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Gun Talk 10-16-16

Oct 16, 2016|

Particular firearms, ammunition, different types of recreational and competitive shooting, hunting, even politics. We do not talk about conspiracy theories, though -- no black helicopters, please.

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Who are gonna blow. Good start to load up on some intellectual ammunition with Tom impressions done talking and it doesn't matter if you learn to shoot with the Daniel boon for your brand new. So welcome here this is the original national talk show about guns and Tom Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics and politics. So grab your phone and call him right now. 8668255486. Sport just dial one atomic dog gone. Now here's stop. Today on transgressions don't talk. It's gun policies and politics at the United Nations. Skills for your survival and more. Call it now of your range reports one time talked guns now. Well have you forgiven her way Tom aggression here it's gonna talk I'm glad you could be for where we have things to talk about. Don't we. Ever well you. Then there are a lot of things on the last week when traveling through on the team went up to Ohio went to Michigan. Did some. Video work with Chris Serena odors and training to be pistols and rifles. Our movie set we are comfortable and Brian Bosworth yes the bonds' former Seattle Seahawks. And their talk about using guns and guns are using Indian movies won't have that in order and ventures Cheryl. Made up to Michigan worded their little honing a little gun fitted with Bryan Smolinski from Buell sport that was just delightful wants one. And then of course we've been following news. Well. It's hard to keep up isn't worth this election and all the things are going on. Holy smoke. A it's just crazy. And stronger talk a bit today arm will go where you wanna go on us and we have some time available for the world or talk a little about. Hillary Clinton was decades. Long war against you. And the Gun Owners of America. That would be more case gun owners a rumor. She lists which you'd ask. What enemies she has which means she's proudest of you lowest number one. On her enemies list to view. And meet. Consumer SP NRA as the enemy she has promised to have. You don't. Go to your credit huge storm. Clearer. About this. She has been very consistent about warning. Band's own guns. She's beer been been very consistent. I'm not saying we need to. Remove the barriers so that. We consume gunmakers out of existence. She's been very consistent all of these. What I don't. Understand this or need your help. Nursery. It's partly rhetorical bird but I wouldn't do want your input on this. Can somebody explain to me how gun owners. Ego and power. Cannot be aware Burris. Can somebody explain to me any hunter. Cannot understand. That she washed in the sale of firearms. All. Firearms. In this country has worked actively toward that. The numbers each execs talked garnered just one home talk go and get you hear what how. Just flabbergasted. And I particularly homers. That competition shooters tend to be a little bit more plugged in. May be purchasing to be. In many regards just clueless they may not like her for other reasons they don't quite understand. Don't think that I am being. Hyperbolic. When actually she wants to in the sale of guns in the United States. We connect the dots were. Some twenty mentor in two years ago something like. Or series of lawsuits. Filed against gun makers by cities. With the stated goal of bringing them out of business. And a lawsuit charged that pay. You guys made guns and distribute Gunn junior senator places where you know there are too many guns and the on paper we're gonna get a because all of a legal gun owners have all the guns they. Want and you're just flooding of the illegal market where guns that was kind of the premise behind. Interface and nation to what we're gonna do with her soon. It to hold you responsible. For the medical bills for people who have been shot are criminals. Well the cost to cities to prosecute. Criminals. Or the cost to cities to have EMT and hospitals. That are taking care of the victims are criminals gunmakers should cover all. Those costs. And are your shaking her questions no. It was very it was real and it was closer Bruce so corpse. There were more than thirty ethics or were close to forty. Individual lawsuits and the other guy enforces and this. Big inspectors came up the Clinton white just be orchestrated designed. And manipulated are the Clinton. Why else. They were very clear they should our goal is simply to crush. The firearms industry. And they said we think that if we can get enough lawsuits filed the order go for a hundred trying to get her murders were birds. Rio 400 lawsuits filed. That or have they been gone over gun manufacturers they don't have enough money to defend. We were used taxpayer dollars to crush them they won't have enough money to defend themselves whose lawsuits. Then they will fold. And so the Clinton White House cut a deal remember this whale backwards mr. west. Ed Schultz who was head of Smith & Wesson cut a deal more to the rose. Garden at the White House and appeared with a clippings and that you're we're gonna agree to this stuff that they're telling us we should do. Which resulted in an instant nationwide for a congressman to Washington. Which crushed the company than a pound so what it's like two or three or worships later now. And they have just about all of that said no we are doing that they're actually very staunchly pro gun and pro gun rights. And here's the thing. No gun company. Could stay in business. Week. To week. If even one of those lawsuits institute. There's no gun coming. Face the prospect. Of being hit with a multi billion dollar settlement. Or judgment. And these lawsuits. So. After that I'm gonna bring this around to hear after that. Congress passed. All wall it was lawful commerce in arms pact which said. You cannot hold a gun maker responsible for the mister deeds of a third party. It's a lot different gunmaker Mitchell faulty product yes they're responsible. Ever gunmaker does something illegal mr. Richard gonna illegally yes they're responsible if a gun store shelves are going to knowingly illegally. Then it yes you can hold them responsible all of these things there was a blanket immunity it was oops you know you could out of all liability it was just. You can't hold. Gun maker or firearms dealer responsible. Or something they didn't do. They show a gun highly regulated. Highly regulated process and the chain. To someone who the FBI says it's okay Michelle and her. Could you understand that every gun sold from a gun store. The FBI has to be involved in the process. Don't you still got to somebody in the FBI says yes this is a good person could sell discussion and then sometime later the gun was used in a crime. Imagine. Doing that with cars. Or was solves her with anything else. You show product lives perfectly functional and corporate preached safe and somebody misuse of the guy who's using his. Push long or holding it up in trimming the hedges with. To that video. You took your fingers off whatever I'm. We're gonna hold these. They rely on more responsible. That's not the board. So we just had his case while there we just had occasion in. Newtown occurs about the new town murders. Dismissed by the judge judge says you can hold Remington Heidi bushmaster responsible. Or the criminal misuse of a legally owned lawfully owned product. I'll tell you won't talk a bit more. About that because. I think what is most interesting about it. If it Hillary Clinton says we must get rid of this law we must get rid of this protection. And lawful commerce in arms pact we must be able to suit Hillary Clinton says we have to be able from Sioux. Gunmakers. Out of existence number 866. Talk go on your leadership. From. I've got pretty. Actually talk to go and get in here. The show me sometimes you judge dismisses suit against gunmaker my Newtown victims'. Families. On Friday. Judge bella Stewart repeatedly cited the law of the protection of lawful criminals and