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10/17/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - quantum physics, the and advanced paranormal theories

Oct 18, 2016|

10/17/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Marie D. Jones discusses advanced paranormal theories, the Zero Point Field, the 11:11 phenomenon, destiny vs. free will, deja vu, and much more. Plus listener calls.

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This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded October 17 2016. I. It's Monday night it's beyond reality radio Jason Hawes GB Johnson welcome to everybody on radio stations across the country. On the Internet in the chat room and anywhere else she may be a catch your dose of beyond reality radio you my friend have way too much energy. Because Alitalia it feels like a Monday and on the wind what it feels like a Monday timing well you and I were talking about Debbie drew went on the air and I just resolve myself to have to buster every little bit of energy I could and SM now I spent and I asked. Oh. They welcome everybody out there listening to be on reality radio it's jays and javy and we appreciate you tuning and we get a great guest schedule tonight via Marie ED Jones. She's a best selling author of destiny verses choice. A scientific and spiritual evidence behind fee free well. And she really she's just in cry she gets in the Kwan quantum physics and and new science and actually wanna face the physics in new science and how they may explain the existence of colonel Phnom. OK now you said hold on to words there that I need definitions for because it's complicated stuff. But you know I think the summary Jones is that she's got so many books to her credit. And virtually every one of them is about a different topic within the paranormal and some some outside the colonel Morgan a really scientific stuff and finding. Waigel will Whittle that down to. Topics that we can covered within the two hours that we've got that's going to be the hard part tonight. Oh absolutely and things she uses big words so why are you kinda lost it's an insane as answer anything mortified letters Obama five letters and you know two syllables or more forget it. I get it. That's always a family dog can pass a plus category we and we got a great week yeah adults of tomorrow Jim we're going to be talking about Salem witch trial yes DC to only from the Salem Witch Museum on. Very very knowledgeable. And the whole Salem witch trial thing I mean obviously people think about this a lot more. When you get around Halloween time. So we're thinking about it a lot more but it's really something that they talk about all year round and the museum is worth visiting all year round of you were just. This thinks element to I would I was just out there the wife and kids and we took it Rory raven who. As a mental a slash a toward guide which took his his history Tora author Yeltsin does agree haunted tore. And we just had a blast and the funny thing is you you spent all the in Salem and you realize you only hit a quarter of Salem so it's really it's a weekend trip. On Wednesday we've got. Internationally known psychic William Stillman yet and with bill we're gonna be spoke focusing on. His book called under spiritual seed child ghosts and demons of demons affect us and how to combat them and it's about spiritual warfare. And how negative spiritual entities affect those of us who are susceptible to them. And then Thursday national big foot dam musher who put them on the calendar but it's there it is there expert doctor Robert Bartholomew. He's a medical Suze sociologist. Who has written extensively and you ruffles poltergeist in social panics. Mass hysteria and the history of tabloid journalism he's also written three books on proposal. Yes it's going to be a good good night instead of cap off a great week we should mention that tomorrow night. Tomorrow its program. Will be pre recorded because you and I are going to be in buffalo you're doing an event there with Steve I'm going to be hanging out there for support and done you know it's going to be determined buffalo tomorrow night. Yes it'll be a great time and you know assess your anywhere in and the buffalo. Facility anywhere near there on down hang out and today enjoy it we we have a blast on the show. And and I always throw some stuff image of mussina it's like I was surprised Steve I'll throw some things that blatantly embarrass him because he's facing the audience like it the stuff up on the monitor behind his back and I've got to set Horry can change really quick. So he never really knows what's the template. And we're only it's funny talking about having Robert Robert Bartholomew on how he covers poll UFO's pulled against the reveals. Did you hear about Max spires. No no mad Max is a UFO expert. But he was just found dead after texting his mom your boys in trouble if anything happens to me investigate a while now yeah he's conspiracy theorist. And he he just covers all these different things he's 39 years and years old father of two boys and he's found dead on the sofa and Poland where he had gone to give a talk about conspiracy theories and your foes. It was ruled natural causes display. No pork postmortem examination being carried out of the body so that's already a little fishy if you think about and he's an American who most traveling in Poland will now he's ease foreign but yet he did live in America for a quite a few years. But what's even more insane about this whole thing well he's made occur at a skating UFO sightings and alleged coverup so he can be. Also covers government spears season or anything else. But more recently he was said to be probing into the lives of well known figures in politics. Business and entertainment so on my own you know as unexplained death has really left many online followers commence that he was killed by a government agent nothing do with you linked leaks no incidents or no on shares of government agent is definitely wanted to kill me kill that guy all the trees dust that's been going around lately lots and it. Yet been sent. So but California heart goes out to Max spears his family is his monitor. And hopefully they can find Osama some truth behind what truly happened. Yeah be nice to get some answers there. Don't forget our phone number because we will be taking calls later in the program 8446877669. We'd love to have you stop by the web site and of course the FaceBook page where we'd like you to click that little like button. And become part of our family there and FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Give our let's take a break we'll get Marie Jones on the line will begin this discussion. It's going to be good when it's beyond reality radio with Jason came. Thanks Eric Kahn might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com. It's tired. Do you feel veteran politicians and that's something. Yeah. This is fine. Fox I won't need. Philippines and since the song without anyone's help. Fox he needs a break from the normal he into. You seemed happy to press. I need an easy time. Approve this message and I can sense its term and Hillary. He too. Back to beyond reality radio went yeah yeah that new sponsors. I wouldn't have happened to fart he's commercial bureau wouldn't it's Iceland email that from the bottom. I didn't pay any attention to Obama OK slick when did that. Apparently he spent his whole of marketing campaign on their net. I UCL mica slicks tell me while everybody out there who got to hear that that was. You the amazing five key who believes that he's running for president is so says he's running for president you know did he say it. When he 162022. On the 24 yes I guess he's gonna continue this is this run win or lose you can keep going again. But it doesn't have to rewrite the law offices around them. Well we are still attorney Emery on the gas line here so in the meantime I wanted to bring up this find in Egypt. Which is kinda cool they've gotten. Heard about the dead yet new technology. It's akin to radar and sonar that they've been able used to penetrate. The great pyramid. In Egypt and they have found it hidden. Compartments within. The pyramids that they didn't know existed before. And that's sunk common they found it also and we'll king tots as well. And and they believe that there's other bodies buried back there and of his wife. Clearly his affair he users from some great name like that but I don't want. Yeah well they they want this mission. Last October to search for the hidden rooms that takes a long time we got to do it like you know square foot by square foot in and do this penetrating. Sonar radar mixed. And in the in the process they they found. Several rooms that. Can't be explained at this point and passages that lead to and from those rooms and into other parts. Of the of the pyramid. And scientists from the project released images and details