Well look that he backs effects are very much. You that you have a great stand whichever ridding Bob and and agreed date through. Thank you thank you kindly to coming up at 1247 right near the voice of Boston WRKO Mike Siegel and good that you what is we come back with general Jack cape. A what's happening with Iraq. And going and Mosul and that the shooting by the Moody's Savard at our ship the Mason. At what we did a retaliation. Much more right after this. Folks talk back into that he'll let us Mike Siegel here as we. Move right along. And that momentarily we've done joined by general Jack Keane. Who is here of course he's a four star general retired. And has done great work. In his retirement actually as the chairman of the gets to the study of war. And former vice chief of staff the US army. And that he is the chairman's that is to for the study of war Sony's done a deal work. Both for our country. In the service of our country for decades. And now of course. As a retired four star general. He has been. Very actively involved in analyzing. Where we are. And there are some troubling matters that we are dealing with of course the fight now. The take back Mosul. Which is the big story. It is one that. Frankly is a very difficult. Task. And that might take months they say at least we'll plant all of that out for general keen as it joins us on the program general great to have you here or is there. Well no bargain to talk to you wanna get new audience. Thank you very much. Gerald let me have. Share something with you that's been I've been report talking to date because there's something from the debate. But I thought was the most important point of the debate that gets little or no attention to speak of from the mainstream media. And yet from a military. Point of view. Hugely important. We have a top ranking department of defense intelligence source saying and I quote. In reference to our comment. About how long it takes from the time the commander in chief gives the order for nuclear attack to the implementation of that attack. The steal the official said Secretary Clinton proved tonight she is unfit to be commander in chief. Which he did compromises our national security issues cavalier and reckless and in my opinion should be detained questioned. So we can unravel why she did what she did and quote. And that this by the way the information on how I'm I'm I can imagine even though sorting out there but the amount of time between order and execution. Was what she mentioned specifically. And it is considered according to the Pentagon. Top secret intelligence. Governed under the US special access program the SE peep from that we hear about which is highest level of classification. For classified material which dictates the safeguards and of course the protocols to excess and and discuss. I highly classified and top secret intelligence we have to get the general back the phones in this. News last week at the same problem I don't know what it is but. Hopefully we'll get him back very quickly. On the line there's technical problem in the middle of the store important. Point. And compelling point I mean I think all of us realize. That there are secrets that we should not know. And beyond that our enemies should not know. And so I'll get to the general now general Kane I think your most of what I was asking about which was the comment about a lot of between. Order and execution of a nuclear attack DOD officials calling it special access program piece of information. And Hillary just wait it out there what do you make of that is that a series as it appears. Yes and I've I've. In all my views associated. With the department of parents out there is ever to have on active duty and and many years of retirement still problems associated with. I've never seen a public official or formal public official ever discuss nuclear response times and bad news. One of our fumbles kept secret spend and very few are privileged and Noelle. What those peak so far despite the fact. Auto loans and put it on little or part Joseph. And at a top secrets special compartmentalized. Clearance. Because I didn't have a reason to build out of commission. Aren't good old election. And note that have reasons November admiration. It would usually never ever. Discussed publicly. And so about our our deficit than ever before and instead rule. Yeah and and it would struggling to me is not getting much attention. From the mainstream press I mean they shouldn't repeat what she said. Although it's already out there but. The sort troubling up by the way of from what I understand the solid the president of the need to know basis as you mentioned the president the vice president secretary of state secretary of defense. Secretary of Homeland Security the attorney general Director of National Intelligence the CIA director the deputy secretary of state. The deputy secretary of defense and then only special personal designated. Solely by the president in writing different presents that put in writing those others if there're any others. Who would know that. So this is something that's very very. Highly classified. Has