arms as the basis for her reasoning she dismissed. This lawsuit trying to hold bushmaster in Remington the owner bushmaster. Or reacts Adam lands and killing. All the schoolchildren. What was interesting is all the comments. Made the people brought the suit this is from New York Times says he says they argue that the manufacturers and distributors across all of our salt rifles. Modeled along the AR fifteen had been negligent in selling the weapons to. Civilians. Who report. Are not trained to handle a gun that is quote. Designed to be used in combat. To assault and kill enemies of war close quote. As Joshua cross call one of the famous lawyers said. In June judge goalless. Said. To extend the theory of negligent in trusts not to the class of non military non police civilians the general public. Would imply that the general public lacks the ordinary prudence necessary to handle an object that congress. Regards as appropriate to force fail. To the general. He said this court is unwilling to do. Congress doesn't Republican have despair these guns. But these people were asking the judge to say no no no normal people are just too stupid. All semiautomatic rifle. That's always says some automatic rifle like the one I used it two years ago to cure my first here. But the one that Teddy Roosevelt used a hundred years ago to hunt where there's a semiautomatic rifle. Course. I do plan to appeal. And there are times they really mailman you're gonna you're correct there's a decrease represented one of the most serious legal threats to the gun industry in years. Hillary Clinton did in the middle of our primary fight against Bernie Sanders and the democratic presidential primary spray used to warm judge's initial rulings. In April then. A fellow with the Brady campaign says. It shows the evils. Of this federal law that gives special. Privileges. To your reached on trouble gun companies that no one else in society. Paths. Actually care suit forward. When somebody gets drunk and crashed his car. It makes victims recruiting goes in the standard of massacres and to second class. Citizens of the Brady. Group and any group. Spokesperson. Governor Daniel Malloy of Connecticut. Said while today as they deep produced disappointing day for their families. Their appeal will continue this fight for justice. In Newton. A ticker like this were. The case is effects should be measured by more than it's resulting courts that too with the lighten. An expert and tort law and gun cases at the Georgia state university college of law quote. In popular discourse or political discourse gun violence is often talked about. In the context of criminals using weapons. And these lawsuits suggest that the real problem in government. Islands we should focus on is being firearm. Industry's. Sales. Marketing. And distribution. Packages our practices. That is the crux of the whole thing. They're saying we should not be focusing on the criminal misuse of guns. We should be focusing on the manufacturing. Distribution and marketing. Of guns by gun makers we have to crush. Gunmakers. Look at Hillary Clinton do about it a lot. A lot executive orders already said it's great that it's come out this week with or WikiLeaks. That she plans to use executive orders to close these so called mythical gun show loophole just change the law. She could try to do that with universal back rejects. She could. Try to limit the number of guns a person or homes. Or how much ammunition. You don't she helps if you will and she says she will try to. They work hard to undo this protection lawful commerce arms act in other words set it up so that war unsuccessful lawsuit closes the door every. Single. Gunmaker. In America. I'm not talking about semiautomatic rifle from handguns shotguns duck and Turkey guns track guns keep guns every guy. No no one will continue to make guns in this country. If one of those lawsuits succeed in this is why. Our Tom what are the original. They're insurance companies will say that yet we're out you are goal you don't have insurance. On your own. On over into business network. 000. And did you see this morning. Delta could. President Clinton 210. Fewer personnel for this. Now we're hearing it is. She is promised. Michael Bloomberg. Yes. The guy who's promised fifty million dollars or it is Monday or gun control and gun bans Michael Bloomberg. The position of secretary of state. Well let's say do you even. What could he do his secretary of state. The guy who truly does hate gun ownership. Or let's say can we say the united. Nations we'll talk about that burst soon on the show. About imports of guns which have to be okay by the State Department how about treaties can you even imagine. What can be done out of State Department with Michael Bloomberg here. Which like one other. G who could she put on the Supreme Court. Hole may be a name like no Barack Obama. Our own Charles shoe murder. Eric Holder. Was in charge of the faster furious gun smuggling. Efforts. Which put guns into the hands of narco terrorists and to date we think those guns or Melbourne used to kill at least murder at least 400. People. Yeah better cold. GGG what could she do. Where she would do anything and everything she Kia. And now we're seeing more and more in the WikiLeaks. What she plans to do receive the emails. It's out there. Oops. Listen here's one from. Clinton Campaign Press Secretary Brian Fallon you Nelson circling back to talk to the media. Says. It seems your reporters to write on a few of specific proposal she would support as president universal background checks of course. But also closing the gun show loophole by executive order in imposing imposing new. Manufacturer. Liability. Making manufacturers. Legally responsible for the mid issues so products by criminals. That's what she plans to do this according to a Press Secretary. If you're on the field swine. And should explain me how people don't understand that some people don't know this. Are people just unplugged they not here to do they not pay attention to them not doing your research does not read online did not look at this stuff. I don't swear I do not. Understand how that happens really and truly. Don't. You think is a big deal. There were we talk about that mr. very few minutes to get an update on what's going on there and work. The role is on the secretary of state and our US State Department something we're definitely talk about. I look here's a heads up too by the way if you're good and Helio are great app on your phone. If it's on an iPhone. Here's our what you do scripture we are deleted and then reinstall revenue build up. And that's the only way to get the latest greatest version is deleted reinstall it. If you have it on your android phone just update the app you don't have to delete that you get the latest version of Dundee real a lot of really cool stuff come up actually in the next week or so a lot of where she is gonna be going out some really cool. Would your own guns. Okay so what is the deal. With United Nations and treatment and assault on a go anyway. Do we have different than that if the minding your own all of us here and what could a Hillary Clinton presidency where. Merck has set her straight dude we'll talk about that when we come back and fix their taught and done I'm done Gresham. This is done talks. I've been talking. Newsletter join the truth squad at www. Guns are dot com. Now that's a good job with Washington inside the opinion page where you can. Contributor Tom Gresham. You know we've talked about the united nation thing for years and years and and the go to guy all that honestly is Tom Mason he's an attorney specializing in represented clients. Before international bodies such as the United Nations he has been appearing before going to an orchestrated you're speaking at the United Nations. This is such a Byzantine bizarre. World. And it's hard to understand and we had trouble before you Tom I appreciate your coming on again try to straighten this out and I know that we have five days you could go much less than five or six minutes per welcome. Thank you very much Tom I really appreciate coming on. Apps movie and oh by the