of what they found recently and they're looking for. A way to get into those. So those passages in those rooms without disturbing obviously the struck. True itself. Well and there's there's so much weird stuff behind it but yet it. Yeah they did just other permits as well and you know if they give if this chambers really travel up into the pyramid. That'd be amazing to find out what's what's really in there. Yeah yeah and you know the the gist of that the architecture at the architect of but the design the engineering. Of those monuments is is amazing and we are guests on the program in the past that Tom. That have talked about possible alien technology being used to guide the builders of the pyramids and you know how. That that's a bit actually one example of proof that we've that. Aliens were here long ago well they also believe they hadn't chambers under this thanks as well. So Tuesday hidden chamber that either contains old gold are all these different things so. They they were incredible what they are doing out there how they are building him just structures rent OK let's go to the phone when we have our guest for the evening it's reedy Jones author. Researcher. Screenwriter if she does it all Marie welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on the program. Our US and with great thanks for coming on tonight. Outlook and ebony. Marie we've got so many things to talk about with few I mean if we just look at the books alone you've written are so many topics and so many weeks ago this conversation but I think. The best way to kick it off is for you to tell our listeners how you got interested in all the stuff and when it all started for. Play. People untold stories I hear currently total about your. Obviously I came out of the room. Writing were you have a penny had in him. Pretty much. In between my entrance and nineteen US and goes and desire right I mean I I was told it was great it. Before. You know and it was telling stories by the time line and but I also from that point remember being interest and the control. I was telling ghost stories I believe that. I believed in the and anchor at my father wasn't detected it yet says there. Like grew up as to sign which. Just worked. By all true mighty you know my child created some teenage years old. I never. Thought I gap between. Frankfurt turn around if there were all different and at this point guard Eric and my own daughter again it was a scientists. He believed and I'll miss step it was a huge you out so freaked. So it just. I grew up that way and always protector out to be we believe that there is certain. I didn't see it and reality possibly many reality. Along side the visible manifest reality. And he kind of wanted to know what it was all about helicopter who put it there you know what mechanisms order. So that says. Why you cover so many different topics when Jimmie was saying earlier. One thing let's get one of the quicker things have a way before we really diamond the other stuff. You wrote you wrote you co authored a book on the 1111 the time prompt phenomenon. Now. I never paid a ten business to be honest with you up until about two years ago when my daughters Tori. And actually said something to me because I was sitting on the couch and and it looked o'clock I'm like Jesus and for lastly weaker two or Tamil look at the clock it's 1111. It usually supposed to make a wish dad just posted to this all these different things. What ever since she said that it's like every time a turnaround it's 11:11 o'clock. Number read before you before you address that Marie I just have to say on my list of things to talk to you about this was a major point. And because I have been noticing that phenomenon for years now in fact I got several friends. That you'll text me when they happen to look at the clock concedes eleven avenue happen again rapid. It happens. All the time and at one point I wanted to do an experiment I wanted to pick another set of numbers say you know home. 1242. Whatever. And just got to keep a log if it's 1242 because now and I'm thinking about it shows up you know if I happen to see it. Come make it little Italian and kind of compared to the 1111 thing what's going on there what's with the eleven and. When you buy a car or where you go to you decide you want to buy it purple Hummer I don't know why anybody would want to do that but. You think you're going to be the only person out on the road with a purple Hummer. Britain issue in depth for a magazine that purple cover becomes important you are there for you notice. Doubters out there and I'm always been there. If there aren't any reason to notice them now that your brain is speaking out purple convert. So while they wrote the book Lebanon and that was actually very expert but set very far and I wrote there. And we approach are the Mike publishing it you take them. We're gonna let him put together what we do it is and they came to act with that idea that they said what an aggregate to the Latin Latin phenomenon and week. Where is hot and wet. Neither one and I won't ever heard of that before and yet we at all. Period repetitive. Number sequences are you know is it just kind of like a turtle like an air war and so I'm looking at it without our brother out and check or get a whole book out of their preferred prediction. Candidate just I mean at this present global phenomenon that it's been going on line. And special effects are practically Katrina convention in 190 absentee. And there are different number of class on time crimes that are more content that people get hooked on eleven that was the most popular. Actually found a link between eleven ala and in the NC. Alleged. And if the world Mayan calendar. Injured December 21 2012 state that of course after that. Without in any manner. What we found was that the winter solstice on that particular day it was to be in the Olympic record Greenwich mean time. They have two different very eloquent and yet all the pictures there till metaphysical. People that. I was district you know the opening race at gateway in the ascension of humanity. It's a doorway to another reality blah blah. But it. What people you know a lateral and it. Spiritual form and here we go guys they're hooking them or. There you know higher powers that are caught whatever the universe is giving them a poke. And they and there are millions of people that believe that it is something. Beneficial. We never heard anything back at the it's a little wake up call from the universe. And the president well a lot of people would tell it what it. They would report from cricket should be happening in her life that they elect you a job or eating a lot of their life or whatever. Of the explanation which is very far. But the other captains really poor. And so if you hear about something like. You hear about oh you know effort to collect it and volatile and all kind of ingrained in your boring you're gonna say it won it twice as big deal. After that he would enter or turn your brains deliberately create a new girl talk play. I wish it will start the team how. Back to their numbers like. And it also ordered. Oh now or no other number sequence. I'm an average in look at the clock is by trying to gain. Which according to remember. When you feel capital let me because euphoric and made it important in your. For me a lot of allege that. Happens every now and then but minus four or 4333. Shoot 24. Year. I was waking up the night at 330. And it will happen. I don't know why. I happen to love the number three on a fact with the number three letter I wrote a book about the power and number tree. But I think at first I sure did you know. The possible metaphysical. Meaningful. Universal they're all explanation. And the other one is just that the way to bring work. So if I was if I was living if I was to cut just if I was gonna -- my experience with 1242 and I mean that the number looking for you're saying that I probably see that with as much frequencies are now. Noticing 1111. Yeah that's why they're important it let eleven because you are aware that there's sent to chew it. Your greens gonna get a little more importance to then that maybe you forcing. But chime crop to stick to your brain. But you know again it's like there are a million. Red. Pick up trucks out there. Eventually you may. Our red pickup truck from being a importance really lay out why a thousand dollars shortly nicer to pick up truck. And that all of sudden make it something important she now your perception chip and yours in the corporate. Christian did perception that I'm not sure that you can export there. As well as it is accurate than in hearing important here. I will say that I was happy that you were saying at first have you see the numbers 333. All the time and so forth. Atomic clock. And I'm happy that you didn't go to the place where so many Jews so many people tell me design and investigate these claims. I handle paranormal