she compromised us in anyway in this regard do you think. Well yes orbiter to release of information like that. Does compromise certainly our adversaries you know they have also about to be sure it is they have bailed me what them selves. But their response so I'm parlance. Just so probably different than ours because of me. Well we may have similar welcome we have different processes. You know in in administering to those weapons yes so that's a pretty pretty great show. Of intelligent information like that is a couple of little robot Obama. Okay well from that then we turn to. A couple of other items. The Yemen situation we know of course at the booties fired on the Mason twice in four days goes back couple weeks now. The American warship was stationed off the coast of Yemen. And the cruise missiles were fired. Oh our cruise missiles were fired at radar installations. That we say we used by the insurgents. The booties to target. That warship in two missile attacks in the for a prior four days. How serious is this problem the Moody's armor. All three goes of the rap art they and then how dangerous is the situation record to run. And the Moody's as the terrorists are. Make no mistake that the department those cruise missiles Chinese crude missiles provided by Iran to lose. Those missiles were not fired. Would not just a lot of abrasion on how to get the borders well he's not acquire US warships of the world very bully. This one could use proxies to try to accomplish their strategic objective in the Middle East which are regional manageable. And they have used. Are these very successfully in Lebanon. But while mom barracks are embassy there are our embassy direction Kuwait while our embassy our airport sparks. In Saudi Arabia and we hope. We pull our forces out there for those incidents took place except in Kuwait. He pulled out of sorry where people out of what. That this using. Proxies I've been very successful strategy that you're earnings are used now. Authorities vibe here Tuesday train. Iraqi Shia militia to training bases and go on and they gave them. And they are a these the could force engineers had about what we used exclusively against Americans and make sure hundreds of of Americans with those weapons. We eventually defeated those Iraqi. Train she I want intra Shia militia in in 2008 the only time a lot of the structures that have been defeated. So called peace we're now in US backed government last year at Torrey fifteenth at the order and direction. Of the New Orleans they gave them weapons and it provided a trading and weeks. They've forced evacuation of the US special operation space. Last year as well they forced the closure and evacuation of our embassy so the United States is in we treat. In Yemen just visit we are in in Libya. And in this case this is that he design of the robbery. There are about humiliating. And who vote in the United States into an embarrassing situation. Why aren't because they want we in the relationship of the United States as whip actually. Arabs in that region they want the Sunni Arabs to see that the United States despite the power. It is not gonna stay behind. They are paralyzed it will do nothing to help that's what Detroit it was a perfectly right. It's a very scary situation because. I know that we Rihanna read retaliated. Up by the way when you talk about leaving Yemen and I thought it was kinda lightly without tail between our legs and we left behind the whole lot of very valuable military equipment military vehicles. We left all of that behind which no doubt it's gotten into the hands of The Who is at least some degree correct. Yes to some degree I think we did get most of our equipment output. Yes we will. Said this I haven't we went retreat out of out of there because that's what this. I'm surprised that the will be able to acquire. In an overthrow that government as quickly as they didn't. And also we've we've ever tried to target kill and capture. The al-Qaeda who also. Were on the move during that during that time for him that were impacted our our evacuation. This is dead serious business what autism probably here. Because what they want is not only to dominate a country that took us out of Saudi Arabia. A report in the dominate countries that it opens on the Saudi Arabia and Syria and then it'll lock. But I also. Want ate pork. In southern Lebanon error that would permit them. Really it's like shipping missiles. And and also mines. To be able to hit it close control. The Kardashians and egress from the Suez can. And which takes place right. Acted very so out. Western tip of the Yemen. And that's the strategic issues that they have just as they are able to influence the Persian gulf industry so well almost as well. Well the thing though it Joseph Cain is that. In the midst of that Iran deal on the nuclear first of all. I don't think most Americans by the fact that the document developing nuclear weapons and Iran but you have even if it did work to that degree for ten years which shall be. We've because of that deal. It's sort of tying your hands because you don't wanna offend I mean this administration doesn't