way you are also of course the the new assaults on your Second Amendment. So let it I guess to pull one out of the news first the idea of Michael Bloomberg being named secretary of state what would that do for people. You. It is disastrous side that it is sure you can yourself sometimes it can't get any worse and I just went through Hillary Clinton. Ever and John Kerry being our secretary of state and and I thought it couldn't be any worse Michael Bloomberg. Could be worse. They let me let me kind of plug the book first second and how relates. To sectors that did our part to the book has do with you have that. The most there's imparted possibility though how Hillary Clinton. But traders said the UN what I came into the arms trade treaty. I'll put into effect in 2014. That that these historical I think your listeners will be interested in is. The two of the Bush Administration in the treaty negotiations well ardent and the bush was able to give exception from the treaty for all American firearms. Other leg which was held at the national constitutional protections. Other wonderful diplomat put him Don Bailey did that. And now Obama administration came up Hillary Clinton. It's include the way she gave that away. Our chief betrayed us and that's where the political part of the book about and in fact we had good part one chapter book has to do the emails that we founder in the bank by the administration's. It's shown that. Look back and give back to reduce certain about is that the that there are horrible scenario that the ones like didn't glued. Can be any worse Michael Bloomberg would probably will probably be even worse like I can't believe I'm saying that I can't believe that. Say that's a little bit Hillary was. What Tom Hicks you if you can. Could happen if you've settled your worst case you've got Bloomberg in their what's the role of the State Department what could happen to American gun owners Joseph and still think. We have our American laws from what they do in the U and then reflect what actually happened. That's an excellent question and there's little to do things could be up at that most immediate thing that can happen would be that. The parties in the dark there's signatories and then got part of the treaty. Are essentially Italy. Because of their government's policy wanting to fulfill the treaty. Will not be able Hulu leadership they export arms to the United States I don't wanna look at the chapter and verse of how that would happen. But that's the first thing that can happen. The second the worst thing that can happen is that that somebody like Bloomberg haven't played the most administration. Good to say that we didn't fulfill the object and purpose of the tree you know we could sign the treaty. They're glad that but I heard a rational thought you can find it. It says future benefit stuff that's really object to the purpose and the purpose of the treat. Good day very very good it was harder to treat it talks about national got registries don't. An acceptable thing that changes are that you protect against her coming here but you don't brokered. Interpret that as being made national do registration not a national scale. By the time I looked a little bit but given the cup the pivotal at Bloomberg data and toward the guy and I think that's just be a real possibility. Then finally. If you've got is that just the general situation. Of aren't as bad as this cultural war continues to burn burn the wrong battle religious another significant defeat for. The gun rights in this law world. Low power. But daylight and let them and because they do our work cut that receptive this. We talked about problems treating effects go quite as. There are members just not all that good that the bill the bill wanna be gun owners. Brothers and sisters and all kinds of weather jurisdictions. That are effective and you 1980 but even more worried but the Second Amendment. Which cannot forget these guys running out embodied in the New Zealand Australia South Africa and Germany Italy and all impacted our mysteries so. Even though mostly concerned about American gun rights in the books about American gun rights the threat to world won't quite believe me wrong. Absolutely. What's another neurologist highly recommend the book it's entitlement is shall not be infringed the new assaults on your Second Amendment by David Kuhn Thomas Mason. If the beavers were background on this this is a great reference work. We are now three weeks away from this election. You have been working in this world for. Two maybe three decade two decades we knew I had Joey joked I'm a long long long time ago or so I mean we've opened at this a long time. Honestly wouldn't somebody should last year how important this election and in terms of gun rights in America. From your perspective on looking at this from the 50000 foot view for this long what's sure quick answer people. Not be more important there's two words Supreme Court. Our ports we do know that that is so important is opposed to gun rights she wants to mr. oh the assessment by the but dries interpretation of the Second Amendment. Bush league championship appoint people of the Supreme Court that would that would that would very welcomed reversed that color decisions in the opposition. And put this back to square raw water when it comes to gun rights so that doesn't remember Supreme Court that's that's the key. That really does and that's the other two words that we all need to be think about we have polls. Tom Mason thank you for all your work over the last forty years and continuing we will be calling on you frequently to find out what's going on you win again picture. The book is titled shall not be infringed the new assaults on your Second Amendment and in this world. Worthwhile if you would be a student of this you won't really. Poorly understood that he could explain to people. I would suggest you grab a copy all right rope lines 4866. Talking gonna got a range report. What we're not sure where have you gone let us know. I'm not video we are ya ya ya ya know. I talked about this. Or do you have. Access to a guy and while your your home. Now I use reduce or hadn't I just don't think I got off a couple let's work. But sometimes you want to get off to members uncomfortable and it took days to get home and you're still feels great and sometimes you get home and go. And our word or taken off. Published don't have access to. Well one thing I've done is put. Small gun safes. Around helps. A got liberty gun vaults and you know you can shoot big corporate thing and you can program for under two people in your house. And that way in if you're in the living room or your bedroom or someplace we're gonna go instead somewhere I can get to a nobody else can get to enter. Kids can get there and make them aware that kind of thing so. It it works for me it's a good solution. Those are so I got one back in the labor market are in the bedroom great guy. You're in the living room near the front door crashing and there will be people in your room in. By checklist and sectors twenty seconds whatever. How quickly can you give to your guns and then something to think about by the way we're given away. Liberty gunships cool or the gun alternately. 