and inhuman and human type cases. That they see 333 and the automatically connected to I'd demonic and inhuman and negative type pads tee in their house that. That's doing this stuff and that it's a scary situation and there really isn't anything scary about it night I get that they're trying to make reference to her. You know what time Jesus died total opposite of that and everything else but. The I don't know exactly. Exactly we have no idea how many times I hear this from a yeah because Giambi has certain shows out there would put money it's just a certain shows out there would promote all the craziness and everything else. That crazy I think he you know we ascribe our own meaning to it and those are you wake up 1 morning at 330 were in some degree venture out. Never real negative connotation to that time for the rest stroke. Sure primary let's take a break when we come back we'll continue to do the discussion it's beyond reality radio would Jason NTT. Welcome back to beyond reality review Jason Hawes and Stevie Johnson we do understand that if you're listening online some of the streams are having a little bit of rubble he can always tuned to your local radio stations carrying the show because they think. Those are having the same kind of troublesome mature it's happening nourishment your web should be all set now because you know we had a receptive streams are never really seems to be saying as sort England are good news because I was told those repeating 1242 like ten times and Rowan Williams does repeat 1240 twos like twelve times a guy who was your sanity in the we'll bring our guest back Marie Jones author screenwriter researcher. Just we've been talking about the 1111 phenomenon and how. How it can be explained in I think we've kind of we compliment come down on the side that maybe this is something mr. snow awareness issue. And I'm gonna try that 1242 experiment on myself phenomenon next and we have you on Marie we're gonna tally up those results. -- So let's look at let's move onto another topic and another book that you wrote looking for god and all the wrong places you. Talk about people. Looking for a higher power in things like money drugs sex and other people in power what's going on there. That was the very first nonfiction book I ever wrote. ER undertow I I sat down Monday which I have a tendency to do this and that and that she'd say I sure do our current write a book. That ought to go write a bunch of books are likely going to be you know whatever. After time Iowa and observing program and me. A lot of people well with addiction and drug addiction alcohol alcohol or whatever. There won't should be and how are people just the general was depression and anxiety and it seemed to be looking for. And earlier god it's just such a broad umbrella term sure happiness fulfillment. Whatever you're just. Happiness outside of that cell. And conscious permeates our culture hours so there Durbin. You know gee oh yeah it's like you're rich LB you know it's in the prime purse not be happy but at least thirty. Instead of you know finding it was then because risky. The bottom line so the open though that was in her for a bunch of short answer any of mine conservation. So like maybe five copies. I'm body got in my at least eight who went on to sell. You know every other book that I've ever done and continuing and you know I'm so grateful for it. Soon Natwest Diana and it is such an enlightening experience writing nonfiction that because before that I'd always written. Fictions screenplays and short stories and but I still writing nonfiction book. I didn't know any better. So all right well let's let's so let's talk about destiny vs free will then what's. And we Jason I've had this conversation. With several of our guests. You know our wheat free determines our our alliance predetermined or do we actually have some ability to influence our paths. Doesn't feel like it's a little better ball. Well it depends on the day I suppose yes if you know I'm not a believer and they now they expect. And changeable. They wouldn't I would have absolutely no. Freeware don't know what's happening here and they are ranked third at its center it accurately point. I do feel. That we have a eaten it. Our destiny. Calling. Something that we're compelled toward. It could be a career vocation. Could be being a carrot. You know about we also bring Willie actually so in other words but they are destiny. Is to go to Hawaii. What you you can get to Hawaii a number of waste package is pretty light had to try not to go out. When you have a chance to fly. To win it here you know sound Klein. To take a cruise ship or whatever to go by jet and just you know. There are some different choices to get at the same destination. So how's it wouldn't buy it the reason I wrote that book because apple time. I was feeling the poll are my destiny. Two to do something a little bit different I was questioning whether. You know this that this is something external to me they're pulling me. Is it fair to wishful saying to me what is there. Because all my life I knew that I was going to be any other senior writer for the time fault in the state. That was my destiny I knew it. But I would talk to so many people listen I don't count that they'll have a desk in the annals you know like I'm here for a reason. I'm just gonna go through the motions there are not all. But does that mean some of that they're born and the Palestinians some aren't. Or do we all had a destiny but not everybody covers. I just wanted to ask other questions booked it might really the conclusion and it came you know. Went back. Our lives are a bit of ball and there are things that are pre determined there is safe sticks to reality that we Alex this was sent. We have to operate. You know a New York is where New York is Los angeles' located where our financial system works that. Our for our collective reality but doctors said Doggett chaired the chair. But again how we have the personal reality that we can create high however we. Mean when you hear people say that there were born into poverty in the rose above that became successful just because of the choices that they'd name. So I'd say that there is predetermined. Aspect to our lives. But we also have a choice we have the pre will operate within that blueprint however we choose. But now if if this predetermined but you also have that freeze that free choice to make these decisions so forth. Gee do you think that that opens up the possibility for sort of like mall multi first. Oh absolutely. Absolutely and I loved the idea that every choice you make grants is not at Q. You know the a universe to represent all the choices that you didn't. And mind boggling you know the many world there is the idea that. That you go at 4 o'clock to your mailbox to check your mail or without moment and that universe stricter or you don't go check your. And another one branch that creek a check your mail and it get hit by car. And an anxious mind boggling that we may be. So. You know era actively creating. Their reality. That we call our own but we're still operating within. And foundational reality that we've all agreed to it in the real. We may all have to agree to the illusion that it chairs to cheer and blue in the blue in the sky is that the ground is down. And that's always been our net I've I've center and they it's like okay well who and who thought that this was blue who listed as I mean. Whoever the forehead and then they tell that cadillacs that we elect kid that everybody Iceland to. And Eminem less attractive about reality is it that we all are involved in the paranormal. We have to admit that we really don't even understand yet what our own reality is. I do differently external. Or are we manifesting your firm. Consciousness. You know that the combination of internal and external don't even really know it's so ask me Woolen we Natalie get accurate warning. Yeah totally weird have a clue. Yeah and it really especially when you when you break it down extremely and you get into the hole. I've had big discussions with this where a window that window to grow and become a word when we are. Of course in the beginning stages of mankind humankind and so forth and and who'd who decided that this was the scholar who decided that was what that was labeled and and how did if somebody didn't understand that this and this. Word was rock or whatever how did it the next person taken on and it spread it's just amazing when you really sit down and try to turn the focus on. All witnesses and how Howland and team. And it about it you know some of the native cultures. He is after the ever gone that. And the coroner cargo cultures ceremony on the first cargo plane flyover that they had no reference point for that they thought it was. MacKey they thought they were double couldn't. You know flying entities and it was just to cargo Corey Stokes. If she if you're excluded from