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Sound Off 10-16-16

Oct 16, 2016|

Sound off features 3 generations of our Military Combat Veterans and each are prominent in the local Veteran / Military community.

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Welcome to sound bad. They show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. Sports and politics. With a less than point 5% of US population actively serving in the military itself. Veteran perspective. In Massachusetts. How can sound off on how total war so MacBook pros and children Mike Sweeney. At a busy shows that we talked about such as homelessness. First and a possible. Couple sporting events but I wanted to introduce. John does show well no John is the Vietnam era veteran he's marine he's involved with the nonprofit home of the brave. The former veterans service officer. And Munich can tune in the post for forty commend The American Legion and new and John they don't. Well as usual to one run put them who won't even but I don't know that you're a better car. Well thank you John thank you I needed. What are optimism. You know feeling really. And it almost sounded sincere about cost are working on as northern and that is practicing and Illinois and it was like it and it's been a neutral thing which could mean she's you know it's food for Red Sox. Ortiz is now gone but Brady's back and I was thinking you know it's like. One door open signal went to a Kohl's is the mobile store opens with Kyle's been mostly in trees the small what drove it balding. Elton John just kill me if. I've among subjects on top line revenue introduced Mike so why do we did so. I don't think it's nice that he already gone he's gone full on Al Haig and it is in charge I hope we don't do some pleasant no pleasantries you know while. While it would kill them like Beck told them we was awaited the bulls were students via fired up man helped the company expects profit if you had a now some of them all yeah target field our economics Moody's Investors Service officer and when the like myself is. Afghanistan veterans Postal Service and mass National Guard Mike I don't that I to a great what is up I don't know I don't know I don't try to try to you know pulled down. Johnny on dual you know since you're so excited we'll let you take the reins of the showed you wanna do with good sports story about what sort of world puts them always with the cooler with. The moment in Boston I don't think we can double double bed sports story and think Natalie guys Ellis down both my nose. At least you're Russian you know that danger and all we might have sat store yeah no overrun beds to an old soul. Bit greater of slump ready to lead the whole country it was a big store review what do you do come back and show the rest period. The Floyd did it come line and I didn't do is immune he ONEOK 400 plus it's. They're what was that twenty years ago why you don't know enough guns are for a touchdown it was land for Ferraro's army unit. 39 useful. Unbelievable and go that the crowd was following yeah half of pats fans know what we're doing Cleveland I don't know that was awesome now rules for replica. Bodes well for the Russell sees. And you know for mom works mine so now the ball awful and patriarchs common Diana yeah. Meanest things wrapped up all right from the AFC no practical things although it's only. We don't know execs here SL that Rex and I bet big six we met them win over the period for especially on working on all American didn't even have a problem was work. Come on now but odds of beautiful is a great offensive coordinator but he system boo Venezia and let's face it. Anyone actually says the words. We won the off season. He is Elise self aware coach in the NFL they're blowing in on was part of a foiled Bill Belichick knows all routes with the navy has follows a collision navy and you see you know compared to a Rex Ryan team with a disciplined patriots. Always have been in the preparedness and put the only thing is like a military operation out there and it shows but much aspirin I mean we have our act and he is what pointers to hamstring was. No prude operate pretty blown through. Then it was sold the route through the whole arsenal of weapons seeds. Would be via. And deal on goal was seems slowed talk Campbell common good are noted releases insulin noticed him. Needles cult of WD while its wheels welcomes them rooted sold Sloan. We'll bring them Buehrle went slopes no wanna that is poetic John what cremated is for that defense foods that come when durazo motif although Monaco skis bracket and you know one we yield on I'd toes gitmo were good that we're employed but open to the don'ts duels so. It will bridge itself the style attack logo to play with some aggression on them. That's some bad intentions we. I percent of what I think that's gonna work eventually that's gonna get. Coach gentlemen believe you know me you know mr. you know they'll they'll get coached up it's talent we had a good coaches that offensive line. So we've had 39 year old quarterback so he can say he simulated hits but Tom Marino Tom Brady but. Hidden in the NFL's Dominican hit simulated and the fewer hits he takes this year the better for us the of that offensive line that continues to. Joseph I mean. Again saying of the sisters of the portable duh guys wanna see other look when they start playing teams like Denver and things like that reloaded two full weeks of review where two of them chickens whose stars come you don't lose votes when you blow calls fundamentals going to eat they also. Then two quarterbacks in the three weeks and they both ended up on on the sidelines and offensive line. Knee who last year we