212 handguns. This is their Liberty's safe handgun give more in October it's gonna end October 28 was coming right up. You can interpret your story and go to gun talk dot com slash win. Here to where four of the HDX 250 handgun balls with a biometric. Lock. We're also gonna have a 21 prize winners are each gonna get a liberties they've had a pretty cool gonna talk dot com slash win most talked. Film like three out of. I come. Look at shoot it EPA have a lot of funnel in the public should have mostly out of six runs scored stage route trying sort of real life scenarios. In this this last of that was. Your mom or your you'll kids in the Toy Story you hear gunfire. What do you do. On the Bruins in the the first. Threat that into it stopped loose puck and threats stop third threats stopped. For rural loose interest in the yet the threat that there was no chance of doing thing was there was and then not threatened. Certainly the non threat turned to a truck. Has been shooting the throughout. The other one turns into another throughout. And it did do really good job. Of shooting. Free well it should pet shops. Where. And since he hit me. In. Welcoming. Well would you take a listen. Well we've come first thing you need more training. The best come up whether I get older and. Moon. I yeah I know is I was aiming toward coal out. The first thing you're into what look like shut up. Well and that's it sounds as though they shut up a really challenging stage four it was difficult. And they've you're at a good stage designer like specially designed discourses. Can setup and he's got an ocean and OK and then you're gonna sweep over here and the person you see your lovers you bet I mean they set up. Knowing that that's who probably. Where the failure mode is going to calm. Which you know if they didn't do that then people would be scored a hundred element in medium and all we tied for the win. What they have to make it difficult but more when you go through the like that let me ask you where did you shoot this was that yesterday or where. Okay you worst is less a week ago you were still. Replay that your had lunch. That's. The good stuff. Because Larry tell you I can replay. The mistakes I've made in shutouts is in trading when I went through and it right Yorkers greater respond. But when I screwed up and neither got sharp or missed the you know opportunity where the bag I was there. I can still she goes in my head I can replace those in my hid. That's. It here's the other part. You're training every time think about bill that would mean think about it. You're putting that in your head Goran look at what conundrum what should I don't we're sure I've looked awesome I've moved. Should I move faster should I move slower your your train yourself up right now. Yes it is they do they're EPA I explained has been really good for. The opening round. Trigger work and coaxing them targets X better and that's what I like but just click through one of we have week. The at this text first agent would reduce the real life stuff they're then they're just thought that plays through and stuff I learned about my old shooting until. A whale behavior. In Howard I would reacted differently mature rated you can play this stuff over and over near death. Now understand that I GPA is is still in it still a game. It's durst good stuff there and you can learn a lot doing it. But sometimes I'm not sure in this is the case in this you know bigger instance but sometimes. They showed up where it's not what you should do in real world scenario torture should do. In a shooting competition and I'm sure that's what happened here but still look I appreciate you calling and bills no plan buddy of mine. And eleven Detroit cell. Yeah. If you do you play these over no worse. The real value going do this kind of stuff where the Q if you say shooting IEA became a matter. Get involved cute cute cute cute cute. Getting training video experience and more and you'll beat yourself. When you screwed up bill. So you know one of the good old cardboard target what 666 talk gonna you're competitive here. Forty years. Are you straight to the bone blunt force comes in Dallas Texas with a arranger for forest say Tom word did you go. Hey Tom I went to the Paul Howell. She sat in church and course it was a two day like that so clad in Mecca notion access. I'm jealous. Yeah he he's the real deal man he really is I am I so much remarked protector clash with them so I heard bill what would you workable pistol and rifle. One day test so one they like fall I mean so much stopped and structures were great she was great girl super friendly super helpful on the kept everything safe. One great kick waiting was as I was kind of similar to the previous close talking about. After you. To make a decision to pull the trigger. You wanna scan your surrounding the ball left and right and start you end behind you and then return back to your original target to make sure they get back up and. And wearing a threat again. And Parton. He also taught at stop. One thing want to trained so it works across all platforms. An example where she purely what over the top to release applied when you were to change America when it meant a lot back. And I you know what that he opposed to be tried released unmatched I was accustomed to doing. And you know the idea that what if you're an cold weather scenario and you put gloves on in your dexterity was that some residents. Internet goods you wouldn't you'd have to fumble around with it so going over the top one Mets slugger reached back would work across all spectrums. Well you're it's exactly what gunfights been teaching encouragement featuring tiger rookies the teachings of my creature of the top racked slide. He drove artist you're slavery is okay. Put all this Mitt may not gloves but I Mitt. To stimulate your hand is injured or you rich really cold and you've lost dexterity or whatever now worked a slider lease with the smitten I'll. Well bunkered. That's going to be difficult for guys so much it's a great tech or you know what you you just described as what we are talk about yours that in Todd the I never thought of that. Moment we go hook. That makes sense. If the let them. Well I am delighted I I've always wanted to go to Paul house classes they're neck and urged pro American coaches Texas cautions that. I highly recommended by everybody goes there Tom thank you so much for the report YQL owns this out of Montana hey Ellen what happened with yourself. It's one. My son you know he's a young boy and actually years old and I'm mr. Scanlon I'm. Obama offers guardian. And I can't get him. I blew it. They wanna pickle where it's what you want I want all of you and me and and not. That boy that means mom. He's been warm and ask. Them going. He's in the war with us. Yeah I'd been a lot of without. Emily tried to take away our guns and then name on that curve bullets and go on what it's going. We know I think you're excited rather lose a war with us it's a culture war and know the culture war they will use and and thank you on a as we are seeing now with the all the WikiLeaks. They were used in these thing. Literally. Anything that order straw Rory people. To enact their version of the culture they want. Look I mean come on look at what's happening all the releases. Day after day after day airport terminal or dump on Donald Trump. And using the media as their attack dogs and the media the journal me you won't even report on the WikiLeaks and we're not talking about it accusation from what the actual emails. From Clinton and of the best and all that during the days just right there. It's actionable. People should go to. Jail. Sports in there is no merit. To it this and start a war they are at war with. And if you think you better golf ball. She is here and there that. Cue ball is there's derby yourselfers. There what one might come backer who want to share with me. One gun store owners. If he's elected ironed out just. Another reason. Who are gonna blow. It's time to load up bugs and intellectual ammunition with Tom questions gun talks big doesn't matter if you learned to shoot with Daniel boon for your brand new. You're welcome here. This is the original national talk show about guns and talk Gresham is your guide through the maze of ballistics and politics so grab your phone and call him right now. 8668255486. Sport just dial one Domtar. Now here's stop. This is John grisham's got a new dog now available on iTunes and other blood gets caught him. Its hand on the brink Gundy Helio Smartphone app for iPhone and android. Feel free to call Tom now had one ton shotgun. Or 8668255486. Or email Thomas doesn't talk dot com. Now once again here's Don. Post so much work report from the now we're more or not. Don't talk much just multiple offers a few minutes I was hardware failure gun store owner. Or your quick verse here on storm. In Oklahoma. You've been through our own audit recently with the ATF and the duke reroute you on it's usually they go and they look at what's happened last year MacBooks. They're doing