wanna offend Iran they wanna have them cooperate. And they would they wanna have them. Veal leader in the region I think at least the way Richard Nixon opened up China I think Obama sees himself to that would be run in the Middle East. But the point is the Europe their radical government. And they hope that mischief. All over the region they are the most terrorism sponsoring nation on the planet in terms of exporting terrorism as you just pointed out in several different countries. And we're almost talked tide from doing anything about them. Because of battery and deal or is that an overstatement. No it's not an oversight and that's exactly what was taking place but it's on our own volition that would sort I mean. B yes it is a terrible deal as we pointed out many times. We've been talking with you and most Middle Eastern expert holder administration. That is foolishness of Rick. That make it to eight nuclear deal what work with the larger strategic objective. I'll bring it on into the international community. Of peace paving core relations. Is. Oh. And it's not going to happen because you wrote in every single year 35 users said the same thing. That they intend to dominate the Middle East. And then export Islamic revolution throughout the Middle East and the jacket to do that is to pull. One it would drive the United States out of the region and true they look especially for the state of visual they say this every single year. They've never ever give them both strategic objectives and so that was as. As organs those they now have a wouldn't fall as a receipt and an excess of hundred billion dollars. Whatever do most of that money export that revolution who have seen and that money right before our eyes it is about who these. What now trying to. Dominate. Yemen and you'll see it in the hands of of all the proxies that they'll use a body or in public places. As as time unfolds quite probable state they're serious about what they're doing that we have been. Rather tragically taken advantage of. Well not known that this retaliation. Mean anything in terms of retaliating against. But Moody's. Does that up upped the stakes that were more involved the president gave the orders do it Saudi Arabia of course has been fighting in Yemen since 2015. With a tax that are taking place regularly. Does this show strong support for what Saudi Arabia is doing or just a one time event the thing. Well. If they shoot at us ago I would imagine we would respond and Adam I'm politely responded but because of all the things we also about the and a president but not what another one I'd go to Ottawa has the major Albert. They are backing these they've they've provided them the weapons we know that they provided them. The radar sites that we took out we know that's what are these are these not. These are not this of these or actual fact. That we. And we know that dip back into who these with all the arms and also with money so we should publicly speak well. And then also. What the imposing sanctions on and also the march tell them. If you'll proxies are going to fire at US warships we will fire a few ships as well and don't be afraid of escalation not what happens the Obama administration they get our law by the by the board of escalation. And as a result of this. We don't do anything of substance. And the Middle East is on fire. Today not solely. But exclusively because of the United States but we have contributed. To the lack of stability in the Middle East because we have sold pool bar. Don't support and our allies and meaningful ways. That. But the Middle East is being challenged in them it is significant way. That it has never been in this history. Let me let me turn if we can general to Mosul. Which were now going to. The first day at this offensive. Are the Kurdish forces which are great fighters the Pittsburgh and the and the Iraqi Government forces. Came in from the south and east so that the Islamic state fighters could go west to Syria. But apparently they're not doing that they're going down at the tunnels and there scampering around drive probably doing land mines and other things such as that. Where are we now with that that that they say could take months to take back Mosul where are we with that and got the Iraqi fighters doing okay. Yes yes I'm sorry but those programs. The first phase of the operation. Forces are. Taking that pro homes and villages. That are on the outskirts of Mosul somewhere in there and been armed. From anywhere from about eight to fifteen miles. In debt and they're doing it on and walked side. The peace side. And thus outside of the town of the city of Mosul. They don't leaving no western side open. So that is used. I just forces in retreat. Down the role of Syria of course we will be watching that retreat and engage them. If we put it that part of they're about to deceptive about what to do it but. So that's what has taken place and about twenty plus open villages have now been affected. By that logistics infrastructure will be brought forward. In preparation for the second phase of the attack. Which will be replaced after it the city of Mosul well. I