can. Church and up all we want we would have had a suitable. If that offensive line were better lap than it was last year. And Dante Scarnecchia is an amazing he's either him he's an amazing coach you know nobody needs talent to work right you. I guarantee you he put me out there at left tackle people go to. The hospital is not just about coaching it's about town but you know you you couldn't corrected him and we just don't Milan. But again minutes I think it's the next they announced that it would do it's it's like the military. Well you know still speak. Gronkowski and don't bitch no pistols in all doesn't really care our home is missing K excellent and raise enough. You know the kicked the kick last week wasn't. Was generally. It was a fifty. Brian LL was there wasn't crunch time but I Miami mess was these loosely gonna want the freedom lies you know now my name's Justin missed the point after. The touchdown last year in the AFC championship which kind of changed the whole way at the pictures of operate right agenda again but we got to move on arm. You know two different things about the Red Sox the season is now over fans in Cleveland Indians they were swapped. With the Venus is we're excited about the Pope how old you know old we want any of the players on our in our platoon. Arms on here if you have any changes to that John and Mike and but I also wanted to get your reflections on all the retirement David Ortiz. But and anyone surprised it John on the team you know you look at both thought the whole thing. You know hot and how you compare its that a platoon you had beginning of the season. Well it become. You know so young guard's own people walk on him to build and I think we actually expect of them and platoon we children are quote should own Carl. Why don't they'll let you know. There is he could be ex coach the international community should no means complete opposite of what you see what college I got into never prepared and they don't have the attention to details out there and I think he gets people fired yet he kept them together into a somewhere else what is there when 93 games we'll see you 92 and I throwing like okay. What's it will manage through and what's given so lucrative project. More as to what sports. Lucio David Wong book and sport it's. Last. It doesn't seem like the guy can coach after school or do Sunnis and hope while he can so. Song. Well and any players though other than you know Jackie Bradley junior arron you know the killer bees and killer is on him. I don't know why is Hillary looks really good all we can't build all our news and probably open puzzle there mess you know still on one team known for duke duke. You know Isaac I think the more I was most surprised by Taylor Americas and Europe but because Obama is ready get ready emperor of you know battle baseballs signed. You know movement for the first basic leg of federal credit in the organization credit from 100 dollars a barrel decision like he has to fight an organizational decision by giving him credit for you know again the first base and staying focused all you Aaron. Then that this is second half was was MVP caliber. You know he's he's at that comes out of the ball so well done and I didn't know I had felt my puts don't know. We'll play and and more after this Jerry you know you know California but wolf we want to out of wood above a rogue field. You've been growth slipped below yellow Philadelphia Phillies suffered next five years would go out there are penalized him no problems with that we can and set up yeah come into you feel that move keep batsmen and a great outfield. Bill and with the opium field. They're based yet a hole. Big town hall. Saturday's Philippines royalties easily hang book yeah amnesia. Should be the first baseman but that obviously would Ortiz Livan and have a valid TH Solana. I think they always figured the mayors of most of that you know. I think I'm sure it was toppled that's as you know from now. But I think this goes back to a rose 10%. You have 8200. Million dollar payroll is now where we are about it's got to be so I'll yes I'll slick Lou what we're prim approach. What did Taylor we now get is well my thoughts on the Layla and and and and they appreciate we same job but you know last place last year there. Now swept in the first for the first round this year. That's leadership now at some level it's got to be leadership and we all focus on Farrell what about them browse to. We have a look at just inaudible fire people but you know it has got to be some accountability. You really trade away our best pitching prospect drew promise them while enabled him to do it at its signal the only thing he's done this year is Bruno Bloomberg intended. Little did I do think Garrett a year from what I understand the can't recall was his although maybe that you would comedian I don't know sometimes no quotas are putting stuff out you know any but I will say this that. They're happy as men in Major League Baseball after that series. Terry Francona. All you know not a got to feel good effect you know that I get my hands of its and who Coco Crisp to the president has been Iraq. But I don't know. To Terry Francona left you know laughter the breakdown in 2011. And and the Red Sox smeared him on the way out these said he was. Just on whose life he really did that the pills. You know pretty pretty nasty stuff for going into World Series so. May return to accuse and and an eleven management job and all the pretty much dead time in over you know filers looking you know in Afghanistan that of the beds and that's not an organization anymore bullet. Sure Terry Francona felt pretty durable you know. A threat to us had to go down and