that group reality that group mentality that you're gonna have a different it's a great movie with Peter Sellers called being there. Where alternately we're it'll literally his whole life. He stayed at their house and watch TV. Is reality. T he doesn't know what the world outside is slightly. These are getting into you know all of these scientific and so for philosophical questions there. It's reality it's something we've all bought in Q and yet to be a little off the mark. It's my parent told me that a dog is the way air it out. I didn't tell my son gay actor that dog you know he's gonna county kids. Maria we've got about the minute and a half for we have take a break here but. What is intelligent design fit and all that. Oh gosh. How. I got a long answer uttered. But very quickly and and I think it's a little bit at fault you don't have to agree account intelligent design at anything religion. They could quite simply means that there is to me. In collagen structure. To how the universe was created and how to vote in just a computer. Doesn't after it got it could be. I'm glad that I think our our universe Google books it's the candidate. Wore it should be completely random. Okay this is what we're gonna do we're gonna go to break when we come back we're gonna pick that up because I have more questions about intelligent design and how it applies to this. It's beyond reality radio Jason GP. It's scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. Looking back to beyond reality radio with Jason Collins and GB Johnson did. Hello everybody in the chat room good to see everybody in there the telephone number is C 44687. 7669. In our guest tonight is Marie Dee Jones author screenwriter. And researcher and before we went to break we are talking about her book destiny verses choice. And the concept of whether or not we actually have control over where lives go on what we do in decisions that we think we make. And one of the things are brought up Emery was the intelligent design questioning you it said that. You believe there's an intelligence involved in the scheme of things you do sit in my not necessarily be a god but. Isn't by definition doesn't have to be if it's intelligent design doesn't there have to be some type of it. And again the word god can be so broadly decrying her Cree summer some thing that provides that intelligence. I say okay. Going I think so. An and making it that there are a lot bigger than that believes in intelligent design but. You know bill bill wallop by that I saying. It's not an ant trail you know it imprint what kind outward but I'd Cuban thing. Not a human with a beard. He can't stop them or that ego and his putting up in heaven saying you're gonna do this and I mean have you get in the car going here. Barack is just that that to very childish and richer. Caught and stripped of religion. They're better at more like a computer where proper that it can but it computer with a consciousness that it be conscious they're involved. What would you say would you say that the Bible says god made men in his image but it's kind of the other way around most likely is it and we made. We view god and our image. The beltway retail because where they're coming back. God that they were experiencing. What is a human. And they are so limiting and now that would now that we have a so much scientific advancement to where we understand. In the baker third the book of the Bible were written they didn't have the understanding that the universe was that the places that. They're wolf he was very limited to just like humans were doing. But we now don't know that it goes way beyond that you feel that whatever is behind this fall into who. Well hi Alina it's not some type of alien it could be let them when they. Universe seems to be a partner that number which is why they eleven Latin booklet. Such a great book to write because we really did get into the important term Armani cherry and number. Without the language of the universe is mathematical British Open measurements every team is well on your believe simply the right. How could this be random. I mean I don't hear people say wow it's just like the monkey that the time operators eventually either gonna try not Shakespeare. Well I have now. Oh god law and they're just extra attention and the lyzard does that then. You know the laws that govern where does that star gala he deformed and it's okay great life as. There have to be intelligent student but why why don't we have to that they intelligence only with humans are well for me at the date it's. And you and your me great pointers to be in the anything energy would've where you're talking about numbers. Numbers are sort of like the universal language if there's some journalistic permit from planet. There's a means to be able to communicate. By buying numbers and so that's definitely universal language where the alphabet no idea that doesn't work out for everybody. I'd say yeah we're in attack that they agree. Paper actually yeah exactly so don't tell bill and it but Ali you've got to hand you can usually to me has is numbers. But the fact of the matter is also what you're saying with. Jimmy made a great point we. We created god in our image because. You go back to the room everybody you know when there were talking about zoos snapped it. You name it everything seemed to have a human form whether male or female. And friends and that was great point because it never looked past that where. They can possibly be. Just an energy or just a consciousness. How there. That four days in any type of form it could be so. I am an it factor that in perspective that there are thicker then. You know so battered every inning words in context it's an. A human human behavior human character to play and we don't have to be limited by accident now. You know where for well over this today it's all about every link consciousness. So you. Whatever created the universe or whatever is creole. Is that it giant computer. Yeah is this is information theory behind it but but they're all this means to see. And involving organic consciousness or Afghanistan. It took a long long time for it to the court ordered that could be talked about. That scientific sense then you know not general staff. But how exciting to think that the universe might see. Conscious and evolving. You know. Well especially when we are mom and he's only human race tends to think that. Panel were the only things that we're the only thing that has consciousness which is insane when you when you break it down but if but yet apparently. Where you're certainly right and right now they're looking for ways to. Do you to give that to a computer to it to me and this is that aware and right as so. There on the first and it's argued that as scary it's terribly on the urgent as computer robotics with consciousness. I'm not sure which means that the without but it. We're we're. Well there is eventually eventually they realize that were nothing but a plea to them they can and they can shut them down so we become the an issue for them. But he but. We won't be needed anymore. I don't will be in the third useless little men the I definitely think that. They've got fairly crater in the past week created. I mean think about it when the volcano erupted it was because Scott was saying for certain limited understanding of science and nature. The content in the world around them. We can't even understand now conscious there are. Yeah and again we we've still tend to think their consciences only. Within living beings are here and not think of it as possibly. It could be in the form or anything it could be in the form of anything so. Is it. That's a bit argument you know they reminded a part of the brain is consciousness in the brainer it says something external so. And that's another huge debate about that the neighbors destroy it and you mine were wearing then. We're still trying to answer these questions. And you know yet we have you're saying that everything is here. Now I agree. We were coming up on a hard break here at the top of the hour when we come back I wanna find out how the destiny vs Troy spoken the whole free will concept. Plays out in the parent loan because I know you've made a connection between fade in the paranormal in the book and wanna chat about that a little bit. If you're on holding you have a question from Marine One Chad just stay there will bring some calls and little bit later in our next hour. It's beyond reality radio Casey Anthony. Welcome back to the program. Radio I'm Jason Morris JB Johnson thanks so much for joining us don't forget tomorrow night we've got a great program set up for you we're going to have Stacy. Two only from the Salem Witch Museum. Joining us to talk about the Salem witch trials the history of of the trials and it's that they're aftermath then. Witchcraft and the Salem Massachusetts area it's going to be great program. And also how how pretty