don't off fortunate right now somewhere around eight to ten miles from there someplace spot. Where where they're located. The assault. The attack right now with the dog by the Harshbarger. By the Iraqi Army. Quite Sunni tribes and also like she'll malicious some of them claimed by the overly. What they go into the city sort of the attack will be wet. By the Iraqi armed counterterrorism force which. Conduct a successful small. In ramadi. All fallen in Fallujah you'll also be other Iraqi Army units and Sunni tribal forces accompanied them. Fired mortars these should be able what you will buckle and other cities. Or know what the lord or errors. Don't let that is the player. They pick this phrase could still take. A few weeks to complete. And then the praise and by the city could also take weeks or months as you suggested this to parables. That we don't have a sister. What is how well what crisis recess. It will have a monetary eventually. Gave up. And tried to get most of their forces out and provided some resistance. We don't know we have not yet on we know that they've played lots of mines and Ali sees it. Ovals although woods separate verbal you know low. It is. How much support. What I just yet. Probably had problems what Sony's welcome vices. When they just when repayment. Of Mosul two years ago. But since that time that it on the tyrannical rule of crisis. And most people believe. Ice is as lost the support of the population because about tyrannical rule of corporate behavior but we don't know. All but two Bible Belt will be torment how long this campaign will take little dispute matter of weeks forward drive on actually promotes. It's gonna leveraged and to watch because they've been as you pointed out they've executed people just for using the Internet for example. Crisis but still bold about it but that the final point they're opening to the west. To kind of let them out that way. That's opened in Iraq. So that they save more lives of the million plus people in Mosul. As a safety belt so to speak is this that makes sense. Well we will I think what they ate what Iraqi commanders I think. Who put this plan together with the assistance. A market what are we have a pretty Arturo Romero who's helping with the planning or capable. And Churchill great terms and Cabrera and eighteen civil court for breakfast order little. And and so what we're doing importance otherwise. Totally. Bought. We'll have you ladies are watching and we have targets. Our our people that you don't talk lately but what they would do is say it will not go leave a little cardboard we will leave. In strategy used so. Civilian vehicles but it probably takes some civilians whip them to provide them as shields to protect themselves so. It is if it's not like. Shouldn't an amusement park and so that's unprotected not going to be that easy for us to be able to detect these boxes it's. The ice is so it's very sensitive to the Mercury news out there aren't. General as always it's an honor and a privilege to have you whether it's a great insights as always we appreciate that and look for talk any real soon again thanks much being on the program. All right my goal is to talk about him. Take care general Jack Keane. Four star general and now the chairman of the institute for the study of war some powerful points are number 6172666868. It's you would mean when we come back. You reacts as a general Qaeda doctor Romero Mike Siegel at the voice of Boston. WR KL let's get your calls welcome back on the other side stay witness. Got out of four. I feel good it just got my hands my I think he'll do. Well folks welcome back in good to have you would says we have lots to talk about here today in this next. That's one of five ministers also get yourself on this line at 617. 2666868. A number of things we can talk about one for me the one that has not been talked about it enough that's most important part what happened that the debate Hillary Clinton releasing. Special access program information about the time between. An executive order the commander in chief to make it nuclear attack. And then the execution of that attack she gave the time. It is unconscionable. Action via disqualification. For running for the presidency. It reinforces it demonstrates our inability frankly. To be able to handle. Classified material which it over and over again we're talking about the commander in chief we're talking about the person who's supposed to protect the security of this nation. So that's what item you might wanna talk about does that disqualify. Her candidacy since they keep talking about Donald Trump have what Hillary Clinton let's go to Donna first of all. Dot they are on the voice of Boston WRKO LO. Hello I'm metallic and my I might make a comment about therapy and doctor Merrill's point. The first quite as on the nuclear response disclosure. On if he did dolls are a god because he's dead and dead air has mental or physical or policy about. Entities massively incompetent. If he did it on her path. And that's the way the couple. I heard like a lot of government wiretapping and it didn't end up paying much of anything except