want you know if it's Terry Francona of was going to be because that deal out single to Atlanta and 00 yeah announce. You know I just feel to fill the fill those guys an armed group I am rooting for AI Indians clubs though World Series and known. She found it very interest to be Cleveland's one year then they go back to being Cleveland next you know why this sort of the browns and what we're looking at it but don't worry it's all told last weekend. It is and it was. With with the Bengals as a again no matter patriots it's Unisys is of import source who will see what happens but I think with a baseball. They have to them but the brits actually have some real hard core. Discussions I think with who's gonna who's gonna manage the team what's what's the what's the philosophy. We've got a great people who is pitching. It has to go back to pitching is that it and the playoffs and guys we talk because of the poor pitching speed yet good having every time but it's. Then like that since. Cy Young played minutes that nothing's ever change in baseball people wanna think that is you can change with cyber metrics and all these other. You statistics wore him you know all the solid crowd split itself but still pitch and at some point and other and it's it's still. The power pitching as is what you know lean years strike out and a and a post season sometimes and it's Red Sox install and play of those pitchers really no point in and when they do it'll turn around I mean. Look what look what took to win Pedro Martinez. Curt showing. Josh Beckett when he was when he was on Jon Lester and that's type of pension that union and I just don't think mentally that they have that was what David Price. No in NA NA no it's these it's always like that it wants a bit about. You know Peyton Manning actually won a couple rings in Iraq but immunity he's clearly not. Stepping up and play some and it's just it's history now it's not and a pain now now he's only is this as a playoff starter. So they've got a couple ones autumn two wins one was I think as a rookie or second you guys. They can multiple times Oakmont and right cal didn't expect. But and in the other ones last year in Toronto is because they took note by Dickey early to save his arm. And how they really has brought to have him yeah it was a blowup for our trial that and so Dickie in Philadelphia inning and crucial revelations that actually waksal absolutely. But I guys that the quick break Gillis and sound off from WR scale and succeed it was a Boston. Welcome back to sound harmed Kyle's so don't answer cohosts. On those two free and Mike Sweeney was common view from our studios in Boston. Guys we don't talk about the sun shall previously veteran homelessness is something that's certainly in a news you Stanley Aaron and presidential. Campaigns. We haven't really heard parliament debates but it's not pleasant and on on on the tip of tip of the spear for a lot of people and you know with the winner common social especially in Boston and New England itself. You know very scary scary thing now but homeless veteran out there don't know when these temperatures get into law. You know single digits on buying those who viewed as a law that they do most veteran teams and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has saved team indicted they do a lot of stuff offer veterans a normal course. Affection service offices. I do well to what. Do with hunting him down you guys could speak. Much better to it and I can. But they're also on nonprofits. Around in his another one popping up and we have Anthony Davis from artists remembers. Here to talk about it's all local fisherman and I don't. Talk it's going to be here so on give us a little background devote yourself in how you got. Doing Nelson and confining this nonprofit. Well I'm a Marine Corps veteran and now one of the internships original shot and work with. Was out seven are from western Massachusetts. And they gave me the ability to do some independent researcher I chose veteran homelessness. Were about a year right. Interviewed homeless veterans and went to different state national agencies and learn about the benefits that exist. And as I did more research I realize that the benefits of plenary in his tons of benefits are available to veterans issues access to those benefits to its often troubling. For veterans who navigate the system of Kia. Whether it's a complications associated with state and federal process is to get benefits or the lack of outreach and knowledge of great nonprofits and exist. So I decided to create a nonprofit use and graduate lost an undergraduate student veterans to facilitate. Those resources that many of these homeless veterans don't have access to. So when a pilot program at Suffolk university and let me get these veterans back to them to greatness of the former self. Awesome and you guys are gonna have a big kickoff party can come and raised. Yes it's going to be and I want to when he Trimarche street in the fifth for common drum on October 27 from 930 to eleven. We have three star general Thomas were come and he's gonna give us an address to the the audience about what America owes its veterans and more importantly. What veterans all America in return. And so as veterans take advantage of you know education benefits like myself. The painful law school and business school. I think it's important that I give back and help other veterans have access to not only those benefits but the basic benefits such as shelter and food and and met my medical care. Very good. You know in the name is kind of interest thing I'm confident the name of the nonprofit. Well tell us I read with my nieces and one of my nieces me Davis Xia should