much abruptly came to an end and same thing got a bit of course. In on there and the people lost their lives you had. There are important about twenty people were Hong. And one gentleman who was pressed to death and the list goes on amounts to set. Yeah I'm very sad chapter in colonial America or all of American history for that matter and then Wednesday night we get bill Stillman he's a psychic. He's an internationally known and award winning author going to be talking about his book under spiritual siege how ghosts and demons affect us and how to combat them it's about spiritual warfare and how negative spiritual entities can affect those of us who are susceptible to them. And then of course Thursday is national big foot day still trying to figure out who put it there but whatever. And we're going to be talking with doctor Robert birth olive view he's a medical sociologist who's written extensively on UFOs poltergeist social panics mass hysteria. In the history of tabloid journalism results are written three different books on crypto zoology. And our phone number if you like to call and by the way if you're on hold please be patient we will get to your calls. The numbers 844687766. And nine our guest tonight is Marie Jones author screenwriter and researcher. And every again thanks for joining us we are talking about your book destiny vs choice. And the question the question I posed to you before we went to the break is that you mentioned that sound fate. And the paranormal or somehow related or can be related explain that to me. But hurry the obvious relationship would be when it comes to things like cricket nation. It didn't nation might Carol reading reading columns. Astrology. Any saying where we are trying to predict the future. Because if we have a fixed date and again I don't believe and say so much as I believe them more fluid destiny. Then once somebody preacher here terror card for your astrology charts. You know any kind of indignation at and they are getting a glimpse of the field information. Where there is no Linear. Past present future are all. You know laid out at once we can call it is zero point steal that grid view cremation took their reward call. They're getting into capping that children information to how do you. Eight and so. Reality potential outcome for your life. Now I'd spend a lot of astrologers. And her readers. Just from my research. Who had that mid at least set chimney. I'm telling you the extent potentiality. You have the choice to it just follow along. Just this particular destiny. Or is totally ignore what I'd tell. And that different outcomes will manifest. And that things are remote viewing the same thing if you're able to remote view. Does that mean that everything is is six. And it's not actual name. Your perception Europe the observer effect has nothing to do it says you are simply saying something that is just some more out. Or USC observer. To make such forty. To see something. To make it there clean manifests current starts given to some heavy duty. Those are questions about what reality is. And what is our role as the observers or maybe in the co creators. Well and you you also you also write some stuff about how I ghosts encrypted so it could be originating from parallel universe is. Currently I absolutely loved that I explanation I think that. The paranormal. Research skills hit a wall many years ago when we kept insisting. That what we were working out what I share external. An external phenomenon that was happening. Checks in power. But what color level of reality in our universe are in our manifest reality. But then you start getting into quantum is theoretical physics in and we're being told there and the other dimension to should be parallel universe to keep in parallel time line. There could be timeline where it's a little bit ahead of it's behind us where were seen glimpses of the past. Well and I like that likely that there be just because and I don't mean to cut you off what you're saying Arianna is one thing I've talked about numerous times especially. On some of these cases I can I go to will will be investigating and we'll get responses from something that seems like it's still living in its time. Now I've always I'm always sets or questions because the fact of the matter is. This is there's different types of politics always looked at intelligent or residual whatever but but there seems to be this whole other type of haunting. That seems to be time overlapping one another that person is still existing in their time in the eighteen hundreds for whatever resent. Exactly and for whatever reason they're able to hear me now and two and 22016. And and make you sit there I wonder also that opens up so many different. Possibilities where OK a psychic as a psychic really connecting with somebody who's deceased on the other side or are they more able to. So to adjust in that time overlapping situation. And the innocent and other reality exactly you know that about it while we die our you know energy doesn't taste it. It simply transforms into another closed system so. One week it. Our bodies changed. Into different type of energy. But separate from the body is where the heck of the consciousness style words exactly awareness the personality eco. So perhaps death is not in war and then the end of our ally in this universe now we go to university. Or maybe DC whatever. And you know what you would surprise me I remember. In the terrible low it's you know decades until years and years and years ago a ghost. Was always talked about as being the essence of the debt persons that you were seeing this spirit that didn't crossover crowd does stolen today. Because there were so many different kinds of heightening. Just like with US actually not one type of sight seeing there are several. There are there are some things aren't those worries seem to be looking at and almost physical preparation. Their part terror you know imprints. That show repetitive behavior pattern and you're looking at an energy and pray that has pretty much you know. Something that can be captured within the confines of the speaker building. There are hurt those that are aware of you know there's ghosts are don't have a clue you're watching them. And that's what I bring all the time we talk about intelligent type haunts like you and I have to pass were trying to communicate but also. The residual type which seems to be the energy from a traumatic experience trapped within an object or something that makes this structure. And what that is that that. Exactly it doesn't it doesn't know it doesn't know you're there it's just planning itself over and over again. Upgrade yeah I hurry immunity years you know years. Even looking at emirates also the possibility that actually observers we are. We are creating. This stuff. In manifesting themselves were manifestly or that it always there. It's always there are around it certainly need to go to war on location it's everywhere. Eric are you pictured tension on it until you collapse that we function. You shouldn't. Heard appreciation. And measurable position. You're not gonna say. And that's your quantum is the extent could be going on all around us and so we see your adequately do. Chipped darker action to me to observe that the that we aren't the answer for. We are. I know how the critic friend I ever run for six people on three people he goes and the other leader. But barely step essential or another round of research that is so ignore. And that is what is our human physiology have to do. We always external. Paranormal but we never really lucked out what we as human observer. Than than the machine but it's not hearing. This phenomenon what do we have to do it and I firmly believe that without an observer. You will not. A pocket passes not hard to Muster is something. Two and there aren't that doesn't have to be in the Indy sports reporter. At eighteen measures. And eulogies are falls under the hole for tree falls in the was an Owens around to make it in ours. Exactly and that really you have to pass something with ears. Yeah he's nearing its own unity and. Track let's go to a lit a listener call we've had some listeners very patiently on the phone this is Ralph in Boston welcome to beyond reality radio Ralph. I don't think. She'll take you very much taking my call first time a long time. I don't know where it got. I am really I actually love this topic. He he's kinda. All over the place in the I know you guys being with your callers and I really would you know just looking to deal with me. Everything you say in I actually believe it in book. What the government is doing is controlling and making sure that none of this gets out okay sound the way government is black. Don't let in were the government is goober that's here which means to control and mandate means mind mind control I mean. Outrun it in my book mind word. Did totally built into the mind control. Minds and