though. Partner parked ecological. Exam. On his books. Are going back twenty years twenty. Years. Day after day doing excellent. News these guys have been there every year and they go back here he's got these sports. Once worked with the super autumn here. Sort of shrug survey rumored were just pawns. We just you were told toward environment as we have been told. To get their licenses. Get. Licenses. Do what have to be done. To poor licenses of gun stores. That's on the Obama administration was as pleasant as. Anti gun owner new anti gun rights as Hillary Clinton. Administration. Will be you don't need congress to take action to do this kind of stuff. You know of course that I spent a lot of time telling you to be safe. Not just with guns and everything. In Arabic because. Partly from my a background as a pilot Dumars think about how we do your camera to the safety and what's our plan B ports are eventually had to get out to burn marks can help them get out. If something goes wrong or do now. And if the plan they didn't work go to plan B into plan B at work which potentially. Are recruits mist I and pay. Never show you guys and me this when I think about a gun fight among gonna do this when you're thinking about it in your head you see everything going right. Just when I think about it in my he had actually everything going wrong one I'm gonna do then and when that doesn't work or we're gonna do via. It's a way of thinking and I think it. It's not to make it scares not an external hard it just makes you prepared to make you start thinking about OK I have to do these things have to cure myself. I get. A lot of books sent to me. That deal the U supporter for guide two's you know survival in the wild in the the all in one blah blah blah and usually. Frank noninterest Rodgers got warned that. I'm really impressed with and jury be right Mary as the author. Of a hundred deadly skills survival addition the seal operators guide to surviving in the wild and being prepared for disaster. Maybe she'll retired player I've ever seen Clint thank you for being here. Our. All you're. In my humble opinion helps knock this the other part of the guest book is an absolute whole run because it's so easy. To read a myths like every shoppers roughly a page or two pages and it's you know he. You can you can read this in short about all segments that you're certainly the whole library tournament. Tell them bottoming out. I put it together in a manner that would it be digest the bull and you can. Open it up you know. I don't have to go in order you can open it up to the senate and learn something new every time and nom. You know what the narrative. That supports military actions in the narrative. Does not repeat anything. That's been illustrations so therefore hopefully it you think the perfect picture on what to do incurred the strikes. I'm artist just for fun this. Torture trauma are gonna feel this open three times and just see what pops up to be pretty good idea OKMR flip and open. Built a bamboo helmerich. So you can go to Hendrick got a band there aren't flippant and opened. Build an improvised conceivable. Rifle rack or you're using coat hangers. To build a rifle rack. That you put between the mattress and box springs are your bib brilliant poker rebuttal for one more time escape they flooding vehicle. Did you write this book. Well it is the sequel to the first one which was the first corner is very personal skills on you know with your gut it had to get out of Terry got to get out handcuffs and had a lot of tactics and techniques that bad guys that are. Mastered over the years Rahal held a bigger idea of people and no bad guys are capable of that would come walk around the corner you can identify it now second book. Was really. Kuerten in the headlines and I wanted to. Put something out that match and gave people some options that they may not think about when you have headlines like runaway Conning. So I covered that you have going on somewhere we covered that. And talk about bioterrorism. I may try to cover that I mean there's at least ten instilled in this book right now. That are in the headlines today and really that was the goal is to answer the call. Give people a survival book if you well at the call that really it it's it's it's a playbook. Auctions. That you can do if you find yourself in crisis because yesterday's. You know survival books who really don't answer the call. Today and tomorrow's. Brett. To what extent. Does the training and experience German in the seals. He quake through this and where I'm wrong with this as. In all the training you do a lot of our. Sure a lot of disposable but a lot of it is re calibrated and the way you think isn't it. It is it's. You know. That the biggest thing that try to push is that when you find yourself in a bad situation there's really. Only two variable you control. I have nothing to do with the with the with the problem your habits you hear preparation and Spock. He's tipping you do before. You end up encourage this and yeah it's it's city news nip sensitize yourself you have to kind of re calibrate yourself that. Okay for an accurate shooter on the operation side how. I know that mentally and going through a checklist of things I'm looking for I know that I'm. Physically. But does not buying things that stop bullets so that if something happens I know I'm OK I can jump behind this surge that could be a planner of Pollard. You know the Indian end of a vehicle like the column and knowing the book on one bullet traveled through the talks nice and easy. The good news and blocked not the reason but knowing that step at a time. So that when crisis strikes you shorten your time and I serve you've got a good preparation. He got solid preparation and and the good response plan and you basically are shortening your time. And crisis and then the ultimate. No. Doubt that reactionary gap we talk about worth the time between you recognized as a problem and starting to move and do something about it. Are nowhere reported is in the middle of a gun fight is a bad time to acquire new skills. So wind out of our leader following the story. Or make decisions exactly in. Our member a pilot to make emergency landing and feel when the weather was going down the guy that would pick him up symbol. Ill at what point do you decide. To actually go Lin and fields of five years ago. What do Americans have similar situation five years ago I decided then that if this ever happened this world's gonna do. And so at that point your decision making is taking care of now you're just doing execution. Exactly he nailed it it's naturalistic decision very. Decision making first duke clinical decision a clinical you have plenty of time. Here are stress naturalistic and also we call tactical decision making. If you've got you know increased stress in your time. Ideally we all want to make the decisions in a more clinical setting. So that when we find ourselves in a bad situation always do is act there's decisions out. Saving time. And you know the reality is if you later in trying to make a decision in the middle crisis if you have the. I turn the book is titled a hundred deadly skills survival edition. But it's more than that it's not just deadly skills it's how to escape from abduction out to argue with a home invasion. What happens if you get stranded outside. A blizzard I mean goes on and on. Plug it just a really really good book I congratulate your order ticket I think you really under the super job I've artillery armor like. On the regulated observed a lot Clinton remarks. Perhaps we think you're I would highly recommended. Make certain all right 866 talking billions our number here where Michael bill Baer. I'm white horse here and if you'd like to get line and all you do is bigger phone call us 866. Paul garnered just dial Tom. Talk gun that you get gin. All right news. Your time now I give like you're you're just have Hillary's record and learn yourself about it security experience and you'd like to cheer by all means we would love to hear 866. Talk god I'm one Michaels in Savannah Georgia some Michael bureau on the show. Yeah I want to talk