read in the Odyssey it took kids version of the Odyssey. As I was going through I started remember and you know the Odyssey and an Odyssey is his dog. And as most veterans know homer wrote the Elliott which is a dis he is leaving as the king of that the gonna go to. How can I get many on pay in the Trojan war. And ideally it is about you know the war itself from the Odyssey is about a disuse returning from war and went oh guess he has got back to with the car as the king ten years later. He walked through the streets of Ithaca as the king. As as a discounted and and and grungy looking man. Covered in you know horseman or in ripped clothes and dirt in his face and nobody recognized him as he walked through the streets he was shot and and then as he entered the kingdom of the castle that was once his. A dog that was also discounted and thrown away stood and saluted ode to see this as the king that he returned debate. So the judge here is a boggles can remember I guess he is through the dirty clothes and to the dirt in his face of Lagos for members and so should wait. And I are both tremendous to me is how in the world and I remember him gonna get these veterans back when they belong to the king that they have they need to return to make. Vertical man. So. What exactly you guys do. You know he said yeah you know providing end and new service in terms of new benefit. You know it's kind of almost like sounds like social workers but I know it's because I've socialist with a computer appears things you wanna go into. And to wideout models. Is the way you guys because one was. Oh it's important to realize that a lot of veterans and on that escrow one on the screen via a lot a lot of them are Vietnam aged veterans. And they don't want some 22 year old recent graduate social worker to comment on that everything's going to be okay. They want another veteran to welcome in the eyes and say thank you because you because he has sacrificed as a government dropped the ball if you 25 years ago. I just got a 300000 dollar gift and a business and a lot of grief for free. And I owe that to you so let me help you let me put you in the eye and and give you and and and be a battle buddy and let me get you through the next step. And that's what it's all about it's about veterans helping veterans. I'm not a social worker I'm I'm not a counselor I'm not a lawyer yeah. To me I'm a veteran help and a veteran. And they if any veterans out did need help you reach out jog for members don't match with a law student to graduate student or undergraduate student veteran and has access to. And knowledge of the resources they can help you change life. That's very good and it's always a good thing you know. John Mica injuries in a volatile. But the thing I see a what you know obviously I think there's plenty of benefits is that no one knows that throughout their only possession doesn't know if they don't know. You know and as a lot of fun misinformation out there and that's which. Yeah so. Four I think that that's a way to go and you know in terms of the peer to peer model I think we see nova log in the masters it's a team. Those or some of the VA programs. You know the details of peer to peer. I support programs and beyond anticipate things here. Presenting no one wants it you know have some social workers over. You know and never served in the military and never been the lawyers say that and annoy you feel you know some of these had generally work you know. And the best of intentions can still lead to bad outcomes and races and that and that's where I think even if found. When we look at we kind of think sometimes those try to make things are more complicated nation these are pretty sure we talk about his. I don't know if you thought about it that way but the idea that. We always try to make it in a bigger bigger teams do people. But that veteran relationship that peer. To Peter we talked what announces a new way I mean we talk about the veterans ages in every city and how that's Pino Peter appear in a bylaw passed we have veterans and and that and that office. There's DA has done a great job I think and recognizing that that relationship works so have you seen. Tenure in your. So when you've been doing this have you seen that. Change we've had someone who's maybe. At a few relationships with different providers haven't gone well now they feel like taking kind of they're on to explain you would have deployment feels like what could that can it be any any insight that. I absolutely. The one of the one of the ways I know that I have an individual and I'm going to be able to give me and when they shot making eye contact with the when they look in the eyes because now you know that they haven't some self esteem coming back in the the confidence of of the making eye contact. What he's almost people that live on the streets. One of the most important things that you can give them as a conversation way you're actually looking in discussing issues that matter to them but also that include them. And it's about listening to them and also explaining your own stories and Sharon Sharon battle stories and more stories you know. Whether for a laugh but just to let them know that you've been there in the U understand truthfully and understand what they're going through and and what they've experienced and and it allows you build that report that you mention that only veterans can share with each other. And I think that actually it is vital to build a relationship where do you stop off equal and I think it's important. When you were originally need a veteran that they know that your of that trend that there's already that bond that exist as opposed to a social work that they