my engineer it and apparently have other NATO regrets you have as basic primary. Yeah round. I mean only those people who believe that no one. Controls if you own old base nor can control the signal to lecture yeah you can't Qaeda has. Italian interesting. Started that relates to this her project and KL church I'm sure you're familiar. Rammed through the sixties into the midst doesn't mean. There rests. Experiments that we're done using mind control. To manipulate people to see insisting you I think. And they're Britney reference books written about this and it's just absolutely fascinating that they wanted to. If they could create. Big Macs elapsed photo event. Am literally fool the public and this is to fully documented. You're absolutely right and we don't know if it you know how to get into the conspiracy theory around but I I am a believer that where there's smoke there's fire we don't know. If we can control our own minds and perception. Maybe. You know there's a lot of talk lately about demon form and demon possession is not something that is being imposed upon us by an external source. To keep us week to keep us scared. You definitely not the first person that it's. Talked to. They just before the little government rallies you know it's an innkeeper rest. Keep in this that's who slaves to sort of speak it is a couple of fraction of the overall scheme. Ralph is gonna cut you off their idea of a question from rearing now. Own. I mean there. Well arguably reasonable cause without you we were talking about a career right there it is a purpose partial I don't think that we re in the match at all or not fooled around. We're not some fluke little. Little speck flying around. I believe. That the. We got this interesting steer just slap. And it has a firmament water actually don't bend okay. And if there Earth's species spins over a thousand miles an hour at equator. Water would be flying and don't just clean it. And I'm not I'm not so sure that our rapid Julia. I think there's some of the differences. Oh yeah. Yeah I Ralph thanks to go we gonna we gonna move on now we've got Vince from Missouri Vince welcome to beyond reality radio. There are great events welcomed the show. And though and it showed off a mother ballad about bird we should be call left greet and thank you can't call them and I asked how to report. Eric thanks for mr. Jones. Again our town about. But which you mentioned. The Bible actually says I'm a bit about your blog that you read and so they want to date like. Plural form. Don't know the different than good naval and so that excel mobile. Number two who you know their bank their I think that we are want a great civilization. We've failed. And we were reiterated that's what we're forgot about bond perhaps we don't know what they'll have a high number Hillary and all my body mind and body. I don't mind the body. That is the whole this whole body because we have a gut feeling. The dollar direct easily manner point 9% right because it got it now learned that got it felt like the grand pass. And that interest you the one that also has the sound. Intelligence that I enter is firm believer in gut instinct call it intuition. Whatever you want absolutely agree with them. But we thought we tend to think about bodies and our brains are mine is acting separately. I think what we do go against that instantly options Lister regretted it. Are you don't know I have site great with. But we're talking with Marie Jones author screenwriter researcher telephone numbers 8446877669. We're gonna take a break it's more more on the way would be on reality reading. Welcome back to beyond reality greedy chasing cars and JB Johnson thanks so much for joining us and thank or guests. Marie Jones for joining us as well Marie let's move on to. The book science it's spelled PS IE and CE this is one of your newer books have very different from remembering. Grant park record ever okay S markets are on paper that that's why it probably why you highlighted it and I thought it was newer. But you talked about a lot of interesting things in that book for one of the things you've mentioned it already in our conversation tonight. And you talk about it in terms of this book is the zero point field. You're gonna have to explain that to me. OK so we used to say that the base was seventy. At a I got back. But. We can't understand that it is built to win it sorted. He told of particles such or opt in and out of existence. Operating out below its possible. Temperature let it out this year plea deal. It is literally. A field of potentiality because there quantum particle they can access one minute and not there and now. It is it's sort of like key foundational. Field. Everything there is one of those who will be. I'm wolf SharePoint field and we can actually extract. Unlimited amounts are urging. Because it's been since it and it all goes well. Regenerate. A safer place like the foundation of every. The people interpreted as thinking about how bad. If you wanna get into the sort of religious term adjustments on what the Bible says it can happen in through. It got there well you know we're part of what it is within. This airplane field might possibly be what aliens civilizations are utilizing. To be able to travel. You know in their craft from. One part of the universe to another 041. In the universe super there. If we get out where I ever figure out a way to extract their energy. We would never ever need you. Well so. The world than breaking them down those zero point energy under that theory I guess would be everywhere correctly. If I doubt if I have no idea I have never box sitting on my count our and it it's not really empty. If you think about it because even inside of it whether I can see it or not there's there is no matter there is energy there is. There are things in there that I just can't view I can't see. I'd actually wanted to try to Whittle down. Light or reality or existence to the most fundamental level. You know some people are proponents of stirred fear is that everything is made up or we'll fundamental. It goes strings closed opened Kurtz story. But there's zero point field is like round in the last hole at the of the resistance from what pitch. Everything that we see that is physically manifested in the universe comes. It greet Heidi pitch him more paranormal mr. Burkle. It is an earthquake feel there is not a Linear time encapsulate. Past present and future. Possibly people liked it. Remote viewer. You know people who pre cognitive abilities. But figured out a way to cap and to this deal as fielder and for me shall. To be able to get AD channels without being that they were not. To get details about half and half being able to predict the future. This could be. You know the special factory well we careen are we kind of going back into the field or anything is possible including swine. That your knee injury unit or. As a credible. Foundational potentiality. Field was her. Those could be popping out of this spill into existence and popped right back here. You know and and we're getting that serves. Little corner of that which is why. In the paranormal is network and there's. Very erratic and you get little secondary and quicker. It there stick around for law. So when you're when you're referring to though. With that again the easiest way to guess refer to is an empty box sitting in my counter and you're talking about psyches are mil viewers being able to. Experience or receive these things so if I have an empty box in my account and I have a necklace in my hand. And I'm going to put it in there whether I put them they're now whether it put it in their tomorrow weather right. Put it in there yesterday. The energy from that from that is is there and that's what they're. That's how they're able to show it goes to that foundational story out and can give assistance to help put out to refer to as the improvisational struck out a lot. Think about it like the big warehouse where everything goes. You know. That's where it's normal that matters if you think about this were a time overlaps because you've got the past the present the future. Whether or stick that necklace and they're now whether or stuck in the yesterday weather's ticketed tomorrow it's still going into that box. Right exam so I'll let that this with pat fox is not follow. If not at that box who made by operational particle back. They're migrating act the particular frequencies needed support to manifest physically at the box but there and be based in between. So particle. You know that the charity you're sitting on not a solid object you think it is. If you get it on to the quantum level. Particles to removing and banging off of each other hybrid in fluctuating. Popping in and out of it that the this proposed anti they were between the that'd be really that there is. Foundational. Walk bottom level. They were. So you could learn to manifest I mean if you can learn all