for different ones being more debt as some make up and made peace securities violation. About eight or accurately cop a tent party get it on purpose. About that one in Cuba we don't have they are meeting ill or are. Congress period of detention or bond Arab outlet that they've made themselves irrelevant I don't know what that was gonna do what about it. And at second while on the voter fraud I heard it back to four million and that they can anxiety and eighteen million. Pop product that we can overwhelm Matt and big DHS that they wanted to make sure Russia didn't interfere with our election and okay what project vote borrowed but the internal fraud belt what they do what if congress enemy act and do they look gonna take care of the fraud and it's here predictable that it SAT violation. That's a good question and it's it's it's something that with blithely looked past you know if the if the photo of fraud. We're gonna negatively affect the Democrats you better believe that these mainstream media like the New York Times lost all. Would be out there and all over it wouldn't. So why I I don't know the answer to that I I would only hope that because there is this. Notice and awareness of it that's been talked about so much that perhaps we're going to be able to something that have mitigated not eliminated it. Straight because they won't public. This stuff that's the problem. Well you know what what are the ways is for four citizens. And I'm not sure this would even work to be honest with you because I vote I was gonna say. Calling places like the Boston Globe. That demand that they cover this stuff. Whether that's gonna work you know sometimes it works because. They respond to the to the audience look at the smaller smaller audience to begin with less and less impact because. Frankly they're losing a subscriptions. Start isn't. A lot about this stuff that we found out I didn't hear that I think you're not gonna hear it on the steps you listen to pocket and the information they don't want here based parent felt the a lot willfully blind that I can. Typical. Well you know no matter what side of the fence you run. Whether Europe Bernie Sanders supporter. Whether Europe Donald Trump supporter with a or Hillary Clinton supporter I don't know white sport Hillary but. It's all of the story I mean Maxi Bernie even though is a radical maybe people on that radicals at least he's honest in my identity that that she is. Absolutely. Gonna compromise this country. She's already done a dramatically. And I just don't get. Why it is that we have this. Did so I don't really want to call it kind of laying back relaxing. And that too much about it from the mainstream media I mean don't they see I've been the people the Boston Globe don't they understand. That what she has done. Is damaging. The very essence of security of this country that she wants to bring it 550%. Increase of Syrian refugees. That she doesn't wanna build walls that protect this country. Terms of its natural sovereign national sovereignty that the speech she gave in Brazil talking about the whole hemisphere having open borders 600 million people. I mean where where is the concern about this because you know what's gonna happen if if that. Where to take place the only newspapers that would be protected in terms of free speech will be the ones on the far left. Because that of the people on the far left do not want free speech. Now expect a high ball it felt when BP it was not the issue. The teens are to be used for the candidate doesn't matter what that means our program looping our country I can't get that through to the left these. That we know Lou if the Americans they won't have the freedom that they felt practically carried. And he's been charged. Well I appreciate the point. And that we're on the same page it but it's it's it's very obvious. And yet you don't see anything happening in terms of doing something about it from the media right reciprocal but I think you know and it's it's true that. Look Jefferson made the point folks very clearly. He said and I've said this before. Because Jefferson. Was obviously very wise and he said the press has got to be the auditor. A government. So coverage to 99 things right and one wrong. Government has an obligation to go after that one thing at report about it and it doesn't matter of left right Democrat Republican moderate. Reactionary radical whatever it may be. That the press has to report on that as an important element of this it's an auditing function of government. A companies have auditors to look at whether the companies are wasting money to look at whether there's duplicity of spending whether this corruption. Whatever whatever problems there are and could be more efficient that's what auditors still that's what auditors of the government are supposed to do. The press. Is to hold it accountable. And it's not holding him accountable. We're not seeing that this press is in the tank is in the back pocket is on its hands and knees to the left wing Democrats and Hillary Clinton. Totally. And for them to put a blind guy. To the horrifying. Criminal activity of Hillary Clinton. Is