don't really have the same. Immediate connection with this does a report that already exist prior edgy even knowing the individual personally. Well. Couple the exit from the Grossman threw you. One as Marines simplifying. Truly who's a marine colonel that you've been taught we know we're one time simple but so was mean it's always great when you do without. Also improvised of to overcome them that's what you want your organization. Won't. The end you're durable took meaningful resolution though that's open but we Detroit doing. Sure we're sound off slow on throw you want to hear or run to the world to fill about what it's. Possibly I hope I hope the three guys to make the event again October 27 at 120 Trimarche great. It's it's open to the public how we would like. Paris PP it's a little difficult to do that over the year but we can reach out to Kyle I'm sure he cannot facilitate. Might my email. Dobbs special in China must be pompous you know a marine comma there. So one you know. Look at that and but you know the only thing that could even approximate. Those would be moved to a bridge Wharton school. Man you really only cold shot. And and the fact that they couldn't hear into who is going to do you need a minute and I don't know I'm Qaeda finished. His cigarette herself and her. Do you have do you guys already have any success stories and I know you haven't even officially launched yet but it sounds like you've already. You know well Darren and went in and hope of veterans. How we've we've helped out maybe. A dozen or so veterans get access to educational benefits. I helped alien friends and a veterans get access to chapter 31. Both rehabilitation benefits and I help if you Vietnam veterans the past month or two I get access to chapter 115 benefits and and and in trying to get him on disability through. Contact with dioxin and Asian aren't pretty much how through the VA so again we have few success stories but. Nothing in comparison to what we're going to do after the 27 which hopefully we can change the world one veteran at a time. Right in Nam. What's. What would the geographic area ways with your you know your battle space on them are going to be your focus from Boston are or where you where you where you focused on. All right now we're piloting a program at Suffolk University I'm doing it as an aunt Nora program through the Moakley said republic management which is initially a school of business. How so right now well in and around downtown Boston area. But ideally I would like to implement that I've a tremendous into all of Massachusetts school systems and eventually the country. Because one of the largest demographics that we have that is on tap is veteran students who. Call obviously equipped to handle navigation of star system of care because they're taking advantage of higher education systems. Which means they're in a position to give back. And they are also getting paid a very decent amount of money to go to school when you make 3000 dollars a month to go to college you can afford to give you know ten dollars a month back to a veteran that. Because his sacrifice you're actually in. That program because those didn't exist for these Vietnam vets. There absolutely are you are you guys looking for volunteers or or you would you have an off to stuff from the student veterans through what's that was the situation. Any student veteran wants to get involved I strongly encourage you reach out to me because we can always use additional. Help an additional and individuals. The best resource a veteran as it is another veteran. Things I've learned from talking to homeless veterans I've learned about multiple different programs. And the things I've learned about CEOs and presidents of companies who are also veterans is just as equal as those homeless individuals. Every veteran brings a unique skill set to the table it unique experience and unique. Benefit that they might have used a program that I don't know exist to Shas and have found out about a program that was founded by a medical school teacher on the university that uses hot to heal. And I didn't know about that program and talking to a homeless veterans that use the program and now I know about it now I have a new resource to reach out to. Because of speaking with this individual. And I think it's important that when we discuss issues were veterans. They discuss issues with bats and even though we helping them the information we get in return we can use to help another. That's great. Jolly givers territory that's an innocent the cover of a really great idea you know I think we all really support the peer to peer model. I'm actually went up a foot and a tool cloning companies for doing so we don't contract it's. For marine corps of Troy and we're. That's when trouble. Is that optimal outcome intentional walk. Who should suit him pretty good throughput and you don't want Sweden and I think we're yeah the tool which when you move read court small award the solution to a full moon and water resources. And implements so it's a lot more yeah well they it was a Marine Corps I think it was 'cause anti apple want to send our school would you know and stuff like whistler sort of business schools and capitalist. Oh I'd go to school because of the foundations and certain of course. So I think it could be bull. And now want them it's gonna I don't know appeasement yeah with a pretty good zone at them and dance and do it the more peace than. As good as as we move on though. It saves. I what do you think a vote challenging veterans and know everyone's in a different place. But how do you challenging we all looking for a Kyle we talk about it John Travolta and patty at that point