that you could somehow teach your brain that. You can truly get to a point where you can manifested Ari will we need to be that we need take a quick break when we come back and the question. Just analyst. You listen Jason GBM dinner. Welcome back to beyond reality radio. Jason Hawes JB Johnson phone numbers 8446877669. Don't forget tomorrow night's program it is we're talking about Salem witch trials with. Stacy to only from the Salem Witch Museum. Talk about the history the how how it all went down what happened the effects and and why it had. Happened and then Wenzhou will be talking with internationally known psychic bill Stillman. And Thursday we've got its national bigfoot they'll be talking with a dot doctor Robert Bartholomew. So a lot of things planned to be great great. Rest of the week come beyond reality radio but not to cut tonight short because we got an excellent guess this is Marie Jones Marie. Again thanks so much for spending so much time with us on tonight well and we really appreciated. And I'm trying to. One of the things we didn't talk about when as a relates to that to your book science. Is that deja Vu factor. Gateway drug. That's an area like at gateway paranormal experience because it's something everybody has. Experience that's right. And you know we're all familiar with the airline. And I mean there's been a lot of research. It is scientific medical research. Involving Asia this summit in Iraq or anywhere in and it might have been researching. Epileptic seizures or. Great memory now functions. We're happy in the Asia that are on certain popped out in voluntarily that. We it is what are the most widely researched. Paranormal. Experiences. And yet we still don't know is there. All of that there is that have been put forward that it sort of glitch in the memory you're. One on the proceedings something great for the other guys they've all been shot down and and now with this sort of new understanding needy we are getting glimpses of ourselves and other reality universe. It's that sort of opens a whole new dimension to Asia there could be we knew that Asia that she'll list. You know what that person will apple saying with the pre cognitive development do you feel like you're exist. And you know a different timeline which are still here are different universe purchased here. So we're entrusting it Asia there was nothing more than eight or eight grand per hour now. It and other union ever. We're we're experiencing. Almost the exact same situation. They are relaxed style long. Noting that point when the when it ever on that just means that you made it different choice in that universe branched out. And a lot of times with the Asia who you'll you'll start to. Yeah and Japan that sensation and some of that will happen but the remain it and they won't usually be the whole thing. The you're experiencing which is scant need the Pataki mountain possibly parallel universe because. What if in the parallel universe it was going through that hole whether it's the EU EU saying something while you're sitting at the kitchen counter. And you mean the way you remember your saying these things in the somebody bust through your door. But you're sitting at the kitchen Connor you're saying something and then all of a sudden you likeable women just did you lose some response to buster my door and that part never happens. So make you wonder if in the in the apparel universe. It and the whole factor does the whole thing does happen there and you're just getting that small glimpse of that. This is that he that you're now I am having deja Vu it stops. Like I have credit try to tested out in the early part to sneak did you ever go once you become aware of it happening. Heard it right you're getting the global brands you know and we're told that there infinite number parallel universe there are dimensions or whatever that we couldn't sit. They got anyone out there were were pretty much where in the same. You know doing we've made similar traits that have gotten to that same situation. I'm. But you know that this is something happens Serbs now options that we're going to navigate and they're a bit. It's over that she universe does that. Reeve also done a lot of nonfiction work earnings Yahoo! fiction work. Yeah. What is your way up what you love you prefer to read fiction or do you prefer the noncore work. Fact there's been stretched so differently permanent started out telling stories and such a story teller I. I love writing fiction. Oh and screenplays because. He meet petrified about injured shifted any you'd take into the health shouldn't have to stick to track just theory you know. You can still write about the paranormal. But she can really explored some pretty wild cards there. And it's another type that's true. So would you sing I loved non fiction of the essentially you're really excited about a subject you can delve into it researcher at me for sure it was other people. Do you use your your non your fiction workers in some cases is like a sounding board for series ideas. But why did not that this term that I for some reason that I become the person that's so exciting. I'm Lester pines action. But science fiction but it started at stake in peace and love it is Egyptair combined with a simple world. One definitely what will he be out there. Inflation you explorer. Series. In weight that you know what he was just not being able to do it non fiction without saying it's an early speculative. They get kind of in need it to be a little more unlimited but what you write about the I'm actually now in Hawaii it's in the south towards something something to the point where you want to spend six to nine months. I'm writing Reese senior and then promoting it for another you know five years. It's sort of commitment. Sadly that does not excellent and Ramada by dealers. So I thought we were to do a little remote viewing experiment right now and take a peek at your desk what are you working on right now. Oh gosh okay well. I am trying to finish by December 1. They are very massive. Book on the history as evil. Demons that oracle had fallen Angel and I am it's certainly press will be the first look at their return for them. It's better than I repeated. As far my epidemic but also very highly entertaining and I am really going back to the origins of these concepts. You're talking about having guests talking about the bridge this so much trial. I didn't hear that you haven't seen in happen Harry they're reaching me. And it's just fascinating for me I'm also writing. I've worked in with the producer for the price I channel on some disaster Mickey. What else oh gosh. I'll be launching some novels that here and yet the best. Are the disaster movies they the documentary type disaster movies or not. You know didn't notify and ones but we're working together to try to we we found my ears we're here sign it. And I love that couldn't play lets you know when it is something that sounds like it's actually happened is that well you know she it up but not much. And one of the question from the chat room though is your collaboration with your son to work you've been doing with him. Did you memory. You know that's one of the questions from chat room was to ask you about the collaboration. With your son Max. I have a place so we wrote a book together called echo eagle chip hunting organization. It was if it was actually the first book was written years ago. I have books to ready. And they're re release but. One and it was the beginning of the year it's middle grade fiction or science fiction. More people are anyway and for that at the south. There. I'd love writing and let telling stories but I walked my waist and use this stuff that I write about in nonfiction books and anything. Breach of we've run out of time here and we appreciate you spending this amount of time when those two before we go work and people get more information on the many many books and projects. They you've been involved with where's the best place to find that information for them. Other they can go to my web site Marie Dee Jones dot com and I'm on social networking they Twitter. Aaron and Graham are all on every gauge down to every each author. My production web site is called we're really seeing production dot com. Awesome well thank you very much for coming on it's been honored college and having me guys appreciate it here. And we look forward avenue on again soon he's awesome ball out when things aren't going out to right. Thanks Marie Marie Dee Jones again the website is Reidy Jones dot com. You can go there and and see her books. Fiction and nonfiction screenplays more information about her and her other projects so we appreciate your coming on where to take a break when we come back it's more beyond reality radio and open phones. 