about you know usually trust and bear. We bear the electronic voting in other OPEC or Ernie thank. I got promote solutions. You know I have also all like director of the ballot when you submit. Oh. Well we have ammunition you know what we just posted our squad excited you know there are so honest you know there read. Well no well but what are you already know do you got a picture you know you got a picture of one vote. How are we is unreal protocol. You worked at a million pick you don't Irsay doesn't. Ohio Illinois voted go straight down and we have 45 million people will adopt proper so many regular content. You know we have proper we can go back home where. Well I share your concern. With the system. Because I certainly believe that Hillary Clinton would do. And possibly have us. Doctor and a system. I there's I think she would do option in these things she's already done so many things that are legal. That I think there's really no limit to what you do. I don't nor best solution but it is there on another Smart people look at Ventura hope at least Michael appreciate call makes her. Lighting three bill is traveling you IE do you know hey bill where are not Gloria. Well Bob I don't forget permanently shut the southeast corner toward Vietnam lightweight title. Ha ha okay good deal. I'm giving her Agent Orange were. Public on the Oneida Buddha. We can't put on a lot like he built well. Are you really weren't more part of Idaho. Yeah. Very beautiful area there's a lot of batters in the Napa area. I bet you know I've got a lot of 05 alfalfa count I'm going to look at you pour the money down on the line. Yeah mom doesn't California have lived there most of my life this last group in the last group that bills they've etched too much like it anymore. You out on the golf course knowledge is. It's just awful hill warm congratulations I'll make in the movie it's not easy I now understand that but it does certain mortgage out just I cannot live. We're these draconian measures which were afraid they're just don't make you crumble there's no way to be a gun owner in California. And not break the law after the is going to affect. How late powerful want a full four years. And they'll probably be fell one want to be my choice spot they're. They shouldn't be able to do it retroactively. Let. Out. That's pretty much yet I would tell me about the the LRB elite 308 what's happened here. Well I bought I had ever furcal rescission our order book was written there might be local local dealer couldn't get one per. Seriously can we like him because who I looked at it it's sad mood. That seemed to be the deal. I've got about a underground through so all. Aren't true three different world 48954064. Reload drifting. And he shot eighty angle which recorded within an inch. Yeah a little more on the same hole not but should. Far. The cards and 4060 toward the only difference between forty to about half a 42. It is that you. I have been lower cap and try it. But we are all on the same hole. Thought. He was so we load fifty you know probably shoot more. Welcome both you and what will bullets or use. Our aren't. Here. Yeah goodwill goodwill so what's the family and a new. Interview I've used that quote recuperating. Just about eight thing and it that it should pretty good. And I am. The mortgage. But we're trying to Taylor now. Yeah exactly so what are you gonna do this for competition. Automate some people probably play around. Well finally able to promote same old I hit the bank. But at that but I understand. I'm good grades report appreciate this are you I am no good luck with your group Dodd though I I congratulate to that's gutsy to just pick up and do that on board bans whether it's out of my. The talents if your bill keeps your it's gonna want to know he's got to know when to stop but then. Oh. Hi amber would you get. Well oddly what I did I would go and it stake sale and I bought some power. And called Hercules. And particularly unique and had nearly eight point 8400. Them we gave him reloading and one of them says the first shotguns pistols and rifles. And so I guess small rifles and I would want them how good about where this is then they have a sort of three Latin America. Or not. Well we're first of all how much of a did you get. Yeah. Well I have done. To move. Too far town is. Yeah but they're bad they're about they're about. Two thirds of the way god. And then I've I'm 18 pound back to win that but it about two that is that killed. And I. Well there's a web site for alliance how order and that's who makes this now. And so Paula just AL IA LL that is a LL I a NT a lot of powdered. Unique is kind of a shot shell power for shark jaws but it's also be can be used in a lot of upper hand going. Archie who's 2400. Is pretty much for Magnum handgun cartridges. But if you go to that web site allows you to powdered dot com they don't have all of the cartridges and your charge shouldering those cars are good for you can get. You. Regarding data and all that the powders are actually good Paris justification as you know already a matching it to whatever it is you're issued. Got a great story if you want. I got odd lot I would that again failed it by then let him furlough plan them for quite awhile. And I've. A little tourist slim. And I made it. And I could not cute against Simon and I used to water around them in in London once she got on the Rangers even close to. So we get them out now and my friend Eli Estrada. Clock out of 380 and he's got to go out nine in Melamine there. And so we were just got to go out there and try amount yeah they out shot and live shot there a few times before aren't going to go out then. Where it shouldn't have some winds then that. Is live and then they'll creating block can keep that I can't did not suddenly this thing. And might feel like there's is you feel like it any better. Chic again this year at about their lives have been pretty big target but. And they keep playing MM moved them over herb called the one. And he can't run like this one. I didn't know they had to take my gun home I'm not. Factor it off almost lost the gun on that deal. Yeah it's going to be fair and students he had used it you know oil well. Well you are not Soros talk about them as the whole does the guy and yet Glock as a breakdown commercials in Oregon. But she shot one better than the other that's why you have to try these out I appreciate your call sir I appreciate the the info that's great story a love that we are Hercules unique reported 400 very good powders you've got to match him with a large go to alliant charter dot com YQ Fred is in California speaker in California. Fred young gun talk. Gesture even. Okay up by concern chip barely twenty cutesy how much your opinion. There's an election the president don't vote uptake President Obama make exactly border Utley they seeing. That background subtly so background checks to put away what's yours. And go away we go and crushed by sixty orders. And the actual support there at a lower court. I get so that will result. Which European. I didn't a lot of that but you know it's. Shortly within the realm of possibility we know that Obama wanted to do a lot more. All of his anti gun moves and these. The rescuers reason their duties and that's where it was bigger Grachev his administration is he couldn't band more guns you couldn't get more gun control passed. And so if you saw a clear shot at it as he's had now the door Anderson executive orders may be making these your. For Hillary to progress and to carry on his legacy of anti gun groups of course she wants to expand upon that Gordon's monster reenacting gun ban her. Husband's gun ban. You want to do where were they look good and my destroying all of gun companies in America through the lawsuit process and that alone pretty much thicker and the and then we hold the whole registration William Howard you have registration. You have to guard Jordan store clerk can barely tell. Erica kitchen. What's your opinion to make a difference log onto our website and take big gun drug holes. WW UW got guns god god god. Now once again. The opinion page regular contributor for The