you're challenging a veteran. When though. Putting it on them in a bad way AB who knows only 1% of us in the military today. So there the Burton does fall on us to help. Our Brothers and sisters once you get home pat how are you have you felt that they had respecting him and that we think there is some respect that instead of the feeling for a veteran that they're just receiving benefits and sometimes it's hard for the survivor's guilt as difficult. Does do you think that that's also a way to recover to to be able to help others. I do I think it all comes down to to acknowledge in them first and then once you acknowledge them and once they want you in the eye and you've got to have a dialogue whether it's about Tom Brady. And need the cold shower off like you know talking about the debate went Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It's what you have a conversation about things that don't involve. Com this situation they feel like they're equal with you really start looking you in the eye and then you can start challenged them little by little because he getting confidence African becoming. If former south which they might have lost if they're living on the streets and we got to remind him of that former south and that comes with challenging them. And part of the thing I think for people who are listening to don't. Who haven't dealt with that are or work with people that way. Is the this notion I hear from veterans all the time come him you know you work with who. I should be able to do this thing I don't know why can't do this and why can't just get my life in order should be able to do this. I used to do tax used to do what I mean you're really think about the responsibility given to a soldier. Given to a marine and and a and and in the military and or an airman or in an AB. If that did that bring you into that level is important and I give a lot of credit that that's a really important point because it. Win because we're not the ones often beating them down the beating themselves down good. You know I think sometimes you know every did you want to go war. Sports school you have a young image but I really can't be removed for an argument and students work shouldn't bother them but when you don't know what street you won't help that the new owner of blue. So port. No work do you sold. A tremendously and I would becomes won't go for called new month so. Sort of global wave built lost. Hulu and what gets is 21 of the things we've done a successful and in the city of and we. When we work with. Then moved on very well with the homeless issue mean there's always be someone whose home was and we it's a it's an ongoing challenge. Is to not make someone feel it to getting too caught up and the bureaucracy. It is daunting and it is hard and you do that whether we like it or not sometimes in the bureaucracy makes the veterans feel as though they're the ones making the mistake. Could and they don't want to go to the next person after retell their whole story and having someone who can guide them through that story and wrote down how much you've seen that job today Kyle but that. That feeling where. Yeah I just don't feel like going on Intel on the scandal extorted. Couldn't bring new guy bring new person is no relationship there's no trust. It's heart that's why the bill and the camaraderie in the beginning is very important. That's what they missed that for most people miss when you're a part of an organization and your active in the military he is surrounded by like minded individuals who were on the same cap. The same goal and then when you come home often times you by yourself with people who just don't understand. You know when you just went through life how that you don't have the same camaraderie so. Taken a veteran out watching and no didn't you bring him back deck Robert. And you know implement full moon yup. When it came home a laudable move wasn't that big and come out there was. It what what country. To be appreciated bit of sacrifice them as a matter of fact a lot of what country. I don't agree solely sought a little worried who have. It's not not that they would you do don't move would slow but slow. To do slur it's news. And also today. I think we do see no it's a more. Acceptable than toward them for you so veteran and I think what you do we have been put it we were below book. So the old poor homeless product and we went into bloom who's a former. News or go over it does something as Mike Smith. Still active over there and I know suffer for use at a very. Big veterans programming shows like I'm sure how to speak to that of years. That that environment that welcoming environment is key John Maine that's what Vietnam veterans didn't have anywhere. Speaking of ideally it there's a book. I think a lot of people if they want and some insight into. Vietnam veterans and and the issues of peaches to that they there was a book called Achilles in Vietnam. If you read that no it's really by Jonathan Shay was a Ph.D. and actually did he had worked in some groups and actually we don't know my neighbors as well and then as it relates stories from other people that some of the people and groups are aren't too happy with the book that having they think the message and it. Is. Is a good and about the the feeling of when people got home he talked about how in Vietnam people were sent as individuals. You know and how when you sent home and that that camaraderie is broken and it and I don't know if went how if what if do you see any difference is an older students younger students may mean I have a lot of Vietnam era veterans but. Even I mean this week who have last week as he. 1515 years ago last week we. When in Afghanistan