astonishing to me including James called me we've talked about government officials who's in the tank in the pocket as well. He's a political hack that he's no longer had any integrity left and that's the end of that. So why it it's got to be a government will change if we don't make it governmental change. On a populist movement. In the same way that bricks it happened today with a look wrecks it was gonna lose by ten points according to the polls. On the last day before the vote. And I don't want to leave the European Union. It watt. For the British the Great Britain to leave well hopefully we have the same thing happening now. But in spite of these as thoughtful Merrill talked about these polls that are not accurate in spite of the mainstream media in the pocket of Hillary Clinton. To me it's it's a no brainer but what we have to do clearly. Is. Fight the battle stay where we are and make sure that. We we cover. This election in a way that's gonna give us the ability. Two in fact elect Donald Trump. Public immediately name the name of the editor. Of the Boston Globe and his phone number. And if you wanna get McCall told they should be covering. Things like at the corruption of Hillary Clinton Ad particularly what she released. Special access program information by telling how long it takes between the time in order is given for nuclear attack to its execution. That's special access program material it's classified where's the globe talking about that. At a guy's name is the editor is bright and McCrory MC GR ORY. His phone number at the globe. Is 617929. 3059. Again. 617929. 3059. And his email address. Is McCrory at globe dot com. The query is MC. GR ORY. At globe dot com. And CG RO RY look Rory. At globe. Dot com I hope you. Sort of an email or get my call. On the need to be covering this stuff about Hillary's just pounding and Donald Trump. For really microscopic issues compared Hillary's magnified issues of concern all right John you're on the voice of Boston WRK oh hello there. Yes sir I like Q Kapono your heart's in the right place but I disagree with the general talk about that's about time some politics now. Let me get joke quote that everybody seems to miss from Mike Thomas Jefferson maybe the most important. Apollo. I print but to create money is more dangerous than standing out. No what do we have in the Fed reserve has the power to print money out of them here it's illegal to constitution says congress should take the money. If she where they get the power to control things. Well but let congress also creative fell reserved for a that was 1913. Let up forget about that's stupid preserve what they dipped Federal Reserve is a private corporation. And they have a Q governments to make them look OK they keep stable if it was controlled by congress couldn't you demand balance sheet which have never gonna get it would move. Well look you've seen you've seen Rand Paul. And others demand and auditing of the Federal Reserve. But that's just that's just it's called control opposition would have a week what do what it considered to have a considers that ran for president. The congressman from Ohio. What what is it you wanna see what he wanna see. All right is what it just won't affect me number. Because senate city ran for president. I'd opt for get a practice and that's what I don't want to see. Important Michael as a he stood up and its crew your rib pop we don't want a balance sheet which is a waste of time we just want to get rid of the Federal Reserve which Kennedy was in the process of doing. Okay and they kill them. Lol what would you replace it with. Somebody's got to make monetary and fiscal policy. Which you don't get enough I've let us our circuit to assert my. Not that wait a minute wedeman slowdown also slowed down so there might slow out money you're not gonna get. I would just. Ramblings. Not I don't tell me don't tell me what I don't understand I'm asking you definitively. And the we it's obvious might. But you are right to make I can give us time. Let it out forget it I'll help it be an aside does it put on hold on hold because. You know let me let me I'm not gonna right up on you but let me just say these giant. These the smug arrogance is unnecessary you're gonna tell general Keane. What you would what he's wrong about what the military. Who who are you what are your credentials what makes you that you're gonna say that you wanna get rid of the Federal Reserve what are you replace it with because Federal Reserve. Does in fact take care of fiscal and monetary policy. As a matter of policy. Whether their raped rate increases on interest rates whether there is money pumped into the economy I'm not agreeing with what they do necessarily but that's their function. Somebody's gotta have that function. At two ramble on and on and on about. That would consider it's that. Considers first of all that I got as many votes is as a giant case. Considers didn't get any votes for president that he ran for president every votes get John. Okay what seventy in the Robert Boston is 6172666868. Now you wanna talk about an alternative. Than what I would suggest