8446877669. To a phone chat. This is fine. It's neat. I won't need. Phelps and it's taken since the song without anyone's help. Fox he needs a break from the normal. You seemed happy friends. I need easy. Proved as best I can sense then I turned and Hillary. Teaching. Hey gang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Holland dot com. That's scary time. Dot com and sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans and vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a week and you'll never forget it everyone is welcome. Visit the website scare con dot com dad's spirit con dot com. Well beyond reality radio Jason Hawes and TV Johnson. Little reminder about tomorrow night show will have a discussion about the Salem witch trials with Stacy. Till the of the Salem Witch Museum. Really fascinating period period in history said fascinating. And puzzling all the same time today. Here. It really was and I was just there over the we want the kids and just it's great to get over there and and really get a history lesson on all suffered to go on there. On the and then Wednesday we've got. Pinched nationally known psychic bill Stillman. And he's going to be talking about his book great gem and the autism and the god can. Well I think we're gonna spend more time talking about under spiritual siege how ghosts and demons affect us and how to combat them. He talks about the fact that some people are more susceptible to those types of possessions and haunting in wider susceptible and how they should find them. That'll be neat topic and then Thursday were talking with doctor Robert Bartholomew it is called national big foot today. He's a medical sociologist who has written extensively on UFOs poltergeist salts social panics mass hysteria. And the history of tabloid journalism and these are in three different books and crypto zoology. We're gonna take a break when we come back to your phone calls. I'm beyond reality radio would Jason cause it's. Welcome back to beyond reality radio faces on TV Johnson so glad to have you all witnessed tonight it was a great conversation memory and thank you to her again for joining us Lotta people with chat room we're excited about that inject. Absolutely and she's just a phenomenal person to talk with especially when you start getting into our. Talks above the zero point field and so forth. It's just it's incredible is that there's so much scientific science science science signal into metal subjects are. Now I'm a little too far yeah a little earlier we actually had Vince from Missouri on and he had some a few more things you wanted to chatter about we had to come off. Events welcome back to the program. There I don't great food good welcome back good to have you back first priority our government sees sense you to adopt a New York. Since we took off to New York. Yeah producer editor were all put Carol predict what is there at all. Oh yeah that is just in general so I had no idea how relax sit here on compact track. Where were actually go work and on and seven days a week. Show so so that's probably not too far out there but there. That. She was great how Warner unit acute questions are where our notion beyond now. But I mean not well doesn't jobless orders or hold near and that. My mother told me your main console. Albert mountaineer gold. The day out more so in general are anxious sand dunes. But I want to ask her Napster to go on but there is a book called the breakdown of the bicameral mind. What there was. You know one point evolution corporation Harry won't put. The model won't fear. Minute. Then split it's split. Occurred so people could actually see in DREAM. Act the same time they were living the reality. And and deja Vu haven't been me it daily. So I mean actually blank report that happened. And this show. And alas are on this show perhaps weeks ago. It took me a week and happy future number. And I finally got it gonna be got welfare. No problem is not mine we'll I don't anywhere that he did it contribute to pay as there are new to contribute to this show keeping stand on there are worse second ship sort of opened my. And you know I want you got to stay on the air. Well honestly say it does it doesn't look like Iran in order to help. Tell it you got there on air are older though all they make you very much and it doesn't look like we're going anywhere any anytime soon and so the shows actually growing and growing but. Thanks to the Coleman may she'd call and again the advance thank you so much for the kind words so let's go to Bruce in Missouri Bruce welcome to be on reality radio. I've. I was just ahead a little bit to orchard just had to say I've also been are reading a book. And this is part of this subject to argue. Read a book on talk just asserted that without covered the zero point field. Yeah what the zero point field being unified field a quantum field but Russia are all pointing to this same field that accessed. In excess say at what they called the plank level. Which is basically so small that it just switching point tween existence. And nonexistent. Mathematically. It would be elected negative ten. To exponent of thirty factory. That's how small we're talking. And orchard parks took about you know the serious Europe those who use this field. To transport it's very possible. Each particle. Contains a certain amount of information is it just happened. And part of that information system locality at that particular article. So the theory goes since seen aliens can build a field around their ship. Change the information within each particle what and it field to a a look at locale. To which they want ago. And as soon as senator may actually ditch changed every particle what they admit the field it disappear from here in appear to wherever that localities. Is that they've been banned. And now. It's. And I and nobody trying to see the dots that's what it's it's extremely interesting gambit but it's one of those things that you can. Really the guy explained people and and you spent all night doing it. And hope that they and that and that's it. Did you know what it is and it comes down to is everything. This unified field as basic state that fabric of space and matter. All matter is connected to this field. He cannot exist without being a part of this field. And so when we passed away in the east can indeed bodies all the way in the consciousness. The consciousness still exist within that caught a field. Yeah yeah when you're doing here so tiny. You are actually accessing it field. Which is a place for all spiritual side once we see her go back to the other side won the Illinois field. If you could. Basically that's what you're talking as it's called code that Syria and everything to excess. Within that information in that field. Okay yeah because the as as something changes in the field each. Part of that field. It's sort of records. Records that change in its own. Everything it. Has a copy what any field. Yet that's. GI it's mind blowing when you really you'll and he didn't you sit down and. They didn't do a book a lot of physics is taken us to a whole new level. And I can't wait till the next science books are written in schools. Because this science books you're reading now. Those are so antiquated it's incredible. To attendees that we don't now. Yeah non solar cell. But only for the base or call and then there was great it was great to hear from yet thanks for calling in an. I thought you guys couple weeks ago about psychics and stuff for me. I live about a couple of miles certainly uncle's home if you guys investigated here a couple years ago. I'll tackle. Austin won't build it why am. I thanks Bruce thanks for calling in thanks for listening. In this a few minutes we have left jail which we don't have a few minutes he does have a minute or so. Just reminder tomorrow night buffalo its UN Steve up on stage what's a theater. The Riviera theatre will be you will be up. On stage gate so in May she is going on swing on by if you're in the area come check it out I think you really enjoy it. And I would like to poke fun at ourselves and to bar and put also show behind the scenes evidence. I'm seeds scenes footage and just have a blast and it's it's really interactive. But and a big shout out again to Marie Jones coming on tonight. BR gases and love talking with there and she's a chest so much information we got a great show planned out for the rest of the week and if you're. Listening to us someone of agrees stations we Airpwn across a country which soon will be a lot more. Also make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And like the page we share a lot of information there. And also you know he can listen at beyond reality radio dot com but again a big shout out to everybody all the listeners thanks tuning in tonight. Very cute to Marie Jones and we'll catch you all of when you know what all the news the showbiz on tomorrow night for recordable catch yelled back here on Wednesday it would have a great night for Jason and javy we're out. 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