Washington Times spears done. 866 talk gonna tell you re just just I was so. A war and then palm Paul. You job in his own limelight in Fargo, North Dakota let's talk with. Yeah we are Bridgeport would you do. After and job well yeah I got a greater. Okay added. Quick comment after worst. As certain Casey Ruger love it to death. While it. That isn't and Chris week postal I think it's under appreciated. I am I'm gonna agree with you on that because city I've never read real comfortable you know carried stricker fire. But my competence level and that gun is just. Blossomed that could hit the it Q no I carry pretty much all the time I despite that I loved it. I. I guess he's gonna buy as Landon and Idaho dumb no to get away from California. I finally got my North Dakota class one age to 24 at 44 on paper not an issue you know I've been shooting for forty clutch fierce. But the reason that I was forced into that was the great liberal state in the east bay Minnesota. Who rolled a logger on our clips to resort Yelp Utah permit conjunction. End. Ever since they did that to push yours ago. I've been voting with my pocketbook and I urge others to do the same I won't buy nothing out of the state of Minnesota that I absolutely cannot. Perjury help either they cannot live willow up because sit so I won there or that sort state could have mr. Perdue sit in on a sand. I'm I'm lost one of the class one class to. Question on requires proficiency test class two is like Utah permit were does not require the proficiency test. You go down a couple of years ago when Minnesota's legislature. I carefully edit a couple of words similar love it you know. In honor permit must meet or exceed. Powers you. Jock John but I'm still lost are you talking about a concealed carry permit re talking about. You answer yes or I'm sorry I didn't break critical Pickler puppet that. How is the news but I've never heard the terms class were plastered never. Yes ignore the caller ID he had a separated that class one requires you to take yet you know the actual profession she cast and the quest to. Does not feel like Utah redistrict the paper test you on proof that you know what a gun looks like. You know and understand the possibilities. That the best that the primary difference between the two but the other the other difference is that now every five years. What I would do. I won't have to go and treat the class again and take the procession to test again which of course is deeply concern are we more money than just doing our you know we're noble. I'll let you know I was only fifteen dollars you know North Dakota is sixty which. He would basically that won't do the same thing run in radio run a background check on me and reassure. Right understand. So whether a merger bottom line is you're saying and I don't buy anything from Minnesota. If I don't have to I mean it's like when I know I have to travel through Minnesota. I make is used up just possible likened by fuel at the border here and make it through turn to Wisconsin I will wait until I get to Wisconsin even a player the dead duck or gallon more. It you know to me it's it it it it really boils down to the possible boat sank. If you're gonna have. Restrict my rights and make my Miley cocaine in the rear. There why should I give you my text text revenue to work with to continue to do so. I'm I'm not saying it's not a good idea but let me ask this question. Do you think anybody there even knows or cares or how are you let people know about torture doing. While I doubt I will tell anybody yet old when that subject comes up it you know are reaching that site yet. And decades in and I think that's part of it is gun owners you know we have a responsibility to each other preacher that kind of information really. You know express Serb news media Leggett set by voting whether or pocketbook. If enough people to eventually it gets noticed. Well only know doesn't actually that's the thing Norton doesn't get noticed at all they'll go away gets noticed is that every time you don't. Spend money there you spend it somewhere else. You send a scary horror picture of your receipt. Through their tourism department of these state of Minnesota and the and just and like if it's weekly or every day or some other email here's more money that I spent that I could have spared review guys that I didn't and here's why. And then if you get ten people do that and then twenty people on that a hundred people doing that. Now all they're paying attention. If you're simply not spending money there they'll never know. Yeah I got here and I guess all agree with you I mean it's kind of like you know the take you know old world there's a lot of eight gun owners. That carry concealed the terrible turn around and do you know when you get to a business nobody had done that poster you know guns are not welcome here. You just slip Bennett say well you know I'd shopping restore except for I care curt have a nice steak yet on. Aged that. Way back. That checkers or otherwise even if they ever noticed that revenue was going down they would know why they wouldn't solar energy. We did this thing and that made people go where you've got to let them know they were just I applaud you for sticking to your your guns on this. And it's just. I'm there one other thing just let them know about Mike appreciate your call. Let's yes we are at their place where I have to take a look a quick break here. They were you can now get blind because we have more room for you we have plug on Google book also got some room on the lines for you like Jordan's. 866 talked done. I did little all. Ground sunny woodcock cutting. Okay. Well we had fun and this there was a good walk. I had heard a funny thing. Maybe you're already on let me know how that's going to 866. Talk guy. Yesterday we haven't blunt talk about guns. You are. Let's see what was that. Urged him this week I was in Michigan and Trevor city Bruno a little lower car. Slash grills fluent. Got to bust gruesome brush. My hands torn up in the breyer's had a good time took an old Winchester model 21 side by side sixteen gauge keep your congressman. Got two shots fired two shots did not heal bird. The I got whacked a tree with the saw other side of the barrel. I mean why swing and here's tight quarters. But had fun had a great time. And they went to Oregon fitting that effort then we have Bryan Smolinski man he really has doctor Chicago I swear to use your stuff on them. If you look align his stores the old sport he'll sport LTD dot com. But he kills some really nice shot execution used a lot used I'll have actually a few more selective few up there for him to sell. Colors paired him with me I'm also going to be Colin John enduring going to be. Moving some guns that we too are just some things we're not using them or some. Things I've had for a long time. Unless someone go from royal legion during the first one I've. Nation may decision not to give him a gun fitting done is chartered under and get me there's no porn haven't. Really. Give him anything with a up Morton where I am looking. Ward's report apparently shot down that candy caption if you've ever had a gun fittings were loose. Heard explained. It really is not pummel murderer and Todd moment or. More of those rebel. Hole. That makes sense and that explains you could have been doing everything right what made it wasn't you at all may be just the gun wasn't. Weren't where you thought at worse. The other thing here Brian were in our eyes and the members of problem would regulations on guns regulation industries being. Does the gun actually shoot were exported to shoot a shark golf on the bench awful arrest. Emea like a rifle at the target we rolled the shot here where your game you sit in many cases today. The guns you have don't actually shoot. Where your enemy even if you're new to have a right. Pattern is not going words poster. Just food for thought do not actually checked the regulation. Of your shotgun. You might wanna do that what you may find is it just isn't shooting where you think it is. Not huge hit OKMR. Star but we are real good car. I mean. Just one good guy conductor shotgun via