is talking about having a Central Bank as a possibility which is owned by the federal government. Which many countries have Germany's Central Bank other countries in Europe Europe's central banks which are old. By that country. And then there's direct control. With respect to congress and the executive branch. In order to be able to set monetary fiscal policy of don't do that that's fine but to get into the weeds about all of that. The bottom line is that we have. Bigger fish to fry right now in terms of the selection what they'd seen at the voice of Boston. WRKO. Back at that it would us ladies and gentlemen here at the voice of Boston WRKO Mexico Sunday. And he's on the program right through the election where it happens. Analyses taking place by people in the know. Give us a fresh look. Now what's happening in terms of the issues of the day with respect to the campaign and what the truth is vs the fiction because we already know. That the mainstream media or attempting to diminish Donald Trump. To excites him from the legitimacy of his candidacy. And to. Elect Hillary Clinton which god forbid if that happens is going to be. The history of this country. And I say that not even look at for Bernie Sanders or even Joseph Biden. You can disagree with them. But they don't have the toxic. Political. Baggage. That Hillary Clinton ads. Biden over the years has been. Pretty much honest so as Bernie I don't Biden was involved in stealing a speech from Neil connect the leader of the Labour Party back in 1980 when he ran for president. And he stole that speech word for word but at terms of this. Activity as a senator. And as vice president. Sometimes gets a little acerbic but at least he's a decent guy. You don't find that were these the test Hillary Clinton and that's the problem statement the party pretty honest. But unfortunately. Was sabotaged. By the Clinton Campaign now what about this. Clearly now from the WikiLeaks releases. The abuse. Of the Donald Trump. By the Democrats. Hiring thugs. To go went to Donald Trump events antagonize Donald Trump supporters intentionally. Create. Fisticuffs. And thereby in the case of Chicago closing down an entire event. How dare they do that. Freedom of assembly. Is protected speech think about this you what Hillary Clinton around. If that's what they're doing because they stay track the money. From the Clinton campaign to the Democratic National Committee and that these thugs. And that's the connection between the mainstream of the party. And this up really violation of people's first amendment rights to assemble. And to peaceably support a candidate for president. And to have that behavior. Sanctioned and not exposed by the mainstream media. Puts the mainstream media at odds with the First Amendment itself. Because they're justified by not talking about the behavior that's washes other people's rights under the First Amendment. Simply because they disagree. I at last I heard this agreement was encouraged this agreement is not only sanctioned. But as part of this nation's. DNA. That was supposed to be. Having. Heated different points of view but heated orally. Not physically intimidating others and that's what the Democrats did in conjunction with the Clinton Campaign. And these groups. That were thoroughly obnoxious. I hope. That what we're gonna see is people getting past this and realizing the danger to this country because. That kind of thinking is gonna suppress the opposing point of view they don't care of them the end justifies the means. That's all Lipsky said and that's Hillary's play book cal. You run the voice Boston WRKO got about so minute and a half story ahead. I'm calling because I really think that no matter who becomes elected that wearing fur crisis. I'd I think it was Arnold because elected that is Cynthia sass sin just like and a lot. It's too corrupts. So you think he's going to be eliminated. I think he's going to be eliminated one way or the other you look back and what that's with the DNC over the Hamas sailors. It was not reported they weren't linked and that's fine but you know adept is not spared this for people that. Well the look we can't but we cannot operate out of fear. We have to fight for what we believe in the best shot right now. To get this country back to its national sovereignty increased jobs protect the borders help our veterans and a proper manner and deal with all of the military increased that we need and to get ray devices the way that to keep the Syrian refugees and others out of here. The only way organ do they have selected Donald Trump. Disney and that's. A no brainer and got rid of something happened to defeat world of work were elected on the operate. Mike Pence would be perfectly suitable is a great choice quite frequently so. You might think about that as well but I don't wanna go that for we have to look somebody not out of fear. But out of what is the right decision to make. And what the chips fall they fall and protect our right. A freedom in this country Mike Siegel effects for listening to get yourself in the world in the world will be good to you at the voice of Boston WRKO.