for the first times I'm not everybody is a 22 year old kid coming home anymore. Do you see that at all or how part of the veterans and working with me right now on my Brothers one of them he's. Pressure need to allow all five top holy pretty much deployed to Leo he's in his thirties 33 have a major from the army used on the god. He's older arena he's in his late thirties he's I he's actually the assistant director for the program. So right now a lot of the guys were using or an early thirties. Tom and I think that also kind of helps build a connection with these guys that are in the sixties it's a moment more difficult for 23 year old even if he's a veteran. Tell on the same life experiences as a Vietnam major Patrick. And Enron finance. The question Ono doesn't mean the VA struggles and they do the work but it's hard to find those those support groups afterward for people sometimes because you have to find. Something where they feel comfortable down a dark Hubble was with a if they've really. Figured out and have thrown its support groups you know you see a lot of us senators well because of it. We do need take a quick break it'll be right back after this commercial break doesn't sound off from the guard Kalin and succeed it was a plus. Wall. Welcome back. He sees the world according to joy and so suddenly shall we discuss. Some songs about trains from the spam. A familiar one torque of Obama. Truly truly in solution assessments. The department of veterans of truths of fence on the label we launched the moon and improve would slug for won't be war it's. The national resource directory. This directory in which you can find at WW WR. And provides access. So while also and so slur of Muslims in resource scenes at the national. Stage and local levels to support recovery. Rehabilitation. In a movie we know integration. Yeah and I'd do you sort comprehensive. Online tool in available nationwide. For a wall good. Deal in an engine it's sort of small boost. Veterans and their freedom it's. Seoul and encourage you to access this what are going to WW. WR. And that's the world according to John talked to next week. Yeah. This. A little silly. It's. Harder. Whose nose. It. Welcome back to sound off on Cotto once on my cohost on the pilgrim Mike Sweeney and are in studio. Just Anthony Davis from the non profit it's remembers. You can reach out to us sound off from the BR KOI gmail.com also on FaceBook and whether it sound off on the viewers KO. So infineon Illinois town a little bit about what you guys still on there's no way that people can learn more about artist remembers. I guess we have an article for members FaceBook page and we also have a website is being created prom right now to be up and running by tomorrow. And it's on www.com. Goes remember this dot org. And GAAP reach out to send us an email I can be reached at eight gave this fourth at Suffolk dot edu. Feel free to shoot me an email should listen message on FaceBook or got connect with us on our what our web site. Mystery it is. When you guys do anything else I don't beyond we have though growing seasons come up I don't think he's a favourable the Bruins have been hoping you'll. I'm happy yeah it's it's funny we we sent a license scream would Boston Bruins it's a coffee shop and I 45 Broomfield and Boston. God I'm happy that it had they don't give us at 10% out of all students to purchase coffee. To help us purchase bags to give to other homeless veterans that we have the service I just know about and the bags are gonna contained things like I can open up pillowcase sheets. Socks underwear tee shirts. You know stings it you know help them you know feel like certainty into sleet and exactly they can use and we put him into a hotel room well groomed and the transitional. I would think in spacious than they have you know queen close to put on name you know clean socks to put on. Even if they don't end up right away and house they wanna stay in the streets they have you know shampoos soaps and different things that count an album silica. A new person to just help build that report when we take a muffle want stuff. That's that's really good. And the guys flying over one name when his boot. You guys are big kick off launch 11 is that again Islamic shut the yeah audience to catch. The official launch is going to be on October 27. At 9:30 in the morning at 120 Trimarche Crete in the fifth for comments and now like I said we're gonna have. Com three star general who's now the director of director of counsel defense for The Heritage Foundation. Hum he's gonna talk to us about how. What America goes veterans in what veterans all America how many give a presentation about who are ghost remember his. While who's got the organization now what we plan on doing who we've helped into we plan and I'll open so it's going to be a really good breakfast when I you know. Give a lot of information out and trying get students involved trying to veterans involved. And trying to people into the program and I just wanna remind everyone that although we focus our most of our resources on homeless veterans. There is no veteran that we will turn away even if it comes down to help them buy a home and they don't know how to utilize that. That you don't go home loan guarantee that the VA ask or if they wanna go to law school and they have questions about how did you go about this process we're gonna put him in touch with. Any resource that exists for a veteran we will help facilitate. So every and all veterans will always have an idea and a friend without a tremendous. That that's great and thousands I think that we need you know cup appearance here. Model and how how important. That is. But you know