he'll sport LTD duck congress Gerber are up in that. Trevor city or your to yourself to receive is done pretty cool. Stuff relatives. Okay let's shoot like three. Mixture hopes. That we haven't different line. That's the best go to dale like the Prius dale in Danville in Alabama hey they all your ongoing talks. I jumped up on opposite drug but the generation great but real quick let's. Or talk about what will follow props it's a couple liked or at least people. Relate falch. All the way through role play and it was old but he liked it better packaged always let it fracture so there's. Where and when you put gun manufacturers are a bit useless which. Or helped a strong liberal goal. What you do but I. Well who's. Been stripped manufactured but each car sort of were born from military to lower portion eastern. A result Burke. Elect or select our proper mark merchant took that to just work for government there were purple. Election. I'm not on our guard and that's easy Vick back to where we had spring for army and government armor making guns for military. This there was going to be easy British and have a government meg guns for the military and for police. Because no one else's is allowed to have a gun. You might buy it got picked up by worker my thought props are slow but it but it. What you have to do is think this word. They don't care. If it makes sense they don't care report a million people out of work. They don't care if it impacts economy. They don't care for impacts taxes they don't hear of the military or the police actually have guns are actually had been terribly. We don't want to get rid of all the gun the police won't need their guns either swear and swear to you that's exactly percent. They don't like the military they don't like the police and so they're not gonna care about getting guns to them. I am so that's just how like. Fourth level thinking down for them and they were so we're just build our government. Manufacturing. Or what does viral receives a good person and that we're we don't have any of these evil truly that stored using evil gun makers. And America something else we'll tell you just just different ethnic they'll appreciate all. Like four fill up is in Milton threw Loretta. Philip pro gun talk. I can't. I look at this question nervous sought comment actually is it refers to the guy that was talking about taken. Pictures of the others ballot when it goes to vote. There's actually a better way to do this are you familiar with something called operation red 46 thing. Okay we'll meet them to cut down to you real quick operation red sweet sixteen. Is is basically dead if you go into the bullet holes in your intention is to vote for Donald Trump. That you we're here richer. The intention behind it is is we know that he's holding these polling carriers are going to be broadcast. All over the nation we're gonna have sought news media outlets so all these polling stations in that they get that is shown all over the all over the media. Debt there is scenes of red. In these polling areas and then Hillary still win it we'd we have Lee up. Absolute bonafide positive proof that that voter fraud has taken place. Well our outlook and I understand what you're saying I understand the center behind it that it would be non actionable they would not do any thing it's a feel good. Make me think I can do something moved it would doom apps are nothing that would help in no way in challenging the election. Well I just got email from mom are seeing in 2000 election judge and Smith carry Texas for not torn years. Just there's no way to hack a voting machine in this country the only way that you. You can you vote this through your properly load the memory card before you can sit out for the restrictions of only connection to the voting machine is 130. Volt power cord. I don't know our season sound like you know Bruce talked about and look forward. One works for. Are you guys know lighten up the phones today and lots of folks colon and that's great 86 or talk you're on. Floater up Musharraf in Hamlet. Yeah I did that you. Oh my goodness socially here. Com and editor Horace go to line one Marcus is an old Ohio where the range report hey Marcus would you shoot. They dominated and today they say even cry me a lot of money that you're so many good suggestion that America can't help but all of you'll get. I got a registry but keeping the ball missed that lesson have tea fifteen. Mom from a local gun shot clinic for a way notes about the site mark what about what that. And I like to turn around through engage Longo they had taught on the issue. That's like mark Alec and your second guessed until cheaper on the government red dot and I'm like a circle around it. And are very different but like my I group heat that got a lot better when it circled by like another circle on the side you're like that and that works great. Love it my go like to look. Thank you shot and our forwards. Had you done much were they are performance. No actually very little the only one that shot one of my brother around and that kind of got me hooked in the signal just go out violence so. Like this. And that's enough on kind of new to them but when I haven't gone learned what commitment. If it is fun and they're just fun rifles. Boat across Islam at the same time you'd given a suggestion about you'd talk a lot about Carrie capacity grounds. And they're under your car yet nine is my primary carry a pistol and recently. Got the string field and he's not too. Yes he is teeing ground. Magazine in the sixteen round magazines with a double stack but it's still very curable I think what the dealing gear pollster. Which take out the mailing your gun belt as well also. Rom that be a lot better at no extra rounds. And then poetry magazine got point six rounds you pretty terrible. What are kidnapped but if we you have them or triple format if you want four point six. That's Greg may also so you got done and they are and you've got to Springfield armory I actually mod to. So who now know Jeter's bunt in a moment. Yeah no I've been I've been doing that trying to he gets some good deals online you have been. Thought and some people that I know work what about split he's someone that just goes some of the court that ammonia while become a thousand rounds. Let you know 556009. Millimeter. You know did it up on solution get a good amount you get a good crisis are. Yeah you don't you if you don't have to be sure to get our. Are wary Smartphone Gundy Leo because there are some good depth. I mean really good M ordeals that are popping up when I think all the time so. Do you go after them and that's where you are when used it to go and Helio out. And I got invited him. Oh very good very good and we are charred Bogut poured gyms as a double to happen now has free shipping for I think maybe through November up my equipment. Note Alabama. And you get the gun talk discount there also so don't tell them all well and appreciate the on the range of four X markets well done. Let's see you got messed my pictures on camera committed any body else Maher no Gordon we're gonna get you in here. Off all we're gonna get you in here. But mentally totally give back after this break because it's just not enough time to get everybody in right now. And new gun. Take it out and find out that you real like it is just one of SPN's Chris the cool party as the for not a gun person you'll understand. You've got a good feel like you go on have just gone forever. His drums don't work out. You know if you take care of them they were last essentially forever and now you have this thing that makes you happy go out shooter and he always have a available. It's like why would anyone else you. By that you yourself are going to be even used this for the rest of my life. That's one of the cool part about guns if you never gotten into the yards longer and get that understand. About we'll tell you. Reminds us this week is that there are never had one run and among north implies that because I don't know what's coming from founders and get one. I get it it's why moment first born in 94. I started me down a long road ahead on our way our.