before wrapping up an animal. You talk with the general. Discuss someone needs to be done. You know what what can you say to veterans. You know there may not need any any hope they're doing all right in a vacuum and cited. You know we can with what you wanna say to them you know maybe. You know get them to get back a little evolved differently traditionally cures you know what do you think. If you're a veteran and you're doing well well first off thank you fi service and I'm glad that you're doing well. But remember that a lot of the guys that you served with a lot of guys that also made that decision. To give out a blank check up to the value of their life they may not be doing as well. And as a veteran in this great country that we live in a more importantly the great commonwealth we all event. It's important to help those that. I'm doing as good as you so I'm not saying that you know. Every perpetrator has to go out and give back but if you have a little extra time you know twenty minutes a week you know two hours a month. That could make the difference between. One veteran get this stuff together in Turner's life around and one veteran not being able to. And I think it's important that you realize that two hours a month three hours a month four dollars a month that's nothing in the scope of life. But it's everything in the scope of an individual that hasn't had a conversation with another veteran some time. That's pretty powerful stuff. Wolves wolves so there you. And so on you know win over the web site. You know what what else can we expect from you doesn't you know what what what are we and again six months a year from from arms from my review thank. While. If everything goes according to plan I'm hoping that we can get other schools in Massachusetts to. Bring I was from members in it you know into their school system so we can target those student veterans and and get accepted by those institutions and organizations. I'm open to be able to put Robert from Amazon to the unit university of Massachusetts school system. Where we can actually you know if not. Functionally but in factually eradicate veteran homelessness we can at least take a huge dent out of it. And Massachusetts does do a great job would veterans but like I said one veteran on the street is one veteran too many. And we we we can't stop until we at least give these veterans the opportunity. To add to do better and we can do better. That's great and own without most infections in the past and you know there are tons of veterans colon going back to school a lot of Omar in the state schools because you know the tuitions for it was a great problem. 800 so not been spoon so remember the good you know squads from the long. Bunch of woman soon equitable treatment every room we will numerous school system improves its usefulness wise so. They're sort of we can you sure how open they have some resources of bill won't kill you. Yeah war an an as a student veteran likened the task we we do we you know we we deserve our benefits but we do well we don't they give us enough to live off. And we don't have that we don't have to you know take that name we can we can give back four hours five hours a month. On. To remember grow walk for good because I'm group included one vote for months it was school school. That didn't include books in Roman. We go it was an ops uphill both way isn't it great get a slowdown. You know. I think you're right. Yeah that was a who's up till two you know I'm doing to the bar and anything you stumbled his way back in Jerusalem income and try to think what's the oh and it was certainly western passover is so my growing flow tool but you know renewable. A while good stuff all. And we do have to for all NATO and and on morality you find it hard to believe I know you come to our commercial tools could shorten a cube but we've. Losses could really have you talked question on that's why. Non. You know we can't say for grace where Arnold about it. Now I'm over it wouldn't say it anymore because he has been freed. Well looks for you you opera and so we Kinsler who utilize them loans won't put its moment don't we can go Dutch auction. And Anthony Davis from artist Maria thank you so much as if from on the show is or anything else you want to audience and. I guess while when what time I'll go over the date it's October 27 at 930 to 11 AM 120 Trimarche create the fifth war. Comments we're going to be servant you know. Pastries doughnuts the angles muffins have coffee juices conclusion on you know. She come and get if we get a free should have bagel or something and talk to fellow veterans network commits a program that you wanna be involved in will welcome me aboard if it's a program you think you can receive the benefit from. Will be more than happy to give VA NN help facilitate. Services and if you're a student in the Boston area. Please go to Boston Bruins because all students to pursue coffee from have a tremendous gets a little bit of that money and when he used a tip to give homeless individuals. A bad feeling about themselves with queen clothes hygiene products and whatever else their individual needs might might require. Very and want to thank you for coming on don't think John a Mike for raw you know have a monopoly so I think David thanks guys I really appreciate how important that we could get viewers and a fog. Great to see you know that are out they don't sell themselves sources say. But as always all the series of art aliens succeed but to say to those few who were listening or veterans. As well as a family. Thank you for your service to our great country of helps those who listened sound off familiar tale. And succeed it was about. Man.